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September 22nd, 2008, 6:20 PM
You see nothing but darkness....

A Voice Echoes in the distance...

Do you hear it's tale...?

Somewhere... Somehow.. exists a place where all dreams do come true. Your only task is to find it...

Plot: You are a trainer in the region of Sinnoh and along with a group of other trainers wish to start your pokemon Journey. This will be your very first time setting out. All 6 of the Trainers had the same exact dream most of all bound to find it.

Hello, I am Prof Rowan and i will be giving you your very own and first pokemon. Pokemon are very exciting and fun creatures though they can be very dangerous. Tommorow come see me in my lab and get your pokemon. Anyways this is the Sinnoh Region. and you start your journey in either TwinLeaf Town or Sandgem Town. I Currently Reside in Sandgenm Town. I suppose you had a dream of a place where dreams come true right? Well i have to i believe the place does exists but only to the those who truly want it i didn't believe and Therefore could not find it. Dont Give up keep on Searching.

A new group of six Trainers are all setting off to find the place where dreams do come true. They are all a group of Misfits with some problem or another they wish to find this place to get rid of their Problems and live a happy life, They alone could not make the Journey so are getting Pokemon and Travelin Together. All Six of them not knowing eachother. As they first started on their Journey they met some more Travelers They are going on the Journey to help straightern out their lives and make their Dreams Come True. What else happens is up to you.


1. No Godmodding under any circumstances
2. Only bunny with permission even then only if you would hand them something and they logged off so you wouldn't be stuck handing them that item.
3. Fill out all of the SU just to make it clearer
4. Be LIterate use " " for talking Italics for thoughts no game speak example, Hey i wnt to tlk to u u seem vry cool. Or anything of the sort unless it is OOC witch she be in (( )) I want atleast a Paragraph and a half it cannot be constant dialouge.
5. I will ask for a co-mod and notify you via pm and on the forum if you are picked. You do not have to be it i am just asking.
6. Keep it Low on the Violence. Romance is ok to an Extent
7. I will control all Npc's Gyms Team Galactic etc.. (If you want a Part in controlling one Pm me)
8. Last Rule I have the Right to add take away or edit rules. Also i have the right to decline any Sign ups i wish


Name: (Self Explanatory but the name of you character)
Age: (10-15)
Appearance: (Every day wear, Formal Wear, when it is cold as well as physical Appearance)
Personality: ( Atleast a Paragraph although i would love more)
History: (Atleast Two Paragraph although again i would love more)
Trainer: (Battler, Coordinator or Both all though a good Su for both)
Pokemon: Desired Starter out of Choices i give you, if you choose one of the advanced sign-ups i might let you if not ill tell you to re pick)
Extra: (Anything Else)

Name: Chimchar -Taken-

Name:Chikorita -Taken-

Name: Squirtle-taken-

Good Su's Required

Gender: Male
Nature: Impish


Name:Umbreon -Taken-
Nature: Serious

Name: Espeon -taken-
Nature: Brave


September 23rd, 2008, 1:38 PM
Name: Reily Jackson
Age: 14
Reily is considered between average and fairly tall, standing at 5 feet, 4 inches tall, or 160 centimeters. She is borderline low weight, the scale says 94 pounds, or 42.7 kilograms, making her not quite toothpick-like as far as physical appearance, but getting there, though her weight’s not low intentionally. Her hair is dark brown, almost black, and reaches down to her mid black, and she’s got braces (standard silvery grey), though somehow they look pretty good on her.

Clothing, Normal Days- On normal days, Reily wears a black short sleeved t-shirt with a silver dragon on it, and a turquoise tank top that is a little bit longer than the shirt, which she wears under the shirt. She also wears white, grey, and black plaid shorts, one silver cuff bracelet on each wrist, and white running shoes, which she keeps in good condition. In colder weather she exchanges the shorts for heavier jeans made of dark gray/black denim, and black waterproof lace up boots. In addition to that she wears a white heavy, but not bulky, zip up coat.

Clothing, Formal Occasions- On the occasions where Reily needs to dress up a bit, she wears a black straight dress, with the skirt falling to around her knees, and which is trimmed with silver, she also wears delicate silver sandals with a very low heel, because she can’t walk in higher heels, and swaps the cuff bracelets for one slim silver bracelet which she wears on her right wrist, and a silver necklace with a small diamond (of lower quality, because high quality diamonds are just worth too much) hanging from it.

Personality: Reily is a troublemaker and a prankster, she has tried to control the urge to prank people, but it always seems to get the better of her, and gets her into trouble. And she's been getting into trouble since she was two years old, her mother thought that she was just that way, but it was really because she had no outlet for her huge amount of energy. Either way, her mother signed her up for karate when she was two and a half, hoping that she would learn to excercise some self-control. It worked a litte, her pranks became less frequent, but once in a while someone would sit on a whoopee cushion, and all eyes would travel to Reily, who had mastered the art of putting on and keeping a straight face. Sometimes she managed to convince everyone that someone else had done it, other times she was gently scolded by her mother, though if she had done it to a guest, especially an important one, she would be sent up to her room. It didn't matter to her, she just needed something to laugh about.

When she's not playing pranks, she's actually a pretty nice person to be around, she's a good listener, and seems to know what to say in order to cheer someone up. She also has a way of making people trust her, she doesn't know how she does it, it just comes naturally, though all of her friends have seen the troublemaker side of her, which only appears when she's bored, or has way too much energy. She doesn't like to fight with others, 'cause it leaves her feeling extremely guilty, and so she just waits for it to blow over if she senses a major argument coming up, or tries to compromise, but occasionally her anger does get the better of her, and she'll actually become involved in the argument. Still, in all her years of playing pranks and stirring up trouble, she has never broken a single object, not even a water glass. Odd how that works out, but it does.

History: Reily's family was an entire family of pokemon breeders, they owned several acres of land near Solaceon Town where they raised and cared for pokemon. Her parents, though they have always been very supportive of Reily and her ambitions, had expected her to follow the tradition of being a pokemon breeder when she got older. That worked out okay with her brother, who was eight years older than Reily and exhibited an interest in pokemon breeding from the time he was five years old. However, what they hadn't planned for was their daughter's obvious interest in pokemon training, which began to show through when she was about two. Her ability to stir up trouble began showing through from the time she could crawl about on all fours, though, and when she was two and a half, her mother finally decided to try and help Reily to learn how to excercise some self control and signed her up for karate, which helped, it just didn't get rid of Reily's knack of causing trouble whenever she felt like everything had become too...boring for her. She continued to take karate lessons, however, mostly because she absolutely loved it, though she would never have dreamed of using it against someone else, not unless the situation called for it.

When she was five years old, bullies began to notice her, as a target, I mean. Because she lived so close to the local park, she went there nearly every day, and every day she would be picked on by bullies, at first, she just ran away, she had a great deal of stamina and speed, so they never caught up to her, but when she came back the teasing just got worse. Finally, she decided running away from it all wasn't going to be the solution, and so she started sticking up for herself for once, and all that got her was a black eye every few weeks, and a lot of bruises. She began visiting the park less and less, but every time she did got, she was teased and picked on horribly. Everything continued in this way for six years, until she was eleven, and had received her black belt in karate, for six years the anger and hurt she had been feeling because of the bullies had been building up, and one day, when she was at the park, standing by a large pond playing with some of the bug pokemon there, a whole new gang of bullies came up to her and pushed her into the water. Well, that didn't do much as she knew how to swim (her mother had insisted she take lessons, for her own safety) but then they tried to shove her head underwater, something inside her snapped, and she lashed out at them. Every one of the bullies went home with two black eyes and were soaked and muddy from having been tackled and pushed into the pond. Reily actually did feel better, but then her mother found out, and was horrified, she refused to believe Reily would ever do that, until Reily admitted it herself, and told the story about the bullies. They never bothered her again, but she was viewed differently from then on, everyone tried to avoid her, thinking that she would hurt them too if they made her angry. Reily almost became an outcast, and that changed her dramatically, she became a cold, almost mean person, until she met a stray umbreon. She had been sitting on the roof of her house watching a shooting star crossing the sky, when the Umbreon leapt onto the roof and just sat down next to her. Since then, they have been inseperable, and having a friend at last has brought Reily back to her former self, though she's still treated like an outcast.

Trainer: Battler
Pokemon: Umbreon
Extra: Reily seems to have an extremely strong connection with her umbreon, though it isn't a psychic type or anything, Reily can very faintly sense Umbreon's feelings and thoughts, as can Umbreon. She also understands her pokemon very well.

September 23rd, 2008, 5:58 PM
Name: Zaine Wielder
Age: 15
Appearance: Usual days Zaine Wears a Red Under shirt with a black T-Shirt on Top. Under that he wears a necklace made of a cold, unidentified fang. As for Pants he wears red skinny Jeans and Black Fingerless Gloves and shoes.

On Formal days he wears a Black Tuxedo with a Red undershirt and black tie with silver stripes that go diagonal. He wears the same black Fingerless gloves the same Black Shoes but a Black Hat with a Feather,
Personality: Zaine is the kind of guy who doesn't care much for himself. On the other hand his friends mean the world to him and he will often go out of his way to help them. He has a great passion for Drawing and Playing Guitar. He Practices Everyday for 3 Hours 1 for Drawing a 2 for Guitar. Now that he is on the road he thinks he will find less time but brings his guitar just in case.
Zaine loved his days as a child he was so happy and carefree he hadn't a worry in the world. Now he cant really cry he left his tears when his brother dissappeared. Zaine loves to travel and now finally has the chance.
History: Zaine misses the Days a Young Boy on the Orange Islands. Running up and down the beaches the sand dlying up as he played games with his brother Dominic they would always play with eachother. His brother dissappeard shortly after Zaine Turned 10. His Parents moved then to forget Dominic. He now lives in the town of Twin Leaf Town where he puts all his Passion into Writing, drawing and playing his guitar.
When he first moved it was rough every one picked on him and he was rareley home. He slept outside claiming he was a friends house when his mom asked. He hated when he saw people playing with their Older Brothers. He often spent his time when a boy who lived on a farm. The days on the farm Taught Zaine to work hard and never give up. He had to do hardwork such as plowing fields, planting seeds, fertilizing ,taking care of the animals, and of course cleaning. He didn't like he but now as he looks back on it it is what makes him him.
After he left the farm he returned home atleas once every few weeks. His mom hated him for running off and told he was unwelcome in the home when he Turned Fifteen and as lucky as he is he starting a pokemon journey with no need to return home. His mom said she wasn't that mad and would call him everychance she got unless he objected. He of course did telling her to call every few weeks as he was no longer little.
Trainer: Coordinator/Battle sketches when he gets the chance.
Pokemon: Croguank
Extra: Not one of the Six a Rival.

September 23rd, 2008, 7:48 PM
Slytherfang Accepted you can have the Pokemon.

Namora Ok take your Time as long as is it isn't forever.

(Note I will start when we have all six People I am Also willing to change Pokemon if somone wants mine)

September 23rd, 2008, 8:39 PM
I'd like to reserve Chikorita please! Will post sign up later

Edit: I'll start it now.

Edit: Done, hope its satifactory.

Name: Tobias Enigma Darkrose.
Age: 14
Appearance: Toby stands at about 6ft, and has a slim build. His dark brown hair sits atop his head, and is cut off just below his ears. His eyes are deep pools of blue, and his fingers are long.
RDMs (explained in extra) are on at all times, in all forms of clothes.
Everyday wear: Toby's usual clothes include a large brown trench coat, a white undershirt, a pair of black trackpants, and a pair of sneakers. A yellow cap sits atop his head, and he wears a pair of thin white gloves, that come up his arms like gauntlets, under the RDMs.
Formal Wear: Toby's formal wear consists of a black tuxedo with white undershirt, and a yellow tie.
When it is cold: Toby has a red scarf, black beanie, the rest is his Everyday wear.
Personality: Toby is a cheerful guy, with a friendly attitude. However, he makes enemies for life. He is very loyal, and will stand up for his friends even if it gets him killed. Being a misfit, he doesn't have friends outside his main ones. His disability is exploited by others, and he gets angry because of this. He can get slightly depressive, but being around his friends cheers him up. His disability can drive him mad sometimes, and this can be a major cause of his anger.
History: Toby was born into a medium sized Kantoan family of five, with an older brother and sister. His family lived in Saffron City, and his Mother, Father and Brother worked for Silph Co. Toby was always the least loved by his parents, but he learned to deal with it. He had his brother and sister, who cared for him. However, he life changed that day.

It started like a normal day. Toby had finished his studies with his mates, and was going to see his family at Silph Co. He walked into the main office, saying hello to Wendy the receptionist like he always did. She told him his parents were in a meeting. The elevator took him to the 7th floor, where his brother worked. He walked into the laboratory, seeing various people running around. Panicing. He called out for his brother, just in time to see him running towards him. "GET OUT QUICKLY!!! BEFORE IT" BOOM. An explosion rocked the floor's foundation, and sub-atomic particles flew in every direction. An office chair flew at Toby and hit him dead on, knocking him unconscious.

3 days passed.

Toby's eyes flew open as he awoke, screaming for his brother. He had to be sedated, to calm him down. When he finally awoke, the doctor explained what had happened. An experiment with Radio-activity had gone wrong, and elements had mixed. There had been no traces left of his brother.

He had survived, somehow, but not without consequences. It had mixed with the blood & muscles in his arms at the time, and had begin to melt through his bones. The doctors were able to trap it, remove it, and prevent from spreading. They couldn't completely cure the damage it had done to his arms, only his body could do that.

His family moved from Kanto, it brought back to many memories. A new region, a new beginning, they thought. Toby was home school for awhile, but he had always wanted to train and learn about pokemon. After much talk with his parents and doctors, he decided to set out on a Pokemon journey, with new friends across this unfamiliar region. They settled in a small place called Sandgem Town.

Trainer: Battler, Breeder(If thats okay)
Pokemon: Chikorita
Extra: Toby has a pair of Dual Machina Rejuvenators (DMR) that he must wear at all times for his arms. They are medium sized fore-armband shaped machines. They were the only reason he was allowed to come. They have built in transmitters, so the doctors know if something happens.

September 24th, 2008, 4:28 AM
I'd like to have Espeon for this rpg please!

Name: Rogue

Age: 15

Appearance: 6'' tall, Black emo hair cut. red eyes, thin body build, black leather jacket, dark blue paints with a gold chain, black skate shoes, belt that holds his Pokemon balls. Rogue carries a wallet with a picture of his family in it for when he misses them.

Personality: In most circumstances, Rogue is brave, and doesn't back down from challenges, no matter what they are. Challenges to Rogue are just another fallen tree in the road, or rickety bridge over a gorge, they almost always can be overcome. Rogue is also calm in almost every situation, he doesn't freak out often, and keeps his head, a trait that comes in very useful in emergencies, because since Rogue doesn't usually panic, he's able to think straight, unlike most people who, when they get frightened or panic in an emergency, they don't seem to remember how to dial a phone. However, even though Rogue is normally patient enough, and calm, when something, anything, endangers his friends, both human and pokemon, that can immediately slip away, and he sometimes seems like an entirely different person, who will go to all lengths to protect his friends, most people are like that, but a person like Rogue sometimes takes farther.

Rogue has always had a love for pokemon, and dreams of being the world's best pokemon trainer and breeder, it's his vision, his ultimate goal, one that he will keep on working at. He doesn't plan to give up on it, no matter where it takes him and what he has to overcome to reach that status, because, after all, it's just another challenge, and challenges can be overcome.

Trainer: Battle / Breeder (if that alright with you)

Pokemon: I'm hoping to be put with Espeon


Extra: Rogue's parents were breeders so Rogue has been around Pokemon for most of his life, when he was 8 years old he saved a hurt Bagon that he found well he was out picking berry's.

Thank you http://www.pokecommunity.com/customavatars/avatar109816_1.gif (http://www.pokecommunity.com/member.php?u=109816) Slytherfang (http://www.pokecommunity.com/member.php?u=109816) for the help

September 24th, 2008, 6:39 AM
Ok both of you have them reserved but Rouge check your spelling get rid of the faces and the (Avatar Pic) Capitalize names. Also the first words in sentences don forget to space after a period

Hm, ok Rouge so far Accepted but get that History Down,

September 25th, 2008, 3:04 PM
This sounds good. Can I have Cyndaquil? If not, then I'll just pick the Squirtle.

Name: Teagan Rosemary
Age: 14.9
Appearance: Teagan has long blonde hair, perfectly straight and super thin (don't I wish I had that xP). It has lighter, platinum blonde highlights in it. She almost always wears makeup (eyeliner, eye shadow, etc.) and when she doesn't it's usually she is sick or tired. Her normal, everyday wear is usually some kind of shorts with double tanktops and one of those denim hats that her blonde ponytail can go through the back. The tanktops vary depending on the day. Occasionally she'll wear a cute t-shirt or something like that. And on cold days, she wears jeans. She almost always wears flip flops though in cold weather, Uggs are her favorite.

Oh yeah, and she's 5'6".
Personality: Teagan is a very friendly person that pretty much loves everyone she meets. She never likes disappointing people and is one of those unique popular girls that actually means her friendliness. She tries not to hurt people's feelings and loves going out to the mall, the movie theater, etc. shopping. And boy-watching, of course. Ever since she was 10 and allowed to wear makeup she was a girly girl, though she'll play with the boys if she wants to.

Teagan does, however, have the slight problem of crushing on every guy she meets. Well, not every one, but all the hot ones anyway. She's also very flirtacious and can't really have a normal conversation with a hot guy - there always have to be undertones. Yup, she's a flirt. Sue me ^-^

But overall, Teagan is a happy, friendly girl.
History: Being so happy, someone would think Teagan never had any problems. But that is exactly opposite of the case. Here comes the history - are you ready?

Once upon a time, in a log cabin, a little girl was born...

...yeah, whatever. Teagan was born to a mommy and a daddy (hopefully) and for the most part she had a good life. Only child meant she got a lot of Christmas presents, attention, etc. and no one rivaled her for it. She always got to cuddle up with her parents with no one watching and no one trying to climb up next to her, and she got surprises after good report cards that no little sibling would try to spoil (you can tell I have some experience with this, XD).

Her life was good...until it happened.

Teagan was just trying to go to sleep when all of a sudden she smells something burning. She opens her eyes, which are kind of stinging, and then she knows something is wrong. She's maybe 12 years old, so she knows there has to be a fire somewhere. She gets out of bed and heads downstairs, but the smoke is now so strong it is making her eyes water. When she turns the corner into the kitchen she sees that for some reason the oven was left on, and now it's flaming. She can't find her parents anywhere.

She runs through the house calling their names but they aren't in the house. So she packs as much as she can, knowing the fire will spread, and runs out of the house. From a safe distance she uses a neighbor's phone and dials 911. The firemen come and end up putting out the fire, but she knows they'll come for her next. Asking where her parents are and all. And she knows they'll take her to an orphanage or something since they can't find her parents.

So, being the blonde she is, she runs away.

They haven't found her yet, and she's been living off of the money she managed to get from her dad's desk. He told her if she ever really, really needed it for an emergency, she can take it. There's about ten thousand dollars there, and she's trying to make it last. She's been doing pretty good, spending wisely and not getting anything she doesn't need. She's been sleeping in hotels, friends' houses, and such. And now, now that she knows she can get a Pokemon, she is going to. So it can protect her and so that one day she can find out where her parents disappeared to.
Trainer: She doesn't know yet.
Pokemon: Like I said, I would like Cyndaquil (being her fear and needing-to-control fire), but if I can't, I'll take Squirtle.

If I can have Cyndaquil:

Name: Cyndaquil
Gender: male
Nature: adamant

Extra: Is it okay if she crushes on another character? That's just the way I see Teagan, personally. xP

Thank you ^-^

September 25th, 2008, 4:25 PM
Ratiosu Accepted!! and yeah you can put a crush if you want.

Oh and a Note to those on Reserve Please Finish Soon i will only hold your reservation
for another day or Two
big so you can read it no way to say you missed it!

September 25th, 2008, 4:37 PM
Mods would probably not like that big font...just saying. So you don't get in trouble.

Teagan's crush would be Rogue. ^-^

Thank you!

September 25th, 2008, 6:53 PM
Rogue? That would make for an interesting...plot, twist, whatever.

Gumshoe Satyr
September 25th, 2008, 7:20 PM
Name: Laura Roycroft

Age: 11

Appearance: Laura has a height of 4'3" and a weight of 80 lbs, which is about average. Her hair is dirty blonde and shoulder length, while her eyes are amber. She wears a small blue backpack to carry her things in. For clothes, she usually likes to wear a light blue shirt with a parchirisu on it, jeans, and black sneakers. Around her neck she wears a locket with a picture of her and her parents that she looks at often. For formal occasions, she wears an emerald green dress that goes down to her feet, green high heels ,and her locket. On cold days, she only adds a green jacket to her everyday clothes.

Personality: When Laura's with other people, she acts happy, eager, curious, and maybe even a little hyper, but when she's alone, her true feelings set in and she's depressed and desolate. She tries hard to act like she's ok so other people don't worry about her. She's kind-hearted and friendly, but sometimes she has a hard time showing it when she's feeling down. Because she has a dim view of the world and people's intentions, she has a hard time trusting and opening up to other people, which at times can make her seem cruel and unfeeling, except her Chimchar.

History: Everything was going great in Laura's life until a little over a year ago. She had lots of friends, loving parents, and would be old enough to start her pokemon journey. It all changed, however, when her mom found out that she had cancer. At first, friends came over and showed their support, but Laura's mom didn't get better. Chemotherapy failed..... Radiation therapy failed.... Surgery failed..... Nothing worked and her mom was dying. Uncomfortable with the turn of events, Laura's friends stopped coming over and avoided her like the plague like it was worse for them to be involved than it was for her. As a result, she lost trust in people and felt like the world was a cruel, cruel place. Unable to cope with everything, she left home, hoping to find some way to help her mom.

About after two months of wandering, Laura turned eleven and was now able to receive her first pokemon. By that time, she'd just about given up her search but feared going back home and having to watch her mom died. The prospect of a pokemon journey lifted her spirits slightly, however, and she went to Sandgem Town. Hopefully, her pokemon would be able to help her accomplish what she hadn't been able to do alone.

Trainer: Battler

Pokemon: Chimchar- Pyro

Extra: Sometimes to take her mind off her troubles she writes short stories, poems ,and ideas for a book in a notebook that she carries.

September 25th, 2008, 8:04 PM
We Will Start when the other Two Finish... or Atleast Rogue.. then we will start..

September 25th, 2008, 8:33 PM
OK can I have a spot reserved making it

September 26th, 2008, 3:18 AM
Finished my sign-up, hope its good! Will we be following the exact routes on the game, pokemon-wise. EG: Can you only catch a Starly/Bidoof outside Twinleaf Town?

September 26th, 2008, 11:51 AM
If so could you reply or PM because I would like to be in this role play. I would be happy with Squirtle or whatever i could get so if you could contact me soon.

September 26th, 2008, 3:13 PM
I finished my su lets start when ever

Name: Rogue

Age: 15

Appearance: 5'11'' tall, Black emo hair cut. red eyes, thin body build, Black sweater with a white shirt with a bio hazard symbol on the inside,a silver chain that his mom had made for him when he was 9, dark blue almost black skinny jeans with a gold chain on them , black skate shoes, a metal studded belt that holds his Pokemon balls. Rogue carries a wallet with a picture of his family in it for when he misses them.

Personality: In most circumstances, Rogue is brave, and doesn't back down from challenges, no matter what they are. Challenges to Rogue are just another fallen tree in the road, or rickety bridge over a gorge, they almost always can be overcome. Rogue is also calm in almost every situation, he doesn't freak out often, and keeps his head, a trait that comes in very useful in emergencies, because since Rogue doesn't usually panic, he's able to think straight, unlike most people who, when they get frightened or panic in an emergency, they don't seem to remember how to dial a phone. However, even though Rogue is normally patient enough, and calm, when something, anything, endangers his friends, both human and Pokemon, that can immediately slip away, and he sometimes seems like an entirely different person, who will go to all lengths to protect his friends, most people are like that, but a person like Rogue sometimes takes farther.

Rogue has always had a love for Pokemon, and dreams of being the world's best Pokemon trainer and breeder, it's his vision, his ultimate goal, one that he will keep on working at. He doesn't plan to give up on it, no matter where it takes him and what he has to overcome to reach that status, because, after all, it's just another challenge, and challenges can be overcome.

Trainer: Battle / Breeder

Pokemon:I'm hoping to be put with Espeon

History: As a child Rogue developed a love for all pokemon. It didn’t matter if they were strong or weak, their appearance meant nothing to him, he loved them all equally. He would somehow become friends with every pokemon he came across, and his parents knew that he could become a truly great pokemon breeder someday. His parents were both pokemon breeders, people who raise and care for pokemon, so you can imagine their joy when their son showed in interest in pokemon breeding as well. When he was 8, he began helping his father with healing. He enjoyed working with Pokemon of all types, but has always loved the many evolved forms of eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, and Glaceon, and, after having his first taste of battling, which was a simple battle between a wild beedrill which had attacked the Flareon that he had become quite close to, he decided he wanted to be not only a breeder, but a pokemon trainer as well. As a kid, he was never the most popular person at school, because he didn’t have every attribute that would make him the most popular person at school, but he had a lot of good friends, Despite the fact that he had a lot of friends, he has always thought that no one knew he was there.

Extra: Rogue's parents were breeders so Rogue has been around Pokemon for most of his life, when he was 8 years old he saved a hurt Bagon that he found well he was out picking berry's.

Thanks SlytherFang

Hey Lostt this rpg is ready to run man so when ever your ready post the first one to get use started

September 26th, 2008, 4:44 PM
2 More Spots Open i Tweaked a Bit Pokemon Left=Aipom/Squirtle

The Roleplay is now Open.
(__Chapter 1__)The Begging Time: 5:30 A.M.
Weather: Normal/Sunny
Whats Going On: Getting Pokemon, Heading to next city.

September 26th, 2008, 5:00 PM
"Yawn, Ahhhhhh." Rogue said sleepily.

It was Monday, the time was 8:00am, Today Rogue could not wait to get up and get started, today was the day he would set off on his travels to become a great trainer but also a great breeder like his father.
Rogue ran down the stairs still putting on his favorite shirt. Rogue rushed over and grabbed some toast his mom had put out for him.
"Were are you going so quickly?" Rogues mom said
"Mom it's Monday, i have been waiting for today for 3 whole months how have you forgotten!" Rogue said
"Well like you said you told me 3 months ago."
"Well i guess that makes scene. Mom today is the day i get to go see Prof Rowan, and get my Pokemon from him." Rogue said to his mom.
Rogue grabbed the toast and started down the street to go get his friends Reily and Teagan since they to were to going to see Prof Rown today.

( OK well since this is the first post I'm kind of out of it still i get something more to work with, o ya and Reily and Teagan you can talk as my character if i meet up with you at your homes)

September 26th, 2008, 5:30 PM
Zaine woke the day on his floor. He had no idea how he had gotten there he must've rolled off the bed. He stood up he needed to get to Prof. Rowan so that training with his pokemon could start. He would get first pick as Zaine's dad had help Rowan with a problem. Zaine hobbled down the stairs his parents were already up. His dad reading the paper his mom finishing breakfast. "Hi Mom, Hi dad" he said taking a plate from the Counter. Zaine sat down at the table. The food smelt good, bacon,eggs and toast.

"Mom this is big i have to be gone soon.." his mom walked over putting all th contents between two slices of bread.

"Take this, oh and your back pack is outside in the basket of your new bike." She waved bye as he ran out the door.

Now outside he looked around for the bike, he found it the bike was a plain black one. Zaine sat down on the seat and pedaled. He hit a bump, nearly falling off. He continued to pedal hard. Zaine Noticed the birds that were chirping and the kids playing. He grasped his necklace tight to reassure that it was there. Now, he could see Sandgem town that was good as Zaine felt extremeley hot. At the entrance of town he parked his bike in a corner. Slinging his backpack over his shoulder he walked into the town. He slowly walked through the town it was early and seemed deserted this was infact quite the opposite it was pretty busy place. He walked untill he saw the lab he saw a few people here and there but he ignored them. Standing at the doors he stopped and the proceeded as some one opened it. He walked inside "Hey, Rowan" Zaine said Rather Cheerfully.

"It's Good to see you Zaine" replied Prof. Rowan just as Jolly.

"Well where is my Pokemon?"

"Witch one do you want?"

"That one" said Zaine pointing to a Croagunk.

"Ok, Croagunk return" said Rowan holding out a pokeball. Rowan whipped around hand the ball to Zaine "Here you go, and good bye"

"Bye" Zaine Replied walking out of the door. "What to do now..?" he said to himself. He walked over two a bench nearby Rowan's place so if anyone getting a pokemon walked by he cold challenge them.

September 26th, 2008, 5:31 PM
Reily climbed out of bed and threw open the curtains, a rush of warm, early morning sunlight flooded the room, bathing it in a golden glow. Reily couldn't help laughing, finally she would begin her pokemon journey. Reily's Umbreon, her faithful friend and partner in crime, not literally, stirred at the end of the bed, then sat up sleepily, stretching and yawning, displaying a full set of very sharp teeth.

"Umbreon! We're finally going to get to start our pokemon journey today! Mom's letting me go with Teagan and Rogue, because she won't let me go on my own."

"Bree!" Umbreon agreed, flopping back on the bed, but now fully awake, and looking around the familiar room alertly, his ears perked.

About five minutes later, Reily appeared, fully dressed, at the foot of the stairs, with Umbreon, looking positively excited. Her mother smiled almost sadly at her as she entered the kitchen. Breakfast was unusually quiet, and as she picked up her backpack, her mother went over to her.

"I can't believe it. I just can't believe it." She kept saying, over and over again, like a broken record. Reily, meanwhile, assured her that she would keep in touch and call home constantly.

"Bye, mother, I'll call when I reach the next town. Don't worry, you'll see a lot of my face."

"Bree! Umbreee!" Umbreon called, as they continued down the path leading to the low white fence, for decoration more than anything, that marked the edge of their property. She turned back to wave for several minutes, as her mother waved back, smiling sincerely now. Then she continued on her way, her mom stood there for another minute or two before disappearing inside the house.

"Hey, there's Rogue. Rogue!" Reily called, running down the street as she spotted one of her friends. It was quite a distance to run, even for someone who running came easily and naturally to. She finally managed to reach the spot where Rogue was and by then was breathing rather heavily from her sprint. Umbreon seemed to have followed along with no trouble at all, on the other hand. "Hello, Rogue, off to get your first pokemon? Where's Teagan? I'm going with my Umbreon, what about you?" A flurry of questions pelted her friend, she didn't know why she was feeling so...upbeat and cheerful today. She kind of felt like dancing around in the middle of the street, but obviously, that went completely against her nature and she would refrain from doing that, going with her better judgement.

September 26th, 2008, 8:23 PM
Name: Izzy Brooks
Age: 14
Appearance: Black Shiny hair that has two turquoise streaks at the front, and falls just past mid-back. Usually platted to the right side coming over her shoulder. If not platted just left down blowing in the wind. Her skin lightly tanned, but still pale, even though she spends a lot of time outdoors. Sea green orbs that sparkle in the sun, and longish eyelashes. Wearing faded 3/4 skinny jeans that stop just about her knee leaving the rest of her legs bare. Often wears bare feet but has black and blue sneakers with white ankle socks. On her top half she wears a long emerald green singlet that has a light red rose design on the side. Around her neck she wears a red ribbon wrapped around it 3 times with a musical symbol pendant at the base. Skinny and doll-like figure even though she loves to eat. Izzy doesn't like wearing make-up or dresses, and if the weather turns cold she wears dark blue jeans, her normal sneakers, a longish creamy-white jumper with a hood. Has a small green backpack that she puts her stuff in and a sliver chain around her waist that holds her pokeballs.

Personality: Izzy is weary of new people, but always tries to make new friends. She is optimistic and fun-loving. Being slightly clumsy and a bit clueless at times make her Izzy. She has a somewhat cold personality at times but tries to hide it. Having a shortish temper she gets very scary when angry but always does her best to control her temper. Izzy is sarcastic at times and loves being around others. She likes talking and seems to rush into things without thinking it over at times which gets her into trouble. Even though she likes to be around people she always seems to need a few times a day to be by herself to think. She enjoys writing, and loves climbing trees. She has trouble sleeping at night so often stays up late. She hums songs quite alot but gets embarresed easily.She is also very indepentant when need be.

History: Izzy has no memory of before she was 8. She was found on the side of the streets unconsious with scratches all over her and a small pokemon egg held protectivley in her arms. The newly wed couple that found her decided to take her in and look after her.
When she awoke she remembered nothing apart from her name 'Izzy' and her age '8'. Izzy is always hoping that one day, she will remember her past, but for now, a lot of people make fun of her because of it.
The couple gave Izzy a full name, birthday, a family, and all the love and care they could give. After a year when she turned 9 the egg finally hatched into a baby Aipom, the two of them have gained a strong bond together. When she turned 10 the wife got extremely ill and she ended up getting hospitilized. Izzy decided she would wait before starting her journey till the wife got better and came home. Sadly this didn't end up happening and a year later she died of cancer.
The husband of the wife didn't know how to handle it and one night he came home drunk and started taking his anger out on Izzy by abusing her. She never told anyone about it, but she didn't let it affect her happy personality, and if anyone asked about her scars and bruising she always put on a cheerful smile and made up an excuse. Izzy would always protect Aipom and never let him touch her, but then Aipom gained up courage and tried to protect Izzy like she did to her but the husband got a small knife and cut its tail, leaving it with a permentant scar. Many people think Izzy was the one that hurt Aipom but they never knew the truth.
Izzy has just turned 14 and finally decided to leave the now 'old man' as she calls him and start her own journey.

Trainer: Co-ordinater, but loves battling
Pokemon: Aipom - might give a nickname if i can think of one...xD
Extra: Has a few scars on her arms, and usually sings or hums songs if its quiet.

(Hopefully the whole not getting an the Aipom from a prof. is alright xD)

September 26th, 2008, 9:07 PM
Accepted! Have Fun with Aipom..

September 26th, 2008, 11:21 PM
Toby's House
The cool morning air wafted in the air, and the sun beamed down upon the ground. Toby rose from his bed gently, as he always did. On the inside, however, he was excited. He could finally go on his journey, and leave his boring life behind. No more doctors rushing to him every time him tripped up. He was be in the wild, with his mates, and no constant checking up on him.
To be perfectly honest, he was sick and tired of his parents treating him like a doll made of china. He would be out of their sight. He finally be able to do things his way. He threw on his clothes, carefully slipping on his gloves, then clipped on his RDMs. It was amazing to think that something so light could contain so much technology.
He walked downstairs, and saw his family sitting around the table. His Dad was reading the newspaper, his Mum and his sister, Abbey, were eating breakfast.
"Good morning!" Toby chirped as he came running down the stairs, grabbing is bag, then heading for the door.
"Tobias Enigma Darkrose! You're not going anywhere." His mum replied. He had been expecting this. His mum had been opposed to the idea from the beginning. He turned around, expecting an argument. "Without a proper breakfast."
A Laboratory somewhere in Sinnoh...
"Subject 00234 has been responding well to treatment, and has been growing in strength".
"He seems well, the boy's arms were heavily contaminated. Its a wonder he survived.. You don't think..."
"Of course not, that would be impossible..."
Toby's House.
"I'll ring from Jubilife Town!" Toby yelled as he ran from the house. He sprinted into Rowan's Lab, hurrying towards the table.
"Ahh, Toby, here for you pokemon! I have a special one for you! Here!" He handed Toby a pokeball. Toby dropped it, then kicked it across the room. The beam of energy erupted from the ball, and it rebounded into Toby's hand. The pokemon materialized.
"Chiko!! RITA!" It called out. Toby was flabberghausted.
"How did you know that",
"That this was your brothers first pokemon. I gave it to him. Now get going!"
"Thanks!!" He yelled as he returned the Chikorita, and ran outside. Now he had to find his friends. "REILY!? TEAGAN!? ROUGE!?" He called out, running around Sandgem.

September 27th, 2008, 4:52 AM
As Rogue began walking up the street towards Prof Rowan's Lab was he suddenly noticed that he had forgotten his backpack.
" Darn, now i have to walk back home and get my bag."
Rogue begin to wonder back to his house were his mother was waiting for him on the front porch.
"Hey mom, i forgot my backpack. I just came back to get it then I'm off to Rowan's lab."
"O Rogue you would lose your head if it weren't attacked to your neck."
"Thanks Mom." Rogue said sarcastically.
His mom passed him his bag and than a small pokeball,
"Whats this?" Rogue said
"That is your new best friend." Rogue's mom said with a smile.
"Your father and i found her a few weeks ago in the forest and thought you would like her for when you left home."
Rogue enlarged the pokeball then tossed it on the ground in front of him. A Shimmer of red light lit up his face as the light began to form a shape of a Pokemon. As Rogue look down after the lights had stopped, he noticed he was looking at an Espeon.
"Wow mom, she looks so shinny. I cant believe i get to start on my journey with her."
"Come on Espeon, we need to start out to Prof Rowan's Lab."
Rogue and his new found friend Espeon left his house and started down the street towards the lab.
Rogue and Espeon were walking down Rogue's street when he heard someone calling his name in the distance. Rogue turned around to see Reily and her Umbreon running behind them to catch up.
Hey Reily hurry up we got to go find Teagan so we can all go to Rowan's lab together.
Reily and Umbreon seem to take forever to catch up but when they did they both started up the street towards Teagan's house. Rogue noticed that Espeon and Umbreon seemed to get alond already pretty well.

(hey Slytherfang i hope u don't mind me kind of ghosting you there i just kind of said what u did in yours)

September 27th, 2008, 11:28 AM
The shun shone brighty through the tattered curtains hanging up on the wall, a small groan was heard coming from the lump hiding under the blankets that lay on the bed in the cornor of the room.
"Sunshine go away, come again later today...." A voice mummbles obviously wanting more sleep. Sadly things didn't go it's way.
"Aipppom!" A purple monkey came bouncing into the room with a large grin on itss face. Hopping over to the bed it jumped up and started annoying its trainer.
The lump under the bed rolled over and sighed.
"I'm up! I'm up! Geesh...." The blankets fell down as the lump sat up revealing a very tired Izzy.

Izzy yawned and stretched her arms out before turning around and dangling her feet off the side of the bed. Looking back at Aipom she smiled and motioned her to hop on her shoulder. Aipom grinned from ear to ear and latched herself to Izzy's shoulder.
"Morning Kippa" Izzy patted Aipom/Kippa on the head before she started to get ready for the day.

A while later...xD

Izzy was up, refeshed, dressed and ready to go, picking up her bag off the bed and slung it over her shoulders and opened her bedroom door. Poking her head out first she sighed in relief as she heard snoring coming from the room down the hallway.
"Thank god...He's still asleep...Kippa, lets hurry" Kippa nodded and the two of them quietly made their way out the front door, trying not to trip over anything on the way.
Once outside Izzy started laughing happily and spinning in circles, welcoming the sun's rays onto her skin.
"Kippa! Were free! We never have to come back!" She yelled.
She stopped spinnning and started making her way down the track, Kippa now using her tail to swing from tree to tree slightly ahead.

September 27th, 2008, 1:42 PM
Reily approached Rogue with a slight smile, it had been a while since she had last seen him. Almost a week, to be exact, she had been completely and utterly wrapped up in preparation for the upcoming journey that they would begin today. Now that all the hours (how she managed to spend hours preparing she didn’t know) of preparation were finally over, she could leave all that behind. The strangest thing was that most of those hours of preparation were to pack whatever was essential and necessary into a backpack so that it wouldn’t be too heavy or too bulky to carry.

She had opened her mouth to say hello when her eyes fell upon a pinkish-purple pokemon which resembled a feline, it had a red gem in its forehead, possibly symbolizing its psychic powers, and a forked tail. An Espeon, another one of Eevee’s many evolutions. She knew Umbreon must have seen it too, but it looked a little bit nervous, it had never met any one of its alternate evolutions before.

“Hey, Rogue, how’s it going? Is that your Espeon? It’s so awesome!” She exclaimed, as Umbreon continued to look at the Espeon from a distance. Reily turned around, “come on, Umbreon, don't you remember Rogue?" She asked her pokemon, who nodded silently. “This is Rogue’s Espeon, or I think it is, at least. Well anyways, we've got to pick up Teagan before getting our pokedex and pokeballs from Professor Rowan." She began heading up the street towards Teagan's house. She hadn't seen Teagan in a while either, and wondered if she was still same old Teagan.

September 27th, 2008, 4:17 PM
Name: Matt

Age: 12

Appearance: Matt is 5’6” skinny has blue eyes and has Short Black Hair with a Blue Highlight on the Right Side. Matt wears a Blue and White Zip-Up Hoodie, White T-Shirt, Blue Swim-Trunks with a White Stripe down the side, Blue and White Shoes. Matt has Scars on his left forearm. Matt wears a Blue Backpack and his bracelet all the time except he takes off his backpack before getting wet. Matt’s bracelet was given to him by his brother and is the last remaining thing to remember him by.

Personality: Matt is only sometimes brave but yet not fearful much either. Matt is a fun loving pre-teen that is Smart and Artsy but also is very active. Matt is a very energetic person and can have fun doing basically anything. He has a smile on his face ninety-two percent of the time and is ready for whatever comes his way, whether it be a baseball a, a paintbrush or even a Pokeball. You can’t get Matt down without purposely trying to. Most people wouldn’t want to either because Matt is a very easy person to get along with.

Matt spent most of his time with his older brother Alex and kids his brother Alex’s age when he was younger, and when they all received their first Pokemon Matt was highly disappointed. More so when Alex decided it was time for him to go and take his journey into being a Pokemon Trainer. Alex who fell in love with the thrill of having Pokemon around him became a Breeder within weeks and met the love of his life later on. Matt now 8, who now hardly sees his brother except on rare occasions felt it was also his time. But getting turned down by Professor Rowan multiple times showed him the he wasn’t getting one that way, Matt decided to find one on his own.
Matt went to the mart one day to get some food and other needed things when he saw a sign that said that there was a special deal on Pokeballs. This was his chance Matt bought what he needed but also spent some of his own saved cash to buy two Pokeballs. The cashier asked what he was going to use them for so he lied to get out of a lecture about being too young. Matt replied” My brother wanted them for something. He’s like 18 and a half.” And the cashier let him go out of the store. When Matt got home he ran into his room tossing the bags onto the table. His mom screamed up to about 30 seconds later “Don’t throw the bags you could have broken something.” Matt rushed down the stairs and said sorry half-heartedly before bursting out the door with his backpack and the Pokeballs hidden up his sleeve. Matt ran through the forest next to his house as fast as he could to the lake a quarter-mile away.
When Matt reached the lake he was out of breath and drenched with sweat. Matt had never sprinted so fast and been as excited about this before. When matt reached the lake he scoured the place looking for the perfect Pokemon. When Matt found a medium-sized Skarmory sitting at the edge of the water Matt was surprised. He decided to test his first Pokeball here. He threw it but nothing happened when a small red light shot out at the Skarmory. The Skarmory just flew up and away. Matt then ran out and checked what was wrong and noticed the ball had a slight crack from where the Skarmory’s wing hit it. But before Matt walked off the Skarmory came back and attacked him. Matt was cut badly and bleeding when his eyes went black.
When Matt woke up he was bandaged and sitting in his bed room. He saw something blue and medium sized also sitting in his room, on his bed, on his stomach. Matt quickly rolled off the bed and the small Pokemon fell also. After getting back dressed Matt approached it, the Squirtle stood up also and ran towards him, and rubbed his leg. When the Squirtle backed off Matt surprised realized that this was his chance. Matt remembering the instructions to the Pokeball through it at the Squirtle and it captured him very quickly. When Matt went downstairs his mom explained the Squirtle helped him get away from the Skarmory, but also had to explain that Matt’s brother Alex was killed on the way to the Pokemon Center. Now Matt thinks he is finnaly ready to go on his journey.

Trainer: Trainer, but supports people Co-Ordinating and Breeding also.

Pokemon: The Squirtle that is described in the history section.

Extra: The bracelet Matt wears came in the mail for his birthday about a week after his brother got in a wreck on the way to the Pokemon Center.
(Is it okay that I find my Pokemon on my own?)

September 27th, 2008, 4:24 PM
Ok Accepted!!! Have Fun!!! You are the Last SU Btw

Erm.. Yeah I dont think i could Rp my Grandpa said i cant get on till Jan 01 09

September 27th, 2008, 7:14 PM
Matt burst through the front door of his house with a smile on his face and his bag in hand. He slipped it on and strode quietly down the path. Squirtle came waddling out of the brush next to the path with a marker in his paws. Matt picked it up and frowned at the colored on parts of shell on Squirtle's shell. Matt quickly got over the black spots on Squirtle's shell, and was back in the mood for adventure.

"I wondered what could have been taking so long at Aunt Mary's house. I hate when Amanda does that to your shell." Matt remarked to Squirtle which had recently been named Kate, not waiting for an answer. Kate just puffed out her chest and walked looking as proud as could be.

Matt was on his way to Proffesor Rowan's Lab to get his Pokedex and other things that would be necessary for his journey. Rowan had finally decided that Matt was old enough and that he would give him the Pokedex. Matt walked at a slow pace towards the center of town where he would find Rowan's office. While walking Matt saw a few kids playing in a yard, all crouding around one Pokemon.

Matt was happy to have Kate to himself and be able to do whatever with no others wanting to fit in. He could have a friend that no one could take. And for that, Matt was eternally grateful.

On his way to Proffesor Rowan's office, Matt saw a kid holding a Pokeball sitting on a bench. He wondered what he was doing there just sitting. On his way in the kid asked him...

"Wanna battle?"

September 27th, 2008, 7:21 PM
hah no i talked to 1 wk off

Gumshoe Satyr
September 27th, 2008, 10:27 PM
Hoisting a backpack over her shoulder, Laura left the house she had spent the night at saying, "Thanks for having me Mrs. Johnson. I'm going to Professor Rowan's lab now." The elderly lady smiled and called back, "It was my pleasure Laura. Good luck on your journey." Under her breath she added, "I wonder if her parents even know where she is. She wouldn't say a word about them." Shrugging, she went about her housework, the strange girl slowly disappearing from her thoughts.

Wow, time to start my pokemon journey! I thought this day would never come! Darn... I forgot to ask Mrs. Johnson where the lab was. Seeing a boy and boy running nearby by with an Espeon and Umbreon following, she decided to ask them. That Espeon and Umbreon are beutiful...

Picking up speed to catch up with them, she said, "Excuse me. Can you tell me where Professor Rowan's lab is? I'm kinda lost." She blushed a little bit with embarrassment but recovered quickly when she saw the Umbreon and Espeon again. "What beautiful pokemon!" She looked back at the boy and girl, both obviously older than her. They were both over a foot taller than her, and she had to bend her head back pretty far to look them in the eye.

The boy was clothed in black and blue and seemed like an emo but seemed nice enough and the girl had on plaid shouts and a black shirt with a silver dragon on it and seemed pretty nice, too. "Are you on your way to the lab, too?" She asked, curious.

September 28th, 2008, 9:16 AM
After Reily had caught up with Rogue and had seen Espeon they began to go up the street where Teagan lived. Rogue noticed that his and Reily Pokemon seemed to be doing pretty well with each other, other then Umbreon look pretty shy.
Rogue turned around, looking to see if his mom was still on the front porch watching him leave.
"Hey Reily look back there does that not look like that girl that was staying at that old ladies house?"
( Slytherfang (http://www.pokecommunity.com/member.php?u=109816) im going to do a quick ghost kk hopefully it does not mess you up)
Reily shrugged her shoulders . Rogue guessed she didn't know who i he was talking about.
Rogue and Reily stopped walking after they noticed that the little girl was running towards them. When the girl had finally caught up she looked a little out of breath. Rogue noticed that she was a lot shorter then both him and Reily, she look to be at lest 10 to 12 years old. When she had got her breath back her face began to get a little red like and apple. Rogue smiled thinging about that. Then she said she was lost and that she need to know were Rowan's Lab was.
" Rowan's Lab, ya were both going there to it just up the street about 5 blocks. You can come with us if you want we just need to go pick up are friend from her house."

September 28th, 2008, 1:58 PM
OOC: So sorry! And you guys seem to be forgetting Teagan lives in various hotels ^^; lol. Oh well, the current hotel will be here. Iz cool. This week has been sooooo stressful, haven't had any time.


Teagan yawned and sat up in bed, shutting off her cellphone alarm. She had already missed the breakfast, but she was too excited to care. Today was the day that her friends and her had agreed to go on a Pokemon journey together, and she would finally be protected, on her own. With a best friend right beside her.

And not only that, Rogue had agreed to go with her.

She sighed. What a child she was. Crushing on her best friend. They had practically grown up together until the fire, and now they were seeing each other again for the first time in years. She thought that since the police had given up trying to find her here, they were looking somewhere else, and she could return home for a little while. She was right, of course...they were all the way somewhere in Snowpoint City.

"All right," she said to herself as she took off the blankets on top of her. "Let's go get a Pokemon."

She headed outside after dressing in her favorite pair of skinny jeans, wedges and a cute pink T-shirt. Her side bangs covered her right eye perfectly, and she was happy today wasn't a bad hair day. She had her essentials with her: cellphone, cash, stuff like that.

She came into sight of Rogue and some of her other friends and waved. She ran up to them and said, "Hi, you guys!" Then she turned to Rogue. "I'm so happy to see you again!" And she hugged him. He looked slightly shocked, but she hoped it was just because it was unexpected.

"Mmm, Rogue, I'm so happy you're here, I missed you!"

OOC: There ya go. g2g!

September 28th, 2008, 2:34 PM
Sangem Town, Sinnoh
REILY!? TEAGAN!? ROUGE!?" Toby yelled a final time before noticing Rouge and Reily talking to a younger girl. She looked about 12. Rouge pointed towards the the Lab, he must have been giving her directions. Toby ran up to them.
"Hey Guys! You ready?" He turned to the girl. "Sorry, I dont believe we've met. My names Toby." He said offering his hand.
A Laboratory somewhere in Sinnoh...
"The Subject seems to be functioning normally. His arms seem to be recovering, slowly but effiecently".
"Yes, he seems to be living a normal life. He is getting on with others, and has even made some friends".
"Well we can't have that, can we?"
"No, we can't".
7th floor,Silph Co Labarotories, Kanto.
"Boss, you may wana see this. I found it while looking in the old files yesterday."
"What is it, Jeff?"
"This is Cardon Plurafate (OOC: made it up). Its useds for explosive and the like.."
"What are you saying, Jeff?"
"I think someone tampered with Darkrose's Experiment, and thats why it went fatally wrong..."

(OOC: Sorry for the short post, dont worry, they get better as I get further into the RP)

September 28th, 2008, 2:55 PM
Reily raised her eyebrows at Teagan's warm and extremely....odd reaction to seeing them again. On top of that, she seemed unusually excited to see Rogue, but Reily smiled, she was glad to see her friend again.

"Um...hi Teagan?" She felt like she didn't know just what she should say, or whether she should say anything at all, Umbreon, on the other hand, who had never met Teagan at all, crouched low to the ground and growled suspiciously. Its eyes were narrowed and it's teeth just barely showed, Umbreon often tended to overreact when he saw someone unfamiliar.

"Shhh...Umbreon, this is Teagan, she's a friend." Reily murmured assuringly to her pokemon, and was pleased, and slightly surprised, to see Umbreon's ears return from their flattened position to the normal raised position, though her pokemon's eyes remained alert. Just as she was about to apologize about Umbreon's behavior, her cell phone rang.

"Oh, not again, I swear, its been ringing so much these days!" She muttered, most of them had been prank calls from she didn't know who, but it had to be someone she knew, otherwise they wouldn't have known her phone number. Please, not another prank caller. She thought, if they're "selling" shaving cream or something again, I'm going to track them down and punch the lights out of them.

"Hello?" She said almost apprehensively into the phone, and was relieved that she didn't hear the bubbly voice of a "salesperson in reply." Instead, she heard the voice of one of her best friends, Connor, who had already started his pokemon journey a few months ago.

"Hey Rye, how's it going?" He asked, using his nickname for her, which he had invented when they were about five.

"Connor! Everything's going great, how are you?" Reily asked.

"Same here." Connor replied, "I just wanted to check cause you told me you would be starting your pokemon journey today. I figure you must be pretty busy, so you can hang up if you want and call me at the next Pokemon Center."

"Sure, I've got to go right now anyways, but I promise to call later. See you."

"Bye Rye." Was Connor's answering reply before she heard a beep as the connection was cut off. I haven't spoken to Connor in a while either, she realized, he was training for his gym battle, so he had been really busy. With that, she turned her attention back to her friends.

September 28th, 2008, 3:27 PM
After Rogue had pointed out the direction and the little girl had disappeared over the hill he started to hear his name being called. Rogue started to look around wondering were the hell that voice was coming from, even Espeon was looking. Espeon stopped moving and look up at the hill were a small figure began to form reviling his friend Teagan. Rogue waved in Teagan direction getting a small wave back.
" Hey Teagan." Rogue shouted to Teagan.
" You ready to go to Rowan's lab, i can't wait to get my stuff from him and get out of this town."
When Teagan finally reach Rogue and Reily she ran up to his an swung her arms around him and gave him a huge hug. Rogue didn't see the hug coming and kind of look at her in surprise. Rogue hadn't seen Teagan in like forever, so he hugged her back happy to see her.
Rogue noticed that Reily's Umbreon started to growl at Teagan but he guessed that it was because Umbreon had never met Teagan.
" Come on Reily, Teagan we got to get out of here before night fall's, the sooner we get to the next town the farther we will be from here." Rogue smiled and started to walk toward the lab with his 3 best freind with him and Reily's Umbreon, btu of course someone else had showed up and started to yell all of there name's. Rogue turned and see Toby.

( srry if no one like me kind of ghosting them kk just pm me if they don't and i wont anymore)

September 28th, 2008, 3:51 PM
"Toby!" Reily greeted the boy who had approached them, though, seeing as Toby was quite a few inches taller than her, she had to look upwards. "How's it hanging?" She asked, Umbreon was looking slightly uneasy, he had met Toby before, but it had been a while. Fortunately for Reily, all Umbreon did was flatten its ears slightly, and stare at Toby unblinkingly.

"Umbreon, remember Toby?" Reily asked her pokemon, who appeared to be both nodding and shaking its head. "Come on Umbreon, Toby's a friend too!" Reily sighed, fighting back the strange urge to laugh, which she couldn't really explain, as this wasn't exactly the moment for laughing.

"I'm sorry, Toby, Umbreon has somewhat more extreme reactions to people it doesn't know very well. The only one who Umbreon hasn't got a problem with right now is me and Rogue." She explained, gesturing towards her pokemon, who hadn't changed since Reily had told him that Toby was a friend.

September 28th, 2008, 3:52 PM
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Teagan was happy that Rogue returned her hug, and a warm feeling spread through her. Ugh, she thought, however, this is so wrong. I can't be crushing on my best friend. And he must think I am a total loser for acting like this. Come to think of it, probably Reily and Toby...oh hey, here's Tobey...do too. She let go of Rogue and looked to see Toby right there.

"Hey! Haven't seen you in forever!" she said. "I'm so happy we can all be together again. But like Rogue said, we have to leave as soon as we can so we can get to the next town."

She started walking, then wondered why no one was following.

Reily's phone went off, and Teagan rolled her eyes. Being a teenager she knew exactly how it was to have your phone go off half a million times a day, but it was always annoying when it wasn't yours. And apparently Reily thought it was annoying too, from her reaction.

Once the conversation was over, Teagan tilted her head so her blonde hair fell over one shoulder and asked, "Who was that from? Seemed kinda important from the way you were looking off into the distance as you talked. Boyfriend, maybe?" She felt a slight blush come across her face, but tried as hard as she could to erase it. It wasn't the end of the world, after all, no one could know she had a crush on Rogue...

Yeah, that's what she thinks. Secretly, everyone knows, because it's so obvious. Except Rogue, since he's a boy and boys are not exactly the smartest species of human on the earth.


OOC: Geez, Teagan is like a...a...a flirtacious person. X_x I'm just writing and this is how she comes out. I always try to not backspace my character because she comes out how she comes out. I start talking and that is how she is. xP

Oh, and if the font is bothering you, it works best in Blossom Shower and pink/black themed skins. kk? laterz.

September 28th, 2008, 4:01 PM
Ooc:// The fonts fine, at least, to me it is, I think its pretty cool looking, don't know why...

Reily laughed,

"No, just Connor." She told Teagan, then realized Teagan didn't know who Connor was, seeing as he wasn't around often. "He's one of my friends from way back, I don't think you know him. I'm supposed to call him from the Pokemon Center when we reach one, so you might be able to see what he looks like." Reily spotted Teagan's slight blush, and wondered what that could be about, but soon shrugged it off, might be important, but not really her business. It seemed pretty obvious that Teagan had an interest in Rogue though, which didn't bother her, and which she decided was something she didn't need to waste thought on.

Umbreon, meanwhile, seemed to be warming up slightly to Teagan, obviously he, not being a stupid creature, could see that Reily was friends with that girl. And Reily didn't treat everybody as nicely, so he suspected that Teagan wasn't going to, say, attack him or anything. No, he could let go of his suspicion. That would probably make Reily happy too, he had a feeling that she wasn't exactly thrilled with the way he had welcomed Teagan, which wasn't a welcome at all, and vowed to be a bit more...welcoming, he guessed, the next time.

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Gumshoe Satyr
September 28th, 2008, 4:22 PM
After the black-haired boy pointed the way to the Professor's lab, Laura started at a run in the direction he indicated, stopping when she saw another boy about the same age as the other. "REILY!? TEAGAN!? ROUGE!?" he yelled toward the boy and girl and as she looked back she noticed another girl talking to the two she'd just met. Hearing the conversation between Rouge, Reily, and Teagan she managed to figure out who was who. She turned back to the boy who'd just arrived as he began to talk again. "Hey Guys! You ready?" He turned to Laura. "Sorry, I don't believe we've met. My names Toby." he said offering his hand. Shaking his hand politely. she smiled at him and said, "Nice to meet you Toby. I'm Laura Roycroft. I guess you know the others..." She pointed back at the three in conversation. "Rouge was gonna show me where the lab is, but I want run ahead since I don't have a pokemon yet. Please tell him that, ok? See ya later Toby!" Waving to him, she broke into a run, quickly disappearing over a hill.

Five blocks later, she stopped at a building that she guess was the professor's lab. "Hi Professor Rowan. I'm Laura Roycroft. I've come to pick up my pokemon, sir." she said nervously, a little shy talking to the famous professor. "Ah Laura... Mrs. Johnson said you'd be coming today. Well, here are the pokemon. Pick whichever one you want." Professor Rowan answered, giving her a friendly smile. "Ok, I'd like Chimchar. I gave it a lot of thought and decided that it would be the perfect partner." She grinned as the little pokemon peeked at her from behind the Piplup. "Alright. Here's Chimchar's pokeball, some empty pokeballs, and a Pokedex. Good luck on your journey!" "Thanks Professor. Chimchar, I'm gonna name you Pyro, ok? Let's take a look." She raised the red Pokedex and aimed it at the newly named pokemon as it crept out from behind the Piplup.

"Chimchar chim!" he exclaimed happily, content with his new name. Laura watched the screen on the pokedex as it began to speak, "Chimchar...The Chimp Pokemon. It agilely scales sheer cliffs to live atop craggy mountains. Its fire is put out when it sleeps." "Cool," she mumbled to herself and looking back at the professor she asked him. "Is it ok if I hang around her for a couple of minutes? I want to thank someone who told me how to get here. The professor nodded his consent and Laura sat in a nearby chair to wait.

September 28th, 2008, 4:41 PM
After Toby had joined their so-far-growing group, he started to walk towards the Lab with Espeon almost on his heel.

“Hey, Espeon, get ready. We are going to find you some new friends and explore the world.”

Rogue looked back and noticed that all of his friends seemed to follow him.

As Rogue and his friends got closer and closer to the lab, he noticed how huge it was.

“Wow, the lab looks so big.”

Rogue was surprised to see an old man standing outside of the lab's doors.

“Hey guys look. It's Professor Rowan.”

Rogue began to walk up to the well know Professor.

"It's good to see you, Rogue," said Professor Rowan.

“Hey Professor, I’m here because three months ago you said you would have a Pokedex and some PokeBalls...so I can start my journey out into the world.”

Professor Rowan looked at Rogue and then smiled, handing him a small brown package.

“Here, Rogue, this is what you will need.”

Rogue opened up the brown package and looked. Inside were five small PokeBalls like the one his mom gave him with Espeon in it, and then he saw a red rectangle which he took to be the PokeDex.

Rogue looked up at Rowan.

“Thank you, Sir, I will make sure to keep in touch with you when I can on my trip.”

Rowan smiled.

“All right, Rogue, just be careful. I know your mother would kill me if I gave you this stuff and you got hurt.”
Rogue began to walk back to his friends at the gate to the lab.

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September 28th, 2008, 6:02 PM
"I'm sure Umbreon will remember me in due time. Here, maybe this will help him remember me!". He pulled a bag of home-made poke-food from his bag, and handed it to Reily. "Just like mama used to make!"
"Hey! Haven't seen you in forever!" yelled someone. Toby turned around to see a familiar face.
"Teagan! Is that you?" Toby faced her as she hugged Rouge. Toby had known that she a had a crush on Rouge, but he hadn't told him. He could figure it out for himself, and to be honest, Toby didn't really care. It didn't affect him in any particular way. A ring of a telephone interrupted his thoughts. He looked up to see Reily answering her phone. When she'd finished, Teagan looked at her.
"Who was that from? Seemed kinda important from the way you were looking off into the distance as you talked. Boyfriend, maybe?" Teagan blushed, and Toby smirked. He considered saying "Looks whos talking" but decided againisted.
"Nope, just Connor", Reily replied. Toby had met Connor once or twice, and knew he was a good friend. He noticed that Rouge had left during the conversation, but he was walking back with now.
"Rouge, Laura, you guys ready? Lets go!"

OOC: Hope that was okay, Namora, with the ghosting.

September 28th, 2008, 6:25 PM
Izzy lay on a branch high up in a tree, eyeing the scars on her arm she sighed and brung her knees up to her chest and hid her face in them, sighing again she groaned then swung her legs over the edge of the branch and jumped off the tree, landing on the ground she fell over. Instead of getting back up she lay there for awhile, watching the young kids aged around 4-6 playing with their friends and ...family.

"ARG!!" She shouted before hitting her head with her hands over and over, hoping up on her feet she grinned to herself.
"Stop thinking it about it Izzy! You don't need a family! Your fine by yourself!" She told herself, as she did this Kippa jumped from the treetops and landed on her shoulder happily.
"Aipom!" She smiled and handed Izzy a small berry she found. Izzy giggled at Kippa and took the berry, "Thanks girl".

Kippa pointed forward and started talking to Izzy about something that was up the hill. Izzy sighed and nodded before heading off in the same direction she point.
"Your right..Time to go see Prof." Petting Kippa on the head the two started mindlessly talking trying to pass the time. Suddenly they passed a group of people around Izzy's age, they looked liked they were all starting out on their journey's today aswell. Izzy sighed and looked at Kippa.
"Kippa...Don't you dare think abo-" Before she could finish Kippa had already swung off Izzy's shoulder, run across the ground and jumped into one the girl's arms, she was really pretty, really dark brown hair and braces Izzy noticed.
"Aippom! Aip!" Kippa grinned and waved to the girl who's arms it was in.
Izzy sigh and ran over aswell, getting there she bit her bottom lip, she was never good with talking to new people.
"I-I'm really sorry about Kippa..." she said looking at the ground embarresed.

September 28th, 2008, 6:37 PM
After Matt left Professor Rowan’s Lab he thought it was best to continue down the road. He did though sort of want to stay there when he saw a cute girl walk in. He pondered what he would do for a few moments before coming to the decision to leave. A cute girl with the Chimchar was not enough for him to waste extra time. So he decided to get on the road.

Matt was walking down the street his mind completely blank trying to figure out how to use his new Pokedex. So far he had spent ten minutes trying to open it. He had walked into four trees and two other kids trying to work it, before sitting down on a near by bench. Kate his Squirtle just sat next to him wondering what he was doing. Matt finally turned on the red thing after another ten minutes of pushing buttons. Matt starting getting the hang of using it when all of a sudden a light shot at Kate and it started talking about her.

When Matt got the information saved into his Pokedex he thought it was time to get going. He stood up and realized that during all of his blind walking he had gotten lost. He hadn’t even thought about when he was packing, what he was going to do if he got lost. He thought that he was dead for a few minutes before realizing that he could by a map at a store. When Matt found a store he went in and saw so many things he wanted, but in the end decided to stay with just the necessities. Matt got a map and a few things that Kate would use on their trip. When Matt got outside he read over his map for a couple of minutes planning his journey.

Matt set off down the road towards a Pokemon center where he could figure a few more things out that he had questions about.

September 29th, 2008, 11:45 AM
Reily almost jumped back as an Aipom leaped into her arms, but caught herself in time. The Aipom seemed to be pretty excited as it waved at her, whoa, whose pokemon is this? Reily wondered, though I'm thinking its trainer must be pretty close by, cause most trainers wouldn't just let their pokemon run away, would they? As if on cue, she heard what she suspected must have been the voice of the Aipom's trainer.

"I-I'm really sorry about Kippa..."

Reily looked around, it was a pretty girl that looked around her age, fourteen or fifteen. Her hair was black, with two turquoise streaks in the front, sea green eyes, and skin that was pale, but still with a trace of a tan, Reily, being very much an observer, noted.

"Oh, don't worry about it, its fine." Reily replied with a smile, "your Aipom's not causing any trouble."

Umbreon gazed suspiciously at the girl for a moment, then decided she must be okay, and relaxed, this time Umbreon's gaze switched from suspicious to inquiring, as if curious as to who this girl might be. Reily noticed that Umbreon didn't seem to be growling like it normally did with strangers, and guessed that must be a good thing, to be honest, Umbreon's less than welcome greetings were slightly embarrassing.

September 29th, 2008, 12:10 PM
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Teagan nodded to Reily's comment about Connor. "The way you are speaking about him, he seems nice. I'd like to meet him sometime." Then she noticed Rogue coming back from the Pokemon Center and said, "What did you get, huh, Rogue? Something cool?"

Having an extremely short attention span, Teagan knelt down to pet the Umbreon. "Hey, I love these kinds of Pokemon. The cute, furry kinds? Except stuff like Aerodactyl are cool too. But Umbreon and Espeon and Glaceon and Leafeon and Flareon and Jolteon and Vaporeon...okay, maybe not Glaceon so much...are adorable. Well, okay. Glaceon's not too bad."

Then she remembered she had been talking to the one and only Rogue and stood up, looking at him attentively. "So...?"

OOC: She is just the picture of dumb blonde xP

Gumshoe Satyr
September 29th, 2008, 12:41 PM
Seeing Rouge entering to lab, Lauren jumped up and followed him just as he turned to leave. "Hey Rogue! I got my pokemon!" She looked down at Pyro and smiled at him. "Thanks for telling me how to get here." She beamed him a smile and continued out the door with the little Chimchar following. After she saw that there were even more people in the group outside, she hesitated for a millisecond before stepping outside.

"Rouge, Laura, you guys ready? Lets go!" the boy she now knew as Toby shouted to them. Go? I know that most of those guys out there are friends but why do they want me along? Oh well.... They'll probably dump me somewhere later. Hiding her feelings behind a mask of excitement and glee, she yelled back at Toby, "We're coming! How do you like my Chimchar? I named him Pyro, and I think he's great!" At first, Pyro hid behind her leg, nervously peeking out as the many new faces, but he soon got caught up in her enthusiasm and exclaimed, "Chimchar char chimchar!"

Noticing an Aipom in Reily's arms, she watched it with interest, guessing that it belonged to one of the people who'd just arrived since she already had Umbreon. He's cute...

OOC: Just to make sure you understand, Laura's really good at hiding her true feelings so let's not have everyone noticing that there's something bothering her the very first day they meet. I don't mind people asking her questions and having slight suspicions every once in awhile, but I think it's better if we wait an appropriate time after they get to know each other before we start really revealing stuff about her past and feelings. XD

September 29th, 2008, 2:08 PM
"Hey Laura. Nice Chimchar you've got, he looks really strong." Rogue said.

As Rogue and Laura walked out of the Lab together Rogue heard Toby yell over to them to hurry it up. Since Toby had already gotten his Pokemon he looked really bored and ready to get out of this boring town.

"Hold on Toby, we will be there in a moment."

Rogue began to walk down the path with Espeon at his heal. Espeon gave Rogue a calm stare. It gave Rogue a weird feeling having her deep purple eyes looking right at him.

Rogue caught back with his friends that were standing at the gate to the lab. As Rogue got closer he noticed that Teagan was talking to him.

"What did you get, huh, Rogue? Something cool?" said Teagan.

"Yeah Teagan, i got my pokedex and some pokeballs to start off with." Rogue said back.

Rogue could not wait to start his trip with Espeon and his friends. He had known Reily for as long had he could remember and Teagan he had know for not too long but Rogue thought she was a great person.

Rogue grabbed the pokeballs from his pocket and attatched them to his belt so they would be there when he saw a wild pokemon. Rogue also grabbed his pokedex from his bag and put it in his pocket.

"Hey you guys, you ready? I can't wait to find some new friends for Esepon and myself."

September 29th, 2008, 2:36 PM
"Yeah, he's awesome!"
Toby turned to face the newcomer. She looked about 14, but could have passed for 15. She had black shiny hair, but it had turqoise streaks. Toby waved a brief hello, and turned to Rouge.
"Hey you guys, you ready i cant wait to find some new freinds for Espeon and myself".
"I'll second that!" Toby replied, unclipping Chikorita's pokeball from his belt, pressing the button.
"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Chikorita. Chikorita, this is Reily, Rouge, Teagan, Lauren, and umm.... I'm sorry, I didn't happen to catch your name". Chikorita jumped into Toby's arms, and tried to cover her face. "Aww, Shes a bit frightened at the moment. Here." He took off his backpack, and Chikorita jumped in. "Everyone ready?"

OOC: Ugh! I am very sorry, that was WAY too short.

September 29th, 2008, 3:33 PM
OOC: That's okay, happens to the best of us. My right side is actually all cramping up, so this might be shorter than normal. I dunno, maybe PMS or whatever? It's weird...I get it every month but it's this excruciating pain that only affects one side of my body and it stops when I lay down...but I have to wait to get up for like 10 minutes or it'll hurt again.

Okay, let's stop talking about my health problems and continue with the RPG.

IC: Teagan all of a sudden remembered she had to get her Pokemon also and said, "Rogue and the rest, I'll be right back. I gotta get my Pokemon too, I totally forgot to!" She ran as fast as she could towards the lab and in two minutes or less she had arrived there.

"Hi, I'm here for my Pokemon," she said.

"Why didn't you just come with Rogue?" Professor Rowan asked. "That would have been the sensible thing to do. I'm surprised...you're so attached to him I wouldn't be amazed if you turned into his third arm."

Teagan sighed. "Is it that obvious?"

"Yeah." Professor Rowan shook his head. "Well, anyway, I have a Pokemon saved up for you."

"Cool beans." Teagan followed Professor Rowan to the table where a PokeBall was waiting for her. "Which one is it again?"

"Cyndaquil...the Fire Echidna Pokemon," Professor Rowan said. "Imported from Johto a couple of days ago. Lucky you signed up early or you never would have gotten it. And don't worry...I didn't tell any of the police where you were."

"Good." Teagan knew she could always count on the old guy. He was like a second father to her and when her own parents had disappeared in the fire, she'd run to him first, hiding in his house. He'd helped her map out a route to lose the police so she wasn't taken into Social Services. And now he was keeping her whereabouts a secret, which was part of the reason he was giving her a Pokemon - so she could keep herself safe.

Professor Rowan handed her the PokeBall and patted her shoulder. "Well, Teagan, it's time for you to go out and be alone with friends."

Teagan considered that statement and decided that it made absolutely no sense at all. But she nodded like it did. "Okay, Professor, bye now! And don't tell Rogue about my crush on him...even though it's obvious."

"I'm not a traitor," Rowan said. "Who do you think I am?"

"A really nice old guy," Teagan called as she ran out the door towards her friends, grabbing a pack of a PokeDex and five PokeBalls for new trainers on the table near the door.

Rowan tried to figure out whether that should be an insult or a compliment, then muttered to himself, "Just let it go, Rowan. Let it go."

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September 29th, 2008, 4:10 PM
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Reily handed the Aipom, Kippa, it seemed to be called, back to Izzy, then glanced at Teagan, hiding a smile. Yeah, Umbreon's pretty cool, like all the eevee evolutions. Guess I better not disturb either Teagan or Rogue. I like tea, cake is a lie, pie isn't too bad, except for raspberry, all those seeds are so darn annoying. Has anyone noticed that caterpillar on that tree over there about twenty feet away? Reily though, why am I thinking random thoughts all of a sudden? That's weird. I tend not to be a random person. Whatever.

She bent down and scratched Umbreon behind the ears, Umbreon, who very much enjoyed being scratched behind the ears, made a sort of almost feline purring sound. Typical. Everything seems to be the same except me, I'm turning into some random, weird person, Reily concluded. So...we're all standing here waiting, how about we do something?

September 29th, 2008, 4:21 PM
" Hey you guys ready to get going. We don't really want to be caught walking in the dark." Rogue said to the rest of his friends.

Rogue picked up his backpack and stood there waiting for everyone to get ready to began.

( its sooo short because just trying to get use out of here)

( hey what Pokemon are just out side of the city, i want an Absol)

September 29th, 2008, 4:38 PM
"Cool, I'm ready!" Reily slung her backpack over her shoulder and clipped the unused pokeballs onto her belt. She glanced around at everyone else, they all seemed to have gotten their pokemon and pokedexes.

"Hey, Rogue, do you know where we're headed? I just kinda blanked out..." Reily asked her friend, her pale skin turning a light shade of red, she never forgot anything! Or she rarely did, she had forgotten things before, but that hardly ever happened, what was happening to her? Odd, wasn't it?

"Breon!" Umbreon leaped up across Reily's line of vision, and she realized that she had been staring into space, another thing that she rarely did. She was usually pretty, or rather, very, in tune with what was going on. As a result she didn't do a ton of deep thinking, like a lot of people she knew, in fact, she didn't know many deep thinkers, Connor was getting there. Umbreon noticed this and was starting to get a bit confused.

Reily shook her head, "being stupid." She muttered, then looked up at Rogue again, "so, do you know where we're supposed to be going? I still can't really remember, strange...." Really, it was.

Reily bent down to Umbreon, "okay, Umbreon, what's happening to me? I can't remember things, or rather, I'm forgetting things, same difference, I'm spacing out, I'm thinking random thoughts, its really....weird. Maybe I should ask Connor, on second thought, maybe I shouldn't. He'd just say, 'Reily, you've always been weird.' Nevermind, okay, and now I'm going on and on about nothing. Jeez. Weird is me today." She stopped talking, Umbreon was looking at her strangely, like her head was on backwards or something. "No, my heads on the right wa-" She began, and stopped, she didn't often voice thoughts like that. "Yes...I'm going crazy." She rubbed her forehead.

"Let's just go, can we? You guys are all taking too long!" Reily snapped, then stopped again, she didn't normally snap at people either. She immediately felt guilty, her friends weren't doing anything wrong. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I swear! I have no clue what's gotten into me today." Just the excitement of the day, that's all, it'll all be back to normal tomorrow...

September 29th, 2008, 4:48 PM
"Oh, don't worry about it, its fine." The girl replied with a smile, "your Aipom's not causing any trouble." Izzy felt a bit better knowing that but still felt slightly bad.
Izzy smiled at the girl she now knew as Reily from the introduction for the Chikorita the boy Toby owns. Noticing Reily giving Kippa back she nodded and took her into her arms.
"Once again..I'm sorry about this lil one, she runs off often, by the way...Name's Izzy" Izzy was still a bit flushed from embarresment from Kippa's odd entry. Kippa just grinned to itself for being able to get Izzy to talk to somebody. Izzy had always been somewhat to herself ever since she started getting abused by that old man.

Kippa frowned when she wasn't introducted and climbed onto Izzy's head, standing up with perfect balance on her tail she started throwing her arms up and tried to introduce herself. Izzy sighed relizing what Kippa was doing and used a finger to point at her.
"That's Kippa, i guess she's trying to say hello..." Kippa nodded and jumped down onto Izzy's shoulder. Izzy sighed and bit her lip once again unsure what to do.
"I guess i should head off now...umm, once again, sorry..." With that she turned around and started slowing walking off, ignoring the complaints of Kippa telling her to stay.

OCC: sorry for the shortness...

September 29th, 2008, 4:55 PM
" Hey Reily why don't we move are way to Jubilife City? Its close and it on are way to." Rogue said
Espeon looked up at Rogue with a small smile, telling Rogue that she was happy to be getting on the road.
"Well you look happy Espeon do you want to go there." Rogue asked.

Espeon shook her head, tell Rogue that was what she wanted to do.

"Alright i like the idea, what about you guys." Rogue asked his friends quickly.

Rogue noticed Izzy was taking off.

" Hey Izzy you want to traviel with use?"

"Were going to Jubilife city you should come with use."

September 29th, 2008, 4:56 PM
"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I swear! I have no clue what's gotten into me today". Toby was shocked at her little outburst. It wasn't like Reily to snap. Something must be wrong. Toby snapped back to reality.
"Guys, we need to get going! The next city is that way, through that route over there, which is Jubilife city." He pointed to a path leading out of the city. " We can catch some Pokemon on the way. Lets Go!" He stayed back as the others headed towards the path.
"Reily, wait up", He called to her. "Umm, Are you alright?? You seem abit....off. Its not like you to lose your temper."
"I'm fine, really, thanks Toby." She assured him. Toby was doubtful.
"If you're sure".

September 29th, 2008, 4:59 PM
"Hey, um...Izzy!" Reily called, almost instinctively, "why don't you come with us? It's fine with all of us." She said, looking around at the group as if daring them to object. Her look plainly said, object and you'll die. But she was pretty sure no one would have any objections to that. "We already have a bunch of people coming along, it'd be cool if you joined us, honest!"

"Umbree!" Umbreon agreed, looking more friendly than it usually did with new people. He didn't normally act quite so friendly to someone he hardly knew, but he had vowed to loosen up a bit, and besides, this girl seemed nice. And she had an interesting pokemon, an Aipom, named Kippa by the looks, or rather, sounds, of it, he had never met an Aipom before.

Reily, meanwhile, was waiting for Izzy's reply. I mean, if she doesn't want to, then I can't stop her, but it'd be really cool. Sort of like a traveling party, right?

[EDIT] Sorry, should probably add to the post now that someone's addressing Reily, I was typing if when the new posts were added so I didn't notice until they had actually been posted. Sorry about that.

Reily heard someone speaking to her and turned around, "I'm fine, really, thanks Toby." She assured him, though she noticed that Umbreon was looking at her as if he didn't quite believe what she had just said. She sent him a return look, I'm fine, its nice to know you care about me, and I appreciate that, but really, I'm okay. Everythings just so, different today. She hoped Umbreon could read her look.

September 30th, 2008, 11:43 AM
Izzy started mentally hitting her self for walking away, and Kippa was actully lightly hitting her head. Just before she took another step a voice called out to her.
"Hey, um...Izzy! Why don't you come with us? It's fine with all of us." Izzy turned around and relized Reily had just invited her to travel with them. Before she could reject or accept Kippa was already off her shoulder and balancing on her tail bouncing up and down happily infront of Reily.

Izzy sighed and walked back with a huge smile on her face, bending down she patted Kippa on the head and giggled a bit, looking back up at Reily she nodded.
"I'd love to come" looking back down at Kippa she rolled her eyes at her happiness. "and i think Kippa would too"

OOC: Sorry its REALLLLLLY short, but i'm really busy atm, Family friends over.

Gumshoe Satyr
September 30th, 2008, 11:50 AM
Conversations flew in every which direction as Laura tried to process it all. Reily, for some reason, seemed to be getting forgetful and snappy, which she said wasn't like her at all, and after Toby pointed to the path to Jubelife City, he asked her if she was okay. Intermixed with that, Reily and Rouge were trying to get Izzy, a black-haired girl with an Aipom that was about the same age as everyone else in the group, to travel with them and she accepted. Laura watched all of this with a bit of disbelief. This is a more lively start of my journey than I thought there would be. If I don't miss my guess there's about six in the group now, including me, plus a pokemon each. Why do they even bother? They probably have the idea or something that they'll be together forever. Naive....

Careful covering her disdain, she smiled and said to Izzy, "Hey, I don't think we've met yet. My name's Laura." Pyro, interested in Aipom due to it being a primate-like pokemon like itself, shouted to the Aipom, "Chimchar chimchar!", which probably was some kind of greeting. He walked closer to the Aipom where he could see it better.

Smiling at the Chimchar, she thought happily, Well, Pyro and I are getting along great so far. He seems a little bolder than he was at first. He's curious about the Aipom, I guess.

September 30th, 2008, 11:54 AM
OOC: Slytherfang - Let it change, then click somewhere else on the page that won't send you anywhere, then switch pages. If that doesn't work, I dunno O_o

Yes, it is a very pretty skin, isn't it?

IC: Teagan was shocked at Reily's sudden outburst. [OOC: Damn...someone already used that. Pretend you didn't see it, kk? Thanx!] "That's okay," she told her, "cuz I say stuff like that all the time. And especially when there's a hot guy around, usually I'm flirtacious and everything but it depends on how cute he is, and sometimes when he's realllllly cute, I start rambling on and I can't stop and say random things and I like cake, and oh, yesterday there was a palmetto bug in my shower and I screamed and ran away and I almost called a certain someone to come over and get it and yeah."

Too late, Teagan realized exactly what she was doing and immediately shut up. She started walking away towards what she thought was a street out of the town but really led straight to the center. Blissfully unaware, she just walked down the street...

...never knowing what would befall her.

Uhm, yeah. Whatever. It's a sleepy old town! Nothing's going to hurt her without it being all over the news in two minutes.

Blissfully unaware...


September 30th, 2008, 12:15 PM
Ooc:// Lol, Teagan's an interesting character. That last post was funny.

Reily smiled, grateful that the others didn't seem to be too angered by her outburst, or even angered at all. Her smile turned into a small laugh as Teagan began going on and on about random subjects, and she gave a discreet glance towards Rogue, Teagan seemed to be walking away, and Reily stared following, to realize everyone was still standing where they were.

"So...shouldn't we keep going?" She asked uncertainly, "I mean, we can't stand here the entire day, or night, can we? It's probably not a great idea to. If you guys really want to stay outside the lab the entire time then you can, I guess..." She trailed off, there she was again, going on and on when her point could have been made in a sentence. Another thing that she often didn't do. This was really starting to creep her out, as well as Umbreon, who shifted uneasily.

September 30th, 2008, 12:43 PM
Rogue noticed that everone was pretty restless.

Hey Reily why dont you lead the group?"

Rogue dident really feel like leading, he felt like following everone.

Rogue made sure everthing was ready for him to leave home and tossed his backpack onto his back and waited for everone to start walking.

OCC- Lets go

September 30th, 2008, 12:54 PM
"Um, sure, if you want me to," Reily said uncertainly, and then put on a fake, completely phony smile. "Come on everybody! Onward for a day of fun in the sun!" She said in a falsely cheerful voice.

"Geez, that just made be feel and sound completely stupid, but I had to get it out of my system." She shrugged and allowed her Umbreon to lead, when it refused, she shrugged, sighed, and began walking, Umbreon fell into step beside her and she barely restrained herself from rolling her eyes. Actually, that's pretty typical of Umbreon, Reily thought, not to want to lead. I'm not too fond of leading myself, but what the heck? We'll probably end up merging into one big group anyway, so it doesn't matter.

"Maybe we should go in the direction Teagan started walking in," she said, pointing towards the street leading to the center of the town. "I wonder why she went there instead of walking on the street that would lead out. Oh well, knowing Teagan, she's got to have a reason, whether its somewhat crazy or not, in all due respect to her." She started walking again.

September 30th, 2008, 1:11 PM
"Hmm?" Teagan noticed that no one was following her, then turned back around to the street that everyone was walking on. "Geez, I'm really messed up if I did something stupid like that." She quickly caught up and walked with the others until she promptly sat down and refused to get up.

"Well, that's as far as I can go, let's camp here."

The only problem was that it was only about 6 feet away from the city/town/whatever.

September 30th, 2008, 1:13 PM
"Ahh come on Teagan lets keep going." Rogue said

"The sooner we get to the next town the better."

Rogue took a few more steps and looked back hopeing Teagan would keep moving.Rogue was to excitged to camp now.


September 30th, 2008, 1:40 PM
Teagan groaned and got up, extremely reluctant to do so. "Rogue-y, can we PLEEZ do something really exciting then, instead of just walking? And getting nowhere fast?" She knew she sounded whine-y, but she didn't care. She was whiny, so it fit.

"Oh well, at least maybe there will be some Pokemon."

No sooner had she said that then a Pokemon jumped out of the bushes, growling. Teagan shrieked, then her face turned to "aww-it's-so-cute" and she reached down to pet it.

"C'mere, little Abusoru..."

OOC: There's your Absol, Rogueslay. xP


September 30th, 2008, 1:42 PM
OOC-hey can can i caught it =) i will post after i find out if i can

"Hey Teagan move out of the way i want to catch that Absol."Rogue said
"Lets go Espeon, lets catch Absol."

Espeon jumped out from behind Rogue and took her battle position. Espeon caught Absol's attaction and took a battle postion to.

"Espeon lets use takle."

Espeon started to run right at Absol. When Espeon hit it knocked absol to the ground, but not for long. Absol jumped up and tryed to hit Espeon with another takle.

"Espeon doge that attack."

Espeon jumped out of the way and hit him again with another takle right to the ribs. This time Absol ended up hitting a tree and slumping to the ground.

"Alright, PokeBall GOO!!"

Rogue inlarged a pokeball from his belt and tossed it at absol. Absol was ingulped into the ball in a flash of red light.

"Come on Pokeball don't let me down."

The pokeball began to roll. Rogue lisened and out of the silence that had taken place he hear a small click.

"Yaaa, Espeon we catch Absol.

( have to go kk will post later)

OCC- If someone doesn't like me catching Absol right away i will change it and catch one later but i don't think Rogue will catch another pokemon for along time, I hope there is no problem with me catching him =)

September 30th, 2008, 3:21 PM
Reily gasped as she saw the Absol.

"Oh my gosh, I've always wanted to catch just one glimpse of an Absol!" She cried, as Rogue moved forward to catch the Pokemon.

"Congratulations, Rogue!" Reily cried moments later, as the pokeball stopped shaking. She gave him a small and hesitant smile, not wanting Teagan to misinterpret her actions. She merely wanted to congratulate her friend.

"I love dark type pokemon, I hope Umbreon and Absol get along, he looks strong, are you going to give him a nickname? Or just call him Absol? Sorry, I'm talking a little too much, aren't I?" Reily commented, looking excited at the fact that one of her friends had caught a new pokemon, and a rare one at that, as rare as an Umbreon or Espeon, in fact. Umbreon, however, looked less-than-pleased.

"Umbreon?" Reily asked her pokemon, looking puzzled, "is there something wrong?" She wondered what could be up with Umbreon, there didn't seem to be anyone new or remotely suspicious around them, so why was Umbreon so upset?

"Breeon!" Umbreon stuck his nose up in the air, looking offended.

"Umbreon? What, don't you like Absol? Well, you haven't met the Absol yet, none of us have, but isn't it somewhat exciting?"

"Umbree!" Umbreon glared at Reily, who suddenly understood why Umbreon was so upset.

"Come on, Umbreon, I'd never like the Absol better than you! I just like dark-type pokemon!" She exclaimed, giving her pokemon a hug, if he had been an eevee she would have been able to pick him up, but her Umbreon was over half her height, and, though not heavy, would provide a struggle to carry. Umbreon relaxed slightly, he had gotten used to being Reily's favorite, and wasn't exactly willing to have that spot taken away from him. Reily would never have let that happen, but Umbreon didn't know that.

September 30th, 2008, 3:31 PM
Rogue was very surprised he had caught a good looking Absol just out side of his hometown. Rogue decided to bring Absol out and let him walk along with the rest of the group.

"Come on out Absol." Rogue said

Absol appeared And looked around, he seemed to be surprised that he had gotten caught so easily. Absol looked at Espeon and Umbreon and the rest of the people, he looked pretty calm.

"Hey Absol, welcome to the team." Rogue smiled as he looked at how well Absol and Espeon were getting along.

"Hey thanks guys for letting me catch him."

Rogue smiled and look at his pokemon and smiled again.

"Come on guys lets go for another hour then camp out for the night."

September 30th, 2008, 3:41 PM
Reily gripped Umbreon's scruff as Umbreon tensed.

"Don't you dare do anything to Absol." She muttered, Umbreon looked up at her, looking murderous, but didn't do anything. Reily stroked Umbreon's fur gently, and Umbreon relaxed again.

"Welcome to the....er, group, team, thing, Absol." Reily said with a smile at the Absol. She hoped that he fit in again, though more than that she hoped that Umbreon would make the Absol welcome, rather than trying to murder Absol during the night, as Umbreon seemed to be planning.

She gave Umbreon another small hug, "don't worry, you and Absol will get along just fine." Umbreon growled deep in his throat, but seemed to accept Reily's answer.

September 30th, 2008, 4:15 PM
Toby smiled as Rouge had captured his Absol. He knew it was one of Rouge's favourite pokemon. Now it was Toby's turn.
"Everyone!! Lets go get some pokemon!" He ran into the long grass, hoping the others would follow. "Chikorita, its time to battle". She jumped out of Toby's bag, and and barked excitiedly. "Now I have to find a wild poke.." He was cut off as a Starly dive-bombed him from a nearby tree.
"STAR!!!" It rushed past him, the wind buffeted Toby.
"Chikorita! Tackle it now!" Chikorita jumped at the Starly, hitting it in the side. It tried to grab at her with its claws, but Chikorita was too quick. She bounced off the ground, and hit Starly again. It fell to the ground, weakened, and hurt.
"Time to catch this bird!" Toby dropped a pokeball, then kicked it at the bird.. It engulfed Starly. It rolled around.... Ding. Toby sighed it relief. He'd done it! He'd actually caught a pokemon. He heard a humming comming from his pocket. He pulled out his pokedex, and it opened as it recorded the data.
"Starly, The starlying pokemon. They flock in great numbers. Though small, they flap their wings with great power. Its cries are very strident".
"You must have been seperated from your group. Its okay, your with me now". He said as he picked up the ball, and pressed the button. The Starly flew from the ball, straight to where it had been before. Toby walked over to the tree, to see what it was doing. It had been sleeping in a nest. There were two eggs. One had just hatched, Toby guessed that this was the Starly he'd just caught, and one remained unhacthed. Toby's Starly was nuzzled up against the egg. Toby picked it up, and walked over to the others. "Hey, Guys, umm... This is a Starly egg, and, umm... I want to sorta keep it close, because these two are relatives". He gestured at his starly and the egg. " Would anybody want it?"

September 30th, 2008, 4:19 PM

"Hey Toby that was amazing catch."

"I cant wait to see you battle some gym leaders."

Rogue looked around and noticed that Espeon and Absol had taken shade under a near by tree.

"Hopefully everyone else catches something."

(sorry writers block I'm waiting for more posts to work with)

September 30th, 2008, 5:09 PM
"Poor Starly, I'll take the egg if nobody else wants it, for the sake of the Starly if nothing else." Reily said sympathetically, "but congratulations on your catch, I'll bet your Starly'll be really strong." She told Toby. Good, I'm not acting like someone else.

"I'd really like to catch an Electric type pokemon at some point, but I like Starly's, they're really neat, unless someone else wants the egg." She added, looking down at Umbreon, who's expression had remained unreadable, and so Reily couldn't tell what her pokemon was thinking. Hopefully, it wasn't any bad thoughts or ill feelings, Reily hoped, but she didn't know if Umbreon would like it or not. She would feel awfully bad about saying that she didn't want it though, at the risk of seeming as if she didn't care about the egg.

September 30th, 2008, 6:05 PM
"Here!" Toby handed the egg to Reily. He was glad someone would take it, so then the Starlys would stay together.
"As far as Electric Types go, I think theres some around somewhere. Its called Shinx....or Shrinks or something. Its a little blue wolf. Anyway, I had this idea. What if you linked up our pokedexs? That way, we'd share data, and stuff? I could do it, its not that hard. If everyone passes me there pokedexs for a few minutes, I'll get it done. That way, we'll complete them faster?" Toby thought it was a good idea, and it would take him less than five minutes. "All I have to do is send them to an external source, a computer or something, and then link them together. I could use my RDMs! If you guys would hand me your dexs, please".

OOC: Tobys a nerd. :P

October 1st, 2008, 3:57 AM
"Here you go Toby." Rogue said as he passed his pokedex.

Rogue was looking for some more pokemon in the surrounding forest, with the help of Espeon and his new found friend Absol.

"Hey Reily if i see any electric Pokemon i will call you over."

"Since your all looking for Pokemon we may has well camp here tonight."

Rogue Started to push away large bushes looking for some cool Pokemon that his friends would like to catch. Espeon and Absol were working together going though the near by brush looking for an electric pokemon for Reily.

"Hey Teagan are there any kind of Pokemon you would like." Rogue shouted back to were the group was.

Rogue moved the last but ofcource the biggest bush and out poped one mean looking Elekid. Rogue started to think he must of awaken him for a really good sleep.

"Ahhhhhhhh." Rogue yelled as he ran from the forest edge.

Elekid Started firing thunder bolts aiming for Rogue but just missing.

"Hey Reily if you want him please save me ." Rogue shouted as he was running.


October 1st, 2008, 10:29 AM
The whole time, Teagan just kind of watched everyone else do things without her. The Absol and Starly were caught, and the egg was found, and Teagan was just about to say that she wanted the egg except Reily looked so happy with it that she let it go. (A/N: I was going to get the egg, but it's all right xP I was late. Keep it.)

Then she heard the mention of the Shinx.

"Korinku??" she asked. "I love Korinku so much! My favroitest Pokemon ever. And poor Cyndaquil must be so tired of being in the PokeBall...so I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and let him out."

She did so, and then headed off in another random direction. "Come on, guys, let's go!" She had absolutely no idea where she was going, but that was okay with this crazy girl.

You wonder sometimes how she managed to evade the police for so long.

"And Korinku is not a wolf, it's a kitty. And the best kitty of them all." Teagan was a cat person.

OOC: YAY SHINXY/KORINKU. He's my favorite too. And Rogue, hon, it's 'engulfed', not 'ingulped'.

October 1st, 2008, 12:45 PM
"Thanks so much for the egg!" Reily handed Toby her pokedex. "I can't even figure out how to use it even, so its a good thing someone here is well versed in this. I know what a Shinx is though, I love them! My neighbor's friend's son has one." There she went again. When something excited her, it just set her off.

She turned around as Rogue and Teagan set off, both in different directions. That's great, just perfect, who am I supposed to follow? Maybe I'll just go off on my own, yeah, that sounds good. Just then, she heard a shout. It was unmistakeably Rogue.

"Hey Reily! If you want him please save me!" Rogue yelled. Want who? Was Reily's only thought, Umbreon had leaped to its feet, snarling.

"Hold on, I'll be back, okay?" Reily said to the rest of the group and sprinted off with Umbreon. An Elekid! Interesting, she didn't know how common they were around these parts, but she wasn't exactly wondering about that right now. This one didn't look exactly friendly, as it was firing thunder bolts.

"Okay, Umbreon, sneak around and use tackle, moving around like this is our specialty." Reily instructed, Umbreon gave a small nod and disappeared into the night. The next thing Reily knew, Umbreon, running at high speed, had leaped out of the bushes, the Elekid was unaware until it was hit. Umbreon slammed into the small yellow and black pokemon, sending it flying backwards. The Elekid sprang up and, with a frightened and angry glance towards Umbreon, it ran off into the night.

"Darn, there goes the Elekid, oh well, it's more important to make sure Rogue was all right. Wait." She paused, turning to Rogue. "Are you alright?"

October 1st, 2008, 1:43 PM
Toby took their pokedexs. Rouge already had two pokemon, but the others only had 1. Well, technically, Reily had two, because of the egg, but Toby didn't know when it wasn't going to hatch. A yell from Rouge interrupted his thoughts. He was being chased by an Elekid. Toby laughed inwardly. Reily had ran over to help, and Umbreon had taken out the Elekid. It had ran off. Damn! Elekids were very rare around these parts. See it brought back his past. His brother was a great trainer, Toby and his siblings had got on well. They had always been there for him, when his parents weren't... He thought of his brother often, and wished he could see Toby now. He snapped back to reality and open the pokedex's menu. He fiddled with the settings, and called out to the others. "GUYS! I'M FINISHED!"

October 1st, 2008, 2:13 PM
"Thanks Reily, i really didn't want to be fried bye a bolt of lightning." Rogue said as he was panting from being chased bye the eleckid.

After Rogue had caught his breath he started to look around for his Pokemon.

"Where are they, i could have used their help."

Rogue found Espeon and Absol sleeping under a large apple tree. As Rogue watched his Pokemon sleep he heard Toby say he was done linking up all of there pokegex's and went back to retrieve his pokedex.

"Thanks Toby." Rogue said as he took his pokedex back.

"Hey guys we should just camp here for the night so we can be rested for the morning." Rogue said

Rogue began to look for fire wood so they wouldn't freeze during the night.
After Rogue had found some fire wood he began to light it, then began to set his sleeping back up a few feet of the fire.

Rogue went over and woke up his Pokemon and got them to move from the tree to the fire when he was.

"I hope Teagan catches something soon." Rogue said


Name: Espeon
Gender: Female
Quick Attack
Tail Whip

Name: Absol
Gender: Male
Quick Attack
Razor Wind

October 1st, 2008, 4:14 PM
Reily returned to where Toby stood and took her Pokedex back. "Thanks, Toby. That's really cool what you did there-arrgh!" She cried out in surprise as Umbreon leaped over and tackled her. He wasn't exactly a small pokemon, being more than half her height, and more than half her weight as well.

"Umbreon!" She pushed Umbreon off and stood up, laughing. "I was not expecting that, but then again, life is full of unexpected stuff, is that how it goes? Can't remember. Well, anyway." She brushed herself off and began unpacking her sleeping bag, which was actually very light, though barely large enough. She liked it that way, and besides, she always curled up when she slept, so there was always enough room. She unrolled it and placed it on the ground near the fire.

"Oh, that's great, Rogue, thanks." She gestured towards the fire, into which Umbreon was staring, mesmerized. After a while, the black and yellow pokemon pulled its gaze from the flames and bounded over to where Reily was sitting, settling down next to her, before resuming its...stare into the flames, she supposed.

October 1st, 2008, 4:37 PM
Matt walked half way to the Pokemon Center but decided to stop halway there and go for a new Pokemon. He walked out into the tall grass expecting to find a Pokemon right away. But, soon he figured out that it didn't work like that. After about 3 minutes of walking he finally found something. He whispered a few small words to Kate, she dissapeared into the brush near Matt's feet. Matt soon heard the noise of a small Pokemon scratching another. Matt leapt forward to see Kate doing exactly as he asked her to. Kate had used Scratch on the small yet powerful Cherubi.

Matt urged Kate attacking the small Grass Pokemon, it Tackled Kate and threw her into a nearby tree. Kate stood back up and ran forward to Scratch the Cherubi. It tried to dodge but Kate was to quick and hit it down to the ground. Matt then thought it would be quite a good moment to capture it. He found a Pokeball in his backpack and threw it forward at the Cherubi, the ball absorbed the pokemon quickly but as Matt waited a few seconds to see if it broke free of the ball, he felt like he had waited an eternity. When Matt was satisfied that he had caught it he walked over and picked up the ball.

After letting Cherubi come free from its ball Matt introduced both Kate and himself to the new member of thier small family. Matt then took his Pokemon back to the Pokemon Center to have them healed and to get some rest. When Matt arrived thier he was asked by Nurse joy what he wanted to do.

"I'd like my Pokemon to be healed." Matt replied.

When they were healed he lay down on a bench to get some sleep...

October 2nd, 2008, 4:35 AM

As Rogue laid in his sleeping bag, warm from the near by fire he had built. Rogue began to listen to the night sounds. He could here the fire crackle, a group of Noctowl singing in the night as well a group of Wooper and Quagsire joined into the Noctowl song, he could hear his Absol and Espeon sleeping right beside him. Rogue looked up into the sky watching the stars as he tried to sleep. As the night went on he listened to the songs of the night as well he watch shooting stars cross the sky.

http://www.serebii.net/platinum/pokemon/194-m.png http://www.serebii.net/platinum/pokemon/195-m.png

Gumshoe Satyr
October 2nd, 2008, 4:39 AM
"Thanks Toby," Laura said as she retrieved her pokedex from him. Looking up, she noticed that it was getting dark. "Hey guys we should just camp here for the night so we can be rested for the morning." Rogue said, looking for some wood. When the fire was made, she slipped away from the group as they were busy setting their sleeping bags up. "Come on Pyro," she whispered to her pokemon. A couple dozen yards from the campsite, she stopped.

"I don't know about you Pyro but I've got energy to burn. We'll one of the few who hasn't had a battle yet. How about some training, huh?" Pyro looked back to the campsite like he was a little nervous about being so far from the group. "It's okay. We don't need them anyway. We can't get attached to them. Friends aren't forever, you know." He looked at her curiously, and she blushed a bit from saying something like that outloud, but he soon agreed to train.

Seeing an old log nearby, she said "Ok Pyro. Use Scratch on that log." The Chimchar charged ahead, putting several deep scratches into the log. "Good job. Now again...."

About an hour later, Laura and a more exhausted Pyro slipped back into camp. Quietly rolling out her sleeping bag, she climbed into it and Pyro curled up next to her, tail flame facing away from her. "Night Pyro," she whispered.

October 2nd, 2008, 11:24 AM
Everyone else seemed to be asleep, or at least almost asleep, Reily observed, looking up at the starry sky. And yet I still can't seem to fall asleep. Just then, something warm and furry nudged her arm, and she stifled a gasp, sitting up and looking around for who or whatever it was. Then she spotted the pair of glowing red eyes.

"Umbreon!" She said in a hushed whisper, "I swear you almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Bree?" Umbreon replied, looking around them. "Bree!" Though Umbreon's call was very quiet, it seemed as if he were crying out at the top of his voice. Umbreon looked towards the forest.

"Oh, you want me to come with you?" Reily asked, nodding in the direction Umbreon was gazing off in. Umbreon nodded silently, and Reily slithered out of her sleeping bag slowly, trying to avoid those rustly noises that sleeping bags often made. She stood up and followed Umbreon, it seemed that ever since she and Umbreon had developed a tight bond, she had become better at navigating in the darkness, or maybe it was Umbreon's preference to move around at night that had eventually allowed her to better navigate in the darkness. Either way, she found that, dark as the forest was, she hadn't yet bumped into any trees or stumbled once.

Spoke too soon, Reily thought as her foot caught around a tree root and she fell, holding out her arms to break her fall. In front of her lay a perfect, silver white feather. What the heck? Where in the book does it say that you have to fall before you find a perfect silver white feather? Was Reily's first thought, but it is pretty darn cool, she picked it up carefully, turning it around in her fingers. Ut wasn't like any other feather she had seen, but she supposed it was from some bird pokemon. Either way, she knew somehow that this was supposed to happen, and held onto the feather as they continued to walk through the forest.

Suddenly, the trees parted again, and Reily gave a small laugh. Umbreon had led her through the woods and then back to the campsite using a different route. She felt something brush her leg, and, knowing it was her pokemon, returned to her sleeping back, sitting on top of it rather than crawling back in, her fingers still gently wrapped around the long, thin feather.

October 2nd, 2008, 12:53 PM
Toby handed back everyones dexs.
"We should camp here for the night. I'll go get some firewood". Rouge had said before he had trudged off into the woods. Toby set a circle of rocks, so there would be a place to light a fire, then set up a place for him and his pokemon to sleep. He lay down his bag, and let the pokemon out of there pokeballs. He pulled out his sleeping bag, and metal box. He opened, and placed his RDMs in there. It would charge them overnight. Rouge had come back with the firewood, and had lit it. Toby pulled out a bag of Marshmallows.
"Food, anyone?"

Toby opened a single eye. He hadn't been asleep. Resting, but not asleep. He looked around at the group. Rouge was awake, listening to the sounds of the forest. Reily was also awake. Toby watched her leave, following Umbreon. He thought about following them, but he couldn't be bothered. A few minutes later, she came back, clutching a perfect silver feather. She sat down on here sleeping bag. Toby was curious.
"Reily! Psst! Reily!" He whisped, ever so softly, but yet just loud enough to hear. Years of pratice. "Whats that?"

October 2nd, 2008, 12:57 PM
Suddenly waking from his sleep Matt felt Kate stand up on his stomach. He knowing he would never get back to sleep tried to become as awake as he could by getting some water from a Pokemon Center water fountain. He then decided to go get some exercise with his Pokemon.

Matt found himself walking through the woods in no time with the Pokemon Center near the edge of town. He walked with his feet tangling on the brush and tripping him up, though he had been in the forests around here a few times before he had never been in this part before. He stumbled on a small rock then kicked it before realizing the rock was a small Geodude.

When the Geodude charged at him he dove to the side. Realizing that this was a supreme opportunity to test Cherubi’s power he released her from her Pokeball. Cherubi being released from her ball cried “Cheruuuub” when getting out. Geodude seeing the newcomer tackled her very quickly while she was off guard.

Matt then called out to Cherubi “Use Tackle, get him!” and with those words Cherubi ran at Geodude and tackled him and knocked him over. Geodude quickly recovered and was charging at Cherubi swinging his rock hard fist towards her.
“Dodge it Cherr.” Matt then called to her getting her to move just in time and avoid the fist.
“Use Growth Cherr, then finish him off with a tackle.” Matt called out. Please finish her before he recovers from that. Matt thought as Cherr started to absorb power from her roots. Geodude looked like it was getting ready to strike again.
“Just keep it going a few seconds longer Cherr,” Matt called as Geodude rushed at her preparing to tackle. “Now quit using Growth, Dodge him and then quickly use Tackle to finish this up.
When Cherr tackled Geodude he fell down hard and lay there for a few seconds before stirring again. Geodude then got up and ran off into the bushes to get away from Cherr.

“You were awesome!” Matt congratulated Cherr after winning her first battle. “I knew you could do it.”
“Cherrr!” Cherr howled as it was sucked back into her Pokeball. Matt then stood up and looked around for Kate, Kate then strolled in holding a paw full of berries. Matt said thanks and put the berries into his backpack when Kate dropped them at his feet. She did though keep a Hot Pink Spiky, Spicy looking berry and eat it happily.
“Squuuiiir!” Kate said while eating the berry and then stood next to Matt waiting for him to do something. Now Matt decided that instead of checking his map he would wing it and just keep walking forward.

When Matt came out of the forest into a clearing he saw a small campsite with several people lying in sleeping bags. Also a girl not to much older then he was sitting up holding a beautiful White Feather in her hands. She did not see him as he was directly behind him and he decided to try and back up as quickly as possible as it was still very early, and he did not want to disturb her.

While walking backwards Matt stepped on a small twig and it snapped making a loud “CRACK’ sound throughout the clearing.
Then knowing there was no way to escape unnoticed he decided to just approach her.

October 2nd, 2008, 2:42 PM
(Sorry People I have been Grounded... so i cant post)

October 2nd, 2008, 2:43 PM
Reily turned around, “who was that?” She whispered back, not like Toby, as she hadn’t spent years practicing the skill of being only just loud enough to hear, and yet still very soft. She spotted Toby, oh, good, I'm not the only one awake, and held up the feather, pointing to it.

“This? I found it in the woods, I don’t know what its from or how it got there…” She began, though she was interrupted by a sudden, sharp crack! From behind her. Umbreon, who had been sitting relatively still, jumped up in alarm. Reily turned around, following Umbreon’s gaze to another trainer, she didn’t know this person, neither did Umbreon. That alone was enough to make Umbreon anxious. Reily, on the other hand, gave the trainer a small smile, not really caring that she didn’t know who he was. At least, not this time, on other occasions she probably would have, or at least would have had an urge to leap up and demand his name, this time, not quite so much.

“Hi…” She whispered, trying not to sound just slightly suspicious, I think, she added in her mind. Umbreon wasn't exactly looking happy, in fact, it looked almost frightened, and she wrapped her arms protectively around her pokemon, to reassure Umbreon, who was quite paranoid and suspectable to become suspicious of just about everyone he meets. Reily, in fact, was the only one he trusted completely, even after years of living with Reily and her family.

Hopefully some other people will be awake soon, besides me, Toby, Laura, and that other kid who just happened to have approached. Wonder who he is anyways? Wonder why he's over here in the first place. Probably just stumbled across out campsite, that always happens, yeah, that's probably it, and would Umbreon give it a rest? She thought, Umbreon let out a low growl, as if it had somehow sensed what Reily was thinking, but Reily knew that wasn't possible, as far as she knew, only Lucario could do that, and maybe Mesprit, the being of emotion, oh, and another pokemon that she couldn't think of at the moment. She sighed, random thoughts once again, I feel like I'm going crazy. She looked down at the feather in her hand, somehow, it was the color of the feathers of a pokemon she had seen in books...

October 2nd, 2008, 2:47 PM
OOC: Thanks, guys. Love you too xP Quicktraina, please don't use the blinding font. Thanks.

IC: Teagan noticed no one else was going to come along and continued walking. Hey, let them do whatever they want. She was going to find some kind of legendary Pokemon, dammit. That way she could ask its help to find her parents...after all, weren't legendary Pokemon supposed to be super powerful or something? They knew everything. Or so she thought.

Cyndaquil trotted along beside her. "Cynda?" it asked in a high-pitched squeal.

"What's the matter, Cyndaquil?" Teagan asked, and after it squealed again, she sighed and sat down. "I know, the others are back at the campsite. Wait, how did I even know there was a campsite? Anyway, I want to find another Pokemon like everyone else, or a clue to a legendary. I don't want this to just be another stupid journey. It has to mean something, and besides, Rogue isn't paying any attention to me. Even though I have this, like, completely obvious crush on him and all."

Cyndaquil sat there patiently, listening to Teagan's girl talk even though he was of the male gender.

Hey, there had to be a victim, and Cynda was the only one around.

"I mean, there are some days when I think he knows I like him, and that he likes me too, but then there are some days when he completely ignores me and goes off in some different direction." She let out a very, very long sigh. "Maybe he doesn't like me after all, I mean he didn't even come after me. But boys can be stupid, so I guess I don't have to worry about it."

The trees rustled around Teagan, and she looked up, somewhat scared. The night was not exactly the safest place in the world to go walking around in, and maybe there was something in the trees that could attack her!

"Cyndaquil, what is that?" she asked herself.

The rustling got closer.

"Cynda, cynda-quiiiiilll!" (I don't know, how would I know something like that? Do I look like a Zubat or something?)

Teagan rolled her eyes at Cyndaquil's remark. But her sarcasm was interrupted by more rustling. Whatever it was was getting closer.

OOC: Meh, I'm bored xP

Gumshoe Satyr
October 2nd, 2008, 4:45 PM
Laura and Pyro were dozing by the fire when a twig snapped, jolting both of them awake. Reaching for a nearby stick, out of habit from traveling alone, she peered in the darkness at the source of the sound. By the bits of firelight on the approaching figure, she soon saw that it seemed to be a male trainer about her age. Her eyes widened a bit when she realized that she'd seen him before hanging around the professor's lab yesterday. Finally aware of the stick in her hand, she discarded it with a flick of her fingers and stood up to greet the new arrival.

Now that she could see him better she saw that he had a young Squirtle at his side. "Hi there. Looks like you've stumbled into our campsite. I like your Squirtle." Ok, let's see what the pokedex says. Flipping it open, she pointed it at the pokemon. "Squirtle, The Tiny Turtle Pokemon. Squirtle's shell is not merely used for protection. The shell's rounded shape and the grooves on its surface help minimize resistance in water, enabling this Pokémon to swim at high speeds." Where are all these people coming from anyway? If he decides to join, that'll make seven people, nine pokemon, and one egg. What a crowd!

Alter Ego
October 3rd, 2008, 5:04 AM
Really now, this goes way beyond just the occasional shortish post.

Thread Warning 1

There is repeated character limit breakage in this thread, and Rogueslay? You're responsible for at least 90% of it, so for the love of all that is sweet and sugary get your act together. If you don't have enough to write on to make a proper post then wait until somebody else gives you more to work with. <<

There's also a number of people here who keep brushing awfully close to that limit (you should know who you are), so everybody please up the effort a notch. :\

That is all.

October 3rd, 2008, 11:15 AM
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October 3rd, 2008, 11:53 AM
Looking around Matt saw about three people and an Umbreon awake. Matt stood still hoping to not have woken anyone else. But, his hope was rushed as another girl had stood up just then and approached him. Matt stood not knowing what to do. I wonder how bad she’s going to hurt me for waking her up. Oh man this is going to sting, I just hope it isn’t in the face. But to Matt’s surprise he didn’t hit him or even touch him. She did though compliment his Squirtle.

The girl who had complimented his Squirtle suddenly whipped out her Pokedex and put Squirtle’s info quickly into it. Matt thought he recognized her from somewhere but wasn’t exactly where from. Where have I seen her from? I know I recognize her from somewhere recently.

Matt not knowing what to suddenly thought of something to say.
“Hi my name is Matt, what’s your name?”

Then out of no where he knew where he had seen her. It was the girl with the Chimchar from the lab. Oh my god, I knew I recognized her face. I wonder who all these other people are though. Matt then said out of nowhere before she even had to time to answer him.
“Did you recently get your Pokemon from the Professor’s Lab, because I feel like I saw you there.”

Matt suddenly asked that question for two reasons. One he had wanted to know it was actually her or if it was someone else. But, also he wanted to know if she acknowledged who he was.

October 4th, 2008, 6:48 AM
Teagan rolled her eyes at Cyndaquil's lame remark. "Really, I didn't know you weren't a Zubat. You look just like one to me. Anyway, it's time to get our first Pokemon battle started...I guess. And if it's a legendary, good for me."

This time it was Cyndaquil's turn to roll his eyes. "Cynda, cynda cynda." (Yeah, because legendaries just go around appearing to trainers all the time.)

"Y'never know." Teagan took a stance and pointed at the trees. "Use Ember!"

"Cynda." (Only one problem...I don't know that attack yet!)

"Oh." Teagan felt kind of stupid. "Well, then, come out come out whoever you are so I can get my Cyndaquil to scratch your eyes out!"

Contrary to what everyone thought would happen, the thing actually came out. It was a small, bug-like Pokemon with torn-up looking wings and a halo above its head. It floated in midair, and its blank eyes stared at nothing. It didn't move, just hovered in the air as if it was an inanimate object.

"Huh...? What's that?" Teagan asked herself, then remembered she had a Pokedex now and looked it up.

"NUKENIN, the Shed Pokemon, NUKENIN's hard body doesn't move - not even a twitch. In fact, it's body appears to be merely a shell. It is believed that this POKEMON will steal the spirit of anyone peering into its hollow body from its back. NUKENIN is a peculiar Pokemon. It seems to appear unsought in a POKE BALL after a TSUCHININ evolves. This bizarre POKEMON is entirely immobile - it doesn't even breathe. It is a peculiar POKEMON that floats in the air even though its wings remain completely still. The inside of its body is hollow and utterly dark."

"Geez, that was long," Teagan said, then realized she had the setting on all of Nukenin's previous Pokedex entries. Oh well, at least I know all of the information I can about it, she thought. But we don't live in Japan...what's it's English name? She set the language to English and it read 'Shedinja'. From then on, she had it on English/Japanese names in that order, so she could sound smart saying the Japanese names. From then on, she'd nickname all her Pokemon their Japanese names.

"Wow," she said aloud. "A dead, soul-sucking Pokemon."

"Cyn..." (Technically, it's spirit sucking...)

"Whatever. It says here that all you need to do to make Nukenin faint is to attack it with an attack that's super-effective. As in fire, dark, ghost, or flying...I'm sure there's more but right now I'm craving pizza and I can't think about much else."

Cyndaquil got into battle stance.

"Cyndaquil, it won't work for you, you don't have any super-effective attacks against it. The only ones you have are Scratch and Growl."

"Cynda!" (Well, then, what are we supposed to do?)

Teagan set her expression and took out a PokeBall.

"Cynda-cynda cyn?" (You can't mean to try and capture it without attacking it first?)

"That's exactly it," said Teagan. "Nukenin, I know that you don't have much to live for and you might actually really hate even living right now, what with being a soul sucker-"

"Cyn-" (Actually, it's spirit-)

Teagan looked at Cyndaquil with a kind of fury that she never even knew she had, and Cyndaquil shut up.

"-but I know that you can be good, and besides, I don't usually make sappy speeches so you better listen to this one. Because you ain't gonna get another one for a long time." She stared into Nukenin's black, soul-less eyes and didn't back down.

Nukenin stared right back creepily.

"Okay, well, that's kinda creepy, so, uhm, I'm kind of new at this, but, uh, go PokeBall!" Teagan threw the PokeBall and it hit Nukenin's shell, sucking him inside.

"Please..." Teagan watched as the PokeBall wiggled slowly back and forth.

Cyndaquil stared at it, eyes wide. "Quilll..." (If it gets caught, I'm going to go kill myself. These kinds of things don't happen.)

The PokeBall stopped wiggling and a red light shone in the center, then disappeared, indicating that the Nukenin was caught. Teagan jumped around happily and took the PokeBall from the grass where it lay. "Whoo, yeah, I caught a Nukenin!"

Cyndaquil took out a knife and looked at it suggestively.

"Cyndaquil!" Teagan took the knife out of his paw and threw it into the woods, where some poor Wurmple who was being attacked by a Bidoof (yeah, everyone despises him) caught it. The Wurmple looked at the knife and then up at the Bidoof with an evil smile. The Bidoof got huge eyes and ran away, screaming. Wurmple chased after it and eventually caught up with it and ate it and evolved twice from the good meal.

"Now. Let's go back to the campsite. Cyndaquil, can you give us some light?"

"Quil, quil-cynda!" (So now it's us, huh? Now that you have your very own spirit-sucker to boss around.)

"Ah, don't worry Cyndaquil. He'll never replace my first Pokemon."

How cute ^^

OOC: GOD, that was long. I got my writer's block broken. Yay me! So. Now...we wait XD

October 4th, 2008, 9:19 AM
OOC: BACK im gonna just do a fade thing so im caught up with you guys..

Zaine had just ended a battle with some trainer who he did not know when a wild Buizel Appeared. Since the battle had recently ended he still had croagunk out. "Alright croagunk use Mudslap" the Croagunk braced itself then shot of stream of mud at the Buizel who quickly countered with a watergun witch tore through the mud and straight to Croagunk. The croagunk staggerd back a bit then waited for an order. "Croagunk! Listen, wait until the Buizel uses his water gun, then charge at him and use Astonish okay?"
"Croa..Cro...Cro" The Croagunk stood by Idly waiting for the blast of water, when it came he ducked under it charging towards the Buziel and then did an Astonish Attack. The Buizel staggered and then fell to the ground. "Now When I say use Mud-Slap" The Croagunk nodded. As the Buizel tried to get up Zaine Yelled "Now" and th Croagunk shot a mudlsap, bowling the Buizel over. The Buizel layed ther in deafeat. "Alright, Your Mine" said Zaine throwing a pokeball at the Buizel. He hadn't wondered what a Buizel was doing here. The ball stopped moving and Zaine Picked it up.
Zaine was feeling a bit on the tired side but he had to make it to Jubalife city. He took off down the path seeing a group of Trainers resting near by he said "Hey i saw you guys at Rowans lab..." He sat down still keeping a distance. "Mind if I camp here?" he asked being as friendly as possible. He didn't wait for an answer and began to unpack his things. He had lied down in his bag and then closed his eyes. He got up because he couldn't sleep. He let his pokemon come out of their Pokeballs and he went Trudging off. He was walking through the forest witch became a bit creepy at this Hour. He then was jumped by a bug pokemon and its two goons. He couldnt see who they were so he pulled out their pokedex. The bigger Pokemon read Pinsir the Stag Beeetle Pokemon,
With its horns, it digs burrows to sleep in at night. In the morning, damp soil clings to its body. When the temperature drops at night, it sleeps on treetops or among roots where it is well hidden.

The Two Smaller ones were both the same and read as, Pineco the Bagworm Pokemon,
Pineco hangs from a tree branch and patiently waits for prey to come along. If the Pokémon is disturbed while eating by someone shaking its tree, it drops down to the ground and explodes with no warning. It spits out a fluid that it uses to glue tree bark to its body. The fluid hardens when it touches air.

Zaine Had no Idea what to do his pokemon were in no shape to fight the three enemies. He returned the Pokemon and then began to run. He tripped over a tree root his pokeballs went flying. They were out of reach and the Pinsir came Along and grabbed his pincers around the boy. The next thing he noticed was was an Infernape shooting a flame thrower at the Pinsir and his goons who quickl retreated. A Man said "Be careful" Zaine had looked up to thank the man but had found him gone. The Infernape fought with Power was it by any Chance Flint's Infern Ape? IF it was why was he over here? Zaine asked him self over and over before he returned to the his sleeping back where he had fallen asleep quickly due to exhaustion.

Misfits Story Notes: Time to to end the Day Finish UP ALl the Convos and Whatnot.. then the new day will start.

October 4th, 2008, 10:41 AM
Reily yawned unsleepily, if that was possible, and lay back on her sleeping bag, Umbreon lay down next to her, his eyes narrowed. He seems content enough, good, then I don't have to worry about him jumping up and attacking somebody. Reily said to herself, reaching into her pocket as her cell phone gave a quiet beep. She looked at the screen for a moment. New Text Message, it said.

Reily sighed, she wasn’t extremely fond of text messages, they were annoying and pointless to her, mostly because her most recent text messages said, “Hello, would you like to buy some Sweetscent Soap?” Or something like that. She wondered how they had managed to send it to her, whoever “they” were, luckily, though, it was from Connor.

hey guess what? I was training w/ char. Look what he did 2 me.

She pressed a button on the phone, opening up the picture he has just sent her, Connor looked almost the same as always. He had hair that was between medium and dark brown, and his eyes seemed to contain a trace of laughter, but his bangs had been singed and blackened, probably by his Charmander’s ember attack. Reily stifled a laugh, she would have Connor tell her the whole story when they got to the next Pokemon Center. Wait, I wonder what Connor’s doing this early in the morning? Reily suddenly wondered, then shrugged, oh well, its his business, it'd be best not to wonder.

October 4th, 2008, 4:17 PM
"Hey Rouge", Toby said, since almost everyone was awake. "Hows about a battle in the morning? My pokemon are itching for some exercise? Plus, it would be good training for the Gyms?"
Toby waited for his reply, before falling asleep from exhaustion.
The sun broke over the horizon, and Toby rose with dawn. He packed up his gear, and left a note with his stuff back at the camp site, and walked into the woods.
"Rise and shine, little ones", He let them out. "You two, its time for some early morning training!"
"Starly!" They chorused. They hadn't gotten any exercise yesterday, with the exception of their battle, and Toby thought they needed to get out of their pokeballs, since they had slept in them. Toby looked at his surroundings. There was a river close by, and Toby could here splashes. He walked towards it, and noticed a orange pokemon. It was swimming up and down the river, and diving off rocks. Toby pulled out his pokedex.
"Buziel, The Sea Weasel Pokemon. This pokemon swims by rotating its two tails like a screw. It has a floatation sack that sits on its neck, like an inflatable collar. This collapses when it dives." Toby watched the pokemon for a moment, before it noticed him. It growled, then sniffed the air. It sniffed again, and smiled, then ran towards Chikorita. She barked, and charged. She hit the Buziel hard. It fell to the ground, but jumped back up. Now it was ready for a fight. It ran at her, faster than a Tackle, and hit Chikorita dead on. She winced.
"Chikorita! Use Tackle!". She charged again, and hit the Buziel in the side. It yelped, and fell to the ground. Toby dropped a pokeball, then kicked it at the helpless pokemon. It absorbed it in a red flash, and rolled, once....twice...Ding! Toby grinned as the pokeball bounced back to him.
"Good girl!" He scratched the underside of her chin.
"Star! Star!" His starly called out, it wanting attention as well.
"Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you. Although, I wonder why Buziel acted like it did?"
"Chikorita, The Leaf Pokemon. The leaf on its head produces a sweet aroma, that attracts other pokemon. This leaf is also used to measure the temperature and humidity. It also loves to sunbathe".
"I can use that to my advantage when catching other pokemon. Intresting. Anyway, guys, Time to head back. Lets keep this on the down-low, okay guys. Don't tell anyone about Buziel yet. I want him to be a suprise. Okay?"
The two pokemon chirped their agreement. They got walked back to the campsite. Toby pulled open his bag, and grabbed a couple of potions. He sprayed one on Chikorita, and healed Buziel too. He noticed that the others were awake.
"Rouge, you ready?"

October 4th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Reily spotted Toby, and gave him a small smile, the Starly egg held gently and protectively in her hands. She was wide awake, though she had stayed awake for most of the night.

“Good morning, Toby." She said, he looks happy about something...She gazed fondly at the egg in her hands, and Umbreon stared at the egg enviously. Suddenly, Reily understood Umbreon's behavior whenever she said something nice about another pokemon.

Umbreon was, and still was, a somewhat jealous pokemon, and for years he had been Reily’s only pokemon as well, meaning that he got all of Reily’s attention. During the years that he had stayed with Reily, he had become accustomed to getting most of Reily’s attention. This translated to the fact that Umbreon disliked Reily suddenly paying a lot of attention to a pokemon other than himself. Reily did a facepalm, silently chastising herself for being so stupid.

“Everyone else seems to be awake, or partially awake, at least.” Reily muttered, mainly to herself, glancing down at the small egg in her hands, it should hatch soon, as Toby’s Starly was of the same nest and it was also pretty recently hatched. Soon, maybe even today, then we’ll have to start working with the baby Starly, Umbreon and I, should be interesting, maybe even fun…She was feeling oddly enthusiastic about training this morning, she didn’t know why. Maybe another walk in the woods would be a good idea. So far, Umbreon’s best move was its Shadow Ball, which it had learned accidentally when he and Reily were defending against a gang of bullies, it’d be great to work on improving it.

October 4th, 2008, 5:43 PM
OOC: Um Slytherfang, Buziels in its pokeball, since Toby doesn't want anyone to know he has it yet. Its a suprise, hes gona use it againist Rouge. I think we should make an OOC topic for this thread, so we can post stuff like this in there. Just a suggestion.

October 4th, 2008, 6:25 PM
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October 4th, 2008, 7:05 PM
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October 4th, 2008, 7:10 PM
Misfits Story Notes:
OK here are some Notes EletJ and Rogue! Both of you need to make longer posts. This Warning one of Three FRom me. Also Eletj slow down on the Pokemon catching ok?

October 4th, 2008, 7:20 PM
OOC: Okay, Thats fine Lostt. I thought the posts were getting better, but I'll keep trying. And I wont catch anything else till after 1st Gym? Is that long enough?

Gumshoe Satyr
October 4th, 2008, 8:03 PM
“Hi my name is Matt, what’s your name?” the newly arrived trainer asked. Before she could respond he added, “Did you recently get your Pokemon from the Professor’s Lab, because I feel like I saw you there.” I guess he recognizes me too. Laura was indifferent to Matt and his pokemon, but Pyro seemed a little suspicious of the Squirtle, probably because of the type difference. Thankfully, he had the good sense to not to act upon his feelings though.

"Chimchar chim?" he asked, as if wondering whether Matt and Squirtle were ok to have around. Laura laid a comforting hand on his knelt and said to Matt, "My name's Laura. Yes, I did just get Pyro from Professor Rowan's lab, and I think I remember you being there, though you didn't stay long after I got there. I guess you can stay the night." She looked around at the ones in the group who were awake to see if any protested, though she doubted that any would. I don't know what's up with this group! It's like we're sending out smoke signals or something saying 'Come and join us! The more the merrier!' I don't know what's with people wanting to travel together. Pyro's all I really need.... Yawning, she added, "I'm going back to sleep. Pyro and I are planning some tough training in the morning." With that, she laid back down in her sleeping bag and went to sleep.

The next morning Laura and Pyro walked by themselves in the wood, looking for a good place to train. "We need to back in time to see Toby and Rouge battle. It could be a learning experience for the both of us." Pyro nodded in agreement. Hearing splashing nearby, Laura decided to investigate. She came to a clearing, where she could see a shallow pond and a pink, slug-like pokemon slipping out of it. Pulling out her pokedex, she pointed it at the strange pokemon. "Shellos, The Sea Slug Pokemon. Its color and shapes differ from region to region. In the Sinnoh region, two types are confirmed.It lives along bodies of water. Its body shape its habitat."

"Sea slug, huh. Well, buddy you seem to be a long way from home. Come on Pyro. Let's battle it. It'll be good practice." "Chimchar chimchar chim!" Pyro shout in agreement, his expression becoming serious. He stood in front of the Shellos, prepared to fight.

"Ok Pyro. Start with Scratch!" Pyro charged foward, knocking the Shellos down as he scratched it across its chest. Shellos wasn't going to give up that easily, however. It rose to its feetlike appendages and kicked mud into Pyro's face. Yelling out in pain, he tried to rub the mud out his face with his hands. Crud... Pyro's weak against ground-type moves.

"You ok, pal?"

"Char!" Pyro wasn't about to lose his first fight so easily. Once he could see again, he glared at his opponent as if daring it to attack him again.

"Then use Scratch on Shellos once more and give it all you've got!" Laura smiled at her brave partner. Pyro lept at the Shellos, scratching it so hard that it stumbled back into the pond. It disappeared under the surface for a second, but then it floated back up, fainted. Throwing a pokeball at the fainted pokemon, Laura watched in anticipation as the Shellos disappeared inside. After shaking violently for several seconds, it stopped, and grinning, she picked the ball up and dryed it against her shirt.

"Way to go Pyro. We caught a Shellos!" Matching her grin, Pyro jumped up and down excitedly. "Come on out Shellos." She tossed the pokeball in the air and Shellos appeared in front of her. It looked at her and the Chimchar curiously but seemed to accept its new life. Laura gently picked it up and said, "Hmm.... Let's see... I know! I'll name you Shelly. It may not be very imaginative, but I think it's perfect."

Looking back down at Pyro, she said, "This day couldn't have started better, right pal? Oops, we'd better be getting back. Toby and Rouge's battle will be starting soon! Shelly return." After Shelly was safely back in her ball, she hurried back to the campsite and arrived just as Toby said "Rouge, you ready?" Good. We made it back in time. Let's see what these guys can do.....

October 4th, 2008, 8:53 PM
Teagan awoke all of a sudden, bolting upright. "What? What about a lima bean and a car chase?" she asked, almost screaming the words. Everyone turned to look at her, and she felt pink flush across her cheeks. "Uhm, never mind."

She noticed everyone was packing up and hurriedly began doing the same. As she did so, she thought about Nukenin in his PokeBall and Cyndaquil right beside her. She'd have to nickname him soon, but she wanted to think of a really original name, and besides, not a Japanese one because she decided to do it after Nukenin, not before.

Hmm. Flare? Flame? Blaze? All highly original names, but not original enough for her Cyndaquil.

"I'll get it later," she said to herself. "Come on, let's pack up this sleeping bag."

"Cynn...quil?" (Let's? You're the one doing all the work...I don't have any opposable thumbs to help you.)

OOC: If you get the joke in there, good for you.

October 5th, 2008, 8:00 AM
Reily sighed, standing up to roll up her sleeping bag. Umbreon leaped off of the sleeping bag and stood back as Reily pulled the bag towards her, folding it in half the long way before rolling it into one short...package or something. She clipped it in order to keep it from unrolling and hooked it onto her backpack, thank god its not very heavy. She thought, attaching the small sleeping bag to her backpack. Umbreon watched her intently, as if hoping to learn something from the experience of watching Reily pack her sleeping bag.

"So..." Reily picked up the egg, which she had wrapped in her spare jacket to protect it, and held it, with the jacket that had been warming it, gently in her arms. "I guess this thing will be hatching pretty soon..." She commented, not having anything else to say at the moment." Umbreon nodded silently, its glowing red eyes blank and emotionless.

"Come on, Umbreon! No pokemon's going to replace you!" Reily said reassuringly, stating what she knew was Umbreon's main worry about her capturing new pokemon. Umbreon didn't look completely convinced, but relaxed all the same, it was easy to reassure Umbreon momentarily, though soon its suspicions and worries rose to the surface again.

"Look, why don't we go into the forest and train?" She suggested, and Umbreon leaped to its feet eagerly. "It would be great to work on that Shadow Ball, you know," the words had barely left her mouth when Umbreon motioned for Reily to follow and led the way. "If anyone else wants to come, they can!" Reily called without looking back as she ran to catch up with Umbreon, hoisting her backpack over one shoulder, unlike the way she normally carried it. She ran into the forest, keeping her pokemon in sight, though slowed down a little by her backpack. After a minute or so, she began to wonder exactly where Umbreon was leading her.

"Hey, Umbreon! Where exactly are we going?" Reily shouted, though her pokemon was only a few feet away. Umbreon signaled that he had heard her but didn't slow down or look back.

"Umbree!" Was the answering reply, and Reily sighed, almost impatiently. Suddenly, the trees parted ahead of them, and Umbreon led the way into a large clearing. There was a sharp intake of breath from Reily as she looked upon the perfect training spot.

"Umbreon! You've been wandering around the forest by yourself!" Reily exclaimed, trying to sound like she was at least slightly angry, "that could be dangerous, good thing you didn't go too far from the campsite." She was beginning to sound like her mother, and stopped, Umbreon, meanwhile, was looking too pleased with itself to notice. "Though I have to say that you did find a really good spot for training." Reily commented, her gaze circling the clearing once more. "Maybe we should go back and tell the others."

Just then, Umbreon jumped into the air, charging a shadow ball, the dark sphere of shadow flew upward into the sky and seemed to disappear. Reily smiled, congratulating her pokemon, "that was probably the best one yet!" Gee, Umbreon seems awfully excited about training here, it might be best not to ruin its excitement.

October 5th, 2008, 4:07 PM
As Rogue rolled out of his cold sleeping bag he nearly stepped on Espeon and then almost stumbled on to Absol.

"Sorry you two." Rogue said

Since they were all up Rogue thought it would be a great idea to go and warm up for the battle Toby had Challenged him to.

"Come on you guys they go warm up alright."

Both of Rogue's Pokemon nodded and started to walk behind Rogue. As Rogue and his Pokemon walked up the trail a bit to a quiet clearing he noticed how many Pokemon were out here. Rogue say flocks of starley's, groups of caterpie, a lots of golden and other water Pokemon swimming in the near by river.

"Come on you two there's an apple tree just up ahead, we will grab a bite to eat then start training." Rogue called back to his Pokemon.

When Rogue got to the tree he called over to his Pokemon. "Absol use Razor Wind on the branch.'

The Razor wind Absol used snapped the branch and it dropped to the ground.

"Good job Absol." Rogue said to congratulated his Pokemon.

"Now Espeon use Quick Attack and pull the apples off the fallen branch."

Espeon bolted at the apples with blinding speed, At the speed Espeon was going the apple just popped off the brand with a quiet "POP".

"Good job Espeon." Rogue patted his Pokemon's heads and then handed them both and apple witch they began to eat.

Rogue grabbed an apple and began to enjoy his breakfast.

After all three of them finished there breakfast Rogue began to walk to the middle of the clearing.

"Come on Espeon, Absol lets warm up so we can beat Toby." Rogue shouted over to his Pokemon.

Espeon and Absol ran from the apple tree to were Rogue was waiting.

"Alright you two lets do some warm up on your attacks."

(ran out of time kk someone else post kk i will finish this later and yes im fighting Toby but everyone that reads this pick who u want to win kk )

October 7th, 2008, 11:59 AM
Reily decided that they had better tell the others about the clearing that Umbreon had found. And apparently Umbreon agreed, because he decided he would like to lead the way back to where everyone was. So Reily quickly swung her backpack over her head, so that the strap lay across her back and chest, and ran behind Umbreon.

“Umbreon! Slow down, will you, I’m not capable of running, what? Thirty miles per hour?” She called, and saw Umbreon slow down his pace a bit, but not significantly. They arrived at the campsite in shorter time than it took them to get to the clearing in the first place. Reily stopped at the edge of the forest, pretty sure that no one had seen them.

“You know, I bet I could do a back handspring…” She muttered, taking her backpack off and turning around. Then she stood with her arms over her hand and pushed off with both feet. Almost instantly, the world turned upside down as Reily flipped over, trying to remember how to land it. Amazingly, though she hadn’t practiced in a while, she landed the back handspring, though upon landing she stumbled and fell. “Dang, I could swear that was how you landed it. Maybe I need to practice a bit more. I haven’t really practiced that much.” She muttered, ignoring Umbreon’s superior, teasing look.

“Umbree!” Umbreon said, as Reily stood up slowly, and brushed herself off, shrugging away the embarrassing fall with an attempt at a casual smile at Umbreon.

“Well…at least I learned that I need to work on my balance skills, or maybe stand up a bit quicker.” Though deep down she was thinking, how did I miss that landing? I’m not an uncoordinated person! In fact, I’m very coordinated, I’ve got good hand eye coordination, and everything similar. Yes, I really am going crazy. I’m convinced of it. One of her many faults was to blame herself for everything, and to be especially harsh on herself when something she was attempting to do didn’t turn out. This was categorized as one of these times. Anyway, didn’t Toby challenge Rogue to a battle? I’m sure that should be interesting. Wonder who’ll win.

October 7th, 2008, 12:07 PM
Teagan watched as Reily did her back handspring. "Wow, that was really good! I always wanted to learn how to do it, but I never was able to. I got to beginner's front handspring though...but I always land either on my butt or just in the wrong position...and it hurts. Like I just broke my butt or something."

She realized again that she was over-talking, which wasn't something too unexpected from Teagan's talkative-ness.

"So, Rogue and Toby will battle? Cool. Can I be a cheerleader?"

Cyndaquil rolled its eyes at her.

"What, I'm trying every way I can to get Rogue to notice that I like him." She instantly covered her mouth as she noticed that Reily was right there.

"Well, Professor Rowan said it was obvious...but I really, really want him to ask me out," she started ranting again. "I mean, I know we're best friends forever, but once I turned 13 it was like BAM I knew he was actually a cute guy."

Cyndaquil rolled its eyes the other way.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 7th, 2008, 12:29 PM
As her and Pyro waited for the match to begin, Laura noticed Reily coming out of the forest nearby. She didn't think much of this until she saw her flip over and do a handspring that was perfect except she stumbled and fell upon landing. She's athletic I guess. I'd better get Shelly out is she's going to watch the battle.

Before she can even get the pokeball out, Teagan praised Reily's handspring and started ranting about how much she liked Rouge and how much she wanted to go out with him. Whatever. It took every bit of willpower Laura had to keep her from scoffing and rolling her eyes like Teagan's Cyndaquil. Perhaps it was because she was almost five years younger than Teagan, but she couldn't see anything all that great about falling in love. She wasn't about to put her trust in anyone without a fight, even seemingly nice people like Rouge and Reily.

Pulling Shelly's pokeball out of her backpack, she said, "Come on out Shelly." Noticing the Shellos yawning and looking around blearily, she figured that it must've been taking a nap. "Shelly, there's about to be a pokemon battle between these two boys. Watch carefully because you might be in one someday. You, too, Pyro." After pointing Rouge and Toby out, she gently picked up Shelly and laid her on her shoulder. With a leap, Pyro landed on her other shoulder, causing Laura to sway a little under their combined weight. I guess I won't have to worry too much about jealously as long as I can divide my attention.

Both Pyro and Shelly watched and waited with such concentration that Laura was proud of the both of them. They needed all the help they could get if they were going to Roark, the Gym Leader of the Oreburgh Gym. We can do it! We just need to work hard and believe in ourselves. As long as we work together, there's nothing we can't do!

October 7th, 2008, 1:29 PM
Toby looked around at the group of travellers. He'd known Reily, Teagan and Rouge for a few years, ever since he had moved here. Laura, she had just joined them, so Toby didn't really know her well.Then there were those other two, who he didn't really know. He saw a pokemon sitting on Laura's shoulder. Toby would look it up later, he had preparing to do. He pulled out his pokedex, and flipped ot open, looking for something that would help.
"Ah! Here we go! Battle. This should help". A sub-menu popped up. "Hmmm, Select pokemon? Okay. Lets have a looksey here."

Nickname: <Insert Here>
Species: Chikorita
Gender: Female
Held Item: N/A
-Razor Leaf

"Your a girl? Damn, there go my nickname ideas. What would you want to be called?"
"Chiko!Rita!" I don't know, whatever, as long as its not Smelly Von-Stinkclepuss.
"How about... Megan?"
Megan nuzzled Toby's leg. "Megan it is then." He typed in here name. "Now for the others".

Nickname: <insert here>
Species: Starly
Gender: Male
Held Item: N/A

"Well, he only just hatched. I probably shouldn't use him. I think I'll call you Ace". Ace chripped in affection. "Which just leaves.." he said, lowering his volume so others couldn't hear him.

Nickname: <insert here>
Species: Buziel
Gender: Male
Held Item: N/A
-Quick Attack
-Water Gun

"I'll have to use you, Ace hasn't even battled yet. You could take em. I reckon I'll call you.... Sly." He typed in the last nickname. A screen popped up. "Select Referee", and alist of everyone one around him popped up. "Hmm... I can't pick me or Rouge.. I don't think Teagan would be a good Ref, she'd probably just be fawning over Rouge the whole time... I don't really know the others...So that just leaves Reily". Toby walked over to her. "Hey, Reily, could you ref me and Rouges battle? Its easy, your pokedex will tell you what to do. Please?"

October 7th, 2008, 3:43 PM
Reily smiled, "thanks, I've practiced for years, but I still can't land it right, and if you want to be a cheerleader, you should probably ask Rogue. He might find it good to have someone who supports him so strongly." She added, slightly teasingly. Umbreon looked confused. At that moment, Toby walked over, I wonder what he wants, aren't they about to start their battle?.

"Hey Reily, could you ref me and Rogue's battle? Its easy, your Pokedex will tell you what to do. Please?" He asked, Reily understood his request completely, but seemed to be looking through Toby rather than at him. Well, she was actually looking directly at him, but it was as if he was invisible.

"Er...yeah, sure, if you want me too. Oh, and-" Her gaze shifted to Teagan, better not to ask for her. That wouldn't exactly be nice of me. "Do you know how to control a shadow ball attack? 'Cause if you do, I could use some help with that after the battle. Well...good luck I guess." She tiltede her gaze towards the ground slightly, you'd have to be an observant person to notice, but if you were an observant person then it couldn't have been more obvious. She hoped nobody noticed, it was almost involuntary, as if something interesting had attracted her gaze towards the ground, but there was nothing there except for a couple hundred blades of grass around her feet.

(Is this considered short? Because I'll edit it if it is.)

October 7th, 2008, 5:09 PM
Chapter 1:
There is a Big Festival at Jubalife city.
People have started reporting sightings of Team Galactic

Notes: Good Job Everyone Keep it up!


Zaine felt exhausted but he had to go on. He stood up stretched some then began packing his bags. There was a lost of commotion within the group he had camped next to. He rolled up his sleeping bag strapped it up and put on his back pack. While walking past the group he added. "Hey, i hope you guys know at Jubalife there is a big event set for Tonight...you should come, it will be a lot of fun it is a very big event with lots of rides and foods" Zaine motioned his hands forming a big circle "There will also be lots of trainers to battle against.. if i am correct there is a mini-tournament for both battling and coordinating, well, if you guys are coming i guess ill see you there" Zaine waved goodbye and set off.

A moment after Zaine left a man came running to the small group of trainers He stopped took a breath then asked, "Can you guys help me?" Without waiting for an answer he began to tell his story. "Some People from team Galactic stole some the necessary machinery to operate rides, without that there will be no festival..." The Man Sighed. "Oh, how rude of me i forgot to introduce my self... I am Chuck, I run the whole festival. it usually costs around $500 per family, but if you guys help me you will get free Admisson." He took another Breath. Chuck sat down to wait for the Childrens response.

Zaine found himself at the gates of Jubalife city. Two police officers stood at the gate when one whispered to other, "Man, I've been searching all day cant T take a break?" The officer paused then added, "I mean he doesn't even look like a criminal.."

"Hey, I want a break as much as you do but our shift isn't over for another hour, we have an order to search every one that wants to enter the city.. now go and search.. That is an order rookie!"

"What.. but i searched the last guy.." mumbled the rookie.

"And?" dared the Senior officer "I have higher Authority when I tell you to do something you listen with out hesitation.."

"Fine..." he grumbled as he Approached Zaine, "Sorry Kid, I gotta search everyone for the missing machine parts."

"Ok, Just tell me what you need me to do, I'll be happy to listen..." Zaine made a little fake smile.

"Ok I'll need you take off the backpack and the sweater" said the officer Pointing to his backpack then the Sweater. Zaine Handed the Officer the Backpack then took off his sweater tossing on top of the pack. "OK kid this will only take a minute" said the Officer as he unzipped the bag. He sifted through the contents closed it then handed it back to Zaine. "Ok you're good to go.." the officer let out a sigh then handed Zaine Back his Sweater.

Zaine stepped inside the city. The first thing on his mind was getting his pokemon inspected and registered for the Tournament. He walked over to the Pokecenter gave his Pokemon to the Nurse who said, "Be back in an Hour for them ok?" Her Tone was jolly.

"Ok, Ill be back in a Hour, Bye Nurse Joy" said Zaine as he Dashed out the door. He walked around the city a bit, untill he found the office of regestration. He saw that the line was Huge! Man, atleast 2 Hour wait... He had to go pickup his pokemon in a hour so he would go eat first. He went to the best Restaraunt in Jubalife City. As he entered the first thing he noticed was the Tacky Starlee and Staravia theme. Zaine orded a bowl of Rice, a Crecaun, then a soda. He sat at a table while he waited for his order. The rather annoying polka music, made the ten minute wait seem like an eternity.

October 9th, 2008, 1:50 PM
As Rogue and his Pokemon trained and warmed up for there up coming battle with Toby, Rogue began to see how strong his Espeon and Absol were.

"Come on you two we need to get back before everyone thinks we got lost." Rogue said to his Pokemon.

As Rogue walked in front of his Pokemon he began to think if they other Pokemon he would love to catch on his journey. Rogue though of Bagon being a cool Pokemon but he always loved to find a charmander. He's parents had found a charmander when the three of them were walking through the trails behind there house. ROgue was only 6 when he helped his dad save that Pokemon's life.

As Rogue got closer to were they had camped he began to hear the noise of his freinds talking.

"Hey guy's im back, i hope u all got something to eat." Rogue said to his freinds as he came into sight.

Toby looked like he was all set for there battle.

"Hey Toby im ready when ever you are, its going to be a 2 on 2 battle alright since i only have two Pokemon."

(Hey Lostt dont get mad about this one being short or the ones of me and toby battling kk )

October 9th, 2008, 1:55 PM
OOC: Rougeslay: We'll have to postpone.
Lostt: hope you don't mind me ghosting the NPC.

"Sorry Rouge, looks like we'll have to postpone".Toby stood up, and grabbed his things. "Team Galatic? How will we know its them? I mean, they could be dressed as anyone by now?"
"They'll be wearing their uniforms", Chuck pulled out a picture showing two bowl-cut guys sneaking out of a building. Their hair was a blue-ish green-ish tinge, and the uniforms had a weird shaped G on them.
"That settles it! I'm gonna take down these guys! Rouge, looks like we'll have to battle later. I'll see the rest of you in Jubilife City". He sprinted of down the route, in the direction Zaine had gone, before stopping abruptly.
"Reily! I'll help with Shadow ball later! Okay?" He yelled, before turning and continued running.

Toby ran towards the gate, slowing his pace as he got closer. "Good morning Officers!" He called out.
"Put your backpack on the ground, and take of your coat."
"Okay, if you say so. You must still be looking for that machine part." He slung off his backpack. "Well, I'm here to help." He dropped his coat next to it. The officer smiled maliciously.
"You'd thought we'd never catch you, did you."
"What are you talking?"
The younger of the two cut in.
"Freeze, Criminal!" and leapt on Toby. Toby fell to the ground under his weight.
"What the hell! I said I'm here to help!Do I look like some bowl-cut freaks to you?!" Toby yelled.
"If your here to help, then what are those things on your arm, punk!"
"They are called RDMs, you moron! They're the only things keeping my arms from shattering!"
"Stop it!"
"He's telling the truth, officer." Chuck and some others had followed him. Toby was glad they had. "I asked these people to help catch the real culprits."
"Oh, I'm sorry..." The officer got off him, and looked deeply ashamed. Toby smiled.
"Hey, don't worry about it. I'm sure I would have done the same thing. Although, there is something you could do for me. Could we have a map of Jubilife?"

October 9th, 2008, 2:34 PM
Reily was puzzled, Team Galactic? I...think I've heard of them somewhere before, just don't know where, or from whom. She said to herself, Umbreon remaining quite expressionless, the next thing she knew, Toby was exchanging a few words with a man, before turning back to the group.

"That settles it! I'm going to take down these guys! Rogue, it looks like we'll have to battle later. I'll see the rest of you in Jubilife City!" Then he was off, sprinting down the route, Reily could only assume he was on his way to Jubilife, to find somebody, perhaps, but she was certain that for all she knew, she could more than likely be wrong about that. Those guys, he means Team Galactic? I still can't remember where i heard that name, I'm pretty sure whatever i heard wasn't exactly good, though. I actually think I heard about them from some important figure, like that newscast lady or something.

"Reily! I'll help you with shadow ball later, okay?" He was calling over his shoulder, and Reily only looked up completely at the sound of her name, not having taken in any other words the man had been saying. Shadow ball? Oh...right, shadow ball. Umbreon looked about as perplexed as she felt, though she could only guess from the flicker of something that crossed Umbreon's face that it was confusion.

"Toby, wait!" She called uselessly, then sighed and turned to the group. "Well, he was quick to take action, do you think we should follow?" She asked, Umbreon blinked up at her, and Reily tried to read her Pokemon's expression, had there been much of an expression at all.

October 11th, 2008, 7:30 AM
Teagan watched as Toby ran away. "Well, it would figure that everyone is suddenly running away. I am not going to get involved in this. Because every time that I get involved in something that involves the police, it usually involves me getting in trouble." She thought a bit. "Does the word 'involve' sound weird to you now?"

I can't go anywhere where the police are, or they'll know that I'm here! Teagan could feel her thoughts moving a mile a minute, and she blocked out everything around her. They don't really know much about me - it would be normal that they'd want to go after Team Galactic.

She turned to the group. "You guys know about the fire, right? Well, I can't go to the police, at least not looking like myself..." She trailed off as she thought about something.

"That's it! I can dye my hair!" She held up a strand of her blonde, short, layered hair sadly. She'd miss the natural blonde...but this was the only way.

"What do you guys think? That way they can't recognize me."

October 12th, 2008, 9:44 AM
Reily tried hard to imagine Teagan with a hair color other than its natural blonde. It, obviously, proved an impossible feat, even Umbreon seemed to have trouble taking it in. Teagan without blonde hair isn't Teagan! Was Reily's only thought.

"Well....yeah, your reason makes a lot of sense," Reily said, slowly, cautiously, "but I would feel weird talking to a Teagan without blonde hair, maybe you should try using a wig? Unless it accidentally fell off or something, maybe you could color it with something not quite as permanent, I mean, dye wears off, but there might be something that won't last quite as long..."

"Umbreon!" Umbreon protested, and Reily put a hand on Umbreon's head to quiet it.

"Umbreon, I think we should probably let Teagan decide what she wants or doesn't want to do. Get what I mean? Not to be mean or anything, I think your opinion is very important, but in this case..." She trailed off, realizing that she couldn't go on speaking any farther without someone noticing that she was muttering to her Umbreon.

Reily stepped back, taking a good look at Teagan's facial features, and her face shape, before falling silent as she thought for a moment, though it was difficult with Umbreon staring at her continuously and nudging her hand ever so often. "I think you would look really nice with darker hair...I don't know though, its your choice ultimately, but yeah...just saying...." She began, though she began to lose certainty as soon as she began speaking. Was she really making such a big deal of things? It sounded as if she were deciding what to do after a person had died suddenly, and hopefully, it wouldn't get as bad as that.

Ooc:// Ratiosu- I just found out that your name means "Latios!" How cool is that? I mean, I've always known that Latias (my is and always will be best friend) 's is Ratiasu in Japanese, but I've never put it together. *feels extremely stupid*

October 12th, 2008, 10:04 AM
Ooc:// Ratiosu- I just found out that your name means "Latios!" How cool is that? I mean, I've always known that Latias (my is and always will be best friend) 's is Ratiasu in Japanese, but I've never put it together. *feels extremely stupid*

OOC: Wow. *shakes head* Wow. JK. I used to have something about it in my sig, like 3 years ago, but then I was like, "Hey, whatever, they can figure it out themselves." So I guess we're kinda like sisters then (Ratiosu - Latios, Slytherfang - Latias)! XD

IC: Teagan thought about what Reily said. "Yeah, I guess you're right, the only thing is that I'm too scared of it falling off, like you said, and besides, I need to kind of become a new person. The police can figure me out from my personality, and it's like, you know, if I have the same hair, then there's a clue that it's me. Y'know?"

She loved her blonde hair, and the 'dumb blonde' assumption that came with it (especially since she definitely fit that personality), but there had to be some kind of change. Especially if she wanted to catch Rogue's eye - he didn't seem to be very interested in her right now and she wanted to do something drastic for him.

Yeah, she was slightly obsessed. But that would be Teagan for you.

"Nukenin," she asked, turning to her Shedinja, who had shown an extreme dislike of its Pokeball, "do you think I should dye my hair? I'm thinking jet black with blond tips."

Nukenin, being dead, just kind of floated there and stared.

"Yeah, thought so. That great of a color, huh?" She took Nukenin's silence to mean he was amazed at how great it would be.

"Oh yeah, you guys, this is Nukenin, I just caught him. Isn't he adorable?" Teagan said to the rest of the group.

October 12th, 2008, 1:19 PM
"Wow you new Pokemon looks so cool."

Rogue tried to see Teagon with a different colour of hair.

"Hmmmmmmmm, Teagon if you don't dye it we could walk there behind the others and wait till they finish up what there going to do."Rogue said

Rogue didn't really want to get into something but if all of his friends were going then he would more then gladly go and help them out.

"If every one is going then i guess I'm in."

Rogue tossed his poke balls wanting his Pokemon out of there poke balls.

"Hey Espeon, Absol you want to go help them out." Rogue said to his pokemon.

Espeon and Absol both looked at him and shock there heads wanting to go help out there freinds to.

"Alright then if everyone is going it looks like we are going to."

"Hey Teagon you hair would look fine with black and blonde." Rogue said
(Srry so short thanksgiving will post later, plz Lostt dont give em another strike.)

October 12th, 2008, 2:29 PM
(__Chapter 2__)

-The event will start once the missing machine part is taken.
-Everyones posts have been good so far
-I personally think that this thread is going no where and I will soon just get it locked if no one posts.

October 12th, 2008, 2:31 PM
"You just caught him? He's really cool! Neat name too, by the way, is it in some other language?" Reily asked, adding to her previous comment, she, being not very well versed in foreign languages (save for Chinese), had no clue what Nukenin was supposed to mean, or be. Suddenly, she let out a small scream and nearly dropped the egg she was holding as crack lines began to appear on the surface.

She stared, enraptured, as if in a trance, at the pale egg with the light flecks, as did Umbreon, who stood stock still. A small black and orange beak was the first thing to be seen, then a pair of glowing black eyes, and a large white area on its head and chest, with a large white spot on its forehead. A male, Reily thought, though gender never mattered to her, because of the size of the white spot on its forehead. Finally, the rest of the egg fell away, small pieces drifting forgotten onto the ground, where they came to rest.

"Starly!" The Starly said happily, perhaps it was glad to be out of the egg at last. Then it promptly lost its balance and nearly toppled off of Reily's hands. Reily caught it quickly, and it regained its balance, looking slightly embarrassed.

"Well, you are a new hatch..." Reily said, trying to keep from laughing at the Starly's embarrassed expression, which almost seemed exaggerated. She withdrew her pokedex and opened up the Pokemon section thingy (she was never good with technology) of it, and took a look at Starly's information.

Species: Starly
Evolutionary Stage: Base
Gender: Male
Held Item: None

"Yeah, you're male, like I thought, so all that remains is to think of a name for you." Reily said, eying Starly, who ruffled its feathers and settled down comfortably. "The thing is, I have no clue what to name you, let's give it some time, okay?"

"Starly!" The Starly chirped, fine by me, as long as I like it. Meanwhile, Reily noticed that Umbreon was looking at the Starly in a still somewhat cold, but with a trace of something almost friendly, way.

"Hey, everyone," Reily turned to the group minus Toby, "meet...Starly! Now, are we going to follow Toby or what?"

Ooc:// Okay, everyone, keep moving along, 'cause at the moment we're all just standing there while Toby's somewhere else.

Ratiosu- yeah, I know, its wicked cool.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 12th, 2008, 4:47 PM
Laura was surprised by the appearance of Chuck and even more so when Toby readily agreed to help. I wonder why. It sounds like nothing buy trouble, and there's no guarantee that he'll get his reward. Despite this, Laura felt a slight curiosity for the events in Jubelife and wondered if she should follow Toby.

Watching his retreating back, she patted Shelly and returned her to her pokeball. Pyro smiled a little, glad to have her all to himself. Going to have to find a way to get them better acquainted.... They might have to fight along side each other at some time. She payed little attention to the others since they were talking about Teagan dyeing her hair or something. She did, however, eye the Shedinja with interest.

When the conversation still had yet to really go anywhere, she walked away from the group in the direction that Toby had gone. Hearing a Starly's chirp, she turned back and saw the bird in Reiley's arms. I guess the egg hatched. Seeing the group continuing to not move anywhere, she continued to walk away and eventually sped up into a run with Pyro at her side. Eventually she reached the city and saw Toby getting hassled by some police officers. She hung back, unsure of what to do.

October 13th, 2008, 3:43 PM
"Cool, the Starly hatched!" Teagan said, and laughed for no particular reason. She was that kind of person.

"Nukenin is Japanese for Shedinja...Starly's Japanese name is Mukkuru. Just a neat little tidbit of information...I'm going to call all my Pokemon except Cyndaquil by their Japanese names. His is mad-ass long - it's Hinoarashi. I'm not going to say that every time."

Just then she realized that life actually did pass while they were all sitting there doing nothing and said, "GUYS WE GOTTA GO TO TOBY LIK OKIEZ?" and then remembered the hair thing.

"Okay, well, I guess we hafta do this right now so I can go with you guys." She took out a bottle of black hair dye she had been "convienently" storing in her purse and read the directions, then took out a mirror and brushed the dye through. "It says to go take a shower 15 minutes later for processing, so I guess we can just do that at wherever Toby's at. And..." she took a pair of scissors out of her Bottomless Abyss of a purse, and cut an inch or two off her hair, cutting it with side bangs across her forehead.

"Cynda..." Hey, what are you, a hairdresser or something?

"I always wanted to do something with hair when I got older," Teagan said as she started painting her nails black to fully make herself look different from the dumb blonde cheerleader type she always was.

"Quil!" Going a little overboard?

"Nope." Teagan stood up and started running crazily towards the direction Toby was seen going towards. "Herez I comez!"

OOC: Oh yeah, Teagan is a crazy one. Gotta watch out for her.

October 13th, 2008, 4:02 PM
Rogue grabbed his stuff trying to catch up with Teagon.

"Wait up Teagon." Rogue yelled.

As Rogue cought up Espeon and Absol had both jumped from there pokeballs wanting to run with them.

As Rogue Espeon, Absol, Teagon and her Cyndaquill ran to catch up up with Toby Rogue noticed that there were a lot of guard walking near the entrence to the city.

"Hey Teagon look there's Toby being held donw by the cops."

(Tyring to just get this moving so it si short srry

October 13th, 2008, 9:22 PM
Toby opened the map. The town was a resonable size, but it would be easy to navigate.
'If I was a bowl-cut weirdo theif, where would I hide?" He thought. 'The Apartments! I'll start there.. then move somewhere else". The others had caught up to him. "Good to see you've all finally gotten here. This", he pointed behind him with one arm. "This is Jubilife City". Toby spotted the officers coming towards them.
"Officers, they're with me. This is Stacey, Reily, Rouge, and I think I spot Laura over there". He pointed to them in sequencal order, as he said their names.
"Alright everyone, Go on inside, and catch that criminal!"
"Guys, I think we should check the apartments first", Toby said as they headed inside the city. "Its the big builiding in that direction".Toby walked over to Teagan, and whispered: "Hope Stacey is alright, its the only name I could think of, and we can't have them knowing who you really are, can we?" He tapped his nose with his index finger.
"Right guys! Lets Go!" One of Toby's pokeballs started vibrating, almost violently. 'Oh Right, I was gonna keep him as a suprise for the battle, but I supose theres no harm in showing you". He pressed the small button. Energy zapped from the ball, and the otter pokemon materialized.
"Buziel!! Buuuziel!"
"Everyone, this is Sly. Sly, this is Teagan, Rouge, Reily, and Laura". Sly jumped up, wrapping his tails around Toby's side, lying on the top of his bag and resting his head on Toby's shoulder. Toby walked towards the apartments, hoping the others were following. He noticed a older teenage boy walk towards the door. He was wearing a dark coat covering most of his clothes, and Toby could have swore he was wearing a wig. Then Toby saw it.. The emblem, from the picture.
"There he is! The theif!!!" The grunt looked at Toby and the group, and bolted inside. "After him!!!!"

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October 14th, 2008, 3:47 PM
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October 17th, 2008, 12:07 PM
"Buziel!! Buuuziel!"

"Everyone, this is Sly. Sly, this is Teagan, Rouge, Reily, and Laura" Toby was saying as Reily caught up, she had been sort of lagging behind the group, and she gave an involuntary smile as Umbreon eyed Sly suspiciously. Then Toby seemed to be fixed upon a guy in his late teenage years, possibly. Strange hair, was Reily's first thought, as she had missed most of the talk about Team Galactic. But Toby seemed to recognize something suspicious about the person.

"There he is! The theif!!!" Toby had suddenly shouted, and the boy looked at them once before disappearing quickly inside the building they were near. "After him!!!!"

Wow, I don't mean to be mean, but Toby sounds like some sort of...medieval knight or something...Reily though, before deciding that thought was completely random and worth nothing. She ran inside after Toby, no one would let him face that alone, would they? She caught up to Toby soon, though he seemed not to notice her presence, she didn't expect him to, caught up as he was in whatever he was caught up in.

She, meanwhile, looked around for the teenager, but she saw no sign of him, what is this building anyway? She couldn't tell from interior, but she spotted a carpeted flight of stairs and a few doors with golden numbers made out of hammered out sheet metal, and suspected this was either an apartment or hotel.

"Well...where are we, and what are we doing, exactly?" She asked Toby, without turning to look at him.

October 17th, 2008, 12:29 PM
"Hey Toby what happened here, we turn a corner and your getting beaten but by some police officers." Rogue said, he sincerely hoped that Toby was alright, though it didn't really seem to serious in the first place, and so after a moment he shrugged that off and turned his mind back to the present. Apparently he had zoned out or something, because when he sort of came back down to earth, he realized that someone was shouting.

"There he is! The theif !!!" So it was Toby who was shouting, Rogue managed to catch a fleeting glimpse of a strange looking person. A boy in his late teens, by the looks of it, and he couldn't help but think how strange the person looked, from the clothing he was wearing to his odd haircut.

"Well I guess we should go with them, who knows what they will get themselves into." Rogue said to Espeon, Absol and Teagan immediately after Toby had disappeared into the building and Reily, apparently abandoning all thought, had ran in after him. Meanwhile, everyone else was standing outside, everything seemed to have happened so fast no one had really caught on completely yet.

Rogue started to rush to were Reily and Toby had turned, but he didn't see them. Rogue had never been to this city so he wanted to stay close to his freind so he dident get lost, he was just beginning to get worried that he wouldn't find them when he spotted Toby a distance ahead.

"Wait up you guys." Rogue yelled, his voice carrying at least far enough to reach their ears.

After seeing what they were chasing Rogue started to think if he had Espeon use quick Attack maybe she could push the theif over and stop all of this running. Perhaps that would work, it certainly would be much easier than searching for him, and what if there was more than one of them. It would be like searching Jubilife City two, three, four times. Impossible in a day's time. But he could still see the teenager, bolting ahead, and putting more distance between them with each step.

"Hey Teagan you think it would work if someone's pokemon used quick attack or something to hit the theif." Rogue shouted back, though he might have been too far from Teagan and the others for her to hear him, as his voice was quickly carried away by a sudden gust of wind that blew into his face.

(Thanks Reily for the help, wink wink nudge nudge lol )

Gumshoe Satyr
October 17th, 2008, 8:14 PM
As the group was gathering together, Laura was about to join them when she saw a teenager. Noting the dark coat and the wig, she murmured to Pyro, "Well, he looks like he's go something to hide. You think he's one of those Team Galactic thieves that Chuck spoke of?" Before the Chimchar could answer, Toby spotted the teen.

"There he is! The thief!!!" he yelled, after which the thief jerked his head over to Toby and the group and bolted into a nearby building. "After him!!!!" Laura wanted to scream at Toby that if he hadn't yelled at the teen and warn him that they knew who he was, they might've been able to catch him off guard. Now they had a chase, which could cause the entirety of Team Galactic to go into hiding or something.

Instead of getting mad at Toby, Laura merely sighed in frustration and said to Pyro, "You ready for a chase, buddy?" Nodding firmly in determination, the Pokemon waited for her signal to start. Why am I even getting involved?.... This is definitely not the kind of journey I thought I was going to have. If Toby does something like this again he can find someone else to help him out. I'm done....

"Ok, Pyro. Let's go." Following Reily and Toby into the building, she realized that from the numbers on the doors that this must be some sort of hotel or something.

Beside her, she heard Reily ask Toby, "Well...where are we, and what are we doing, exactly?" Oh, come on. Do we really have time to have a conversation right now? If we want to catch the guy, we need to get moving, especially if we don't want him to warn his team members! Looking around, she didn't see the thief anywhere in sight.

October 18th, 2008, 5:54 AM
"But we can't, it's part of the PokeLaw that you're not allowed to tell your Pokemon to attack a human. Even if some people do it, they're evil and I don't want to sink down to their level." Teagan did have some morals, despite her being a tremendous flirt and possible prostitute...

She stopped thinking that. It was an inside joke anyway.

"Nukenin, use Imprison!" she called, and the Shedinja did. Red, glowing spheres formed around the fleeing thief, and trapped him in a spiraling cage.

Teagan went up to him. "So, what were you trying to steal, exactly, huh?"

OOC: Teagan (n.) - not exactly the sharpest tack in the box
{synonyms} dumb blonde, moronic, idiotic, slow thinker

October 19th, 2008, 7:52 AM
"Erm..." Reily began, having caught up to where Teagan was. I don't think he's just going to tell you, straight out, plain and simple. Umbreon looked skeptically at Teagan, but neither of them said anything as they watched Teagan confront the thief.

"So what exactly were you trying to steal, huh?" Teagan asked, a trace of sharpness in her voice.

"Why should I tell you?" The thief growled angrily, glaring at Teagan, a murderous look in his eyes. Reily, meanwhile, restrained herself from rolling her eyes, as Umbreon seemed to be doing the same.

"I'll...just go and find...Toby and...Rogue, shall I?" Reily said, pausing uncertainly between each few words. The thief, the Team Galactic member, seemed to just have noticed her, and the look that he gave her was almost as murderous as the one he had given Teagan. Reily took a few steps backwards, hesitantly.

"Who are you?" The Galactic Grunt spat at her, and she suddenly straightened up and glared back at him. Trying hard to sound at least somewhat intimidating, and less hesitant, she spoke back to him.

"Keep your trap shut and talk to Stacey here, okay?" She asked, almost forgetting to use Teagan's made up name, created by Toby in order to hide her identity from the police, who were supposedly, though she could only guess, looking for her. Then she turned and disappeared, breaking into a run with Umbreon at her side.

"Toby? Rogue? Stacey's got him, she's trying to talk to him at the moment!" She called as her other friends came into view.

October 19th, 2008, 7:59 AM
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October 19th, 2008, 10:02 PM
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(__Chapter 3__)
-Return the Missing part to Chuck
-Enjoy the Festival
-Enter a Festival Contest
-Battle some Trainers
-Have fun!

Feel free to post without me, I'll get one up soon.

October 21st, 2008, 4:30 AM
Rogue looked at what the thief was trying to run off with.

"Hey guy's this thing look like an over sized microwave. Who would want one of these."

Rogue look at his Pokemon who look pretty restless.

"Hey well who want to go look around town well Toby takes that back to the person who owns it." Rogue said as he was hopping to go look around the festival .

Rogue look at espeon who's eyes were look at Teagan and Reily, Espeon's eyes were suck a bright pinkish purple.

(srry so short im wanting to get this post still moving and i need to go get ready for school and i have to start helping work on the house since im moving =( )

October 21st, 2008, 11:53 AM
Oh yeah, my name is Stacey now, I totally forgot, there would have been some serious consequences if I'd said my name out loud, not like I would for any reason, but...

Teagan watched the criminal and then heard Reily say something about him not telling her straight out and simple. Well, since Reily thought it, she didn't hear it as much as...well, Teagan simply called it 'hearing her brain waves'.

It was kind of creepy.

Well, mostly it involved looking at peoples' facial expressions and thinking what would be appropriate in the conversation or situation. It wasn't really reading anyone's mind. But then she said, "Well, I'm gonna leave you for my friend Toby, he's going to take you to the police and then you'll die, so good luck on death row!" She laughed maniacally.

If you knew Teagan at all, you'd know she often did stuff like this.

Teagan bounded up to Rogue, telling Nukenin to keep the Imprison going. "Hey, let's go to the Festival together!" she closed her eyes in pleasure.


October 21st, 2008, 12:28 PM
When Toby come around, the first thing he'll do probably is call the police. I've never known him to be so serious about this kind of thing, but I guess that's because I've never seen him chase down a theif before.

"Umbreon!" Umbreon cried pitiously from behind her, Reily turned around, gasping in horror as her gaze fell upon Umbreon. Wrapped around its leg was a length of barbed wire, it had already scratched Umbreon's legs, it would be easy to cut out, but she didn't know how she could cut out barbed wire without hurting Umbreon further. Umbreon cried again as it limped fowards, the sharp spot on the wire raked across Umbreon's leg, leaving a red mark.

"Guys! Come and help will you? Please!" She didn't know who would have done this to a pokeon that was innocent. Umbreon had never done anyone any harm, unless he really disliked them, and even then it was only a sharp scratch or something. What did he do to deserve a coil of barbed wire wrapped around his leg? It's plain not fair.

She knelt down, gently stroking Umbreon, trying to get its mind off of the pain of the scratches. How had it all happened so suddenly? Umbreon was only out of her sight for about thirty seconds!

"Umbreee!" Umbreon whimpered, looking up at Reily, who hugged it and called to Teagan, aka Stacey.

"Stace! Hey, Stacey, I need some help here, I won't be able to get Umbreon to the Pokemon Center by myself, he's too tall and heavy!" She called. They'd probably all wonder how come she was yelling about a Pokemon Center. They'd have no idea until they saw. Meanwhile, she took another look at Umbreon's leg, it was covered with cuts and scratches, red marks marred the perfect fur and a small bit of blood dampened the fur around the scratches, a pitiful sight to behold.

October 21st, 2008, 7:19 PM
Toby ran around the corner. He had seen the whole thing. And he was mad.
"HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO A POKEMON!! WHAT HAS IT EVER DONE TO YOU!!" He boomed as he ran toward the grunt. He removed his right glove, then back-handed the grunt, his arm quivering. He called out Ace. "Ace, snip the wire with your beak". The bird did as he was told, and Umbreon was let free. Toby grabbed some rope from his bag, and tied up the grunts hand. He took 3 deep breaths, and regained his calm.
"Get up", He commanded. "Reily, Text the Police. Rouge, make sure he doesn't pull anything.". Toby picked up Umbreon. "You're really badly hurt.. I'll take him the Pokecentre". He made a sling from his sleeping bag, and the left-over rope, and placed Umbreon in it. He sprinted out the door, clutching the pokemon, and ran towards the Centre. He burst through the door. "He's really hurt... Somebody help!" He sprinted towards the counter. "Barbed wire.. around.. leg". Toby puffed.
"Slow down. What happened?"
"Someone wrapped barbed wire around his leg. Can you help him? He's in a lot of pain."
"We'll get him good and fixed up. Don't worry, He'll be fine in a few minutes".
A little while later..
Toby ran towards Reily, Umbreon close behind.
"The Nurse said he'll be fine, She healed him up, All good!" He ruffled Umbreon's fur on the top of his head.

October 22nd, 2008, 11:33 AM
Ooc:// Lol, Toby's all business

Reily withdrew her cell phone, but before she could even begin her text, Toby already had cut Umbreon free and was running towards the pokemon center. She stared after him for a moment, almost astonished at the speed in which everything had seemed to happen.

"Geez that guy is fast." She muttered as she sent a text to the police station, staring at the "Sending...." Symbol and words on the screen until the words, "Message Sent Successfully!" Appeared as the screen returned to the homepage (screen? Whatever.) hoping that was what Toby had meant, 'cause if he meant differently, then...well, she'd deal with that later. Apparently, that was exactly what Toby had meant because she could hear a screech of tires as the police arrived. Wow, they're even faster to take action than Toby, both of them make me feel unbelievably slow...

"The Nurse said he'll be fine, she healed him up. All good!" Toby was saying, and Reily spun around, caught by surprise, besides the red marks still present where the wire had cut through Umbreon's skin, he looked like the old Umbreon. Energetic, somewhat playful...

"Thanks so much, Toby!" Reily said, giving Toby a hug, friendly, of course. Before kneeling down to Umbreon.

"Sorry I didn't think of what to do faster, I'm glad your leg's fine though. Toby actually was the one who brought you to the Pokemon Center." Umbreon looked almost confused, as it tried to remember. Evidently, he hadn't really caught on either, but still looked towards Toby.

"Umbreon!" It said, thank you.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 23rd, 2008, 12:14 PM
With the whirlwind of activity going on, Laura found herself off to the side watching, which suited her just fine. Since the "big kids" weren't paying much attention to what she was doing and there was a little time before the festival contest started, she decided to go off and have a little time alone. Since they're going to have fun at the festival anyway, they probably won't even notice that I'm gone. Guess I can use this time to spend time with my Pokemon.

While the others were distracted, Laura walked off and headed for the city's exit. When she reached a nice open area near the road, she let Shelly out of her pokeball. Addressing both Pyro and Shelly, she said, "Ok, guys. How about some last minute training before we battle some trainers?" Before they could even answer, three boys about three or four years older than Laura came into view, walking down the road toward Jubelife.

The taller of the boys, apparently the leader, nudged his two companions and eyed Laura with superiority and interest. Laughing, they followed him as he approached her, his expression full of disdain. "Hey, squirt. You gonna battle at the festival today?" Although irritated with his attitude, she managed a slow nod, after which he nudged his friends and again laughed.

Holding up a pokeball, he challenged her. "How 'bout a practice match? We each use one Pokemon, and the last one standing wins." Her eyes narrowed a bit at this, knowing that he'd picked her because he expected her to be weak. I'll show him his mistake!

"Fine with me," she said, motioning her Shellos to go forward. "Shelly's my choice." She heard the boys roar with laughter as they eyed the less than fourteen lb, sluglike Pokemon.

"That's not a Pokemon," the leader insisted. "This is a Pokemon." Throwing his pokeball, a gray, muscled Pokemon with three ridges on its head appeared. "Take that runt down, Machop!" Looking between the two trainers, one of the other boys agreed to referee. "Everyone ready? Begin!"

"Machop, use your Low Kick to cream that little wimp." Charging forward, the fighting Pokemon aimed a kick toward Shelly's stomach.

"Shelly, use Harden and counter with Mud-Slap." The Shellos stiffened its body just as the kick connected. Only grunting and rubbing his foot a little bit, the Machop didn't seem hardly hurt at all. When she threw a shower of mud in his face, however, he stumbled back, rubbing his eyes and whimpering in pain. Crud.... How can we take it out when Shelly can only attack with Mud-Slap!

Furrowing his face slightly with frustation, the leader shouted, "Shake it off, Machop! Power up with Focus Energy, and try Low Kick again!" Glowing with a light blue aura, the Machop kicked at the Shellos again, this time managing to break through its defenses. Hearing her cry out in pain, Laura realized that the Low Kick scored a critical hit.

"Can you get up, Shell?" Laura asked, hoping that the little Pokemon could get through her first battle. Behind her, she could hear Pyro cheering both of them on.

"Shellos!" Shelly answer, picking herself off the ground. Without even waiting for its trainer to give it a command, the Machop charged at Shelly again, readying itself to give her another kick. Closing her eyes, the Shellos opened her mouth as a blue orb formed in front of it, after which a stream of water shot out of her mouth, crashing into the Machop. Did she just learn Water Pulse?

Seeing the Machop struggling back onto his feet, Laura shouted, "Shelly use Water Pulse once more!" Again the blue orb appeared, followed by a stream of water, knocking the Machop back down. This time he didn't get back up.

After waiting an unappropriately long time, the referee stammered, "M-Machop is u-unable to continue. S-S-Shellos wins!" The leader's face grew red with fury as he accused, "That girl cheated! There's no way her Shellos beat my awesome Machop!"

Picking up her exhausted Shellos, Laura answered coolly, "I didn't cheat. If you didn't waste your time battling people you think are much weaker than you are, Machop would be much better trained."

This statement only enraged the three boys all the more. "Let's teach her a lesson guys," the leader shouted. Each throwing a pokeball, a Sandshew, Piplup, and Budew appeared. Pyro immediately stood in front of Laura to protect her, but she knew that it was no use. I guess Toby's need to find trouble has rubbed off on me....

OOC: Yes, I know it's really long, but I haven't been posting very much lately.

October 23rd, 2008, 5:20 PM
OOC: Okay Everyone! I'm am going to be away for a couple of days, But I want everyone to keep posting! Battle people, Enter Contests etc. Don't leave Jubilife City! I am allowing Ghosting of my character to an extent. You may get him to follow you, and have him in the background, cheering someone on or something. Good posts everyone! Remember, the longer, the better!

October 25th, 2008, 5:35 AM
Teagan heard Reily call for her, for her help, but by the time she had turned around, Toby had already taken care of it, so she turned back around and looked to see what happened in front of her (which was, like, nothing. Things don't happen in two seconds.).

"I hope Reily's all right," she said to herself as she walked on. "But Toby's got it covered, so I guess it's all right."

Then she saw Laura being cornered with a Piplup, a Sandshrew, and a Budew. She immediately ran to her, shouting back an apology to Rogue as she appeared by Reily's side. "Are these jerks giving you trouble?"

"We're just trying to teach her that Shellos isn't even a real Pokemon," one of the three boys, the owners of the Pokemon, said. "These are. Unless you want to battle us and prove us wrong."

"Totally!" Teagan said, and sent out her newest Pokemon, Nukenin, her Shedinja. Taking out her Pokedex, she scanned each of the Pokemon.

"Pochama, the Penguin Pokemon, because it is very proud, it hates accepting food from people. Its thick down guards it from the cold. It lives along shores in northern countries. A skilled swimmer, it dives for over 10 minutes to hunt."

"Sand, the Mouse Pokemon, to protect itself from attackers, it curls up into a ball. It lives in arid regions with minimal rainfall."

"Subomi, the Bud Pokemon, over the winter it closes its bud and endures the cold. In spring, the bud opens and releases pollen. It lives alongside clear ponds. It scatters pollen that induces harsh sneezing and runny noses."

"How stupid, she has her Pokedex set to Japanese names," one of the boys, the one with the Sandshrew, said.

Now Teagan was mad. She never did have a very good temper, and the fact that she was a hormonal teenager now didn't help the fact very much. "You're gonna regret saying that! Nukenin, use Confuse Ray on all three! And," she adressed the boys, "you can't even hit my Nukenin with any of the moves you have now, because of its Wonder Guard...super-effective moves only." She did the Ash-winking-and-holding-out-the-peace-sign thing, for lack of a better catchphrase or catch-motion.

Unless they have Peck or Rock Throw, she thought, biting her lip mentally.

"Come on, Reily, let's take these guys! Shellos should be pretty good against Sand...I'll take Pochama...and maybe Rogue can help. Rogue!" she called. "Can you take this Subomi...Budew?" she added, knowing he didn't use Japanese names.

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October 31st, 2008, 1:45 PM
Toby looked up as Teagan and Rouge stepped up to battle. Laura's Shellos looked exhausted though. Time for Toby to step up.

"Laura, Shelly looks to tired to battle. Don't worry, I'll take care of these pipsqueaks". The Leader's blood boiled.

"Who you calling a pip-squeak!" He squealed. He sprinted at Toby, and was stopped by the God of all Cliches. Toby held him back using his index finger.

"I don't think so. You wanted to be a man. Then battle me... Or do you have absolutely courage at all?" Toby smiled with his trade-mark smug grin.

"I'll show you! SANDSHREW! Get ready for a battle!" The sandshrew barked in anticapation.

"All right then! I'll use Sly!" The orange sea-weasal pokemon leapt from his bag. "Lets go then! Since your the pip-squeak, You can make the first move".

"You'll pay for calling me name! Sandshrew! DIG!" The brown pokemon began clawing at the earth, and burrowed its way under the surface.

"Sly! Use Water Gun in the hole!" Sly sprinted towards the hole, and shot water from his mouth. There was a deep rumbling, and the Sandshrew burst from the earth, engulfed by water. "Now Sly, Quick Attack him!" The otter winded it tails up, then released them and shot at the shrew. Sly hit it dead on. The shrew went spinning, before falling to the earth.

"We're not done yet! Sandshrew, Use Sand-attack!" The shrew kicked some sand at Sly, which blinded him. "Follow up with Poison Sting!" The shrew leapt at him, and stabbed at Sly with it's tail. Sly jumped back, but a second to late. The poison tail struck him, and Sly squealed in pain.

"Hah! You pathetic pokemon can't even stand a Poison Sting!"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that! SLY! Finish him with SONICBOOM!" Sound waves erupted from Sly's mouth, and hit the shrew dead on. It was pushed back, and collapased from exhaustion. The boy returned it.

"Talk better care of your pokemon, and don't pick on someone who you THINK is weaker than you. Got it?"


"Now tell Laura you're sorry". The boy walked over to Laura. Toby looked around to see how the others had done.


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October 31st, 2008, 5:53 PM
"And there's Toby, taking charge as usual." Reily said in a very reporter-like voice, Umbreon's eyes narrowed as it began to charge up a shadow ball. A little too late, though, the fight had already ended. She could understand why, Umbreon was just itching for a battle.

"No! Umbreon-fire it into the air!" Reily cried hurriedly, and Umbreon directed the attack into the air. The dark mass of shadow traveled for a while before dispersing, and Reily let out a sigh of relief.


"Umbree!" So sorry about that!

"Don't worry about it Umbreon, it wasn't your fault. You were just a little late!" She ran up to Toby and Laura then. She kind of felt sorry for Laura's Pokemon, despite barely knowing the girl, but it was a true battler at heart, she knew that for a fact.

"Hey, Starly!" She said suddenly, letting the Starling Pokemon out of its Pokeball, it perched contentedly on her shoulder and chirped. Stroking it gently, though with some difficulty, she watched another battle going on.

"Good battle, guys!" She exclaimed, congratulating the two, they really had fought extremely well, though she had missed some of it.

Ooc:// Sorry its short, I'm in a rush, I hope it meets expectations, though.

November 2nd, 2008, 4:44 PM
As Rogue had left the group to do some shopping seeing that he had forgotten lots of his cloths at home.

" Hey Espeon what you think of this store." Rogue said as he look at the cool shirts and stuff in the shop window.

" Come on Espeon i want to go and get some new stuff."

Coming out in some new cloths Rogue felt good about it. Rogue pulled a small Pokemon neck scarf from his pocket and tied onto Espeon's neck.

"You look good Espeon." Rogue said with a smile.

Absol looked at Rogue think he had forgotten him.

"Absol i didn't forget you pulling a black and red scarf out from his pocket and tieing it onto absol's neck.

(srry about how short it is im moving so this is all the time i have to write a post)

Gumshoe Satyr
November 2nd, 2008, 7:38 PM
As the three Pokemon stepped menacingly closer to Laura and her Pokemon, Laura was stunned when Toby and Teagan suddenly showed up. Realizing that they were there to back her up, she watched as Teagan and her Shedinja challenged the Piplup and Toby and his Buizel took down the Sandshew. It'd been so long since someone had actually stood up for her that she was struck speechless the entire time. Just when she thought that she had people figured out, these "big kids" would do something and prove her wrong. Surprisingly, this incident was making her more nervous to be around this group. She was actually much more comfortable around people when they acted like the selfish, fair-weather creatures she believed them to be.

"Uh.... Thanks...," she said a little shakily but quickly recovered with a, "Thanks a whole lot!" What's with these people!? I just don't know how to deal with this.... I'm not sure what to think anymore.... I need time to think...

"Char chimchar!" she heard Pyro shout, and she saw that he was facing the Budew, ready to fight. Laura understood him perfectly. Since Teagan and Toby were fighting the other two, Pyro should take out the third, which wouldn't be as difficult as the first battle since he had a type advantage. She'd have to sort out her thoughts and feelings later.

"If you think Shelly was tough, wait'll you see Pyro in action. Alright, pal. Go in the trees and use Ember." As the Chimchar leaped for the nearest tree, the Budew tried to stop him with a Stun Spore, but he was too quick. When he was safely concealed in the leaves, he let loose small balls of fire, which hit the Budew hard.

"Yikes! Budew, see if you can get up!" the boy yelled, and the grass Pokemon managed to shakily get back on its feet, but it was obviously weaker. "Use Water Sport so their fire attacks will be weaker." The vines on Budew's head opened up and water squirted up, completely covering it.

"Don't worry, buddy. Give it the Scratch attack of its life and finish with another Ember."

"Stop it with Mega Drain, Budew!"

Leaping out of the tree, Pyro prepared to give the Pokemon a Scratch but was stopped in his tracks as a green beam of light engulfed him. "You can't stop him with a grass move. Show him, Pyro!" Grinning, the fire Pokemon pushed against the light and headed once again toward the Budew at a strained walk. The grass Pokemon looked nervously toward his Trainer for help, but the stunned boy couldn't think of anything that would help. As Pyro fiercely scratched it, Budew stumbled back with a cry and fainted as he finished it with a quick Ember.

Returning his Pokemon to its pokeball, he shrieked to his friends, "They're too tough, guys. Let's get oughta here!" He looked even more nervous when Reiley's Umbreon shot a Shadow Ball into the air.

November 3rd, 2008, 2:47 PM
"Nukenin, use your Poison Sting on Pochama!" Teagan cried, and Nukenin did, the small poison darts shooting from it and hitting the penguin Pokemon dead on. It looked kind of sick, and flashed purple every couple seconds.

"Good, it's poisoned, now Nukenin, use Sand-Attack to blind it and finish it off with a Quick Attack!"

Nukenin did so, and before long, the Pochama was finished.

"No contest, what kind of trainer are you?" she asked, and then noticed they were running away. Being Teagan, she yelled after them, "Cowards! Come back and face up to us, you're just a bunch of whiner-babies!" Anyone who knew Teagan would know that this was the ultimate insult that anyone could recieve from her.

"Well, looks like they're not coming back. Good battle, you guys, let's go do something else now."

OOC: X_x

November 19th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Reily nodded at Teagan, aka Stacey's, comment that they should probably get on to doing something else, so that they wouldn't look stupid just standing there, probably.

"Okay, that sounds good," she said agreeably, waving her hand at the area around them, sweeping it from right to left to indicate her question, which she proceeded to voice out loud. "So....anybody have any idea what we should do? I, personally, don't really care, so anything's fine by me." She added, as a breeze swept across the area, gracing the city with a cool burst of air.

"I mean," she continued, "it really is a really nice day, it'd be awesome to just spend the day doing whatever." It was only then that she noticed Rogue wasn't with them, worried, her gaze swept across the area, though she couldn't see Rogue. "Er, anyone know where Rogue is?" She asked nervously, though at that moment she spied Rogue exiting a store dressed in fresh, new clothes.

"Nevermind, false alarm." She corrected herself quickly, waving in Rogue's direction so that he might see them, looking a bit more out of character. "Hey, Rogue, were over here!" She called at the same time, looking and acting more like Teagan, aka Stacey, than herself. Toby and Laura had both be somewhat quiet the entire time, and Reily turned towards them with a small smile.

"Laura, that was an excellent battle, I don't think I would have done as well as you did, if it were me." She congratulated the girl, "so do any of you have any suggestions as to what we could do? I mean, seriously, it's too good of a day to waste standing around, and we might not stay in Jubilife City for that long anyway, so we might as well make the most of it, so...?" She trailed off, spotting something in the sky, a few other people had noticed it as well, it looked a lot like a plane, though it was moving about fifty billion times slower than one, it was dark in color, maybe dark gray, black, dark blue, or dark green, something along those lines, and could have been one of many things.

"A blimp, I think." Reily said out loud. Umbreon turned large, puzzled eyes on her, they clearly asked her what the heck she meant. Reily looked up at the sky again, "see, its a blimp, I think, I haven't seen one before, but it looks like one." The thing in the sky was attracting more attention now, though she had to agree it was probably some thing for tourists.

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November 20th, 2008, 7:34 PM
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Gumshoe Satyr
November 30th, 2008, 7:16 PM
Blushing slightly at Reily's compliment, Laura started to say something when she felt a tug on her sleeve and looked down to see Pyro beaming a smile at her. "Yeah, you did great. Both you and Shelly," she whispered gratefully to him. She patted him on the head until she saw something out of the corner of her eye moving slowly across the sky.

"A blimp, I think." Reily said aloud, who seemed to have seen it as well.

"Wow, that's really neat!" Laura said, a little memorized by the sight but looked down again when she felt Pyro tug on her sleeve again. This time he was pointing at a poster taped on the side of a building, and curious, Laura walked over to it to see why he was making such a fuss.

"Char chimchar!" he called excitedly to the others. In his frenzy to get their attention, he jumped up and down and ran in circles. Anything to get them to notice what he'd seen. He's sure excited. I wonder what it could be.... By that time she'd reached the poster, and a smile spread across her face as she saw a picture of a Luxio and Houndour fiercely fighting printed across the center of it.

So, this is why...., Laura thought as she began to read the writing aloud:

Come one, Come all
to the annual
Jubelife Festival Pokemon Competition

Registration should be done at the Pokecenter
before 12 'o clock today

Pokemon Battles will begin at 4 'o clock today
while the Pokemon Contest will start at ten 'o clock tomorrow morning

Good luck to all contestants!

(See Nurse Joy for more information)

Looking at the clock on her pokedex, Laura saw that they only had ten minutes until noon. Heh, Pyro remembered that this is why we stopped at Jubelife in the first place. Well, besides stopping that thief.

"We'd better hurry if we're going to enter this!"

(I hope this is ok. Just wanted to move things along. I'll change anything you want me to.)

December 6th, 2008, 5:03 PM
OOC: Yeah, sorry about the lack of activity. Stress City, geez X_x

IC: Teagan headed towards the PokeCenter with the others, and when she saw Rogue coming out of the store, her eyes almost popped out of her head. She wondered why he was allowed to look so good and why she couldn't even tell him how she felt, everything was kept all bottled up inside and sooner or later it would have to come out. Whether in the form of words or anger at him being able to tempt her and make her want him so much, she didn't know.

(a/n: Rant. I just read something that brought out some kind of weird plot-bunny thingy. XD)

She realized she'd have to tell him sometime. Maybe now was best, before she lost the courage to...

She looked up at him, his perfect black hair, his beautiful, endless eyes, and she opened her mouth to say it, and she got as far as, "Rogue...I have to tell you something."

And then Laura called over to them about the Pokemon battles and contests, and that they'd have to sign up, and Teagan's eyes filled with tears because she knew that she'd never get that courage again, but she tried to be strong and headed up to Laura.

"Cool, when does it start?" she asked in a shaky voice.

OOC: Awww, how sweet. :3

December 18th, 2008, 12:42 PM
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IC: "See Nurse Joy for more details. I guess that means we're heading to the Pokecenter". Toby ran towards the center, Sly running close beside him. Toby had only just captured him, and yet they had already become friends. 'It's weird that people and pokemon can grow so close, in such a short time.'.

He looked up into the sky, and saw the thing that Reily had mentioned. It could have been a blimp, but it also could have been something else. It was hard to tell from this distance. A swift pain halted his thoughts. He stumbled back, and fell. He brushed himself off, and turned to face his attacker. He cracked up laughing. He had walked into a lamp-post.
---A Lab somewhere in Sinnoh (the lab I havent mentioned in 6 pages :P)---

"Subject 00234 is in Jubilife City, sir. It seems he is entering the city's festival battle championship. This could be the perfect time to strike, sir. The boy will be busy getting ready".
"Well done, Agent J. You have gladly lived up to your reputation. Ah, but who should we send in?"
"The boy shouldn't be hard to beat. He only has a few pokemon. A grunt could probably defeat him. I suggest entering the tournament, and defeating him. Then while he makes his way backstage, we snatch him."
"Excellant J. Make it happen."
---Back to Toby and the Gang---
Toby and the others headed into the PC. The forms where sitting on the counter. He grabbed the forms, then handed them out.

Name: Tobias Enigma Darkrose.
Age: 14
Battle: Yes
Contests: Yes.
Address: 255 Vien Road, Sangem Town, Sinnoh.
How long have you been a trainer: 3 days.
Has anyone in your family been a trainer: My entire family have.
Signature: Toby ;)

Toby handed in his form. and waited for the others to finish.

December 21st, 2008, 4:18 PM
Rogue turned around to see Teagan trying to speak to him.

" Wait Teagan, what is it." Rogue said as he ran up behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Rogue begain to think well he waited for Teagan to respond. He began to think about the battle they were signing up for. After he began to think about what it could have been that Teagan wanted. Rogue thought to himself that women were all very weird.

Rogue smiled thinking this since he had always had a small crush on Teagan ever since she moved into his city.

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December 22nd, 2008, 4:54 AM
Something up with Teagan? Was Reily's first thought, though she quickly dismissed it, telling herself that Teagan was probably being herself. Instead, she proceeded to follow Toby, Laura, and all the others to the Pokemon Center where they were supposedly going to pick up entry forms for the contest. Apparently so, for after they had walked into the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy greeted them with a smile.

"Suppose you're here for forms too." She told them, before handing a stack to Toby, who passed them around.

"Thanks." Reily muttered, looking down at her sneakers for some odd reason as she was handed her form by Toby. Though her expression was nothing short of slightly apprehensive as she scanned the form, she nevertheless pulled a pencil out of her pocket to proceed with filling it in in slightly uneven, printed lettering, differing quite a bit from her usual script, so that it might be easier to read.

Name: Reily Jackson
Age: 14
Battle: Yes
Contests: Yes
Address:438 Stratus Circle, Sangem Town, Sinnoh
How long have you been a trainer: 3 days
Has anyone in your family been a trainer: My family were Pokemon breeders
Signature: Reily Jackson

Handing it in to Nurse Joy, she stood back to wait for the others.

December 23rd, 2008, 9:39 AM
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Teagan was just watching Laura when all of a sudden something touched her shoulder, and a voice that very nearly sounded like God's (but was actually Rogue's) said, "Teagan, what is it?" Teagan couldn't breathe for a few seconds, and then turned around to see Rogue standing there, his hand previously having been on her shoulder but forced to drop since she turned around.

She took a deep breath. "Okay. I wanted to tell you something, but I didn't think it would make much sense to you. Because, like, you always think I'm just your friend when...really...the truth is..."

Come on, Teagan. Just say it. Worst he can do is say no, right?

Wait a minute...that's awful! Saying no? That's the worst he can do, and it's something I don't want to have happen. Okay. Chill. He looks kind of worried about you because OH CRAP you're not speaking. COME ON!

"The truth is...I love you, Rogue!" Teagan took the papers she had to fill out and started to walk away to do it by herself. Halfway to outside, where she would be able to think without him invading her thoughts, she turned around and said, "You don't get it. I've loved you ever since we were kids, and you just didn't see it."

She took another deep breath.

"It's like you don't even notice me, like you can't even tell that I love you. I've done so much to tell you, but...I guess you never noticed. I can't even say that I don't care if you love me back because I do. I've always loved you."

She ran outside and sat down by a pond of Magikarp. They all gathered at the side, eager to see a visitor. Magikarp were so underestimated that they never got any visitors.

Teagan laughed sadly at the sight of their goggling fish-eyes. They seemed to be saying amongst themselves, A visitor? For us? She wiped away what she was surprised to see running down her face - a warm tear. Great, now her eyeliner was smudged.

"You guys understand, don't you? No, of course you don't. You're fish. But I guess even you must have love problems, huh?"

As if to prove her right, a Magikarp that hadn't joined the crowd watching Teagan chased around a female one. She swam away as fast as she could, and the male Magikarp was left swimming there, sadly, watching after her.

"Don't worry," she told it, "she'll see what an awesome Magikarp you are."

It looked sadly up at her.

"You just gotta give it time," she continued, stroking it, "and eventually she'll understand that you love her and want to be her one and only."

Now she felt like a hypocrite. Telling these Magikarp about love when she'd never even experienced mutual love before. Ah well, she might as well start filling out the papers/

Name: Stacy Maleroy
Age: 16
Battle: Yes
Contest: Yes
Address: none, lived in an orphanage
How Long Have You Been a Trainer: 3 days
Has Anyone In Your Family Been a Trainer: parents are both dead
Signature: Stacey Maleroy

Obviously, she couldn't say her home had burned down or they'd figure out who she was. She put the papers down, kept them down with a rock, and kept talking to the Magikarp. "I mean, there are some days when I think I can't live without this one boy I know...but I don't even know if he loves me back. I just told him..."

The Magikarp all gaped up at her in shock. Although, it was more or less their default expression. Teagan laughed at that. "I don't even know if you guys really understand what I'm saying...but it's nice to have someone to talk to."

OOC: Aw, I just fell in love with Magikarp again. They're so KEWT. X3

My posts are like books. Lord. I just can't stop writing once I start. Which is why I'm going to become an author xP

December 23rd, 2008, 6:29 PM
Rogue stood rooted to the spot with his mouth draped open. He was absolutely shocked, and was still trying to process what had just happened. Espeon and Absol witch were both standing right beside him, both looked up at him then back at were Teagan was sitting. Rogue decided he would go talk to Teagan in a few minutes after he had gone and signed up. Before signing up Rogue began to rummage in his pack for some other cloths he had picked up and a bottle of hair die. He had always wanted to dye his hair and he thought he would see what it looked like , and to see how much his mom would freak out.


After returning from the washroom he grabbed on of the sign up sheets and began to complete his registration.

Name: Rogue
Age: 15
Battle: yes
Contest: no
Address:123 caroline st
How Long Have You Been a Trainer: 3
Has Anyone In Your Family Been a Trainer: breeders

After handing the paper to nurse joy he began to make his way over to Teagan.

"Hey Teagan." Rogue said as he stood a few feet a few scared to death.
"Ummmm i don't know how to say this but.................... I.....Li...ke......Y...ou...T....wo." Rogue said
As Rogue said this Espeon and Absol both came over and sat down beside him. Rogue was not use to having to talk about his feelings and stuff to other people, so this whole thing was very different to him.

December 23rd, 2008, 7:28 PM
Toby laughed. Inwardly, of course, He didn't want to seem like a jerk. He knew she was going to crack. He knew that she coudn't have kept it a secret for long. Toby knew she wasn't great at keeping secrets, and one as big as that wouldn't stay bottled up for long. However, He need to train. He couldn't go tomorrow without any practice. He walked outside, noticing Teagan sitting down by a pond. He decided to leave her. She needed some air. He wandered over to a nearby trainer hang out.

"Oi, You!" A teen called out. He looked about average height, and had dark brown hair. He ran up to Toby.

"What do you want?" Toby replied.

"You look like a Trainer. How about a little battle? Winner gets a special prize?"

"Sounds fine. I can take 2 minutes outa my day to whoop your butt".

"Lets go then!" The teen lobbed a pokeball into the air, and an Aron erupted from the ball. "Choose 1 pokemon. Winner gets a special prize".

"Sounds good to me". Toby spike his pokeball, and Megan materialized. "Megan! Razor leaf!" Megan shot 3 leafy blades at the Aron. They hit it dead on. It flinched in pain.

"Aron! Use Tackle!" The Aron charged at Megan, but she leapt to the side, and re-used Razor Leaf. But this Aron wasn't goign to give up. He charged at Megan again, this time, dodging the leaves. He struck Megan in the side, but she fired 3 more leaves. The Aron was as good as done. Toby returned Megan, and walked up to the Trainer.

"And my Special Reward?" The teen smiled, and handed Toby a cell-phone.

"Congradulations. You passed. We'll contact you. As far as your Friends are concerned, nothing happenned". The teen walked towards a abandonned warehouse, and disappeared inside a door.
Toby walked back to his group of friends. Rouge had dyed his hair, and was chatting to Teagan. He walked up to Reily, and sat down beside her. He sighed. "You wana go get a coffee while the lovebirds chat alone?"

Gumshoe Satyr
December 23rd, 2008, 9:32 PM
As Laura looked over the form, she paled a little when she saw the question asking whether anyone in her family were trainers. Her family..... What were they doing now? D-did they hate her for leaving home? Was Mom.....? She felt a sudden urge to tear to form to pieces because of all the horrible things that it'd made her remember, but if she did that.....

Laura glanced back at the others, but they were paying little attention to what she was doing. When she turned back and breathed a sigh of relief, she jerked her head a little, surprised. Intermixed in her feelings was a desire to stay with these people. She actually wanted to continue journeying with Toby, Rouge, Reily, and Teagan. It was small but there. She couldn't believe that she'd been so careless.... so open...... so weak.... If...When they parted ways, she would actually be....sad. How much more sadness could she take in her life?

She quickly filled out the form and handed it to Nurse Joy, thanking her.

Name: Laura Roycroft
Age: 11
Battle: yes
Contest: no
Address: 329 Violet St., Hearthome City, Sinnoh
How Long Have You Been a Trainer: 3 days
Has Anyone In Your Family Been a Trainer: no
Signature: Laura Roycroft

Walking out of the pokecenter, she barely acknowledged the others as she walked past, her face melting a little from the mask of well-being that she always wore. Pyro was at her side, but he kept glancing up at her face in concern. In the few days that they'd known each other, he'd never known her to act like this...to have these kinds of feelings. She didn't even know where she was going. It almost felt like that if she just kept walking, all of these feelings would just go away. The sadness..... The longing.....

Up ahead, she saw a payphone, and she dug in her pockets for some change. Maybe if she just heard her voice.... Maybe Laura could be ok again... Puting the change in the slot, she picked up the receiver and listened anxiously. One ring.... Two rings.... Three rings....

"Hello?" a voice said.

Laura said nothing, unable to answer the voice she recognized as her sister.

"Is anyone there? Helllloooo?"

Feeling her courage dissolve, Laura quickly hung up the phone. She slowly sank to the floor, her eyes filling with tears. Alone in the phone booth, she finally began to cry....

December 24th, 2008, 1:17 PM
Reily smiled inwardly as she caught the faint but still audible words of Teagan's confession. She tried to catch Teagan's eye, to give her a smile of encouragement, but Teagan had already grabbed the form and left, apparently not making eye contact with anyone as she passed them. Reily sighed and leaned against the wall, though she wouldn't have put it past Teagan to come back five minutes later her normal, rather cheerful self, this was obviously something different, something that was quite another matter altogether. She proceeded to select one of the many arrays of seats that lined the perimeter of the Pokemon Center and sat down, her face rather blank.

A few minutes later, Rogue returned to the main lobby of the Pokemon Center, and Reily nearly jumped out of her seat in surprise, what happened to his hair? Was Reily's first thought, though it was soon replaced by interest as she watched Rogue leaving the Pokemon Center, to find Teagan perhaps. After the glass doors had once again resumed their closed state, Reily returned to her state of deep thought.

"You wanna go get a coffee while the lovebirds chat alone?" A familiar voice caused Reily to jump slightly as she was shaken out of her thoughts. Though she had registered the meaning of the words, she nevertheless took a moment to piece the sentence together carefully.

"Bree!" Umbreon barked sharply, and Reily found her mind clearing. Though Umbreon was a dark type, he undeniably seemed to have a sort of mental link to Reily, though it was mostly sensing one another's emotions, and when you're as close to a Pokemon as Reily was to Umbreon, it doesn't seem as big of a deal.

"Um, sure. Do you think we should find Laura and ask her to come along? She doesn't seem to be here though." Reily added, after scanning the Pokemon Center carefully. The group had dispersed after arriving in the Pokemon Center, and she wondered vaguely how they were going to find everyone and get everyone in one place again, though it was true that they'd all be meeting up at the contest thing.

December 26th, 2008, 7:19 AM
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Teagan just stared in shock at Rogue. "Really? I mean...there were some times when you acted like you liked me...but then you would do something totally different and I wouldn't really know what happened. I'd be left wondering if it was real...what we shared, I mean." She took a shaky breath and stood up.

"Uhm...now's the part where you're supposed to ask me out..." she said quietly. She purposefully didn't say anything about his hair - she knew it would drive him crazy. She'd always known exactly what buttons to push.

Then she noticed something. Laura, in a phone box over aways.

Was she...crying?

"I'm sorry, Rogue, but I have to go take care of something. We'll continue this conversation later." She walked over to the phonebooth and opened the door, looking down at Laura. She was on the floor, her head in her hands, tears streaming down her face.

"Oh God, Laura, are you okay? What happened?" Teagan asked, sitting down next to her and rubbing her back. "You can tell me, I've probably been through worse." She didn't know exactly how hard Laura's life had been.

OOC: It was getting a little too romance-y there. I'm not against romance, I just don't think I should be ignorant to the other plotlines xP

Gumshoe Satyr
December 30th, 2008, 7:17 PM
(OOC: Well, I don't know if it was really too romancy, but I think we've got a pretty well-balanced story. Romance, action, adventure, drama (my character seems to be mostly in this category but oh well) Don't expect Laura to just spill all of her secrets that easily :P)

Laura didn't even notice Teagan open the door and sit next to her. When she began to rub her back, Laura jumped to her feet and faced her, her face a mixture of embarrassment, shock, and dismay. The last thing she wanted to do was talk about her past, no matter what may have happened in someone else's. How careless she was being.... First, she allowed herself to kind of like these "big kids" and now this.... What would happen if she told Teagan the truth? Yeah, right. Like she really had to think hard about that. If she... No, if any of them knew the truth about her mom, they would freak out like all the others, and she couldn't stand for that to happen again.

"T-teagan!" Laura stammered, trying to figure out something to say."I d-didn't see you come in." She laughed nervously. "You want to know what happened? Well, it's probably not as bad as you're thinking." Before continuing she studied Teagan's face but couldn't read her expression.

Taking a quick calming breath, she wiped her tears away and smiled weakly. "I was talking on the phone with my sister when she told me that the family Skitty is really sick. I'm probably seriously overreacting or something, but I'm just really worried about it." The lie sounded ridiculous to her ears, but it was the only thing she could think of at that moment. In any case, that was the closest to the truth that Teagan or anyone else would get. I'm really sorry for lying to you Teagan.... You probably wouldn't really want to hear the truth anyway.

Anxious to change the subject, Laura added, "Um.... Was there something you wanted?"

January 8th, 2009, 3:04 PM
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Teagan gasped. "Skitty? Sick? That's awful! I love cats!" That was an understatement - Teagan adored cats. She'd do anything to save one. But she couldn't exactly help something that was that far away.

"I hope it gets better..." she could feel herself starting to cry, which was stupid because she didn't even know the Skitty. But her eyes filled up with tears all the same and she found her voice shaking. "I really do..."

OOC: I seriously react like that xP I'd cry if someone's cat died. My own cat died a couple months back, and I never cry. But I really, really cried that day. And my BFF's cat died a little while after that T-T