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September 20th, 2008, 1:03 PM
Across the Universe, life and intelligence takes its place amongst the stars, building huge civilisations and begining disatrous wars. Billions of planets are home to life that exist in the billions of Galaxies and trillions of Solar Systems. Many of these beings look the same. Originating from Planet Earth, these creatures known as "Humans" settle amongst the stardust. Planet Earth is very primitive and have not left there own Solar System yet, but some Humans slip through gaps in reality, reappeaing on empty, intelligent Planets. Some die, some go mad and some survive and breed and conquer and advance, taking over the Galaxy that is there home. These conquerers are known as "Terestrial-Humans" or "X-Humans." Many are good and look similar to regular Humans but some are evil and wish to destroy the Universe.

But throughout Time and Space, there has been other intelligent creatures guiding there ways. Pokemon! They are the faithful companions of Humans and have breeded and conquered just like Humans. They have helped them survive and flourish. Without them, the Universe would be lifeless...

Earth time is now 2008, September and all is well... On Earth! A league of X-Humans named Xialions (prounounced Zialions ;)) have conquered the Universe and now own four fifths of the Universe. Only a handful of Planets have survived and some good X-Humans have fleeded to those Planets. Adipose 3, Aqualia, New New Earth, Earth, New New Mars, Raxicorocofallipotorious (hard to pronounce, I know), Porosia, Intelecia, Montaro and Kayleon are the only planets with intelligent life that exist now.


You are a Human. Not a X-Human, just a normal, Earth Human. Of course, you're not just gonna drop dead along with the rest of the Universe now, are you?! No, because an organsiation has been formed. Good X-Humans, or "angelics", have went undercover and disguised themselves as Xialions. There plan was a success and the Angelics took control of a Planet named Poketopia. This Planet was pretty much identical to Earth only much, much bigger and the laws of phsyics were a tad different aswell.

The Angelics hollowed out the core and filled it with machinery and engines transforming it into a ginourmous space ship the size of a star. This spaceship was a refugee for the remaining citizens of the Universe. It went to every remaining planet, picking up living creatures and set them safe in the ship. The ship hid in the Medusa cascade, away from the Xialions and hidden from the rest of the Universe. Small pods the size of a Moon were occasionaly ejected from the ship and went to Planets, searching for survivors and beaming them up into the ship..

Now, back to were you come in. Poketopia has came to Earth after a report that the Xialions are heading there. They beam up millions of people from the Planet and give you a home there. You're one of those people. Poketopia is just like Earth. At first, your not sure where you are, but then you are told. You challenge the Pokemon league there and become a pokemon trainer just like what you wanted back on Earth. just like Earth, you are reunited with your Family and make new Friends. You discover secret orders and travel out into space...

But will you safty under the shadows and away from the Xialions for long enough?

I know, nobody likes them but we have to have them. And , no, they're not made to be broken!

Firstly, all PC rules apply here. Persistent failing to follow this rule can result in being booted from the RP.
No godmodding allowed at all! Not following this rule will result in immediant booting from the RP.
Bunnying is allowed, but only a small amount and you must have permission. persistent braking of this rule will result in being kicked from the RP.
Please keep language mild. The same goes with Violence and any lovey-dovey sceens. Persistent breaking of this rule will result in being kicked from the RP.
Please be active. There's no point in joining if you're not gonna take part. Please inform me if you are going away or won't be able to get to your PC. If you are inactive for a week you will be booted.
Please have fun. There's no point in joining if you're not having fun.


Name: (No need to explain.)
Age: (Between 12 and 18)
Gender: (Give yourself time to check :|)
Personality: (Try not to make them boring. At least a paragraph please.)
History: (It doesn't have to be too crazy. Just 3 or 4 lines please :))
Appearance: (Please tell me what you would wear normaly, at a formal doo and when it is cold, aswell as physical appearance ;))
Preferred Starter: (Explained Below :D)

At the start of the rP, you are just starting a Pokemon Journey. You recive a starter Pokemon and are suddenly beamed up.

Turtwig (takne by Namora)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Personality: Jolly
Ability: Overgrow
Move Set:

Piplup (Taken by Lostt)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Personality: Sassy
Ability: Torrent
Move Set:

Chimchar (Taken by Vociferocity)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Personality: Bold
Ability: Blaze
Move Set:

Dratini (Taken by Slytherfang)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Personality: Rash
Ability: Shed Skin
Move Set:
Thunder Wave

Eevee (Taken by Pikalover10)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Personality: Careful
Ability: Adaptibility
Move Set:
Tail Whip
Helping Hand

Ralts (Taken by Pink_Lopunny)
Level: 6
Gender: Male
Personality: Hardy
Ability: Synchronize
Move Set:

September 21st, 2008, 8:06 PM
Ok I normaly like your Role Plays and the plot sounds cool so...

Name: Maximillion Tegeku
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Personality: Max can get very annoying. He likes to pull pranks on everyone. His teachers, enemies, friends, basically anyone he can pull his pranks on. He likes to climb trees, swim, write novels, draw, sculpt some, do Taikwondo which he has a black belt in, and do soccer. He has finished a book but hasn't sent it in to be published yet because he is afraid it isn't good enough. He has made many drawings that are mostly about pokemon. He usually writes his books and draws in trees because it gets his imagination going. He swims because he loves to and it helps with book writing some. He sculpts a little but not to much because he is horrible at it. Does Taikwondo where he has a black belt. And loves to play soccer, his favorite sport, he is one of the best soccer players he knows and doesn't like to back down from challenges.

History: Max grew up in Mobile Alabama. His parents where beamed up into Poketopia beofre him when he was only three. He couldn't bare to live without them. He was sent to the orphangae there until he was about 10. when he was ten he was outside playing when he was beamed up into Poketopia. There he lived for a year with other people and wanted to find his parents so bad. He eventually found them and they told him about his older brother that had been beamed up when Max was only 2 when he couldn't remember. His brother's name was Samuel and was Max's best friend for his entire childhood after that.


Regularly: Max wears a red polo shirt, black pants, a red and green hat, a neckalce with a Kyogre scale encased in it, green fingerless gloves, lime green and sky blue braces, black spiky/messy hair, and crystal blue eyes and running shoes.

Formal Occasions: A tuxedo with a blue undershirt, a blue tie, his hair gelled down, his necklace, white fingerless gloves, lime green and sky blue braces, crystal blue eyes, and dance shoes.

Physical appearence: Max is short for his age standing at 4 foot 6 and wighs about 95 lbs. He has black/ spiky messy hair, he had to get braces at about the age of 11, and has to wear clear contacts due to not wanting to wear glasses. He has crystal blue eyes that sometimes change to green eyes.

Preffered Starter: Eevee.

Tell me if I need to edit anything and I will!:):)

September 22nd, 2008, 11:58 AM
Hey, can you reserve Dratini for me? I'll replace this with my profile soon

September 22nd, 2008, 12:39 PM
Yo, think you can save Ralts for me? It seems pretty interesting.

September 22nd, 2008, 4:27 PM
Name: Rebecca Vondran (Becca)
Age: 13
Personality: Becca is really selfless and will go out of her way to help people no matter what.
Although she is very selfless she isn't Ms. Perfect. She loves to Sketch, Sing and talk to people.
Becca's favorite type ok Pokemom is Water, she doesnt hate any pokemon. She doesn't really think of herself as pretty but some
people say that she is and others say she isn't.

Becca loves to be active. She loves just about any sport out there even if she isn't good at. She did once go
to the All Stars of her middle school Team in basketball. Her favorite sport would be Tennis that is also probably
the sport she is best at.

Becca is generally happy and has no real reason to be depressed or mopey. She can be funny and laugh at times but knows when to be serious. Becca says that she has many friends but not many close friends.
Becca has one of the biggest passion in Drawing. She will often find a nice quiet place and then sketch it up. In her opinion he art makes most anything pretty. Others often Agree while some do not. She can also be very shy.

History: Becca was an only child she was beamed up first in her family. At the age of Seven she was beamed up leaving her best friend,dad and mom behind. She doesn't stress over it because they Promised to come see her. Now she sees a girl who seems like her friend. She hasn't built up the courage to ask her her name yet.

Appearance: Becca will usually wear a White Tank Top and then a Pair of light blue Jeans. She wears her favorite YellowJacket and then yellow and blue shoes. She has Bright Yellow and Blue Braces.

On a Formal Day Becca will dress up despite the fact that she hates it. She dress up in one of her only two dresses. The Dress is a Purple Dress that Hangs at her Knees. She will wear black gloves that go up just past her elbow. The shoes she wears are Black High Heels.

In Physical Appearance she is is 5' 10" Tall. She has Black hair that goes just beyond he shoulders. Her skin is very Tan. Her Eyes are Green and her teeth white.
Preferred Starter: Piplup

September 23rd, 2008, 4:33 AM
Name: Ela (last name has long since been forgotten)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Personality: Ela is a very vivacious girl, cheery and friendly and bubbly. From the years on the street, she knows that it's best to be loud and happy at all times; friendly to everyone. She also knows that most people are only looking out for themselves, so although she is friendly, she doesn't really trust anyone to stay loyal, not even herself. When angry or annoyed, Ela just gets super polite, knowing that it never helps to rage at people - it's always best to get your revenge when they're not looking. She's generous and kind, and will always help people in need.

History: For a few years before she was taken to Poketopia, Ela lived on her own. She ran away from home when she was ten, over some childish misunderstanding, but instead of coming home and making up with her parents like most children do, she kept running until she found herself in a far away city, full of dirt and filth and lies. Ela lived on the streets, slowly forgetting parts of her old life, and reinventing those parts, changing them day by day to be either horrific and abusive, or amazing and dazzling. When taken to Poketopia, she, unlike many of the other people, was fine with the possibility of never meeting a familiar face. She'd long since accepted that she would never see her family again, and the people she'd met since being on the run were not the kind of people one would call their friend.

Appearance: Ela is a very scrawny sixteen year old girl; tall and slender, with long limbs. She has short blonde hair, big, innocent looking green eyes, and pale skin which is covered in freckles.

Ela always wears a pair of frayed, black jeans, a dirty gray t-shirt with a rainbow printed on the front, and a torn, green, long-sleeved t-shirt under that. She also wears a pair of chunky, black boots. She doesn't have any formal clothes.

Because of the years of living alone, her personal hygiene leaves a little to be desired, so her hair is often greasy and her teeth are never perfectly white.

Preferred Starter: Chimchar

September 23rd, 2008, 7:24 AM
Pikalover10- Accepted! That was a good sign-up, as per usual! Enjoy your Journey through Poketopia with Eevee ^^

Slytherfang- Reserved! i can't wait to see that sign-up! Just post it soon or I'll have to drop the reservation :)

Pink_loppuny- Reserved! You can travel with Ralts ;) Just as long as you get that sign-up down asap :D

Lostt- Accepted!!! That was a good sign-up :D Have a good time with Piplup :D

Vociferocity- Accepted!!! That sign-up was extremly well done ^^ Have a good time with chimchar ;D

I will post the first chapter in a bit and then the second chapter once Pink_Lopunny and Slytherfang post there sign-up along with one other person :D

September 23rd, 2008, 1:05 PM
Name: Reily Jackson
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Personality: Reily is a bit like a pachirisu, she never seems to run out of energy, and most people tire out before she does. Due to this, she cannot sit still, she has to be moving some part of her body, even if its just curling and uncurling her fingers or clenching and unclenching her hand. Otherwise, all that extra energy builds up inside her and after half and hour or so of sitting still, she'll probably jump out of her chair and onto her desk, take a lap around the room and sit back down again. Its never happened before, but she very often feels like she needs to run a mile or two just to get rid of her extra energy, which can get her into trouble at times. Besides being extremely energetic, she can also be extremely nice, or extremely sharp, she doesn't go from being happy one moment to sad the next, she doesn't work that way, its just that to different people she acts differently, she'll never judge someone by their cover, though.

History: Reily's family was, to use most people's words, weird, to an extent. They were pokemon breeders, living in Veilstone City, and though Reily couldn't see anything out of the ordinary about that, other people seemed to be able to find weirdness in that. Or maybe it was her brother, who truly was, for lack of a better word, a teensy bit odd. Even Reily agreed that his habit of wearing lime green, bright tangerine, white, and black was a little out of the ordinary and sure to attract some attention, not to mention the fact that his favorite thing in the world were flowers. Personally, Reily thought that was pretty cool of her brother to be interested in flowers, but other people thought along different lines, the lines of weirdo, strange kid, tends to flowers all afternoon....well, eventually he left home because he received a letter from a flower shop in Floaroma Town saying that they had heard he enjoyed flowers and that they could use his help. Needless to say, he accepted immediately. So it was just Reily left at home, she helped with the pokemon, feeding them and caring to them, though she decided she preferred pokemon training, and so that was what she decided she would do.

Physical Info- Reily is considered between average and fairly tall, standing at 5 feet, 4 inches tall, or 160 centimeters. She is borderline low weight, the scale says 94 pounds, or 42.7 kilograms, making her not quite toothpick-like as far as physical appearance, but getting there, though her weight’s not low intentionally. Her hair is dark brown, almost black, and reaches down to her mid black, and she’s got braces (standard silvery grey), though somehow they look pretty good on her.

Clothing, Normal Days- On normal days, Reily wears a black short sleeved t-shirt with a silver dragon on it, and a turquoise tank top that is a little bit longer than the shirt. She also wears white, grey, and black plaid shorts, one silver cuff bracelet on each wrist, and white running shoes, which she keeps in good condition. In colder weather she exchanges the shorts for heavier jeans made of dark gray/black denim, and black waterproof lace up boots. In addition to that she wears a white heavy, but not bulky, zip up coat.

Clothing, Formal Occasions- On the occasions where Reily needs to dress up a bit, she wears a black straight dress, with the skirt falling to around her knees, and which is trimmed with silver, she also wears delicate silver sandals with a very low heel, because she can’t walk in higher heels, and swaps the cuff bracelets for one slim silver bracelet which she wears on her right wrist, and a silver necklace with a small diamond (of lower quality, because high quality diamonds are just worth too much) hanging from it.

Preferred Starter: Dratini

September 23rd, 2008, 1:38 PM
Name: Dusty Vloskivitz

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Cold exterior, warm heart. He enjoys playing with his mother's pokemon, and taking care of others at the Daycare center, which he visits from every now and then. He likes to watch pokemon play in the water, and eveywhere else, thus
inspiring him to become a trainer. He may be warm hearted, but like his relative, Lorelei, he is ice cold in battle. Whether it's an arguement, or a practice battle, in that time he uses a relative's pokemon for. He likes the cold weather, but also
becomes calmed when he sees the flowers of spring, that is, the flowers that are left on Earth. He wishes for peace in the universe, though he knows it will never come.

History: When he was five, his aunt, Lorelei of the Elite Four, trained him in pokemon battling. She lent him her pokemon, and taught him the basics. He learned the more advanced skills after long, rigorous studying. After five years, he saw the true
horrors of the universe. He saw as a new species, known as Xialions, took over. He noticed the sky around him transforming. It's light blue serenity, was lost into dark purple chaos. The night sky glew with a deep blood red tint, and he feared it. He knew it would
not be long until his world, like many others, would be lost in the catastrophe. He, his aunt, and his mother, went into hiding, until one day, they saw a large moon hover closely to the Earth. It stayed there, not moving, day or night. Six years later, at the age of sixteen,
the moon blasted a glorious light bove the world, and he soon found himself and his relatives, in a new home.

Appearance: Jet black hair with pink tipped bangs. He has his hair swooped over his right eye. He is five foot tall and eight inches. He wears black jeans and a black shirt with a blue silhouete shaped like a Lapras.He has hot pink and black checkered shoes,
with a chain belt around his waist.He wears hot pink fingerless gloves, with a rainbow colored earring on his right ear.

Preferred Starter: Ralts

Hope it's ok! ^w^

Gumshoe Satyr
September 23rd, 2008, 2:43 PM
Name: Calin Williams

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Quiet and shy toward strangers, Calin prefers to reading a book silently to himself. To friends, however, he shows a surprising impulsive and lively side. He is kind-hearted and friendly, showing true loyalty toward his friends. He enjoys pokemon battling, which is really his primary way of making friends. Sometimes when he is alone, he writes in a notebook that he always keeps with him, mostly short stories and ideas for a book he is planning to write. Hating Xialions with a passion, he can become angry and confrontational when he sees one but not to the point of being foolhardy. He loves pokemon of all kinds and likes to try to judge the personality of a trainer by the pokemon they carry.

History: Not originally from Earth, Calin with his grandparents fled from his home world when the Xialions conquered it. His parents, however, died there when Xialions tried to keep them from leaving. Only two years after his parents' death, Calin and his grandparents, who he is now living with, receive word that the X-humans are coming to conquer the planet and are beamed to Poketopia. Separated from his grandparents, Calin luckily manages to find them after four months of searching. Now he is starting his pokemon journey, hoping that one day he'll have the power to stop the Xialions.

Appearance: He has soft, grey eyes and brown, slightly spiked hair. With a height of 5'6" and a weight of 126 lbs, he is about average size. Slender muscles ripple across his body because he enjoys jogging in the mornings and is nicely tanned from spending a lot of time outside.

Normally, he wears a dark blue shirt and shorts (His favorite color). For shoes he wears white and blue sneakers. Around his neck he has a silver pendant in the shape of Arceus that belonged to his father. In colder weather, he wears a black jacket and blue jeans.

On formal occasions, he wear a dark blue tuxedo with a black vest, pants, and shoes. His tie is the same color as his jacket, and he still wears his pendant tucked under his vest out of sight. He keeps his hair slightly spiked.

Preferred Starter: Turtwig

September 25th, 2008, 7:28 AM
Slytherfang- Accepted! That was very good! It was worth the wait! You can travel with Dratini ^^

Pink_Lopunny- Accepted! Also a very good post! I see Reily has a very unique history ;D You can begin your journey with Ralts :D

Namora- Accepted! That sign-up was good. He also has a very unique past. Maybe he will battle more valiantly against the Xiallions! You can go with Turtwig!

Chapter 1- Doomsday
Location: Earth
Earth Time: September 25th, 2008
Recommended Posts: 1

Today is the day you take your place amongst the stars. You are finnaly recognised by the Universe... As the last Planet to fall under the grip of the Xialions. You arwe up to your normal day schedule. You could be walking back from the shops or watering your plants. Suddenly, the Earth begins to shake violently. Air Force 1 have been put on Red Alert and MI9 have detected something in the Solar System. The sky gos dark. All glass shatters and the Earth is in panic. You see bbars of red light rain from the skies and people & pokemon burn before you. Heavly armoured humans can be spotted around the world, arising from the smoke. You run and hide from the darkness that is engulfing the Planet. You seem safe until one night. The night the Earth is no more. You look down to see your hands evaporating. You still feel intact, but your not. A light shines on you and you feel weightless. You feel safe...

In this Chapter, simply describe what you were doing on Doomsday and how you were brought into Poketopia. Don't describe what Poketopias like, just seeing Earth be destoried...

Good Luck!

Alter Ego
September 28th, 2008, 2:22 AM
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