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August 31st, 2008, 10:02 PM
To all you who don't know what Starcraft is, let me explain.

Starcraft has been called the most important RTS game of our time. It is a futuristic space combat game depicting a war between 3 races, the Zerg, the Protoss, and the Terran. For complicated reasons, only the Terran race can be playable for this RP, sorry Zerg/Protoss fans :(

Here's what's going on. (for more info, look up Starcraft on wikipedia)

26th Century

The Old Earth has abandoned a group of criminals out in the far reaches of the galaxy. The Terran builds and builds an empire, known as the Confederacy. The Confederacy is going well, until the news of the destruction of a planet called Chau Sara is revealed. Humans have known that there was alien life before, but they have never met species like this.

The Protoss. They rain destruction down from space onto any planet they choose. They are responsible for the destruction of Chau Sara and Mar Sara. The reason, to wipe out an ancient enemy, the Zerg. They rarely come down to ground to fight, but when they do, they hold that of a sight of awe.

The Zerg. A barbaric alien race that swarms, infests, and makes the bravest cower in fear. They are a sight from hell, resembling very horrid creatures. They can swarm an entire planet under 6 monthes, and can probably do it faster. They are controlled by one thing, a master known as the Overmind.

The Terran are left in the middle of the Protoss/Zerg war. Both alien races hate each other and will stop at nothing until one is destroyed. The Terran must fight to stay alive, or die trying. The Confederacy is now no more, as Emperour Menngsk has overthrown the old empire, and set up the new empire known as the Terran Dominion.

Mengsk does have one enemy outside the Zerg and Protoss, he has a man known as Jim Raynor to worry about. Jim Raynor has always had a deep hatred for Mengsk for his decisions to sacrifice countless lives and even leave Jim's love to the hands of the Zerg.

Her name is Kerrigan. She is now known as Queen of Blades, and rules the Zerg now that the Overmind at the moment is destroyed. Kerrigan is the enemy of every living thing. Even the Terran and Protoss alliance at times to fight the Zerg. Not all the time, and the Terran would rather fight amoungst themselves at times, and that's not the prettiest thing.

You must coose who to fight for. Are you a Marine in Mengsk's Dominion, or a rebel in Raynor's group of Raiders?


Marine- The basic fighting unit for the terran armys. It wears combat armour, and the armour makes you look as tal as a house pretty much. Your weapons consist of a Gauss Rifle (a machine gun weapon) or plasma flame thrower, gernades, and you also have things known as Stimpacks, which enhance your aggression and make you fight harder, but can be very risky to your health at times.

Ghost- One of the very complicated units of the Terran army, they are the specialists. They usually have telepathic powers, so watch what you think, Marines. You are the specialist for very good reasons. You have a very special rifle, known as the C-14 Canister Rifle (a sniper rifle type of weapon), you can use this weapon also to use an EMP to disable a Starchip for a certain eriod of time. If that's not enough, you can cloak for a certain period of time! Just stay away from detectors. Still not enough? The base may give you a death mission. Wanna drop a nuke? When you do, better run.

Medic- Be ready on the battlefield! You will be needed to help heal njured units on the battlefield. We need you!

Character Info required:
Class: (Marine, Ghost, or Medic)
Side: (either the Terran Dominion or Ranor's Rebelion)

===My Character===

Name: Lars Karin
Gender: M
Class: Marine
Side: Raynor's Rebellion
Age: 28
Appearence: A tall man at 6-8, he has rough facial hair. His head hair is very messy. He has blue eyes. He is pretty strong, as are all marines. When not in Combat armour, he wears some jeans with a Metallica shirt. (lol)
Bio: Grew up on Tarsonis. He was drafted on his 20th Birthday and joined the Confederate Marines. He left and joined with the Dominion at the age of 24, but left to join Raynor's rebellion. He has since then been stationed on the command ship "Hyperion" and has been left bored. He remembers the old days back in the Confederacy, whe the Zerg were a threat. It's been too quiet...he always keeps a loaded pistol on him. In his spare time, he'll enjoy an occasional cigar, and a Metallica CD. He is one of the most respected marines in teh entire rebellion.

Anyone interested? Give me some feedback!