View Full Version : Play Retarded

September 23rd, 2008, 4:13 PM
A poem? NOW IS IT? I'm not so sure, but it's kiiiiinda fun.

- Play Retarded -

Take off your pants and jacket, like those blink dudes
pump it louder and join the black eyed beans in their ooh-ah! monkey squeaks
open your yearbook and draw curled moustaches on faces you dislike
grab the phone and make some random calls whispering '7 days' at them

Run around wild, yell for attention
feel the rush of the adrenaline, FEELIT
try to scream quietly as you GO OUTSIDE and dance along the rockets and missiles falling down your house
because it doesn't happen every day, does it?

Lick yourself like a cat, imagine tasty vanilla ice cream all over your body
trip some strangers and blame it on your friend
bark at your neighbor's dog or just shoot it,
actually, just shoot it

Walk naked in the rain
wear fat fury coats in the summer

Claim your Insanity
your liberation
play retarded
or just have some fun

(on the expense of others)

Write a suicide letter and read it backwards,
because you're THAT dumb
don't forget to put 'cool beans' at the end of every sentence
spam your favorite forum with the sweat smiley
and get yourself IP banned

Compose an insightful poem about how you play retarded
and send it to me
oh I'm not aiming to read it
because I'm not retarded like yourself