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September 21st, 2008, 9:13 PM
Operation: Maledict

In the land of Kanto, a force reawakens, a legendary Pokemon angered by the removal of its relic, the Ring of Nibelungs.
In its rage the legendary Pokemon utilizes its great powers to bring chaos and conflict to the once peaceful land.
The Ring of Nibelungs must be returned to its rightful place in Todeswasser, a sinister lake in another dimension, accessible only through a portal, which can only be opened by the legendary Pokemon’s pre-evolutions.

Ten trainers must join their expert (or novice) forces and travel through the portal and into the other dimension, in hope of restoring the natural balance of their world.
Joined by their love for Pokemon and a sense, which is dragging them towards a mysterious location where the Ring is, and then following the Ring’s supernatural pull towards the portal.

A role-play, which will be filled with mystery, violence, assassins, ancient relics, humour and furry friends.

1. All PC rules, obviously
2. No God-modding or bunnying please
3. Darkhaven3 and LaurenLOVESTONED are the RP Masters and also members of the RP itself
4. Six Pokemon maximum, but remember the Pokemon must have their own “character” so the less Pokemon, the easier it is for you to write
5. Stick to the rating of the RP
6. Please provide an in-depth and creative sign up, stick to the character you create
7. You MUST write more than the four-line minimum, if you fail to do so you will no longer have a place in this RP
8. If you are going to be inactive for a long period (more than a week) please let either Darkhaven3 or LaurenLOVESTONED know
9. Play nice with each other. If you have any problems with the other trainers pm us and we’ll do our best to sort it out
10. Have fun :]

Sign up form
Appearance: [One paragraph at least. Include their clothing and any important items they carry]
Personality: [One paragraph at least. Include quirks and likes and dislikes]

History: [Two paragraphs at least. Provide family, childhood, any trauma, which has affected them, and justify why they became a Pokemon trainer and why they are in the Kanto region]
Pokemon: [Include brief character outline, gender and whether the Pokemon is experienced or not]
Location in Kanto at the start of the RP:
Other: [Anything else you wish to include]


Darkhaven3 as Arlene Sanders
LaurenLOVESTONED as Charlie Maddox
Jim as Ed Bill
Kansas as Geoff Barker
Got-A-Plan-B as Malic Argos
Slytherfang as Reily Jackson
Midnight Jasper as Kotora Kazer
CTFx as Jack Adams
sandcrawler as Roland Niven
Stantler as Jay Raptly

The Roleplay has officially begun!

OOC thread: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=154465

September 22nd, 2008, 7:23 PM
As a formality, I've posted my signup along with the OOC thread in the Lounge. Soon there will come an opening post by Lauren and I; stay tuned, lul. For now, if you guys are really anxious or interested, PM me and Lauren both a copy of your signup and it'll get added to the OOC thread for public viewing when the thread is approved.

Here's the OOC Thread!

September 25th, 2008, 3:26 PM
The train wheezed to a stop, people rushed to get up first so they could get off this old train. I don't blame them... Jack thought. He got up as one of the last people, following in a slow line, squished between two older people.

He stepped onto Kanto ground, and that one step changed his life, but he had yet to find that out. He thought. Nowhere to be, No one to tell me what to do, Infinite time, This will be fun... He thought about why he was here, traced it back to his Grandpa. A fresh tear hit the ground. He had left him shortly before he came to Kanto, he looked down. The tear sunk into brown gravel, thirsting that small inch. There will be plenty more, he thought, wiping his eyes. He felt a cool breeze break the summer heat. He walked down a corridor of tight trees, into an open route. The faded sign looked like it had been there for years. Pallet Town, wonderful. He continued forward.

He walked into the small town. He could see 5 houses, a grocery mart, and a large building he couldn't make out. He followed around to the other side. He looked at the sign next to the door. Prof. Oak's Lab. He rummaged through a light pack he was holding, and pulled out a small, crumpled piece of paper. In an ancient handwriting he recognized as his Grandpa's spelled out Professor Oak. So this was the man he wanted me to meet.

He could see light filter through the small window, so he went inside. Lab assistants turned from their computers to watch Jack come in. Eyes, peeling away at his flesh with their intensity. One thing he hated.

He walked up to a grey-headed man. "Are you...Professor Oak?" The man turned around, "Yes, how can I help you?"

"Uhm, My name is Jack Adams, my Grandfather you knew him?"

The man looked puzzled, lost in thought. Then his eyes brightened, "Oh! You are the Grandson of Paul Adams! What a pleasure!" He said shaking Jacks hand vigourasly. "Yes, yes, what a pleasure. He talked of you very highly, may I see your Pokemon?"

Jack looked mysteriously at the old man, then reluctantly handed over his Hariyama and Vigoroth. The old man released them, looking dazzled by the odd shapes and structures of the Pokemon. "How incredible! These Pokemon are Magnificent." Both of the Pokemon looked around, trying to figure out where they were.

Oak handed Jack back the Poke balls, "Oh!" he exclaimed "I almost forgot!" He ran back in a room, leaving Jack with the piercing eyeballs, but they were not on them. He could see that his Pokemon could feel them. Oak rushed back with a poke ball in his hand.

"This was your Grandfathers, he gave up Pokemon before he started, and he wanted you to have this." He handed Jack the Pokeball.

Mysteries fluttered inside of Jack, what was it? Its probably something Ive never seen before... He stared at it for a couple seconds. He released the Pokemon inside, as it formed an odd lizard Pokemon with a small flame erupting from the tail.

"Jack, meet Charmander!"

September 25th, 2008, 3:45 PM
Charlotte Maddox yawned and stretched, blinking wearily as bright, warm sunlight streamed through the wide, open windows. Outside she could hear the waves crashing against the rocks of the Cliffside, the sound of a hundred Wingulls and Pelippers feeding, squawking, the flapping of their strong wings. Beside her she heard the sound of her boyfriend dressing, the zip of his pants, the tying of shoelaces; Charlie yawned again and sat up, reaching for her Vulpix, her best friend.

“Hey, don’t wake up, go back to sleep,” Volkner said softly, now fully dressed. Their room was tidy, Charlie noticed, she didn’t remember it being so tidy. Furnished simply, with a built in wardrobe, a heavy set of drawers and bed with a patchwork quilt, Charlie had instantly felt at ease in the room from the first time she slept there.

“Where are you going?” Charlie asked with a quiet yawn, her beloved Vulpix had wandered over to her long, lithe outstretched arms for a customary morning cuddle.

“The gym, I’ve got to open early today,” he explained, running gel through his light blonde hair, spiking it up as he did every other morning. Being a gym leader was eighty percent about appearances he’d explained to her long ago.

“What? Why? It’s like, six thirty, that’s beyond early!” Charlie protested, reaching for Volkner, her fingertips eager to touch him.

He smiled and moved closer to her, sitting on the edge of the large, wide bed. Charlie scrambled towards Volkner and wrapped her arms around him.
“I’m sorry, I know it’s early, but apparently there is a tonne of challengers coming today and it’s going to be a long day in the gym,” Volkner told her, kissing her golden hair “But we could have dinner at the Yacht club,” he suggested.

Charlie nodded into his arms “Sounds great. I called Arlene last night, no answer but I left a message,” she murmured and then paused “I think I’ll go for a run now that I’m up, and I’ll make it down to the gym to help you weed out some of the contenders,” Charlie asked, helpfully.

“Sounds like a plan, I best be off,” Volkner sighed and kissed Charlie full on the lips, before disappearing out the door and out of their cosy house.
Charlie pulled herself to her feet and began to change out of her oversized t-shirt and boxers and into a pair of running shorts and shirt. With one hand she tied her hair and with the other she pushed a horde of young Vulpixes off her legs.

“Yeah, yeah guys I’ll feed you in a minute,” Charlie growled playfully, inspecting Kismet, Fortune and Destiny, the babies of her Vulpix and Arlene’s podgy Ninetales, Fate. Charlie made her way down the hall, trailed by the four foxlike Pokemon and into the cheery kitchen, with the amazing view of the ocean.
The house itself was perched on the cliff face to the West of the gym. It was basically inaccessible to the general public, making it ideal for a gym leader. A small, tricky path led them home and had caused more than a few sprained ankles for Charlie when she was in an impatient mood.
The house had three bedrooms, all with their own exquisite views. The main bedroom, where Charlie and Volkner slept looked over the ocean; the first spare bedroom with the double bed looked over the magnificent Sunnyshore City and the final bedroom, which had two single beds, had a beautiful view of the mountains.
There was two bathrooms, one an ensuite leading off the main bedroom and the other was for guests, as well as a dining room and living room. The whole house was cheery and decorated in bright colours, the walls were pale blue in most of the rooms and the kitchen cupboards were painted a dazzling egg yolk yellow.
Charlie loved their little house, as much as she loved Sunnyshore City, but not as much as she loved Volkner.

Breakfast time in their house was often a challenge, what with four hungry Vulpixes, a Raichu, an Ambipom, an Octillery, a Luxray, a Jolteon, a Drifloon, a Lapras and an Ampharos, but today would be slightly easier, as Volkner had taken his Pokemon down to the gym for battling. Firstly Charlie fed the “land” Pokemon, and then headed into the back yard, which was bare apart from lush sea grass and a few wild plants, and a swimming pool. The pool had been Volkner’s idea, until then Octillery had been sleeping in the bath in the guest bathroom, but Lapras would definitely not fit and the couple had a no Pokeball policy when it was possible. The pool was only for sleeping in, and Charlie often released her Lapras into the ocean for play, when they weren’t battling during the day. The rest of the Pokemon found places to sleep around the house. Drifloon enjoyed drifting around the house and occasionally moving the dining chairs around, by using its yellow feet to lift them. Jolteon and Luxray shared the double bed when it was not in use, Raichu and Ampharos slept on their own single bed in the other guest room, Ambipom was quite happy in the old recliner and the baby Vulpixes had their own special bed, which resembled a padded box.

After feeding her Pokemon, and herself, Charlie pulled on her favourite running shoes and left her little house to go for a run. It was around seven now, and the city was beginning to wake. Charlie jogged down behind the gym and down to the lower parts of the city, past the market, past the Pokemon centre, and up past the lighthouse. Charlie loved Sunnyshore City; it had this timeless elegance about it that no other place Charlie had ever been to before could match. She loved the architecture, the Yacht Club where she and Volkner often dined, and she loved the people. Who rightfully should be snobby, as most of them were upper class. But they weren’t. They were friendly and interesting, and always polite to Charlie.

Her usual running route took Charlie two hours to complete, so she stumbled into the shower, sweating, around nine o’clock. Charlie then dressed in dark blue jeans and a small black tank top, gathered her Pokemon and made her way down to Sunnyshore Gym.
Volkner had been right, there were more trainers there then she’d seen in a while. They filled up the foyer and shifted on their feet, anxious to challenge the gym leader and win their eighth badge, which would take them to the Elite Four.
Volkner’s assistant, Andrew looked like he desperately needed a break, as he checked Pokedex’s and gym badges.

“Hey Andrew!” Charlie called with a wave. Andrew, a tall man with dark wavy hair, shot her a grateful smile and pointed to the trainers who were already registered and looking very bored. Charlie got the hint; she’d done this many times before. Challenge the trainers, send on the ones that beat her and send the rest crying, literally sometimes.
Volkner appeared to already be in the main arena, most likely battling already, so Charlie took a handful of trainers and lead them into the room with the smaller arena, which Volkner often used for training.

“Okay, who’s first?” Charlie shouted eagerly, addressing the crowd.
“Me!” a short boy with bright red hair, which he wore under an orange cap, which clashed horribly, jumped forward, an angry scowl on his face “I’ve been here the longest,” he continued.
“Right-o then,” Charlie shrugged and entered the arena, taking her position on the end of the field, the red haired kid followed her, still scowling, clutching a Pokeball in one hand.
“Simple one on one match, if I win you have to leave today and can’t return for one week. If you win, you can progress on and challenge Volkner,” Charlie explained.
“Whatever,” the kid growled. Charlie rolled her eyes, it was going to be a long day…

September 25th, 2008, 6:00 PM
...And there stood the Queen Of The Guild, perched atop the roof of her stronghold. In the middle of the Indigo Plateau, not far from the Pokemon League, a grim citadel loomed over the untamed land, a self-envisioning clan of cold-blooded murderers and backstabbers always present to watch over this expanse. They had religiously defended the fields nearby as if they were the clan's own, driving out all Pokemon and other humans not part of the clan in their wake as they staked out the entire mile radius. It was only the queen herself who knew for a fact that all that would ever be here would be the stone-constructed fortress she stood atop this very moment, and the graves of all her followers.

She had played it off as though the surrounding region was a "holy land", which God herself had proclaimed none to touch but for this ragtag tribe of bloodthirsty assassins to claim as the Almighty's. Almost thirty years ago came the battle for the land the Sisterhood of the Flame had stolen out of the weak, undeveloped paws of the wild Pokemon in the area; and they had lost many soldiers to the more aggressive indigenous species near the plot. It suddenly seemed like only yesterday that she had witnessed the traitor in their midst, who had only revealed himself as "the star". It was for this very reason that Marianna was situated atop her impregnable home this very moment. For an hour she lay in wait for her nemesis to show up. She would wait years in this very spot for a chance to cause this enigma to squeal like a pig and beg for mercy before swiftly stealing away the only breath of life.

It was not until some few minutes later that Marianna realized that someone was watching her. Spinning around on the spot, she turned to face a rather strange looking, stout figure, completely hidden beneath a stark black cloak. Aghast in shock - how could this person infiltrate so easily into the highest tier of her fortress? - Marianna drew her longsword, pointing it in the general direction of the newcomer. "You! State your business!"

No response. The wind picked up slightly, allowing a faint gust to trickle through the stones that formed the citadel, a hollow whistle escaping the walls. All remained calm for a few moments, before the hooded figure lowered the cloth from her head, revealing the small, cute and delicate features of a fox. Long, golden-blonde hair cascaded downwards into the cloak in billowing thickets, all very straight and well cared for, partially concealing one of two big green eyes. The two stared directly into each others' gazes for a moment longer, before breaking the silence.

The tall, red-haired woman known as Marianna sheathed her blade, not letting Arlene out of her sight, but not looking directly at her. "You have much nerve, coming here to face me finally."

"And you do too, sending four goons after me at once. ***** move you pulled there."

Marianna, having not been born near any kind of civilization, scoffed. "I am not the dog here."

Before she could react any further, however, Arlene had thrown down her cloak, revealing that she had worn nothing at all beneath the thick cloth wrap; her beautiful body was one to be very proud of, with curves in exactly the right places and with a soft, auburn-orange coat that glistened in the sun as if it were covered in a fine dew. Her hair went loose for a moment as the wind passed again, and immediately the vixen took to delivering a roughly-placed knuckle hand into Marianna's throat. The assassin queen predicted this, throwing her own worn hand up to slap down Arlene's. The battle had begun.

Throwing knifehand after fist and roundhouse after hook, the two took turns parrying and assaulting each other, with Arlene landing most of the hits. Eventually, Marianna began to succumb to her age and Arlene's superior reflexes, crumpling beneath her might. There the two stood and crouched in a stalemate, as Marianna drew her sword and possibly her last breath. The two looked directly into each others' eyes one more time, before the assassin spoke.

"You have not won yet, dog!"

Thrusting her blade into what she realized far too late was only thin air, the world went black around her with a deafening crunch of bone and sinew. In that brief instant, Arlene had anticipated Marianna's fatal swing, and completely sidestepped it and given herself the opportunity to snap the Queen's neck. Her warm body fell limp in Arlene's shaking paws, and there, she lay the older woman to rest - out in the open. It was a fitting end to such a shameless leader to be left to rot in the wind.

Turning her back and tentatively slipping back into the cloak's warmth, Arlene spoke to Marianna in spirit, out loud to seemingly nobody; "I have proved my worth, human. I have proved that I may overcome my greatest enemy with ease, with my soul my only armor and my cunning my only weapon."

The descent down the spiral staircase back to the ground floor was... Unusually short. Arlene realized that through trying to evade the possibility of someone following her, she had quickened her pace to nearly running down the stairs. She fled past the dormitory floor, past the bakery floor, all the way to the bottom of the staircase, bumping into someone on her way. She didn't care who; she just wanted to get out. Pushing past the expanse of darkness between her and the huge metal and wooden double-doors that led to the outside world, the vixen broke into a run...


Adler had entered the scene far too late. She immediately rushed to check the Queen for a pulse, and was disappointed at her findings. She cursed the cloaked assailant that had passed in the silence, trying not to look Marianna in her cold, dead eyes. It had been exactly this situation that the Queen had feared, but at the least, she had come prepared. The Queen's final orders had been to flee the country immediately to Sinnoh, to await further orders there from a man... She despised the thought, but the Queen trusted this man with her life - at least, up until now - a man named Baron Von Schmidt. He resided in Sunnyshore City, where Adler was also aware that further plots would converge.

The Queen had also said the castle would be naught but rubble within the hour of her passing. This worried Adler greatly, but moreso were the orders that Marianna had dispatched after her final conference with her most trusted spies. She had been informed that prior to fleeing the country, that she would be required to obtain a package from the High Priestess. Adler had not questioned why or what the package was, but she could not help but probe with idle curiosity.

Some time later, a female trainer had escaped through the forest, her long black hair billowing behind her as she ran for dear life, a package clutched in her tense hands...


"You did what was right," Fate proportioned as the rowboat beached at Sunnyshore City, some hundreds of yards from their final destination. It had been two days of travelling thus far, and Arlene was most happy of all to finally see dry land again. Her tired arms numbed out as soon as she dropped the oars, and immediately Fate clambered out as Arlene stumbled. Before departing Kanto, she had changed into her typical attire; a tight black tanktop to support her breasts in lieu of an ordinary bra, a set of shiny black combat boots, and cargo pants gathered at the shin and tucked into her boots that had the faintest hint of dark camouflage in them. She would be easier to recognize this way - as if she didn't stand out already.

"I know. But I feel... Dirty..." Arlene shrugged, standing up again for the first time in days. At this, she released Snake and Jaydin; Fate and she did not converse any longer in the midst of the other Pokemon. They then made their way shakily up towards the Sunnyshore Gym. Their trek was quicker than expected, but it certainly wasn't going to be pleasant hiking up to this elevated gym on zero sleep for two days. Groaning, Arlene ascended the stairs, with her trusted companions following suit...

Arlene nearly keeled over from exhaustion as she pressed her hand into the doorpanel, which caused the Gym's glass doors to whirr momentarily, then recede into the tracks in opposite directions. Walking suddenly felt much harder as she entered... Finding Volkner would definitely be a pain in the ass with all these younger trainers ambulating about.

September 25th, 2008, 6:04 PM
“Go Chatot!” The red haired kid, whose name was Keiran shouted as he released the small, black and blue bird Pokemon into the area.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Charlie muttered to herself. A flying Pokemon in an electric gym! Idiot! She thought, arching her eyebrow out of annoyance. It was kids like these that kept her boyfriend at the gym after hours, and usually her waiting by herself at a table at the Yacht club.

“Alright then,” Charlie called across the hushed area “I choose to use Drifloon. Lets fight flying with flying!” she said, laughing at her own lame joke releasing the purple balloon Pokemon from his Pokeball.
Drifloon inhaled and puffed out importantly, crying its own name, looking impressive for a balloon with strings for legs.
The crowd, consisting of the other trainers and a few Sunnyshore locals, leaned over the barrier of the arena, eager for the battle.

“Chatot, use peck!” Keiran instructed, shaking his fist towards his Pokemon. Oh gee, a peck, Charlie thought, rolling her eyes and sighing, How will Drifloon survive such a brutal attack?
Needless to say, the Chatot’s attack was weak and Drifloon shook it off, barely any damage had been done. The Chatot flew back to hover over its trainer, like it was performing some sort of routine. It made sense that this inexperienced kid would rehearse a battle, rather than actually battling. Well, scratch that, it didn’t make sense to Charlie, but she could understand that someone of lesser intelligence could make sense of it.
“Okay. Drifloon, combine your Shadow Ball move with Gust, just like we do in contests and hurl a shadowy-hurricane at Chatot!” Charlie called to her purple Pokemon, growing intensely bored with this battle already.
Drifloon did as instructed and produced a dark coloured blob and then swirled around it quickly, its yellow feet trailing, creating a dark coloured hurricane which looked ominous and impressive all at the same time, and then pushing it through the air and towards the Chatot, who did not dodge the attack.
The Chatot cried out in pain and promptly fainted, sailing towards the ground, just as Charlie had predicted. She guessed that this Pokemon had been caught by the trainer just before reaching Sunnyshore City, on Route 222, and judging by this trainer’s arrogant attitude, he probably had barely trained it before using it in this battle.

“Good work, you just have to work together with this Chatot to improve to be good enough to beat Volkner,” Charlie suggested with a friendly smile, although this kid was obnoxious and annoying, everyone deserved a chance at the Elite Four.
Charlie, however, was not expecting the reaction she received.
“WAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Keiran cried, rushing towards his Chatot and returning it to its Pokeball “HOW COULD YOU!?” He shouted at Charlie, tears streaming down his face “MY MUM SAID I WAS COOL!” He exclaimed as he turned on his heel and fled the arena and gym.
Charlie was stunned; she’d never seen anyone behave that way. Sure there had been tears before, but they were usually followed by an attempt-at-dignity handshake.
Charlie coughed, returned Drifloon to its Pokeball and then turned to the shocked crowd
“Okay, who’s next?” she asked cheerfully.

Around lunchtime Charlie threw in the towel. She had battled countless trainers, some had shown real talent and managed to defeat her, earning a well deserved battle against Volkner, most, however, were easily beaten by her and left Sunnyshore Gym with their heads bowed in shame, though none acting as dramatically as Keiran, luckily. Charlie left the training arena and walked into Volkner’s office, fishing around for an envelope with money in it. If Arlene was visiting, they desperately needed to do some grocery shopping, especially if she brought Fate along.
When she had slipped some notes into her own wallet she made her way up to the main arena. Volkner was mid battle with one of the trainers who had defeated Charlie earlier, a young man, by the name of Johnson from the Kanto region. Charlie had been impressed then and she was certainly impressed now.

Johnson was using his Charmeleon against Volkner’s skilled Luxray, as Charlie entered the majestic electric Pokemon pounced and sunk his sharp teeth into the red, lizard like Pokemon’s skin. The Charmeleon turned, quickly and launched a powerful fire attack, which hit Luxray in the chest, close range. The lion Pokemon cried out in pain and released Charmeleon from its grip, limping away with a painful burn marking its abdomen.
Charlie’s heart jumped, she hated seeing any Pokemon in pain, and especially Pokemon she was close to. However, Luxray shook his large head and launched another attack, this time a powerful bite, charged with electricity.
The two Pokemon continued to battle, but to Charlie it looked more like dancing, evert attack, every move was so carefully executed, they both looked so graceful it almost hurt to watch. They battled with very little guidance from their trainers, which is how battling should be. Their bonds with their trainers should be so deep; the Pokemon should instinctively know what they should do.
And they did, and they were doing it.
Charlie could tell by Volkner’s expression that he was impressed with the battle, with Johnson and his Pokemon, and he was not disappointed when his Luxray was defeated.
Volkner stepped forward and shook Johnson’s darkly tanned hand, giving him the shiny Beacon badge.
“That was some battle,” Volkner grinned, as Johnson slipped the badge into a case.
“Yeah, I truly thought you had me beat with that Thunder Fang,” Johnson and Volkner launched into a detailed replay of their match, discussing their every reaction to the others every move.

Charlie then decided to leave, leaving a message with Andrew, letting Volkner know where she was and headed down into the marketplace of Sunnyshore City, with Vulpix at her side.

September 25th, 2008, 6:09 PM
OOC: I hope my writing is up to par. I am very nervous here.

The sun crept slowly into the sky until barely enough light illuminated the valley in which Blackthorn City calls it home. Secluded from the rest of the world, Blackthorn is a small city, probably more along the size of a large town if anything. However within its small territory lies the strongest and most dangerous of trainers. The early sun combined with the morning dew created a beautiful sight and atmosphere, and made Malic's morning routine actually bearable. Forcing himself out of bed, Malic dressed himself in his training clothes, comprised of a black muscle shirt and black track pants. Running shoes protected his feet and his leather gauntlets covered his beaten hands. After tying his hair up into a pony-tail and grabbing a gym bag, Malic left his home and entered the brave new world. The air was chilly, almost artic due to the lack of daytime heating. Walking slowly and carefully, it had seemed if Malic sought to enjoy the rare sights of the early morning. The city was quiet, especially compared to the norm. A standard day in Blackthorn was composed of various activities especially due the clan expanding in recent years. More trainers roam the streets, desperately training their Pokemon in an attempt to join the ranks of the Elite trainers. Passing by the city gym, Malic walked along the new bridge construted leading to the Dragon's Den. There a lovely surprise awaited him.

"Early again, Malic?" The trainer asked. The man was roughly Malic's age, possibly a little older and resembled the typical Ace trainer. Dressed in the classic brown training suit most "Cool-trainers" wear, the trainer was clearly experienced though modest of his abilities. He was leaning against the natural stone walls that composed the opening that led to the holy site of Blackthorn: The Dragon's Den. His well-groomed blonde hair glistened in the sun and his blue eyes glowed. If it weren't for the Pokeballs that engulfed his belt, one could assume he was a model.

"It is never too early, Gavin." Malic responded, smiling at the sight of his longtime friend and rival. Gavin and Malic have been friends since childhood and unlike most friendly rivalries, this one did not cause their relationship to completely decompose. For the longest time they were even in every aspect until Malic's return and the Gym Leader competition in which Gavin lost at the last second. Despite this, they have trained together and formed a partnership as Gym Leader and Gym Assiant Leader, an unoffical position formed in the gym ever since Malic's redesign. "What are you doing here so early? You rarely show up for the morning routine."

"True, but Clair has informed me that she is taking her retirement a little more seriously. So anytime you are unavailable to be Gym Leader, I will likely be taking over." Gavin stated in a proud tone for even himself. Malic was ready to defend the Blackthorn Badge about half the time. His tendecy to forget about his position and take liberties with extended leaves whether for vacation or even training. As a result, being the assiant leader meant being the leader for several days or even weeks.

"Awfully last minute for Clair. Usually she gives a warning, but it is alright for now. You are fairly capable to fill her shoes." Malic responded as he entered the dark caves. In order to keep tradition, the caves are kept dark in order to truly test the trainers of the city. The tradition has lasted generations and has not failed to produce the most dangerous trainers in the world. In order to break the silence that had befallen the duo, Gavin opened his mouth:

"You are leaving for Kanto today, right? I heard the rumor flying around that you were considering traveling there," he asked being naturally curious.

"Most likely. Kanto's competition has recently struck high and I never went there during my intial travels. I've been to Hoenn and personally I wasn't a big fan and Sinnoh...well let's just say a little too much happened there," Malic stated being awfully sudden with his ending.

"I remember. I remember. The wierd magic stuff involving that Jay guy, the little kid, the creepy goth guy, the obessive girl with "Volkner", and the catwoman." Gavin uttered with a sharp tongue.

"You forgot the mutant Pokemon."

"Yeah, them too," they both laughed as they entered the main den. The room was expansive with a large pool of water, housing a small island with a temple erected in the center. Malic desired a temple in the den in order to tell the history of the city and to honor the past and produce a capable future. Clair and Lance supported the idea and so the city council funded the project. Dragons swarmed the den, as nature intended. Malic unpacked his gear and soon was only dressed in shorts. "Going for a swim, I presume." Gavin stated, with certainity.

"You guessed it," Malic confrimed Gavin's educated guess.

"I never understood why you train your body so hard. It definitely paid off, considering well...your ripped," Gavin released a small chuckle before completing his statement, "But look at all the battle wounds, including the scars that consume your skin. You probably have more scar tissue than skin." Gavin was right. Malic's body has been hardened to the point that his whole body was covered in scars. His arms, legs, back, chest. Every body part had several scars to show Malic's hard work etnic and borderline insanity.

"A strong body develops a strong mind. And a strong mind produces a strong trainer," Malic stated with infinite wisdom. Gavin nodded his head and argeement as Malic streched his body out before beginning his workout.

"So what's the secret?" Gavin asked. Malic looked over, curious at to what Gavin was asking. "You know. How did you get so good at battling? If I have to take over while you are gone, how do I win as easy as you do?"

"Err...I am not sure. But you should be fine. If you are worried, use Charizard and Milotic. They are Gym Pokemon now and you have used as sparring partners for Gyarados and Flygon. I have always thought your team was strong and you have a much more resourceful mind than I do. I just have the stronger spirit and better gut. Now if you will excuse me, I gotta get a good workout so I can get out of here." Malic, without any hesistation lept into the waters of the Dragon's Den with no fear of any dangers. Many question his choices considering the wild Dragons and possible unholy actions. However, time and time again he does it, as if Dragons accept his confidence and courage.

September 25th, 2008, 6:24 PM
ooc:// Forgive my...whatever you prefer to call it, but if I'm right, shadow ball is a ghost move, which shouldn't be able to affect Chatot, which is flying and normal type.

Reily Jackson rolled out of her bunk at the PokemonCenter, it was the start of a new day, her Raichu, which had slept at the other end of the bed, twitched its ears and sat up, looking around and blinking sleepily. Reily gathered her things together, and straightened the bottom bunk on which she had slept for the night, pulling the sheets up tight, Raichu helped by tucking the sheets in, it had become accustomed to this process because they stayed at a Pokemon Center every night since they had started their journey, unless they had somewhere else suitable for staying. Then the pair gathered their things together and silently opened the door to their room, slipping out noiselessly. Raichu led the way down the flight of stairs leading to the main part of the PokemonCenter, and she was greeted by a Chansey, who took her hand and led her onto one of the phones at the Center, where she could see her best friend’s face of the screen. She thanked the Chansey, who went off happily, and said hello to her friend, Connor.

“Hey Connor, how’s it going? I almost forgot what you looked like!” Reily said to Connor, who grinned. As soon as she had seen her friend, everything rushed back to her, the straight, short, brown hair, the blue-green eyes, and the smile that she has always trusted.

“I’m great, I’m calling from the PokemonCenter, how’s Raichu?” He asked, spotting the tips of Raichu’s ears, Reily looked around, Raichu was standing on its toes, trying to say hi, but not quite tall enough.

“Oh, Raichu’s doing awesome,” Reily leaned over and picked Raichu up, Raichu waved at Connor, who laughed and waved back, good thing Raichu’s not very heavy, Reily said, Raichu apparently wanted to be put down again, because it gestured towards the ground with its tail. Reily set her pokemon down and it went towards a Chansey, apparently asking it a question, because moments later the Chansey nodded and pointed towards a long hallway, where Raichu ran off to. What’s Raichu up to? Reily wondered.

“That’s a good thing, I’m thinking,” Connor said, “I think you’d better go find your Raichu, I can see it running off in the background. And we can’t talk for too long anyways, so, I’ll call you later sometimes, okay?”

“Sure, that’s fine,” Reily nodded, looked behind her back, Raichu had reappeared, “oh, Raichu’s back, I don’t think it was up to anything, but I’ll ask later. See you, Connor.”

“Later Ri!” Connor said brightly before hanging up, the screen went black, and Reily sighed, she wished she could see Connor in person, they had some serious catching up to do. Currently he was in SnowpointCity, she was in, well, near, Hearthome, that was kind of a major difference in distance, then again, Snowpoint was a mostly insolated city, it takes quite a bit of travel to get to there.

“Rai rai!” Raichu tugged on Reily’s sleeve while she was standing there gazing at the blank screen. She looked down,

“oh…right, we’d better get going then, I guess.” Reily agreed, slinging her backpack over her shoulder, as they said thank you to Nurse Joy and left the PokemonCenter, Reily took out a breakfast bar, it was pretty much flavorless, but it was as satisfying as a bowl of oatmeal and eggs, and contained similar nutrients, so she ate one when she didn’t have time to get breakfast.

They reached the edge of the town fairly quickly, seeing as it was a rather small town, and headed out into the forest road. As they walked, Raichu suddenly interrupted the silence.

“Rai?” He cried, as an Azumarill appeared. Reily was rather surprised, she rarely ever saw Azumarill in the wild.

“Err….” Reily began, she noticed Raichu moving into attack stance. But the Azumarill was gazing sweetly at Raichu, she seemed to be trying to attract Raichu’s attention. “Sorry, he’s taken.” She muttered under her breath, but quietly, so that the Azumarill couldn’t hear. Now the water rabbit pokemon was using bubblebeam and water gun in combination to try to impress Raichu, who was looking rather confused. As the Azumarill continued to make attempts to impress Raichu, it began getting the point, and looked at Reily for help. Reily understood that Raichu’s look meant, please help me get out of this, I’m not interested in that Azumarill. Reily nodded, and thought for a moment, before staging a loud, fake, conversation.

“So….how do you think Pikachu’s doing, Raichu?” Reily asked, Raichu stared at her for a moment before replying.

“Rai, raichu!” I hope she’s doing well, I can’t wait to see her again. Reily knew Azumarill could hear, and suspected this might have been somewhat cruel, but she was kind of sick of having all these pokemon eying Raichu, it happened more than once before.

“Oh that’s good, I bet she misses you a lot,” Reily said thoughtfully, while Raichu nodded, faking agreement.

“Rai…” I miss her too…

The Azumarill had understood every word of this faked conversation, and it couldn’t help but be slightly offended, here was a Raichu she was trying to impress, and it didn’t even take notice of her. Puffing herself up, the Azumarill turned up her nose for a second, then blew a kiss at Raichu, who pretended not to take notice. Finally, the Azumarill disappeared into the bushes again, and Reily knelt down to whisper to Raichu.

“Good job…”

“Rai….” They did the same thing every time a pokemon happened to develop an attraction to Raichu, and it always worked to take their focus off Raichu. Reily also found that they forget about Raichu after a while, which Raichu was pretty happy about.

“Do you think she’ll come back?” Reily whispered, her voice even lower now, Raichu glanced around before replying.


“Well, for the time being, let’s keep on going.” Reily decided, and Raichu gave a nod of agreement before dropping back on all fours. They continued walking, though they both knew that they’d probably see that Azumarill at least one more time.

September 25th, 2008, 7:20 PM
Charlie stood in her makeshift backyard, hanging out her laundry. The sun was blissfully warm on her bare shoulders and the cool ocean breeze was refreshing on her tan, freckled face.
Around her, the three Vulpix babies frolicked, and wrestled, in the thick sea grass whilst a maturer Vulpix looked on.
It was such a beautiful day and Charlie had been too keyed up to stay inside her house or the gym. She’d already been down into town, buying more Pokemon food when their supplies had run low and a box of laundry detergent so she could wash the pile of laundry that had amounted in the past few days.

Arlene still hadn’t called back, and Charlie was beginning to grow concerned. After the events that took place at Mount Coronet, Arlene and basically vanished and Charlie had returned to Sunnyshore City, to live with Volkner. Since then, they’d barely been in contact, a phone call here, a text message there, with each reply from Arlene growing more and more vague, increasing Charlie’s apprehension.
The two had only known each other for a short time, but they had grown extremely close. Charlie had always admired Arlene’s strengths, both physical and emotional, and Arlene had like Charlie for her optimism and honesty.

From the backyard, Charlie heard a knock at the door. This startled her. The only people who came to their house were friends of Volkner and Charlie and therefore didn’t knock. If anyone was seeking Volkner for official reasons, they went straight to the gym for him; few people knew they lived up here in the house on the cliff side.
Charlie put the pair of jeans she was hanging up back into the basket and made her way through the house, Vulpix following her loyally.
She pulled the door open slowly, and let out a squeal of delight when she saw the figure standing opposite her…

Midnight Jasper
September 26th, 2008, 10:43 AM

She could feel her Pokeball buzzing angrily at her hip. Stelli wanted most desperately to escape and ruin any chance of a good first impression, and it would take all of Kotara's skill to hide the fact that her main Pokemon loathed her whilst trying to seem sociable.

The man she was sitting opposite of peered at her through thick glasses and scribbled something illegible on his notepad. "Kotara Kazer, is that correct?"

She nodded mutely, afraid to speak for fear of letting anything offensive slip out of her mouth.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions and I want you to answer them as honestly as possible. Is that okay?"

She nodded again.

"So, Kotara, where are you from? Quite a nice name you have there."

"Th-thank you. I'm from...Viridian Forest."

Where you robbed countless innocent people and was brought up among thieves and evildoers, Stelli buzzed angrily. Her Pokeball rocked violently and she chattered loudly inside. Kotara slipped the Pokeball inside her bag, trying to keep eye contact with the man.

She caught his eye and he gave her an amused glance from under his hat. His face was jolly and merry, like a Delibird, but the twinkling eyes made Kotara shiver. Did he know? Could he hear Stelli's silly loud mouth?

"Could I see your first Pokemon, please? We don't care about much else here at the Pokemon Fan Club."

The Pokemon Fan Club. The Loud-Man-In-The-Bar had said it was the best place for meeting new people and socializing. Kotara damn well hoped he was right.

"My first Pokemon? Certainly."

Now this was a place where she had to be careful. She had hoped that Stelli would co-operate more, but the Pidgeotto was as angry as ever and would probably spill all her secrets. Maybe they didn't care about much else at the Pokemon Fan Club, but she doubted they would welcome her with open arms if they found out she used to be a Pokemon Thief.

She released Kash, praying that he would play along. The Sandshrew mewed a little, then jumped up onto Kotara's lap and stared at her, confusion clear in his moonstone eyes.

Kotara tried not to look at the man, instead toying with Kash's little paws. Just one fleeting glance could give the whole thing away. One of Kash's claws hooked onto her finger and she winced slightly.

The President of the Pokemon Fan Club smiled at her unkindly. "Very good, Miss Kazer. Now please, show me your real first Pokemon. If you had trained this Sandshrew, you would be used to his claws, or know not to handle them."

It was true. Next to Stelli's angry pecking and slashing, Kash was gentle as a Mareep, but the claws still hurt. She sucked the wound on her little finger, tasting the blood on her tongue. Kotara was irritated with herself and Stelli and the stupid President of the stupid Pokemon Fan Club. How could she get caught out so quickly?

She sighed, knowing another attempt to rejoin civilization had strayed awry, and stood up to leave. Inside her bag, Stelli's Pokeball rolled around crazily. She was desperate to get out and tell everything.

Kotara didn't let her. No need to destroy herself further.

Suddenly, with a striking clarity, she realized that she couldn't ever be anything other than a thief, no matter how strong her morals. If she made any friends, sooner or later she'd have to tell them, and then what would they say?

Once a thief, always a thief. It was a lonely, deserted road.

Kotara brushed the hair out of her eyes. It didn't matter. She could walk that road without the help of others. She could shut herself away from all distractions, and be the greatest trainer ever known. By herself.


It was crazy, she knew. She had sworn to herself, never again. Never, ever. She was never turning back. She would rub away her pass, rub Kotara of Blue Flame away and start again.

But there were always marks left behind of her old life. Memories. Even the slightest little whiff, the smallest flash of colour, a nose that looked a tiny bit like his...

He was probably the only one who would accept her as she was now. Gone from the past, but unable to start again. Riding the thin line between society and thieves, between good and bad, between black and white...

Well, maybe she didn't have to be grey alone. There was someone else out there as crazy and stupid and dumbly optimistic as she was.

She had told herself that she was never, ever, ever going back.

She wasn't. She was just going to pay a little visit.

September 26th, 2008, 11:53 AM
The shores of Vermillion were as vibrant as ever. The docks of the town were busy and bustling with people and Pokemon alike as the hurried busily from boat to boat across the docks, getting everything together and carrying out their jobs. Geoff sat calmly on the front of the boat, letting the wind blow through his hair as the gentle ocean sun shone down upon everything. This was a typical easy day in the life of Geoff, the occasional trip to Vermillion port for metal working supplies. It was always a nice get away from Cinnabar. The boat glided slowly through the water, bumping up against the dock and settling to a stop.

"Thanks, Captain Arville!" Geoff called as he hopped off the small fishing boat onto solid land. "I'll give you a call in a few days when I'm ready to come back!"

"Ohhh take your time, Geoff. I know you like having fun out here. I'm going to head back to Cinnabar but just phone me a day before you're ready to leave, okay?" Captain Arville shouted from the insides of the ship.

"No problem, captain. Thanks again!" Geoff called happily as he jogged into town, heading straight for the center. Slowing to a stop, he looked around, people everywhere. It was so much more to take in than when he sat at his little shop back home. Geoff found a small bench on the side of the road and plopped down on it to take a breather, sprawling out lazily and slobbish. Craning his head backwards, he took a look to the sky as clouds floated over head. This peaceful moment would have been perfect if it weren't for the interruption that soon followed. Voices could be heard, making their way closer and closer with what sounded like racing footsteps.

"Get back here! Hey, stop!" A man called, finally arching a Pokeball high into the air which landed in front of another man whom he was chasing. A Loudred came out, roaring loudly and sending a Hyper Voice that flattened the man being chased to the ground.

"What the... now that's not right..." Geoff commented, tilting his head horizontally to watch the commotion. Other onlookers also didn't budge a muscle as they watched in horror at the man being assaulted.

"Give them to me and I wont hurt you." The Pursuer called to the now grounded man.

"No... you aren't using it for the right things...I'd rather die." The man on the ground responded.

"Suit yourself then... I can kill you without even worrying about the documents. Loudred, Hyper Voice." the response came quick and heartless.

"That's just about enough of this...Norton, go! Protect!" Geoff called, sending a pokeball soaring through the air and bouncing to a stop before the helpless man. A massive hulk of a Rhydon appeared with a thud, instantly putting up a circular blue barrier, harmlessly dispersing the sound waves. "Follow it up, Norton. How about Hammer Arm?"

Rhydon thundered towards the Loudred who remained in a confident pose. The other trainer seemed confident as well.

"Whats his deal..." Geoff said silently to himself as Rhydon rampaged closer to the Loudred.

"Loudred... Water Pulse!" he called out. The Loudred quickly obliged, sending a ring of water screaming towards Rhydon.

"Norton...." Geoff said helplessly in a low breath.

The water splashed all around, temporarily lowering visibility. Through the rain of water, Rhydon kept charging though. Erupting from the shower of water, Rhydon smashed into the Loudred, nailing a hard with its fore arm and sending him smashing to the ground, unable to move. Finished with its opponent, the Rhydon turned to look at the foe trainer as he recalled the Loudred.

"You're in way over your head, kid. You'd back down if you knew whats good for you." He said in a low tone.

"I could say the same about you...Norton doesn't like when people threaten me..." Geoff replied, moving beside his Rhydon and patting it on the shoulder as it repeatedly crashed its rock hard knuckles together in anticipation for another exchange of attacks. "Norton, he seems like bad news...give him a surf, I don't really like seeing him anymore..."

Geoff quickly raced to the side of the man still laying on the ground from the Hyper Voice. He leaned down, checking his pulse and lifting the man onto his own shoulders to get out of the way.

"you don't wanna be in the way of Norton's surf attack..." Geoff said as he hurried the man out of the line of fire. Norton wasted no time as soon as his master was clear, to let loose the massive tidal wave. It swept down the street, consuming the challenger and sending him washing off into the forests on the outskirts of the city.

"You saved me....."

"Geoff. Geoff Barker." Geoff cut in, finishing the man's sentence since they had not exchanged names.

"Ah, yes, thank you Geoff, my name is Dr. Strauf. You've done a great thing for me but I'm sorry to say but I think you just got involved in something you don't want to be in...I'm running from those men, trying to get to Pewter city so that I can get these documents... to the museum. The fate of this planet could rest in them analyzing these and preventing the wave of chaos to come..." Strauf continued, explaining to Geoff as they took a seat on the bench.

"I've got to get them there..." Strauf repeated.

"you're in no condition, Doctor... why don't you go rest. I'll get the plans there myself. I'll be here for a few days anyway and who ever is chasing you wont know to look for me... just stay low, aye?"

"Really? you're too kind, I'm eternally in your debt. Here are the documents, they can't fall into anyone else's hands but Dr. Levi Corrigan who works in the Pokemon Museum in Pewter City. He'll be able to analyze them at the very least... You'll be able to get there through Diglett Tunnel. It will exit on the outskirts of Viridian Forest and lead straight to Pewter. Really is there no way I can repay you for this?" Dr. Strauf replied thankfully.

"Just come by our welding and blacksmithing shop on the south side of Cinnabar sometime and let me know you're doing is all I ask." Geoff said cooly. "Come on, Norton, we've got a long walk ahead of us. Looks like we're headed to Pewter..."

September 26th, 2008, 12:03 PM
When Reily thought that they would see that Azumarill again, she wasn't joking, and sure enough, moments later, she saw a round blue pokemon come out of the bushes, but this time looked furious. Raichu looked startled, but then smirked, it could defeat the Azumarill easily if it had wanted to battle. But it gave the Azumarill a what are you doing here? Look. The Azumarill batted its eyelashes at Raichu, who narrowed his eyes. The pokemon got the message, and looked slightly offended.

"Rai?" Raichu asked, wondering how an Azumarill could go from completely lovestruck to furious in such a short period of time. But Raichu and Reily didn't have much time to wonder, because in the next instant, the Azumarill had called out, and an entire group of Azumarill, Marill, and Azurill had climbed out of the bushes and were facing Raichu and Reily, their eyes narrowed.

"Come on Raichu, we've trained like this before." Reily said, remebering the times she and her pokemon had trained by battling against each other, Reily included, she eventually could hold her own against a skilled fighting pokemon like her Lucario. They had also worked on resisting attacks, which was how Reily became used to being frequently shocked by Raichu. And now it was clear that the Azumarill wanted to battle.

"Well then, if you're asking for a battle, you've got one." Reily declared, facing the pokemon, who grouped together, ready to attack. "Raichu, use quick attack into the center of that group, then use thunder to strike the pokemon surrounding you."

"Rai!" Raichu dashed with almost unrivaled speed into the midst of the group of pokemon, and they leapt upwards to attack. "RAICHU!" Raichu cried, as it caused an enormous thunderbolt to drop down upon the Azumarill, Marill, and Azurill, the ones that were surrounding Raichu were hit, and thrown backwards. After all, a trained pokemon usually becomes much stronger than wild pokemon. But not all of the pokemon had been hurt, a few had scrambled backwards, and were preparing to use bubblebeam on Raichu, who spun around. It was surrounded by angry pokemon. All of whom were fighting for that Azumarill.

"Raichu! Into the air and use discharge!" Reily called, with the thought discharge ought to take a few of them out, maybe five out of the ten, then the rest...wait, this is ten against one, how fair is that? I should at least have two pokemon out! Yeah, I'll send out...Lucario! "One against ten isn't a fair match! Lucario, come on out!"

Lucario was released from its pokeball without a sound, as usual, it often didn't make a single noise, and only really connected with Reily, and as far as that went, their bond was extremely tight. "Lucario, bone rush!" The air between Lucario's two paws glowed blue as a long, cream colored bone formed, Lucario grasped it and, with a growl, swung it towards the Azumarill, several swift movements later, about three had fled.

Meanwhile, Raichu had leapt into the air, only to be followed by seven water gun attacks, it was hit, and spun farther up into the air with a cry. "Raichu, carry on with your attack!" Reily called, she suspected that to Raichu, her voice sounded rather faint, but Raichu recovered and spun one more time before letting close charges of electricity which fanned out, striking every one of the Azumarill that didn't manage to avoid it. All but one fled the scene.

"Okay, Lucario, take the last one with Aura Sphere!" Lucario growled as it launched a blue sphere towards the last Azumarill remaining, the Azumarill wasn't able to dodge, and it was hit with the attack, flying back and colliding with a tree. It glared at Lucario, who glared back, and after a moment the Azumarill wobbled back into the trees. Reily suddenly realized something.

"Wait. Where's the Raichu-obsessed one?" She asked, "There were only ten Marill and Azurill and Azumarill, with that other Azumarill, there should have been eleven."

"Azu!" The Azumarill had ran from the trees, throwing itself at Raichu, who dodged just in time to avoid the Azumarill's outstretched arms. The Azumarill kept on running, and tripped, looking over its shoulder at Raichu, who gave Reily a helpless look. Then it walked over to Raichu, who gestured with its tail towards the trees. The Azumarill's face fell as it gazed sadly at Raichu before returning to where it had come from.

"Lucario, return." Reily said as Lucario disappeared into its pokeball. "I think that Azumarill might have given up on you. They can be pretty smart."

"Raichu..." Raichu said happily.

"Now lets keep on going."

September 26th, 2008, 8:07 PM
OOC: Sorry if this post sucks, but as an American citizen I am watching the debates to wonder where the hell America is going.

It was about noon when Malic finally left his lair. The midday sun caused the valley city to glow with tranquility. The trees, bushes and lush natural scenery seemed to bloom under the luminous light provided by nature's light bulb. Walking across the bridge, Malic began to realize how much Blackthorn had actually grown. For the longest time, the city was a little more than a small village. However, Blackthorn City has grown into a small city and in Malic's estimation the population had to have doubled. Numerous houses have been constructed, becoming the home of many newcomers to the clan. As a result of its size, Malic was forced to construct his home far away from the den which is ironic considering his time in the Gym and the Dragon's Den. Malic strolled slowly through the city, experiencing his last moments within the city for an indefinite amount of time. It was a quiet day with a cool breeze from the Ice Path, with a few people roaming the streets and trainers attempting to build their teams. The sights of regular people doing their everyday made Malic smile.

After his long hike to his home, Malic entered his property. Malic's home was a fairly large mansion. It was not a fancy estate that CEOs owned, but one that many aspire to own anyway. Malic's wealth was a combination of several professions. His primary source of "income" was his long history of victories in regional and private competitions. Most of these were complete dominations coming within the Top 5 consisently. Malic has also invested in some teaching positions across Johto, occasionally being paid to teach the fundamentals of battling and due his position as the 8th Gym Leader, he has become quite the celebrity around the world. Using his celebrity status, Malic often does public appearances and of course money comes with that. The mansion itself has medieval and Roman inspirations ranging from the traditional stone masonry to the marble pillars. Statues define the walkway through his courtyard, each one dedicated to a famous Dragon user and his or her signature pokemon. Clair, Lance, Drake, Malic are the only ones so far yet Malic leaves room for future takers. The interior is opulant and ornate with medieval decorations running rampant. Many suits of armor decorated the main hall with featured a grand staircase leading to the upper level. Dragon statues were at the base of the staircase while pieces of art decipting legendary heroes, pokemon and various dragons. The colors of red and gold were acting as a motif as they were the primary colors that composed of the mansion's decoration style.

Despite the grand scale, Malic did not stay long. He showered in the boiling waters of his bathroom, a nice change from the frigid waters of the Dragon's Den. After a long shower, Malic dressed him accordingly in his custom clothing, including his sword shirt, the stonewashed jeans, his custom jacket and older shoes and gauntlets. He allowed his hair to fall down. He stepped outside to his courtyard and gathered Garchomp, Dragonair, Kingdra and Bagon. These 4 Pokemon would be his partners for this quest. Garchomp had always traveled with, but the other 3 were new, especially Bagon. Malic was not worried as he was used to taking chances. Unlike his other deperature, Malic left in secret borrowing Charizard to fly over to Goldenrod to take the train. After snatching his heavy backpack, Malic darted out of his home and flew over to Goldenrod.

The city was what Drake was used to: too large for its own good. The buildings towered over the citizens and the streets were flooded with traffic in the form of people. Pushing and shoving, Malic made his way to the Light rail and a bought a ticket like any other person. A pair of sunglasses he stole from Gavin aided in this ordeal as he was able to pass off as any other trainer showing off Blackthorn pride in his outfit. Like a ninja, Malic snuck onto the train, eagerily awaiting his arrival in Safforn.

OOC: That finishes up my character development. Like I said, this post is a poor one but I am distracted by Tv and arguments over AIM.

September 30th, 2008, 6:50 PM
With a fresh scar marked across her left eye, Arlene stood beyond the threshold of Charlie's door, with Fate hiding playfully behind her legs and looking around and up at the human girl while Jaydin and Snake loomed closeby. Immediately as the door opened in front of her, her lips curled into a smile and she couldn't help herself from immediately snake out her arms and trap Charlie in a hug before she could do more than squeal with excitement. Like a shark that had just caught it's fresh prey, the vixen shook Charlie violently in the hug, making it clear that she was more than happy to see her long-lost friend, and she was sure the vice-versa was true.

Working herself out of the bearhug, Charlie stifled the urge to break into girl-babble, knowing that Arlene was not exactly a fan, being more logical and simple than that. Opening with a question, she began, "So where've you been?!"

Grizzly tales followed... As the two moved to sit in the living room on the central couch, Arlene began to unfold to Charlie the strange gifts of chance that had followed her for the past year, allowing her to narrowly evade a horrible death on numerous counts. She had visited Orion one last time prior to setting out for the quest to rid the guild of assassins from the Earth, and it seemed that she had been successful. Orion had been the one to inform her of their rough location and he prepared her for the remaineder of her 16th year, training her in deadly technique that he almost at the time regretted passing down to her.

She first visited the original burial site for the Sisterhood's fallen soldiers, which had been abandoned almost fifteen years before her arrival; though she had encountered a ghastly, unholy abomination that she dared not delve further into describing. It... Seemed to haunt Arlene as she spoke of the Mausoleum dungeons, and the horrors that lay within, now stagnant and irreparable due to her great fortune to narrowly evade being splayed across the stone floors by possessed zombies. A horror worse than zombies - Charlie could only imagine what she meant. It also came to light that the scar etched across her pretty face was a result of escaping this cursed dungeon by the skin of her teeth; literally. The vixen even recounted having to take a bite out of a zombie wolf, stunning it long enough for her to turn tail and run for her life.

In lieu of her journey to the Sisterhood's home on Indigo Plateau, she discovered her birthplace, though the memories at the time escaped her utterly; Blaine's Hollow, a small village some way south of Pallet Town of Kanto. It then occurred to her how strange it had been that she'd somehow ended up in a place called "Russia" (the name escaped Charlie's knowledge of geography), then back in Kanto, then in Sinnoh, where she faced Chisaii-u whom Charlie remembered vividly, though with a hint of scorn in her voice as she spoke - Arlene had sided with her friend, though claimed that Chisaii-u was a pale comparison - a footnote by ratio - to the Specter she spoke of when she finally hit her 17th birthday, while she and Orion were taking a stride through the thick, lush woods around Blaine's Hollow. In the end, Orion had been killed in the attack, murdered in cold blood by the most ruthless, relentless assassin Arlene had ever witnessed.

She had triumphed... By good luck. He had not anticipated a knife in the temple, and Arlene thanked the non-existent Gods every day that she had survived. It was then that Arlene looked up from her shaking hands, looking worriedly at Charlie as if she had just strapped a bomb to her friend's chest.

"It's by luck that I'm here today... I came here to try to relax."

September 30th, 2008, 7:18 PM
The little lizard looked anxiously at its trainer, waiting approval. Jack looked at the little dude, and glanced at his other Pokemon. He smiled, not a big smile, but a smirk.

"Well," He said looking at Hariyama and Vigoroth, "I think he would be quite a fine addition to the team, what do you say, guys?" They both inspected him, walking around him as if he was in an inspection. Jack's smirk was still on his face. Vigoroth was the first to return to the side of his trainer before giving a small nod. Jack nodded back then looked at Hariyama.

"What do you think Hariyama?"

"Yama." Hariyama said approvingly.

"Welcome to the team!" He held out his hand, a sign of acceptance, friendship, a new beginning. The Charmander took it without hesitation. Jack lifted him up, then put him down quickly. It burned his hands, but he shrugged it off. He smiled and walked out of the lab, saying a quick thanks to the Professor. He opened the door and saw the lining of the trees, marking the boundaries of little Pallet Town. Smell of the Conferous trees filled his nose.

The sky grew pink, it would soon be dark. Jack found a small Inn down the road. He walked up to the counter, a smooth oak surface with a small bell on it. Nobody ushered the counter, so he rang the bell. In a couple seconds, a door flopped open presenting a small, old woman with thick glasses. She smiled warmly at Jack.

"Would you like a room for you and your Pokemon, young sir?" The old lady croaked.

"Yeah, thanks" Jack replied as the Old woman handed him a small gold key. The cold metal pressed agianst Jack's Palm. It read 107. He went up the creaky, hollow stairs, Jack was worried it wasnt going to hold all his Pokemons weight, so he got everyone back in their pokeball for the time being.

Stumbling through the badly lit corridor, he found his room, bearing a faded "107". He inserted the key and heard a small click. He opened the door to a small, weird smelling room. He released his Pokemon to nestle themselves around Couches and Cots. Jack jumped on the soft, twin bed, and dozed off, not taking off anything, including his backpack.

His Pokemon stayed up for a while longer, whispering in their language, talking to the Charmander, telling him what to do, what not to do, the works. With this enlightenment, Charmander's eyes open wide and wounderously. He couldnt wait to go around the world with his trainer and meet other pokemon and battle them.

September 30th, 2008, 8:04 PM
Charlie was silent for a few minutes; her thoughts processing the information Arlene had just provided her with.
Finally she opened her mouth and said, in her most cheerful voice
“And relaxing is what you shall get!”
Arlene chuckled, amused by her forced optimism. But that was typical Charlie.

“Come on, you can stay in the guest room tonight, but for now lets go down to the beach and just hang out. It’s really beautiful here,” Charlie beamed, the love for her city obvious.
All of a sudden, four Vulpixes ran into the room, their small feet noisy on the wooden floor. Charlie’s Vulpix, the mother ran across the room and into Arlene’s lap where she licked her hands and face affectionately.

“Oh… Arlene, I have a surprise for you,” Charlie told her with a coy smile.

“Oh?” Arlene replied, smiling at Charlie’s Vulpix’s reaction to her presence.

“Well, when I got back from Mount Coronet, Vulpix had a little surprise for me. Apparently she and Fate, umm… Got closer then we’d thought on our little journey,” she explained with a laugh and then gestured to the three Vulpix babies.

“OH MY GOD! Fate you, stud! Vulpix you little minx!” Arlene shrieked, standing up to inspect the three little Vulpixes.

Charlie laughed, and stroked Fate’s head affectionately; she had missed the slightly podgy Ninetales.
Fate blushed violently and looked away before saying
“Hey, she came on to me.”

“Sure, sure” Charlie teased him “The littlest one is my favourite, that’s Fortune. The girl is Destiny and the other boy is Kismet. I thought you might like to have him,” Charlie offered.

“Of course!” Arlene squealed, scooping up Kismet into her arms. Charlie smiled; she’d never seen Arlene act like such a… girl. But it was hard not to gush and squeal when seeing the babies, they were awfully cute.

A few hours later, Charlie and Arlene stood on the beach, with only Snake, the Lucario and Charlie’s Ampharos, Sage, for company.
The tide was coming in and it rolled onto Charlie’s bare feet, causing her to sigh in pure bliss.

“I’m really happy here,” Charlie, said out loud, a continuation of her thoughts “I mean, I’m happy to live in such a beautiful place, and I’m really happy with Volkner”
Behind her Sage’s red orb on the end of his tail began to glow, ominously. Normally, if Charlie hadn’t have been so distracted by Arlene’s presence, she would’ve noticed this and worried. But, because she was so preoccupied, Sage’s warning went unnoticed.

“I’ve missed you though,” Charlie continued, her voice full of nostalgia.
“I know. I’ve missed you too,” Arlene replied, moving forward to touch her friend’s shoulder. Charlie smiled and then broke away, feeling too overwhelmed by emotion to continue talking. She stared at her feet, her mangled feet, as the tide covered them and then slipped away, only to return moments later.

This time, when the tide returned it carried something with it, something glowing and blue. Charlie immediately leapt on the small object, before the tide could drag it away again.
It was a ring, small with a jet-black band, which seemed to be glowing from the inside. It was set with a thick blue stone, which was totally opaque and shining like the brightest crystal.

“It’s so pretty,” Charlie cooed, inspecting the ring and holding it up to the light.

“What is?” Arlene asked, her gaze settling on the ring in Charlie’s palm “Where did you find that?”

“In the tide,” Charlie replied absentmindedly, her focus still on the ring.

Arlene grew concerned at Charlie’s silence and grabbed her other hand
“Come on,” she muttered “All this salty air is making you act weird, lets go back to the house and you can cook me dinner”

Charlie nodded and blindly began to follow Arlene, and then she pocketed the ring and her focus returned.

Later, Charlie, Arlene and Volkner sat at the dining table, eating the meal Charlie had prepared for them. Their Pokemon had already been fed and were lounging idly around the house, conversing with each other and play fighting. Fate looked on over his babies proudly, occasionally stepping in to break up their fights, whilst his former mistress looked up at him with adoring eyes.

At the table, Charlie fiddled with the ring, until Volkner noticed.

“What’s that you have their Char?” he asked, wearily, tired from his day in the gym.

“A ring, I found it on the beach,” Charlie replied, holding it up for him to see.

“Careful Volkner, you don’t want to get the idea of rings stuck in her mind,” Arlene teased, before forking another piece of steak into her mouth.

Charlie stuck out her tongue out at Arlene, and then slipped the ring back into her pockets.

After dinner, Arlene retired to the guest room with Snake, Fate and Jaydin, obviously exhausted. Charlie had a long, hot shower before slipping into the cool sheets, scantly dressed. Whilst she waited for Volkner to finish some paperwork and shower, she played with the ring, twirling it through her hands, the light of the lamp casting rainbows off its crystal surface.
Volkner then entered and crossed the room, kissing her tenderly without a word, Charlie smiled and kissed him back, and he slipped the ring onto her slender finger.

Instantly, Charlie’s mood changed and as Volkner began to kiss her neck she pushed him off her, violently.

“Stop it,” she snapped, “I’m not in the mood.” Charlie switched the lamp off and rolled over, wrapping the blankets tightly around her.
Volkner sat there, puzzled and worried.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” he murmured, wrapping his arms around her, trying to pull his girlfriend into his embrace.

“I said get off me!” Charlie half screamed, shoving him in the stomach.

“What the hell?” Volkner gasped, winded.

“I said, get off me,” Charlie repeated “Shut up and leave me alone,” she spat.

Confused, and hurt, both emotionally and physically, Volkner picked up his pillow and left the room, slamming the door shut behind him. Charlie rolled her eyes and wriggled into the blankets, getting comfortable.
As she drifted off to sleep, she softly stroked the jewel of the ring…

October 1st, 2008, 9:41 AM
Arlene woke late in the night - around midnight - to the sound of Jaydin's long, serrated claws scraping against the hardwood floor of the guest room. Her ears flapped around a bit as her senses adjusted to the sudden wake, but immediately she regretted paying the noise any mind. Jaydin was having a rather unusual dream it seemed, as he was flailing his four tiny legs as if he were running while he lay out cold on his side; his claws had been scratching against the wood inadvertantly.

However, it would be hours before Arlene would be able to sleep again. She had the bad habit of being a very light sleeper and would jump awake at the slightest snap of a twig or the mere rustling of leaves in the trees; it was unfortunate, but necessary, that she was alert at all times and expecting to dodge gunfire at any given moment. No exceptions could be made - not now, not ever. Sighing, tired, she merely lay in the bed with Fate sprawled out lazily opposite her, cuddled against a spare blanket on the floor while Snake stirred lightly beside her.
Lifting herself out of bed carefully, Arlene quickly covered her pride with her spare outfit, which was a band T-shirt (the band logo affixed to the front was one that nobody seemed to recognize - Death) and some simple blue jeans that hugged her hips and legs tightly. The vixen carefully probed at the scar running across her face as she looked into the mirror, back into her own, hollow eyes. It was... Unnerving, to say the least, as she looked back at living death. She suddenly realized that moment how badly she looked - dark lines carved into the delicate skin beneath her eyes and the stark, purplish skin beneath her fur reminded her that she had been deprived of proper sleep for a very long time. Her long, full blonde hair seemed slightly matted and abused in spots, though for the most part, it had retained its beautiful luster and length over the past year. It was one feature she took great pride in maintaining.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the wind whistling by past the nearby window... She could have sworn she heard rocks moving nearby. Then again... Footsteps, at least a hundred meters away. Her ears stood up, pointing to the ceiling atop her head, and deftly she reached for the FN49 pistol (http://world.guns.ru/handguns/fn49.jpg) in the holster that would normally be strapped to her thigh on her combat outfit (which she normally wore) - but had been detached temporarily - and the 6-inch Ka-bar military knife in her belt. She followed the trailing footsteps outside for some time... A good fifteen seconds passed as she tried to predict the assailant's path. In silence, she peeked out the window, and lo-and-behold: a man clad in suit similar to Elric's arctic outfit was sneaking about outside, but his mask made it impossible to discern facial features. Cursing quietly to herself, she somehow figured that she had been followed.

Reaching for her door, knife turned down with the hilt under her pinkie finger and pistol clutched with white knuckles in her right hand, Arlene slithered carefully into the adjoining hallway, poking her firearm left, then quickly to the right, checking all of her angles. She moved quickly and silently with the two weapons held in tandem with the knife handle against the pistol's slick, filed-down grip. Arlene had done this some time ago in order to switch quickly between a gun and a knife in a fight, though she had dreaded ever actually having to use this technique.

She sidled the wall carefully, moving with her right shoulder pointed forward down the hall, and she peeked out in both directions in the living room before stepping into the open area. Volkner lay asleep on the couch nearby, which already sent off silent alarms in Arlene's head. She carefully maneuvered near him, but dared not wake him; a strange knot clenched in the pit of her stomach as she approached the door to Charlie and Volkner's bedroom, which she was sure the assailant was after... Crouching to make her a harder target to hit, she carefully turned the knob to the door, cracking it open slightly and peering within... Nothing seemed out of place, except for the curtains blowing in the wind... ...Of course. The curtains. The window was open - but why? Had the mystery man somehow entered without Arlene hearing it? Sudden prangs of fear entered the vixen's mind as she pushed into the room, observing every dark corner carefully...

For a fraction of a second, Arlene was completely caught off-guard by the black-clad assassin. He rushed at Arlene from her blind spot, which in this case was to the left of the door, just next to the closet doorway; the vixen almost lost her footing and had the two weapons clutched in her paws forced away, and noisily they slid across the floor, making a loud "clang" as the hardened steel of both weapons impacted. This startled Charlie into an upright position, still with the ring snugly on her finger; she greedily recoiled out of the bed, immediately concerned with the ring more than the two deadly fighters trying to put the other down in the middle of her bedroom.

Arlene drew away from the assassin who nearly plunged his own knife deep into her vital carotids, backing against the nightstand on Charlie's side of the bed. With a look of pure, unbridled hatred in his eyes, the only male in the room lunged at Arlene, and quickly she grabbed the only thing she could grasp - a ball-point pen - and as she would as naturally with a knife, she slashed the implement across the mystery ninja's face, barely missing his eye and cutting wide across his cheek. Blood ejaculated from the fresh wound at first, until he held his hand up to cover it, looking down at Arlene angrily with a clear furrow of his brow. There was a mutual confusion at first as both Arlene and the ninja then realized what the vixen was wielding - luckily, she recovered from the awkward silence first, stabbing him clear through the gut with an entry and exit wound in one fell swoop, then turning a complete three hundred and sixty degrees, using the momentum to deliver a near-fatal gash across the male's throat. Rocked by the sheer force of impact, the assailant lost his footing, slipping across the floor and crashing with a loud report against the dresser central to the eastern wall of the room. He slumped over, seemingly finished.

Through all of this, Charlie seemed unphased, her gaze locked to the ring she'd recovered from the beach. Furious, Arlene approached, the pen still warm with the assassin's fresh blood on it as well as her clenched paw. Arlene kneeled down to Charlie's level, forcing the human girl to look her in the eyes, dropping the pen and forcing Charlie's head to align with her own. "What the hell is wrong with you?! You were nearly killed just now!"

With that, Arlene forcefully gripped Charlie's wrist, intent on pulling the ring off. Somehow, the vixen had a feeling that the ring had been the cause of the strange, unwarranted attack, and of Charlie's behaving like an unwashed vagrant who had just gotten a hold of a shiny black pearl.

October 1st, 2008, 3:59 PM
As soon as Arlene wrenched the ring of Charlie’s finger, she became panicked.

“What the hell happened Arlene?” Charlie cried, her voice verging on hysterics.
Arlene sat on the bed and put her arm around her shaking friend’s body, calming her.

“Someone tried to kill you,” Arlene told Charlie, her voice calm. Outside rain had begun to fall heavily, and Charlie listened to it, sobbing, trying to ignore the thick smell of blood in the air. From another room they heard footsteps and Arlene immediately jumped to her feet, ready.

“It’s probably Volkner,” Charlie whispered, her voice barely audible over the falling rain.

“Why isn’t he in bed with you,” Arlene asked, her stance still ready to attack, just in case. Charlie shrugged, and opened the window, beginning to feel nauseated from the smell of blood.

Volkner entered the room, and noticed the blood on Arlene’s paws.

“What happened?!” he exclaimed, standing in the door way, too upset from earlier to go to Charlie’s side. Arlene paused, and then crossed the room and muttered something to Volkner, to quiet for Charlie to hear. The two then left the room and closed the door quietly behind them.

From her bed, Charlie heard bits and pieces of their conversation. The ring was mentioned constantly, and so was Fuchsia City, for some bizarre reason.
Finally, the bedroom door reopened and Volkner and Arlene entered.

“Charlie, Arlene and I have discussed the situation and have come to a decision,” he told her, crossing the room, and sitting next to Charlie on the bed.

“Why were you sleeping on the lounge?” Charlie asked Volkner, reaching for him like a child.

Volkner paused before continuing and looked at Arlene, who nodded slightly.
“You had a tantrum and hit me, Arlene seems to think it was because of the ring, she also thinks the ring is what brought those people here. You need to leave Sunnyshore, with the ring, until we work out what’s happening here,” he explained, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend.

“What?” Charlie exclaimed, instantly breaking out of his embrace. Outside lightning struck, followed by the deep rumbling of thunder “Leave? To where?” she continued, her hysteria returning.

Arlene crossed the room, her features lit by the light of the lamp.
“Volkner tells me that a cruise ship, the S.S. Aurora leaves for Fuchsia City late this afternoon. We should be there later this week. It’s a place which is fairly remote, and we should be able to hide whilst Volkner goes to Canalave City to see if the library has any information to help us,” Arlene explained.

Volkner looked at Charlie to see if she had any reaction to the chosen location, but her face remained the same.

“We should start packing very soon, try to get some sleep though,” Arlene suggested, and then left the room, and went into the bathroom to clean the blood off of her paws.
Volkner yawned, dramatically and Charlie rolled her eyes.

“I don’t think I can sleep,” she told him, her voice slow and heavy with meaning. Volkner nodded and pulled the blankets over them, cuddling close to Charlie.

“This will probably be our last night together for a very long time,” he told her, running her fingers through her golden hair.

Later that day, Charlie dressed in the plain clothing that Arlene had made her pack, a black hooded jacket and jeans.

“Keep the hood up and keep your Pokemon in their Pokeballs unless we are in absolute privacy,” Arlene warned as the trio made their way down to the Sunnyshore Warf.

“That’s it!” Volkner exclaimed, pointing to a large cruise ship with S.S. Aurora printed on its side “I received two free tickets, luckily. Perks of being a Gym leader,” he told them with a shrug. Suddenly he pulled Charlie into a fierce embrace, kissing the top of her golden haired head.

“I’ll miss you, every second of every day,” Volkner whispered tenderly. Charlie nodded, blinking back tears; she reached up and kissed him full on the mouth.
Arlene dragged her away then, the boat was boarding, and she didn’t want to be the last on the boat, hoping to draw as little attention to them as possible. Arlene had covered her furry appearance with a heavy grey cloak, the hood drawn around her face.

On board the boat they moved silently through the halls, until they reached their room. It was below the water level, and Magikarp would drift past the portholes, eerily. The room was plainly furnished, with two single beds, a table and two chairs and a TV. Charlie collapsed on one of the beds, and sulked, Arlene sat at the table fiddling with a black cord.

“Come here,” she told Charlie, several minutes later. Charlie obeyed and stood up, crossing the tiny room to the table. Arlene tied the black cord around Charlie’s neck, with the ring now attached and slipped it under her plain grey shirt.

“Keep it hidden at all times,” Arlene murmured, and then she released Snake, Jaydin and Fate from their Pokeballs.
Charlie returned to her bed, as she watched Jaydin and Fate squabble over a TV channel, Arlene still sat at the table, thinking.

“I used to live in Fuchsia City,” Charlie said in Arlene’s general direction.

“Oh?” Arlene asked, showing she was interested and preoccupied at the same time.

“My dad was a ranger at the Safari Zone, the best ranger that ever worked there,” Charlie explained “We moved to Snowpoint City when I was ten.”

“Why?” Arlene prodded gently, now curious.

“My mother died, when I was nine. From an unknown disease, apparently,” Charlie kept her eyes on the bedspread, beginning to feel nauseas from the rocking of the boat and the memories of her mother.

“I’m so sad for you,” Arlene told her, her voice thick with sincerity. Charlie began to cry, silently, hoping Arlene wouldn’t notice. There was a long, awkward pause between the two, covered by the noise of the TV and Fate’s laughter “My parents were murdered when I was four,” Arlene said very slowly, as if she didn’t say those words in that order very often, like I child memorizing a speech.

Charlie looked up, quickly, her eyes met with Arlene’s “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know,” she stammered, feeling guilty. Here she was, sobbing over her mother whom she had wonderful memories with for nine years, and Arlene had lost both of her parents before she really knew them. Arlene had nothing, but Charlie still had a father and a brother.

The conversation plagued on Charlie’s mind the entire week, where she spent most of her days in the tiny cabin with Arlene and their Pokemon. They chatted idly, and watched television together, laughing mostly. But Charlie’s thoughts were still on her dead mother, on Arlene’s murdered parents, and curiously the ring, which felt heavier around her neck every day.

When they finally stepped off the boat, and onto the docks of Fuchsia City Charlie felt like her mind and heart had grown heavy from the childhood trauma, which resided here, the trauma she and her father had masterfully left behind in their hometown.
Fuchsia City was still the same, open and sprawling, where you couldn’t see your neighbours without walking a hundred metres in either direction.
The majority of homes were farms, and there were few businesses, the general store, the PokeMart, the massive Pokemon Centre, the Gym and the old school where Charlie used to attend.
She felt nostalgic, remembering her own farm, with the dusty, warm smelling air and riding on her Ponyta every other day.

“There’s an abandoned farm on the outskirts of town,” Charlie told Arlene as they finished stocking up on supplies in the general store. Arlene nodded and gestured to Charlie to lead the way, the two crossed the town with their hoods drawn over their faces, masking them.

The house and farm was still empty, it had been that way since Charlie was a kid. Apparently the farmer who lived here and killed himself after his wife left him for a rich businessman in Celadon City and the people of Fuchsia City refused to inhabit the house out of respect.
The pair made beds on the floor out of old potato sacks and cooked dinner on the old stove, careful to keep any smoke under control. They would be safe here for a while…

All of your characters receive the same dream, except Charlie and Arlene.
In the dream you see a girl with dark blonde hair and pale skin (only Malic would recognize her as Charlie), dressed in dark clothing. She is in a corral, with broken posts and fencing, the land is barren, and the ground is dust, she is alone. The sky behind her is red, blood red, there are no clouds and also no sun or moon.
On her hand is a ring, the band is pure black and glowing curiously and it is set with a large stone, blue in colour, completely opaque and shining like crystal.
The girl begins to scream, her voice strained. Over and over she screams for help, sometimes saying your name, begging for help. She tells you to come to Fuchsia City and find her.
Suddenly, everything goes black and all you can see is a pair of eyes, obviously belonging to a Pokemon. They are glowing red and from the darkness you hear a voice, a voice so low and demonic that you begin to instantly shiver.
The voice, at first is impossible to understand and then finally, you hear clearly…
“I am Maledict”

October 1st, 2008, 5:37 PM
OOC: Okay! This post should be epic, and probably long since I want to get Malic to Fuchsia pretty badly, but I have too much ground to cover. I tried to apply the wiser aspects of the older Malic here. So he plays detective here. The Journey to Fuchsia will come in the next few days. I bet the battle-scarred Malic will make quite the impression when he arrives.

The light rail to Saffron City took several hours, a fact Malic was well aware of. Numerous delays and the economical speed of the train caused that but it didn't bother him, even if he could take Charizard with him instead and fly there. Malic wanted to feel like a regular trainer for once in his life, doing things the old fashioned way. Walking instead of flying, fighting any trainers that interested him. Realizing that he was in for quite the ride, Malic placed his bag on the seat next to him, threw his sunglasses over his eyes to prevent any recognition as this was a Johto ride meaning lots of locals and drifted into a coma-like state of deep sleep.

Now Malic is a happy dreamer. Due to his lack of a tramautic history and overall carefree lifetsyle, Malic often had "dreamless" sleeps or ones with great dreams of fame, wealth and most importantly women. In fact the only time Malic had a bad dream spree was in Sinnoh and even a man as regular as Malic would have crappy dreams in that scenario. With the raw magic that infested his travels, anyone involved would have nightmares during and after. Malic considered himself lucky that he had only one nightmare after that, and all it involved was the oversized Gyarados sitting on him for hours. But this train-ride somehow forced a nightmare probably more shocking than any dream that came before it.

OOC: This is vision, however I am remaining true to the source material.

Malic envisioned this from third-person perspective, starting with a figure. At first, the figure was unknown to him. Her hair was fairly long and had a dark brown hue to it. Her clothings were unnaturally gothic and dark. The environment was the one you would find in the interperations of hell, with the sky being blood red and clear with not a single interruption. No clouds, moon or sun. Just red. The grounds she was one were that of a barren farm. All he was waiting for was for zombies and demons to arise and eat her. At least then the dream would end. Her identity was a mystery to him until her face was finally revealed. However before Malic could identify her 100%, the dream was disrupted by a sudden focus on the ring. With a black band and a strange gemstone, the ring glowed with a curious aura. Suddenly, screams of anguish and pain and help were repeated over and over again. He could hear, "Fuchsia city" before it faded to black. The black image was interrupted by red eyes remiscint of a demon. It belonged to a Pokemon, or at least Malic hoped it did. Its voice was unclear yet frighetening and all he could hear was: “I am Maledict”

"Sir! Sir! Wake up!" Malic was startled and seemed to jump out of his seat. "Finally," the kind waitress said, " We have arrived in Saffron. I believe you fell asleep and you seemed to be having a bad dream. I have been trying to wake for a while now. You should get off soon, before we leave for Goldenrod again." Malic was woozy yet regained enough focus to gather his things and rush off the train. He bid great thanks to the kind women before his departure and sprinted his way out of the station. Saffron was a big place yet it was tourist friendly at this point. Being in the center of Kanto and the easiest connection to the Johto region, Saffron was a bustling city of limitless activity and minor tourist exhibit. It paled in comparison to Cinnaber and its infinite resorts, but it tried its best.

Walking around the city, Malic tried to decipher the dream reaching into the dark caverns of his mind. In most cases, Malic wouldn't ponder about a dream, considering they were always happy-go-lucky, frolic in the flowers, dance to a tune, relive success kind of dreams. This one...this one was different. It had pain, suffering and distress. The type of feelings Malic felt reminded him of Sinnoh and the terrible dreams that he always blamed the terrible ground on. Applying his newfound intelligence and maturity, he tried to play detective. Okay, the figure. Dark blonde hair, long, and the face. Not the girls from Blackthorn. Wait, Sinnoh. Pain. Girl. Charlie? No way...can't be her. How is she in danger? I thought she was gonna stay in Sunnyshore with that Gym leader guy. Malic paused his stride after realizing that the figure was Charlie. He found a cafe and ordered a small green tea. Tea helped him think and he liked his tea the old-fashioned way. Okay. Charlie is possibly in danger. If anything from Sinnoh taught me something, it is that dreams like this usually mean something. Okay...now Fuchsia City. I heard that. So that is probably where I should look. The environment was obviously distorted. I highly doubt that a red sky with nothing in it exists. If it does, well than Kanto is more messed up that I thought it was. But I saw a farm like structure, like livestock would be raised. But Fuchsia is a city, why would a farm be there? I better check it out. The most scary part is the Maledict. Other than the Pokemon aspect, I cannot think of anything that he could be. Red eyes. That is the give away. Malic is not afraid of much. Considering he surived his Sinnoh experiences, the mentality of immortality has imbued itself with his mind. However, Maledict did scare him and only because he had no idea what he it was. Finishing his tea with great haste, Malic left the money he owed and searched for a map of Kanto and eventually found one at a stand, paid a ridiclous amount for it and began to stare at the map cluelessly.

Giving up, Malic asked for directions: "Hey, excuse me. What is the fastest way to Fuchsia City?" His target was a middle-aged man, about half his height but a big smile could be seen from his elevation. Malic sensed a feeling of helpfulness from him.

"Got a bike son?" he asked in a most curious tone.

"Err no, I don't." Malic replied with a bit of confusion.

"Well then, you will have to head East towards Lavender and then follow the path South." The man directed, pointing with finger along the map that Malic bought. Grabbing a pen from his pocket, Malic drew a thick line along his path as to remind of the man's direction. Giving the man a bear hug and some money for kindness, Malic rushed towards Lavender town with the speed of a Rapidash. With no Pokemon to fly on, Malic was forced to run his way to Fuchsia.

October 3rd, 2008, 11:11 AM
The next several days had passed mostly in silence. Arlene had trusted Charlie alot considering their friendship, but what she did not trust was the ring, whose weight on Charlie's chest as it lay dangling from the thin black cord seemed to grow more each passing hour. For every time one of them left the farm, someone was always keeping careful watch on the ring, whether it was hanging on the neck of Arlene or Charlie - though on the note of trust, the vixen believed that Kismet did not fully trust Arlene as its new trainer. As night fell on the third day and after no word from Volkner as of yet, Arlene began to grow more grim and wroried as Charlie began to grow more clammy and looked worse each time she donned the necklace containing the ring.

It was in the main barn area, while Arlene was watching the nearby homes for a break in the activity that she could use to sneak out to the other homes; she would 'buy' what they needed, or to the recently-developed Pokemon Mart to do the same. She was dressed in a heavy hooded black sweatshirt with the zipper drawn and a mask covering most of her furry face. Her green eyes shone outwards as she watched the individual lights in each window of every house, prepared to move. Her strapped black camouflage pants and heavy combat boots made not a sound as her quiet breath caught in her throat. She sensed someone moving about nearby, and spun around to face Charlie. The human girl was dressed in the same attire she'd been wearing the previous day, and Arlene could also sense that she was becoming restless, probably worried about the ring and the situation from Volkner.

Arlene had to admit, it was very unsettling to not hear from Volkner for three straight days. There was the unspoken speculation that lingered about the barn that Volkner had been intercepted by another assassin, though Arlene dared not mention this within earshot of Charlie, but speculated around the situation with Fate on occasion. Being the intellectual leader of the pack (formed by Arlene and her 3 Pokemon; the strength being Jaydin, the defense Snake, and Arlene the sensei), Fate had of course predicted the loss of contact with Volkner, but even he could not be sure of what had happened. Occasionally Fate would bring up the unfortunately idealistic prospect that Volkner had gone into hiding to escape an assassin attack, and was merely waiting for a break in the action to contact the group. Notably, the Ninetales had begun to keep himself in impeccable shape, and where once a podgy flab of furry fat clung loosely to his abdomen, he now had conducted himself in such a way to remain much more lean and in effect, more combat-ready and fit to teach his new son, Kismet. Arlene had alot of respect for that.

Charlie cleared her throat, though Arlene was already looking at her; as if she expected an explanation. Truth be told, Arlene had not informed Charlie that she'd be leaving to get supplies tonight. Standing and sidling the wall, taking one last peek outside, the curvy fox spoke simply, "I didn't hear you get up."

"Jaydin was scratching again," Charlie replied rather plainly, though coolly; Arlene then lowered her hood, leaving her mask which covered all of her face but a horizontal oval-shaped cutout for her eyes and a complete opening that allowed her hair to fully wash out and over the sides; she appeared very grim and in her eyes, at times, Charlie could tell that sometimes she simply did not have an answer for what was happening. This was one of those times.

"Where were you going?" Charlie asked worriedly, apparently not necessarily mad at Arlene, but moreso an advanced stage of apprehension.

"Out to get food. I'm sorry I didn't tell you - I thought I would be able to get back before you woke up," Arlene spoke with a hint of shame in her voice. She had been used to doing things alone typically, and didn't want Charlie to be exposed or potentially hurt. She was sure she had given Charlie the implication that she didn't trust the human girl, though this was not the case at all.

"A... Arlene. Do you think Volkner's alright?"

"I... Don't know, Charlie. I can only wonder. I'm sorry."

"...Be careful, Arlene. I don't want anyone to die because of me."

"Don't worry about me... I have luck on my side."

And with that, though Charlie couldn't see it, Arlene gave a reassuring smile and a thumbs-up. With that, she turned about-face and broke from the house in a clear sprint, her footsteps almost as quiet as the night itself, even in the thick grass. Like a lone wolf she snaked forward, off into the bleak darkness of this cloudless night, the stars her only light.

It was later that Arlene returned with about three hundred dollars in American (converted to the local Zenny currency on the S. S. Aurora) worth of a large duffel bag of technically-stolen food from the Pokemon Mart and outlying farms - one encounter almost ending in a physical confrontation with a shotgun. Arlene had opted to leave the appropriate payments in the exact places she'd taken supplies from, in an attempt to justify her perdicament. She had also encountered Elric, who had trailed Charlie and her all the way to Kanto. There, meeting atop the roof of the Pokemon Center, Elric had armed her with a M4A1/SOPMOD (http://www.rayguncharlie.net/sr/characters/kostas/img/guns/sopmod_m4.jpg) assault rifle - a shortened US Military Issue M16 - complete with a modified barrel to include an integrated QD Sound Suppressor and several modifications to the breach and firing mechanisms to support high-velocity rounds. Elric had apparently thought ahead as well, and included a foregrip handle on the bottom mount, an eight-times hunting scope to replace the iron sights, and a filed-down right rail mount specially designed by Elric himself to support the vixen's odd method of carrying assault weapons (she held her index and middle fingers over the top, with her thumb placed on the lower rail and her knife held in her remaining two fingers against the assault rifle). And Arlene made sure to thank him quite thoroughly.

Arlene kept the weapon slung over her shoulder as she entered the barn, dropping the duffel bag along with her newly collected ammunition scattered along the table that normally would have been used for the deceased farmer's home improvement projects, it seemed - half-finished baseboards lay scattered nearby and an unpainted birdhouse was situated atop the nearby shelf. It was then that Arlene realized just how... Tired she had become. Her lack of stamina became more apparent as she had been wearing the ring around her neck for a good hour at this time, meaning it must have been about three in the morning... Sapped of her energy for the night, she lifted the ring from around her neck and grasped it with sweating, clammy fingers wrapped with white knuckles around the band that contained it.

She then entered the makeshift bedding area atop the second floor landing of the barn via the ladder, clutching her M4, and sat next to Charlie. She then ripped off her mask and pulled up her sleeves. "Charlie, food," she said, nudging the slumbering girl before beginning to go through her routine maintenance breakdown of the weapon, beginning by pulling back the slide mechanism, checking for jams. To her satisfaction, the rifle was in absolutely perfect condition, including a fresh silver finish that shone in the faint light of the stars. Arlene gave a sadistic grin, and tapped the safety on. Things would be a bit more interesting from now on.

October 3rd, 2008, 1:13 PM
Reily and Raichu were nearly at Hearthome, but the sky had darkened and it was more difficult to see in the dark. Reily looked above as they passed a tree, studying its branches, as if trying to draw some conclusion by looking at the large, thick branches of the tree. Suddenly, she grabbed a lower one, and with one fluid movement, she hoisted herself up onto the tree branch. Moving carefully from branch to branch, each foot carefully placed to avoid falling, she selected a thick, lower branch, which was forked, the arrangements of branches provided the ideal bed for sleeping. Reily knew many trainers preferred to sleep on the ground, camp out, as they called it, rather than in a tree, but Reily disliked sleeping that way, and she was protected by the thick branches of the tree she had selected if it rained. Few raindrops ever reached her, as she had found a way to make a sort of roof with a picnic blanket thing, though in the morning the slick leaves would be laden with water droplets, and it took only a small rustle of the branches in order to disturb the perfect droplets, which then rained down upon her. She preferred it anyway, though she always carefully selected the tree, the branches had to be thick enough to provide adequete protection from the rain, must have a arrangement of branches that would surround her and keep her from falling off during the night, though the chances of that happening were low anyway, so accustomed she had become to this. Reily looked down at Raichu, who nodded and followed her, taking the same path she had taken. Reily hung her backpack from a seperate branch, removing the sleeping bag. It was lightweight and waterproof, folding up into a small bundle, and yet it was very comfortable, either that or Reily really did become someone who enjoyed sleeping out in the rough, though, in truth, it wasn't that rough.

"Hey, look!" Reily exclaimed, as she lay the sleeping back on top of the branches, trying to arrange them and hook them together with string she had packed to form a sort of leafy, or rather, woody, nest. Not very good, but it wasn't too bad either. She pulled out a small, waterproof, and yet soft, blanket, arranging it to make a bed for Raichu. Anyone else who ever head of how they slept when they were a distance from the pokemon center would have thought it unrealistic, and Reily guessed she could understand that. Right now, she was pointing to a couple of branches above them, on which a Hoothoot was perched. "How cute!" She tied a waterproof picnic blanket to the branch above them by tying strings with weights onto each corner, and wrapping the string a few times around a branch to secure it. The weights, which weren't very heavy, weren't exactly a pain to carry, but it was worth it, especially when it rained.

At last Reily climbed into the sleeping bag, and Raichu settled into its nest, fixed in another "bundle" of branches close by. Though it always took Reily several minutes to drift off to sleep, Raichu could fall asleep in moments. Finally, Reily found her eyelids getting heavy, and eventually they closed as she sank into sleep.

Where am I? Reily muttered, finding herself staring at a dark red sky, blood red, not a single cloud, there was no sign of the moon or sun, and there were no stars. Very strange, I suppose, Reily thought with a yawn, but I'll wake up and it'll all be a dream. She could tell when she was dreaming, she didn't know how, she just could. Though it was dark, she could just barely make out a figure in the darkness. Curiousity grabbed hold of her and she approached the figure cautiously, she caught a glimpse of a beautiful girl with darker hair, though it might have been blonde, she couldn't tell, and pale skin that seemed to inhibit a sort of glow. Reily couldn't imagine who she might be, but pulled her gaze from the girl to notice her surroundings for the first time. No trees obscured the sky, it seemed to be miles of barren wasteland, which might have once have been farmland, judging from what seemed to be a corral, with broken posts and fencing. Dust rose in a swirling cloud from the ground as she scuffed it nervously, Reily found herself approaching the girl, who seemed to take no notice of her, and she saw that in her hand, the girl held a ring, the band was a pure, ebony black, and it is set with a large crystalline stone. It was a clear blue color, yet the stone itself was opaque, and shone with the radiance of...Reily didn't know, the sun or moon maybe, she had never been a poetic person. Just then, the girl opened her mouth, a plea for help issues from it. At first, Reily couldn't understand what she was saying, and then the words began to make sense to her. Please, help me! Fuchsia City! Repeated over and over, Reily can hear the words clearly now, but she just becomes more and more perplexed. Just then, the earth and sky began to darken, and she found herself sinking into velvety of blackness. Nothing visible to her, she can't even see the hand in front of her face. At that moment, the darkness is punctured by a glowing pair of red eyes, they appeared to belong to a Pokemon, and Reily thought that there was something otherworldly about them. A demonic, low voice issued from its unseen mouth, repeating something over and over, Reily shivered, uneasy, fear beginning to tug at her insides, as the words repeated over and over, like a broken record, they began to get clearer, she could understand them.

"I am Maledict."

"Raichu rai!" Raichu was shaking Reily over and over, and Reily opened her eyes groggily. Reily sat up abruptly, and Raichu grasped onto the branch to avoid being knocked off the tree.

"Oh my gosh! Oh..sorry, Raichu, I really am. But I had the strangest dream last night." She went on to describe her dream in great detail, Raichu listened patiently, though without a look of distinct puzzlement. Reily, after decribing her dream, stopped to catch her breath before leaping into action, repacking everything, which only took a few minutes, and then leapt down from the tree branch, which was close to the ground anyway, followed closely by Raichu. She ran forward in the direction of Hearthome City, Raichu running alongside her. Finally, she stopped to catch her breath.

"But Fuschia City is in the Kanto or Johto Region, I can't remember!" Reily gasped, clutching her side, "I have no clue how to get there, we're all the way in Sinnoh! We'd have to get to the Hoenn Region, then take another boat or something to the Kanto/ Johto Region, and heaven knows how long that could take!" As they crossed the next hill, Reily gasped, just barely able to refrain from crying out in surprise and pity. Sprawled out on the road in front of her, clearly injured and in pain, was an Absol. One of the rarest pokemon in the world, though far less rare than legendary pokemon.

"Oh, the poor pokemon!" Reily cried, her pity for the pokemon getting the best of her, as she ran over to the Absol at full speed, followed, as usual, by Raichu, who looked concerned, though slightly apprehensive at the same time. The Absol, who had spotted them, raised its head slightly, though it growled as it laid its head back down. Reilyl took a first aid kit out of her backpack, something her mom had insisted she take along and keep full of supplies when she had first started her journey, and she was glad that she had listened, though she would have brought one anyway, probably. She cleaned a long gash in the Absol's front leg and wrapped a gauze bandage around the wound, ignoring its growl of pain. She secured the bandage with some surgical tape, and then poured out some water from the water bottle in her backpack into her cupped hand, and held it out to the Absol, willing it to drink the water before it all seeped through the cracks between her fingers. To her surprise, the Absol lifted its head and lapped up what was left of the water. Guess he...or she...must be pretty desperate. I feel so sorry for it, I wonder what could have happened.

Raichu conversed with the Absol, seeming to accept its answers in grunts and growls, as Reily cleaned and bandaged the rest of the wounds. She poured some more water out onto her hand for the Absol to drink, and only after she had given it some pokemon food from a canister, which wasn't as good as the types she usually carried, but which the Absol ate gratefully. She couldn't believe how...willing the Absol was to cooperate with her attempts to at least clean and bandage her wounds, then again, the pokemon was hurt pretty badly, he must have had no other option. Only after the Absol had eaten did she stop to decide what to do next.

"Wait, Absol are the disaster pokemon, so do you mean that you are here to warn Hearthome about a coming disaster?" Reily asked the Absol, who merely stared at her with deep, untelling eyes.

"Never mind. Let's get you to a Pokemon Center, I know I didn't really do everything professionally, but Nurse Joy will be able to heal you." She took out her phone, hitting the button that said "Pokemon Center." She stated the location of the pokemon center that she wanted to contact, and listened as Nurse Joy answered with the typical.

"Hello, Hearthome City Pokemon Center."

"Um, hello, I found an injured Absol in the road near Hearthome, about two miles south of Hearthome, in fact, it had a couple gashes and cuts, mostly on its legs and sides, I bandaged them, but its really poorly done, considering me. Do you think-?" She got that far before Nurse Joy interrupted.

"Well be there in a couple of minutes."

Sure enough, true to her word, three minutes later a van bearing the trademark "P" on it pulled up near Reily, Raichu, and Absol. Nurse Joy jumped out of the drivers seat.

"I left Blissey in charge of the pokemon center for the moment. Let's get Absol into the back of the van. A couple of Chanseys jumped out, and removed a cot from the back of the van. Faster than anyone Reily had ever seen, they somehow got the growling Absol onto the cot and into the back of the van, which was empty, allowing room for the Chanseys, the cot, which now had Absol lying on it, and a few people. Reily and Raichu climbed into the back at Nurse Joy's invitation, along with the Chanseys, and they set off towards the Pokemon Center, Reily and Raichu spoke gently with Absol the entire time to reassure it. As the van pulled up at the back of the Pokemon Center, the Chanseys wheeled the cot through a door and disappeared, Nurse Joy said it would be easier to go through the front entrance, which Reily did, and sat down on one of the comfortable, squashy, chairs, left to think about her dream in peace, while Raichu took a nap. They both waited anxiously to hear anything about the Absol.

October 3rd, 2008, 4:13 PM
OOC: I filled this post with a few assumptions so if I am horribly wrong and take too many liberties with the law that has been set forth, please tell me and I will edit accordingly.

Malic's incredible pace was eventually halted as he entered the city limits of Lavender Town. The scope of the tower that he could even see from Saffron was almost majestic, far greater than the buildings and "skyscrapers" of Goldenrod. He was unsure of its function at this point, due the recent rumors of the structure being a radio tower. Due to his studies, he had read that it was a tribute to the dead Pokemon which explained Lavender Town's solemn atmosphere, after all it being a town of mourners and religious advocates. At this point, the tower appeared to be a hybrid, having several electronic tools sticking out of every floor and a large antenna at the top, but the ancient feel of the building remained. The only rational explanation was that the tower was becoming the radio tower, probably to compete with Goldenrod's service. Shades of purple covered nearly building and a heavy sad aura seemed to loom overhead and a chilly gust from the south made the entire town less comforting. Malic had no desire to remain here for long as he felt that at any moment, a zombie or some undead creature would leap out and consume him whole. Despite his better judgment, he chose to rest at the Pokemon Center and confirm his route towards Fuchsia and better prep himself for the run. If the dream was a true vision, similar to his experiences in Sinnoh, a calm walk would prove fatal. He removed his jacket and t-shirt, revealing only a muscle shirt with a pale complexion. His scarred, toned body likely woo'ed a few women as desperate sighs could be heard in the background. Choosing to leave his jeans on, Malic uncovered a Ipod-like device and headphones and placed him in his year to listen to some Alternative Rock, the only real music left in the world. Packing the rest of his stuff, Malic jogged down the southern route.

Unlike Lavender Town, the southern route was not a horrifying experience, but in fact a calming stress free environment. The first part was primarily composed of docks and wooden boards, providing a easy jog. With a cooling breeze and fishermen at several posts stalking the local fish begging to their gods for a decent catch to make their lives worthwhile, the serene feel of the eastern part of Kanto put a smile on Malic's face. The environment, however, was not immortal and Malic had to meet reality. Soon a wood land region conquered the sea-based route and Malic was soon surrounded by hopefuls, trainers who thought that had met the best and beat the rest. Halting his stride for a bit, Malic summoned Garchomp to the field and walked briskly through the forest of trainers. Most had parted the way, clearing a path as if Malic had the powers of Moses. Even the "epic" battles between Spearows and Pidgeys had taken long pauses to admire the aura that the fearsome Garchomp emitted. With that out of the way, the rest was clear and Malic came around the last bend of his marathon and reached Fuschia's limits.

OOC: I was going to end here, but wow. Way too short for this RP.

His run took several hours, more than he hoped. By the time he had actually, arrived the sun started bidding farewell to the world and resting its rays for the next day. That prevented him from many options, especially for food and shelter. Never mind his search for Charlie, which would be hurt by his own fatigue. The first thing Malic did upon his arrival was hit the nearest cafe (again) in order to relax, cool down, and ponder about his next move. Considering he ran a considerable distance, Malic's ability to think clearly was severely damaged. The runner's high had to remove itself from his being and he required several galloons of water and a few pounds of food to refill his empty tanks. Money was not a problem for Malic (OOC: First time for any of my characters). And with that mentality, he spoiled himself to quality Kanto food, mostly lunch-like foods considering he was at a Cafe, even at the later hours of the evening. Consuming several Kanto Special Sandwichs and a few liters of spring water, Malic had a full stomach and satisfied well-being. He paid with great care, and not to mention a generous tip which likely made the waiter's night.

Malic found a fine Inn that evening, if minimal requirements equal quality. The dream distracted his ability to rest well that night so Malic chose to do an odd behavior for one of his character: Mediate. He rarely had the patience to actually focus and clear his mind, but for the current situation he had found himself in, mediation seemed like a grand idea. Malic focused on the dream trying to find clues as to where in the city limits could Charlie be. As unreliable dreams are, it was the only amount of "evidence" he had and the only hints he could muster up. Remembering the principal images of the environment, Malic tossed away the empty blood red sky and the various words that carried with the wind. Focus Malic, Focus! Sky...no. Empty world...no. Farm....maybe? Ending his train of thought, Malic pondered on the idea of a farm. Staring out the singular window of his room, Malic saw the sky beginning to darken but he chose to bolt the door anyway and search the city. Common sense, told him that most farms would be outside the central part of the city. Normally he would ask for assistance with questions like "Hey. Have you seen a girl that resembled blah blah blah?" but Malic knew it wasn't in her character to blantly reveal her appearance if she was in trouble. After leaving the central section of the city that felt like a city, Malic toured the outskirts.

Losing track of time, Malic grabbed an old stick and called out Bagon. His baby Pokemon, Bagon was well-breed and capable of forming a small fire to work with to light a torch to see in the endless abyss of darkness. He chose to leave Bagon out his ball, hoping he would detect something that could lead him to Charlie. He had no belongings of hers, after all she didn't like Malic that much and leaving no impression on her, she didn't particularly leave him with a parting gift. As a result, using Bagon as a tracker was out of his idea pool. Malic was not skilled in tracking like a park ranger would have been, so he could not rely on those abilities either. For him, it was guess and check and with so many buildings spread out, it was like find a needle in a haystack. A cold wind swept Malic and put on his shirt and jacket to keep warm. It was too late to continue, but he had one farm that seemed to call out to him. Like a force pulling him towards it (OOC: I hope I worked in Ring idea). Unable to explain it, Malic had a difficult time resisting its orders, even with all his rational thought telling him to leave the farmhouse that most horror movies seem to center around.

"Strange. Hey Bagon. Lets check this old place out." Malic called. His approach was loud and uncaring, as Malic did not expect to meet anyone. His torch was bright against the night sky. In other words, Malic's stride towards the old, prehistoric farm was that of a juggernaut ready to stomp his way through the building.

October 3rd, 2008, 6:46 PM
Charlie pressed her pale, sweaty cheek onto the rough material of the potato sack and sighed a long, sad sigh. She was moping; she knew it and she wasn’t about to deny it.
Arlene has returned from her shopping expedition hours before, but Charlie still hadn’t eaten. She wasn’t used to pining like this, it was all too familiar. After her mother died she had sunken into a pit of despair, sinking deeper every day, sinking alone. But when she moved to Snowpoint she was able to pull herself out of her misery.

'When will I be able to escape here again?' She asked herself, whilst looking out the window onto the barren fields.
Suddenly, a wave of nausea hit her violently, and she quickly found a bucket to throw up in.
Arlene was soon there, having heard her retch; she patted Charlie’s back comfortingly.

“Are you okay,” Arlene asked, as Fate, Kismet and Vulpix joined them in the room.
Charlie shrugged and looked away, trying to hide her oncoming tears.

'Why am I crying?' She asked herself angrily, I haven’t been wearing the stupid ring.
Vulpix ran to Charlie’s side and placed her head lovingly on her trainers lap, Charlie absentmindedly scratched at Vulpix’s ears, still staring out the window, as if it held answers to all of her questions.

“You should probably eat something now, if the nausea’s passed, I don’t want you getting…” she trailed off and then looked up suddenly, her ears pricked and nostrils flared.

“What?” Charlie asked, her mood shifted quickly from upset to worried.

“Shh… Hide the ring,” Arlene hissed, her voice low and quiet, reaching for her rifle. Charlie nodded and picked the ring on its cord up from the floor and put it on, slipping it under her plain grey t-shirt, pressing it against her pale skin. Instantly, she felt the rings great burden, as if she had never taken it off. It pulled on her neck, on her chest, her head, her heart, but it was a burden she liked. She felt weary and drained, but happy that she was connected with the ring once more.

Arlene skulked out of the room with a passing glance at Fate which said ‘protect them with your life’
Charlie’s heart began to beat, rapidly, she was so tempted to slip the ring on, so that if the assassins had returned, she could at least die in a drunken stupor, the way she almost had before.

Don’t be silly, she told herself, Arlene is more than capable of protecting me.
She listened, her ears trained for the sound of conflict, for the scuffling of feet, grunting, the sounds of weapons being fired.
Nothing. Silence. And then…

“Malic?!” Charlie heard a muffled voice cry. Charlie was immediately puzzled, Malic was one of the trainers she had travelled with in Sinnoh. What would he be doing here, last time Charlie had heard the trainer had used his impressive dragon Pokemon to take over Blackthorn City Gym.
Charlie stood up and made her way to the door, swaying slightly, exhausted from the nausea and ring, closely followed by Fate.

In the front room of the old, decrepit house Arlene stood with Snake and a tall, built man with brown hair, a Bagon at his side. She wrinkled her forehead in frustration, trying to remember.
His face was a collection of scars and bruises, 'were they there last time I saw him,' Charlie asked herself, truly puzzled.
She tilted her blonde haired head and looked at him, inspecting him, trying to recall anything about him. She stopped as the pair and their Pokemon turned to look at her, their faces both filled with concern and confusion, for different reasons.

“Malic?” Charlie asked, her voice tentative “What are you doing here? How did you find us?”

OOC= I apologise for the lack of italics for Charlie's thoughts. My computer isn't working >.<

October 4th, 2008, 6:51 PM
A dream was bestowed upon Jay the night he left Celadon City. A dream that he may never forget. A dream of a old relic house under a blood shot sky. A girl that he felt he met before screaming for him, demanding help. Asking for him to come to Fuschia City. And there a ring that seemed so dark yet beautiful was placed in front of his eyes with the name "Maledict." burned within his mind.


That is the name the voice gave itself.

Jay traveled the Kanto region far and wide. Winning badges from Cerulean all the way to Celadon City where he traveled down to Fuschia City using Cycle Road, from his recently acquired blue sport bike he received back in Cerulean.

Cycle Road was a pleasant trip and it felt good being smacked by the ocean breeze as he cycled down. Kanto is a beautiful region, though Jay couldn't shake off the feeling that loomed over him. Something was making him go to Kanto, though he couldn't put his finger on it, but the dream feels like it has something to do with it. Jay then started to think of the girl in his dream. She seemed so familiar and felt as if she played a large role within the memories of Sinnoh that he could not remember well.

As Jay came to Fuschia, he found it to be a large city but it was also very rural, it was an interesting combination for a city. There was much open land and the buildings were spread out giving a good view of Kanto country-side. It reminded him of Northern Sinnoh and how the towns there were more of villages and how beautiful they were.

Jay then heard of the safari-zone, a place to find many Kanto Pokémon, the perfect opportunity to discover more of what this region has to offer. He became excited and decided to go there right away. He didn't have much luck as Jay found catching Pokémon without weakening it to be very difficult. Though he did manage to catch a Nidorina all by luck. Unfortunately this was the only Pokémon he was able to capture, but he did not leave angry, he was happy. Whatever happened to him in Sinnoh has left our trainer here to be a more and happier person, and this only made him want to capture more Pokémon.

As he left the safari-zone he saw an old farm across from him, its fences were broken and rotten and the clouds started to gather, the day became gray. It was then that Jay realized that this house looks just like the one he dreamed of, and suddenly he felt as if he had to investigate. At first he thought it was pure curiosity but now it was as if there was some sort of force taking him there, luring him to the house. He slowly opened the door and looked around,

"H-hello?" Jay asked as he entered the house, seeing if there were anyone inside...

October 5th, 2008, 9:54 AM
"Hello there." Malic stated directed towards the two women who looked shocked, confused...mostly confused. "Surprised you recognized me. I thought the long hair and painful scar would throw you people off. But it brings such a smile on my face that you actually saw threw my guise," Malic said pointing at his solitary facial hair on his face that streaked down the left side of his face. He had hoped to make a new first impression, one of a more mature and controlled man. In the past, his childish behavior was not very popular and no one from the team bothered to visit him. He felt insulted, but it didn't take long to figure out why. He was annoying. "I have to say, I have seen you two look better. I hope these looks are temporary. Can I come in?" he asked with a slight laugh at the end. At the moment, it seemed only Malic was in a good mood as everyone else seemed on edge, angry, but mostly scared. The two didn't really move so Malic shoved himself through their "wall" and attempted to make himself comfortable. To do that, he forced Bagon to hold the torch for a moment while he took of his jacket and placed it on his heavy backpack, to prevent a meger amount of dirt from collecting on his custom belonging. The jacket was well expensive and its various symbols of dragons and Blackthorn displayed his hometown pride. His built arms, no uncovered, were covered in scars, many of them old, but plenty of fresh ones. At first glance, it appeared he had more scar tissue then regular undamaged skin and even with closer examination, it would be a difficult claim to disprove. His tight-fitting shirt revealed a well-toned torso, a reward for countless hours of hard work. He fixed his necklace to make sure it was laying properly before beginning to check out the pad that Charlie and Arlene dubbed "home". "Not a great place to hang out. You two must be in big trouble," he analyzed after a quick tour of the old farmhouse. After settling down and finishing his scouting for anything redeeming, he recalled the question asked earlier.

"I almost forgot, you guys are probably wondering how I got here. Well it all started in Blackthorn. You probably don't know, since it is mostly Johto news not exactly worldwide, as much I wish it was, but I became the new Gym Leader of Blackthorn City. Clair retired and after much debating and a long series of contests, I won the honor of becoming it. But the life of a Gym Leader got incredibly boring since few notable challenges rose to the occasion. Even with training by Pokemon and body, traveling Johto as a celebrity and working my business as a teacher, I got bored." He paused to lightly cough, smack his chest a bit to clear up his system. "So I tried more extreme stuff. I camped in the wild for days, climbing Mt. Silver and even attempted to tame the Dragons of the den. Still nothing. So I finally was set on traveling. But, I already been to Hoenn and there was no way I was going back to Sinnoh, after what had happened there. You don't need to guess why now do you? The other smaller regions have no competitive base, so it left Kanto." Malic got up from the cold wooden floor and walked over to one of the windows and stared at it before continuing with his slightly egotistical story. "So I flew over to Goldenrod and took the Light rail service to Saffron. There I fell asleep and experienced something that resembled the events that occurred during Sinnoh. A dream, one more frightening that anything I have had the displeasure of having to go through. It began with an ancient farm much like this one, expect an empty red sky overlooked it. There, a singular figure screamed in agony for help, demanding that I come to Fuchsia." He swallowed a bit dramatically, but it seemed to be a necessity at the time. "It faded to black, only for menacing red eyes to appear screaming something with 'Maledict' in it." He turned around to face the pair again.

"Now normally, I ignore these kind of things. I shrug them off as bad memories or something like that," Malic stated scratching his head. "But, this one was different. The figure was you," he solemnly said pointing at Charlie. She seem unstirred and more worried and weak than anything else. "And you were holding a ring. Not the kind of ring that some boyfriend or husband would give to their significant other. It's general look and feel screamed evil." Clearly his statement was a stab at the relationship between Volkner and Charlie, one he assumed was conceived due to her obsessive nature about Sinnoh's electric Gym Leader. "The fact it was you forced me to come here, even it was just some messed up dream. Once I arrived some outside force pulled me to this farm. Past that I cannot explain it." Malic ended his verbose speech.

Then the door opened, revealing an unsure statement. The individual was slow and careful yet tall and curious. Malic assumed it was an enemy and prepared Bagon for an attack. "Looks like we have another visitor."

October 5th, 2008, 1:22 PM
“Chansey Chansey!” A Chansey suddenly seemed to appear at Reily’s sleeve, “Chansey Chansey!” Reily looked down at the Egg pokemon, who seemed to be very pleased about something. She gave the Chansey a questioning glance, and the Chansey nodded. Just then, the sliding doors leading to another part of the building opened with a sound similar to that of a puff of air. Another Chansey appeared, pushing a gurney, on it lay the Absol, only it looked much better now, much less helpless. Its legs were bandaged more professionally, and it gave a small growl of recognition as it spotted Reily.

“Sol…” The Absol leaped down gingerly, limping towards Reily. “Absol…”

“He should be fine now, his wounds, however, seemed to have been caused by something like a knife or blade rather than by tooth and claw. He may have been attacked, and its no surprise, who wouldn’t want to capture a pokemon as rare as an Absol?” Nurse Joy said, approaching them.

“Do you think that he might have been here to warn Hearthome of a coming natural disaster?” Reily asked, voicing what she had been thinking.

“No…I don’t think so…” Nurse Joy mused, “well, anyways, your Absol’s fine now, or, he should be, make sure to give him plenty of food and water, oh, and a lot of rest, he’ll need it. Now I’ve got to get to another trainer, my goodness, his Prinplup looks like its in bad condition.” She walked off after giving Reily a small smile.

Absol seemed to have developed a trust in Reily, as it did as she told it to do, which wasn’t a lot, but Reily had to admit the Pokemon had begun to grow on her, and in such a short period of time too. Only a couple of hours had passed between the time she and Raichu had found Absol lying on the road and the time that Absol was taken out of…one of the other rooms.

“I guess you’ll want to return to wherever you came from…” Reily began to say, and was surprised when Absol shook its head with a small growl.


“You don’t want to return? Why not?”

“Absol, sol.” Absol said, almost sadly. (Cast out of my old home, I can’t return now.)

Reily didn’t understand, surely anyone would be glad to return to their old home? Well, with a few exceptions, but most would like to return, wouldn’t they? However, Raichu nodded understandingly, and Reily looked questioningly. Raichu tried to mime Absol being driven out, though it still took many long minutes for Reily to understand.

“Oh…” She didn’t know what to say, she had no clue what Absol was feeling, did he do something to get himself driven out? Did he want to be or not? Most likely he didn’t want to have been cast out of his old home. She had no idea what she should do, but a moment later Raichu tugged at her sleeve, pointing to her belt where she clipped her pokeballs.

“You want Absol to come with us? But…surely he’d rather have freedom?” She started to say, when Absol nodded in agreement with Raichu. Reily stared for a moment, before a smile started to cross her face. “If you want to come with us, you’d be more than welcome…” My own words make me sound and feel stupid. “Raichu would make sure you’re accepted. But are you sure about this?”

Absol nodded seriously, it was beginning to dawn on Reily that Absol was an awfully serious Pokemon, she had yet to see the slightest suggestion of a smile or happiness from Absol.

“Well then,” She unhooked a Pokeball from her belt slowly, feeling as if she were performing a ceremony of some sort, and opened it. Absol glowed red before going inside without a struggle. “Poor thing,” Reily whispered softly, “cast out of his home.” Raichu nodded.


“Now all that remains is to find some way to get to Fuchsia City, which is…a long way away.”

“I know of a ferry that is headed to the Seafoam Islands, part of the Kanto Region in which Fuchsia City is located.” A gravelly voice said from behind Reily. Reily whipped around, a toothless old man stood behind her, a smile crinkling the corners of his eyes, as well as the skin around it, which was already crinkled to begin with.

“Oh, really? Leaving from Hearthome, though?” She looked doubtful.

“Oh, no, from Pastoria, you can get a bus to there. Of course, it will still take quite a while to get to Fuchsia City, but…”

“Oh, thank you sir!” Reily cried, “thanks so much!” She rushed out of the Pokemon center, and found a bus schedule in the busy city of Hearthome. It wasn’t hard to find the bus that would be leaving soon for Pastoria, and she went to the Bus Terminal as soon as she had found out everything she needed to know. Lucky break, she arrived just in time to catch the bus. Funnily enough, there weren’t many people on it, but all of the people on it save for one woman were taking the ferry to the Seafoam Islands.

The ride on the bus was smooth in some parts, bumpy in others, though soon enough they pulled into the Pastoria City Bus Terminal, and the people on the bus filled out quietly. After that, Reily spent some time going to the shops to buy Pokemon Food, she would be able to get a meal on the ferry. Afterward, she traveled to the port from which the ferry would depart, and managed to buy a ticket, even though the person selling them commented that she was extremely lucky, as it was rather late to buy tickets for the ferry.

The loud horn of the ferry greeted Reily as she stood with about one hundred other people who were waiting to board the large boat. People filed in through the two doors, and all of them had settled down when the boat began moving. Immediately, Reily headed up to the upper deck, and let her Pokemon out of their pokeballs, in the designated area (some people who weren’t exactly fond of Pokemon didn’t like trainers letting them move around the upper deck, so there was an area where letting your Pokemon out was allowed, and another where it wasn’t.)

Buizel ran to Reily as soon as it was let out of its pokeball. Reily hugged it, knowing that it was insecure around all the other Pokemon here.

Lucario crossed her arms and stared out over the seemingly endless ocean, not making a sound, and Reily watched it for a moment, before looking over to the other Pokemon.

Raichu, being rather more friendly than some of the other Pokemon on Reily’s team, went and began talking to two smaller Pikachu’s, of which there was one female and one male.

Absol stayed by Reily’s side, as some other trainers spotted it, and stared at the rare Pokemon. He was getting rather annoyed at the unwanted attention, though, as always, he didn’t show it. Or refused to, rather.

Dragonair leaped into the ocean upon being let out of the confinements of its pokeball, and it called out happily to Reily as it swam alongside the boat, keeping up very well due to its heightened speed in water.

Meanwhile, Reily kept in eye on all her Pokemon, though she knew that Raichu would assist her in the task, it had always been a job for the two of them, she looked out over the edge of the boat, waved to Dragonair, which was swimming a hundred or so feet away, and wondered how long it would take them to get to the Seafoam Islands. Forever, probably, they were an awfully long way away, and the ferry would make stops at various destinations to allow some people to get off and others to get on.

Midnight Jasper
October 6th, 2008, 7:47 AM
This way.

I was in a dark cave. Some sticky, transparent substance covered every stalactite and dripped off them unappetizingly. It was pitch-black, but somehow I knew exactly where to go and exactly where to turn. It was like something was calling to me, beckoning me, showing me a map so I never tripped over or brushed unpleasantly against a slimy surface.

And, suddenly, I was at my journey's end. I looked around, expecting some movement. Something stirred and rose in the darkness. It was a girl, a fragile-looking, pale girl with dark, blonde hair. Her clothes were dark, but now that I thought about it, I wasn't actually focusing on the girl or her hair or her pale, unnatural skin. The cave had disappeared, to be replaced with a corral that looked like it had been unattended for many years. Ivy crawled up the fences and dragged them down; worms burrowed through the wood; the smell of raw, rotting materials was heavy in the air. It was like the scene from a horror movie: the ground was dusty and barren, the sky a pool of blood; there was no comforting orb of light in the sky.

But I focused on none of this. Because then, I saw the ring.

The band was pure black and glowed with a mysterious aura. It was set with a sapphire-blue stone, shining brightly and completely opaque. I looked into it and saw swirling figures, mouths open, eyes full of fear. I heard screams, trapped forever in the crystal. And I heard a scream, a real, piercing shriek, cutting through the air.

The girl was screaming for help. Fuschia City, she said, Fuschia City...come, please, help me, help me, Kotara, help, help, help... I could no longer hear her words. I was staring, once more, at the ring. It seemed to look back at me with its strange blue stone. It, too, was calling to me: Fuschia, Fuschia, Fuschia...

All went black. Two red, bloodthirsty, Pokemon eyes stared at me in the darkness. A low, demonic voice started to speak, sending a chill down my spine. I burst out in a cold sweat and started to shiver. The voice seemed to be talking gibberish, but every syllable vibrated with raw, awesome power. And then, so clearly, so strangely...

“I am Maledict.”

I awoke, panting, shivering, the cold dancing across my skin and sapping the warmth away. I could barely feel the hard ground through the chilling numbness of my body. A dark beat pulsed through my head.

I am Maledict...

It was Stelli who brought me out of my waking slumber. She pecked angrily at my arm, opening up a fresh wound. The pain cut through the drowsiness, causing me to cry out. I glared angrily at the Pidgeotto, who glared angrily back. I would have won, but Pokemon have no need to blink.

Irritated, I cast off the tattered blanket that I had slept in and shook out my hair: sometimes bugs crawled into it while I slept. Fuschia...I was there. But where was she? She wasn't in the Safari Zone, for sure. Or at least, not by this pond, where I had been fishing for at least five hours now.

Maybe it was just a dream.

No, not possible. How dark would you have to be to dream about something like that?

Either way, I couldn't ignore it. Something called to me again, like at the beginning of my dream. I wished it had been the screaming girl. I told myself that it was because of the girl, begging for help.

But it wasn't. I knew exactly what I wanted.

The ring.

October 7th, 2008, 7:37 PM
“Hello there,” Malic said towards Charlie and Arlene, Charlie smiled a puzzled smile, furrowing her brow delicately. Vulpix peered around the corner and surprisingly recognized Malic, moving silently through the room the red fox Pokemon approached the trainers Bagon and sniffed the dragon Pokemon calmly.
She and Arlene exchanged amused looks, and Charlie felt lighter than she had in days, despite the burden of the ring.

“Can I come in?” Malic asked, laughing slightly, gesturing to the broken down home.

“Of course,” Charlie replied, her voice still tired and drained. Arlene however was still tense, and she looked through the murky windows, her ears still pricked, her stance still alert. Charlie found this curious, but her focus was interrupted by Malic launching into a story about his experiences since Mount Coronet.

“I had heard about you becoming a gym leader,” Charlie gave Malic a wan smile “Congrats.” Volkner had told Charlie about his promotion one day over dinner. Charlie had wrinkled her brow, and told Volkner the name seemed familiar, and then shrugged and the two had continued to eat.

Malic continued with his story, explaining his dream. Charlie listened, becoming more and more interested and also more confused. And then Malic mentioned the ring.

“What?!” Charlie cried, snapping her head up to shoot a panicked look at Arlene.
Charlie slipped her hand into her shirt and felt for the ring dangling between her breasts, causing Malic to raise his eyebrows in interest and amusement.
Arlene was still quiet, and Charlie began to pull on the ring through her layers of clothing and then she felt a paw clamp down on her arm.

“Stop it,” Arlene hissed “We can’t trust anyone with this.” She stood in front of Charlie, Arlene’s furry frame blocking Malic from Charlie’s view.

“But he dreamt about it,” Charlie protested, her voice panicked and low “He knows about it, we can’t lie. He’s come all this way.” Vulpix had returned to Charlie’s side, feeling her trainers sudden anxiety, she pressed her face comfortingly against Charlie’s leg.

Arlene seized Charlie’s upper arms in both her paws and looked into Charlie’s eyes, her own emerald green eyes blazing intently “We can lie,” she whispered, her voice only audible to her friend. Charlie nodded, she trusted Arlene. She didn’t distrust Malic, not at all, but at the same time she barely knew him.
Arlene turned back to Malic, as if the private encounter hadn’t taken place.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about,” she told Malic, her voice even and level.

“But thanks for coming all this way,” Charlie said to Malic with a smile “It was kind of you to worry. You’re welcome to stay for dinner if you like,” she offered kindly.
Arlene shrugged; she was so distracted it worried Charlie. She wondered what Arlene could hear with her keen, canine senses.

“Volkner told me about your promotion,” Charlie said to Malic, desperate to make him feel comfortable “I live with him in Sunnyshore City,” she explained with a smile.

Before Malic could reply she heard footsteps on the worn, creaky wooden stairs which led to the front door. Before Charlie could even take a breath, Arlene launched into her action, her rifle raised, ready to shoot the intruder, and then slipped out the side door.
Charlie immediately began to panic in her mind, she looked at Malic, her eyes wide and fearful, trying to shoot looks that would ensure protection from him if she needed it. Charlie had never needed protection before, but something about the ring made her feel so vulnerable and fragile. She hated it, but she couldn’t bear to part from the ring.

Outside Charlie could hear stammering and Arlene’s puzzled voice, the door creaked upon and Arlene appeared with a tall stranger in blue, rubbing his head.

“Ow-ow,” he murmured, fiddling with his long blue striped scarf.

This was an intruder who Charlie recognized. It was Jay, from their adventure through Sinnoh. They’re met in Eterna City, but technically knew each other from before, having gone to the same school in Snowpoint City, they’d just never talked.
During their journey they were both transpored to Lake Valor together, where Charlie had badly injured herself. Jay had taken her to a doctor and then travelled to Sunnyshore City, bringing Volkner back with him for Charlie to meet. The two had been together ever since and Charlie would’ve been eternally grateful to Jay if he had not of disappeared that day, leaving Charlie abandoned in a strange hotel.
Charlie was absolutely furious.

But her anger was forgotten as she leapt across the room and threw her arms around Jay, hugging him tight.
She let him go from her strong embrace and looked at him fondly, finally speaking
“Jay!” she cried, a broad grin stretched across her face “How did you get here?”

October 7th, 2008, 9:04 PM
Jay crept in the house, leaving his bike outside. He looked around, it seemed deserted. He kept on looking around, moving slowly until he made a creaking noise with his feet as he stepped on a loose wooden board of the floor. He looked up and saw what looked to be an orange Lucario smack him right over the head. Jay was dragged up the stairs, stubbing his feet along the steps as he finally was led to a room with two other trainers.

"Ow-ow" Jay muttered as he rubbed his head and looked around, they all seemed happy to see him and they all looked very familiar, as if he saw them in another life time. Just then one of the trainers rushed off from her bed and hurried over to him, giving him a nice tight hug. Jay blushed and wrapped a single arm around her lightly,

“Jay!” she cried out for him happily, “How did you get here?” Jay's eye twitched for a moment,




"Hey, Hey you! Jay"


"I'm sorry that I left you alone."

All of you....

...Jay..... Jay.... Jay....Jay...Jay

And in this brief second, Jay seemed to remember things, things that his mind kept deep within his soul, hidden because it hurt so much. But the truth now made him happy. The whole Sinnoh adventure. He looked at everyone as he released himself from Charlie and narrowed his eyes and then smiled,

"Hello... Charlie." He smiled, a trait he never used to show, "Glad to see you all also. Happy to see my friends again." He cheerfully said and then looked around, inspecting the room.

"Yes, we are friends... this I do believe." He said, at this moment his voice seemed distant, and yet brand new. It was the same Jay from before, but something about him seemed more human. He turned and watched how everyone looked at him in awe, how he changed drastically, "So... why are we in a broken down house again?" he asked looking around still, getting familiar with his new surroundings.

October 8th, 2008, 3:16 PM
Jack woke up. He didnt recognize where he was, it was an old dusty plain.

"Wheres Makuhita, Vigoroth, and that Charmander?" He looked around, it was odd. Where was his bed? Where was...anything. He spun around completely. There was a house in the distance. Not a house...but a ranch.

He began to run towards it, it was the only building that stretched on for miles. Maybe he could see whats going on. He could see the House now, it was old, obviously abandoned.

A broken fence of barbed wire encircled the entire ranch, and wooden fences created a maze to the porch of the house. He hopped the barbed wire, and began walking up to the steps of the house. The blue sky began to change. It was...odd. He sat there waiting, there was nobody.

"Hello?" He cried into nowhere, "Is anyone there!?"

No response. He turned around, looking at the barbed wire he just hopped, and millions of stretching nowhere.

He fell to his knees. His heart raced like never before. What was this...madness? Was this a mind trance? WHERE WAS HE!?

He felt a cold hand of air, reach and choke his neck. Someone was behind him. Hid heart skipped a beat. He thought of the house being...haunted.

He turned around, and there was a girl. A pale girl, with blonde hair. She showed a hand, it wasn't human. It looked dead, black and withered. But there was a ring. An odd ring, and it glowed with a peculiar aura.

"W-What do you want, who are you?" Jack cried. This is the most frightening thing he has ever encountered.

She answered. But not with words, but a piercing scream. Jack covered his ears, as the screams faded to a sob. A violent sob, almost as if she was possessed.

Jack thought about running far away, but his legs were paralyzed. Why couldn't he move?

He closed his eyes, as he was sobbing, because he was so scared. He looked at the sobbing figure in horror.

"Please help me," She mumbled, "JACK, please help me."

That scared him most, she had learned his name and was now pleading him, groveling him, to come help her.

Jack's voice quivered, through terror and tears. "Leave me alone! I'm just a KID!"

She totally ignored his plea. She stilled moaned and cried.

"Please help me, in Fuschia"

Then everything melted. It melted away into a black abyss. Eyes, three times the size of the whole ranch stared at him.

It began to talk in a deep, demonic tone. Jack sat there, struck petrified.

It said three words that burned into Jack's mind. Three words. The voice, it growled.


Jack sat up in bed, his Pokemon staring over him. They were half-snickering, half worried. He felt the most fear he had ever felt, and they were snickering?

He became enraged, then noticed it.

Obviously he had wet his pants.

OOC: I hope I didnt overdo the dream. I am kinda off of the story line. I will make my way to Fuschia in my next post.

October 8th, 2008, 6:36 PM
Jay's slow, careful entrance was expected of him, at least from Malic remembered from Sinnoh. Jay always came off as unsure and wary, scared and nervous. Charlie's overjoyed hug of Jay shocked him at first but then remembered he was not very popular whereas Jay's "demonic" problems and odd fashion sense probably got him some awesome popularity points. Jay's disturbed Malic's eventual response to Charlie's "yeah, I heard about that," statement concerning his Gym promotion. He was going to act all surprised she heard and ask how as--Volkner was doing. In reality, he doubted Charlie heard, simply because he knew it wasn't international for long, even though Clair's retirement was a big deal. Malic was admittedly jealous thinking Why didn't I get a hug? I got yelled at instead, totally unfair. Malic went back to his body thinking that possibly his unkempt hair and scarred exterior caused a freak-out factor. Was it possible that Arlene's fur was easier to accept that a weathered body? It wouldn't surprise him as Arlene had a certain respectable strength about her while Malic's loss of sanity and maturity caused him to be nothing more than a childish plague.

Malic pushed his bangs out of his face with some force and proudly walked over to Jay, offering his hand for a handshake. "Nice to see ya, scarf boy," he sneered before finishing up his greeting, "I am going out on a limb here and assume you were pulled here by some strange mystical force." Malic attempted to display his growing intelligence and lack of childish tendencies. No one would notice of course. That was the story of his life, being overlooked despite some talent or skill. He was a Gym Leader, but nobody cared. He was a celebrity, but only Johto male teenagers gave him a second glare because he was "the cool guy with the dragons". Girls tended to lean towards Volkner of Sinnoh despite being in well, another damn region. Malic eventually got used to the feeling, but worked day and night to overcome it. The constant training to become stronger and stand out, the rush to become a Gym Leader, the dedication to become a member of the Elite Four or even Champion. Working towards goals keeps him moving and his army of scars that cover his body became a symbol for him, a sign of his work. His Blackthorn pride on all his clothing became a symbol of his pride and history. Walking with the symbols give him inspiration, however the constant signs probably made him look like a walking Billboard, so he always gave the wrong impression. Malic felt awkward in the room, dressed his in overdone clothes, styling unkempt hair and taking pride in his battle scars. Everyone was different. Charlie was scared and staying close to her body as if she was protecting something. Arlene was silent and composed, ready to pounce. Jay was confused and looked around at the ancient house. "Well Jay, I can safely tell you we aren't partying here. Personally, I think they are hiding from something. Some dream told me to come here and it had images of peril and pain. A better question would be: Why are you here?" Malic said bluntly.

October 9th, 2008, 9:37 PM
Jay turned around, facing the trainers within the room. Malic looked rough and tough and different than their time at Sinnoh, but he still seemed friendly enough. Jay took his hand, giving a light handshake, however Malic took it in firmly. It seemed Malic was trying to compete with Jay for something but this was unknown to Jay. He smiled instead, "Hi Malic, long time no see. Nice Hair." Jay laughed, joking playfully, however the dragon trainer did not seem amused. Arlene was silent, observing him carefully, Charlie next to her with something clutched within her hands.

"I had another dream...a vision." Jay explained carefully, taking his time. He hid his face under his scarf thinking, "I saw Charlie crying out for me with a bloody sky over her." Jay said grimly, "Then I heard the name "Maledict". For some reason, after I had this dream, I just knew that I had to come to Fuschia." Jay lifted his head up and gave a soft smile.

"Though, I figured it wouldn't be such a bad idea anyway.. I've never been to Kanto before. I caught myself a Nidorina at the Safari Zone here, cool huh?" Jay asked, however everyone continued to look at him when he explained the dream, "I guess it's not much of an excuse but that's it." Jay assured everyone.

October 12th, 2008, 5:47 PM
"I'm not much for excuses, personally. I don't care how you got here. It's just good to see you again, Jay."

Arlene spoke quite calmly despite her ruffled fur and tossed hair, indicative of the stress she's experienced having two unexpected guests show up. Generally, people did not calm so quickly after fright as such that Charlie and Arlene had been followed by leading up to this point; as the ring dulled Charlie's emotions and pulled her into oblivious condescension of emotion, it was starting to have the same effect on the vixen, though she was totally unaware.

Footsteps interrupted their reunion, as a new figure approached. From the clouds of inky shadow that loomed invisibly outside, a tall, fairly muscular man entered, his fists clenched. He had dark, chocolate-brown hair that followed the current of the air even in the dead of the night, and sharp green eyes that pierced the darkness like daggers, despite that they emitted no visible light. Arlene's eyes, on the other hand, had turned a strange lighter green and let forth a strange luminescence of the same; she could tell who the individual was before he revealed himself to the light. In her excitement, the vixen ran full-speed at the intruder, but did not strike him - quite the contrary. She gripped him in a tight hug, clenching tightly at the formfitting jet-colored suit he wore. The human winced slightly at this discomfort, before wrapping his arms similarly around the fox.

The unspoken bond ended, and with her hands on the male's sides, she looked up tentatively at him, as if he knew the question she was going to ask. Implicitly he responded, "The authorities know you all are here. You're all in serious danger, I'm sure you've collected; you need to get out soon."

Arlene stared quizzically at the boy, until he continued, "I know of a place that you can all hide until your situation improves. My name is Elric - I'm sure you don't remember me from the Sinnoh Incident..."

Arlene, flustered by Elric's appearance, worriedly asked, "Will you come with us?" Her shaky voice was very characteristic, as it was not a tone she usually took - obviously Elric meant something to her. Which was inversely non-characteristic of her generally strong attitude lately. Arlene felt good, however, to release that strain for a moment and be in the arms of someone who loved her; it was something she felt so rarely that it hurt to see the boy come and have to depart so promptly.

"Yes. I'll be with you all. Senior Master Sergeant Sullivan of the 101st Covert Ops Fireteam Alpha, at your service."

Something that nobody had seen over the course of the past Sinnoh Incident and their current situation occurred that moment - Arlene was overwhelmed with tears and a big, happy smile.

October 13th, 2008, 8:10 PM
Jay became confused by the sudden appearance of this bulky man named Elric, just who is he and why he is here and what's this ring he and Arlene were talking about. Were they speaking of the ring he saw in his dream?

As Jay heard more, it seems that everyone else had the same dream too, how interesting. This is exactly what happened back Sinnoh.

"So everyone had the same ring?" Jay asked, everyone turned to see him. Jay placed a finger on his chin and began to think, "This is what happened in Sinnoh... you guys think Missingno is behind this again?"

He asked with his eyes up as he thought. He then shook his head, "No I remember hearing Maledict... and seeing a ring." Just then Jay's eyes widen.

"Yeah... so who are you Elric and what's this talk about a ring. Do you know who this Maledict is? I mean.. what are we hiding of?" Jay asked, trying to find a point to all of this.

Jay started to study everyone, expecting answers. "And why did Charlie hold the ring in our dreams?" Jay asked, assuming that everyone did have the same dream, explaining why they are here.Jay then went back thinking, his face sinking under his large scarf, he wondered why all of this was taking place and feared that if anything like what happened in Sinnoh would come to pass again. The mark is gone, but Jay couldn't help but still feel fearful now that he remembers what happened that day at Mount Coronet. He shook his head and looked at Elric again, seeing how he is dressed. There was something about him, that reminded him of a trainer he saw in metal back in Sinnoh. But they weren't the same person. Jay wasn't sure who to trust exactly, just how did this Elric fellow reach us so quickly, then he began to wonder the same for himself. Whatever this Maledict is, sounds like it's very powerful and something to watch out for.