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September 20th, 2008, 5:40 AM

- Child -

Do you remember the days, when you were one
The aroma of the firstborn rain, caressed your soft skin, exiled all misgivings and fears;
a young artiste, you were.
And there was always a certain place, solely yours,
where the milieu perfectly toned each butterfly,
where the stars sheltered every spirit,
where a rock and a river never fought.

Now you slowly disappear, your memories are slipping away
Gone outside, eyes wide open, you see different shades.
And you found another place,
where a nestling breathes its last breath,
where the blue is bare,
where nothing is any longer rare.

In your dream, petite buds of innocence days will come into flower;
following the genuine melody odours,
you shall go where the magic never died.

Only then will you remember.