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September 22nd, 2008, 7:05 AM
feed back is always welcome.

patienty waiting for death to call
a year later, no mention of my death at all
three to four times i force myself to have a sense of hope
too many drug dealers and killers here left me unable to cope
frustration lead me to become a sinner,
recollect my thoughts, start as a beginner
resist my friends, send me to jail
wait for bail, coexist with my foes, see my straight from hell
certain times I feel as if my life's known to fail
vision my life, it's matter of time to crumble
first pray to god, let him note my struggle,
paranoid, hittin knees, my friends and foes can barely breathe
vanquish my friends and foes, now tell me where's my enemies
neither of em don't want to see what misery did to me
there'll be trouble when they see me