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September 8th, 2008, 2:04 PM
Storyline / Plot:

During an exploration from the Metagross Guild, the greatest Guild in Pokémon square they explored some Ancient ruins which were rumoured to be home of perticular Pokémon as well as a treasure.

Metagross pointed them towards the cave entrance, and they explored until they came across a small room. There were Pokémon in shapes of letters along the walls of this room, as Metagross and his team cautiously approached these ruins they heard a sudden crashing noise.

Metagross was suprised by this noise and stumbled and tripped over a small chest which the team didnt seem to notice before. Metagross yelled to his team: "Shall we see whats inside?" while letting off a smug grin pretending that he found this chest on purpose.

The Exploration team agreed, and Metagross slowly opened the chest with caution. The Chest lid blew open as he slowly began to open it, a thick black smog began to empty from the chest followed by an eerie glow which seemed to be flowing throughout the entire room.

In the dense fog they could see a shadow of a Pokémon, its eyes blazed scarlet red and its body seemed to be glowing a thick purple colour like the dead of night. This Pokémon looked down towards them and chuckled and then disappeared into the thick black smoke.

Metagross and his team looked confused but they saw nothing of it and decided to head back to the guild.

The day after Pokémon began to feel ill, their body began to darken to a grey colour and their eyes began to glow scarlet as they lay down with their bodys drooping towards the ground.

The infection had begun ; some Pokémon could resist this infection but some Pokémon were too weak and gave into this infection.

Those who did suffered the concequences as their Primal emotions began to enflame their entire bodys, causing them to lose all emotion and making their skin as dark as the night sky, their eyes glew blood red and as they breathed a thick black smoke came out of their lungs.

These Pokémon tore down Pokémon square causing those who werent infected to flee from the Village, leaving all they knew behind them as blood red flames filled the streets.

Your Goal:

Okay your goal is simple.

Try to figure out how to stop the infection by finding that mysterious Pokémon. The ruins might be a good place to start.

However if you are roleplaying as an infected Pokémon then you must act on your primal instincts, destroying those in your path.


+- Middle of island - Pokémon Village.

- North of Pokémon Village:
Ancient ruins. - Claimed Psychic Orb.
Wastelands. - Unclaimed Steel Orb.
Mt. Flamefog. - Unclaimed Fire Orb.

+- East of Pokémon Village:
Celebi Shrine - Unclaimed Grass Orb.
Darkwood Forest.
Deepgreen Grove.

+- West of Pokémon Village:
Abandoned Tower. - Unclaimed Electric Orb.
Leechfield Cemetary. - Unclaimed Dark Orb.
Evergreen Forest. - Unclaimed Water Orb.

+- South of Pokémon Village:
Temporary Camp for Injured Pokémon.
Metagross Guild Campsite.
Beach Cave.
Beach leading out to the Ocean.

Red Areas - Places of interest.
Green Areas - Places that could lead to Uncharted territory.
Blue Areas - Areas where Infected Pokémon are gathering in swarms.

Signup Sheet:

Pokémon Species:
Infected?: (Yes/No)


You may apply for legendary Pokémon however please note that Darkrai, Mewtwo, Mew, Dialga and Palkia are none avaliable for application.

In my absense i give full permission for a moderator to take command of this thread as the respective owner of this thread temporarily until my return, however i am usually active so this will not be an issue. I will be roleplaying as a Charmander, that is all. :)

Also, the history must only be brief and small. We do not need a large history, only a small one. ;)

Syntoms of the infection:

You will start off with your body turning dull and a large pain in your body, all colour being drained from it. It will lead to your body being taken over after a period of time and consumed by evil as your eyes glow scarlet red you will attack others, relying on your primal instincts.

Elemental Orbs:

Psychic: Found - Kozoi (Blaze) taken from Spirtomb.

Note: Other elemental orbs will be introduced once these have been found, as will the next chapter of the plot.

Chapter 2:

Since the infection, many Pokémon have been suffering. Blaze managed to find out a way to help but he does not know how this will stop the infection.

A Pokémon named Spirtomb told Blaze of Orbs, if they were not gathered the world would be unbalanced and it would eventually be destroyed. He gave him a parchement which spoke of 3 legendary beings, a shining orb in the middle of these beings. Blaze knew Pokemon rescue teams had to help to collect the orbs so he posted the notice in the guild, with the orbs locations which he copied off the parchement.

Parchement text:

Life... a being of pure light, brought forth two beings which created everything... time... space.. forth came a being of pure darkness from this light, infection spreading.

Orbs... you must collect, they must be returned to the sanctuary... the hidden land... it is the worlds only hope.

September 9th, 2008, 10:56 AM
Pokémon Species: Charmander
Name: Blaze
Type: Fire
Age: 16
History: Blaze is a young and inexperianced Pokémon, he lived happily with Pokémon of his own kind until the infection began. He managed to escape from the Pokémon but the rest of his friends werent so lucky and got caught trying to defend their kin.

Blaze is now lonely and wants to do something to stop the law, he has a small scar above his right eye that he obtained in an accident during an extremely young age.
Infected?: No

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
September 9th, 2008, 11:32 AM
Pokémon Species: Wartortle

Name: Hydro

Type: Water

Age: 18

Hydro Was In Pokemon Village During The Attack,And Luckily Escaped Before Getting Infected. His Friends Were Left Behind Trying To Get Everybody Out. He Is Inexpirienced In Fighting Infected Pokemon,But He Is Usually The One To Find Out They're Plan. He Is Currently Looking For More Pokemon To Help Him Figure Out Why These Pokemon Are Getting Infected.

Infected?: No

September 9th, 2008, 4:08 PM
(This looks cool!)

Pokemon Species: Totodile

Name: Timor

Type: Water

Age: 12

History: Timor once lived in a peaceful village with other water Pokemon. However, when the infection hit, most of his fellow villagers were infected, even his own family. After a narrow escape, Timor travels alone, looking for someone who can help stop the infection.

Infected?: No

September 9th, 2008, 4:32 PM
((Guess I'll be the first to make an infected character. xd))

Pokemon Species: Celebi
Name: Lyric
Type: Grass/Psychic
Age: 8979 (lol?)
History: Lyric was going through a time stream at the exact time the infection had reached his portal. Lyric was caught off guard and didn't have a chance to escape this dreaded state.
Infected? Yes.

September 9th, 2008, 4:52 PM
Pokemon : Sneasel
Name: Chaos
Age: 15
Histroy: Chaos was one of the first pokemon to be attacked by the Infection.
they attacked his hometown in the ice mountains many pokemon autally survived but spilt up.
Infected?: No

September 10th, 2008, 7:05 PM
Pokemon: mudkip
Name: Mizu
age: 12
History: While exploring the deepgreen grove from a dare, he was attacked by the infected ones. barely surviving without infection, he begins to plot on how to stop their rampage.

September 11th, 2008, 12:12 AM
Pokémon Species: Umbreon
Name: Dusk
Type: Dark
Age: 18
History: One of the last to leave the village during the attack, helped others get out, tried to escape to the south but was ambushed, attempts to fight them off failed. During the battle Dusk was bitten buy an infected and eventually blacked out and fell in the water, washing up in beach cave. Refusing to succumb to the infection within him Dusk seeks out a cure
Infected?: Yes

September 11th, 2008, 2:01 AM
Pokémon Species: Kirlia
Name: Sapphire aka Sapph
Type: Psychic
Age: 15
History: Sapphire's Village got attacked by the Infection, many of her friends and family were infected, she was one of the few that escaped. Watching the ones close to her get taken away she has set herself a goal to save them, aswell as the others in the same situation, no matter what the cost.
Infected?: No (but if too many are not infected i don't mind changing)

September 11th, 2008, 3:58 AM
Pokémon Species: Cyndaquil

Name: Tytrox

Type: Fire

Age: 16

History: Tytrox was an average Cyndaquil born under a normal family for one of his species, a typhlosion father and quilava mother, and grew up normally as well. He started to adventure at a young age and had learned to fight and stand his own. The sudden infection had infected his parents and he had fled to safety. In his hiding, he is pondering on the situation and is trying to do something about it.

Infected?: No

September 11th, 2008, 3:30 PM
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September 12th, 2008, 3:01 AM
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September 12th, 2008, 11:57 AM
Pokémon Species: Jirachi
Name: Koko
Type: Psychic
Age: 17
History: Koko was out near the village to collect some berries to eat.As he was out in the forest, he saw pokemon running from the village so he decided to check it out.He was then attacked by the infected and became one of them.He thrives on fighting the non-infected and infecting them with the deadly virus.
Infected?: Yes.

September 12th, 2008, 2:21 PM
I am back, i appologise but my internet was acting up.

All accepted. Thanks, you can begin roleplaying and please start around the Camp of the destroyed square.

September 13th, 2008, 8:21 AM
Dusk awoke in Beach Cave, his body felt really heavy and his leg was sore. After several failed attempts at standing Dusk managed to drag his body over too a pile of rocks, which he used to support himself as he raised his body. Weakly he limped over to the salty water that had washed him into the cave, as he peered into the water, his reflection confirmed his worst fears. The bite on his leg caused him to become infected, his brilliant black coat, that aloud him to hide amongst the shadows was now grey, his golden rings had lost their shine.

He cast his gaze out over the water "No way I'll be able to swim back like this" he sighed and turned painfully and began walking in the other direction. As he walked a thought plagued his mind, all the known cases of pokemon resisting the infection never showed any of the symptoms, those that succumbed to the infection changed immediately, yet Dusk limped on, physically his body had been taken over by the infection yet his mind remained unaffected.

Ahead of him, Dusk could see a light, and smelt fresh air. Emerging from the cave he had to squint as the nocturnal pokemon wasnt a fan of sunlight. Walking away from the cave he came to a fork in the road, looking up at the sign made by some of the humanoid pokemon that read [pokemon village -> (north)]. "Screw going back there, I doubt I'd survive another beating like that" he said wincing from the pain in his leg.

He had been walking for almost a full day without seeing a single pokemon, the pain in his leg was almost unbearable he saw a pillar of white smoke and the delicious smell off food filled his nostrils, as he got closer to the source of the smell, he heard pokemon nearby. "Help me" he called out before collapsing from exhaustion

(ooc im gunna have Dusk wake up in the camp bound and gagged while the pokemon decide what to do with him)

September 13th, 2008, 8:44 AM
Pokémon Species:
Name: Darkly
Type: Dark Dragon
Age: 38
History: He used to be a flygon scientist until an expiriment went wrong and he turned black and grey, and erased his ground type and replaced it with dark. he now wears a red cape and can use shadow force. he then started his own team(Team Dark Sky) It's not a rescue team(think team galactic). It's member's are:
Glitchy the porygon z
Fat Salamence
Agent R(Shiny Rayquaza)
Infected?: no

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
September 13th, 2008, 10:40 AM
Hydro Was Walking Around In Circles near The Water. "This Is Stupid,I Have No Idea What To Do..." Said Hydro. He Saw An Infected Umbreon Collapsed. "Better Leave It. The This IS Infected." Said Hydro. He Jumped Into the Water And Swam Around,Trying To Look For A Different Patch Of Land. "Nothing..." Hydro Said As He Jumped Back Out. "Huh?" Said Hydro. He Had Ran Into A Sign. " It Says That Pokemon Village Is That Way,But I Cant Go There In Case The Infection Is Still Spreading. And I Cant Fight It Alone." Said Hydro. He Looked Around,Looking To Find A Big Rock Or Something. All He Could See Was The Beach Cave. "I'll Rest In Here For Now." He Said. Hydro Climbed Onto A Big Rock Inside The Beach Cave And Went Into His Shell To Rest Until Morning.

September 13th, 2008, 5:51 PM
Blaze walked out of the Metagross Guilds campsite, he was a young Charmander who worked for the Metagross Guild by performing various rescue missions, however due to the infection he knew his work would be harder than ever.

He walked over to a small board that was stuck to a boulder, it was labeled "Guild Rescue missions", however it was empty. The guild was being flooded with rescue missions but they were taking them just as quickly, trying to find peoples family that were lost in the village disaster.

Blaze walked into the campsite and noticed other Pokémon moving food supplies from place-to-place, stacking them ontop of eachother. The food supply was scarce, it was most likely that it would only last a few days at best. Blaze knew it would be the guilds job to help them resupply the villagers with fresh produce once their stock had ran out.

Blaze walked out of the campsite onto the beach and began to take a walk while staring at the swaying current of the ocean waves. Blaze heard a shout from near a small cave that was indented in a boulder.

He noticed an Umbreon which had lost all colour to its silky fur, the rings around its body were a dull maroon colour and it was obvious that it was infected. Blaze attempted to wake the Umbreon up with a loud clap but it was no good.

Blaze dragged the Umbreon back to the campsite and locked it inside a small steel-cage that was originally used to move the Pokémons belongings from the destroyed village.

OOC Notes:

1. As you wanted to wake up in the village, there you go.

2. Darkly seems like an unrealistic character considering this is based on PMD2 and there arent really scientists here. Also, you never mentioned your species and you dont start with anyone on your team. Rejected until you come up with something more constructive and realisticly simple.

September 13th, 2008, 7:06 PM
(Is it to late to sign up???)

Pokemon Species: Vulpix

Name: Kenji

Type: Fire

Age: 10

History: Kenji was born and raised on Mount Flamefog. He was raised by two Ninetales and had an older brother that soon after he turned 5 evolved into Ninetales. Kenji's life was great until the deadly virus roled in. His parents were some of the few who were infected first. His brother, Buhlee, had grabbed him by the back of his neck and ran as fast as he could. Max couldn't stop crying until it felt like he couldn't cry ever again.

Buhlee took care of Kenji until Kenji was about 8 in a half and then his brother caught the deadly virus. Kenji didn't want to leave Buhlee but Metagross had forced him to. He lived on his own for a few months until he turned 10. He wanted to form a rescue team to stop this virus and to avenge his brother and parents.

Infected?: No

September 13th, 2008, 8:01 PM
Dusk woke up in a cage surrounded by various pokemon. Directly infront of him was Metagross, who shone with a blue light. Dusk tried to stand but could feel himself pinned down, as he turned his head he saw he too was outlined with a blue light. The light grew brighter for a few minutes before disappearing. "you may stand" said metagross's booming voice "I have fixed your leg for you" and sure enough the pain in Dusks leg was gone completely, he stood up and faced the Metagross. "The infection apears to have consumed your body but not your mind, there is no reason for us to keep you locked up, however if you show even the slightest signs of being corrupted by the infection and turning on us we will not be so kind" said Metagross opening the cage "While you stay here you must earn your keep, I'd like you to help out arround camp where I can keep an eye on you, when I am sure you can be trusted I may send you out with the others on rescue missions" "Thank you" repplied Dusk "I shall do what I can"

September 13th, 2008, 8:04 PM
Tytrox looked back at the town square, now destroyed. He turned back to the front, and continued walking. He didn't know which places were dangerous, and which were not. All could was check out what had happened everywhere.

He looked at the sign. It read, '-> Beach cave'. He remembered that the pokemon in beach cave weren't too strong, and he can fend off the infected pokemon there, if any. He went down on fours, and started running. Noticing a pokemon here and there, he ran. At the speed he was going, he couldn't make out whether they were infected or not. He just continued running, until he saw a cave and a beach, both familiar sights to him. Of course, that was beach cave.

Once there, he had found a strange rock, that looked like a turtule shell. The distance he ran was tiring to him, and he felt he needed a nap. He went on the shell and lay down to sleep, unwary of what was inside the shell......

(( That's your cue, Silent pidgeot.))

September 13th, 2008, 8:44 PM
Sapphire trudged along through Evergreen Forest, she knew that there were a places around here where infected pokemon were grouping for she hid in the trees before as she watched them mindlessly walk past.
She winced as she felt pain shoot up her right arm. She accidently damaged when escaping through hideouts her and her friends made to sneak away at night to dance.

Flashbacks of the invasion kept running over and over inside her head, a small tear escaped her eye, she had watched helplessly as her friends and family were attacked and became overcome by the infection. Anger started building up inside of her, she wanted to help save them, she hated being weak, she wanted to help!

Most days around this time she was dancing with her friends, as others played music, having the time of their lives, thinking nothing bad was ever going to happen to them... but now...she didn't know if she'd ever be able to do that again, feel the joy she felt as she danced.
Picking up her pace she started running towards the villiage, she wanted to find more people, so she wasn't alone, more people to help her save all the infection pokemon.

(...so short..)

September 14th, 2008, 1:50 AM
(Is it to late to sign up???)

Pokemon Species: Vulpix

Name: Kenji

Type: Fire

Age: 10

History: Kenji was born and raised on Mount Flamefog. He was raised by two Ninetales and had an older brother that soon after he turned 5 evolved into Ninetales. Kenji's life was great until the deadly virus roled in. His parents were some of the few who were infected first. His brother, Buhlee, had grabbed him by the back of his neck and ran as fast as he could. Max couldn't stop crying until it felt like he couldn't cry ever again.

Buhlee took care of Kenji until Kenji was about 8 in a half and then his brother caught the deadly virus. Kenji didn't want to leave Buhlee but Metagross had forced him to. He lived on his own for a few months until he turned 10. He wanted to form a rescue team to stop this virus and to avenge his brother and parents.

Infected?: No

Accepted as i dont plan on not accepting people unless they are godmodding ect, but i do need some more infected roleplayers guys.

September 14th, 2008, 6:35 AM
Kenji awoke in the middle of the town square. He looked infront of him and noticed someone infected was coming towards him. Kenji quickly jumped up and ran away. Stupid disease. It's caused me enough despair already. I have to get away from here. Thought Kenji as he was running south. South towards Beach Cave.

He came out to the beach but noticed obody was following him. He still ran inside Beach Cave hawever and that might have been a bad choice. He came in and sat down near the enterance gasping for breath.He noticed as he was looking outside a shadow creep over him. He slowly looked behind himself and noticed and infected...Ninetales behind him. That shook Kenji up real bad. It was like evolving was a curse now when it used to be a blessing. Everyone he knew that evolved into a Ninetales or were a Ninetales before this acursed disease started caught the disease.

The Ninetales lunged at him and he quickly dodged it. However the Ninetales looked alot like his brother but Kenji knew it wasn't...The Ninetales attacking him was his cousin.

"Please Tegeku stop." Kenji pleaded.

"Kenji? I...is t...that you?" Tegeku asked.

Kenji nodded his head noticing that Tegeku wasn't infected anymore. Tegeku explained that he could make it look like he was infected when he really wasn't and asked Kenji if he wanted to stay with him for the night. Kenji said that was fine and then they walked deeper inside the cave together.

Patatas Fritas
September 14th, 2008, 6:52 AM
(Too Late?)

Pokemon Species: Hoppip

Name: Basil

Type: Grass/Flying

Age: 8

History: Basil was abandoned at birth, finding a colony of Hoppip and their evolution he joined them for a few years... The the infection began and he was forced to flee.

Infected: No

September 14th, 2008, 11:10 AM
Pokémon Species: Deoxys
Name: Psych
Type: psychic
Age: 21
History: He had been out collecting food and was about to eat an apple when he was attacked by some infected pokemon he hit them with his psycho boost and teleported away to pokemon square, he thought he would be safe there how ever he soon relised it was not safe and fled south.
Infected?: No

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
September 15th, 2008, 3:17 AM
(Im On It.)


Hydro Felt Something On Top Of His Shell. Huh? He Thought. Hydro Used Rapid Spin And Came Out Of His Shell. "Who's There?" He Said,Spotting The Cyndaquil He Accidentily Threw Against The Wall Of The Cave. "Uhhh,Sorry About That..." Hydro Said,Walking Towards The Cyndaquil. It Didnt Look Infected. Good... Its On My Side... Hydro Though,Looking At The Cyndaquil. "My Name Is Hydro,And Your Name?" He Said. The Cyndaquil Looked Pretty Tough,Even Against A Water Type. If It Decided To Turn On Him,It Would Be A Good Fight.

September 15th, 2008, 6:32 AM
Pokémon Species: Deoxys
Name: Psych
Type: psychic
Age: 21
History: He had been out collecting food and was about to eat an apple when he was attacked by some infected pokemon he hit them with his psycho boost and teleported away to pokemon square, he thought he would be safe there how ever he soon relised it was not safe and fled south.
Infected?: No

Accepted, please be active since your taking a vital role.

September 15th, 2008, 8:29 AM
Timor was wandering towards Pokemon Square, he had heard that there were some Pokemon who escaped the infection. However, that was false information.
The water Pokemon looked around the town, it was completely abandoned.
"Hello?" Timor called. "Is anybody here?"
No one answered. "This is what happens when you trust too much..." Timor muttered.
Suddenly, Pokemon lept behind Timor and tackled him to the ground!
"Hey what's the big-!" Timor cut him self off, it was an infected Rattata.

September 16th, 2008, 5:06 AM
'Ughh......sorry about that. I didn't know that was a pokemon's shell. Anyway, my name is Tytrox" Tytrox said, as he looked closely at Hydro. He wasn't infected. 'Nice to meet you, Hydro. I've been to beach cave before a couple of times, so I know what it's like there. Even if there are infected pokemon, they won't be too strong, for us at least." he continued. He pointed towards the cave entrance and nodded.

"Let's go in. It'll be safer than staying out here. A stronger infected pokemon may appear." he said. ' I'll go in first, and it's your choice then if you want to follow me, or not.' he said again. He went on fours, right into the entrance, hoping that he would get some help by his new friend.

((Regarding my absence, I leave silent pidgeot to control my character till I return))

September 16th, 2008, 9:54 AM
(OOC I know deoxys are gender less but I will be refering to my character as if it were male)
Psych woke up near the beach leading out to see and sensed that there were other pokemon there however, he did not approach as though he is quite strong he does not want to be cornered and there was deffinetly more than one so, he changed into his speed form before setting off again heading further south. He did not know what was there but, he saw enough infected pokemon up north do easily trap him and had decided that they shoul be weaker and fewer down south. He said to himself "I hope i find some allies as I think there might be something important up north, as there are many infected pokemon there I don't think I could go far alone before I would tire and struggle fighting my way through."

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
September 16th, 2008, 11:39 AM
((Regarding my absence, I leave silent pidgeot to control my character till I return))

((Ok,I'll Do My Best As Two Pokemon Until You Get Back. :)))

Hydro Nodded And Just Followed. If There Were Any Water Types In Here Then At Least Tytrox Would Have Some Protection. "Im Pretty Skilled In Fighting,But I Get Nervous Around Infected Pokemon. One False Move And You Could Become One Of Them." Said Hydro. Obviously There Wouldnt Be To Many Of Them Here,But You Never Know. "It Is True,But I Dont Think There Will Be Many In Here. And If There Is,They Wont Be To Tough." Replied Tytrox. Tough. Hydro Remembered Those Words Like He Heard Them Yesterday. Hydro Just Mumbled. Tytrox Stopped In Front Of The Passage And Looked Around. "Ok,Lets Go." He Said,Starting To Go In On All Fours. "Ok..." Replied Hydro,Concerned.

September 16th, 2008, 5:35 PM
Timor rolled around with the Rattata.
"Get off!" He said.
The Totodile sprayed the rat Pokemon with a Water gun.
The infected Pokemon cried out and ran away.
Timor sighed. "Ow..." He felt a small sting on his arm.
He glanced at it and saw that the Rattata had bittten him.

Would Timor be infected?

Alter Ego
September 16th, 2008, 10:12 PM
...wow, been a while since I've had to do this.

Thread warning 1

Humantorches, The Silent Pidgeot, you are both posting beneath the acceptable minimum. Xano, thunder999, you are brushing awfully close to said minimum. All of you, get your act together and Kozoi, it's technically your responsibility to ensure that these guys stick to the rules, so act accordingly. If I see more posts like these here, infractions will fly, and I don't think any of you would want that. :<

Carry on.

September 17th, 2008, 1:13 AM
Dusk roamed through the town, smaller pokemon cowered and hid as he walked past, the bigger ones looked at him suspiciously. On the outskirts of the camp, Dusk heard a scream coming from the forrest, as he ran to investigate he came across an infected sentret and a wounded bidoof. Bidoofs colour was fading fast, it wouldnt be long before another pokemon succumbed to the infection. Dusk backed up, not wanting to get into a fight, his wounds had just been healed, as he put his back paw down a twig snapped and the infected sentret launched at him.

Dusk lept back narrowly missing the sentrets slash attack, Dusk fired a confuse ray at the sentret but missed. Sentret lunged at Dusk with quick attack, hitting the Eon in the side knocking the wind out of him, quickly getting to his feet Dusk tried confuse ray again, successfully this time leaving the stunned sentret to attack itself while he ran back to town to alert metagross how close the infected were to the camp.

September 17th, 2008, 10:51 PM
Blaze wondered around the camp, he knew he had to do something about these infected Pokémon but he didnt know what he could do. He was just a young Charmander which worked for the Metagross guild.

Blaze was moving food stock from the Metagross Camp to the temporary town square when he heard a scream coming from the forest, Blaze decided it would be a good idea to go check it out even if he was disobaying orders.

He walked into the dense undergrowth, there were a large veriety of plants with small fireflys sparkling around the forest. Blaze noticed a small crevice in the ground, he slowly approached this crevice but suddenly, he heard the scream again coming from inside the crevice.

Blaze jumped inside the crevice, then he fell into a circular-tomb which seemed to have a strange aura about it. Blaze shouted out: "H..h..ello?". Lights began to turn on, flickering around the room. Blaze noticed a single corridor infront of him, above a flight of stairs.

An omnious glow began to appear from near the stairs, a large Pokémon jumped out with his eyes blazing an omnious violet. This Pokémon looked down at Blaze and said: "I am Mewtwo. Who dares to disturb my sleep?" and then his body began to glow that very same omnious violet.

Blaze looked up and said shakily: "I... did. Theres an infection going on...", please help us. All the Pokémon are in trouble. Mewtwo looked back at Blaze and laughed, he obviously didnt care what happened to the Pokémon in the square as long as he could sleep.

Mewtwo placed his hand in the air, pointing his arm in Blazes general direction. Blaze began to feel drowzee, his eyes felt as heavy as led and soon he drifted off into a deep sleep. Blaze thought to himself as his body was immobile, "Am... i dying? Is... this the end?".

Blaze slowly opened his eyes and saw Pokémon crowding around him in the camp, he was back where he started but he was different. Blaze felt weak and collapsed to the floor before seeing a small flash of Metagross in the distance.

OOC Note:

Yeah, i'd appriciate it if you obayed the forum rules guys. Please try to post atleast two medium paragraphs of rp.

s p a c e c o w b o y
September 22nd, 2008, 4:07 PM
pokemon: Lucario

Name: Mitchell

Type: fighting-steel

Age: 15

History: I wrote ALOT before this, but i wasnt signed in T.T so heres a short one

I was young Riolu who was Jelous of Explorers, so i went to beach cave and got lost, i sent wonder mail and got rescued. later i got an invitation to be in the guild and accepted. soon after i evolved, soon after that the infection started. so i got my friend kyle (he will be joining this soon. his ID is Glaceon39) and fled to beach cave.

like i said. i wrote a ton before this ... but i dont want to re-write it.

infected: no

September 26th, 2008, 1:12 PM
OOC Note:

Okay because of the unsufficiant plot i will get you guys through the prime of the game and to the main point of the plot.

@ Batman_Symbol - Accepted and your friend will be reviewed when he comes onto the thread.


Blaze decided to explore the Ruins where the problem was set off, he was already outside of the ruins when he heard it, a scream. The scream echoed and an ominous wind blew from inside of the ruins.

Blaze walked inside of the ruins and noticed a small pedistool with a rather small keystone stuck to the bottom of it, he approached it and it began to glow an eeree scarlet then a becon of violet shot up from it.

Suddenly the whole room was covered in a scarlet fog and a Pokémon lurked in the shadows, Blaze looked towards this figure and shouted: "Hello...? Who is it?".

The figure did not reply, Blazes body began to feel heavy and then he flew into the air and hit the roof and then the ground. Blaze was under a psychic spell, his body felt completely numb like he had lost all control of it.

Blaze lay on the floor motionless as the scarlet red fog began to consume his lungs he thought to himself, "No... this cant be it... not now". Blaze began to glow a perfect white which filled the room and casted the scarlet smoke away.

Blaze was evolving, as a white beam of light shot up into the air and filled the skys he turned into a Charmeleon. Blaze looked towards this Pokémon which seemed to be created from a mass of purple-energy with many green orbs floating around it.

The Pokémon turned for a second, gave an evil grin and replied, "I... am many. I... am Spirtomb. You come here for information, yes?"

Blaze looked back at this Pokémon and nodded, Spirtomb looked back and said, "The infection... the only way to stop it is to collect the elemental orbs. Collect them you must, before it is too late.".

Blaze looked back at Spirtomb and said, "Too late? What... do you mean?".

Spirtomb replied in a manicial grin, "If... you do not collect the elemental orbs... the worlds balance will be thrown into chaos and the world... will be destroyed. Collect them you must from the shrines."

Blaze blinked and Spirtomb disappeared instantly, leaving a small parchment and a purple rock in his path. This rock glew violet and seemed to be letting off an omnious glow. Blaze picked it up, as well as the parchment and left.

The parchment spoke of the elemental orbs and the location of these "shrines". Blaze placed them in the guild for all to behold and so other rescue teams could find these orbs.

September 28th, 2008, 12:38 PM
can i join?

pokemon species:grovyle

history:Asia was the fastest,smartest,and kindest in grovyle island. she lived with other grovyles,treecko,and sceptile. Her mother and farther were sceptiles and her little sister was a treecko.she live peaceful with her group intill her group got infected. she was the only one that got away.


s p a c e c o w b o y
September 29th, 2008, 1:51 PM
im sorry, i am no longer able to RP. personal reasons. sorry ;)