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September 13th, 2008, 7:39 PM

Welcome to the amazing and diverse land of Pokemon! Filled with mysterious animals called pokemon as well with humans that tame these pokemon known as Pokemon Trainers.

You have decided to become a pokemon trainer to discover the many joys of battling and collecting pokemon. You will choose your first pokemon and that pokemon will become your valued partner. Alongside that valued partner you will have a choice to battle against gyms and collect badges to compete in the Sinnoh League, to battle in contests and earn ribbond to compete in the grand festival, or become a valued partner and become a pokemon breeder. The choice is up to you.

But like every adventure there are bumps in the road. An evil organization lurks in Sinnoh and won't stop at anything as long as it involves getting money. This organization is known as Team Galactic.

Your goal is to become the greatest trainer that you can be and to become great partners with your pokemon. What happens in this adventure is up to you. Now it is your turn to step into the wonderful world of pokemon. Good luck friends.

1. No goddmodding.
2. No bunnying.
3. Sorry but I will not let you catch legendaries because it takes the fun out of everything.
4. You will only be allowed to catch pokemon every once in a while. For example if there are 6 chapters that each let you catch a pokemon you will at most be able to catch 3 or 4. Preffered though that it be like 1 or 2.
5. Keep the language and romance at PG-13.
6. Obey all rules.
7. Have fun.

Sighn Ups:
Age: 10-13
Gender: Male or Female
Appearence: What does your charecter look like. Trianer cards are allowed.
Personality: How does your charecter act? Atleast 1 paragraph of 3 or 4 sentences.
History: Atleast 2 paragraphs of 4 or 5 sentences each.
Preffered Starter: Which pokemon do you want as your starter or do you want me to choose out of the available ones for you?
Extra: Anything extra you want to add?
Trainer: What type of trainer are you?: Are you a scetcher a person who watches and draws pokemon in their natural habitat, a breeder a valuable team player who can heal pokemon and make food best for their type,a coordinator someone who enters in contests and earns ribbons to enter in the Grand Festival, or a trainer a person who battles gyms in order to collect badges to enter in the amazing Sinnoh League! Which one are you?

Starters to Choose From:

Lvl. 5
Scatch and Leer

Lvl. 5
Tackle and Growl
Lvl. 5
Tackle and Leer
Lvl. 5
Tackle and Growl
Lvl. 5
Scratch and Growl

Must have good SU to get one of these:

Lvl. 5
Tackle and Growl

Taken Pokemon:
Chikorita-Taken by Gummy.
Chimchar- Taken by ~Element.
Charmander- Taken by SailorShadow.
Mudkip- Taken by BatmanSymbol.
Totodile- Taken for azurelight2000.
Shinx- Taken by Slytherfang.

Things you should know:
1. I will start the roleplay when 6 people have joined and are accepted.

2. I will not be roleplaying.

3. If you are not active I will kick you off and search for someone new without stopping the roleplay.

4. You can not have the same pokemon if someone has already choosen it.

5. Everyone shall have fun!!

September 14th, 2008, 1:54 AM
Name: Scott Musgrove

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Appearence: Scott is very tall for his age, standing at 169cms. He has always been tall for his age but has never been able to gain any muscles. He has short dark hair and slightly tanned skin. He wears bronze glasses and has a very unique sense of fashion. He ussually wears a green, stripy top and blue denim jeans. He wears bred baseball boots on his feet and a small bracelet with a Sharpedo tooth on it.

If it is cold, he will wear a long brown coat that reaches his knees. If it is very cold, he wears a green, stripy scarf. If he ever gos to a formal occasion, or is on show, like in a Contest or at a Formal Doo, he wears a black buttoned top and black denim jeans. He also wears a velvet tie and keeps his Sharpedo bracelet on.

Personality: Scott always seems to be happy. He thinks that there is time to waste in your life so be happy all the time instead of having a "me against the world" kind of attitude. He is always smiling unless someone has been hurt. He will do anything to save anyone, may they be Friend or Foe. He is very selfless and loves Pokemon. He is also very intelligent and knows alot about pretty much everything but he can also show off and blurt out facts just for the sake of it.

History: Scott grew up in Jubilife City. He enjoyed life in the big city, occasionally going for a stroll in route 104 or going down to Sandgem Town. He had always liked Pokemon and his Family were also deeply involved in Pokemon. His Sister, Fanita, was a Gym Leader in Hearthome City. His Brother, Tyrone, was a Trainer and was now continuing his journey through Johto. His Mother was a nurse and worked for Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Centre in Jubilife City. His Farther was a Scientist and worked for Proffesor Rown. Scott had always wanted to follow in their footsteps.

When Scott was 11, he moved to Twinleaf town and lived with his Friend, Dawn. His parents knew Dawns Family very well and said it was okay if he lived there. He wanted to get away from the big city and see more nature, seeing Pokemon in a different light. Dawn already had a Pokemon and her Farther also orked for Proffesor Rowan. He enjoyed life in Twinleaf Town and when the day came, he stroled up to Sandgem Town to get his first Pokemon with Dawn.

Preffered Starter: Gible!!!
Extra: No, not really ;)

September 14th, 2008, 6:12 AM
Good Sign Up Toxic. You can have your adventure with Gible:D

Patatas Fritas
September 14th, 2008, 11:16 AM
Name: Billie Christer

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Appearance: Billie could be considered tall for her age, standing at 151 Cm. She had a sudden growth spurt on her tenth birthday so not only did she have muscle but she also had height, which could make her a bit intimidating. She has flowing long blond hair with brown streaks though she normally ties up her hair in a pony tail and hangs it over her shoulder. She always wears the green leaf shaped gem round her neck as its her last memory of her grandmother. Clothing wise she would normally wear a light blue dress which ends just above her knees and white running shoes.

When it is a formal occasion through, she would let her hair hang free and wear a long fiery red ball gown with red formal sandals and she really shows of her lovely pendant. In cold weather, she would wear long fluffy socks which want up practically to the top of her legs, brown snow boots, a blue wool hat with a bobble on top and a blue fluffy ski jacket, she would carry on wearing the pendant, it was just very hard to see.

Personality: Personality wise Billie is a bubbly outgoing person who is only ever caught sad when someone is hurt. She would get herself killed to save anyone in need, friend or foe. She believes that violence solves nothing. She loves Pokémon and hates the fact that people battle with them, thus them getting hurt. She isn't exactly the brightest bulb and still has allot to learn, and she knows it! But that doesn't stop her from going all out!

History: Billie grew up in the calm town of Azalea, Jhoto. It was very peaceful for her there and on each morning she would feed the slowpoke.She would also go down to the well with some of the older Slowpoke. She began to get fed up with the life of Azalea, and not having any Pokémon. Especially considering her Mother was Jasmine, a gym leader and her Brother Bugsy, another gym leader.

One day her father told her that she and him would be moving to Twinleaf town of Sinnoh. She asked about her mother and brother, and was told they'd visit... But had gyms to run. Billie was sad for one of the first times in her life, she realized what she would be leaving. Her mother, brother, friends AND the Slowpoke! She wished she'd never asked to go. When she got there she was happy again, realizing it was a new begging, and anyway she would see them again!

Preferred Starter: Seedot

Trainer: Co-Ordinator

Extra: I have nothing more... :)

September 14th, 2008, 11:41 AM
Rafey- Good SU- Accepted!

To everyone- Sorry to the people who have already joined just add it into your SU I totally foregot about putting trainers on there. Look at the forum to join and then put it into your SU please:D Thank you!

September 14th, 2008, 2:17 PM
Name: Shaun Alexander
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Appearance: Shaun has always been skin and bone, or mostly skin and bone, which means she looks like a concentration camp victim. Anyways, she could be considered fairly tall, standing at nearly 5'3, but its more like 5'2.87 or something, so she just rounds up a bit. She has straight chestnut brown hair cut short, reaching only a few inches past her ears, and its in a way so that the ends are jagged and uneven, though its clearly not poorly done. Her eyes are a blood red, which is unusual. On normal days she wears a red short sleeved t-shirt with a gold dragon on it, a jean skirt made of dark wash denim that comes to just about five inches about her knees, black leggings that reach to her mid calf, and black Converse hi-tops, which she switches with her white running shoes sometimes. One her head she wears a black french style beret, and around her neck she wears a black cotton tie tied loosely around her neck, and small silver hoop earrings. She also wears a silver chain from which hangs a silvery white feather, which she tucks under her shirt to keep it safe, and which acts as her good luck charm. On cooler days she also throws on a black zip-up hoodie.

Formal occasions: Shaun wears a peacock blue gown that reaches down about two inches past her knees, delicate looking gold sandals, a gold chain around her neck, and small gold hoop earrings. When the weather really gets gold, she wears a warm, but not too bulky polyester jacket, longer socks to cover any exposed skin, and snug gray snow boots, she also wears earmuffs under her beret, everything else stays. If it gets too cold, however, she wears heavier jeans rather than the skirt and leggings.

Personality: Shaun is not an easily intimidated person, she'll stand up to anyone, or almost anyone, at least, easpecially if they're bullying some helpless kid on the playground or something. She's used to getting teased about her toothpick build, and finally, she just learned to ignore any teasing remarks or insults that are thrown at her. Compare the way insults slide off her the way water rolls off a swan's feathers. She is also polite and usually very respectful, but is definitely a nonconformist, any rules except for the ones that she has no choice but to follow are her own rules, and anyone who says otherwise is probably in for one of her famous icy stares, known to freeze the sea between Hoenn and Sinnoh...no, not really, but you get the idea. Even though she goes and does things her own way, she is definitely not stupid, she's a pretty good strategist, and loves to spot loopholes in a set of rules, and she has a good deal of common sense, so she doesn't do many reckless things, though she can be the type to do first and ask questions later. However, any trace of her colder personality disappears when she's with pokemon, immediately she becomes a warm and extremely kind person, although she might only show this kind of warmth towards the pokemon.

History: Shaun was born in Snowpoint City, where her father worked with a branch of the Poketch Company, and her mother stayed at home to care for her. She loved to play with the wild pokemon in her backyard, especially a friendly sneazel, whom she spent time with daily. When she was four years old, her father received a promotion, but it came with a price. They would have to move to Sunyshore City, home of the electric gym, and which was located by the sea. Shaun desperately wanted to stay in Snowpoint, but she couldn't just leave her family. After saying good bye to the Sneazel, which took close to an hour, she left with her family.

When they arrived at their new house in Sunyshore, which her parents had bought beforehand, Shaun decided she immediately hated her new life, especially now without the sneazel to play with, she had nothing to do to fill her days, and so her mother enrolled her in karate and gymnastics, and thoughs she did it grudgingly, she did it nevertheless. She took both for eight years, moving up in rank and level steadily, and managed to build up strength, though she never lost that deprived of muscle look, she's stronger than she appears, and she's got some skills to back her up. When she was eight, five years after she moved to Sunyshore, she decided she enjoyed battling, and wanted to become a pokemon trainer, but when she was ten, and about to begin her pokemon journey, her town was hit by a fierce thunderstorm. Though it wasn't a hurricane, most of the locals figured that it came pretty close to one, trees were knocked down, houses were damaged, and there was no power. Shaun's house, thankfully, survived the storm, and as she gazed outside, begging for it to stop, she saw a silver white feather float slowly to the ground as the sky cleared and the rain stopped, though the wind kept blowing for a while. She ran outside and picked up the feather, which hadn't blown away, despite the wind, and ran back inside, clutching it carefully in her hand. Since then she has worn it tucked under her shirt on a chain. Two years later, the city had recovered from the storm, and Shaun, who had held back two years because of the storm, thinks its about time she began her journey.

Preffered Starter: Shinx if my profile is good enough, otherwise, let me know and I'll decide a different starter.

Extra: Nothing else to add

Trainer: Trainer

September 14th, 2008, 3:19 PM
Name: Nikko J. Web

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearence/Info: Nikko has long, dirty blonde hair, and stands very short for his age. Since he accidently tried to insult a Gyrados with his mind, just for fun because he's kind of mean, he found out he can talk to Pokemon with his mind, after a painful, wet experience. Nikko tends to wear all black, and sunglasses. He is a very experienced thief from the Johto Region. Nikko's personality is dark, mysterious, and snobby. His favorite types are dark, poison, fire, ghost, and psychic.

Starter: How 'bout Bulbasaur?

September 14th, 2008, 3:31 PM
Name: Bobby Baker
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearence: http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/trainer/282.png
Personality: Bobby has a laid back personality prefering to take the easy road insted of the hard road. He has a very optimistic view on life and always believes that whatever happens, happens and that you should get over it. Always smiling he uplifts everyone around him. When he's not exploring or battling, he's usually eating or sleeping. He has trouble making friends, but for those he has he defends them furiously. If he sees a friend in trouble or someone hurting a Pokemon, his anger ignites. However while he may be quick to anger, he is also quick to forgive, which is his biggest weakness.
History: Bobby was born in Olivine City and lived in a lonley world for 6 years. He had lived a sheltered life as when he was born, he almost died by an unknown disease. It looked like Bobby wasn't long for this world. He was a fighter though and manged to pull through. For the next six years Bobby was sheltered and sick quite often. He then met Jasmine. Bobby had been trapped in a land slide, as he was tired of being sheltered and went to go exploring against his mothers wishes. He was wondering near the beach when the strong winds knocked the rocks off. No one was around so he cried. Soon a young girl found him buried and called apon her Onix for help. When he was free, she let him borrow her Magnimite so that they could have a battle. Which he lost. And mulitple times after that. He found out that her name was Jasmine and they soon became inseperable.

While Bobby viewed her as an older sister, she saw him as the cute young boy. As years went by, their roles reveresed as Bobby became the outspoken one, and Jasmine became the quiet one. Jasmine soon became the Gym Leader of Olivine City because of her amazing battling skills and Bobby no longer had time to see her. So with a plan in mind he set out to become a Pokemon Trainer so that he could battle her and prove her once and for all he was better than her.
Preffered Starter: Totodile
Extra: Nope
Trainer: Trainer though he is more intrested in studying Legendary Pokemon

September 14th, 2008, 3:38 PM
Name: Katerina Blaze (Nickname: Kate)

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearence: Tall with long brown hair and green eyes. She wears an outift that consists of a black tank top with a red flame design, black jeans, red belt, black sneakers, black beret, and black fingerless gloves rimmed with red.

Personality: Kate is normally cheerful and funny. She is quite sarcastic and has a short temper as well. She is also naive. Her favorite types are Fire and Dark, as they represent the two parts of her- the fiery determined side, and the quiet, more evil side. Kate acts like a loner and rarely trusts people. She thinks they'll get in her way. She hates to lose. Kate is very determined and curious, as she won't stop to get what she needs and wants. She loves pokemon and is very good at taking care of them.

History: Kate was born in Hearthome City, quickly learning how to be a good coordinator and a good battler from watching events at the Gym and the Contest Hall. But then Kate's mother died and her father abandoned her.
She lived with her aunt in Snowpoint City for a while, learning to cope with the low temperature and being alone for long periods of time. When her aunt finally kicked her out, she was taken in by a group of orphans that lived on the streets in Solaceon Town. Eventually, the old couple that lived there became her guardians and taught her how to take care of pokemon. Kate learned how to make sure the pokemon weren't sick, how to take care of an Egg until a trainer got back, and how to make Poffin for the pokemon at the DayCare. Soon, the couple thought she could go on her own Pokemon journey.

Perfered Starter: Charmander (Nickname: Char).

Extra: Nope.

Trainer: Kate is a trainer, but she breeds pokemon as well.

September 14th, 2008, 3:42 PM
well im using this for two other rps but....

Character Name: Adam
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Birth Date: August 27 1996

Apperance: Adam is 5ft. 1inch tall and weighs about 80 pounds. He has tanned skin and always wears the same black beanie his mom gave him before she passed away, there is also a bit of his brown hair sticking out of the beanie. He has sky blue eyes like his brother and an average physique. He always wears the same black jeans, a black striped polo, and blue skate shoes. He also has a small scar on his left cheek that he has no idea how he got. He usually walks around with a blank expression that quickly changes when anyone says anything.

Personality: Adam has a very sarcastic and wisecracking attitude, at times he seems like he doesn't care but in reality he is hiding the fact that sad of his mothers passing. He would never let anyone he cared about get hurt. He has always had a fascination with dragon pokemon and has always dreamed of having one, he is very knowledgeable as he spends most of is time at the library.
Adam loves to insult and give backhanded comments to people, even if they say any kind of insult to him it doesn't really make him feel bad.

History:dAdam was born in Canalave city and was shut out by his peers, he spent most of his time in the library to hide from the local bullys. His mother passed away when he was 8 years old, before his mother died she gave him a black beanie which he has not took off since. His father Dave thought they should move from the region so that Adam could forget about his sorrows in Canalave.
For years his brother Sam tried to cheer him up but it never worked. To keep his older brother quiet Adam acted like he was happy again but he was hiding it all along. Adam had no real ties with people except for his mother. The night before Adam was going to leave for Kanto adam woke up with a peircing pain on his left cheeck, he got up to see a note on his chest saying *something to remember the sorrow*.......
Perfered Starter: chimchar

trainer: a normal battling trainer

extra: none

September 14th, 2008, 5:13 PM
Slytherfang: excellent SU you can have Shinx as your starter oh and I hope if we get to Snowpoint you'll be catching that poor Sneasel you left;) You don't have to though. Accepted!

Nikko.Ideator: Declined for lack of anything in a SU. First of all you don't have what type of trianer you are and second you dont have a personality part up there except for that thief thing but that isn't long enough, and third you dont even have a history!

Zimvee: Accepted! Totodile is yours:)

SailorShadow: Pending! One you have a lack of sufficiency in your History and Personality. You also need to have your trainer in there...Edit it to make it longer and then you might be accepted.

Element: Accepted! Chimchar is yours:)

September 15th, 2008, 12:17 PM
I edited my post earlier.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
September 15th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Name: Halse

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Appearence: http://www.geocities.com/cobaltcitydragon/frlgtrainers/00.gif (Im 11,Deal With The Size. -_-)
Actual Height - 5 Foot

Personality: Halse Acts Brave,Even Though He Gets Scared Easily. He Is Also Very Naive, And Does Anything Anyone Tells Him.


Preffered Starter: Treecko

Trainer: Sketcher

Will Edit

September 15th, 2008, 6:21 PM
SailorShadow: Accepted!

The SilentPidgeot: Ok make sure to edit your post soon!

To everyone else: the RP will start soon!

Chapter 1: The begining of a new journey
Posts 2 or 3

Proffessor Rowan is out on a small adventure to Lake Verity to test the water to make sure the pokemon that live there will be safe. He sent you a letter a few days earlier telling you to stop by his laboratory. He remembered what he needed to do at the Lake and took some pokemon( your starters), his assistant Maximillion Tegeku who prefers to be called Max, and the proffessors he works with have gotten the day off. He left a letter an the first desk in his laboratory telling you that he left for Lake Verity where you may get your starter pokemon!

What you do:

In 2 or 3 posts you will have to

1. Travel to Sandgem Town and find the laboratory with the letter inside.

2. Travel to Lake Verity and discover Max and Proffessor Rowan being attacked by pokemon. You have no clue why they aren't using there own pokemon, which is because Rowan dropped the suitcase full of them, and Lucas left his at the laboratory.

3. You open the sitcase to find multiple pokemon. You choose one with your starter in it and then throw it and battle one Starly while throwing another pokeball containing a Staraptor at Max so that he can battle the other one.

4. After you beat the Starly you travel back to lab with Rowan and then stop the chapter there.:)

Rules to the chapter:

1: You will not be catching any pokemon! Although you may battle them when you have your starter.

2. Your post must have atleast two paragraphs in it.

3. No goddmodding in the battles as I mentioned in my origanal post.

4. You may meet some of the other roleplayers and you may battle them but you and the other person will have to PM eachother back and forth to decide how the battle will go and who will win.

September 16th, 2008, 12:46 PM
"Tired, tired, tired," Shaun muttered, rubbing at her eyes with the back of her hand, brushing her short chestnut brown hair out of her eyes. She had stayed at the Pokemon Center in Jubilife City and had gotten up early on her way to Sandgem Town. She decided to stop to do some stretching. Moving to the side of the road, she stood straight, bending backwards so that her hands touched the ground. Having taken gymnastics for eight years, simply touching her toes was never enough for her. Then she pushed off the ground with her hands to stand back up again. Sliding into a split, she placed her hands on the ground in front of her, stretching as far as she could go, then stood up again, feeling a bit more awake.

"Wait till I call She stopped, remembering that she couldn't. Ivan had been her best friend, even though he was a guy, and they had known each other since forever, he was also a beginnner pokemon trainer, though he had gotten his pokeon before her, which turned out to be a piplup. Just before she left town though, he started leaving her behind a lot, thinking that she was too 'girly' or something. I am not girly! Shaun thought indignantly, the though making her grit her teeth in frustration, I play soccer and basketball as well as any other guy! And I can play football too, I just...don't like it very much, but neither does ivan! Shaun clenched her fists, why was she getting so upset anyway. She reached down and touched her toes, to some people it was a challenge, to her it was too easy, and took a deep breath to calm down. She was getting upset too easily these days, though she had no clue why. "YESS!" Shaun cried, doing a cartwheel joyfully, "I'll have my first pokemon soon!" She punched the air with her fist, and began running towards the small town that lay in the distance.

Just then, the phone she carried in her bag in order to stay in touch with her parents rang. She dug it out of her bag, opened it, and pressed the talk button.

"Hello, Shaun speaking," Shaun speaking! It had become habit to say that whenever she answered the phone.

"Hey Shaun! What's up?"

"Ivan!?" Shaun said to her phone incredulously, "I thought you said I was too much of a girl," she exclaimed, though she couldn't help but put some resentment in her voice.

"Okay, I was wrong, sorry..." Was Ivan's mumbled response.

"its okay, you're forgiven."

"Guess what, my piplup's doing great, we're in Jubilife, just got there." Ivan told her excitedly, "its going to turn out to be a great pokemon, I'll challenge you to a battle sometime, but you'd better train hard if you want to even stand a chance!"

Jubilife!" Shaun groaned, "I was just there! I left Jubilife this morning to get to Sandgem town, I'm wicked tired."

"Me too, well, I've got to get somewhere, talk to you later, okay?" Ivan said, sounding as if he were trying to stifle a yawn.

"Fine by me, see you around...somewhere. Good luck with your training."

"You too. Bye." Then Ivan hung up, Shaun was left standing there, phone in hand, looking more calm than she had been before. Ivan didn't think she was too much of a girl anymore, wait. She was born a girl, how can she be too much of one? What did that sentence mean anyway. Whatever. First things first, get to Sandgem Town! Shaun closed the phone and stowed it away, and then began sprinting towards Sandgem Town again.

September 16th, 2008, 6:35 PM
Good post Slytherfang! You may move onto post two!

Patatas Fritas
September 17th, 2008, 10:17 AM
'BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ' Billie's annoying Combee alarm clock rang telling her it was the start of a new day... But boy she was tired! Billie went downstairs to a great breakfast which woke her up a bit... But i guess having cold water chucked over you would to... But what really woke her up was the fact she received a letter! She never gets letters.
But all the letter said was:

"Dear Miss. B. Christer,

I invite you to my laboratory for you to pick up your first Pokémon as i cant make it to your house as I have some research to work on.
Try to be here by at least mid-day.

Sincerely, Prof. Rowan

Billie read this letter a few times to take it all in, and then jumped in the air whooping for joy at the concept of getting her first Pokemon!

It was now 11:30 am, Billie hoped she would have enough time to reach the lab.
Billie got a sandwhich before sprinting out of the house. She wanted to stop and look at the scenery, but there was no time! She sprint ed through the feilds and past many newbie trainers... She even missed the Proffesor going towards the lake! She fiannaly reached the lab and walked inside. "Rowan? Anyone?" She called loudly, she then saw the letter on the desk telling her to go to Verity Lake...
"Here we go again..." She sighed as she walked out.

September 17th, 2008, 12:30 PM
Since the RP has just started, do you mind if I reserve Chikorita? My sign up will be here later today.

September 17th, 2008, 2:40 PM
Ok Gummy Chikorita is ~reserved~ for two days unless you put your sign up.:) Good post Rafey although it was very close I think to the minimum of a post. Anyway move on to post two!:)

September 17th, 2008, 3:28 PM
Can I still sign up, you haven't got too far yet...

Character Name: Marcus Resden

Gender: Male
Age: 11

Apperance: Short and thin, he has short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears wire-rim glasses and has a near-constant smirk. His skin is lightly freckled and untanned.He wears very flamboyant clothes, his shirt a bright orange. He wears a gray jacket with an interesting flame motif on the sleeves. He wears gloves, leather, in order to protect his hands. Marcus' pants are dark blue and he has sturdy hiking boots on his feet. His belt has a buckle in the shape of pokeball. He also constantly wears a green fishing hat his father gave him for his ninth birthday.

Personality: Marcus is a happy go lucky kid; an eternal optimist who looks for the best in every situation. He enjoys making people laugh over anything else. Marcus is a bit klutzy, frequently injuring himself by falling and tripping. Marcus genuinely enjoys being around other people and pokemon and attempt to be everybody's friend. He is very insightful, able to determine people's moods at a glance; unfortunately he is unable to take advantage of this skill because he blinds himself to the worst in people. He refuses to believe that anyone is evil, or cruel and feels that everyone is decent at heart.

Marcus' main motivation in becoming a Pokemon trainer is to travel and see the world. He is not driven by a deep motivation to be the best trainer in the world, though he is not apathetic either.

History: Born in Jubilife town, Marcus was a tiny ball of sunshine growing up. He was popular in school, unfailingly kind, and his parent's pride and joy. He loved playing with his father's magnemite growing up, and as the boy grew older he was there when it eveloved first into a magneton and then into a Magnezone. These events instilled a sense of wonder in Marcus, he became absolutely fascinated by evolution and would sit outside for hours in the spring watching the native silcoon and cascoon evolve in the woods just north of the city.

However Marcus was... insulated from the harsher parts of life. His parents shielded the innocent boy from the evils of the world, consequently leaving Marcus naive. Marcus has never had a true tragedy befall him, or really affect him. As such, Marcus is vastly unprepared for the realities of a Pokemon journey.

Pokemon Starter: Cyndaquil

Trainer type: Trainer

September 17th, 2008, 3:32 PM
Kate woke up just before her alarm wailed, smacking her hand onto the off button. She sat up in the bed at a small motel in Sandgem. She pulled on her signature outfit. Kate went downstairs to the desk to see if she had any mail. Surprisingly, there was a letter addressed to her.

"Ms. Kate Blaze,
You are to report to the research laboratory at 10 AM, as I have some Pokemon that you may choose your starter from.
Professor Rowan." Kate read.

Hmm, a Pokemon for me, she mused, pulling her backpack on. She grabbed a packed lunch and stuffed it in as well. She headed toward the lab. She poked her head in to take a look around. The room was empty of people, but she saw a letter on the table. Kate walked in and picked the letter up off the table.

"Please head to Lake Verity," the letter said. Kate sighed, then left the laboratory and headed for the lake.

Kate jogged towards the lake, hoping there wouldn't be anymore instructions for her there. Hopefully she'd meet this professor soon. Kate finally reached the lake.

September 17th, 2008, 3:32 PM
Zore- Pending! You need to edit your hitory to two paragraphs but other than that you'll be accepted just edit that please;)

SailorShadow- Good post you may move onto post two!!

September 17th, 2008, 3:36 PM
Name: Vanessa Lopez

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Look up the definition for Prima Donna in the dictionary, and you just might find Vanessa's picture. In other words, I dare you to find someone more conceited than her. Being an only child, she was constantly spoiled by her parents to the point where she actually believed she was better than some people. Due to this, Vanessa isn't exactly a team player but will still travel with the group, as her fear of being left alone overpowers any standards she has. When it comes to Pokemon relationships, Vanessa acts a bit differently. She'd much rather capture cute Pokemon as opposed to strong ones, but once she does capture one, she becomes extremely affectionate of it. Maybe a little too affectionate...

Appearance: Vanessa is quite the beauty, if I do say so myself. Her skin his a light caramel color, almost as if she spends all her days tanning in the sun. Atop her head is mane of curly, black hair that extends to her shoulder blades. On particularly hot days, she ties it up in a ponytail, as do most females. She always puts on pink and glittery lipstick before leaving home and just in case, takes an extra lipstick capsule with her at all times. Her normal attire consist of a flashy necklace, a sleeve-less blue shirt, red and blue plaid shorts, a pair of all-white running sneakers, and last but not least, a pink backpack in which she holds all her necessities.

Preferred Starter: Chikorita

History: Vanessa was born into a high-middle class family in Celadon city. Her parents only wanted one child, so when she was to be left an only child. Her father was the one who "brought home the bacon," as the saying goes, so her mother stayed home most of the time. Leaving two females in a house together will only amount to one thing: massive amounts of make-up, and in those first ten years is when Vanessa developed her stylish personality. Then tragedy struck when her mother became terribly ill. Although she survived the sickness, for two months Vanessa had to stay home everyday, alone. Ever since her mother recovered, she never wanted to be alone for such a long time again, and her parents feared this would interfere with their plans to send her off on a Pokemon journey. Finally they came up with a plan and moved to the small town of Twinleaf, where many trainers traveled in packs. They also wanted to get their daughter away from the rising Team Rocket activity in Celadon, but little did they know of the equally evil organization known as Team Galactic.

Trainer: Battler, but has interest in catching cute Pokemon.

September 17th, 2008, 3:49 PM
Gummy- Accepted!! Go ahead and start your journey through Sinnoh!!!!!.:)

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September 17th, 2008, 4:57 PM
"Hello?" Shaun called from the entrance to Professor Rowan's laboratory, but there was no reply. Hey, this was awesome, wasn't it? So...then she spotted the letter hanging from the door, At Lake Verity. Oh, just great, just great. She left the lab and walked quickly out of Sandgem Town. Well, look on the bright side, Lake Verity wasn't all that far away. She started jogging again, to get there in good time.

Shaun sighed, continuing to jog forward, her eyes focused on the trees ahead of her, Lake Verity lay just beyond those trees. Almost there, Shaun thought, her sides beginning to ache, she must have ran at least two miles, suddenly, a bidoof ran out across her path.

"What the-?" Almost by instinct she executed a jump into the air, doing a split and rotation. She had practiced that for years till she could do it perfectly, and now she saved herself from tripping by doing that move to jump over a bidoof. Weird way to use gymnastics. But whatever.

"Kali loves the sea...kali loves the sea..." Shaun started singing, her own voice surprising her, she had a pretty good voice, but she wasn't a fan of singing. She rarely sang. "Oh, look, I'm here!" She exclaimed, as she stopped singing. Shaun walked through the trees, spotting the beautiful lake up ahead, hearing the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore, the birds singing softly, the gentle breeze whistling through the trees, and...

The cries of two people. "Professor?" Shaun peered into the distance, to see Professor Rowan and who must have been his assistant being attacked by pokemon. Her jaw dropped and she ran forward. "Professor!"

"OH, HELLO THERE! PLEASE HELP US! THE POKEMON ARE IN THEIR POKEBALLS IN THE SUITCASE, CHOOSE ONE AND RELEASE IT, THEN GIVE MAX HERE ONE TO BATTLE THE OTHER POKEMON!" Professor Rowan shouted. Flustered, Shaun looked around for the suitcase, and spied it near a few trees, running there, she took a pokeball out, tossing it to "Max" and took one of for herself.

"GO, pokeball!" She cried, tossing it up in the air, and a Shinx came out, shaking itself off and looking around. "Shinx? Okay then, shinx it is, use tackle on that starly!" She pointed at one of the starly, not quite grasping the idea, and the shinx obeyed immediately, dashing forward and using a tackle attack, knocking the starly down and enraging it. Man, what an adventure! Shaun thought, now what do I do?

September 17th, 2008, 5:06 PM
“Vanessa, hurry downstairs, your breakfast is getting cold!” ordered an elegant female voice. Within seconds of the commands, the sound of sneakers pounding on the stairs filled the house, until finally Vanessa jumped from the fourth step. Her black, curly hair flowed in the air as if a powerful gust had just passed by, and she landed gracefully in her living room. She was dressed in her normal attire: a flashy necklace, a sleeve-less blue shirt, red and blue plaid shorts, and a pair of all-white running sneakers. After recovering from the jump, the young girl ran forward and made a sharp left turn into the kitchen.

“I’m... here... mom,” she said, breathing intensely.

“The day has barely begun and already you’re worn out,” the older woman commented. Vanessa was a spitting image of her mother, except shorter. “Hurry up and finish your breakfast, you know you have an appointment with Professor Rowan.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Vanessa managed to mumble with a mouthful of pancakes. She quickly devoured the meal, tossed her plate into the sink, gave her mother a kiss on the cheek, and ran for the exit.

“I believe you’re forgetting something, young lady!” called Mrs. Lopez just as Vanessa reached the door. In her hand was a pink backpack, containing many of her daughter’s necessities. The young girl reluctantly marched back to her mother, snatched the backpack, and dashed for the door once again.

“I’ll give you a call later, around the time dad comes home from work!” Vanessa shouted before slamming the door shut.

It was a particularly sunny day outside, which was a good thing, as this was the day many aspiring travelers from various towns left for their Pokemon journeys. Vanessa had her own goals, which were a tad different from the usual trainers’. Her dream was not only to become a Sinnoh League Champion (and get the money and fame that comes with it), but to also catch an assortment of adorable and cute Pokemon, no matter how weak they were.

Vanessa daydreamed about how her journey would play out all the way to Rowan’s lab in Sandgem. She was so much lost in her own world that she barely noticed the other trainers traveling in the opposite direction. When she did finally reach Sandgem, she couldn’t help but notice the lights to the lab were turned off.

“That’s odd; why would he ask us to be on time, but he’s late himself?”

Anxious to get her journey started, Vanessa tried turning the knob, and to her amazement, the door was unlocked. It didn’t take a genius to figure out the lab was completely empty, so Vanessa eased her way to Rowan’s main desk, hoping to find some sort of clue as to what was going on. On his desk was letter requesting her, among other beginning trainers, to meet at Lake Verity, which just happened to be in the opposite direction.

“That old man has some nerve, thinking he can ask a bunch of kids to be at one place, then tell them to go to another! Oh, when I get my hands on him...’” Vanessa muttered the last bit of her threat as she stormed out of the lab, rather angry.

September 17th, 2008, 5:16 PM
Marcus walked with a bounce in his step as he headed to the Sandgem Pokemon lab, today was a special day after all. Grinning ear to ear the boy confidently strode the short paved street, his mind abuzz with thoughts of his very first Pokemon. As the boy drew closer he failed to notice several key details in his dream-like haze, the most important of which was the lack of lights emanating from the building.

Marcus didn't even bother knocking and let himself in, after all he was expected. The boy looked around the lab curiously, dazzled by the advanced equipment and rows of Pokemon related books. After a few minutes he noted a distinct lack of people in his immediate vacinity and began wildly looking around for the missing Professor. He wandered a bit periodically calling out the errant Professor's name but to no avail.

Stumped, he decided to take a harder look around and wandered over to the massive Mahogany desk. It was a true work of art with Pokemon carefully sculpted into the siding and Marcus found himself admiring the wonderful craftsmanship. He let his eyes wander over the rest of the desk, pausing when he detected a curiously out of place white envelope with his name on it.

Curious, the boy tore it open making sure to drop the trash in a proper receptacle as his eyes scanned the letter. When he finished he smiled and shoved it in his pocket and left the same way he came, almost skipping along the path to lake Verity.

September 17th, 2008, 7:30 PM
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September 17th, 2008, 8:14 PM
As Marcus drew closer and closer to lake Verity he began to hear odd noises, noises he had never heard before. At first he filtered it out, so happy imagining the cool things he would do on his journey to pay attention, but as the noises grew louder he stopped to ponder what could be making them. Coming up blank he headed towards the source, walking with a perplexed look on his face.

As he finally came into sight of the source he stopped dead as his brain refused to process the images. Oh he could understand the individual parts, Professor Rowan and an assistant standing by the lake; several Starlys using tackle attacks. But his brain could not, would not accept the whole scene, 'POKEMON DO NOT ATTACK PEOPLE' had been so hammered into his mind he was almost having a psychotic break.

"Hey! HEY!" The Professor and his cohort were attempting to get his attention he realized after several seconds of blank stares. They wanted him to... throw a ball. Ok, he could do that nice simple mechanical steps. Step one find pokeball, step two throw it, step three battle ... at this point Marcus' brain stopped processing for several minutes as he could not comprehend, could not cope with this massive a shift of worldview.

A minute or so later he realized the screams were getting louder and losing all traces of language they might once have contained, so he began to follow the instructions they had been repeating over and over to him. Throw the blue ball to them. Check he thought as the Great ball sailed through the Starlys to be snagged by the assistant.

Step two, throw one of the pokeballs and help fight off the Starlys, this too he could do; bending over and picking up one with a tiny flame on it and releasing it in one motion. A tiny fiery hedgehog burst forth from the ball, breaking him from his stupor as he realized that he now was controlling a pokemon, and a Cyndaquil no less. He looked amazed at the slitted eyes as the pokemon scrunched up as if asking him for instructions.

"Oh, right... um... Tackle the Starlys?" Marcus guessed as the tiny fire pokemon leaped into the battle alongside Rowan's assistant's pokemon.

September 18th, 2008, 6:17 AM
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September 18th, 2008, 11:00 AM
Suddenly, Kate heard someone cry out.

"Help! Get the suitcase by the tree, pick a pokemon and throw one to Max!" the person shouted, a Starly attacking him and another attacking his companion. Kate went over to the tree and picked up a Pokeball.

"Go, Pokeball?" she said, throwing the sphere. Out popped a small orange lizard with a flame at the end of its tail. Kate recognized it to be a Charmander, then grabbed another Pokeball and threw it to the other person, who caught it and released a Staraptor.

"Charmander, use Scratch on that Starly!" Kate shouted, watching as the lizard's claws got bigger and ripped into the unsuspecting Starly. "Good, one more time!" Charmander's claws dug into the tiny bird pokemon once more, fainting it. Max's Staraptor easily took out the other Starly. The man that cried out walked up to her.

"Hello, I'm Professor Rowan. Thank you for saving us from those Starly. You are Kate, correct?" he stated.

"Yeah, and no problem," Kate answered. "So... You had a pokemon for me?"

"Yes, let's go back to the lab," Rowan said, picking up the suitcase of Pokeballs. The three of them started walking back to Sandgem Town,

September 18th, 2008, 11:21 AM
Character Name: Thomas Mitchell

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: October 27 1991

Apperance: Thomas has dirty blonde hair that curls at the ends just above his eyes, his height is exactly 6 foot 3 inches. He has a slight tan and he is mildly muscular. Thomas wears faded baggy blue jeans, black shoes, a Blue Jacket with a black shirt underneath, His eye color is Dark green with blue mixed in.

Personality: Thomas is quiet but thoughtful, sarcastic, yet caring. He doesn't particularly like to be around people, but the people he considers to be his friends, he can't do without. He tends to wander at large gatherings, seeking only to get away from the crowd. On top of it all, he hates to see anyone doing anything awful to a pokemon, it doesn't matter whos pokemon it is, he hates to see it and will try to stop it, if possible.

History: As an 8-year-old, Thomas was fairly isolated because his family moved all around the Johto region, so as a result Thomas had very few friends at the pokemon schools he had always attended. He hadn't ever had much luck making friends in the past, due to his quiet, reserved nature, so he never really tried.

Fastforward to years later, Thomas is in 10th grade. He has continued with not trying to make friends, but instead has turned his attention to the pokemon he so often read about, and tried to seek out one to meet a pokemon, always described as "The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You" and try making his first friend, at this time his parents had relocated to the Sinnoh region, in a town known as Twinleaf...

Trainer Type: Trainer

This Works Right?

September 18th, 2008, 12:13 PM
Shaun sighed, she'd just have to figure this out. Maybe using a few different attack combos would help her out...only that the Shinx probably would not know many attacks. Then she saw that she starly was diving straight at Shinx, who was looking terrified.

"Shinx, I know this is really hard, but just stand there until I tell you to move!"

Another few feet and then the starly would land a direct hit on Shinx.

"Now! Dodge to the right!" Shaun cried, Shinx lurched to the right almost instinctively, seeming to relax slightly as the attack missed. Instead, the Starly, which was going to fast to stop, crashed directly into the ground. Stunned, it got up, looking dizzy.

"Now use tackle!"

"Shinx!" The shinx dashed forward, slamming into the starly with a full body tackle attack, knocking it backwards. It flew through the air, landing on the ground. Then Shaun ran forward towards it.

"Now go, back to where you came from..." She said, not knowing what else to say, but not wanting to hurt the starly any more. Surprisingly, the starly obeyed, flying away as soon as it remembered how to use its wings. Disbelieving, Shaun turned to the Shinx, who was approaching her cautiously.

"Hey, Shinx, you're an excellent battler!" She commented, smiling at the small blue lion cub pokemon.

"Shinx? Shinx!" The Shinx replied happily, running forward towards Shaun, it was a rather cute pokemon...okay, that was definitely an understatement, it was an extremely cute pokemon. Wait, Shaun thought suddenly, hearing noises in the background, what are those noises? Max and...whatever that pokemon was!

Shaun turned around immediately, in time to see the other pokemon flee. "Are you all right?" She called, adressing both Max and Professor Rowan.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you." Professor Rowan told her, shaking her hand. "I was studying pokemon in the lake when I was attacked. Max too. But he managed to fight off the other pokemon. Thanks again."

"Um...you're welcome, sir." Shaun had no clue what she was supposed to say.

"Well, we'd better get back to my lab, my car is parked at the nearby road, so...I'll just take all of us back to the lab. And that Shinx? It seems pretty attatched to you."

Though Shaun wouldn't admit it, she had grown attatched to the little pokemon as well, instead, she nodded, and adjusted her beret. Then followed Professor Rowan, the Shinx followed as well.

"Shinx?" The pokemon called out, and Shaun turned around, crouching down.

"Oh, hello there! Come along Shinx!" She held out an arm, making an inviting gesture. The next thing she knew, there was a squeal, and she was knocked backwards. Then the Shinx was on top of her head, sitting regally and licking one of its paws. Unsteadily, Shaun stood up and the Shinx leapt into her arms, where it was less likely to fall, and stayed there as Shawn followed Professor Rowan, carring Shinx.

She got into the car with the Professor and Max, and they drove back to the lab. Once there, Professor Rowan unlocked the door and led them inside.

"So...you're Shaun, allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Professor Rowan, the Sinnoh pokemon professor. I have researched pokemon for many years and have come to understand a lot about them. I take it that you are here for your first pokemon? You can choose out of many, that Shinx is one of them."

"Professor? I want this Shinx, you see, I won my first battle with it, and there's no pokemon I'd rather have."

"Are you sure? Do you at least want to know what other ones there are?"

"Sure, if you want to tell me. But I'm positive I want Shinx."

"Okay, well, in that case, there is Turtwig, Chikorita, Treeko, Bulbusaur, Seedot, Chimchar, Charmander, Torchic, Cyndaquil, Squirtle, Piplup, Mudkip, Totodile, Horsea, Mareep, Gible, and that Shinx. But if you really want the Shinx, wait a moment, I'll be right back." He left the room, as did Max, Shaun wondered where they were going, but she didn't wonder for long, for they were back in a moment.

"Here are your pokeballs," He said, holding out five red and white capsule systems, "and here is that Shinx's pokeball."

"Right, Shinx return." Shaun said, Shinx disappeared into the pokeball in a red glow of light, but almost immediately popped out. Shaun tried returning it again, with the same result.

"Ah, once again Shinx shows reluctance to be in its pokeball." Professor Rowan said. "Sometimes, certain pokemon do not enjoy being confined, and would much rather travel alongside their trainer, you Shinx is one of those pokemon. It takes a great deal of effort to get it to stay in its pokeball, but it will if it is badly injured or staggeringly tired. But otherwise..."

Max wordlessly handed Shaun a black pokedex, and she accepted it with a word of thanks, which he returned only with a small nod. What's with him? Shaun thought, though she quickly shrugged it off. She listened patiently as Professor Rowan explained a few things to her.

"And that's it. I wish you luck on your journey." He said, as Max nodded again. Shaun smiled and thanked them.

"I'd better be on my way now, I have to get in contact with my mom. Thanks so much Professor, and you too Max." Then she left the lab, her Shinx walking by her side. "I'm so glad that out of all the pokemon in that suitcase I chose you!" She exclaimed, Shinx perked up and ran ahead, Shaun following, thinking wait till I tell Ivan! He hasn't got a Shinx, and I bet my shinx could beat his piplup any day...

September 18th, 2008, 7:06 PM
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September 19th, 2008, 3:58 PM
Thomas woke up early on this day, this day was something special, it was the day Thomas was to get his first pokemon. After getting dressed and packing all the necessary supplies, Thomas wrote a note,left it on the table and quickly left.

Getting to Sandgem was going to take a while, but Thomas liked to have time to himself to think. In the walk over, he thought which pokemon he would take, 'Hmm, I don't even know which pokemon he's got...I'll decide later'

Just as he got to the Lab, he noticed a letter on the door, apparently he went to Lake Verity for some research. 'Bleh, make up your mind...', Thomas thought.

At the entrance to the lake, Thomas heard many cries and recognized Rowan's voice out of the uproar. Running up, he saw a few Starly chasing Rowan and an assistant around, Thomas couldn't help but laugh at the sight. Recovering from the laughing fit, Thomas noticed a few pokeballs at his feet, 'This'll work...' ,Thomas thought as he grabbed one ball and threw it into the air, and a small turtle popped out. 'Dude, a Squirtle!' ,Thomas thought, instantly impressed at the sight of it. "Squirtle, go do a bubble!" Thomas commanded. Squirtle, apparently wasn't paying attention, seeing as it had fallen asleep.However, Thomas's command snapped it awake, and it bubble-attacked the nearest Starly, "Whoo, good job!" ,Thomas said. Remembering the other ball, he quickly threw it in the direction of the two researchers, the assistant grabbed it, and promptly sent out a Staraptor. The Staraptor immediately defeated the smaller bird with one swift backhand(wing?)

Thomas had forgotten to watch his Starly, and Squirtle was paying for it...Apparently he had had enough, because in the next instant,it slammed itself into the bird, 'Nice Tackle...' ,and knocked it out.

September 19th, 2008, 4:23 PM
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Patatas Fritas
September 20th, 2008, 1:43 AM
Billie was in a VERY bad mood... Why couldn't the stupid man stay in one place! Sheesh! It wasn't like she was late or anything! This was exactly what she was thinking as she stomped to her hometown route! What she didn't realize that she was being so loud that she woke up a flock of Starly, most of them flew to Lake Verity but one flew to her! Cawing in very loudly, it proceeded to attack poor Billie! She screamed and flailed her arms as the Starly pecked her and tackled her. But she must of hit a nerve because that thing suddenly fainted on the spot... In very bad shape Billie was terrified and began to wonder if she really wanted a Pokémon, but that attack will keep her scared of flying Pokémon for life! Carrying on walking, making sure she steered clear of trees and tall grass she proceeded to reach the entrance to Lake Verity without anymore damage. Of course, once the professor saw her, he bandaged her up right away, but not without help from his assistant Max. "Oh my! Whatever happened to you?" They both asked frantically. Billie of course told them every last detail of the attack and how she must of hit a nerve, she then remembered why she was here and said to the professor: "Professor, may I have my Pokémon now please?" Rowan then asked his assistant to give her the suitcase, Billie opened it up and picked the ball on the far left hand top corner. But what happened next was something Billie hated!

Remember the Starly Billie woke up? Well they were back! But the one that attacked Billie did not look happy! Most of them went for the Professors, but one, the one that attacked Billie, went for her. She screamed and sent out the Pokémon, it was a Seedot... "Ack! A Seedot! Oh well! Seedy! Use Tackle on that... That thing!" Seedy made what sounded like a battle cry as it charged to wards the Starly, but this Pokémon was strong, it dodged out of the way with ease, and then performed a magnificent peck on Seedy, she was hurt, badly, but she wouldn't give up and once more tried to tackle the Starly, luckily... She hit! Knocking the Starly backward, but the Starly just shook it of, going to tackle back, but Seedy was ready, and they both tackled each other! They where both at even power when Seedy suddenly gained the advantage and knocked Starly into a tree! But as a last resort Starlu used peck, before fainting itself, and Seedy! "Excellent! That was a wonderful battle! But never fear, your Seedot can and will be healed at my lab, just return her to her ball for the time being." Professor Rowan clapped as the other Starly had flew of after there leader had been KO-ed, there was then a honk of a horn, and Max telling them to hurry, up as he was driving and he didn't want to miss his soaps, they both then went to the card and proceeded to drive home.

September 20th, 2008, 10:12 AM
Hello there, I see the rp is going on very well, can I join in and reserve Totodile?

September 20th, 2008, 9:09 PM
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September 20th, 2008, 9:41 PM
Name: Minako Aino
Gender: Female
Personalaity: Loves to go shopping and loves to look pretty and always finds a crush she likes (most likely someone like ash)
Age: 13
Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, has a red ribbon in her hair. her normal outfit is a look-alike to a japanese school girl uniform but instead it was Light blue with a pink dress being a one piece outfit and she always had her compact in her big yellow glittery backpack. Shes kinda a material girl.
Starter: Treecko
History: Minako (mina for short) first woke up one mornig after the "incident" of her true identity and decided she would go around sinnoh as a pokemon co-ordinator while she was really Sailor Venus. She would one day find and travel with a companion, she was born in sandgem town, and her mother decided it was time when she recieved an invitation from prof. rowan. when she heard about galactic she knew she had to stop them, in disguise she is minako aino, a local pokemon coordinator.

September 20th, 2008, 9:48 PM
Name: Ryan Wilson
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearence: Ryan has wavy brown hair, he loves to wear shirts that have joke related stuff on them. He has light blue colored eyes, he is a tad bit more muscular then the average 14 year old. He loves to wear his blue bandana around his head, he wears it no matter what he is doing, he just refuses to take it off.
Personality: Ryan is a really outgoing kind of kid, he has tons of friends but he wants to be adventerous so thats why he wants to travel the world with a team of pokemon. But most of all, when he is around water he feels at home. Becuase when he was born the first thing he saw was the ocean. So he loves the ocean, so he hates to be away from it for long.History: Ryan was born on the East Coast of Austrailia, but he isnt Austrailian, but he has a a pretty good tan. He has been a surfer for...(thinks really hard) 6 years. His entire life he has been around the water, when he and his friends went outside, they went to the beach. When he was out of schol, he went to the beach. SO he feels at home at the beach. Preffered Starter: I would die for Totodile!!!
Extra: Nope.
Trainer: Sketcher/Trainer.(Can I be both? Like I draw and im good at battling.)

September 20th, 2008, 9:59 PM
"Minako!" shouted a voice, "Minako get down here right now, MINA!!!!" "Wahhhhhh I'm awake I'm awake, WHOA look at the time I'm gonna be late for my first pokemon!" Minako hurried to the bathroom and brushed her teeth then ran to her room and changed her clothes continuing to panic. "Mom!" she called. "Mom, why didn't you wake me up?!" "Mina darling I tried waking you up several times with the reply of you getting up and I finally had to yell." Mina grabbed a piece of toast from the toaster and ran to put on her shoes. "Alright bye mom!' "Mina aren't you forgetting something" Ms. Aino was flashing her backpack. "Oh.... right!" She grabbed her bag and ran outside, she put on her rollerskates and skated to sandgem town. "Hmmm, which starter to choose I have no clue, that Treecko looks cute but I'm not sure." THUD!! "Hey watch where you're going blondie." said a local trainer. "oh I'm sorry, she blushed thinking she found her crush. "Looks like you're a new trainer, prof. rowan is at lake verity so go there not his lab." "And why should I believe you hmmph!" Mina stormed off until she met her neighbor going the opposite direction. "Hey Mina where ya going, didn't ou hear prof. rowan is at Lake verity?" "What? that can't be." said Mina "Well I'll Just speed over there, bye!!!!" Mina dashed to lake verity but there was an unsuspected surprise there.

September 20th, 2008, 10:09 PM
"Hmm, good job, Thomas..." ,Rowan said and walked back in the direction of Sandgem. "Yes, good job indeed, thanks for the help!",The assistant said and quickly followed. 'Awesome...' ,Thomas thought, looking at the turtle, then recalled it.

Thomas caught up to them in a few strides, "How did you know who I was?" ,Thomas asked. "Your identification sheet....how else?" ,Rowan said simply. 'Bah, this guy annoys me...' ,Thomas thought bitterly. "That Squirtle is the one I prepared for you, so its good that you at least are aquainted now..." ,Rowan said. The walk back to Sandgem was long, and boring, once they got there, Rowan opened the doors and grabbed a package. "Here are 5 pokeballs and a pokedex" ,The assistant stated. Rowan then turned around and started his usual Pokedex speech that Thomas saw on T.V. several times...

Thomas zoned out for most of the speech but he had noticed how enthusiastic he was about catching pokemon, so he figured he could try to do his request. "Thanks Professor Rowan!" ,and he quickly left, unable to listen any more...


September 21st, 2008, 8:26 AM
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September 21st, 2008, 8:48 AM
Professor Rowan and his companion, who had introduced himself as Max, led Kate back to the lab. The professor turned on the lights when there, illuminating the large room filled with research data.

"So, why do you want me again?" Kate asked, bored, as she looked at her nails.

"I wanted to give you a starter pokemon. You seem to get along well with that Charmander. Most of the time, it doesn't listen to anyone. Would you like to have that Charmander?" Rowan asked, looking at Kate.

"Sure," Kate replied, letting the lizard out of its pokeball. The lizard looked up at her and chattered happily, "Mander char char!"

"Would you like to give it a nickname?" Rowan prompted. Kate nodded.

"I'll name you Char," she said. The newly named Char grinned.

"Here is a PokeDex and five PokeBalls that will aid you in your journey," Rowan said, handing over the afforementioned items. Kate nodded in thanks and looked at her newly acquired items and partner. She smiled as she thought of the adventures she could have.

September 21st, 2008, 9:07 AM
SailorShadow- You need to add more of like if you say yes or no, and he gives you the pokebals and pokedex. Other then that though it was kind of short, but add more to it and it will be fine. :)

September 21st, 2008, 9:17 AM
((Okay, I edited. I originally had more, but my Internet must have messed up the post))

September 21st, 2008, 9:32 AM
SailorShadow- Good Post. You received a Charmander, 5 pokeballs, and 1 pokedex.

To Everyone: sorry if you did not ge the chance to post for the first chapter but I have to keep things moving.

Chapter 2: Route 202
(two posts)
You have just obtained your begining pokemon. You wonder about what other kinds of pokemon are out there and how many there are. You go out onto the first route, Route 201, to discover some of these new creatures. Along the route you may discover new friends, new enemies, and new adventures.

What you do:

1. You travel through Route 201 within 2 posts.
2. You may meet other roleplayers.
3. you may battle other roleplayers. This will be a neccesity in some parts and optional in others and when it is a neccesity I will explain how you will do it.
4. You may capture wild pokemon but only 1. After you battle it and mention throwing your pokeball end your post there and I will decide if you have caught it and what lvl. it will be.

Have fun!

September 21st, 2008, 10:49 AM
OOC: Okay, thanks! ^_^

Name: Jenny Montgomery

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Jenny is a scrawny, pale girl with long raven colored hair and dark chocolate eyes. She is usually seen wearing a lacy chartreuse top and dark jean shorts that went slightly above her knees. She carries a raggedy green shoulder bag and she wears green sandals despite the need of running shoes. Jenny wears a silver charm bracelet, implying that it will bring her good luck. So far, she has a pokeball charm, a latias charm, a gondala charm, a totodile head charm, a peridot gem charm, and a sapphire water drop charm. When caught in cold weather, Jenny wears an exotic pine green dress with mid rosepetal sleeves that goes down right in the middle of her knees. She also wears black stockings and white boots, given to her by her mother who also wore the outfit as a young fortune teller. For the outside, Jenny wears a long navy blue cloak which was also used by her mother. Lastly, Jenny is usually seen carrying a lacy green parasol.

Personality: Jenny has a superstitious and quirky personality. She is mostly seen as weird and she has a very soft voice, making it hard for other to hear her from afar. Jenny is also very accident-prone, falling alot and running into things. She reads alot of old pokemon myths and takes a very large interest in ancient and legendary pokemon. She is also known to favor Latias of all the legendary and ancient pokemon. Despite her awkwardness, Jenny is shown to be polite and have listening ears. She always has a knack for listening to people when they need to vent. Jenny is also someone who doesn't enjoy direct sunlight in her face so she usually carries her green parasol given to her by her aunt as a homecoming gift. She is known to be a bit more weak and sickly than others, but she carries on.

History: Jenny grew up in Altomare, or better known as the city of water. She lived at home with her parents and her sister. Her mother was the fortune teller of the city and was also known for her special knowledge in pokemon myths. Jenny used to always hang around the library and was always reading books about pokemon. Since she lived in Altomare, she was very used to being around water and riding gondalas. When Jenny was a little girl, she was very forgetful. One day she was coming home from the library and it was getting very dark. Unfortunately because of her bad memory, she accidentally took a wrong turn. Blaming the vengeful and angry pokemon spirits for what happened, she deseperately tried finding her way home but she had no luck. Then out of nowhere a she felt a giant claw gently grab her hand. She then felt the claw pull her and it then began to take her in many directions. Suddenly, she was home. Jenny remembers seeing a flying figure and believes that it was Latias whom had helped her, since then she's favored Latias.

She isn't used to traveling. When she was about eight years-old, she always wanted to start out with a water pokemon when she beagn her journey. Later on, she then told her family of her dreams of traveling on a journey with pokemon of her own and learning more about legendaries and ancients. Approving of her desire, Jenny's parents sent her to Pastoria City, where she lived with her aunt and uncle. There, she met Crasher Wake, the gym leader of Pastoria Gym and she met many new types of pokemon. She went out with her uncle into the Safari Zone and they observed, caught, and released pokemon. It was then where Jenny decided it would be fun if she were to become a pokemon breeder. She didn't care much for badges after watching Crasher Wake's gym battles. She often visited the library there as well and found more books about pokemon she never even knew about, such as Darkrai. She then from there on wanted to learn more about pokemon.

Preferred Starter: Totodile (Nicknamed Cobalt)

Extra: She hates running shoes, implies that they make her feet sweaty and smelly.

Trainer: Pokemon Breeder

September 21st, 2008, 11:36 AM
Azurelight2000- That is a good SU. The only thing is that you need to add another paragraph to the history and what type of trainer you would be sounds to me more like a breeder but if you want to be that type of trainer then go ahead. after you put up your paragrph under history then just start like you already got Totodile.

September 21st, 2008, 11:41 AM
OOC: You got it, thanks! I think I'll make my character a breeder too, it'll be a good match. ^_^

s p a c e c o w b o y
September 21st, 2008, 1:58 PM
Name: Mitchell Jones

Age: is 15 too old?

gender: male

Apperance: Mitchell is a tall, skinny boy who usually wears slim fit clothing. Band tee's, skinny jeans and converse all-stars. he also wears a few wrist bands varying in color from yellow to purple and a seatbelt belt featuring a Ford Mustang symbol (google it if you dont know what im talking about) he has partially tan skin and eyes that contain every color (im not even kidding my eyes have brown, blue, green, even orange.) He also has strait brown hair that is medium length but long in the front, down to about his lips. although its brushed to the right, he gets frustraited because the wind blows it in his face.

Personality: He is maybe one of the most forgiving people you will ever meet. he does not like sterio types or name calling and will stand up for even the most un-popular people. althogh these are his best qualitys, everyone has a down side. he is also one of the most lazyest people you will ever meet. he spends countless hours researching about pokemon and their moves, to prepare him for trainer life. He is also a die-hard music lover/ musiction who always carry's around a guitar with him.

History: he started thinking about training at the age of 8, when he was very chubby and un-cool. He had problems at school because of his intrest and of course, his weight. the next year he went throgh severe deppression and spent most of his time in his room. that entire summer everyone worried about him but he didnt care, he just assumed everyone hated him. several years later, (now) he is out of deppression and overweight-ness and has gotten the self-esteem to become a trainer

Pokemon: Riolu

extra: He lives in Snowpoint

Trainer: i suppose the regular one who goes to gyms and stuff :)

September 21st, 2008, 7:48 PM
Batman_symbol: You are Pending! First of all you have to be with the group. second Riolu isn't even one of the pokemon to choose from. Third you have a lack like alot of other people seem to have about the History. Fix these flaws and you might be accepted.

September 22nd, 2008, 5:05 PM
"Shinx! Shinx shinx!" Shinx was crying as they walked on Route 201, suddenly, they heard a shout.

"Hey, you there!" A trainer came running up to them, "hey....are you a beginning trainer?" He asked, almost appearing as if he were sneering at them, Shinx bristled. "Wanna battle?" He offered, "I'm a beginner to, though you won't stand a chance."

"If I had offered to battle you with fists, you wouldn't stand a chance." Shaun retorted, "but okay, I accept your challenge!" Shinx jumped forward, teeth bared, wow, geez, our first battle already? But I can't turn down this trainer, Mr. Think he's so great, we've got to prove that we're worth something...even if we just started.

"Hmm...what's that pokemon?" The trainer murmured, taking out a pokedex identical to Shaun's.

Shinx, the Flash Pokemon. Its forelegs have a muscle based system of generating electricity. If danger is sensed, its fur dazzles and shines, momentarily blinding the foe. In this time when the foe is momentarily blinded, the pokemon flees.

"A shinx, eh? Sounds pretty interesting..." The trainer muttered, "well, you still won't win, go, Cyndaquil!" He took out a pokeball, which grew in size as he held it in his hand. Then he pressed the small white button, a glowing red shape came out, a cyndaquil. "Quil! Cynda...quil!" It squeaked.

"Cyndaquil?" Shaun murmured, "let's see...." She withdrew her pokedex and flipped it open, as Cyndaquil's image appeared on the screen of the pokedex.

Cyndaquil, the Fire Mouse Pokemon, it is usually timid, but when it becomes angry or scared, the flames on its back flare up, and blazes vigorously. But when it becomes tired, Cyndaquil's flame sputters and flickers.

"So this is what we're up against," Shaun remarked, stowing her pokedex away in her pocket, "okay, then, you can make the first move." The trainer nodded and smirked.

"Cyndaquil, use tackle!" The trainer cried, as Cyndaquil began running towards Shinx, who narrowed its eyes. Shinx waited until it was almost about it hit it, before dodging to the left, it circled around to the back of Cyndaquil.

"Shinx, tackle!" Shinx slammed into Cyndaquil with a full body tackle, knocking it forward. Being low level pokemon, Cyndaquil was already showing signs of fatigue, though Shinx seemed to have more energy than every, possibly out of the excitement of landing that last move. The trainer gritted his teeth, as Shinx took advantage of Cyndaquil's fatigue to tackle it again. This time, Cyndaquil flew backwards, but landed on its feet, wobbling slightly as it regained its balance.

"Cyndaquil, tackle Shinx directly!" The trainer shouted, Shaun smirked, she had watched Ivan battle before, and had learned that it wasn't really a brilliant idea to attack directly unless the attack never missed.

"Shinx, take a step to the left!" Shinx did as it was told, and Cyndaquil only hit it's leg, though it was enough to bring Shinx to the ground. It wasn't hurt though, and so it got up fairly quickly. Then it stepped backwards, "circle to the left and use tackle to the right!"

"Huh?" The other trainer scratched his head, trying to figure out the instructions, then he shrugged, "Cyndaquil, meet the Shinx's tackle with one of your own!" He cried, as Cyndaquil leapt towards Shinx, but Shinx had dodged around Cyndaquil and hit it full in the side. The impact knocked Shinx backwards, and it landed unsteadily on its feet before falling on its rear. Cyndaquil, however, had been knocked out.

"SHINX!" Shinx cried happily, screwing up its eyes in delight at having won its first battle. Shaun was excited for Shinx too, and couldn't believe that they had managed to win their first battle, and she and Shinx barely knew each other in the first place. The other trainer turned out to be a pretty sore lose, however, he returned his Cyndaquil with a muttered "thanks, you did great," then looked up at Shaun and sneered.

"You just got lucky, if we ever see each other again, it'll be me who comes out on top, not you and your pathetic Shinx." Shaun bristled, and she was about to utter a sharp retort when the trainer began speaking again.

“Of course, you only won out of luck, otherwise, you and your puny Shinx would have been completely and totally crushed by me and my Cyndaquil. We’re not cheaters and scum, you see, and unlike you, we don’t just rely on luck.” This time Shaun thought that he was going a little too far, but before she could do anything, she saw a small blue ball rush past her and slam into the pokemon trainer. He flew backwards, his face the picture of astonishment as Shinx tackled him again, then growled menacingly. The trainer lay there, stunned, for a few moments before he pulled himself off the ground and brushed off his jeans, his face red and livid. “Pathetic pokemon.” He could be heard muttering as he retreated, Shaun continued to glare at him, her eyes boring holes in his retreating backside. She was sure he was aware of her glare, but he didn’t glance back.
“Shinx, shinx shinx!” Shinx jumped into her arms, and she caught her pokemon just in time, shinx squirmed with happiness.
“I’m glad too, Shinx, you were awesome in that battle, you totally destroyed his chances of winning, and I’m sure it wasn’t’ just luck. Personally, I thought he was going a little far, but that was pretty funny Shinx, how a pokemon smaller than him managed to knock him to the ground because he was making fun of it!” She smiled at Shinx, who looked extremely pleased with herself, and leapt down, standing at Shaun’s feet.
“Good idea, we should probably continue traveling, but I can’t get over how awesome you were in the first battle. I just hope we can keep this up. We’ll train hard, won’t we?”
“Shinx!” Shinx agreed as they continued to walk down on the frequently trodden on path.

September 22nd, 2008, 7:32 PM
Slytherfang- Good post! You may move on!

s p a c e c o w b o y
September 23rd, 2008, 5:02 AM
Batman_symbol: You are Pending! First of all you have to be with the group. second Riolu isn't even one of the pokemon to choose from. Third you have a lack like alot of other people seem to have about the History. Fix these flaws and you might be accepted.

what group do i need to get in?
with the riolu, my bad, i ment mudkip :) just had riolu on my mind
ill change the history when i get home from school, i have to leave.

please reply

September 23rd, 2008, 2:08 PM
How's my history chief? Do I need a lot more?

September 23rd, 2008, 7:44 PM
Azurelight2000: No its great! You are accepted and Totdile is yours. So just act like you already got your pokemon and move onto the second chapt.:)

BatmanSymbol: What I meant by being with the group is that you can't be in Snowpoint with your pokemon right now(unless you meant that he lived in Snowpoint or has a house or something like that but he is in Twinleaf Town which if that's the case then oops). Fix it and then we'll talk:)

s p a c e c o w b o y
September 23rd, 2008, 7:56 PM
okay, this one is revised :)

Name: Mitchell Jones

Age: is 15 too old?

gender: male

Apperance: Mitchell is a tall, skinny boy who usually wears slim fit clothing. Band tee's, skinny jeans and converse all-stars. he also wears a few wrist bands varying in color from yellow to purple and a seatbelt belt featuring a Ford Mustang symbol (google it if you dont know what im talking about) he has partially tan skin and eyes that contain every color (im not even kidding my eyes have brown, blue, green, even orange.) He also has strait brown hair that is medium length but long in the front, down to about his lips. although its brushed to the right, he gets frustraited because the wind blows it in his face.

Personality: He is maybe one of the most forgiving people you will ever meet. he does not like sterio types or name calling and will stand up for even the most un-popular people. althogh these are his best qualitys, everyone has a down side. he is also one of the most lazyest people you will ever meet. he spends countless hours researching about pokemon and their moves, to prepare him for trainer life. He is also a die-hard music lover/ musiction who always carry's around a guitar with him.

History: Mitchell has always adored pokemon and started thinking about being a trainer at the age of 8. here's the story. in the middle of summer mitchell was walking down the street when he saw a few men dressed in silver with a funny hair cut stole a young pokemon trainers sandshrew. Feeling dispair he went to the young boy and asked what had happend. he replyed that an organization called Team Galactic needed it for some odd reason. after that he started to cry and mitchell decided to go find the so called "galactics" with or without pokemon.

so all that month he gathered data on them. history, their goal, ect. but he didnt get that much information. just that they were doing bad deeds. also that that their base was in Veilstone. too young to leave Twinleaf town, he decided to take care of it when he became a trainer. so now, the day after tommorrow. he will officially become a pokemon trainer when he recives a pokemon, and try to figure out what is going on with team galactic... and maybe takle a few gyms on the way

Pokemon: Mudkip

extra: He lived in Snowpoint

Trainer: i suppose the regular one who goes to gyms and stuff :)

September 24th, 2008, 6:19 AM
BatmanSymbol: Much Better! You have been Accepted!

September 24th, 2008, 2:12 PM
OOC: Thanks!

Route 201, it was a nice place. Green, crispy air, it was different from Altomare. Jenny's chocolate eyes were wide as she scanned the area, twirling her green parasol around Cobalt, her Totodile was also blinking his eyes in awe.

"The lands which the legendary Celebi roams are flawless! I see four-leaf clovers all around, the sweet aroma of good luck is everywhere! You feel it as well, Cobalt?" She asked, turning her head towards the tiny pokemon. Cobalt nodded in delight.

"Toto!" he squeaked. Jenny smiled calmly and watched as her pokemon ran towards a dark wooded tree under the shade. She slowly followed after her and stopped under the tree as well. This would be a good spot to rest awhile. It wasn't too long ago that she got Cobalt. When they first met she felt a spiritual bond with her since they both loved the water. It was the perfect match. She chose to become a pokemon breeder which was just perfect for her. Jenny didn't care for battling as much as her knowledge and the wellfare of her pokemon. She rested herself against the tree and and closed her parasol, reaching into her bag and pulling out an old, thick brown book and flipping it open to page 126. Cobalt leaped into her lap and stared at the page. It was an ancient picture of Kyogre, a giant blue water pokemon. It was known to be a legendary pokemon that resided in the Hoenn region and Jenny was just reading about. Cobalt stuck his tongue out and stared up at her master. Jenny blinked and then closed her book, realizing that her totodile wanted to train a little. Jenny closed her eyes calmly and reached into her bag again and pulled out a sapphire colored scarf.

"Here Cobalt," She tied the scarf around his neck "This was mother's old scarf she used to wear. Now, let's do a training exercise my sister used to do with her Wooper." Jenny picked up Cobalt and put him in front of her.

"Okay, close your eyes and imagine a big pool of water," she said slowly, closing her eyes. Cobalt obeyed immediately, shutting his eyes.

"Okay, now be one with your surroundings, the outdoors is your new home." she continued. Cobalt relaxed his tail and rested herself in the grass. Jenny smiled and then took a deep breath.

"Now, breathe! Breathe your troubles away, feel the escense of relaxation!" she exclaimed breathing proudly. The tododile copied her and took a deep breath as well.

"You're doing it! Now relax yourself and you will be much more focused and comfortable, relax!" The two breathed on, relaxing and letting their troubles go away.

s p a c e c o w b o y
September 24th, 2008, 2:38 PM
2:43 a.m. i couldnt sleep. through out the night ive been trying to get to sleep, but have been too excited. In just a few hours i will get to go to sandgem town and claim a starter pokemon. 2:46. i got to sleep. my alarm went off at 6:30 sharp and got dressed, and went downstairs. my mom was already awake. "breakfast?" she asked. "no thanks", i said "im too excited! "suit yourself" she replyed. i got my shoes and went back upstairs to pack my bag and get some money.

a few minutes later my stomache growled. Maybe i could use some breakfast! :) so i packed the rest really fast. some cloths, pokeballs i bought the night before, and my hand book. when i went downstairs there was some bacon and eggs. it like my mom could read my mind. "I figured you'd want some food, so i made some!" my mom said with a smerk on her face. "Yea mom."

"so when are you leaving?"
"as soon as im done with breakfast"
"do you want a ride?"
just after that i heard a noice from out side. rushing to the window, i saw a cloud of smoke twords sandgem town.
"we better go" i said, putting on my backpack

my mom and i got in the car and drove to Sandgem town. the sun was just starting to rise and i could see along the path easier. we drove along slowly, expecting some kind of disaster. but the more we went the more suspitious it became.
"were almost here, and i havent seen anything" i said with curiousity
thinking about my moms comment i saw Professer Rowans lab.

forgeting about what had happend, i got all giddy.
"well here it is"
my mom pulled up in front of the lab
"hope its open" i said
i got out of the car and approached the building.
slowly, i put my hand on the door and pulled... it opened.

the room was dark. i looked around for a light switch.. feeling the brick wall against my fingers... there! i flicked the switch and lights came on instantly. there, in the back of the room was a man. proffesser rowan, i guessed. but he appeared to be asleep.

"proffesser?" i said
... nothing
"Proffesseer?" i said a bit louder. he woke up with a scare.
"im here for my pokemon." i said with uncertainty
"ahh yes, you must be mitchell!" he said with a grim on his face. "im sorry, must have fell asleep reasearching some pokemon"
"its okay"
"come with me young man." as i followed him, i saw, on the walls, picuters of pokemon, and descriptions of them. as we walked twords a shiney looking room, i noticed a few of them. Glameow, Pachirisu, Sharpedo, just a bunch of them.

"now listen, i have 3 pokemon here. Chimchar, Mudkip, and Bulbasaur. choose wisely."

i thought carefully...
Chimchar: that would be cool to have a fire pokemon... buring things
Mudkip: that seems suitable. easy to train too
Bulbasaur: i've always liked grass types
i thought it over for a minute and i came to a desition.

"mudkip", i said "he seems the best to me.

professer rowan reached up to the shelf and grabbed a pokeball.
"here you are son"
i grabbed the ball and tossed it.
"Mudkip! come on out!"

as the ball hit the ground i saw a red beam come out of the center and the ball open. the red turned to a bright white, and suddonly, a Mudkip was standing there.

"Mudkip!" said mudkip
"aww its so cute! i made the right desition!"
"i hope you and mudkip have a fun adventure together!" rowan said. "now im off to look more into that pokemon i told you about. i assume you know your way out?"
"yea i do"
"good, i'll be here if you need me, goodbye!"

mudkip looked at me and looked at the ball.
"what? you dont like the ball?"
"okay, its cool with me!"
so mudkip and i headed out. out of the shiney room, past the scraps of pokemon on the wall, and through the big room. as we left the doors i thought to myself.
"team galactic"

that now became one of my top priorities.

i looked down at mudkip and he smiled back at me.
my mom looked at me funny as i got into the car
"why isnt it in its ball?" she asked
"he doesnt like it!:)"
"whatever, lets go home"
so we left, but on the way home, i couldnt help but think about that loud noice, and if team galactic was behind it. the thing floted in my mind all the way home

how's that for a first chapter?

im a bad speller, so your bound to run into some with me :)

September 24th, 2008, 3:34 PM
Azruelight2000-Good post! You may move on!

BatmanSymbol- Good post! you may move on.

September 24th, 2008, 4:00 PM
Ok Glaceon39 you first need to make your appearence, personality, and history longer. Second, you didn't put which pokemon you wanted or what type of trainer you are...so until you fix it you are declined.

s p a c e c o w b o y
September 24th, 2008, 4:28 PM
8:00 AM

mom laghed as mudkip stared to dance to me playing the guitar
"my what a talented mudkip!" she said
i was glad to know mudkip liked my playing :)

"so when are you leaving?"
"im not sure", i said "Probably soon..."
she looked at me with a stern look
" a few rules are going to apply if your really going to do this. First of all, no talking to strangers-"
i cut her off there

"MOM! i already know this stuff!"
"i know", she sniffled "i just dont want you to get hurt."
"i know..."

she sniffled one more time and stood up.
"well get going!"
"if your going to be a pokemon master you need to get some gym badges!"
i looked at her..
"Alright mudkip, lets do it!"

i got up and grabbed my bag, chockfull of pokeballs, potions, and a pokedex i recived from my father.

"ill call you when i get to the next pokemon center." i said as i was leaving


i chuckled as i stared back to sandgem town.
"so, mudkip," mudkip looked up at me "What moves to you know? i mean, do you know takle?" mukip just looked up at me in confustion.
"Takle?" Mudkip looked away to the distance and back at me.
"suppose that means you have to takle a pokemon :)" i said with embaressment "Mudkip go take that rock!" mudkip obayed and went to jump on the rock.

"Dude...." said the rock
the rock got up and hovered in the air. all i could think is "what?" then the rock looked up at me.
"mudkip are you ready?"
"alright, takle it!" Mukip Lunged up into the air and made contact with it... but it didnt seem to have much effect.
"not very effective... Use growl!"
"MUUU!" mudkip growled ;)
geodude seemed a bit intimidated, then went in for a tackle on Mukip.
"dodge it and takle him, then growl!"
Geodude came in with speed and mudkip dodged it... barely. as geodudes momentum propelled him behind mudkip. Mukip swerved around fast, takled geodude and pinned him on the ground.
"MUUUUUD!" it growled
geodude was very frightend this time
"one more time mudkip! takle it!"
Mudkip let go of geodude and went in for a takle. Geodude swiftly moved away from the attack and mudkip hit face first in the ground.. Geodude looked around at mudkip and started to move at it... fast.
"Mudkip it's going to takle! dodge it!" Mudkip, Dazed and Confused, did not hear.
Geodude sped up and tackled mudkip
"MUD!" mudkip skid a bit... good thing we used growl
"one more time ta-" but it cut me off there
Mudkip started to get some mud in its paw.
"Mud-slap!" i thought to myslef. "he leveled up fast
"okay Mudkip, use Mud-slap!" It did as instructed, and mud went flying twords Geodude.
"DUDE!" geodude fell to the ground... its super effective
"good job Mudkip!" i went to go give mudkip a hug

mudkip and i just had our first battle.. and were almost to Sandgem too! Things are moving so fast im not sure if i can contain it. and mudkip already leared mud-slap! were going to do so good!

then, we saw a lake on the horizon. and a sign next to it... i aproached it.
welcome to.... VERITY LAKE?? Ohh no we took the wrong turn!!


September 25th, 2008, 2:26 PM
"I hope I don't meet that kid again...sore loser..." Shaun growled under her breath, while Shinx walked beside her, looking elated. "You were great, Shinx!" Shaun exclaimed, suddenly brightening, "did you see that trainer's face when we won, he thinks he's so great! Good shove you gave him!" She added, remembering when Shinx had tackled the trainer, and she fought a small laugh creeping up inside her, not really wanting to laugh at the trainer, all trainers get a little down when they lose a battle, but not laughing at the trainer was hard, he took it all too seriously. Suddenly, as she kicked at the road, a red and white ball flew into the air. Shinx leaped into the air and knocked it farther down the road. It was a pokeball, Shaun observed in confusion. Which trainer would just leave a pokeball in the middle of the road?

"Shinx! Let me take a look at that!" Shinx heard, and pushed it towards Shaun rather than away, looking excited. "Well, we might as well see if its empty or not," she decided, once Shinx had reached her with the pokeball, "thanks Shinx," Shaun picked up the pokeball, as it expanded, she turned it around, it was just a regular pokeball, nothing special about it, then she opened it, empty. It was still weird, however, to find a pokeball in the middle of the street, though it made a bit more sense to find an empty pokeball rather than one containing a pokemon. What should I do with this? It could be extremely difficult to find whoever dropped the pokeball, but I'd feel odd just taking it. Then again, if I don't take it, what am I supposed to do with it? Someone tell me the answer to that first? Just then, a trainer came running through the trees. Shaun looked around, spotted the trainer, who was about her age, and waved.

"Hello, have you lost a pokeball?" She asked, when he waved back. The trained looked confused, and approached her.

"A pokeball? No, I don't think I have at least, I'm looking for a zigzagoon, have you seen one around here? I love those pokemon and I was hoping I could catch one. That's why I was running around back here." He gestured in the direction of the trees, and Shaun nodded.

"Oh, okay. I was just checking, 'cause I found a pokeball on the road, sorry about that. And no, I haven't seen a zigzagoon, though someone told me a while ago that zigzagoon are frequently seen somewhere in that direction," she gestured to the right of her, where the trees and undergrowth were denser, but there seemed to be more food, she could spot a berry bush from where she was standing.

"A pokeball, that's weird. But thanks about telling me about where I could find a zigzagoon, and its okay about the pokeball thing, 'cause I found out where I might finally be able to catch a zigzagoon. Well, I'll be going now, see ya!" The trainer ran off in the direction that Shaun had pointed out, leaving Shaun and Shinx standing there.

"Well, if its not him, then do you think the trainer who lost this pokeball will be back looking for it?" She asked Shinx, who gave her a look that clearly said, I don't know. Shaun nodded, and was about to continued walking when yet another trainer ran up to her. Gosh, adventurous day, isn't it? Trainers finding me left and right, I just hope she's not asking for a battle, I'm not up to it right now. She nodded at the trainer, a girl younger than her by maybe a year, with her long blond hair in a ponytail that reached halfway down her back, and sparkling brown eyes.

"Hi, have you found a pokeball by any chance?" She asked, "I know you probably haven't, but I was just wondering, because I haven't really got the money to replace it right now." She explained, as Shaun was thinking well, I found the trainer, that simplifies matters a tiny bit. I am quite sarcastic, aren't I?

"Yeah, I found a pokeball around the spot where I'm standing right now. I guess it must be yours. Good thing that you came back for it, because I didn't have a clue what I was supposed to do with it." She told the trainer, handing her the pokeball, which she took.

"Thanks a bunch," the girl said, stowing the pokeball away, "I don't know how I could possibly have lost it, but its a good thing that you found it anyway. I think I had better be going now, I met a guy with a cyndaquil and he beat me, but now by a lot. I need to get to the next town to rest my pokemon, its in its pokeball, but I figure it'll be better for it to rest in the Pokemon Center, and it'll take a shorter time anyway. Hey, is that your Shinx? Its adorable!" The girl exclaimed, spotting Shaun's Shinx.

"Yeah, it is, you met a guy with a cyndaquil? I think I battled him a short while ago, I beat him with Shinx, and he got all mean and bad tempered, and started insulting Shinx, so Shinx tackled him." Shaun told the girl, who laughed.

"Really? He got really full of himself when he won, but I told him I'd beat him next time. Thanks for the pokeball back, bye, and by the way, your pokemon's adorable!" The girl ran off with a small wave over her shoulder, Shaun smiled and waved back, Shinx tried to, but it wasn't used to balancing on three paws, and wobbled.

"Now that we've got that sorted out, let's keep on going!"

September 25th, 2008, 6:49 PM
Slytherfang- Good post! Oh and I foregot to mention how man lvls your Shinx gained. Your Shinx lvled up to lvl. 8!

Batman Symbol- Good post other then the fact that your Mudkip leveled up without me saying so. You are fine for now but next time I'll be giving you a warning. Your Mudkip lvled up to lvl. 7!

September 26th, 2008, 2:23 PM
Glaceon39-You still don't meet the requirements. So either read the actual SU and make one or just don't make a SU in this RP please.

s p a c e c o w b o y
September 26th, 2008, 3:05 PM
11:30 A.M.~

"OHH NO, WE TOOK THE WRONG TURN!" i said with ergency in my voice. "we gotta go!"
"Go where?" said a voice from a tree a few feet from the lake
"to Sandgem, who's there?"
"names, Devin. im a pokemon breeder. and you?"
"mitchell, im a pokemon trainer."
"really now? so your looking for your first gym i presume?"
"yea, how'd you know?"
"well, a pokemon trainer wouldnt be coming out to the lake just to get some Z's. Unless your catching some new pokemon or letting your mudkip have a swim." he said slyly. i shrugged and turned around to leave. "wait, i can help you"
" i can come with you. i'm a bit more experienced then you are with pokemon. you might need a little help battleing:)" devin smiled
"yea?" i said with some couriosty
"of course if you dont need the help", he turned back twords the tree "i can always-"
"no wait!", i interuped " i could use a bit of help" devin turned around and smiled
"thats what i thought!"
"KIP!" said mudkip enthousiasticly

so devin, mudkip and i set off to sandgem.
"your mudkip seems friendly twords you, how long have you been friends?"
"Just earlyer today" i said casually. Devin looked at me with suprise.
"wha? today???" he said suprised
"yea, why?"
"ive never seen anyone befriend a pokemon that fast! you must be something!"
there was a pause and i thought about all we've been through. not much really, we just kinda came up here but i do remember- "OHH MY GOSH!"
devin freaked out!
"WHAT? WHAT IS IT?" i said with a bit of fear
"SHINX! IVE WANTED ONE FOR A WHILE!! THats the whole reason i came down here!"
"ohh.." *all that freaking out over a lousy shinx...*
"Excuse me, i've gotta catch this! Go! Pichu!"
Pichu came out of the ball just as mudkip did the first time we met. the red beam, turning to white. "so thats a pichu" i thought to myself. "cute, small, furry, i wonder if its powerful"
"shi?" the wild pokemon said
"Pichu use the new move i just tought you! Thunder!"
"PI...PICHU!!" a huge bolt of lighting discharged out of pichus cheeks and hit devin directly.
" i guess were not ready for that yet..." he said. i could hear the pain in his voice.
" okay then, use thunder bolt!" this time, a smaller bolt came out of its cheecks. and it was directly twords shinx.
"shink?" BLAM!!
"A critical hit!" said devin
"really? how can you tell?"
"see how he's an electric type, but he still went flying?" i nodded "critical hit" he said with a sence of acheavement
"GO! POKEBALL!" devin pulled a pokeball out of his poket and threw it at the damaged shinx. this time, a red beam came out followed by white and it sucked in the shinx.
"all right! good-job!" i said
"not yet..." devin watched the pokeball intently. shaking back and forth. the antisipation was thick.. then, the pokeball bursted.
"ohh no! my attack wasnt enough!" devin cried! "hey, does your mudkip know any ground moves yet?"
"uhh... yea mudslap"
"please. use mudslap on that shinx!"
"uhh. sure" i said unsure why he wanted me to waste a perfectly good attack, when obviously it was a strong pokemon. "MUDKIP! MUDSLAP NOW!"
"muuuud!-KIIIIIIPP!!" mudkip got some mud and slapped it ;)
"shinx......" shinx fell over.. K-O'ed"
"YES! THANK YOU!" devin said " your not getting me this time! GO! GREATBALL!"
"greatball/?" i thought to myself"
once again, the red beam, white, and then the shaking. the anticipation returned. the ball made a noise. bow-bow-bow-bow-bow- PING! I looked at devin who looked overjoyed
"did you get it?"
"Okay! calm down!"
"sorry, but i really want a Luxray!" devin went over to pick up the great ball. "okay lets go"
"cool" i said cooly
so we continued on our way to sandgem town.

"So, what is a great ball?" i asked
"ohh, one of these?" he pulled out a great ball "its basicly a better pokeball. here take one!"
"ohh thanks!" i took the greatball gratiously
"yea there are a ton of diffent pokeballs. greatballs, ultraballs, heal balls, dusk balls, premeir balls, net balls, quick balls. you name it!" he smiled at mudkip who we didnt notice picked up a twig in its mouth and was chewing it. "i heard of a ball that never fails. not sure what it calls, but if it's released, it will make catching pokemon a lot less fun..." looking away from mudkip and twords the path." were almost there"
"Mudkip!Mud!" i smiled and picked up mudkip. "muuu :) " looking back up at the path with devin
"were almost there" said devin, pointing to the horizon.
"well i'll beat you there!" then i ran. fast!
"Ohh no you dont!" and devin caught up rather fast.
"HEY!" laughing all the way there. we ran out of breath
"well, *pant* here we are *gasp*"
"kip-mudkip!" said mudkip sounding like he thought we were being sissys
"ohh dont you talk!" i said " i carred you all the way here!" Mudkip smiled and Devin laughed.

"so what do you need to do first?"


September 26th, 2008, 6:59 PM
BatmansSymbol- Good post you may move on I guess.

Glaceon39-much better! You are accpeted just start like you already got your pokemon.

September 26th, 2008, 7:20 PM
Jenny slowly opened her chocolate eyes and flicked her eyes towards her totodile. Cobalt was rocking back and forth breathing deeply with his eyes squeezed shut. Jenny smiled warmly and sat up.

"You may open your eyes now, you have completed your training task." she smiled calmly. Cobalt opened his eyes and sighed with relief. She the stood up and stretched, smiling and then bolted Jenny. She stood up.

"I do believe we should get going on to the next city, let's get going." she said, stuffing her book in her bag and picking up her parasol. She slung the bag over her shoulder and picked up Cobalt who smiled.

"Totodile!" he squeaked again. Jenny smiled and then continued on, her sandals brushed through the soft grass.

The lands were graceful and green. Trees were now everywhere and the path was clear. There was a shiny lake nearby, but there was no time to stop, for it would be dark soon. Jenny looked around, her charm bracelet jingled a dulcet tone that made the walk a little less quiet. Cobalt was now perched on her shoulder was rocking his head to the chimes of her charms.

"How lovely, the water here is so shiny, like the seas of home." Jenny sighed, feeling a bit nostalgic. She began to think about when she used to ride the gondalas and when she used to buy ice cream whenever she went to the library on Saturdays. But all of that was in the past, it was now time to focus on her new adventure.

"Dile! Totodile!" Cobalt was suddenly sharp and his eyes flicked about. Jenny stopped short too. After all those years with her mother the fortune teller, it was easy to tell when something wasn't right. Something was coming. Jenny lowered her parasol and bag, looking both ways. She then whipped around swiftly.

"Go Cobalt! Use tackle!" she commanded. The tiny blue alligator pokemon leaped off of her shoulder and rammed into a charging Spearow. Jenny staggered back and held up her parasol again.

"Spearow!" the angry bird danced around angrily and then began to charge at cobalt again.

"Dodge, Cobalt, and tackle!" Jenny smiled. Cobalt barely evaded the attack, his shoulder almost colliding with Spearow. He then turned sharply and tackled the spearow hard, knocking it to the ground next to Jenny's feet. She held up her hand to stop Cobalt from any further attack and bent down to the Spearow, slowly reaching her hand out to him. He snapped at her hand but she kept on reaching towards him. Cobalt walked towards them and craned his neck to see what was going on.

"It's okay, I won't hurt you, your anger has subsided partially." she said soothingly. The Spearow flinched as she began to stroke his feathers. Jenny the lowered her other head and felt the bird's belly.

"You're hungry, aren't you? And you can't find any other meals around?" she asked. Her mother used to teach her about the origins of pokemon anger. It was usually if they had a bad trainer, if they were hungry, injured, lost or it had lost someone close to them. The Spearow's stomach growled with hunger which answered Jenny's question. She closed her eyes nicely and reached into her bag, pulling out a can of pokemon food. She opened the lid and then reached inside, pulling out a handful of pokemon food and opening her hand out to the Spearow. It stared at the food cautiously for a second and then looked up at jenny. She blinked warmly and smiled.

"Go on, it's for you."

The Spearow inched closer to her hand and then began to eat the food hastily. Jenny smiled as he gobbled it all up.

"That's it, I'm a friend, not an enemy. " she said gently.

As soon as all the food was gone, the Spearow opened up his wings and then took off. Jenny reached down and lifted up Cobalt, smiling after the Spearow.

"Good work in battle, Cobalt. We needed to calm the poor thing down a hard way, but he is better now," she sighed with relief, "Well, onto the next town." she smiled. She then lifted up her bag and swung it over her shoulder, swinging her parasol back up. Cobalt growled in his throat with satisfaction.

September 27th, 2008, 5:45 AM
Azurelight2000-Good post...You may move on.

Glaceon39-Good post...You may move on.

September 27th, 2008, 8:47 AM
Ok I just reliezed that I have to many trainers in this roleplay so in the next chapter which is coming in a min. I will be seeing out of description, post lengnth, and if you are active or not who should stay and who should leave.

Glaceon 39- Ok first you should probably make your posts into sections of paragraphs. Second the battle was a little short don't ya think? Anyway your Turtwig leeled up to lvl. 6!

Chapter3: Jubilife City:
(1 post)
It is a beautiful day out. You have just come into this magnificent city known as Jubilife. You walk around town hearing people talk about this mysterious orginization called Team Galactic. You wonder who these people are hearing how they mistreat pokemon. You find this horrible and walk around town trying to figure out who these people are, when a huge TV in the middle of the city turns on saying The horrible Team Galactic is at it again. They have stolen all of the Poketchs in Jubilife and plan on taking them to there secret base. This is Reporter Julie from Jubilife City standing outside of the what used to be the Poketch Company....

What you do:
1. You must enter Jubilife City.
2. You may travel around the city doing battles, meeting new trainers, or go to the local stores such as; the Pokemon Center, the Pokemart, or the Poketch Company.
3. You must describe seeing the blury picture of Julie and hearing what she says and then leaving the area to go to the abandoned Poketch Company.(The old warehouse)

Have fun and remember I will be kicking people out and limiting my trainers to only 5.:)
You get furious because you wanted a poketch and leave the area trying to find this building with these goons....What happens is up to you in this chapter...

September 27th, 2008, 3:19 PM
ahh, i think im gonna drop out of the rp.

September 27th, 2008, 3:33 PM
Ok AlmightySquirtle...Good bye.:(

September 27th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Shaun was slightly exhausted by the time she had reached JubilifeCity, but she couldn’t help feeling a sense of accomplishment. She had made it to JubilifeCity, the city she had just left a while ago! While Shinx was investigating a plastic water bottle that had been left on the ground, Shaun read the sign outside JubilifeCity. Welcome to JubilifeCity! It read in large, bold, letters, The LargestCity in Sinnoh! The sign declared in slightly smaller lettering. There was another sign underneath it as well, Home to the Poketch Company! Get your own Poketch now! Sign sponsored by the Poketch Company of Sinnoh. Was what that sign read.

“Shinx!” Shinx cried, as it flipped the water bottle into the air. It spun a few times, catching the light, before coming down again, to hit Shinx on the head. Shaun had reached her pokemon by then, and Shinx seemed…happy, oddly. Aside from the initial small bump that it had felt when the water bottle made contact with its forehead, everything else had been all forgotten, and besides, Shinx seemed to have decided it was pretty the way the water bottle caught the light, because it flipped it again…and again…and again. Each time it ended up hitting Shinx on the forehead, but Shinx didn’t seem to care. Finally, Shaun decided it was about time to move on, after Shinx had flipped it into the air about five or six times.
“That’s wonderful, Shinx, now maybe we should keep going, and we’ll take this bottle along so we can recycle it, okay?” Reily asked Shinx with a small smile, everybody who ever met Shinx would know how playful this pokemon was.
“Shinx!” Shinx agreed happily, running in circles around Shaun’s feet before falling into step with Shaun. From there, it had a bit of fun jumping in and out of JubilifeCity before once again following Shaun deeper into Jubilife.

They made it to the PokemonCenter with relative ease, which is where they heard the broadcast. The horrible Team Galactic is at it again. They have stolen all of the Poketchs in Jubilife and plan on taking them to there secret base. This is Reporter Julie from JubilifeCity standing outside of the what used to be the Poketch Company....

Team Galactic? Shaun had heard of them somewhere, she was pretty sure that what she had heard about them wasn’t good, but before she could give it much thought, a Chansey had grabbed her hand and was leading her towards another room. It was set up much like a restaurant, and sure enough, there were trainers eating there. Some of them who were traveling in groups were talking about subjects that other trainers might not be able to relate to, some of the more social and outgoing trainers had started up conversations with other trainers, and the rest pretty much ate their meal in silence. Shaun sat down at a table occupied by only one other trainer, a boy who was pretty much hidden behind a large, but fairly thin book. Shaun thanked the Chansey who had brought her a tray with a salad, an apple, a bowl of pokemon food, and a glass of water. Upon hearing her voice, the trainer who was reading the book lowered it. Shaun nearly shrieked, but she refrained herself, as Shinx jumped onto the table to begin eating the pokemon food.

“Ivan?! What are you doing here?” Was all Shaun could say.

“What do you think? Getting something to eat before I collapse, I was out training all day and then Team Galactic showed up. Yeah, they tried to take Piplup.”

“Team Galactic-?” That did not sound good to Shaun. They were the Team that had stolen the Poketches. When Shaun mentioned this, he nodded.

"Yeah, I heard the broadcast. Got to keep a lookout man, with people like them around. Well, nice seeing you." He said, popping the last cherry tomato into his mouth. "I'm going to be in Jubilife for a while, I'm training around these areas, so I'll probably see you around. Bye Shaun."

"Bye..." Was all Shaun said, and Ivan waved before disappearing through two twin doors. "I wonder how he knows so much about Team Galactic..."

September 27th, 2008, 4:40 PM
Slytherfang-Good unfinished post. FInish it soon though ok?:)

September 28th, 2008, 2:37 PM
((Uh, I missed Chapter 2, so should I do those posts or move to 3?))

September 28th, 2008, 2:43 PM
Ok Glaceon39- When I was reading your post I could hardly tell who was talking. When someone new speaks skip twp lines like this.

"Hey." I said.

"Hey." He said.

"Later man." I said.

"Later." he said.

Like that.

second add more description to your posts like during the battle you should have told us who was doing what like Turtwig rushed into battle and slammed the Geodude onto the gound pining it so that it couldn't get up. See how much better it is?

third you didn't even mention the TV broadcast or anything like it.

So I'm sorry but Glaceon39 I'm going to have to kick you. Next time your in a RP hopefully my tips will help your posts. :(

s p a c e c o w b o y
September 28th, 2008, 6:35 PM
1:00 P.M.

"so this is sandgem" i said with a bit of curiosity

i put down mudkip and took a quick look around.

"not much here..."

"small town!" devin said "nothin really happens here. well except proffesser Rowans lab. but other then that, nope. just a regular small town."

"well then lets get out of here. its really kinda pointless to be here. C'mon Mudkip!" i said while walking twords the next route.


"hey! do you even know where your going?"

"yea! Jublife!" and i just kept walking

"well then wait up!" i stopped and waited for devin.

i looked up at the sky, then down at mudkip.

"how ya doin mudkip?"


"nevermind:)" i said while smileing

"alright" devin panted, "lets go!

walking out of Sandgem i thought to myslef. "what kind of pokemon does devin have... he's a pokemon breeder so im guessing baby pokemon. and the pokemon to breed them... i might as well ask him."

"hey Devin what ki-"


"uhh. did that grass just say star?" i said with confustion in my voice.

"no," devin replyed "wild pokemon usually hide in tall grass. so my guess is thats a starly."

"STAR! starLY!"

"alright ready mudkip?"

"Kip!" mudkip positioned himself

"alright! go! Mudslap!" mudkip slapped some mud into the tall grass and a small bird looking pokemon flew out.

"llly!" growled starly!

"Again Mudkip! Mudslap!" once again, mudkip slapped some mud, but this time it made contact with starly.

"sta..." starly grunted slyly

"hey!" devin shouted "dont use ground type moves on flying type pokemon. it has no effect!"

"Now you tell me?!?!" reviewing mudkips moves in my head i thought myself a plan. right at that moment, starly dived in for a takle! Mudkip was still a bit confused as to why his mudslap really didnt do anything.

"Mudkip! Pay attention!"

"Mu?" mudkip looked up. "KIIIIP!" mudkip was striken by the takle attack. "MUU!" mudkip was launched a few feet then hit the ground. "KIP!"

"MUDKIP! Are you Okay?!" mudkip got up quickly and prepared himself just incase of another takle.

"kip-Mudkip!" he squealed.

"alright! Growl, then takle it!" Mudkip started to run at starly, and used his battle cry to intimidate starly "MUUUUDKIIIIP!!!" starly got startled and dodged the takle.

"dang..." i thought "Alright mudkip try again! but this time, no growl!"

"KIP!" mudkip tured around immediately and lunged.

"Critical hit!" said Devin

"Because of how far he went right?"

"Exactly", he said " your learning!" starly went flying and didnt get up.

"why isnt it moving?" i asked

"you knocked it out!"

"already? the last one took a bit longer."

"well thats to be expected. your mudkip is probably at a much higher level then that starly. which was probably like. level 2 or 3." he smiled "well good job!" he said "well, lets keep going"


"so what is it you were going to tell me?"


"you were about to say something before that starly showed up."

"ohh yea! what pokemon do you have?"

"well, since im a pokemon breeder, lots of babys. and their parents too!" ... *thats exactly what i thought* :) "wanna c?" Devin reached to his belt and grabbed 4 pokeballs. "ALRIGHT GUYS! C'MON OUT!" he tossed the balls in the air. and simultainiously, the balls opened.

"chu!" a pichu came out of the first one

"shi!" a shinx that i helped him catch came from the third one

"Iggly!" and igglybuff from the third

"Jiggly!" a jigglypuff from the fourth

"there you go!" devin said, and all of his pokemon cried their names at the same time. "now return!" and all of his pokemon returned to their balls

"cool!" :) and i smiled " i cant wait to get that many pokemon!"

"these are just a few of mine! i got some pikachu, and a ditto too!"

"why do you have a ditto?"

"some pokemon are genderless. like magnimite. so i have a ditto to breed with those. or maybe with pokemon who i only have one of. :)"

"ohh.." i looked at mudkip who once again had something green in his mouth. probably grass."

"there it is!" devin said with excitement. "Jublife!"

i looked back up and saw Jublife unfold before me.... now THIS was no small town like sandgem. tall buildings, lots of people, and pokemon far as the eye can see! but the thing that caught my eye was a big screen with a news report. there was some lady on the screen.

"Team Galactic has done it again! All of the Poketchs have been stolen!"

"Poketch?" i thought to myslef

"authoritys have no lead to as where they might have put them, but they are on the case. in other news..."

"did you hear that mudkip?"

"Mud?" mudkip looked up from playing with his grass

:) "ha ha! nevermind!" i laughed " hey, whats a poketch?" i asked devin.

"it a watch with various applications made for trainers like yourself! i would reccomend you get one, but it appears they've been stolen."

"yea, well lets take a look around shall we?"

"Mudkip!" mudkip replyed


1:00 P.M.

"so this is sandgem" i said with a bit of curiosity

i put down mudkip and took a quick look around.

"not much here..."

"small town!" devin said "nothin really happens here. well except proffesser Rowans lab. but other then that, nope. just a regular small town."

"well then lets get out of here. its really kinda pointless to be here. C'mon Mudkip!" i said while walking twords the next route.


"hey! do you even know where your going?"

"yea! Jublife!" and i just kept walking

"well then wait up!" i stopped and waited for devin.

i looked up at the sky, then down at mudkip.

"how ya doin mudkip?"


"nevermind:)" i said while smileing

"alright" devin panted, "lets go!

walking out of Sandgem i thought to myslef. "what kind of pokemon does devin have... he's a pokemon breeder so im guessing baby pokemon. and the pokemon to breed them... i might as well ask him."

"hey Devin what ki-"


"uhh. did that grass just say star?" i said with confustion in my voice.

"no," devin replyed "wild pokemon usually hide in tall grass. so my guess is thats a starly."

"STAR! starLY!"

"alright ready mudkip?"

"Kip!" mudkip positioned himself

"alright! go! Mudslap!" mudkip slapped some mud into the tall grass and a small bird looking pokemon flew out.

"llly!" growled starly!

"Again Mudkip! Mudslap!" once again, mudkip slapped some mud, but this time it made contact with starly.

"sta..." starly grunted slyly

"hey!" devin shouted "dont use ground type moves on flying type pokemon. it has no effect!"

"Now you tell me?!?!" reviewing mudkips moves in my head i thought myself a plan. right at that moment, starly dived in for a takle! Mudkip was still a bit confused as to why his mudslap really didnt do anything.

"Mudkip! Pay attention!"

"Mu?" mudkip looked up. "KIIIIP!" mudkip was striken by the takle attack. "MUU!" mudkip was launched a few feet then hit the ground. "KIP!"

"MUDKIP! Are you Okay?!" mudkip got up quickly and prepared himself just incase of another takle.

"kip-Mudkip!" he squealed.

"alright! Growl, then takle it!" Mudkip started to run at starly, and used his battle cry to intimidate starly "MUUUUDKIIIIP!!!" starly got startled and dodged the takle.

"dang..." i thought "Alright mudkip try again! but this time, no growl!"

"KIP!" mudkip tured around immediately and lunged.

"Critical hit!" said Devin

"Because of how far he went right?"

"Exactly", he said " your learning!" starly went flying and didnt get up.

"why isnt it moving?" i asked

"you knocked it out!"

"already? the last one took a bit longer."

"well thats to be expected. your mudkip is probably at a much higher level then that starly. which was probably like. level 2 or 3." he smiled "well good job!" he said "well, lets keep going"


"so what is it you were going to tell me?"


"you were about to say something before that starly showed up."

"ohh yea! what pokemon do you have?"

"well, since im a pokemon breeder, lots of babys. and their parents too!" ... *thats exactly what i thought* :) "wanna c?" Devin reached to his belt and grabbed 4 pokeballs. "ALRIGHT GUYS! C'MON OUT!" he tossed the balls in the air. and simultainiously, the balls opened.

"chu!" a pichu came out of the first one

"shi!" a shinx that i helped him catch came from the third one

"Iggly!" and igglybuff from the third

"Jiggly!" a jigglypuff from the fourth

"there you go!" devin said, and all of his pokemon cried their names at the same time. "now return!" and all of his pokemon returned to their balls

"cool!" :) and i smiled " i cant wait to get that many pokemon!"

"these are just a few of mine! i got some pikachu, and a ditto too!"

"why do you have a ditto?"

"some pokemon are genderless. like magnimite. so i have a ditto to breed with those. or maybe with pokemon who i only have one of. :)"

"ohh.." i looked at mudkip who once again had something green in his mouth. probably grass."

"there it is!" devin said with excitement. "Jublife!"

i looked back up and saw Jublife unfold before me.... now THIS was no small town like sandgem. tall buildings, lots of people, and pokemon far as the eye can see! but the thing that caught my eye was a big screen with a news report. there was some lady on the screen.

"Team Galactic has done it again! All of the Poketchs have been stolen!"

"Poketch?" i thought to myslef

"authoritys have no lead to as where they might have put them, but they are on the case. in other news..."

"did you hear that mudkip?"

"Mud?" mudkip looked up from playing with his grass

:) "ha ha! nevermind!" i laughed " hey, whats a poketch?" i asked devin.

"it a watch with various applications made for trainers like yourself! i would reccomend you get one, but it appears they've been stolen."

"yea, well lets take a look around shall we?"

"Mudkip!" mudkip replyed


is my spelling a problem? if it is, i can work a bit harder on it

September 29th, 2008, 6:14 AM
BatmanSymbol-Good Post! Mudkip lvled up to lvl 8. You aren't safe yet though because your charecter is not in Jubilife.:)

September 29th, 2008, 11:46 AM
((Uh, Pika, can you reply to me? I'm not sure if I should just skip 2 and go to 3...))

September 29th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Srry SailorShadow. Just move onto Jubilife City:)

Slytherfang- Good post! You are safe!

Batman Symbol- Good post you are safe.

September 29th, 2008, 3:00 PM
((Okay, thanks, Pika! I'm going to post it a little later.))

s p a c e c o w b o y
September 30th, 2008, 2:54 PM
4 P.M.

"So where shall we go first?" i asked mudkip

"Muuuuuu..!" he grunted

"yea. what do you think devin?"

"lets go to the Broadcasting center! i keep overhearing people saying how great it was!"

"umm... i sorta dont know my way around! can you show me?"

"yea!" he responded " this way!" and, like i did to him at sandgem, he ran. so i picked up mudkip and started to run


"ohh sorry" i blushed. then i put him down. i guess he wanted to run with me! so then me AND mudkip ran as fast as we could. "HEY! WAIT UP!" i shouted. i ran around the corner and saw devin resting on his knees.

"*pant, pant* so you finally made it huh? *pant*"

"yea.." i wasnt breathing as hard.. i didnt think it was that far of a run "so is this it?"

"yup! Lets go in!" he still sounded out of breath, but just a little.

"what on God's green earth is in here?" devin said " I'd figure that it was all just some boaring news broadcasts and stuff!" i looked around and thought the same thing. there was battleing, trading and games everywhere! "whoa! come over here mitch!"
devin started to run in the other direction.

"KIP!" mudkip yelped

"i agree, i think we should walk to... :P "
so we walked :P

"wow! look at this!"

"calm down devin! what is it?"

"welcome!" a woman at the counter said welcomely "would you like to draw a free daily lottery ticket?"

"arent i too young?" devin asked

"Nope!" she replyed "here, there is no age limit!"

"AWSOME! ill take one!" devin pulled a ticket out of the box and another one poped out. "sorry, play again... aww.." devin sighed.

"im sorry, but you can try again tommorrow!" the woman said with apology. "would you like a try?" she asked me

"sure!" i said. then it was my turn to pull a ticket. "3" i said "what does this mean?" i asked

"Ohh! congradulations! you've one third prize! a freash vile of protein for one of your pokemon!"


devin looked at me with jelously and replyed "its a potion that will raise the attack power of one of your pokemon..." then he just kinda looked down.

"mud?" mudkip said looking up at me.

"sure thing mudkip!" and i unscrewed the lid off of the protein and gave it to mudkip.

"kiiiip!" he kinda enjoyed it!

"hey lady," i asked "what else can you do here?

"well", she said " you can battle in that corner,*point* and if you go upstairs you can check your records. and you may do what ever with anyone in the building. so enjoy yourself!"

"im battleing."

"Mud!" :) so without hesitaion mudkip and i walked to a random person in a corder. "hi! wanna battle?"

"heck yes! normal rules." he said "Go! eevee!" then the familer pokeball flew up in the air. the the usuall happend. the beam. the pokemon ect...

"alright! ready mudkip?"


"okay! mudslap!"

mudkip did as instructed and the eevee cryed out as it hit the wall "VEE!"

"eevee! you okay?" the trainer said


"alright, takle!" eevee hoisted itsself up and ran at mudkip

"mudkip, move out of the way!" mudkip moved to the left to dodge it but eevee still got his sholder and cheek fin thing...:)

"kiiip!" mudkip said in pain. then straitining himself up, he growled "Kip!" to intimidate the eevee.

"good job mudkip, now use mudslap again!"

"Kip!" the mud went flying.

"eeeeeee!" eevee went soaring accross the room! "VEE!" then hit the opposite wall it hit before.

"thats so powerful!" devin said. "i guess that protien came in handy!"

"alright, you did good eevee, return!" and eevee went back to the pokeball. "but im not done! Go! Pikachu!" and out of the red beam, a pikachu appeared. "pika!" "electric type is strong against water! so your through!"

"!" i said. just as i got worried, i saw out of the corner of my eye a grin on devins face.

"mud-slap" he said

"Okay pikachu!" the trainer said. Double team!" pikachu ran in circles around mudkip. faster and faster. round and around until there was several pikachu blurs around him. mudkip couldnt tell wich one was really there!

"uhh.. okay mudkip! mudslap!"

"kip?" and he did as instructed. *slap* the muddy substance just flew through one of the pika-figures.

"ha! nice try kid!" the trainer grunted "pikachu! thunder shock!"

"PEEKACHUUU!" at that moment, a small, but not nessisarily weak, bolt of lighting came from the blurs.

"ki-mudKIIIIIIPP!!!" mudkip howled . then collapsed on the ground.

"you okay mudkip?"

"kii.." a faint mudkip voice wispered.

Potion... i thought to myslef. i reached in my bag and pulled out a potion i grabbed before i left home. then i walked up to the pika-blur and sprayed it to the middle of the circle.

"now get up mudkip!" i said

"kip!" mudkp immediatly jumped up

"hmp!" the trainer grunted

"okay mudkip, use mudslap, but strait into the air above you! then get out of the way!"

"Kip! MuuuudKIIIP!" he hurled it into the air and it came crashing down everywhere around him! miss, one of the pika blurs dissapeared. miss. another one, gone, but, the third time, was a direct hit!

"pIiIiIkaa..!" pikachu colapesed onto the ground.

"NO! I FORGOT MUDSLAP WAS A GROUND TYPE MOVE! AWW IM SUCH AN IDIOT! aww it was nice fighting you kid! and he walked out of the station. pikachu in arms.

"where's he goin?" i asked

"most likely to the pokemon center." devin replyed. "great battle! was that your first trainer battle?"

"yea! i think i did good!"

"good? that was incredible!" devin said "whats with you and being so good with pokemon?" he asked

"well," i put my hands behind your head "i got some experience" i boasted

"ha! yea right!" and he chased me out of the building...

"so where do we go next?" i said exiting the building.

"well not over there!" devin pointed to the left at the poketch building. witch was completely overrun with policemen and woman investigating.

"ugh! lets go to the pokemon center!" i said you feelin tired mudkip?"


so we set of to find the nearest pokemon center. laughing all along the way!


October 4th, 2008, 12:31 PM
Batman Symbol- Good post. Goos battle, Mudkip grew to lvl. 10

To everyone: I will not be here this weekend, next week, and maybe even next weekend due to going on a long camping trip and The next xhapter will have pokemon because I foregot to post wild pokemon available last time.:)

Rafey & Zore: I'm sorry guys but you have been inactive for a while now so both of you are kicked:(

s p a c e c o w b o y
October 9th, 2008, 3:08 PM
urg... get done camping! i wanna post T.T

October 10th, 2008, 6:50 PM
Pikalover10, I suggest you take another good read of the Pokecommunity Forum Rules (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=91723), particularly the third rule.

October 11th, 2008, 1:22 PM
Sorry Allelujah Haptism

To Everyone: Next Chapter is up now!

Chapter 4: Route 203
(Number of posts: 2)

Description: This is a wider then normal route with many trees and very few lakes. During the day you'll only here the noises of pokemon battling and pokemon activities, but during the night you hear the wonderful music that the Kricketot play and all the route pokemon singing to its wonderful music.

What you can do:

Capture Pokemon.
Battle Trainers or Pokemon.

You may not:
Meet any Roleplayers yet,
Battle any roleplayers,
or Capture more then one pokemon:)

Available pokemon to capture:

Lvl: 4-7
Nature: Random
Gender: Male or Female
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack (If lvl. 5)
Ability: Keen Eye
Rarity: Common

Lvl: 4-7
Nature: Random
Gender: Male or Female
Attacks: Tackle and Growl (If lvl. 5)
Ability: Simple, Unaware
Rarity: Common

Lvl: 5-8
Nature: Random
Gender: Male or Female
Attacks: Tackle and Leer (If lvl. 5 or higher)
Ability: Rivalry or intimidate
Rarity: Uncommon

Lvl: 4-6
Nature: Random
Gender: Male or Female
Attacks: Growl and Bide
Ability: Shed Skin
Rarity: Rare (Morning and Night Only)

Lvl. 5-7
Gender: Male or Female
Attacks: Leech Life, Supersonic
Ability: Inner Focus
Rarity: Rare (Night Only)
Lvl: 5-7
Nature: Random
Gender: Male or Female
Attacks: Growl and Confusion (if lvl. 6)
Ability: Synchronize or Trace
Rarity: Special- only one person can get because I just threw it in there and it must be a really really good post:)

Have fun!