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September 6th, 2008, 5:14 PM
~The pokemon Shop!~

"That beeping, why must it happen every day?" Mike mumbled as he hit the deactivate button on his alarm clock. He was always grumpy in the mornings, even though every thing around him would cheer most people up. With the Chatots singing and way the trees looked in the fall, all of the different hues of red and orange. These didn't really effect Mike, considering he had seen it twenty five times before, once for each year. As he got out of bed, he walked into his bathroom, to do his usual routine in the morning. As he entered the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror. He had yellow fur, two big, red dots on either cheek, two long ears, starting yellow and ending brown, and one tail the same way. Yes, he definitly was still his same old Pikachu self. But that didn't matter right now, getting ready for his extremely mundane job was his current objective. He went to the cupboard and pulled out his tooth brush, and the toothpaste.
"I wonder if I'll finally find some help today." He said to no one, as he spread the minty paste on his tooth brush. Back and forth, back and forth with the brush, same thing every day, same routine. It sure did get boring, but he didn't mind, he needed the money. Also, he couldn't just abandon his shop, considering he built it, and owned it. Two years of running a shop, all on his own, he seriously needed some help. But every applicant he had met had no clue what they where doing, especially that Beedrill who thought she was Arceus, but he kept looking.
He spit the exces toothpaste into the sink, and rinsed his toothbrush in said sink. After this he filled up a small cup next to the faucet with water, and rinsed his mouth with it. He then proceeded to go downstairs and walk into his kitchen. He was looking almost straight at the floor, a result of him drooping his head, which is a result of him not getting enough sleep the night before. As always, brown tiling was what he saw, until he reached the big white box he called a refridgerator, then he saw all white. But when he opened the fridge, he still only saw white, and a bag of apples.
"Note to self, pick up food after work." He thought, reaching for the apples. He really didn't want to work that morning, even though the following was probably more work than chewing the apples he got out of the fridge, but he didn't care. He walked over to his blender and put about five apples in, after choping them up and taking out the seeds though. The small contaprion whirred to life as he turned it on, thoroughly chopping the golden apples into a sauce. After a few minutes of this, he turned off the machine, and poured its contents into a bowl. He then went to his cupboard to see if he had any cinnamon, also grabbing a spoon along the way. When he opened the cupboard, nothing greeted him, except for a few packages of noodles.

"Figures." He thought, with a somewhat annoyed face. He didn't care much though, plain applesauce was fine.
As he ate the applesauce, he thought of the few applicants who would be any good for his store. There where actually only three who had shown any promise to him, considering they where the only ones not raised in this part of the country, and had educations beyond knowing how to run a farm. One was a Machop from somewhere in the far east, but he seemed rather annoying, with his constant questions about life here. Then there was the Porygon two who had lived in a lab all her life, and really only knew how to use the cash register. Lastly, there was the Smeargle who never seemed to stay on task, always drawing things, but at least she could do anything Mike needed help with around the store. Mike figured if he didn't find anyone today, he would go with the Porygon two, at least she stayed on task.
Lazily, he gazed at the clock, only to realize he had ten minutes to get to work. He quickly rinsed out his bowl and ran to work, as usual. Just in time too, not that it really mattered. His main selling point was out of town things, like chocolate, or gum. But, he did make money on farm tools, and parts for various from of machinery used on the farm.
He sat at the counter, waiting for any business. He was nearly sleeping when the bells he had attached to the door rang, signalling someones entrance.
"Hello?" He called, curious about his new guest.
A young Sableye walked up to the counter Mike was sitting at and said "Hello, I'm here for the job."
I wrote this up not long before I joined, and I was wondering whether or not I should finish it. I am kind of odd that way, I like to write only when people want to read my writings.

Blue Screen of Death
September 6th, 2008, 5:37 PM
Dude, you don't need to ask people whether or not you want to finish something, just write it! This will not get you any more viewers than actually writing it, so yeah...

September 6th, 2008, 5:37 PM
Oh, I understand now Supahfunk, thanks.