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Poke Trainer Gary
September 9th, 2008, 3:50 AM
"Woof! Woof!" A small puppy barked weakly as it lay in the dirt next to a portable classroom. The small thing began to whimper and plead, and Ray crouched down, thinking of ways he could help the poor dog. Running a hand through his short, brown hair, Ray looked back and forth, looking to see if anyone else was around. It was lunchtime, and not many people wandered out so far into the portables to eat their meals. Not a soul was stirring around him, and Ray, with the exception of the exhausted dog, was completely alone.

It looks thirsty...But there are no nearby water coolers - thanks, budget cuts. I guess I have no choice...

Ray pulled up some nearby grass and fashioned the foliage into a makeshift, green cup. Then, he stared into the space directly in front of him, concentrating on a small segment of air, about the size of his fist. Then, something amazing happened. In an instant, the small portion of air froze completely, turning into a chunk of moisture. The ice block dropped promptly, and Ray caught it in an outstretched hand.

"This might be a little scary, little guy. But...Don't worry," Ray said, smiling at the whimpering dog. Rumpling about in his pockets, the boy produced a small lighter. Then, holding the chunk of ice above the small grass cup, which he placed on the ground, Ray proceeded to flick on the lighter underneath the frozen air. The delightful orange flame melted the ice slowly, and small streams of water began to trick into the grass cup. Once it filled, the teen placed the cup in front of the puppy and watched it lap the water up, desperately thirsty.

"Phew...I think you'll be okay," Ray said, smiling with satisfaction. The boy got up, spun around, and saw someone standing directly behind him. Whoever it was, they had seen the whole thing.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
September 9th, 2008, 2:37 PM
Jadon had been minding his own buisness, on his way to the restroom, he had been so preoccupied lately with all the sports he was doing, so much on his plate, and somehow he felt that it wasn't enough. His life wasn't exciting enough for him, it was a rut and nothing good ever happened around the place. Just as he was rambling about boring things going on in his life in this godforsaken dull city, he saw something that was mindboggling. This kid, Jadon tried to remember if he could place a name onto the face, yes... it was that one guy, Ray, a classmate, of course Jadon didn't know him at all except for being in one class or another with him, Considering they were on two completely diffrent ends of the spectrum. Ray was next to a puppy, but the puppy wasn't the intresting part, Ray was.

Ray had seemed to feel compassion for the puppy, or something, because what the guy did next was really amazing, Ray somehow manipulated wet air particles or SOMETHING to make ice appear, Jadon had never seen such a strange thing. The kid had melted the ice for the puppy, and then gave it the water. Jadon's mouth was wide open, he was in some shock, this was surreal! It was UNREAL!

" Ray... What...just happened...?" Jadon tried to mutter, he was real tough... but this was just plain creepy!

" I want some answers.. Now."

September 9th, 2008, 6:27 PM
A lot of teenagers don't quite understand what the word stress actually meant. Lauren Muir did and she knew that it wasn't a word she would use too often to describe herself. Of course, there were always exceptions and this day happened to be one of them. She had just managed to scrape through a double class of science, even though she had forgotten her book and she had a double class of maths looming in front of her which would probably end up in tears because she couldn't open her locker. Her locker was the normal sort of locker at her school. It was painted dark green and relied on a combination to be opened. Unfortunately, the combination buttons were nearly always stuck. If Lauren ever had a say in what the school used its money for, she'd demand new lockers. That would probably never happen though, for two reasons. The first one was quite simple; the school wasn't receiving any money from anyone and the second reason was somewhat confidence-shattering; no one would ever listen to Lauren.

So there she was, wrestling with her locker and failing to get it opened, when she heard a shout. She ignored it, assuming that it was either a fight starting or someone shouting to his friend. Then there was another shout and Lauren's attention was diverted to wherever the sound was coming from. She decided that she'd skip her maths class. It was only Algebra that her class were learning. It's not like she'd have to catch up on anything.

She heard some more shouting and walked down a corridor to find the source of it. She frowned at the sight before her; there were two boys. She wasn't sure what age they were, they looked slightly younger than her. There was also a dog, it could have been a black Laborador but Laurent's wasn't sure. She noticed that both boys seemed to be looking terrified and realised that she might be intruding on something. Perhaps she should break the silence.

"Er, you two do know that animals aren't allowed with the school grounds, right?"

September 10th, 2008, 2:39 AM
A groan came from a disheveled looking brunette as she walked into school, her best friend following close by. "You know... that fire poker really dose hurt..." She muttered under her breath, earning a small smile from her platinum-haired friend.

"Well, maybe if you didn't sleep where I needed to use it, I wouldn't have to..." She chided, poking her friend's side with a finger as they walked up to the building. While most students would argue them late, they would say differently.

Mizure, the taller of the pair with her brunette hair, always did this, and the teachers simply let it slide. 'Why?' you may ask, simple. Her father is a major stockholder of this school. Now this dosn't mean he owns it, but it's still the largest share anyone can get their hands on.

And Haruko, being the semi-smart little girl she is, managed to get almost all her credits into highschool in just the first three years of middle school. So, in essence, she's already passed all the grades there. She just chooses to stay at the same level as the rest of her classmates so she can be in the clubs shes in.

This was why it was well into third period when they walked up to the building, just past the portable classrooms. Mizure, being fire-natured as she was... no! not 'hot headed!' you imbisiles! It means she can sense fire, Doy! Anyways, yeah, she could tell there was a small flame, probably from a lighter or a match, behind the portables. Probably just some kids toking up or something. ah well, their loss if they get caught.

"...eally need to pay more attention...." Said her friend, causing her to return from her thoughts. "uhh.... huh?" she was met with a light slap to the shoulder. "I said, you need to quit spacing out so much and you really need to pay more attention!" Snapped Haruko, pouting cutely, despite the long 'fangs' sticking down over her lip.

"aww... alright Haruko-chan... please don't be mad at me..." She said quietly, hugging the smaller girl around the shoulders and resting her head on her arm so that her breath traced lightly across the younger girl's ear, earning the silght shivver she had expected, even if she still couldn't tell if it was from uncomfort or exitement.

"M-m-mizore..." Definatly exitement. "We're on school grounds... if a teacher catches you doing anything...."

"They'll what? Tell my daddy?" She smiled, still speaking softly against the pale girl's ear, "I think I can handle the concequences..."

"But I cant. "Haruko said indignantly, trying to wiggle her way out of the older girl's grasp. In truth, she was feeling a bit uncomfortable, in truth they had only 'kissed' once, and it had been a 'thank you' kiss at that.... hadn't it? Mizure really couldn't like her, could she? well... yeah, she could, but still! She wasn't into girls. nope, not Haruko Takami. She was into boys. And that's the exact reason her lips were slowly moving twords her friends as she had her mental conversation.

She blinked as their lips met, kissing softly just infront of the school. It took several more seconds, after the kiss broke, for the blush to appear on bolth girl's faces.

"W-w-well... w-we'd b-better get to class..." She said, the logical half of her mind still chanting it's small mantra of 'I still like boys, I still like boys' while the rest of her brain did cartwheels and backflips over the purity of the sensation. She really did have soft lips!

Blushing madly now she finally managed to squirm her way out of her friend's grip, before something a little more intamate happened here before the school. She was sure that anyone from the school who happened to be gazing out the window instaid of listening would have been able to see that. This only made her blush brighter. Quickly leading she and her friend to their next class, Math in double sessions, she couldn't help but think of just how soft her friend's lips were, and more importantly, how they tasted...

Similer thoughts were running through the mind of Mizure, although they didn't seem to specify which area of the body she was thinking of...

(hope that's not too risky for PC... yeah, we try not to be discriminative of the preferences of others, but it would seem alot of people here would find this 'questionable material' to be a bit beyond PG-13 for some reason. And I never did mention just what Mizure was thinking of, had it been a more... mature setting, I most likely would have just for that added bit of "oomph." )

September 10th, 2008, 3:39 PM
Howl leaned against a familiar bricked wall. His lunch had began a short time ago, probably, but it wasn't in him to care too much about it. He took a drag of his cigarette, the second one today. It relaxed him from nothing as his eyes flickered dumbly at the blue, cloudless sky.

Howl hated blue cloudless days. It was so boring and blue, with no clouds rolling by.

Edric happened to have math this period, but he hopped up towards the tall, ominous Howl anyways. Edric was still lax in getting his growth, and he was completely overshadowed by Howl by a whole foot. If anyone were new to the place they'd probably think Howl was a teacher or some kid who got held back too many times. Edric had thought so on his first day, too.

"Well, if it isn't the dog!" Edric said plainly. Howl held up one of his math textbooks, pointed at it then at Edric, who laughed at the sight of it. Don't you have this class now?

"Forget it. Algebra is long and boring anyways." Edric scratched his head, then continued: "Although it would be my last skip before I fail the whole thing. You do math, right?"

Howl did music, not math. He shook his head, then took out a used memo pad. Edric read what he wrote down. Smack some clouds up on that sky. Don't block out the blue, though. ****'s cash. Howl's script, as usual, was long and flowing yet most of all, legible. Edric gave a shrug and focused himself on the sky. He didn't think it would work, but if one cloud was enough...

Edric gave up after a small cirrus cloud banded across the sky. There was sweat beading on his forehead already, and his eyes were glazed from the effort. His mind seemed so far away. Howl took his pen and pad again: Can ya mess with the sun?

"Um, I can only control so much, I think." Edric wasn't so sure of his own powers. So he crashed a hurricane into a city and quite possibly killed his brother. That didn't mean he could make anything happen. Edric had no control over that (although the hurricane came after such intense focus, he fell straight to sleep for days) and was completely out of it both times.

So it is. Howl stomped the last of his cigarette out on the floor.

"You've got what next?" Edric asked.

Howl shrugged, then held up a beaten textbook. Lit class, Edric observed. Edric was two years below Howl anyways, so it wasn't like they shared any classes.

"You know what, Howl?" Edric said, snickering throughout his words. "You just keep watching those clouds, man." He brought a fist to Howl's stomach, knowing it would not make a dent. "Of course, Howl." He snorted. "You should probably be in like, the retard class."

Howl shrugged again and smiled, then wrote: Get to class, kid. He tried to make a laughing gesture, but it was chiefly odd and soundless. He clapped his hands in thunderous uproar instead.

It was probably a good fifteen minutes into Edric's math class before he decided to skip along. "Hey, you know what? I feel like going to math after all." He paused and laughed for a moment there. "I think I'm sick, Howl. Screw two times x, I might just hop along to the nurse."

Howl tried to laugh.

(OOC: mute people can't really laugh, right? All Google is giving me is Yahoo Answers and instain mothers.)

September 12th, 2008, 7:00 PM
(OOC: Yes they can, but it sounds more like a mix of wheezing, coughing, and just hacking up something. Though it does depend on why they're mute... But as a general rule they can laugh, though it'd probably freak most out...)

Cain stared blankly at the blackboard, trying his best to remain focused. But no matter what he tried, he couldn't keep his mind on that complex equation which the teacher-whom he could not place a name to, currently-had hastily scribbled, to give the students some busywork as he prepared their actual lesson, which promised to be as boring as Math ever was. Shaking off his tiredness Cain forced himself to work on the question on the board, but his efforts were fruitless... Trust a teacher to put a question which not one person in the class would know, to keep them busy...

Tired of attempting the seemingly impossible question Cain gently probed at the chalk dust on the board, and deftly rearranged it as a much simpler equation, not really caring if anyone saw it. Putting pen to paper, Rober-Cain! He mustn't forget... he was Cain now, Robert was dead- solved the question quickly and leaned back in his seat, awaiting the teacher to begin the true lesson.

"Mr... Darklyn?" came a voice from the front of the classroom, which Cain recognized as the teachers.

"Yes Mr..." Cain paused a moment,"...Anderson?" he finally whispered, glancing up at the teacher.

Mr. Anderson smiled smugly, showing far to much tooth, "Can you answer the equation on the side board?"

"Yes sir," Cain replied quickly, "the answer is -7a."

Mr. Anderson's smile widened to a seemingly impossible distance, "No, Mr. Darklyn, I'm afraid-" his smug reply was cut short as he glanced at the board, "that... you are... correct?" He was confused, he was sure that the equation had been a different one.

"Thank you, sir."

Mr. Anderson scratched his head, but quickly moved on, and continued the lesson.

October 6th, 2008, 9:55 AM
((OOC: there's no way i'm letting this RP die... semi-questionable, older-teen material aside, i'd really like it if this RP could survive!))


Haruko was still blushing slightly, giving her appearance a more 'human' look, as she entered Mr. Anderson's class, closely followed by Mizore who had her usual 'i'm so bad' grin plastered over her face like a scar she had recieved in some triumphant war or something.

"Sorry we're late Mr. Anderson, We ran into a bit of... trouble, on the way here." Haruko bowed politely, something she had picked up from her own culture and continued to do here in america, despite the fact that noone here outside the otaku club returned the gesture.

She looked up to see a confused looking Mr. Anderson glancing repeatedly from the chalkboard, to his notes, as though something didn't quite... 'add up.' Had Mizore been able to read her thoughts rather than flames, she would have burst out laughing at the sheer bad taste of the pun.

Her dark-haired friend was, however, looking over the problem with mild disintrest. They had learned this stuff last year, meaning that if it was up there, they'd be in for a review... great... she thought as if school wasn't boring enough, they have to dig back in their books for a subject we covered over a year ago... why do I even bother getting out of bed? It was then she chose to glance at her vampiricly enticing friend, only to get a delicious view of her bending over in a polite bow. Oh... right.... that's why

While it was true that she was attracted to Haruko's body, she actually did like her. She was kind and caring, but not enough so that she didn't have a fire within her. She had seen that first hand on one occasion when she had been glancing at other girls in passing. The suddenly furious blond had smacked her, full across the face, and stormed off in a jealous huff, which she quickly denied whenever questioned about it, going on about "How you never listen to me when i'm saying something important!"

But, it was still there. It may not be love but it definatly wasn't lust. Maybe somewhere in between...

Shaking herself from her musings, she glanced around the class, and saw her seat, waaaay in back, in the corner infact, facing away from the chalkboard, was empty as it always was, but there was a small flyer resting atop it. Patting her friend lightly on the rear as she passed, earning a startled gasp from her friend, she moved to her chair, sitting casually and picking up the note.

"Emergency Otaku Meeting. Directly after 3rd hour at lunch" it read, underlined several times. She glanced around at her partner-in-otaku to see her giving her a questioning look, and holding up a similar flyer. Shrugging, she set it down and glanced twords the teacher, who had returned to teaching.

Sighing mentally, bolth girls couldn't help but feel something terrible was going to happen today....

October 18th, 2008, 5:07 PM
(this RP can't die)

"Hey Rei, hurry up, this run isn't that bad, we only have to run back to the school" Rei was panting from exhaustion, sweating in the harsh sunlight, she looked ahead to see the school still somewhat far. "Gahh, Gym class is so annoying, especially when you get Mr. Sayers."
"Alright is everyone here?" Rei slowly walked to the crowd of students as she was last, everyone glanced at her. "Whats the matter Ms. Hino? Feeling a little weak? C'mon!! gather up some strength, don't let me see you run that slowly again, understood?" Rei was feeling very angry, she couldn't help but scream but she knew that if she did then she'd be in trouble. "What does that idiot of a teacher know? He has no idea that I was running all over the city yesterday."
"Ms.Hino!" Rei snapped back to her senses. "Yes sir." Rei said seeming a bit embarrased. All the students then left for the changerooms, Rei git into her normal clothes and stuffed her Gym clothes into her locker then slammed it shut. "Hey Rei" a boy said to her. "Brendan!? Hi......." Rei said starting to blush, it was the boy from her gym class that she had a small crush on, " Did you need something Brendan?" the boy smiled. "Nah just wanted to see if you were okay, well then I'll catch ya later" He said winking at her as he left. Rei seemed so flustered but as she looked towards her locker she saw a note. "Great run huh slowpoke? Try taking some vitamins you snail." Rei read the letter getting very angry, she was getting very tense as she read the letter again. "GAHHHHHHH!!!"
Rei ripped the letter in two and threw it into the garbage can. As Rei stormed off she could feel immense heat in her hands, Rei noticed two boys both from one of her classes, it was Jadon and Rei but they're was a dog with them. Rei knowing that it was wrong to have animals on School grounds walked up to them immediatly and confronted them. "Hey guys, you do know animals arean't allowed on school grounds right?" Just then Rei noticed a teacher walking by. "Oh no, if the Teacher cathes you're gonna get in trouble. Quick! Hide the dog." Rei whispered in a harsh voice.

November 10th, 2008, 9:33 AM
I like it so far! Are you getting it published anywhere?

November 10th, 2008, 12:04 PM
((OoC: WTF??? Dude! Yes, we need posts, but we're not so desperate as to get people to bump and spam. Seriously! hmmm... you know what, since things are going so sloooooowly... why not jump things a little. Time skip anyone? If not i'll come back and delete this post or something.

WARNING! Mild girl-on-girl kissing scene ahead! nothing more than kissing, but hey, you have been warned!))

Haruko stood, one hand on her hip and the other holding a small watch as she glanced repeatedly between it, and the doors to the otaku club meeting room. It had said 'emergency meeting' so they thought they would all be there waiting when class let out, but to no avail. The platinum blond glanced at her dark-haired companion with annoyance, only to see Mizore tossing pencils up at the celing, trying to get them stuck.

"Mizore! Stop that! That's destruction of school property!" She harped, furrowing her brow and tapping her foot. With a huff, her friend stopped.

"Geeze.. Here I am missing my lunch hour waiting for my club which still hasn't shown up TO show up, with nothing to pass the time but stare at you're beautiful body. Hmm.. wait, why am I complaining?" She finished, her 'complaint' quickly turning into a weapon of mass humiliation for her friend. A highly effective one at that, as Haruko's face was now as red, if not redder than, her lips.

"Wh... Yo... My..." She stuttered incoheirently for a few seconds, before finding herself wrapped in a pair of strong, feminine arms. Looking up she found that trademark grin plastered across Mizore's lips... those soft, tender... cinnamon flavored lips... Gah! Quit thinking like that Haruko!

Mizore couldn't help laughing at her friend's flustered expression, deciding now was time to put the final nail in the shorter girl's coffin of humiliation.

"You know... you're really cute when you're flustered..." She commented quietly, saying it right next to her friend's ear, and getting the desired reaction. Haruko stiffened visibly in her arms, eyes wide with shock. Sure.. Mizore had flirted with her from time to time, but never like this... never with that tone of voice... never with true care in her voice... It was a huge shock to hear her best friend, the once-upon-a-time-school-bully-turned-otaku-club-president, not to mention the girl that slept inside a roaring flame whenever given the chance, being so kind and gentle...

(children avert your eyes....)

Mizore just smiled... before her eyes widened in shock as her friend's lips pressed to her own. Slowly her eyes closed as she held her tighter, just enjoying the moment. When they broke apart, eyes still closed, resting their forheads against one another. It was Mizore who broke the silence.

"So, Are we going steady now?" There was no edge to her voice, sarcastic or otherwise, just pure intrest and care. It truely was a relief for her height-challenged friend. Haruko smiled, opening her mouth to speak.

A click was heard, and the two flew apart, eyes searching the room wildy, the fishtank on one side shuddering slightly as the water within tempted to break free of its confinement, while the lights suddenly grew brighter and brighter, threatening to explode from sheer heat. Two pairs of eyes locked on a small group of students in the doorway, grinning widely while one held a camera.

"Success!" They all called out, causing the two to blink in confusion. A younger member, probably second year in, stepped forwards, smiling.

"Today is the one-year anneversary of Haruko joining the Otaku Club!" She said happily "aaaand, since we've all seen how close you two are getting... and a few of us noticed what happened this morning, yet you were trying to act like nothing happened, well.. we thought we'd help you get together!" She giggled, bouncing on her heels slightly.

Haruko looked them over, then glanced at her friend who held up her hands at the unspoken accusation.

"Hey, I've been with you since you came to pick me up. I didn't plan any of this!" She said defensively, the lights seeming to dim and the water returning to its bubbling as the two girls calmed down... mostly.

"Well.. if what you're saying is true.... what's with the camera?" Haruko asked, glaring now at the sweating group before her.

"W-well.." one started, another picking up when the other remained quiet "This is your last year in the Otaku Club... so.. we're making you a gift..." the boy said quietly, reaching into his bag and pulling out a large, leather-bound book "It's a scrapbook.. of all the good times we've had in the club over the years... so you'd always remember us..."

Bolth girls were speechless. For a full five minutes, noone said anything.

A tear hit the floor, followed by several more. A crying Haruko stood infront of the club she had joined, and made so many friends in, a smile stretching from ear to ear. Mizore stood next to her, smiling also but managing to return her usual "Tough-girl" appearance and hold her tears back. Untill bolth girls leapt at the group before them and embraced them in the king of all group hugs.

"Thank you all... we'll never forget any of you! And we promise, when you guys move onto the next building... the Otaku club will be ready and waiting!"

They failed tonotice however, how not a teacher was present... in the classroom, the hallway... or even this wing of the building. If there was one thing a student at this school knew, it was that the teachers were EVERYWHERE, and usually turned up at the worst possible moments, when two kids were holding hands, right after someone gave a friend or other a kiss on the cheek or lips, or even when somone hugged... like the massive group-hug that was taking place between the overly-emotional group of over-obsessive anime fans.

Something wasn't right...