View Full Version : Promotional Tickets

September 1st, 2008, 6:00 PM
Is there a way to get all the tickets to get the promotional pokemon other than going to the events or by cheating?

September 1st, 2008, 6:11 PM
Nope... that's why they are 'promotional', you have to go to a promotional event to get them... or you could cheat, but you were asking for another way, and there isn't...

September 1st, 2008, 7:07 PM
oh, because i heard that if someone had them, they could unlock them for you through mystery gift. is that true?

September 1st, 2008, 8:04 PM
Actually that is true.
It is possible to receive items such as the Eon Ticket through Mystery Gift.

Ninja Caterpie
September 1st, 2008, 11:59 PM
Or through mixing Records in R/S/E.

September 2nd, 2008, 9:35 AM
You can get them off ebay but you will need an e reader
i bought the eon ticket off there and a while ago i saw all the tickets on there but they were about £60 or $120

September 18th, 2008, 9:04 PM
It's impossible, hench why they are "Promotion Tickets"