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September 1st, 2008, 7:48 AM
A Lot of Spots Are Open! Torchic, Bagon, Skitty, and the choice of Ralts or Corphish is Available for Anybody Wishing to Participate! Place Your Sign-Up in the ooc Thread!

This is the Main Thread of the RP, and it's only for people who have signed up in the OOC thread. I repeat, only for people who have signed up.
The ooc thread is located here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=156321).

These are the people signed up:
Treeko: Pikalover10
Mudkip: Fiver

Makuhita: CTFx
Electrike: Slytherfang

Just placing the rules, info, etc. here as well for reference.
Welcome to the world of Pokemon! It is a vast and diverse land filled with many unique creatures called Pokemon. Trainers set off on journeys to capture these creatures and train them in battle to be the best. On their journey, they challenge special trainers called gym leaders and collect gym badges from them when they defeat them in battle.
You have heard many tales and legends about trainers who have traveled these lands and were brave and powerful enough to defeat gym leaders and collect their badges. Some of them are even from your hometown of Littleroot!
Wanting to be just like these trainers, you have decided to start your own journey with Pokemon. With a new unique pokemon, and partner, you will set off into the vast world of pokemon. Your ultimate goal is to challenge the gym leaders and collect all eight badges and then go on to the Pokemon League for a chance at becoming the Champion.
But it isn't as easy as it sounds. You must travel through the world with your new partner and battle through many obstacles. Battling together, you must capture wild pokemon to build your team and defeat the many challenging trainers that are all after the same goal as you- becoming the best.
You may even run into the two teams terrorizing the region of Hoenn- Team Magma and Team Aqua. Team Magma's goal is to cover the whole world with land, while Team Aqua's dream is to drown the whole world in water. It may only be up to you and your fellow trainers to put a stop to their plans for the world.
So be brave and step into the world of Pokemon! There will be tough challenges and hard times, but you must push through. On the path you may meet many friends, make new rivals, and will be depended and trusted on by other trainers. Be strong and battle through all the way to the Pokemon League!

1.) Be Active!! This has to be one of the most important rules in the rp! We can't keep this rp running if no one ever posts. You must be able to post every one or two days. Pm me if you're going away or can't make it to the computer for awhile. We'll work it out.
2.) No legendaries will be caught in this rp! If you don't like it, I'm sorry. Later on in the rp, you'll be able to work with some legendary pokemon, though.
3.) Do not god-mod or bunny any other of the players. Unless you have gotten permission from that player, do not completely control another person. I will have a serious problem if you break this rule.
4.) Follow the personality and history that you made for you character. It makes no sense to make a happy, light personality for your character and then make them mad all the time in the rp. This is why you're making them!
5.) Have Fun!! This is another important rule. Do not sign-up if you have no intention of having fun. Put some effort into your posts and help make this rp enjoyable!

Game Play
When all the slots are taken, we will begin the rp.
Like most rps, I will not be participating in this rp. Instead, I will be the "Game Master", controlling many characters such as Proffesor Birch, both Teams, Wild Pokemon, Gym Leaders, etc.
You will be in charge of your own character and your own pokemon. For your pokemon, you will be in charge of the moves they learn, if you want for them too evolve, etc. You cannot godmod other players' pokemon and actions (like mentioned in the rules). If trying to capture a wild pokemon, I will decide whether you have caught it or not, and what its level is depending on the quality of your post.
This rp will be in "Chapter Form." This means I will post a chapter with information of the area you are in, and what you're allowed to do. There will be no specific order to post in, but you must wait in between each of your posts to wait for me to grade your post. In this grading, I will tell you the level boosts your pokemon have gotten, the moves they are, or trying to, learn, the items you've gotten, etc.
Please refer to the RolePlay rules if you have any more questions, or Pm me.

(This is only for the peopel who have have signed up and have been Accepted)
Chapter One: Save the Professor!
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Description: Professor Birch was what you can call a "Nature Guy." If you asked any of his lab assistants, they would tell you that he spends more time out in the fields, researching, than he does in his own lab.

It was just a normal day for the Professor. Grabbing his briefcase, he set off towards Route 101 to just do another day of research. He knew that new trainers were coming in, but he still had some time to do a little research and observation. After settling into an area, he clicked open his case, exposing seven pokeballs. These were special pokemon he used for his research.

But then, suddenly, all the pokeballs clicked open, and all seven pokemon came out. The professor turned around in shock and looked at his seven different pokemon. But then, even more surprising, all of them attacked the professor. The professor was taken too much by shock to react. As he got a distance away from his pokemon, he could see all their pokeballs just laying there, but there was no way he could get to them.

The professor then saw seven trainers run over to the scene. They were standing right next to the pokeballs.

"Please, help me!" the professor pleaded. "See those pokeballs? Throw one at a pokemon!"

What you do: You have received a letter from the professor explaining to come to his lab so he can start you, and seven other trainers, on their pokemon journeys. Simply wake up, go to the lab to find the professor not there, and go in a group with the other trainers to find the professor on Route 101. To save him, pick up one of the pokeballs and explain throwing it at the starter pokemon that you picked. That's it!

September 1st, 2008, 7:49 PM
Max woke up topling out of his bed. It was his tenth birthday today and he was soooo excited to get his very first pokemon. He closed his bedroom door and put on his red T-shirt, his black pants,his brown running shoes, his pokemon league hat he got when he went to one of the leagues, and his necklace that had a Sharpedo tooth on it. He left his hair like it was, black spiky/messy as it was. His dad often nagged at him about it and Max suspected he did it so that it was like he still had a mom.

He grabbed the letter from Proffessor Birch that said

Dear Begining Trainer,

Hi. Proffessor Birch here! I want you and 7 other trainers to come by my lab and pick out your starting pokemon! I hope that you and those other trainers have a wonderful time being a trainer.
-Proffessor Birch.

Max slipped the letter into his posket and put his backpack on. He ran out the door into the middle of Littleroot Town. Where he met 7 other trainers. They went to the proffessor's lab. They knocked on it and the door opened. They all went inside and they split up to find the proffessor, but he was nowhere there.

Suddenly they all heard a loud scream coming from Route 101. They all ran outside onto the route to find Proffessor Birch being attacked by seven pokemon.

"Quick grab any pokeball and throw it at the pokemon you want!" He yelled.

Max ran up to a pokeball along with a bunch of other trainers and looked at all the pokemon. He knew each and every one of them. There was a Torchic, a Mudkip,a Treeko, a Skitty, a Makuhita, a Electric, and a Bagon. Torchic, Makuhita, Bagon, and Electric were already taken. He looked at the remaining pokemon and threw his pokeball at the Treeko. It wriggled back and forth. Back and forth. Then suddenly it stopped moving and he caught the Treeko.

"Yes. I caught...a Treeko!" He yelled.

September 1st, 2008, 11:25 PM
-Beep Beep-

As the alarm beeped noisly Cade tossed and turned trying to find the snooze button.

- Beep Beep -

" Grrr, Fine Im up Im up" , Cade snikered angrily at the alrm clock.

As Cade went over to the bathroom he noticed an envelope on his desk he went to pick it up.

Dear Cade Williams,
I have sent this letter to request your presence at my Lab today, I Profeesor Birch have decided it is time for you to start your very own Pokemon journey, i hope you are able to make it as i have some starter pokemon waiting so be quick so you can choose the one you desire.
- Sincerly Proffesor Birch

Cade had read the letter through several times before realising what the words meant, it was time he started his own journey into the world of pokemon, Cade immediatly ran to get dressed and grab his backpack before bolting out the door.

As he made the trek towards the Proffesors lab Cade kept tthinking what ind of pokemon he would be receiving, would it be a zigzagoon, a wurmple or even a treeko, Cade had no idea what to expect but upon arriving at the professors lab he noticed a group of trainers already gathered.

" Where could he be", Said a young looking boy around age 10.

" I have no idea, but he better hurry"' Replied another.

After a few minutes Cade and the other trainers entered the Lab only to find the Proffesor was no where to be found, thoughas they left the heard what seemed to be cries in the distance.

"Help, Help me please"' Yelled the mysterious voice.

As the trainers rushed towards the voice they noticed it was the Professor and he was being attacked by several different pokemon.

"Please, help me!" the professor pleaded. "See those pokeballs? Throw one at a pokemon!"

Before Cde had a moment to think he noticed the other trainers had already made a dash for the pokeballs, Cade quickly followed and as he grabbed the red a white ball, he looked at the pokemon quickly deciding which one to catch, within seconds though pokeballs flew towards the different pokemon, and Cade noticed out of the corner of his eys a Mudkip he immediatly made his way to the pokemon , only to trip over a branch and lose grip of the pokeball.

The pokeball flew up high and instead of going towards Mudkip it went towards the small Makuhita and hit him dirrectly on the head, the pokeball shaked vigrously but suddenly stopped.

" Very well then", Cade Exclaimed " I Caught a Makuhita".

September 2nd, 2008, 3:55 AM
To Pikalover10: Good post. The rp will give you a little more freedom to be creative later.

To Inferno2991: Also a good post. I like how your character tripped and the threw the pokeball at the wrong pokemon.

September 2nd, 2008, 8:20 AM
Chapter One: Save The Professor!

As the sun rised in all its glory, a young teenage boy yawned as he leaned himself up. His name was James, popular amoung, well everyone. Today, he was going to get his first Pokémon and go on his journey to become a Pokémon Master. With his neck length blond hair that still looks very good even as he just woken up. He reached to the side of his bed to grab his watch from his bed-side table, strapping it around his skinny wrists. He sighed and nodded to the ceiling. "Today's the day" James said to himself in a calm, well mannered voice.

Around half an hour later, James was ready to go and get his Pokémon, in his usual white hoodie and brown shorts he looked to his watch on his wrist and gasped as he realised the time. "I'm late! Oh shoot!" the blond hair riffled back as he ran to the front door grabbing his door keys on the side. He rushed out the house leaving the door shut feeling the gentle breeze of the wind. "I hope there's some Pokémon left!" the rather small teenager thought to himself as he sprinted down the road in the direction of Professor Elms Laboratory.

Upon arriving outside the laboratory, no one was there. He walked up to the windows of the rather tall concrete building. Looking inside, he saw no sign of Professor Birch or the trainers. He stayed calm though. "Just relax James, there must be a logical explanation for this. Your a cool dude" The boy whispered to himself, smiling as he said the last few words. James started to think, realising he left the letter sent to him by Professor Birch saying to come to the lab. He reached his hand into his right pocket and pulled it out.

Dear James, I hope you receive this letter well. Please come by my laboratory later to collect your first Pokémon, six other trainers will be there aswell. So get here early.

- Professor Birch.

"Well I'm not exactly early am I? I guess I better go look around for them. Maybe they went to the the lake. I guess I better head there and stop talking to myself. Someone might see, then who's the laughing stock? OH stop it me, myself and I. Argh!" James ran off to the lake nearby after shrugging off his, well you read it.

Up at the lake, he noticed the other trainers holding Pokéballs in their hands. Seven Pokémon and six other trainers were there with Professor Birch standing there looking at eachother. James ran over to the trainers and looked over to Mudkip who looked awfully confused. "James, throw the Pokéball! Do it now!" The Professor shouted out as he saw James rushing over, the blond teenager looked around for the Pokéball. Then realising, it was in the case right infront of him. He slapped himself on the forhead and picked it up, without delay. He threw the ball at the blue fish like Pokémon, without it realising. The ball was then left on the floor, James went over to pick it up. "Smells a bit fishy" he joked as he lifted it. A few of the trainers laughed, the others were more concentrated on the Professor and the Pokémon.

September 2nd, 2008, 4:25 PM
To BrianGabriel: That was a good post except that there really isn't a lake in route 101. :) Oh well, it was still alright.

If you have already participated in the beginning of my last rp, then you can wait until route 102 to post or start over again. Whatever you want to do. Sorry for not mentioning this earlier!

September 2nd, 2008, 4:27 PM
Ok awsome! I'm just gonna wait till Route 102 but will Torchic still have recieved the level and move gain?

September 2nd, 2008, 6:11 PM
yes, she will still have it all.

September 2nd, 2008, 10:54 PM
Haha okay. I'll have to play Ruby again :P

September 3rd, 2008, 7:21 AM
Kyle looked down at the scrunched up letter in his hands as he tried to hug nhis body warm, it was a chilly morning and the sun had just began to peak over the sun when he rose from the bush he had used as a bed for the night. He read it once more never able to bring himself to believe with out reading through it once more, but he knew well hoped this wasn't a forgery.

Once more his eyes turned to the paper as he slung his sack over his shoulder and continued his walk, the letter was short but it simplicity showed that soon things would be very very different.

Dear Hopeful Youth

After reading your past letter to me and your interest in becoming a pokemon trainer, I have chosen you and 7 other trainers to come to my lab and choose a pokemon from a selection to start you off on your journey.

Hoping this reaches you even with your current circumstance.

Prof. Birch

He let out a sigh then returned it to his old scruffy bag picking up the pace as he finnaly began to get close to the town. Little Root was a quaint town and Kyle quickly descided that this must be were many great people had been raised and lived in, he looked at the small houses as he got closer and closer to what must have been the lab sitting among the houses lkike a sore thumb, being the only large building in the town.

Knocking quickly on the door he looked in through the darkened windows, the lab dead with silence.

" Must not be here..." He said to himself before quickly turning away. And then he heard it the hustle of bustle down the road road began to echoe into the town and when he finnaly got their he noticed a large group of what could only be the trainer clugtching pokeballs and throwing them at pokemon as instructed by who could only be the panicing birch. Grabbing one of the balls he scoped the pokemon before spotting a Skitty and throwing it, at least it reminded him of the little group he had met on the way to the town.

The ball hit true, it rocked, first left then right then stopped clicking to a halt.

Kyle smiled.

September 4th, 2008, 3:56 AM
To ~*Kanto*~: That was a good first post. The next part will be up soon for everybody!

Chapter One: Pt. 2: Littleroot town
(1 post)

Description: The professor looked at the nine trainers, relieved that they had come at just the right time. Going over to them, he thanked them over and over again, shaking each one of their hands, and apologizing at what a horrible professor he looked to be. After a few seconds, he looked at the trainers and told them to follow him back to his lab.

Each of the nine trainers followed the professor with the pokeball they used in their hand. None of them knew what might happen next. After a few minutes, they arrived in Littleroot and walked inside the lab of the professor's.

All trainers lined up in a horizontal line and waited for the professor. He paced back and forth as if he was thinking for a few minutes before he looked up at them again.

"I was very impressed by your performance out there today," he declared. "And because of it, I would like for you to take the pokemon you caught as your starter."

The professor actually had other pokemon set aside for them, but he knew this was for the best. He knew that these trainers probably felt a connection when they threw a pokeball at their very first pokemon.

Some of the trainers looked extremely excited by the news. Others looked surprised. One trainer looked totally indifferent. The professor guessed he had a rough personality.

Fiddling around on his desk, the professor pulled out nine things that looked like red, mechanical boxes.

"These are pokedexes," he explained while passing one out to each trainer. "They will help you record information on pokemon you see or catch. Try to fill your pokedex up as much as possible."

The professor then handed each new trainer five miniture pokeballs.

"Use these to capture wild pokemon like you did with your beginner," he said. "But remember that you'll have to weaken the pokemon first before you can catch it."

Many of the trainers nodded as if they understood. The professor set them off after a few moments and they traveled off to begin their pokemon adventure.

What you do: Explain your trip back to the lab, when you got your things in the lab, and then end your post at the entrance of Route 101. Then it'll be time to start your adventure!

September 4th, 2008, 7:32 PM
Strange place here muttered Chaos this is where the man here said he would give me a pokemon on this note. Then he saw 7 pokemon two have already been taken. Professor birch said: Chose a pokemon any pokemon and handed Chaos a pokeball
OK tossing the red and white ball in the air go pokeball!. A green and yellow wolf creature ran towards the pokeball and got caught. "This little guy looks strong" muttered Chaos "well he is one of the most headstrong pokemon there is" said Prof Birch. "Well I will do with that walking towards two boys talking"

September 4th, 2008, 8:07 PM
Max stood there as Proffessor Birch was shaking all of their hands and he was the last one to get his hand shaked. He thanked them for sving him and then he told them to follow him. He was the last one in the line. He looked at the scenery and noticed tons of different pokemon. Ones that were brown and tan and ones that were grey and black. He couldn't wait to start his adventure.

They soon arivved in Littleroot again and they walked inside his laboratory. He paced up and down as all of them were standing in a horizonatal line. He came to a halt and said "The pokemon that you sent the pokeball flying at will be your starters." He walked over to his desk and he opened one of the cabinets and pulled out 5 red mechanical objects. "These are pokedexs and they will tell you all you need to know about certain pokemon." he said handing them all out and of course...Max was the last one to get his.

He didn't like being the last one to shake Birch's hand, or be the last one in line, or even the last one to get there pokedex. Birch also handded out 5 pokeballs and Max was last again. "Why? Why am I always last!?" Max shouted out to Birch. Birch didn't respond because he appearently wasn't listening. This enraged Max. "Why aren't you listening? My name is Max and I'm going to be the greatest pokemon master of all time and I don't like being last at everything!!!!!" Max shouted furious. "See. It's that exact attitude that will put you at the very bottom of your goal!" Proffessor Birch scowled at Max. He flinched and looked away. "I'm sorry." he mumbled so quiet that Birch could barely make it out.

"Now these pokeballs will be used to capture wild pokemon like you did with your beginner. But remember to weaken the pokemon before you use it understood?" Birch asked looking at every single one of them and noticed that Max was still looking away. They all nodded their heads as if they understood. All of them except for Max. Birch sighed and then everyone set off on their journeys.

Max was held up by Birch after all the others had left and of course he again would have been last. "I'm sorry Max. I didn't mean to storm off at you but you shouldn't have shouted that stuff out at the moment." Birch said with Max's back to him. Max turned around and looked at Birch as if he didn't want to hear what the man was saying. "I don't care what you say because you don't care what I say or what I feel. You're just an old man who wants nothing but for the new beginners to set off and gather data for you while you sit back and relaxe!" Max yelled at him storming off.

Birch sighed again and noticed that Max had left his pokedex behind. Birch ran after Max and saw him sitting on a bench. "Max! You foregot your pokedex in the lab." Birch yelled after him. Max looked back at Birch and grabbed the mechanical machine. He didn't say a word just sat there looking beyond Route 101. He wnted to find out what happened to his mom so bad. He felt like there was an emptiness inside of him.

Birch was still standing there. "I'm sorry Proffessor Birch. It's just..." Max said. "I know what happened to your mother and I'm very sorry for that pain that was brought upon you." Birch said. He left and went back inside his laboratory and Max stood up with his new beginner pokemon in his hand. He smiled and put it onto his belt and walked to the enterance of Route 101. He saw a nice patch of grass and walked over and sat in it. He called his new pokemon out. "Tree!" It said. "So you're the pokemon Treeko huh?" Max asked looking at the pokemon. "Treeko Tree!" It said jumping on Max's head. Max laughed and rubbed Treeko's head and said "We're going to be the best of friends. Aren't we Treeko?" Treeko didn't here what Max said because he had fallen asleep.

"Treeko return." Max said as a red light shot out of the pokeball and enveloped Treeko. He laid on the grass and stared at the sky. "Mom. Don't worry I'm coming to get you." Max said as he smelled the fragrance of flowers and felt the breeze on his face and slowly. Very slowly fell asleep.

September 5th, 2008, 6:32 AM
Kyle couldn't hear the professors words, he just stared at his hand the large apple size cool red and white ball still in his hand. He had done it. He had caught his first Pokemon. Shrugging his shoulder to make his bag more comfy he took Birches hand happiness spreading through his body as birch shook it thanking Kyle and apologizing for what had happened but Kyle did not care, he was just happy Birch was giving him this opportunity.

After Birch had shook everyones hand, the group of trainers where led back into the town were the quickly entered Birches lab, their he thanked them once more before finnaly getting on with buissness.

"I was very impressed by your performance out there today," he declared. "And because of it, I would like for you to take the pokemon you caught as your starter."

At this a broad grin spread across Kyle's, face but he kept quiet as the professor went on. The professor had quickly fiddled with something on his desk and turned round to reveal several small PDA like devices which he handed out to each of the.

"These are pokedexes," he explained while passing one out to each trainer. "They will help you record information on pokemon you see or catch. Try to fill your pokedex up as much as possible."

Taking the Pokedex and quickly thanking the Professor he looked at it, concentrating so greatly that he didnt notice the Professor handing out 5 small pokeballs, finnaly comeing to him Kyle look up slighlty shocked, smiled and again thanked him.

"Use these to capture wild pokemon like you did with your beginner," he said. "But remember that you'll have to weaken the pokemon first before you can catch it."

Just after this, one of the other trainers, a younger looking boy dressed in a red T-shirt, black pants, brown running shoes and a pokemon league, let out a cry of anger shouting something about always being last and how he would be the best pokemon master, but Kyle discarded this not listening as Birch lectured the young trainer before smiling warmly on the other and indicating our journey could begin.

At this, the others began to walk off leaving the lab they headed north and left the town of Little Root behind, route 101 lay before him now, and Kyle looked forward to one what the beggining of a great adventure.

September 5th, 2008, 7:26 AM
Chapter One: Pt. 2: Littleroot town

The last Pokéball was thrown, the ball rolled as it finally stopped. A reliving noise came from the ball as the flashing red button in the middle faded to grey. James looked to who threw the ball, the boy was so excited as he ran to pick the ball up. James brushed back his hair as he looked over to Professor Birch getting onto his feet. He noticed the Professor brush himself off and then look at all of the trainers, who were conviniently in a horizantal line with James in the center.

The Professor ran over from one end to the next shaking everyones hand and apologising. James looked up at the Professor as he shook his hand continuenly like he was on drugs of some sort. "I'm terribly sorry, I must of made such a terrible impression on you all. I'm not a bad Professor, honest!" James thought he had gone mad, like psycho mad. But, as he is. James shrugged it off and made a polite smile as he pressed the middle white button on the Pokéball, shrinking it to a miniture red and white ball. He cliped the ball onto his belt as the Professor finished scaring everyone by shaking their hands.

"Okay, once again i'm deeply sorry. You see, I was heading out to rese.. wait. That doesn't matter, lets just head back to the laboratory. You can receive all you need for your Pokémon Journey there. I hope you said bye to your friends and family, i'm sure you'll all be too excited stop by and say your goodbyes if you havn't already. Oh look at me, i've drifted off again. Let's just go to the lab". After the Professor finished rumbling on, all of the soon to be trainers followed the Professor as he picked up the briefcase to the lab. James however, was wiery of following such a crazy man. But did so anyway.

The journey was short, just walking back through the plains of grass before reaching back to the main area in Littleroot Town. With not too many houses about and the shining sun gleaming onto the windows, it did make an exciting effect on the seven kids. The blue sky with no cloud in sight gave the all clear for a very good day indeed. Well, atleast that is what James thought.

After a while, the seven trainers including James reached their destination. They all headed inside after the Professor to see a white room with ironicly, a white table bang in the middle of it which happened to be his desk. With nine red Pokédexs on the desk, placed conviently after one another. As the last trainer came into the room last, with a slightly dissapointed face. The Professor walked up and down the room scratching his chin, whispering to himself. "I was right, he is mad" James thought to himself.

After them few awkward minutes, the Professor did snap back to reality and clicked his fingers, as if he knew what he was doing. He walked to his desk and looked at the Pokédexs. He picked a few up at a time and walked to the new trainers, he stopped once again and walked back to infront of his desk and leaned back onto it. He placed the Pokédexs back and spoke to the trainers.

""I was very impressed by your performance out there today," he declared. "And because of it, I would like for you to take the pokemon you caught as your starter." Some of the trainers looked extremely excited by the news. Others looked surprised. One trainer looked totally indifferent. The professor guessed he had a rough personality.

The Professor then reached for them same few Pokédexs again and went back to the trainer he was at previously, he handed him one of the Pokédexs and shook his hand. He did so for the two trainers next to him and went back for four more Pokédexs, two left. James was next to receive his Pokédex, the Professor gave him one and shook his hand, but as he did one of the Pokédexs slipped from his hand as he picked up to many. There was a few quiet laughs from the kids, but the Professor shrugged it off and picked it up.

After a minute or two, he gave what he thought all the Pokédexs out. He then realised there was one quite frustrated trainer left to receive one, he glared at the Professor. The mid-aged Professor went back to his desk to get the last one, rushing over to the frustrated trainer and handed it over to him, shaking his hand. The man nodded and went back to his desk.

"Why? Why am I always last!?" The trainer who received his Pokédex a few seconds ago yelled out in direction of the psycho Professor, as James called him. Birch didn't respond though, he most likely didn't bother listening. This just made the trainer even more angry. "Why aren't you listening? My name is Max and I'm going to be the greatest pokemon master of all time and I don't like being last at everything!" Max shouted out in a furious tone.

James looked to the Professor instead of Max as the others trainers did, he saw the Professor leap up onto his feet "See. It's that exact attitude that will put you at the very bottom of your goal!" Proffessor Birch scowled at Max. James was in shock as the Professor reacted. "I'm sorry." The trainer mumbled as he backed away like he had just turned from an Arcanine to a puny Pichu.

The Professor then caught back his breath and calmed down as he leaned back onto his desk. "These are pokedexes," he explained as he scratched his chin again, not rubbed. Scratched, odd ey? "They will help you record information on pokemon you see or catch. Try to fill your pokedex up as much as possible."

The professor then handed each new trainer five miniture pokeballs.

"Use these to capture wild pokemon like you did with your beginner," he said. "But remember that you'll have to weaken the pokemon first before you can catch it." James placed them all onto his belt, from his Mudkip onwards to the last empty one. He was now officially a registered Pokémon Trainer, of course it says on the Pokédex.

"You can now go and become Pokémon Masters!" The Professor said proudly as he leaned up once again from his desk. James and a few others ran out of the door, squeezing through it as everyone ran through at the same time. A few of the other trainers waited till after the rush, then headed out sensibly.

James rushed ahead of the other trainers, some may of went to say their goodbyes. James was too excited, he was normally laid back. But this was a whole new feeling, he jumped over benches and park swings to finally reached a pathway. He stopped and looked dead ahead, seeing a sign. He ran over there again and read the sign. "Route 101".

September 5th, 2008, 2:25 PM
To Gallade of sand: I'm telling you, you have to pay way more attention to details, and the post was way too short. This will not be acceptable all the time. If I have to tell you something like this again, then I'm kicking you out. I don't need people who can't read or rp good.

To Pikalover10: Max has a little attitude going on, doesn't he? Anyway, good post. (But of course you have to finish it)

To ~*Kanto*~:Making your dialogue green isn't really necessary. It doesn't bug me or anything, you just don't have to do it. But anyway, I like how you include another character in this post (Max). It is great to make the post a little more interesting to read.

To BrainGabriel: Your post length is a great example on what it should be to everyone. Great job. And hey, Pichu is not puny! :)

September 5th, 2008, 2:34 PM
To ~*Kanto*~:Making your dialogue green isn't really necessary. It doesn't bug me or anything, you just don't have to do it. But anyway, I like how you include another character in this post (Max). It is great to make the post a little more interesting to read.

yeh the colors are mainly for myself and others as i know my writing can sometimes be flawed and make it unclear who says what.

September 7th, 2008, 4:31 AM
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I will update the trainers who already went through this route info soon.

Chapter Two: Route 101 (Again...)
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Description: You just went on the route, so it it very familiar to you character. Surrounded by woods, it is a very queit and pleasant place to start your adventure. But be warned that wild pokemon that live on the route can sometimes be dangerous, especially for people who do not own pokemon. You may even run into trainers, beginners just like you, who will be itching to battle you. Note that if you are challenged, you must battle. It's just the law of a pokemon trainer...

Wild Pokemon
Level- 2-5
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip (If level 5)
Ability- Pickup/Gluttony
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-5
Type- Dark
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Howl (If level 5)
Ability- Run Away/Quick Feet
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-5
Type- Bug
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting (If level 5)
Ability- Shield Dust
Rarity- Common

Rules for a Route, Cave, etc.
.You may battle trainers, just use the attacks you pokemon learn (refer to the ooc thread). The better, and more creative, your post is, the more experience your pokemon receives
.You may find items/tms, but you post must be VERY creative, but stay realistic with your findings
. On your travels, you will be able to capture wild pokemon listed on the information for the route. The more rare the pokemon is, the more creative and decent your post must be (Of course, it does not matter on this route because all the pokemon are common). While trying to capture a pokemon, after you mention throwing a pokeball at the pokemon, END YOUR POST THERE. I will decide whether you caught the pokemon and how strong it will be. This, once again, depends on the quaility of your post.
.Your post MUST be decent length. Check out Zimvee or pieCakeyy's rps for examples on what your rp should look like. I will give you about two chances, or two slides, with post length and then I will kick you out. For your post to be decent length you must include a lot of detail on what you're talking about.

So get out there and begin your Pokemon Adventure! This is only the beginning for everyone!

September 7th, 2008, 6:12 AM
Chapter Two: Route 101

'Route 101'. James wasn't out of breath at all, he stood there by the sign and the entrance to the woods. Bang in the middle of the pathway, James turned around to look behind and saw no trainer behind him. "I wonder where the others are" he said. "I guess they were too slow, ah well. I get a head start on becoming a Pokémon Master!" James said to himself proudly.

The new Pokémon Trainer took a deep breath and took his first step on his journey in the world of the World of Pokémon. Making that first step into the woods of Route 101 wasn't a normal, it brought a whole new world to James, a feeling he never felt before. The excitement was too exilerating for him, but he carried on walking none the less.

After a few minutes of walking, James was surounded by the woods. Tall trees that reached far into the sky, with untidy grass of all lengths. There was open space though, which allowed the sun to give its light. James followed the open areas, but he knew that he had to be brave to become a Pokémon Master. Those who are afraid of their own adventure, wont succeed the boy thought. So, he halted. Looking around, he walked off the grass pathway and walked into the tall trees.

The light was slowly fading away, hearing flickering in the leaves and bushes. James thought about turning back, but in his white hoodie and brown shorts. He carried on walking, trying to stay calm. Deep heavy breaths and long pauses of silence. Was this the exictement of being a Pokémon Trainer? Or was it the danger of it all? Either way, James kept his hand close to his Pokéballs, especially his new Mudkip, his first ever Pokémon. At this moment in time, James thought of Mudkip as protection. Not a partner, which he was meant to be.

A few minutes later and James heard something coming from the trees to the right. A flickering in the bushes, twigs snapped. James stanced himself ready, grabbing his Mudkip's Pokéball. James took a step back, keeping his eyes fixed on that one area. "Who's there?" James asked. "Come out!" James shouted in the direction of the noises.

"Alright, i'm out. Don't soil yourself" James looked in amazement as he saw a Pokémon talk. Well that's what he thought, he looked up and realised that it was a person talking as the Pokémon immitated. "You must of thought it was Mime.Jr here talking right? It works everytime, my name is Aron" The young teenager went to shake James's hand, his pale skin took James by surprise also. With his pitch black hair and skoned out face, he wore a tight red shirt and blue jeans. He didn't look very stylish.

"So that's a Mime.Jr?" James asked as he took out his Pokédex.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/95/Project_Pok%C3%A9dex_logo.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa439.png

Mime. Jr: It habitually mimics foes. Once mimicked, the foe cannot take its eyes off this Pokémon. It likes places where people gather. It mimics foes to confuse them, then makes it getaway. Mime Jr. is a small pink Pokémon with a black torso. Mime Jr. has a red bump on its stomach and a typical red clown nose on its face. Mime Jr. appears to be wearing a black, crooked hat with a white ball on it.

James closed the Pokédex and placed it back in his pocket. He saw the Mime.Jr immitating it's trainer. "Quite clever, but wierd" James thought to himself. He put his Mudkips Pokéball back onto his belt, clipping it on. "So a Mime.Jr, how did you get one of them? They're so rare" The young trainer asked Aron.

"Well, I'm from the Sinnoh Region and my parents run Daycares, so one day. This egg hatched and there was Mime.Jr" The teenager said as he looked to Mime.Jr, he then started to walk off, James followed as Aron carried on talking. "My parents decided to give me Mime.Jr to start off my journey and we've been with each other since I did" James walked by the trainer and his Pokémon and kept looking right ahead of him.

"I've just started my journey" James said. "Well, today actually. My first Pokémon is Mudkip, we haven't encountered any Pokémon yet to catch".

"It'll take time, we've been travelling, say what, two years now. It took us a while for our first catch, but since then we've caught so many strong Pokémon. We came in the top eight of the Sinnoh League aswell" Aron explained to James, leading the way out of the dark woods and to the slightly open space of 'Route 101'.

"So what other Pokémon do you have?" James asked.

"Now that would be telling, a great trainer never reveals his secrets" Aron replied in a proud tone.

"So erm, what you doing in Hoenn?" James asked as he kicked a twig out of his path.

"I'm challenging the Gyms to enter the Hoenn League. I might enter a few contests with Mime.Jr aswell. Who knows, I guess your doing the same thing?" The teenager said as Mime.Jr copied his actions.

"More or less, I'm not sure about Contests. I'm more interested in battles" James said smiling.

"You should give Contests a go, just for the experiance. You might like them" The teenager replied as the three edged nearer to the open space.

"I guess so.. maybe" James muttered. "But one day, i'll be a Pokémon Master!" James yelled out surprisingly. Aron stopped as James carried on walking in shock at how stupid James was then.

"You idiot!" He whispered to James loudly, looking around. "Don't yell in the woods, I read that a pack of Poochyena stay in the dark areas. Do you not have common sense?" The trainer asked in amazement.

All of a sudden, two creatures appeared from behind Aron. He turned around knowing that they were infact Poochyena. James saw them two, but he saw it as an opportunity. As did Aron, this was infact a trainers instinct.

"Alright, I got the one on the right" Aron whispered to James who walked up next to him. James didn't say a word, he kept his eyes fixed on the two dog Pokémon. Their grey fur came into sight with dark shades on their body and a long bushy tail. Their teeth showed and they did not look happy.

James was focused though, he grabbed Mudkips Pokéball from his belt and threw it into the air, out came his first Pokémon, "Mudkip" it said ever so sweatly as it stood infront of the Poochyena. James noticed that Aron had sent out a Pokémon already, he looked at the Pokémon much like a Monkey with a flame on the end of its tail. James quickly turned his attentions back to the Poochyena though.

"Mudkip, use Tackle!" James yelled out to his Pokémon. Aron shook his head that James had shouted in the woods, again. But he kept his attentions on his Pokémon fighting the Poochyena.

Meanwhile, James Mudkip ran towards the Dog Pokémon who jumped out of the way to the side, landing lightly on the grass. Twisting it's body, it ran in the direction of the Mudkip, making contact and sending it back. "Mudkip!" the Pokémon cried out holding onto the last silible. James mouth dropped wide open, seeing his Mudkip get hurt like that.

Mudkip quickly got itself back up and stood strong. "Tackle again Mudkip!" The blue Pokémon ran towards the dog once again, twisting and turning and jumping into the air. Hitting the dog bang right on the nose, the Dog wimped in pain like a real Pooch.

"Throw the damn Pokéball" Aron said over to James, keeping his eyes on his battle. James quickly grabbed an empty ball and lobbed it over to the dog. Missing it. James stood there in shock, it wasn't so easy. He tried again, grabbing another and throwing it. This time it hit the Poochyena on the back and was sucked into the ball with a red light.

The Pokéball landed on the ground, rolling from side to side as James and his Mudkip awaited to see if they had caught their first Pokémon on their journey.

September 7th, 2008, 7:06 AM
Max stood up with Treeko next to him. Treeko ran alongside hs body and then jumped off of his shoulder onto his head. Max walked along the route. He wanted to get off and go among thetrees so much. Finally he dashed among the trees and came to an opening. Treeko jumped off of his head, ran up a tree, and put a twig inside his mouth. Max climbed up the tree and stopped were Treeko did.

"We're gonna be the best of friends aren't we buddy?" Max asked.

"Treeko Treeeee! Yep and I can't wait until we make more new friends!" Treeko said excitedly.

Max then climbed up the tree to the very top and looked out on the route. It wasn't to terribly long but it didn't look like much pokemon life was going on there. He climbed down and then looked at the lake next to them. It was beautiful. The sun was reflecting off of it and the pokemon were swiming in it. Max took off his shirt and then he jumped in the water. He stayed under water for a couple minutes long enough for Treeko to hide.When Max came up Treeko was gone.

"Treeko! Were aare you?" Max called for him.

The forest was suddenly quiet and there was a menicing breeze coming from the east. Max shivered due to being totally wet. He got out of the lake and put his shirt back on. Sudenly he heard the bushs behind him rustle and a twig snapped from behind there. He approached it with caution. Sudenly Treeko popped out from behind it.

"Treeko Treeeee! Surprise!" Treeko said.

Max fell bacwards as Treeko jumped on his chest.

"Don't ever do that again Treeko I was worried sick about you." Max scolded. "Oh what the heck I can never stay mad at you buddy!" Max said picking Treeko up and then hugging him.

A few minutes later and the bushs from behind them started rustling again.

"Treeko stop it." Max said assuming the bhushs were Treeko again. He separated the bushs only to find a brown and tan pokemon jumping out at them. It seemed aggrivated and mad.

"Treeko get over here." Max called for Treeko. Treeko ran in front of Treeko and stared at the pokemon.

"What kind of pokemon is that?" Max wondered wiping out his brand spanking new pokedex.

It said "Zigzagoon, the TinyRaccoon Pokemon. It walks in a zigzag fashion. It is good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground."

Max wanted to catch it bad now.

"Treeko let's catch this Zigzagoon." Max said looking at the other pokemon desiringly. "Treeko let's go Pound!" Max yelled.

Treeko dashed at the pokemon and then jumped in the air. Right them the pokemon came in and tackled Treeko.

"Treeeeekooooo! Owwwwwwwwwww!" Treeko yelled. Treeko got up with a little bit of difficulty but not much. "Treeko use Leer!" Max said.

Treeko ran a little closer to the Zigzagoon and then stared him down. Zigzagoon looked as if he had lost some defense to him (or is it power? I can't remeber).

"Ok Treeko now use Pound!" Max said.

Treeko ran close to Zigzagoon, but then Zigzagoon used Growl and Treeko looked like he lost some power right before he hit Zigzagoon with his tail and sent him flying into a tree. Both pokemon were panting really badly now.

"Treeko Pound once more." Max said.

Treeko dashed at Zigzagoon as Zigzagoon was rushing to him. They hit eachother dead on, but Treeko managed to send Zigzagoon flying with his tail.

"Ok. Now go pokeball!" Max yelled throwing his pokeball at the pokemon.

September 7th, 2008, 7:27 AM
To Pikalover10: Your post looked too short to me, but I think it is because you didn't seperate all your paragraphs. When somebody new speaks or a new event happens, space it out to make new paragraphs. Also, there were a lot of typo's in the post too. The battle wasn't the greatest (It could've been longer), but it was good enough for a Zigzagoon.
You caught a Level 3 Female Zigzagoon!

September 7th, 2008, 7:29 AM
Ok cool I'll edit it so that it looks nicer.

September 8th, 2008, 8:04 AM
Finished my post. Sorry it took a while, been busy.

September 8th, 2008, 4:45 PM
To BrianGabriel: Very good post! I was afraid at first when I saw the Mr.Mime Jr. appear. I thought you were going to try to capture it!
You caught a level 4 Male Poochyena!

Altin and Gallade of sand, you're out of this rp for inactivity and just for the fact that you were already showing laziness and lack of rp skills, Gallade.

Chapter 3: Oldale Town
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Description: Oldale is a small, but busy, town with many new trainers passing through it all the time. It houses major fundamentals for a pokemon journey- a Pokemon Center and a PokeMart. Many people in the town love, and will not hesitate, to help out new trainers.

Things to do in a town:
.Go to the Pokemon Center to rest (More info below)
.Buy items at a PokeMart (Also more info below)
.There will be absolutely no battling or capturing pokemon in towns or cities unless of special occasions, including gym battles.

Places of Interest
Pokemon Center- This is one of the most important places in your pokemon journey. Its services include getting your pokemon healed, lodging, and meals. And the best part of all, it’s all absolutely free! Now that’s neat!
Pokemon Mart (PokeMart)- This is a great place to restock your supplies before heading off again on your journey. This PokeMart has the following items: Pokeball, Antidote, Potion, Paralyz Heal, Awakening.

What You Do: Find a place to sleep for the night (This will mainly be the Pokemon Center unless you want to be creative and go somewhere else). You may visit the PokeMart or mention talking to a townsperson before you fall asleep for the night.

September 11th, 2008, 5:53 AM
Chapter Three: Oldale Town

As the young boy yawned lifting his arms at full stretch, he noticed that he was walking out of the woods. With many houses bang right in front of him and a large sign that said 'Oldale Town'. James looked to his left to see Aron looking at that very same sign. The young boy in his muddy white hoodie walked ahead onto the road, Aron quickly followed.

"You excited James?" Aron asked.

"Excited about what?" The boy replied confused.

"Well, this is the first town you've reached on your journey. You've caught a Pokémon, why not be excited?" James stopped and realised something, he wasn't feeling that same buzz he felt when he ran to Route 101.

"James, you alright?" Aron asked as he walked past James, who shrugged off his thought and walked on. The two trainers kept on chatting about various things until they reached the town dead ahead.

Walking on the path that lead them into the Town, James remembered that his Dad told him that he was born here, at the Town Hospital. He suddenly felt that buzz, because this was the place that started his life and will set him on course to help fufil his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master.

"James, I've got to go see an old friend. You can stay at the Pokémon Center and get some things from the Pokémart. You have money right?" The boy in his dirty clothes nodded sarcasticly.

"Of course I have money." He sarcasticly replied. He watched Aron leave the area and then quickly searched his backpack, he panicked before finding his wallet. Sighing in relief, he decided to look around the Town.

'Get some things from the Pokémart'. James remembered what Aron said, taking his advise he walked down the road to the right to have a look. It wasn't a classy town, just a simple place to live. A bit of the country side, blue skies, a sunny day with the families at the local park, much like from where James grew up back home.

Walking to the end of the road, James saw a sign to the left saying 'Pokémon Center'. "Right, I'll head there later." James said to himself thinking of which way to go, he saw another road leading to somewhere else. The boy headed down that route.

A few minutes later, the boy had reached down to the end of the road. A dead end, just houses standing in front of him. He looked around quite lost at not finding the Pokémart and saw a few what looked to be new trainers headed down the road towards him. James walked up to the three of them who stopped in his wake.

"What do you want?" One of the trainers asked in a rude tone, stroking back his long black hair while he scratched his blue jeans with one shoe.

"Do you know where the Pokémart is? I'm a bit lost." James asked, ignoring the trainers tone. The two other trainers leaned back waving their hands in front of their face with mouths wide open. James looked to them and raised an eyebrow. 'They must be gay' James thought to himself.

"What! You think there queers do ya? Do ya punk!?" The trainer who spoke a second a go yelled out, shoving James back. The boy looked at him confused but not scared, he didn't reply, he just attempted to walk past the three trainers.

"Oi! Where you going? Come on, Pokémon Battle!" The trainer yelled out, pushing James back again where he nearly stumbled over. James looked to him and laughed, pulling out a Pokéball from his belt under his hoodie.

"Your on." He simply replied. The two supposedly homosexual trainers snapped their fingers and walked behind the other trainer, rubbing his shoulders as he pulled out a Pokéball. But before they could begin, a motorbike came by with Officer Jenny riding on it. With her blue uniform and short skirt and high-heels, her long blue hair buffled in the wind as she got off the bike.

"No Pokémon Battles! Now, go home or to the Pokémon Center." She bellowed out to the four trainers, the three trainers pointed at Brian while walking away, for at least a minute.

"Shouldn't you be going too?" Officer Jenny asked while walking up to James. But the boy was looking at her legs before looking up.

"Err, yeah. Sorry Mam, err Officer. Officer Mam Sir!" James quickly walked off with his head down, the Officer looked at herself and shrugged before riding off on her bike.

As James reached to where he was before, with the sign 'Pokémon Center'. He decided to head down that route and conveniently saw the Pokémon Center only around fifty yards ahead. Walking down the road he thought to himself 'Why do all Officer Jennys have to dress like that? Distract the robbers?' He thought to himself. He was now thirteen and was getting interested in girls, but wasn't as smooth as he hoped back then. Realising he sounded like an idiot.

Reaching the Pokémon Center, the large doors slided open as he walked into the dome shaped building. Inside, many trainers and their Pokémon were sitting in the lounge or eating at the cantine. James walked to the what seemed to be a Nurse behind the desk ahead of him. With her Nurse uniform on and Nurse hat, her pink curled hair stuck out at the sides. James ignored the odd look and walked over to her.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The Nurse asked.

"Can I stay here for the night?" The boy asked looking around the room and at the differant Pokémon.

"Yes, you can stay with another trainer who booked in at Room Twenty One. The Cantine is to your right if you wish to get some dinner, have a nice stay." Her sweat voice spoke out before looking to the next trainer. She gave James the key to his room, before he walked over to the cantine on his right.

The doors slided open, the room all in white tiles to brighten it up. With the glass windows, the boy saw that it was now getting darker so he was just in time really. He walked over to the left seeing the trays next to him, he picked one up and noticed two differant servings along the aisle. Pokémon Food and James favourite of course, Human Food which consisted of many things.

He smiled in excitement as he put some pasta onto his place before grabbing an apple on the top of the aisle. He looked to his Pokéballs and realised his Pokémon need to be fed, he scooped up aload of Pokéblock from the counter and walked across to the end of the aisle. Looking over, he didn't see anyone or a till.

He looked to his left and asked the trainer next to him "Is this free?".

She laughed while picking up a couple of bananas. "Yeh, it's free for under sixteens." She said. James smiled before taking his tray to a nearby table and sitting down. He noticed other trainers had some of their Pokémon out eating, so James did the same. He took two Pokéballs off his belt and let out his Mudkip and newly caught Poochyena. They saw the Pokéblock in a bowl on his tray and looked to James.

James put the Pokéblock into two bowls and layed them onto the tiled floor, the two Pokémon digged into their meal for the night. As James was un-peeling his banana, he saw that same trainer walked over to him. She sat down as she crossed her legs over her skirt before buttoning up the top of her shirt. James looked up to her, seeing her blonde hair dangle down to the top of her shoulder as she took off his red woolie hat.

"Don't get any ideas." She said to the boy as she done up the top button of her white shirt. James ignored what she said and bit into his banana. As James ate his banana, she took out one of her Pokémon. It stood there on the table with a cream body of two legs, two arms and a head with large pointy ears sticking out. James looked to the blue markings on it's body. He took the final bite of his banana and pulled out his Pokédex from his pocket.


Plusle and Minun bear a remarkable resemblance to Pichu and Pikachu. They have short tails with flat minus signs on the end of them, while their cheeks and the tips of their ears are blue, and have minus signs voided in the middle.

Minun loves to cheer on its partner in battle. It gives off sparks from its body while it is doing so. If its partner is in trouble, this Pokémon gives off increasing amounts of sparks.

James closed his Pokédex, putting it back in his shorts pocket. "That's a cool Pokémon, where you get it?" The boy asked. The girl looked to James's Mudkip eating it's dinner before speaking.

"It was my first Pokémon given to me by my Mum, like Prof. Birch gave you your Mudkip." She said. James looked to Mudkip and then his Poochyena who had finishes his food and tried to take Mudkips, who moved his bowl away from Poochyena.

"Well, anyway. I'm going to get an early night, bye." James lifted up his tray and moved to the aisle of food, before quickly grabbing a spoon and stuffing down his bowl of pasta. The girl saw the Mudkip and Poochyena follow him and waved bye to them, she then fed Minun it's food.

Later on, James found his room after a long search. He put the key in and turned it, opening the door. Mudkip and Poochyena ran into the room seeing the other person asleep in his bed. James quietly walked in as Poochyena and Mudkip lay on the cushions on the floor, James kept the lights off as he took off his hoodie and shoes, going to bed in the same clothes he worn in that very long day.

September 11th, 2008, 6:31 AM
Max saw a sign that said "Welcome to Odale Town!" on it. He was close to the first city in his journey. He continued on walking towards one of the houses. He then came to a clearing with a few houses and a bunch of people.

"Hustle and bustle of the city eh Treeko?" Max asked the little green gecko sitting on his head.

"Treeko Tree. Yeah but come on we need to get to the pokemon center I think it was?" Treeko said unasured.

Max smiled and then dove into the crowd. He tripped multiple times and then could finally get into a clearing in front of a store that looked like it was run down. He walked inside and there were people in there purchasing items but not alot. He looked in his bag and noticed he didn't have any health restoring items or anything. He went to the front counter.

"Yeas? What can I do for you young man?" An elderly lady asked him.

"Yes I would like 2 antidotes, 3 potions, 2 awakenings, and 2 paralyze heals please." Max asked politely.

The lady nodded and went to the back room. She came out with a bag that had 2 awakenings, 3 potions, 2 paralyze heals, and 2 antidotes.

"There you go now that will be 500 poke." she said.

Max dug inside his bag for his wallet. He found it and looked inside it. He had 2000 poke that his parents gave him right before he left. He handed the lady 500 poke, picked his bag up, and then left.

Surprisingly it wasn't as crowded as it was. He saw a clear cut path to the pokemon center and he dashed towards it. He made it to the front door and walked inside.

"Nurse Joy could you heal my pokemon please?" Max asked.

"Why of course." Nurse Joy said taking the two pokeballs he handed to her.

She walked to one of the operation rooms to heal them. Max walked over to a bench and put the items he had just bought inside his bag. He looked outside. It was getting late. Nurse Joy came back with his pokemon.

"Thank you maam. Oh and I was wondering could I get a room here please?" Max asked.

"Why of course you can." Nurse Joy said walking to her desk and pulling out a key for him.

Max thanked her and then darted to the rooms to find his. Room 109 room 109. Where is room 109? There is 100, 101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108, and finally room 109! Max thought opening his door. Max saw a bed and laid down in it after calling his pokemon out. He laid down and then fell asleep.

September 12th, 2008, 3:56 AM
To Pikalover10: Good post.
3 Potions
2 Antidotes
2 Awakening
2 Paralyze Heal

Inferno2991: I really need for you to post within the next few days or I'll be tempted to kick you out. Everyone needs to be very active.

I'm sorry for putting the next chapter up so soon, but there are a lot of people at this spot and right now there are only two people being active.

So this is where most of everybody comes in. Welcome back to you guys! :)

Chapter 4: Route 102
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Description: This path is much like Route 101, just more long, and even a little more dangerous. It is very woody and has a few ponds scattered, making it a very good environment for many different pokemon. New trainers and wild pokemon roam this route, desperate to find somebody to battle.

Wild Pokemon
Level- 2-5
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip (If level 5)
Ability- Pickup/Gluttony
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-5
Type- Dark
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Howl (If level 5)
Ability- Run Away/Quick Feet
Rarity- Common

Level- 3-5
Type- Water/Grass
Gender- Random
Attacks- Astonish, Growl, Absorb (If level 5)
Ability- Swift Swim/Rain Dish
Rarity- Uncommon

Level- 3-5
Type- Grass
Gender- Random
Attacks- Bide, Harden
Ability- Chlorophyll/Early Bird
Rarity- Uncommon

Level- 3-5
Type- Psychic
Gender- Random
Attacks- Growl
Ability- Synchronize/Trace
Rarity- Rare

Just a note again on things you can do in a Route:
.You may battle trainers, just use the attacks you pokemon learn (refer to the ooc thread). The better, and more creative, your post is, the more experience your pokemon receives
.You may find items/tms, but you post must be VERY creative, but stay realistic with your findings
. On your travels, you will be able to capture wild pokemon listed on the information for the route. The more rare the pokemon is, the more creative and decent your post must be. While trying to capture a pokemon, after you mention throwing a pokeball at the pokemon, END YOUR POST THERE. I will decide whether you caught the pokemon and how strong it will be. This, once again, depends on the quaility of your post.

Since there are two posts for the chapter, this is what you do. Put down one post and wait for me to grade it before continuing onto the second one. Simple enough, right? If you have anymore questions, post them in the ooc thread or refer to the Roleplaying rules.

September 12th, 2008, 8:31 PM
He woke up with Treeko laying on his face and Zigzagoon jumping up and down on his chest.

"Zigzagoon stop that now please! Treeko please get off of my face!" Max asked them and ordered them at the same time.

They both stopped and then dasehd to the door. Max got up and yawned. He slipped his shoes on and thenpacked his stuff up. He folded the sheets nicely and made sure to give the key back to Nurse Joy. He walked down the hallways and then came to the main room. He left the key behind the desk and went to get some food.

He got 3 pancakes, 2 stripes of bacon, and some orange juice. He scarfed the food down while his pokemon ate pokefood. He gave them both a piece of bacon and a piece of pancake. When they were finished Max sat up and rubbed his stomach. He then got up and put his plate away. Treeko was quick to get on top of Max's head and Zigzagoon was quick to run ahead of him outside.

He then started running careful not to lose Zigzagoon. Then he dove at the pokemon and caught her. Then he called her back to her pokeball. Max sighed and then continued trying to exit the town and get onto the next route. He made it to the enterance of the next route, Route 102.

He walked along the path for about 30 seconds and then darted to a lake. He called Zigzagoon out and then took his shirt off and dived in the lake. He was cooling off when something touched his back. He looked back and thought it was just a lily pad seeing one there. Then all of a sudden it was moving towards him even more and the ripples he made were caring it away...Or were supposed to carry it away.

He jumped out of the water and then he saw a face pop out of the lake. It was a pokemon! Max quickly dug through his bag and pulled out his pokedex. It said " Lotad the water lily pokemon. Lotad looks like a aquatic pokemon and serves as a ferry for pokemon that can't swim."

"Perfect for some training." Max said.

"Zigzagoon lets go buddy!" Max called to Zigzagoon.

Zigzagoon sprang to it's feet from digging in the ground and ran over to the front of Max.

"Zigzagoon Tackle!" Max called.

Zigzagoon charged at the pokemon she jumped at it and the pokemon dodged it and then looked at Zigzagoon all weird like. Astonish. Max thought to himself. Zigzagoon was flinching and the pokemon the used an attack that had green things shooting at Zigzagoon and then flowing straight back to it. Zigzagoon looked enraged.

"Zigzagoon use Growl!" Max said thrusting his arm out as if it would help Zigzagoon.

She growled furiously at the pokemon and it began to look scared even more then usual. Then it used Astonish again.

"Zigzagoon use Tackle!" Max called at Zigzagoon.

Zigzagoon charged at the pokemon and then quickly moved to the right as the Lotad was going the same direction and then jumped on it. Zigzagoon sat there staring at the pokemon while it got up looking tired. Then the pokemon used the attack that shot green at Zigzagoon.

"Zigzagoon dodge it!" Max called after her.

Zigzagoon moved to dodge it, but it was to late the light had already hit her and then she fell to the ground. The Lotad seemed to become more refreshed. Zigzagoon got up and looked more enraged then ever!

"Ok Zigzagoon Tackle again!" Max called out.

Zigzagoon ran as hard as he could. The Lotad moved but Zigzagoon was to smart for that trick. She jumped at him again and landed on top of him.

"Growl!" Max shouted.

Zigzagoon growled at the Lotad again and it looked even more afraid. The Lotad then used Astonish and got Zigzagoon to back off of it. Zigzagoon backed away from the Lotad for a minute but then got right back to it.

"Zigzagoon use Tackle!"

Zigzagoon darted at the Lotad she was so fast that or Lotad was so tired that Lotad couldn't dodge it. Lotad fainted and that meant Zigzagoon had won! Max ran over and picked Zigzagoon up and hugged her while laughing. He told the Lotad that he had an awesome time battling it and then left. He found a tree to sit by and thought that they should take a little rest before moving on.

September 13th, 2008, 7:30 AM
Chapter Four: Route 102

Waking up from his sleep, James remembered he went to bed in his muddy clothes. Raising his body and yawning, he stretched his arms out wide at full length. His hair muffled and now quite greasy without a decent wash in a couple of days. He looked to his Poochyena and Mudkip both curled up and sleeping on the floor.

Getting out of bed, James remembered a trainer sleeping at the other side of the room. But he was gone already, the thirteen year old opened up the door waking up his two Pokémon.

"Stay here guys, make sure no one takes our things." The boy said to his Pokémon. "I'm going to take a shower, we'll get something to eat afterwards." The boy opened his backpack that was next to him, taking out some shower gel and conditioner. Looking up, he saw a towel on a hook by his bed. Looking around, he decided to take it with him. James headed out the room and closed the door behind him, looking left to right. He headed left down the hallway to find the showers.

It was a bit like a boarding school, with many young trainers all walking around the corridors. James did finally find the showers, but there was a long queue. He walked to the back of the queue and looked to his watch on his wrist. Seeing that the time was ten to eleven. He took another look, being quite shocked at how he over slept. Seeing again it was ten to eleven, he thought about skipping the shower. But waited in the queue after realising he was starting to smell.

Around an hour later, James and his Pokémon were in the cantine. Just finishing their breakfast. James un-clipped two Pokéballs from his belt and pushed the buttons on them, making them substanciously larger.

"You two take a rest, I'll do the walking." The boy said to them as a red beam came out of them, the two Pokémon sitting by his side were sucked into the balls through the red beam.

The trainer headed out of the cantine after placing his food tray at the end of the aisle with the other trays. Walking out of the cantine as the glass doors slid open, he saw Nurse Joy rushing to the medical part of the center with an odd looking Pokémon. James took out his Pokédex and pointed it to the pink egg like Pokémon.


Chansey has pink, egg-shaped body. She has hair-like outgrowths on the side of her head. Chansey has stubby limbs and a short tail. Chansey has a pouch that holds an egg in. It is said to deliver happiness. It lays several eggs a day and won't share them with those who have evil in their hearts. Being compassionate, it shares its eggs with injured people.

Before James knew it, Nurse Joy and the Chansey were already gone. He shrugged it off and headed to entrance where many trainers were leaving. Looking out to another bright sunny day, the sunlight shined beautifully into the boys eyes, you could expect a sparkle from it all.

Around half an hour later, the trainer in his now clean clothes and well groomed clean hair had arrived at Route 102. There was a long path that lead into the woods that was much more darker and full of more trees than the previous route. But James was itching for a Pokémon battle, his first ever. He walked past the white fence that lead him out of Oldale Town, he didn't take a look back he just kept on walking with only his thoughts now.

'That Minun. That's a pretty rare Pokémon. Hold on, wait a minute. Where the hell did Aron go? The next time I see him, oh he's going to get a smack round the face.'

James suddenly got very angry about Aron ditching him so he speeded up, he started to walk very fast then he started jogging and before he knew it, he was running full pelt into the woods. Not looking at his suroundings, as soon as he entered Route 102, he tripped over a log and fell face first into the mud, in his clean clothes but they're not anymore. He pushed himself up with his hands and got onto his feet, looking at his muddy hands and muddy clothes.

"Could this day get any worse!" The boy yelled out into the woods. Suddenly a flock of bird Pokémon came out of the trees as the leaves fell slowly for the wind to take them. You couldn't see the anger in the boy's face because he was so covered in mud he looked like a tree without the leaves. He looked at his Pokéballs and noticed that one was missing, only five was there when he had six. He then realised it was his Mudkips Pokéball. The boy suddenly panicked and looked through the grassy mud, rummaging through with his hands.

After a few minutes with no luck, the boy was close to tears. He sat down on the mud but felt something solid under his buttox with a strong point. He suddenly leaped up and looked to where he sat, there was what he thought his Pokéball but in mud. It started to move towards James, freaking the boy out. He watched it move towards his feet. Then two circular eyes opened up, James leaped back and slipped on the mud causing him to fall on his back. The ball walked onto James's belly as he layed in the mud, the boy noticed there was two little feet on the ball. Realising it is a Pokémon. He looked through his muddy shorts to find his Pokédex that was now muddy due to his muddy hands gripping onto it.


Seedot is a small brown creature that greatly resembles an acorn, so much so that it can easily startle Pokémon looking for food on the forest floor. It can stick onto trees with the top of its cap and it has two feet for moving about. Seedot attaches itself to a tree branch using the top of its head. It sucks moisture from the tree while hanging off the branch. The more water it drinks, the glossier this Pokémon's body becomes. Seedot looks exactly like an acorn when it is dangling from a tree branch. It startles other Pokémon by suddenly moving. This Pokémon polishes its body once a day using leaves.

James closed the Pokédex and put it back into his short's pocket. He looked to the Pokémon who looked straight back at him. James suddenly grinned, his white teeth showing through his brown mud face.

"So you're a Seedot?" James asked, the Pokémon rolled it's body forward. "You want to come with me?" The Pokémon suddenly jumped up and run back off James and towards the tree. The boy quickly got onto his feet, but fell back onto the mud. He pulled out a Pokéball from his belt and threw it into the air. There it opened with a red light as Poochyena came out and slipped on the mud with it's four legs.

"Poochyena, use tackle on the Seedot!" James ordered his Pokémon. The dog however couldn't gain any speed in the mud. It slipped on it's way to the Seedot who was getting closer to the tree it fell down off. James looked around at the mud, realising. There was mud.

"Poochyena, kick the mud at the Seedot!" James smiled as he shouted to the dog Pokémon who balanced itself and used it's front paw to splatter the mud towards the acorn Pokémon, covering it's body as it reached the tree. The eyes of the Pokémon opened as the mud covered it's small round body.

James knew in these conditions, Poochyena couldn't do much more and Mudkip was lost. The boy grabbed another miniture ball from his belt as he still layed on the mud, he pressed the middle button making it larger. He lobbed the ball towards the Seedot, spinning in the air the red and white of the ball mixed in with eachother before it finally hit the acorn Pokémon. Sucking it into the ball via a red beam of light, before landing in the mud. The Pokéball rolled in the mud sinking into it's sloppiness.

September 13th, 2008, 7:48 AM
Adam and bagon were resting on a tree, after the beating they took from the enraged mother.
"DID SHE TAKE BODY SLAMMING CLASSES?!" Said Adam now with a second black eye and ripped clothes.

Bagon nodded while wimpering.

"But the real pain for me was the baseball bat, that women swings like Barry Bondes!" Added Adam.

"How hard did it hurt when she tried to chokeslam you?" Said Adam.

Bagon Cried frantically.


The two ran to route 102, and hid behind a giant oak tree.......

All of a sudden a seedot fell of of a tree and hit Adam in the head.

"what the? What was that!" Said Adam as another seedot dropped.

"Okay it's on!" Said Adam as about 13 seedot dropped down on his head.

Bagon started to laugh.

"Oh you think that's funny huh? Well like I Said if you don't stop i'm having kentucky fried bagon for dinner! But first, GO POOCHYENA!"

Said Adam as even more seedot dropped.
Bagon said something under it's breath as the small puppy burst out of it's pokeball.

"What did you just say to me? Anyway i'll get back to you in a second!
Poochyena use tackle!"

Poochyena blasted into the seedot, but they all got up and started marching toward them....

"Ugh oh....... It's the little rascals revolution! Bagon, use rage on the tree repediatley, poochyena help him out with tackle!"

Said Adam as the tree started to fall down on the seedot.

The seedot ran away, and didn't bother the trio again....

September 13th, 2008, 12:49 PM
To Pikalover10: Okay, the battle post was pretty good!
Zigzagoon grew to level 6!

To ~element: The post was too short. That is a warning to you. If you put some more battling and description in each paragraph, then you will never have to worry about that.
Bagon grew to level 6!

To BrianGabriel: You meeting that Minun is giving me different foreshadowing (guesses on what is going to happen. whatever). It makes me excited to read your future posts.

September 14th, 2008, 6:02 AM
To BrianGabriel: Thanks for finishing ^^ I feel bad that Mudkip is lost. Anyway, the way you battled Seedot was pretty unique.
You caught a Level 4 Female Seedot!

To Everyone: Once you do your second post you can do you second and final post for Chapter Four.

*Another Note* Electrike is open for anybody! Place your sign-up in the ooc thread if you're interested!

September 14th, 2008, 7:03 AM
Max woke up Treeko sleeping peacefully on his head and not his lap which was occupied by the sleeping Zigzagoon. He pulled out to miniature pokeballs and presssed the button in the middle to make them bigger. Then he pressed the buttons again and a red light shot out of them both and consumed Treeko and Zigzagoon into the pokeballs. He pressed the button in the middle of the pokeballs again making them miniature and then hooking them onto his belt.

Max climbed the tree again and noticed that he was close to the end of the route. He took in a deep breath and let it out with relief. He then jumped down from the short tree and landed without any problems. He then started walking alongside the route still groggy from waking up. He then noticed things popping up from behind him, but he didn't care for them right now so he just kept on walking. Then they started walking infront of him making him fall down and then they covered him.

"Get off of me!" He yelled wiping out his pokedex without being able to see it.

Seedot the acorn pokemon. Seedot attaches itself to a branch using the top of it's head. It sucks moisture from the tree while hanging from the branch. The more it drinks the more glosier it's body becomes. Seedot looks exactly like an acorn when it is dangling from a tree. It startles other pokemon by moving. This pokemon polishes it's body once a day by using leaves. When Seedot finishes eating it's body becomes so heavy that it falls to the ground with a thump!

Max finally got up and ran as fast as he could. He didn't look back except for once when they weren't coming. He stopped drastically gasping for air. He was all sweaty and tried to find a lake to cool of at. He found one and it was so cod once he sat in it. He called Treeko and Zigzagoon out and they both sat in the lake too. Max cooling off kept an eye open for those Seedot again, but they never came.

He got out and put some dry clothes on. Then Treeko ran up his body onto his head while Zigzagoon jumped into his arms. He continued walking along the route. He finally came to the exit of the route and then sat under a tree for a few minutes to eat lunch.

September 14th, 2008, 8:53 AM
To Pikalover10: I'm surprised that you didn't include any battling. I guess that is okay, but the post was really close to being too short.

To Inferno2991: I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to kick you out. You're not showing that you will be very active in this rp. This means that Makuhita is now open for anybody!

September 14th, 2008, 8:56 AM
Sorry I didn't want to bsttle though in two posts and I couldn't think of anything better:(

http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/3...lover10xj2.png Credit goes to the wonderfully nice Toxic_Moonlight! Thanks again man!!:D:D:D:D

September 15th, 2008, 7:05 AM
Chapter Four: Pt. 2: Route 102

James saw the Pokéball stop moving in the mud, he slowly leaned up onto his knees where he finally balanced on to his feet in the soaked mud. He looked to the Pokéball where his Poochyena balanced triumphantly before slipping onto it's belly again. The boy who had now got his third Pokémon walked over to the ball but looking around for his lost Mudkip.

The boy picked up the ball bending his knees slowly to not fall over, he looked at it and placed it onto his muddy belt. James looked around the area, the muddy ground with patches of grass floating up above the surface looked dim and hopeless. He had been on his journey for less than a week and had lost his first ever Pokémon. He decided to carry on looking.

A couple of hours of searching, the boy and his Poochyena couldn't see any sign of Mudkip's Pokéball. James leaned against the tree, he sighed as a tear fell from his eye. Emotional all over his face and body language, his arms were shaking as his Poochyena sat infront of him lifting it's paw. The boy covered in mud moved his right foot slowly back and fourth across the mud, as he was doing so the Poochyena started sniffing the mud where he was standing. James looked to his Pokémon who started digging into the mud with it's paws. There James saw a glimmer of red, relief was all round. The Pokéball had appeared, swallowed under the mud it lay.

The boy whiped away his tears as he reached for the ball, the Poochyena rolled the ball into it's owners path with it's long grey nose. The boy threw the ball into the air as the Mudkip came out, shaking it's head before looking up to James who ran over to it and picked it up in his arms. The Mudkip was so confused but appreciated the sympathy.

Later on, James had gone back to the Pokémon Center and got himself and his Pokémon cleaned up, he was now back at Route 102, further in than before. He knew he didn't have much of the day left to get out of the Route, but he hoped he could get out by the end of the day and get some rest. He was walking along the grass within the woods where he came upon a lake, the sun glistened onto the surface of the water that sprinkled into an aqua blue setting.

'Now that's a sight. Who's that on the other side? Is that.. a Plusle?'

James stopped thinking to get a real look at the other side. Narrowing his eyes as the sun gleamed onto his pupils, James raised his arm over his eyes to try and see who is over the other side. There stood a Plusle, much like a Minun but various differances, such as red patterns and a plus sign on it's cheeks unlike Minun's minus signs. There stood it's trainer, James remembered that face. The girl standing there looked just like the one who he met back at Oldale Town Pokémon Center.

"Hey! Stop staring, Pervert!" A voice yelled out from the other side. James realised what she said, he waved his arms about shaking his head.

"No, no no!" James yelled back in reply, he noticed the girl and the Plusle run off into the woods. But this made James think it was a good idea to run after the two and so he did. Once James reached the woods on the other side, he just realised why she ran away. Walking slowly across the grass, stepping on the twigs that fell off the trees.

After a minute of walking around, James came across a large patch of grass surounded by trees with many differant Pokémon roaming around and playing. James saw this as an opportunity and un-clipped one of his Pokéballs from his belt. But before he could even throw it, a voice yelled out that was very femiliar.

"Pervert! If you want them Pokémon, you got to beat me first!" The same girl shouted out to James. The boy turned around and realised he was holding the Pokéball. He immidiatly shook his head and waved his arms.

"No, no, no. I wasn't going to catch them Pokémon." The boy said. The girl didn't take notice and threw a Pokéball into the air. Out came a bird Pokémon. The boy took out his Pokédex very curiously as he heard the bird quark as it circuled the blue sky.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/95/Project_Pok%C3%A9dex_logo.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b9/Spr_3e_276.gif

Taillow are small bird Pokémon with dark blue feathers with patches of red on their chest and forehead. Their wingtips are elongated and configured for speed and maneuverability. They also possess two sharp tail feathers. Their beak is somewhat short, but pretty wide. Taillow courageously stands its ground against foes, however strong they may be. This gutsy Pokémon will remain defiant even after a loss. On the other hand, it cries loudly if it becomes hungry. It dislikes cold seasons. They migrate to other lands in search of warmth, flying over 180 miles a day.

"Now that's interesting." The boy said as he put away the Pokédex. He threw the Pokéball he had in his hand into the air, out came his Mudkip that was relishing it's first Trainer Battle. "Why are you calling me a pervert? We met at the Pokémon Center." James asked the girl, who looked confused at what he said.

"Excuse me? I've never met you before." She said in reply as her Taillow swooped down towards the Mudkip. The wind was heard from the Taillows wings that glided down towards the blue Pokémon that ran forward away from the swooping bird Pokémon. The boy pointed his arm forward towards the Taillow, commanding his Pokémon to attack it.

"Mudkip, use Tackle when it comes down!" James yelled to his Pokémon as the bird flew down. The Mudkip ran back towards the bird and jumped in time to hit it with it's head on the left wing of the bird. The Taillow swinged down to the left and span into the ground as the Mudkip failed to land proply taking damage from the bird's attack and subsequently injured itself.

"Come on Taillow! Get up!" The girl yelled out, but the Pokémon lay on the ground without trying to get up. It was the complete opposite to what the Pokédex had said and James was very confused.

"Return your Pokémon, it's hurt!" James shouted over to the frustrated trainer, who did reluctantly. The Mudkip balanced itself triumpthantly as James smiled with a huge grin, he couldn't hide his joy as he jumped into the air. Before finally settling down and staying calm, like his usual self.

"Go Eevee! Do me proud!" The girl yelled more annoyingly to James as she threw a Pokéball infront of her, coming out possibly the cutest Pokémon of them all. Resembling a fox, it stood with its shiny brown fur licking it's paw. James as he usually does, took out his Pokédex again to get some information on it.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/95/Project_Pok%C3%A9dex_logo.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/e9/Spr_3e_133.gif

Eevee is a mammalian creature with brown fur, a bushy tail that has a cream-colored tip, and a furry collar that is also cream-colored. Eevee has brown eyes and big ears. It has traits of raccoons, foxes, dogs, and cats. Eevee has an irregular genetic code and can sometimes evolve in accordance to its environment. Seven evolutions for this Pokémon have been discovered so far. Three of these evolutions can also be the result of Eevee being exposed to either a Fire Stone, Thunderstone or Water Stone. An Eevee has an unstable genetic makeup that suddenly mutates due to its environment. Radiation from various stones causes this Pokémon to evolve.

"You alright to battle Mudkip?" James asked his first Pokémon, that stanced strongly ignoring it's injured leg. The boy nodded as he yelled out another command to his Pokémon that ran towards the Eevee that still licked it's paws and didn't take notice of the incoming Pokémon.

"Eevee dodge it and use Quick Attack!" The girl said quickly, the Eevee suddenly burst into life and jumped away as the Mudkip slided across the grass to stop itself after the Eevee jumped away before being hit on it's side and sent to the right rolling across the grass. James stood in shock at how well the Eevee was trained compared to the Taillow. He pulled pointed the Pokéball towards his Mudkip, that failed to get up after that strong hit.

"Unlucky Mudkip, you did well mate." James said as the red beam took the Pokémon into the ball. James looked to the girl who laughed, but her Eevee just carried on licking it's paws. The boy suddenly got serious and pondered on what Pokémon to pick next.

"I think.. I'll give Seedot it's first battle." James whispered to himself. He then decided and took out Seedot's Pokéball and let the Pokémon out. It stood there confused as it faced the Eevee, realising what it's about to do. It ran back to James and sort of begged not to battle. James kneeled down and looked at his worried Seedot.

"Come on, you got to eventually. Nothing will happen to you." James said, somehow it did inspire the acorn Pokémon that ran on it's two little feet towards the Eevee and missed the Pokémon. It ran out of the way as it came towards to colliding with it. James stood in embarassment as the girl laughed before commanding her Eevee to attack the Seedot.

"Eevee use Tackle!" The girl shouted, the Pokémon leapt up and ran towards the acorn Pokémon that weapt in fear.

"Seedot, use Harden! James said. "God that sounds perverted.." James said again realising what he said. But the Seedot's body was coated in a stronger shell that hurt the Eevee more than the Seedot as they collided. The Seedot opened it's eyes to see the Eevee hurt from the collision and gained confidence.

"Seedot, use Bide!" James shouted. The Seedot then glowed in a light red before it faded away. The girl stood confused.

"What is Bide?" She said. The Eevee stood as the Seedot just stood still not doing anything else. James kept a straight face, knowing what the attack does but it seems the girl didn't. "Eevee, Tackle again!" The girl ordered her Eevee that ran towards the acorn Pokémon at a fast speed. Colliding against the Seedot with it's head, the Seedot stood strong and moved back only slightly but taking damage.

"Unleash it Seedot!" James yelled, the acorn Pokémon then ran towards the Eevee quickly, jumping into the fox Pokémon and sending it back with a lot of power. The Eevee went back across the grass unconcious.

"You cheated!" The girl shouted to James who took no notice. "A Seedot can't do that!" She kept on yelling. The boy on the other hand went over to congratulate his Seedot. The girl stopped her yelling and picked up her Pokémon and ran off back to the late with it. "You take a long rest." The girl said to the Eevee in her arms as she ran off.

"Bloody weird girl. Anyway, let's keep moving Seedot." James said to his victorious Pokémon. The two walked further into the woods, although the Seedot was always trying to keep up with it's little legs.

Zeta Sukuna
September 15th, 2008, 6:59 PM
Episode X1: The Not Beginning... Beginning Once Again

Chris woke up in the pokemon center, feeling refreshed. "Urrgh, it feels like I've been sleeping for a month or so." Said Chris as he grabbed his pokemon's pokeballs. "Come on out, Makuhita and Wurmple!" two pokemon came out of the pokeballs. One was Wurmple, but Makuhita wasn't present. Instead it was a Corphish.

"Corphish!"(T: I'm not a Makuhita you idiot!) Yelled Corphish. Chris just looked on before returning his pokemon to their pokeballs, and heading out.

"Hmm... I know I had a Makuhita before coming here... but now I have a better pokemon. I just hope that the idiot that stole Makuhita stole a weak pokemon." Said Chris smirking at his luck. And when he had the chance, he looked at the sign next to the lake.

'Beware, there are Lotad in this pond!' Read the sign which seemed to be recently put up.

"Lotad? I wonder if they are good?" Said Chris before throwing a rock into the lake, but nothing came up. "Hmm... Well, it seems that there are a lot of rocks piled up, better use em." And Chris then threw another rock.

(... 3 hours later.)

"Oh, my word. I sunk all of the lilypads, and yet... there is no Lotad here!!!" Said Chris in a high volume.

"Corph."(T: Shut up, You're giving me a headache!) Said Corphish who just freed itself from his pokeball. "Corphish." (T: Just dive in and find a Lotad. Duh!)

"You know what? I bet you're wondering why I don't dive into the lake." Said Chris. Corphish just looked away bored. "Well... unless you live on the border, than there is no way you'd ever get a chance to learn there."

"Corphish!" (T: I don't care, just hurry up! I hate waiting!) Yelled out Corphish. Chris just got up and started to walk away, but that's when he saw a Lotad.

"A Lotad?" Asked Chris to himself. Suddenly more Lotad came out, all with bumps on their heads. "Oh... crap." And the trainers to this day all remember what happened next, as they all were attacked by Lotads. "Maybe... I overdid it a little bit."

"Lotad!" (T: How dare you humans intrude on our waters! Lotad!) Yelled the eldest Lotad before hitting Chris with an Astonish, but Chris dodged at the last second.

"Corphish, use Bubble!" Yelled Chris. The lobster fired the bubbles which did... absolutely no damage. "... Of course"

"Lo-lo-lo-lo!"(T: Hahahah! Water doesn't hurt me!) Laughed the Lotad in triumph. Corphish responded to this by hitting the Lotad with his claw.

"Phish." (T: That's payback.) Said Corphish. And since their leader was down, the Lotad fled back t their lake. Chris tossed the pokeball at the leader, just to get this over with.

(ooc: I have an extra scene, but it differs whether or not I get the Lotad, so I won't post it yet.)

September 16th, 2008, 3:44 AM
To Rubii Naruto: You do not have to worry about that. Lotad is yours!
You caught a level 5 Male Lotad!

September 16th, 2008, 10:13 AM
ok ill join

chapter 1 save the professor!

Austin wake up,Austin wake up,Austin wake up! I jumped out of my bed as soon as my mom said that i looked at my clock to findout I was late! I put on my headband,shirt and my black jeans. When i got outside i thought i forgot my letter From Professor Burch! but when i put my hands i my jacket there was the letter the letter said...
Dear, Austin
Come to my lab tomorrow early because 6 other trainers will be there when you get there and also you will get your first pokemon!
From, Professor Birch

After Austin read the letter he started running as fast as he can to the lab to find out the professor wasn't there! After he left the lab discouraged he thought he had seen a group of people running to the forest but the Austin remembered that in the letter there was 6 other trainers so he ran behind the lab to find out.

That professor Burch was in trouble with 7 other pokemon so he ran down the hill tripped and fell down the hill professor Burch said to all the other people in the group "Get a pokeball and throw it at the pokemon!" So Austin and the other people in the group threw their pokeballs. Austin threw the pokeball at the green pokemon but it dodged it and then attacked austin with a thunder shock!.

When the thundershock hit Austin he ran to the green pokemon and tackled it to stop the thundershock then Austin threw the pokeball again... It started moving until he heard a click then professor Burch got up and thanked everyone for chapturing the pokemon. Then they went back to the lab.

"Thank you all again for chapturing the pokemon I said in the letter that you all will get a pokemon so why wont you all just take the ones you captured when i was in trouble? and are you all okay with that?" said professor Burch"

why sure replyed everyone But then Austin said " Don't you need these pokemon for your research?""No i have one more pokemon""ok" said Austin. Oh before i forget you all also receive a pokedex it tells you the information of the pokemon you want to know about Thanks said everyone! Austin by the way your pokemon's name is electrike ok thanks replyed Austin then Austin went out of the lab and headed for route 101.

September 16th, 2008, 5:40 PM
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Chapter 4: The Lazy Lotad!
Bobby and Torchic stepped out onto Route 102 early the next morning. "Ya know whats weird?" Bobby began. "It feels like we haven't done anything for weeks but it was only yesterday we made it to Oldale..." Shaking his head, the young trainer continued down the beaten path eventually coming to a big crowd (actually about four people, this is the wilderness after all) standing around in a circle. "Hey whats going on?" Bobby asked a young boy standing nearby.

"Well you see, this is the place where we get our water from and theres this...here just go look." The boy said pushing Bobby up front where he saw that there was what looked like a blue duck carrying a lily pad on its head sitting in the .

"Thats the problem? What is it? A Pokemon?" Bobby asked.

"Yep its called a Lotad." The boy answered. Bobby took out his Pokedex to get a better read on this thing. "Lotad, the Water Weed Pokemon. It looks like an aquatic plant and serves as a ferry to Pokémon that can't swim."

"Well right now it looks like its being lazy. I really don't see what the problem is." Bobby said.

"Well its plugging up the springs hole and since its a water type and a grass type that dosen't really bother it."

"Well then i'll get it out for you!" Bobby said with a smile. He lept down into the pit and started creeping up on Lotad. "HEEYAA!!" Bobby yelled as he jumped into the air and began trying to pull it out.

"LOOOOOO!" Lotad screeched pulling off an Astonish attack. The yell threw Bobby into the air and out of the pit where he landed on his back. "OOOOOWWWW!!" the boy screamed.

"Tor Tor Tor...!" Torchic laughed as she watched her trainer get up in pain.

"So you think this is funny huh?" Bobby said menecingly. "Then why don't you give it a try you stupid chicken!" he screached.

"TORCHIC!" Torchic screamed as she flew headlong into the pit.

"Lotad." The water weed pokemon said to his new visitor.

"Tor Torchic." she said trying to convince Lotad to move.

"Lolo Lotad." Lotad explained saying that this place was comfy and he didn't want to move.

Torchic wandered back up and told the bad news. "Hmm we will have to try a different approach then...Hey Lotad want to battle?" Bobby yelled into the hole.

"Lo." was the definite response.

"So the coward dosen't want to battle then eh?" Bobby roared, about fed up with this whole ordeal.

Now Lotad had been called alot of things. Coward wasn't one of them so Lotad took a step out of his spot....and was shot into the air. Since Lotad was basically acting as a stopper for the spring, all that water had built up so as soon as said stopper was removed...PWOOSH! Up comes the water!

"LOOOOOOTAAAAAAAAAD!!!" The water weed screeched as it had a terrible fear of heights.

"Allright! Now Torchic use Ember!" Bobby ordered. Torchic shot small faggots of fire at the poor pokemon while it was still in the air. "Go Pokeball!" Bobby cried as he threw the red and white capusle at the airborne Lotad. It was absorbed by the red light and fell to earth. Shaking all the while, Lotad wasn't going to be captured without a fight it seemed...

September 17th, 2008, 4:06 PM
To Zimvee: Your posts are so interesting and filled with a lot of humor! That was a great plan to catch Lotad!
You caught a level 5 Male Lotad!

September 18th, 2008, 1:35 PM
Chapter 1: Dare

Hunter woke to the sound of a blaring alarm. It echoed in his dreams, at first, then he finally figured it out that it was reality. The blurry numbers gave a big 7:00. But im so...tired....

He stumbled out of bed, put on some pants, grabbed his backpack, and went out the door. He walked around his house, down a block, and arrived in the jam-packed entrance of Littleroot high. As he walked into the mass of his friends, a few of them pointed and laughed. He had forgot to comb his hair...again. Oh well, it doesn't matter. He dipped his head into the schools fountain and it matted his hair down. He shook it and got some of his friends wet...payback.

His heart dropped. Venessa was walking toward his group. He tried hiding by getting in the middle, but it was too late.

"Hi" she said.
I said nothing, my lips were sealed by some kind of love-activated glue.

"I know you like me" Heart rises up, like he is going to throw it up. How... "If you go into that dark cave over on the North Side of town, I might go out with you."
Heartbeat rises, words climb out of the heart-blocked thought. "S-sure, whatever." He blindly began to walk toward the cave. The bell rang, but it was drowned in nothing, it was nothing. Many of his friends and other people abandonded their will of learning to watch Hunter slowly trudge in the cave.

Sure, there were rumors, but nobody knew if it was true, about it being haunted. Weird sounds had a way of creeping out when anyone went near. They never thought it to be Pokemon...

It was pitch black now. The muttering and yells of "Come Back!" and "Its not worth it!" stopped. He was engulfed. He froze, a noise. He thought about backing out. No, stay calm, its in your head. And it was, because at that moment a rock-like object hit him right in his head. Hunter stumbled onto the ground. The light coming from the entrance faded, it was gone. He wanted to run, to go back to school, to be in bed watching cartoons, but his legs wouldnt move. Another hit on the head, and all thought stopped.




Hunter awoke to the sight of a shape in the darkness. It was an odd shape, he told his legs to run again...nothing. He lay there, paralyzed in fear. It reached out a hand, and Hunter flinched, but that's all it did. He took the hand and he was helped up, where he looked at the creature and ran out. Nobody was there, they must of all retreated in fear. He ran back to his school. He was sent to the principles office for being tardy in the hall, his luck...

"Hello?" He asked to a backwards chair. "Hello" a voice echoed, and a young skinny man rolled around in a chair.

"May I ask why you were late, Mr. Adams?"
Hunter tried to explain the story, to explain why, but all there was were slurred words and a aching in his head.
"I'm not sure that explains it...how about, where were you?"

Hunter took a breath, but his voice still came shaky "I was in..The Cave, sir."
He explained the rest of the story, the hits, the odd shape, the dare...

The man rolled around in his chair. "You are referring to Pokemon, that is what helped you." Hunter was flabbergasted. A Pokemon? He had heard stories, but for real?
"Here, take this ball, catch it, bring it back, I had been waiting for a student like you..."

A red and white ball gleamed in his hand. Hunter reached out, grabbed it, stared as it as he walked out the door, and to the cave once again.

September 18th, 2008, 2:06 PM
Ooc// Okay, I'm going to take a shot at this, hopefully its not too bad


Shaun jogged towards the destination at where she was expected to arrive, at Professor Birch's lab. She hoped that he would be there. Oh, there it is, I'm here! Now...why does it look so empty? She stopped in front of the lab, and tried to peer inside through the glass doors, but she couldn't see anybody. Did I get the time wrong? Or maybe he specified a different place, I'll check. She pulled out the letter that had been sent to her after she had written to Professor Birch expressing her interest in becoming a pokemon trainer.

Dear Shaun Alexander,
II have received your letter expressing your interest in pokemon training and I must say that I agree with every word that you wrote. I would like to invite you to my lab in order to receive your first pokemon to start your journey. I hope to see you soon.

Professor Birch

Shaun was puzzled, there didn't seem to be anything wrong. She had come to the right place, but yet there was no one there. I wonder if he's out studying pokemon, mom told me he goes out to...where was it again? She paused for a moment, thinking and trying to remember what her mother had told her at dinnertime last night. I think it was Route 101, oh well, no harm in checking. She set off again at a sprint, it felt wonderful to be running this morning, she wondered how far she had run by now, a mile, two miles? It didn't matter.

Suddenly, Shawn heard a shout in the distance, and began sprinting faster, the wind blowing her hair back. The next thing she knew, she had reached the spot on Route 101 where a few other trainers were. Professor Birch...what was he doing? Shaun gasped, unable to really grasp what she was seeing. The Professor being attacked by his own pokemon? That was an odd thought. But whatever. Professor Birch must have seen her, for he suddenly shouted for her to take a pokeball and throw it at one of the pokemon. Shaun looked wildly around, and, spying the bag, made a dash for it. She took out a pokeball, and aimed towards one of the pokemon, an Electrike, which was a yellow and green dog-like pokemon. Well, here goes, Shaun thought, throwing the pokeball. So, did I do it right? She thought, as the pokeball flew through the air and hit the Electrike squarely on the back as it dashed forward, it bounced back and the Electrike glowed red before going into the pokeball.

I guess I must have did it right, Shaun thought, as she ran forward to grab the pokeball, then darted backwards, as another trainer arrived. I caught an electrike! She said to herself jubilantly. Finally, after a while longer, Professor Birch was able to stand up, and, after thanking the trainers for their help and shaking their hands, apologizing for the horrible first impression at the same time, announced that they would go back to his lab in Littleroot, with the pokeball containing the pokemon they had just caught.

A short while later they had arrived in Littleroot, each of them holding the pokeball containing the pokemon they had just caught in their hands. Shaun had no clue what was going on, but went inside the lab like the rest of them. She lined up with the eight other trainers in a horizonal line, facing the professor, who paced back and forth, and seemed to be deep in thought. Finally, he lokoed up.

"I was very impressed by your performance out there today," the Professor began, "and because of it, I would like for you to take the pokemon you caught as your starter." None of the trainers knew that there were other pokemon that had already been set aside for them, but they would receive the pokemon they had caught earlier due to the fact that Professor Birch felt that they had some connection towards the pokemon, as the pokemon were the first they had every captured.

Like many others, Shaun looked excited, not as excited, perhaps, as the others, but excited all the same. She looked down at the pokeball in her hand, in that little capsule is my very first pokemon, an Electrike. I can't believe it, she said to herself, I just can't believe it. Then she turned her attention back on the Professor, who was looking around on his desk. She watched with the same curiousity as the other trainers as he pulled out nine red...objects, she had no clue what they could possibly be. As they all stood wonderingly, he began to hand each of them one of the mechanical objects, explaining their purpose as he did so.

"These are pokedexes," he told them, going down the line and giving one to each new trainer, "they will help you record information on pokemon you see or catch. Try to fill you pokedex up as much as possible." Then he was going down the line a second time, this time passing out five small pokeballs to each trainer, once again explaining their purpose for those who looked confused. "Use these to capture wild pokemon like you did with your beginner," he said to them, "but remember that you'll have to weaken the pokemon first before you can catch it." Shaun nodded like most of the others, as she accepted her pokeballs with a word of thanks, and then the professor wished them luck and bid them farewell before she left with the eight other trainers in a crowd of excited muttering.


Shaun was walking along Route 101 once again after being given the Electrike from the professor. It was peaceful out today, and she breathed in deeply, closing her eyes briefly before snapping them open again. Professor Birch said that there were pokemon on this Route, I wonder if I'll see any. Shaun was thinking, just then, she heard a thudding sound, as a poocheyna burst from the bushes, it appeared to be running, when suddenly, it caught sight of her and stopped in its tracks. The poocheyna faced Shaun, growling. Immediately, Shaun took out her pokedex, first she wanted to find out about this pokemon, and then decide what she wanted to do. If it didn't attack, then she saw no reason to attack it, if it did attack...well, she had to defend herself, and her electrike, didn't she? She flipped open her pokedex to hear what it had to say.

Poochyena, the bite pokemon. A pokemon with a persistant nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted.

Bite pokemon, huh? Sounds...very interesting. But I don't know about catching it. Crouching down, Shaun did what she used to do in order to get pokemon to trust her. She spoke to the poocheyna. "Hello there," she said gently, "you don't need to be afraid, I won't hurt you," she continued, not the slightest bit afraid, which was a good thing, as the poocheyna could probably sense fright or uneasiness. She continued to talk gently to it for some time, and could see the poocheyna begin to relax, relieved, she continued to speak, as the poocheyna approached her cautiously. As it drew closer, Shaun could hear its stomach growl, and it whimpered. Suddenly, Shaun understood. "I see, you're hungry, is that why you're irritable? Here, let me give you something to eat." She dug through her backpack and pulled out a ham sandwich. Pulling off the ham, she offered it to the poocheyna, though doubting that it would actually take the meat. To her surprise, it did, and then made a small noise, possibly of gratitude, and ran into the bushes again. Shaun wondered why she had just done that, but it didn't matter, she hated to see any pokemon hungry, lost, injured, whatever.

Shaun continued on her way after meeting the poocheyna, when she suddenly stopped, spying a small clearing in the woods, that would be a good spot to get to know her electrike. Walking into the clearing, she took out the pokeball containing her electrike and released it from the capsule. It shook itself off and gazed up at Shaun, who got down to eye level. "Hey, Electrike." she whispered, as the Electike continued to look at its new trainer. Then it walked towards Shaun.

"Trike..." It growled, as it nudged Shaun's hand, awknowedging her as its friend. Shaun smiled at the small dog pokemon.

"We'll be really good friends, I promise," she told it, and it agreed with another low growl. Shaun spent a few moments getting to know it, before she returned it happily. She at least had managed to make friends with her started pokemon, that was good, it would stink if Electrike had not liked her, luckily, it had though. After returning the electrike, she stood up again and continued walking.

After a few minutes of walking, Shaun began to feel uneasy, but shrugged it off, and it disappeared for a few moments. Then it returned again, Shaun, wondering why she was feeling like this, turned around. It felt almost as if she were being followed, but who would want to follow her? Then she heard the bushes rustle, and held her breath, it was most definitely a pokemon, that rustle was too small. Then there was another rustle as the poocheyna from earlier stepped out of the bushes and ran forward. Shaun sighed in relief. She had been somewhat frightened, now at least she could explain her uneasy feeling.

"Hello there again," she greeted the poochyena, who had walked up to her and was staring up at her, whimpering. "Well, I know you're not hungry, because from your breath I can tell you ate the ham, but..." She suddenly had an idea, she kept walking, the poochyena followed, she tried again, and once again the poochyena followed her. "Do you want to come with me?" She asked, but when she asked that, the poochyena dashed back into the bushes and disappeared. With a confused look, she shrugged and continued on her way, wondering what in the world that poochyena could possibly be up to.

September 18th, 2008, 4:20 PM
To CTFx: Wow, that was strange! I told you to make your story a little different so I can't wait to see what happens next!

To Slytherfang: Both of the chapters were pretty good! When you get to Route 102 your post should be just this length. You can post for chapter 3 alone next.

To both of you: I hope to get your bio's up really soon!!

September 18th, 2008, 5:11 PM
Chapter 2 (Part 1):The Second Beginning

The entrance grew nearer...
He could feel a cold chill run up his spine...
What if I get attacked again?

He entered the cave...slowly...taking slow steps. Once again, it was dark, and he couldn't see.

He heard a noise...it frightened him
"Mak!" The figure reappeared. Hunter was frightened
The same shape appeared in front of him again.

He looked at the red and white ball, he had held it tight, and it had made imprints in his hand. So....how do I use this thing? He was a button and the ball opened. Hmmm...
"Step on in!" Hunter guessed

"Mak?" A confused reply, obviously it was the wrong way. What if....
He picked it back up and threw it at the shape.
"Mak!!" said the shape, in pain.
He picked up the open ball.He closed it, and threw it. Out of the darkness, a red light engulfed the darkness lighting up caverns that winced in the bright light. Then the shape was gone and there was the ball. He picked it up and ran back to his School.

He ran into the Principles office. "I did it! I caught it! I think..."
The Principle studied the ball. He threw it against the ground.
Hunter stared in awe and shock is the ball was hurtling toward the ground. He winced, expecting it to shatter and the Pokemon inside.

It stopped in midair and spit out the same red light. The creature came apparent. It was a yellow, little, fat thing.

http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/9518/296makuhitaml6.png (http://imageshack.us)
Makuhita, The Guts Pokemon
It toughens its body by slamming into thick trees. Many snapped trees can be seen near its nest.

A robotic voice yelled out the info of this thing. Principle was holding out a opened, red case.
"Its called a Pokedex, I want you to keep it." He handed over the Pokedex to Hunter, this was so much in one day.
"Son, I want you to go out and train this Pokemon. I want you to travel all around the region, challenge gyms, become the Champion."
Hunter nodded, absorbing it. This thing was to lead him to great things. He walked out the door, and ran home. He told his Grandma everything. His Grandma said her goodbyes. He went to his room, grabbed his favorite hat, his necklace, and his backpack, and left his house. It would a long time before he steps foot in his house agian...

September 18th, 2008, 5:16 PM
To CTFx: Great and creative way to get Makuhita! I was thinking of a dumb and a uncreative way to get one, but your way was way better! You may continue onto Route 101.

September 18th, 2008, 5:52 PM
OOC: Aww your just sayin that ^_^

Chapter 2 (Part 2): First step in tall grass

The faded sign told Hunter "Route 101"
So this is where it begins...

He took his first step out of Littleroot. He took careful steps through tall grass. He could hear sounds of Pokemon from all around. He found himself scared, but he quickly reassured himself. He grabbed Makihuta's ball, he gripped it tight.

A snarl from behind frightened him. He turned around. A black hound with a grey stripe down his back was staring Hunter straight in the eyes. Hunter fished around in his backpack for a Pokedex, still keeping his eyes strained on the hound. He found it, opened it, and pointed it at the thing.

http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/4948/261poochyenazh7.png (http://imageshack.us)
Poochyena, The Bite Pokemon
A Pokemon with a persistant nature, it chases it's chosen prey until tired.

No since in running then is there...
"Okay then, go...."
Whats the name..Makihuta...Makuhitu....Makuhita!

He threw the the pokeball down at the ground like his Principle did, and Makuhita popped out.
"Attack!" Hunter yelled, and Makuhita tackled the unsuspecting Poochyna.
"Haha...Attack!? Thats your move?" A voice chuckled from behind.
Hunter turned around. It was a kid with a butterfly net. Hunter burst out in laughter.
"Little Kid(hysterical laughter)Butterfly(hysterical laughter)Bug catching!"
The little kid got real angry. "Go Wurmple!"
Hunter pointed his Pokedex at it, still chuckling.
http://img509.imageshack.us/img509/6237/265wurmplevo3.png (http://imageshack.us)

Wurmple, The Worm Pokemon
It spits a white silk that turns sticky when it contacts air. It is used to immobilize foes.

Hunter all the sudden got real serious, it was go time.
Makuhita turned...confused....at which one to face.
"Wurmple, string shot!" The kid yelled.
"Watch out, Makuhita!" It rolled out of the way and headed straight for the Wurmple.
It hurtled itself right into the small worm.
The Poochyena saw its chance, it bit Makuhita right in the back.
"No fair!" Hunter yelled.
"Heh!" said the Little Kid. "Wurmple, show him a real tackle!" Makuhita was hit in the front, toppling him, forcing him to land on the Poochyena. Squeals of pain came from the Bite Pokemon.

Makuhita got up, but Poochyena still sat there.
"Makuhita! Lets give him a tackle back!" Makuhita nodded and threw himself at the Wurmple.

After that, the Wurmple didn't get up. Horror spread across the Kids face. He called back his Wurmple and ran home. "MOMMMYYYYY!!!!"

The Poochyena sat there. Hunter took a closer look. Its leg was bent the wrong way.
"Oh boy..." Hunter said as he lifted up the Poochyena. A sign read "Oldale Town, up ahead. Home of: PokeCenter, PokeMart" He ran to Oldale town, hoping not to encounter any more Pokemon. He ran through the double doors of a red roofed building. He was relieved to see a Nurse at a counter.

"May I help you?" She asked, looking at the Poochyena.
"I think its leg is broken" Hunter replied.
The Nurse took the Poochyena and ran into a room.
She came back and told him "He seems very grateful, is he your pokemon?"
Hunter shook his head. Now that he thought about it, he kind of wanted it to be. He felt sorry for it.
"Well im sure he will be ok"

September 18th, 2008, 6:08 PM
To CTFx: Okay, you caught me. But I had to say something, right? Just kidding! Anyway, the post was a little short. Not that much though. Try to make it a little longer in the future.
Makuhita grew to level 7!
Makuhita learned Arm Thrust!

September 20th, 2008, 8:27 AM
Hunter sat up in his cot. He rolled out of bed and put on his hat. He started to head downstairs. We walked through the door sprinkled corridor and walked into the empty lobby. It was bright, full of the morning sun. He sat down in a chair and rubbed his eyes, not enough sleep.

"How was your rest, Mr. Adams?" Asked a lady at the counter. She was different then the one yesterday, but she still had the same outfit.

"Not enough," Hunter droned "How's the Poochyena?"

The bright smile on the Nurse faded, to a grim look in the eyes. Hunters heart skipped a beat. "The leg got infected, and well, he didn't make it...I'm sorry." Hunters heart fell. THAT'S NOT FAIR! He said to himself.

He sat up in his cot. His t-shirt stuck to his skin like an exoskeleton, and his heart was racing like he was skydiving. Some sicko dream. He said to himself. He rubbed his eyes before grabbing his things and heading out the door. He put on his hat to mask his unkempt hair, as he roamed the hallway and stumbled downstairs. He reached the lobby, and it was the same lady in his dreams. Oh-no...was it an omen or something?

"How was your sleep Mr. Adams?" echoed the lady.

"Uhm, good, um, how is that Poochyena?" Hunter expected a full facial expression makeover, but she kept the same smile. "Just a broken leg, our state of the art healing should be able to patch it up by later today!"

Hunter said thanks and walked out the door. A man walked up to him.

"Welcome to Odale Town! Let me be the first to welcome you and direct you to our marvelous PokeMart!" The man said jubilantly. Poor guy gets paid to harass people.

"Alright whatever, show me the way." Hunter said, hoping this would get him off his back.

He lead Hunter to a blue roofed building, like the PokeCenter. "Here you go!"

Hunter walked inside. A few people were browsing among the shelves, picking up Poke Magazines, food, and the occasional Pokemon treat. He walked up to the counter, a lady that looked oddly familiar was at the counter.

"How much is a Pokeball?" He asked, thinking of the Poochyena.
"200 Credits" replied the lady.

Hunter rummaged around his backpack. He pulled out an envelope with the word "Savings" written on it in bad handwriting. He remembered his part time job at the local fast food joint, and he shuddered. He pulled out 200 dollars, leaving 500 left and handed it to the lady.

She pulled a ball like the Principle gave him from behind the counter and handed it to Hunter. "Please come again!" She sang.

Hunter held the pokeball as he walked back into the PokeCenter. They were releasing the Poochyena as he walked in. "Forgiveness is a long road," , he told the Poochyena, "but will you accept mine?" He held out the Pokeball. The Poochyena slowly approached it.

He tossed it at the Poochyena, slowly, and the Pokeball abosorbed it.

"Do you forgive me?"

September 20th, 2008, 12:21 PM
"Welcome to Oldale Town." The sign read, as Shaun arrived at the small, peaceful looking town, the sun had set, and the sky had darkened. She let her electrike out of its pokeball, it came out in a red glow, and yawned, the tip of its pink tongue curling before withdrawing back into its mouth. Then her Electrike barked sharply, cutting through the quiet.

"What is it, Electrike?" Shaun asked, looking in the direction that Electrike was gazing at, though she could see nothing save for a clump of bushes, and she could see nothing unusual about the clump of bushes. But even so, Electrike continued to bark. "Do you see or hear something?" Shaun asked once again, and Electrike looked up at her.

"Trike..." It growled, its nose sniffing the air. Shaun shrugged, if it was upsetting Electrike, she probably should go investigate, though she couldn't expect to find much. Just then, Electrike barked again, and the poocheyna, once again, appeared from the clump of bushes. Shaun stepped backwards, surprised to see the small bite pokemon again.

"Poochyena!" She cried, as the Poochyena ran up to her, Electrike still eying it suspiciously, as if thinking that it could possibly be dangerous. "What are you doing here? Have you followed us all the way to Oldale Town?"

"Yena! Rroo!" Poochyena replied, looking pleased with itself, though wincing slightly. Shaun noticed that it was carring one paw strangely, and, concerned, bent down to inspect it. The poochyena let her take the paw, and as she looked at it, she noticed that there was a large thorn embedded in it. The poochyena whimpered in pain as Shaun lightly touched the area around the thorn.

"Luckily there's a pokemon center close by," Shaun said, looking at Electrike, who nodded seriously, "we can take you there, I don't trust myself to take that thorn out. Knowing me, it'll probably do more harm than good if I try to remove it myself, here, I'll carry you to save you some pain. I'm sorry, Electrike, I know it sounds like I don't care about you right now, but I promise we'll go do some training in a bit, okay?" Electrike, who had been eyeing the poochyena jealously, seemed to relax and nodded, though it wouldn't go inside its pokeball when Shaun tried to return it. No, it wanted to stay out and walk to the pokemon center with Shaun and the poochyena. Shaun bent down and gently lifted the small pokemon up, and, carrying it in her arms, she walked onto the streets of Oldale Town, searching for the pokemon center. It shouldn't bee too hard to find, as this wasn't a big town. Where could the pokemon center be?

Just then, Shaun spotted the large, bright letter P that stood for the pokemon center, and walked in the direction of the P, Electrike walking alongside her. The poochyena looked somewhat afraid of all the people and cars and things around it, but didn't make a noise, except for a small whimper occasionally. She reached the Pokemon Center in only a few minutes, and walked through the doors, approaching the front desk. "Chansey?" Came a voice, as a large, pink pokemon came up to her, wearing a nurse hat.

"Um, hi, this poochyena has a thorn in its paw, and I was afraid to remove it because I might accidentally do something wrong, so...could you help me with that?" "Chansey!" The chansey disappeared for a moment, and came back rolling a cot. "Well, thanks a lot," Shaun said to the Chansey, placing the poochyena on, Chansey rolled the cot away and a different one came up to Shaun, who spun around. "Um...hello." The Chansey led Shaun to a room in the pokemon center, which contained a few bunk beds, several of which had trainers sleeping in them, and showed Shaun to one. "Thanks so much, Chansey." "Chansey!" The Chansey said happily, leaving Shaun. Electrike, who had been following Shaun, leapt up onto the bed, Shaun didn't know what else to do, so she lay down, staring at the bunk above her. She hadn't even eaten dinner, though that wasn't an issue, as she wasn't hungry to begin with. She heard a gentle snuffling sound and realized that Electrike, who had decided to sleep on the pillow next to Shaun's head, had already drifted off. She sighed and continued to stare at the bunk above her, until eventually, she fell asleep.

Shaun awoke early the next morning, and sat up, "Trike?" her Electrike murmured softly, waking up and yawning, then walking over the sheets to where Shaun was sitting up, settling down next to her. No one else appeared to be awake, no one but her and Electrike, that is. But Shaun decided to leave the room anyways, she picked up her bag, put her shoes back on, and stood up, Electrike leapt lightly off the bed, and Shaun made the bed, pulling the sheets up tightly, and tucking them in, before walking over to the door. She opened the door silently, and held it open for Electrike, then slipped out herself, closing it quietly behind her. She and Electrike walked down the hallway, their footsteps seeming to echo in the quiet, and she suspected that everyone was asleep, not so. As soon as they entered the main part of the building, they were greeted by a flurry of activity. Trainers walked in and out of the building with their pokemon, and Chanseys constantly entered and left through different doors all lined up in a row, which all led to different rooms. One Chansey, after spotting Shaun awake, disappeared through the third door to the left, reappearing with the poochyena on a cot, it was standing up and yipped as it spotted Shaun and Electrike. It leapt lightly down from the cot, the injured paw bandaged, Nurse Joy came over.

"That poochyena should be fine now, though the thorn was embedded rather deeply, we had some slight trouble removing it, and the poochyena should take care not to put too much strain on that paw for a few days. Am I correct in saying that it isn't yours?" Shaun nodded quickly. "Well, I think that it would very much like to go with you, after all, you helped it when it was injured." Then Nurse Joy gave a cry of surprise as a trainer walked in with a desperately injured pokemon that he said he had found in the wild, and left Shaun to consider what she had just been told. Shaun exchanged a look with Electrike, then looked to Poochyena, who was gazing at her nervously.

"Well, would you like to come with me?" Shaun asked the bite pokemon, who paused, and gave a small nod, Electrike growled approvingly. Shaun took out a pokeball, which Poochyena eyed suspiciously for a moment before walking closer, Shaun opened it, and poochyena glowed red before disappearing inside it. She smiled at the pokeball, she had grown rather attatched to this poochyena. "Come on, Electrike, it's about time I spent some time with you, isn't it? Let's go find something to eat."

They found a small restaurant not too far from the pokemon center and ducked inside, luckily for them, the restaurant welcomed pokemon. Shaun walked up to the front to order, it wasn't a very fancy restaurant, but it was decent enough. She ordered a salad for herself, and a medium sized bowl of pokemon food for Electrike. She brought it back to the table they had chosen, Electrike leapt onto the tabletop and began to eat, making small, content noises as it did so, as Shaun speared a piece of romaine lettuce with her fork, bringing it to her lips and eating it slowly. When they had finished about half and hour later, Shaun picked up what remained, the bowl that had contained the pokemon food, and the paper salad container, tossing the salad container into the trash can, she took the bowl into the bathroom, where she rinsed it out, dried it, and stowed it away in her backpack. She could use it as a bowl for Electrike later on. Then she returned to their table, Electrike leapt down from the tabletop, and followed Shaun out the door.

September 21st, 2008, 6:11 AM
To CTFx: The post was a lot better! Keep it up!
You befriended a Level 5 Female Poochyena!
You obtained a Pokeball!

To Slytherfang: I felt like I read the same post which was kind of weird... The post was still good, though. Just a quick warning that in the future, you have to throw the pokeball and end the post. I'm pretty sure you know this already, it was probably because of the special story you had going on.
You befriended a Level 5 Male Poochyena.

To ~*Kanto*~: I'm sorry, but you're out. You have not posted in a long time and I want dedicated people from the beginning of this rp. Skitty is now open!

*Note* If you have captured a new pokemon, do not forget to make a new trainer card. Either post the new trainer card in the ooc thread or in your signiture.

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oh, I'm sorry! To CTFx as well.

I have used that storyline before in other roleplays and it seemed fitting to use it in this one, though if you wanted me to I could rewrite it.

September 21st, 2008, 5:35 PM
oh, I'm sorry! To CTFx as well.

I have used that storyline before in other roleplays and it seemed fitting to use it in this one, though if you wanted me to I could rewrite it.

Don't worry about it. I'm sure it was an honest mistake. I hope CTFx doesn't mind either.

September 21st, 2008, 6:33 PM
Hunter walked over and picked up the ball.
"Welcome to the team"

He walked outside, the leaves of trees basking in the sun. He released both of his Pokemon so they could stretch. Makuhita raised quite a racket as he threw himself at nearby trees. Hunter tried to ignore it as Poochyena winced at the smashing sound it made.

Nobody bothered him about it, it was normal for a Makuhita to do that.

A tall boy started to walk over. He didn't look happy, even though it was hard to tell because of his dark black hair covering half of his face.

"Looks like your training your Pokemon," he sneered. "They couldn't face up to any of my Pokemon." He was so full of himself. Hunter chuckled, "Want to bet?" Makuhita seemed to notice because he stopped his ritual and came to size up his soon-to-be opponent. Poochyena growled.

"Lets do this..." The guy said. "Go Lotad!"

http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/3742/270lotadmt0.png (http://imageshack.us)
Lotad, The Water Weed Pokemon
It looks like an aquatic plant and serves as a ferry to Pokémon that can't swim.

"Poochyena, your up!" Hunter commanded.

The two Pokemon began to circle, both of them sneering at eachother.

"Lotad, open up with astonish!" The Lotad put on a scary face and stared at Poochyena. Poochyena turned tail and ran behind Hunter.

"Poochy, what are you doing? Go get him!" Poochyena sat there, shivering.

"Hah! What a coward!" The kid yelled.

"Guess its your turn, Makuhita!" Hunter yelled. Makuhita nodded and walked straight up to the Lotad.

"Send him running back, use Astonish." Lotad pulled off the same move, but it didn't affect Makuhita, he just stood there.

"Hit him with a real move, use Arm Thrust!" Makuhita opened his fists and drove his arms into the face of the Lotad three times before stopping. Lotad stepped back a couple of times, stunned, and got back into focus.

"No more messing around..." Said the tall kid. "Lotad, Nature Power!"
Leaves and blades of grass began to float in the air, and then they all started to fly at Makuhita.

Makuhita raised up his arms to try to block most of it, but the power still knocked him back. After it stopped, his arms were cut and bloody. Both Pokemon were panting now, very tired and injured.

"Lotad, Nature Power one more time!" Leaves and grass begin to rise again.

"Makuhita, quick, tackle!" Makuhita threw himself at Lotad as he began his barrage of grass. When the dust cleared, Makuhita was on top of Lotad, they were both knocked out.

"Lotad, return!" yelled the boy, as Hunter recalled Makuhita.

"Is your wimp of a Poochyena brave enough to take on my Zigzagoon?" He taunted as he threw out a Zigzagoon.

http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/7338/263zigzagoonac9.png (http://imageshack.us)
Zigzagoon, the TinyRacoon Pokemon
It walks in zigzag fashion. It is good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground.

Poochyena came out from behind Hunter's legs and growled at the Zigzagoon. This, she could take.

"Alright Poochyena, show me what you got, Tackle!"
Poochyena began its charge on the Zigzagoon, "Zigzagoon, Dodge, then follow up with your own tackle!" Zigzagoon jumped in a diagonal motion, then pounced on the Poochyena.

"Poochy, hurry knock him off of you then hit him while he's down!" Poochyena jumped and knocked the Zigzagoon of her back, shoving the Zigzagoon on the ground. Then she tackled full force into the belly of the Zigzagoon.

The Zigzagoon squirmed up and fell back down, it lost its breath. "Hurry, follow up with another tackle on its side!"

"Zigzagoon, dodge it!" Poochyena once again began here charge, and Zigzagoon tried to move out of the way, but it was in far too much pain. Another blow connected and the Zigzagoon gave up. It fell over on its side and didn't get back up.

It sat on its side, breathing heavily. The tall boy recalled his Zigzagoon and gave Hunter a nasty look. He begin to walk away, and Hunter saw a chance to throw his personality in his face.

"Hey, I should know the name of the guy I just beat!"

The kid turned around, sneered, and replied, "Parker" with his teeth clenched.

Hunter grabbed his Poochy and hugged her tight as his new rival skulked away.

September 22nd, 2008, 4:06 AM
To CTFx: Very good battle post! Introducing a rival can make some very interestinng posts in the future.
Makuhita grew to Level 9!
Poochyena grew to Level 7!

September 23rd, 2008, 3:54 AM
To BrianGabriel: Very good battle post! Your Seedot's lack of confidence is interesting.
Mudkip grew to Level 8!
Seedot grew to Level 7!
Mudkip learned Mud-Slap!
Seedot learned Growth!

To Everyone: I'm also using the Platinum moveset now. Also, I hope to get the next chapter up really soon, possibly today! Some people still need their last post, so try to hurry and get that in.

September 23rd, 2008, 1:34 PM
Chapter 4: A New Friend means New Enemies (Part 1)

The early sun robbed the darkness, waking up the light sleepers, including Hunter.

He grabbed his bag, put on his cap, then proceeded outside. A cool morning breeze sent nocturnal bugs and Pokemon crawling back into their dens. Hunter sniffed it in.

"Its a beautiful day, I only wish the wind smelt better..." he droned as he crinkled his nose. He released Makuhita and Poochy so he could have some company.

At school there were 10 people surrounding him at once, now there's nobody, such a drastic change in so little time, it was starting to get to him.

"So," he said looking at both of his Pokemon, "shall we move on to Route 102?"

They agreed and moved on. They trudged through tall grass for a long time, as the glowing sun made its way to the top of the sky. He looked around at the trees protecting the open route. "Hold here, I gotta take a bathroom break."
The two Pokemon sat down as their owner went over to one of the trees.

A half-minute later, he came running back, looking alarmed. "Guys!" he panted "I just pissed off a whole bunch of Wurmples, we need to get a move on!" And so they came, like an orange flood, masses of Orange Worms made their way towards them, encircling them, closing in on them.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to..." Hunter said to the Wurmples. They didnt look satisfied. "Makuhita, Poochy, you think you can take them?" They nodded, but it was more of a "sure...." nod then a "of course I can!" nod. They all got ready for the pounce when they heard a loud screech overhead. This big, blue bird was floating in the sky. Hunter pointed his Pokedex.

http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/3915/277swellowms8.png (http://imageshack.us)
Swellow, The Swallow Pokemon
It circles the sky in search of prey. When it spots one, it dives steeply to catch the prey.

It made a nose dive straight for the mass of Wurmples. All the wurmples receded and ran back to the nest. Hunter felt relieved.

A tall girl with brown hair came running towards them.
"I saw you get jumped by those Wurmples," She laughed "So I sent my Swellow to clear them up."
Hunter blushed, "Thanks..."

"My name is Sophie," She chimed, "Whats yours"

The words found their way out, "H-Hunter".

"Well nice to meet you Hunter," she gasped "Oh my gosh, is that a Poochyena! Its so cute!" She noticed Hunter staring at the Swellow, now standing on the ground beside Sophie, "Oh this is Swellow, he is the evolve form of Tailow I found up near Rustburo!"

Footsteps cracked leaves, coming behind them. They both turned around and Sophie muttered, "Oh, not them agian..."

Two teenage boys walked up to them. They were both really tall, one with curly brown hair, and one with none at all.
"Sophie, what are you doing hanging around this dork?" said the first.
"Aww, look at the Pokemon, arnt they so cute?" said the second in a light tone, making fun of her.

The first one put his hand on her arm. "Cmon, lets go, youre coming with us."
Rage burst out of Hunter, partially because they were so full of themselves, partly to impress the new girl.
"Get off of her!" He slapped his hand off her arm.
"Wrong move," said the first teenager. He pulled his arm back and punched him really hard in the face, Hunter stumbled. Right then, Makuhita jumped right into action, he punched the first guy in the gut 5 times, and pulled back. The guy fell over in pain, and heaved "You want to make this a Pokemon battle? So be it."

Chapter 4: A New Friend means New Enemies (Part 1)

"Go Zigzagoon!" The first said.
"Go Ralts!" The second said.

Hunter has seen a Zigzagoon before, but a Ralts?

http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/4238/280raltsuc4.png (http://imageshack.us)
Ralts, The Feeling Pokemon
It uses the horns on its head to sense human emotions. It is said to appear in front of cheerful people.

"Well thats ironic..." Hunter muttered. "Alright Poochy, lets do this!"
"Swellow, your with the Poochyena!" said Sophie.

Hunters heart rised, they were fighting side by side...

Poochyena growled at the Zigzagoon as Swellow circled Ralts at a low hover.

"Poochy, tackle!" Poochyena rushed the Zigzagoon.
"Zigzagoon, dodge!" The first said.
"Ralts, use confusion on the attacking Poochyena!"

Zigzagoon jumped out of the way of Poochyena as Ralts hit it with a psychic force. Poochyena flung to the ground and skidded back, leaving a dirt trail.

"Swellow, wing attack on that Ralts, now!"
Swellow came down and thrashed the Ralts with her wings. Ralts fell over, it was down. Hunter looked, awed, at the sheer power that the Swellow held.

The second guy sneered, he returned his Ralts and watched as the Swellow now circled over Zigzagoon.

"Dont worry, Hunter, you can take this one." Sophie said, focusing on the Zigzagoon.
"Poochy, you ok?" Hunter asked as Poochyena balanced on her feet. She gave a nod. "Tackle, agian!"
She began her charge, "Zigzagoon, dodge agian!"
Poochyena jumped off all four feet, and touched ground. It skidded agian.

"Slow as a Wurmple!" The first teenager laughed, and the second one followed suit.

The Poochyena got up slowley. "Poochyena, one last time!"

She charged agian!
The teens laughed, "Dodge!"
She was ready.

She headed toward the Zigzagoon, but then as soon as she nearly hit him, she changed directions to where he kept dodging to, BOOM, it was a direct hit. Knocked over a couple yards, and the Zigzagoon got back up only to see another charging Poochyena, BAM, another.

Hunter looked at his Poochy, and Sophie looked at his Poochy.

They both said, "Wow she's fiesty."

The teens skulked away, defeated and ripped of thier pride.

"Well, maybe we will see eachother later!" She said happily to Hunter.
"Yeah" Hunter said, "Maybe Later"

She walked back to Odale as Hunter walked toward Petalburg. The sun was at high noon now, and the letters on the sign glimmered perfectly, "Welcome to Petalburg"

September 23rd, 2008, 1:55 PM
Shaun had left Oldale Town a short while ago, her Electrike at her side, because it preferred to walk alongside Shaun, to admire the scenery that it would not have been able to see confined in a pokeball, Shaun suspected, though her pokemon could have other reasons as well. So far, she had seen almost nothing, no pokemon at all, though it was, in her opinion, very beautiful, the trees, the sky, just about everything. Suddenly, she heard a shout,

"hey, you there!" A male voice called out, Shaun spun around immediately upon hearing it, looking for the speaker. It was a boy a little younger than her, clutching a pokeball in his bony hand, and wearing a t-shirt and shorts were baggy and made him look even smaller than he already was. He had ran up to her by now, and started speaking in a high pitched, squeaky voice. "Hi, are you a new trainer? Guess what? I'm one too, wanna battle me?" He looked so eager for a battle that Shaun didn't turn away the offer.

"Sure, I guess, how many pokemon do you have?" She asked the boy, who held up two fingers, looking excited and proud of himself.

"Two," he said in a firm voice, "two pokemon, a zigzagoon, and a mudkip, I just caught the zigzagoon yesterday, he's the one in this pokeball." The trainer informed Shaun, pointing to the pokeball he was clutching with his free hand. Shaun nodded.

"That's great, I'm sure he's an excellent pokemon, so, do you want to do 2 on 2?" She asked the trainer, who nodded enthusiastically, his eyes wide and excited beyond words. I wonder how good his strategy is, Shaun asker herself, removing the pokeball containing poochyena in from her belt that she hooked them on.

“Poochyena! Electrike! Go for it!” She cried, as Electrike darted forward, and Poochyena leapt into the air as it came out of its pokeball, giving a small bark and glaring directly forward. It seemed as eager to battle as the kid did.

“Aw, that’s the best you can do? Zigzagoon, Mudkip! Come on out!”

“Zig, zigzagoon!” The Zigzagoon cried as it planted itself firmly on the ground.

“Kip!” Mudkip called, following Zigzagoon’s lead.

“Okay, here we go, ready Poochyena? Electrike?”


“Trike!” Were the responding calls from her pokemon, both seemed ready, Electrike had moved into its attack stance, and was glaring at the Mudkip with narrowed eyes.

“Mudkip, use tackle on the Electrike! Zigzagoon, take the Poochyena!”

“Zigzagoon!” “Mudkip!” Both pokemon began running towards Shaun’s pokemon, preparing for the attack.

What a great battle strategy, Shaun thought, look at me, I’m standing right in front of a line of trees, any one of them could knock a pokemon out if it hit them. Now if he had ordered the pokemon to attack from the side….

“Electrike! Dodge to the left and use thunder wave on the Mudkip! Poochyena, run for the zigzagoon, but run in a straight line!” Electrike barked and moved to the left, narrowly avoiding Mudkip’s attack. Incoming tree, Shaun thought as the force of Mudkip’s attack sent it hurtling towards a young birch tree. There was a sickening thud and Mudkip was completely knocked out. You can tell he’s a new trainer, like me, Shaun thought, though she felt somewhat bad for the Mudkip, the trainer, looking stunned, returned it.

Meanwhile, Poochyena and Zigzagoon had nearly collided, and each swerved to avoid the other. Poochyena slid to a stop, as did Zigzagoon. The disadvantage of the Zigzagoon was that it could only move in zigzags. That was exactly what it did as it used another tackle on Poochyena.

“Use howl!” Shaun instructed. Poochyena let out a long howl, and when it was finished, it looked heartened and spirited. “Now use tackle!” Poochyena began gaining speed as it ran towards Zigzagoon, thought in a straight line. They completely missed each other.

“Turn and hit it in the side!” Shaun told Poochyena, who swerved sharply, nearly losing its balance, and turning to hit the Zigzagoon in the side. Unfortunately, the Zigzagoon did the same and they hit head on. Zigzagoon hung on, while Poochyena was knocked backwards. “Electrike, use tackle on Zigzagoon while its momentarily stunned.” Electrike didn’t waste time gaining speed, it hit the Zigzagoon with a full body tackle. The zigzagoon was knocked out as well. The kid returned it immediately.

The next reaction was completely unexpected and unpredictable. The kid threw himself onto the ground and began pounding it with his fists.

“Waah! Why’d you do that? My mom said I was good!” He ran away, sobbing.

“Well, that was completely random. But great job you guys!” Both pokemon ran towards her, looking extremely jubilant. Electrike tackled her, but Shaun didn’t mind. My first battle, and I won! True, that kid was a loser, but I still won!

Ooc:// This was rushed slightly, so I hope that its at least satisfactory.

September 23rd, 2008, 3:12 PM
To CTFx: It was starting out good, but if you want a battle, you'll have to add it to that post because it is your last one for Route 102.

To Everyone: I know some people are not finished with Route 102, but we need to move on, so hurry if you can please!

Chapter 5: Petalburg City
(1 Post)

Description: This small town is the first you will visit with a gym that is run by Norman. The town is so peaceful with nature surrounding it so the town motto eventually became “Where People Mingle with Nature.” Spend your time in this relaxing city to rest up and maybe challenge the gym leader for your first badge. Wait, what’s this? His gym is closed!!

Places of Interest:
Pokemon Center: A place essential for a pokemon adventure. They have free food, free lodging, and free healing of your pokemon. What could be any better?

Pokemon Mart (PokeMart): Stock up on any supplies you need before you head out on your adventure again. Supplies sold here: Pokeball, Potion, Antidote, Paralyz Heal

Petalburg Gym: The first gym of you adventure. It is owned by Norman who is the user of normal type pokemon. Wait, the gym is closed! You can’t battle here!

*Note* The order we are going in on the adventure will be a little wacky soon because of the fact that you must pass through places several times in the Hoenn region. We will probably skip around and such in the route order. This is just so you can travel around everywhere in the region. Just bear with it and don’t be surprised when it happens. (i.e After Rustboro we’ll go through route 116, and then the Rusturf Tunnel, followed by Route 105 instead of Verdanturf)

September 24th, 2008, 7:32 AM
Chapter Five: Petalburg City

After James's first battle against a strange but familiar girl. James's and his Seedot decided to travel to Petalburg City and get some rest. It was a bright sunny day, around three o'clock. The Seedot was growing in confidence after her victory over the trainer's Eevee. The two were strolling along through the woods, the sun was shining on the wet grass from the rain the previous night, the drops of water fell from each patches of grass for a glistening effect.

Upon the the tree's nearby, James saw many berries and apples spread across the branches. The boy walked casually across to the closest tree on his right, stopping by the trunk of the tree. The boy looked up to see many apples hanging off of each branch, rubbing his chin with his smooth hands. He placed them on the bark of the tree trunk and attempted to climb the fairly tall tree. While his Seedot just stood looking up, watching her trainer.

"I've almost got it Seedot." James said as he reached for the branch with many apples hanging off the bark. The acorn Pokémon carried on watching without noticing what it's trainer said, only watching him try and grab the branch. The boy grabbed onto the branch of the tree and swung from the trunk to the branch, grabbing it with his other hand as he swung over like Tarzan. The Seedot jumped up and down in excitement for a second or two, before looking around the area and then stopping, lowering it's head.

The boy saw that his Seedot was suddenly upset. Looking to the apples and then his Pokémon, he spoke out asking what was wrong. "Hey buddy, what's up? I've nearly got the apples." The Seedot kept it's head down, the boy looked to the branch again. Just realising it was starting to snap as he was dangling on it for atl east a few minutes. James closed his eyes as tight as he could and loosened his grip on the branch, but the branch snapped just as he did.

"Ow.. that's gonna bruise in the morning." The boy wimped out as the branch fell next to him, James turned his head to the right as he lay on the wet grass. He sighed in relief as the Seedot ran up to him and onto his stomach. The boy looked back to his Pokémon and smiled. "It's alright, your and emotional little fella arn't ya?" James said as he leaned up. "Anyway, it's a long walk to Petalburg. You better go in the Pokéball, you look knackered. I'll put the apples in my bag." James explained before taking out the Seedot's Pokéball and pointing it at her. The boy sighed as the Pokémon was sucked into the ball.

Later on that day, the sun had set and the temperature started to drop. James finds himself in the middle of Petalburg City Poké Mart, looking around the shop. He sees numerous magazines about Pokémon, Hoenn League DVD's and even Pokémon games for various consoles. The boy remembered the days when he used to buy all these things, but now he was buying what he needed for his adventure.

James walked around the isles to find what he needed for his journey. The boy looked up and down, seeing the prices of certain items. He took out his wallet and looked inside, he nodded and grinned seeing all the money inside. James put his wallet back in his pocket and grabbed a pack of six Pokéballs and a few bottles of potions and antidotes.

"That's fourty five, ninety nine young man." A pleasant old man said to James as reahced the till with his items.

"You know just like that?" James asked curiously. The man nodded politely before scanning the items and placing them in a brown bag.

"Yes I do son." The man said as he looked to the screen by the cash machine. The numbers flickered fourty five, ninety nine. James smiled as he took out his wallet and gave the man the correct about of money before taking the bag of trainer needs and walking out to the quieter part of the city where the Pokémon Center was just down the road.

James walked down the path beside the road towards the Pokémon Center that stood tall above the houses beside it. It's circuler design with it's bright red roof over came it's white underlay. As James reached the Center, the glass doors slided open as trainers came in and out for whatever reasons. The boy thought he recognised one of the trainers he saw at Professor Birch's Labaratory, but then the trainer was gone.

The sun was starting to turn in, so the lamp posts lights flickered on. By the time James had got to the Pokémon Center down the road, the night sky was starting to become more clear as the rainbow of blue dissapeared. James walked into the Pokémon Center expecting it to be very busy, but in truth the place was half empty. James heard a group of trainers talking at the corner of the room.

"Yeah, the Gym is closed. A right pain, I have to get my fourth badge sooner or later." One of the trainers voices spoke out.

"You think you got it bad? I'm on my seventh badge, how do you think I feel?" One of the other trainers said as he brushed back his purple hair. James decided to walk over and ask about all this commotion. As he walked over, he noticed many posters advertising various Pokémon Tournaments like the Indigo League and Silver Conference, James started to think about what it'd be like outside Hoenn before he was shouted at.

"What do you think your doing here?" The same trainer shouted at James. "Beat it newbie." He said again. James looked at the trainer and shrugged his shoulders and walked away very casually. "Hah! What a looser." The same trainer said again. This enraged James and his calm attitude faded. Stopping in the middle of his tracks, he turned round to face the cocky trainer.

"You want to repeat that?" An enraged James asked.

"You.. are.. a.. looser!" The trainer said slowly and clearly.

"You know, you're all talk. Let's battle!" James shouted at him. The trainer suddenly got very serious.

"You're on chump!" He replied in return. The two trainers pulled out a Pokéball from each of their belts, but before they could battle. A nurse ran over in her tied pink hair into curls.

"No Pokémon Battles! Have some respect for the sick Pokémon." She explained to the trainers. James put his Pokéball back onto his belt, while the other reluctantly walked away giving James the evil look. The boy looked to the Nurse who he recognised.

"Hey.. arn't you the Nurse Joy back in Oldale Town?" A confused James asked.

"No, that's my cousin. Nurse Joy from Oldale Town, I'm Nurse Joy from Petalburg City." She said like it wasn't confusing at all, but it was to James.

"Err, anyway. Can you heal my Pokémon please. I'll pick them up in the morning." James asked the kind Nurse who took the Pokéballs from James.

"Of course, they'll be as good as new in the morning. You get some rest in the lounge next door." She said. James looked to the lounge and stopped the Nurse as she started to walk away.

"Lounge? Have we not got rooms?" The boy asked.

"No sadly, there was a robbery not a week a go. So the police are still investigating. Sorry for the inconvinience." She said as she walked to her Chansey with the Pokéballs. The boy stood their pondering though, but he had no choice but to sleep in the lounge. It was better than sleeping in a forest though.

September 27th, 2008, 1:26 PM
Chapter 4: Petalburg City!

Max came to a sign that said "Petalburg City. Where people mingle with nature!"

Max smiled and walked into the city. There were many people and many wild pokemon. Max smiled like a kid in a candy shop. His stomach started grumbling. He grabbed his stomach and noticed the Pokemon Center. He walked inside to see a few trainers trading and giving eachother advice. He checked in for a room for the night and then went down to the dining hall for lunch. He had a PB+J sandwhich with some Cheetos. His pokemon had their pokefood and a Cheeto.

Max finished eating and went into the room with all the trainers. He saw some trading and then some were talking. He walked over to a young boy who was sitting there doing nothing and looking bored.

"Hi!" Max said walking over to the boy.

"Hey." The boy said bored.

"My name is Max!"


"So what are you doing?"


"Want to battle?" Max asked.

"Sure...I guess." Richard said getting up.

They walked out to a square used for battling in Petalburg. A bunch of people crouded around the battle arena to watch their battle.

"A two on two battle ok with you Richard?" Max asked.

"Yep." Richard said.

The two clenched their pokeballs and threw them into the air.

With two white flashes Treeko appeared and so did another pokemon. Max swiped out his pokedex to inspect it.
Cyndaquil, the fire mouse pokemon. Cyndaquil protects itself by flaring up the flares on its back. The flames are vigorous if the Pokemon is angry. However, if it is tired, the flames splutter fitfully with incomplete combustion.

"A fire type huh?" Max muttered to himself "No problem!"

"Cyndaquil Tackle!" Richard said.

"Treeko Pound!" Max called out.

The two dashed at eachother. Cyndaquil ran under Treeko as he jumped and spun around and hit Cyndaquil qith his tail. The two pokeon flew back a little ways.

"Cyndaquil use Ember!" Richard called out.

The boy seemed quit different. He wasn't quit or bored looking he looked like he was having a blast.

Fire shot from Cyndaquil's mouth andhit Treeko.

"Treeee!" Treeko called out falling to the ground.

"Treeko return!" Max said calling Treeko to his pokeball "Go Zigzagoon!"

Zigzagoon popped out of her pokeball and smirked.

"Cyndaquil Ember!" Richard said.

"Dodge and use Tackle!" Max said.

Zigzagoon moved out of the way and then ran to Cyndaquil. She knocked Cyndaquil over and then stood on top of him.


Zigzagoon started growling making Cyndaquil quiver making it lose attack power.

"Cyndaquil Tackle."

Cyndaquil pushed Zigzagoon off of him and then hit Zigzagoon.

"Zigzagoon Tackle."


"Cyndaquil Tackle."


The two pokemon colided falling back. They both stood there until finally Cyndaquil fell to the ground knowcked out.

"Cyndaquil return!" Richard called Cyndaquil back to its pokeball.

Richard put the pokeball away and then took another one out.

"Go, Jolteon!" Richard said throwing another pokeball out there.

A yellow pokemon with sharp ends that was yellow and looked like a dog popped out. Max swiped his pokedex out which said
Jolteon, the lightning pokemon. Jolteon accumalates negative ions in the atmosphere to blast out 10000-volt lightning bolts. Jolteon's cells generate a low level of electricity. This power is amplified by the elctricity of its fur, enabling the pokemon to drop thunderbolts. The bristling of its fur is made of electricity charged needles.

Max gulped knowing this was going to be an interesting battle.

"Jolteon use Quick Attack!" Richard called out.

"Zigzagoon Tackle!" Max called out.

Zigzagoon ran after the Jolteon, but Jolteon quickly dodged this attack and hit Zigzagoon from behind her.

"Zigzagoon!" Max called.

"Zig." Zigzagoon said falling to the ground.

Zigzagoon struggled to get up but finally did.

"Zigzagoon use Tackle!" Max called.

"Jolteon lets finish this. Use Quick Attack!" Richard said.

Jolteon and Zigzagoon colided into eachother this time. Zigzagoon flew into a tree and fainted while the blow seemed to have little affect on Jolteon.

"Return Zigzagoon." Max said holding out a pokeball "Now go, Treeko!"

"Ok then. Jolteon Quick Attack!" Richard said.

"Treeko grab the flag pole and swing around it quick." Max said.

Treeko looked behind itself and saw the pole it ran towards it and stopped in front of it. He waited until Jolteon almost hit him until he jumped onto the pole and started swinging.

"Now use Pound while Jolteon is still confused!" Max said.

"Jolteon Thundershock above yourself!" Richard said.

Treeko let go of the pole being sent flying into Jolteon's direction. Jolteon sent a bolt of lightning above himself. Treeko hit Jolteon's back and then was hit by Jolteon's bolt of lighning. Treeko got up with difficulty and so did Jolteon. Treeko without waiting for a command used Pound on Jolteon. Jolteon fell to the ground.

"Jolteon use Thundershock." Richard said.

But it was to late Treeko was already running towards Jolteon and hit Jolteon with his tail. Jolteon flew into a tree and then hit the ground knocked out.

"Yes! We won Treeko! We won!" Max said hgging Treeko.

Richard smiled and returned Jolteon to its pokeball. The crowd started cheering and clapping for them. Max and Richard walked towards eachother and shook hands. Then Max headed back to the Pokemon Center. "Could you heal my pokemon please Nurse Joy?" Max asked handing her the two pokemon in their pokeballs.

"Why of course!" Nurse Joy said taking the pokeballs into the back room.

Max sat in the waiting room and looked at his town map. He noticed that there was a gym here and decided that once he got his pokemon he would head over. Nurse Joy came out with his pokemon and then went back to the counter. Max left the center and headed to the gym. He noticed many trainers with many pokemon but ignored it all thinking about how great it would be to get his first badge.


Read a sign on the gym door.

"What? Closed?" Max blurted out.

He punched the air and then sat on the bench near the door trying to figure out what to do next.

September 27th, 2008, 6:51 PM
To Pikalover10: Sorry, but there is no battling in a town, so the experience doesn't count. And put some more detail in your posts so it don't feel like I'm reading a script, kay?

To Everyone: If you have Microsoft word or another sort of typing program, use that to work on your posts and paste them here when you're finished with them. I don't mind it sometimes, but the unfinished posts are starting to bug me now.

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Hunter slowly walked into Petalburg Town. There was one thing only on his mind, Sophie. He slowly trudged toward a big building, not even looking where he was going, and ran smack into a wall. His focus came back to real life.

There was a gym, a Pokemon Gym, right there in front of him, beckoning him with a picture of it's shiny badge on the door. He pulled the door. It didnt open, again, it didnt open.

He looked around for some Gym Hours or something, then came across a rather large sign that said Gym Closed. He felt stupid.

He walked back to the Poke center, Sophie clouding his mind again, and walked in the door. He gave his Pokemon to the nurse lady, than sat in a nearby chair.

She tossed him his poke balls as he dozed off in the chair. He awoke not to long later to see that same nurse lady poking at him.

"Umm, would you like to occupy a room?" Hunter smiled, he nodded than dazely walked to his new room.

He released his Pokemon on his bed. They were asleep, and releasing them had woke them. Poochy walked around confused than fell off the bed, to tired to whine about it. Hunter picked her up and put her next to the now-snoring makihuta, as she curled up into a ball and fell asleep. Hunter all the sudden wasn't tired anymore.

He closed and locked the door to his room. and walked out of the Pokecenter.

The darkened landscape filled him with safety. All the quaint houses with their porch lights on. He went down to a small pond. He looked in his reflection. His white hat, blonde hair, his face. He smiled as an odd pokemon swam up and stared him in the face. He scanned his Pokedex across it.

http://img398.imageshack.us/img398/9951/129magikarpbs6.png (http://imageshack.us)
Magikarp, the Fish Pokemon
It is said to be the world's weakest Pokémon. No one knows why it has managed to survive.

He laughed as it said the last words. Worlds weakest Pokemon, "Dont worry," Hunter said, "One day you will grow up to be big and strong like all the rest of the pokemon." The fish swam back down. Hunter decided to leave the pond.

He found a bench and sat on it, scanning the Town, for anything. Something caught his eye. A black moving figure. He swiped his Pokedex, but nothing. It wasn't a Pokemon...his heart fell down to his feet. No...not them...dear god not them... He ran back to his room at full speed, closed and locked his door, and sat curled up in his bed. He didnt sleep the rest of the night, because they had found him. Old memories flooded back to him. For the first time in a while, he was scared.

September 29th, 2008, 5:34 PM
To BrianGabriel: You scared me for a second when you said "Let's battle!" Anyways, that was a good post!

To CTFx: Great suspense there! Can't wait to read what happens!

To Everyone: If you're still on Route 102, try to catch up. Sooner or later, I'll just leave you guys behind and then I'll kick you out, and some of you are really too good for that!

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I hope this isn't counted as double posting since I'm putting up an update! Anyways, seeing as the rp is falling down, I decided to put up the next chapter for the people dedicated to the rp.

Chapter 6: Petalburg Woods
(4 Posts)

Description: Deep and dark, the woods are the place that some trainers do not like to travel through. It is filled with many bug pokemon along some different rare ones too. In order to get through the woods safely, you’ll have to be brave and push through all obstacles whether it is a bug pokemon or a trainer challenging you. Just be warned that Team Aqua is said to be roaming the woods. Keep a close eye out for them for they will challenge you if they spot you.

Wild Pokemon

Type- Bug
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting (If Level 5)
Ability- Shield Dust
Rarity- Common

Type- Grass
Gender- Random
Attacks- Absorb, Tackle (If Level 5)
Ability- Effect Spore, Poison Heal
Rarity- Uncommon

Level- 3-5
Type- Bug
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Protect
Ability- Sturdy
Rarity- Uncommon

Level- 3-5
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Scratch, Yawn
Ability- Traunt
Rarity- Rare
(*Note* This pokemon constantly slacks off)

Level- 2-4
Type- Electric
Gender- Random
Attacks- Thundershock, Growl
Ability- Static
Rarity- Very Rare

!!Team Aqua Appearance!!
Team Aqua, a team that wants to drown the world in ocean, is walking around the woods, apparently assulting passing trainers. They will do the same to you unless you can kick them out!
Level- 7-9
Type- Dark
Attacks- Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack (If level 9)
Ability- Intimidate

Level- 7-9
Type- Flying/Poison
Attacks- Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish (If Level 9)
Ability- Inner Focus

October 3rd, 2008, 8:04 PM
Chapter 6: Petal burg forest, and a new friend.

Max got up deciding to just move onto the next route or whatever. He noticed a flyer on the wall of a building and went over to it. The paper was crumpled and had rips through the words, but it was readible. It said "Petalburg Forest just ahead."

Max looked down the street he was on and noticed was looked like the enterance. He headed over to the enterance and came up to it. The enterance was an old wooden gate with many cracks and nicks in the post. There was an open spot in the gate so that passing trainers could get in and out of the woods. Max drew in a deep breath of air and then slowly let it out.

He walked through the rickedy gate into a forest, dark, damp, and spookier then ever. Max shuddered walking in there. He wallked around the dark, damp forest curious to what was in there. He heard lightning coming from behind some tree tops.

"What the heck was that?" Max asked turning around.

He walked over to where the lightning was and saw a man with a net and a Mighteyana attacking a yellow pokemon. The man threw the net at it, the net was spikes which hurt the pokemon even more.

"Stop it!" Max yelled jumping out in front of the pokemon.

"What the? Oh its just a little brat.Get out of my way kid." the man said.

"No. I will not let a poacher just get by me and hurt inosent pokemon." Max said.

The poacher stood there looking madder then ever.

"Mighteyana use bite on the kid!" the poacher said.

Max stood there cringing in fear. The yellow pokemon behind him sprang to its feet.

"Pikachuuuu!" It yelled shooting electricity first at the Mighteyana and then at the poacher.

"Waah!" the poacher yelled running away.

Max looked at the little pokemon who looked at him and smiled.

"Want to come with me on my journey little guy?" Max asked.

The pokemon nodded and then got into a fighting stance. Max knew that the pokemon wanted him to battle it to see how good Max was at battling.Max swiftly took his pokedex out.
Pikachu, the electric mouse pokemon. This pokemon stores electric energy in its red pouches. When a group of these pokemon gather thunderstorms start.

Max put it away and stood there staring at the little mouse who was staring back at him. Max slowly grabbed Treeko's pokeball. He grabbed it and pressed the button to make the okeball bigger and then threw it. In a blinding white flash the green gecko appeared.

"Ok Treeko. Lets catch us a Pikachu! Use Pound!" Max said.

Treeko bent onto all fours and dashed at the mouse. The Pikachu stood there wondering what was going on and quickly caught on. Sparks started shooting from its cheeks rapidly and then one came at Treeko. Treeko jumped over it and dodged it. Then he came around behind Pikachu and wacked Pikachu with his tail. Pikachu was sent flying into a nearby tree and then got up. It was even madder know. Electricity was shooting everywhere. It was barely missing Treeko and was hitting Max.

"Treeko use Pound again." Max said.

Treeko ran at Pikachu again, but was sent flying into a tree when one of the bolts of electricity hit him.

"Treeko!" Max said looking back.

He wasn't paying attention and was hit by a bolt of electricity. He fell to the ground and looked up at Treeko who was getting up.

"Treeko run and dodge the bolts of electricity." Max said.

Treeko got up and ran at the electricity. He jumped over, ducked under, and spiraled past many bolts of electricity. He came up to the Pikachu and stood in front of it.

"Use Pound!" Max said.

Treeko swiftly spun around and knocked Pikachu into a nearby torn up tree. The tree tipped as Pikachu hit it, and Pikachu struggled to get up. It shot electricity at Treeko stronger then the bolts before and Treeko flew into a tree, breaking the trunk of the battered tree in two. The top plummeted to the ground and landed on Treeko's body.

"Treeko!" Max said running over to Treeko.

Max grabbed part of the tree and pushed it as hard as he could. He couldn't move it. Then he snapped his fingers remembering that he could calll Treeko to his pokeball.

"Treeko return." Max said.

With a red flash Treeko was engulfed in it and returned to his pokeball.

"Ok then come back out." Max said sending him out again.

Treeko popped in front of Pikachu and stood there with difficulty.

"Treeko Tree." Treeko said grinning.

"Pi Pikachu." Pikachu said grinning too.

"Now use Pound!" Max said.

Treeko slowly turned around and whacked Pikachu hitting the battered tree. The tree tipped, but didn't fall over.

"Ok. Go, pokeball!" Max said throwing a pokeball at the Pikachu.

The Pikachu vanished after being engulfed by the red light. The pokeball wriggled back and forth and back and forth until...

((OOC: How many pokemon can we catch in the forest? At most I might catch two possibly and how many Team Aqua agents can we meet?))

October 4th, 2008, 4:20 AM
To Pikalover10: You can capture as many as you want to. Just now that you can carry only so many and there's a whole region to go through! I guess you can battle as many Team Aqua members as you want to, too, but it seems weird that they would want to attack you after you slaugtered one of their members already. It could be something like the two members are together and one fights after the other. (TA #1- No, I lost! TA #2- Don't worry, I'll beat this twerp for you!)
About the post, since Pikachu is the mega rare pokemon in this chapter, that means your post should blow me away. The battle is good, just add on some description and creativity on how you ran into the Pikachu instead of just walking up to it.

October 4th, 2008, 8:48 AM
Chapter Six: Petalburg Woods
Around twelve o'clock in the afternoon, James was already in the woods and holding a new Pokémon's Pokéball in his hand. He was so chuffed about this capture that he was running around in the dark woods cheering without thinking of the consequences. A flock of Taillow came storming out of the nearby trees and did not look happy. The birds all squoarked as James turned around realising he made a huge mistake. The boy started running away as the flock of Taillow started to chase him.

Earlier that day, a young boy around the age of thirteen was just awakening in a large room full of people in their sleeping bags or laying asleep on the sofa and chairs as a Nurse and a egg shaped Pokémon ran around the Center urgently. The boy named James started to lean up from the floor in his sleeping bag, before he could really wake up. The same nurse he noticed came to him and handed him three Pokéballs.

"Your Pokémon are fully healed, have a nice day." She said quickly before rushing back to her duties. The boy held his Pokéballs and put them onto his belt after he un-zipped his sleeping bag and stood up, stretching his legs.

"Now that was uncomfortable." The boy said as he felt the aches and pains on his back after sleeping on the solid floor. The boy realised the time on the wall, it was eleven in the morning, he had overslept again like many other trainers. He quickly rolled up his sleeping bag and pushed it hard into his bag which did take him a while.

"Use your strength James, ya wimp." A familiar voice spoke out. The young teenager swirved his head to the young man, it was Aron that he met along Route 101. Next to Aron was two familiar Pokémon, his Mime. Jr and that same monkey Pokémon he used to battle the Poochyena. James never found out about the monkey Pokémon before as he was in the battle against the other Poochyena with Mudkip. The boy turned around to his bag and took out his Pokédex from his side pocket and pointed it at the monkey Pokémon as the Pokédex opened itself.


Much of Monferno's hair is a bright orange color. Monferno now has an evident tail, unlike its previous form Chimchar. Its tail is similar to those of Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard due to the flames at the tips. This flame is often used as a weapon. When threatened, Monferno increases the size of its flame in order to appear larger than it really is, which is useful in scaring off attacking foes. It has white hair around its neck and gold arm bands. Monferno has blue-and-red markings on its face. To intimidate attackers, it stretches the fire on its tail to make itself appear bigger. It uses ceilings and walls to launch aerial attacks. Its fiery tail is but one weapon.

The boy slowly nodded his head as he put the Pokédex into his pocket, although Aron wasn't too impressed.

"Why do you always use that Pokédex?" The trainer asked shaking his head. James looked to Aron and looked disgusted at what he just heard.

"Why not? I've only been a trainer around a week now, give me a break for crying out loud." The teenager stormed off in reply, taking his bag with him and headed straight outside of the lounge. Aron stood there in surprise but didn't care, he put his arms onto his waist as his Mime. Jr mimiced his movements.

Outside the Pokémon Center, James realised he hadn't had a shower or brushed his teeth or even got changed due to his dramatic exit. But he didn't want to go back inside after storming out at such a petty little comment. The teenager pulled his bag around his shoulder and held onto the strap before he started to walk down the street. Many people were walking around the area, mostly trainers rushing back to the Pokémon Center, some with hurt Pokémon in their arms.

The boy looked confused and surprised as another familiar trainer ran past him. James turned round to see it was the girl he met at the Pokémon Center a few days back who looked just like the girl he battled against and won.

"Hey, wait a second!" The boy yelled out in confusion, the girl stopped and waved before running back to the Pokémon Center. James was even more confused as he thought about it.

'It's like she has a split personality..'

The boy thought about it as he walked down the road as he noticed a couple more trainers running down the road with an injured yellow mouse Pokémon, James knew this Pokémon, it was a Pikachu. He noticed the boy and girl with a few tears in their eyes.

"Okay, what the hell is going on!?" James blurted out as he kept walking forward past the Pokémart. A voice from the Pokémart then said two dreaded words.

"Team Aqua." The old man from the Pokémart James met the previous night spoke out. The boy turned and walked towards the old man.

"They're here?" The boy replied in fear.

"Yes young man, police are investigating the woods and trainers are testing their skills against them. But trainers are warned to stay at the Pokémon Center or take a differant route around the woods." The man explained. James shook his head as he looked to the woods in the distance. He nodded his head and knew he had to go there to test his skills as a Pokémon Trainer.

October 4th, 2008, 9:02 AM
Chapter 6: 2 Roadblocks and a...Lazy Monkey?

Hunter sat up in bed, terrified. He had that dream again, that dream that he had been dreading. The dream about...it. He rethought his actions last night...he had to deny it. "J-just a dream, I really didnt go anywhere last night, it was just a dream...yeah-y-yeah thats it, j-just a dream.

He got his clothes on woke up his sleepy Pokemon, Makuhita and Poochy. They reluctantly got on their feet, and he recalled them. His heart still beat fast, but over time he completely forgot about it, talk about short-term memory loss.

He opened the door, and felt that crisp morning air. He could taste the dew on his cracked tongue, refilling his lungs with hope of a new day. He walked on the damp grass, the droplets of water flicking up, hitting his legs. It annoyed him, but at the same time it relieved him. He passed the....STILL closed gym, and proceeded on the dirt path. A ragged sign said, Petalburg Woods Up Ahead.

Ugh, I hate woods. Hunter shuddered. He thought about all the creepy trees covering the sun's protection, the numerous hiding spots for bandits. No need to be scared, he reassured himself, I have Pokemon by my side. He released both his Makuhita and his Poochyena. He stepped up to an old wooden gate, separating the outer world from the depths of the woods.

He opened it slowly, the hinges creaking, alerting the entire forest to the presence of a new visitor. Poochy and Makuhita trailed behind, exchanging worried glances. Hunter looked from right to left, then left to right, then right to left again, scanning for anything that could jump out at him. He took a right turn, and almost screamed when he saw a tall man, with a striped blue shirt, and a blue bandanna. The pirate looking man stood looking the other way, so Hunter tried to creep back the way he came. He stepped on a small twig, SNAP. The man looked back, then noticed Hunter.

"Hey! Get back here!" Hunter was at full speed now, his Makuhita falling behind. He picked him up totally, while Poochy kept pace. He looked behind him to see he was losing the pirate man, then he felt an odd sensation. He was losing gravity, then pain exploded in his jaw as he hit the ground. He took a second to find out what happened, then figured out that he tripped on a lump of fur. He looked back, there was not just one man, but two now. Hunter's heart sank.

"What are you doing? This is Team Aqua territory, now you have 4 seconds to leave before we make you!" Hunter looked at one man, then turned to the other. I can take these guys, no problem.

"Alright," Hunter challenged, "Bring it on!" He set down Makuhita, dazed from the fall, and Poochy revealed itself from behind Hunter's legs. The Pokemon wernt grimacing at the Pirate-Men, but at the lump of fur. It moved.

Quick thinking, Hunter whipped out his Pokedex and scanned it.

http://img373.imageshack.us/img373/9706/287slakothco4.png (http://imageshack.us)
Slakoth, The Slacker Pokemon
It spends nearly all its time in a day sprawled out. Just seeing it makes one drowsy.

They glanced at each other, then the Pokedex, then each other again. They whispered, inaudibly, then nodded. One put his hand out.

"Hand over the computer, kid." One said. Now Hunter couldn't refuse the fight, so he put in his backpack and shook his head. They both growled, and sent out 2 Pokemon. One was a Poochyena, slightly bigger than Poochy, but the other was an eyeless bat, it was tiny and blue, and held a huge mouth.
http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/694/041zubatfi3.png (http://imageshack.us)
Zubat, the Bat Pokemon
Even though it has no eyes, it can sense obstacles using ultrasonic waves it emits from its mouth.

That part about supersonic waves worried him, could he make people go insane? Not a time to worry about it.

"Alright, Makuhita, use Sand Attack on that...er...Zoobat?" He stuttered, trying to make out the name.
"Poochy, lets start it up with a Howl."

Makuhita kicked dirt on the Zubat, and it seemed to start to cough and spit.

"Hurry, tackle it while its distracted!" He leaped up in the air and knocked the Zubat right out of the sky. But right as they both pummeled into the ground, Zubat sank its teeth into the side of Makuhita, draining its life.

Makuhita cried. It, without warning, started pummeling its fist into the downed Zubat, one after the other, for 4 times. Hunter had not told him to do it, but even so, Zubat was not going to get back up.

At the same time, Poochy had holwed, but was met with sand, like the Zubat, and was hit hard. Poochy tried to get back up, but from orders from Team Aqua, he had Howled, then tackled the Poochy agian.

Makuhita stood infront of Poochy, a little dazy, to protect his friend. Poochy slowly crawled back to Hunter's side as Makuhita covered her.

"Makuhita, Tackle!" He began his charge but was met with a dodge, and a hit to the side. Makuhita fell over, writhing in pain.

The Slackoth, watching the battle, walked up to the Poochyena, and yawned. The Monkey was met with a sturdy tackle, but then something weird happened. The Poochyena just, went to sleep.

All 3 trainers were baffled as the Poochyena snored.

"Get up! What are you doing, you stupid, lazy pokemon, get up! NOW!" The frequent attempts at awakening the poor thing was hopeless. He recalled him Pokemon, growled at Hunter, than walked away. The Slackoth was still laying where he had got hit, too lazy to get up.

"That was pretty nice," He said to the Pokemon, "I bet you could make a great addition to the team!" He rummaged through his backpack, then pulled out a pokeball. He tossed it at the Slacker Pokemon, as it was transported into the red and white bulb. It squirmed, then agian. Oh, so now you arent going to be lazy?

October 4th, 2008, 5:25 PM
To Pikalover10: Alright, the post was good enough for Pikachu.
You caught a Level 3 Male Pikachu!

To BrianGabriel: Wow, I can tell that a great story is going to happen! Can't wait to read the rest!

EDIT: Slytherfang I just noticed your post!
To Slytherfang: No, the post was good. The reaction of the loss the little boy gave would've been one that any kid would've given (Believe me, I know from experience :))
Electrike grew to level 8!
Poochyena grew to level 8!

October 4th, 2008, 6:30 PM
The pokeball stopped moving and clicked. Max caught a Pikachu!

"Yes." Max said retrieving the pokeball.

He looked over at Treeko who was scratching his armwhich had a nasty cut on it from the tree. Max dug in his bag and found a roll of bandades. He took part off and wrapped it around the thin green arm. Treeko smiled and jumped onto Max's head. Max stood up and walked back to the path through the forest. He came to the green mossy path and walked down the long winding path.

He walked along it for a few minutes and soon heard some voices.

"Please...*sniff*...Please. I want to go home." said a voice.

"Shut up kid. You're not going home until you dad gives up his pokemon." said another voice.

The voices were close. Max could tell. He walked silently into some bushs near the voices and saw a man with blue pants, a black and white striped tee, and a blue bandana standing in front of a frightened little kid who was tied up to a tree. Max moved his feet so they didn't hurt as much and stepped on a twig causing it to snap.

The man jerked his head towards the bush. Max held his breath as if the man wouldn't see him and sat there motionless.

" Zubat use Supersonic!" the man said.

A bat out of the tree the kid was tied to flew out and sent a blast of defening yellow soundwaves at him and Treeko.

"Waah!" Max said grabbing his ears and walking out of the bushs.

"A little kid! Well, you seem to have a Treeko there. I guess I'll have to finish you off. Come on kid lets have a double battle." the man said.

"A double battle?" Max asked.

"It's a battle were each person uses two pokemon instead of one." The kid said.

"Oh ok. On one condition though. If I win the kid comes with me. If you win, then..." Max didn't want to risk losing his pokemon so he didn't finish.

"Ok no problem lets go." the man said picking another pokeball.

"Go, Zigzagoon!" Max said.

A beautiful white light flashed and the racoon pokemon appeared.

"Ok. Go, Pikachu!" Max said throwing another pokeball out.

The white light flashed and the yellow mouse appeared.


"Zig." the pokemon said.

"Ok. Go, Poocheyana!" the man said.

"Pikachu use Thundershock. Zigzagoon use Tackle!" Max said.

"Use Tackle Poocheyana, Zubat use Astonish!" the man said.

Pikachu charged up electricity, and while Pikachu was open for an attack Zigzagoon ran up and tackled Zubat to the ground. Poocheyana came up and tackled Zigzagoon off of Zubat, who flew over towards Pikachu. Pikachu used Thundershock on Zubat then sending Zubat plummeting to the ground.

"Ok. Pikachu thundershock on Poocheyana again, and Zigzagoon use Tackle on Zubat once your free!" Max said quickly.

Pikachu charged up his attack again and shot it at Poocheyana. Poocheyana was hit and rolled off of Zigzagoon. Zigzagoon then ran towards Zubat who was creeping up behind Pikachu. Zigzagoon jumped to hit Zubat, but Zibat moved to its right a little causing Zigzagoon to collide with a tree instead.

"Zubat Astonish!" the man said.

Zubat dived at Pikachu and hit Pikachu to the ground causing Pikachu to slide across the forest floor.

"Pikachu!" Max said.

"Use Tackle Poocheyana on Pikachu. Zubat Tackle on Pikachu too!" the man said.

The two pokemon ran at the hurt mouse getting ready to hit him.

"Pikachu use Thundershock.Zigzagoon use Tackle on Zubat and make him fly into Poocheyana until Pikachus finished charging." Max said.

Zigzagoon got up and dashed at the pokemon. He jumped and knocked Zubat into Poocheyana causing them to fall to the ground. Pikachu was charging up his Thundershock and then sent it flying at the two pokemon. They both got hit and were exhausted.

"Ok. Now for the final blow. Pikachu thundershock. Zigzagoon Tackle!" Max said.

Zigzagoon dashed at the two pokemon while Pikachu charged up thundershock. Pikachu sent it straight at them and it hit them the exact same time as when Zigagoon tackled them. They fell to the ground. Poocheyana was KOed, but Zubat was still fighting.

"Use Astonish on Pikachui quick!" the man said.

Zubat dived at Pikachu after flying up in the air away from Zigzagoon. It hit Pikachu causing Pikachu to fall to the ground KOed. The man called Poocheyana to its pokeball when Max called Pikachu back to his pokeball.

"Zigzagoon while Zubat's off guard Tackle!" Max said.

Both the man and Zubat where caught off guard and Zigzagoon tackled Zubat to the ground KOing Zubat. The man called it back to its pokeball.

"This isn't over kid. You haven't seen the last of Team Aqua!" the man yelled running away.

Max shrugged calling Zigzagoon to her pokeball and ran over to the kid.

"Are you alright?" Max asked cutting the rope with a sharp twig.

"Yes. Thank you for saving me." the kid said.

"its fine. What kind of pokemon did that man want from your dad?" Max asked.

"My dad owns all sorts of rare pokemon. Mostly ones from this forest. I didn't know where my dad was and thought he was here so I wandered into the forest and then was kidanpped by that man. My dad owns plenty of Shroomish, Slakoth, Pikachu, and Pineco. Not to mention all my measly little Wurmples." the kid said rubbing his neck.

"Oh. Well you best leave the forest to your dad before that man comes back." Max said.

The kid nodded and then ran along the mossy path. Team Aqua? I probably should have asked the kid who that was. Oh well. Max though to himself. He walked over to a tree and sat at base of it to get a small break before he continued through the forest.

October 5th, 2008, 4:38 AM
To Pikalover10: Very good battle post! Everyone is making Team Aqua so interesting so far!
Zigzagoon grew to level 9!
Pikachu grew to level 7!
Zigzagoon learned Headbutt!
Pikachu learned Tail Whip!

October 5th, 2008, 9:42 AM
Chapter Six: Petalburg Woods
Part Two

It was all chaos in Petalburg City, one of the biggest crisis in a long time. Team Aqua, an evil group that are rumoured to control the wrath of Kyogre and the sea. A young teenager named James, he had only been on his journey for a week but has caught two Pokémon with help from his Mudkip, his first Pokémon. He has met many people on his short journey so far and has had a change of personality, he's became more excited and less controlled about his feelings. Little does he know, he was a great journey ahead of him, full of surprises with good and bad times ahead.

The sky was blue with the sun shining onto the crystal winds, but times lke these weren't a shining day. Team Aqua was scouting the area and rumours are that Team Magma are hot on their trail. Trainers from around the area were heading into the Petalburg Woods to test their skills, even despite Officer Jenny's wishes who had the police investigating the woods and taking back all trainers spotted to the Petalburg City Pokémon Center.

"Team Aqua.." A young bad said who goes by the name of James. "Hah! What a cheesy name." James chuckled to himself as he stood by the towering woods dead ahead. He looked around to see that police were heading to the woods, he knew he couldn't get caught so he ran into the woods without delay.

Within minutes the teenager was so far into the woods he had no idea where he was or the way back, there was no turning back now. He stood looking around, surrounded in darkness and tall echoeing trees. The boy started to cringe at the thought of being alone in the woods, but he was brave and confident. He started to walk slowly across the shaded grass, stepping over large logs of fallen trees and ignoring the cricketing and chirping of several kinds of Pokémon.

James's breathing was getting heavier and faster, the beat got rapid much like a stampeed running by. He came to the woods to test his skills, but he regretted his decision. The boy clutched onto the Pokéballs on his belt, ready for any sudden movements.

"Oi! You little brat, get out of here!" James spun round to see his worst fear is now a realisation. There a young man stood dressed in blue clothing like a sailor. "Oi kid, beat it!" The Team Aqua member yelled at James again who un-clipped a Pokéball from his belt and pointed it towards the Team Aqua member who grinned at the thought.

"Police will be here any second! You're going down!" An over-confident James yelled out to the sinister man.

"You sure about that kid? I could just knock you out, but my Pokémon will wipe the floor out of you!" James took a few steps back as he mentioned knocking him out and threw the Pokéball in the air and out came James's Poochyena that stood strong as it growled at the sinister man.

"Zubat, knock that pooch back home!" The Team Aqua man shouted into the air as he lobbed the Pokéball high sending out a bat Pokémon that flapped it's wings very fast. James as usual, got out his Pokédex to get some information.


Zubat is a small, blue bat-like Pokémon. It has two long, skinny tails. Zubat's face lacks any eyes and a nose. The insides of Zubat's ears and undersides of its wings are purple. Forms colonies in perpetually dark places. Uses ultrasonic waves to identify and approach targets. It has neither eyes nor a nose. It emits ultrasonic cries that bounce back to its large ears, enabling it to fly safely. Disliking sunlight, it sleeps deep in forests and caves until sundown.

James watched the bat fly around above as once again in his second battle of his journey as a Pokémon Trainer, he has to deal with a flying Pokémon yet again. Never the less, the young trainer looked very focussed on the task at hand. If he wins, he has helped stop a member of Team Aqua, but if he looses. The boy dares to think.

"Zubat! Hit things off with Supersonic Attack!" A deep grunting voice yelled out from the bloke. The bat sent out super sonic rays creating an extremely pitching echoe into the ear drums of Poochyena and James, but not the Team Aqua member. The Poochyena's eyes went blank, it's pupils bulged as it looked around confused.

"Poochyena, use Tackle!" James commanded to his dog Pokémon that didn't know what to do and ran into a nearby tree. The man in his sailor uniform burst into laughter. The boy sighed and shook his head in dis-belief before returning his Pokémon back to it's Pokéball.

"Okay go Mudkip!" James bellowed out loud as he threw Mudkip's Pokéball which opened in the air with a red beam of light surounding the scene where the Mudkip emerged in all of it's cuteness. "You're up Mudkip, you can do it!" James encouraged his Pokémon. The Mudkip stood strong as it looked up to the Zubat and remembered the battle against the Taillow.

"Alright Zubat! Supersonic again!" The grunt yelled out. The Zubat was just about to use it's Supersonic Attack but James was urgent enough to command his Mudkip to use it's Mud Slap attack which sent mud towards the bat Pokémon which distracted it slightly, but it took no damage.

"Smart move kid." The grunt complimented James. "Zubat swoop down and use leech life!" The bat Pokémon swooped down flapping it's short wings. The Mudkip waited patiently knowing what to do just like the battle against Taillow.

"Mudkip, you know what to do!" The boy yelled out looking at the Team Aqua grunt who concentrated on what the Zubat was doing and not Mudkip that started to run straight ahead dodging the Zubat swooping in. The grunt took a step back in surprise.

"Come on you stupid Pokémon! Hit him!" The grunt lost his temper and yelled at his Pokémon repeatedly. The Zubat got very annoyed by it all and just kept flapping it's wings, refusing to do it's trainer's orders. James and Mudkip were very confused but never the less kept focussed.

"Alright Mudkip, hit it with Tackle full power!" James shouted in excitement, the Mudkip followed his command and ran towards the Zubat not high in the air and jumped towards it, the bat didn't bother dodging out the way despite it's emmense speed. The impact send the Zubat back and then flew up into the air and glided for a moment before falling down through the air. "Mudkip, finish it with another Tackle Attack!" James got very excited and didn't realise the Zubat was virtually out cold. The Mudkip still took his order and collided with the Zubat which sent it towards it's trainer who didn't care at all.

"Stupid bat, you're going back to head quarters!" The grunt got exceedingly frustrated and lobbed out his second Pokéball which out came a Poochyena. James looked to his Mudkip who still stood strong on it's four feet.

"Mudkip return." James said to his surprised Mudkip who was sucked back into the Pokéball via a red beam of light. James then threw out the other Pokéball in his hand and out came his Poochyena that seemed to be recovered from earlier. It looked at the grunt ahead and growled viciously. "Calm down boy." James said sarcasticly. The grunt saw the Poochyena and had an idea, he lobbed a Pokéball into the air and out came another Poochyena, it's a dog Pokémon battle.

"Poochyena use Tackle and hit it hard!" The grunt's dog Pokémon in it's grey fur sprinted towards James's Pokémon using it's quick feet.

"You do the same boy!" James shouted to his Poochyena which done the same, using it's quick feet ability it and the grunts Poochyena dodged around each other trying to get the first hit. The two Pokémon stopped moving and growled at each other, showing their teeth. James didn't like seeing his Pokémon like this while the grunt loved it.

"Return Poochyena, sorry boy." James surprisingly called back his Pokémon and placed the Pokéball back onto his belt. The grunt however was not happy at all, he stormed up to James and looked down on him. James looked up to see the man standing at six foot not happy.

"What the hell are you doing!?" The grunt yelled out. James looked disgusted at the grunt.

"If I didn't call him back, that would of turned into a brawl. Not a Pokémon Battle, there's a limit!" James back chatted to the grunt bravely. Who laughed it off and patted James's head, scruffing up his hair.

"You got balls kid. Say what, I'll let you use one more Pokémon against my Poochyena and if I win, you got to get the police away and to make the deal more sweat. If you win, I'll give you my Zubat, it's useless anyway." James got entrigued by the offer, but mainly just wanted to beat the grunt.

"Your on!" James then grabbed his Seedot's Pokéball and threw it high into the air. Bursting out came his acorn Pokémon that was more confident with it's win over Eevee previously. The grunt however was bursting into tears of laughter.

"That's your Pokémon! How embarassing kid, it's a nut!" The grunt was so busy laughing that the Seedot got very upset which turned into determination of it's many mood swings.

"Seedot use harden, this is going to be tactical." James said to his Seedot, that hardened the shell on it's body. The grunt was still laughing with the Poochyena yet to receive a command. James scratched his head. "Okay.. erm Seedot. Use Bide" James whispered hoping the grunt wouldn't notice.

The Team Aqua member finally stopped laughing and didn't realise James and Seedot had already gained an advantage due to his laughter and not noticing what was going on. The Poochyena grew increasingly frustrated at it's trainer and barked at him. The grunt rubbed his mouth with his hand and stood focussed at the Seedot, but he then laughed again at the sight of it.

"It's so small! How are you going to win with that?!" The Poochyena barked again and ran towards the Seedot and Tackled the acorn Pokémon sending it back slightly. The grunt stopped laughing to see the Poochyena was serious. "Sorry you little mut. But can't you appreciate a joke?" The grunt asked his dog Pokémon. James was grinning at the thought of how stupid the grunt was.

"Seedot unleash your Bind attack!" The trainer yelped out as the Seedot glowed and ran towards the Poochyena with it's tiny feet. Jumping into the dog with emmense force it sent it back across the grass.

"Oi, kid! You're going down punk!" The grunt said as his Poochyena slowly got itself up but with an injured leg. James knew that another hit might knock Seedot out.

"Seedot use Harden!" James yelled out to his Pokémon that faces the Poochyena. It's shell started to crack at the hard shell as a shade of grey crossed it's body and went back to it's original colour. The Poochyena awaited commands and got them the grunt yelled out for it to tackle the Seedot. With it's quick feet the Poochyena pelted towards the acorn Pokémon that stood still.

"Seedot, Bide again!" The Seedot closed it's eyes as the dog ran towards it. "Be brave Seedot!" James encouraged the Pokémon and with the encouragement the Seedot stood strong and took the full power of the Poochyena's tackle where the Seedot then rolled back and onto it's two little feet again. The acorn Pokémon opened it's eyes slowly to see it was still standing and not hard too much. The grunt was surprised as the dog Pokémon and saw the Poochyena hurt itself in the collision.

James wasn't quick to react but did eventually. "Seedot unleash the Bind attack again!" The Pokémon suddenly bursted forward in the air towards the Poochyena that attempted to dodge the attack, but was hit on the injured leg as it jumped to it's side. The impact caused it to roll across the grass and fall un-concious. James and Seedot yelled in joy at the victory. "You did it! Oh my god, you're unbeatable!" James yelled out as he picked up his Seedot. The grunt though quickly returned his Poochyena and legged it into the trees. James and Seedot then realised they were alone again but happy at the thought of winning, they were becoming quite a team and Seedot was never more confident in her life.

James heard a voice noises a few metres away in the trees. He stayed quiet and listened in. "Yeah, I heard there is a group of Pikachu some where in the woods. Apprently Team Magma are here to catch them to help defeat Team Aqua's water Pokémon." A couple of trainers were walking along the woods. James was very intrigued by it all, a Pikachu. What a rare Pokémon and it's not from around Hoenn. James knew what he wanted and ignored the fact that they are very, very rare.

October 6th, 2008, 8:05 AM
To BrianGabriel: Good battle post! I can't wait to see how you include Team Magma and Aqua in the future!
Mudkip grew to Level 11!
Poochyena grew to Level 8!
Seedot grew to Level 10!
Mudkip learned Water Gun!

October 6th, 2008, 8:12 AM
Chapter 1 Pt 1

Beo had been thinking alot lately about his father, this may be due to the fact that he was on his way to start his pokemon journey, and any minute his ship would be landing in Hoenn. Beo held a pokeball in his hand, it was his fathers electabuzz which Beo has used for quite sometime.

"Attention all passengers we will be arriving in Little Root in approiximatly ten minutes" said a lady through a speaker.

"OK electabuzz it's time, lets do this for dad" Beo said to himself as he looked out to the town of little root.

Beo pulled out a letter from his back pack he had received from Proff. Birch, Beo re read the letter and then headed for the proffs lab were he noticed he was not there. Beo heared a scream coming from a path in the woods, Beo ran down as fast as he could before seeing the proff sourronded by several different pokemon, he also noticed several other trainers who just as he got there threw there pokeballs at the wild pokemon. Beo decided to join in this, and he grabbed a pokeball from his bag and through it at a wild skitty. The ball bounced back and fourth, before it stopped shaking and the pokemon was caught.

"Well I caught a skitty, what do ya know?" Beo said while scratching the back of his head and laughing.

(short post i know, but not much to talk about in the first chapter,,, post will get much better)

October 6th, 2008, 8:17 AM
To dboring: I know how you rp and I know that you can make posts a lot longer, so I'll let you slide by this time. As for capturing the Skitty the way you did, I don't want to say anything until I see what your next post is about. (It should be about meeting the Professor)

October 6th, 2008, 8:40 AM
Beo watched as the other trainers started shaking hands with the professor, he then put skittys pokeball in his back pack. The proffessor walked over to Beo and held his hand out to him. Beo figured he wanted to shake his hand so thats what he did.

"Thanks for helping out, you must be Beo right" the professor asked.

"Yeah anytime, and yes I am Beo" Beo said with no expression on his face.

"Well it's good to meet... Now everyone lets head back to my lab and get you all ready for your journeys" the professor said.

All of the trainers followed the professor as the walked back into little root town, and the lab Beo had come to earlier today. On the walk back Beo thought about releasing the skitty, but decided to hold onto it, for it might come in handy for a trade later. As the professor opened the door, all of the trainers walked in and then lined up and waited for the professor to make his next move. The professor walked over to a pile of pokeballs, and some high tech devices the Beo recognized as a pokedex like the one his father had.

"Well I was going to give you all your starter pokemon, but I think it would be a better decision on my part if you stick with the pokemon you caught today, but here are five pokeballs and a pokedex, use this pokedex to record the data of every pokemon" the professor said as he handed each trainer there five pokeballs and a pokedex.

Beo watched as the other trainers looked happy to get there pokedex, but this really wasn't that big of a deal for Beo as his main reason for his journey was to find clues to his fathers disspeareance.

"Well that is all I have for you, you may all go start your journey's now, please do your best" the professor said.

Beo started to walk towards the door when the professor stopped him, " Beo please come here for a second"

Beo turned around and walked over to the professor "Yeah?" Beo asked the professor.

"Can I see your electabuzz?" the professor asked.

Beo looked at him puzzeled and wondered how he knew about his electabuzz, but he handed him the pokeball andyway, and the professor let out electabuzz.

"Ahh you've gotten strong electabuzz" the professor said as he rubbed the electabuzzes head.

"Electa---buzz" electabuzz said excitedly

Beo was stunned, he had know idea how the professor knew about his electabuzz. "Wait professor you know my fathers electabuzz?" Beo asked him The professor looked back to him.

"Yes, actually i've known your father for sometime and this electabuzz was his starter pokemon" the professor said.

"YOU KNEW MY FATHER" Beo asked puzzeled?

"Yes me and you'r father were good friends, and when I heared about his dissapereance I knew you'd want to start your journey so I sent you that letter" the professor said.

"Oh well thanks, do you have any idea where my father could be?" Beo asked him.

Putting his head to the ground "sadly no I have heared nothing, but listen I know you want to find your father but don't let that cloud your judgement, you have great potential to become a great trainer, now you better get going before you get to far behind everyone else" the professor said.

"Yeah thanks i'll try not to, let's go electabuzz" Beo said as he returned it to it's pokeball, and walked out of the lab. As Beo headed down the path he found a little encouragement knowing someone else that is looking for his father.

October 6th, 2008, 8:47 AM
Chapter Six: Petalburg Woods
Part Three

Previously on James's journey through Petalburg Woods, he encountered a member of Team Aqua and thanks to the grunts stupidity and Seedot's bravery, James managed to defeat him and become more understanding to his Pokémon and himself. He seems to have grown to like his Seedot more than his first Pokémon, a Mudkip and playing favourites is not a good habbit if you're a Pokémon Trainer. After the battle against the Team Aqua grunt, James over heard two trainers talking about a group of Pikachu in the forest and his next goal as a Pokémon Trainer is to find one and catch it.

There stood a young teenager with his ever growing stronger Seedot looking bemused and intrigued by what they had just heard. A group of Pikachu in Petalburg Woods, that is a rare find. The boy had a thought and took out his Pokédex while holding his Seedot in his other arm. Opening up the Pokédex, he looked through it's already stored database. There he found the information on Pikachu, he flickered through the pages reading all there is to know.


A Pikachu is short, chubby, ground-dwelling rodent notable for its Electric abilities. Pikachu have short, yellow fur with brown stripes on its back, black-tipped ears, along with an unusually shaped tail, resembling a lightning bolt. Besides its evolution and pre-evolution, it may be related to Plusle, Minun and Pachirisu, due to notable physical similarities.

Pikachu are known to have acute senses of hearing, thanks to its large ears. Most domestic Pikachu are very intelligent, understanding and interpreting human speech at levels far surpassing those of any pet dog. Exclusive to the Pikachu's subspecies is the ability to release electric discharges of varying intensity, at will, through electric sacs in its cheeks. This electric energy can be manipulated into a variety of techniques which are mostly used in battle but which can be used to roast berries as well.

As Pikachu build up energy in their electricity glands, it is often needed to discharge, as to not result in a short, or worse, which can lead to physical Paralysis, or in severe cases death. Pikachu release the built-up energy through their tail, which acts as a grounding rod, to safely remove unneeded energy. A sure sign to tell if a location is inhabited by Pikachu is to look for patches of burnt grass, which is the result of the discharge. Through an inability to release a buildup of electricity, a Pikachu may develop a rare condition similar to the human flu. This illness is most often caused by strong nearby electro-magnetic forces, which severely impact the electric glands. If a Pikachu is introduced to a magnet, it will be attracted towards its cheeks, and display other common attributes of magnetism.

In the wild, Pikachu often travel in packs, and are rarely territorial. However, when threatened, a group can generate an intense electrical offensive, and the electro-magnetic forces exerted by the resulting field can even produce a short lived, localized thunderstorm. Pikachu can be harmful pests, eating and sometimes destroying telephone poles, wires, and other electronic equipment.

Despite this, it is a popular pet, and relatively easy to maintain, with little exercise necessary for its well being. However, it is important to discharge the electricity in its cheeks periodically.

As many know, pulling on a Pikachu's tail will result in a severe shock to the offender. Another defense of Pikachu's is the use of its nasty Bite which has been known to leave quite a mark.

They are found mostly in forests, but possibly because of their attraction to their electricity or simply because they are not afraid of people, Pikachu commonly show up in civilized areas. They may even enter houses, presumably attracted by the electrical output generated by the dwellers' appliances. Pikachu are native only to the Kanto region, although they have been introduced to many other regions.

After around fifteen minutes of reading, the boy finally finished and was even more interested in catching a Pikachu. He quickly scanned over important information such as not grabbing a Pikachu's tail and where it's habitats are. The boy closed his Pokédex and put it back into his pocket. Unsurprisingly the Seedot had fallen asleep from it's tough battle, James smiled and put the acorn Pokémon back in it's Pokéball.

'So it stays in packs, I doubt I'd find one on it's own. Seedot is too tired to battle and Mudkip is a water type, I guess it's up to Poochyena.'

The boy pondered about a battle strategy before he had even begun searching for one. He stood there for a good few minutes and remembered a documentry he once watched on Pokémon Safari. He remembered that certain Pokémon can sniff out a scent of a person or Pokémon and leaving food as bait helps gain trust from Pokémon but more dificult to catch. He took out Poochyena's Pokéball and let the Pokémon out.

"Okay boy, we are looking for a yellow mouse Pokémon with big pointy ears." James said to his Pokémon that started sniffing the grass ahead. James slowly followed behind his Pokémon where it's sniffing of the grass could be heard easily. The boy stepped over a log and stepped onto a twig that snapped alerting some nearby Wurmple, a bug Pokémon that is much like many other bug Pokémon that becomes a Kakoon and hatches.

The boy turned around to see the group of Wurmple, two of them panicked and slowly moved away. While surprisingly one of the Wurmple was brave and kept it's ground. James knew it wanted a battle and he and Poochyena was going to give him one, even if it sacrificed their hunt for Pikachu for a few minutes.

"Alright Poochyena, scare the other two off with howl." James saw the other two stopping to watch and his Poochyena howled and barked which did scare them off, but the other one stayed where it was until it suddenly speeded forward and tackled James's Pokémon back slightly, but not taking much damage.

"Use Tackle boy." James said to his Poochyena calmly. James seemed more focussed and calm, not yelling out orders unlike against the grunt and the familiar girl before hand. Never the less, the Poochyena sprinted towards the Wurmple on it's four legs sending it back and knocking it against the tree. James was just about to get out his Pokéball, but saw a bunch of wierd blue sort of Pokémon come down from the trees in anger. They stood there glaring at Poochyena and James, who slowly reached for his Pokédex again and pointed it towards the wierd Pokémon.


Pineco is a blue pinecone-like creature with eyes. Pineco have the tendency to explode at random times. It likes to make its shell thicker by adding layers of tree bark. The additional weight doesn't bother it. It hangs and waits for flying insect prey to come near. It does not move about much on its own. It spits out a fluid that it uses to glue tree bark to its body. The fluid hardens when it touches air. Pineco hangs from a tree branch and patiently waits for prey to come along. If the Pokémon is disturbed while eating by someone shaking its tree, it drops down to the ground and explodes with no warning.

James's eyes widened as he read the last sentence. He looked to his Poochyena and then back to the Pineco where they group of them were starting to glow, James noticed the Wurmple trying to crawl away but was too injured from Poochyena's Tackle. The boy looked to his Pokémon and then back and ran towards the Wurmple diving and grabbing the bug Pokémon dramaticly and aerobaticly. The Poochyena ran back barking into the woods, but not because of the Pineco, something else.

"Poochyena!" James yelled out to his Pokémon as he ran from the Pineco with the Wurmple in his arms. Suddenly a flash of white light erupted the scene and the force of the explosion sent James flying forward but luckily onto a patch of clear grass, but the Wurmple rolled off his arms and onto the grass. The boy saw the smoke above fill the area but it quickly cleared. He looked back towards the tree where the group of Pineco were all out cold by the tree. The boy looked back to see the Wurmple had gone, confusion filled his face as the Wurmple had gone and his Poochyena ran further into the woods.

"Poochyena!" The boy cried out as he leaned up and walked to the tree, dodging logs and fallen trees in his path. He looked to the Pineco and looked to his Pokéballs on his belt. He un-clipped one and dropped it onto one of the Pineco's cone body where it was sucked into the ball and rolled on the grass slowly.

October 6th, 2008, 9:31 AM
To dboring: Good post. You may start onto Route 101!

To BrianGabriel: Wow, the post was really interesting. I liked the way you changed courses from Pikachu, to the Wurmple, and then suddenly to the Pineco. It shows how Pokemon life can be so unpredictable.
You caught a Level 5 Male Pineco!

October 6th, 2008, 10:35 AM
Chapter 2

Arriving at route 101 Beo took sometime to relax, he sat down next a tree and looked out to the horizon of rt. 101. He then set down his back pack and took out skittys pokeball from it. "Hmm I haven't really seen what this skitty can do yet, maybe i'll just let it run around for a little bit" Beo said as he threw out skitty's pokeball and out popped skitty.

"Skitty- skit- skitty" Skitty said as it started jumping around chasing it's tail.

"You have to be kidding me" Beo thought to himself. At that moment the skitty noticed Beo sitting there and ran over and sat on his lap, falling slowly to sleep.

"Eh I guess it isn't that bad, but it's probably not very good when it comes down to battles" Beo thought to himself again, as he tilted his head back looking up to the sky, he slowly drifted off to sleep. He really hadn't sleep much lately, what with the dissaperance of his father and all, so a kick nap really couldn't hurt him. When Beo woke up he noticed it was starting to get a little dark as the sun was starting to set, he figured he'd better get a move on if he was going to make it to the next town before sunset. Then he noticed something was missing... it was skitty she was gone. Beo started calling for skitty but could not find it anywhere. It took him about ten minutes of searching around frantically before he relized that skitty had climbed the tree he was sleeping on, and had fallen asleep on a branch above him. He returned the skitty to it's pokeball and started sprinting down rt. 101.

A half hour passed and Beo was still pretty far from the next town but he kept on pressing on. Then he heared someone yell for him. "Hey you there" a voice said. Beo looked around until he saw a boy come rushing at him. "Hey your a trainer so you have to battle me" the boy said.

"Uh I really don't have the time man" Beo said as he knew this kid didn't look like much of a trainer, and with electabuzz it would be over shortly.

"Listen I just caught this zigzagoon and I wanted to try it please just battle with me" the boy said anxisously.

"hmm well this could be a good chance for me to test skitty out" Beo thought to himself... "Okay fine, a one on one battle"

"Yes... go zigzagoon" the boy said as he threw out a pokeball and out popped a furry brown dog like pokemon.

"Hmm go skitty" Beo shouted as he threw out skittys pokeball.

"Zigzagoon use tackle on that skitty" the boy yelled.

"Skitty dodge" Beo ordered.

The zigzagoon charged for skitty, and instead of skitty dodging the attack, it took it on fully.

"Nice hit zigzagoon" the boy said, as skitty got up slowly but then started wagging its tail back and fourth.

"Skitty why wouldn't you dodge that attack" Beo yelled.

"Now zigzagoon hit it again with tackle" the boy said with a grin on his face.

"OK skitty dodge this time" beo ordered.

The zigzagoon once again came rushing in but this time stopped short of tackling skitty. Something was wrong with zigzagoon it looked like it had fallen in love.

"Zigzagoon what are you" the boy yelled in frustrastion.

Beo was confused also so he pulled out his pokedex to see if it knew anything.

"SKitty cat like pokemon, it has the ability known as cute charm which may make the oppenet fall in love with it" the pokedex said.

"Hmm maybe you are useful" Beo said with a smirk.

"now skitty use tackle and finish the zigzagoon.

Skitty ran in an tackled the in aw pokemon right to the ground knocking it out. A small smile came across Beo's face, as that was the first battle he had ever won with his own pokemon.

"Great job skitty, now return" Beo said as skitty jumped at him and returned to it pokeball.

The boy trainer returned his pokemon and then walked over to Beo.. "Great battle" the boy said as the two trainers shook hand than went there sepreate ways.

Arriving at the end of Rt 101 Beo had made it just in time as the sun had just set. As he walked into town he felt a great sense of achivement.

October 6th, 2008, 11:27 AM
Guys, don,t be thrown off because I changed my name. :)

To dboring: A great way to use Skitty's ability!
Skitty grew to level 8! (I'll put your bio up later)

October 6th, 2008, 2:31 PM
Chapter 3 oldale town

After having just won a pokemon battle with his newly acquired skitty Beo felt pretty confident. It was now getting pretty late and Beo hadn't had a good night sleep in weeks. Upon leaving Route 101 Beo noticed a sign that said "welcome to Oldale town".

"Ahh finally I can find a place to sleep for the night" Beo said as he started to hear for the pokecenter.

"Hey you wait" someone said to Beo.

Beo looked around but could not see anyone "Whose there?" Beo asked

Just then a man in a cloak jumped down from a tree. The cloak was black and it covered his whole body from head to toe. "You're Beo right" the man said.

"YA who are you?" Beo asked the man you could sense some fear in the way he asked the man.

The man started walking towards Beo.. "Right now you don't need to know that, all you need to do is hand over that electabuzz of yours" the man said as he reached for Beo's bag.

Beo jumped back quickly "Who are you and what do you want with my electabuzz" Beo shouted at the man.

"Hmph this is much bigger than you Beo, just hand over the electabuzz and maybe i'll let you be" the man said.

Fear shoot into Beo's eyes as he thought this man may know where his father is at, but at the same time he couldn't risk losing his fathers electabuzz. "I'm sorry I can't do that... electabuzz come out and use flash" Beo shouted as he threw out electabuzz's pokeball. Electabuzz light up the area around him and blinded the man. When the light stopped shining Beo had dissappered.

"Hmm this may be harder than I though, better report back" the man said as he walked into the night.

Beo storms through the doors of the pokecenter, and runs up to the counter. " Hi I need to get my pokemon healed, and a room for the night" Beo said to the nurse.

"Hmm very well" She took Beo's pokemon from him and then went to a back room, she walked back out with a key. "Here is your room key, comeback for your pokemon in the morning" Nurse joy said.

"Thank you" Beo said as he took the key and walked to his room.

As Beo laid in his bed he knew it would be another rough sleepless night, after that encounter Beo just felt that something bad had happened to his dad, and it may be to late for him to save him.

October 6th, 2008, 6:46 PM
To dboring: Wow, weird. Why was he going after Electabuzz? And how does it involve Beo's dad? I'm sure I'll figure out soon enough!
You may post for Route 102 now!

To CTFx: The post was good enough for Slakoth, but you don't get any battle experience since you caught a new pokemon.
You caught a Level 3 Male Slakoth!

October 6th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Chapter 1: Saving the Moment
Marcus jumped out of bed excited to get his first pokemon from Professor Birch. He quickly packed his thins and got dressed in his usual clothes. Not bothering to fix his already spiky hair he darted down stairs where his mom had fixed his breakfast.

“Thank you mom.” Marcus said smiling and sitting down to eat his food. He ate his food pretty quickly so he could get to the lab for his pokemon. Standing up and cleaning his spot after a good meal Marcus headed out the door.

“Bye mom and tell dad I will see him soon.” Marcus yelled running to the lab. Upon arriving he seen a few other kids there at the front of the door when an assistant came out telling them that the Professor is not in the lab but is just outside the town doing some research with the pokemon. Marcus sighed and walked to the outskirts of the town to find the professor.

He noticed that the professor was in a trouble being surrounded by many pokemon. He seen the other trainers run to the pokeballs laying on the ground. Marcus followed them and picked up one of the balls. His hands began to shake as he became nervous that we would attempt to return a pokemon to a pokeball for the first time. By the time he came back to reality the other trainers had recalled most of the pokemon.

Marcus shook his head and aimed his poke ball at a small red crawfish like pokemon who began charging at the professor. He quickly tossed it at the pokemon and a beam from the ball and hit the pokemon and returning it to its pokeball. Marcus panted as he thought he would have been to late to prevent an injury to the professor. Smiling that he managed to help the professor out a little bit he fell to the ground from the anxiety of capturing the pokemon.

October 6th, 2008, 7:15 PM
As Beo awoke that morning he had an ominous feeling about the day ahead of him. He quickly got dressed and received his pokemon from Nurse Joy, he then headed towards Route 102. Entering route 102 Beo looked around to see a pond up ahead, he headed towards it. Reaching into his bag Beo pulled out his skittys pokeball, and let it free to drink some water, and get some fresh air.

"Hmm i'd let electabuzz out to but after yesterday I should porbably be more careful about when I him out" Beo thought to himself He then walked up to skitty who was drinking water and started patting it on it's head.

"skit-skitty" skitty said happily.

As Beo and skitty sat near the edge of the pond a wild pokemon fell out of a tree behind them and started rustling in Beo's bag, the pokemon then pulled out electabuzz's pokeball with it.

Beo noticed his bag moving and turned around to see this acorn shaped pokemon walking away with electabuzz's pokeball in it's mouth. Beo pulled out his pokedex,

"Seedot the grass type pokemon" the pokedex said.

"Skitty get in there and get that pokeball back, use tackle" Beo ordered as skitty charged right for the seedot. Skitty hit the seedot directly but it didnt move one inch.

"Ahh no damage?" Beo said puzzeled. Beo then thought back to his days in the forest being trained by his dad, and remebered something he said to him.

"Now Beo some pokemon have a move known as harden, this move will raise that pokemon's defense greatly, so dont ever under estimate the smaller pokemon." Beos dad said.

Beo then had a great idea, he noticed that the seedot was walking right along the ponds side, " Skitty keep hitting the seedot with tackle until I say to stop" Beo ordered.

Skitty started bashing into the side of the seedot repeadtly as the seedot seemed as though it was unscathed, "Thats it inch by inch skitty" Beo thought to himself.

Finally skitty hit the seedot after about ten times, seedot lost its balance and fell into the pond, with electabuzz's pokeball flying into the sky.

"Skitty grab the pokeball" Beo shouted. Skitty jumped into the air retreving the stolen electabuzz pokeball, and setting it next to Beo's feet.

"Now skitty finish the seedot while it's at a disadvantage with tackle" Beo ordered.

SKitty dove right at the floating seedot knocking it out, Beo grabbed a pokeball from his pack and threw it at the sinking seedot. The pokeball started rolling back and fourth......

(will wait to do part two until i hear your decsion on if i caught this seedot or not)

October 7th, 2008, 4:16 AM
To Koroc: Okay, good post. You may do the second part now.

To dboring: No worries, the post was good enough for Seedot.
You caught a Level 4 Male Seedot!

October 7th, 2008, 6:26 AM
CH 4 PT 2

Beo watched as the pokeball rolled back and fourth before he head a ding.

"Ya I caught a seedot" Beo yelled in joy, as he grabbed the seedots pokeball putting it into his bag, he then returned skitty and started heading further on down route 102.

It had been almost an hour and Beo couldn't see any town on the horizon, he wondered when he would reach the next town. By now he was starting to get very hungry, so he decided to stop and rest and make some lunch for him and his pokemon. "Ok guys come on out" Beo said as he released all of his pokemon from there pokeballs.

"Electa----buzz" Electabuzz said as it stretched its arms out.

"Skitt---iy" Skitty roared as it playfully danced around electabuzz.

Seedot didn't say anything it just came out of it's pokeball and fell asleep. Beo watched as his pokemon then reacted with each other, all accpet for seedot, he then turned and started building a fire so he could start cooking. Within five minutes the fire was ready to go. Beo pulled out a tiny pot from his pack, and then pulled a packet of rice out, dumping into the pot. He started stirring the rice around.

Meanwhile Beo was being watched from afar, by that same man in the cloak who had come up to him in oldale town. Beo had not noticed him, and just continued to cook his rice.

After about fifthteen minutes the rice was done, he then pulled out three packets of pokefood for his pokemon. The four of them sat there and eat there lunch. Beo's eyes started to get heavy and could feel himself falling asleep. "Hey guys do you feel tired?" Beo asked his pokemon, but as he looked around he noticed all of them had fallen asleep. "Hmm must have been the food i'll just take a quick nap then" Beo said as he drifted of to sleep.

The man in the cloak walked up to Beo and his pokemon, with a gengar at his side. "Nice hypnosis gengar, now lets grab electabuzz and get out of here" the man said as he grabbed electabuzz's pokeball from Beo's bag and returned it to it's pokeball. The man stared down at the sleeping Beo and then quitely left.

Beo woke up to find his fathers electabuzz missing and then relized it must have been that man from oldale town who took him. "No electabuzz, he couldn't have gotten far I have to find him, Skitty seedot return" Beo shouted as he sprinted down route 102 with little hope of catching up to the man.

After about ten minutes of racing down the route Beo stopped and fell to one knee. "Father how can I find you, if I can't even protect your pokemon" Beo said while hitting the ground with his fist. Upon hearing Beo yell skitty released it's self from it's pokeball and started rubbing its self up against Beo's leg trying to cheer him up. Looking down at skitty Beo felt a little relieved and some hope was regained. "Thanks skitty" Beo said as he patted her on it's head and then returned her to her pokeball. He then started walking down route 102 towards petalburg city. As it would happen though maybe luck was on Beo's side, for as he was walking he suddenly noticed something moving behind a tree about 50 yards ahead. Upon further inspection Beo saw that it was the man in the cloak.

"Wow talk about luck" Beo said to himself as he slowly and quitely snuck up behind the tree and grabbed the man. "Wheres electabuzz" Beo shouted.

"Get off of me or i'll never tell you" the man said angrily. Beo released the cloaked man.

"Now tell me why your after electabuzz?" Beo asked him.

The man just grinned, "You really haven't figured it out yet have you Beo" the man said, as he slowly removed his hood, to reveal who he really was.

"It can't be" Beo looked at the man in awe as if he was staring at the impossible.

"Yes Beo it's me your dad" the man said with a smile on his face.

A tear rolled down his face as he was about to run over and give his father a hug then he stopped in his tracks "Wait why not just tell me in the first place!, why go around and try to steal electabuzz from me, you could have just asked" Beo shouted at his father.

"It was for your own protection, listen I have to keep moving Beo, and I needed my electabuzz back, I just didnt think it was safe for me to contact you yet" his father said with a sound of regret in his voice.

"Oh, well can you at least tell me what's going on, and who burned down the town?" Beo asked his father.

"I'm sorry but I can't right now anyway, I promise in all due time I will tell you, you just need more experience first" he father said as he walked over and gave Beo a hug.

"Ok dad but just promise me you'll be ok" Beo said to his father.

"I'll be fine" his father said as he started walking away in the opposite direction.

Beo was still a little confuse as to what was going on and why his father was sneaking around, but he knew there had to be an explanation but for now he was just happy, to know his father was alive.

A half hour later Beo arrived at the entrance of Petalrurg city, ready for any challenge that came his way.

October 7th, 2008, 6:34 AM
Marcus got up and saw the professor directed them to follow him. He quickly got in line with the rest of the trainers and followed the professor to the laboratory. Marcus could help but to think about the pokemon he had recently captured and smiled.

“Okay here we are.” Professor Birch said as they stopped in front of his lab. “Lets go in.”

Marcus curious to see his lab began to gaze around the white room and noticed a bunch of red things on the tables.

“I am very impressed with how well you handled yourselves in the face of danger and I would like you to keep the pokemon you caught as your starters.”

Marcus then thought that he would have never thought getting his first pokemon would be like this. He looked at the other trainers who were also looking at there pokeballs smilling.

“Hold on just on moment I have some things to give you before you leave.” The trainers watched him go over to the tables picking up a bunch of red like electronic book things and putting a bunch of red and white balls in his pocket.

“Okay here you go I have a pokedex and 5 pokeballs for each of you.” Marcus grabbed the pokedex and the pokeballs putting them in his pocket.

“The pokedex are electronic encyclopedias that will keep track of how many pokemon you seen and how many you have caught. It can be very useful when in a tough jam sometimes. The pokeballs that I gave you will enable you to catch more pokemon for your teams.” Birch continued on about the things he had given them and then he let the trainers go on their merry way.

Marcus walked out of the lab and made a run for the Route where he met and saved Professor Birch. Lokking down the path He took in a deep breath and began walking down the path.

October 7th, 2008, 7:56 AM
Thank you both of you for working to catch up. :)

To dboring: Wow, you found Dad fairly quick, yet there are still so many mysteries. I can tell your interaction with your father is going to be interesting.
Electabuzz left the group.

To Koroc: Wow, I always have trouble thinking of something to type for the first chapter since it is so straightforward. Sadly, all I can say is good post and you may continue on.

I've been a very bad person with not putting up your bio's. I'm going to do that right now.

October 7th, 2008, 8:35 AM
ch 5 Petalburg City

As Beo entered the city petalburg he noticed a sign up ahead, he moved up to read it "Petalburg Gym -> " the sign read.

"Hmm this could be my chance to prove im strong enough and get my first gym badge" Beo thought to himself. He then raced off towards the pokecenter. Upon entering the pokecenter he went up to the counter.

"Hi how can I help you" Nurse Joy asked.

"Um I was wondering if I could get my pokemon healed up" Beo asked politly

"Sure just give them to me, it will be alittle while" Nurse joy said.

"Thank you" Beo said as he handed over his pokemon then left the center. "Ok maybe I should stalk up on some items" Beo said.

On his way to the pokemart Beo noticed how beatuiful this town, he then walked inside the mart. "Hello there how can I help you?" the pokemart employee asked Beo.

"Umm yes i'd like to get a five pokeballs, and umm five potions please" Beo said as he handed over the money.

"Here you go have a great day" the employee said. Beo then headed back to the pokecenter where he picked up his pokemon.

"Ok guys time to head to the pokemon gym" Beo said aloud, as he troted confidently to the gym. As Beo arrived at the gym, he noticed a hand written sign on the door, "Closed" the sign read as a dissapointed look came across Beo's face.

"Oh well I guess we could rest up for the night, hmm I think i'll camp out tonight since this town is so peaceful" Beo said as he started walking around Petalburg looking for a good place to sleep. Then he finaly found a spot just on the outskirts of the town. He took his sleeping bag out from his pack, and rolled it out on the ground. Beo then let skitty and seedot out of there pokeballs, and let them lay inside the sleeping bag.

As Beo lied there looking up at the stars he thought about what his father may be up to, and why he is sneaking around. He contemplated many different scenarios before finally falling asleep for the night.

October 7th, 2008, 8:51 AM
To dboring: The post was really short and it lacked description a little bit at the beginning. In the Peralburg Woods, just take your time now and made them a little more descriptive. But besides that, you've caught up!
You received 5 Pokeballs!
You received five Potions!

October 7th, 2008, 9:00 AM
After getting Corphish Marcus knew he had to get some training done because he knew that he made a promise to himself to give Brawly a great battle for saving him.

“Come out Corphish!” Marcus yelled releasing his new pokemon. “Okay first things first I have to name you.” Marcus began to scratch his head and think.

“Cor cor cor.” the pokemon said tilting its head to the side.

“I got it. I will call you Hammer.” Marcus said smiling at the pokemon “How do you like your new name?” The corphish jumped up and down with a smile on his face.

“Cor phish phish cor.” Hammer said excited as he watched the pokemon on the route pass by.

“Hey you there in the green shirt.” a high pitched girly voice yelled from behind Marcus. “Is that puny pokemon yours? If it is how about a battle?” Marcus turned to see who it was. He saw a girl with long blonde hair and a white dress on with red dots on it all over.

“Yeah he is mine and sure I will battle you.” Marcus said answering the girls questions.

“Okay then it is a one on one battle your Corphish versus my little Numel.” She said with a evil little smile.

“Okay. Lets get ready Hammer.” Marcus said with his corphish jumping in front of him.

“Numel come out and use a tackle attack lets go.” The girl said throwing he poke ball and releasing a yellow camel like pokemon with a green spot on it hump with a hole in the middle of it. As soon as it appeared it charged at the Corphish not giving it a chance to react. Hammer fell backwards after the attack and the quickly got up ready for battle.

“Hammer use your ….” Marcus stopped trying to figure out his pokemon’s move.

“Ha you don’t even know your pokemon’s attacks. How pathetic.” the trainer said

“That right use bubble.” Marcus pointed his hand at the numel while his corphish opened up his claws and shot a small stream of bubbles that reflected the sun at the enemy pokemon.

“Numel use ember go!” The numel opened its mouth and shot a stream of small flames at the on coming attack but it was easily overpowered by the bubbles since it was a water attack. The bubbles continued at the pokemon making contact. The numel fell to the ground after being hit with that bubble attack but got up slowly still ready for battle.

“Okay Hammer lets use another bubble attack.” Marcus said seeing that it did quite a bit of damage the first time around. Corphish shot another stream of bubbles at the pokemon that recently got up.

“Numel dodge it and then show it the power of fire with your ember attack.” Numel ran at the bubble attack and then jumped to the side and shot another ember attack at Hammer.

“Hammer dodge it quick and fire another bubble attack at it!” Corphish jumped up and then aimed a bubble attack at the running numel.

“Numel dodge it and then tackle go!” The numel jumped to the right to dodge the attack and then charged in at the pokemon that was falling to the ground.

“Hammer let it hit you and then grab it.” Marcus said hoping his plan would work. Hammer took and tackle attack but used its claw to grab the numel by the neck. Hammer made its way to its back and then stood ready to attack. “Now use bubble attack on it.” Hammer aimed his claws downward and fired a bubble at the numel at close range.

“Oh no Numel.” The trainer cried out as she seen her pokemon fall to the ground. Her pokemon fainted and she began to place her hand on he forehead. “How could this have happened. We trained for 3 hours before this battle.” Marcus over heard the trainer and thought he might help her figure out the problem.

“First thing you know numel is a fire/ground type right?” Marcus asked.

“Yeah so what.”

“Well it has a bad weakness to water so that is the main reason I won.”

“Hmm never thought of that.”

“Also your pokemon could have been tired from the 3 hours of training you had right before our battle.” Marcus then put out his hand told her that it was a good battle and hoped she shook his hand. The trainer grabbed his hand and introduced herself.

“My name is Rebecca Storm.” Marcus smiled and introduced himself.

“My name is Marcus Druid.”

“Well Marcus looks like you have a rival now.” she said smiling and pointing to herself.

Marcus and Rebecca parted ways and Marcus continued through the route. Marcus walked down the path that was made out by dirt with Hammer on his side he too in the sight of the route. After a couple of hours Marcus began to talk to Hammer.

“That Rebecca is sure something else Hammer.”

“Cor Phish.” Hammer replied
“Hopefully we meet more trainers like that during our journey.” Marcus looked around to find a spot to sit down and eat real quick. He found a tree it the distance that looked full of berries and ran to the tree. Seeing all the berries in the tree Marcus tried to climb the tree to get to the berries. He climbed the tree but found it too slippery for his to keep a grip and told Corphish to use a bubble attack to knock down some berries. Releasing a small stream of bubble in the tree knocked down a few berries but it also knock down a red worm pokemon with a white under belly.

The pokemon got mad and shot a stream of silk from its mouth at Marcus and then charged at Hammer.
Marcus was hit by the attack but Hammer jumped to the side and dodged it. Quickly getting the slk the pokemon shot at it Marcus was mad that the pokemon had done that.

“Little twerp you will pay for that. Hammer use a bubble attack.” Hammer jumped up and shot bubbles at the pokemon. The pokemon saw the attack coming and shot a stream of silk from its mouth and formed a web that blocked the attack.

“This pokemon is a crafty one better look up some information about it.” Marcus said pulling out his pokedex.

“Wurmple, the worm pokemon, It lives amidst tall grass and in forests. When attacked, it resists by pointing its venomous spikes at the foe. Using the spikes on its rear end, Wurmple peels the bark off trees and feeds on the sap that oozes out. This Pokémon's feet are tipped with suction pads that allow it to cling to glass without slipping. It sticks to tree branches and eats leaves. The thread it spits from its mouth, which becomes gooey when it touches air, slows the movement of its foes.”

Marcus quickly closed the pokedex and then focused back on to the battle. Seeing Hammer fall back to the ground awaiting orders.

“Okay use another bubble attack Hammer.” The Corphish aimed his attack low so that it will travel past the web it made. The wurmple too focused on its web was hit by the attack and got back up pretty mad. The pokemon charged at Hammer in attepmt to tackle it.

“Hammer grab it and then fire a bubble attack at it.” The pokemon jumped as the corphish hitting it dead on and pushed him back a little. Hammer got back up and grabbed the pokemon in its claw and then slammed it on the ground and fired a bubble attack at close range. It looked like it really hurt the pokemon but it got up and ran back a little and fired a string shot at Hammer sticking to it pincher. The wurmple started to spin the web it shot out in the air and tossed Hammer into the web that it made blocking its bubble attack. Hammer was stuck and could only move its pinchers.

“This looks bad.” Marcus said as he watched the wurmple jump at the captured corphish to tackle it. “Quick bubble attack on the wurmple.” Marcus yelled. Pointing his free pinchers at the oncoming pokemon it released a full power bubble attack breaking him free and sending the pokemon flying to the ground fainted. Marcus attempted to catch his falling friends and he ended up landing on top of him. Marcus got up slowly and saw the pokemon on the ground knocked out and thought he could not leave it there so he threw a pokeball at it. Watching it wiggle He waited anxiously to see if it was a success.

October 7th, 2008, 9:18 AM
To Koroc: Both of those battles were great, but you can only do one thing in a post, so sadly Corphish doesn't get any experience. I'll double check my rules to make sure I mentioned it.
You caught a Level 5 Female Wurmple!

October 7th, 2008, 9:29 AM
CH 6 pt 1

Beo wake up the next morning to skitty licking his face. "Skitty stop it" Beo laughed as he crawled out of his sleeping bag. He stood up and raised his arms stretching, taking a deep breath. "Well guys we better get moving, I suppose are next best choice would be to go through petalburg woods" Beo said to his pokemon, as he knelt down and rolled up his sleeping bag. Returning his pokemon to the pokeballs he made his way towards the end of petalburg city and the entrance of petalburg woods.

"Ok well i'm not going to be able to stop at any pokemon centers for awhile, but I bought potions yesterday so i'm good" Beo said as he took his first step into the forest. The deeper Beo made his way into the forest the darker and creepier it got. Although there were spots where the sun beamed down through the cracks in the trees, it really did look nice Beo thought as he kept on walking.

"Somebody help" a voice came screaming towards Beo. Upon hearing this scream Beo darted off towards the sound coming to a clearing in the forest. When Beo came to this clearing he saw a young boy being attacked by an older man in what looked like a pirate outfit, and his pokemon. Beo pulled out his pokedex, "Zubat the Posion bat pokemon" the pokedex said. Beo couldn't sit back and watch this guy beat up on a defensless little boy so he pulled out skittys pokeball or so he thought.

"Hey you stop that, go skitty" Beo said as he threw the pokeball out... It was seedot not skitty.

"See---dot" seedot said as it sat down on the ground.

The pirate looking man turned to Beo and the little boy ran to him hiding behind his leg.

"What do you want you pip squeek" the man said.

"For you to stop, what right do you have to pick on a little kid like that" Beo yelled at the man.

"Hmph I can do what I want, unless you really think you can stop me, Zubat use supersonic" the man ordered.

"Seedot harden" Beo ordered

The zubat opened its mouth and let out a screech as waves came down striking the seedot, but as the hit seedot just harden itself and the waves bounced off.

"Nice job seedot, but we can't stay on the defensive the whole battle" Beo said.

"Zubat leech life" the man ordered as zubat swooped down and stuck it's fangs into seedot sucking some life from it.

Seedot rolled to it's back "ahh seedot, use bide" Beo ordered as Seedot got to its feet and planted them strongly into the ground.

"Zubat hit it with astonish while it's just standing there" the man ordered

Zubat swooped down once again and directly hit seedot knocking it back, but seedot kept its feeting.

"Hmm if he's just gonna stand there keep using astonish" the man shouted.

Zubat used astonish three times, each time knocking seedot back, but seedot maintained it's feeting.

"Now zubat finish it with leech life"

Zubat swooped in and stuck its fangs into seedot.

"Seedot know release bide" Beo shouted.

With zubats fangs still in it, seedot pushed itself off the ground and ramed zubat into a tree, knocking it out directly.

"Way to go seedot" Beo shouted.

"Ah no way zubat return" the man shouted.

Beo ran up to the man "now tell me why you were hurting that kid" Beo demanded.

The man looked down to him "ha since you beat me i'll let you in on a secret this was just a side stop, i'm on my way to meet up with the rest of my team" the man said.

Beo looked at him in surprise "Your team?" Beo asked.

"Haha yes team aqua and we have much bigger plans then just assualting trainers, but now I must go" he said as he ran off.

"Seedot return" Beo said as he returned seedot and made his way over to the young boy.

"Thank you very much Beo" the little boy said.

"No problem now let's go i'll walk you back to the entrance" Beo said with a smile as he and the young boy walked back to the entrance of petalburg woods, he said goodbye to the young boy then turned around and walked back into the forest.

October 7th, 2008, 11:12 AM
To dboring: Good post! It's funny to describe Team Aqua looking like pirates even though it is so true.
Seedot grew to level 7!
Seedot learned Growth!
(This is from your battle with Skitty. Sorry for missing it) Skitty learned Attract!

October 7th, 2008, 11:42 AM
CH 6 Pt 2

After a battle with team aqua, and rescuing that little boy Beo had gained some more confidence in himself, and his pokemon. As Beo made headed down the path he saw several bug pokemon, but none really worth his catching. Then something crossed his eye as he was walking he noticed a bush moving back and fourth violently, and lightning bolts coming from the bush. Beo cautiosly walked nearer and nearer to the bush until he was right in front of the bush. He moved some branches apart and saw a yellow pokemon that looked to be injured laying in the middle of the bush. Beo quickly pulled out his pokedex,

"Pikachu the electric pokemon" the pokedex said.

Beo went to grab the injured pikachu but as he touched it he felt a jolt of electricity, go up his arm and through his body, and quickly jumped back.. It seemed as though the pikachu didn't want any help.

"Ah I can't just leave this pikachu there injured" Beo said in a hurt voice.

Beo reached for his bag and pulled out a potion he made his way back towards the pikachu and sprayed the potion on it quickly before the pikachu could zap him. The pikachu then passed out. Beo scooped it up and set it done in a clearing near the water. He then watched over the pikachu as he slept and made sure nothing else could injure it.

About an hour later the pikachu woke up, and immediatly zapped Beo.

"Well fine be like that but I saved you" Beo said angrily as he started to walk away from the pikachu. But as Beo got about ten yards away the pikachu zapped him once again.

"PIka.. PIka.. chu" The pikachu said with a determined look on his face.

"Wait you want to battle with me" Beo asked

"Pika pika" the pikachu said.

Beo grabbed skittys ball from his bag and threw it out on the field.

"Skiity get in there and use tackle" Beo ordered.

Skitt ran in and dove at the pikachu but missed as the pikachu dodged swiftly. Pikachu then shot a bolt of lightning at skitty hitting it directly.

"Ah skitty get up" Beo yelled.

Skitty got up and started prancing around pikachu while wagging it's tail. "Ah your using cute charm good idea skitty" Beo yelled.

But this did not seem to be affecting the wild pikachu and it shot another thunderbolt at skitty hitting it directly once again. Skitty was thrown back hitting the ground hard.

"Skitty get up, come" Beo shouted.

PIkachu charged up again and shot another thunderbolt at skitty.

"Skitty dodge and run up that tree next to you" Beo yelled.

Skitty dodged the attack and sprinted up the tree on a branch above the pikachu. PIkachu shot anothe elecritc attack.

"Skitty now jump off the branch" Beo shouted. The thundershock hit the branch and it came plummiting down at the pikachu. "Now while pikachus distracted hit it with tackle" Beo ordered. Skitty hit the pikachu right on the head.

"Pika--pi" Pikachu shouted as it tried to stand up but was still weak from his previous injuries it laid down on the ground.

"Nows my chance to catch you pikachu" Beo said as he threw a pokeball at the pikachu.

The pokeball scooped up the wild pikachu and rolled back and fourth. Beo stood there and waited.

October 7th, 2008, 12:04 PM
Chapter One: As Pathetic as Pathetic Gets

Waking up at the usually time of 7 AM, Jake looked at his alarm clock, slamming the snooze button as hard as he possible could. The snooze button was stuck into the clock, and with no way to lift it back up, Jake was started to laugh at himself. "Well, guess I'm stronger than I look!' he thought to himself jokingly.

His mom laid in bed, completely knocked out. She knew what the day had planned for her son, but apparently, her mind didn't want to think about, at all. He walked into her room, closed in on her bed, and screamed, "JEEZ LADY WAKE UP!!!" Obviously, she wasn't too thrilled about a wake up call from her son, especially one of this fashion.

After eating the same old breakfast (Dry cereal and orange juice, oh yum), putting on his standard clothing, and putting his wallet in his back pocket, he said goodbye to his mother (Who was happy he decided to do this, as she needed as much help as she could get with money and such), he walked out the front door, and started on his way to Professor Birch's laboratory.

As he only lived about a quarter of a mile away from the laboratory, Jake took his time walking. He decided to say his goodbyes to all of his family friends, taking about 5 minutes for each family. In about half an hour, he arrived at the lab. An assistant was standing outside waiting for him, with an annoyed, angry look on his face...

"For pete's sake, your were supposed to be here around 20 minutes ago. The professor has been yelling for help! The other trainers left around 15 minutes ago to help him!"

"Well sorry, I had a fight with my alarm clock. Sadly, it won," Jake said jokingly.

Apparently, the assistant wasn't to amused. He pointed him out to Route 101, where he heard to professor yelling. As he walked into the Route, he saw Birch lying on the ground, trapped by two Pokemon attacking him.

"Thank god you came kid, I have two of my Pokemon that are left attacking me! There was 7, but the other 5 new trainers left on their journeys already, so you and one more are not only lagging me behind, but making me sit here in fear!" Birch said graciously for Jake's arrival, but upset for his tardiness.

"Your own Pokemon you say-" Jake started. "-That's about as pathetic as pathetic gets!"

Birch didn't take that comment very well.

"If you want a Pokemon, grab one of the Pokeballs there and throw it at one of them!!!"

Jake picked up one of the Pokeballs, and threw it at the Pokemon further away. It was a white Pokemon, with a little green cap on top. The Pokemon was captured in a red light, and was drawn back into its ball.

"I don't know what the heck I just caught, but hey, it's mine now!"

October 7th, 2008, 12:19 PM
To dboring: Good way to find Pikachu by finding it injured! And since the Cute Charm didn't work......
You caught a level 3 Female Pikachu!

To Jake: You're showing Jake's personality well in that post! You may continue on.

Trainer Kat
October 7th, 2008, 4:36 PM
Petalburg Woods; Part One

Dustin hadn’t been a trainer for very long. Earlier in the day, she had flown in on Falkner’s Pidgeot, only to find the very man from whom she was supposed to receive her Pokémon missing. Of course, the redhead hadn’t taken that one lying down – she had gone off to hunt for the Professor herself. And it was a good thing she had. She found the older gentleman with his back pressed against the trunk of a tree, cowering in fear as a Pokémon approached him. It had seemed to be a dangerous situation at the time. Now held tightly in Dustin’s thin arms, the creature didn’t appear threatening in the least. Orange feathers covered every patch of its body, leaving no patch of skin exposed. Two giant eyes graced either side of its face. The bird was indisputably one of the cutest Pokémon out there.

“We’re already at Petalburg Woods, Torchic. We’re making great time!” Dustin smiled down at her partner, receiving a string of shrill peeps in response. Torchic wasn’t the only Pokémon the redhead had captured. As she left town, she had encountered a wild Lotad. Despite the half-type disadvantage, Torchic had emerged victorious, and Dustin used her first Pokéball to catch her first Pokémon. Well, first Pokémon that she had earned, at least. So far, she hadn’t used the dual type in battle, but she knew his time was forthcoming. Her destination was at the end of these woods – all she could do was trek through them, perhaps catching a few new Pokémon along the way. After all, she could only assume that there was a gym on the other side. She would need all the Pokémon she could get.

Petalburg Woods was dark, almost to the point at which vision was completely obscured. Dustin’s blue gaze could still penetrate the shadow, though the trees above her head nearly blocked out the sky completely. Had it been overcast, surely the redhead would have been completely worthless. The Pokémon in her arms struggled, eventually wiggling free of her owner’s grasp. She landed in the tall grass, lightly ruffling her feathers. The two walked slowly, Dustin making sure to keep a close eye on her Pokémon, lest the Torchic wander off to peck at a Wurmple. A hand clamped down around her shoulder, causing the redhead to emit a frightened scream. She whipped around, her brilliant blue eyes shimmering with fear. Or at least, there would be, if there were any light in which to shimmer. A boy stood before her, looking docile enough.

“I didn’t mean to startle you.” He spoke in an apologetic tone, furrowing his brow. “But that’s your Torchic, right?” The redhead nodded, her body still stiff. “I was just going to warn you. Team Aqua’s been on the prowl in Petalburg, so I wouldn’t let my Pokémon roam free if I were you. Especially uncommon Pokémon like the one you have there.” With those parting words, he released the female, disappearing before she could thank him.

“Wow…I guess we should be glad that we were warned, huh Torchic?” When she received no response, Dustin turned, blue hues locked on the place where Torchic had once stood. The Pokémon was there no more. At least, not by herself. What was there was a man dressed oddly like a pirate. Shaggy brown hair spilled into his vibrant emerald eyes. A white shirt with horizontal black stripes was stretched over his torso. He wasn’t muscular, nor was he lanky, but somewhere in between. He possessed a slightly angular face. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly, and Dustin soon saw why. Torchic was tucked firmly under his arm, unable to make a noise, as one gloved hand was clamped over her beak.

“Oh, I’m sorry. This isn’t your Pokémon, is it?” He was mocking her. Still grinning, he shrugged his shoulders slightly. “I’ll tell you what, you can have her back if you beat me. Of course, if she’s your only Pokémon, then I guess that’s just bad luck, huh?” His ivory teeth emerged. Clearly, he enjoyed toying with her.

“I’ll have you know that I have another Pokémon! Go, Lotad!” As she hurled her only Pokéball, a small, blue Pokémon emerged, a large lily pad present on his back. The Team Aqua member followed suit, his Poochyena landing gracefully upon the ground. Despite her obvious dislike for this boy, Dustin would be the first to admit that his Pokémon was well taken care of. Her ebony fur was sleek and smooth, the perfect example of a healthy Pokémon. He was first to issue a command, though Dustin didn’t quite hear what it was. Before she could react, the Poochyena plowed towards Lotad, sending the water weed Pokémon hurtling backwards. He hit the ground with a sickening thud, lying there for a moment before righting himself.

“Lotad, Astonish!” The Pokémon planted his feet firmly in the ground, finally charging Poochyena in much the same way as she had to him just moments prior. His body collided with hers, though she barely moved. The brunette chuckled, clearly pleased with his Pokémon’s fortitude. Once more, Lotad sped forward. This time, the attack had a little bit more impact, as the grass Pokémon knocked Poochyena to her knees. As Poochyena rushed towards her opponent, Torchic managed to get her beak loose. Without hesitation, the fire type bit down upon her captor’s finger, eliciting a loud yell from the male. The pain caused him to release Dustin’s Pokémon, and also served to stop Poochyena in her tracks. While the dark type was distracted, Lotad collided with her, sending her to the ground. The brunette growled, retrieving Poochyena’s Pokéball and recalling her.

“Fine. You win this time, but don’t think that you’ll be so lucky next time we meet. And we will meet again, I guarantee it.” He glared at Dustin, whose cheerful demeanor had returned to her as soon as Torchic had regained her freedom.

“Of course we will. You seem like the masochistic type.” As the Team Aqua member turned away, defeated, the redhead called out to him. “Tell me your name?” A pause.

“…Ashley.” Dustin had to work to suppress a laugh. The irony was just too much.

“A feminine name, huh? What a coincidence, I have a boy’s name.”

Had he been facing her, Dustin would have seen the rosy hue that emerged on Ashley’s cheeks as she insisted on embarrassing him.

October 7th, 2008, 4:42 PM
Marcus happy to see he caught a wurmple and call it out. The bug pokemon stared up at its new trainer and made a spot on his head. Marcus thought it was cute and decided to leave it on his head until he got to the pokemon center in Oldale town.

“Okay little one time to come off my head.” Marcus said stopping in front of the pokemon center. “Oh yeah I almost forgot to name you.” he said with a smile looking at the wurmple. The pokemon turned its head and started shooting silk everywhere.

“Okay I will call you Ribbon.” Marcus said picking up her pokeball and returning it. “Hammer you to it is easier for the nurse to care for you in your pokeball.” Returning his pokemon he entered the Pookemon center.

“Welcome trainer to the Oldale Pokemon Center. I am Nurse Joy and I will be happy to look after your pokemon while you stay here.” The lady from behind a desk said as Marcus entered the center.

“Chan sey Chan sey.” A pink egg shaped pokemon said coming up behind Marcus and walking him to the front desk.

“N-nurse J- Joy.” Marcus began speaking afraid of being made fun of by the other people in the center. “C-could you look after my pokemon while I am here.”

“Gladly” She said reaching out for Marcus’s pokeballs. Handing them over he then turned and saw Rebecca sitting alone on a bench by the window. He made his way over to her.

“Hey Rebecca.” Marcus said with a nice smile.

“Huh. Hey Marcus.” She said jumping off the bench hugging him. “What are you doing here?”

“Well I am healing my pokemon what about you?”

“I just came from my dad’s house and he gave me two pokemon eggs that were about to hatch so I came here as quickly as I could.”

“Pokemon eggs?” Marcus said confused

“Yeah, eggs that you get from breeding 2 pokemon from the same egg group.” She explained “You see my dad is a breeder and he takes care and raise really nice pokemon that they own or other people bring them.”

Marcus than thought what if he could see her dad to see if he could get some pointers on how to raise pokemon properly.

“That sounds cool.” Marcus said just imagining the possibilties of pokemon the eggs could be. “Do you think I will be able to meet your dad sometime?” Marcus asked politely.

“Sure after these eggs hatch I will take you to see him.”

“Oh Rebecca the eggs you brought are about to hatch.” Nurse Joy yelled out. Rebecca jumped up grabbing Marcus’s hand and pulling him into the room to see the eggs hatch. They walk back into the Hatchery where they seen many different pokemon eggs.

“Here we are.” Nurse Joy said pointing to two eggs that were glowing. The eggs began to crack and out of one of them popped out a pokemon with two long pink ears and the inside of them were green and the other one had a pokemon with blue ears and the inside were a dark blue. Marcus pulled out this pokedex and pointed to both pokemon.

Nidoran Male: It constantly moves its large ears in many directions in order to detect danger right away.
It extends its toxic spikes when angry. The size of its body thorns indicates its toxicity.

Nidoran female: A mild-mannered Pokémon that does not like to fight. Nidoran has barbs that secrete a powerful poison. They are thought to have developed as protection for this small-bodied Pokémon. When enraged, it releases a horrible toxin from its horn.

Closing his pokedex he saw the two pokemon jumping around each other already playing as if they have been friends forever.

“Okay you two come to your pokeball.” Rebecca said as she was happy to se that the pokemon were okay and healthy. “And now how about coming with me to come visit my dad?”

Marcus knew this was a great chance to get some really good tips from a master pokemon breeder. They left the pokemon center and heading to the a small house that was close to the forest with a tall fence that kept the many pokemon they had inside it.

“Mom. Dad. I am back with the pokemon and I brought a friend.” Rebecca yelled out from the doorway. No one answered her back so she thought they could have left for Rustboro City to visit the school. She closed the door and apologized to Marcus.

“I am sorry my parents weren’t here but maybe they went up ahead to Rustboro City to visit the school and you could meet them there.”

“Okay thanks Rebecca. Well I have to run to the pokemart real quick before they close and then I will be back at the pokemon center for the rest of the night.” Marcus said walking away from Rebecca’s house and to the pokemart. Upon arriving at the pokemart he saw that it was closed and so he headed for the pokemon center to get some shut eye.

The next morning Marcus woke up and headed to the front desk.

“Good morning Nurse Joy.” Marcus said with a little yawn. “I am here to pick up my pokemon.”

“Okay they all are in fighting shape again.” Nurse Joy said handing him his pokeballs that contain his pokemon. “Oh yeah almost forgot this girl named Rebecca left this note for you.” Marcus took the note and began to read it.

Marcus if you are reading this then you must be up
and I want to battle you again on Route 102. Hurry
up and come already. There will be a surprise for you
if you beat me in this battle.

Marcus knew he could not just decline the battle so he headed out the pokemon center and headed to Route 102.

October 7th, 2008, 5:02 PM
Beo watched as the pokeball he threw at pikachu stopped moving.

"Yes I caught you pikachu" Beo shouted excitedly. Beo returned skitty to its pokeball and then looked at his newly aquired pikachus pokeball. "Now this will add some definate power to my lineup" Beo thought to himself as he tossed pikachus pokeball into the pack.

Beo had been walking for about an hour now and you could see the sweat start dripping from his head band. " Man how long is this forest, I bet i'm lost" Beo excalimed in a sigh. Just then Beo was hit from behind by some force, he fell to the ground. Beo got up quickly and turned around to see a boy and his pokemon standing there.

"Hey you, I saw you catch that pikachu, now I want to battle you" the boy excailmed.

Beo pulled out his pokedex " Raticate, the normal rat pokemon" the pokedex said.

"Hmm ok fine then, which pokemon to use though" Beo thought to himself "ahh i'll use seedot" Beo said to the boy.

"No I want you to use that pikachu" the boy shouted.

"I would but it's pretty worn out, it's had a rough day" Beo exclaimed.

"Hmph your just scared it's to weak and you'll lose" the boy shouted with a grin on his face.

"Pikachu please forgive me for this but I hate cocky kids" Beo said as he threw out pikachus pokeball.

"Pika pika" the pikachu said tiredly.

"Now Raticate use quick attack" the boy ordered.

"Pikachu dodge it and hit it with thundershock" Beo exclaimed.

Raticate moved fast towards pikachu and lunged its claws right for the electric mouse, but pikachu barely dodge it, before swiftly turning around and jolting the raticate with a thundershock attack.

"Pikachu nice move, try to conserve some energy though" Beo shouted.

"NO way raticate get up and use hyperfang" the boy ordered.

Beo wasn't fast enough in giving an order and the tired pikachu could not dodge quickly enough takeing a little less then full damage.

"ah if pikachu would have gotten hit fully it would have probably fainted, i'm gonna have to end this battle forgive me pikachu" Beo thought to himself

"I.... gi.." Beo was in the middle of saying it when pikachu turned around to him " PIka pika pika" pikachu shouted at him, Beo saw the determination in pikachus eyes and then a great idea crossed his mind as to how to end this battle quickly.

"Pikachu wait for my command just hold your place firmly" Beo shouted.

"ha that won't do much just standing there, Raticate now finish it with hyper fang" the boy shouted. Raticate lunged at pikachu with its fangs ready to strike. Pikachu still just stood there waiting, Raticate hit pikachu directly "Pikachu now thundershock while it's still biting you" Beo shouted.

As pikachu shocked the defenseless raticate making it eject off of pikachu and back it it's trainer, pikachu fell to the ground.. Both pokemon struggled to get back up, before raticate passed out, pikachu stood there firmly breathing heavily, you could tell that that last strike had just taken it's toll.

"Pikachu i'm really proud of you, now return you deserve rest" Beo said happily as he returned pikachu.

"hm raticate great battle" the boy said as he returned his pokemon, then walked over to Beo to shake his hand.

"Im Beo" he said to the other trainer.

"I'm Houston, that was great strategy, I hope I see you again so we can battle" Houston said.

The two new rivals shook hands and went there sepreate ways. Beo once again had prevailed, even with the odds against him, maybe all of his fathers training had paid off, he thought to himself.

October 7th, 2008, 7:00 PM
To Trainer Kat: Leslie seems to be more of the popular boy feminine name lol. The battle was very good!
Lotad grew to level 8!
Lotad learned Absorb!
To Koroc: I love how you made your post about Pokemon eggs. I've been waiting for somebody to do that.
To dboring: It was a great way to battle with a tired pokemon!
Pikachu grew to Level 6!
Pikachu learned Tail Whip!

I can't update right now since I'm on my Wii. I'll get to it in the morning!

October 7th, 2008, 8:03 PM
Marcus entered an area that had a pond full of lively pokemon and beside it was patches of grass that seemeded to be totally different then the rest of the area. He continued to walk a little further when out of no where a numel came running at him and knocked him down. Marcus recognized the pokemon and tried to see if its trainer was around.

“Rebecca I know you are here somewhere!” Marcus yelled “This is your numel!”

“It is about time you got here.” She said folding her arms. “Didn’t your parents teach you to never keep a girl waiting?” Smiling she told her numel to come to her.

“Yeah but I got this letter saying you want to battle again.”

“I sure do this time I have a new pokemon.”

“I have a new pokemon too.” Marcus said thinking this would be great practice.

“Then you would mind a double battle.” She said with her eyes glowing and looking as if she would cry if he said no.

“Fine.” Marcus sighed. “Hammer and Ribbon lets do this.” Releasing his pokemon they stared at each other wondering how they will help each other.

“Oooh a wurmple I always wanted one of those pokemon.” Rebecca as admiring the wurmple.

“Don’t we have a battle to get to?”

“Your right.” Rebecca said changing into a more serious mood. “Go Lotad and Numel your up!”

Marcus saw that his pokemon had the advantage over hers. “Yeah this should be easy he said looking down at his pokemon.”

“Not as easy as you think because I have the advantage grass beats water while fire beats bug.” Rebecca said waving her finger. “Numel use your ember attack on Wurmple and Lotad use absorb on Corphish.!”
Numel shot a spray of small flames at the bug pokemon while Lotad eyes began to glow green and a green aura started to form around Hammer.

“Ribbon use string shot on Lotad and pull him to you.” Marcus yelled and Then turned to Hammer. “You use bubble on numel.” Wurmple shot out silk and it made contact with the distracted pokemon and and pulled it closer to its body. Hammer then turned to Numel and opened its claw and shot a steady stream of bubbles at the fire pokemon that was concentrating on the wurmple. The ember attack ended you hitting Lotad and ending its absorb attack on Hammer pretty quickly.

“No Lotad!” Rebecca yelled out forgetting to command her numel to do an attack and it was hit by the bubble attack.

“Quick Ribbon use Poison sting attack on lotad.” Ribbon released a spray of purple needles at while it was still on the ground. It pushed the pokemon back to Rebecca’s feet but it was far from out.

“ Use absorb Lotad on Corphish again and Numel tackle Corphish!” Both pokemon directed there attacks at the water pokemon. Absorb was draining Hammer’s energy while The numel cae in and tackled it. Hammer went up into the air and hit a tree trying to get on its feet.

“Now Numel use ember on Wurmple and Lotad do astonish .” Numel shot another spray of embers at the worm pokemon while lotad ran up to behind it to try to attack from behind.

“Ribbon use String shot to dodge the ember attack!” Marcus yelled. “Hammer try to use bubble again on Numel!” Ribbon shot a stream of silk at a near by tree and use it to pull itself out of the wave of the ember attack. By the time Wurmple had moves Lotad was hit by another one of Numel’s embers and fell to the ground hurt badly. Surprised that it hit Lotad for the second time it looked at its trainer and was hit by the on coming bubble attack.

“Numel, Lotad are you two okay.” Her pokemon got up to their feet slowly and waited for their trainers orders. “Okay then Numel use tackle on Corphish and Lotad use absorb on him to!”

“Ribbon quick use a poison sting on Lotad!” As Marcus commanded it shot a spray of Needles at the lotad who was focusing on Corphish and knocked it out while The Numel continued to charge at the Corphish.

“Now use string shot on Numel and Hammer use bubble!” Ribbon shot some silk at the feet of the numel to trip it up and Hammer jumped to the side to dodge the tackle and shot a bubble attack at the falling numel.
Numel hit the ground from being tripped by string shot and was hit by the barrage of bubbles.

“Oh no!” Rebecca cried out seeing that her numel was about to faint like her Lotad. After the bubbles cleared Numel was on all fours and panting. It gave a smile to its trainer and then fell over from exhaustion.

“Great job guys!” Marcus yelled as his pokemon walked over to him.

“Return Numel and Lotad.” Rebecca said returning her pokemon to her pokeballs.

Marcus walked over to Rebecca and told her that was a great battle. Rebecca could only smile as she turned towards Marcus.

“Like I said if you won you would get a surprise.” She said going into her bag and pulling out a piece of paper.

“What is this?”

“It’s a voucher for you to be able to get a egg pokemon from my dad later.”

Marcus smiled and then placed the voucher in his bag and turned to Rebecca and thanked her. Rebecca pulled out a couple of potions and walked to Hammer and Ribbon and sprayed it on their scars from the battle. After that she walked back to Marcus and gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked away back to Oldale Town. Marcus grabbed his cheek and just stared at Rebecca as she left.

“I am beginning to think she likes me.” Marcus said to his pokemon and they laughed.

October 8th, 2008, 3:37 AM
To Koroc: What a great battle. The eggs are going to excite me the whole time!
Wurmple grew to level 8!
Corphish grew to level 8!
What? Wurmple is evolving! Will you allow this process to continue? (You may have your choice what it evolves into. It wil know Harden if it evolves.)
Corphish learned Harden!

October 8th, 2008, 6:35 AM
Ch 6 pt 4

After a tough battle with his new rival Houston, Beo decided to take a rest, since he figured he was close to the end of petalburg woods. He found a nice spot underneath a big oak tree where he laid down and slowly drifted off to sleep. As Beo was sleeping, a wurmple started to crawl down the tree at a very slow pace. Eventually the wurmple head reached Beo's head and was now crawling down his face. Upon feeling this Beo woke up, as he slowly started to lift his eye lids open, he saw the bug pokemon crawling down his face.

"Holy crap get off of me" Beo shouted as he started flailing his head around trying to jerk off the wurmple. The wurmple would not budge though. Beo reached into his bag and pulled out skittys pokebal. "Will do this the tough way then, skitty go hit it with tackle!" Beo shouted angirly.

Skitty came out of its pokeball and jumped right at Beos face full throttle, but the wurmple jumped off Beo's face and back into the tree, skitty hit Beo right in the face.

"Oww skitty" Beo shouted as he fell to the ground holding his hands to his face.

"Skitty go up the tree and hit the wurmple with tackle" Beo ordered.

Skitty raced up the tree follwing after the wurmple, as skitty caught up she lunged at the wurmple. But once again wurmple was tricky it shot a string shot out of its mouth to a branch above and dodged the skittys attack. Skitty missed wurmple and fell to the ground landing once again on Beo's head.

"Skitt----y" skitty yelled at Beo.

"Don't yell at me your the one who can't catch a bug" Beo yelled back

Just then the wurmple fell down into Beo's lap and looked him in the face... then shot him with a string shot.

"Ahhh I hate freaking bugs, skitty use your cute charm on it or something" Beo yelled.

Skitty looked wurmple in the eyes and started wagging her tail back and fourth. The wurmple started to shake it's head along with skittys tail. " Now skitty use tackle" Beo shouted. Skitty then hit the immobilized wurmple directly knocking it back and out.

"Nice job skitty now return" Beo said as he looked back at the unconscious wurmple, then he started off once again walking towards the exit of the petalburg woods.

"Woo this has been a long rough journey just to get through this forest" Beo thought to himself.

Beo finally saw a clearing at the end of the path, between two trees he saw Rustboro city over the horizon. "Ha finally i'm out of this forest, no more bug pokemon" Beo said aloud.

October 8th, 2008, 6:52 AM
To dboring: Good post! You'll have to wait for everyone else now until I put up Rustboro.
Skitty grew to level 10!

October 8th, 2008, 8:07 AM
After Rebecca left Ribbon began to a bright white. Marcus didn’t know what was going on so he ran over to his pokemon to see if it was alright.

“Ribbon are you okay?” He asked helplessly just watching his pokemon glow. It then began to change from it worm like shape into an oval shape that laid horizontally. As the glow disappeared he noticed big red eyes with a little bit of what seemed to be like part of the cocoon over it eye. The white silk covered pokemon hopped over to Marcus and tried to hug him but only knocked him over. Hammer smiled as his new friend evolved and they continued to the route and Marcus got tired of carrying Ribbon so he returned he to her pokeball. Hammer amazed at how many people we on this route and how many battles it seen while walking.

Marcus saw a nice spot where they could rest by a berry tree and walked over there. Sitting down on the soft patches of grass reminded him of home and his bed. Grabbing a few berries from the tree next to him he handed some to Hammer and he seemed to like them but Marcus was still curios if they were safe for him to eat. The berries were oval shaped and they had a dark blue shade to them. See that Hammer liked them he sat it down next to him and go up to see if he could find somewhere he could eat come real food.

Standing up he saw nothing that looked like a store or a house anywhere around so he sat back down staring at the berries. A lady walks up to Marcus and begins to speak.

“Oh those berries are perfectly safe for humans to eat they are oran berries.” The lady said smiling at Marcus. She then Turned to Hammer who was eating. “Wow I never seen a Corphish that had a nice sheen to its shell before. Most of the ones I see are covered in dirt of marks that make their shells rough.”

Marcus smiled as he accepted the lady’s complements and he turned to Hammer and then stood up.

“My name is…” Marcus began speaking and then stopped to think if this lady is nice or up to something. “Marcus glad to meet you.”

“Well hello Marcus, I am Jessie and I just seen your pokemon from a distance and had to see it up close.”

“Thank you for telling me about the berries I would have starved if it weren’t for you.” Marcus said rubbing his head.

“No problem at all. Many trainers don’t know what berries are good for them so I try to help anyway I can.” Jessie got up and told Marcus to follow her to a special area where she thinks his Corphish will love.
They traveled closer and closer to an open area but Marcus couldn’t figure out why Hammer would like an open area more that it would like water.

“Here we are.” Jessie said moving out of the way so they can see. They seen a waterfall coming down from a high cliff and crashing down into a little lake. Pokemon began to come out to see there new visitors. The pokemon all looked like Hammer.

“They all are Corphish?”

“Yes, this is a corphish farm where I raise and help train other corphish.”

Hammer began to jump up and down and went to join the other Corphish in fun. Hopping in the lake they began to splash water on each other and they even battled a little. Marcus looked up into the sky and saw that the Sun had made its way to the middle and then looked down to see Hammer coming out of the water running to him.

“Cor phish phish!” It said happily tugging Marcus’s shirt. Marcus knew Hammer wanted him to play with them so he got up and took his shirt and shoes off and decided to play with them. After about an hour or two the came out of the water and they new that they had to go.

“Thanks Jessie for the wonderful time.” Marcus yelled grabbing his soaked pants and headed to his bag

“Don’t you want to change first into some dry clothes.” She yelled back at him offering to let him use the house to change. Marcus accepted the offer and went in real quick to change.

“Ah all nice and dry.” Marcus walked out the building and grabbed his bag and they left the farm. They didn’t get to far when they seen a sigh that read.

Welcome to Petalburg City.

October 8th, 2008, 8:07 AM
Chapter Six: Petalburg WoodsPart Four
Through out James's journey through the Petalburg Woods he has defeated a member of Team Aqua and caught a Pineco, but has also lost his Poochyena and a nearby Wurmple all in the space of one day. It was coming towards the end of the day and James was searching for his Poochyena with his Mudkip, his starter Pokémon. But on his search for his beloved Pokémon, he encountered a rare find.

James and his Mudkip walked into an open spaced area with a lake nearby. Looking around he and his Mudkip noticed a Pokémon lying on the ground sleeping. As James does, he reached for his Pokédex and gathered some information on this odd Pokémon.


Slakoth are brown mammalian Pokémon with shaggy coarse fur and brown stripes on its back. It has long arms with sharp claws which it uses to hang from trees. It is extremely slow. Slakoth will spend its whole life in the same tree. However, Slakoth are known for being good swimmers, traveling far during floods to reach a new tree. A potential predator will often find that Slakoth isn't as easy to catch as they may think. If it senses danger, Slakoth will dig into its branch with its sharp claws and lock its muscles into place, making it almost impossible to pry off, even for the strongest carnivores. Slakoth's daily diet usually consists of all of three leaves.

James looked at the Pokémon that still slept. Looking confused at why it's just sleeping in the open, he slowly walked towards it. The teenager kneeled down beside it and looked to his Mudkip that walked over.

"Why would a Slakoth be just lieing here?" James asked himself as he looked through his Pokédex. He noticed a tree nearby with Pineco in the branches and leaves, the boy knew why the Slakoth was just lying there. The Pineco had done something to scare it off from its tree. James looked around at the area to see the lake nearby that's stream led to a river nearby. Walking back to the Slakoth, he noticed it waking up and bursting with energy sharpening its claws. James looked at his Pokédex again to see what it was doing and James was a threat.

"No, no." James explained to Slakoth. "I'm not a threat, I'm fine you see." James tried to calm the Pokémon, but it wouldn't take notice. It jumped towards James but Mudkip sent out a burst of water to send it away in the other direction. James looked to his Mudkip in surprise.

"You learned Water Gun?" James asked his Pokémon in relief. The Mudkip nodded and spoke out it's name. James looked to the Slakoth starting to get up and getting angry, but this one like other Slakoth wasn't running away, it was going to fight. James and Mudkip were ready to battle the Slakoth, but as they were about to start a few noises came from the bush nearby. The boy looked confused, but then saw a Pikachu running swiftly across the grass, James's attention was distracted but then seeing a couple of trainers run through the bushes after the Pikachu. These were the two the teenager had heard earlier.

"Get back here Pikachu!" One of them yelled. "Go Seviper! Use Wrap!" The trainer yelled to his Pokémon coming out the Pokéball, James looked to the Pikachu that had stopped and was going to hold it's ground like the Slakoth. The boy as always took out his Pokédex to get some information on the snake like Pokémon.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/95/Project_Pok%C3%A9dex_logo.png http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/62/Spr_4d_336.png

Seviper are fairly large snake Pokémon that are usually depicted scrunched up like an accordion. They are mostly black in color, but have several markings on their body. Seviper have yellow hexagon markings that run from their head to their tail, small yellow bumps where they touch the ground (this is presumably to help with movement) and various purple scar-like marks. Seviper has several different weapons it can use in battle, such as elongated red fangs that protrude from the mouth and a bladed tail which it can stab or swipe with. Seviper also have fierce red eyes that make it able to use attacks like Glare.

It is theorized whether Seviper are distant relatives of the Ekans line, considering they are both snake Pokémon, can breed together and have similar behavioral patterns.

Seviper can create a horrible poison that it can channel through either the tail or fangs, quickly dispatching prey.

Seviper is the only known Pokémon that learns Poison Tail through leveling up. Seviper are bitter enemies with Zangoose, willing to battle them to the bitter end. It is suggested that this feud has lasted since the beginning of time. This Pokémon is found on Route 114 and Route 208, which suggests its habitat consists of grassy plains with sparse trees and mountains.

James recognised them two trainers from at the Pokémon Center before, with the other trainer who he nearly had a Pokémon battle with. The trainers and the Pikachu didn't notice the Slakoth and James, they started to battle with the Seviper where the Pikachu was holding its ground with various attacks. The teenager noticed the Slakoth was still ready to fight.

"Mudkip use Water Gun!" James shouted to his Mudkip, which then ran forward and sent water from it's mouth towards the Slakoth that didn't move quick enough to get away. James was confused at how incredibly slow it was and thought of a tactical way of catching it. The Slakoth started to move towards the Mudkip and attempted to scratch the Pokémon, but Mudkip jumped away from the attack.

"Man its slow.." James said to himself. The Slakoth got very frustrated and started swiping the grass with it's sharp claws.

"Mudkip use Tackle." James said as the Mudkip speeded towards the Slakoth and collided with it, the Slakoth held it's ground and latched onto the Mudkip and sent it flying back over it. The Mudkip slided across the grass and flipped itself back onto it's feet.

"Use Water Gun quickly!" James reacted and the Mudkip sent a burst of water to the Slakoth that hit it directly on it's face sending it back at emmense speed and power, landing onto the grass. The Slakoth lay there without moving, James took out a Pokéball and clicked on the middle button, enlarging it ready for another catch. James threw a Pokéball towards the Slakoth but as he did, the Pikachu appeared running past the Slakoth as another ball was thrown towards the Pikachu. James blinked and then saw both Pokémon be sucked into the Pokéballs, the problem was. Which one was his?

October 8th, 2008, 9:21 AM
To Koroc: Wow, the post was very interesting and creative to read!
To BrianGabriel: The idea is very unique! I've never been asked something like that yet! I think the Slakoth should be yours just because it seems like you'll have more of a bond with it. It's strange, really...... btw is Poochyena gone for good?
You caught a level 5 Male Slakoth!

October 8th, 2008, 10:56 AM
Max stood up holding his aching head. His head was still spining from the Zubat's supersonic. He looked down at his pokemon's pokeballs. Zigzagoon looked like she was about to fall asleep, Pikachu was asleep, and Treeko looked rearing to go. Max smiled and looked down the path. Max walked onto the dusty path and trodded down it. Kicking tons of dust up with every small step.

"You would think there wouldn't be this much dust in a forest." Max said covering his mouth and nose with his hand.

He coughed a little and had to rub his eyes a little to get the gritty dust out. The trail was finally through with having dust on it and Max sighed with relief. He looked behind himself unsure wether or not Team Aqua was still on him. Max still worried decided to ignore it and turned to face the path again.

He noticed the trees were taller then the ones he passed a few minutes ago and wondered why they were smaller back there then up here. He was trying to figure this out when a huge pinecone fell on his head.

"Ouch!" Max cried falling off balanced.

Max almost fell into the wet with dew grass, but quickly caught himself.

"What the heck is that pinecone doing?" Max asked.

The pinecone was slightly moving and Max didn't know what it was. He pulled his pokedex out thinking it might be a pokemon.

Pineco, the pinecone pokemon. It hangs and waits for flying insects to come near. It does not move much on its own.

Max blinked and rubbed his eyes thinking that he was imagining it. He wasn't, it really was a Pineco! He understood that Pineco were really rare pokemon! He looked closer at the shaking pinecone pokemon. It looked frightened.

"Aw. You're scared aren't you?" Max asked.

"Pine." it said.

Pineco jumped into Max's arms and Max noticed a white torn up tag on its body. He read it and it said " This Pineco is property of William Daring."

"Oh. You've lost your trainer huh?" Max asked looking down at it.

It answered him by giving out a loud cry "Cooooooone!"

Max flinched back covering one of his ears.

"Ok then, we'll go find William." Max said recalling the name from the tag. "Go, Treeko!"

The green gecko popped out of it's pokeball.

"Treeko I need you to carry Pineco if that's ok?" Max asked.

"Tree." Treeko said taking the pinecone.

Max smiled and started walking down the path.

"William! William!" Max called out into the forest.

There was no answer.

"Williaaaam! Williaaaam!" Max called even louder.

Still no answer.

"Williaaaaaaaaaaam!" Max screamed as loud as he could.

Then finally an answer...sort of. A man came tumbling out of a tree and landed on his back with a loud THUMP!

"Ouch." the man said.

Max ran over to the man and helped him up.

"Why thanks you young man." the man said.

"No problem. Hey, do you know a William Daring?" Max asked.

"Why yes! Were you the one calling for him?" the man asked.

"Yeah. He lost his Pineco and I was returning it to him-"

The man cut him off "Ok then. Let me take my little Pineco back."

"Wait. You're William Daring?" Max asked.

"Yeah. Why, young man you've looked like you've seen a ghost." the man said bending over Treeko.

"Well, I just though that this Pineco's owner would be a lot younger...No offense." Max said.

"None taken. Why, have you seen my son Frank?" the man asked.

"Who?" Max asked.

"My son Frank. He is a little shorter then you and he is wearing a red T-shirt, blue shorts, a blue bandana, and black shoes." the man said looking worried.

Max then flinched again. The boy who was tied up was wearing the same outfit.

"Yeah, I saved him from a gang member of Team Aqua I think it was." Max said.

"Oh! Then he has headed home. Well I was on my way here to save my son after recieving this letter." the man said digging in his pocket.

He took up a crumpled up blue envelope and held it out to Max. Max looked inside and saw a white folded up piece of yellow paper. Max took it out and read

Dear Mr. Daring,

Team Aqua has taken your son hostage in the Petalburg Forest and we demand that to retrive your son unharmed, that you must come to the forest in 20 minutes with a Pinco, a Pikachu, and a Slakoth. If you do not bring these pokemon to us within 20 minutes we will take your son to our base and you will never see him again.

-Team Aqua.

"That was a dirty dirty trick." Max muttered almost ripping the letter in half.

The man took it back and said "Yes it was. I just captured this Pinco on my way here and was running around with it in my arms when I tripped and lost Pinco. I was climbing the tree after seeing many Pinco and figured he was in there. Well, I best be leaving to find my son...knowing him he probably was caught side tracked in here somewhere." the man said looking back towards a side path.

"Ok. Told Frank I said hi ok?" Max asked.

The man nodded and quickly returned Pinco to its pokeball and dashed off.

"That was an odd meating huh Treeko?" Max asked looking at the bewildered pokemon.

Treeko nodded and Max sat down under a tree wondering what to do next.

October 8th, 2008, 1:48 PM
Chapter 5 (Part 2): Middle School Wanna-Be's

The Pokeball lay still, laying on a small patch of soft grass in an ocean of dirt. He walked over and picked up the ball. He felt a joy inside, A Pokemon that can put Pokemon to sleep. Amazing. He looked at the broken horizon. Too many trees.

He began to walk, step, step. It was silent, except for the occasional cracking on a stepped-on leaf. For the first time, he felt free. No boundaries entangled him, no rules, no laws. He could do whatever he wanted, go wherever he wanted to go. He looked at his injured Makuhita, he was walking painfully. Hunter kept walking, straight, left, right, right, straight...dead end. He looked at the sun, almost directly overhead.

"Lets get out of here before sundown..." He told himself. He began to turn around.

"Maku, Maku..." Makuhita protested as he stumbled over. He leaned up agianst a tree. He was obviously injured badly. Hunter turned around to look at him, and walked over to him.

"You OK, buddy?" He said, putting an arm on his Pokemon.

"Makuhita..." He faintly cried. Hunter put him back in his Pokeball, where he could rest. He took 3 steps before feeling scared. He released his newest addition to the team.

He threw a Pokeball, and out came Slackoth, asleep. Hunter sighed, he picked him up and carried him. He was pretty heavy, and his hair was sticky and matted down, obviously it had not been cleaned in weeks.

He tried to make sense of where he was going in the labrynth of trees. It really didnt help his concentration that Slackoth was drooling on his shoulder. He was about to turn to the right when he heard a couple voices coming from behind him. Hunter turned and hid behind a tree, curious as to who these people were.

They came into vision, it is a bunch of Middle School kids following this one, fat kid. They were all throwing around cuss words and decided to throw rocks at any wild pokemon that they saw. Hunter decided to do something about it, he revieled himself.

The kids stopped and laughed, A trainer with a drooling Pokemon on his shoulders didnt make much of a threat.

"What are you doing blocking my sunlight?" Said the fat leader. The followers readied their stones.

"Quit throwing rocks at Pokemon, and for Christ's sake, your in Middle School. Stop trying to act like you're all that." The kids didnt take this very lightly.

"Why dont we put up that Drooling...Thing...Up agianst something real, eh?" The fat one turned around, and all the followers nodded.

"Fine, Slakoth, Its time to fight." The Slacker Pokemon opened its eyes dazily. Hunter put him on the ground, and he flopped right over, snoring again.

The kids laughted as the fat kid threw out a Pokeball, and out popped a small Pikachu. Hunter had seen these before. His friend Lance had one as a pet, and they were supposed to be really cool and friendly. This one, however, looked in terrible shape.

"Pika...Pi", Groaned the Pikachu

"Alright you little rat, Thundershock!" Yelled the fat kid.

"Slackoth, dodge it and...tackle?" Hunter said, realizing he didnt know Slakoth's moves.

The Slackoth just sat there, not asleep, but not moving. Lucky for him, the Poor Pikachu barley did anything like a Thundershock. It didnt even get to Slakoth.

"You stupid rat, tackle it!" The Pikachu slowly ran toward Slakoth, but barley hit him, doing no damage.

"Slakoth...uhm...do that thing you did earlier! You know, to that one Poochyena?" Hunter pleaded

Slakoth layed there and yawned a huge yawn right next to the Pikachu.

"You stupid ass! Tackle him!" Said the fat kid. The Pikachu attempted a final tackle, but couldnt muster it. It fell over asleep.

The fat kid growled, and signaled for his crew to start pegging it with rocks. Quickly, Hunter recovered Slakoth and grabbed the sleeping Pikachu, rushing through blurred trees and leaves.

"Dont worry, Ill take you away from here" He said to the sleeping Pokemon.

(This isnt a catch, read the message I sent you :))

October 8th, 2008, 4:09 PM
Finally happy to see another city Marcus decided to stay here and leave the next morning so he and his pokemon would be refreshed. Enetering the city he noticed that many trainers were at the door of this building. The building was a lot bigger than most of the other buildings and the town and it was the only one that had a sign out in front of it. “What so important about that building” Marcus thought as he headed for the sign.

“Petalburg Gym lead by the Great Norman.” Marcus said reading the sign to himself. “This is unbelievable! A gym right here.” Marcus started to get excited but he looked over at the crowd and noticed everyone had sad faces. Marcus walked over there to see why they would be so upset.

“The Petalburg Gym is temporarily closed ?” Marcus asked as he was surprised.

“Yeah the gym leader is currently gone out on some kind of hunt for a new pokemon.” A kid responded nearby.

“Well that’s a bummer.” Marcus sighed beginning to walk away from the gym.

“But you know there is a gym in Rustboro city to the north of here that you can battle.” The kid shout at Marcus as he left the crowd.

Marcus made his way to a bench that was right next to the pokemon center. He sat there for a while and then decided to take a look at the voucher that Rebecca had given him.

“Wow a pokemon egg.” Marcus said looking at the voucher.

As Marcus said that an older couple was walking by.

“Excuse me young man did you say pokemon egg?” The man asked as he approached Marcus.

“Yes I did sir.” Marcus responded and showed the man the voucher.

“Well what do you know dear! This is one of our pokemon egg vouchers.” He said turning to his wife. “Young man where did you get this?”

“I got it from a friend named Rebecca.” Marcus said smiling and scratching his head.

“Rebecca!” The Man said surprised

“Oh Rebecca must really like you if she gave you one of these.” The lady said smiling at Marcus.
“I am sorry I never properly introduced myself. I am Dr. Christoper Storm but many call me Dr. Egg” The man said shaking Marcus’s hand. “And this lovely lady is my wife Tasha Storm.”

“Honor to meet you both. I am Marcus Druid and I met Rebecca on route 101 when I first got my pokemon.” Marcus said respecting the older couple.

“So you are the young man my Rebecca has been talking about.” Dr. Egg said “Lets go to the pokemon center and see if we can not get you and egg.”

Marcus followed the couple into the pokemon center smiling as he would have never thought to meet them here of all places.

“Hello Nurse Joy.” Dr. Egg said as he entered the Pokemon Center.

“Oh hello Dr. Egg I mean Storm.”

“No need either name is fine.” he said with a little smile. “I was wondering if you had any special reserve eggs left?”

“Yes we have one left but hopefully it will hatch in the morning.” Nurse Joy said

“Good well I would like you to give it to this young man here.” Dr. Egg said pointing over to Marcus who was looking down at Hammer.

“Right away.” Nurse Joy replied. “Young man if you would please follow me. I will show you your egg.”
Marcus followed Nurse Joy to the hatchery of the pokemon center and showed him an egg that had a light purple shell with little dark blue spots in very few places. Amazed at how he finally had a pokemon egg he went in to look at it up close.

“Sir I think it will be in your best interest if you left it here for the night and if it doesn’t hatch take it with you tomorrow when you leave.” Nurse Joy said in a serious tone as she cared for the egg for a long time.

“Yes Nurse Joy .” Marcus replied as he left the egg in the room.

Making there way back to the front Marcus seen Dr. and Mrs. Storm at the front.

“So is that a cool egg or what?” Dr. Storm asked.

“Yes it was. I really think it will be a really cool pokemon.” Marcus said as he thought about what pokemon it would be.

“Okay since that is taken care of I hope I see you again Marcus and take care of that egg pokemon.” Dr. Storm said walking out of the pokemon center.

“Nurse Joy do you think it will be alright if I stay here for the night.?” Marcus asked

“Sure let me get you a key.” Nurse Joy said grabbing a key from the desk. “Okay you will be in room 132 in the right hall.”

“Thank you.” Marcus said Making his way over to the hallway where his room lied. He walked to the back and saw his room and he put the key in the door to open it. The door came open and Marcus saw a nice and comfortable bed where he walked over and place his head down dozing off.

By the time Marcus got up it was morning. He checked the clock and saw it was 6:00 am and he ran into the pokemon hatchery as fast as he could to see if his egg has hatched or is hatching. When he made it there nothing was happening it was just sitting there. Marcus sighed and hoped that it would have hatched.

“Don’t worry Marcus it will hatch just give it another day.” Nurse Joy said coming in and handing him a pokeball so he will have somewhere to put it once it hatches. Marcus smiled and grabbed his egg and walked out of the pokemon center holding it in his arms. Gently rubbing it as he continued to Rustboro City to have a gym match there.

October 8th, 2008, 5:46 PM
To CTFx: I agree. Middle-Schoolers who think they're all that are losers. What till they get to high school. :D I did talk to you about your request.
Pikachu joined the group!

To Koroc: Good post and a great story about the egg you have going on here!
You received an Egg!

October 8th, 2008, 7:32 PM
Chpt. 6.1

Marcus entered the woods holding his pokemon egg close to his body so that he didn’t drop it or someone could not run up and snatch it out of his hands. He let out Hammer so he would not have to hassle with it later on if he had to battle pretty quickly. Hammer followed Marcus into the forest just waiting for him to give an order.

“Don’t worry pokemon egg I won’t let anything happen to you.” he whispered to the egg as if it was born already. Hammer just looked at Marcus as he paid much attention to the egg. He did not mind because he knew that an egg could not care for itself but he did feel a bit lonely.

“Cor cor cor phish.” Hammer said to Marcus hoping he would hear him. Marcus looked down at Hammer.

“That’s right I am usually talking to you aren’t I buddy.” Marcus said looking down at Hammer. “I will release ribbon so she can keep you company.” Releasing Ribbon seemed to make Hammer a lot happier.

They continued down the path when they came across a kid in a straw hat and had on a white beater and a pair of blue shorts. They kid turned around and noticed Marcus and beside him a Silcoon. The kid ran over and began to hug the Silcoon.

“Wow a real silcoon I always wanted one but all I got were Cascoons!” The kid shouted out. “ Now they are Dustox but I wanted a Beautifly.” The kid continued.

“Yeah Ribbon is the first pokemon I caught on my adventure after I got this Corphish.” Marcus said

“Would you trade it for a Dustox please!” The kid pleaded.

“Sorry man but Ribbon is very special to me and I can’t just trade her like that.”

“Well then how about a battle and if I win I get her.” the kid said jumping up on his feet. Marcus looked down at his egg and thought he couldn’t risk losing Ribbon but since he is a trainer he cant deny a battle. Marcus looked at the kid and agreed to the battle.

“Okay first one to lose all there pokemon loses the battle.” The kid said smiling.

“Fine by me.” Marcus said knowing he only had two pokemon he could use.

“Dustox lets go!” The kid said releasing a huge moth that had a purple body and big yellow eyes. It had huge wings but it didn’t look all that intimidating.

“Hammer your up!” Marcus said as Hammer ran to the front.

“Dustox us poison Sting go.” Dustox flew closer to Hammer and then released a spray of purple needles at Hammer.

“Dodge it and then use harden.” Marcus yelled as Hammer jumped back to dodge the poison sting attack and then he struck a pose and it looked like a sheen came over Hammer.

“Defense wont save you now.” The kid shouted telling his Dustox to do another poison sting attack. This time Marcus didn’t tell Hammer to move out of the way. Hammer was hit by the barrage of needles but most of them just bounced off.

“Hammer use bubble attack.” Corphish jumped up to be leveled with the dustox and then launched a spray of bubbles at it close range. The Dustox was hit by the attack and went down to the ground. Just before it hit it regained balance and flew towards Hammer who was in the air falling back down to the ground.
“Use tackle Dustox.” the kid shouted as he knew the pokemon could not dodge in the air. The tackle hit knocking Hammer into the air a little further. “Keep tackling it higher and higher into the air.”

“Hammer use bubble attack right before it hits you again.” Marcus shouted out to his pokemon. Hammer waited for Dustox to get a little closer and then fired a bubble attack at it head on. Dustox fell to the ground with Hammer close behind and the kid could tried to tell his pokemon to tackle again but it was to late. Hammer fired another bubble attack at it as it got closer to the ground so it could not react. Dustox fainted and the kid got mad.

“Return Dustox.” the kid said angrily “Go Nincada.” The pokemon surprised Marcus as he pulled out his pokedex and wrapped his arms around the egg to use it.

Nincada, the Trainee pokemon, usually is under ground and uses its antennae to sense the surrounding since it is virtually blind.

Marcus closed the pokedex and figured this would be an easy match.

“Hammer bubble lets go.” Hammer fired a bubble attack at the pokemon.

“Nincada use sand attack straight ahead.” The trainer shout as the pokemon threw up sand and stopped the bubble attack from landing. “Now use scratch.” Using its antennae it located Hammer and lunged towards it with a scratch attack.

“Counter it with Bubble.” Marcus said as Hammer put out its claw and fired a high powered bubble attack at the on coming pokemon. The nincada was hit by the bubble attack and went flying into a tree and fainted.

“Darn you weak pokemon.” The kid said returning the pokemon. “Here is my last one lets go Paras.” The Kid released a crab like pokemon with mushrooms on its back. Marcus opened his pokedex to see what it said about it.

Paras the mushroom pokemon. They have mushrooms on there back that grow as the pokemon does. The mushrooms get nutrients from the host’s body and are said to be the medicine of life.

Marcus closed the pokedex and then was ready for battle.

“Hammer use bubble.” He shouted out and Hammer fired a stream of bubbles at Paras.

“Now Paras use your bullet seed attack!” The paras opened its mouth and a heavy stream of yellow seed shaped objects jetted out and completely destroying the bubble attack and hit Hammer. Hammer went falling to the ground and struggled to get up.

“Okay Hammer that’s enough come back.” Marcus said fearing that he could not take another hit like that. “Ribbon you are up lets go.” RIbbon hopped up in front of Marcus as Hammer made its way to his side.

“Paras use Poisonpowder!” The trainer shouted as he was happy about his last win. A purple cloud of powder made its way to Ribbon and Ribbon closed her eyes as it was in pain but it didn’t last as a layer of its cocoon came off and it seemed to have cured it of its aliment.

“Now Ribbon use string shot and a poison sting comdination!” Marcus yelled out as Ribbon shot a string shot attack at the paras and then pulled it towards her body and then fired a barrage of purple needles at it. The paras didn’t seem to like that attack and seemed to have gotten poisoned as well.

“Paras use a bullet seed attack lets go!” the kid shouted as it shout a round of yellow seeds at the silcoon.

“Ribbon use string shot to dodge it quick.” Ribbon didn’t do anything and Marcus wondered why.

“Yes my effect spore ability worked.” The kid said smiling as the silcoon took the attack.

“Effect spore?” Marcus said confused.

“That ability let the pokemon that attacked y paras get effected by paralysis, poison or even put to sleep.” The kid proudly announced. After the bullet seed Ribbon shed another layer of skin and recovered from the paralysis and then lauched a poison sting at the weakened paras. Paras couldn’t take the poison any longer and it fell over fainting. The kid got up set and returned the pokemon and ran away.

Marcus thought that was weird that he would do that and decided to find a place to rest so his pokemon could get some energy back. They found a nice spot by a yellow leafed tree and sat down to get some rest. Marcus sat the egg in his lap and as he did that the egg began to glow and crack. Marcus amazed tha his egg hatched so early sat there and wanting to see what it would be.

(ooc: I want you to decide what it will hatch into so it will be more surprising to me when I put the next post up.)

October 8th, 2008, 7:42 PM
To Koroc: Wowee, you guys are asking me a lot of stuff, aren't you? Give me a little while to think about it and don't be surprised if the pokemon is from another region.
Corphish grew to level 12!
Silcoon grew to level 11!
Corphish learned Vicegrip!
What? Silcoon is evolving! Will you allow this process to continue? (Will learn Absorb if evolves)

October 9th, 2008, 4:16 AM
The Pikachu began to move, she was waking.

Long ago, the voiced died to an eerie silence. Hunter had ran a long time, not thinking about where he was going. He was lost, and it was night time. Both are not good, added together, even worse.

The Pikachu opened its eyes to the purple, moon-lighted sky. She looked up confused, trying to figure out where she was. She looked, apparently, for the fat kid and his gang.

She rejoiced. She found no trace. She fell over in exaust though, as Hunter studied her.

There is something wrong with her. She cannot do much without overdoing herself. and she cannot battle. How odd...As soon as I get to the next city, then I need to ask that Nurse Lady.

He searched his Pokedex, looking through an encyclopedia of genetic disorders, diseases, and disabilities. He couldnt find much on a fatigue disorder, so he would have to wait.

The Pikachu finally saw him, Hunter was up in a tree, next to his Slakoth. They had been studying her from the shadow of leaves.

It didnt take a while for the Pikachu to put two and two together. Her Result: They were stalking her, going to attack her.

She mustered up a spark from the red cheeks, then fell over. Face it, she couldn't put up a fight.

Hunter, by this time, had hopped down from the tree and was at the exhausted Pikachus side.

"No more electricity for you!" He said, picking up the Yellow Mouse Pokemon and putting her over her shoulder.

"Lets go, slacker." He said, referring to his Slakoth, still in a tree.

He jumped down, falling agianst the floor. Then, he sat still, waiting to fly first class like the Pikachu.

Hunter said to himself, "Pokemon...God you were think I would be running a day care."

Once again, he navigated through the trees. He still seemed at loss. He would run around for 20 minutes, just to see a familiar branch. It was very confusing.

He thought about Poochyena, but it was too much to ask, given the fact that she got ripped apart by Team Aqua. Hunter was at a total loss, maybe they could camp in the woods? He had nothing to camp with.

After another half-hour of fruitless searching, Hunter could fight his drowziness, no more. He set up against a tree, making a pile of fluffy grass as a makeshift cushion. He released all of his Pokemon. Poochyena and Makuhita were still injured badly, Pikachu was tired from trying to tell Hunter where to go, and Slakoth, well Slakoth couldnt be happier then to accept a nap.

With help from some of Slakoth's yawns, the whole team was asleep. The moon's shift ended, turning moonlight to sunlight. Rays swooped down and opened Hunter's eyelids. He was still exhausted, but he was too much of a light sleeper.

He went from the thick of trees, out into the open paths of the woods. There were trainers, EVERYWHERE.

Yesterday, he was lucky to find 1, but there was 4 or 5 in plain sight. There were some battleing, some waiting. Hunter crept back to his camp.

"Wake up team, we need to get a move on!" His team, reluctantly, woke up.

Poochy and Makuhita were rested, but still not in good fighting condition. Slakoth didnt get up, he just sat there, forcing Hunter to pick him up. Pikachu decided that she could walk on her own, but changed her mind after a few steps.

As soon as Slakoth saw all the other Pokemon out in the open, he insisted to walk with Makuhita and Poochy to show that he isnt an incapable Pokemon.

Every now and then he would start to whine and Hunter would have to go and carry him. After a couple of steps, Slakoth would want to get down, and he would repeat the process.

Hunter followed the general flow of moving trainers, making their way to the exit. How do they all know where to go? He stopped a trainer.

"Hey, how do you know how to navigate through this maze, and why are there so many trainers here"

The trainer looked puzzled. "There were always people going in and out everyday, until Team Aqua showed up. But they are gone, thanks to some trainers. He pulled out a peice of crumpled paper. There were 5 names listed on it.

These trainers did not look familiar. As he exited the woods, thanks to directions from trainers he told himself that he would have to find these trainers and hook up with them. If they could defeat Team Aqua by themselves, they would be really good together.

October 9th, 2008, 6:01 AM
To CTFx: Good post! I like how you included the other trainers in it. There will be a time where you will have to fight them all together!

October 9th, 2008, 7:09 AM
Chapter 5
Petalburg City

Shaun and Electrike were walking on a well trodden path, Poochyena back in the safety of its pokeball. She glanced briefly up at the sky, and a strange expression crossed her face before she turned her gaze to the map that she was holding in both hands.

“For some reason, this map is amazingly accurate, even though it only shows a small part of Hoenn, it says that we likely will encounter a sign that says Petalburg City: 0.5 miles really soon.” At that moment, she looked up from the map to see a wooden sign which was beginning to fall apart. Though initials and words and the like had been etched onto the surface, the original words on the sign were still quite clear. ’Petalburg City: 0.5 miles.’ Electrike gave a bark, though this time Shaun couldn’t quite interpret what Electrike meant, though she suspected it might have been one of surprise, or maybe I saw it first. Something along those lines.

“Yeah, see? I knew it, you probably saw it first, though, since you didn’t have your face buried in a map.” Shaun pointed out, and Electrike gave another bark, softer and shorter than the first. Shaun nodded and smiled and then returned to the map. “Well, there’s not much more we need to know, is there? ‘Cause we’re almost at Petalburg City, and that’s where we can challenge the gym!” She said excitedly, “though we probably have to train beforehand…yeah, probably, I heard the normal type gym leader’s pretty strong.” She commented, as Electrike gave a growl of agreement.

Walking into Petalburg City, the first thing Shaun noticed was how large it was, well, it was larger than the small town she had grown up in, that was for sure. Much larger than Oldale Town as well. From here, she could see several shops, restaurants, and a pharmacy. There was also a small group of people with collecting tins, and Shaun and Electrike approached them curiously, yet cautiously. She could see a professional looking sign, apparently the collection was sponsored by the Pokemon Medical Laboratories, she had heard of them. Apparently they made Pokemon medicines or something like that, in addition to helping to support the Pokemon Center. Well, what did these people want? Shaun read further, taking in the words that were printed in red letters on the sign.

“Pokemon Medical Laboratories Collection Event
Please donate money to help a group of Pokemon
Supposedly injured by the notorious Team Aqua,
According to our sources, they were used for some
Experimental purpose, and when it was all over,
The weakened Pokemon were discarded from one
Of their secret laboratories. Many have been severely
Weakened by the ordeal that they have been through.
The Pokemon Center asks that you give a small donation
To help pay for the costs of the special treatments some
Of the Pokemon will need in order to survive.
Thank you.
The Pokemon Center and the Pokemon Medical

It was a rather large sign, to have fit all those words on, that was Shaun’s first thought. Then her thoughts shifted to those poor Pokemon, she hardly knew who Team Aqua were, but if they had really done what they did, then they must be pretty rotten. Apparently, Electrike had understood the message as well, because it growled both sympathetically and angrily. Shaun dug into her pocket for some spare change, and was pleased to find a number of coins in her pocket.

“I know its not much, but hopefully it’ll help.” Shaun murmured, depositing the coins in the collecting tin, and earning herself a grateful smile for those who were collecting the money. She noticed that she wasn’t the only one giving money either. Another trainer who was passing through into Petalburg had also noticed the sign and the group of people who were collecting the money for the Pokemon Center and was currently reading it. Shaun saw a concerned expression spread across the trainer’s face before she turned around. “C’mon Electrike. Maybe we should get to the Pokemon Center.”


The Pokemon Center wasn’t far off, though it was located in the center of Petalburg. Shaun passed through the doors, carrying Electrike in her arms. A Chansey came over and greeted Shaun, and then led her through a set of double doors where a few other trainers were eating. She thanked the Chansey, though she had really come to ask about the Pokemon injured by Team Aqua. Suddenly, a growl from her stomach interrupted her thoughts, and the Chansey pushed her gently towards a table into a seat, and then disappeared, to return moments later with a tray of food. Shaun thanked the Chansey again as it placed a dish of Pokemon food on the table for Electrike. Electrike growled a word of thanks as it leapt onto the tabletop to eat. The Chansey left, and Shaun began to eat, looking up as the Chansey appeared again leading another surprised looking trainer.

After eating, Shaun placed her dish and tray in a sink in the corner, filled with warm soapy water, and left the room with Electrike. She found Nurse Joy with no problem, seeing as she was often sitting at the front desk. But before Shaun could approach Nurse Joy, she had run off to treat another Pokemon. Shaun sighed.

“Well, we might as well at least visit the gym, maybe there will be a battle going on that we could watch.” She suggested, as Electrike led the way out of the Pokemon Center.

“What? I can’t believe it!” Shaun said, as they stood outside a locked gym, Electrike growled, but didn’t really seem to upset. Shaun sighed, “well, I don’t know about you, but we might as well return to the Pokemon Center, seeing as there’s nowhere else we can go and I’m not too fond of sleeping in the forest tonight.” They set back towards the Pokemon Center, wondering why the Petalburg Gym was closed.

Ooc:// Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been somewhat busy, but here you go, I'll start Chapter 6 in a bit. (By the way, this post was a bit rushed, just so you know in case this post seems a bit...lacking to you.)

October 9th, 2008, 7:16 AM
To Slytherfang: Nice to see you again! I thought the post was good and it didn't seem that rushed. You may start in the Petalburg Woods.

October 9th, 2008, 10:41 AM
Sitting there watching the egg crack open he seen a little pink head pop out of the pokemon egg that had long ears like a rabbit that were pink and the insides of the were green. It had a little horn that stuck out from its head. Finally the rest of the egg shattered into many pieces and exposed its body that was pink with darker pink spots here and there. Marcus smiled and looked at his to pokemon in surprised that he had just got a Nidoran (Male).

Glancing over at his silcoon he noticed that he could not see its red eyes anywhere and her whole body was white. Then things in the shape of butterfly wings began to grow from the top of the pokemon. It started to look more and more like a butterfly as the process continued. Finally the white glow disappeared and exposed the pokemon’s little body and somewhat big head that had a long skinny nose that was rolled up. Her wings were very beautiful With the gray outline and the yellow, red, and blue mixed into it. Marcus was excited that his egg hatched and one of his pokemon evolved basically at the same time.

Ribbon flew over and rested on Marcus’s head while the new pokemon stood in his lap looking up at his new trainer.

“Okay little guy, I have to come up with a name for you.” Marcus said smiling at the newest arrival. “How about Token.” The baby pokemon nodded and jumped up happily. “Okay then Token it is.” Marcus knew that the pokemon was new to the world but wondered if it was ready for a battle.

“Return Hammer and Ribbon.” Marcus said returning his tired pokemon to their pokeballs. He got up and placed the Nidoran on the ground. He began walking with the Baby pokemon close behind. Up ahead Marcus noticed that a man that seemed to be harassing other trainers as they walked by and challenging them to a fight. Marcus just stared at the man for a while and he wanted to see what he would do next.

“Hey Kid .” A deep male voice said coming from behind Marcus. “I hope you weren’t spying on us.” The man cracked his knuckles.

“I I I I I ……” Marcus could not spit out his sentence from fear of the man with the bandana and a black and white striped shirt that reminded him of a pirate. Token wasn’t afraid to defend its trainer and ran up and poked the guys foot with its horn. Marcus saw how brave his pokemon was even just coming out of its egg.

“Ouch you little runt you will get it. Go Poochyena!” The man yelled as he called out his pokemon.

Marcus didn’t think Token was ready to battle but didn’t want to risk using Hammer or Ribbon who are tried from their last match.

“Poochyena use tackle go.” The man yelled as his gray dog like pokemon ran at Token. The attack hit Token but it didn’t look like he was the only to feel that attack. The poochyena began to hold its head down breathing hard as it was inflicted with poison.

“Token you up for a battle.” Marcus said to his pokemon that was getting back up. Token nodded and walked in front of its trainer and gave a little rawr to let Marcus know it was ready. “Use peck!”

The baby pokemon shook its head and then ran towards the pokemon that was riddled with poison and used its horn and pecked it continuously. The poochyena was getting pushed back further and further.

“Now Poochyena tackle.” Poochyena dodged one of the peck attacks and the tackled it on the side knocking the pokemon to it side. “Poochyena howl lets go.” The dog pokemon let out a great howl and it seemed to get pumped from it.

“Token use peck again lets go.” Token got up on his feet and then charged at the pokemon again.

“Poochyena use tackle.” The two pokemon collided and they seemed evenly matched but the poochyena couldn’t take to much since the poison was ticking away at its strength and it fell over. Token jumped into Marcus’s arm happy that it beat its opponent.

“Rodger is not going to like this.” The man said running over to the guy that Marcus was spying on earlier.

October 9th, 2008, 11:03 AM
To Koroc: Good post! I didn't understand what you were trying to ask me in the ooc thread...
Token hatched from the egg!
Token learned Supersonic (Egg Move)!
Token grew to level 8!
Token learned Focus Energy!
Ribbon is trying to learn Absorb, but she already knows four moves. Delete a move for Absorb? (Respond in the ooc thread)

October 9th, 2008, 12:04 PM
“What you were beat by a brat!” The other guy yelled as the first guy was on his knees. “Show me where this kid is and I will show you how to battle.” The guy on his knees pointed towards a group of bushes and Token jumped out of Marcus’s arm to reveal itself. Marcus came out from behind the bushes and thought that he had to come out or his pokemon would get hurt.

“So you are the one who thinks thay can mess with Team Aqua and get away with it huh?” The guy asked

“You have no right to be messing with all these young trainers so get out!” Marcus yelled trying to be brave for his pokemon but inside he was ready to high tail it out of there.

“I will leave if you manage to beat me. How does that sound?”

“Okay fine with me but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Marcus said confidently

“Go Zubat.” The Team Aqua member released a small bat that had no eyes but seemed to be able to sense where Token was. “Okay zubat use Leech life!” Zubat dove in at Token to bite it and drain some of its energy.

“Token quick use Supersonic!” Marcus shouted in a hurry as the bunny like pokemon shot out a wave of sound that disoriented the zubat causing it to fly around the area.

“Zubat use Supersonic go.” The man yelled at his confused pokemon. The zubat tried to do the command but ended up biting its wing sending it to the ground. The shock from hitting the ground seemed to have knocked the sense back into Zubat and it dove towards Token biting it and draining some of its energy. Token felt the bite and then kept poking the Zubat with its horn until it got off of him.

“Token use focus energy!” Marcus said while his pokemon stood there roaring and focused on the Zubats flight pattern.

“Go astonish Zubat!” The aqua member yelled as it dove it to hit Token with a surprise attack. Token followed the Zubat’s every move and as it came in he lunged at the pokemon hitting it in the wing and sending it to the ground. Zubat tried to fly up in the air but it could with a damaged wing. Token took the opportunity and charged at the pokemon on the ground and hit it with another peck attack. This time the zubat didn’t move.

“Zubat return.” the man shouted. “Go Poochyena.” This poochyena seemed to be much bigger then his partners poochyena and had more developed fangs. “Poochyena use a tackle attack followed with a sand attack.” Poochyena charged in at Token while he just stared him down.

“Supersonic Token!” Token let out another sound wave disorienting the foe and causing it to run into trees. The poochyena then finally made its way to Token and unexpectedly tackle it hard. Token couldn’t poison it with its ability since he was not expecting the attack. Token hit the ground and struggled to get back on its feet. Marcus knew that he could take too much more battling so the had to finish it while it was confused.

“Token use Leer then focus energy and charge in with a full powered peck.” Token got up struggling and began to give the Poochyena a glare that seemed to have frightened it even through the confusion and then began roaring to build up power. Token charged in at the confused pup and jumped in the air to give its attack a little more sting. By the time Poochyena recovered from the confusion it was too late. Token had dove in and hit it hard into a nearby tree.

“Poochyena are you okay?” The guy said shouting out to his pokemon. No answer was heard so he ran over to check on his pokemon. Poochyena was out cold. Returning it to his pokemon the man got up and ran off with his buddy close behind.

“Token are you alright?” Marcus said to his tired pokemon as he picked it up off the ground and carried it to the nearest tree that had berries on them. He looked closely at the berries and they didn’t seem like the berries that were on the other tree from earlier so he left them alone.

Hoping he would find his way out of this forest Marcus walked around aimlessly with Token in his arms.

October 9th, 2008, 12:14 PM
OoC: Excuse my super laziness and not posting at all XD

Chapter 1, Part 2: Round Trip?

After saving Birch from the attacking Pokemon, Birch stood up, gave Jake a little dirty look for his earlier comments, and started to walk back to Littleroot Town.

"If you want to start on your journey, I'd follow me if I were you..." replied Birch

Jeez, that much anger from one silly comment? Well, let's give him some more!

They passed through some tall, beautifully green grass on their way back, and Birch seemed to be a little spooked. After having his own Pokemon turn on him like that, you can't really blame him, right? Well, Jake certainly could.

"If you are a Pokemon researcher, you really shouldn't get so spooked from having Pokemon attacking you know. Isn't it sort of a job hazard?" Jake said sarcastically, with a huge smirk going across his face.

Again, Birch wasn't too thrilled. He gave him a death stare, and picked up his pace a little bit. Jake started to trail behind a tad, but he picked his pace up to match Birch's. The way his pace changed showed his nervousness, and it was quite easy to see. Birch continued to stare all around him, occasionally getting jumpy from seeing a Pokemon pop out of the grass.

Jeez, I guess that wasn't the best comment to make. This might have seriously affected him. Who would have guessed?

As they re-entered Littleroot Town, Birch picked up the pace even more, almost to a light run. You could tell he just wanted to be in the safety of his lab, where no random Pokemon could get to him. A valiant effort Jake supposed. He had to pick up his pace again just to keep up. He looked into his house's window, and saw his mother sitting on the couch watching television.

I'll say bye when I reach there again.

They arrived at the lab. Opening the door swiftly, Birch ran indoors, behind his desk, where nothing could hurt him. Well, at least Birch believed that. Now only if he realized that there was many Pokemon in his lab...

"I appreciate you saving me, but your attitude needs a serious check. But onto why you have come. To start your Pokemon journey, I will give you 5 Pokeballs and a Pokedex. These Pokeballs, like you saw earlier, are used to catch Pokemon. It is best to weaken them first, as then they will be easier to catch-"

Common sense much?

"-Now, your Pokedex will automatically record data on any Pokemon you see. For example, you caught that Ralts out there. Why don't you send it out and allow the Pokedex to do its job." Birch said, finishing his "speech"

"Alright I guess...." Jake said hesitantly.

Jake threw his Pokeball high into the air, and out of a white light, the "Ralts" appeared before him. He opened his Pokedex.

http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/pokemon/280-m.png"Ralts, the Feeling Pokemon. It uses the horns on its head to sense human emotions. It is said to appear in front of cheerful people."

"See what I mean, it is a high-tech tool, that will be very useful on your journey. Now, get out of here and start on your journey!" Birch said with a smile, that seemed to be filled with all sorts of passion.

Jake walked straight out the door, and bolted home. His mother was already outside waiting for him.

"I saw you with the Professor, and I say, I'm glad that you are going to be starting your journey-"

Why? Oh yeah, you just want the money I'm going to win....

"-Now, get going, and show them what you are made of!" She said full of emotion. She started to cry.

"Now come on you big ball of blubbering emotion, stop it! I love you, bye." Jake said as jokingly as ever.

He walked out to the entrance of Route One, looking at the surroundings he was looking at half an hour ago.

Round Trip much?

October 9th, 2008, 1:57 PM
To Koroc: Good battle. It is getting intense now that Marcus doesn't have any pokemon that have much fight left.
Token grew to Level 12!
Token is trying to learn Double Kick, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Double Kick?

To Jake: Wow, Jake is full of it, isn't he? You may go on to Route 101!

October 9th, 2008, 3:47 PM
Chapter 5 (Part 3): The WORST Possible Time!

Hunter's heart rose. After one full day and a overnight sleep, Hunter was so happy to get out of the forest. He could see the light shining from the opening of the exit.

He thought of a cozy bed, with some stew and his Pokemon being healed, and having Pikachu checked out. He thought of maybe a gym there, a badge. He could see himself holding up something shiny.

He couldn't wait, he charged into a run, leaving Makuhita and Poochy trailing behind. He was so sure of getting out. But there stood someone awfully familiar at the edge of the exit.

His heart dropped, his reveries faded into mist. Parker. He remember facing off to him in Odale, he was a good trainer but a bad person, all around. He looked at his Pokemon, Makuhita and Poochy panting, scratches and bruised blotted them. They weren't in fighting condition. All he had was, Slakoth, but that couldn't stand up to Parker's powerful Pokemon.

He was watching Parker from afar, watching his eyes scan passing trainers. He felt a laser hit him, and the alarms went off. His stoic face turned to a frown as he started to walk towards him.

"Pika-PI?" Pikachu said, noticing the odd trainer walking towards them.

"Its a rival," he explained to Pikachu, "I have only Slakoth to fight wi-" He stopped. He didnt want to hurt Pikachu's feelings about her...disability.

"Well, fancy seeing you here!" Said Parker, finally reaching Hunter. "Looks like your Pokemon got into a little scrape?" He said, glancing at Makuhita and Poochy. His eyes hit Pikachu and Slakoth.

"So, you have some recruits, eh? Well so did I, and I could bet money that mine are better than yours."

"Really?" Hunter questioned, "You would really bet money on a Pokemon match?"

Parker reached into a jean pocket, and pulled out a crumpled 500 Credit Bill. Hunter sighed, he reached into his "Savings" Envelope and threw out 500.

"So be it," Hunter sighed. Pikachu got down and sat on the ground, eager to watch the battle. Slakoth had noticed his name being refrenced so he was already loafing infront of Hunter.

"Silcoon, go!" Hunter didnt care for pointing his Pokedex, he just wanted to get out of here.

"Silcoon, use tackle!" "Slakoth, dodge and use your own tackle!" Slakoth did not dodge, and the white cacoon hit him head on. Slakoth shrugged off the command of a tackle, and swiped at Silcoon leaving a harsh gash.

"Harden, Silcoon!" A new layer of that white dermis swept over the gash, creating a new layer.

"Slakoth, use that yawn power!" Slakoth just sat there, he kind of looked like he was just chilling. "Slakoth, this is not a time to goof off!" Slakoth looked back at Hunter then kind of shrugged his shoulders.

Hunter just stood there with his mouth open. Parker was in full blown hysteria.

"Slakoth, please, use yawn!" Parker didnt notice it, he was too busy busting over. Still Slakoth just sat there, doing nothing, pulling blades off grass out the ground.

"Silcoon...heh...use...heheh...Tackle!" Parker giggled.

"Slakoth, JUST DODGE IT AND SCRATCH IT LIKE YOU DID EARLIER!" Hunter screamed. Nearby trainers stopped to watch the fustration steaming off of Hunter.

Slakoth's eyes went from lazy to demonic, he sidestepped the tackle like nothing, then scratched the bug nonstop.

The bug tried to scurry away, hurt and scared. Hunter stood there, words escaped his lips. "Dear God, Slakoth!"

Slakoth flopped back over, took a deep breath, than started to pick some nearby flowers.

Parker had stopped laughing. He was scared, this Pokemon was not normal.

Lazing off than suddenly going rampage, thats just a little scary.

"Slakoth, scratch for the final blow!" But the Slakoth kept on picking flowers, throwing some into his mouth.

"Silcoon! String Shot!" All the amusment in Parkers voice was gone. The Silcoon turned around and launched a volly of white, sticky string onto Slakoth.

"Slakoth, Scracth him, please!" Hunter pleaded. Although this got real intresting, real fast, he still wanted to get to the next city.

The Slakoth threw down the flowers he had in his hand than rushed the petrified Silcoon then scratched him straight up in the face.

The Silcoon fell over, defeated. Pikachu stared in both horror and curiousity in Slakoth, as did Makuhita, Poochy, and other nearby trainers that did not have a Slakoth. Pikachu walked over to the pile of 1000 bucks and grabbed it.

Hunter took it as it was brought to him, and they all started to walk away.

Parker was left a mess, still staring at his Silcoon, wondering when it ended.

October 9th, 2008, 4:26 PM
To CTFx: Great way to show Slakoth's laziness!
Slakoth grew to level 7!
Slakoth learned Encore!

To Everyone: As soon as CTFx and Koroc do their last post for the Petalburg Woods, I'll put up Rustboro City.

October 9th, 2008, 7:31 PM
(OOC: Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Finally drum roll please.)
Marcus was officially lost and he did not have much time because all of his pokemon were in need of attention.

“How can people actually navigate through this maze of a forest?” Marcus asked himself shakeing his head. “I need to get out of here cause my pokemon need healing and in my exciting adventure I forgot to go to the pokemon market.”

Token stared at Marcus as he blamed himself for everything wrong with his pokemon.

“Ro ro ro ro.” Token said trying to cheer Marcus up. Marcus smiled and changed his mood since he had to show that nothing could rattle him to Token with him being a new born and all. Approaching an open area

Approaching an open area in the forest Marcus stopped to see if he could find anything that could lead him out of the forest.

“Hey there Marcus.” A familiar voice said from behind him. He turned around and saw it was Rebecca. Marcus began to speak but Token jumped out of his arms and got ready to attack her.

“No no Token she is a friend no need to worry.” Marcus quickly said so that Token would not attack. Token then walked back over to Marcus and stared at Rebecca to see if she would try anything bad.

“What a cutie!” Rebecca said looking at Token. “He must be the pokemon that came out of your egg.”

“Yeah he is but how…” Marcus was interrupted

“I know my dad told me he meet up with you in Petalburg City.” She said smiling and then asked to see his other pokemon. Marcus release Hammer who was breathing hard and Ribbon who seemed to be all better flying around Marcus’s head.

“Your corphish doesn’t look to hot.” She said as she went into her bag and pulled out a yellow bottle shaped berry with green spot. “Here eat up you will really enjoy it.” Hammer went at the berry like he haven’t eaten in weeks. After eating Hammer was back to his normal cheery self.

Pulling out two oran berries she handed one to Ribbon and placed the other in front of Token who sniffed it and then looked at Marcus to see if it was okay to eat.

“Yes it is okay to eat Token they are oran berries and they are very good.” Token still was skeptical and did want to eat it. Marcus broke it in half and began eating half of it and was enjoying it so Token took a bite. His face lit up and then he quickly finished the berry.

“Thank you Rebecca.” Marcus said “ You saved me for the second time and I don’t know how to repay you.” Marcus looked down ashamed he wasn’t more prepared.

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t always do things for people unless I like them.” She said with a little smirk on her face. Marcus’s face turned red and all he could thin about was when he was on Route two she kissed him on the cheek before leaving.

“Where are you off to?” Marcus asked trying to get his mind off of the subject.

“I am going to Rustboro city to battle the gym leader.”

Marcus wonder if he was ready to battle the gym leader himself. Looking at his pokemon they all seemed strong but he thought they might need a little more training before he actually battles in the gym.

“Oh yeah I want to show you my new pokemon.” Rebecca said jumping up and down with excitement. “Come out Lombre and Aron.”

There was a tall pokemon that looked like a duck with a big lily pad on its head and beside it was a small four legged pokemon that looked like it was wearing a metal mask. Marcus pulled out his pokedex to check them out.

Lombre the jolly pokemon and the evolved form of Lotad. Lombre are very happy and mischievous pokemon that like to pull pranks on nearby anglers.

Aron the Iron armor pokemon. They usually live deep in mountains but sometimes its hunger causes it to eat railroan tracks and cars.

“Pretty neat huh?” Rebecca said in a cocky tone.

“Yeah they look pretty strong too.” Marcus said looking at his pokemon who seemed to be getting very lazy.

“How about a battle before we go against the gym leader?” Marcus wanted to accept the offer but he knew his pokemon were very tired and need to rest.

“Come on please for me.” Rebecca said with puppy dog eyes. Marcus caved in and decided to battle.

“Numel your up!” Rebecca called out.

“Hammer you should take this one.” Marcus said trying to play things to his advantage.

“Numel start things off with tackle.” Numel charged in at Hammer trying to make a clear and powerful hit early off.

“Hammer use vice grip.” Marcus yelled. Numel charged in while Hammer stood there waiting for her to strike. He quickly jumped to the side and grabbed Numel’s neck and slung her around and slammed her on the ground. The attack seemed to have been stronger since he used the force of her tackle back on her.

“Hammer bubble lets go!” While he still had Numel by the neck he fire a bubble attack with the other hand at her face. Numel couldn’t take the bubble attack and fell over. Corphish lifted his claws in the air in victory and walked over to Marcus.

“Hmm looks like your pokemon learned a new move and gotten a lot smarter.” Rebecca said returning her Numel and then pointing to Lombre who jumped forward flexing. Marcus looked up at Ribbon who was on his head and she flew into action.

“Lombre dazzle them with an absorb attack.” Rebecca said as Lombre’s eyes turned green and shot a green energy wave at Ribbon.

“Ribbon you show them how absorb is really done.” Marcus sadi as his Beautifly eyes turned green and she fired an energy wave at Lombre. Both pokemon were hit by each other’s attack and the were at a battle of will. The continued there attack for quite sometime before Lombre began to wobble. It seemed that he was taking more damage then he was absorbing from Ribbon. See an opportunity Ribbon launched a poison needle attack at the wobbling pokemon.

“Lombre use razor leaf.” Lombre began to dance sending a flurry of sharp leaves at the oncoming attack but the were not powerful enough to overpower the attack. The leaves were ripped to shreds as they came into contact with the poison sting and the needles continued to Lombre knocking him down to the ground.

“Wow what beauty and grace your Beautifly has.” Rebecca said returning her Lombre and telling Aron to go fight. Ribbon flew and landed on Marcus’s head where it felt comfortable.

“Token you ready?” Marcus said as the pokemon ran in front of him.

“Ro ro.” Token replied

“Use leer attack go.” Token gave a mean looking glare at Aron who began to shake.

“Aron use tackle honey.” Aron ran toward Token and hits him dead on knocking him to the ground.

“Token use leer again.” Again Token gave aron the same look with aron doing the same thing.

“Those looks wont help you win the game you know. Aron go tackle again!” Rebecca was confident that Aron would win this battle if Marcus kept with his strategy. Aron charged towards Token again but this time Token moved out of the way.

“Token use a double kick.” Token just turned around and shook its little tail and aron taunting him to run at him. It seemed to have worked and Aron charged in at Token but instead of tackling him he was kicked in the center of its head stopping it cold. Token kicked him again and Aron fell over and started crying in pain.

“Poor baby, mommy is here.” Rebecca said running over to Aron and picking him up. Token looked at the aron and felt bad for hurting it and began crying himself.

“I guess they are both at that innocent stage Marcus laughed walking over and picking up Token to calm him down. “You did a good job.” Marcus said to Token rubbing its belly and watched it stop crying and started laughing.

“Your pokemon look like they are ready to battle Marcus so lets head over there now.” Rebecca said returning aron to his pokeball.

“Your right.” Marcus said returning his team.

Rebecca grabbed Marcus’s hand and pulled him in the direction her map said the exit was. After about an hour walk they finally made it to the edge of the forest and saw a city up ahead. With the city in sight Marcus and Rebecca went off hoping to get a badge for their trainer case.

October 10th, 2008, 6:18 AM
To Koroc: A great warm-up battle for the upcoming gym battle!
Hammer grew to level 15!
Ribbon grew to level 14!
Token grew to level 15!
Hammer learned Leer!
Ribbon is trying to learn Gust, but she already knows four moves. Delete a move for Gust?
Token is trying to learn Poison Sting, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Poison Sting?

To Everyone: Chapter 7 will be up shortly!

Chapter 7: Rustboro City
(2-3 Posts)

Description: The city's motto is: "The City Probing the Integration of Nature and Science." It is a beautiful city made almost completely out of stone with many interesting places to visit. It is also one of the largest cities you will visit on your journey and houses the gym leader, Roxanne, where you can get your fist badge.

Places of Interest:
Pokemon Center- I think you know by now
PokeMart- Same as above. Items sold here: Potion, Pokeball, Antidote, Paralyz Heal, Awakening
Devon Corporation- A building where much research about pokemon is done. Right now, as a special promotion, they are passing out Pokenavs to all trainers for free! Go get yourself one!
Pokemon Trainer School- A small schoolhouse where young students and beginner trainers come to learn as much as they can about battling. Roxanne comes here to teach in between her gym battles.
Gym- See below


Rustboro Gym

Leader: Roxanne

Description: Roxanne's title is "The Rock-Loving Honor Student." Her strategy is Rock-type power attacks. She believes Rock-type Pokémon to be rock solid. Roxanne loves to teach and learn at the Trainer School in Rustboro, so she became a gym leader so she could apply everything she learned in school in real battles. She loves to battle trainers that also exhibit knowledge about different types of pokemon. Her greatest desire is to learn as much as she can through battling.

Level- 12
Type- Rock/Ground
Gender- Female
Attacks- Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb
Ability- Rock Head
Nature- Bold

Level- 14
Type- Rock
Gender- Male
Attacks- Tackle, Harden, Block, Rock Tomb
Ability- Sturdy
Nature- Brave

Tm 39- Rock Tomb
Stone Badge
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f0/Stonebadge.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Stonebadge.png)

October 10th, 2008, 8:26 AM
Ch7 PT1

As Beo headed into the big city known as Rustboro, he noticed many things, such as tall buildings, lots of people rushing around, and even a girl who was standing about 15 ft in front of him. The final thing he would notice was the pokemon gym, but he would then turn his attention around to the girl again. This girl had medium blonde hair, was about 5'4, her eyes were a beatuiful light blue, and she had many other appealing features. As Beo stared at her, the girl turned around and noticed he was staring at him. She then raced her way towards Beo with a very angry look on her face.

"Excuse me, were you just starring at me" The girl asked Beo.

Still hypnotized by her eyes "Um uh no, of course not, now if you'll excuse me I have to be going to the pokemon center" Beo said as his face turned a bright red, and he sprinted away from the girl.

"Wow I must have looked like an idiot, no wonder I can never meet any girls" Beo thought to himself as he arrived at the pokecenter.

"Hello and welcome to the pokecenter how may I help you?" Nurse Joy asked.

"I need to get my pokemon healed please, and also I was wondering if you could tell me who runs the pokemon gym here" Beo asked as he handed over his pokeballs.

Nurse Joy smiled at him as she took his pokeballs to the back room "Why that would Roxanne but you won't be able to challenge her till tommrrow" She exclaimed.

"Aw why not?' Beo asked with a upset look on his face.

"Well becuase she is in class at the moment" She said.

"Oh okay well in that case i'm gonna need a place to stay tonight" Beo said

"Well currently we are all out of rooms here but if anything opens up i'll let you know" She said as she went to the back room and brought back his pokeballs.

"Ah but if your looking for something to do tonight I would say head over to the Devon coorporation, there handing out free pokenavs" Nurse Joy said, as she handed him his pokeballs.

"Thanks maybe i'll do that" He said as he walked out the exit of the pokecenter. As he walked outside though he saw that girl standing outside the entrance waiting for him.

"Wait don't run away this time silly, I just want to know why you were staring at me?" She said this time with a smile on her face.

"I'm kind of in a hurry I need to find the Devon corporation" Beo said exhaustedly wondering if he could ever find the courage to actually carry out a conversation with a girl.

"Oh well it's your lucky day, I live right next to it so i'll take you there" she exclaimed

"No really it's ok honestly" Beo said as you could see the frustration growing in his face.

"Now now it would be my pleasure, and we can talk about why your here in the city, you can even tell me why you were staring at me on the way there" She said with a huge grin on her face.

So Beo explained that he was in town on his pokemon journey and that he was going to be challenging Roxanne for the gym badge, he told her how he would have to wait till tommrrow and had nowhere to stay.

"Oh I love pokemon trainers, but personally I think battling with them is wrong, ha i forgot to introduce myself i'm Dusk, and i'm a pokemon breeder in training" she exclaimed.

Beo was finding it more comfortable to talke to her now that they were getting better aquanted. "It's nice to meet you Dusk, are we almost to the Devon Corporation?" He asked.

"Actually yes its right over there, but this is my house right here, well Beo it was nice meeting you and I hope to see you again, good luck on your journey" She said as she walked inside the door, the quickly popped her outside again and gave Beo a quick smile.

Beo was finding himself feeling very confident now that he had actually talked to a girl without running away, and as he made his way to the Devon building he wished that he wouldn't have to stop talking to her.

Finally inside Beo saw the booth where the were giving out the free pokenavs, and Beo dashed into the line. By the time he finally got to the front they had just ran out.
"sorry sir you'll have to comeback tommrrow" the person at the desk said. Beo once again felt disapointed and walked out of the building. When he got outside he noticed an old man sitting next to the building, Beo thought he was a homeless guy and felt sorry for him, so he took out some cash and handed it to the man.

"Here you go sir" Beo said as he handed him some money.

The man quickly glanced up at Beo and he had a huge smile on his face.

"Ha what a nice young man you are, whats your name" he asked

"I'm Beo" he said with a small smile.

"Well Beo it looks like you've been traveling, am I correct?" he asked

"Yes i'm actually on a pokemon journey" Beo explained

"Ah and you were still nice enough to throw cash my way, well then all I have to say is congratualtions, you've just won yourself a free pokenav" the man said, as he pulled a small wraped package from his bag and handed it to Beo.

"Wait i'm confused" Beo said as he was handed the gift.

"Ahh well you see i'm not really a homeless person, i'm actually the owner of the devon corporation and ive been sitting there all day waiting for someone to pass my test, so here take it as a token of my gratitude" the owner said.

"Thanks" Beo exclaimed, the two then chated for a little while about how the pokenav works, and it's several features then Beo headed back towards the way he came, hoping to find somewhere to stay.

As he walked past Dusks house, she peered down at the lonely Beo through her window and raced down to stop him, "Hey Beo, um I remeber you saying you needed a place to stay, and I dont think my parents would mind if you stayed here just for one night in guest room" she said smiling

Beo grew a huge smile on her face and accepted her offer. After awhile of introducing himself to Dusk's mother and father, he then learned that her mother was an expert pokemon breeder and that she was training Dusk. Her father on the other hand had been a somewhat succesful trainer, and won many battles, that is partly the reason for Dusk's hate of pokemon battles.

Eveuntually Dusk show Beo his room and then said tommrrow she would introduce him to her pokemon, if he would do the same, and that she would also show him to the pokemon school and the gym.

As Beo lay there in the guest bedroom of this girl he just met today, he thought about how it seemed like there was a connection between the two, and that maybe they could become pretty good friends. He then fell asleep

October 10th, 2008, 8:58 AM
To dboring: Good post!
You received the PokeNav! (This do not really serve any purpose in the story but everybody may find good ways to use these in the rp)

To Everyone: I changed the post amount to 2-3 in case you just can't think of anything for your third one. I mainly made it three in case you wanted two posts for the gym battle.

October 10th, 2008, 10:38 AM
Ch 7. pt2

Beo awoke the next morning to find that his pokeballs were all missing, he quickly got dressed and started running frantically through Dusk's house trying to find her. He then noticed the back door was opened and decided to check out the back yard. As he made his way to the back yard he saw Dusk with Skitty, Seedot, and Pikachu, along with an evee.

"What are you doing with my pokemon" Beo yelled at her.

"Oh hush you don't have to yell, I just figured that if you were going into a gym battle today that maybe your pokemon should get proper treatment" she said smirkly back at Beo.

Beo looked around at his pokemon and noticed that they all seemed pretty happy, and alot more relaxed. He then noticed the evee again, which from the looks of it, had been taken care of very well. It was groomed and cleaned, and had the look of a pokemon with full confidence.

"So is that your evee?" Beo asked her.

"Yes he's my only pokemon, I raised from the egg my mother gave me last christmas." She explained.

"Oh so then your mom has an evee also" Beo asked.

"Kind of, it's actually an Espeon now" she said.

The two sat around the back yard for quite awhile, as Dusk explained what being a pokemon breeder was all about. Then she hinted at the fact they needed to start heading over to the pokemon school, so Beo could meet Roxanne and set a time for the battle.

Once at the School, Beo saw many classrooms with many young students, some seemed to be falling asleep, while others seemed intrigued taking many notes. He than came across a room where they were having pokemon battles, with the schools pokemon. Finally they arrived at Roxannes room.

"So class that will be all for today, don't forget next class we will be having practice battles" She said happily as she noticed Beo standing in the back of the room. She dismissed the class the made her way to him.

"Ahh are you a new student?" She asked Beo.

"No i'm already a trainer!" Beo said angrily

"Oh sorry, so i'm guessing your here for a battle then" she asked.

"Yes" Beo said.

"Well actually I have nothing going on if you wanted to do it now?" She said grining.

"Hmm yeah i'm ready whenever you are" Beo said.

She then winked for him to follow and they made there way to the Rustboro gym. Dusk following behind, quitely made here way to the stands.

"I thought you didn't like pokemon battles?" Beo asked her alittle confused why she was still there.

"Yeah, but um I figured you might need a little more support so me and evee will cheer you on" she said with a smile on her face.

"OK Beo quite flirting with your girlfriend and let's start this battle" She said while laughing.


The judge came out and stood at the sideline "Ok this will be a one on one battle, each trainer can use two pokemon" the judge explained.

"Go Geodude" Roxanne shouted

"Skitty come on out" Beo said as he threw out skittys pokeball.

"Geodude, this should be a quick one against a weak pokemon like that, use rock throw" She ordered.

"Skitty dodge and use tailwhip" Beo shouted.

Geodude hurled rocks at skitty, who swiftly ran inbetween the rocks, dodgeing each of them, then skitty started waving it's tail back and fourth, although it looked like it had no affect, Beo knew it was going to affect geodude in the long run.

"Hmm Geodude now rock tomb!" Roxanne shouted.

"Skitty dodge once again and use tail whip" Beo ordered as he grinned.

"Whats he planing on doing, making my geodude dizzy" Roxanne thought to herself, as she figured this was going to be an easy win.

Geodude lifted up huge boulders, then dropped them all on top of skitty, but skitty proved to be to fast, and hopped on top of the rocks, shaking it's tail once again at geodude.

"Good job skitt, now move in closer and use tail whip" Beo shouted.

"Geodude, now hit it with tackle, as it comes closer" Roxanne yelled frustrated that geodude kept missing.

Skitty shook it's tail once again at Geodude as it ran in towards the geodude. Geodude then hit skitty directly as the it drove skitty into the pile of rocks, it stayed on top of skitty.

"Skitty, now tackle!" Beo shouted still grining.

Skitty, somehow managed to push geodude out of the pile of rocks, and into a wall.

"How, Geodude no! Get up" Roxanne yelled.

Geodude tried getting up but couldn't and fainted. Skitty slowly made it's way back to Beo's side. It had taken alot of damaged from getting hit with tackle, and was running low on energy from moving around so much.

"Geodude is unable to battle please use your next pokemon" the judge said.

"How did that happen with one hit!" Roxanne asked puzzled.

"Tail whip's effect is it lowers the oppenets pokemon's defense, I just had to wait awhile before I could strike back" Beo said grining as he looked down at skitty seeing how tired it was.

"hmm how could I forget that, you got away with a freebie Beo but it won't happen twice, go nosepass" she said as she threw out nosepasses pokeball.

By now skitty was breathing heavily in and out, Beo decided to switch it up a bit and give skitty a break.

"Come back for now skitty great job... Go Seedot" Beo shouted as he returned skitty, and threw out seedot.

"Good job Beo, lets win this" Dusk shouted.

"Nosepass Rocktomb" Roxanne yelled.

"Seedot harden, then growth" Beo shouted.

Nosepass threw boulders on top of seedot, entombing. But seedot shook it off, taking only a tiny bit of damage, since it rose it's defense.

"Seedot Bide" Beo ordered as seedot dug it's feet into the ground, starting to focus some energy.

"Nosepass, rocktomb again" she yelled.

Nosepass once again entombed seedot, who once again made no choice to dodge. But it had just taken most the damage it could hold, but thats what Beo was hoping for.

"Seedot now Unleash Bide" Beo ordered.

As seedot jumped out from the rock tomb and headed full power straight for nosepass.

"Nosepass now, counter it with tackle" Roxanne ordered.

The two pokemon headed straight at each other.

"OH I can't watch" Dusk said as she turned her head, and covered evee's eyes.

Seedot and nosepass collided thrusting both back into there respective sides wall. As the hit the ground, both pokemon tried to lift there selves up. Seedot fall first, as Nosepass took alot of damaged still managed to keep it's feet.

"Seedot is unable to battle, Beo please bring skitty back out" The judge said.

"Ergh this is gonna be close, but I believe in you skitty, so come on out" Beo said softly to himself as he kissed skittys pokeball and threw it out. Skitty popped out, and looked very exhausted still breathing heavily.

"This is it Beo, no turning back now" ROxanne shouted.

"Oh come on Beo" Dusk thought to herself.

October 10th, 2008, 2:06 PM
Chapter 6 (Part 1): Pikachu's Fate

Exuberant about his battle with Parker, Hunter walked through the door of blinding light. The exit of the woods entered a beautiful city.

Huge buildings, Hunter has never thought possible, were made of various rocks. He looked at the sheer architecture of everything. Look at this, its like two buildings on top of each other! OH MY GOD, this one is like 5 put together!

Hunter was so overwhelmed by these extravagant sights, that he rushed right into the huge building. He walked up to the counter where a Secretary was just hanging up a phone call.

"Welcome to Devon Corporation! You must be here for the Special?" asked the lady.

"Well, kind of, whats the special?" Asked Hunter, looking around at the lobby. Fountains were inside the building, benches and leaves. All these outdoor things placed inside a building. What an odd design.

"Well, we have had a shipping error, so now we are overstocked on the new PokeNav!" She pulled out a thing looking similar to the Pokedex.

"If you sign these papers, than you can get right on getting your own PokeNav!"
Hunter signed paper after paper, finally finishing the last one, putting down his pen.

"Thank you, here you go!" She handed over the PokeNav. Hunter opened it, and a blue screen said, Welcome, please enter your name. After messing with it for a while, he heard the tired cries of the Pokemon that were following him.

"Oh! The PokeCenter, my bad guys." They left the building with a thanks. Hunter handed the PokeNav to Pikachu as she played with it, and the others looked over her shoulder at what wonders the little red computer held.

They entered the Pokemon Center. "Chansey! Chansey!" A Pokemon rushed to greet them. Hunter had never seen this Pokemon before, so he scanned it with his Pokedex.

http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/4845/113chanseyhl7.png (http://imageshack.us)
Chansey, The Egg Pokemon
It is said to deliver happiness. Being compassionate, it shares its eggs with injured people.

"Oh, so these are like Pokemon Center helpers?"

The Chansey nodded. Hunter went up to the counter and put all of his Pokemon in Poke balls to get healed, except for Pikachu.

"Uhm, ma'am? I want to get this Pikachu checked out, there is something wrong with her. Like, she cant fight." Hunter said sadly

"No Problem, we can give her a special check up immediately." She said with a smile. She called for something, and some Chanseys ran over and escorted the Pikachu into the check up room.

The Lady at the counter looked like the other ladys at the other PokeCenters.

"Um, excuse me, are you the same lady that helped me out in Petalburg, oh and Odale?" The nurse just smiled.

"No, those are my cousins! I am Nurse Joy of Rustburo"

Obviously she was crazy, exact twin cousins? Not possible. Hunter just shook his head and said, when will my Pikachu be ready?

"Excuse me for a minute." She went to the room where they took Pikachu. She went smiling, but came back grim.

"The Chanseys say she has DFOD. Disabilitating Fighting Organ Disorder. She will never be able to fight, Im sorry." Hunter felt a pang of sorrow for the poor thing.

"Well what about she always being tired, I mean, she cant take a few steps."

"Well, thats something else, but we can fix that." She handed Hunter a handful of herbs. "Here is medacine you should feed her every night. I will tell all my other cousins to give you some whenever they see you," She said, pulling out a peice of paper. "What is your name?"

"Hunter Evans." Hunter replied.

"Hunter Evans?" A man said, looking up from his newspaper.

"Yessir, thats my name" Hunter said, looking around oddly.

"I know your father."

October 10th, 2008, 4:13 PM
Marcus and Rebecca entered the city with there eyes set on finding the pokemon center with all of the pokemon trainers and people moving about it was no easy task. Marcus tried to force his way through the crowds of people but it only got him knocked over. Finally they decided to blend in with the crowd and follow anybody that looked like they would go to the pokemon center.

They made it all the way to a sign that had the map of the city up and the location of the major buildings. They looked at the map and they noticed that the pokemon center was right behind the sign. Marcus and Rebecca smiled making there way to the pokemon center.

“Hello trainers would I be able to assist you in anyway?” Nurse Joy said from behind the desk.

“Yes could you heal our pokemon for us. We plan on battling the gym leader today.” Rebecca said pulling out her poke balls and placing them on the desk. Marucs grabbed his and did the same.

“So I guess we wait for our pokemon to be healed before we proceed huh?” Marcus asked still standing at the desk.

“Oh you know that at the Devon’s Corporation building they are handing out free pokenavs to trainers and you could also visit the Pokemon Trainer School that has classes that are taught by none other than our city gym leader Roxanne.” Nurse Joy said cheerfully as he began to take their pokemon to the back.

“Okay then I guess we go to the Devon’s Corporation building to get our free pokenavs and come back here to see if our pokemon are healed.” Rebecca said clinging onto Marcus’s arm. Marcus and Rbecca walked out of the pokemon center and to the sign.

“By what the sign shows The Devon’s Corporation seems to beck that way.” Marcus said using his free had to point off in a direction that was northwest of where they were. While walking Marcus noticed a gentleman drop his wallet so he ran over to pick it you and tried to find the man who dropped it. Marcus had no luck finding the man so he opened it up to see if he could find some identification.

“Ah here we go.” Marcus said finding a business card. “Ah Devon seems to be the owner of this wallet and it says he works at Devon’s Corp.” Marcus thought this would be convenient since they were heading in that direction anyways. Arriving at the entrance of the building Rebecca and Marcus looked up and saw that the building was taller than anything they have seen before. They stood there a moment before they realized that they were blocking the door way.

They went inside and saw a lady with brown hair sitting at the desk that was at the back of the room.

“Um excuse me.” Marcus said trying to get the lady’s attention. They lady looked up and quickly responded.

“Oh hello sir what may I do for you today?” the lady asked

“Well this guy dropped his wallet and I looked inside to get some ID and it said that Devon worked here so I thought I would bring it here.” Marcus said handing over the wallet. The lady opened it and saw that it was Mr. Devon’s wallet. She press a button on the box and began to speak into it.

“Mr. Devon there is are two kid here that are in the lobby and they just returned your wallet. Mr. Devon there is are two kid here that are in the lobby and they just returned your wallet.” the said and then let go of the button. A few minutes later a man came from the stairway that was on th eright side of the building and walked up to the desk.

“You said these kids returned my wallet?” the man asked with a look of relief in his face.

“Yes it is right here.” the lady put in on the desk and the man grabbed it.
“Oh thank you thank you thank you!.” the man said cheerfully “I thought I lost this thing forever.” The man’s mood changed quickly as he see the two trainers.

“I am sorry I have been so rude. I am Mr. Devon of the Devon Corporation.” the an said bowing down greeting the.

“No problem sir it was a pleasure to help.” Marcus said “I am Marcus and her name is Rebecca.” he said pointing to the girl that was on his arm. Mr. Devon didn’t know how he could repay them for there good deed and then realized that he had two devices in his pocket.

“You to deserve on of these.” he said puling two yellow cases that had a screen at the top of it. “These are pokenavs.”

“Pokenavs?” Rebecca said puzzled

“Yes pokenavs are like cell phones but they also contain a huge storage system that has the time maps of all the regions and information of trainers you met and even of most of the gym leaders.” Marcus and Rebecca could help but to grab one of the devices and put it in there pockets.

“Thank you Mr. Devon.” Marcus and Rebecca said in unison.

“It was the least I could do for your kind efforts,” MR Devon said wave to the kids as they left the building to go back to the pokemon center.

They walked up to the desk and Nurse Joy called them over so they could get their pokemon. Handing them their pokeballs Rebecca looked down at her new pokenav to see the time.

“Oh crap I will see you later Marcus I have to get to the school and meet my parents!” Rebecca said before running off out the door. Marcus was alone and decided to rest a bit before going to the gym.

October 10th, 2008, 5:20 PM
To dboring: Good first part of the battle. Can't wait to see the rest!
Skitty grew to level 14!
Seedot grew to level 11!
Skitty learned Sing!
To CTFx: Ohh, suspensful ending. Poor little Pikachu. :(
You received a PokeNav
To Koroc: Creative way to get a PokeNav!
You received a PokeNav!

October 10th, 2008, 7:10 PM
Chapter 6 (Part 2): Dome of Rock!

"What..my dad? Hah, hes dead!" He said to the old man, trying not to believe what he was hearing.

"No, he is very much alive!" Said the old man. "Why, he is in Sootopolis city as we speak!"

"Where the...Wheres Sootopolis? I don't even know him..." Hunter's mind raced. His Dad was alive, but he was dead? Everything I know is a lie!

"Sootopolis is a small island, right after Mossdeep." Said the Old Man. By this time, Pikachu was walking out of his check-up room, still carrying Hunter's PokeNav. The Old Man spotted it. He held out his hand,

"May I have that for a second?" He asked the Pikachu. Pikachu looked at Hunter for approval, and he gave a rushed nod.

The man was handed the PokeNav, and went to Hoenn Map.

"See here?" He said pointing to the digital map, "That's Sootopolis"

Hunter was so confused. He retrieved his healed Pokemon then said thanks to the man. He walked out of the door. Hunter looked around for the gym. Something, anything, to get his mind of this blasphemy.

He found a large dome, made of rock. A sign outside specified it as the Rustburo Gym. He walked inside, then was escorted by a man to a battle room.

"Phew! Another trainer already? This is the 10th today. Well, I am Roxanne, the leader of this Gym. I fight with Rock Pokemon, but don't be fooled. This might be the first gym, but it was and is, the last for many.

"Alright, I guess I will battle you then." Hunter said, his mind still abuzz.

"Go Geodude!" Yelled Roxanne. Hunter remembered something. That was the silhouette that knocked him out so long ago, a Geodude!

"Alright, lets get some training in from Slakoth!" He released a Pokeball. Slakoth popped out. By this time, Pikachu was chanting, no, cheerleading, for Hunter and Slakoth.

"Pi! Pi! Pika-Pi! Pi! Pi! Pika-Pi!" chanted the Pikachu, jumping up and down.

"Geodude, Rock Tomb!" Geodude started to shake, and rocks fell from the ceiling. Slakoth watched helplessly as rocks pummeled him.

Hunter thought it was over, but then the rocks moved, and Slakoth climbed out of the heaping pile.

"Alright, Slakoth! Now lets put him to sleep with Yawn!" Hunter yelled.

"Geodude, Rock Toss!" Slakoth dodged the rock that was chunked by Geodude, and made a huge yawn.

"Geodude, tackle!" yelled Roxanne.

Geodude flew at the Slakoth and hit him head on. Slakoth went down, but got up slowly. Shaking from the bones that were probably broken.

"Geodude, Rock Throw!" Geodude began to pickk up a rock, but then it yawned. It slowly dropped the rock, and fell over asleep.

"Yes! Slakoth, this is your chance, scratch!" But Slakoth just loafed around, sitting there as if nothing were happening.

"Ugh! Fine! Be that way, just scratch whenever your ready!"
"Pika!PIKA!" Pikachu scolded Slakoth.

"Get Up!" Yelled Rooxanne. It was quite loud in here, and it was giving poor Slakoth a headache. Slakoth growled.

He started to slice away at the sleeping Geodude, not doing much, but still doing his best. Hunter smiled, and Pikachu cheered.

This awoke Geodude, who in sudden defence, knocked Slakoth into the wall. Slakoth hit the wall hard, then flopped onto the ground. He didnt get back up.

"Alright, thats enough!" Hunter yelled, retreiving Slakoth. Pikachu was silent.

"Go, Poochy!" A Poochyena jumped out of the ball, snarling at the Geodude.

"Ugh, you couldnt guess how many of those I've seen today!" Roxanne groaned.

"Poochy, Tackle!" Poochy used all four legs to run at the Geodude.

"Geodude, dodge, then return with Rock Throw!" Geodude barley juked Poochy, quickly chunked a rock at Poochyena. The Rock suprisingly missed, and Poochy jumped on it, using as a boost for an airborn tackle.

Pikachu chanted joyfully. The Geodude flew over, barley missing Roxannes head, and slammed into the wall, making a small impact mark.

Roxeanne returned her Geodude.

"No more messing around, Nosepass, go!"

Nosepass jumped out of its ball, and stared at the Poochyena. Hunter swiped this odd Pokemon with his Pokedex.

http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/88/299nosepassfo2.png (http://imageshack.us)
Nosepass, the Comepass Pokemon
Its nose is a magnet. As a result, this Pokemon always keeps its face pointing north.

The Nosepass was facing them. So, behind them was North.

"If you are wondering, then I will tell. All this rock? There is an equal amount of magnet in every part. So, Nosepass can face any way he wants. Now, to show his power."

Nosepass began to shake, and rocks began to drop down. Much like the Geodude's, but there were much more, heavier rocks. Poochy weaved through a few, then was flattened by a perticularly big one. The Rocks exploded, sending large peices of Rock Shrapnel everywhere.

Poochy got up, but was met with the massive Rock Pokemon, and went an hit the wall exteremely hard. The wall cracked.

"Come back Poochy!" ,Hunter said. Pikachu was napping now.

"Go Makuhita!" Makuhita popped out of the ball.

They faced off, just Makuhita versus Nosepass.

It was going to be make or break here, go home or move on.

For Sootopolis. Hunter decided.

OOC: Sorry, its real sloppy. My Firefox kind of went down at the end of my post, so I had to rewrite it agian :/

October 11th, 2008, 4:52 AM
To CTFx: For the future gym battles it is kind of like the anime so in this case, the match would be two on two. You may finish this gym battle, but remember this in the future.
Slakoth grew to level 8!
Poochy grew to level 9!
Slakoth learned Encore!
Poochy learned Sand-Attack!

To Pikalover10: Good way of bringing that boy back in the story. Since Treeko helped out a little...
Treeko grew to level 6!

October 12th, 2008, 11:21 AM
CH 7 Pt 3

Beo watched as Skitty, and Nosepass both took in deep breaths and were really tired. "Skitty use tackle" Beo shouted

"Ha Nosepass Rock tomb" Roxanne yelled

Skitty raced towards the nosepass, as nosepass dropped boulders over top of where skitty was.

"Haha see Beo this match is most likely over as skitty barely had any energy" Roxanne pointed out.

"Hmm that would be true if you had hit skitty" Beo said as he pointed to Nosepasses head.

Skitty had somehow gotten all the way ontop of nosepasses head without anyone but Beo noticing.

"How did that happen" Dusk thought to herself.

"Now skitty use your cute charm" Beo shouted as skitty start to wave its tailback and fourth in front of the already tired nosepass.

"No nosepass shake it off your head" Roxanne yelled, but it was no use as Nosepass was already falling inlove with skitty.

"Now finish it tackle, skitty" Beo shouted as skitty jumped in the air, then landed back on top of nosepasses head knocking it out unconscious.

"Nose pass is unable to battle, Beo is the winner" the judge declared.

"Great battle skitty, now return you desreve the rest" Beo said as he returned skitty, and Roxanne made her way over.

"wow great strategy Beo, you deserve this, its the stone badge" She exclaimed as she handed the badge over. Dusk ran down the stands and hugged Beo, but then quickly jumped off. "Great battle Beo she said happily. Beo and Dusk then left and headed back to her house.

Later that night at Dusk's house Beo was getting his things packed and ready to go, as Dusk was healing up Beo's pokemon. Beo was then ready to head out, but first he had to say a painful goodbye. "Well Dusk good luck in your pokemon breeding, I hope i'll see you again" Beo said to her. "Thanks Beo, And good luck on your pokemon journey I have a feeling your gonna be great" she exclaimed as she gave him a quick hug. As Beo headed out the door, Dusk's mom and dad both noticed how sad they were to leave each other. "Wait Dusk i've been thinking, you know theres know better way then actually going out into the real world and traveling around seeing many different pokemon, I think you would learn alot if you went with Beo, and you could even help him on his journey" Dusk mom said. "Thats up to Beo though Dusk" Her dad said. Dusk grew a big smile on her face, and then turned to Beo "Well Beo what do you say I mean I could help out, and I wont get in your way" she exclaimed. Beo started laughing "Of course you can come with me Dusk, it will make my journey so much more enjoyable to have someone with me" Beo said as Dusk started jumping up and down and then ran to her room to get packed.

As the two made there way out of the house, Dusk's parents stood at the door way watching the two walk down the road. "You know thats the same way we met" her mom said to her dad. "Hah dont go there" he said back.

October 12th, 2008, 3:42 PM
To dboring: Good conclusion to the gym match. You're finished with Rustboro City!
Skitty grew to level 16!
Skitty is trying to learn Doubleslap, but she already knows four moves. Delete a move for Doubleslap? (respond in ooc thread)
You received a Tm 39!
You received the Stone Badge!

October 14th, 2008, 6:43 AM
Chapter Seven: Rustoboro City

James was out of the Petalburg Woods with his two new Pokémon, Pineco and Slakoth. After he caught the Slakoth. This had caused some confusion with the other trainer who caught the Pikachu. James found a new rival; the trainer who caught the Pikachu was called Craig. The two didn't have time to battle but became rivals and vowed to meet again. James however, was still on the look out for his lost Poochyena who had run away before a bunch of Pineco exploded. Never the less, James constantly worried about his Poochyena. Although his drive to receive his first Gym Badge seemed more important, this is to be very cold hearted.

James had just reached Rustoboro City and was at the Pokémart stocking up on some Pokéballs. There in the small corner shop, the boy walked to the fridgerator that stretched the small length of the wall with different foods and drinks for humans and Pokémon alike. James took out a sandwich in a plastic packet from the fridge and walked to the till with a box of Pokéballs in his hand.

"So that's one sand which and six Pokéballs mate?" The shop keeper asked in his deep grunting voice. James nodded as he put the items onto the till to be scanned. The shop keeper took the money that James held out and gave him his change. The teenager wasn't in a talking mood; he could only think about his Poochyena and started to doubt his own abilities as a Pokémon Trainer.

Outside the shop James remembered about the free Pokénavs for passing trainers. The boy put the Pokéballs onto his belt and took out his sandwich. James was extremely hungry considering he hadn't eating much since he left his home town to go on his journey and walking all the time does give you quite an appetite. James saw a large building towering over the stone carvings on several houses and just instantly knew that was the place. It was just an instinct. The boy started to walk over in the direction and noticed the odd designs of many buildings. It was all stone, not brick and cement. The whole architecture of the city seemed like the Stone Age with a modern twist.

A few moments later, James surprisingly had reached the place. It seemed to be a shorter walk than expected, but never the less James had reached the place. Seeing a poster on the stone walls, James saw the advertisement of the Pokénavs.

Available For Passing Trainers
On Sale In Two Weeks

The boy smiled at the advertisement and walked to the entrance, where many trainers were coming out a little dissapointed. The boy looked inside confused and headed to the front desk in a room that seemed so much larger than the outside, like a tardis. The boy went and spoke to the lady in her blue suit with tied back blond hair.

"Excuse me, where do I receive the Pokénav?" The boy asked intriguingly. The woman looked up from her desk and placed her arms on the table holding her hands, then looking to James straight in the face.

"I'm sorry, there isn't any available at this present time." She said to the boy. "Would you like me to reserve one for when more come in on Thursday?" She asked, the teenager shook his hand and declined politely before heading out of the quite roomy building.

Outside the building, James noticed the sun was setting in quite quickly. The teenager looked to his watch and saw it was four o'clock and the sun was setting in already. He shrugged his shoulders though and headed to the Pokémon Center down the road. The streets seemed quite empty in a yet lively atmosphere, James felt quite crowded despite there being no one beside him or anywhere in a ten metre radius. He thought it must be the narrow street leading up to the Pokémon Center.

Inside the center, James saw the same old Nurse Joy with her Chansey at the front desk. The boy walked over with his four Pokéballs in his hand containing his four Pokémon, but this only reminded him of Poochyena, it would have been five.

October 14th, 2008, 12:10 PM
To BrianGabriel: Good post. You make James's depression over Poochyena very clear.

October 14th, 2008, 12:31 PM
Chapter 6: Petalburg Forest

“Well, this map says that we have to travel through Petalburg Woods to get to Rustboro City…” Shaun said, yawning. They had only gotten up a few moments ago, and still had not fully awakened, or at least, their senses seemed to have been dulled. Her eyes were still heavy with sleep, she had not slept well last night, but then, she had never slept too well. Her mind was simply just too active, and she stayed awake late into the night, thinking about subjects and things that would never even be important in her life, about things that she would never need to know about, or to know. Strange as if was, it was a fact, and, the way it went in her book, facts did not change. So far, the fact that she was almost always kept awake late into the night because of her stupid mind and brain or whatever had not changed yet. Though, come to think of it, Shaun realized that she felt more awake all of a sudden, now that she had gotten thinking about what made a fact.

More awake, at least, than Electrike, who seemed to have dozed off next to her, and Poochyena, who was letting out occasionally sleepy growls as it continued to hover somewhere between being half-asleep and being half-awake. Weren’t they the same things though? Half-asleep and half-awake? Half-asleep means that you’re not quite asleep, you’re somewhat aware of what’s going on around you, but its all fuzzy, and you can’t quite comprehend what anyone else is saying, or what you happen to be saying at the moment, for that matter. Shaun said to herself, and half-awake means that you’re not quite awake, still half in sleep, but you’re at least conscious and somewhat alert, though not really. Well then, I guess they really are the same things, or nearly.

By the time she had finished with deciding whether half-asleep and half-awake meant the same thing or not, both her Pokemon were fully awake and ready to start their journey through Petalburg Woods. More ready than she was, at least, as her mind was still on the terms “half-asleep,” and “half-awake.” Funny how these two terms could have her thinking for a full ten or so minutes, when most people, when asked the question “do you think half-asleep and half-awake mean the same thing?” Would reply, “yeah, sure, whatever.” And continue on with their day.

“Great! Now we can start the day, right guys?” She shook herself from her thoughts and stood up, rather more cheerful and perky than she usually was, like those stupid cheerleaders on TV, who always wore fake smiles and an expression of bland cheeriness. It made them all sort of…blend together, until it was pretty much impossible to tell them apart and they all kind of melted together into one big picture. That was how it looked to Shaun, that was how it had always looked. But no more on that matter. She could feel herself falling into deep thought once more, and was reluctant to hold her and her Pokemon back any more. She had probably made them wait long enough while she thought about…

Anyways, Shaun thought firmly to herself, we’d better get some food and get going, I bet Electrike and Poochyena would agree. Her Pokemon were already being led away, looking like they weren’t quite sure what was going on, by a Chansey that had nothing better to do and figured it would pass the time showing Shaun and her Pokemon where to eat. Shaun already knew where she could get some food, of course, but followed behind patiently as the Chansey led them into a room with a handful of sleepy looking trainers. Sitting them down, it rushed away to make some food.

After eating, though Shaun had to admit the food tasted slightly odd, especially the pancakes, which tasted a little too salty for her taste, though she didn’t say so, for fear of hurting the Pokemon’s feelings. Electrike, walking beside her, as it enjoyed traveling through forests, and Poochyena, in its Pokeball, had both gagged slightly as the Chansey prompted them to sample the Pokemon Food that it had concocted from a recipe that seemed as if it had made up on the spot after they were finished with the prepared food that they had been given, though neither of them made a negative comment.

As they entered the Petalburg Woods, the air immediately became cooler. Overhead, branches crisscrossed and the weak morning sunlight filtered in through the leaves. In the morning, the forest was beautiful, with an almost otherworldly feel, and Shaun shivered, though she wasn’t cold. Electrike seemed to love it in the forest, however, and it had a certain skip in its step as it led the way down a mossy path, and Shaun had to run in order to keep and keep from losing sight of Electrike in the leafy undergrowth. As soon as she had caught up, a rustling in the trees caught her attention, and she saw a strange Pokemon resembling a Pinecone in the tree branches right above them. She had never seen a Pokemon like that, but before she could get a good look at it, it had disappeared. Shaun gazed at the spot for another few seconds, before she shrugged and walked on, following Electrike.

October 14th, 2008, 2:39 PM
To Slytherfang: The post was quite moody-feeling. It reminded me how tired I am at the moment lol. You may continue on in the woods.

October 17th, 2008, 9:46 AM
((OOC: Ummm I just realized isn't Treeko supposed to learn Absorb at lvl.6? In my battle right now I won't use it just wondering.))

Max stood there under the sky covered tree tops. Max was so glad he was close to leaving the forest. Treeko was standing next to his leg looking suspicous at Max.

"What's wrong Treeko?" Max asked.

Treeko looked down at the path and then ran off.

"Wait. Treeko come back!" Max called after the gecko.

Max dashed down the path following Treeko. Treekoo dashed up a tree and then started jumping from branch to branch. Doing this Max lost Treeko and couldn't find him. Max looked in every bush he passed. Climbed every tree he passed. He even asked fellow trainers in the forest he saw and the answer was always the same...No.

Max sat dwon on the ground at a base of a tree. He curled up and stuck his head in his arms. He felt so much like crying but didn't incase people came by him crying. He looked up and saw a green tail on the trail.

He dashed towards it and saw Treeko hiding from something.

"Treeko?" Max asked beding down next to the gecko.

Treeko looked at him and jumped in his arms. Then he got out and stood there. Then they both could here voices. Treeko jumped and pulled Max into the bushs. Two men appeared coming down the trail. One was the goon Max had battled earlier! The other one was dressed like him but Max didn't recognize him.

Max looked at Treeko who nodded.

"Hey. You!" Max shouted appearing out of the bushs. They jumped on the trail infront of the two.

"Hey its that punk from earlier I was telling you about." The goon said.

"Ok kid. You want to interfear with Team Aqua do ya. Then I'll take you on. And I'll take your wimpy Treeko with me." the other one said.

"Bring it on." Max said standing there calmly.

The goon chose a pokeball and a Poocheyana appeared out of it.

"Poocheyana use Sand Attack!"

"Treeko use Pound!"

Treeko dashed at the Poocheyana who was kicking dirt up. This didn't affect Treeko, though, because now Treeko jumped in a tree and hid from Poocheyana. The Poocheyana turned it's back at Treeko not knowing where it was and Treeko came down from the tree and wacked the Poocheyana to the ground.

"Poocheyana use Tackle!"

"Pound again."

The tow pokemon came at eachother. Poocheyana hit Treeko's tail while Treeko was trying to hit Poocheyana's body. Poocheyana and Treeko both pushed eachother away and Treeko spun around swiftly and dashed at Poocheyana. Poocheyana slid back a few feet and just stood there. Treeko wacked Poocheyana's head with his tail and Poocheyana flew into a tree.

Poocheyana strugled to get up but did.

"Poocheyana Tackle."

"Treeko Pound."

Treeko was quicker then Poocheyana and hit him into a tree again. Poocheyana ran at Treeko and tackled him to the ground. Treeko without command again pushed Poocheyana off of him and threw him into a tree. Then he dashed and pushed Poocheyana into the tree with force causing the tree to give way and break in half.

Poocheyana landed severly hurt and Treeko still continued to try to hurt it. He spun around in a flurry and almost hit Poocheyana again, but Max stepped in and grabbed Treeko.

"Treeko stop! We've already won basicaly. Stop causing this Poocheyana more pain ok?" Max yelled at him.

Treeko came to his senses and nodded.

"Poocheyana!" the goon said picking the dog up.

He glared at Max and said "This sin't over you brat."

Then the two men dashed away. Max looked at Treeko disappointed and kept on walking. The two came to the exit of Petalburg woods sooner then max thught they would. Max looked behind him and saw Treeko lurking behind him.

Max continued to walk out and then soon came to the exit. They were almost to Rustburo City and Treeko was supposed to battle in Max's first Gym challenge, but Max didn't know wether or not to use Treeko now.

((OOC: I am gonna make my Rustburo posts a little long so is it possible that I could maybe do four posts for Rustburo plz???I might be able to squeez it into three posts but I dont know...))

October 17th, 2008, 12:40 PM
To Pikalover10: Good post! I'm sorry, Treeko is supposed to learn Absorb. My mistake.
Treeko grew to level 9!
Treeko learned Absorb!

October 19th, 2008, 7:26 AM
Max lingered into town with Treeko trailing behind him. He ventured into the town's pokemon center and got his pokemon all healed up. Max went outside and tried to figure out who he would use.

"Rock type gym. Can't use Pikachu because they are super affective against him...I guess I'll have to use Zigzagoon and Treeko." Max murmered to himself.

He stood up and looked around for the gym. He found it and walked into the huge building. He stepped inside to find the whole battlefield covered in rocks and dirt.

"Hello and welcome to Rustburo City's gym. Have you come to battle me?" a lady asked.

Max looked up and saw a young lady with black hair, pink ribbons in her hair, a short blue dress, and pink leggings on.

"Hi. My name is Max from Littleroot Town, and yes. i have come for a gym battle." Max said.

"Ok then Max. Take your position on the battlefield." she said. "Oh, I foregot to mention my name. Hi I'm Raxanne." she said.

Max nodded and took his position on the battlefield. Then a ref stepped onto the judging box. The two trainers then took their pokeballs and threw them.

"Go, Geodude." Roxanne said.

"Go, Treeko." Max said.

A big rock with two arms popped out of Roxanne's while the little gecko popped out of Max's. Max scanned the pokemon with his pokedex.

Geodude, the rock pokemon. Found in fields and mountains. Mistaking them for boulders, people often step or trip on them.

Max looked at Treeko who was in his fighting stance and rearing to go.

"Round 1. Geodude vs. Treeko. Begin!" the ref said.

"Geodude use Defense Curl." Roxanne said.

"Treeko Absorb." Max said.

The Geodude put his arms up to his face and turned silver for a minute and then back to his rock color. Treeko sent a ball of green flying at the Geodude. It hit and then rocketed back to Treeko. The Geodude gave a cry of pain for it was super effective.

"Ok. Geodude use Tackle."

"Dodge and use Pound Treeko."

The Geodude hurled itself at Treeko. Treeko moved at the last moment and spun around to hit it with his tail. It knocked the Geodude to the ground, but the Geodude got up quick because the attack was not very effective.

"Rock Throw."


The Geodude picked up one of the huge rocks and hurled it at Treeko. Treeko dashed at it and hit it with his tail to try and break it, but it didn't work. The rock kept coming and hit Treeko sending both the rock and him flying into another rock. When the rocks made contact against Treeko's body the rocks both broke.

Treeko struggled to get up but he did.


Before Roxane could counter with an attack or dodge the green ball of light hit Geodude and rocketed back to Treeko. Super effective against Geodude and healed Treeko up a bit.Then Treeko started to glow a bright green color.

"What's happening? Treeko!" Max cried out.

"It's overgrow." Roxanne said.

"It's what?" Max asked.

"Overgrow. It's an ability only starting grass type pokemon and some others have. When your grass type poekmon's HP is lower then 30% it activates. It makes your grass type attacks stronger." Roxanne explained.

"Well ok then. Treeko use Absorb."

"Geodude dodge."

It was true. it was stronger. It was sent flying faster then ever at Geodude it barely missed but came rocketing back through its body sapping some HP. The Geodude gave another welp of pain and fell to the ground KO.

"Geodude is unable to battle...Treeko wins." the ref said.

Roxanne called Geodude back to her pokeball and then chose a new one.

"You won't be so lucky with this pokemon. Go, Nosepass." she said.

A weird looking pokemon popped out and Max scanned it.

Nosepass, the compass pokemon. It's nose is a magnet. As a result, it's nose always face north.


"Rock Tomb."

The Nosepass sent a bunch of rocks into the air above Treeko. Treeko then sent a ball of green at the Nosepass. Then the rocks came tumbling on Treeko before he could see what happened. Treeko sat there in the rocks waiting to see if the ball would come back. It did. It had hit the Nosepass and returned the health to Treeko.

"Now make the rocks crush up against Treeko."

The rocks sddenly got tighter and tighter.

"Treekoooooooo!" Treeko yelped in pain.

"Stop. He's in pain." Max cried out.

The Nosepass released it's grip on Treeko. Then Treeko rolled out on the floor KO.

"Treeko is unable to battle. Nosepass wins." the ref said.

Max ran over and picked Treeko up.

"You ok?" Max asked.

"Treeko." Treeko said.

Max returned Treeko to his pokeball and picked another one.

"Go, Zigzagoon." Max said.

The raccoon popped out of her pokeball.

"Round 3. Zigzagoon vs. Nosepass begin." the ref said.

"Nosepass Rock Tomb."


The Nosepass hurled rocks at the running Zigzagoon missing her with every boulder. She made it to the Nosepass and Headbutted his head. The Nosepass fell to the ground and got up quickly.

"Headbutt again."


Zigzagoon thrust her head at the Nosepass, but the Nosepass quickly caught it. Then it threw her away from it.

"Rock Tomb."

The Nosepass hurled rocks at the flying Zigzagoon trampling her to the ground.


The rocks got tighter and tighter and tighter.

"Ziiiiiig!" Zigzagoon yelped out in pain.

The Nosepass let go and the Zigzagoon rolled out onto the floor KO.

"Zigzagoon is unable to battle. Nosepass wins. Roxanne from Rustburo City is the victor." the ref said.

Max fell to his knees.

You mean I lost. I actually lost, and to my first gym battle too. Max thought.

He called Zigzagoon to her pokeball and then dashed out of the gym to the pokemon center. He healed his pokemon and then sat on an unoccupied bench to try to figure out what to do next. Then someone came by and 'accidentally' dropped a flyer on his lap.

((OOC: My next post is gonna start with the flyer thing:)))

October 19th, 2008, 3:32 PM
To Pikalover10: Aww, poor little Max. I'll still give experience for effort.
Treeko grew to level 11!
Zigzagoon grew to level 11!
Treeko learned Quick Attack!

October 19th, 2008, 5:54 PM
((OOC: Ok here is the next part for my Rustburo story.))

Max flipped the flyer over and read it to himself. It said:


The Pokenav! A one in a million device. It has a map in it which reduces the times that you get lost, It will record the data of recent pokemon battles in like leagues or tournaments, and it is essential for pokemon coordinators to keep track of their pokemon's feelings! You could have this device for free as long as you come and pick one up by the end of the thirteenth. So come on down to the Devon Corporation and get yourself a pokenav!

Max looked at the date on a calender in the center. Today was the thirteenth. Max ran up to Nurse Joy and asked her to keep his pokemon while he went and got a pokenav. Nurse Joy said that was fine and Max quickly dashed out of the center. He ran in and out of the crowd of people wanting to get a pokenav until one man actually grabbed his collar.

"Wah!" Max cried grabbing his neck.

"No. Don't go that way...come this way with me." the mysterious man said.

It didn't look like Max had a choice so he followed the man. They got into the corporation through a back door and the man took off his long black robe. He wore a purple suit with black stripes down the side and he had gray hair.

"Hello. I'm president of the Devon Corporation. You're Max right?" he asked.

"Y-yes sir. But how did you know my name?" Max asked confused.

"You're father told me what you looked like...we've been friends forever." the man said.

"Who are you?" Max asked.

"Oh forgive me. I am Scott Devon. Creater of the Devon Corporation." Scott said.

"Oh. Wait I remember! My dad said something about meeting someone named Scott Devon!" Max said.

Scott smiled and motioned for Max to follow him.

"So, I understand you lost your first gym match did ya?" Scott asked.

Max looked down at his feet.

"Yeah." he said barely able to make it loud as it came out as a whisper.

Scott blinked and stopped smiling.

"Max, becoming a master is hard, and you aren't gonna win all your gym matches." Scott said.

"My mom when she was a trainer did alongside her Treeko. I have a Treeko too but he lost against a Nosepass." Max said.

Scott looked into space as if trying to come up with a solution but turned around to face the hallway they were walking down. Max looked down there too to see a man with a white lab coat walking down the same way they were going.

"Max. I need you to be very quiet. We are going to follow that man." Scott said.

Then they started following the man very casual as if they were just going the same way as him.

"Mr. Devon. Why are we following that man?" Max asked.

"Max. I am the creator of the Devon Corporation. All of my employies have to do their application in front of me, and when they do that I get a visual rememberance of what they look like. But, I have never seen that man before." Scott said.

Max nodded and then the man looked behind him. He saw the two of them and dashed off. Then Scott and Max ran after him.

"Scott. Were is that man headed?" Max asked.

"To the roof. He can't escape. i'm certain he is a spy." scott said.

Max gritted his teethe as they ran up the stairs to the roof. The got on top of the roof and cornered the man.

"Ha. You're trapped now. Nowhere to run." Scott said.

Then suddenly the man pulled the lab coat off of himself and revieled a uniform. He wore a red shirt, a red hood, a pair of brown pants, a red belt, and black gloves. On the shirt was an image of what looked to be a mountain.

Max reliezed who this organization was and then stopped breathing.

"Team...Magma." Max whispered.

Scott turned around and looked at Max. By now Max started breathing again and was as red as a tomato.

"You ok Max?" scott answered.

Max didn't answer him. instead he reached for his pokeballs but remembered he left them al with Nurse Joy. Then he suddenly dashed after the Team Magma grunt. The grunt moved out of the way and Max noticed a mechanical thing strapped to his back. The man pressed a button and two wings appeared. Then the man stepped to the edge of the building. max dashed after him and grabbed the man's legs right as the man pressed a button and then they both were sent flying into the air.

"get off of me you little brat." the man said.

"No. i want my mother back you low life jerks!" Max said climbing up the man's body.

"wait. You're the son of Hitsomu Tegeku?" the grunt asked.

Max stopped climbing up the man's body and the man grabbed Max's shirt. he pushed Max off of him but still held Max's shirt. He dropped Max and Max was sent plummeting to the ground.

He knows who my mom is. I can't let him get away. I want answers. Max thought as he plummeted to the ground.

suddenly he landed on the back of a big bird. It was tan and had a long beak.

"Fearow bring him back over here!" Scott called out.

the bird flew over to the building and landed. Max climbed off and looked out to where the man was at. He couldn't find the grunt. Scott called Fearow back to its pokeball and his put his hand on Max's shoulder knowing what happened.

"Max, I'm sorry. i know you wanted answers and didn't get them." Scott said.

Max didn't answer and Scott dug in his pocket for something. It was a mechanical device like the one in the picture on the flyer.

"Here is a pokenav. Designed especially for you. It has a picture of your mother in it." Scott said handing it to Max.

Max thanked him and left to the pokemon center. Nurse Joy gave him his pokemon and Max sat down on a bench getting ready to try out the gym again.

October 20th, 2008, 12:00 PM
To Pikalover: I actually think the president's name is Devon Stone, but that's alright. Good post.

October 20th, 2008, 2:08 PM
Chapter 6 (Part 3): Interruption! The Tale of the Black Cloak!

Makuhita stared intently at Nosepass. The floor was ice-cold, and the rocks in the ceiling looked like they were closing in on everything. It all rested on Makuhita's shoulders, now. Hunter waited, sweat accumulating on the back of his neck. The air was thick with tension, and every breath he took, Hunter enhaled even more.

Roxeanne was no stranger to losing, but also a friend of winning. Hunter, however, did not know defeat, thus it ushered a darker future for him. He didnt plan on this being his first loss. He searched for a weakness, anything that could help him.

"See, back then, tunnels and holes were not created by machines." His teacher said. He was back in school, sitting next to his friends. Rather than slacking off, he was listening. Unusuall for him, but nontheless, he listened. "Then what did we use?" Questioned a curious voice. "Why, by our own bare hands..."

Hunter looked over the Opponent Nosepass. Yes, all the complexion of a rock, like the last one. Fighting over Rock, eh? He thought of Makuhita, and his strong jabs and moves. His anxiety faded, it was replaced with a warm smile.

The Gym Leader noticed this, and decided to wipe it off his face. "What are you smiling at?! Nosepass, use Rock Tomb!" Rocks tumbled from the cieling, piling up around Makuhita. A pile of jagged rocks lay around him, but a rock shifted and Makuhita climbed out. He wasnt hurt that badly, but he had a scrape or two.

"Tackle, Nosepass!" It began to run at Makuhita, still standing on the pile of rocks.

"Makuhita, dodge it!" Makuhita waited for Nosepass to leap, but instead of dodging, it kicked a nearby pile of sand in his face. Nosepass missed terribly, while Makuhita looked at Hunter, asking for approval. Hunter gave him the thumbs up, and tackled the recovering Nosepass.

"Awesome, now follow it up with a Arm Thrust!" Nosepass had got to its feet, and with a command from Roxeanne, threw up his arms to cushion the Arm Thrusts' blow. It did not do much, but Nosepass was still clinging to conciousness.

"Makuhita, Focus Energy, then hit him all with a tackle!" A wavering Nosepass attempted to throw up his hands for another block, but the Focused Tackle broke the block, and sent Nosepass spiraling into the wall. Just as this was happening, Sophie burst through the Gym door, the man Hunter had saw in the anteroom of the Gym Room trying to stop her.

"Hunter, you need to go, there is something bad happening." Sophie exclaimed, running to the confused boy.

"Sophie, how did you-" Hunter started, but was interrupted by a crash on top of the Gym.

"Come with me!" Sophie yelled, grabbing Hunters arm and dragging him outside the Gym. He managed to break free.

"Hold on!" He yelled, "I need Makuhita and my badge!" He had begun to run back over to the stunned Roxeanne.

She quickly handed him the badge, and pushed him away, as if she wanted him out of her Gym as quickly as possible.

Pikachu was awake now, ushering Makuhita outside with Sophie and Hunter.

Three men in black cloaks sat atop three weird looking creatures, which were flying. Hunter swiped them with his Pokedex.

http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/9379/373salamancemb8.png (http://imageshack.us)
Salamance, The Dragon Pokemon
As a result of its long-held dream of flying, its cellular structure changed, and wings grew out.

This didn't look good. Pickachu had rushed out of the Gym with Makuhita, only to stare in fear and awe at the ferocious Pokemon. Hunter quickly recalled Makuhita and picked up Pikachu and ran for his life. Sophie was right behind him, and fiery blasts from the Salamances scorched nearby Earth. Hunter ran past the Mart, and next to the PokeCenter as he doubled over. Sophie was behind him, on the floor gasping for breath.

Pikachu was trying her hardest to drag her owner to safety, as she stared at the enclosing creatures.

At that point, a man burst from the PokeCenter, releasing a Pokeball. Hunter looked at him, he was the old man that had told him about his father.

His Pokeball released a blue bird atop a cloud. Hunter, still panting, scanned his PokeDex once again.

http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/9468/334altariaes7.png (http://imageshack.us)

Altaira, the Humming Pokemon
It looks like a fluffy cloud when it is in flight. It hums with its soprano voice.

Hunter could not hear the hearing, because it was replaced with something else. A spray of that fiery blast that the Salamances were using was shooting out of its mouth. This Pokemon must of been twice as strong as those Dragon Pokemon, because they turned tail and ran the other way.

The Old Man and the Altaria helped up Sophie and Hunter. Hunter couldn't believe it, his heart was pounding. It was them again. He had lost such fear of them because of the populous city, but still.

"What do they want from me!?" He gasped. The old man looked at him inquisitively. He pointed at the necklace that Hunter's Grandfather had given him long ago.

"Why, after this of course."

October 20th, 2008, 3:08 PM
To CTFx: Wow, the ending is leaving me hanging! I can't wait to read more in the next chapter!
Makuhita grew to level 13!
Makuhita is trying to learn Fake Out, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Fake Out? (respond in ooc thread)
You earned a Stone Badge!
You earned a TM 39!

October 20th, 2008, 4:39 PM
Chapter 6: Petalburg Forest (Part 2)

"Yena!" A voice suddenly called out, and Shaun spun around. Poochyena had somehow escaped from the Pokeball, currently it was batting a leaf, and she couldn't blame it for doing so, meaning escaping from its Pokeball. Being the person that she was, she scooped Poochyena up in her arms and hugged it.

"I'm sorry, I should have thought to let you out of your Pokeball." She said apologetically, immediately feeling guilty. It really wasn't fair that Poochyena should be cooped up in a Pokeball when Electrike was free to walk outside next to her.

For some strange reason, Poochyena didn't seem to mind, though normally one would have growled and struggled to get free. Maybe it was just tired, yes, that was it, as it watched, Poochyena's eyelids began to drop again, and it yawned hugely, its ears pricking forward. Such a sweet little Pokemon, was Shaun's thought, till she remembered how vicious they could be.

"I guess he's....pretty tired, maybe I should carry him for a bit, until he wakes up again, that it." She added, speaking to Electrike, as the Poochyena's eyes fully closed and he was pretty soundly asleep.

"Trike?" Electrike replied absently, as it glared up into the trees, and Shaun seemed to sense something there, a presence or something. But then again, there were a ton of Pokemon living in the treetops, obviously one or two of them could possibly be lurking in the trees above them.

Suddenly, a man seemed to just...drop out of the trees. He was wearing a blue bandanna on his head, a black and white striped short sleeved t-shirt, and blue pants with a thick white stripe down the sides. He also wore black shoes and black gloves. Black, white, and blue themed? Interesting person, I'll bet he's weird. Shaun could have slapped her forehead, what was that last thought all about. But then he glared at her, the...she didn't know what, anger, surprise...loathing or greed perhaps? Whatever it was that existed in his eyes and facial expression startled her and she stepped back.

"And Electrike....and a Poochyena." He murmured, whipping out an electronic device, he appeared to be putting information into it, muttering quietly as he did so. Shaun wondered what he was all about.

"Er...I hope I don't sound rude or anything, but who the heck are you?" Shaun asked, rather more boldly than she normally would have in this circumstance. The man looked up at her again as if only just noticing that she was there. Weird.

"Hand over your Pokemon and no one gets hurt." He growled, making his point clear and simple, it was impossible not to understand what he meant.

"What? No way am I just going to hand them over! In fact, there's no way you're taking them!" Shaun replied, suddenly bristling at what the man had just said. Why the heck would he want my Pokemon? He should have some of his own. The man stepped forward, the look on his face becoming more and more menacing. Upon closer inspection, he appeared to be in his late teen years, though the look in his eyes was belonging of someone much older, perhaps even ten years older. She already knew his business, and she ached to give him a punch in the stomach for what he had just said. About giving up her Pokemon.

"Face it. You're not going to defeat me in a battle."

"Oh yeah? Who said?" Shaun snapped, her voice rising. Poochyena had woken up and was looking around, frightened.

"I say so, and if you know what's good for you, you'll hand them over!" Apparently the teenager wasn't exactly experienced in this, and Shaun had every reason to believe he wasn't a great battler either, but she didn't want it to go there.

"I already said I wouldn't!" She was sounding incredibly childish by now, and not at all intimidating, but the look on her face was enough to send a money obsessed, rude, strict, and furious company manager scurrying.

"That's it, you're really in for it now! Zubat, go and take them!"

"What? A battle's what you want?"

"Maybe not, but you just had to let it come to that. If I win, your Pokemon are mine, all mine. They're the official property of Team Aqua if I win." He said confidently, though it sounded like he hadn't done this many times before. She could detect a little slipping of his confidence.

"Electrike, ready to take them?" She set Poochyena, who was still somewhat groggy, on the ground, where it sat down on its hind legs and stared out, a bit confused, very frightened.

"Zubat! Leech Life!" Zubat flew forward, fangs bared to bite Electrike and drain its energy.

"Electrike, use Thunder Wave!" Shaun said, desperate to win this battle. She knew she should be keeping calm, but the consequences of losing...well, let's just focus on the battle.

Electrike growled and sent forth a weak jolt of electricity, striking Zubat as it neared its target. The electricity wrapped around Zubat, restaining it and rendering it unable to move. Slowly, it could possibly recover, and on certain turns it might be able to attack, but this gave Electrike the upper hand.

"Tackle, use it as many times as it takes!" Electrike charged and slammed into Zubat with a full body tackle as it struggled to get its wings to obey its brain. Its attempt was futile, however, and soon it found itself being hit with another tackle. The Team Aqua member didn't seem to be so confident anymore, but the look on his face was murderous, and it only drove Shaun and Electrike's efforts deeper into the battle.

"Supersonic! Zubat, you've got to try and use it!"

Zubat opened its mouth and emitted a horrible screech, Electrike closed its eyes in pain, as did Shaun and Poochyena, but after a while it stopped. Electrike's eyes were still shut as the sound of the screech rang and pounded in its ears.

"Trike!" It called helplessly, as Zubat moved awkwardly forward and used a Leech Life attack. Some energy was drained from Electrike in the attack, and seemed to revive Zubat slightly, but it also seemed to cure Electrike of its stunned confusion.

"Trike!" It called again, defiantly this time. Awaiting instruction.

"Thunder Wave, then toss it into the air with a tackle, and slam it into the ground!" She called, as Electrike gave a small growl and bared its teeth, before releasing a crackling jolt of electricity, which hit Zubat, wrapping around it once more. Meanwhile, the Team Aqua member gritted his teeth.

Electrike then backed up and began running at towards Zubat, slamming into it and tossing it into the air, before following it into the air with a determined jump, and giving it a push towards the ground. However, as Electrike had lost some energy due to Leech Life, Zubat wasn't exactly slammed into the ground, instead, it hit the ground with a thud! Normally, in this situation, as she saw it on TV, a cloud of dust would rise up, but in this case, there was no "dust" to rise up. However, it was clear that Zubat had been knocked out.

"Zubat...return!" The Team Aqua member called furiously, his eyes burning with anger and frustration. Then he scowled and disappeared.

"Good job, Electrike!" She said, hugging it and ignoring the small shock she received at touching its electricity charged fur. Electrike seemed to grin, though due to the way its mouth was shaped, it couldn't exactly do that. Then Shaun stood up again, seeming somewhat distant.

"That was...easy, almost too easy if you know what I mean...." She picked up Poochyena, "well, let's keep going, we've got to reach Rustboro City before nightfall, which I'm sure we will. I'd hate to camp out here tonight...."

October 21st, 2008, 2:03 PM
To SlytherFang: Good Post! I loved your description of the teenage, amatuer Aqua member! It was interesting to read.
Electrike grew to level 9!
Electrike learned Leer!

October 22nd, 2008, 6:16 AM
Max got up and walked outside. He looked towards the gym and smiled.

"Let's go win guys." Max said.

Max ran over to the gym and stopped at the enterance.


A sign read. Max looked frantically around and looked back at the sign. There were littler words under the big ones.

Roxanne is teaching at the Pokemon Trainer School.

Max looked around and saw a sign that said Pokemon Trainer School. Max dashed over towards it and bursted right inside. Roxanne was teaching a class full of kids the importance of checking your pokemon's status condition when she noticed Max.

"Oh hello, Max. Care to join us for a class?" Roxanne asked.

"No thank you. Actually I was wondering if we could have another battle?" Max asked.

Roxanne looked at the kids and smiled.

"Sure. It'll be a first time for the class to see a gym battle." Roxanne said.

Max smiled and the students all shouted out with glee. Then Roxanne, the kids, and Max all went over to the gym. Roxanne unlocked the doors and told the students to go sit in the stands. Nobody questioned her and they all sat down quietly.

"Ok Max. Let's go." Roxanne said taking a pokeball out.

"Ok." Max said taking out a pokeball.

"Go, Geodude!" Roxanne said.

"Go, Treeko!" Max said.

"Round 1. Geodude vs. Treeko begin!" the ref said.

"Geodude use Rock Throw!" Roxanne said.

"Treeko use Absorb." Max said.

The rock pokemon threw a lot of rocks at Treeko, who just jumped on them and then jumped off. Then he sent a ball of green light at the Geodude. It hit him and then rocketed back to Treeko. It was super effective, Max could tell.

"Now Pound Treeko." Max said before Roxanne could react.

Treeko ran at the Geodude and then jumped to spin around and hit it with it's tail, when the Geodude caught Treeko in it's hands. Treeko struggle to get out but couldn't.

"Now, Rock Tomb." Roxanne said.

The Geodude flung Treeko into the air and then shot rocks at him. They all hit Treeko and then they surronded Treeko in midair. Then thye got tighter and tighter and tighter.

"Treeko use Pound to get out of there." Max said.

All the kids in the background laughed thinking that it was useless, but Treeko wacked the rocks behind him with his tail as hard as he could and eventually broke through. He fell through the hole and landed on his back.

"Now Absorb Treeko!" Max said.

"Geodude use Harden." Roxanne said.

The Geodude turned all silvery for a second and then turned back to normal. The ball of green light was shot already and hit Geodude. It rocketed back to Treeko healing his hp a bit.

"Now, Quick Attack." Max said.

Treeko dashed as fast as he could and grabbed the Geodude's arms. Then he flung the Geodude into a wall and it hit the wall harder then ever. The the Geodude slid to the ground off the wall KO.

"Geodude is unable to battle. Treeko wins." the ref said.

All the kids in the background gasped in horror. Roxannes caled Geodude back and took another pokeball out.

Here comes Nosepass. Max thought to himself.

"Go, Nosepass." Roxanne said.

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To Pikalover10: Great battle with Treeko. Can't wait to see the rest.
Treeko grew to level 14!

The Next Chapter is finally here!

Chapter 8: Route 116
(3 Posts)
Description: A pleasant and welcoming route for passing by trainers. Surrounded by trees and wooded areas, it makes the perfect place for various pokemon to live and for trainers to train their prized pokemon. The Rusturf Tunnel sits at the end of the route and is visible from a distance.

Wild Pokemon
Level- 9-12
Type- Dark
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack
Ability- Intimidate
Rarity- Common

Level- 9-12
Type- Normal/Flying
Gender- Random
Attacks- Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack
Ability- Guts
Rarity- Common

Level- 8-11
Type- Bug/Ground
Gender- Random
Attacks- Scratch, Harden, Leech Life, Sand-Attack (If level 9)
Ability- Compoundeyes
Rarity- Uncommon

Level- 7-10
Type- Psychic
Gender- Random
Attacks- Teleport
Ability- Synchronize/Inner Focus
Rarity- Rare

Level- 5-7
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Fake Out, Growl, Tail Whip, Tackle, Attract
Ability- Cute Charm
Rarity- Special (This means that your post must be extremely good and out of the ordinary to capture this pokemon. All beginner pokemon that appear in the rp will be special)

. Another thing about this chapter is that you will have the oppurtunity to battle a special trainer (same idea from Zimvee and Rii-Chii's rps). If you do this battle, you will get double the battle experience, but you must lose this battle. It is really a great chance to level up your pokemon, and a chance to meet the character who will reappear later in the rp. His profile will be put in the ooc thread shortly.

October 24th, 2008, 7:53 PM
Max stood there waiting for the ref to tell when the next round started. Treeko moved slightly to the right a little.

"Round 2. Nosepass vs. Treeko. Begin!" the ref said.

"Nosepass lets get rid of Treeko quick. Use Rock Tomb!" Roxanne said determined.

"Use Pound Treeko!" Max said also determined.

Nosepass sent tons of rocks flying at Treeko. Treeko dodged most of them and occasionally got his shoulders grazed by a few. Treeko kept running at Nosepass though. Then Treeko jumped and spun around in circles quickly. Then he stopped with his back turned to Nosepass and wacked Nosepass with his tail. The nOsepass backed up a few feet and then stood there.

"Rock Tomb." Roxanne said with a nasty smile on her face.

Treeko landed on the ground with rocks all over the place. Then the rocks started to rise and Max knew what was going on.

"You set us up! Treeko get out of there!" Max said.

"Yep, and to late." Roxanne said.

Treeko stood there wondering what was going on when the rocks slammed against his body and slowly started to crush him.

"Treekooooooooo!" Treeko yelped in pain.

Nosepass let go of his grip and dropped Treeko. Treeko landed on the ground KO.

"Treeko is unable to battle. Nosepass is the winner." ref said.

"Treeko return." Max said. Then he chose another pokeball. "Let's win this. Go, Zigzagoon!" Max said.

The raccoon popped out of its pokeball.

"Round 3. Nosepass vs. Zigzagoon begin!" the ref said.

"Ok, Nosepass use Tackle!" Roxanne said.

"Use Headbutt Zigzagoon!" Max said.

The two pokemon ran at eachother. Zigzagoon was faster then Nosepass and she moved to the left a little and ran behind Nosepass. Then she turned around quick and nailed his back with her head. She backed up a few steps and then shook her head after hitting the rock pokemon with her head. Then Nosepass turned around as if nothing had happened. Max grimaced knowing this was going to be hard and he would have to think of stuff that they hadn't trained for.

I know that spinning then htting will do more damage. But, all Zigzagoon knows are normal type moves which are vertually useless...unless... Max thought as Nosepass dashed at Zigzagoon.

She noticed this and jumped at the last moment. Max took this chance for an attack.

"Dive, spin and use Headbutt." Max said.

Zigzagoon then flipped over and started spinning. Then her head hit the Nosepasses head and he fell over to the ground, his head obviously hurting.

"Now, Tackle him into the wall!" Max said realizing for some odd reason the Nosepass was tyring out quickly.

Zigzagoon ran and tackled Nosepass, but kept running with Nosepass between her and the wall. Then Nosepass hit the wall and slid down to the ground severly hurt.

"Rock Tomb!" Roxanne said.

Then the rocks around Zigzagoon rumbled and pummeled her body and squeezed her tightly.

"Ziggggg!" Zigzagoon yelped in pain.

No! Not again. I'm not losing his battle again! Max thought to himself.

"Zigzagoon get out of there and use headbutt!" Max said.

Zigzagoon the found a small hole in the rocks and shoved her paw out through the hole. Then she jerked her paw through the rocks towards her face and created an opening. She jumped through and hit the Nosepasses head. Then the two pokemon landed on the ground with their eyes closed.

"Both pokemon are unable to battle. This match ends in a dr-" the ref began saying.

Then in the middle of the ref's words Zigzagoon strived for the last ounce of her strength and stood up. Then the ref finished his statement.

"Nosepass is unable to battle! Zigzagoon wins! The victor is Maximillion from Littleroot Town!" the ref said.

Roxanne smiled and called Nosepass to it's pokeball. Then she looked at Max, who had run over to Zigzagoon and scooped her into his arms and started laughing.

"We won Zigzagoon! We won!" MAx was saying while laughing.

Zigzagoon laughed and then closed her eyes.

"Take a good, long rest girl." Max said returning her to her pokeball.

"Max. Here. Take this as proof of beating me. It s the boulder badge. Take this too for any rock pokemon you might catch. It is TM. 39 Rock Tomb. Good luck on your future battles." Roxanne said as the two of them were walking out.

Roxanne walked inside and put a sign on the door that said CLOSED. Then the lights turned off. Max looked at the stuff Roxanne had given him and looked at the badge. It was soooo cool!

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f0/Stonebadge.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Stonebadge.png)
"The Stone Badge." Max said walking towards the pokemon center. He walked in and asked Nurse Joy to heal his pokemon. She healed them within half an hour and asked if he wanted a room for the night. Max looked outside and noticed it was getting dark out.

"Yes please." He asked politely.

Nurse Joy gave him a room key and Max quickly found his room. He drpped his bag on the floor next to him and fopped onto his bed. He called his pokemon out and Treeko snuggled up next to his face, Zigzagoon next to his stomach, and Pikachu at his feet. Within a few minutes Max had fallen asleep from exhaustion of the day.

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October 25th, 2008, 3:54 AM
To Pikalover10: Erm, your post was a little scripty. Like, there wasn't enough detail and description in it. You'll get the badge, but not high level gains for your pokemon.
Treeko grew to level 16!
Zigzagoon grew to level 13!
Treeko is trying to learn Pursuit, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Pursuit?
What? Treeko is evolving! Will you allow this process to continue?
Zigzagoon is trying to learn Sand-Attack, but she already knows four moves. Delete a move for Sand-Attack?
You received the Stone Badge!
You got a Tm 39!

October 26th, 2008, 5:24 PM
"Max! Max wake up!" someone said shaking Max in his bed.

Max slowly opened his eyes and looked up to see Nurse Joy staring at him.

"Wah!" Max said turning over.

"It's ok. I need you to wake up though because someone else needs a room for the night." she said.

"Oh, ok. Just let me get packed and stuff and I'll be on my way." Max said.

Max grabbed his pokemon's pokeballs and his bag. He grabbed his belt which had his pokenav attached to it and it could hold more pokeballs onto it.

"Pikachu, Treeko, Zigzagoon...Return." Max said.

The three pokemon were engulfed into the pokeballs. Max attached them to the belt and left the cozy room. He walked down to the main room and sat on a bench. He grabbed his brand new, never-before-used pokenav and opened it up. As soon as it opened a picture of his mom appeared.

"Mom." Max muttered to himself.

Max clicked a button that said map and a platform thing popped up. A map of the whole region of Hoenn appeared. Max found Rustburo City and looked to see what was next.

"Route 116 eh? Ok then let's go!" Max said.

He attached his pokenav back to his belt and left the Pokemon center. He came to sign that said

Route 116 ->

Max looked that way and from a distance he could see a cave. He headed over that way and soon came upon the route. The route was longer then some of the other ones he had already been on and it was surronded by trees and bushs. A few other trainers passed by and Max was itching for a battle.

"Hey there." someone said to him.

Max looked around for the person who had said hi. He found a young man behind him wearing a long white hat, a black headband with a red pokeball print on it, a tight red and black long sleeved shirt, black gloves, blue pants, red and black shoes, a yellow backpack and he had a pokenav attached to his black leather belt.

"Hey there." Max said to him.

"Name's Brendan. What's yours?" he asked.

"The name is Max. Nice to meet you Brendan." Max said.

Brendan smiled and looked at Max's belt.

"Oh. You got a pokenav and three pokemon huh?" Brendan asked.

"Yeah." Max said. He looked down at Brendans belt. "I noticed earlier you've got a Pokenav too, and two pokemon I think."

"Yep. Got myself a badge too." Brendan said.

"Same here. Although it was kind of a rough battle." Max said.

"Yeah. Roxanne was tough, but it makes me so excited about the next gym leader." Brendan said. "Hey! I got it. How's about we have a battle to practice for the next gym?"

Max stared at him wondering what to do.

"Ok. Let's have at it." Max said.

Brendan smiled and Max did too. Then the two boys took their positions on a flat grassy field.

"Two on two Max." Brendan said.

"Ok." Max said grabbing a pokeball.

"Go, Tailow!" Brendan said.

"Go, Pikachu!" Max said.

A small little bird popped out of Brendan's pokeball, while the tiny electric mouse popped out of Max's pokeball. Max got out his pokedex and scanned the pokemon.

Tailow, the tiny swallow pokemon. Tailow courageously stands its ground against foes, however strong they may be. This gutsy foe will remain defiant even after a loss. On the other hand, it cries loudly if it becomes hungry.

"Come on Max. Show me what you've got!" Brendan said.

"Pikachu use Thundershock!" Max said.

"Tailow use Wing Attack!" Brendan said.

Pikachu started charging up electricity as the bird came diving in at Pikachu. Pikachu noticed this and moved out of the way while charging its attack. Then Pikachu was ready to attack and shot the elctric volts at the bird. It hit the bird causing him to light up with electricity and started plummeting to the ground, but then it regained its strength and pulled up.

"Now, use Peck!" Brendan said.

"Tundershock again!" Max said.

The bird after pulling up used that speed and hit Pikachu's stomach. Pikachu was knocked to the ground, and without the bird or its trainer knowing started charging up electricity with its face to the ground. Then a few seconds later it jumped into the air and shot the electricity at the bird. This time the bird was hit and plummeted to the ground. It hit the ground asnd then got up.

"Pikachu return!" Max said getting another pokeball out. "Go, Treeko!" Max said.

The small green gecko appeared out of the white flash.

"Now use Pound!" Max said.

"Tailow use Wing Attack!" Brendan said.

The bird flew at Treeko at high speeds and then landed an attack as soon as Treeko was getting ready to hit it with his tail. Treeko went flying into the nearest tree and slithered down and then landed on the ground. Treeko sat there for a few moments and then started to glow.

Treeko grew bigger, he grew a long vine thing at the back of his head, leafs were all along his arm, and his tail became a tail of leaves.

"Grovyle!" it said.

"Well I'll be. Your Treeko evolved into a Grovyle, Max." Brendan said.

"A what?" Max asked scanning the pokemon with his pokedex.

Grovyle, the Wood Gecko pokemon. The leaves growing out of Grovyle's body are covenient for camoflaging itself from enemies in the forest. This pokemon is a master t climbing trees in the jungle.

Max looked around and noticed there were many trees around them. he smirked and looked at his new companion.

"Grovyle! Jump into the trees and then use Absorb!" Max said.

"Gro!" it said.

Grovyle jumped in a flash into the tree tops. It jumped from tree to tree until everything was still and silent. Then a bright green ball of light came rocketing at Tailow's chest. It hit him and then rocketed back to Grovyle.

"Now Pound!" Max said.

Then Grovyle bursted from the tree in front of Tailow and flipped head over heels hitting the bird with the leaf thingy on its head. Then the bird plummeted to the ground, while Grovyle did multiple flips in the air and then landed on the ground casually. The bird hit the ground hard and was KO.

"Return!" Brendan said. The bird disappeared in a flashing red light. Then he chose another pokeball. "Go, Marshtomp!" he said. Then in a blinding white flash a blue fish pokemon appeared. Max swiped his pokedex out and scanned it.

Marshtomp, the Mud Fish Pokemon. it is at it's best when on muddy flooring with poor footing. It quickly overpowers foes struggling in mud.

Max gritted his teeth and then called out a command.

"Grovyle do it again. Jump into the trees anduse Absorb!"

"It won't work! Marshtomp turn around in a flurry of speed and use Mud Shot while doing it!" Brendan said.

Grovyle jumped into the tree tops and ran around in them in a circle. Then Marshtomp shot a bunch of mud shots at the tree tops and finally hit Grovyle sending him plummeting to the ground.

"Grovyle return!" Max said.

The geck pokemon returned in a red light and Max took another pokeball out.

"Go, pikachu!" Max said.

Then the yellow mouse appeared again.

"Use Mud Shot!" Brendan said before Max could respond.

The fish shot a huge mud bomb at Pikachu, shooting him into the tree. Pikachu slammed against the tree after the move was super effective. Pikachu was exhausted and slipped down the tree KO.

Max stuck his pokeball out and returned the hurt mouse. Then he took another one out and his tired Grovyle popped out again.

"Marshtomp use Bide!" Brendan said.

"Grovyle use Absorb!" Max said unknowingly playing into Brendan's plans.

A bright green ball formed in front of Grovyle's mouth and was shot at the fish, who had curled its legs into its chest and its arms around its head. The ball hit him and then rocketed back to Grovyle. The move was super effective.

"Release the energy!" brendan said.

Then Marshtomp sent a huge ball of white enrgy rocketing at Grovyle. It hit him and sent him flying into a tree. The move was so powerful that Grovyle went straight throught the tree, snapping it in half. Grovyle hit another tree and slithered down it KO.

"Woot! We win Marshtomp." Brendan rejoiced.

Max smiled smugly and returned Grovyle. "Goo battle Brendan."

"Same here Max." Brendan said.

Then the two boys went their separate ways. Max had gotten Brendans Pokenav number and then registered it into his own Pokenav. Max smiled again knowing he had a new friend, and a new rival.

"Good luck. my new rival." Max whispered to himself.

((OOC: I will edit anything if needed!:D))

October 26th, 2008, 6:12 PM
Here is my super long, about halfway catch up post.

(Chapter One-Save The Professor)
(Wake Up Call)
The Bagon quietly stepped into the room, observed it's surrondings and then took in a deep breath. It then exhaled slowly,very slowly. He slunk across the floor very quietly, he did not want to wake her. He jumped onto the nightstand, and almost lost his footing when the sleeping human rolled over. The Bagon let out a sigh of relief as the trainer rolled back over. Then he hopped onto the bed and walked up to the trainers ear. "BAGON! BAGON! BAGON!"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! he shouted, just in her ear.

With the noise being shouted Bailey shot up in bed, sending her blankets up into the air.Thud! The Bagon had fallen off the bed and onto the ground. Bailey began to speak,"Oh, it is only you Bagon.." she said in a relieved tone. "You must've been really brave..."or just plain stupid,"to have woken me up like that." Taptaptap Bailey could here the footsteps of parents as they climbed up the squeaksy steps. Bailey's mom bursted in the door,afer he came her husband. They walked a bit closer to Bailey who said,"Hi Mom,Dad" in a regular voice.

"Are you ok? Are you hurt? What is wrong? Is there anything wrong? What was that noise? Is everything alright?" Mrs.Gard flooded her daughter with questions. She had a real worried look on her face, as if her daughter had been killed. SHe was just a tiny bit over reacting. Then she heard screams off in the distance,but ignored them.

"I'm fine Mom,I'm fine.." Bailey reassured her worried mom. Withing moments her parents were gone out of the room and Bailey was getting dressed. She slipped on her shoes and then raced down the stairs. She looked around and saw her dad,"Hey, I am going to see what all the shouting is about ok?" she asked him. He nodded,glad to see was following up in his footsteps. Just as her dad's toast popped up out of the toaster Bailey snatched it and ran out the door. The screams became even louder and louder as she approached the out skirts of town. Then she realized that she didn't have Bagon.

"Bagon, Bagon" Hello,Hello the Bagon said to it's trainer.

Bailey ran up to him. "Don't run off like that ok..?" she told her Bagon. The Bagon nodded, and both him and his trainer proceeded towards the screaming which was really loud now. Soon a man in a white lab coat, and brown shorts came into view. A poochyena was chasing him around in circles. "Alright, Bagon use bite on the pokemon, just scare it away for" she commanded her pokemon.

"Bagon,Bagon!"Your will is my command Bagon chanted. He walked slowly up to the Poochyena. When it got inches away from it Bagon bit the dog like pokemon, and sent it running. Then the man began to approach Bailey.

"T-thank you Ma'am you saved my life.." the man told her,"I need to reward you somehow.. " the man said. He thought for a moment and then the gears in his head started moving,"I'll give you a present of some sort.. please come to my lab.." the ending sounded a bit like a question. Bailey nodded and they both began walking off. There was almost no talk on the whole way there. Then Bailey began to talk to Bagon.

(Chapter One-Little Root Town)
(The Lab)

"Hey Bagon, I still need to nickname you.." she told him,"would you like a mean name?" she asked. The Bagon shool it's head,"A fierce one?" she guessed. The Bagon shook his head,"Ok, what about the name..Cair?" she asked him. The Bagon gave a nod of agreement. "Ok then, that settles it then,your name is Cair!" Bailey told her pokemon, with a rather enthusiastic tinge in her voice. She soon saw Little Root Town come into view. Then the man led Bailey to a building and they entered. "This is amazing.." Bailey said awestruck. There were lots of machines running, they were doing who knows what.

"Hey, you are Lucas's daughter aren't you?" he asked Bailey.

"Yeah" she replied to him.

"Oh, your father and I we traveled together for a bit, he was so excited, he talked about your for the first couple of days on our trip.. Bailey is such a nice name.." he stopped their, he didn't want to bore the girl to death.

"Uh-huh" Bailey said. He must be Prof.Birch.. Then she spoke up again,"So, you are Prof. Birch huh?"

Birch nodded and then turned around. He began to rummage through the contents of the drawer on his desk. "Just one minute.." he told her. Then his hand felt something cold,and metallic. "Ah, here it is.." the professor said, pulling out a box like thing. http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w195/leon449/pokedex.gif "This here, this is the newest model of a Poke-Dex.. It will be useful in your travels.." he extended his arm outwards, handing the thing to Bailey. "This is a very very important tool, you shouldn't lose it.." he gave Bailey one last warning and pushed out the door.

"Well Cair, are you ready.. we are finally gonna set off on our journey.." she told her pokemon and then headed towards the entrance of the town. Bailey took in a deep breath,turned towards Cair and began to speak again,"This is gonna be just about the hardest journey of our lives.. I really do hope that you are ready Cair.. this one is gonna be a tough one" she stopped to take a breath and then continued,"I am going to work my hardest, and try my best.. I expect you to do the same.. just remember that we are teammates ok?" she explained all that to her pokemon, more of to comfort herself. A chill ran down Bailey's Spine,this time she had no human companion.

(Chapter 2-Route 101)
(Angry Poochyena

Bailey mustered up every last ounce of her courage, and then began her trek through the route. She and Cair walked silently across the grass land area for a bit and then they stopped. "So Cair, what do you think?" she asked her pokemon."How do you like being out on the road?" Then before Cair had time to speak Bailey heard an angry pokemon screech. She turned and saw the dog pokemon that Bagon had bit, it was accompanied by another of it's type. Bailey quickly whipped out her Poke-Dex and scanned it..
<<Name: Poochyena
Type: Dark
The Bite Pokemon
It savagely threatens foes with bared fangs. It chases after fleeing targets tenaciously. It turns tail and runs, however, if the foe strikes back. Poochyena is an omnivore - it will eat anything. A distinguishing feature is how large its fangs are compared to its body. This Pokémon tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out.>>

"Ah, that is a Poochyena" exclaimed Bailey. "Cair, do you remember him? You saved the nice professor from him?" Cair nodded in agreement.

"Poo! Poo! Poochy! Poochyena!" Look! Look! It is him! Attack Brother Attack! The two dog like pokemon raced down the hill and stopped infront of Cair and Bailey. "Poo...Poo..Poochy.."You.. are.. in for it now.. Then both of the Poochyena began to bite Bagon, then suddenly from over the hill came a Zigzagoon.

"Zig Zag Ziggy"Leave that poor pokemon alone demanded the Zigzagoon. The Poochyena's just ignored it. That made Zigzagoon even angrier. "Ziggy Ziggy Zag!"Alright, you asked for it! With that the Zigzagoon ran into the battle, tackling one of the Poochyena, that freeing Cair.

"What is that? Oh, Bagon use bite she said while she pressed the button used to scan pokemon
TinyRacoon Pokemon
Rubbing its nose against the ground, it always wanders about back and forth in search of something. It is distinguished by the zigzag footprints it leaves. The hair on Zigzagoon's back is bristly. It rubs the hard back hair against trees to leave its territorial markings. This Pokémon may play dead to fool foes in battle>>

"Ok then, thank you Zigzagoon for saving Cair..." Bailey said. "Ok, Cair use another bite!" she commanded firmly.

"Ba..gon.." As you wish..The Bagon ran up to the Poochyena and then lunged, to give a bite. The Poochyena countered with a bite. Cair was a bit stronger and had complete control over the Poochyena. It slammed the attacker on the ground repeadetly. Then the pokemon finally let go of Bagon and backed up. The two attackers switched places and tried fresh on their new enemies. Cair's new attacker ran up and bit him in the leg. The bite only stung,but Cair stood as ever strong. He bit the attacker on the scruff of the neck. and flung him at the floor. Poochyena got up and ran towards Cair jumping in the air to bite him. Cair ducked and the Poochyena went over him and hit the ground. Then the Bagon ran up and bit the Poochyena. The Poochyena ran in terror at the bite,dragging Cair along with him. Cair hit the ground and bounced up, the pattern repeated for a while,until the attacker stopped infront Bailey.

"Cair, Cair! Get up!" Bailey demanded in a light tone. Then she heard the Zigzagoon let out a screech of pain, it rang through the whole area. It went through her ears, Cair's ears and the Poochyenas' ears. She could see the Bagon getting even angrier it let out a fierce yowl.

The yowl scared away the Poochyena, but Cair followed. He lunged at one. Who in turn, bit and kicked to be free. It whimpered a bit after the attacks from Cair. It kept on biting back, but that only made Cair angrier. Cair was using the move rage. As the pokemon using rage get's angrier the attack's grow stronger. Cair was super mad that the attackers had injured his friend. The pokemon that was no under him, bit and kicked more to try to free itself oncemore. This again happened to no avail. To Bailey it looked like Cair would kill the pokemon, so she called him back. The exhausted and near fainted Poochyena quickly ran off.

"Zigzagoon.. I hope your ok.." Bailey said in a worried voice. She ran up to it and grabbed it in her arms. She snuggled tightly against it. "I am gonna take you to a pokemon center ok? They are gonna make you feel better.." Bailey owed a debt to the Zigzagoon for saving them. It felt a bit weird now that Bailey was saving someone. Bailey ran her fastest, soon Oldale town came into view. "Ok, I am going to get her all fixed up.."

(Chapter 3 Oldale Town)
(Home Again)
Bailey quickly ran into Oldale Town. The hurt pokemon in her arms. She quickly ran into the Pokecenter and walked up to nurse joy. "Ma'am.. can you help this poor Zigzagoon.. it got injured on the route back there.." Nurse Joy nodded and grabbed the pokemon. She handed it her Chansey, who ran off into the medical room. Then quickly put on one of the cots.

"Ok, the Pokemon should be healed in a while.. for now.. go enjoy yourself..." said Nurse Joy. She was trying to calm down the worried trainer.

"Ok.." said Bailey as she left the Pokecenter. "Guess I'll get some potions or something.." she thought. She didn't really care what she did. Bailey walked over to the Pokemart and entered. The bell on the door let out a soothing jingle as she entered.

"How may I help you?" asked the Clerk.

"Do you have any potions?" she asked him.

"I certainly do.. how many do you want?" he asked.

"Two please" she said.

The Clerk slapped two on the counter and typed something in the register. "Is that all?" he asked Bailey.

"Um.. no can I get two Pokeballs?" he asked him.

"Yes you may.." he got out two pokeballs and put them on the counter next to the potions. He typed in something else in the register and said,"Ok your total will be 75$"

Bailey pulled out a fifty,two tens, and a five. "Here," she said handing him the money,"Bye.." She walked out the door. Then she entered home,"Hi mom, hi dad," she said as she walked up to her room and stored her items. in her bag She walked back out,"Bye Mom, Bye Dad"

"You aren't going anywhere without a proper dinner young lady!" said Mrs. Gard in a firm voice. "Your Portion is waiting in the microwave.

Bailey nodded and walked over to microwave. She opened the microwave and pulled out a plate. She took it over to the table and sat down. She began to eat it. She ate it very slowly taking her time. She finished a while later and decided to go check on the Zigzagoon. It was pretty late and when she got their the nurse already had Zigzagoon wating. She handed it to her and Bailey just decided to spend the night there instead of going home. She got everything set up and crawled in her bag. She was almost passed out and thought of catching the now sleeping Zigzagoon. She threw the pokeball at it and then fell asleep,not knowing if the catch was successfull.

October 27th, 2008, 12:19 PM
To Pikalover10: Okay, the battle was pretty good! Just says that the type advantage doesn't always win.
Pikachu grew to level 14!
Treeko evolved into Grovyle!
Grovyle grew to level 20!
Grovyle is trying to learn Fury Cutter, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Fury Cutter?
Pikachu learned Thunder Wave!
Pikachu is trying to learn Quick Attack, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Quick Attack?

To Lostt: Wooo that was a lot of reading. Did you know that you're the third person to rush a hurt pokemon to Oldale? :)
You caught a level 4 Female Zigzagoon!
Bagon grew to level 8!
You Obtained Two Potions!
You Obtained Two Pokeballs!

October 27th, 2008, 5:11 PM
Max geld his hands behind his head as if nothing had just happened. He looked around the area for new pokemon wondering if he would encounter any.

"Tailooooooooow!" something creached.

It was so loud, maybe even to close for it to screech that loud that Max had to cover his ears.

"My ears! They're bleeding!" he exagerated.

The terribly loud creeching stopped and Max slowly removed his hands. He looked around trying to find any signs of where the screaching had come from, when a blue bird that looked much like Brendan's Tailow flew from the tree tops and then past Max. It looked as if it were in terrible pain.

It flew away into the cover of the forest's trees. Then a man wearing a black T-shirt, black pants, a black mask, black gloves, a black hat, and black goggles carrying a large net and a mechanical device rushed past him after the Tailow. Max wondered what was going on as curious as he was and ran after them.

He ran into a clear opening where the Tailow was hovering above ground staring at the mysterious man. Max bent down into the bushs crawling up his legs and watched what was going to happen. The man held up the mehanical devcice Max had earlier caught only a glimpse of and noticed that it looked incredibly like a dog collar. The man pressed a button that opened it up a little and threw it at the Tailow. It hit the Tailow's throat and clasped around it. Then the man took out a black controller with a bunch of colorful buttons and pressed a small barely noticable red one. The collar sent out shocks at the Tailow.

"Tailoooooow!" it screached again.

The bird started plummeting to the ground. Max was shocked at how this man was treating the Tailow and dashed out of the bushs. He ran at the Tailow and dived underneath it and caught it. The Tailow's wings were twitching severly.

"What have you done to this poor Tailow!?" Max sceamed at the man.

The man only smirked and pressed the button again. The Tailow was shocked again and its breathing became slower and slower.

"Stop it! You're killing her!" Max yelled at the man.

"Heh. Stay out of my way punk. Or face the power of the great Maximillion!" the man yelled.

Max's eyes grew larger. His dad always said that him and his mom had for some reason named Max after his dad's scumbag of a brother, maximillion.

"Do you have a brother who is married and has a son?" Max asked.

"Yep. His name is...Ronald." the man said.

Max stared at the man as if he was cazy. He gulped and then said "I'm Ronald Blaze's son, Maximillion Blaze."

The man stared at him and smirked.

"Pleasure to meet the kid that was named after me...nephew." he said.

"Well, it's not a pleasure to meet the man I was named after. I can see why my dad said that you were a total jerk! I mean, poaching pokemon! How low can you get?" Max asked taking out a pokeball.

Uncle Max smirked and took out a pokeball.

"Go, Zigzagoon!" Max said.

"Go, Electrike!" uncle Max said.

A green dog with a weird shaped head and yelow outlining. Max then took out his pokedex and scanned the weird dog.

Electrike, the lightning pokemon. It stores static electricity in its fur for discharging. It gives of sparks if a storm is approaching.

Max stood there and put away the red mechanical machine.

"Ok. Zigzagoon use Headbutt." Max said.

"Use Quick Attack, Electric!" the man said rather smugily.

Zigzagoon dashed at the green dog with her head bent down low. The dog rushed towards Zigzagoon and then jumped into midair trying to hit her. Zigzagoon at the last minute moved out of the way and then turned around swiftly and hit the dogs back. The dog flew into a tree and then skidded to the ground. Max smirked and then called out anothe command.

"Use Tackle!" Max said.

Then she dashed and pushed Electrike up against the tree hurting him severly.

"Use Thunder Wave!" uncle Max said.

The dog then charged up a bunch of static and pulsed it through himself at Zigzagoon. It hit her and caused her to fall to her knees paralyzed.

"Zigzagoon!" Max said.

The dog ran up to Zigzagoon and then stopped in it's tracks. Then the dog disappeared in a red flash of light. Then is uncle put the pokeball away and then left the area.

"Where are you going?" Max asked firmly.

"I don't need to prove myself to some ungrateful little brat. Oh, and I dropped the collar off of the Tailow's neck." the man said.

Max looked behind him towards the hurt Tailow. He ran over to the hurt bird and noticed that the collar had fallen off to the ground. Max picked it up and looked behind him to see his uncle walking off. Max grimaced and ran away towards the sound of rushing water. He came to a crystal blue river and slowly dipped the bird in the river. It started to cool off and it let out a long sigh of relief. Max st it down in a shady spot under a tree. Max sat up against the tree stump and then looked towards the sky.

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October 29th, 2008, 3:40 PM
To Pikalover10: Nice to see some family background! Too bad he's evil =(
Zigzagoon grew to level 16!

October 31st, 2008, 12:12 PM
Chapter 2: Petalburg Woods (3)

Shaun turned around to check on her Pokemon, who were trailing a short distance behind her, oddly, as Electrike often liked to lead the group of them. Poochyena blinked a couple of times, sleepily, Shaun guessed, and picked up its pace, trotting closer to its trainer. Meanwhile, Electrike stopped to wrestle playfully with a fern that had poked it, and Shaun fought back a laugh, puppylike, was the word for it. At that moment, something seemed to rise from another group of ferns.

"Whoa!" Shaun cried, as a Pokemon suddenly waddled past her, "what was that? It was like....a walking mushroom!" She exclaimed, Poochyena, which was awake enough to walk on its own by now, gave a high pitched yelp. Electrike, somewhat calmer and more collected than Poochyena, only eyed the area where the mushroom disappeared suspiciously. Immediately, Shaun took out her Pokedex. Would it be able to tell her what the walking mushroom was about?

The Mushroom Pokemon

"Predicably," Shaun said, noticing the "Mushroom Pokemon" part, she could totally see why.

Shroomish live in damp soil in the dark depths of forests. They are often found keeping still under fallen leaves. This Pokemon feeds on compost that is made up of fallen, rotted leaves. If it senses danger, tt spouts poison spores from the top of its head. These spores cause pain all over if inhaled.

"Well...thanks for the information." Shaun said rather dully, so that Pokemon was a Shroomish. That made some sense. Well, she was going to catch it.

"Poochyena, I think its about time you had a turn!" She called, Poochyena gave a joyus bark and rushed forward, startling the Shroomish, which scattered a Poison Powder. Poochyena backed away, alarmed, and ran around the Shroomish, tackling it from behind. The resulting torrent of attacks was too much for Shaun to follow, and finally Poochyena stopped for a moment, and Shroomish toom the chance to use Absorb. Both Shroomish and Poochyena glowed green for a brief period of time before they returned to their normal color, with Shroomish looking a bit stronger.

"Shroom! Shroomish!" The Shroomish called, voicing its challenge to Poochyena, who lowered its head and growled.

"Yena!" Poochyena replied in an equally challenging tone.

"Um...I think they're mad." Shaun observed, voicing what should have been overly obvious. "Well, no one else said it!" She said in response to Electrike's look, which clearly said, oh, come on, Shaun. Electrike apparently couldn't argue with that, for the Pokemon turned back to where Poochyena and Shroomish were standing, facing each other. Poochyena's ears had flattened as the muscles in its body tensed. Who knew there could be so much tension in a battle with a wild Pokemon? The level of tension here was fit for a battle with one of the Elite Four.

"Poochyena!" Poochyena howled as it charged at Shroomish, who was knocked off balance, though it managed to avoid the worst of the damage.

"Shroom!" Shroomish cried as it used Absorb again, Poochyena seemed to lose some strength and energy, as Shroomish seemed to gain some, but continued to stand firm.

"Poochyena, retaliate with tackle, then use growl when the Shroomish tries to attack again!" Shaun called, thinking that she had better tell Poochyena what to do, 'cause at the moment, the Pokemon was just standing there glaring at the Shroomish.

Poochyena gave another howl as it charged towards Shroomish, there wasn't much chance of Shroomish blocking it this time, and it was knocked backwards, Poochyena used Tackle one more time, slamming it into the ground. Shroomish looked severly weakened by now, but now that Poochyena had gotten started, it didn't seem to want to stop.

"Okay, I'll take over from here." Shaun said hurriedly, before Poochyena could do any more damage. "Go, Pokeball!" She cried, tossing a Pokeball towards the Shroomish. It tapped lightly on the Pokemon's head, and opened, encasing the Shroomish in a strange red glow as the Pokemon was pulled inside. The Pokeball then fell to the ground, shaking, vibrating, and trembling. Shaun, meanwhile, crossed her fingers tightly, as Poochyena and Electrike stared as if in a trance at the Pokeball.

November 1st, 2008, 3:55 PM
Max looked over that the Tailow as her feathers started rustling. She slowly began to stir and then she pushed off of the ground. She hovered over to Max and landed in his lap. She cooed quietly and Max put his hand on her head. He felt truely sorry for her. He looked back up into the sky and then grimaced seeing sparks shooting into the sky from which he thought was from his evil uncle, Maxwell. Maxwell and Maximillion were two different names sure, but they are basically the same names.

The Tailow looked up at him and then snuggled closer to his chest. Grovyle was up in the tree behind Max, Zigzagoon was snuggled against Max right side, and Pikachu was snuggled against Max's left side. Max stared into the sky trying to figure out how to get the Tailow home. It never even dawned on him that she wanted to stay with Max. He slowly got up, the Tailow still in his arms. He returned his other pokemon and the Tailow moved onto his shoulder.

He left the area and walked into the forest with her perched on his shoulder. She licked his left ear and Max just had to smile. He almost felt like crying because he had to let her go. He stopped in an open field and then scooped her off of his shoulder and put her on the ground.

"Ok. Well, go on home now. I'll miss you and be sure to watch out for that bad old man ok?" Max asked. He could feel his eyes tearing up and the Tailow obviously could see that too.

"Tai." the bird said shaking her head.

"No! Go home now!" Max yelled. Then he quickly got up and ran away into the woods. He looked back once to see the bird just sitting there with he eyes closed.


Max was sitting under another tree with his head in his arms. He heard a twig snapped and then looked up. Then a vine was shot at him and he barely dodged it, but it hit his pokeballs and they rolled down the hill he was on. Then a boy appeared with a Bulbusaur next to him. Max looked at him closely and then realized who it was. It was his arch nemesous(srry if spelled wrong), Rico.

"Rico. What are you doing here?" Max asked firmly.

"Ha! Well if it isn't little Maxie. Still the shortest guy around I see." Rico said.

Max glared at Rico when the Bulbusaur sent another vine at his face. It soked his face and caused him to fall to the ground on his back. He got up and then the Bulbusaur tackled him in the stomach. Max fell to the ground with the air knocked out of him. He looked up and glared at Rico. Then he reached for one of his pokeballs and foregot that they had rolled down the hill.

He looked behind him and saw his pokeballs already at the bottom of the huge hill. The Bulbusaur's plant on its back started having a ball of white light above it.

"How does Bulbusaur know that move already!?" Max asked looking for cover.

Rico smiled as a bright beam known as Solerbeam was shot at Max. It hit Max and Max rolled down the hill and then stopped halfway down. Max sat up hurt and looked up the hill. Then from out of nowhere a blue bird swooped down from a tree and knocked the Bulbusaur to the ground. It was Tailow! Max's jaw flew oen as the bird hit the monster pokemon into a tree. Rico gritted his teeth and then him and his Bulbusaur retreated.

The bird smiled seeing that Max was okay and flew over to him. She landed in his lap and then looked at his belt. She noticed his pokeballs were gone and then remembered seeing them roll down the hill. She took off down the hill and grabbed them in her tiny claws. She dropped them on Max's lap and then landed on the nice, cold grass.

Max smiled and stood up to put his pokeballs on his belt. He tried putting two on at the same time and dropped an empty pokeball. Tailow, seeing her chance at staying with Max for a longer time, flew at the pokeball and pushed the button. She was engulfed in a red beam and then went into the pokeball. It started wriggling back and forth...back and forth...back and forth. Until......

November 2nd, 2008, 3:35 PM
Chapter 7: There is a First for Everything!

Hunter sat on a bench, Pikachu on his shoulder, taking a snooze. The summer heat beat down on his back, still, his forehead was cold with sweat. He looked around, Trainers playing with their Pokemon, some battling, an Abra disappearing into a Pokeball. It made him think of all the fun in life, that people so carelessly throw away.

Sophie sat next to him, silent, staring at her shoes. Everybody was a little shaken, who could blame them? Hunter had one hand up to his necklace, fingering the indentions of the PokeBall Charm on it. It had caused him alot, apparently, maybe even why his father fled.

He sat up, waking the snoozing Pikachu. He wordlessly passed Sophie, who got up to follow him. He had been on the edge of the city, being that the townspeople weren't particularly too happy about their little guests. Hunter could not dwell on this forever, he had a life to get on, a father to find. He had stopped before he walked into the patch of tall grass, and turned around to the girl standing behind him.

"I've caused you enough trouble, leave me be." He said quietly, not meeting her eyes. That was one thing he wanted to avoid, her eyes, so deadly you could drown in them. Meaning that in the good way. She pushed it back into his face.

"Me!? Can you hear yourself talk? Those things would have eaten you alive! I am coming with you whether you like it or not." She pouted. Hunter couldn't fight that logic. Once a girl made up her mind, she is as stubborn as a Snorlax. Hunter just shrugged and stepped into the Tall Grass. He walked through, avoiding small Pokemon that growled at the unwanted trainers, until he heard his name.

"Hunter!" A boy yelled, running his way. He had never seen him before, so how could he known his name? Hunter decided to ask just that.

"How do you know who I am?"

"Who doesn't know who you are? You were the guy chased by all those Salamances. Hey, if you got some giant Dragon Pokemon chasing you down, you must be some trainer." Hunter shrugged at that, they didnt want him for his abilities or Pokemon. Pikachu stared at the boy, and Sophie had kept quiet.

"Look, I'm kind of not in the mo-", Hunter started

"Nonsense! We can have a battle right here! By the way, my name is Brendan, I already know yours, of course." Hunter sighed, he was afraid of that. He really didnt feel like battling today.

"Go Marshtomp!" He yelled, throwing out a weird, frog-like Pokemon. Hunter swiped his Pokedex,

http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/6338/259marshtomppp6.png (http://imageshack.us)
Marshtomp, The Mud Fish Pokemon
Its sturdy legs give it sure footing, even in mud. It burrows into dirt to sleep.

"Fish means Water, whats good against water? I bet Poochy is good agianst Water!" Said Hunter, self assured.

"Go Poochy!" Hunter cried, feeling revitalized by the adrenaline of the battle.

"Marshtomp, use Mud Shot!" Yelled Brendan

"Poochy, dodge!" yelled Hunter, "Then follow up with Sand-Attack!"

Marshtomp started to hurl a string of mud at Poochy. Poochy used all four legs to launch herself out of the way, barely. During her mad attempt to dodge, the move caught her back legs, causing her to spin awkwardly and smash into a tree. Poochy got to all fours, slowly, obviously in pain.

"Poochy, come back!" Hunter said bringing the Pokemon back into the ball safely, but as it reentered, it shook wildly. Hunter had never had this happen before, and in seconds Poochy had escaped the ball and was running rapidly to Marshtomp. Everyone caught off guard, Poochy had made her last stand by giving Marshtomp a nasty tackle, sending both of them spiraling into the ground. Poochy did not recover, but Marshtomp slowly did.

Hunter quickly recalled Poochyena, holding the ball firmly this time. He decided to put Makuhita in here to take it down.

"Go Makuhita!" Hunter said, releasing the little fighter.

"Makuhita, quickly, use Fake-Out!"

Makuhita quickly ran up to the Marshtomp like he was going the ram him.

"Marshtomp, brace for impact! Then counter with Water Gun!" Marshtomp got ready to take the blow, and curled up when Makuhita made the hit...or did he? Marshtomp looked up confused when he didnt feel the tackle, and was met to a quick jab to the face. It stepped back dazed, not able to follow his trainer's commands.

"Makuhita, while we still have the upper hand, Arm Thrust!"

"Marshtomp, Dodge, then Water Gun!"

Marshtomp was able to barley sidestep the first palm, but was caught off gaurd by the second, and the third. Marshtomp could take no more, and fell over, grasping his ribs in pain.

"Alright Marshtomp, come back! Lets go, Taillow!"

He released a red and white ball, out came a small form of the bird Sophie had. So this what it was.

"Alright Taillow, we have the advantage, Wing Attack!"

Before Hunter could issue a Counter-Command, Taillow quickly bolted down and slashed Makuhita with her powerful wings, making an automatic knock-out. Makuhita fell over, gashes left where the Wings had cut through.

Hunter felt sick, Makuhita was the backbone of this team, and Slakoth was the only one left. And how reliable was he?

"Go Slakoth!" Hunter yelled reluctantly, just to see him staring at an asleep Pokemon.

"Wonerful," muttered Hunter, "my first loss."

"Taillow, use Peck!" snickered Brandon, looking at the oblivious Pokemon. Taillow slowly walked up to Slakoth, and cracked open Slakoth's head with a hardy peck. It woke up Slakoth who gave a nasty scratch in return, without command.

Taillow stammered back a couple of steps, and with new orders from Brendan, connected Slakoth with a Wing Attack. Slakoth was finished, and Hunter stood in sorrow and in awe, at such a Powerful Pokemon, and recalled his Pokemon back in shame.

Brendan walked up to him, "You aren't that bad, but you aren't that good either. Put some more faith in your Slakoth," he said, "That should help you go far." With that, he left Hunter, Sophie, and Pikachu, who wondered what would happen now that Hunter had made his first loss.

November 2nd, 2008, 7:20 PM
(Chapter 4: Route 102)
(The Rich Kids)
Bailey woke with a soft nudge to her side. She-still half asleep-sat up in her makeshift bed. She strectched her arms and let out a quiet yawn. Then she shook Cair, who quickly woke up, ready to go on an adventure. She packed up all of her stuff, starting with her sleeping bag. Then as she was walking out the door, the nurse stopped her and handed her a pokeball. "Um.. who's pokeball is this?" she asked her.

With a tilt of her head and a wink of her eye she responded,"Zigzagoon's you caught it last night I didn't want people to steal it, so I decided to keep watch" she exlained. Then waved good-bye to Bailey as she continued out the door.

"Aah, well Cair, it is time to personally meet and thank your new friend" she said to her Bagon. "Ok, Come on out!" she shouted, as she pressed the white center button. The pokemon came out, and immediately walked up to the Bagon and they shared tongues. "Well, I guess they are both pokemon.." said Bailey, a little annoyed. Hmm... what to call a hero like this one.. hm.. Knight's are heroes.. so I'll call you Nite, yep it is settled.. "Nite, how do you like your new name Nite?" she asked her Zigzagoon.

"Zig Ziggy!"I love it!cheered Nite. Then both Nite and Cair, walked off towards the next town. The next town was Petalburg City.

"Time for Petalburg City!"Of course I have to go through a nother creepy route thingy.. she pushed the thought to the back of her head and proceeded onwards. As she neared the grassy area she read a sign that said,'Route 102'. Bailey didn't hesitate this time and walked on through. After about five minutes of walking, she came upon two kids, one boy, and one girl. They were no bigger than ten, they had just started, just like Bailey. The boy slowly approached Bailey, then the girl.

"You.." said the boy. "Battle me now" demanded the boy, reaching for his pokeball. He pressed the middle button, and out came a seedot. "Ok, Seedot come out" he said. Then his sister, sent out a lotad. "Ok, you pick your two pokemon, and hurry up now" he said, really impatient.

"Fine, but don't take me lightly" she warned him, bending down to talk to her pokemon. "Ok, go Nite, and you too Cair... Nite use tackle on Seedot, Cair, you do that too.. Seedot looks stronger, take it out first...oh, use the tackle twice.." she said. I really hope I win.. If I don't I won't hear the end of it from this brat..

Both, Cair and Nite ran towards Seedot, to tackle him. He gave them quite a run, but then he was trapped. Both pokemon were going to use tackle.

"Lo-" began the girl, but her brother stopped her. "Let them, trust me.." then right before, the tackle landed on his pokemon, it flashed white. The two atackers did another tackle before Bailey told them to stop. "Ha, shows that brute force isn't always the asnwer.." he taunted. Then his Seedot let out a beam of light.

"Cair, Nite move!" shouted Bailey. It took a few seconds but her pokemon finally moved, only Cair wasn't fast enough, and the attack hit him on the head.

"Bagon" not bad..Cair chanted. "Baaygone"but it wont happen again Cair, automatically used a tackle on the Seedot, sending it skittering into it's trainer, who fell over. "Bag.."Haa Cair was hit in the side by Lotad.

"Ok, Cair, use tackle on Lotad, and Nite, use tackle on Seedot" commanded Bailey, who to her liking saw her pokemon react quickly.

"Seedot, use harden right before the hit" commanded the boy. Some would call that as a good call, but in all reality it was a bad one.

Seedot and Lotad, both smashed into eachother from the tackles. The harden attack only increased the impact. Lotad, was on the harder side, and also went into a tree causing a K.O. The little girl ran up and grabbed her pokemon, then began to sob. Her brother told her to be quiet, or atleast that is what Bailey thought. She thought that because the boy whispered something and she stopped.

"Cair, Nite, both of you use tackle.." Bailey said. She watched from afar as her pokemon took out the order. "Now, he is going to use bide, he is slowly falling into my trap.." she said that loud enough for the boy to hear, but quiet enough to make it soud like she was talking to her pokemon. Heh, now he is going to use harden, causing no damage to my pokemon.. When she came back into focus she realized that the pokemon were on the second tackle. Then sure enough the Seedot began to use harden. "Hah, falling into my trap" she said again loud enough for him to hear. Now I hope he decides to switch to bide, allowing the tac- she stopped thinking at the sound of the boy.

"Seedot, stop use bide instead" the rich boy quickly changed his mind. Then came the-what sounded like a bone shattering tackle- happened. The two of Bailey's pokemon, smacked into the Seedot with immense force, causing it to fly back and hit a tree. It created the rather large bone shattering sound. That was a K.O. and the little boy ran to take his pokemon off to the center. "My daddy payed someone a lot of money to capture these pokemon," he sobbed,"but the only thing he bought were failures.." said the boy. Instead of picking up the pokemon, he picked up a rock and threw it at Bailey, and then ran off. While he was running off he screamed,"Don't follow me Seedot!" obviously giving up the pokemon.

"Well, I guess now, I could make a new addition to the team," Bailey said as that would be splendid "but I guess I should try to talk to the boy first..." Bailey decided, and then ran off towards where the boy was going.

November 3rd, 2008, 4:57 AM
To Slytherfang: Your description is exactly what I want in a post. Course you caught that Shroomish!
You caught a level 4 Female Shroomish!

To Pikalover10: Hooray that Taillow came to save the day! :)
You caught a level 11 Female Taillow!

To CTFx: Once again, for a battle like this, you only really use the number of pokemon your opponent has. It is basically anime style. Don't worry about it, I'll just cut down your level gain for Slakoth.
Poochy grew to level 17!
Makuhita grew to level 20!
Slakoth grew to level 14!
Poochy learned Bite!
Poochy is trying to learn Oder Sleuth, but she already knows four moves. Delete a move for Oder Sleuth?
Makuhita is trying to learn Whirlwind, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Whirlwind?
Makuhita is trying to learn Knock-Off, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Knock-Off?
Slakoth learned Slack Off!

To Lostt: Wow, what a sore loser. Hope everything goes well with Seedot!
Cair grew to level 11!
Nite grew to level 7!
Cair learned Leer!

November 3rd, 2008, 7:11 AM
Bailey took in a deep breath, then looked behind her, her pokemon were far behind. "Ok, return Cair,Nite" she said, then took in another deep breath. Darn, I forgot to scan those pokemon, guess I'll do it later.. She ran off again, she finally caught up to the boy. "Hey, wait up, please" she pleaded, the Seedot was getting awfully heavy. "I need to talk to you" Bailey said in a sweet tone.

"What.." said the boy, he was now crying. He didn't turn around and balled up his fists. "Seedot lost, he is a failure.." the boy told Bailey.

"No, he isn't.." Bailey told him back. She stepped a bit closer and looked down at him.

"Then why did I win?" he asked her.

"Listen, everyone will lose a battle, sometimes, it is not their fault, it just happens. It could be because of you having a bad day.. I only one because I had lots of faith in my pokemon-I'm sure you do too- and I came up with a strategy.." she explained to him. "You did too at the beginning, that was a great plan to get that attack down" she said smiling. "Just remember that you are going to go through a lot of battles, some of them will be easy, others will be hard.." she told him. She knealt down to his height,"Here, Seedot is yours.." she said, handing the half concious pokemon to the boy, who just took it. "What is your name" she asked him.

"T-thanks.. my name? Why?" he asked Bailey.

"I want to know the name of my first real battle against a trainer.." she told him.

"That was your first battle?" he asked Bailey his eyes wide.

"Yeah, my name is Bailey by the way..." Bailey answered, getting out a potion. "He is going to need this" Bailey said, applying it onto the pokemon, who seemed to gain more health.

"Oh, I am Thomas, I hope to battle you soon" he said, now ever cheeful. He stood up, scratched his head and sheepishly backed off, with the Seedot in his arms.

She waved good-bye to the boy as he walked off. "Well, I guess I got myself a strong rival..." Bailey declared as she continued her journey to Petalburg City. The pep talk to the boy, also made Bailey grow more confident inside. Maybe.. just maybe she only did it to help herself. It didn't really matter, two people prospered from it, so that was all that was good. Bailey had a light smile on her face for the whole walk to Petalburg City. As soon as she approached the entrance, it faded. She was exhausted, and glad to see the city.

(OOC: I was wondering, If I could get an egg, you could decide the pokemon)

November 3rd, 2008, 9:46 AM
To Lostt: I do not mind if you find an egg later on in the rp. You may continue onto Petalburg City.

November 3rd, 2008, 2:08 PM
Bailey passed on through the entrance of Petalburg and looked around. She slowly began to walk around, and admire the cities natural beauty. Then a man with a blue bandanna rushed by her, then another. p Team Aqua? What are they doing here? I would chase them, but I am so tired.. I guess I'll rest first.. they are too far away anyways.. she came to that conclusion and continued on through the city. It was again pretty late, she probably had enough time to buy some supplies, check out some sites and then report to the Poke'center.

The building loomed overhead and Bailey entered it. The air felt cooler than the hot air outside. She roamed around the store looking for supplies that she would need. Her old backpack was a bit ugly, so she decided to buy a new one. She found something that she liked, it was a smaller, travel kit thing, that went around her torso, and had many pouched. She read the label,'Travel Sash-for all your traveling needs! It comes with 3 potions,2 antidotes, 2 paralyz heals, and should be partnered with our travel canteen' "That is cool, but the canteen thing, just some company trying to make some money.." she thought. Bailey grabbed the travel Sash,the last one too, and walked over to the counter. The clerk rang it up,"That will be, 136.94 please."

That was bad, Bailey couldn't afford that, she had little money left. Then she heard the bell ting, someone was entering. She noticed Thomas and who appeared to be his dad. He pointed at Bailey and they walked over to her. "Hi" Bailey said to Thomas. Then she turned her attention back to the clerk.

"Um, young lady, my boy told me how you boosted up his confidence, I decided to repay you somehow, I can tell that you wan't that bag.." he said reaching into his pocket. He pulled out $150 like it was nothing. "Here, and keep the change.." he said.

"I-I couldn't" said Bailey.

"I insist" said the man shoving the bill in Bailey's face, and then walking off.

"Ok.." she said, grabbing the money before it hit the ground. She turned back around to the clerk,"Sorry about that, here is the money.." she said, handing the clerk the cash. He typed in a few buttons and handed back Bailey, $13.06. "Have a nice day, I hope to see you again.." said the clerk as Bailey walked out the door.

"You too.." said Bailey as the door closed. "Hm, what to see first.." she wondered, she had no Idea that there was a gym here. She began wandering around, until she saw the Gym. She began to walk up to it, when a sign that read,'Closed' stopped her. "Darn, guess I have to come back later.." she said, walking over to a nearby pond. Bailey looked at her face, she was dirty, and in need of a good face scrubbing. The water rippeled, and a magikarp popped up out of the water getting Bailey wet. Then a girl ran up to her and apologized.

"Sorry, I was trying to get him to use his splash move in a creative way.." she explained, apologizing for the second time.

"It is ok, I needed to wash my face anyway" Bailey said, drying off her face with the towel she was handed. "Well, I must be going now.. it is getting pretty late.. umm.. I guess I'll see you around sometime.." Bailey said before she walked off towards the Poke'Center. She entered,"Hi Nurse Joy" she said to her.

"Hello, you are just in time to get dinner, it just got done" Nurse Joy said, sounding and acting like the one at Oldale. She pointed Bailey down the hall.

Bailey could smell the food, it smelt quite good actually. When she entered the kitchen area, she was handed a plate with Spaghetti on it. She sat down, next to one of the few people there.

"Don't get many of you around here" said the old man whom she had sat next to.

"Excuse me?"

"Late Bloomers, a term I use, for people who start their journey later than most, I saw a lot of trainers come through her recently," he stopped and took in a breath,"and now you, all alone, you are a Late Bloomer" he explained.

"Oh," responded Bailey, who stopped and took a bite,"Well, I was in the process of moving, so that is why.." she explained to him.

"Oh," he replied,"I am Mr.Stone, who are you?" he asked her, taking a bite of his food while waiting for her response.

"I am Bailey," she stopped and took a sip of water,"Glad to meet you" she said extending out her hand. He took it and they shook. "Well, Mr. Stone, nice meeting you, I hope to see you soon, for now I have to get to bed.." she said. Then she got her plate, stood up and headed for the door. She threw the plate in the trash-can and pushed open the door, making her way down the hall. She was the third to set-up bed, the first Thomas, the second his sister. She set up close, but not too close to them. In moments she was in her sleeping bag.

"Hi Bailey, oh and goodnight" said Thomas,"Good night Laura" he said to his sister.

"Good night Thomas, Good Night Bailey" said Laura.

"Good night Laura, good night Thomas, good night Mr.Stone.." she said notcing that he had entered the room and began setting up his stuff.

"Good nigt Bailey, Good night Thomas, Good night Laura, Good night precious sapphire.. good night my adored moon stone, good night my valued emerald." he continued on for a couple of more stones, but Bailey blocked it out. She decided to say night to her pokemon and let them out. "Good night Cair, Good night Nite.." she said.

"Bagon, Bagon" Good night Bailey, good night everyone else chanted Cair.

"Zig Zag Ziggy" Good night Bailey, sleep well, good night everuone else Nite yawned sleepily.

Thomas and Laura decided to say night to their pokemon as well and sent them out. "Good night, Seedot" said Thomas. Laura looked at her pokemon,"Good night Lotad.."

Finally, no more good nights.. thought Bailey. Can I say they were annoying.. then she noticed Nurse Joy walk into the room. Oh no.. Laura, Thomas and Mr. Stone said good night to Nurse Joy, Bailey couldn't not say it, it would be rude. "Good night Nurse Joy.." she said, really tired of the good nights.

Joy spoke up,"Good night Thomas, Laura" she stopped looked at Bailey,"Good night Bailey," she shifted her vision over to Mr.Stone,"Good night Mr.Stone.." she said, and then turned down the hall.

"Finally.." whispered Bailey. Then she heard Nurse Joy's voice again.

It came from the hall, so was a little bit hushed, but it came out as,"Good night Blissey" then silence, and then Blissey spoke up, chanting it's name.

"Now, I am glad it is over.." said Bailey. Then she heard a phone ring.

Mr.Stone picked it up,"Hello, Mr.Stone speaking, who is this.?" he asked. "Oh, it is you Steven?" he said. "Oh, ok, can you give her the phone?" he asked. "Good night Barbra," he said to one of his employees,"Can you give this to Janice?" he asked a few seconds passed and then he spoke up again. "Good night Janice, can you give the phone back to Steven?" A few more seconds passed. "Ok, I am glad you told me of their achivement Steven, bye, yeah, good night to you too.." he finally hung up the fone, then the room fell into silence.

"Finally" shouted Bailey, louder than she should've. Her face grew a bright a red, and then she rolled over, quickly falling asleep.

November 4th, 2008, 8:21 AM
To Lostt: Wow, now I'm really glad I couldn't read all these "Good nights" last night. It probably would've put me to sleep lol. Time to start the Petalburg Woods! Getting a little closer now!

November 6th, 2008, 9:01 AM
Chapter 8: Route 116

Walking along the path that led to Route 116 from Rustboro City after he had received the Stone Badge from Roxanne, Zach had opened up his badge case to look at the badge since he was pleased with how the gym battle went. Because Route 116 was an area that contained Poochyena and Taillow to name just a few found on this route, Zach was sure to find or catch at least one Pokemon here. Deciding it was a good time for a short rest, Zach found a place to sit while he took his backpack off to get his flask and Mudkip's pokeball out. Taking several mouthfuls from the flask Zach called Mudkip from its ball as he said. "Here we can sit and rest for a few moments."
"Mudkip! Mud!" Mudkip called out happily in agreement to what his trainer said, placing some Pokemon food in a dish onto the ground in reach of Mudkip, who began eating the food that was placed in the dish by his master. As they both were eating some sort of bird Pokemon who had come into view from around the nearby trees as it flew up toward them and then perched itself on one of the branches of a tree nearest to where Zach and Mudkip had been resting. Curious to know what this Pokemon was Zach reached for his Pokedex and pointed it at the bird Pokemon up in the tree.

Taillow: The TinySwallow Pokemon
Taillow is young - it has just left its nest. As a result it sometimes becomes lonesome and cries at night. This Pokemon feeds on Wurmple that live in forests.

Zach and Mudkip both then searched the area for other types of pokemon found here, when he noticed paw prints in the dirt. "Whose tracks are these?" Zach asked the Pokedex. "They belong to a Poochyena." the Pokedex said, with Zach looking at the tracks thinking "From the spacing between each paw it seems that this Poochyena was running from something, or to something. But what could have made Poochyena run away?"

With Mudkip suddenly running off in the direction of the paw prints, Zach had no other choice but to follow since Pokemon were known to be in tune with their surroundings, as Mudkip had felt that something might be wrong with the Poochyena. Sure enough there it was lying on the grass which didn't seem to be moving at all. Worried about it's health Zach went over and picked up the Poochyena, who at this moment felt lost since there was no place nearby he could go to to get this Pokemon back to health, except for the Pokemon centre in Rustboro City but Zach thought even that was too far of a trek at this point in time.

Zach turned back around to face the road that went straight into Rustboro City once again, as Mudkip walked in front of him. Even though the path back wasn't a long one, it seemed to be forever before Zach got to the centre of town and was finally able to see the Pokemon centre, running through the double doors in a sense of urgency.

"Nurse Joy!" he called out running up to the counter. "We found this Poochyena near Rusturf Tunnel, I think it got hurt by something." Zach said.

"Alright, I will take a look at it." Nurse Joy kindly replied as she placed him onto a small trolley-like bed and carted the Poochyena to a room around from the counter at the back of the Pokemon centre while Zach sat down at one of the chairs in the corner of the room close to the entrance as the Pokemon he brought in was being checked over.

An hour or so had passed when Nurse Joy emerged from where she had taken the patient. "Poochyena responded well to treatment, but he will need a nice long rest. Talking of which I suggest that you might think of doing the same." she said, handing Zach a room key.

"Thank you for everything." Zach replied gratefully, with a smile making his way to the door to one of the rooms where he could spend the night. "We'll get a good night's rest tonight, and come morning check on how that Poochyena is doing." he said to Mudkip.

"Mudkip Kip!" (Sounds good to me and Goodnight) the Mud Fish Pokemon replied. Zach simply repeated what Mudkip had said with a pleased grin on his face.

"Goodnight Mudkip!"

November 6th, 2008, 8:02 PM
To Fiver: Good to see you here! It is funny how you're the fourth person to rush a hurt pokemon to the pokemon center. Anyways, good post. You may do your next one. (I'll try to get your bio up in the morning. Sorry for the wait!)

November 7th, 2008, 7:47 AM
Chapter 8: Route 116 (Part Two)

It had been over an hour now since Zach had first arrived to the Pokemon Centre to bring in the pokemon. After Nurse Joy carted it off, Zach took a moment to look around; noticing one of the poster notices on the wall behind the table and chairs that a group Pokemon trainers were sitting at, each chair having been occupied. A Croconaw, a Slowking, a Murkrow and a Zigzagoon was just one of the pokemon these trainers had caught on their journey as each and every one of them also had been recent visitors to Hoenn, but got far as a Pokemon trainer on the distant shores of Johto, their home region.

The poster read: (in large blue writing above and below an image of Professor Birch, with all three starters about his person). Want to become the best? Then try your hand at becoming a Pokemon trainer! (There was also the eight Hoenn gym badges on the middle left side, and smaller black text that said): Earn all eight badges - travel the Hoenn region and become one of the top trainers in the Pokemon League! - Prof. Birch

For instance the Croconaw and his trainer Timothy had an ever growing friendship between them, especially from all the travelling they did since starting off from the Johto region, and not to mention the gym battles they both had experienced, as well as the random trainer battles Timothy and his five Pokemon had faced between here and there as the entire group were about to leave for the room they had for the night when Zach and Mudkip had followed suit, entering his room that Zach was were to spend the night as Nurse Joy had said that Poochyena should be fine by morning. Soon both Zach and Mudkip were fast asleep, as the night slowly passed hour by hour mixed with the sounds that could be heard from each one of the trainer owned Pokemon that was fast asleep in the rooms to the left and right of Zach's, since many of the smaller Pokemon were not recalled back into their pokeballs to get some rest.

Except for the two Chansey who had the task of running the Pokemon centre in the night after the human nurse had finished for the day, but remained on site if anything more should happen from the minor cases in the centre. "Chansey!" the first Egg pokemon said in a quite tone of voice, took care of all pokemon that were moved to the room directly opposite from the counter, which only the pokemon nurses and Joy were allowed to enter.

Before long morning came and went, but Zach had already woke up a short while ago when Nurse Joy's voice came over the tannoy. "Will Zach come to the emergency room please?" "Ah, she must want to see me about the pokemon I brought in." Zach thought to himself locking the door to his room to keep his belongings and Mudkip safe while he was in the other room that Poochyena had been during the night, making his way to the room stated in the tannoy call. Upon his entrance to the room, he noticed that the pokemon was up and about, but still laying down on a bed in the corner.

As he looked at Poochyena, a difficult question and thought in the back of Zach's mind popped up, nagging him. "Should I return him to where I found him or let him be a part of the team?"
"Well whatever you decide." Nurse Joy said, "You can keep Poochyena inside this pokeball until you make a decision." as she handed Zach the pokeball he returned to the room to collect everything that was left inside and also to return Mudkip to its pokeball before he left the pokemon centre. Walking back to the spot Zach started off from on Route 116, he saw the gym once again and the signpost that read 'Rustboro City - The City Probing the Integration of Nature and Science'.

November 7th, 2008, 8:09 PM
To Fiver: Your post is way too short. Put some more of the story in the post to lengthen it more. :)

November 8th, 2008, 7:55 AM
Chapter 8: Route 116 (Part Two)

It had been over an hour now since Zach had first arrived to the Pokemon Centre to bring in the pokemon. After Nurse Joy carted it off, Zach took a moment to look around; noticing one of the poster notices on the wall behind the table and chairs that a group Pokemon trainers were sitting at, each chair having been occupied. A Croconaw, a Slowking, a Murkrow and a Zigzagoon was just one of the pokemon these trainers had caught on their journey as each and every one of them also had been recent visitors to Hoenn, but got far as a Pokemon trainer on the distant shores of Johto, their home region.

The poster read: (in large blue writing above and below an image of Professor Birch, with all three starters about his person). Want to become the best? Then try your hand at becoming a Pokemon trainer! (There was also the eight Hoenn gym badges on the middle left side, and smaller black text that said): Earn all eight badges - travel the Hoenn region and become one of the top trainers in the Pokemon League! - Prof. Birch

For instance the Croconaw and his trainer Timothy had an ever growing friendship between them, especially from all the travelling they did since starting off from the Johto region, and not to mention the gym battles they both had experienced, as well as the random trainer battles Timothy and his five Pokemon had faced between here and there as the entire group were about to leave for the room they had for the night when Zach and Mudkip had followed suit, entering his room that Zach was were to spend the night as Nurse Joy had said that Poochyena should be fine by morning. Soon both Zach and Mudkip were fast asleep, as the night slowly passed hour by hour mixed with the sounds that could be heard from each one of the trainer owned Pokemon that was fast asleep in the rooms to the left and right of Zach's, since many of the smaller Pokemon were not recalled back into their pokeballs to get some rest.

Except for the two Chansey who had the task of running the Pokemon centre in the night after the human nurse had finished for the day, but remained on site if anything more should happen from the minor cases in the centre. "Chansey!" the first Egg pokemon said in a quite tone of voice, took care of all pokemon that were moved to the room directly opposite from the counter, which only the pokemon nurses and Joy were allowed to enter.

Before long morning came and went, but Zach had already woke up a short while ago when Nurse Joy's voice came over the tannoy. "Will Zach come to the emergency room please?" "Ah, she must want to see me about the pokemon I brought in." Zach thought to himself locking the door to his room to keep his belongings and Mudkip safe while he was in the other room that Poochyena had been during the night, making his way to the room stated in the tannoy call. Upon his entrance to the room, he noticed that the pokemon was up and about, but still laying down on a bed in the corner.

As he looked at Poochyena, a difficult question and thought in the back of Zach's mind popped up, nagging him. "Should I return him to where I found him or let him be a part of the team?"
"Well whatever you decide." Nurse Joy said, "You can keep Poochyena inside this pokeball until you make a decision." as she handed Zach the pokeball he returned to the room to collect everything that was left inside and also to return Mudkip to its pokeball before he left the pokemon centre. Walking back to the spot Zach started off from on Route 116, he saw the gym once again and the signpost that read 'Rustboro City - The City Probing the Integration of Nature and Science'.

November 8th, 2008, 11:27 AM
To Fiver: That's a little better. :) Can't wait to see Zach's decision. You may do your final post for the chapter.

November 9th, 2008, 8:01 AM
Chapter 8: Route 116 (Part Three)
A Poochyena Pal?

Coming to the place on Route 116 where the hurt Poochyena was found, Zach for a moment looked at the pokeball before he reluctantly said "OK Poochyena you're free now!" when almost immediately the pokeball reacted to the command and released the Pokemon that was inside the ball. "I think we'll both be better for it, since I'm not about keeping a Pokemon that I didn't battle for an eventual attempt at catching it." Zach said to himself, who by this time began a slow walk to get out of Poochyena's sight. "Around this corner here is fine I think." he thought. But Poochyena had other ideas, because it had already interacted with humans he or she couldn't possibly go back to the way things and its life were before as a wild Pokemon.

Running back along the grass to where Zach was just hanging around, Poochyena took a few more steps and jumped up landing straight into the arms of this new-found trainer, and without hesitation gave Zach a friendly lick to his face. "I guess that means you would like to come with us?" he said to his second Pokemon and the first Zach had found in the wild.

Just as soon as Poochyena had become the first Pokemon 'caught' in such a unique way, a camper and a picnicker came running up to them, who journeyed from the Petalburg area "Let me get a picture of this, both you and your Poochyena please." the Picnicker said, who was excited to get something of this. "What is this all for?" Zach asked. "Don't you know - for this month only we are reporting anything that may seem even remotely interesting to both the people of Petalburg City and it's visitors, but right now we were about to go to Petalburg Woods when we ran into you. "A wild Pokemon choosing to be with a human trainer, that's almost unheard of!" as the Picnicker began drawing the outline of Zach and the Poochyena onto her sketch book.

"And when I saw what happened, I thought this would be one of those things." the Picnicker said, continuing on. "While we are here why don't we have a battle, two on two with our Zigzagoon and Wurmple against your pokemon." The Camper said eagerly. "Cool, I was wondering when I would get to battle someone." Zach replied.

"Mudkip, Poochyena go!" Zach shouted to the two pokeballs. "Wurmple, Zigzagoon you do the same!" the Camper and Picnicker said together for their Pokemon.

Zigzagoon, the Tinyracoon Pokemon. It walks in zigzag fashion. It is good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground.

Wurmple, the Worm Pokemon. It spits a white silk that turns sticky when it contacts air. It is used to immobilize foes.

"Mudkip use Water Gun on Wurmple!" Zach shouted as Mudkip obeyed, launching the powerful attack at its foe. "Wurmple, dodge it and direct a string shot at Mudkip." the Picnicker yelled as Mudkip's water gun had no problem with reaching its foe Wurmple while the Camper's Zigzagoon was already in the middle of launching a tackle attack at the Poochyena, but thanks to its persistant nature also got in a tackle at the Zigzagoon, knocking it down at the side into the dirt, which had the effect of bringing that dirt up into the air, when at the same time Mudkip's water gun scored a direct hit on the Wurmple as it worked its way up into a tree, directing another string shot down at Zach's Mudkip. "Looks like your Mudkip's in a sticky situation!" the Camper said with a smirk. "No Mudkip No!" Zach cried out running over to where his friend was immobilised in the strands of the string shot.

By now the dirt had settled, the Picnicker, the camper and Zach were surprised by what they saw, for Zigzagoon and Poochyena both were really going at it, using tackle repeatedly, over and over again. "This is not the way pokemon should be battling one another!" the Camper shouted and quickly picked up his Zigzagoon and lifted it high above his head to prevent the battle continuing further, as the Picnicker recalled her Wurmple they both left the area that the took place, tearing the picture she made from her sketch book and placing it into Zach's hand.

"I don't think nobody would want to hear about a Pokemon that has some wild tendencies left within him." as Zach sighed with a slight feeling of defeat upon hearing the remark that the Camper had made, as he watched them walk away out of sight, slowly shrinking in the distance knowing that his words would ring true about Poochyena, Zach had Mudkip return to his pokeball.

November 10th, 2008, 5:00 AM
To Fiver: Sorry, but you can't battle and receive a pokemon in the same post. Since you're new, I'll let it go, but don't do it again.
You caught a level 9 Male Poochyena!
Poochyena grew to level 11!
Mudkip grew to level 17!
Mudkip is trying to learn Bide, but it already knows four moves. Delete a move for Bide?
What? Mudkip is evolving! Will you allow this process to continue?

The rp must continue on, so the next chapter is being put up now. Just another note that Skitty and Chorpish/Ralts is open for any player to sign-up for!

Chapter 9: Rusturf Tunnel
(2 Posts)

Description: A short and light tunnel that was apparently built slowly by a man’s hands to keep from disturbing wild pokemon that lived in the cave. Trainers on their way to Rustboro City usually pass through this cave, so there is opportunity to battle if you happen to cross one of these trainers. More pokemon have come to inhabit this cave over the years besides the once single pokemon in the cave, Whismur.

Wild Pokemon
Level- 9-13
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Pound, Uproar, Astonish
Ability- Soundproof
Rarity- Common

Level- 7-11
Type- Ground
Gender- Random
Attacks- Scratch, Sand-Attack, Growl, Astonish,
Ability- Sand-Veil, Arena Trap
Rarity- Rare

Level- 7-11
Type- Flying/Ground
Gender- Random
Attacks- Poison Sting, Sand-Attack, Harden
Ability- Hyper Cutter/Sand Veil
Rarity- Rare

!! Team Aqua Appearance !!

Team Aqua has apparently attacked the cave in attempt to steal pokemon for hostage from trainers and block off an important route to Rustboro City to cause trouble towards it. If you come across one of these crooks, be ready to battle!

Level- 13-15
Type- Flying/Poison
Gender- Random
Attacks- Leech Life, Astonish, Supersonic, Bite
Ability- Inner Focus

Level- 14-16
Type- Dark
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite
Ability- Intimidate

November 10th, 2008, 1:08 PM
Chapter 8: The First Battle!

Part 1

Nick awoke in the Pokémon Center bedroom with a start as his Torchic, Mitha, bounced up and down on him.

“Torchic! Tor Tor Torchic!” It squawked on top of his chest. His Pikachu, Pookah, was not far behind.

“Pi pi pi! Pikachu Pi!” It said, also jumping up on down on Nick’s chest.

“Okay, okay, guys! I’m getting up!” Nick said in his I’m-not-awake-yet voice. Nick got up, dressed, and went into the Pokémon Center cafeteria and grabbed him and his Pokémon some food. After that they walked out of the Pokémon Center and up the narrow, busy street of Rustboro City. They continued for a few minutes until they came upon a sign that said:

“Now entering: Route 116. Beware of wild Pokémon!” Nick started walking and came upon a boy training his Marshtomp.

“Marshtomp, use Mud Shot on that log over there!” The boy said, pointing toward a rotting and dead log about thirty feet away.

“Marsh……TOMP!” It said as it shot a long stream of mud from the ground. The log was thrown back into a tree and shattered there.

”A trainer!” Nick thought. “This’ll be a good time to see how strong my Pookah and Mitha are!” Nick thought again. He yelled over to the trainer:

“Hey there, I’m Nick. Want to have a quick battle?” The trainer replied,

“Hey Nick, I’m Brendan. I accept your challenge!” Brendan said with a grin and a thumbs up. “2 on 2 sound fair to you?” Brendan asked.

“It sure does. Let’s do it!” Nick said, taking out Mitha’s Pokéball.

“Go, Taillow!” Brendan shouted as he threw his Pokéball in the air. Nick took out his Pokédex and scanned it over the Taillow.

“ http://serebii.net/pokemon_advance/025.gif Taillow, the Tiny Bird Pokémon,” it said. “Taillow appear to be fragile and weak, but quickly rise to defend their nest and territory. They scream a high pitched scream that is unpleasant to all when in pain or when they are hungry.”

”That doesn’t look too hard to beat.” Nick said to himself. He threw up Mitha’s Pokéball and the adorable Chick Pokémon came out and landed on the ground.

“We’ll start out this battle, Mitha! Use Focus Energy!” Mitha’s otherwise friendly and care-free expression hardened into a concentration that would strike fear down the spine of most Pokémon that saw it. Mitha then stopped with a sigh, but it was too late. Brendan had already ordered his Taillow to use a Wing Attack. It disappeared from view and was hiding in the nearby brush and trees.

“Concentrate, Mitha! Listen for Taillow!” Mitha closed her eyes and perked her ears up.

“Now, Taillow!” Brendan shouted to the right of him. Taillow flew out of a tree at what appeared to be the speed of light and made direct contact with Mitha. She was picked up and tossed, head first, into a tree, and slid down the trunk with her eyes closed, having obviously fainted. Nick recalled her with a sigh, and brought out Pookah’s Pokéball. Brendan recalled his Taillow and said to his Marshtomp,

“Alright buddy, you ready? This guy’s tough. Let’s take on the challenge and win!” Marshtomp let out a friendly, yet still scary battle roar, and stepped out on to the battle field.

“That Marshtomp looks tough. I’ve never faced one before. What is it, anyway?” Nick said with a puzzled look on his face and took out his Pokédex. He scanned it over the Marshtomp, and what appeared on the screen was,

“ http://serebii.net/pokemon_advance/008.gif Marshtomp, the Mud Fish Pokémon. This is the evolved form of Mudkip, but is different in many ways. Unlike Mudkip, who is a pure water-type Pokémon, Marshtomp is of both the water and ground type. It has sturdy legs, which give it steady footing, even in the mud. It uses the ground around it to attack, and will occasionally burrow underground to sleep.”

“This doesn’t look good,” Nick thought. “Marshtomp is part ground, and Pookah is electric. Oh well, I know he can win!” Nick thought with determination and threw Pookah’s Pokéball in the air. The electric mouse landed on the ground and shot electricity out of it’s cheeks to intimidate Marshtomp. It didn’t work, because Marshtomp merely laughed.

“Man, I know that a Pokémon can beat another Pokémon regardless of type, but I would have chosen a different one. Let’s make it easy on Pikachu and end the battle on a good note. Mud Shot!” Brendan said, happy to win, but feeling sorry for the less experienced Nick. The Mud Shot hit head on, and Pookah didn’t have a chance. He kept getting up, only to be knocked down again and again. Finally he stopped out of exhaustion.

“Good job, Pookah. You tried. Take a good rest.” Nick said.

“You too, Marshtomp. Great job!” Brendan said and recalled Marshtomp. Nick was disappointed, but knew that the loss had to happen in order for him to improve. Brendan walked over and extended a hand. Nick took it reluctantly, not liking to socialize with strangers. He could feel himself retreat into his ‘shell,’ but he wanted to make at least one friend.

“Hey great job. You just need some more training, is all.” Brendan said, with a smile. Nick smiled back and said,

“Yeah, great job to you, too! You have some very powerful Pokémon. You must be proud.” They talked for a few more minutes and Nick pressed on into Route 116, while Brendan headed back to Rustboro. Nick, confident that he made a new friend and rival, set on with a vengeance to become the Pokémon League Master.

((OOC: I feel like I took the name, "Pookah" from somewhere, but I can't think of the episode it's from. I think it's an awesome nickname, though, but sorry for not being original. I've had major writer's block lately. :()

November 10th, 2008, 5:06 PM
Chapter 9: A Pokemon!

The old crooked sign read: Rusturf Tunnel. Many pokemon inhabit this tunnel and it is a vital traveling point to Rusturf form Rustburo! Enter if you want to get there quicker!

Max smiled knowing it would be a lot easier to get to Rusturf through this tunnel. He looked around and noticed the huge cave enterance. He dashed inside, knowing his pokemon where a little tired but not to bad.

Inside the cave was musty smelling, weird fog was inside the cave making it difficult to see, alot of pokemon which Max could only make the shape out of were about, and there was moss growing everywhere. Max looked around, or rather, tried looking around. He could hear the shifting of feat on the cave flooring and he just knew he wasn't the only one in here. He continued walking along and tripped over something. He thought it was a rock and then got up and stood on it.

"Glig!" something said.

Then the 'rock' Max was standing on moved and then slid from under his feet into the air. Max slipped off the creature and fell to the ground. The creature beat its wings in the air and then cleared the small area'f fog away. The creature was a small purple bat. Max took out his pokedex and scanned it.

Gligar, the fly scorpion pokemon. Gligar looks like a cross between a scorpion and a bat. Its whole body is purple. It has a stinger in place of a tail, its hindfeet have claws and its forelegs have large pincers. Between forelegs and hindfeet extends a leathery membrane that functions as wings. Each of these wings have a spike protruding from its side. Gligar makes its home on steep cliffs. When it spots prey, it lets go of the cliff's face, spreads its wings and glides towards its target. It does so completely noiselessly and effortlessly, as if it were sliding, so it always catches its victim by surprise when it flies straight to its face. It then uses its claws and pincers to secure its hold on the opponent's face and injects it with poison from its tail barb. The prey is paralyzed and Gligar finishes off its prey with a vicegrip. After it has finished hunting, Gligar returns to its nest on foot. A female Gligar has a smaller stinger.

Max closed the pokedex and returned it to his pocket. He was very interested in this pokemon. It smiled realizing his interest in it and then Gligar flew at Max. It flew at Max's face and then clenched on his head.

"Wah! Gligar! Get off me!" Max said.

Max was pulling and tugging at the pokemon and finally managed to get it off him. "Geez. You hold on to your prey huh?" Max wondered.

The pokemon stuck its tongue out and smiled. "Glig."

Max smiled and sat the pokemon on a rock. "You go on home now k?" Max asked.

The pokemon looked up at him confused and then it flew at his face again. Max quickly reacted and ducked. Then he stood up as the bat turned around and then clenched onto the back of his head. Max tugged and pulled at the pokemon again and finally tore it free from his head. The pokemon licked his face this time and Max couldn't help but laugh.

The pokemon looked at his pokemon's pokeballs and then wacked one of them off with it's stinger. The pokeball landed on the button in the middle and out popped Max's Grovyle.

Grovyle looked at the Gligar and smiled. It couldn't wait for this battle.

"Ok. Grovyle start out with a Quick Attack!" Max said.

Grovyle nodded and then dashed as fast as he could at the scorpion. He stopped running behind the Gligar and thrust his elbow into its back. The Gligar cried out in pain and fell forewards to the ground. Then it spun around and shot purple needles full of poisen out of its stinger at Grovyle. The needles hit Grovyle and poisened him. Grovyle was currently on the ground towering over Gligar, poisened.

"Grovyle use Absorb." Max said relizing what happened.

Grovyle shot the ball of energy at the scorpion. It hit and came back to Grovyle healing him a little. This attack was super effective against Gligar because it was half ground type. Grovyle smiled and then winced as he lost one sixteenth of his health. Gligar, seeing this as its chance thrust its stinger into Grovyle's stomach causing severe pain from a different approached poisen sting. Grovyle collapsed to the ground as these attacks were both super effective.

"Grovyle! come on and use Pound!" Max said.

Gligar now was the one towering over Grovyle. Grovyle spun around wacking Gligar's head with the leaf attached to his head. Then Grovyle jabbed his elbow into the Gligar's stomach. The Gligar coughed and then looked at Grovyle with determination in its eyes. It thrust its body foreward as Grovyle kneeled onto the ground from the poisen and loosing 1/16 of his health. Gligar thrust its stinger into Grovyle causing him to stumble backwards.

"Grovyle!" Max said.

Grovyle, hearing his trainers concern in his voice got up on his feet and then ran at Gligar at full speed. He then jumped up in front of Gligar and kicked its stomach sending it flying into a rock. Gligar thrust its stinger at Grovyle, but Grovyle jumped and dodged it just in time. Then he sent another pound at the pokemon without a command. Gligar caught it this time though and threw Grovyle into the cave wall. He slid down the wall slowly and started getting up.

"Grovyle. You're determined to win, I know. So let's use Absorb!" Max said.

Grovyle charged up a ball of green energy and sent it flying at Gligar, it dodged the energy, but the energy shot right back through him and came back to Grovyle. Grovyle ran over to the Gligar as Max called:

"Use Quick Attack!"

Grovyle then jumped and came rocketing back to earth over the Gligar with his elbow pointed at it. He hit Gligar's stomach and landed on him, this attack kicked up a bunch of dust. A few minutes after the dust setled Gligar had fainted, and Grovyle was walking back to Max now.

"Ok. Go, pokeball!" Max said.

Max threw one of his red and white capsules at the scorpion. It hit it and the Gligar was engulfed in a red light and then disappeared. The ball landed on the ground and started shaking back and forth. Until......

November 11th, 2008, 1:25 PM
To Clevink: The name "Pookah" would be from the episode with the surfing Pikachu. It might be called "Hang Ten, Pikachu" but I'm not sure. It's been a while since I've watched pokemon. I'm having writer's block too :(
Mitha grew to level 20!
Pookah grew to level 14!
Mitha is trying to learn Peck, but she already knows four moves. Delete a move for Peck? (respond in ooc thread)
Mitha is trying to learn sand-attack, but she already knows four moves. Delete a move for Sand-Attack?
What? Mitha is evolving! Allow this process to continue?
Pookah learned Thunder Wave!
Pookah is trying to learn Quick Attack, but he already knows four moves. Delete a move for Quick Attack?

November 11th, 2008, 2:04 PM
Chapter 6: Petalburg Woods (4)

"Yes! We caught a Shroomish!" Shaun cried, "this should help us during our battle against Roxanne, isn't that her name? At least, that's what I remember mom saying..." She trailed off, determined not to feel homesick, she had never been that type of person, after all. Poochyena seemed to be extremely pleased with itself, and stood up proudly, its chest thrust out. It seemed to be prancing rather than walking, though Shaun decided that it Poochyena was just playing around a bit.

Electrike, on the other hand, seemed to be somewhat indifferent to the fact that Shaun and Poochyena had recently battled, and caught, a Shroomish. Instead, it was busily sniffing a weed with great interest, there seemed to be some sort of scent on it that intrigued Electrike. Suddenly, Electrike let out a low growl, and Shaun looked around, looking for what alarmed Electrike. A dark shadow was moving about in the trees.

"Funny, that guy's uniform looks familiar..." Shaun muttered, catching a fleeting glimpse of the person's uniform. Right! That Team Aqua guy from earlier, this guy must also be part of Team Aqua. "Hide. I think that might work best, 'cause I'm not in the mood for another battle, and I don't think Poochyena is either."

"C'mon." Shaun murmured to her Pokemon, and they crouched behind a large bush. The Team Aqua person seemed to be walking closer, then farther away, then he walked near the bush, though as Shaun tensed, he moved away again, and they could hear him muttering.

"Out of all the duties I could have been assigned, I had to get assigned to be searching for some plant!" He raged, not bothering to be quiet. Poochyena's ears perked up, as they listened intently.

"The Alese Cardinal Flower, or something like that. Stupid. Just 'cause the boss wants some to decorate his room. Why do I care if his room has pretty red flowers in it. Out of all the duties I could have been assigned! Even if it is a rare-ish plant. Stupid boss, wasting his time if you ask me...." The Team Aqua grunt continued, his mood seemed to be worsening.

Why is he making such a big deal out of it? If he finds some flowers, he'll make Archie happy. Thing is, I'm pretty sure that kind of flower grows in meadows, not forests. Shaun thought to herself, remembering her mother saying that she wanted to order Alese Cardinal Flower seeds, and what her mother had told her about the flower. Apparently, it was of a beautiful, vibrant red color, with dark green, curled leaves that tapered gently to a point. She had seen a picture in the catalog, and remembered that the caption read.

"Alyse Cardinal Flowers.
This unusual and beautiful species of plant grows solely in open meadows, and only under certain conditions. As a result, their growth is rather limited, and they are not found in a great many areas."

Something like that. Though she had to agree, the boss was wasting his time. But before she could say anything to her Pokemon, there was a rustle of leaves, and a shout.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" The Team Aqua grunt had apparently found her.

Dang, she had been caught unawares, and looked up in surprise, jumping to her feet immediately.

"Hello sir." She said uncertainly, unsure of how she should respond to the rough greeting she had received.

"What are you doing?"

"I was resting here, its a tiring walk through Petalburg Woods, though the conditions are excellent." She replied conversationally, trying to keep her tone light and cheerful.

"I can't have you here messing me up!" He shouted, "go, Zubat!"

ARE YOU SERIOUS? Shaun thought to herself, silent cursing herself for not having gotten away when she had the chance. If she lost, then she would be sure to lose her Pokemon, and she was positive that this time, the Team Aqua grunt wasn't a total beginner. Wait, nevermind, if he wasn't a total beginner, then he wouldn't have been stuck looking for flowers.

"Electrike!" She called, and Electrike bounded forward.

"Zubat, use Supersonic!" The Team Aqua grunt shouted, pointing towards Electrike. However, the Zubat seemed scared to death, and flew back towards the grunt, screeching.

"No, not on me, on that Electrike!" The grunt shouted, covering his ears and screwing up his eyes in pain at the metallic screeches. Zubat spun, confused, and slammed clumsily into Electrike, who howled and backed up, tackling Zubat and sending it to the ground.

Woah, poor Zubat, I almost feel sorry for it. Shaun thought, she apparently had misjudged the grunt, he was even less experianced than the first. No wonder why he was stuck looking for flowers. He has no connection with his Pokemon, at least, not yet. Shaun suddenly realized.

"Electrike, thunder wave!" Shaun ordered, and Electrike sent a jolt of electricity towards the Zubat, who seized up on the ground. Then Electrike tackled it, slamming it into the ground once more. It slid several feet before coming to a stop, and then lifted off into the air and flew towards its trainer, unwilling to battle any longer.

"What? Zubat, keep battling!" The grunt cried in surprise, but his orders were cut off as Zubat flew into his head, its wings covering his face. "Zubat, return!" He called, returning the frightened Pokemon. Then he looked towards Shaun, his face growing red. With an inhuman screech, he lunged towards her.

"Poochyena, Electrike, return!" Shaun cried hurriedly, before she turned and began running as fast as she could down the path that would take them to Rustboro City, stumbling on a tree root, though not stopping her run. Several minutes, she leaned, gasping for breath, against the massive trunk of a tree. The grunt had long since given up the chase, but she was suddenly more on edge than before. Wow, he really needs to control his temper. Once she had recovered her breath, she continued on her way to Rustboro.

November 11th, 2008, 2:44 PM
Rustboro city
Adam breathed a sigh of relief as they finally reached Rustboro City.

"Well Bagon we faced, bratty kids, a rabid mother and falling seedots but we made it!"

Said Adam as Bagon nodded in agreement.
In that split second Adam realised that Bagon was truley the only living thing he has opened up to since his mothers passing.

"Well we had better go to the Pokecenter so you can rest up before our battle" Said Adam who had already started walking.

As they were walking he saw a group of kids comming out from the gym cheering and screaming as the kid in the middle was holding a polished gym badge.

"Oh god stupid is contagious" Murmered Adam as he was approching the center of the busy City.

All of a sudden a screaching pain engulfed Adam, the pain was comming from his scar, Adam then saw scenes of his past, his mother in the hospital, the kids of Canalave teasing him and beating him up, Adam screamed at the pain and at the painfull memories of his past he couldn't take it anymore, Bagon cried out to the starring people around him to help, Adams vision started to blurr and eventually he fainted.

Adam woke up in a hospital bed still feeling the terrible pain in his left cheack.

"What am I doing here? Bagon lets go!" Said Adam as he got off the bed.

"NO NO NO! You may not go yet, you are too weak!" Said Nurse joy but she was too late, Adam was already out the door.

November 11th, 2008, 3:39 PM
To Slytherfang: Finally out of Petalburg Woods! :) The battle with the inexperienced grunt was beyond great!
Electrike grew to level 13!
Electrike learned Howl!

To ~element: Erm, you were on a great story, but it was too short. Lengthen it a little with some more detail on what is happening.

November 13th, 2008, 11:55 AM
Chapter 8: Exploring!

Part: 2

Nick had been walking for a short while while Mitha and Pookah rested in their Pokéballs when he stumbled upon a picnic table.

“This looks like a good place from some lunch.” He thought as he put down his backpack and extracted from it two bowls, two tubs of Pokémon food, and a sandwich. He set down the bowls and poured the food into them. He let Pookah out, who was still dazed and slightly dirty from the mud that Marshtomp had launched at him. He was obviously not hurt, as he quickly started devouring his food. When Nick let Mitha out of her Pokéball, she had an eerie white glow engulfing her.

“Mitha? Mitha!? What’s wrong!?” Nick said with worry in his voice. He overturned his backpack, not knowing that what was happening was not a cause for alarm at all, but rather a cause for celebration. When Nick turned around with a potion in hand, the white glow was gone, but so was his Torchic. What was there was Mitha, but in the form of a Combusken. “Wow, Mitha! You evolved!” Nick said, overjoyed. He jumped up and hugged Combusken, picking her up and spinning around with her. When Nick’s excitement had finally simmered down, he put Mitha down, apologized, and they all sat down to eat. Nick felt a presence behind him, but thought nothing of it. He was in the woods with his two best friends, and couldn’t have been happier. After a short amount of time, he got up and turned around to put the remnants of the sandwich in the trash can. What he saw was an Abra, looking very thin and sick, looking up at him with eyes wide open, as if pleading for food. He turned around, motioned for Mitha and Pookah to not make a sound, and put some more Pokémon food in one bowl and some water in front of him. He walked about half the distance between him and the Abra, and put the food and water down. He walked away very nonchalantly, not wanting to frighten Pookah or Mitha, packed up his backpack and walked away. For a while, they all went about their business. Picking Oran and Pecha berries, while planting different berries in their place. Nick felt he was being watched again, turned around, only to find the same Abra looking up at him again.

“What is it, fella? You still hungry?” Nick said with a light but concerned expression.

“Aaaaabra Abra.” It said back. Nick could hear the pleading ness in it’s voice, and his heart melted. He took out his last food bowl, set it down, and put more Pokémon food in it. He set it down near Abra, and sat down next to him, making sure to not scare it away. A few minutes, and a few bowls of food later, Nick heard someone walking toward him. He looked up, and saw a male, brown haired trainer in front of him.

“There you are, you stupid beast! Get back in your Pokéball, now!” The trainer shouted at the Abra. The Abra looked scared and shook it’s head no. Nick was infuriated by the way the trainer was addressing Abra, and stood up, arms out to protect Abra.

“That’s not a nice way to talk to your Pokémon, you know. You almost starved him! Why would you neglect a Pokémon like that!?” Nick said in a soft but fierce voice.

“I can do whatever I want to my Pokémon. Stop talking about them like they’re people, because they’re not. They’re tools to fame and fortune, nothing more. Also, you’d do well to respect your superiors. The name’s Casey.” The trainer said. Casey’s response, however, only infuriated Nick more. He was shaking with anger now, and said,

“Look at your Abra and apologize, or I’m reporting you to the police for Pokémon abuse.”

“You like it so much? Why don’t we battle for him!” Casey proposed.

“Fine,” Nick said. “One on one.”

“That’s fine with me.” Casey said as he took out a Pokéball. “Go, Rhyhorn!” Casey shouted and threw a Pokéball into the air. The thing that hit the ground and caused a small earthquake could only be describes as terrifying. It looked like a living, breathing, rock.

“That thing looks tough.” Nick thought. ”What is it?” Nick thought again as he took out his Pokédex and ran it over the Rhyhorn.

“Rhyhorn, the Spikes Pokémon. It is not the most intelligent of Pokémon and will often run along mountains, running into anything. It can not be stopped unless something makes it stop or it falls asleep.”

“That’ll be very tough to beat,” Nick said to himself. “But it’s a Rock type, and that means my new Combusken has the advantage.” He said again, taking out Mitha’s Pokéball. He released it, and Mitha stepped out, looking ferocious.

“Rhyhorn, Tackle attack!” Casey yelled. Rhyhorn ran straight at Mitha, at a surprisingly fast rate for such a large Pokémon.

“Dodge it, Mitha!” Nick yelled. Mitha jumped high in the air and the Rhyhorn ran into a tree, knocking it down. Rhyhorn looked dazed, but no worse than before. “Start out strong, Mitha! Use Ember!” Nick shouted. Mitha ran at the Rhyhorn, dodging debris left by the rampage of the Spikes Pokémon. Mitha delivered a short, but strong burst of flame to Rhyhorn, knowing that it hurt it more than it looked. Rhyhorn closed it’s eyes, but looked even angrier than before when it opened them.

“Stomp, Rhyhorn! Now!” Casey shouted, sounding very agitated. Rhyhorn stomped the ground, which caused a tremor and threw Mitha off balance. “Now follow up with a Tackle since that thing’s about to fall!” The Rhyhorn complied, and started charging for Mitha.

“Mitha, don’t let it hit you! Roll with the way you’re tipping and dodge Rhyhorn!” Mitha also complied, dodging Rhyhorn completely. The Rhyhorn tried to stop and turn to redirect it’s attack, but tripped and fell on it’s side. It kept rolling, and knocked Casey over. The Rhyhorn kept rolling still, and hit a large rock, and fainted.

“Stupid Rhyhorn! You’re worthless!” Casey shouted as he recalled Rhyhorn. “I won’t be forgetting this, you know! You can have the stupid Abra!” Casey said as he ran off.

“Great job, Mitha, return!” Nick said and called the Combusken back into it’s Pokéball. Nick walked over to the Abra, who looked happy that he didn’t have to be ruled by Casey anymore. “It looks like I won you, buddy, but you don’t have to join my team, if you’d rather roam the wild.” Nick said as he took out a Pokéball. “The choice is yours.” Nick said again and threw the Pokéball at Abra, letting it choose to break out and teleport away, or stay in and become part of Nick’s team.

((OOC: I know the Rhyhorn battle was kind of weak. Originally, I had in Double Kick instead of Ember, but it didn’t know Double Kick, so I couldn’t have that. Tell me if you want me to ‘spice it up’ a little.))

November 13th, 2008, 3:36 PM
To Slytherfang: Finally out of Petalburg Woods! :) The battle with the inexperienced grunt was beyond great!
Electrike grew to level 13!
Electrike learned Howl!

To ~element: Erm, you were on a great story, but it was too short. Lengthen it a little with some more detail on what is happening.
lol well it was a lot longer except i saw that it was supposed to be two posts long xD
Should I post the second part or add more?