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Twilight Wolf
September 22nd, 2008, 6:53 PM
Eragon blinked. Is it me, or is everyone on edge today? Like Arya-one moment she's angry, the next she's giving me a blessing!
No one will be comfortable until things return to normal
Define normal.

~Eldest by Christopher Paolini

War of Dragons

Everyone was waiting for it; the moment the two eggs that Galbatorix once had hatched. There were both a red and sapphire dragon, the sapphire hatching for a 16 year old girl, Vanessa. The red dragon chose yet a young teen of 19 whose name has been kept hidden.. They are renowned riders, whom in which let the dragon race was reborn.
The Urgals and Shades went into hiding, but occasionally killed and corrupted the peace. Little did everyone know, they were building an army of themselves, but this time with monsters never seen.

But, it was not like everyone had a dragon; there were only the chosen Riders. They did not turn on the others; for there was no one to join alliances with.


They found the Urgal and Shade hideout.

No one knows where it is located except for the ones who stumble upon it.
The Urgals and Shades went into hiding, but occasionally killed and corrupted the peace. Little did everyone know, they were building an army of themselves, but this time with monsters never seen. But this is not your usual outcome, like a war starts. They are not predicted to come out for many years, possibly hundreds of years, but that does not mean they will not come.

The thing is that new people have come with dragons, too. They wish to see the land of Alagaesia. The forces are nothing but matched, well, or so thought by Aragon and Saphira. The elves, dwarves, and even townspeople are fighting. How much longer Alagaesia can fight off the new people is unknown. The offenders call themselves 'The Legion of Dragons'.

The country's best chance is to have every man fight, and every single Dragon Rider is required to fight.

So will you save Alagaesia, or will you join alliances with 'The Legion of Dragons' and try to overthrow Alagaesia forces?

1. God Modding will NOT be tolerated, Rider or not.
2. Guns are forbidden.
3. The Strike Program: Three strikes and you're out (explained more thoroughly in next post)
4. No bunnying
5. Dragons can talk to each other TELEPATHICALLY. The dragons can also talk with other Riders of their alliance.
6. Your dragon is not allowed to breathe fire until you have at least reached 25 posts in the RP (not counting single paragraph ones)
8. All other PE2K rules apply (come on, guy! You read the rules, or you were supposed to. O.o)
9. You don't have to be a Rider. You can be a Shade or Urgal in hiding.
10. Good grammar MUST be used.
11. Dragon color choices vary from black to sapphire.
12. There will be blood in this RP. Be prepared.
13. At least try to be active in this RP. Most of my RP's can go from one page in the morning, and to three of four by the end of that day, especially when something exciting is happening.
14. Eragon and Saphira are NPC's, but the 19 year old is not (I have Vanessa, sorry! XD Also, the 19 year old's name is kept hidden because it's for anyone who want him.)

The Ancient Language

NOTE: This is not for every word in the language, for only the author, Christopher Paolini, knows that.

The ancient language is spoken only by humans in the alliance with the Varden or Surda, Riders, dwarves, and elves. You can not lie in the ancient language no matter what. It is a magical tounge that refuses to be spoken in a lie.

Argetlam- Silver Hand

Every Dragon Rider has a gedwey ignasia (means shining palm) on the hand they first touched their dragon with. It is a silver dragon on the hand. As a Rider, you will be called Argetlam for this mark. Only the Riders of Alagaesia wield this mark.

brisingr- fire

This word brings flame that can be enfused with an arrow, stone, or any weapon. This takes up a medium amount of energy.

Deloi moi!- Earth, change!

Eka fricai un Shur'tugal. -I am Rider and friend.

Fethrblaka, eka weohnata neiat haina ono. Blaka eom iet lam.- Bird, I will not harm you. Flap to my hand.

Moi, stenr!- Stone, change!

Reisa du adurna.- Raise/ Lift the water.

This is helpful in a desert, for you can summon ground water to drink. Takes up a lot of energy.

Shur'tugal- Dragon Rider

Stenr reisa!- Raise stone!

Thrysta vindr.- Compress the air

Thverr stenr un aka horna!- Traverse stone and let me hear!

Vel einradhin iet ai Shur'tugal.- Upon my word as a Rider.

Waise heill.- Be healed

One of the most difficult spells to conduct, for on first time use, you will be drained and probably pass out.

yawe- a bond of trust

The Rule of the Ancient Language: Using advanced spells at a beggining level may kill you or drain you of strength for a long while. In the beggining of your training, using brisingr will sap you of your strength, even if it is medium level. Your energy and knowledge of magic will build as you grow (post). Your starting spell is brisingr and nothing else.

SU Sheets

Rider (either side) SU Sheet

Name: (you know what this is! Or do you? o.O)

Age: (be reasonable)

Gender: (no he-she's!)

Appearance: (How your character looks. If you are not able to provide a picture, then you must be ready to type up a lengthy appearance. Even if you provide a picture, picture don't tell us everything. Give a description, too.)

Personality: (how they act)

Dragon Appearance: (same here for Appearance)

Dragon Gender: (boy or girl. No 'its')

History: (at least eight lines when POSTED. If you have not read the book or watched the movie, it will be hard to do this)

Weapon Appearence: (remember; this reflects on the dragon color. Sapphire dragon = Blue sword with sapphire embedded in base. This does not comply with Legion of Dragon alliances. Swords like this can only be obtained by riders trained by the elves.)


Urgal and Shade SU
Appearence: (they dont all look the same, you know!)
Personality: (they dont act the same, either!)
Shade or Urgal:

Also, it will help you alot if you have read Eragon or seen the movie. Remember; if you reserve, you must tell what side.

Reserved (did not say which side reserved for)


Reserved as Alagaesia Alliance

Vanessa with Wind Song the female dragon (PokemonKnowItAllVanessa)

Rserved as Legion of Dragons Alliance




September 23rd, 2008, 3:05 AM
I'll reserve.

Also- what the crap happened to the green egg, and Thorn, and Murtagh, and every other impo character, like Grimstnzborith Orik, eh? I want to know. Sort of odd this pops up- I just read Brisingr.

Twilight Wolf
September 23rd, 2008, 9:45 AM

The case of the green egg, my friend, is yet to be revealed. Also, Murtagh betrays Eragon. Crap.. shouldnt of said that. But that's what Murtagh does in Eldest. But the res are also NPC's. All orignal characters are NPC's, sorry.

September 29th, 2008, 2:09 PM
Actually, I have lost free time for RPing and must renege my reservation. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

September 29th, 2008, 3:00 PM
Wow, color me interested... can i reserve a spot Alagaesia Alliance? I'll finish soon.

Twilight Wolf
October 3rd, 2008, 7:55 PM
Reserved you are, Kansas.