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September 8th, 2008, 10:02 PM

Pokémon Adventure: Four Seasons

Greetings and welcome to the world of Pokemon. It is a vast and diverse land, full of many different creatures as well as people known as pokemon trainers who control them in battle.

You are one of these new pokemon trainers with your new starting partner at your side and your fellow pokemon trainer companions, each having their own unique pokemon, you must travel through the land of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, collecting gym badges from the various and fierce trainers as you strive for one goal and that's to be the pokemon master and the champion of the Elite Four.

You are a resident of Pallet Town and you've decided to finally begin your own pokemon journey inspirated by Gary and Ash who both started their journeys just few months before. With the help of myself, the local pokemon expert called Samuel Oak who provides you with your very first pokemon, set out to begin your journey through Four Seasons.

Your job as a trainer is to collect all the badges in these four regions by travelling trough the Four Seasons and also helping your pokémon to grow by battling various trainers. Troughout the game you will be able to choose what moves they learn by TMs and HMs and if they evolve or not.

In these four regions you will be able to meet many evil organisations that try to rule the world by enslaving either all the wild pokémons or legendaries like Palkia or Mew. You have also a change to join one of these many evil organisations or later on the game create one of your own.

Helping to catch pokémons you are able to find secret pokéballs and many other useful items that help on your way to the champion. The very final goal is to face all four Elite Fours and their Champions and maybe even to become the Ultimate Champion of Four Seasons.

The Character Sheet

Character Name: What is your characters name.
Gender: What is your characters gender.
Age: How old is your character. Age limit goes between 10 and 16 years!
Birth Date: When is your characters birthday.

Apperance: What does your character look like. At least one paragraph!

Personality: What is your characters personality. At least one paragraph!

History: What is your character's history. At least one paragraph!

Pokemon Starter: The choises are limited and if other player has already chosen it you have to pick another one!

Bulbasaur, Oddish, Chikorita, Hoppip, Treecko, Lotad, Seedot,
Turtwig, Budew

Charmander,Vulpix, Growlithe, Cyndaquil, Magby, Torchic, Numel,
Chimchar, Ponyta

Squirtle, Poliwag, Tentacool, Totodile, Wooper, Mudkip, Azurill,
Piplup, Finneon

Caterpie, Weedle, Ledyba, Spinarak, Wurmple, Burmy

Pidgey, Spearow, Hoothoot, Taillow, Wingull, Starly

SPECIAL! (needs really good sign-up sheet!):
Eevee x2, Dratini, Pichu, Larvitar, Ralts, Aron, Shinx , Gible

Pokémons that have been taken:

Budew ~ Jadon Valentine played by Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
Charmander ~ Michael Ando played by charizard_maa
Vulpix ~ Isabella "Izzy" Heatt played by XxShingingJewelxX
Growlithe ~ Caroiyo [Car-oy-oh] "Car" Orename [Or-eh-nah-may] played by zZRaoto
Spinarak ~ John Spartan played by Captain Blue
Squirtle "Gill" ~ Travis Darrell Mura played by SamuraiMaster
Mudkip ~ Silver played by Pika_Master414
Eevee ~ Adam played by ~element
Eevee "Heaven" ~ Ace Cristopher played by Uzumaki_Naruto
Dratini ~ Christopher Evans played by Rubii Naruto
Pichu ~ Max played by Pikalover10
Larvitar ~ Thomas Mitchell played by AlmightySquirtle!
Aron ~ Mika Hisharu played by Maddy Phantom

Zeta Sukuna
September 9th, 2008, 6:26 AM
Character Name: Christopher Evans.
Age: 15
Birthday: 23rd October, 1992
Gender: Male

Appearance: Chris is 5'7" tall and has Dark tan skin, from being in the sun for most of his life. Chris's hair is a nice golden brown, and is a little spiky, but not too bad. His eyes are a nice brown, but there are streaks of red in them. He isn't very muscular, but isn't really too skinny. He always wears a black shirt with a logo that looks like three chains, each wrapped in circles, all next to each other in sort of a triangular pattern. The front of the shirt has another chain, but wrapped like a triangle, with the words 'better to be a triangle then a circle'. His pants are also black with the circle triangle on the left side, and a triangle on the right. His shoes are also black, but they have a very small writing that says "triangle= originality" and "circle= imitation".

Personality: Chris isn't the nicest person to meet, having grown up in the Pyrite Orphanage. He doesn't make jokes and treats people with disrespect. If someone gets to open up, which isn't likely then you would know that his personality was caused by the rich people in Agate. Chris just despises rich people, since he thinks that they think that they're better than him. Chris may be cold, but if you really get to know him, then he can really be a good guy, but no one knows that because they're afraid of him. He views the Snagem and Cipher members as 'rich class' and despises them as well.

History: Chris was born in Phenac City, on a full moon. The doctors were puzzled about his eyes, but thought nothing of it. After a few days his parents took him home and they lived in peace, for a month, when three bandits came in and killed Chris's parents. The bandits also stole everything and dropped Chris off at the Pyrite orphanage as an act of supposed kindness, but the years at the orphanage were not good at all. Chris was subjected to beatings from the other kids, and the management, for being the weakest, but also the most rebellious.

When Chris was twelve, he ran from the orphanage and lived deep in Pyrite, so he wouldn't be taken back. Soon enough, Chris found three kids like him, and started to make friends with them, but in a month, the same kids started to beat him up and throw him out. Chris had had it and had stolen a lot of water, food, and a big backpack from a store and went out into the desert on his own. His food and water rations were gone in a month, but that's all it took as he made it to Agate somehow.

But after getting to Agate, the kids saw him and made fun of him for being poor, but Chris dealt with it until he was fourteen. Then he stole a few thousand from the rich kids and bought a hover bike and started riding around Orre, a month later Chris got bored with the Orre Region, and snuck on to a boat to Kanto, Chris had to leave the bike behind, but he didn't mind. In a month, he walked to Pallet Town, to get his first Pokémon.

Pokemon Starter: Dratini

September 9th, 2008, 6:37 AM
Name: Max
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Birthdate: 2/24/97
Appearence: Max stands at the height of 4 foot 6 and weighs about 90 lbs. He wears a white polo shirt, black pants, brown running shoes, a red hat, a necklace with a kyogre scale encased in it, and he has blonde spiky/messy hair. He has crystal blue eyes and a scar that runs up his right arm.

Personality: Max is very funny. He loves to pull pranks on people and to tell jokes around everyone. He often gets irritated when he isn't the one that people are talking about. He loves to climb trees and swim and is often found near lakes.

History: Max was born in Vermillion City. His mom passed away giving birth to him and his two older brothers, Kevin and Frank often blame him for it. He often had nothing to do in Vermillion but when he turned 5 he asked Lt. Surge if he could train under him. Lt. Surge agreed and Max often refereed his battles. The opponent often wondered why a kid was refereeing but Max was really good at it.

When Max turned 9 they moved to Pallet Town. He made new friends that all moved away. He sat in his room everyday just getting on the computer and studying pokemon. He often called Lt.Surge and watched his battles. He didn't care that he wasn't there in person but that he could atleast see his battles.

Pokemon Starter: Pichu if not then Chimchar please!!!

September 9th, 2008, 6:44 AM
Rubii Naruto: Really good sign-up sheet! Accepted!
To All: You are going to start from Pallet town and from there on you will travel trough the four regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh!

September 10th, 2008, 2:49 AM
Character Name: Isabella "Izzy" Heatt
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birth Date: 20/09/1993

Apperance: Izzy has light blonde hair which has 2 light purple streaks on the right side that falls just above her wait, usually tied into a messy plat, or just down and likes putting a flower behind her ear for fun. She has light tanned skin and deep ember eyes. Shes somewhat skinny, but has a basically near perfect figure, for a 14 year old. She prefers wearing barefeet but if needed wears black and blue sneakers with white ankle socks. She wears a emerald tank top and a blue tie loosly hanging around her neck, she also wears faded jean short shorts and a black coat if needed.

Personality: Izzy is weary of new people, but always tries to make new friends. She is optimistic and fun-loving. Being slightly clumsy and a bit clueless at times make her Izzy. She has a somewhat cold personality at times but tries to hide it. Having a shortish temper she gets very scary when angry but always does her best to control her temper. Izzy is sarcastic at times and loves being around others. She likes talking and seems to rush into things without thinking it over at times which gets her into trouble. Even though she likes to be around people she always seems to need a few times a day to be by herself to think. She enjoys writing, and loves climbing trees. She has trouble sleeping at night so often stays up late. She hums songs quite alot but gets embarresed easily.She is also very indepentant when need be.

History: Before Izzy was 8 her life was an ordinary life. She wasnt rich but neither poor. She lived in Veilstone with her brother and parents. A week before her 8th birthday her Mother and Brother were in a car crash on the way back from town, dying.
After that, Izzy's life was turned upside down. Her Father not able to take the fact that they were gone started ignoring her. He stopped caring for her and even basically forgot she exsited. On her 8th birthday his 'present' to her was getting abused. For 2 years it went on, and she did nothing but put up with it, not knowing what to do.
When Izzy finally turned 10 she stole money and gear from her father and ran away. Getting on the ferry to Kanto she started travelling around all by herself. She survived by stealing Repels, Food, Water and other things she needed. Soon months passed by and Izzy found herself walking into the small town of Pallet.
Liking it there she decided to stay and live by herself for awhile.

Pokemon Starter: Vulpix

A/N: The history was longer before, but when i tried to post it said that i had automatically logged out and i lost it. This is my frist RPG on this site so i'm happy. xD hopefully it fitted ur needs to be appected

September 10th, 2008, 3:52 AM
I'll try to do this rp, it looks kind of interesting and I'm always just dragged into them. If you can reserve mudkip, I'll make a sign-up later.

September 10th, 2008, 5:32 AM
Name: Travis Darrell Mura
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (I know there is an age limit but can this be an exception please?)
Birth Date: November 20th, 1990

Appearence: His black hair is most of th etime kept short, but when it grows out it get's messy. He sometimes has facial hair, but most of the time shaves it off. His eyes are blue in color. For 17, he is rather tall reaching 6''8, and thin. He weighs only about 180. He is taller than most adults he knows. He wears black cargo pants which zip off near the knee for hot weather. He wears a plain dark blue tee-shirt, or a shirt with a Metallica emblem on it :). He wears a gray vest over his shirt which holds his badges, pokedex, cell phone, iPod, and four pokeballs, along with other items. He wears a necklace of black string and a moon stone, which is his only possession he has left of his mother. He sometimes wears a black bandana around his head like a sweatband.

Personality: Due to a rough past, he doesn't really always like to joke around. He, when angered or upset, can get in an extremely dark mood. But when he's calm, he's a guy you want to hang around with. He's a trainer that really doesn't look for fame, or anything. He's just out on this journey for some wilderness time, and to see if he can make a few friends. He doesn't want to face the elite 4, he just doesn't want to. He want's to find a group to hang with, mostly because he is older, and knows some wisdom that not many know. His grandparents are like that, passing wisdom on to generations. He loves heavy metal, especially Metallica and even nicknames his pokemon after songs!

History: Travis hates talking about the past. His father left his family when Travis was 11, and is presumed dead after a DNA test showed a pool of his fathers blood in Rock Tunnel outside Lavender Town. They never found the body. Travis' mom died inn an accident when Travis was 15. He then lived with his grandma and grandpa, Nova and James Mura. They are his only living family now. While Pokemon weren't in his best interests, the past was getting to him and he decided to do a Pokemon journey. A bunch of trainers he knew had already left on their journey already. Most trainers were younger than him...in fact...all were younger than him. Travis was starting a journey rather late. He did some research and decided who to try and get. Finally after two years with his grandparents, Professor Oak gave him his starter, Squirtle, which he nicknamed Gill.

Starter: Squirtle (Gill)

(hope this is okay with yyou, if not i'll edit whatever)

September 10th, 2008, 6:07 AM
XxShingingJewelxX: Very good sign-up sheet! Accepted!
Pika_Master414: I will spare Mudkip for you... :)
SamuraiMaster: Nice job! You are Accepted!

September 10th, 2008, 3:12 PM
Hey Gligargirl...Am I accepted or not???

September 10th, 2008, 3:19 PM
Character Name: Adam
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Birth Date: August 27 1996

Apperance: Adam is 5ft. 1inch tall and weighs about 80 pounds. He has tanned skin and always wears the same black beanie his mom gave him before she passed away, there is also a bit of his brown hair sticking out of the beanie. He has sky blue eyes like his brother and an average physique. He always wears the same black jeans, a black striped polo, and blue skate shoes. He also has a small scar on his left cheek that he has no idea how he got. He usually walks around with a blank expression that quickly changes when anyone says anything.

Personality: Adam has a very sarcastic and wisecracking attitude, at times he seems like he doesn't care but in reality he is hiding the fact that sad of his mothers passing. He would never let anyone he cared about get hurt. He has always had a fascination with dragon pokemon and has always dreamed of having one, he is very knowledgeable as he spends most of is time at the library.
Adam loves to insult and give backhanded comments to people, even if they say any kind of insult to him it doesn't really make him feel bad.

History:dAdam was born in Canalave city and was shut out by his peers, he spent most of his time in the library to hide from the local bullys. His mother passed away when he was 8 years old, before his mother died she gave him a black beanie which he has not took off since. His father Dave thought they should move from the region so that Adam could forget about his sorrows in Canalave.
For years his brother Sam tried to cheer him up but it never worked. To keep his older brother quiet Adam acted like he was happy again but he was hiding it all along. Adam had no real ties with people except for his mother. The night before Adam was going to leave for Kanto adam woke up with a peircing pain on his left cheeck, he got up to see a note on his chest saying *something to remember the sorrow*.......

Pokemon Starter: Eevee

i'm using this for another rp but it seems to work!

September 10th, 2008, 3:43 PM

My Squirtle's nickname is Gill not Bill


September 10th, 2008, 5:38 PM
Character Name: MIcheal Ando

Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birth Date: 08/01/1993

Apperance: Micheal is a tall and skiny with long black hair that reaches down to his shoulders. He tends to have his hair tied in a ponytail with a red ponytail. Micheal had a long tanned face with brown eyes. His left ear has a gold earring in it and a pair of glasses that he doesn't need. Micheal wears a pair of blue jeans with a black belt that holds his pokeballs which is only one filled one with the other five being empty. Micheal wears a red shirt that fits loose on him and a black vest. Around Micheal's neck is a string that his silver digital camera hangs on. A black backpack hangs on his side that holds his travel items and a small laptop.

Personality: Micheal consider himself pretty smart and feels kind of indifferent about things. Sometimes Micheal would say something but other times he may not depending if something intrested him. Overall Micheal consider himself to be a cool type of person and when he keeps his month shut then he sometimes gives that off but when he sees a picture perfect moment he gets obessive and starts talking about that moment and at once wants to take that picture.

History: Micheal comes from Cinnabar Island and been raised there since his birth. Since being brought up on Cinnabar Island, Micheal has only seen a few pokemon in person why the rest of the pokemon he has seen was though traveling pokemon trainers and what he seen on the web. This was made kind of easy since Micheal's parents owned a resturant which pokemon trainers and tourist would past though. Still seeing these pokemon wasn't enough so Micheal saved his money from working in his parent's resturant to buy a digital camera to take pictures of any pokemon that he hasn't seen before.

As Micheal entered third grade he decided to grow his hair out long. It started at his parent's resturant when one of the female trainers that stopped by the resturant before leaving Cinnabar complimented his parents on having a cute little girl serving them. His parents laughed it off and just let the trainer go along her way. Soon enough more people began to mistake Micheal as a girl and even countinue into school. MIcheal tried to correct them but saw the disappointment in them or they just scolded him about his hair. Eventually Micheal decided to keep his month shut unless he felt like he should say something and doesn't care about what others think about his hair or gender.

When Micheal turned 13, he decided to get a lot of memory cards for his camera and prepare to leave for Pallet Town to receive a Charmander from Professor Oak.

Pokemon Starter: Charmander

September 10th, 2008, 6:29 PM
Character Name: Thomas Mitchell
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: October 27 1991

Apperance: Thomas has dirty blonde hair that curls at the ends just above his eyes, his height is exactly 6 foot 3 inches. He has a slight tan and he is mildly muscular. Thomas wears faded baggy blue jeans, black shoes, a Blue Jacket with a black shirt underneath, His eye color is Dark green with blue mixed in.

Personality: Thomas is quiet but thoughtful, sarcastic, yet caring. He doesn't particularly like to be around people, but the people he considers to be his friends, he can't do without. He tends to wander at large gatherings, seeking only to get away from the crowd. On top of it all, he hates to see anyone doing anything awful to a pokemon, it doesn't matter whos pokemon it is, he hates to see it and will try to stop it, if possible.

History: As an 8-year-old, Thomas was fairly isolated because his family moved all around the Johto region, so as a result Thomas had very few friends at the pokemon schools he had always attended. He hadn't ever had much luck making friends in the past, due to his quiet, reserved nature, so he never really tried.

Fastforward to years later, Thomas is in 8th grade. He has continued with not trying to make friends, but instead has turned his attention to the pokemon he so often read about, and tried to seek out one to meet a pokemon, always described as "The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You" and try making his first friend, at this time his parents had relocated to the Kanto region, in a town known as Pallet...

Pokemon Starter: Larvitar/Treecko

September 10th, 2008, 7:38 PM
Pikalover10: Good sign-up sheet but it could have been a bit longer...anyway you are Accepted! :D
~element: You are way too Accepted!
charizard_maa: That was nice sign-up! You are so Accepted!
AlmightySquirtle!: You are Accepted! with Larvitar.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
September 10th, 2008, 7:57 PM
Character Name: Jadon Valentine

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: December 12th

Apperance: Jadon stands proud at about five foot nine and has a rather muscular frame due to his large history of athletic extracurriculers. He looks to have Latino backgroud due to his darker skin and his silky black ponytail which goes down to about the middle of his back and is tied with a small red ribbon. He's always wearing a shiny toothed grin which is complimented by his sparkling emerald eyes. He's got a little bit of fuzz on his chin and has a bit of a mustache forming, he will usually wear a golden hoop earing in one of his ears.

On a regular basis he'll be wearing a pair of black jeans, a grey muscle shirt and an obscure white trenchcoat. The trenchcoat he wears is usually well cleaned and the pockets are usually full of useless junk he picks up around places as he is a hoarder and can't resist adding more junk to his collection. He has black combat boots on most of the time, they have silvered buckles on them and have a nice shine due to his excessive cleansing of them. His black jeans are usually faded alot at the knees, but hold up pretty well.


Jadon is usally calm and collected if not a little ignorant to what goes on around him, he tries to mind to his own buisness most of the time but can't help but be a little nosy. He gets to be a little supersticious and even a bit gullible at times, which can obviously cause a great deal of trouble to not only him, but other people. While he seems to be a little slow on the intake and in all things intellectual, the truth is he pretty smart, he just doesn't really show it very often, mostly because he'd rather be showing off his muscles. You can bet he's always rambling on about some sport or sport move that he saw, he's just that kind of guy.

Jadon tries to treat most people with respect, but sometimes he just can help but feel some people truely don't deserve any. In a case such as that, he just tries to ignore the person or leave the area. When Jadon is pitted up with a challenge, he will always try to rise to the occasion, he's always trying to become better then he previously was and in this case, that means putting the lid on anyone in the psionics way. The young man and logic don't get along that much, he's usually trying for the definite or near impossible and his standards end up going extremely high in things. While Jadon seems like the jerkish jock to most people, he has a high sense of justice and loyalty, he's always couragess and hopeful in situations that seem impossible.

Jadon however, likes to procrastinate, he tries to push things farther and farther back and then never does them. He may like to train, but studying always takes a back seat in his life, and as much as he knows he'll need the knoweldge, he can't resist lifting a weight or running a mile in preperation. Even though he may seem to be the funny type, he really isn't, he doesn't really care for jokes or humor in general, he doesn't seem to get most jokes for one thing and thinks that humor only slows you down, he's a serious kind of person which can probably get a little aggrivating for people who have to hang with him a lot

History: Jadon has a very long history of athletics, He's spent over 12 years in Martial arts alone, He's top gun in a few of them, such as; Shaolin Kung-fu, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Ju Jitsu, Judo and Wushu. He's recently taken up track and field, to add to his schedule. He's always been a sub-par student, making B's and C's. He's gotten in trouble for fighting with bullies before, who claim he starts the fights. Nothing intresting or spectacular has really ever happened to him before.

He has just started his pokemon journey since he didn't have any real intrest in them before, and now does.

Pokemon Starter: Budew

September 10th, 2008, 8:20 PM
OOC: Dang it. Larvitar is taken. I could've swore you said he got Treecko earlier. I changed it to Gible, if Larvitar isn't taken then Larvitar. If I can't get Larvitar (1st) or Gible (2nd) then Growlthie (3rd).

Name: Caroiyo [Car-oy-oh] "Car" Orename [Or-eh-nah-may]
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birth Date: November, 11, 1993

Appearance: Car has cold gray eyes, in fact, he is blind. He has light brown hair is combed forward but tends to stick out in some stubborn areas. His left eye has a scar-like feature on the side of it. It appears as if it is a single vain sticking out for it is a dark greenish, reddish color. The white part of that eye is red from blood that burst from one of his veins inside the eye. He normally wears a large gray t-shirt under a red t-shirt when it is a bit warm but when the temperature is cooler than normal he wears a black hoody with a stripe on the end of the left sleeve. He always wears blue jeans with his clothes and black shoes with white shoe-laces. Car also has a special sensing device that emits a lowly volumed beep when he is about to run into an object in which he keeps in his right pocket. Car keeps all his materials in a bag that straps around his shoulder and hangs on the side of his body so he can easily access different items.

Personality: Car is very talkative for someone that can't see who he is even talking to. He loves making new friends and despises those who denounce him for his "different" feature. Even though he can't see, he is capable of maneuvering through crowded places.

History: Car wasn't always blind. He was diagnosed with this terrible condition at the age of four. He was playing near a chemical reserve building in Saffron, where he was born at, when he decided to wander inside. The building was completely restricted to anybody that wasn't employed and no one that worked there wasn't allowed inside with special protective suits. As he walked through the building, not knowing it was wrong because he was only four, he noticed a tank that caught his young eyes' attention. Car then put his eyes on the glass to try and see inside better, not being able to read he wasn't able to see the sign "Do not put any chemical near eyes. Inside a protective glass or not." Then his left eye suddenly began to sting and a vein inside his eye burst, causing blood to flow inside his eye, making it a reddish color. His other eye wasn't injured as bad but he did go blind in both eyes. This is how he became so unique. His parents then took him to a special eye doctor in Saffron and the doctor assigned Car a guidance Pokemon. It was a small Azurill, specially trained to speak the human language, English and use it's senses to help guide blind people such as Car. He also obtained a special device that notified him whenever he was about to bump into an object in front of him. He's had Azurill for 10 years and it soon began to rest on his shoulder and guided him from there. On his fourteenth birthday, Car's parents decided he shouldn't be excluded from a Pokemon journey like other kids, just because he was blind so they gave him an egg from the Daycare shop they ran. A few months later the egg hatched into a small Gible. It was pocket sized and didn't develop any of it's exclusive features. Car's parents sent him on a special bus to Pallet Town where he would meet Prof. Oak and learn all about Pokemon.

Starter Pokemon: Azurill "Path" (Read History. This Pokemon doesn't battle, it lost the ability to do attacks during the special training to learn how to speak human languages and guide blind people.) and Gible "Crane" (if not Gible then Growlthie)

September 11th, 2008, 3:53 AM
Character Name: Silver

Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birth Date: June 25, 1996

Apperance: Silver looks like the rival on the gold/silver version. He is average height and wears exceptional clothes all the time wearing a maroon red and black outfit and boots on his feet. You can tell his personality by looking at his eyes which are sharp, amber colored. The thing that is most noticable on him though is the long red red hair on his head that runs down past his shoulders. He usually has it over one of his eyes with the other one showing to make him look intimidating to everyone he meets.

Personality: Silver is a very cold person to try to interact with. He is very cold and mean and puts power where love and support should be. He hungers for power and will destroy any obstacle in his way, even if it means his comrades to get it. His main skill is being a thief and that is how he obtains most of his items and possesions is by stealing them from trainers, professors, or his foes. Even with this personality, he has one major hate. He hates evil and wants to put a stop to it on his own to prove himself.

History: Silver has had a difficult life, making him end up with a difficult personality. When he was only four, both his parents tragically died from a freak accident and he had to live in an orphanage home where he had to struggle with bullies and kids picking on him about his hair or trying to steal his stuff.
About one year later, though, Silver was adopted by a beautiful lady who he thought he would have the perfect life with being her son. That was until he met the man she lived with. He tried to act polite and friendly in front of his wife, but behind her back, he tormented his new stepson. Then one day, Silver got more tragic news. He was stuck living with only his stepfather. His mother had suddenly gotten ill and died not long after. To Silver it was worse than living in the orphanage. His stepfather continued to torment him by hitting him out of nowhere or talking bad about him all the time. Soon, Silver gained the ability to fight his stepfather back until one day, he stormed out of the house with no intention of ever going back.
Yes, going away was probably the right thing, but Siilver knew one thing. His "father" was going to think of him as a loser anywhere he went. He needed to prove himself somehow. So, after stealing some money from both his stepfather and a few other places, he jumped on a boat and headed towards Kanto to start a new adventure and a new life.

Pokemon Starter: Mudkip

September 11th, 2008, 4:39 AM
Pika_Master414: You are Accepted!
zZRaoto: Nice job! You are literally Accepted!
Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses: Very good sign-up sheet! Accepted!

September 11th, 2008, 5:45 AM
When are we planning on starting this baby up?

September 11th, 2008, 6:58 AM
Chapter 1: Pallet Town/Prof. Oak's Lab

The sun was warming the back of an older man who was sitting comfortably on his couch and reading some letters that he had received from few new trainers. Those letters were from new trainers who were about to start their own journeys like Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak had done but this time there were too many trainers and he decided to give a call to his friends: "Hello! This is Professor Oak from Kanto region! Is Professor Elm/Birch/Rowan available at now as I would need his help!" the old man said. The old man was the very famous Samuel Oak who was the mature Pokémon Professor on Kanto region.

At the very same time just few hundred meters away the new trainers was already walking towards the big and old laboratory where they were going to get their first pokémons.

What you have to do:
Explain how you get into Professor Oak´s lab. and how he gives you the starter you´ve chosen and hand over five pokéballs and a pokédex. You can use your imagination as long and as much as you want but don´t do any battling or anything REALLY weird!

Captain Blue
September 11th, 2008, 11:03 AM
Character Name: John Spartan

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: John is 5'7, and is about 170 pounds, with Caucasian skin. His hair is a black flattop cut, often obscured by an olive green officer-style hat, which also has a habit of covering his brown eyes. He has the build of a high-school freshman linebacker, meaning a fair amount of muscle in his body without showing any form of rippling. He's recognizable by his olive drab BDU and boots, which he had gotten from his father, along with the hat. Although it's a bit loose, he manages to make it look more or less how it should.

Personality: John believes that a person can only be great by being both physically and mentally strong. He has a strong sense of the law, and often wishes to act as a peacemaker even when he has no business meddling in the affairs of others. However, his sense of trust has been long since shot, and he doesn't truly trust anyone fully until he knows in his heart they are worth believing in.

History: John Spartan is the son of a famous police officer in an elite Pokemon Police task force situated in Cianwood city(Essentially the SWAT team of the Pokemon universe), David "Hawk" Spartan. John had always enjoyed watching his father go through the training courses, and wanted to be an officer once he had a Pokemon of his own. However, one day, during a firefighting training course, Hawk caught fire as had rescued a training dummy, and was burned to near-death. John ran to his father and put him out, but it was too late. As it turned out, one of Hawk's coworkers had poured kerosene on the dummy. Poor John was only 13 years old, and was scarred for life.

Three years later, John has been relocated to Pallet Town. Donning his father's old uniform, he would gain his first Pokemon today, and aim to gain the skills needed to become an officer of his father's caliber.

Pokemon Starter: Pidgey "Harrier", Ralts "Jessica", or Spinarak "Tiger II".

Fun fact: Hawk's Pokemon, prior to his death, were Pidgeot, Arcanine, Blastoise, Gardevoir, Rhydon, and Ariados.

September 11th, 2008, 11:32 AM
Captain Blue: You are Accepted! with Spinarak called Tiger II

September 11th, 2008, 3:13 PM
Hi! I want to join.
Could you reserve a spot for me?

September 11th, 2008, 4:48 PM
"Finally I am here." said Micheal as he got off the boat. He threw his backpack over his shoulder and hanged on to the side in order to avoid falling. His ponytail swayed with the wind and he could feel the light scraping of his red ribbon against his neck.

MIcheal got off at the small docks that was at Pallet Town Pier. It was nothing compare to the one in Cinnabar which was far busier due to the fact that tourist visit Cinnabar by the dozens.

MIcheal looked around and wonder where to go. He knew that Professor Oak's lab was in this town somewhere but somewhere was the question. Micheal looked around the colorful town and knew that he needed to look for a huge hill that had a windmill on it.

"Excuse me miss? Do you need help?" said a middle age woman wearing a blue hat a red t-shirt. She stood right before Micheal with a smile on her face.

Micheal just stood there and tried to walk away but the woman wouldn't move out of his way. She then smiled even wider and said, "Miss?"

Micheal then opened his month and said, "I need help looking for Professor Oak's lab."

The middle age lady was surprised by Micheal's voice since surely it didn't belong to a young lady. She opened her month for a minute and said, "Oh. I so-" She then looked around and said, "Umm if you are a new trainer looking for Professor's Oak lab then you need to follow this-," She then looked around and walked to a small map of Pallet Town. Micheal followed and she then countinue, "path. It should take you directly there."

Micheal nodded and said, "Thank you." He then took the path that the lady directed him to.

Captain Blue
September 11th, 2008, 5:17 PM
John left his home after a quick breakfast, passing by a police officer who was there to see him off. "Spartan! Today's the day, isn't it? You sure you're ready for this?", the officer questioned. John stopped and spoke solemnly. "I'm positive, Bloomfield. I want to do this." The officer nodded, and spoke before leaving John. "Alright...be sure to come back and visit us."

John simply nodded as well, and headed up the hill in Pallet town, past the windmills and the other trainer-to-be, and then stopping before Oak's lab. "I wonder if I'll get..."

(We're allowed to fully interact with each other on the way to Oak's Lab so long as we aren't battling or anything, right?)

September 11th, 2008, 7:09 PM
Guess it wouldn't hurt if I jumped on this RP too... hahaha... I have been rusty... *cough* almost a year*cough* hahaha...

Character Name: Ace Christopher

Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birth Date: August 25th

Ace is about an average of 4 feet and 10 inches tall. His striking platinum hair is straight and cut carefully just above his eyeline. The back layer is trimmed to about 2 centimeters thick on the bottom and as it rises, the hair curves following the shape of his head. His left sideburns are also interestingly long falling just short of his shoulders. Ace's eyes are a cerulean blue hue from which he inherited from his mother and they gleam with the dancing light. Ace's attire is simple consisting of a perfect fitting white T-shirt with a green vest over it and a pair of light brown cargo shorts. His white shoes, with some minor black decorations, are paired with 2 white socks that fit comfortabliy on Ace's two feet. He also carries a dark green backpack with many items, including a sleepingbag and pillow, to last during the long distances between towns.

Ace is an easy going fellow and not afraid to make friends but he is terribly shy towards girls. He can be helpful at most times since he is capable of many simple feats, such as cooking, cleaning, and others, because of his daily work around the house and errands. He enjoys conversing with others and he finds life more interesting with a few jokes to crack. However, he seldom does it because he is a terrible joker, no, make that horrendous. Despite all of that, Ace is a very athletic boy. He is very fit and healthy not to mention he is able to clear a good mile in just 6 minutes. His knowledge of Pokemon is also very vast. People may think he'd be a better Pokemon Breeder but Ace truly is more capable to be a Pokemon Master and beating the Elites of many lands will closer him to the path he yearns for.

Ace lives in Pallet Town near the outskirts of town. Surprisingly, his mother knows Professor Oak for quite a while. Ace always helped out around the house ever since he was a child and got good at it over the years. He would help his mother constantly and run errands for her. Since their father left on his journey, Ace worked hard to ensure his mother's well-being and he did it well for many years. Ace also had the love of Pokemon. He'd be studying them, reading books on them, and even play with them during his spare time. Before he knew it, four years had passed by him ever since he was able to get his Trainer's License. His mother knew of his desire to become a Master and decided it was time for him to leave her alone and pursue his own dreams. Ace thanked his mother and started on his journey through the world. His mother also put in a word with the Professor without him knowing it.

Pokemon Starter: EEVEENESS!... okay Eevee... XD AKA "Heaven"

Bah... I finally finished... Well... I'll leave it at that... If I'm lacking, please slap me or something so I can do a little better on my sign-up to meet the requirements... XD

September 11th, 2008, 7:22 PM
Chapter 1 Pallet Town/Prof. Oaks Lab

As the day for new trainers to get their Pokemon had arrived, Thomas hadnt gotten any sleep in anticipation of the next day, and as such, he was very tired. As soon as he had prepped for the journey, he left quickly without leaving a note or anything as to where he would be, but he didn't really care so he promptly closed the door and set out towards the pokemon lab at a fast walking pace. Almost immedietly after he had gotten onto the hill he began to notice, a growing crowd around the entrance; it would seem he was late...

As he neared the lab, he noticed a crowd was forming and decided it would be a good idea to hurry, as there may be no pokemon left if he took any longer. Almost immedietly after making that decision, he passed a small Larvitar. Walking back to admire the cool little pokemon, he recieved a little shock, as the Larvitar shook a nearby tree, which he was convieniently standing under, and a Metapod fell out along with several berries. While the Larvitar was quite happy with the berries, the Metapod however, had landed on Thomas. It would seem that the Metapod had fallen from quite high up, seeing as it had knocked him out...

Thomas woke up in an unfamiliar room, and guessing from all the pokemon material, Computers and Lab equipment, Thomas guessed he was inside of the lab. As Thomas began to sit up, he noticed an unfamiliar lump on his head. Coming from out of nowhere at all, an icepack landed squarely on the lump, making Thomas fall of the couch he had been sitting on out of surprise."Ah I see you've met Larvitar, my boy!"

The voice sounded familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it. The first thing Thomas saw was a white lab coat and instantly an image of Professor Oak popped into his head. "Yeah, I mean yes sir! It is quite a cool pokemon if you don't mind me saying so." ,Thomas stated as soon as he remembered to speak. The Proffesor simply walked over and handed him 5 pokeballs and a pokedex, "You'll be needing these, Thomas"

"Yes sir! Thank you! Is that Larvitar one of the Pokemon you are giving out?" , Thomas asked, immedietly excited upon receiving the gift. "Yes, yes, your welcome Thomas, and as it would happen to be, the Larvitar is the ONLY pokemon left due to your accident, it dragged you here just a few minutes ago, causing it to be missing while the other trainers grabbed their pokemon. Of course that means that it will have to be yours. I trust you have no problems with this" ,Oak said.

In awe, Thomas shook his head and thanked the Professor and took the Larvitars pokeball. Recalling it to its pokeball, he walked out of the lab proudly without another word. "Ahh, I was hoping to speak to him just a little bit longer concerning the Larvitar, but maybe it's best if he just finds out on his own..."

September 11th, 2008, 7:59 PM
OOC: After reading a bit, I noticed that we had too choose our starter. Is it possible I choose a starter and still keep my Gible egg? Or can I just keep the Gible egg and not choose a starter. I'm really confused on that particular subject because you put me down as Growlthie. Also, I can change the egg to a more basic Pokemon (one less rare) and keep the Growlthie if that's alright. Please inform me as soon as you can.

It was a moist and sunny morning when Car's adventure was about to begin. It started with the packing of a few bags, courtesy of his mom, and catching a bus to Pallet Town. Car closely held on tight to the dark bluish colored egg. It had a smooth feeling and Car constantly rubbed it.

As Car was guided onto the bus by the little Azurill, named Path, his parents called out, "Bye sweetie. Have fun on your little adventure!" Car was going to get to be like all the other kids, go out on an adventure and catch different Pokemon; battle them and become the best trainer in the world. But...that was only everyone's dream. It was difficult for that one scenario of many to come true.

Path led Car to a seat close to the front door of the long blue and red bus. By feeling the seats and other parts of the bus, Car was able to distinguish it's appearance and texture. The seats were a hard leather and felt worn out. It was a sign that many people sat in that same seat. Car felt up and down a solid wall next to him. It was the buses metallic frame. He moved his hand up and felt a cold hard surface. It was the window. The bus had a cool breeze flowing through it, Must have an air condition or one of the windows is down. Car thought inquisitively.

The ride was long and bumpy. Every few seconds Car hopped up from the large lumps and almost dropped the egg but he held on tight to the slippery object. Path constantly cried out at the bumping motion of the bus. "Wow, this bus is horrible. It keeps bouncing up and down." Path said as he sighed. He then jumped up on Car's shoulder to look out the window. The setting flew past the bus, or at least the other way around. The large vehicle moved swiftly.

Soon, after an hour or so, a bell rang and it was a sign that they were at Pallet Town. Many other bells had rung before, each distinguished based by the stop. Path told Car to wait until he gave him the order to go. He tried to wait until everyone was off the bus so it wouldn't be such a large hassle for Car to get off. "Okay, it's all clear. Just follow my voice, kay?" The little blue ball stated, hopping off the leather bus seat. "Okay come this way and turn 90 degrees right. Then just walk straight and stop when I say stop." Car nodded and smiled a bit. He always got a kick at how weird Path's voice sounded. It was very high-pitched and didn't even sound like a human talking. It was obvious that the voice was from a small Pokemon. Car walked forward and suddenly stopped when Path screamed stop. Now turn 90 degrees right again and take small steps, their are some stairs to go down." Path explained. Car already knew how to get down the steps, he had a lot of training when he was at the doctors office.

"Finally!" Car exclaimed, smiling and smelling the calm fragrance in the air. "What does it look like Path?" Car asked, anxious to see the scenery he was present in. Path looked at him with a sad face. He felt a terrible feeling inside whenever he thought about how much Car was missing. He tried to explain without exaggerating the true effects of the area. It was far too beautiful for Path to explain in true details. He said it wasn't much of a place. Just a few trees in random places; opposed to Path's story, there was large oak trees that lined up the center of the streets. The houses were nicely built and had a clean landscaping. There was a large hill that led up to a huge building. It was surrounded by a raw iron fence and inside was where Pokemon grazed at and lived happily. To the south of the urban-like town was a nice view of the ocean. There was also people getting off a ferry at a dock in that direction as well. Car couldn't even come close to imagining the real detail of his surroundings, he could only go by what Path told him.

Car smiled brightly, "Okay, so guide me to Prof. Oak's lab Path!" He said, clutching tightly to the egg that still rested in his arms. He couldn't wait to really start his journey. It was something he always wanted to do as a young boy but couldn't because his parents thought he wasn't capable of going alone on a journey when he can't see anything. But that's where Path came in. Path was one of Car's only companion, one that would never leave him. He was very thankful to have him.

OOC: (Off-topic subject pertaining the one above) When you come to a decision on what I should do with this awkward matter I will finish this RP in my next post.

September 11th, 2008, 8:01 PM
Chapter 1

In the middle of the Pallet Town park, Izzy lay sleeping high up in one of the trees. Her presence was unknown by all the children in the mark as she was hidden from veiw by all the leaves and branches. She had completely forgotten what was so important about this day that she decided to take a quick sleep.

Lazily Izzy opened her eyes and used her hand to cover her face from the bright sun. Groaning softly and yawning she stretched her arms before swinging her legs over the side of the branch and gracefully jumping off. Landing on the ground on both feet she get a huge ground shock and fell over.
"Yikes! That hurt" She frowned and rubbed her legs to erase the pain.
Standing up she dusted off her clothes and looked into the sky. Looking at her watch after some time her eyes widened.
Hearing her yell the children playing in the park all stared at her with confusion. Not caring she started running off the Prof. Oak's lab.

After 5 minutes of constant running Izzy finally made it to the lab out of breath. Putting her hands on her knees she bent over slightly panting trying to regain her strength. Raising her head she stared at all the people crowding around the lab.
"Woah...Never knew it was this big."
Very slowly she started making her way up to the doors of the lab. Biting her lip she prayed that she wasn't late and there was a pokemon still here, just for her.

Getting to the doors, she opened them without knocking and just walked straight in. Gasping at the sight, she started looking around.
Yelping at the sudden voice she turned around and saw Prof. Oak himself before her eyes.
"Uhhh...Hehe...Sorry for barging in...My names Isabella Heartt. I'm a new trainer here to pick up a starter pokemon" She looked down embarresed slightly at being caught.
The professer laughed at her and beckoned her to follow him. Making their way through the lab Izzy took in her surroundings.

"Isabella, I'm sorry to tell you this, but we have no actual pokemon of the 3 starters left. I hope this little one will be alright." Prof. Oak said taking Izzy out of her thoughts.
Izzy smiled at him. "I'm sure, uhhh She or He will be perfect." She replied taking the pokeball out of his hands and looking at it. Just as she was about to let it out, it popped out itself.
"Vul!" Sitting on the ground was a red tiny fox with 6 tails. "Vulpix!"
Izzy gasped and stared at it in amazement, recongizing it was a girl she giggled. "She's Gorgeous! I love her already!" Crouching down she patted Vulpix on the head. "Let's be awesome partners and best friends! Agreed? My names Izzy" Vulpix cocked it's head to the side and let out its most powerful ember right into her face before laughing and jumping onto Izzy's shoulder happily.

Refraining herself from attacking the pokemon she sighed. "Don't do that again...." Prof. Oak laughed at the two and pulled out 6 things from his pokect. "Isabella this is a Pokedex, use this if you find a new pokemon to gain information on it. It does come in handy. Also 5 spare pokeballs to catch your own pokemon. You best be on your way. Good Luck" With that he walked off into his lab.
"Thanks Professer!" Izzy yelled into thin air before walking out of the lab to start her new journey with her darling Vulpix.
"I wonder what strange things we are gonna incounter..."
"Vul! Vulpix!"

September 11th, 2008, 8:42 PM
Pallet Town was proving to be as small as everybody said it was. Micheal has never left Cinnabar Island in all his life but really there was more action in Cinnabar Island in an hour then there has been in Pallet Town so far. What disappointed Micheal was the lack of pokemon too. Micheal was hoping to at least see a pidgy since those aren't native to Cinnabar Island but it seems like there hasn't been hide nor feather of them.

Micheal eventually reached Professor's Oak's lab. Micheal at once mouthed the words wow as he saw what was before him. Being led by a long white fleet of stairs with freshy cut grass around it stood a white building with a yellow windmill with three long blades on it moving in the soft wind. Micheal has never seen anything like this before except for the Pokemon Lab on Cinnabar.

Micheal just stood there until he relized that he should start making his way up the stairs and to the lab. With one step, Micehal began to make his way past the crowd and towards the Professor's lab.

Micheal finally made his way to the top of the hill as now stood before the tall oak doors. He then raised his hand to the doorbell and pressed the warm button. A ding could be heard. Micheal waited for a moment before trying again but soon the door opened up and there stood the greatest mind of the pokemon world, Professor Oak."

"Oh my. I didn't know I was giving out pokemon to two young ladies today. I don't remember having you on my list today." said Professor Oak with a puzzled look on his face.

Micheal raised his eyebrow and gave the old professor a look that showed he wasn't amused. Professor Oak seem to have caught somesort of displeasure and said, "A giiirl?"

At once Micheal slapped himself in the face and said, "I am a boy sir."

Professor Oak nodded and said, "I thought so. What is your name?"

"Micheal Ando." said Micheal hoping that his name was consider a boy name to this old man.

"Oh yes. I have been expecting you. You made an appointment to come to pick up your pokemon over a week ago." said Professer Oak. He then motion to allow Micheal into the lab and Micheal followed.

Micheal was enjoying the inside of the lab as he was being lead though it. There wasn't a pokemon inside the lab but it sure did smell as if many pokemon have been here though out the years. There was for a moment where Micheal notice a girl with a pokemon. He wasn't able to see what kind of pokemon due to Professor Oak demanding his attention.

"A charmander correct?" asked Professor Oak as he held a pokeball in his hand.

MIcheal looked up at Oak and then at the red and white pokeball in his hands. There inside that small ball was going to be Micheal's first pokemon. In that small ball was going to be the pokemon that Micheal wanted for a certain reason. Micheal slowly reached for the pokeball and then held it in his hands.

"Go ahead my boy. Open up the pokeball to meet your pokemon." said Professor Oak.

Micheal press the button on the ball and soon in a white light appeared a charmander which stood before Micheal. The little charmander just stood there before MIcheal looking up at him with his golden black eyes. Micheal couldn't believe it. This little charmander was now his. MIcheal loved Charmander since they changed so much as they evolve from a small little lizard to a massive dragon-like pokemon with wings.

Micheal raised his camera slowly and said, "Say cheese!" Micheal then took the picture with the flash and at once the little Charmander ran up to Micheal and began to push him down to the ground.

"Try to wait before you do anything that could surprised a pokemon. You have only just met today so no need to rush things." said Oak standing above Micheal.

Micheal tried to get up and place his camera into the protected case around his neck and said, "Ok ok! I got it. No pictures with flash! Got it!"

September 11th, 2008, 8:53 PM
Chapter 1: Traveler of Both Time and Space....
(referance to Led Zeppelin's lyrical phrase in "Kasmir")

Travis stood on his grandparents porch. His backpack lay at his feet, already backed with essential supplies.
Matches, a cooking grate, a map, extra clothes (mostly metallica tees), an Arizona Green Tea drink, and other stuff. His vet held his iPod nano, his cell phone, and in one pocket were 6 pokeballs. Gill was sitting at Travis' feet, appearently waiting for...anything.

Travis still needed his pokedex. It had been three days since he got Gill. But now pokedex, appearently Oak sent some dude on an errand to go get them. Now he was sure there was one up there.

"Gill let's go." Gil jumped up imediatly. It was amazing how Gill was already listening to Travis. Most trainers had some pretty big difficulties with starting pokemon...particularly that one dude...what was his name...he couldn't remember but he made the mistake of hugging his pikachu. The ending was shocking...

The bonding and training the past three days payed off he guessed.
He was ready to leave this place. He'd already said good-bye to his grandparents, and picked a few apples...more like 12 off the backyard apple tree. For some reason...those apples tasted more unique and better than any other apple he had. Gill especially loved them.

The windmill appeared in front of him. He only lived a few blocks away from the lab itself.

One glance through the window and spotting other trainers in there made Travis know...this is gonna be a while...

Out came the right ear headphone and the iPod. Travis began to blast "My Apocalypse" by Metallica in his ear. Travis laughed because he was currently wearing his "Ride the Lightning" Teeshirt. He loved Metallica.

Gill stood by him.

"Gill, you ready?" "Squirtle!"
Travis opened the doors.

There were three trainers in the room. Three pokemon as well. He recognized two right away, Charmander, and Vulpix...and the other...was that a Larvitar? "Nice..." Travis thought to himself.

"Hey Oak you got a pokedex yet?"

"Ahh yes Travis, here, I've been holding it for about a day now." he said haning it to Travis.
"Dang," Travis thought. "Coulda been out of here yesterday. Oh well"

"Thanks Oak." Travis said, accepting the Red Device and putting it in his vest pocket.

He went outside, ignoring the evergrowing crowd. He sat on a nearby bench and pulled out a map, Gill jumped up looked at the map with Travis. "Well, if we hit the road now, we might make Viridian City within two hours. Think we can do it?"
"Squirtle! Squirt!"
"Well then lets..."
His voice trailed off. He was looking above the map. A trainer was coming up and he was clutching a blue object very tightly. An Auzrill was leading him...was it.......talking?

"Sweet Jesus..."

The Azrill seemed to be...guiding the boy..."Is this guy blind? Poor guy..." Travid thought, watching him slowly get closer.

September 11th, 2008, 11:39 PM
I'm interested in joining. C:

Character Name: Mika Hisharu
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birth Date: 15th February

Apperance:(Might draw something laterrr.)
Mika is taller, and perhaps thinner, (and larger breasted) than your average 15-year-old. She has long brown hair, about to her hips, and a fringe that hides her bottle-green eyes, full of determination. Although she prefers to change clothes regularly (variety is awesome!), her main 'adventure' clothes consist of a black and white baseball cap, usually backwards, a dark t-shirt over a striped long sleeved shirt, fingerless gloves, belted jeans and usual running shoes.

Mika is sarcastic and comes with a nasty attitude. She has a sharp tongue, return fire of comments about her. Although nice and friendly to people she knows, she is rude and can spit nasty words at people she doesn't know or "looking funny at me". Not much escapes her gaze, with her sharp eyes and she is excellent at solving puzzles. She could be quite a pleasant person to be around, other than the tendancy to speak badly. (Don't worry, I'm not going to resort to swearing.)

Mika grew up with her family of three in Johto, Goldenrod City. She loved the city and grew up with great family friends and was loved by everyone. Her father then lost his job at the Radio Station after "unknown reasons" and the town turned upside down, snide comments about her father being said behind his back everywhere. It was then when Mika's personality changed, biting back at these comments and earning disrespect from the town. When Mika turned 12, her mother died at the train station after a "freak accident". Her father broke down, released all their pokémon, and moved to Pallet Town. Mika grew restless after her father refused to tell her anything, and vowed once she turned 15, she would journey back to Goldenrod City and then explore the world.

Pokemon Starter: If you decide my sheet is excellent, then Aron would be brilliant. Otherwise, Pikachu please..

If accepted, I'd be interested in doing a paired adventure with anyone. =D

Zeta Sukuna
September 12th, 2008, 7:04 AM
(ooc: Crap, I suck with first posts, oh well. I have to do one)
ACT 1: Kanto
Chapter 1: The Man from Orre
(S.S. Anne)

Chris dodged yet another guards flashlight in an attempt to escape detection, but he forgot about the other guard, and the result is that he was caught. "Aww crap." Said Chris now finding it useless to keep quiet.

"So there was a stowaway, what should we do about him?" Asked the first guard. The second guard shrugged.

"Umm... how about letting this passenger go to the next shipyard?" Asked Chris feebily attempting to imitate one of the guards voices.

"Sure, stowaway why don't you come with us?" Asked the second guard as he and the first guard dragged the Orre native to the deck before literally kicking him off to the pier. "You got your demand, next time you want on, you have to buy a ticket for twice as much." Chris just shook his head and walked away, since this was the spot he wanted to go to. A sign nearby said: 'Welcome to Pallet Town'

(Pallet Town)

"Hmm... well, I won't get anywhere unless I have a map." Said Chris as he started wandering around. "Hmm... no pokemon center, I'll get one in the next town, or whatever." On his way back to the dock, he saw an elvis looking dude holding a sign that said 'will steal pokemon for food'. (Drake Landis)

"Man, that was weird. Steal pokemon for food? I mean, I thought Kanto would be better than this... but if no one is really keeping watch, than I can take a lot of things for my self." Said Chris catching a small glimpse of a person walking towards him out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey! are you looking for something?" Asked a random person.

"Yes, I'm looking for any sort of building with importance." Said Chris completely ignoring the fancy laboratory right behind him. The kantonian sweatdropped before pointing right behind Chris. The thief looked behind himself and saw Oak's lab. "Ok, thank you." Chris then went in the lab, leaving the Kantonian behind.

(Oak's lab)

Chris wandered into the main section in the lab and saw four trainers already there, but he didn't care about that, but before he could turn to leave, Professor Oak was right behind him. "Waah! Where'd you come from?"

"Are you Christopher Balboa?" Asked Oak. Chris looked at the professor like he was a nut.

"Umm... sure?" Said Chris like asking a question. Oak then got out six pokeballs, and a pokedex.

"These are for you." Said Oak as he gave the thief a Dratini, the six pokeballs, and a highly useful device.

"Ok, thanks." Said Chris as he walked out of the lab, but as Chris got out, another chris that looks nothing like Orre Chris came in.

"Hey professor Oak, do you have my pokemon?" Asked K. Chris. Oak took a closer look at the new Chris and gasped.

"I'm sorry, but someone took advantage of my poor eyesight and stole them." Said Oak. The other Chris sighed.

"I hate you, you know that, right?" Asked K. Chris. Oak just nodded before comtinuing his work.

(ooc: A litle suckish, but fairly long compared to my other first posts)

Captain Blue
September 12th, 2008, 7:13 AM
Spartan entered the lab, glancing at the aides who were busy filing paperwork and working on their computers. He overall ignored them as he headed to Samuel Oak. "Sir, I'm here for my first pokemon?"

"Ah, yes, John Spartan, was it? I heard about your father. Accidents happen, even here in the lab...but I digress. I had heard that your father's first pokemon was a spinarak, which he had nicknamed Tiger. I figured that you would like to start where he started." Oak gestured towards a pokeball on the table behind him.

John headed to the table and picked up the pokeball. He released the Spinarak, which smiled at its new friend. John simply stood there and said "Tiger II.", before returning the pokemon to its pokeball. "Thank you. I'll be going now." John headed for the exit.

Oak stopped him in his tracks. "No need to be so hasty. You haven't gotten your pokedex or pokeballs yet, and I need to tell you what every trainer needs to know." He cleared his throat. "Ahem. In this world there are several creatures known as Pokemon. Some of us battle with them, others simply keep them as friends. As the pokemon professor, I simply help new pokemon trainers get started and collect information on the pokemon they have seen and caught with the pokedex. Take the pokedex and pokeballs, and do your best!"

An aide handed John his five pokeballs and pokedex. "I understand, sir. I'll try to catch some pokemon on the side. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get started on my journey." John, without another word, left the lab, the aides wishing him luck.

((I'm up for that paired adventure, Maddy.))

September 12th, 2008, 7:34 AM
"Umm, Car." Path said to the blind Car in his ear. "Hm?"

"It's a bit too crowded don't you think?" He said.

"I can't answer that, I can't see crowded it is. But...I do hear a lot of chattering." Car answered.

"Yeah, so then I think we should wait. What'cha say?" The blue ball said as he playfully jumped onto Car's head.

"Okay, I think your right." Car said as he carefully turned around and walked straight. Path guided him towards a tree and made sure it was alright to sit there and wait.

Suddenly a girl fell out the tree right besides Car. "Woah!" He said loudly, "What was that Path?"

"A girl, but, she ran off already." Path said, watching the girl run up the hill towards the large Pokemon lab.

"Hey Path. What do you think is inside this egg?" He asked, feeling the egg's surface. It had became harder than before and less smooth. "I think it's close to hatching." He said before Path could answer.

"Maybe. It might be a Squirtle." Path said, his over-sized tail resting on the ground. Path wasn't like other Azurill's. He was trained to be able to balance perfectly on two feet along with his speech and guiding training. His cheeks, which are normally white, were a yellowish color and it matched his light yellow eyes. Unlike most Azurills, Path had a large red dot on the top of the ball at the tip of his tail, which was larger than usual anyways. Path's uniqueness wasn't a genetic accident though, he was specially bred like that. Another unique feature to this special Pokemon was his size. He was pocket-sized and could probably fit through anywhere if it wasn't for the large ball on his tail. The reason why his tail was larger was so he can pick up motion and sounds in a larger radius. Path was a Pokemon bred for guiding blind people and blind people only. He was nothing more, nothing less but he was special for that.

2 Hours Later

Car had dozed off and suddenly awoke by the bouncing motion on his stomach. It was Path playfully jumping up and down on Car. "Hey Car!" He said as the wary boy slowly opened his eyes. "Time to go! The crowd died down a bit." He said as he jumped off of Car. "Okay, guide me please." He said, slowly feeling around for the egg and when he found it he clutched tightly to it and stood up. Path bounced up onto Car's shoulder and skillfully guided him.

"We're here." Path said cheerfully. "I think I realized that when the incline ceased." Car smirked and asked Path to explain the setting. Once again Path under-exaggerated the beauty of the area. He explained it as an old building with a few trees around it. This was far from what it really looked like.

Car walked forward, kicking slightly to make sure nothing was in front of him. Then when he felt the constant beeping of the device in his pocket, he asked Path to lead him to the door.

Success. Car held the egg under one arm and touched the metal door with the other hand. It was very warm from so many people going in and out but it was heavy. Car realized this as he opened the door. He walked forward to make sure the closing door doesn't hit him and "looked" around. I wonder what it looks like. He thought to himself. He didn't want to bother Path to explain the scene again so he just decided to slowly walk forward.

"Hi there!" An old rough voice said from behind. "You must be....." The voice stopped and looked at a notepad. "Car....Cario.....Cariolus?" He said awkwardly. "Just call me Car and this is Path." Car said laughing at the old voice. "Ah, very well then. I am Prof. Oak."

"Nice to meet you." Path said, looking at the old man in a white lab coat. "What's this? A Pokemon that is capable of human speech? And your an interesting looking fella. Not like other Azurills." Prof. Oak examined every detail of the little blue Pokemon. "Yeah, so are you going to give Car the Pokemon he requested?" Path said, looking concerned. "But he already has a Pokemon...two in that matter. Do you know what that egg contains Car?" Prof. Oak said as he straightened up and looked down at the blue egg. "No...but...Path isn't really a starter Pokemon, nor is this egg. Path is just my guide Pokemon and this egg..well. I can't start with the Pokemon inside because it will just be a baby." Car explained, rubbing the hard egg. "But..young man. All these Pokemon here are babies. But then again. I suppose you do have a good reason to request a starter here. Very well."

Prof. Oak went to a table and looked for the Poke'ball containing Growlthie. "Here we go." He said, picking up the red and white metallic ball.

"I will also give you two special backpacks. One for your egg and the other for your items. Please hand me the egg." Prof. Oak said.

"Okay. Thank you." Car said as he put the egg forward and waited until he was sure Prof. Oak had a good grip on it to let go. The old man then placed the egg inside a backpack and helped Car strap it onto his back. "This will help you carry the egg around without having to occupy your hands. It will also protect the egg from natural elements. Now this backpack is for your Poke'balls and other special items." Prof. Oak said, strapping the next backpack over Car's shoulders and strapped it across his chest. The second backpack hung lazily on the side of Car's legs and was made for easy access to certain items.

"Now this is the Poke'ball containing Growlthie. I will also place..." Prof. Oak said, stopping to put some type of small object onto the Poke'ball. "This is like a labeling item. It is a small bump that sticks to Poke'balls. This will help you know which Poke'ball contains which Pokemon." Prof. Oak explained, putting the ball into Car's hands and showing him where the bump was. "Last but not least is five Poke'balls and a Poke'dex. I will go ahead and place these items into your side bag." He finished and showed where all the items were located in his bag.

"Thank you Prof. Oak. Thank you." Car said as a single tear came from his sightless eyes. He was more than happy to start his own adventure like other kids only....as a blind person.

September 12th, 2008, 8:03 AM
AlmightySquirtle!: Great post! You received a Larvitar, five pokébalss and a pokédex!
zZRaoto: Brilliant and fantastic post! You received a Larvitar, five pokéballs and a pokédex!
Captain Blue: It could have been a bit longer but still good for the first post! You received a Spinarak called "Tiger II", five pokéballs and a pokédex!
Rubii Naruto: Awesome! You received a Dratini, five pokéballs and a pokédex!
SamuraiMaster: That was a good post! You received a Squirtle called "Gill", five pokéballs and a pokédex!
charizard_maa: I liked it a lot! You received a Charmander, five pokéballs and a pokédex!
XxShingingJewelxX: Wery good! You received a Vulpix, five pokéballs and a pokédex!
Uzumaki_Naruto: You are Accepted!
Maddy Phantom: You are Accepted!
To All: Make your traner cards and post them into OOC thread! Remember that the longer your post are the better they get grated!

September 12th, 2008, 10:25 AM
OOC: Please refer to my long post for this storyline...

September 12th, 2008, 11:04 AM
zZRaoto: Brilliant and fantastic post! You received a Larvitar, five pokéballs and a pokédex!
Captain Blue: It could have been a bit longer but still good for the first post! You received a Spinarak called "Tiger II", five pokéballs and a pokédex!
Rubii Naruto: Awesome! You received a Dratini, five pokéballs and a pokédex!
SamuraiMaster: That was a good post! You received a Squirtle called "Gill", five pokéballs and a pokédex!
charizard_maa: I liked it a lot! You received a Charmander, five pokéballs and a pokédex!
XxShingingJewelxX: Wery good! You received a Vulpix, five pokéballs and a pokédex!
Uzumaki_Naruto: You are Accepted!
Maddy Phantom: You are Accepted!
To All: Make your traner cards and post them into OOC thread! Remember that the longer your post are the better they get grated!

just wondering, but i thought that i had Larvitar?

September 12th, 2008, 11:48 AM
MIcheal eventually got himself back up and looked at his charmander. He seem to have relaxed a bit now that the flash was gone. MIcheal guess that the flash kind of broke the relaxed nature of his Charmander. Professor Oak at the moment was taking care of some other people that had came in to get their pokeballs.

"Excuse me." said one of Professor Oak's Aids. He had large glasses and a white lab coat. He then tilted his glasses and said, "You are?"

"Micheal Ando." said Micheal as he watched his charmander glazing at the aid.

"Oh yes." said the aid trying to not show his surprise. He then pulled out a box and said, "Well this is for you." The box made some sounds as the aid handed the box to Micheal. "Inside this package is five pokeballs and a pokedex. Both things every trainer needs."

MIcheal nodded and said, "Ok. Thanks." He was already not intrested in the aid but had more intrested in the spinark that one boy recieved. Charmander looked in the same direction and wonder what Micheal was seeing. Micheal then pulled out his camera and was preparing to take a shot of this bug pokemon.

Micheal was going to hit the button to take the pictures but he heard the aid spoke, "Excuse me? I don't think that you should be taking pictues inside the lab. There are a few things that Professor Oak has been working on that I don't think he will appreciate if they got out in the pubic."

Micheal nodded and said, "Oh ok. I guess so." Micheal then looked down at Charmander and said, "How about we leave now? I am sure you are ready to see the world right?"

Charmander nodded and quicky followed Micheal out of the lab. Right on the doorstep Micheal paused and looked at Charmander. He then said, "You know what." The charmander looked at Micheal as if he had no idea what he was talking about. Micheal then said, "Well you are your own self right and that means you need a name. Still what could be your name?"

"Char?" said charmander unsure as in what MIcheal was saying.

Micheal looked at Charmander and knew that whatever name he gave Charmander wouldn't be the best but he knew something had to be done. Micheal then looked at Charmander and said, "How about Char? Is that good?"

Char looked at Micheal and tilted his head a bit. He then smiled and said, "Char char der."

Micheal nodded and said, "Ok Char! Then off we go. To the world of pokemon where many battles and pictures await us!"

Captain Blue
September 12th, 2008, 12:19 PM
John started on his way to the Viridian Forest, not wanting to waste his time...when he noticed a small log. It must have rolled away from a pile of lumber being used to create a home. He saw the potential training target, and reached for the pokeball containing his pokemon. "Go, Tiger II." The happy Spinarak emerged from the pokeball and awaited its orders.

John spoke as if he were a general giving orders to troops during a training operation. "String shot. Wrap the log up!" The Spinarak aimed at its target and spit off the stringy yet sticky substance at the log. A direct hit! The little spider began to wrap the log up in the string, and continued the stream for what felt like 10 minutes, but was simply half of one. In the end, the Spinarak turned what was once a log into a small silky pillow.

John's voice had more enthusiam as he spoke his next order. "Good. Now destroy it. Poison Sting!" The Spinarak once again took aim, but leapt into the air and fired the needles of poisonous venom from its mouth at the makeshift pillow. As the needles struck, they stuck in the log, not doing anything to it. "Harder! Give it your everything!", John barked. Tiger II, upon hearing this, seemed to indeed give it his everything. The rate of needles fired were more than doubled, and the log began cracking due to pressure from the rapidly striking needles. Soon, the log could not take the pressure, and shattered into several pieces, which flew in all directions.

John was impressed with the accuracy and energy of the bug, and picked it up. "You're better than I thought." The Spinarak leapt out of his hands and onto his shoulder, showing a sign of trust and happiness. John considered swatting Tiger II off of him, but reconsidered. "You and me, Tiger II. I'll be even better than my father, and you'll be even better than Tiger I. Together, we're going to be the best of the best." And then it happened. His straight face turned into a smile. It wasn't even a day, and John had already found someone he can trust: his pokemon. "Come on, let's go....friend."

The two walked along the path out of the city, but stopped before Route 1 started. Bloomfield was there, an olive drab millitary backpack in his hands. "Spartan, the force is proud that you're going to begin on your journey. We all pitched in and got you some supplies." He handed John the backpack. John opened it up and found some potions, some antidote and paralyze heals, and some meals ready to eat for John to consume. John teared up a bit. "You...you didn't have to do this. I would have been fine on my own." Bloomfield placed a reassuring hand on John's shoulder, and spoke softly. "You'll be just fine, I promise. It'll be a little difficult at first, but you'll get the hang of it and rise up to become a fine trainer, and, once you have some more experience, an excellent officer." The young Spartan put on the backpack, and shook Bloomfield's hand. "I promise that the next time you see me, we'll have a battle, and that'll show how much I've learned." The Spinarak made a noise as if to reaffirm John's resolve. "But first...let's wait a bit. I'd rather not leave just yet. No rush..." He and Tiger II sat by the road under the shade of a tree, watching the windmills spin.

September 12th, 2008, 1:41 PM
Chapter 1 cont. xD

Izzy sat high up in one of the many trees outside the lab. Leaning against the trunk with one leg hanging off the side of the branch and the other one pulled up slightly towards her chest, she looked up to the sky. Her hand sat on her new side bag and silver chain. She just used some of her exellent acting skills to get them from the shop for less than half price. Smiling slightly she sighed.

Vulpix sat infront of her and cocked it's head to the side staring at Izzy confused.
Deciding that she wanted attetion from Izzy she let out another ember attacking Izzy in the face once again. "Vul vul vulpix!" She laughed and jumped from branch to branch making her way to the ground.

Izzy jumped out of her daydream and glared at the jumping vulpix below her. "VULPIX!!!!!!! GET HERE YA LITTLE!!!" Izzy growled.
Jumping from the tree onto the ground she lost balance and fell over. Laughing at herself she looking around trying to find Vulpix.
Vulpix sat on the ground in the middle of the street, ears down and tails swishing from side to side slowly, looking innocently adorable.

Izzy looked at Vulpix and her anger dissapeared. Walking towards her she bent down and picked Vulpix up.
"Heh. Your going to be able to get away with a lot of things using that act with me." Izzy sighed and cuddled Vulpix in her arms and started walking down the road.
"Hey Vulpix...Do you think it would be nice if we found some one to travel with...Just for the extra company?" Vulpix tilted its head upwards and looked at Izzy. "Vul!"

September 12th, 2008, 2:47 PM
Character Name: Lex Jordan
Gender: Female
Age: 13 years young
Birth Date: Twelve Years

Apperance: Lex is fairly tall, standing at 5 feet 4 inches, and slim, and her bones don't stick out with the exception of her fingers, which are long, pale, and nimble, but which resemble toothpicks, a feature that she hates. Her hair is straight, and black, with platinum blonde streaks in it, so that half her hair is platinum blonde, the other half is black, but its spread out, you know, not like the blonde is half her head and the black is the other half. Her bangs are long enough to tuck behind her ears, and swept across her forehead in one direction, and are unevenly cut, as it her hair. The hair near the front is cut jagged and zigzag, and reaches to a little past her earlobes, then it gets longer in the back, at its longest point, it reaches about two inches past her shoulder, all of it is cut in a jaggedy, zigzag fashion though.

Her eyes are fairly large, not buggy or enormous or protruding or anything, just a little bit larger than average, and seem to be made of...depends on her mood, either fire or ice. They are red, with a ring of black on the outside (hey, in the Pokemon World, there's no such thing as a weird eye color or hair color, right? I mean, people have pink hair, violet eyes, and such) and seem to creep some people out, she doesn't know why. Her skin is pale and clear, and her face usually wears a neutral look, not really smiling, but not really frowning. She has long scar down her right leg from a childhood accident, which people tend to notice and stare at, which annoys her greatly.

Lex wears shoes that are somewhere between Converse hi-top sneakers and hiking boots, that are black with white laces. She wears socks that go up to three inches past her knee, which she manages to keep free of wrinkles and bagginess, and shorts, which come down to six inches past her knee. Her top consists of a short white short sleeved shirt with a scoop neckline over a black fitted long sleeved shirt with a boat neckline. She always wears a black, French style beret and a black belt with a silver buckle with a scroll design. Around her neck she wears a silvery white feather, most people take it as a feather from a Pidgiot or something, though Lex strongly believes that it is a feather from the legendary pokemon Lugia, who is rumored to reside in the Whirl Islands.

Personality: Lex is normally polite, if not friendly, she's at least polite enough to hold a door open for you. She offers smiles, and shows kindness, but usually not friendliness. She is somewhat cold, but not in a mean way, and she occasionally sits on her own just thinking about stuff, but doing some deep thinking, whatever she happens to be thinking about depends on the time of day and what side of the bed she woke up on that day. Lex never seems to run out of energy, she has extremely high endurance and an equal level of energy, which means unless she's doing some deep thinking, she can't sit still for longer than, maybe a couple of minutes. Sitting still for a half hour would pretty much drive her mad, not literally, and she has a habit of tapping her foot when asked to sit still for extended periods of time, usually, though, that doesn't cause any trouble because she does it noiselessly. Just because she can't sit still doesn't mean she has a need to talk, quite the contrary, she can go for days without talking, its just that these moments where talking is absolutely necessary come into her life, and for that reason she doesn't even try to see how long she can go without talking. Well, she does talk quite a bit with her pokemon, but that's her pokemon, with people, its quite different, she'll sit next to them on a twelve hour bus ride and not speak a word unless spoken to, or unless she feels that she should be at least act a bit friendly and try to talk to them, and then if they act like they don't want to talk, then she'll take the hint and fall into silence the entire ride, she's perfectly okay with that. It doesn't mean she doesn't like people, it just means she doesn't like to talk to them, at least, not all that much.

More often, people misinterpret the way she acts and come off thinking that Lex hates society or something, and then they just avoid her, which, besides being a completely wrong misinterpretation, also sort of makes Lex angry, and so then she really does become a colder, more reserved person, though its only temporary, and she returns to normal after a while, though it does take her a bit to get over it, its not like she's permanently angry, and besides that, she's only angry at the person who misinterpreted her, not the world or anything like that. Her anger doesn't even last that much more than a week at the most, and it goes without saying that Lex can't hold a grudge against anyone for very long, though when it comes to giving them the silent treatment, Lex is pretty much considered a certified expert, if that's what you want to call it, she can go on ignoring you for weeks on end, and not crack, unless you are a person she feels especially close to, then, the silent treatment doesn't really work for her and isn't really an option in that case.

History: Lex was born in Sunyshore City, and has led the extremely frustrating life of being the middle child of family, and everyone who is a middle child knows pretty much how frustrating that can be. On one side of her was her perfect, beautiful, talented older sister, on her other side was her runty, babied younger brother, meanwhile, she was the one her younger brother pestered for fun, and who her older sister was always looking down her nose at. She was the average one of her family, her her mother and father's eyes, her brother and her sister were perfect. She on the other hand only had talent in pokemon training and gymnastics, academics were one of her strong points, and art...there's room for improvement. From the time she was three she was enrolled in gymnastics, needless to say she is pretty skilled in the sport, and from the time she was five showed an interest in pokemon training, as did her brother, which was one of the only things they had in common. Her sister, on the other hand, had talent in pokemon coordination, that was how Lex learned to incorporate contest like combinations into her moves, by watching her sister practice and train with her Starly.

After her sister began her journey to become a top pokemon coordinator, Lex and her brother were left, and in order to develop stronger battling skills for the time when they would be eligible to own a pokemon, trained by battling against each other, actually, shouting out combinations with imaginary pokemon. But nevertheless, they did learn each other's battling style, while Lex preferred a style that incorporated contest like moves into her attacks, her brother preferred direct attacks that had the potential to do a lot of damage. Though Lex and her brother never became close, and still aren't, they did stop fighting so much, though before they argued so much that it didn't really make too much of a difference. Lex left home when she was thirteen rather than the standard age of ten to eleven because of an accident that occured when she was attacked by a wild pokemon that she couldn't identify, mostly because she and her brother were training in the woods just outside Sunyshore, when some bug pokemon just seemed to have become...disturbed by something. Lex's mind was too clouded with confusion to really register what had happened, all the remembers was a shooting pain in her right leg, a yell that definitely had to have come from a man, the sinister laugh of a woman, and her brother shouting that he was going to go get their mother. Then she was taken to the hospital after her leg, which a pokemon, most likely a bug pokemon, had injured, had been wrapped in gauze. It all happened so quickly that Lex never got to fully grasp the minute details, but it turned out that her leg needed stitches to close the wound, and since then, there has been a long, cruel looking scar there. It draws a lot of unwanted attention from people, which annoys Lex greatly, especially when they ask what happened to her leg, because she has gotten tired of explaining so many times over. It took a while to fully heal, and after that, she took another year of gymnastics, because her mother wanted her to, for unknown reasons, before she began her pokemon journey, which she has been looking forward to starting for eight years.

Pokemon Starter: Gible, then Shinx as a second choice (if my profile is good enough) Otherwise a totodile would be awesome

September 12th, 2008, 3:12 PM
OOC: Captain Blue (or anyone who wants to, for that matter), the pairing sounds awesome. You can try and meld it together in your next post.

Chapter 1: Finally Free

Mika flicked her hair and flung her previously packed bag over her shoulder as she stormed out of her house. Her father, yet again, forbade her to leave to get her first pokémon. "Too dangerous!" he said. "You wouldn't last!" he said. Well, Mika had just about enough of this nonsense.

"GET BACK IN HERE NOW," her father ran to the front door, a look of anger, but also worry?

"No. FORGET IT. Dad, you've made my life completely miserable since mum died. HOW CAN YOU EXPECT ME TO COPE? I'm leaving, LEAVING!" Mika shouted back, and ran off towards Oak's lab. She had lived in Pallet Town for some time now, so directions was not a worry. She ran up the hill and saw the pristine white of the lab in the distance. She smiled, ignoring the continous shouts of her father echoing in her head.

"It's too dangerous!"
"Don't do it..."
"I love you."

Mika shook her head and ran foward, the doors of the lab just in view. Before she jsut reached the doors, a young girl, perhaps the same age as Mika, stopped her. A new trainer, it seemed.

"Mika, Freaka. Getting your first Pokémon it seems? You'll get something super lame for your own lameness, like a Wurmple!" The girl cackled. Mika immediatly recognised her. She was from school.

"Shut up, dirtbag, before your Pokémon suffers a sudden loss of air. Oh, what did you get? NOTHING? That's what I thought. Now shove off." Mika snapped back. The girl looked shocked, then glared. She kept walking, muttering, "Freaka." Mika rolled her eyes and walked in.

The lab was as brilliant as it was the last time she was here, when she snuck in to see Oak. She despretely wanted a Pokémon, so she had seen him in the dead of night. Unfortunatly, although sympathsizing, Oak shook his head and said come back in the morning. Mika smiled and became enthusiastic, and she ran back home to a extremely angry father. He then never let her out of his sight.

"Mika! My girl, you're back!" Came the voice she had longed for. Oak was standing in the foyer, his arms outstretched. Mika smiled and waved, her spirits finally lifting.

"Professor Oak! Finally, I'm here for my first Pokémon," Mika nodded frantically.

"Yes, yes, I heard what happened after that night. I'm terribly sorry, I should have guided you home and said something to your father of a diferent nature," Oak shook his head miserably.

"No. It's ok. He would have freaked out anyways. But, thanks sir." Mika shook back his sadness and smiled.

Oak returned the smile and nodded. "Well, we better get you that Pokémon!" Oak led her to the next room, a wonderous room full of Pokéballs. He walked over to the shelves and carefully chose a singular Pokéball. The Pokéball was a brilliant silver, with a white bottom. Mika shook excitedly and recieved the ball from Oak. She opened the ball to see a tiny Pokémon, made of steel.

"This is an Aron. A steel type," Oak nodded as Mika watched the Pokémon in wonder.

"Ron! Aron!" It said cheerfully. Mika picked it up, surprised at it's weight, and continued to look at it as if it was the greatest thing on Earth.

"A nickname, maybe?"

"... Yeah. Is... it a girl? Or a boy?"

"This Aron is a girl,"

"Oh... ok. Um... I'll name her Reigou. Chilling Steel," Mika smiled as the Aron accepted it's name.

"And here," Oak grabbed 5 Pokéballs and a PokéDex, "are some Pokéballs and a PokéDex. You'll need them on your journey. Now, get out there, Mika Hisharu, and show the world what you're made of!"

"OK! Let's go, Reigou!" Mika smiled and ran out of the door, and towards the route to Viridian City.

"Kids today," Oak chuckled and returned to his work.

September 12th, 2008, 3:14 PM
hey GligarGirl...Am I accepted or what???

September 12th, 2008, 3:52 PM
zZRaoto: Brilliant and fantastic post! You received a Larvitar, five pokéballs and a pokédex!
Umm...I chose Growlthie and for the egg. I decided I would keep it Gible but it won't hatch until way later on in the RP. (Only if that's okay with you)

just wondering, but i thought that i had Larvitar?
I did too. I wanted Larvitar at first but I knew that you had it so I chose Growlthie. She (or he, I dunno) probably just got confused.


September 12th, 2008, 4:31 PM
Micheal looked at his charmander and saw that he was keeping pace with him. Micheal was surprise seeing that he was going at his normal pace and Char was able to keep up with his short legs.

MIcheal then took out a map that he packed and said, "So we need to go to Virdian. There we can challenge our first gym. Maybe we can also get a few good photos too."

Char looked at Micheal and nodded. Soon the pair took the first step on the road that lead to the route to Virdian City. There were a few trees on this road. Micheal could smell the freshness of Pallet Town and the trees even had their own scent. Micheal then said, "I would like to stay here longer if there were some intresting pokemon in this town. I mean you think we would at least find a pidgy right?"

Char shurgged and soon something caught his attention. MIcheal looked in the direction that Char was looking and saw some orange dotting the sky. MIcheal then said, "I wonder what that was."

"Char Mader char." said Char wonder the little charmander.

"It looked like an Ember attack. Can't you do that too?" asked Micheal. He then took out his camera and said, "It be cool if I can capture that on flim."

Char looked at Micheal and eyed the camera. Micheal then said, "Use Ember!"

Char looked at Micheal and opened his month. He then coughed a few times and nothing came out.

"I guess not yet? Well that is ok then." said Micheal. He then put his camera away and then said, "Some people work better under pressure. Still I guess you are a bit more relax."

Micheal then looked at the trees and wonder what could be up there. No fire type pokemon were suppose to be here. HE then took out his camera again and wonder if what was up there could be some kind of rare pokemon. He then smiled and said, "Char. I think we have some sort of small Moltres in that tree there." He then place his camera a little below his left eye and began to slowly go in the direction of the orange dots. Char slowly followed to keep quiet.

September 12th, 2008, 6:24 PM
Chapter 2: Route 1

Thomas hadn't even made it outside of Pallet before Larvitar had popped out of its pokeball, looking quite irritated by something. "What's the matter Larvitar?" ,Thomas asked the small pokemon.

"Larrr...Vi TAR!" , it made a motion as if it was too cramped and then pointed to its pokeball. "Ah, so you don't like staying in your pokeball?" ,Thomas questioned. Larvitar promptly nodded. "Well if thats the case, then you can stay out here with me!" ,Thomas stated and proceeded to pick up the small Larvitar and placed him on his right shoulder. Larvitar looked slightly confused at this. "You will be able to see much more from my shoulders then on the ground" ,Thomas explained. The small Pokemon nodded in understanding. Thomas smiled softly at the Pokemon and began walking once again. However, he was once again stopped by a voice in the distance behind him. Thomas quickly turned around and saw the one sight he wasn't expecting to ever see; his parents.

It would seem they weren't working today, but instead were out buying him some necessary equipment for his journey! How they found out he was leaving was beyond him, but he welcomed the items they provided. "We just want to tell you that we are sorry for everything we've forced upon you with all the moving and all that, and this is our way of apologizing for it all, and if its not too much trouble would you come back and visit, where ever we might be?" ,his Mom asked simply. Saying nothing he shook his head and smiled, then left. 'maybe they aren't so bad after all...' he thought to himself. Larvitar was confused as to what had just happened and was looking back, trying to make sense of it all. 'Heh, what an interesting little guy you are!' Thomas marveled.

About an hour after he had left Pallet Town, Thomas decided it was time for a little break, seeing as how the tiny Pokemon was looking quite famished. Sitting down in a grassy area near a sign stating Viridian City: 2 miles, he dumped the contents of the bag onto the ground. It seemed they really did care about his journey, he thought after pulling out a can of food for all pokemon and a few cans of food for himself. Thomas promptly pulled out a paper plate for the both of them, and placed the food on the plates. "If you don't like this then we can always go get more food, Larvitar" ,Thomas said after watching his tiny friend pick at the food. Larvitar then proceeded to stand up, walk over to Thomas's plate and gobble down his food with a satisfied giggle. "gah, thanks a lot Larvitar!...It's ok I don't need any food anyways" ,Thomas said, more then a little bit annoyed. Stowing the garbage in a plastic bag, he placed it back in the pack his parents bought him and resumed the walk to Viridian.

Not too long after sundown(about a half hour after the meal) the duo decided it was time to call it a night. "Do you wanna sleep in the pokeball?" , Thomas asked rather suddenly. Larvitar, who had let the cold get to him, shook his head rather rapidly yes. So Thomas returned Larvitar to the warmth of the Pokeball, pulled out a sleeping bag (again courtesy of his parents) and fell asleep after not too long.

Captain Blue
September 12th, 2008, 7:55 PM
John had watched the windmills for only a short time until he had noticed a female figure heading his way. Tiger II noticed the Aron's silhouette, and assumed a position on the trunk of the tree. Truth be told, Spartan thought that while he was still starting out, a partner would be the perfect safety net in case he screwed up. As the woman finally came into view, he saw her and her Aron, and, trying to sound as indifferent as possible, spoke. "A woman shouldn't have to be out on her own, you know. She might hurt herself." He cleared his throat and spoke again, this time a little more confident. "Plus, you never know when you might find someone to tag along with."

((I'd rather not force anything along with your character. From where I've role-played, we used to use shorter responses and let the other person decide on what they do. I know in some places they control the other character to a certain extent, but I don't know about here, so I just went with this))

September 12th, 2008, 8:34 PM
OOC: Please refer to my long post for this storyline....I'm sorry this is a little confusing...but I'm sorta confused on what to edit....

September 12th, 2008, 9:01 PM
Later that night, Thomas had awoken to the strange realization, that it was much, much colder then when he had gone to sleep, Larvitar too had noticed this and as such had come out of the pokeball to inform his trainer. Thomas knew that there had to be a better place to camp for the night then in the middle of a field, so he quickly told Larvitar about his plan to find a more sheltered area, and quietly packed and moved on.

As it soon became apparent that it was getting increasingly colder, he began noticing the native pokemon were becoming ever-so agitated, and it would only get colder, his mind told him.Meanwhile, Larvitar had seemingly wandered off while Thomas was observing the Pokemon. As Thomas called out for the small Pokemon, he noticed a faint light in the distance, and wondered if Larvitar had wandered to it, as it seemed to be a fire.

As he wandered closer, it soon became apparent that his guess as to the whereabouts of his small Pokemon were true. Huddled close to the fire, he appeared to not even notice his trainer was gone, or that for that matter his trainer coming! 'Heh, you truly are something else...' Wandering into the supposed campsite, Thomas at once recognized the trainer with the squirtle, he saw them at Oaks lab...

"Larvitar, come on you can't just barge in on someone's campsite like that!" ,Thomas scolded jokingly. The Larvitar at once noticed the squirtle and waved happily before Thomas picked him up, placed him on his shoulder, and turned to leave...

September 12th, 2008, 9:47 PM
OOC: Please refer to my long post below for this story line...sorry

September 12th, 2008, 10:02 PM
Hmm, while the offer was tempting, Thomas didn't quite like to be around other people, but one look at his cold, shivering pokemon told him there was only one answer. Reluctantly he turned around and said, "Well I am awfully hungry...", Looking directly at Larvitar while saying so. Larvitar giggled and hopped down, beginning what seemed like a conversation between friends, 'Makes sense considering where they came from.' ,Thomas smiled, he liked seeing pokemon happy. "So, some weather this is eh?" ,Thomas attempted to start a conversation. *CRASH!* one look said it all, Larvitar wanted the soup. Although it would seem it got a little too much, considering the soup had fallen onto the small pokemon, he merely giggled and began eating it off the ground, 'Hopeless, I'm gonna have to teach you some manners...' Sighing, Thomas began apologizing for Larvitars mess...'

September 12th, 2008, 10:35 PM
Chapter 1 cont...xD

Izzy smiled as she walked along the rugged path heading to Viridan Forest. Her eyes were fixed on her new partner Vulpix as it pranced along happily just infront of her playing in the grass every now and then.

Looking at the silver chain around her waist she stared at the empty pokeballs resting there, untouched since she clipped them onto it. She wondered what other pokemon she'll catch and befriend. Tilting her head to the sky, she relized it was getting somewhat dark, as the day turned into night. She didn't exactly mind, she loved the night sky.

Feeling something nip at her ankle she yelped and turned to see what it was, finding Vulpix standing there at her side shivering slightly. Sighing she smiled slightly and opened her arms telling it to jump up.
"Come here, Your getting cold aren't ya..."

Vulpix egerly jumped into her arms and snuggled up close to her chest for warmth. Giggling Izzy tightened her hold on her to make sure she was comfortable. Looking ahead she deicided she would walk a wee bit futher before settling down and making a camp for the night.

Izzy was use to the cold nights so it didn't bother her that the weather was turning colder than before.

September 13th, 2008, 1:16 AM
AT FIRST: This is to all of you who have already gone further into Route 1, Viridian city or even into Viridian Forest! YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL I POST A NEW CHAPTER! And second of all you won´t get anything for posting extra!

To others: Please post your trainer cards into OOC area and by the way: sign-ups are now finally closed!

September 13th, 2008, 2:11 AM
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Chapter 2: An Unlikely Duo

Mika, with Aron, rather fast for a heavy Pokémon, ran into Route 1, a bright smile on her face. No one had never seen a smile like that in a long time. She stopped as she had reached a bit far in. Mika leant on her theighs and breathed heavily. She panted for a minute, then continued to walk. Reigou, as happy as Larry (an Australian saying, for all confused), whistled a Aron-y tune. But having only walked for a short while, a voice made Mika jump.

"A woman shouldn't have to be out on her own, you know. She might hurt herself. Plus, you never know when you might find someone to tag along with."

Mika quickly looked around to see a boy, with a spider-like Pokémon ('Spinarak?' Mika thought). Mika narrowed her eyes, and crossed her arms. Reigou quickly looked at the boy, then the Spinarak, then Mika, then the boy again.

"Except the fact this 'women' is a girl who's ready to kick anyone's butt and is more than capable of looking after herself," Mika raised her eyebrows and sized the boy up. Was he from school? He was polite enough, perhaps he wasn't being a smart-alec like everyone else was to her. She shook her head and re-pitched her tone, to something a little less rude. Just a little.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?"

OOC: Yeah, CaptainBlue, that's how I roleplay too, that's okei. C:

September 13th, 2008, 2:37 AM
After some harsh thinking I have decided to drop few people out from RP as 13 RPrs is too much! Before I decide who will be kicked out :D You can still change my mind by shining in the Chapter 2! Remember that clear, not too long or too small post is far more strong than a post that is very messy! After the first post I will inform if you are in or not: At least three person will be kicked out!

Chapter 2: Route 1

(Number of posts: 3)
1. Battle random trainers
2. train your pokemon (don't care how can be something anime related or just battling wild pokemon)
3. Catch wild pokemon
4. find items

Route 1 is a short north-south path located in west Kanto. Its northern terminus is at Viridian city and its southern terminus is at Pallet town. The contour of the route is designed to be an express route heading south and a trek through numerous grassy areas heading north

Wild Pokemon
Level: 2-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackel, Sand Attack (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Gender:Male or Female
Ability:Guts or Run Away
Attacks:Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Lv. 4)
Rarity: Common

(Credit goes for Zimwee!)

Captain Blue
September 13th, 2008, 6:20 AM

John was a bit shocked at the girl's snappy remark. However, he quickly regained his composure. "You might not know me, but you might know of my father. A famous police officer, David "Hawk" Spartan, who worked with the elite pokemon task force located in Cianwood city. I'm his son...John Spartan...and this is my Spinarak, Tiger II, who was named after my father's Ariados, Tiger I." The Spinarak seemed to nod accordingly.

"The thing is...I'm just starting out, like you, and I figured....that if I'm going to become an officer of my father's caliber and be fit to wear his old uniform, I have to start at the bottom and work my way up. I saw that you had an Aron, and it reminded me of my father, who had a rhyhorn, which then became a rhydon, named Matilda I. I guess I just wanted to see if you wanted to tag along. I got some supplies from friends of my father....I don't really trust all of them, though. Especially since...the accident........." An awkward silence for a moment. "...But that's in the past. If I may ask, who are you?"

This girl is rough, but she's bound to be a great part--safety net., he thought. He considered the possibility of befriending her. Can't exactly trust someone I just met...or can I? An Aron would certainly help in cases where Tiger II can't do anything, and it's also got an amazing evolved form, that could rival even Matilda I...It's settled. I'll try to make friends with her, but I won't be going out of my way for it.


(EDIT: Part of chapter one due to no official alliance until the next post)

September 13th, 2008, 6:24 AM
(srry I didn't post in the first chapter I'll just act like I already got my pokemon k?)

Max was so siked! He got his very first pokemon which happened to be a Pichu. He called the Pichu out of it's pokeball. A white light shot out of the red and white ball as Pichu appeared. He peeted the little pokemon's head.

"Pichu Pi! Hi there! I hope we become great friends!" Pichu said.

Max smiled as if he understood Pichu. He looked onto the next route and then smiled at Pichu again. He stood up and Pichu ran around his body to his left shoulder. Then Max continued onto Route 1.

Route 1 was so beautiful. Then a burst of thought just hit him. He didn't know much about his Pichu! He swiped his pokedex out and put Pichu on the ground in front of him. It said " Pichu the Electric Mouse pokemon. The electric pouches on it's cheeks are still small. They cannot store much electricity yet. It plays with others by touching tails and setting off sparks. This appears to be a test of courage." Max then closed the pokedex and then picked Pichu up. Then he smiled big and then put the Pichu back on his shoulder.

They continued to walk along the route. Max still thought that it was beautiful what with all the trees and flowers. Then he suddenly tripped and fell and Pichu was sent flying into a tree!

"Who did that?" Max yelled at whoever did do that.

Then a young man not much older than Max stepped out of the bushs.

"I did. I want to battle you right here and now!" The boy shouted at him.

Max hopped to his feet rearing to battle. Pichu hopped to his feet too and ran to the battle field.

"Go... Rattatta!" The boy shouted throwing a pokeball.

A purple rat popped out. Max swiped his pokedex out and checked to see what it was.
Rattata the rat pokemon. Rattata are very common and if you find one there are usually others around.

"ok Pichu let's do this!" Max sounded so excited.

"Rattata use Quick Attack." The boy called out to his pokemon.

The Rattata was super quick and hit Pichu hard sending Pichu into a tree!

"Pichu get up and use Tackle!" Max called out.

Pichu sprang to it's feet and tackled Rattata who was off guard. Rattata and Pichu then got into a fight without the trainers telling them what to do. Then Max and the other kid got involved when it went waaaaaay to out of hand. Pichu wriggled to get out of Max's hands and Rattata bit the other kid to get free. Max called Pichu back to it's pokeball and ran as fast as he could towards the exit. He found a lake and sat in it for a few minutes. Fog had risen around it and Max could barely see. He got out and away from the fog which had spread more then what he thought that it would do.

Max eventually got really far away from the fog but had become lost in the forest. He climbed a really tall tree which took him about 20 minutes to climb because he kept falling off. He realized that he was surronded with trees but could have gone past them and found himself to be at the exit of the route.

Max sighed iritated that he climbed that tree for nothing and climbed down which wasn't hard because he basically just fell straight down. He got up and dusted himself off then he went towards the exit of the route and sat under a tree for a quick nap.

September 13th, 2008, 7:07 AM

Chapter 2

"Me? My name is Mika Hirashu. Uh, great life story. But, Pokémon isn't about the dwellings in the past. It's about what's set out in front of you," Mika itched her face and readjusted her cap.

An invitation? For a partner? Surely not. Mika was planning on taking her path alone, but someone to tag along with? It sounded like not too bad of an idea. She would accept his invite... for now. Besides, he was a police kid. Maybe with his knowledge, she could squeeze herself out of sticky situations. Mika laughed in her head. A kid of justice and a kid that just doesn't care, what an unlikely duo.

"Um, yeah, sure. Just... don't get in my way. I don-- waah!" Mika stepped back as two, extremely agitated, Pidgeys popped out of the blue. Reigou looked at her trainer with blazing eyes, ready for battle. A flying Pokémon, eh? Well, another Pokémon to add to the list would be an excellent idea.

"You take one, I take one. Let's see if this bugger is any match for Reigou. Go!"

September 13th, 2008, 10:26 AM
After having cleaned up Larvitars mess, Thomas began to clean the small pokemon off with some towels, once again provided by his parents. Seeming warmed up, Larvitar had began its usual giggling fit, Thomas could only smile at his little buddy. 'Still, this cold isn't going to be working out too well for the native pokemon...'

As if on cue, 2 Pidgey popped out of a tree and flew down to the fire, in need of warming up. Strangely, the 2 seemed to be oblivious to the 4 others in the campsite, just like with Larvitar, 'Is the cold really so bad that they can't even detect anyone else?' ,Thomas couldn't help but wonder. "Hey, are you two cold?" ,Thomas asked the two birds. Sure enough, they hadn't noticed the 4 behind them, and as such, they took combative stances...

Pulling out his pokedex, Thomas saw that these two had a confused status, were both level 3 and had only Tackle. "Hey, lets see how this plays out before attacking, Larvitar",Thomas said calmly. Sure enough when they moved forward to attack, their actions were wobbley, looking as if they could fall down at any time. In fact, one was so confused it fell into the fire! The other Pidgey upon seeing this, flew away scared. The burned Pidgey however had snapped out of confusion upon getting burnt. Now it was certain that the Larvitar in front of it was its opponent. Flying up, it readied its next attack. "Oh this is just pathetic",he stated. Pulling out his pokedex once again, he scanned Larvitar;It said Larvitar was level 5, Brave Nature, and knew how to use Bite, Leer, and Sandstorm.

"Larvitar, take it out with sandstorm!",Thomas commanded. Larvitar blasted the small bird with a gust of sandy wind, taking it out of the sky and fainting it. "Well, I don't see why not!" ,Thomas stated and threw out a pokeball, catching the Pidgey. Unfortunately, the sandstorm put out the fire as well...

Captain Blue
September 13th, 2008, 10:46 AM
Chapter 2: Jade and Anise
"Alrighty then. Tiger II, just like before!" The Spinarak leapt off of the tree and onto the ground. "String shot! Go for the wings!" As the spider began releasing the thread, the Pidgey had began to flap its wings rapidly to blind the Spinarak with a Sand Attack. John could feel the wind already...

But then the Pidgey fell over, its wings covered in the silky string. "Poison sting! Go go go", John barked. Tiger II leapt up and began to fire the poisoned needles with impressive accuracy aided by the leap. However, despite the direct hit, the Pidgey was able to break free, and still had plenty of fight. As it broke free, it flew at the Spinarak and rammed into it. The Spinarak was knocked out of the air and back onto the ground, dazed a bit.

"You can do it, Tiger II! Prove you can overcome an enemy with an advantage!" The words, once again, seemed to invigorate the pokemon, as it resumed the volley of poisoned needles. Like before with the log, it seemed to nearly double in needle amount. The Pidgey took the hits...and dropped down, breathing heavily.

"Now to catch it..." He grabbed a poketball and put it near his mouth. He pretended to bite into it and pull away, as if pulling out the pin of a grenade, and lobbed the pokeball at the Pidgey, forcing it into the ball. The ball shook violently, the pokemon attempting to deny the ball, but after about 15 full seconds of shaking....the ball stopped. John picked up the pokeball and spoke. "Dad caught a Pidgey for his first pokemon, too...he named it Maelstrom. This Pidgey will be even faster than a maelstrom...He will be called Tempest."

((Gligargirl1, sorry if it's short, but I REALLY don't do very long posts. If I did they'd get boring because I'd have way too much detail and not enough action.))

(EDIT: Title is a reference to jade curtiss and anise tatlin from tales of the abyss)

September 13th, 2008, 12:32 PM
OOC: Okay, since this is getting a bit serious as people are gonna get booted, the first part of this post will be a more detailed entry of what happened before Thomas and I met since the route 1 cahpter is actually starting now. Hope that's cool. Sorry, this is a VERY LONG POST...lol

Chapter 2: Wherever I May Roam
(referance to Metallica's Song "Wherever I May Roam")


Travis started on the trail after passing that kid with a talking Auzrill.

Travis he kust knew that today would be good. He already felt the surge of excitement quell inside of him as his music burst in one of his ears.

...the dawn
the death
the fight 'till the final breath
What don't kill you make you more strong...

Travis was digging this new music. [reference: Death Magnetic came out yesterday lol :) ]
It was just about then, that a Ratatta appeared...by surprise.

"WHOA!" Travis exclaimed insurprise, the Ratatta also caught Gill off guard. "That's a rattata!" Travis said pointing the pokedex like all do when encountering a new pokemon. As the data spewed from the encyclopedia, Travis watched that this Ratatta wouldn't suddenly attack him or Gill.

"Huh...this doesn't look all that strong..." Travis thought to himself, but was careful not to overestimate it, Ratatta could have a very wicked bite.

"Okay, Gill let's show this Ratatta that he shouldn't mess with us. Start out by using a tackle!" Gill lunged at the Ratatta at full force. They impacted. Ratatta was sent into a nearby tree. "Awesme!"

Ratatta, looked at Gill...Travis could see the anger and annoyed lok in his eyes. Ratatta let out a screech and darted forward. Gill wa in the line of impact for a Quick attack!

"Gill try and get out of the way!" No such luck happened, Ratatta bashed it's skull into Gill's shell, sending Gill backwards. However, the Ratatta sort of did itself in too. Gill's shell must have been harder than Ratatta thought, and he ran off, rather dizzy.

"That's right, run off and leave us alone." Travis thought.

"You okay, Gill?" Travis asked as he went over to his companion.
Gill sat up, "Squirt..."

"It's okay, Gill," Travis said, picking him up, "You just got the wind knocked out of you, that's all. You ay feel it in the morning, but you'll be fine while I'm around. Wana potion?"

Travis took a potion out of his pocket he found a way back, and sprayed a little on Squirtle. He hoped that if wasokay not to use all of it, and put it back in his pocket. "We gotta save it, we don't wanna use it all, it's all I got right now."

Hours past. They fought off a couple of Pidgey, but mostly because they were weak and didn't stick around for more than a minute.

Travis found a spot under a tree and collapsed...he was tired. This walk didn't seem to end. Gill also seemed rather thankful to sit.

OOC: This is my other posts of route one in this one.

IC: "Whoa......man" Travis said sitting underneath a tree. They had only been on the road two hours and he had already gone a bit tired.
So far....they caught nothing.
Fought off a few? Yeah, but they weren't all that strong enought to really prove useful in Gill's training. But still, Travis knew inside, Gill was getting stronger...
"Gill, up for lunch?" "Squirt!" Travis knew that answer already.
He himself was hungry.
Travis got out a couple apples, it wasn't much but he didn't feel like cooking since it was only about noon.

As they munched, Travis wondered who else was coming up this way. Anybody who he might wanna tag along with...the blind kid and kid who did not look too happy came to his mind agan...

Travis closed his eyes. "If they wan't company...let them ask me..." he thought to himself. He didn't want to be too nosy. Travis couldn't open his eyes. "I need a nap, Gill." Travis said. "Up for a little rest?" "Squirtle..."
Travis hoped that was a "yes" and felt Gill withdraw into his shell by his side...he didn't bother turning off his iPod...he always slept to music.

...so tear me open, pour me out
these things that scream and shout
and the hate still grips me
so hold me until it sleeps...



.......it's cold.............

.......too cold...............

...almost like your life
almost like your endless fight
curse the day is long
realize you don't belong
disconnect somehow
never stop the bleeding now
almost like your fight
and there it went
almost like your life...

Travis woke up.

Damng. It was getting late...funny...he'd never slept like this before.

His iPod was still playing. Travis had hooked his iPod into the mini battery powered speakers he carried in his back pack. He couldn't get enough music, it wasn't up all that loud, but it was good volume. Travis was sure not to disturb any native pokemon...they might already be agitated with this cold.

Travis looked in the distance...he could barely make Viridian City's lights glowing over the horizon. They'd make it there tomorrow hopefully.

He realized that it was unseasonably cold.
"Weird." he thought, bundling up a little more. What time was it? Dang, already 5:24? "Eh, what the hell, might as well set up camp for the night." he said out loud. Gill came out of his shell. "Squirtle?"

"I overslept..." Travis admitted. "Didin't mean to sleep this late. I hope not too many passed. I sorta wanna get with someone..." The wind began blowing, Travis was starting to shiver a little..."Man...it's getting cold for summer...build a fire?"

"Squirt Squirtle!"
Travis quickly gathered some dry wood, and crumbled some newspaper. He lit a match and had a nice campfire going in minutes. He was careful to dig a pit so no wind would carry any sparks into dry grass or anything. He knew his fire safety.

"Now how about some dinner?"

Travis chuckled as he pulled out his cooking grate and two cans of Potato Stew. (Travis doesn't feed Gill pokemon food...he doesn't think it's the best to provide)

As he set the now punctured cans on the grate over the fire, he thought. "I hope someone comes this way soon..."

That's when he heard something in the grass! This caused Travis to look in that direction...wild pokemon? Trainer?

Out stepped the answer...a familiar answer...

It was a Larvitar...

"A Larvitar! That can't be wild!" Travis thought..."Those don't live anywhere nearby. What's it doing here...unless..." Travis remembered that trainer from earlier on. The one with the Larvitar.

Well there was no need to be a stranger...

"Hey, man." Travis said to the wanderer. Gill also waved "Squirtle!" to the Larvitar, Travis guessed Gill recognized him from earlier today. "Cold?"

Just then, another russle came from the grass.
"Larvitar, come on, you can't just barge in on someone's camp site like that!" a voice said, and out came the trainer from earlier. The trainer picked up Larvitar and set him on his shoulders, then turned to leave.

"Oh don't worrry man, he was fine. It's unseasonably cold right now, and he looks rather cold to me, if you want, go ahead and stay a while, warm yourself up. I got some potato stew if you are interested."

OOC: New material! Yay not just a big flashback. Sorry for long post so far.

The Boy stopped...and turned around. "Well I am awefully gungry..." he replied...
"Well, in that case," Travis began, getting out two cans of Potato soup, and punctured the tops with his pocket knife he recieved from his grandfater when he was about 12 years old. He then set them on the grate. "They'll be ready in about 5 minutes."

The Larvitar had began talking with Gill. Travis laughed inside. That was enough to keep him warm through the night.

"Some weather eh?" The boy asked. "Tell me about it. It never gets this cold at this time of year." There then came a crash. Appearently Larvitar had reached over th grate after the can of soup sitting there and spilled it. He immediatly began eating off the ground. Travis heard the boy say something under his breath, then apologize.

Travis wove the apology away. "Think nothing about it, man. I'm Travis Mura. That is Gill, we actually didn't mean to be here tonight. I just took too long a nap." Travis said this as the boy cleaned off his Larvitar. The boy looked as if he pondered something...

That's when it happened. Two Pidgey rushed into the campsite and stood around the fire. "Whoa!" Travis exclaimed...he didn't know what he said next, whic probably meant he swore, he rarely did, and when he did he never meant to.

The Pidgey landed backs turned. Travis just stared. What happened next was something Travis thought was rather stupid to do at the time, but compasionate. The boy said the kindest thing.

"Hey, you cold, too?" The Pidgey were surprised and took combat stances.

"Oh crud..." Travis thought. The boy took out his pokedex. "They're i a state of confusion."

"Well that's not necessaraly the best thing, man. Gill be ready for anything."

The pidgey acted like drnk men at a bar, wobbely walking towards the Larvitar...when one fell in the fire. The other flew away in fear. The pidgey leapt out of the fire in a rage. The confusion state had clearly worn off.

"Larvitar, take it out with sandstorm!' The boy said.

"No, Wait man-" Too late, Larvitar spawned up a sandstorm.

Travis was praying this would work, "Gill use withdraw, protect yourself from the storm!" Travis said, praying it would work. "It did!" "Weird, didn't know if he knew that or not...but it worked at least."

Travis shielded his face from the raging storm. The fire he built had gone out and his eyesight was overcome by the blinding night. The speakers also seemed to die down.

Travis couldn't see a thing and the sand was stinging his face like a thousand needles at once.

"Hey dude!" he shouted as best he could, still shielding his face. "You gotta somehow get this to stop please! We'll anger more pokemon!"

Travis did not feel at all like running to Viridian from a flock of angry wild pokemon. He hoped the boy heard his call.

OOC: Sorry this post was so long. Am I still in lol?

September 13th, 2008, 1:13 PM
"Larvitar, can you stop the storm?",Thomas had to yell to be heard over the storm. "Larr...VITAR!!...Larvitar..." ,The little pokemon appeared as if it could do nothing to stop the storm... Just then a thought occured to him, he quickly turned around and asked Gill if it could spray the storm down and turn it all to mud 'Not the best way, but this needs to be dealt with fast' ,Thomas thought to himself.

Then, without warning, Larvitar was picked up by the gust and slammed into Thomas, knocking him out on the spot...When he had regained conciousness, he quickly looked around, noticing the storm was gone, and had resumed the cold temperature from before. In a blast of light Larvitar popped out of his pokeball 'Strange, I don't remember recalling you' Thomas thought. Immedietly calling out, Larvitar looked happy as its trainer had woken up."Some sandstorm you've got there, Larvitar...", Thomas complimented. the Larvitar had apparently been unable to stop the storm after it had failed the first time, so he could only assume that the Squirtle,Gill, was responsible. Two figures approached and it became clear to see that it was the two from before. "I suppose it was thanks to you the storm was stopped?",Thomas questioned. Noticing a dropped pokeball on the ground, he instantly remembered what had happened in the fight, he had caught his first pokemon! Not noticing the reply, Thomas proceeded to call out his new Pidgey. Agh, he forgot that he had fainted it. checking through his bag, he found nothing to help the Pidgey, so decided to put it back in its ball until they got to Viridian City to heal up.

Reminded that the sandstorm affected all, he quickly turned and asked if the other two were alright and if the sandstorm didn't affect them too much.

September 13th, 2008, 1:22 PM
Chapter 2

Izzy shot up from her sleeping position in slight pain, sighing she lifted up her top a tich and looked at her left side finding a large gash that was already healed but still had the full marks.
"Permanant scars...I hate them..." She groaned.
Leaning back against the tree she slept against she patted the sleeping vulpix softly and closed her eyes humming a song she learnt a long time again quietly.

Vulpix's ears perked up at the noise that woke it up. Lazily opening one eye she saw Izzy's humming turn into a soft melody. Standing up Vulpix stretched her body out as far as it would go, hearing a few bones click she shook her body and sat up contented.

Fireflies glow like a thousand charms
Stay with me and you can dream forever
Right here in my arms...

Izzy looked up and saw Vulpix stretch then sit up staring at her. Smiling she sratched vulpix behind the ears.
"Morning Girl. Have a good sleep?" Vulpix cocked its head to the side and somewhat smiled.

Few minutes later...xD

The two were now walking down the path again. Izzy relized that she wasn't anywhere near Vridian city let alone Viridian Forest. Just as they turned a cornor they found a flock of pidgey, all of them turned as looked at the two before jumping up in flight and swamming towards Izzy and Vulpix.

"This isn't good...RUN!" Izzy screamed and bent down scooping up Vulpix in her arms and setting her on her shoulder.
"Vulpix turn towards them on my shoulder and send out the Ember you always attack me with!"
Vulpix nodded and turned around on Izzy's shoulder facing the Pidgey's. Opening her mouth she let out her most powerful Ember. It shot towards the Pidgeys and hit a few scaring them off.

Izzy stopped running and looked behind her and grinned.
"Nice Ember there girl. Guess that's you training for the day" Jokingly she giggled at Vulpix who was boasting. Izzy rolled her eyes and turned back the way they wanted to go. Noticing a single pidgey lying on the ground injured.

Izzy gasped and ran up to it noticing it was burnt.
"I guess it got a nice hit from the ember...Poor thing..." She picked it up and dusted some dirt off it.
"I guess if it was our attack...it's kinda like us trying to capture it soo..why not!" Izzy grinned and took a pokeball off the chain and pressed the button on it as a red light came out and sucked up the pidgey.

The pokeball beeped 3 times before it stopped. Izzy's eyes widened with glee.
"I caught my first pokemon!"

September 13th, 2008, 1:34 PM
Chapter 2: Wherever I May Roam

The storm raged on...he hoped to God that Gill was safe, and that the trainer heard his call...

He was hearing something shouting...the boy was shouting something. Then a gust knocked him off balance, and almost into the smoking head of ashes. Gill, still in his shell was blown into Travis' arms.

Travis closed his eyes tight! Though his eyelids were shut and the sand was still doing a number on hisi skin, he saw a flash. It was soon after that, the storm died down, Travis cautiosly opened his eyes. The storm had died down. The fire was out, his speaker were fine, as was his iPod, and it for some reason started playing again.

-ide in yourself
crawl in yourself
you'll have your time...

A sigh of relief swept over him. He had no idea how the storm died down, but it didn't matter...all that mattered now was the cold which was slowly creeping back, and the need to build another fire.

Travis sat up, sand fell from his shirt. He set Gill back on the ground, and Gill came out...looking rather tired...as if he'd just been in battle...Travis also noticed that his "Ride the Lightning" tee shirt was wet..."That can't be..." Travis thought, "Gill can do a Water gun, but it's no where near ready to be used as a defense or attack..."

He then realized that a wet tee shirt and the bitter cld did not mix well at all. He immediatly took his shirt off and hung it on a tree nearby, then put on his ordinary blue tee-shirt.

The other trainer walked over to Gill. "I suppose that was you to thank for stopping the storm?" He said this then picked up a pokeball...appearently he caught the pidgey...now in a heap on the ground. He recalled it rather quickly.

Gill at the question, gave a beam that pierced Travis' skin. "That was you? Gill...I must have underestimated your water gun abilities a bit...I'll be sure to train that attack better."

"You guys okay?" The trainer asked.

"Oh I'll live," Travis said as he bent down and picked up some spare wood, which was covered in sand which fell when Travis picked it up. He started arranging it again and got out his matches.

"Gill, are you okay?" Travis asked, as he lit the match and lit the new crumpled paper under the wood. Gill gave a thumbs up with a hearty "Squirtle!" which caused a chuckle to escape Travis' mouth.

"Awesome. Yeah I guess we're fine. I just hope no other pokemon were agitated by the storm itself." he said rather quietly as the fire built up again...

September 13th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Upon hearing that the other two weren't bothered too much by the sand, Thomas quickly set to work, clearing the sand from the campsite, sleeping in sand is no fun at all... In a few minutes the sand was pushed off to the side, out of their immediate area. It was then that it occured to him that his devices might have been damaged by the sand, so he set out his things and began sorting through, making sure that they all still functioned properly. 'It would be horrible if the pokedex had been damaged' ,Thomas thought to himself.

After a while, he had found that thankfully, nothing had been damaged in the storm, however he did notice there were quite a few items scattered across the area, no doubt the effects of the storm. Searching through all the items, Thomas had discovered many different kinds of berries, a few potions and even a pair of slick looking black glasses. He quickly brought the items to the center of the group and began to show off what he had found. Larvitar, in its usual fashion, began looking through what it might be liking. He had ate several berries along the search, much to Thomas's dismay, but stopped and stared at the black glasses. "Larvitar?" ,He looked as if he was asking permission to hold them, Thomas nodded. The small Pokemon grabbed them, put them on and giggled. "haha, well aren't you cool?" ,Thomas liked his enthusiasm, so he decided it wouldn't be too bad to let him have the glasses, considering they don't even look too rare or anything.

Returning his attention to the night, he couldn't help but wonder, 'how many more Pokemon are out there that are just as agitated as the Pidgey were' ,glancing at his Pidgey's pokeball. Looking to the fire, figured it would be a good idea to get some sleep, so Thomas pulled out his sleeping bag once again, and quickly fell asleep, feeling drained somehow...

September 13th, 2008, 2:52 PM
(ooc: I'm finally here!!)

Chapter One: The Beginning of Something New

Silver stretched out his legs and cursed underneath his breath. He couldn't believe a boat trip could really take this long. The rocking and swaying back and forth wanted to make him throw up in frustration and the time, well, he was so angry that his brain was fried.

The room he was in was small. That was really the only thing Silver could say to describe it unless you wanted to add that it was crappy as well. The room was small box-shape with basically a bunkbed and a nightstand in it. The walls and floor were metal with dirt covering it up.

Sorry sir, this is the only room left available.

Silver growled as he recalled the cool female voice that handed him his ticket. In the end he gave in to the woman and took this thing that they called a room. He needed to get to Professor Oak's lab in Kanto so he could receive his beginner pokemon and work towards being the best trainer ever. He knew without a doubt that he could do it.

"We have made land in Vermillion City," said a voice over an intercom.

"About time," Silver growled. He swung his long red hair behind his back as he picked up his bag and pushed people out of the way so he could finally get off the wretched boat. For the first time in a while he was majorly happy just to be outside. He stood and sighed for a moment before he headed to his next destination, his last one before he would make it to the lab.

Silver took a slip of paper from his pocket and unfolded it carefully and stood in place for a moment to read it. He nodded and walked into the city, mumbling under his breath as he read from the slip at the same time. He walked for a few minutes before coming to a large home.

"This must be it," Silver mumbled. He swung his hair back again and knocked on the door three times. A few minutes later, a large man over six foot answered it.

"Yes, are you-" he started.

"Yes, I'm the guy who contacted you, so let's go right now," Silver said impatiently.

"Alright, but first-"

Silver growled and shoved a few bills into the man's open hand. He counted the money for a second before nodding. He then pulled out a red and white ball from his pocket and clicked the button.

"Okay, young man, get ready to go."

A large bird, the largest Silver had ever seen, appeared. It boldly stood with its tan body and red feathers behind it.

"Get on Pidgeot. We'll fly there," instructed the man.

Silver leaped on the back of the bird behind the man. Pidgeot took off from the ground and the three were lifted in the air. It raced at lighting fast speed, so fast that Silver had to hang on for dear life as the bird got closer and closer to his destination: Pallet Town.

Pidgeot dove down head first with Silver still clutching on. Its large talons talons slammed on the ground hard, making Silver roll off its back and onto the grass ground. He got up angrily, gasping for air.

"I... am never- doing that- again," Silver said.

The man laughed and took back off into the air, back to Vermillion City. Silver stood up and wiped his clothes off of the dirt before inspecting the lab. It was like he pictured, large and normal looking basically. Silver watched as two trainers walked inside. Silver followed behind.

The trainers all lined up inside the lab in front of the famous Professor Oak. He stood and faced them for a few minutes with his hands behind his back talking about the responsibilty, and dedication, and blah blah blah. Silver could care less about all of this. The professor then walked around and passed each trainer out a pokedex and five pokeballs. Silver immediatly pocketed this. He only cared about getting his beginner pokemon.

Then the professor passed out the most important thing- the pokemon. He looked at each trainer and thought for a moment before handing them a pokeball.

"Here, I think this pokemon matches you," he said to one kid.

Silver waited impatiently at the end of the line until the professor came to him.

"So, you're the last trainer. Nice to meet you," greeted the professor.

"Cut the chatter. I want my pokemon."

The professor sighed and handed him a pokeball. "Fine, I'm sure a taillow would match you very well."

Silver almost had a heart attack. "A taillow?!" he shouted. "I want a real pokemon that can battle!"

"Sorry son, but that is the last one left," the professor responded calmly.

Silver then noticed a pokeball laying o the desk. "Hey, what about that one?" he asked.

"Sorry, but that pokemon is really rare. I can't just give it to anyone," Oak explained.

The rare pokemon part hit Silver hard. He only thinks I can't have that pokemon, he thought slyly. He looked at the pokeball in his hand and the one on the desk. He needed a that pokemon bad. He would be invincible with it.

While the professor wasn't looking, Silver switched the balls quietly without making a sound. He was the first one to leave the lab and grinned evily as he did. As he walked down the path, he tossed the pokeball up in the air, proud on what he had done.

September 13th, 2008, 3:16 PM
Chapter 2: An Unlikely Duo

Reigou leapt throught the air, Mika was surprised at how high he could jump despite his weight. Reigou tackled the Pidgey headfirst into the dirt. Pidgey jumped up, visibly shaken, and returned fire. It flapped it's wings for a gust, but Reigou just stood there, with a smug look on her face. The gust did nothing to her impenatrable (badspelling:C) shell.

"Go, Reigou! Tackle it down!" Mika shouted. Reigou and Mika were practically on the same wavelength, Reigou already preparing herself for a Tackle. She reared her hard head and again, jumped through the air. This time, smacking Pidgey straight in the gut, Pidgey fell over, winded and stunned.

"Now's my chance..." Mika smiled and grabbed one of the Pokéballs that Oak had given her. She threw it hard at the Pidgey, the ball opened and the insides swallowed it. It rolled 3 times then stopped; Pidgey was hers.

"YES!" Mika ran foward and grabbed the ball. "I'll call you... Shiraha. White Feather."

Mika looked to her side and saw John had also caught his Pidgey.

"So what now?"

September 13th, 2008, 3:30 PM
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September 13th, 2008, 9:52 PM
Chapter 2: Wherever I May Roam

The fire built fast. The pit was actually a bit safe now, Travis guessed as some sand had created a less flammable surface.

Travis punctured a new can and put it on the grate.

"Can I get you...anything...?" His voice trailed off. The boy was now asleep near the fire, as was his Larvitar.

"Probably had a rough first day maybe..." Travis thought to himself. He also looked to Gill, who had also just curled up in his shell...asleep...

Travis cukcled and sat down on a piece of wood which was like a chair actually to Travis.

There's a lady who's sure
all that glitters is gold
and she's buying the stairway to heaven...

Travis removed the can from the grate and kicked some sand into the fire to dim it down a bit. The wind drove some smoke into his face which caused his eye's to sting, and the inhaled smoke burned his lungs, but the wind died down a bit and caused Travis to move.

He coughed a few times before eating the can he had just heated. The sweet acoustic Led Zeppelin music played on in the background. The music seemed very peaceful.

He finished his can, extinguished his fire to a mere glow, knowing that ths fire would not be a threat, the pit was covered in sand and Travis had been sure to cover the coals with it. Then he got his own pillow and blanket out. He didn't carry a sleeping bag, as he had no room in his pack for it, instead he carried a comforter and a pillow, he wrapped himself rather well, because the temperature...just seemed unnatural tonight..."...it doesn't feel right...wonder if something's nearby...maybe I'm just being paranoid..." he thought to himself. He sat up against the tree and leaned his head against the trunck, with the pillow in between.

...And its whispered that soon
If we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason.
And a new day will dawn
For those who stand long
And the forests will echo with laughter...

"Perfect song to fall asleep to..." Travis thought before falling asleep, his iPod still softy playing "Stairway to Heaven." It would remain playing until shut off in the morning...then he would hit the mighty Viridian City....then take on the Viridian Forest.......God.....this is a nice life.....

Captain Blue
September 14th, 2008, 9:33 AM

He hadn't thought of what to do next. "To be honest....I have no clue. I figured we'd just go to Route 1 and start on the journey to be better trainers, but now, at least for Tiger II, we might want to wait for a moment. It's the hottest part of the day, and we could always kick back for an hour to let the shade kick in." John and Tiger II headed back to the tree and sat underneath the shade. Based on the weather, it'll get cloudy in about an hour. it'll be way cooler, and we won't be burning out in the sun."

((Very short, but it's all I got D: ))

September 14th, 2008, 9:38 AM
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September 14th, 2008, 1:12 PM
Chapter Two: Pt. 1- The Bad Start

Silver had to get away from Pallet Town before anybody noticed what he had done. He stuck the ball in his pocket and ran to Route One. It wasn’t that he was ashamed; he just needed to get away from everybody before he got thrown into jail.

Silver ran into he was deep into Route 1 until he knew that he was safe. He pulled the ball out again and stared with a big grin on his face. This was the start of a great adventure.

“So, where do I start?” he mumbled to himself.

It was an interesting question. Silver came to the conclusion that he should just worry about getting to the first city and then ask questions later. Maybe he would learn on the way. Besides, he had a great, rare pokemon. What could go wrong?

“What is that noise?” Silver mumbled to himself. He whirled around and looked up. Overhead was a great flock of birds coming straight for his direction. The dove down on him. Silver knew that they were aiming for him for some strange reason and he needed to get out of the way.

Silver leaped away from the flock of birds and dove into a bush. The twigs dug into his body and ripped a small hole in his shirt. Silver growled and rolled out of the bushes, pulling out his pokedex as he did so. He pointed it at the flock of birds. It identified them as pidgeys.

“Not really an impressive sounding pokemon,” Silver said to himself. “I can take them on.”

He whipped out the pokeball that contained his first pokemon and held it up. After clicking the button in the center he threw it. This was his chance to really see what this super-awesome pokemon can do. It was probably better than any other of the other loser trainer’s pokemon.

The pokeball fell on the ground and cracked open. Magnificent red light flashed through the area until Silver’s first pokemon appeared.

Silver’s grin turned to a frown as he looked as his beginner pokemon. It wasn’t anything like he imagined. First off, it was the tiniest thing ever and a colorful blue color. It had the most friendliest face ever. It wasn’t big and powerful looking. It was as cute as could be and smiled.

“Mudkip,” it said sweetly.

Silver collapsed and moaned. He had risked everything, everything, to get this worthwhile pokemon. It didn’t look strong at all. It looked completely sweet and kind. Silver and sweet did not go with each other.

No matter what the pokemon looked like, the pidgeys were still chasing after Silver. He had to battle back and make due.

The pidgeys dove straight for Mudkip. He dodged to the side and looked over at Silver. He then had to dodge again for more attacking pidgeys.

“Mudkip, I guess we have to take them down one by one,” Silver said. He wished he had a pokemon that could take them all down at once. That would make his life so much easier.

Mudkip nodded, and as the pidgeys got close, Mudkip took one down using a tackle attack. It immediately got up and took off in fear. Silver nodded. This was working fine for the moment.

The pidgeys dove in again. Mudkip took out, yet again, another pidgey using a strong tackle attack. It stood where it was gasping for breath after the attack.

“Mudkip, don’t back down now! Do not be a wimp!” Silver shouted.

The pidgeys came in again and Mudkip attacked again, but it turned out different this time. The pidgeys stopped in midair, and surrounded the poor water pokemon, pecking it to death. Silver couldn’t see a thing that was happening to Mudkip. He could only hear the cries of his pokemon.

“Mudkip, this is not over! Get rid of those birds with growl!” Silver shouted.

Mudkip let out a loud sound, making the bird pokemon back off. They all took off in fear, leaving Silver, and his breathless pokemon alone with a victory. Silver walked over to his pokemon.

“Hmp, you’re better than you look, but you’re not as impressing as I hoped,” Silver said. “We have got to get you tougher.”

Silver recalled Mudkip and continued down the path. As he walked down the path, he wondered how he got stuck with such a wimpling pokemon. Maybe it was karma, but in his mind, it was just really bad luck. Not a great way to start his adventure, but it wasn’t going to stop him.

Zeta Sukuna
September 14th, 2008, 2:02 PM
Chapter 2: The First Step

"Heh, I can't believe I got a rare pokemon like Dratini." Said Chris, his voice dripping with joy. "Doesn't Kanto have better security than that? I mean I just walked in and was given something that wasn't meant to be mine." Chris has been walking for two hours and was at least a third of the way to Viridian. "Kantonians are gullible."

"Hey!" Yelled a trainer from a small distance away. Chris looked towards the boy seeing him walk over. "I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" Chris thought it over for a second before nodding in agreement to the Challenge.

"Come on out Dratini!" Yelled Chris sending out his dragon pokemon. Dratini just layed there, not really ready to fight.(Dratini's stats: Lv. 5: Moves: Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave.)

"Let's go Sunkern!" Called out the other trainer sending out the seedling. Sunkern started bouncing around in joy.(Sunkern's Stats: Lv. 3: Moves: Absorb, Growth) "Challenged goes first!"

"If you insist, Dratini! Use Thunder Wave!" Yelled Chris. Dratini fired the beam, but the energetic Sunkern jumped over it, not even noticing it.

"Sunkern, use Absorb!" Yelled the opposing trainer. Sunkern leaped up towards Dratini, but it went too far and smacked into the ground. "Umm... try again." This time when Sunkern bounced up, Dratini slithered out of the way in time, causing the seedling to hit the ground.

"Dratini, use Wrap!" Said Chris amused that the Sunkern was killing itself. Dratini just looked at Chris like he was saying. 'Why me? At this rate that Sunkern will knock itself out.' But Dratini still wrapped around Sunkern, but this gave the Sunkern the ability to leech off of Dratini's health. "Unwrap yourself and get away!" Dratini slithered back from the Sunkern, not really feeling any health difference.

"Sunkern, use Growth!" Yelled the boy. Sunkern seemed to get a little bigger, but that was it. "Now use Absorb!" But since the Sunkern was bigger, it was also a bigger target. Dratini caught Sunkern with his tail, and slapped it into a tree.'

"What the?" Asked Chris to himself as Dratini kept slapping the Sunkern into a tree, like a kid would hit a bouncy ball into a wall.

"Tini." (T: This is still boring) Said Dratini before slapping the now unconscious Sunkern away into its trainer.

"Hey, you cheated! Dratini can not do those moves legally!" Yelled the boy as he returned his Sunkern before running towards Pallet Town.

"Hey, I think I'll keep you after all." Said Chris. Dratini just looked at him before saying.

"Dra-tini? Tini?" (T: Who are you? What are you saying?) Chris not knowing what Dratini just said, just returned the Dragon before heading towards Viridian City.

"I'll get back at him." Said the boy before bumping in to a tree. Suddenly he heard a noise.

"Bii!" Yelled out a pokemon, and that was all that the boy knew before being transported into another world.


(ooc: For those of you that read/are in Zimvee's RP, you'll see this boy again. Only stronger and not for a while.)

September 15th, 2008, 12:13 AM
Maddy Phantom: Your post are really weird looking and I mean it because there aren´t any sign however if they were part of Chapter 1 or 2 and they had flaws! Fix them up and I will grade them and show that you want to be in this RP!

TO ALL: I have decided that as there are going to be only 10 roleplayers I need someone to help me with OOC Thread and Pika_Master414 is the only who has the real experience

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Never mind.

Chapter 2: An Unlikely Duo

"Sit around? And wait? There's no time like the present," Mika flicked her hair and smiled. She stepped further into the lush route and squinted in it, looking for more new Pokémon. In the distance, a field of Rattata could be seen, peacefully chomping on the grass.

'Perfect. They look a little... weak for me, but some experience would be fantastic!' Mika thought. She ran foward, beckoning John and Reigou. Reigou squealed and ran ahead, excited for her next task. They both ran straight into the middle of the Rattata (That's plural, I think) and scared most of them. What seemed to be the leader, or the most brave, stood with confidence, glaring Reigou.

"Go, Reigou, Tackle!"

Reigou smirked and charged at the Ratatta, her head bent to smack the Ratatta head on with full force. The Rattata charged foward, trying it's best to counter the attack. They collided in the air and stopped as if time had frozen for a split second. Ratatta let out a faint groan and fell, it was defeated. No wonder, it just took a full blown Tackle with a Aron, their steel armour heavy and unbreakable.

"Yes! Go Reigou!" Mika thrust an arm in the air and cheered. The group of Ratatta had now moved over about 50 metres away.

"Your turn, Sarge," Mika said with a crooked smile.

September 15th, 2008, 4:41 PM
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September 16th, 2008, 5:51 AM
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September 16th, 2008, 6:47 AM

RPing will be limited due to location and time. haha


Micheal and Char finally got on Route 1 after many long hours in trying to find what was the cause of the Ember attack. Char looked tired and Micheal looked at him. He then said, "Well Char. That was a complete waste of time. I mean we didn't even get to take any pictures."

Char nodded and the sun was beginning to set. Micheal looked back and saw that it was no use in staying in Pallet Town and really money was needed to even get a hotel there. Micheal had money but wasn't in a hurry to spend it.

Char then tilted his head up and looked around Micheal notice this and said, "What is it Char?"

Char then pointed towards the high grass and said, "Char ma."

Micheal looked at the grass and smiled. He then took out his camera and said, "Well time to see what it is then. Are you up for it?"

Char nodded and just stood there. Micheal looked at the grass and knew that only pidgys and rattatas were in this route. Micheal then said, "Make sure to get it out of the grass so I can get a picture of it." Char nodded and Micheal then said, "Scratch."

Char at once ran into the grass with his small little orange claw in the air" The grass began to shake and soon a pidgy flew out of the grass. Micheal then saw it and with one quick click of a button the little pidgy was capture on his camera.

Char then got out of the grass and began to stare at the pidgy. Micheal stood there wondering what to do. He knew this was a pokemon battle and knew that they had to plan this out a bit. Micheal then said, "Stay still. Let it come to you."

Char nodded and at once the pidgy was flying down at Char to use a Tackle attack. Micheal waited and said, "Now! Scratch!"

The pidgy flew down and hit Char hard in the stomach but Char swipe down with his claws on the bird pokemon. He then countinue to attack the pidgy keeping it from flying back in the air.

"Keep it up Char!" said Micheal who was taking pictures with no flash.

The pidgy then made a swift climb back in the air and Micheal then said, "Keep at it!" Char nodded and ran after the pidgy. Soon the pidgy was coming next to Char and Micheal said, "Scratch again!"

Char then jumped up and began to scratch again the small bird pokemon. The pidgy tried to get away but it was too late. It fallen to the ground and just hopped away. Micheal and Char just stood there and wonder what happen. Micheal then said, "We won?"

Char nodded.

Captain Blue
September 16th, 2008, 11:12 AM
(Do I need to do these for every post from now on?)

John shot Mika a look that said "don't try me." He silently stalked the group of ratatta, Tiger II in tow. He got close to them, behind the cover of a bush. He scanned the area for a strong-looking ratatta, and spotted one far away from the pack. Tiger II was sent silently to the lone Ratatta, slowly stalking it from behind...and then it was showtime.

"Poison Sting!" Tiger II sprung into action and fired its poisoned needles at near point-blank at the Ratatta. Being caught by surprise, it had no chance to brace itself, and was knocked out cold. It then went into hiding again as a ratatta from the pack headed to the fallen ratatta, unnoticed by the rest of the pack.

"Poison Sting!" Once again, the Spinarak fired its needles at a surprised, weak ratatta, knocking it out in a single hit. However, once a ratatta noticed the two loners out cold, it headed to the rest of the pack, telling its friends that something was up. The ratatta were on high alert for whatever could be attacking. However, John then recalled Tiger II, and reached for the pokeball holding Tempest. He released the pidgey, which immediately flew into the air, above the Ratatta's line of sight.

"Swoop down. Tackle. Go for the left flank." Tempest followed its orders, despite still being a bit weak from its fight with Tiger II. It darted at the nearest Ratatta and tackled it, causing the group to scatter in all directions, some even running past Mika. The ratatta was cornered, and was doing its best to look fierce despite it taking damage. "Repeat." The pidgey once again tackled the ratatta, knocking it into the other two knocked out ratatta. At that point, John felt he had demonstrated his ability sufficiently, and recalled Tempest.

John headed back to Mika and made a light smile. "I think I've smashed your ego enough for right now. Let's keep moving and get to Viridian City."

September 17th, 2008, 10:18 PM
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Chapter 2: An Unlikely Duo

Mika cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms, leaning to a side.

"If I wanted to knock-out the whole herd, I would," Mika sniffed. "I spose. Viridian City can't be that far off. Hey, I have an idea though. Dude, if we find a whole pack of Pidgeys or something, we could let out all of our Pokémon and take them all down. It would he heaps fun, haha."

Mika let out Shiharu, throwing the PokéBall to the ground and releasing the bird Pokémon. It flapped a few times and chriped, flying to Mika's shoulder. Mika laughed as Reigou and Shiraha exchanged some non-understandable language.

"So, ready to go Sarge, or are we gonna sit in the shade for a bit as you suggested? Because I'm up for going," Mika laughed, dubbing John with a nickname. John was too unoriginal anyways, Sarge suited him better.

Captain Blue
September 19th, 2008, 10:56 AM
John smirked. "Sure you could, Princess." He decided on calling her a princess, as she seemed to act like a bratty young princess. He let Tempest out of its pokeball, and looked between the two pidgey. "...perhaps we need a visual difference between the two." He got a small green cloth and wrapped it around the Pidgey's forehead like a bandana. Tempest made a serious face and looked like he was ready to go in for a critical strike. "There we go. Anyway, I guess we could go to Viridian right away. It's not that long a walk, after all." He looked at the clouds in the sky. "It's going to rain tonight. The sooner we get there, the better." He started on the way to Viridian, but stopped. "Oh, I almost forgot. Ladies first, [IPrincess.[/I]"

September 19th, 2008, 3:19 PM
Chapter 2: An Unlikely Duo

"Princess?" Mika cocked an eyebrow. She frowned. If anything, Mika was the opposite of that. She would play in the dirt, kick people into the dirt and then add some language that a princess would die of shock over. But, Mika shrugged it off, if she gave him a nickname, he might as well give her one.

"Wait, wait, wait, what happens if the bandana falls off? Hang on..." Mika grabbed a black marker pen out of her bag (Non-toxic, it said) and coloured in some of Shiraha's feathers black. It looked cool to Mika, and Shiraha didn't seem to mind it either.

"OK! Forward to Viridian City!" Mika pointed towards the town barely visible in the distance and began walking.

September 20th, 2008, 8:20 PM
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Travis woke up...

Dang...it was still night.

"Wonder what time it is..." Travis thought out loud.

His watch said 11:32 P.M.
"Dang, this night will not end..." he said to himself. This woke Gill up accidentally.

Travis, who was facing away from Gill looked to the ground and smiled.
"Did I wake you, Gill? I'm sorry." he said, trying not to wake the kid up. The kid was still sleeping in his bag. "Just thinking about going for a little walk...up for one?"

"Heh...I know you're tired. ut if you wanna join, I'm only gonna be gone like five minutes...hope not too many pokemon are awake right now..."
Travis grabbed his flashlight and started walking...Gill was by his side, tired, but keeping up...Travis laughed more inside...Gill just made you do that...

OOC: Setting up something...if you're interested. If you guys wander around at night...I dunno...I'm jus brainstorming.

September 22nd, 2008, 8:43 AM
Micheal sighed as both Char and him took a seat on a log. It seems like tonight was getting to be somewhat boring. Since the pidgy they were able to find a few other pokemon but that was it. Micheal then place his bag on the ground and said, "Break for now. The city will still be there in a few hours right."

Char nodded and just sat there. Soon he place his head up and looked around. I looked at him and said, "What is up Char?"

Char then looked around and pointed at Micheal's bag. Micheal saw that something was moving in the bag and wonder what pokemon it was. He then pulled out his camera and said, "When I say so use Growl. We going to scare it out."

Char nodded. Micheal held his camera high and then said, "Now! Growl!"

Char began to make a low sound that grew louder and louder. The pokemon inside the bag jumped up with pieces of chips around it's mouth. Micheal quickly took the picture and saw it was a ratatta. Micheal then said, "Char use Scratch!"

Char at once ran after the small rat pokemon but it seems like the ratatta was faster. He easily dodge the attack and then climbed up the tree. Micheal at once grabbed his bag and then said to Char, "After it!"

Char at once ran to the tree and began to scratch it. It seems like this charmader was unable to climb trees. Micheal then said, "Lets ram into it."

Char nodded and Micheal then nodded. At the same time the dou rammed into the three making many berries fall to the ground along with the ratatta. The rat pokemon seemed a bit shaken up and Micheal then said after rubbing his shoulder, "Scratch again!"

The ratatta then shot forth with a ray of white light to used a Quick Attack that hit Char in the stomach. Micheal notice this and knew what he wanted to do. Micheal then said, "Scratch it now!"

Char took advantage of the rat pokemon being close by and then began to attack it with the declared attack.

Micheal then said, "Now swing around and go for it again."

The ratatta seem ready and jumped in the air once it landed to dodge the incoming impact of the tail but Micheal then said, "Scratch again!"

Char then came with one swift movement to use a single Scratch attack. The ratatta then flew and Micheal threw a pokeball at the rat pokemon. A red light appeared from the opened pokeball and engulfed the rat pokemon. The ball then landed on the ground and began to shake.

Captain Blue
September 23rd, 2008, 7:36 AM
John saw her confusion towards the nickname. He looked away from her as he spoke. "Princesses...at least, the real ones, are brats. They're tomboys at heart, and are often condescending towards those who offer assistance. You lack the fancy dresses, but other than that, you fit the description perfectly." Tempest and Tiger II both had a sad expression as he spoke. They clearly wanted to be with their new friends, but their owner just as clearly didn't believe in Mika enough.

Realizing he wasn't helping, he went alongside her and changed the subject. "As for the bandana, I wrapped it up tight. Only way that'd come off is if someone tore it off, removed it, or if Tempest flies so fast it burns off." The Pidgey darted around above them, trying to show off its speed. "He reminds me of Maelstrom. Quick and accurate. Maelstrom broke the air speed record for a flying pokemon, reaching the sound barrier at Mach 1. I want Tempest to break the sound barrier, and hold the world record for fastest pokemon in the skies...Do you have any dreams that you want your pokemon to fufill?"

September 24th, 2008, 4:12 PM
Chapter 2: An Unlikely Duo

"Um... fine whatever," Mika rolled her eyes. She was used to people calling her bratty, but in truth, she wasn't. She was practically a tortued soul who just was fighting back. She hadn't called John anything nasty but, she didn't care. She got it all the time. "Freaka" echoed in her head.

"Me?" Mika spun around to look at John and frowned, "Well... I dunno. I just... want to know what happened... happened to my mum. That's all. And I want Reigou and Shiraha and any other Pokémon in my team to help me. My Pokémon's dreams? Well... I hope Reigou can be a really fast and really strong Aggron and I want Shiraha to carry me places when she gets to a Pidgeot or even a Pidgeotto. That's it."

Mika felt herself choke as she mentioned the word "mum". She thought she had gotten over it, but, talking about it still made her sad. Mika shook the thoughts out of her head and pointed towards Viridian City.

"So, Saarrgee, are we going? I want to get there before nightfall!"

September 24th, 2008, 6:04 PM
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September 26th, 2008, 5:42 AM
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Chapter 2: Wherever I May Roam

Travis continued walking around. At least the temperature was getting a little warmer.

Wonder why it was so dang cold...

The sky looked amazing. Travis made sure he didn't wander too far from the camp, but he thought he saw a glow in the distance, not a fire, but something bigger. Travis ran to the glow, and was amazed...

There it stood. Viridian City, only about 5 miles away. "Wow...Gill, there it is."
"We'll be there in the morning. But let's go back to camp for now."

They were just starting to walk back, when Travis tripped over a fallen log.
"OW SON OF A- awww crud." Travis wished he'd never shouted. A tree, that was filled with some rather angree spearow now stood before him.

Time to go.....

"Gill, run for the camp!"
He knew Viriddian wasn't that far, but he couldn't leave his stuff behind, or let this new kid face an entire mod of angry Spearow, without warning. They ran to camp.

September 27th, 2008, 8:46 PM
Thomas sat up, noticing at once that the guy was gone, as was his Squirtle.
"Hmm, come out Larvitar..." ,Thomas said, and Larvitar popped out of his pokeball. hearing a sound in the distance, he stood and looked in the direction the sound was coming from, to his surprise, it was a flock of Spearow chasing the guy and his Squirtle! Whipping out his pokedex, Thomas observed that they were weak to rock types, like the Pidgey he had caught earlier.
"Hmm, Larvitar i'm gonna need you to blast them with a sand storm again, but keep it CONTAINED this time ok?" ,the small pokemon struggled to retain the sand into a small area before blasting it into the flock as the guy and turtle ran past. This time the sand did little more then confuse and anger them.

However the sand did blind them, and very quickly they lost their nerve and flew off.
"Whew, good job Larvitar!" ,Thomas exclaimed and turned to see that the two were all right. "Hey, you know, I never introduced myself, I'm Thomas"

September 28th, 2008, 9:17 PM

Travis ran..camp was in sight! Then the storm of sand came again. It wasn't as powerful, and it drove the spearow off, and lasted only a few seconds.

"Gill, remind me not towallk like this in the night again."
The boy came over.

"Hey, you know, I never introduced myself, I'm Thomas"

"Nice to know you. I admire how you have a larvitar as a starter...that's a rather rare sight to see now-a-days. I don't know if I already introduced myself already, but I am Travis Darrell Mura. This is Gill. I was just walking for a while, and accidentally woke up some rather grouchy Spearow. Thanks for getting rid of them by the way."

Travis then looked to where they came from.

"Viridian City is only about 5 miles away. I'm leaving in the morning. What are you up to?"

Captain Blue
September 29th, 2008, 12:25 PM

John realized he overstepped his welcome with that remark, and decided to just not bring up the subject again. He looked from her and then to the path. It went to the right, then upwards to get to Viridian City. At the rate they could move, even if they were to run, they would just barely make it there by sunset. He took a look at the pokemon, seeing they were full of pep and wanted to get there immediately. He then thought of something. "We won't make it there unless we sprint the entire way. Try to keep up, because I run 3 miles each day for a workout." He then began to sprint ahead of her, his pokemon following him shortly.

September 30th, 2008, 4:12 PM
OOC: Sorry for not posting in so long. A hurricane (Hurricane Ike for those of you familiar with it) just hit the Gulf of Mexico and I barely got power back yesterday. =/

Chapter 1

Car stepped out of the Pokemon Lab, anxious to start his journey. It was near dark and he didn't have any place to sleep.

"Hey Path...." He said in a quiet voice.
"What's up?" Path said as he eased his self on top of the large ball on his tail.
"What time is it?" Car asked, blindly looking up at the sky.

Path looked up, not even noticed how dark it was getting before. The sun was barely beginning to set and it left quite a bit of sunlight over Pallet Town.

"About....7 or 8. I dunno." Path said, looking around at the shadows casted by the tall oak trees. "But it's getting dark fast." The hill blocked out most of the light as the sun set so really it was darker than it really was.

"Perhaps...oh I don't know. Maybe we should just head back to the tree we were at earlier."

"Sure..I just wanna get to bed early. You know I can't see well in the dark......." Suddenly there was a long pause. Path noticed the irony in Car's statement and so did he. It almost made Car cry as he began to remember the times when he was able to see. He longed for the ability to look at the beautiful surroundings. It was as if he lost one of his best friends.

"Anyways....Just walk straight, but not too fast. The hill is steep. And right when the decline ceases, turn left and head straight. You should be at the tree." Path said, trying to break the silence.

"Kay." Not only was Path assigned as Car's guide Pokemon but he was also to help him move around independently. The trick was to remember how many paces it was in a certain direction to a certain spot. Car somewhat got the hang of the useful skill but he still needed a lot of practice.

Car walked very slow, counting his steps under his breath. He could tell that he had just walked onto grass as the decline of the hill stopped. The soft surface of the ground relaxed him and he turned left, just as Path ordered. He walked straight and his beeper released the familiar beeps. He put his hands in front of him and felt the hard surface of the tree.

"Good job Car." Path said, jumping up and down. "Well, good night. I'm beat from all the walking today." Path curled up into a ball and closed his eyes. Hoping to go to sleep quickly.

"Hehe. That's funny you know." Car chuckled a bit as he sat down. Car hardly walked at all, he mainly just rested inside his backpack with the egg or somewhere on his shoulders.

Car carefully took off the Egg Backpack and his Items Bag and placed them on the ground. He then sat down carefully and rested his back against the trunk of the large tree.

"Aah. This feels good." Car said as a chilly wind flowed under the branches of the tree and across his face.

Car slowly fell into a deep sleep, anxious for the next day to start.

October 12th, 2008, 4:22 AM
Chapter 2: An Unlikely Duo

"Whatever! You try climbing up to the to top floor of the Pokémon Lab!" Mika laughed, running after John. Aron squealed and ran after Mika, just beside her feet. Shiraha zoomed ahead, enjoying the wind whipping on her feathers. Mika ran faster, now just a few metres behind John. She kept her pace, not completely wearing herself out.

After 30 minutes of continous running, the two had both slowed down to a fast jog. Mika could now see the lights of Viridian City switching on as the sky turned to Twilight. Mika had returned her Pokémon to her Pokéballs quite a while ago to give them both a rest.

"Almost there, Sarge!" Mika shouted to John, panting while she ran. "Not far now!"

Captain Blue
October 14th, 2008, 5:28 AM
John had jogged to regain his breath rather than because he was out of breath. That, and since Mika was with him, he figured he'd best not leave her in the dust. Tiger 2 at this point had to hang in the talons of Tempest, as spiders were not meant to run long distances. Tempest was cruising in the winds, even with the other pokemon in tow. "Hope you don't collapse when we get there, Princess. I don't plan on carrying you to your royal quarters just so we're both rested in the morning." He spoke with a tone of half-seriousness, though which half was serious was hard to determine.