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August 30th, 2008, 5:26 AM
Introduction- The other one got off to a bad start, so I got it closed and here is the recreation. ^_^

~Sign ups are closed!~

Plot- It was a beautiful day in Sinnoh. Now normally, you'd expect something along the lines of "and then a war started" or "and then Team Galaxy came in" next, however, none of this has happened... yet. In fact, all that was happening was that 3 people were in Twinleaf Town for their own reasons. Maybe they lived there, maybe the were visiting relatives, whatever their reason was, they were in Twinleaf Town. One was a Pokemon Trainer, one was a Coordinator, and one was a breeder. They were all relatively experienced in what they did. Then, of course, the would meet. And that's how it all started.

After meeting and spending a little time in Twinleaf Town doing whatever they were doing, they would continue their journeys. However, unlike before, they wouldn't be traveling alone. They would decide to travel together. They each had their own reason for deciding to travel with one another, maybe they were lonely, maybe they wanted to make a new friend or two, who knows. These three kids would travel together and continue to do whatever they did before they met- together. Sound boring? Well, it would be if there wasn't any twists or turns along the way. However, this would probably be far from true. These trainers would all travel together with all the bumps on the road- in the journey of life.


1. All forum rules apply.
2. No Godmining!
3. You are allowed to bunny characters a little bit within their personalities. However, in order to bunny them a lot, you need permission from the owner of that character.
4. Try to be active.
5. No superpowers! There is nothing special about your character. That's kinda the whole point.
6. Posts must be at least 4 lines. I don't need this thread being closed on account of too short posts. But remember, I'd prefer a 4 line post with much quality over a 8 line post with hardly any. Quality > Quantity, to some extent.
7. Only 3 sign ups are allowed, including mine, so sign up quickly.
8. Have fun!

Sign up sheet

Name- First and last.

Gender- Male or female. Sorry, you can't be both.

Age- I'd prefer 15-18.

Personality- I need at least a good paragraph or two here.

Appearance- Same with appearance, a good paragraph or two is needed.

History- It doesn't need to be too detailed, however, it is not optional.

Type of Trainer- Trainer, Coordinator, or Breeder

Other- Anything else?

Pokemon- 1-6

For each Pokemon...

Species- What species is it? No legendaries, please.

Nickname- If applicable.

Gender- If applicable.

Personality- You may use natures such as hardy or sassy, but I need at least 2 sentences here.

Obtained- How was your Pokemon obtained? This is optional.

Other- Anything else?

Ok, that's it. Sign up quickly and have fun!

My sign up!

Name- Kelsey Star

Gender- female

Age- 16

Personality- Kelsey is very quiet and prefers to keep to herself. She rarely says a word, so she doesn't have many friends. She is very creative, as her nicknames of her Pokemon express, and often just sits quietly in her room drawing. She is very shy on top of being quiet, and prefers not to talk to people if she doesn't have to. She often freezes up around authority figures, along with cute guys. She is very smart, but chooses to hide it. Also, Kelsey is very modest, but this can be viewed as low self esteem, which she does is fact have. She loves all Pokemon, and chooses not to battle a majority of the time because of this, she she chose to be a breeder.

Appearance- Starting from the top, Chelsea has long, straight, light brown hair that goes to about the middle of her back. Her big eyes are a strange dark lilac color, (Um... in the world of Pokemon, hair and eye colors can come in all colors of the rainbow, right?) and her eyelashes are made longer by a touch of black mascara. Her skin is rather pale, but not too pale, and has no freckles or anything like that. Her lips are medium of thickness, and have pink lipstick on them. Moving down, her body is very thin, and lacks curves. She is 5'1.5" and 78 lbs, to be exact. She wears a t-shirt which has a color to match her eyes, even though this is often hidden by a black hoodie to cover up her thin, scar covered arms (see history). For bottoms she wears baggy, dark blue jeans to cover up her chicken legs. Her shoes are plain, black sneakers.

History- Kelsey grew up with two parents, and 3 loud, obnoxious older brothers, who are now 23, 21, and 18 years of age. She rarely saw her family, since she often stayed in her room with the door locked drawing pictures of her Pokemon. Her family bred Eevee's, so she received a young, female Eevee as a pet at the age of 6. She nicknamed this Eevee Diamond. Things started getting rough for Kelsey after that, however. Her father died when she 8, and Kelsey was a big daddy's girl since her mom was so mean to her, so this made her very upset, to say the least. Her mom then turned very cruel to her, blaiming the death of her father on her, claiming that she murdered her father. Kelsey tried her best to convince her mom this wasn't the case, but she was unsucsessful. So at the age of 9, she was kicked out of the house with her pet Eevee, and that is how she started her journey. She felt like no one cared a majority of the time, so at the age of 12, she started cutting. No one noticed her scars due to the fact that she put her hoodie on a majority of the time, and that no one really paid attention to her. When she was 14, she attempted suicide after cutting for so long, by sliting her wrists. However, she didn't cut deep enough, and just ended up with scars on her wrist too. Since then, nothing major has happened in Kelsey's life, except that she still is suicidal.

Type of Trainer- Breeder

Other- nothing

Pokemon- 5

Species- Espeon

Nickname- Diamond

Gender- female

Personality- Diamond has the docile nature. She is very friendly, especially to Kelsey. She is also somewhat shy, however, she is not as shy as Kelsey. Diamond often helps others in need when the situation comes up, and would give her life for almost everyone. However, she is rather impulsive, and her impulses are often not so good.

Obtained- Diamond was obtained as an Eevee. She was Chelsea's housepet for awhile, but when she was 9, she started traveling with her in a journey.

Other- none

Species- Umbreon

Nickname- Moonbeam

Gender- female

Personality- Moonbeam has the rash nature. She prefers to stay alone, and is very afraid of most people due to her past. (see obtained) She acts before she thinks a majority of the time, and ofen makes mistakes. Moonbeam rarely listens to anyone, either.

Obtained- Moonbeam was rescued as an Umbreon, who was abandoned by an abusive trainer. Kelsey was friendly to her and gave the starving Umbreon food, and Moonbeam grew to trust Kelsey, so she chose to travel along with Kelsey.

Other- none

Species- Glaceon

Nickname- Aurora

Gender- female

Personality- Aurora has the lonely nature. She almost needs the company of others in order to be happy. Aurora is very competetive, and she loves battling.

Obtained- Aurora was obtained as an egg that later hatched into an Eevee.

Other- none

Species- Pidgeotto

Nickname- Tornado

Gender- male

Personality- Tornado has the adamant nature. He rarely listens to anyone, and often just goes by impulses rather than thinking out anything. He is friendly, but can be very stubborn and angry.

Obtained- Tornado was obtained how he is, as a Pidgeotto, in the wild.

Other- none

Species- Floatzel

Nickname- Wave Rider

Gender- male

Personality- Wave Rider has the hardy nature. He is kind of stubborn, but not really. He is also very friendly and outgoing.

Obtained- Wave Rider was obtained as a Buizel in the wild in Sinnoh.

Other- none

August 30th, 2008, 5:41 AM
This based on my sign-up for the old RP ^^

Name- Scott musgrove

Gender- Male

Age- 15

Personality- Scott is a very happy-go-lucky person. He is extremly smart but tends to be slightly big headed and shows off. He is always smiling and belives that smiling makes other people smile, but when he is extremly happy he grins, which can be annoying to others. He never gives up and if he is doing bad, he will still try his hardest. He is also extremly caring and will do anything to help his friends. He can occasionally forget about things, like where he is and what task he was doing. His faviroute type of pokemon are Ice, Ghost and Dark, which explains why his dark side may occasionally show when he is angry or sad. His faviroute Pokemon is Frosslass.

Appearance- Scott is quite tall for his age, standing at 5 foot 8. He has medium coloured skin and dark hair. He has icy blue eys that shimer behind his bronze glasses, which help his eyes to looke ven more sparkling. he occasionally sparks his short hair when he wants to make an appearance, such as in contests and parties. When it comes to clothes, he tends to wear bright and disoriatating items. He ussually wears a bright, lime green top and purple denim jeans. he has a bright orange jacket which he wears when it is cold and if it is very cold, he will wear a stripy scarf around his neck. At contests or formal doos he wears a plain, black t-shirt with a white, velvet tie and black trousers.

History- scott grew up in Twinleaf town, born and bred. He is very rarely in the house and is always around and about, watching Pokemon he may encounter. His Farther is a scientist who works out in the field so he very rarely sees him. His older sister is, in fact, the gym leader, Fanita.

Type of Trainer- Coordinator

Other- nope :D

Pokemon- 3

Species- Misdreavus

Nickname- None

Gender- Female

Personality- Misdreavus is very Mischievious. she likes scaring people and pokemon but doesn't like to be nasty.

Obtained- Misdreavus was given as a gift from Toms big sister, Fanita, because he became a Pokemon coordinator.

Other- nope

Species- Haunter

Nickname- None

Gender- Male

Personality- Haunter is very Rash. He may do things without thinking and is always playing pranks, without thinking about the consequinces.

Obtained- haunter is Scotts second Pokemon. He obtained him when he went on a trip to Eterna City.

Other- Still nothing :)

Species- Yanma

Nickname- None

Gender- Male

Personality- Yanma is very adamant. He is axactly the opposite to Haunter yet he does get on with him.

Obtained- He was caught when he went on a trip to pastoria with his Sister, Fanita.

Other- once again, nothing ^^

August 30th, 2008, 5:49 AM
If it's going to be the same people, then there's not much point in remaking the thread. ^^;

August 30th, 2008, 6:17 AM
Ok, Toxic_Moonlight, that's pretty good. ~accepted~

EDIT- Yeah, Lusankya, I guess you have a point, but if we all use different characters...

August 30th, 2008, 6:44 AM
I'm feeling lazy today, but I suppose if you want I could go make another one...

August 30th, 2008, 6:45 AM
Yes, that would be nice. After all, it's boring if you just post the same character. ._.

August 30th, 2008, 9:26 AM
Ah, stuck with the plain old trainer again.

Name: Akula Teslanova

Age: 17

Gender: Male
Appearance: Akula is of average height. His hair is an extremely faint blonde, almost white in color, and is just slightly longer than average for a guy, a little more than 2 inches long, with no waves or curls. He will on occasion wear black or red sunglasses. His eyes are a bright, sparkling electric blue, a rare shade of color for eyes. His skin is somewhat pale, but not extremely so. His frame is somewhat small, and he has thin, slender limbs. Normally he wears a white short-sleeved shirt that is buttoned down on the front side, blue denim jeans, white socks, and tennis shoes that are overall black, but have a white pattern on the side facing outwards, making it appear as though he were wearing two different shoes if you look at them from the side.

Personality: Akula is a kind, thoughtful kind of person. He is quiet and shy most of the time, preferring to follow others rather than to lead. To see others in pain is not something he can endure well. While he doesn't get angry easily, when he does he will fly into a extreme rage, opposite of his normal personality, which is often shocking for those around his that don't know his that well. Somewhat naive, he has difficulty understanding perceptions that are not in some way similar to his own. Akula is also a curious kid, and loves to learn new things.

History: Akula was born in Mossdeep, where he lived until the age of 8. However, as a child he was frail and got sick easily and preferred to stay indoors and play alone, so he and his parents moved to Verdanturf, where they thought the fresh air and healthy surroundings would do his health some good. His life in Verdanturf was everything they could have hoped for, as Akula quickly became a friendly, outgoing character, especially loving to simply run around the town. As he grew up, his parents let his travel farther and father from their little home in Verdanturf, and he eventually would bike to Mauville on a weekly basis, visiting friends and having fun in the crossroad city of Hoenn. When he hit 14 he left his home in Verdanturf and began traveling throughout Hoenn alone, catching Pokemon occasionally. He didn’t stay there long, however, and since he had always wanted to see the other region, hitchhiked to Sinnoh.

Type of trainer: Trainer
Other: None
Pokemon: 5

Species: Magnezone
Nickname: Magnezone
Gender: Male
Personality: Can be best described as “electric”. Quick to act, a fast talker and thinker, Magneton is an intelligent, playful Pokemon, the smartest out of Akular’s team.
Obtained: Magneton was caught as a Magnemite in the underground section of the city.

Species: Blaziken
Nickname: Pairo
Gender: Male
Personality: Pairo is extremely determined, and will never back down until he is physically incapable of fighting any more. He feels very protective of Akula and the other Pokemon on his team.
Obtained: Pairo was Akula’s original starter as a Torchic.

Species: Flygon
Nickname: Flygon
Gender: Female
Personality: Somewhat naïve, Flygon is an extremely curious Pokemon. She isn’t too fond of fighting, but will do whatever that is asked of her. Shy and quiet, she prefers to stay in the background.
Obtained: Caught as a Trapinch in Hoenn’s desert.

Species: Claydol
Nickname: Tops
Gender: Male
Personality: Claydol is extremely quiet, almost never speaking. This comes not from a shyness, but rather an extreme arrogance that makes him believe other Pokemon are beneath him. The strongest Pokemon on Akula’s team, but he sometimes will not follow Akula’s orders.
Obtained: Caught as a Baltoy in Hoenn’s desert.

Species: Marill
Nickname: Marill
Gender: Female
Personality: Marill is extremely playful. Kind and giving, she loves to cuddle with the other Pokemon on her team, as well as her trainer.
Obtained: Outside Slateport City, in the lake between Slateport and Mauville.

Hope it's okay if I at least copy the team...

August 30th, 2008, 9:47 AM
OOC- Ok, Lusankya, that's good. ~accepted~

It's fine if you copy the team. I don't really care.

The opening post will come soon.

Ok, here it is!

IC- After a lot of wondering, Kelsey found herself Twinleaf Town. One of her only friends lived there, and she wanted to drop by for a visit. She knocked on her door, hoping she would still recognize Chelsea. After all, it had been years since the two had seen each other. Her friend's mother was there.

"Um... hello... is Erin there...?"

"Kelsey, is that you?"


"Oh, Erin will be delighted to see you. It's been nearly 4 years." Erin's mother called for her, and soon enough, she was at the door.


"Erin!" They hugged each other. After all, it had been years. After the hug, Kelsey walked inside. The house was still as she remembered it.

"Let's go to my room," Erin said. So they walked up to her room. After a few hours of chatting, catching up, and stuff like that, Kelsey decided to leave.

"Well, it was nice seeing you Erin. Goodbye."

"Aww... Kelsey, do you have to go?"

"Yeah, I need to continue my journey," Kelsey sighed. "I'll be so lonely all alone..."

"I could go with you," Erin suggested.

"Nah, it'll fine," Kelsey said sadly. When she walked out, she saw two other guys. One looked older than her, one looked younger. She just kept walking, hoping they wouldn't notice her, but at the same time, hoping they would notice her. After all, she had been so lonely for so long, that she almost couldn't stand it anymore.