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August 31st, 2008, 3:39 PM
The Isles of the Kame region are all relatively small in comparison to the larger regions of Kanto, Sinnoh etc to their geographic west. In fact, the region itself is a network of finely maintained bridges and islands, as well as a thriving ferry service. 3 main islands, and 6 smaller archipelagos form the landmass of the area. The Kame region, so called due to its resemblance to the ancient creature known only as the 'tortoise' (thought to be a distant relative of the turtwig and shuckle species), has people on all of its islands, albeit far fewer on many of the further reaching ones. Each island therefore includes this name in theirs, as well as a single adjective to differentiate them. As it has always been. The regions are as follows:

The Inner Isles

Kyousei Kame - This is the main island, and is a thick, oblong shape. It has a few dense forests upon its rolling green hills, but many towns exist here, and are further encroaching on the shrinking habitat. Their are no mountains, and one great river springs from the ground, the 'Itonami Kame', falling to the sea from the mighty In'intaru Kame cliffs. The people here are industrious and intelligent, but wisdom seems to be lacking, as does physical strength. The people here rely on the other islands for hard graft and food, as they rely on Kyousei for industrial and technical products. The governing body resides here, the council of Kame. The people are not rich, yet not poor. The edges are almost on cliffs, with one or two beaches on the northern side. Team Rocket have a large HQ here.

Hayai Kame - The second main island, Hayai Kame is a rough oval due south of Kyousei's west tip. It has one main city, and several towns. Two large bridges connect it to Kyousei, as well as another to its neighbour, Shan Kame. The people here are beginning to become like those of Kyousei, due to their close proximity. Many of the people work in offices for the businesses of Kyousei, and about half work in the factories. The northern half of the isle is covered in these buildings. The southern half, however, has several rustic villages. Many manor houses exist here, close to work but far from the dirt and grime. It has flat, rolling pastures and many streams. The people here are at extremes, with some poor, and some very rich. Most live happily balanced. The Hayai Kame school resides on the west side of the island, near its pebble beaches. It is not the best school, and only has a few classes, but is said to have the greatest training of children in the arts of pokemon.

Kashikoi Kame - The last main isle, this is south of the east tip of Kyousei, and east of Hayai. This has only a few main towns. A large Forest covers the island. Traditional villages still exist, their houses hung well up in the canopy. The people here live poorly in the eyes of the others, but they are content to live their rustic way. They provide lots of food for the other island, due to large taurus reserves being set up and a thriving Magikarp trade. The people are hard working, and said to like their Sake. Some very powerful pokemon trainers are said to come from here. As do some powerful pokemon.

The Outer Isles

Kenzan Kames - These islands reside on either side of Ryouchi Kame island. They are both round, and have beautiful beaches. Both are holiday resorts for the other islands. The west Kenzan is completely flat. A giant lake turns the land into little more than a ring around water. It only has one small town, and several resorts. The lake is very deep, and some is restricted. A cave is said to be at the bottom of the lake. The people here are almost all tourists or workers at the hotel. The East Kenzan is different. It has a large hill rising from the centre, with a cave inside. Archaeologists are still working there, and several fossils have been found, as well as odd writing. Hikers and ruins maniacs both love this island, and its beaches are all stony and grit.

Ryouchi Kame - This island is due north of Kyousei, and would be triangular, if not for the semi circles from where the Kenzan's broke free millions of years ago. Along with the Kenzan's, it forms the Kame regions 'head'. The island has no owns, only a few villages. It is a rich region however, and many manors exist here. This region holds the league for the Kame region, and the northernmost tip, Kame's teeth. Most of the isle is wild, with a few forests, but long grasses and rocky hills. Few people actually live here, but some make a trade from the many trainers who pass through.

Ganjou Kame - This island is north east of Kyousei, and has only one village at its north. It is a desert wasteland. A mighty stone tower is rumoured to exist at the very heart of the desert. Any trees are palm, though there are many cacti.

Shuujuku Kame - This island creates many of the traditional crafts, and weapons for the islands. It has several rustic villages, and a pair of small mountains; the Kame's claws. This are wreathed in snow, like the region. It is directly north of Kyousei's east tip, and east of the east Kenzan.

Ou Kame - The final island, this form the tail for the tortoise (albeit a tortoise with no legs, presumed to be swimming underwater). It is directly south of Kashikoi's southern tip. It is almost completely submerged, and can only be reached by boat. It has a small, floating town. The only land are murky swamps, with mangrove trees. The people get around in small woven canoes. The people are very happy, and proud of their town.

The main plot:

You are a new student at the Hayai Kame High school for Pokemon trainers. This school runs on the system of a class taught by one teacher for all subjects, as well as two senior students who help the teacher. You may be worried, nervous, scared even. Maybe excited, happy or down right hyper. Whether you like it or not, you are now living here. You were told on arrival you were to finally be given a pokemon, as Kame law states you must be 16 before you are allowed one. The school, lacking in facilities and funds, spends most of its teaching on trips to the other islands. This helps students learn about pokemon environments', as well as the opportunity to catch more. As they go on these trips, they are free to battle any other trainers around, or wild pokemon. During weekends students may leave to do as they wish, but meet back at their hotel or campsite at 6:00 PM, before being able to leave again till 10:00 PM. However, it is known the nefarious team rocket is operating in the region, and that students are rpime targets for poke-nappings and thefts.

Sign-up sheet (and my characters):

Name: Yoshikumi-Sensei

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Description: Yoshikumi is tall, 6foot 3inches, and is a little tubby. He has short brown hair and a goatee. His eyes are deep brown, and he also has a largeish nose. He often wears a black shirt, brown trousers and a white lab coat, and always wears a pair of glasses.

Personality: Yoshi is very fun loving, and a little crazy. He quickly becomes impatient with bad students however, and his anger is well known. If you stay on his good side however, he will let many fun activities take place. He will do nything to help and protect his students, even the bad ones, and is always interested in pokemon, any sort. He just loves to study them.

History: Yoshi comes from Hayai, and even went to the school, before teaching in Kyousei for several years. During his years at school he was often bullied, and wasn't very good at battling, for he loved his pokemon too much to see it hurt. He often stayed indoors, studying pokemon, and playing with his (whilst jotting down notes).

Pokemon: Bastiodon (level 30; Block, ancient power, swagger, flash cannon)

Name: Cliff

History: Cliff was given to Yoshi as a shieldon. Due to its ancient nature, Yoshi spent a lot of time studying its actions towards him, its environment and other pokemon. When he battled, he had trouble dealing damage, but due to it being a rock and steel type, he found it was often never hurt badly. It evolved when he was teaching in Kyousei, when a rebellious student with an onix challenged him, and was swiftly put down.

Personality: Cliff is very kind and gentle. He doesn't anger easily, and is very lazy, but loves children and Yoshi.

Pokemon: Beldum (level 12, take down)

Name: Ferrite

History: Yoshi was presented with Ferrite by a senior professor at the school, who had taught him before. He refused to tell Yoshi where he found the Beldum, but Yoshi treasures it greatly, knowing what it does. Despite being a mechanical pokemon, his Beldum is very curious, and peeps around a lot, floating everywhere possible.

Personality: Kaiden is very lcurious, and also very gentle, but likes to have his space.

When submitting your character, please keep in mind that you are 16, and may have only one pokemon from the following list below, which will be at level 10, regardless of its moveset at that level. Only one person may choose each pokemon.

Normal: Zigzagoon (Tackle, growl, tail whip, headbutt)
Fighting: Makuhita (Focus energy, sand attack, vital throw, arm thrust)
Water: Poliwag (Bubble, hypnosis, water sport)
Fire: Ponyta (Tail whip, tackle, growl)
Grass: Bulbasaur (Tackle, growl, leech seed, vine whip)
Psychic: Abra (Teleport, hidden power)
Ground: Phanpy (growl, defense curl, flail, take down)
Electric: Shinx (Tackle, leer, charge)

This Rp is moderated by me, and Zimvee, who helped in its creation. Please, feel free to send me profile messages with questions.

September 1st, 2008, 12:29 AM
Name: Kimi Tenaka
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Description: Kimi stands at a quite petite height of 5'1, she has platinum blonde hair which was dyed from pitch black over a long period of time and hangs just past her shoulders. Her sparkling aqua eyes are quite big and are complimented by thick, long eyelashes which she frequently batts. She uses make-up to darken her skin, because she is rather pale, which she doesn't really like.
Kimi's usual attire consists of a white button-up blouse worn over a black skivvy and complimented by a thick black scarf, she wears a short, frilly, black skirt and black stockings with a flowery pattern upon them. On her feet she wears black converse hi-tops, which seem to scream out considering her other, more refined, clothing.

Personality: Child-like and playful are just two words people use to describe Kimi, she is use to getting what she wants and usually throws a temper tantrum if things don't go her way. Despite being 16 she acts like she's 5, well... maybe a mature 5 year old, if there even is a thing like that.
Kimi is always trying to get the most out of life and lives each day like it is her last, she doesn't like to see people sad and always tries to make them feel better, no matter who it is.

History: Kimi grew up as an only child in a rather wealthy family, her father owned a huge company in Kyousei Kame and they lived in a large manor on the south side of Hayai Kame. She was spoilt from a young age and would always get what she asked for, her father loved her very much and couldn't stand to see her upset.
Kimi's mother, on the other hand, felt like her husband was spending too much time and money on their daughter. Mr. Tenaka argued that he loved Kimi enough to give up the millions of dollars he had made through his company, Mrs. Tenaka agreed that they would be better off without the company, so she left.

Kimi was very upset after her mother left and locked herself in her room, not coming out for anything. Mr. Tenaka grew very depressed as well, he was going through a divorce and his daughter wasn't talking to him.
Then one day, after Kimi's parent were officially split, her father remembered the one thing that Kimi had always wanted, but Mr. Tenaka could never find... a Poliwag.
Mr. Tenaka spent the next couple of weeks travelling around in search of a Poliwag, soon he found one. A fisherman all the way from the region of Kanto had stopped by on Ryouchi Kame and was selling water Pokemon.
Kimi was ecstatic when her father brought home Poliwag, she spent all her time with him and didn't ask for any expensive things again... well, maybe sometimes.

Pokemon: Poliwag (Bubble, Hypnosis, Water Sport)

Name: N/A

History: Poliwag was apparently caught off the southern coast of Kanto, near Fuchsia City. A young fisherman stumbled upon him when he was fishing for Magikarp and Goldeen.
The man decided to capture a hoard of unusual water Pokemon and take them over to The Isles of Kame, so he could make some extra cash. Little did he know there was a man who desperatly wanted a Poliwag and would pay any price for it, the fisherman left The Isles of Kame a lot richer than when he had arrived.

Personality: Poliwag is a little shy and a bit of a scaredy cat, he is always staying close to Kimi and never strays too far. He hates when Pokemon battle each other and hopes that he will never have to fight another Pokemon.

Alter Ego
September 1st, 2008, 2:07 AM
Aww...this brings back memories. Not my greatest effort ever, but...consider this a start. I'll most likely expand on it still.

Name: Akira Sakuraba (Written out in western order, in a vain attempt to be a bit less wapanese)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: Standing at a respectable 1,73 meters, Akira carries herself in the straight-backed and confident manner that every former class president seems to adopt over time. A regular on-off athlete, depending on how the scale happens to tip, she has a fairly well-rounded physique, though unfortunately the smallest development is found in the area that tends to count the most in these matters. Nonetheless, as long as her waistline stays where it should be, she is quite content. Akira's hair is of a rather uninspiring black color, usually tied up into a pair of long pigtails, one on each side of her head, and her eyes are dark blue.

Clothing-wise, Akira tends to dress for the occasion. On school time, she is - almost without exception - wearing her old school uniform: white dress shirt, maroon-colored blazer, dark red tie, black, knee-length pleated skirt, matching stockings and a pair of dark brown shoes. The skirt length was something Akira herself vigorously lobbied in at her old school - which previously held them at a somewhat shorter length - and as such, the outfit is something of a point of pride for her. On her free time, however, she tends to be far less formal in her attire, ranging pretty much as far and wide as the spectrum of available clothes will take her. Less than knee-length on the bottom part of the outfit - unless it's swimwear - is completely out of the question, however.

Personality: Ambitious and hard-working are probably the closest adjectives to describe Akira's personality. She is the kind of person whom you'll always find at the front of the class, listening attentively and taking detailed notes which will - unlike those of the average student - not just be left forgotten in a pile of their comrades but systematically rehearsed and consulted. Hard work is the only way to succeed at life as far as Akira is concerned, and cheating is - of course - completely out of the question. This is not to say that she is a lifeless study nut, though; she is simply the type who can't kick back and relax properly while unfinished work is looming on the horizon. On her free time, Akira is very much your average teenager, enjoying the company of friends and the joys of not doing anything in particular just as much as anyone else. The moment class is on, however, she becomes Akira Sakuraba, straight A student and former class president slash student council representative, and it is precisely this trait of hers that tends to earn her funny looks. Rather bossy and domineering, Akira will not stand for slackness or bullying and is quick to call others out on it, often lamenting how hopeless her classmates are. This habit of hers, combined with her rather...artistic temperament, for lack of a better word, makes her come off as a more intimidating than she herself even fully realizes. Also, despite normally maintaing a mature and collected air, unexpected turns of events - especially ones that disrupt her carefully planned schedule - never fail to rattle her, leading to outbursts of temper more often than not.

For all her attitude, however, Akira is a surprisingly considerate person, more than willing to help out others in need. In fact, she would be somewhat disappointed if she couldn't. She'll give you an earful for wanting to peek at her notes or asking for help with this and that, but deep down, she draws immense enjoyment from being the dependable one, the one to compare notes with, the one with the right answer to everything. That, to her mind, is what being successful in life is all about.

History: Born and raised Kyousei Kame, Akira had what one would call an average childhood. Her family was not fabulously wealthy, but thanks to her parents' positions in the import industry, they were still thriving middle class and aiming upwards. As such, the virtues of hard work and diligence were always the watchword in the Sakuraba household: work before play, chores before allowance, study-time before leisure. Akira - unlike some of her siblings - had no major problems adapting to this lifestyle, nor with the high-end school that her parents shuttled her off to, viewing this protestant work ethic as something completely natural.

As she went up in years, however, she quickly became disillusioned with her classmates, seeing complacency and cheating all around herself and - being the outspoken person that she was - quite openly speaking up against it. Needless to say, this earned her quite a bit of schooltime enemies, but even with these, Akira managed to ascend to the position she had coveted right from the start: that of class president. After all, a president of the class would certainly be allowed to enforce some order and discipline, right?


As Akira soon discovered, her new position - despite the prestige - really only amounted to handling paperwork, mentoring weaker students and occassionally telling people off for being too loud or bullying others. The student council assembled regularly, but no decisions of any real importance ever passed through. She made the best of the situation nonetheless, working fiercely and passionately on the few issues that concerned her even in the least. By the time that graduation was becoming imminent, however, she was faced with a far more pressing problem than the deficient school council: where to now? She had good grades, she had credit for her hard work on the council and as class president, she had a lot of doors open, but which one was really for her? It was precisely when she was pondering this problem that one of her favorite teachers approached her, casually inquiring if Akira had considered the trainer's career and suggesting that she might be well suited for it. Truth to be told, Akira had not (What a violent sport pokémon training was, after all, and uncertain too!), but the older mentor's earnest recommendation struck a chord, and before she knew it, Akira found herself packing her suitcase and on the way to Hayai Kame High.

Pokémon: Makuhita (Level 10; Focus energy, sand attack, vital throw, arm thrust)

Name: Maki

History: Born and raised within the care of the Hayai Kame school staff, Maki's early life was a rather complacent one. Starters were only to be trained by the students, after all, so until she came of age, the only duty the Makuhita had was to grow big and healthy and she displayed ample results on both fronts. Her biggest work was usually alternating between naptime and mealtime, and given the way her handler coddled her, the fighting type has never had to seriously work for anything in her life. Needless to say, this has left its mark in her attitude.

All of that came to a harsh end, however, when Maki was transferred to the care of someone who was anything but lenient where work was concerned...

Personality: A tolerant and laid back individual, Maki is starkly different from her trainer. She very rarely bothers to work as far as her body and mind would allow, preferring to take life in her own, relaxed pace and enjoy it for what it's worth. Abstaint is a word that simply does not exist in her book. A shameless slacker and glutton if ever there was one, this little Makuhita has been a trial for Akira's self-discipline on far more occasions than what their short history together should warrant. Despite Maki's reluctance to follow her trainer's lifestyle, however, the two do seem to hold a certain fondness of each other. Akira, deep down, somewhere beneath all those hellish training sessions, is still diligent about caring for her charge, and Maki - despite yearning for the idyllic days of leisure - is far too amiable to hold a serious grudge. Besides, Akira's fretting - as far as it doesn't involve Maki herself doing anything - is a source of infinite amusement.

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September 1st, 2008, 3:00 AM
Cool, your in alter ego, and unless we fill up fast, poliwag is reserved for you kev.

Of and just thought Id say. Due to your junior status as trainers, you are only allowed a maximum of 4 pokemon on you at any time. Any more are stored. Any, any questions, just send me a message.

September 1st, 2008, 3:15 AM
Sounds cool.

Name: Tobias 'Ace' Engima-Darkrose

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: Tobias is taller than most, at 175cm, and weighing 70kg. He has a stocky build, and is attractive, smart and fit.
Starting from the head, Toby's scruffy brown hair is long, covering his forehead, but off his eye. Toby's most dominent feature are his deep blue eyes. They shine like pools of blue. Moving down, his well built chest, moulded after years of training. This is usaully covered by a light shirt and throw-over jacket. He usaully also wears a pair of blue denim jeans and a pair of white sneakers.

Personality: Toby is an upbeat, generally happy guy. For his age, he is sophisticated, even though he's cocky. He is friendly and charming, but not exactly a smash with the lasies. He is slightly shy around girls, but can become friends with them quickly.
He has an excellent singing voice , and is extremely talented on stage. He is also extremely confident on stage, its his area of expertice. However, Toby's cockiness and way of life get him ridiculed and laughed at. He has a short temper, and this can some times get the best off him. He has gotten into seroius trouble for this before.

History: Toby grew up in Hayai Kame, attended a small primary school, and a larger junior high. However, as it was a smaller school, his talents were recognised almost instantly. From a young age, he was reading and writing above his level. To call him a prodigy would be going to far, but he is definetly smart.

During his time at primary school, he became friends with a few people, but lost contact with all except for one. Her name was Amelia, and she had been Toby's friend since kindergarten. As they got older, he tutor her, and she would teach him about pokemon. He never owned a pokemon, but forged several bonds with hers. When it was time for her to go on her Pokemon Journey, she asked Toby to come with her, but his parents didn't let him. By legal right, it was their decision. They didn't want him to leave the island. The two friends still comunicate in secret now, sending letters to each other via a Starly, that Amelia caught during her journey.

A year after she left, before she contacted him, Toby became unstable. He couldn't focus, he'd lose his temper even easier than before. At one point it became so bad, he began to lash out at others, and began to fight and bully others. But, then something changed.

It began as a normal day. Toby packed his bag, and grabbed some breakfast before walking to school. He had gone about half way when he saw something. Two older boys bullying a younger kid. They were taunting him, stealing his book bag, at one point they were beating him up. The kid could only be about 7 years old, and the bully about 10. The older boys were laughing. Thats when he decided enough was enough.
"Oi! Douchebags! Pick on someone your own size!" He yelled at them. They turned around and smirked.
"What you gonna do about it?" The older of the two yelled back. Toby smiled maliciously. He ran over to the boys and grabbed them by the scruff of their necks. They struggled, and kicked at Toby, but his grip was firm. He hoisted them up, and walked towards a nearby pond. He held them over the edge of the murky deep water, deeping their feet into the water.
"If I see you two doing anything like this again, your going to be a lot wetter than you are now. Do I make myself clear?" He asked, using a quiter, sinister voice. The boys nodded quickly, fear set into their faces.
"Good", He dropped them to the ground, and paced over towards 7 year old. "If they start bully you again, you come get me, okay?" This time he spoke with a much nicer, cheerier voice.
"Okay, thanks mister!" said the kid, running off towards his school. Toby's outlook on life reverted that day, and from then on he became much happier and friendly.

Other: Toby is a vegetarian.

Pokemon: Shinx (Tackle, leer, charge(No thundershock? Meh, alright.))

Name: Voltage or Volt

Gender: Male

History: Voltage was born in the care of the school staff. He grew up with the other pokemon, and was put through a strict training program. He became battle worthy quickly, and speed was his main strength. He befriended lots of the other pokemon in the school, and is known for his loyailty.

Personality: Volt is slighty naive and child-like, and , to bystanders, looks like he would not hurt a fly. He loves to play and is extremely curious about the world around him. He is also very friendly and loyal.
However, in battle, this is very different. He is a machine in battle, relentlessly attacking his foes with speed and precision. Many staff members have joked that he may have split personailty, as the change is so drastically noticable.

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September 1st, 2008, 3:45 AM
alright, your in. The pokemon will all follow generation 4 movesets. Shinx, and its evolutions, never learn thundershock. You can buy it Thunderbolt or something later on though ;)

September 1st, 2008, 4:09 AM
Name: Ash
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Description: Ash has always looked intimidating to approach and talk to. Standing at 5'7, she is a little tall for her age. Ash always wears the same black hat and black shirt to match. She also wears red pants. Her build looks athletic as her body is very slender and even her arms have a tad bit of power in them. She sometimes looks scary because of the fact that she never smiles and her sharp, serious eyes. It has always been something she could never help.

History: Ash grew up a normal life in Viridian City. She went to Pokemon School, had a mom and dad, and a little brother. She grew up happy and normal with them until one day something horrible happened.
After coming home one day, Ash saw her father standing at the door and her little brother crying. she approached them and learned that her mother had been killed in a tragic accident. Ash didn't know what to do except run to her room and lock herself away, where her father kept trying to open the door and comfort her. While he wasn't around, Ash slid open the window and ran out of the city.
Ash came to a place right outside of town where she met wild pokemon that seemed to understand her feelings. Ash seemed to understand them as well, so after school, she would rush there everyday. She never forgot her mother, but the pokemon helped her feel better about the situation. And, they gave her an extreme love for pokemon.
On Ash's sixteenth birthday, Ash's father approached her and asked what she really wanted to do in her life. Ash replied that she wanted to it to do something with pokemon. Ash didn't want to travel though. She didn't like the idea of it. A few days later, though, she came across an ad for a pokemon school way larger than her school. She knew that this was the right place for her.

Personality: Ash has always had a complicated personality. She has always been shy and rude to people by accident because she doesn't know how to approach people with a greeting. This doesn't mean though that she is an extremely friendly person who tries to be nice to people who she even hates. Occasionally, you will see Ash do something extremely mischievously and crack a joke if she's just in the right mood. Ash hardly knows anyone or accepts anyone as her true friend, but when she does, they are extremely close and Ash treasures them more than anyone else would normally.

Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Name: Razor

History: Bulbasaur was not born and raised on campus like some of the other pokemon. No, Bulbasaur was born and spent some of it's life in the wild, but one day it rampaged the campus until it was captured by one of the senior students. Ever since, Bulbasaur has been trained on campus, but it's stubborness can be quite a handful. The students even debated giving it to a new student, but they think maybe a partner would be good for it.

Personality: Bulbasaur is an extremely bold and stubborn pokemon. It likes to do things its way, and its way only. It will even attack the trainers sometimes, and disobey them, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a good heart inside. Everyone thinks that all Bulbasaur needs is a good trainer to straighten it out.

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September 1st, 2008, 4:36 AM
You need to do her description pika

Oh, and trainer cards would probably be handy for this Rp. Just saying

Alter Ego
September 1st, 2008, 4:56 AM
You won't mind the absence of one terribly though, I hope? Pokécharms' ones are icky and not really decorative at all and I don't really have the energy to start making a trainer sprite and template of my own at the moment. :<

September 1st, 2008, 4:58 AM
My description is finished if you didn't notice.

Here's a card if you're openeing an ooc thread or something.

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September 1st, 2008, 5:11 AM
No, they arent neccessary. And I only just noticed, no worries pika.

September 1st, 2008, 6:38 AM
Name: Hotaru Sorahane (Firefly Skywing)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: Hotaru stands at a fairly tall 179 centimeters and weighs in at a healthy 78.6 kilograms. A deceivingly slim frame seems to hide the muscle attained from years of apprenticeship under his father in blacksmithing. Hotaru always seems to carry himself with an odd grace for such a rugged worker, however. His steps are lighter than most girls and he seems to just float into any room he happens to enter. His short hair is very different from most humans in the way that it is naturally white as the show in his home town. He tends to keep it shaggy, but clean. His amber eyes seem to reflect the bronze flames that he is so accustomed to in his father's workshop and his complexion is of a dusty tan color, seemingly from the work in the smithy.

His clothing ranges from his work clothes being anything he doesn't mind getting dirty, usually just a shirt and jeans, to his school clothes which tend to include an array of white and red colors. The style he seems to enjoy wearing best and that he thinks suits him is fairly simple in an outlandish kind of way. This being said, he tends to get looks for "improving" basic fashion ideas, as he puts it. Usually consisting of a normal shirt or maybe two shirts with one unbuttoned, pants, and maybe an accessory or two, these "improvements" usually mean the addition of a piece of material or the removal of a sleeve or part of a leg or something that he thinks looks good, but is normally looked upon as "not normal". His bag for school and anything else he needs is your basic tote bag made of leather and cotton. This look of his can completely deny his silent and graceful presence as it usually draws some decent attention. Though... not always the attention one would want.

Personality: Having been brought up in a remote place such as Shuujuku Kame, Hotaru's mental prowess is somewhat... lacking in the ways of science and math. However, his artistic knowledge and talent are very keen and it shows in how he lives his life. One minute, you could be explaining you weekend to him and the next he is trying to tell you how beautiful he thinks that tree in the distance is. He comes off as air-headed or a permanent resident of Cloud Nine for this, but he really is a pretty down-to-earth kind of guy once one gets to know him.

Hotaru's social fortitude, however, is severely underdeveloped. He is incredibly naive to the ways of large social groups and who belongs where. This can be refreshing, but it really can get frustrating to some. Due to this unfortunate quirk with him, Hotaru has never really had someone he could call a "girlfriend" and he daydreams about having one often. Unfortunately, his inexperience in love matters causes him to get wild ideas about what dating is like and will probably not be very successful in this endeavor for a long while. Friendship-wise, though, he has down. He has had few, but he has proven himself to be a very good and reliable friend. The kind of guy who would jump through a hoop on fire into a vat of bubbling acid and genetically enhanced tuna with drills on their heads to get your homework for you. Again, his lack of social experience tends to get him in trouble because of this powerful sense of loyalty.

History: Since Hotaru could remember, his home has always been a small town on Shuujuku Kame. His family ran a smithing business which usually made metal sculptures to sell or sometimes weapons for show. Not necessarily a cash cow, sculpting... so Hotaru had to work in the family business for little or no pay. He didn't mind, however, as he just enjoyed creating better and more innovative sculptures with hot metal. These years of smithing fortified a belief of "work first; everything else later". Which wasn't a problem seeing as he enjoyed his job so much. This applied to many other things such as the small general education school on the island. His art, reading, writing, and history scores were great, but his math and science grades dwindled progressively.

The sight of his grades made his parents Mushi (Insect) and Semi (Cicada) start to think about other schooling options. They tried sending him to a boarding school with great teachers and his grades in technical subjects still did not make standards. Hotaru was also home schooled as a last ditch attempt at getting him to learn and he just never got the hang of it. He just plain wasn't interested in the more left brain-oriented subjects and his disinterest led to him not even working in the classes for them. His parents were at a loss. They just couldn't get him to get into it. They finally gave up and asked him where he wanted to go for school. He responded in a very passionate way by saying he wanted to go to a place that would teach him to raise a POKeMON like his fathers smithing assistant, Blaziken. They figured that he could definitely be successful as a trainer and enrolled him in Hayai Kame High School.

Upon arriving on the island, everything was a shock. Hayai Kame wasn't the most advanced of the islands, but it sure as Hell beat Shuujuku Kame. The city he stepped off the boat into was easily three times larger than his small village and there were hundreds of people going about their own lives. Hotaru had arrived about a week before orientation, so he decided to set up a small shop to sell his sculptures he had brought with him. Sitting on a blanket with his wares spread out in front of him at the pier, he actually did decently. Unfortunately, his naive personality let him to trouble when a man scammed him out of all his works of art faster than he could blink. The city was a dangerous place for a clueless country artisan.

Finally, his orientation date had come and he was excited to get his first POKeMON. He was determined to choose a fire type to be like his father and maybe teach it how to kindle and bend. His new journey was waiting for him and he was ready to meet it head on.

POKeMON: Ponyta (Level 10; Tail whip, tackle, growl)

Name: Suzumebachi (Wasp)

History: Suzumebachi (Suzu for short) was initially raised on a ranch with other Ponyta and Rapidash. Large fields complimented by green grass was her life. The Hayai Kame High staff visited one morning to pick out Ponyta for their students and Suzu was chosen for her strong legs and tall posture. Her luxurious life in the pasture soon changed to a less than cushy home. The area she lived in wasn't bad... it just wasn't the ranch. Her friends were mostly gone and her running limited in the pen she was kept in. Suzu wasn't ungrateful or angry, though. She somehow knew she would see an open field again someday and dreamed of that day almost every minute.

Personality: Suzumebachi is quite tolerant to most things. Though not many things amuse her, not a whole lot of things annoy or frustrate her, either. She is pretty content and "goes with the flow" most of the time. The only thing that she really longs for or is passionate about is getting back to wide open spaces. Which is the only reason she is willing to tolerate being some teenager's pet, as she sees being a POKeMON partner to be. However, she is a very diligent worker and enjoys testing her limits. The day she learns to use the flame on her back, she will just have a new aspect to work on and strengthen.

September 1st, 2008, 7:43 AM
AWESOME RP!!!!!!!!!!!(oh yeah I can't get a trainer card because for what ever my CP wont let me have one.)

Name:Maximillion Tegeku



Description: Max has blonde hair that goes down to about jaw length. He wears a red T-shirt, black pants, brown running shoes, a red hat, and a necklace that has a Sharpedo's tooth on it. He has crystal blue eyes. He weighs about 110 pounds and is very short for his age. He stands at about 4 foot 1.

Personality: Max is very very funny. He tries to tell jokes whenever he can even during class. He usually tries to break the rules to get attention and usually gets into trouble for it. Wether it be some of the other kids beating him up or the teacher caching him do it. He sort of likes adventures depending on what they are. He won't go on any on the island he was born on because of what happened to his father.

History: Max grew up on the baren wasteland islan Ganjou Kame. When he was about 7 him and his dad went out to try to find the desert tower believed to be on the island. While they were walking his dad said that they were really close to it. Suddenly a big dust storm blew in. Max was able to get the wet washcloth from out of his backpack and put it over his mouth. His dad though, couldn't his dad suffered from dust pnenomia(it is in a book im reading. You basically get to much dust inside your lungs and you die). Max pulled his dad from out of the dust storm all the way inside there house.

His mother freaked and they buried him right infront of there house. His mother and him were packing to move and it took a year to do it because his mom kept packing and then unpacking. Everyday then Max would come out and sit right next to his father's grave and act like he were still there. When they moved Max could barely get himself to go. They got on a ferry for Kashikoi Kame.

Max overall loved it there more than on the other island. Everyday he climbed up one of the trees to just think everything through. One day when he was going to his favorite tree when he was 11 a Zigzagoon fell out of a bush. He grabbed it and even though there was mud he ran through it. The mud at one point was so sticky that he lost his shoe and his sock on that foot. He got home and nursed it back to full health since his mom was craftsworker.

That night while Max was waiting for his mom to come home there was a banging on the door. It was one of the townspeople. "Max. I'm so sorry to be the barer of bad news, but one of the blacksmiths went beserk due to drugs he was on and killed your mother with a new hammer he had made." he said. Max ran inside the house and called the mayor about it. He said that it was true. Max didn't want to go on living after that. Then the Zigzagoon came up and brushed against his leg as if to say "It'll be ok. I promise."

Max picked him up and considered it his. He nicknamed it Ziggy and then he has had him ever since. He raised enough money to go to High School. He got a ride from the resident in the town who told him about his mother.

Pokemon: Zigzagoon

Name: Zig

History: Zig grew up on Kashikoi Kame. He grew up a normal life until his mom and dad decided to abandon him. When he was asleep they ran away from him. They never wanted him and they never came back. Zig was searching for them one day when he fell into a huge hole and hurt his paw. He was walking and fell out of a bush. Something grabbed him and healed back to full health. He didn't want to have to go back to searchnig for his family when he decided to stay with the boy who helped him.

Personality: Zig loves to go on adventures. He loves to hid stuff from people and often to get revenge on people. If Zig hides something from you not to often does that person get it back. So if you make this pokemon want revenge on you...hide your valuables away from him.

Zeta Sukuna
September 1st, 2008, 8:07 AM
Name: Christopher Evans
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Description: Chris is 5'9" tall, and has shaggy blonde hair that goes down to the base of his neck, his skin is ghostly pale since he lived in a land that didn't have much sunlight. His eyes though are a dark green, but they have a streak of red in them, that appearantly allows him to see in the dark, but he has to shield his eyes in the day. His shirt is blue, and fairly long on him and has a printed on Z with an M over lapping it, the back has nothing on it, but Chris always wears a red jacket over his shirt. Chris's pants are a dark brown and go down to his shoes.

Personality: Even though Chris lived in Lavender town which is gloomy, this kid is a good person. He usually tries to be a 'people person' but doesn't follow the latest trend. Chris hates bullies that get away with what they do, but he usually doesn't have a say in it. He also cares for his family, and worries about his sister who tried to stop Team Rocket before.

History: Chris was born in Lavender Town, so not much to say there, but when he turned three, his sister went on a pokemon journey. Appearantly she was meant to be good as she had been able to cripple Team Rocket for a little bit, but a year later, there were many assassanation attempts on the family, so Chris's family wanted to send Chris to the Hayai Kame High School. He was meant to go when he was twelve, but Team Rocket had found where they were living, so the family had to move, at least three times before they could send him to Hayai Kame, but they were able to. Last Chris saw his family was when he left the airport. Are his family even alive?

As soon as Chris got to the island, he put off going to the school and traveled around the region, at least until he was kidnapped by Team Rocket. and if it wasn't for incredible luck(His guards were stupid) he would've died. Chris knew how close to death he was, so he decided of his own free will to enroll in the Hayai Kame High School to learn how to protect himself from criminal organizations that have you on their blacklist.

Pokemon: Abra, Level 10 (Teleport, Hidden Power)

Name: Sirius

History: Sirus wasn't raised on campus, hence his attitude, but instead lived in Kyousei Kame throughout most of his life until he was captured by a senior who was out on a field trip. Now his purpose is to heckle Chris(Or anyone who would've picked him).

Personality: Sirius doesn't like people, or captivity, but he loves their reactions to whatever he does to offent them. Sort of a trouble maker, only he will hurt someone when he wants to. If you ever get Sirius mad, he will hurt you, but this pokemon usually never gets mad.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 1st, 2008, 8:34 AM
Erm, I guess its my fault, but your characters have to be 16 or over. I'll let you off naruto, due to your characters history, but your character would be regularly bullied. Also, pika lover, could you change your pokemon a little, its just (no offence) sounding a lil cheesey.

Otherwise your in.

So yeah, for any remaining sign ups, heres the character sheet:


Age: (16 preferrably)





Pokemon: (from the list provided, only phanpy left)




Oh and brilliant sign-up Parabolic.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
September 1st, 2008, 9:19 AM
Name: Jadon Valentine

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: Jadon stands proud at about five foot nine and has a rather muscular frame due to his large history of athletic extracurriculers. He looks to have Latino backgroud due to his darker skin and his silky black ponytail which goes down to about the middle of his back and is tied with a small red ribbon. He's always wearing a shiny toothed grin which is complimented by his sparkling emerald eyes. He's got a little bit of fuzz on his chin and has a bit of a mustache forming, he will usually wear a golden hoop earing in one of his ears.

On a regular basis he'll be wearing a pair of black jeans, a grey muscle shirt and an obscure white trenchcoat. The trenchcoat he wears is usually well cleaned and the pockets are usually full of useless junk he picks up around campus as he is a hoarder and can't resist adding more junk to his collection. He has black combat boots on most of the time, they have silvered buckles on them and have a nice shine due to his excessive cleansing of them. His black jeans are usually faded alot at the knees, but hold up pretty well.

Personality: Jadon is usally calm and collected if not a little ignorant, he tries to mind to his own buisness most of the time but can't help but be a little nosy. He gets to be a little supersticious and even a bit gullible at times. While he seems to be a little slow, the truth is he pretty smart, he just doesn't really show it very often. You can bet he's always rambling on about some sport or sport move, he's just that kind of guy.

History: Jadon grew up in Blackthorn city, he was related to the gym leader Claire, so he got a lot of undeserved respect from ongoers. Over the years he took place in a lot of sports, over seven styles of martial arts, track and field, soccer and football. He did well in all of them and he was always looking for the next big sport thrill. When he reached sixteen, his parents decided to send him to the Hayia Kami school which he said he was excited to go to.

Pokemon: Phanpy

Name: Sazaku

History: Suzaku was actually given to Jadon as a going away present, Suzaku was basically the family pet and has known Jadon for years. The two get along pretty well, but Suzaku is always worrying that Jadon won't study or something of the sort.

Personality: Suzaku worries way too much, he also has an annoying habit of waking Jadon up in an unwanted tackle. Suzaku doesn't really mind insult that much, he's kind and makes sure to get the job done. Even in battle he isn't that fierce to his opponent.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 1st, 2008, 9:24 AM
right, as soon as Zimvee appears, we will rock and roll!

September 1st, 2008, 3:47 PM
I finally finished my sign-up!

September 1st, 2008, 10:05 PM
Heres my trainer card. Used background from pokecharms, edited Trainer sprite.


Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 2nd, 2008, 2:11 AM
Alright, Zimvee can pop up later.

'Children! Settle down!' Yoshikumi-sensei snapped, hammering his ruler onto the table. It seemed to have an effect.

'Now, as I said, pokemon types 101 will be an important class for you all. Taking advantage of pokemon types will let you beat the greatest trainers. As you must have noticed, the pokemon you got last week are all of different types. This means some of you will easily beat the other. For Example, Hotaru's ponyta, a fire pokemon, could easily beat Ash's bulbasaur, who is a grass pokemon. However, each time a pokemon grows in power, it gets better at attacking and defending, as well as becoming faster. A much stronger pokemon can usually defeat a pokemon that is super effective against it, due to it being stronger and a better fighter. Types also effect the strengths and weaknesses of your pokemon. My Bastiodon, Cliff,' he said, gesturing to the large ancient pokemon beside him.' is rock and steel type, meaning he has very tough skin and muscles, and can resist lots of damage. He is rather slow however. This brings me on to my next part. Some pokemon are multi type. This can make them even weaker to certain attacks, but stronger to some that would be damaging to only one of their types. Using my bastiodon again as an example, fire i weakened, as it is part rock. Fire is super effective against steel. However, fighting, such as Akira's new makuhita, will be twice as effective, due to it being good against both rock and steel.' He stopped, seeing some students nodding, others looking confused.

'Excuse me sir?' came a voice from the left, a young student, with glasses. 'Sensei, what have I heard about the class pokemon league here?' he asked, his male nidoran sitting silently at his side.

'Ah yes, Im sure this intrigues many of you. As is customary, when we take our school trip to Kashikoi Kame that we fight between classes, to see which is the champion. These will be double battles. You will be paired up during our first trip.' he finished, standing confidently at the front of his class. He remembered being taught in this very room, with his shieldon, who now stood beside him. He subconsciously stroked its tough flank.

Just then the bell went, time for the break before dinner.

'Remember, 6 o'clock sharpish kids, in the hall.' he said, as they all bent down to check their pokemon or belongings. They had all been given single dorms, in a mixed dorm building, with a separate bathroom for all. He drew his pokeball, sucking bastiodon in a plume of red. He walked out, a stream of teens flooding past.

OOC basically, you all have one post, which ends in you going to the dinner hall.

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2008, 2:42 AM
"Geez...that's it?"

Akira sighed, lagging behind the class a bit as she carefully deposited her notebook into its designated place in her bag. One week at this school already and they still hadn't gotten past battling basics and standard status conditions. She supposed that learning the basics properly was important and all, but even so, the girl couldn't help feeling just a bit frustrated with how slowly the course was going. True to herself, she had undergone a vigorous self-study session one week prior to her transfer, only to find that none of the knowledge she had gone to such painstaking lengths to memorize was required yet. Typecharts, status and remedies, basic pokémon care, focused training to promote valauble attributes over unfavorable ones, all of this she had thought of as bare essentilas. She had expected a test! But instead...everything thus far had sounded like a big repeat, all that precious free time wasted, all those late-nights toiled...for nothing?

No, it hadn't been for nothing, she reminded herself, shaking her head in disapproval at her own thoughts. Repetition was a necessity of memorization; this was all just helping to give her a solid base from which to expand on to the real topics. The fact that all of this sounded obvious to her was a good thing, proof that her self-study was paying off. Besides, Akira couldn't help shooting a troubled glance at the solitary pokéball in her possession, with a partner like this, she would have to pull more than just her own weight here. 'Pokémon battling is as much the work of the pokémon as the trainer' the textbook had informed her. Hah, Maki had quite clearly not read that one. If she even could read. It had taken the whole of the week just to find ways to motivate the complacent little Makuhita into even listening to her, let alone practicing in any serious capacity. For all her good cheer, the fighting type sure was one lazy companion. And speaking of companions...she discreetly let her glance travel across the departing backs of her classmates, this big tournament was a double battle, huh? That meant that her success wouldn't depend just on her own performance, but that of her partner as well. What if she ended up paired with a troublemaker like that Tegeku guy? Or a daydreamer like Sorahane? Well, not that there was anything directly wrong with Sorahane per-say, but he was so...flighty. That, in Akira's mind, translated to 'unreliable', and she couldn't stand unreliable people. Or what if...

Come to think of it, she didn't really know any of these people, did she? She had been so wrapped up with trying to get used to the whole trainer thing that anyone who wasn't regularly causing trouble in class or otherwise drawing attention to thesmelves was largely an enigma to her.

"Ah well, no use worrying about that yet, I guess." she mumbled to herself, snapping to attention as she realized that everyone else - teacher included - had long since left the classroom and quickening her step to catch up with them, "The year's still young."

September 2nd, 2008, 6:36 AM
Max sat there while his sensei was teaching part of the types thing. Max wasn't confused that much. He looked down at Zigzagoon who was sitting there. Max was glad that Zigzagoon wasn't going to be dual type and he was a little bummed. He looked at the clock waiting for it to ring. "Brrrrrrng!" the clock rang. He was the first one to get out of class. Even though he didn't like school all that much he still got most of it.

Zig ran right beside his feet. He saw how hungry Zig was and hoped they had pokemon food there. Zig turned the wrong way towards the dorms and he had to go get Zig so that he wouldn't be in trouble for what Zig did. HE ran after him and found Zig rumaging through the garbage can i the hall way. "Ewwwwww." Max said digusted. He picked Zig up and walked with him down the hall. His breath smelled like week old tuna.

"I wonder what the staff has been eating around here lately." Max said as he turned towards the dinning hall. "Well anyway. If I can make some new friends here then maybe I'll be able to survive school." Max said. He sat on the bench outside the dinning hall to scrap some of the trash out of Zig's fur.

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2008, 6:43 AM
OOC: Oh bother...

Pikalover10, you are severely below the one-paragraph minimum. Please fix your act up right now. I'd hate to slap a thread warning on an RP I myself am in, but rest assured that if the situation so requires, I will do it. << If your post is unfinished then for the love of all that is sweet and sugary don't post it until it's done. Seriously.

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September 2nd, 2008, 7:00 AM
sticking with altar ego on this, and this is for everyone, if your posting is inadequate, you get one warning, then your gone, thats it.

September 2nd, 2008, 8:57 AM
(OOC: Hey guys! I'm the second moderator for this RP. Everyone's sign ups are looking good (though some are questionable). Like Slave to the Poke-Rave i will be playing as a teacher.)

Name: Ando-Sensei

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Description: Ando is extremelly tall, at a towering 6ft 7in. He has a mop of brown hair starting to turn grey. Very muscular, he is known as bear man among his friends. He has deep brown eyes and a little hair on his chin. He wears a long green trench coat with fingerless gloves along with ripped fades jeans and tall brown boots.

Personality: Ando has a caring gentle nature, which contrasts his appearence. He is known to slow to anger but when he does look out! He explodes in a fit of rage, but when he does get angry it is usually for good reason. He loves his students dearly, but has insecurity about being a new teacher.

History: Ando comes from Kashikoi Kame but learned to be a teacher in Johto where he he was givin an egg. That egg hatched into a Riolu and soon became Ando's partner. After graduating from teaching school Ando returned home to work as farm hand on his family's farm to help them in their time of need. A stratigic battler, Ando has built an enourmous amount of trust in his Pokemon.

Pokemon: Lucario (Level 30; High Jump Kick, Blaze Kick, Flash Cannon, Force Palm)

Name: Hiro

History: Hiro was givin to Ando as an egg while he was studying in Johto. Traveling with Ando has made Hiro stronger than most Lucario.

Personality: Hiro is a fun loving Pokemon and is very relaxed. Not to bright, he trusts a little too much but makes a good friend.

Pokemon: Larvitar (Level 10; Bite, Leer, Sandstorm, Screech)

History: Larvitar was givin to Ando by the school and as such hasn't battled too much. However Larvitar can hold his own in a battle. He dosen't trust Ando yet but since they have been together for a while trust is starting to be built.

Personality: Larvitar is a bit of a baby, but can hold his own in a fight. Likes to be the center of attention he gets jelous easily. He has built a teacher-student relationship with Hiro.

September 2nd, 2008, 11:56 AM
The cracking sound of a pencil breaking on a sheet of paper jarred Hotaru from his trance. He had been thinking of a new sculpture idea and, unknown to him at the time, had done a fine sketch of it all over his POKeMON types notes. The curves were wide and had a very rough contour to them and the "head" of it resembled his new POKeMON, Suzu the ponyta. He grabbed another pencil and added the final touches of bronze flames to signify the POKeMON's type and shoved it in his bag. Zipping it up, he looked around the room. It had happened again, he was too lost in his artistic dreams to notice that everyone had already left. How he actually kept up in class, most of his classmates couldn't figure out. Hortaru looked at the front of the class where the teacher's podium was located and saw the scratched-out notes on the chalkboard. Pulling out his drawing again, he checked to make sure he got them all down and then placed it back inside.

Hotaru hefted his bag up over his shoulder and rested it on his back while holding the strap on his right shoulder in his hand. The tote was incredibly heavy with all the belongings he kept in it. He couldn't bear to leave many things in his dorm. His philosophy is that he could get inspiration at any time and he needed to have his supplies at the ready to sketch it down and maybe even get the clay example molded out. Hotaru realized as the week went on that this probably wasn't the best thing to be thinking of in the middle of class, but he couldn't help himself. His passions tended to get in the way of his studies, being the cause of his enrollment in this school.

Peering at the door, Hotaru saw the well-dressed girl in the class leave and he almost jumped over a desk to leave as well. The door squeaked open on old hinges and then closed with a light slamming sound. Outside were the hallways of the sizable school where students were talking about and showing off their POKeMON. Hotaru wasn't interested in these conversations so he strolled to the door out to the grounds, catching some glances at his peculiar clothing and oddly graceful steps. Once he exited to the outside world, he peered up at the relatively cloudless sky. The late afternoon sun was beginning to set and he could see a flock of spearow and a fearow (obviously the leader) soaring overhead. Hotaru looked around the grounds to see even more students. Some paired up like couples, some in friendly groups, and others alone in more remote corners of the grounds. He payed little attention to them as he headed to the outside training gym. This place seemed to be a favorite of his. It was very open with all kinds of terrain and several battlefields for practicing.

A few minutes passed when he finally reached the gym. Walking to a grassy area, he pulled out Suzu's POKeBall and tossed it into the grass. A small popping explosion sound and a white flash of light emitted from the ball as it opened to let out his ponyta. The fire type yawned and the firey mane and tail on it's back ignited. She looked at Hotaru and yawned again. The week so far has made their companionship slightly better, but Suzu still had a very nonchalant attitude towards Hotaru. After finally waking up, the ponyta pawed the ground to find it was a slightly spacious grassy field. A new look of joy spread on her face and the fire horse galloped into the middle to graze.

Hotaru sat down in the grass and pulled out his sketch book from his bag. He was a sculpture artist, but his father always said a good artist must be versatile. Studying Suzu, he sketched the POKeMON in the grassy field in a very "frolicky" pose. Chuckling a bit, he looked back up at the sky.

"Suzu probably would never act that way... but it's nice to dream." he said to himself. He lied down on the grass and looked at the blazing red of the darkening sky. Hotaru decided to wait there until dinner time at 6:00.

Drifting to sleep, he dreamed of his new POKeMON. She galloped around a grassy field similar to the one he lied in and was, for some reason, surrounded by textbooks. Before he could find out the meaning, he was snapped awake by his ponyta nudging him in the side. Just as he awoke , his watch alarm went off and he looked to see it was 5:30 PM. He jumped up and looked around in a sleepy daze. Rubbing his eyes, he called his ponyta back to her POKeBall and ran to the dining hall. The air had cooled and it made the run a little more enjoyable for him. In a matter of minutes, he finally reached the doors to the dining hall and put his back to the wall, slumping down to catch his breath and wiped the sweat from his brow.

September 2nd, 2008, 2:35 PM
Kimi glanced between the notes that packed the chalkboard and her own notes on the exercise book in front of her; she was at a slight disadvantage... so she had to work extra hard if she was to get good grades.
The young girl had never been on her own for this long and was use to getting everything she needed to know spoon-fed to her by her parents. This was the first time she had attended a public school, she had been home-schooled up until now and she knew it would be a challenge. Firstly because she was no longer the only student, so she wouldn't get any special treatment and secondly because her father had bought her way into this school, she knew it wasn't fair to any of the other students and as soon as word got out she wouldn't be very popular.

Kimi sighed, dropping her pen upon the hard wooden desk. She massaged her right wrist, which was aching from writing so much.
She had taken down every last detail the teachers had explained in the past week and was already half-way through the exercise book.

Kimi stretched and with a loud yawn which disrupted the Sensei's teaching slightly, turned to the window as Yoshikumi-sensei said something about a school trip and a double battle. She ignored this as it didn't sound as important as the rest of the information and besides, Poliwag didn't like to fight.
She looked down at her blue tadpole Pokémon; he was glancing around the room sheepishly... sizing up the much larger and more intimidating Pokémon. "Poli..." he whined, but not in an annoyed tone... more of a depressing tone.
Kimi lowered her hand and patted the little Pokémon on the head, "Hey..." she said comfortingly, "Don't worry. You don't have to fight if you don't want to... I’ll make sure of it," she assured with a slight smile.

Kimi looked to the front of the room and saw that Yoshikumi-sensei and the other students, save a few daydreamers, had gotten up from their seats and were exiting the classroom.
She grabbed her exercise book and shoved it neatly into her pink carry-bag. Extending a Pokéball she returned Poliwag and skipped out of the room cheerfully.


Kimi wandered down the empty hallway glancing into every room in search of someone... anyone. She had gotten herself lost for the hundredth time this week, she knew that it was nearly time for dinner... but the location of the dining hall had completely left her mind.
"Hello...?" she called, "Great... I'm going to get myself kicked out of this school just because my sense of direction isn't the best it could be."
All of a sudden she heard chattering come from outside, she ran to an open window and peered outside. There was a group of students, some she recognised from her class, making their way to the dining hall... hopefully.

Kimi didn't have time to second guess, she ran down the hallway and found the door which lead outside and, walking a few metres behind, she followed the other students to the dining hall.
"If I can make some friends, maybe I might be able to survive at this school..." she whispered to herself.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
September 2nd, 2008, 3:35 PM
Jadon chewed on the little pink end of his pencil, eraser bits were starting to scrape off in his mouth. Disgusting... He thought to himself as they stuck to his tounge, he promptly removed the end of his pencil from his mouth and wiped off the saliva with his sleeve. He looked down at his paper, he hadn't written anything, all class.

He just couldn't pay attention to this guys drabble! Jadon had other things to think about, things that ended up being not in the least as important, but much better in the subject of intresting. Jadon started to wonder if the teacher noticed he wasn't taking any notes, or anything of that sort, to atleast make it look like he knew what was going on he went on to write things down on the blank sheet of paper, they weren't notes relevant to the class subject but they were words that had been spontaniously figmented from the depths of Jadon's mind.

Jadon continued to somewhat daydream, hoping that the class would end soon and that he could grab a bite to eat, the young black haired boy was simply starving and the fact that he had martial arts practice later didn't help the present situation. Can't fight on an empty stomach... What was the name of this class again anyway? What was this specific class even about? Jadon scanned the back of his mind, thinking... Oh yes, this class happened to be "Pokemon Types 101" Jadon wondered if he should pay more attention, as this might be something useful to learn.

The young latino boy started to listen to the teacher, hearing about how types have the edge over others and vice versa. Jadon wondered what advantage his phanpy might have over another type, did normal type even have an advantage? He couldn't quite remember right now. Jadon started to ponder this, but just as he was reaching some actual understanding, a sharp ring pierced his ear, it was the bell to signify the end of the class period.

" Sweet." Jadon mumbled, he didn't say alot which made people tend to believe the jock stereotype about how athletic people wern't very intelligent. Jadon got up and put his stuff back into his bag, he could see that some people were still sitting, probably lost in their own thoughts, Jadon shrugged and headed towards the door.

Jadon made his way towards the dining hall, it may not been time yet, but might as well be nearby for when dinner DID start. He adjusted his trenchcoat and walked among all the other students.

Zeta Sukuna
September 2nd, 2008, 4:07 PM
"Hmm... I already knew this, but repetition breeds knowledge." Said Chris as he left the classroom where he was immedately assaulted by two seventeen year old students.

"Hey, you newbie!" Yelled the kid holding Chris to the wall. "Aren't you a little young to be here?" Chris responded with.

"You aren't so scary, I've met people a thousand times scarier." Said Chris calmly before kicking the older boy in his 'sensitive parts'.

"AAAAHHH!" Yelled the boy as he fell to the ground. The other boy smirked.

"Heh, you can't beat me." Said the other boy as he grabbed his pokeball and held it up, but that's all he could do as another student grabbed the pokeball.

"Enough Jimmy, Derrick is already down and he has his own pokemon." Said the third boy, making the Jimmy gasp in fear.

"I'm sorry Clause-sama." Said Jimmy as he went over to help Derrick up. "We will never act without orders again."

"Will you stop that." Said Clause before turning to Chris. "Hello, I'm sorry for the trouble those idiots caused you."

"It's okay, but why did they call you 'sama'?" Asked Chris. Clause laughed at that.

"You don't need to know that, but I am a second year student. If you need help around here, you can talk to me." Said Clause as he motioned to his group to follow him. "Also, there are other students that may attack you, don't be too trusting." Chris nodded before heading to the dining hall.

"I wonder if my family is okay." Said Chris as he walked into the dining hall. Not many kids were there, but the ones that were had to have been other first years. And suddenly a boy in his year walked up to him and said.

"Hey, aren't you a little young to be here?" Chris looked offended, but remembered Clause's words and didn't talk to the kid. "Hey! I'm talking to you here!"

"Sorry, but I don't want to talk right now." Said Chris before walking away.

"Get back here!" Yelled the boy, but as he went to chase Chris, he tripped on his own foot and fell into a table, head-first.

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September 2nd, 2008, 4:57 PM
Ash looked out the window of her boat and saw the large island peak over. She sighed out of relief and collapsed on her bed. The trip had been long and tiring and she was glad that it was finally over. It felt like her goodbye’s to her father and brother were weeks ago even though it was just that morning.

Ash soon heard the announcement echo over the boat that everyone had to collect their belongings and exit the boat. Ash didn’t hesitate. She bolted off the boat at the first chance she got. When she exited, a woman was standing there checking off people.

“Name?” she asked.

“Ash,” she mumbled.

“Ashley?” the woman asked.

“No, my name is Ash.”

The woman just looked at Ash strangely before Ash walked off into the grounds of the school. She looked around in awe. The school was better-looking than she imagined. It was especially beautiful with the ocean scenery behind it and the energetic kids chatting while walking up the hill to the building.

Ash shyly walked up behind the gang of kids and stuck her hands in her pockets. She wasn’t much of a social person and knew that this was going to make her new school life a lot harder. She constantly told herself to just “change,” but it wasn’t as easy as that. She had been shy all her life, and it wasn’t just that easy to magically get chatty and fun around kids her age.

All the kids went into a room where a teacher introduced their self and then pokeballs were passed out to each student by random. Each student received a different type of pokemon, and Ash apparently got the grass pokemon, Bulbasaur. She would’ve called her pokemon out to meet it, but the teacher was still explaining things to the young pupils, including a talk about each of the trainer’s type of pokemon.

Afterwards, Ash and the other pupils were instructed to head to the dining hall. Ash slumped her bag over her shoulder and sighed as she walked out. She looked down at her feet without any eye contact from the other trainers. She wondered how she could possibly make some friends as she walked down the hallway of her new school and home.

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September 2nd, 2008, 10:19 PM
Toby glanced at the notes on the board. Most of this was basic stuff, but that was because it was only the start of the school. Toby petted Volt, the little electric wolf restless waging his tail in apprecaition.
"Remember, 6 o'clock sharpish kids, in the hall'. Yoshikumi-sensei concluded. Toby grabbed his bag, and pulled it over his shoulders. Volt jumped into the open pocket.
"Come on, lets go do some training for a bit, then go get something to eat!" Toby said, ruffling the fur on Volt's head.
"Shiiinxx, Shinnnnxxx!!!", He barked in agreement. Toby exited the classroom.
Toby walked towards his dorm, Voltage running beside him. They'd had a strenuous training session and were heading back to the dorm. Toby hadn't really gotten to know his dormmates yet, but he'd only been at school for a week. Lost in his train of thought, he almost missed the Staravia flying towards him.
"Vallery! Is that you! You've grown so much!" Toby exclaimed. Vallery was Amelia's Starly.
"Star-avia!!! Star!!" She chirped.
"Vallery, this is Volt. Volt, this is Vallery. She belongs to my friend, Amelia." He introduced as he picked up Voltage, who had been cowering behind him. Vallery chriped. She had a letter, tapped to her foot. Toby pulled it off and opened it up.

Dear Toby,
Hows it going! We're all good! As you can see, Vallery evolved! It was right before a big battle with one of the Kanto Leaders. I've beaten all of them now, and I'll be going up againist the League after a well deserved break! And guess what! I might be coming back to Hayai Kame!!
From Amelia;)

Toby grinned. He loved to keep in touch with Amelia. He checked his watch. He had time to write a letter, and send it off. Toby quickly wrote up a letter explaining the past week, and tyed it up.
"Here you go, Vallery", He said passed her the letter. He pulled opened his bag, and produced a few berries. "These are for you". Vallery globbled them up, before flying off. Toby checked his watch again. It was quarter to 6. He had better get to the hall.

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2008, 11:00 PM
"Alright, where to start?"

Heaving her bag a bit higher over her shoulder, Akira let an appraising glance sweep across the students passing her by. Some were seniors, easily identified by their confident manner, important people to know in the long run, no doubt, but not the right place to start. No, where she should be starting was her own classmates; they were the ones she would be spending the most of her time with and one of them would also be her partner to come. But which one..?

It was then that she spotted her. Had it not been for the bashful manner and downturned gaze, the person could very well had passed for a senior; she was taller, stronger built than most too. More than any of these things, however, Akira noted that this girl seemed to be decidedly...alone. Despite being in the middle of a crowded hallway, the girl seemed to carry a personal sphere of solitude around herself at all times. No-one stepped up to talk to her, and she certainly made no attempt to talk to anyone, the girl seeming to make a point of lagging just a little bit behind anyone else. Akira knew this type; there had been one in her own class, a strangely off boy who always seemed to be scowling and avoided social contact like the plague. In six years of study, he was the only one who had not made a single friend, maintaining his comfort zone of one empty seat in every direction and blushing violently whenever he was addressed. His studies had been falling behind too, hence why Akira had gotten involved with the situation in the first place. He...hadn't intended to be rude, he had once bashfully explained, he just didn't get along with people; or, more specifically, people didn't get along with him. Or at least that was the impression the girl had gotten, it was hard to comprehend someone so lacking in communication skills at times. There was family pressure, she had understood, bullying too, and a serious lack of self-esteem. Regular tutoring had gotten his grades up to passing level (though just barely) and for a moment, she thought that they had been something like friends. He even left a 'thank you' card and promised to call her up sometime, but he never did.

Akira frowned, nodding for herself. This could very well have been a similar case, and unless someone intervened in a timely manner it could end the same way as well. An ordinary student would probably have just left it up to the sempais, but a class president of four years running did not leave her badge behind just because she was forced to hand it in, and so the girl headed towards the intimidating stranger with a determined stride.

"Um...hi!" she called, purposefully intercepting the Ash's route and offering her what she hoped was a friendly smile, "I'm Akira, Akira Sakuraba." she had to restrain herself from adding 'class president' out of pure habit, "I...think we're in the same class?"

Okay, so it wasn't as graceful an introduction as she had hoped, but at least it was something.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 4th, 2008, 8:19 AM
Yoshi hurried to the hall, having given his bastiodon a walk and a few rocks. He had a folder tucked under one arms, and his pokeballs hung at his waist. Checking his watch, he saw he had a minute, and walked faster, refusing to break his own rule of no running in the corridor.


The door crashed open as he hurried through. Smells wafted from the open kitchen, and some students were noticeably irritated by their hunger. Some didn't even seem to acknowledge him being their.

'Students! Students!' he shouted, getting their attention as he stood on the small raised combat platform the school had inside.

'Now as you all know, this school thinks that the only way true pokemon trainers can be taught, is too take them into the wide world around us. During the year, we will be going to every island in the Kame region some several times.' This caused a small ruckus between the pupils.

'Silence!' he shouted, silencing them, 'Now, no questions now. The first island we will be going to is Kashikoi Kame. I think the thick forests will help strengthen your pokemon and you could catch some of your first pokemon. The island is abundant in grass and bug pokemon, so be sure to root around. I will give you all three pokeballs when we get their, and you may then leave in groups of three. You may choose these yourself. We will be staying in a small rural village in the forest. Mind your language. You will be able to leave at 10 in the morning, and must be back by 6 PM. We will be taking a ferry from here. It has some low platforms, so you can try your hand at catching some water pokemon. Don't keep your hopes up. Now, I have someone to help me on this trip. Introducing, Ando-sensei. He will coming with us to help keep you under wraps, especially in your rooms on Kashikoi.' he finished, holding his arm out to introduce him to the stage

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September 4th, 2008, 4:04 PM
Ash entered the dining hall and sat down at a table quietly and carefully. Students entered chatty and loud as they sat down at their tables. Ash really wanted to join a conversation, but held herself back. She didn’t want to look dumb by just butting in.

“Quiet, Quiet!” shouted the teacher. After a few moments, the room grew completely silent and all attention was on the man who told them some information about the new school.

“Now as you all know, this school thinks that the only way true pokemon trainers can be taught, is too take them into the wide world around us. During the year, we will be going to every island in the Kame region some several times.”

Everyone grew excited, including Ash. They started up their conversations again until the teacher hushed them once more. He explained that they would be traveling to a part of the region in the morning where water pokemon live in opportunity to be captured. The place would be perfect to get to know your beginning pokemon.

Ash looked around the cafeteria and bowed her head with a smile on her face. “You know, who cares if I ever make any friends here,” she said to herself. She pulled out the pokeball she had just received only moments ago and looked down at it. “We are going to be best friends, the best in the world,” she mumbled.

After grabbing something to eat, Ash exited the dining hall and ran into an abandoned hallway. She quickly pulled out her pokeball and clicked the button. She was too excited. As the red light poured out, Ash couldn’t help but be excited that she was going to meet her new partner.

The red light went away and Ash met her new grass pokemon, Bulbasaur. It was completely green with a large green bulb on its back. It had a small body that almost looked like a dinosaur’s, but it had some plant characteristics around it too.

“Hi, Bulbasaur,” Ash said. She smiled gleefully at the little plant pokemon.

Bulbasaur didn’t smile back. Instead, it lashed Ash with its large vine making her jump back.

“Hey, what was that for?!” Ash shouted. The pokemon just grunted and looked away. Ash just sighed and patted the pokemon on the back. “Well, let’s just go to my room together. Maybe we’ll both feel better in the morning.”

Bulbasaur walked alongside Ash until they both came upon the main hall. Bulbasaur then looked at its new trainer and smirked. It extended one long vine out and placed it underneath Ash’s feet, making her trip over the vine and fall flat on her face. Students around her laughed and pointed at her and the pokemon standing next to her.

Ash didn’t stand up. She stayed down on her face wondering how she got such a difficult pokemon.

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September 4th, 2008, 7:11 PM
((OOC: When we get to the island or whatever you will be telling us which pokemon we can get right???I hope so.))

Max had finally scraped all of the gunk out of Zig's fur and noticed that everyone was entering the dining hall. He ran in with Zig in his arms and called him back to his pokeball until they got back to their dorms and he would feed him there. He sat down and waited until they could get some food.

"Quiet,Quiet!" the teacher shouted at them all. "Now as you all know, this school thinks that the only way that true trainers can be taught, is too take them into the wide world around us. During the year, we will be going to every Kame region some several times."

Everyone grew excited and Max got so excited that while he was tipping in his chair he flew back and fell out."Owwwwwww!" he yelled. He got up and picked his chair up. He sat it down and then sat back down.

The teacher hushed them again and told them that they would be traveling to one of the islands that was inhabited by grass and bug pokemon. He said that they would probably be taking a ferry with low platforms so that they might be able to catch some pokemon. He explained that they would be staying in a town, he would give them each three pokeballs, and when they set out to get pokemon that they would be in groups of three.

Max got so excited that he foregot that he was hungry and wanted the day to end so that he could catch some pokemon. The teacher ended his speach and everyone rushed to get some food. Foretunatly though he was quick enough to get to the front of the line and got his food first.

He got a hamburger, some apple slices, some tator tots, and then he got chocolate milk to drink. He ate and then left the hall to go to his room. When he got to the main hall he called out Zig and they continued walking.

While they were walking a girl's Bulbusaur extended it's vine under her feet and made her fall flat on her face and this happened only a few feet away from Max. A whole bunch of people laughed and pointed fingers at the girl and her pokemon. Max didn't laugh because he knew what it felt like to be the person everyone was laughing at.

He ran over to the girl who didn't seem like she wanted to get up. He grabbed her hand and helped her ot stand up. He then got Zig to ask the pokemon beside her why it had tripped the girl. Max looked back at the girl and saw that she was wearing a black hat, a black shirt, and red pants. She was rather tall for her age and she had sharp serious eyes.

After helping her up he said "Hi. My name is Maximillion, but I'd rather be called Max. Are you okay from that fall? Oh yeah and what's your name?" He asked. They conversed and Max soon found out that her name was Ash and after making sure she was okay he walked to his door. He stopped at a vending machine and grabbed a bag of pokefood for Zig. When they got inside his room he opened the bag of food and poured it into a food bowl he had laid on the ground. He looked around and noticed that there was a single bed, a computer, and a lamp with a chair next to it.

He sat on his bed after putting his pokeball that was Zig's on the desk the computer lay on and his backpack that contained some of his favorite books on the chair next to the lamp. He took his hat and necklace of and then laid down. Zig had finished eating and then jumped on his chest. Zig ripped off Max's shoes and threw them on the ground next to the door. Max closed his eyes and soon both him and Zig were asleep.

September 4th, 2008, 7:35 PM
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Kimi squirmed in her seat, which was rather uncomfortable, but that's what it's like when you've grown up in the lap of luxury and suddenly you're flung into a place like this.
The teenage girl heard her stomach growl and rubbed it gently as she waited for Yoshikumi-sensei to excuse them for dinner.

"Now as you all know, this school thinks that the only way true Pokémon trainers can be taught is too take them into the wide world around us. During the year, we will be going to every island in the Kame region some several times." she heard the experienced teacher say as he stood up on the podium at the front of the hall.

Kimi listened intently to every word, she didn't want to have to have all of this repeated to her... that would be quite embarrassing.
Soon Yoshikumi-sensei excused the entire group of student and they all jumped out of their seats, running hurriedly to the dinner line. Kimi was slightly slower and apparently that was a big deal around here... she ended up being right at the back of the line and, by the time she had received her dinner, half of the students had already left to go to their rooms.

Kimi wandered down the dark hallway towards her room, good thing she hadn't forgotten where that was or else she would have been in for a cold night.
She reached her room and opened the door, stepping inside she glanced around... sure she had been living in this room for a week now, but every time she entered it still felt empty. But, that's probably because she was used to having so many possessions.

Kimi slid her carry-bag off of her shoulder and threw it into the corner; at least she didn't have to be neat around here.
She let Poliwag out of his Pokéball, she let him wander around the room and do whatever he wanted. The girl pulled out the seat at the desk and sat down, looking out the window at the cold night sky.
Suddenly Poliwag jumped up onto her lap and snuggled in warmly, "You can't sleep there..."

"Lights out!" yelled a familiar voice from down the corridor. It was Yoshikumi-sensei making sure that everyone was getting ready for bed.

Kimi grabbed Poliwag in her arms and placed him at the foot of her bed, "Now there's where you can sleep," she said sweetly.


"Are you getting ready for bed..." began Yoshikumi-sensei, but he stopped as if trying to remember something, "Uhm... Kimi? Kimi Tenaka," he finally finished.

Kimi unbuttoned her shirt, "Yes..." she started, "I'm just getting ready for bed now!" After that Kimi heard footsteps getting quieter, she grabbed her PJ's and stepped into the bathroom.

A couple of minutes later Kimi returned to her room, dressed in clothing fit for sleeping. She crawled into bed and glanced down at Poliwag, "Goodnight..." she whispered.

September 5th, 2008, 2:22 AM
Toby burst through the door, Volt charging through behind him. He looked around, and was relieved to see that Sensei hadn't arrived. He walked to a table, as Sensei came crashing through the door.
'Students! Students!' He yelled, grabbing everyones attention.
Toby held back as Sensei finished his lecture. Everyone had rushed to the buffet, and he there wasn't much he could eat there. He left the dinning hall, to see a bulbasaur trip up its owner using a vine. He looked at his own little blue wolf, to see it playing with Toby's shoelace. He picked it up and scratched under the chin.
"Volt, Tomorrow, we're gonna make some new friends! But we're going to need some help! Lets go get some food!". He walked back to his dorm, the night air wisping across his face.

Alter Ego
September 5th, 2008, 3:30 AM
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So yeah, sorry if the time here is totally out of whack or something. xP


"Well, that was...discouraging."

Akira sighed, picking up the pace so as to not lose track of their sensei. The first time she had actively introduced herself to someone in this school and she had just been blown off without any sign of acknowledgment. Well, in a way she supposed that she should have expected it, given how reclusive that girl had been and how hectic things got soon thereafter, but even so this was hardly a good start for her social interactions at Hayai Kame High. She did not dwell long on this, however, as their sensei took the stage and elaborated on their first scheduled field trip. Bug and grass pokémon, hmm? Part of the girl's mind immediately went back to the pokémon descriptions and type charts she had studied in an attempt to figure out what species would be best at covering her starter's weaknesses, nagging at her mind even as the new teacher was introduced and well after the students had all scattered every which way. She barely tasted her lunch - most of it happily gobbled up by the far less ponderous Maki - and most of her classmates went equally unnoticed, two thoughts circling each other over and over again in her mind. What to catch and who to partner with? She arrived in time to see the small congregation of people around Ash, immediately pegging them as group number one, which in turn made it all the more imperative that she find some partners of her own. It was just so...embarassing to be the only one who haven't found anyone to tag along with. If there was one thing Akira hated, it was being the burden member of a group, taken on only because the rules dictated it.



A hand reached for the bag of chips, rummaging inside.

Akira sighed, leaning back in front of her desk. A whole day spent pondering and yet she had failed to come up with any satisfactory result. She supposed that just asking the first classmate that came by would do the trip, but...well, the indifferent reception from today was hardly a great confidence booster.

Chips met mouth; the end result went crunch.

The girl's eyes slid back to the pokémon guide in front of her. Better to just take the simpler problem first. Grass and bug, grass and bug. What pokémon would cover her starter's weakness best?

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Armaldo? No, still practically extinct. Cradily? Ditto. Forretress? She would have to find a way to keep the Pineco from blowing up in her face. Then how about-?

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

"Oh, would you cut it out, Maki?!" Akira shot an irritated glare at her pokémon, the fighting type returning a look of polite confusion, one hand still heading for the bag of chips, only to have it snatched out of her reach, "You're going to get horribly fat if you keep on eating like that." the girl continued poignantly, depositing the half-emptied bag of chips back in its designated cabinet and locking it, "And don't even start giving me that look, there's a big difference between being large because of musculature and-"

It was then that her cell phone leapt to life, interrupting the blossoming rant. Akira's expression shifted from annoyance at being interrupted, to confusion about who could be calling so close to midnight, and then finally to a frown as she caught sight of the number.

"Good evening, nee-nee!"

Akira couldn't help smiling for herself as the light, cheerful voice reached her ear, but a single glance at the clock was enough to bring her back to the previous frown.

"Don't you 'nee-nee' me, Hiyori Sakuraba." she retorted in as severe a voice as she could muster, "It's almost midnight; what are you doing, still up at this hour? Don't you have school tomorrow?"

"Erm..." there was a bout of awkward laughter from the other end, and Akira could practically see her baby sister squirm, "...we-ell...I just thought-"

"Told you." remarked a male voice, just barely audible.

"Don't think you're any better off, Minoru." Akira said wearily, "I can hear you too. You're both in trouble when I get back."


"Anyway, nee-nee." Hiyori continued, attempting a shift of subject, "Are you having fun at Hayai Kame? Did you get your pokémon yet? Is it cute?"

"Hey-hey, easy!" Akira chuckled, "One question at a time. School is going fine. And yes, I got a pokémon, a Makuhita, and it's...umm..." she stared at the rotound sumo pokémon, currently busy at work in searching for edibles, attempting to find the right way to express herself, "Well...it's very friendly." she offered at last.

"Great!" her baby sister chirped back, "Taming a pokémon just like that, that's our nee-nee, alright."

"More like she scared it into submission." Minoru huffed.

"I heard that."

"So nee-nee, have you made many friends yet?" Hiyori, ever the peacekeeper, intervened.

"Well, I..." the girl hesitated, "I've introduced myself." a sceptical noise from Minoru's side immediately confirmed his opinion on this, "Anyway, stop changing the subject." she added in a more authoritative tone, "It's well past midnight and you two need to get to bed."

"But nee-nee..."

"No 'but's." Akira persisted, "I'm hanging up, we've got a field trip tomorrow so I need my sleep too."

"Okay..." Hiyori replied, "I...just wanted to make sure, because you tend to get so wrapped up in studying and everything." there was an awkward pause in the conversation, which the younger girl finally brought to an end, "Anyway, I'm glad you're having fun. Good night, nee-nee."

"Good night."

Akira sighed, still holding the now lifeless phone in her hand for a few more moments. Hiyori was right, she did have a tendency to get wrapped up in these things. Well, she could still change that...right? They'd be teamed up tomorrow, everything would be alright...tomorrow.

And with that, she fell asleep, head resting on her desk and night lamp still burning.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 5th, 2008, 7:50 AM
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Alter Ego
September 5th, 2008, 7:53 AM
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September 5th, 2008, 9:50 AM
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September 5th, 2008, 12:21 PM
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[IC] Hotaru's eyes lit up at the chance to see more of the world. Sure, he had been to a few islands on his school ventures, but Kashikoi Kame was completely new to him. He had heard of it a bit from his mother, Semi Sorahane, who was born on the island. She had apparently met his dad during one of his "inspiration trips" and it was also where he met his metal cooler, Ninjask, who was a Nincada at the time. She told him stories of the gigantic trees and the traditional natives that lived near her small town. He was practically sweating excitement at this opportunity.

The teacher then described that they would be able to choose who was in their groups of three students. Looking around, it didn't seem very simple for him to choose. He could go with the more reliable classmates, but that might prove to be boring. But if he chose fun members, then he would be having a good time, but might not get anything out of the trip. He thought for several minutes about this, but it just ended up making his head spin and he stopped as a precaution to save himself from the confusion. Hotaru just shrugged and decided to leave it until tomorrow.

"Whoever, I guess. It'll be fun either way!" he said to himself with a huge smile. After the dismissal, he got up to get some food and came back with a plate full of fish and rice. Another plate was in his opposite hand with vegetables and POKeMON food pellets. Letting his Ponyta out with a bright light, he laid the veggie plate on the ground and smiled at Suzu.

"Okay, Suzumebachi, eat well. We have a lot of work tomorrow." he went over his type notes with the Ponyta sculpture sketch. He noticed that fire types are strong against both grass and bug types. Hotaru became excited again and grabbed the horse around the neck.

"You're gonna do awesome tomorrow! No way a silly grass or bug type can beat you!" slowly, Hotaru's arms started to grow hotter as he noticed the flames on the POKeMON's neck ignited again. With a loud yelp, he let go and tried to cool his arms down by patting them with his hands. Looking at the creature with a stern face, it neighed in a playful manner as if it were laughing at his misfortune. Hotaru huffed and turned to his food.

"You'll have to trust me more, Suzu... we're partners now..." he mumbled to himself. He wondered if he should have said it aloud to her, but then took that thought back and continued eating his dinner.


That night in his hotel, he thought of the coming morning when he would have a chance to finally battle with his POKeMON and even capture new ones. Dreams of catching a noble Syther or a sheepish Seedot filled his night with hope.

Zeta Sukuna
September 6th, 2008, 1:23 PM
(ooc: I would've updated yesterday, but I was writing a chapter in one of my stories)

Chris was sitting alone, eating his dinner when he heard the teacher make the announcement about travelling to another island. "We get to go to other islaands? Wow, I didn't know that." Said Chris as he got up to go to his room.

(Chris's room)

"Hmm... Come on out, Sirius!" Yelled Chris wanting to see his new pokemon. So lo and behold, Sirus the Abra was right there. "Hmm... so you're my pokemon?"

"No duh retard." Said Sirius using telepathy, which caused Chris to jump back in shock.

"Y-y-you can t-t-talk!?" Yelled out Chris, but Sirius then started laughing.

"Oh boy, I got an idiot for a trainer. This will be fun, I wonder how long it will take for me to get you to let me go?" Asked Sirius clearly enjoying this.

"Wait, I'm your trainer. You can't really do much to me." Said Chris, but Sirius was about to prove him wrong.

"Ooh, boy. You shouldn't have said that. I'm going to have to take it as a challenge." Said Sirius as he flipped Chris on to the floor. "Heh, I feel good about this."

"No! Return Sirius!" Yelled out Chris, but Sirius just levitated the ball out of Chris's reach. "Ah, crap."

"You may think you're all that, but you're not. You made the wrong descision in picking me." Said Sirius once again before letting the ball go lower. Chris tried to grab it, but Sirius lifted it up again. "Hahahah! Look at the monkey reaching for a banana!"

"Will you stop that!" Yelled Chris, but Sirius just looked away before saying.

"Make me." Chris tried to throw a pillow, but it stopped halfway there before being tossed back at three times the power. "Hahahah! Your fists are useless against my power, you epically fail as a trainer, go home and cut your self! Yaahahaha!" (Guess where that line comes from)

"Just shut up!" Yelled Chris before punching Sirius, allowing the pokeball to fall to the floor. "Return!" And with that, Sirius was returned to his pokeball. "Phew, unfortunately I have to summon him sooner or later."


Clause entered his room with his two 'friends' before punching them both. "You are never to call me 'sama' inside the school!" Yelled Clause as his partners got up.

"We're sorry sir, we just didn't expect you cutting in like that." Said Derrick before being shoved into the wall.

"Sorry isn't good enough, if a teacher was nearby you could have ruined everything." Said Clause before turning to Jimmy. "No one can know that we are the Scorpui."

"What's the point? I mean, we have agents in all grade levels." Said Jimmy, but he was silenced by a knee in the gut.

"It doesn't matter how many we have, you are forgetting that the teachers are a lot more powerful than anyone in this school." Said Clause as he looked towards the reader. "What are you doing here? Get out!" Yelled Clause as he closed the door.

(With Chris)

"Well, I think I have to go back to the dining hall." Said Chris rushing down to the aformentioned place before anyone noticed he was missing.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 6th, 2008, 1:36 PM
'Children, please stop running around.' Yoshi muttered, tired. He had been up all night studying the hovering of his Beldum. Again. The whole class were either hyper with excitement or similar to himself. A few pokemon were already out, and he sighed again. 'That just makes everything harder!' he thought in despair.

'Settle down!' he finally yelled, their young heads turning to him.

'Don!' Bastiodon growled next to him, gesturing with its head to the children to get in the bus.

'Everyone, please get in the coach. It will be 30 minutes to the coast, and then 2 hours to Kashikoi Kame. Lunch will be eaten onboard the ferry. Please hurry up.' he yawned, pointing at the door, and then walking around the group and herding them in using his bastiodon (and a few gentle prods).


Rain was sheeting down the windows of the coach. The thin walkway was dotted with pokemon. Truth be told, each student had about 4 seats to themself. Suddenly, two of the pupils began talking louder, and louder, and were then shoouting. He turned his head back, espying a stunky and a taillow, which was flittering around teh roof and perching in the overhead luggage compartment.

'Now, peck it!' yelled one of the kids. Everyone was watching. A smart looking girl turned to him, looking concerned.

The Taillow swooped low, and the stunky couldn't dodge, and was thrown a few feet down the bus. The student who owned it was distraught.

'Beldum! Take Down, now!' Yoshi suddenly yelled, the pokemon appearing in the bright flash of purple fog from its pokeball (which was oddly, a green one, with dark green circles on it and an orange banmd around it). The pokemon was certainly a new type for the students, the blue mechanical pokemon hurtling down the bus, floating midair, only to crash into both pokemon, who didn't appear to eager to get back up.

'You two, up front. Now.' he yelled, furious.

'All battling waits till the ferry, and no fainting then!' he commanded, dragging the two boys to the front and taking both pokemon from them till the ferry. Beldum disappeared once more, after several stares from the pupils.


The ground was damp, and a cold wind blew, but it wasn't raining. The coastal town wasn't too large, and they had all bought a few bits and bobs. He stocked up on everything needed. Status recovery items, potions, even revives. 1 of each per pupil, then they are up to their own pockets. The ferry was the open type, with a large flat area for cars. Very few were coming, one but their coach. They all got off excitedly, just as the horn blew, and they were underway.

OOC Thought I move things on, and bring the pain. Don't mess with teach :) Those students were NPCS, which me and Zimvee can use when necessary to join in any seperate adventures you have in your groups. You will all receive one awakening, one paralyze heal, one antidote, one potion and a revive now. As well as 1 poke ball each. And you can't press down on the buttons, its an RP ;)

For your next posts, please separate them into three sections, 1 at school when you get up and before we leave, 1 section on the bus and one when we are getting off onto the ferry. All in one post. After that, I will continue to the main ferry posts.


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September 7th, 2008, 12:07 AM
Toby awoke as the first rays of sunlight pierced the horizon. He quickly changed, and woke Volt, who had been sleeping at the end of his bed. At first, the little blue wolf wouldn't get up, but as the smell of Toby's cooking wafted through the air, it leapt from the bed, and raced into the kitchen. Toby laughed.
"Come here, you little trouble maker!" He said as he put down a plate of pokefood."Lets eat, then head off!"

Toby and Volt ran towards the coach, the rain beating off his big trench coat. He ran towards Sensei to see him yelling at everyone.
"Settle down!". He and the others were herded into the coach.

"Beldum! Take down!" Sensei yelled, quickly breaking up the battle that had started between two students.. It was then that Volt decided to leap from Toby's lap, and started rumaging through someones bag.
"Oi! Volt! Get out of there!" He ran over and picked him up out of the bag. "Sorry about that", He said to the owner of the bag. He piccked up the little wolf. "Volt, you can't just rumage through someones bag whenever you want!" He scolded. "If you wanted some food! You should have asked!" He pulled 2 bags of poketreats, and handed one to the person. "Sorry about that. This is Volt. Volt, this is...um.... I didn't catch your name.

The Coastal wind blew hard, and was freezing. A chill shivered down his spine. He stepped out on to the ferry's deck, clutching Volt's pokeball.

September 7th, 2008, 6:10 AM
A chiming sound similar to a doorbell rang in Hotaru's ears several times. each time it chimed, it grew louder and louder still. He pried his eyes open with the most strength his face muscles could muster and peered over at the clock radio beside his bed in the shape of a flattened POKeBall. It was the standard dorm clock that was in the room when he first arrived. The emerald digital numbers contrasted on the black display screen to read "5:30 am". He reached out with one drowsy arm and pushed in the button in the center of the ball to silence the alarm. Flipping himself on his back, he took in a long breath. It was always his policy to wake up more by taking in oxygen to get the blood flowing before stepping out of bed. After exhaling, he looked up at the white ceiling of the one-room dorm began to think of what he was doing today. A few minutes later, he realized that today was the day of the first trip to an outside island. Remembering this, his body almost removed itself from the bed and into his casual shoes. He opened to door to his room to be suddenly hit with a fresh scent and oddly humid air. There was apparently a storm or at least rain the previous night as the air was also much cooler than usual in the dimly lit early morning. Hotaru was still trying to get used to not stepping out to a bitterly cold snowy day. Of which he truly loved. Grabbing some articles of clothing from his dresser, he stepped out to walk tot he male bath house.

A few minutes passed walking in the unusually cool morning weather when Hotaru finally had arrived. In the front door was a large rack of towels and a single male attendant.

"Good morning, Sorahane-san. Good to see you up early again." the man greeted him while bowing. Hotaru returned the bow and opened his mouth to speak while still bent over.

"Thank you. And a good morning to you, Yorimichi-san." Hotaru took a towel and entered the changing room which he found vacant as he often did at this hour. After disrobing, setting his clothes aside in a cubby, and wrapping himself in a smaller towel, he entered the bathhouse. The lavish feel of it was astounding to him at first. It was almost like the hot springs back home. Steaming water was held in by large boulders and small trees and even a shrine with a bamboo instrument rhythmically tapping on the stone under it set a very serene and calming mood. After he had rinsed himself, Hotaru stepped into the surprisingly hot bath water and sunk deeper, allowing his skin to slowly adjust to the heat. The vapors from the bath lulled him into a near sleep and he laid back and fully submerged his head. Eyes closed and no sound to interupt his thoughts, he pondered about the day ahead. Approximately one minute later, he popped back up for air and wiped the water from his face. This morning's bath seemed oddly relaxing. Maybe it was the pleasant weather on the way, but either way, it was immensely soothing to Hotaru.

About half an hour more passed until Hotaru finally left the bath and dried himself. He entered the lockers again and put on his standard unusual alterations of normal clothing. Finally returning to his dorm, he immediately started packing. Before reaching the door, however, he noticed a few students heading the way of the bath house. He was unusually proud of his decision to go early when he saw this. He prefered things like that to be private and was really just looking for a soothing bath this morning, anyway. Inside his dorm room, he began packing his bag full of necessities such as a pillow, a blanket snacks, a sketch book for sketching POKeMON and environments, a collection of pencils, erasers, pens, and more items here and there. Finally, snatching Suzu's POKeBall and clipping it to his belt, he left the room with his bag, locked the door, and headed for the bus pickup zone.


The sky was quickly covered in clouds again as it had seemed the rain the night before had decided to return. The lawn was drenched and so was Hotaru and his classmates. Looking around, he saw that many had their partners out, already. Hotaru wasn't about to do that as, not only did he not see a need to, his ponyta really would not like the weather. The students piled into the bus and Yoshi-sensei had completed the attendance roll call. Hotaru sat down in an empty seat which happened to be oddly abundant on this coach they were in.

On the road, a couple of students had decided to have a battle in the bus. Yoshi-sensei had promptly ended it with the use of his Beldum and Hotaru suddenly lit up. The POKeMON the teacher just used was absolutely beautiful to him! He resolved to ask for an opportunity to sketch it when they reached a point where he could find the time.


Finally, after around two hours, the coach had reached it's destination and the students filed out of it in the best way they knew how. Wobbling legs were in surplus as the long trip had taken it's toll on many of them. The skies cleared slightly and the rain had ceased during the ride. Hotaru stared at the ferry they were going to take. He had been on boats before during his parents' "school adventures" for him and his trip to this island so he knew what to expect. Walking through the crowd of young adults, he kept his eyes on the boat and finally reached it at the end of the dock. It was much larger than most he was used to and the flat spot was large enough to hold more than one POKeMON battle on top of. He wasn't too sure if he would accept any challenges on this cruise. Suzu would probably feel skiddish or even scared around this much water. Besides, what if something happened and she was thrown overboard? He was not willing to take that risk. Hotaru filed onto the ferry like the rest of the class and found a seat at the edge of the boat to sit in. The took out his sketch book to see if he could at least draw out some action from the battles that were bound to take place on the ferry.

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Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 7th, 2008, 7:12 AM
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September 7th, 2008, 7:27 AM
Max woke roughly up to Zig jumping up and down on his chest and his alarm going off. "Zigzagoon! Look at what time it is! Get up or you'll be late!" Zigzagoon yelled at him. Max looked at his clock and he was extremely behind on his time. He fell out of the bed and found his clothes on the floor he rushed to put the on and then ran outside in the hall hoping up and down to put his shoes on. Zig was right next to him looking hungry. Max gave him some pokefood from his bag and told him to wait there. Zig sat next to the bench outside of the dining hall while Max got his breakfast.

Max went inside the dining hall and waited in line for his breakfast. He got a Omelet, some hashbrowns, two pancakes, and then some orange juice. He ate fast due to being the last one in there and then ran outside, scooped Zig up, and then ran to his room noticing that he foregot something. He opened his door that was unlocked and grabbed his room's key. He ran outside and locked it noticing a man he had never seen before standing in the hall looking suspicious. Max took the long way around to get outside to the bus.
Max got to the bus just in time and said hi to his teacher and then got on after he stroked his teacher's Bastiodon. Zig said hello to Bastiodon and then hopped up the stairs. max sat in the very front next to the seat that his teacher sat in. There was a pokemon battle going on in the coach but not very long until his teacher confiscated the pokemon until the ferry.

The ride was boring and Max had often almost fell asleep due to the rain and hail going on outside. He fell asleep finally and didn't wake up until they had gotten to the town.


Max woke up right before they got to town and he walked around town. The mud getting on his shoes sounding funny although he didn't care because that was what he lived when he was on the previous island before school. Max noticed a fishing supplies store and he bought ten bits and ten bobs. He also found a store that sold pokeballs and he bought four of them. The wind was chapping his lips up, but he didn't have any chap stick. His only tube was at the school in his dorm. He noticed that it was time to leave soon so he went were the class was and stood there noticing that Zig had mud in his fur. He scraped the mud in Zig's fur until it was all out and then it was time to leave.

Zeta Sukuna
September 7th, 2008, 9:34 AM
Chris woke up to the sound of his alarm blaring. "Uurgh, it should too early to be up." Said Chris as he rolled over to get back to sleep, but instead he rolled out of bed.

"Heh, that was kind of funny." Said Sirius, but one glare from Chris told him to shut up.

"Wait... today is the field trip, I have to hurry!" Yelled Chris before getting dressed and running out of the room. "Gotta go and eat!" After getting to the Dining hall, he grabbed some bacon, eggs, a cup of OJ, and hashbrowns.

"Heh, how was your first day?" Asked Clause standing behind Chris.

"Oh, it was good... I guess." Said Chris as he finished off his breakfast. "How was yours?"

"Oh, it was all right." Said Clause before walking towards the bus.

"Hmm... I wonder when we're leaving?" Asked Chris to himself before heading towards the bus. "I mean they never told us."

Chris got on the bus with plenty of time to spare, and sat by himself. After the bus started leaving, Chris heard some fighting in the back, but didn't really think much of it. "Hmm... I wonder, why are we leaving on our second day? Oh, well. Not like it really matters.

"Heh, you know that you are dying to find out." Said Sirius. "I mean, not many acadamies do that."

"Please just stop talking." Whispered Chris, but Sirius snickered.

"I CAN TALK AS LOUD AS I WANT TO!!!" Yelled Sirius to everyone, which got a couple of students mad.

"Shut up." Said a random student before throwing a wad of paper. The rain than started to get harder.


After getting off the bus, Chris decided to look around for a second. "Wow, I thought there would be something here." Said Chris before starting to head back.

"Hmm... while that is interesting, might I point your attention to the rest of the class?" Asked Sirius. Chris looked over and saw his classmates all going into the boat. In panic, Chris started running over and almost fell a lot, but he somehow made it in time.

"Phew... I thought I would miss the boat ride." Said Chris walking in. Sirius just scoffed.

"Yeah, me too. It would've made my day to see you miss an important trip." Said Sirius.

(ooc: Sorry it's so short, but there wasn't really anything happening)

September 7th, 2008, 4:24 PM
The buzzing sound of Kimi's alarm clock woke her in a flash; the teenage girl rolled over and stretched out, causing Poliwag to roll off the end of the bed.
She got up and walked over to the bathroom, "Stupid field trip..." she muttered under her breath.

"Poli, Poli," cried Poliwag as he tried to find his feet. Soon he was up and glancing around the room, with a big yawn he walked over to Kimi's carry-bag and crawled inside... falling back to sleep.

Kimi emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later; she was refreshed and ready for the field trip. Glancing out the window, she saw that all the other students were already standing at the front of the school... a large coach was sitting upon the street, waiting to take them to the ferry.

Kimi grabbed her carry bag and swung it over her shoulder, bolting out of the room as fast as she could.


Kimi made it to where her fellow students were standing in a group before anyone knew she was missing. She looked up at the sky, it was growing dark... "Why did they choose this day? It's going to be raining all day," she thought to herself.

As if the clouds had heard her words a clap of thunder signalled the rain and soon all of the students were drenched.
"Me and my big mouth..." she muttered under her breath.

Yoshikumi-sensei began ordering the children onto the coach and within minutes everyone was one board and ready for their next destination.


Kimi sat by herself with her carry-bag on the seat next to her, suddenly a battle broke out further down the coach... well, a Pokémon Battle.
Yoshikumi-sensei broke them up and peace returned to the coach.

"Poli, Poli," called a voice, softly. Suddenly Poliwag emerged from Kimi's carry-bag and crawled onto her lap.

"What were you doing in there?" she asked the little blue Pokémon. But, he simply ignored her and fell asleep on her lap.


Kimi filed out of the coach and onto the cold wet ground which was getting her shoes all muddy. A cold wind blew and Kimi shivered, "You're lucky you have a Pokéball," she muttered, staring down at Poliwag's Pokéball.

Yoshikumi-sensei was now ordering the students onto the ferry and Kimi huffed, "How much further do we have to travel?" she questioned herself.

When all the students were aboard the ferry jolted into life and began sailing towards their next destination.

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 9th, 2008, 10:31 PM
The air was soft as the ferry lazily sailed through the channel between the islands. All three main islands could be seen. They were roughly in between all of them. He relaxed in the sunlight. The students seemed to all be around the front of the boat, the open end where the cars were unloaded a perfect area for battles. Two lower decks ran down the sides, where some students were sitting next to grizzled veteran fishermen with their lines. He got up, and released Bastiodon and Beldum. He smiled as the strange mechanical pokemon floated around the ferry, seeming to scan everything, getting up close to everything, everyone.

He got up and paced over to the students, Bastiodon walking faithfully beside him. It appeared some students were gearing up for battles, others leisurely talking to one another. He mentally began pairing the groups. He decided that people of different attitudes would be better, so they could adapt to any situation.

OOC Sorry about the short post, but their is little I cna do. You all have one post, please as long as possible. Chat with students, battle, fish. Do whatever. Enjoy!

PS Sorry about how long its taken, I got spore :)

September 12th, 2008, 12:38 AM
The wind swept through Toby's hair, as he clutch the pokeballs in both hands. Volt was peacefully sleeping inside his, and the other was empty. He thought about catching a Water pokemon, but decided against it. There would be other chances, and he wanted to save his pokeball for the island. There was probably a shop around here, but Toby couldn't make heads or tails of the map he'd been giving.
"All the words are upside down....", Others around him laughed. Toby smiled as he realized his mistake. "Whoops, my bad". His stomach rumbled. "I'm hungry. Now wheres that Foodcourt?"

He sat down in a booth with a bowl of soup. Volt had woken up, and was nibbling some pokefood from a bowl beside him. He scratch him under the chin, and the little wolf's tail wagged affectionatly. He gobbled up his food quickly, and barked at Toby. "Alright, all right, let me finish this! Then we can go get some exercise!"

Toby and Volt ran into the carpark. Sereval Battles had already started, but others standing around watching. Toby yelled to the nearest stander-by, "FEEL LIKE A BATTLE?!"

(OOC: Is there a shop on the boat so we can buy extra Pokeballs, Potions etc?"

Slave to the Poké-Rave
September 12th, 2008, 9:22 AM
OOC nope, you gotta try and make do

September 13th, 2008, 7:17 AM
Max was looking out to the sea. It was so beautiful. What with the sun reflecting off of it. He liked the smell of the sea air. He looked at his black rod with orange, yellow, and red flames on it. He was trying to fish to catch some water pokemon but couldn't catch any.He was using his best lure too. It was a Magikarp with a worm at the end. He took it out of the water knowing that he probably wouldn't catch anything and then put it away.

Zig had been constantly putting his nose in the water and then pulling it out and sneezing. max rolled up his shirt sleeve and stuck his arm in there. He felt scales but not scales on a Magikarp more like scales on a Gyarados. Max quickly pulled his arm out and then dried it off with a towel.

Zig was biting his pants leg and Max could tell Zig was hungry and so was he. He went over to the grill and got 2 hotdogs and 1 corn on the cob. He got a coke to drink too. He found a nice quiet spot away from everyone else to eat at. He set his food on the ground for a few minutes so that he could get Zig's food out. Seniors then came around the corner and one of them stepped on Max's hotdogs and then kicked his drink over.

"What was that for!?" Max yeled at them springing to his feet.

"Oh look guys the little kid thinks he can beat us up." Mocked one of the kids.

Max clenched his fists.

"Yeah he looks likes he's going to start crying." Mocked another one.

That was it they had just crossed then line. Max dashed after one of them and tackled him to the floor. He pinned him to the ground.

"Kevin. Joe. Get him off me." The one on the ground called.

The other two grabbed Max's arms and pulled him off of the senior. Max was kicking as hard as he possibly could. Then the one on the ground came over to him and grabbed his hair.

"Look freshman. We don't take crap from new kids like you. Got it?" The kid said.

Max wasn't listening to what the kid was saying in fact all he did was spit in the kid's eye.

"Owwwww my eye." He complained holding his eye.

Kevin one of the kids holding him dropped Max and then punched him in the gut.

Max fell to the ground holding the spot he had been punched. He got up and then charged at Kevin. Kicking him were the sun doesn't shine. Kevin fell to the ground. Max then dashed for the one holding his eye and then Max tackled him again. They fought for a few more mintues Max getting beaten up pretty badly. At one point Kevin had used Zig so that Joe could flip Max over and punch him where the sun doesn't shine. Then Yoshikumi Sensei came around the corner. The two boys Max wasn't fightining realised this and dropped to the ground acting like they were hurt while Max was rolling around the place with the other senior.

"Hey you two stop that right now!" Yoshikumi Sensei said running over to them.

Max realized who it was and then stood up quickly.

"Sensei. We were just walking by here when that kid attacked us for no good reason." The one kid Max had been fighting said.

Max couldn't think of anything to say he just stood there looking away. yoshikumi sensei confiscated their pokemon until they reached the island and he said there they would talk about this more. Max figured it would be a good idea to stay away from those three. So when they left and Yoshikumi Sensei left he sat down where he would have been and ate nothing. He was so hungry but the grill had run out of everything. He just sat there staring at the sky.

September 13th, 2008, 9:18 PM
The salty sea air made Hotaru's hair start to piece into an even more comic book-looking style. The ferry the class had boarded had finally left port and it was bound for their trip's destination and he was pretty enthralled for it. A couple of classmates were comparing their POKeMON partners by battling on the large flat section of the ship and the rest were either socializing or keeping to themselves. Hotaru was one of the students that decided to keep his own company.

The sea water sprayed into the air making it sparkle in the daylight that peeked out through the now dispersing storm clouds. He looked at them while thinking about many things and daydreaming about what he may encounter. Thoughts of this trip have seemed to invade and completely take over his usual daydreaming since the announcement, but it was for good reason. Hotaru was absolutely enchanted with what it would be like to get a POKeMON in the wild. He had decided to keep Suzu in her ball as a precaution due to the huge amount of water surrounding them. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he were careless enough to let her fall in and he knew very well that it was a probability with how he tended to drift off into his own thoughts. He clutched her POKeBall firmly as he began to softly sing to himself a tune from his island.

While still enjoying his self-played song, he reached into his bag and produced his sketchbook. He flipped through the pages which have recently changed from sculpture ideas to sketches of the other students' POKeMON. Looking over at the battles, he put a pencil that was behind his ear to the paper and started making lines. Trying his best to take mental snapshots of the action, he traced out basic structures of the two combatants and then filled them out into basic sketches of the POKeMON based on what they looked like upon further study. Finally, after maybe ten minutes or so, he had a fairly detailed picture of the scene, but the battle was over and the two trainers called their partners back to their balls. A sigh of disappointment escaped from his lips and he closed the book and shoved it back in his bag. Leaning back in the chair, he stared up at the sky again and thought about how prepared he was for a battle on the island...