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September 8th, 2008, 10:30 AM
The year: 1848

Manifest Destiny has pretty much started, now Americans leave the East, and head for the West.
It is a time of GOld Rushes, Crime, Territorial Wars, massacres, slavery, and possible war.
The west is basically a chaotic hell hole in some areas, with bandits running free, robbing banks, holding up trains, shooting freely in the streets, trading with the Indians etc. They depend on each other for survival are a family. Everyone loves each other like he would a brother...or hates one and will try and kill that person when he can. Among these bandit gangs is a huge gang known only as Gonzalez's Gang. They are feared, and gain cooperation of all whom they threaten.

The public isn't too fond of these bandits, so the Bounty Hunters came into the picture. They hunt down each bandit for money and nothing else. That's all they care about. They are trained killers and not to be taken lightly, some even live in the wilderness.

Around the town the sheriff tries to hold order, but sometimes will give in to the will of the bandits, as he knows this sometimes is the wisest thing to do. He pays the bounty hunters for their job, and will go to great measures to keep the town safe.

Then the town itself, the bartender, the gunsmith, the blacksmith, the hotels, everything is all a part of a huge market. Trade, and buisness are your only hopes for a new life out here.

The West is a huge open field to you. How will you live your life out here? There's gold to dig up, money to be earned, jobs to be done, banks to rob...how will you live your life?

There will be violence, some mild swearing, smoking and alcohol in this RP.
Late comers are welcome, but must send their character info through to me.
There are 5 Towns playable in this RP. El Paso, Texas, Sante Fe, New Mexico, Denver, Colorado, Tucumcari, New Mexico, and Pheonix, Arizona. You may transfer from town to town.

Character Info Required:
Birth Date:
Race: Hispanic, White, Black, or Indian
Job: (Bandit, Bounty Hunter, Sheriff, Townsman job [please specify], or none)

My Info

Name: Richie West
Age: 38
Birth Date: 6/18/1810
Gender: Male
Race: White
Town: El Paso
Job: Bounty Hunter
His facial Hair is very messy. He stands about 6''2, and weighs 220 ilbs, but is rather thin for that weight. His eyes are a dark blue, and his hair is a sandy brown. He wears brown pants, and a tan button down shirt. Over his shirt is a poncho which is very dark and almost black. His hat is a dark brown.
He left his family when he was 21 and has lived mostly in the wilderness. He sometimes is helped by the Native Americans that live around the area of El Paso, and he was taught to shoot rather fast by one particular indian. Richie never knew how this Indian knew how to shoot, or who he even was, but learning to shoot fast was one of the survival skills needed in this area of town. He began bounty killing at the age of 30 and has earned over $25,000 so far. He has a pet snake which he caught with his bare hands at the age of 19, it is tame to him, but sometimes strikes at a stranger making sudden moves.
Can be very anti-social as he has lived in the wilderness now almost over 20 years. Whoever he meets he usually quickly draws his pistol, but then puts it away as he sees that it is usually one who asks for directions or something in that general area. He smokes but doesn't really drink. When not bounty killing, he usually camps about 2 miles outside El Paso and feeds his snake. He is always keeping an ear open, so he doesn't get a bullet in his back while out in the wilderness, or in public for that matter.

I think this RP would be amazing, mostly because most RPS you see now a days deal with either fantasy nedeival times, space wars, apocalypse wars, or something about the end of mankind. This is a very unique Rp and can be very fun.

September 8th, 2008, 3:07 PM
sounds interesting... but i'd actually set it in just one small, imaginary town to give it that realistic effect... ironic, ne?

Name: Keai the Kid (litterally.. you'll see what I mean)
Age: 10
Birth Date: june, 1838 (day unsure, but he always celebrates on the first friday)
Gender: male
Race: White
Town: will decide on another date... possibly the day the RP starts
Job: Bandit (loner)

Appearence: Keai stands about 4' and has shaggy silver hair that hangs down over his right eye, his left being a dull grey in color. Mixing those unusual colors in with his childish face and the visable marks of his youth and random assorted cuts on his face giving him the exact 'adorable' look he wants the ladies to see, while he's mooching up and taking the money straight out of their purses!

To add insult to injury for the girls, he wears a large hat. Not a sumbrero, no, it's a standard issue cowboy hat, but it's adult sized so it often falls over his eyes when he's least expecting it, and it has an overly large brim. He counters this dropping downfall by keeping a small bag of money atop his head between himself and the hat. He also can be spotted sporting a large, again, adult-sized coat, with the cuffs of the sleeves rolled up nearly half-way to make up for his small arms. He dose the same with his boots, wich are also rolled down so he can bend his knees. Underneith all this he actually manages to wear a black button up shirt and trousers, which the latter of the two actually seems adult sized as it is held up by a black belt with a sterling silver buckle. Oddly, the combination of black and brown seems to work in his favor.... the ladies can't get enough of him, which is exactly how he wants it. if one were to check the inside pockets of his coat they would see the large, oddly proportioned revolver held there, along with a large supply of red marble sized spheres that smell strangely of chili peppers...

Background: Keai was an outcast. An orphan that was left to die in the streets after they lost funding. that was five years ago. Using his charm and the street smarts he accumulated over the years, he grew into quite the bandit, even stealing enough money to have a revolver custom built. He makes all the ammo himself. An exact blend of gunpowder and chili powder, along with a few binding agents let him create a non-lethal firearm that can still immoblize an entire gang, be it bandits or bodygaurds.

Over the years he's grown quite a reputation, although noone he's robbed has actually seen his face, or even what he looks like, clearly, as they've all been teary-eyed from his chili bombs. he's also grown quite the fortune. He brings most of it in to a bank in small ammounts, saying they're bits of money he's found on the streets and collected. Since the teller at the bank is a woman (a pretty one at that) she dosn't ask questions, other than what he plans on doing when he gets older.

Personality: Keai is a flirt. straight up. Growing up since the age of five in the shadows of bars, he's picked up a few methods of bringing a girl or two with him at a time. While the most he'll ever get is a kiss, he's got big plans for himself one of these days. And with all the money he's 'aquired' over the years, he's on his way to being rich.

While he may be a flirt (and a dirty one at that) he's still a kid, and loves things kids do: sweets, toys, and the feeling of being loved, which he was never given as a smaller child. This is why he surrounds himself with women who all adore him for his looks. It may not be true care and affection the way a mother can give, but it's as close as he can get right now...

September 9th, 2008, 5:30 AM
I'll take that thought of one imaginary town into consideration.
THe main reason I put more than one town in was to get the setting to take place also in the desert plains and canyon lands, etc, stuff like that.

I may say two imaginary towns to encourage the use of the outer land terrain.
I'll give it some thought.

I'll go ahead and start the OOC page for this RP, those wishing to sign up please go there.