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September 23rd, 2008, 8:22 PM
My triumphant return to PC i suppose...?

- This will be a 4 chapter RP. The chapters will correlate with the 4 regions of the Pokemon world, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. This was an RP that started a while ago that didn't finish and has a continued plot from that with new RPers to fill other roles. You'll be filled in via OOC thread and the opening post of past events -

Signups are currently CLOSED.

The typical pokemon adventure used to be this....
Start an adventure
Defeat Trainers
Challenge Gyms
Defeat the Elite 4
Become the Best

Yes, those USED to be things on every new trainer's mind as they set off at the age of at a young age to begin their Pokemon journey. But now those are times that will only be discussed in history books. The world of Pokemon was a happy, peaceful one, with only minor nuisances to disturb the peace such as Team Rocket or Team Galaxy, always having evil plans to rule the world but they were always quickly taken care of by some random 11 year old kid and his team of 5 Pokemon and 1 HM Slave. They were truly ideal times when a parent could let their child roam the countryside without fear of being under any REAL danger. But eventually this changed.

The 8 gym leaders and Elite 4 of each region were always known as the best and most powerful trainers and were never to be looked down upon and they all knew it. But everyone knows that with power comes corruption. Over time, the gym leaders began to slowly control the regions without the knowledge of them or the civilians really. Their respect quickly turned into the iron grip of fear they now have over the cities they each reside in. In collaboration with each other and lead by the Elite 4 of each region, they began to start experiments on themselves and their cherished partners, turning themselves into the ultimate form of strength, a Pokemorph. A person fused with a pokemon, giving a human access to its abilities and using them in terrible ways.

The gym leaders quickly gained followers wishing to also combine with their pokemon. These trainers became loyal followers and fight for the gym leaders without question. It was quickly decided that the only way to defeat the leaders of the 4 regions was to play their game against them, and thus an organization was formed in secret to fight against them...The Pokemorph Liberation Force.

The Pokemorph Liberation Force (PLF) recruited every day trainers who wished to put a stop to the tyranny of the gym leaders once and for all. Together these trainers stepped up to the plate with their most beloved partner, bonding together in order to free the now darkened world from the grip that the Pokemon Leagues now hold over the regions. The first assaults were a complete success, acquiring the goal of freeing Pewter and Vermillion City through the defeat of Brock and Lt. Surge at the hands of Commander Clove Wheldst and his strike team. The PLF members must continue to travel to each town and bring down the gyms (which now look more like fortresses) one by one and defeat the Elite 4 in order to liberate each region. It will be a long process but with determination and a lust for a once more peaceful world, the members of the PLF are ready for the challenge. And this is where you come in.

You're a member of the recently formed PLF which is now preparing the first mission. Liberate Kanto. You and the other morphs will battle corrupted trainers, the much more powerful Gym Leaders, and maybe even deal with wild Pokemon who choose not to accept your altered form. You will face rejection and fear from a world of humans who don't understand you or your goals, but they'll see your intentions once they are free from the suffering they are forced to endure. The PLF has limited information on the Gym Leaders and Elite 4 of Kanto and had lives risked in order to obtain it. Elite 4 data was too dangerous to attempt to obtain. The only information known on Kanto is this.

Kanto Gym Leader Morphs
Pewter - Brock - Golem Deceased
Cerulean - Misty - Starmie Deceased
Vermillion - Lt. Surge - Raichu In custody
Celadon - Erika - Bellossom
Saffron - Sabrina - Alakazam
Fuscia - Koga - Venomoth
Cinnabar Island - Blaine - Magmortar
Viridian - Classified - Classified

Agatha - ????
Bruno - ????

Knowing the danger, you must be prepared to face anything.

1. Be active
2. Don't godmod
3. Basic PC rules
4. Basic RP rules
5. Don't godmod
6. Be literate, use proper grammar.
7. Don't bunny or char control without permission
8. I reserve the right to kick you out if at anytime i feel you aren't following these rules.

~*Sign Up*~
Name: (duh)
Age: (obvious)
Gender: (-_-)
Morph: (what you're combined with)

Appearance: (How your char looks. Pictures only as reference please. I still expect an adequately written description. Remember to show markings of being mixed with a pokemon.)

Personality: (How your character acts, don't be generic)

Background: (a bit of why you're char is here and why they joined the PLF)

Attacks: (We all know the pokemon world, just list the ones you can use. 4 Max)

Additional Information: (Anything your char can do special. Hobbies, favorite passtime, whatever. Its not required but can help your application.)

RP Sample: (You may post an intro or a previous RP exert.)

My sign up

Name: Clove Wheldst
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Morph: Cacturne

Appearance: Clove is a very handsome young boy. He is Caucasian and about 5'7 and 130 lbs. A very skinny build, with no visible muscles, he is clearly a very limber kid. He has short brown shaggy hair which is never brushed but also rarely seen. His hair is never seen due to the fact of his first visible feature of being a morph. Being combined with a Cacturne he has the characteristic trait of a Cacturne which is it's scare crow hat. Clove is always wearing the green scare crow hat which is pulled tight and often pulls his hair partially over his eyes, giving him an aura of mystery around him. He has thin soft eyes with deep yellow irises, also characteristic of a Cacturne, which one could almost get lost in. As for his clothes, Clove is a very formally dressed kid. He wears tightly fitting black button down dress shirt that he leaves un-tucked with a white undershirt underneath. For pants Clove sports a pair of dark blue thinly fit jeans with a slight fade down the center of the legs. His shoes are a simple dark forest green pair of converse with white soles that he wears to match his green scare crow hat. Clove goes through many pairs of clothes, because after each fight, if he's not careful his shirt will be full of holes from his cactus needles.

Personality: Despite Clove's dark mysterious outward appearance, he is a very visibly sociable person and excellent leader. He is quite ambitious and has a definite love for the grass type. Clove likes to make sarcastic comments to people whether in the heat of battle or not. Unlike some of the other morphs on the squad, Clove definitely enjoys his morphed form and the various fashion statements it brings along with it. In battle, Clove is a very quick witted fighter. In most scenarios, Clove wont be the strongest on the battlefield. His fighting style rather reflects on deceit and trickery in order to catch his opponents off guard rather than going at it full force. He believes more in being able to make a quick escape and get everyone out alive than winning the battle at all costs. Tactics are the key when dealing with Clove. He's quick to think of a strategy and quick to take charge of the group.

Background: Clove is actually an ex-member of Erika's gym following. Starting with his grass type pokemon back in his earlier years, he followed his journey until he made it to Erika's gym. He felt as if he were at home the moment he stepped in and quickly made his way up the gym ranks so he could train and be with grass Pokemon. He developed a fondness for Erika that could be called love until she finally gave in to the gym leader's power over the region. Clove left the gym when this happened, vowing to bring Erika back to the proper side and free her. Clove still has a strong belief that Erika is still good on the inside.

Needle Arm
Solar Beam
Faint Attack
Pin Missile

Additional Information: Clove is a master in the assassination battle style and is very nimble on his feet. Due to the clothing destructive nature of the spikes he keeps retracted all over his arms and back, Clove has become a very accomplished sewer. He has mastered the art of being able to use almost anything to patch up a hole in any piece of clothing.

RP Sample: I wrote the RP :D

Midnight Jasper
September 24th, 2008, 10:37 AM
Lakel Villo




Lakel has very pale skin, tinged slightly blue. She has spiral markings on her arms and neck from her morphing, and her eyes have changed to a strange, purple-grey colour, like the back of a Lapras's shell. She is quite small for her age and appears even smaller due to her shyness in front of strangers. She always wears wears white, blue, black, grey or purple - most of the time dresses with only strings across the back. She never wears collars or any material on her back, because it restricts her body. She doesn't believe in leaving her body exposed, however, as this would give the sunlight direct access to her delicate skin.
Her hair is straight and so platinum blonde it shines brightly. It ends in an irregular pattern at her shoulders (as her neck is elongated, this is quite a long way), is very thick and almost impossible to tie up. She has a slightly messy fringe that is a bit longer than average and constantly falls into her eyes.
The skin on her back is hard, scaly and almost inpenetrable - it has the same spiral patterns on it as her arms and neck. Her neck is longer than most humans, and she has only three fingers and toes on each hand/foot. A strange sort of bone grows from the top of her head, covering her upper face and giving her a hard horn.
Her boney mask resembles that of the Phantom of the Opera, and has tiny holes for her to see out of. It covers her nose and sits just above her mouth. Lakel's mouth looks like it's been drained of all colour - her lips aren't dry, but rather the same pale colour as her skin. Her face is oddly triangular, and her chin juts out protrudingly.

In front of strangers and in most social situations, Lakel is terrible - she likes to hide away in a corner and try and make herself look as small as possible. However, when she's among her closest friends, she is often sarcastic, sometimes even obnoxiously so. On the other hand, she's usually able to make them laugh with her deadpan tone and her cynical view of life. Lakel is a hardcore overachiever and it really annoys her to see herself getting beaten, even though she tries to disguise it (usually unsuccessfully).

Lakel spent many of her days drifting around the oceans, levelling up her Lapras and catching some Pokemon to train and fish to eat. She's travelled around a lot of Kanto and Johto, but she got tired of it about a year ago and decided to settle down with a Pokemon Professor in Kanto. She stayed with him for a few months, looking after Pokemon and oblivious to the growing danger in the cities - only hearing about it on the news and assuming exaggeration.
A couple of weeks ago, a trainer came to where she was living, ordering her and the professor to give him all their Pokemon as they had to be officially registered by the Gym Leaders. Lakel, appalled by this, defeated him and decided to do something about the tyrannical hold the Gym Leaders had over the regions. She left the Professor and swore to herself to scour the lands of this new evil that had entered the world. After finding out as much information as she could, she tracked down the PLF and asked to join them. And the rest is history.

Aurora Beam
Confuse Ray
Water Pulse

Additional Information:
Before Lakel joined the PLF, her favourite activity was gardening and she could coax almost any plant to bloom and blossom. Now she seems less keen on the plant world in general. She also dislikes bright sunlight, preferring shade and cool water.

RP Sample:
My eyes grew hard.
The trainer in front of me had once been a sweet, young lady, wearing a flowery dress and dabbling in perfumes and flowers. Now her scent smelt weak, like wilting daisies, and the dress clung to her limp, pallid skin like some sort of joke. She was sweating much more than I ever could, and there was a shiny, alert fear in her eyes.
I smelt it on the Tangrowth, too. It didn't want to fight like this, fight for someone who was not its owner. But everyone knows what happens to those who refuse to fight.
Inside me, my heart was breaking. There was an aching pain in my chest, and I heard Lapras's song, full of sorrow and pain. Her song swelled within me, and I felt her sadness. There was no way to save these people now, not that I knew. All we could do was give them the mercy of a quick death.

September 24th, 2008, 11:21 AM
When you mentioned reviving this yesterday, I told myself I wouldn't. But the memories that flooded back when I saw the title in the Roleplay section... *sobs*

So yeah, I basically copied and pasted Alice from the first one. Are we continuing from where we left off, but with new members for some odd reason or what? I noticed Surge and Brock are left out of the equation. If so I imagine some tension for Alice as it was kinda my fault the RP died. D:

Alice Robinson




Alice is a dainty young woman. She stands at about 5'1” and has the build of a girl much younger than herself. She's extremely slim to the point of looking ill; this however is compensated by her tanned and vibrant skin colour which portrays her as a girl who gets out a lot. Her long, thin, violet coloured hair falls at her waist, and is usually tied up into a long ponytail with a yellow band. Her fringe [or 'bangs' or whatever you call them] is separated into two thick strands of purple hair, very similar to an Ambipom's, which both end at and are usually positioned in the center of each of her cheeks. Her eyes are a pale lilac colour, the polar opposite of the purples in comparison to her hair; her irises are white, either that or invisible. She garbs herself in a short, violet, sleeveless dress which ends at her knees and a pair of black leggings sprout from underneath. She sports a pair of incredibly muddy running shoes which according to her were originally white, however one would probably believe that they were originally black before they were caked with this much mud.

This is where the 'normality' ends. Alice's nose is almost identical to that of an Ambipom, being an upwards pointing triangle, the same colour as her hair. Her fingertips on both of her regular hands are red. Her most prominent feature are the two purple tails that erupt from her lower back, each with an identical, three-fingered hand, which of which are also tipped in red. To top everything off, she has very thing lips and dazzling white teeth which are sometimes presented as the same, 'cheeky', smile as her counterpart Pokémon.

Alice is an intellectual. She loves to solve things, to find how things work and to push her brain to its extent. She prefers planning and organizing than action and would rather work behind the desk at the PLF than fieldwork. The social aspects of her personality are also approached in the aforementioned manner, she will not even consider building a relationship with anyone she doesn't trust or that she feels will get in her way, and being part-Pokémon her instincts often get the better of her when it comes to judgment. But for the most part she's self dependent and solitary, leaving her a tad eccentric.

However, Alice's personality is completely contradictory when she is having fun or gets to know someone. She doesn't have too much confidence and can never be considered 'the life and soul' nor does she enjoy being the center of attention; having saying that she doesn't like being 'part of the crowd' either, trying to differ herself from both humans and Ambipoms in ways such as using moves and strategies in battle than an Ambipom would never use -i.e. Learning Brick Break-.

In battle she is more of a strategist. If she ever actually resorts to battle that is. If she's backed into a corner she can amaze even herself, not by strength but by the skill and combos she can pull off, with only four attacks. But as previously mentioned, she hates battling and can probably count her battles on two of her four hands.

All in all Alice's personality contradicts itself all the time, one minute she can be happy stuck behind a desk and the next she will love being out in the fresh air; she narrows this down to the fact that Ambipoms and Humans are too different mentally but physically are quite similar.

Alice worked at the PLF as a secretary before her strategic skills were recognized as an asset to the force. Having not been a strong lover of Pokémon she was always against the idea of Pokémorphs but her will to rid Kanto of the eight Gym-leader-turned-tyrants was too strong. The only condition that Alice herself demanded is that she would one day be able to live a regular human life when the PLF were through with her, and later that very same week she had finally been found a suitable match, an Ambipom, and the morph went as planned. She no realizes that there is probably no way of reversing the morph, she's glad however that she looks a lot more humanoid than some other morphs around the workplace and is quite happy with her 'promotion'.

Brick Break
Focus Punch
Double Team

Additional Information:
Since she was originally a human, her regular arms are much better than that of an Ambipom's, not to mention they have hands. However as the tails are nearly as strong, if not stronger, she has adapted to using them quickly and is now capable of using all four equally as well as the last. It's like having four arms.

RP Sample:
I'm your friend and have RPed with you, a lot, before now? :D

September 24th, 2008, 1:42 PM
Midnight Jasper: I like the idea of your character a whole lot, but theres also much room for improvement. Also, the morphs in the RP are permanently stuck at a point between human and pokemon, always retaining traits of both. The degree of your transformation is obviously up to you, but we wont be morphing INTO pokemon, just using their abilities and some of their appearance. I'd like to see more in appearance and background. So, Jasper, you are Pending

Jim: PLF will be continuing where the original left off. Brock and Lt. Surge have been defeated in the raids on Pewter and Vermillion, and all events leading up to Surge's capture and Misty's threat are valid. All original RPers of the first PLF team will be accepted at top priority over the new ones. needless to say... Accepted

September 24th, 2008, 1:47 PM
~*Sign Up*~
Name: Jade
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Morph: Tyranitar

Appearance: Upon morphing with her Tyranitar, Jade’s skin turned pale green. Tyranitar’s nickname, “The Armored Pokemon”, attributed to her now hard and rough skin. Her canines grew exceptionally large for a young girl who still has a normal head on her shoulders. (Luckily, they don’t stick out oddly when she closes her mouth.) On her chest and her legs are the black markings that used to reside on her Tyranitar. Jade’s finger nails have turned black and have also become hard, able to draw blood by just scratching the surface. Small, hard, spikes protrude from her elbow down her arm to her wrist. They are also on her back, much smaller but big enough to make sleeping on her back nearly impossible. Her shoulder length hair stayed black and is usually tied up in a high pony tail so as not to get in the way. Her green eyes hold understanding and determination. Jade’s sensitive about her height of five foot two, but makes up for it in strength.
Jade’s attire consists of green shorts with black leggings underneath, finger-less black gloves, and a black tank top. She doesn’t get cold easily and firmly believes that in order to move freely you must dress lightly. Though she is generally small she, literally, packs a punch. With only her legs she can create a fierce earthquake that’ll knock over any grown man.

Personality: Jade has always believed in helping others and while she may seem hard as a rock on the outside (har har) she’s very compassionate. Anyone in need, she’s willing to help. On the other hand, Jade isn’t very patient and easily frustrated by obstacles she can’t get around, although she’s determined enough to keep moving.
When it comes to solving problems, Jade looks for the fastest way around it. Which isn’t necessarily the best. In battle she’s a bit of a show off, surprising many with her powerful moves that no one expects from a short young lady. She just smirks and moves on.
Competitive is an understatement.
She’s the kind of person who skips the fancy ninja-like tactics and goes straight for the CHARGE!!

Background: Before all of this, Jade was just a normal (and amazing) trainer who traveled over the four continents with her team of strong-willed pokemon. Jade had nothing to leave in her hometown of Lavender. It depressed her and having no ties with anyone there made it easy for her and her Lavitar to up and go. The only person she missed was her neighbor, Oliver, whom she had grown up with but kept in touch.
It wasn’t until she came back to visit did she find out about the chaos that had ensued. Horrified by this, Jade swore to help in any way she could to make sure these monsters were put to justice.

Attacks: Sandstorm
Dark Pulse
Rock Slide

Additional Information: Before the morph, Jade was a dancer. Mostly jazz styles and modern things, but upon her morphing with Tyranitar she’s found that she is no longer very graceful. Also, her feet (which she insists on keeping bare foot because of her rough skin) can feel vibrations from miles away. She trust them more than her eyes to tell her when someone’s approaching.
Also, Jade is part of the original Pokemon Liberation Force and is looking forward to working along side Clove once again. ^_^

RP Sample:
This is weird, Jade thought, looked at her green skin. She frowned, that’s probably what everyone else is going to think. As much as that troubled her, it would not stop her. She knew what she had to do.

The moon was full as she stepped out into the night air. She hadn’t traveled around Kanto in so long, but something told her she needed to get to Pewter City and fast. And for this reason she packed light, only bringing money and her PokeTech with her. Everything else she’d find on the way.

As she looked back at Lavender town, the trees swayed in the breeze; they were the only things waving her good-bye. As she turned around she felt something running towards her.

“Why do you have to leave?” It was Oliver, her childhood companion. His blonde curls gave away the innocence that would forever live in him, no matter how old they became. The yearning in his chocolate eyes was obvious.

“Bad things are happening out there, Oliver,” Jade gestured with her arm at nothing in particular. “I can’t just stay here and let it happen.”

Oliver was the only person not thrown off by her morphed appearance. She looked more human that a lot of PokeMorphs but she, nonetheless, looked different. He stared at her pleading, without words, for her to stay. She smiled, her sharp teeth bared.

“Don’t go getting yourself into trouble. I won’t be there to help you,” she joked.

“And what if you get in trouble? Jade, I….” he seemed to lose his voice for a second, “I love you”

Every time he said it, it was harder for her to leave. She turned around and continued walking, “I love you too. That’s why I need to do this.”

I thought I'd use the same RP sample.
I'm glad we're starting where we left off =)

September 24th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Ineresting.....very interesting.....I'll give it a shot what the hell.
(using this character in another RP, but it's slow and stuff...lol...love my character!)

Name: Travis Darrell Mura
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Morph: Squirtle

Before the morphing process, Travis stood at about 6-8, and weighed about 180. He had black hair which was usually very messy, and blue eyes. He had facial hair which was usually kept at about 3 cm in length. After choosing to join the force, his body changed completally. His eyes, still blue were much larger. His height was reduced to about 6-4, and he weighed almost 220.He now has the shell of a squirtle, and blue skin. His legs are webbed and longer than a Squirtle, but not quite as long as a humans. The same features are on his arm, only he also has claws at where his fingers are.

Not much changed in Travis after the morphing process. He still could go into a dark mood, but inside he felt something in him fight it. That must be how Squirtle felt. When he wasn't in such a dark modd, he was very respectable and a guy you would want to hang around with. He always was happy. He also is found to laugh a lot now.

It's been 11 years since Travis Darrell Mura started his journey out into the Pokemon world to start his pokemon journey. Not much was known to the public about this trainer's harsh past, but he had unwillingly made a name for himself, and found himself facing trainers who were dying to challenge him. He had been traveling with his closest friend for eleven years. Squirle, nicknamed Gill, was known as one of the most powerful Squirtle's in the world.

When Travis heard about the gym leaders attempt for world domination, he was left speechless. Some gym leaders were some of his closest friends...now they were enemies. Among these friends, was Brock, who was defeated. When Travis heard of that, he did grieve a little, but knew the Brock he had known eleven years ago, was long dead...Travis joined the League, but with big hesitation. (see RPG Sample)

Hydro Pump
Skull Bash

Additional infomation: After the morph process, Travis found that his love and passion for Heavy Metal was still the same as it was and he is glad it still is. He loved listening to Metallica!

RPG Sample:

Travis stood in the labratory. The aides in white suits getting two chambers ready. Professer Oak, the man who gave him his Squirtle (Gill), was among them. Travis felt very uncomfortable about this...

I knew Brock for eleven years...will I become as corrupt as he was?

"Travis," Oak said. Travis looked up. "Your chamber is ready. We cannot say how thankful we are."

"Please, don't." Travis said, beginning to take off his clothes. Gill stood a few feet away, getting prepared to go into his chamber. Both chambers were connectd to a huge chamber, whichh Travis guessed was where the transformation took place. Travis, before taking off his pants, handed over all his pocessions and pokeballs.

"You'll keep them safe, professor?"
"Travis, you must trust me. I will do my best with your pokémon. The lab has more security around it now. Once again, I cannot say how grateful we are. We know you will make a great addition to the team, you and Gill are known as one of the best partners around, please don't let us down."

"I dont plan to...but I must ask this." Oak looked up to Travis. "After I go in there, and when I come out, is there any going back? When this is done, will I be able to transform to what I was, and Gill to what he was?"

Oak looked at Travis with a serious look.

"Travis...I don't know. We will do what we can to try and reverse the morph process. Once this is over, if we've found a way to reverse the process, we will glady transform yuo both back..."

"I thank you." Travis said, sincerally. He felt a bit more comfortable going in now. Before he took his pants off, he walked over to Gill for the last time.

"Are you ready, buddy?"
"I understand bud...I'm a bit scared myself...but just think, like this for now, we'll never be apart, and together, we can do more than we ever imagined..."
"Squirtle..." Gill cracked a little smile, and with one final hug, Travis walked over to his chamber.

"I'm ready now." Travis said taking his pants off. Then he stepped into the chamber, the lad assistants placed Gill into his chamber, and then they sealed both chambers. A liquid began pouring all over Travis, within moments he was completally submerged in a fluid he did not know was breathable or not, and he did not take in any breath, he panicked, and took a breath...

The fluid was breathable, but not at all comfortable to the lungs...Travis lost consiousness as he felt something or felt himself leaving his body...and transfer as if a flower had been plucked from the ground..Travis fell unconsious...


Do I know this voice?
So it did work...I'm Gill...
Whoa! This is weird...not completally what I had in mind...am I dreaming?
I think they're about to open the big chamber...


The chamber opened. Travis stepped out. His appearence had changed completally.

Travs examined his new features...he felt power...which was probably what Gill felt when he was himself. Travis' voice was deeper and seemed louder. "So this is what Gill feels..."
Yeah pretty much...
Travis laughed inside...that voice was cool to hear. He knew that Gill and him were inseperable.

A commanding officer walked to Travis, who was now examining his arms.
"Travis Darrell Mura...welcome to the force."

September 24th, 2008, 4:02 PM
As Kansas has already mentioned, you are PERMANENTLY morphed with the pokemon. It's not a back and forth kind of deal. You're like...a hybrid of human and pokemon.
So you guys might wanna tweak your sign ups a bit =)

September 24th, 2008, 5:35 PM
As Kansas has already mentioned, you are PERMANENTLY morphed with the pokemon. It's not a back and forth kind of deal. You're like...a hybrid of human and pokemon.
So you guys might wanna tweak your sign ups a bit =)

At first I guessed that, but i saw a post that made me think weirdly...my bad. Eiditing.

September 25th, 2008, 9:24 AM
lets see lets see....

Namora: Reserved, please finish soon :)

Billie Lightning: Jade was Clove's right hand girl during Pewter and Vermillion, i couldn't deny her if i wanted to. Accepted

Samurai Master: Your signup was a bit sketchy but i'll say that your sample saved you, i like your style. Accepted

Midnight Jasper: The opposite of Samurai Master, i liked the majority of your signup but your sample is a little skimpy... that being said i'm gonna take a gamble... don't make me regret it. Accepted

So that makes 5 RPers confirmed, i'll be doing 8 maximum and i'll be writing the RP intro the second we get 1 more person

September 25th, 2008, 11:24 AM
Could I please reserve a spot please? I will have it up tomorrow if that is cool?

September 25th, 2008, 11:28 AM
I don't see that being a problem, but it still stands that i'll be writing the intro once we get the actual next sign up accepted.

Lucien Lachance: Reserved

September 25th, 2008, 1:55 PM
*sigh* I was hoping to avoid this at all costs. But I guess it can't be helped.

Name: Li "Plum" Meiling

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Morph: Scyther

Appearance: Plum can be described as a tall and pretty young woman, who dresses respectively but also in a manner that flatters her figure. This assumption however, is only partially true. Plum is indeed tall and quite attractive, but her method of dressing herself is another matter. It’s true that her usual attire is quite flattering for her figure, but her motives for dressing in such a way only stem from two influences. The first being her respect for her village and its name, and the second reason being her simple desire to look as ‘hot’ as possible. She also realises that these two reasons that have so much influence over her presentation tend to conflict with one another, but with so little conscience holding her back, she tends to dress however she wants regardless.

Following that, Plum’s usual attire consists of a long ceremonial dress resembling a kimono, decorated with detailed patterns across the front, sides and back of the garment. The dress opens up from the neckline and extends across both arms before descending over her chest and across her torso, while leaving her stomach uncovered. The overall presentation of the robe reveals an open ‘V’ shape across her torso, beginning at her neck and ending at her waist, revealing more skin than her village’s dress code would allow. A supporting maroon cummerbund is tied at this point, before allowing the robe to fold down over her legs. From here, the dress reaches just above the middle of her thighs, where the robe is torn all around, leaving her visibly bare from just above her knees and below.

Each sleeve of the robe is extended across both arms and reach just short of her fingertips. The hemline of each arm is layered against the sleeves of her inner dress and comes just short of each hand’s palm. The inner dress itself provides a thin undercoat for cushioning against the over dress and for general support on top of her bare skin.

Thin floral patterns decorate the ends of the dress’s hemlines and sleeves and are stitched directly into the material. The main body of the dress is of a blood-red colour, while its floral patterns are stitched using thin white thread.

Furthermore, Plum often adorns a pair of wooden Getas to cover her bare feet. She also sports an iron ring on each arm and has made the point of never removing them. Each ring spans 8.5 centimetres wide and are gold in colour.

Plum’s physical appearance, below all of her clothing, is much more refined in comparison to her tattered two-year old robe. Her skin is of an olive complexion, but also tanned across her lower legs, forearms and face, due to excessive exposure to sunlight during her training outdoors. This only adds to her so-called ‘hot’ appearance, but she is more than willing to obtain a full body tone if the opportunity arises. Sporting a well toned and physically healthy body for a woman her age, Plum is very athletic and quite flexible, and does little to hide it.

In addition to this, several irregularities have also become apparent in her appearance after her joining the PokeMorph Liberation Force. Out of the numerous subjects selected for the project, she proved to be one or the more unique specimens, her results displaying minimal physical side effects, from which only three were deemed significant enough to classify her as a 'PokeMorph'. Such results were most likely caused by her premature release from the experiment when severe signs of physical and mental stress became apparent. That wasn't to say the experiment wasn't a success however, as in the end, she had definitely fused with her partnered Pokemon, but there were some...unexpected differences in her predicted outcome.

Specifically, the number of physical side effects may have been small in number, but their actual effects were far from it, extending to the point of unpredictable proportions. The first proved to be the most noticable in terms of appearance. Two extensions on each arm protruded from the ends of her elbows in the form of an arc that curled around her forearms and ended at a point almost a metre in front of her hands. Resembling the blade of a scythe, each protrusion despite being thin in size, was surprisingly heavy. They were both made from bone, explaining their texture and mass and not to mention the fact that they were growing out of her elbows. These extra additions did little to support her use of a sword but they did prove to be useful subsitutes nonetheless.

The second ill-effect caused by the experiment directly affected her skeletal structure and although it was noticable in its own right, it remained hidden beneath her robe unless otherwise exposed. Two protrusions that connected to the top of her spine rose from above each of her shoulder blades in the shape of an arc, providing the frame for her pair of two-fanned bug-like wings. The actual wings themselves resembled a similar texture to that of a bee and along with being annoyingly fragile, her nervous system had also been integrated into its patented design, making them uncomfortably sensitive. As a result and because of her instinctive recklessness, she would often damage her them, causing much physical and mental stress to herself and her partner. Thus, the solution to tape the wings onto her back was decided, to prevent any further self harm until she was able to utilise them properly. Typically, her newly acquired wings were now proving to be more of hindrance than an asset.

The third and final alteration affected her face but didn't prove to be as noticable as her other transformations. Specifically, her mouth had undergone another skeletal change, where each of her thirty-two teeth sharpened to a point, giving her an animal-like smile. Each fang had become perfectly proportioned to another, allowing her bottom and upper jaw to close together with little space in between, a perfect fit. Her bite was definitely worse than her bark now, and her bark was something fierce.

Of course, aside from all of these rather distinct side effects, the rest of her was more or less the same.

Finishing off her rebel samurai look, her long, sharp and rugged hair is her most treasured and often praised asset. Despite its roughness, the sheer length, volume and condition of her hair is quite a feat for someone who had spent the majority of her life roughing it outdoors and under the sun everyday. Grooming it proves to be difficult and more often than not, Plum leaves it as it is. Dark brown in colour, the forefront of her hair details her fringe in spiked clumps, while remaining almost circular over her back. The ends of her hair reach just below her waistline, but are often tied into a short explosive ponytail, in order to reduce the amount of flailing it may induce during rigorous activities.

Personality: Plum is more or less an irrational and physically abusive teenager, who acts instinctively and on impulse, while throwing out any form of logical thinking. She’s extremely boisterous and will speak her mind regardless of the consequences, which can compromise her own and others’ safety. Sarcasm and cursing are also the common mannerisms she adopts in her rather limited vocabulary and oral abilities. The effect she seems to have when using such mannerisms however, have proven quiet effective in intimidating and putting down others, both common pastimes in her short nineteen years of life. Amongst her clan her behaviour is extremely uncommon and is more often than not looked down upon. Despite this, her reputation is regarded quite highly due to certain individual characteristics and this only provokes her boorish attitude.

Following the samurai code of ethics, Plum is able to compose herself temporarily, but has many personal conflicts in relation to the discipline. The reason as to why she has been able to subdue herself for as long as she has, is solely due to her strict upbringing, where her exponential energy was restrained the best it could be at that time. This did little to suppress her unique and individual attitude, but allowed her to become much stronger mentally, as well as physically.

Stemming from this, in rare moments of curiosity and need, Plum is prone to become very suddenly 'familiar' with those around her. She has developed a technique of being able to use herself, often physically, to befriend those she wishes to make contact with. Whether her intentions stem solely from personal motives or genuine friendship is largely unknown.

With that, Plum grew into a very intimidating, domineering and self-absorbed teenage girl. She had also been the one who had given herself the nickname; Plum, after learning the meaning behind her given name. In line with her brash, upfront and arbitrary personality, she still follows the strict rulings and ethics of the samurai. Of course, she also incorporates her own ideals into such a discipline, thus allowing her to continue living without guilt.

PLF's experiment had managed to subdue her a little but her initial boisterous attitude remained ever vigilent, even through her fused partner's persona. Growing up alongside her, he had always been the more disciplined of the two, even though their skill, despite differing in style, were almost equal in level. They were great partners but even better rivals, so it was only natural that their combined personalities would conflict. Even so, she did gain some advantageous traits from her Scyther counterpart, such as enhanced concentration, patience and animal-like instincts. Of course, these were only accessible to her when she was either in a pinch or whenever he felt like aiding her, other than that she was on her own.

Background: Plum, despite being of Hoenn descent, was raised in a traditional samurai village in the midst of Johto. The village was located far north of Ecruteak and adopted many of their neighbouring town’s customs. Because of this, her village prospered in a life of simplicity and tradition, promoting a humble yet strict upbringing.

For Plum however, the introduction of the modern world through her learning of Johto’s other cities and towns, only provoked her young mind into thinking of living a life much more complex and exciting than what she was accustomed to. With such knowledge, she began going against the way of her village’s customs and promoted a more modern way of living, taking examples from Goldenrod and Olivine respectively. From this, her personality began to grow much more undisciplined as her modernised way of thinking was constantly rejected by her family and village. Thus, in an effort to remedy her abrupt mood swings and mental stability, her parents inquired that she undergo strict samurai training, to help mould her ‘devil’s mind’, as they so aptly named it. For to train as a samurai was one of the most gruelling and difficult trials a member of the village could be put through, but with determination and hard work, the result would be more than rewarding.

Plum was of course, defiant against her parents’ wishes and immediately revolted, taking every opportunity she had to degrade her village’s customs and promote a more modernised way of life. However, her brash attitude had insulted the village for the last time and she was forcibly taken into the village’s ‘educational’ program.

She spent the first two weeks of her time being ‘educated’ making attempts to escape the confines of her training. Each attempt proved fruitless and only served as another cause for more punishment. Adapting to such a scenario, Plum decided to go along with the program as quickly as she could, in an effort to being allowed to leave as soon as possible. This however, also proved to be ineffective due to her constant examinations where she failed miserably every time, and this was only because she had rushed through her lessons without learning a thing. Thus, after six failed weeks of training and escape attempts, Plum came to the inevitable decision of actually taking it seriously. Physically and mentally exhausted and knowing full well she would never be able to return home without passing, she once again began her long and arduous samurai training.

For the next nine years, Plum continued to practice as an intermediate samurai who quickly became quite skilled in her physical abilities, but was less than impressive academically. Unable to concentrate long enough in order to process scenarios logically and strategically, she taught herself to rely solely on her instincts and became accustomed to the secret art of improvisation. She was further motivated by her growing partnership and rivalry with one of the village's farming Pokemon; a Scyther that had strayed away from simply harvesting crops to training itself in combat by watching and learning. During this time, she still held her initial beliefs in modernising the village’s customs, but now held much more respect for its traditions. In spite of this however, her attitude remained almost exactly the same from when she had started nine years prior, but was able to subdue it to an extent in accordance to the application of the samurai code of ethics.
Soon after, through proving her worth as a semi-capable samurai she was finally given permission to return home. Upon her arrival and much to her bemusement, she discovered that her parents had enlisted her into Azalea Town's recruitment force, an agency that was scouting out young, capable and loyal trainers to support the Gym Leaders' cause. In her case; Bugsy.

Being castaway for nine years, Plum found herself very out of touch with what Johto and the other regions had become. For reasons still unknown, these apparent leaders had begun using force to rule over their respective townships, all under the guidance of the Elite Four. Of course, there were those who stood up and opposed their once noble and respected oppressors, but there also those who supported them out of fear, loyalty and false hope. These rebels had come to be known as the Pokemon Liberation Force, an organisation bent on bringing the leaders to justice.

In spite of the PLF's efforts however, Plum's village soon fell under Ecruteak City's control and it was then that she realised her parents' previous course of action to transfer her to Azalea Town, had all been to save her. Taking the chance, she fought against the bug enthusiast's stranglehold and managed to escape relatively unharmed. In a further twist of fate, her previous sparring partner from her time spent training as a samurai, the farming Scyther, had also turned against the once peaceful country and decided to aid her quest in fighting against the leaders.

Fleeing the country, there was only one place they could go without drawing attention to themselves; Kanto. Conveniently, the two regions shared the same continent, meaning that traversing from one nation to the other would be relatively easy in terms of keeping a low profile. Taking the Magnet Train however, was out of the question, as was boarding the S.S. Aqua to Vermillion City. Each would draw too much attention to their whereabouts, seeing as how she had made quite the commotion in defying Bugsy and was sure that they were now being actively pursued. With only one option left, the two proceeded to Kanto on foot.

During this time was when Plum encountered the PLF directly and inevitably became a member, although reluctantly and after much negotiation. Her motive for joining forces was simple; to save her family and village and to stop those responsible for endangering them. The PLF had promised to provide her with the necessary measures to do so as long as she agreed to cooperate with them in eradicating the Gym Leaders' forces. If there was ever a time for her to show off the fruits of her nine years of labour, it was now.


Quick Attack
Swords Dance
Fury Cutter

Ability: As a result of her morph, Plum picked up an unusual ability from her partner; Swarm. It is a simple instinctive reflex that occurs when she begins to lose stamina. The lower it falls, the stronger she becomes, but only up to a certain point and under a certain condition. Specifically, her strength would increase to 1.5 of her original capacity but only while utilising her natural alignment, in other words; Bug-type moves.

Additional Information:

Plum is dominantly right-handed but has little to no use for her left arm during battle, aside from supporting her right or acting as a shield, an obvious weakness that can be exploited by any intelligent enemy.
After returning home, she was presented with a sword carved from bamboo as a congratulatory present for all her hard work. Such a gift was given in place of a tradional samurai katana after her method of fighting was deemed too reckless and endangering to be given a real weapon.
One of the unmentioned yet fairly obvious side effects of Plum's experiment was the failure to develop a fully synchronised mental link between her and her partner, mostly due to her less than adequate intellect. This didn't prove to be a very serious problem for her, but it did often put her on the spot when her two minds would conflict over an issue and thus cause her to start arguments with herself, in which others may mistake for her in being mentally handicapped.
Her partnered Pokemon was the once farming Scyther who had taught itself how to fight through watching and learning. She soon found out that this Scyther, who had ventured from its home every week to witness her samurai training, belonged to Azalea Town's Gym Leader; Bugsy. During their abrupt reunion under the new leader's reign, the two fled together and joined the PLF. Several pursuits have been organised to apprehend the two under Bugsy's command, deeming her as a traitor and the one responsible for kidnapping his Pokemon.

And of course, I was kidding. xP Looking forward to working with you guys again, if you'll have me.

Gumshoe Satyr
September 25th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Name: Jack Kaelin

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Morph: Blaziken

Appearance: At a towering height of 6'4", Jack is surprisingly only 150 lbs due to his light-weight bones. Because his bones are thinner and weaker than a normal human's, they are more easily broken if he isn't careful, but they are still stronger than the typical Blaziken's. Despite this, his legs are incredibly strong and he can kick with great force and jump long distances. His short, white hair is the same shade as a Blaziken's, he prefers to conceal it under a red cap worn backwards. For clothes, he wears a red shirt, black pants, and black sneaker with red markings. On his wrist are band-like markings where intense flames spout out whenever he is angry or battling and covers them up with black sweat bands. The only feature that he gained from his morph that he has trouble hiding is his eyes which consist of a yellow sclera (white part of your eyes) and dark blue eyes, and usually resorts to wearing sunglasses when he's in a large crowd or anywhere else that he doesn't want to attract attention.

Personality: Despite his outward appearance, Jack is serious and reserved, especially among strangers. Even when he agrees to travel with some people, it will be some time before he calls them friends instead of acquaintances or companions. If you are lucky enough to gain his trust and respect, you will find that he has a good, kind heart and maybe even a more friendly side to his personality which is probably the remains of his former self. Because of his martial arts training, he has a strict moral code and a strong sense of loyalty. He would much rather face one hundred rampaging gyrados than turn his back on anyone. In a fight, he is cool and calculating, often letting his opponent have the first move. It's a habit of his to give his adversary a chance to back down or give up before the fight begins. The large difference between how he dresses and how he acts is a result of the morphing.

Background: As an experienced trainer, Jack decided to travel to Kanto and challenge the Indigo League. Traveling through some small towns, he realized that something strange was happening. The people seemed scared of the gym leaders and didn't even dare to mention their names. Since Cerulean Gym was the closest, he decided to go there first, even though his best pokemon, Blaziken, would be at a disadvantage. When he arrived, he was shocked and disgusted after seeing the new fortifications that were being built on the gym and the morphed body of Misty. He decided to challenge Misty anyway, hoping that the battle would bring her back to her senses. Sending his pokemon one after the other, he could only stand and watch as each one was easily beaten down. Finally, only Blaziken was left. Although Blaziken put up a valiant fight, he was soon overwhelmed and beaten brutally and mercilessly, almost to the point of death. Devastated and confused, Jack managed to get his pokemon to a center and after Blaziken was fully recovered, they both swore that they would stop the gym leaders and Elite Four. Hearing about the PLF, they found its headquarters and were eventually morphed together.

Attacks: Flamethrower, Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick, Agility

Additional Information: With his birdlike sight and amazing jumping ability, Jack makes a great scout. Because of his fighting type, he has studied karate and has achieved the equilvalence of a third degree black belt. He uses those skills for when he doesn't think his attacks are necessary. He also carries a flute around with him, which he can play exceedingly well.

RP Sample: (From Pokemon: Hybrid Chronicles by Slytherfang)

During a break in their conversation, Ashley glanced up in time to observe Kite standing up from the nearby table he'd been sitting at. As he placed his tray on top of the others, she smiled mischievously at his back. How could he possibly think that he could "discreetly" listen to our conversation. What does he think these large ears are for? Fashion? In essence, sneaking up on Ashley was like trying to sneak up on a real Flareon, which had a sense of hearing and smell almost as sharp as a Growlithe. She'd noticed his arrival before he even entered the cafeteria.

When he approached a nearby table, she considered ending the conversation before he overheard to much, but in all the years that she'd known him, she'd never thought of him as a tattler. In fact, she didn't think Kite had hardly any friends at all since almost all the hybrids, herself included, were at the very least a little frightened of him. But who could blame him for being a little strange and unstable? Anyone who could be intentionally mutated and not be affected was either a robot or a mental and emotional superhuman. Because of this, Ashley always tried to be friendly to him, but it wasn't easy. Well, maybe the information that he over heard would be as beneficial to him as she hoped it was for Ali.

She sighed. It was her hope that one day all of the hybrids would be able get along. After all, they were pretty much stuck together. Although she strongly wished to escape the laboratory someday, no one had ever succeeded in the attempt, which that along with her appearance, made her feel very reluctant to try. She feared that the hoody and baggy jean that she kept just for the purpose of escaping would never be used. Despite being a pretty bold person socially, there were just some issues that seemed to require more than she could handle alone. The mystery of what went on down in the basement was one of them.

The basement was strictly forbidden to all hybrids. Whereas some had attempted to explore it- all in failure-, most left it alone in fear of being punished. Unsuccessful escapes had taught them all what it was like to be on the scientists bad side with solitary confinement and such in their arsenal. On the other hand, the hybrids did seem more bold as of late. Escape attempts haven't exactly become more common, but sometimes when they think that the scientist aren't listening, she's often heard whispered complaints of treatment and plans of escape from the others. Like her, they seemed much more suspicious of those who work for the laboratory and were no longer satisfied in blindly following directions. Could a mass breakout be somewhere in the future? In any case, Ashley and Ali needed to be prepared no matter what happened.

Breaking into her thoughts, was the sound of even more footprints entering the cafeteria. Blast these ears! They never give me a moment of peace! This time it was the pikachu-hybrid, Aiden, who stepped through the doorway. He looked bruised and battered, and he was scowling, like something was bothering him. Standing up and motioning Ali to follow, she walked toward his table, concerned about what had happened to him. Could he have gotten into some kind of training accident? She hoped that he wasn't hurt too badly. As far as she could tell, he had some bruises and cuts but no serious injury.

"Hey Aiden. What's wrong? Did something happen?" She looked down at him, trying to catch his eye.

September 25th, 2008, 6:45 PM
Namora: more than Accepted, that was great. you took a pretty common morph and made it work very well.

I'll be starting the RP at SOME point tonight but it will be up by tomorrow morning for me
(At the time of this post, it will be 7:45pm)

September 25th, 2008, 6:46 PM
I'd REALLY love to reserve a spot in this RP. I had a lot of homework today so I couldn't finish my SU but I'll be able to finish it tomorrow.

September 25th, 2008, 6:54 PM
I didn't think it would get this popular haha so heres the list of accepted.

Accepted: Jim, Kansas, Billie, Samurai, Phani, Namora, Jasper
Reserved: Gummy, Lucien Lachance

there is 1 more slot... MAYBE 2. I'm closing the sign ups because this is already more than I wanted. Lucien and Gummy are the cut off point, I apologize to everyone else...

If for some reason either of them don't complete a signup, i'll allow someone to sign up in their place.

September 26th, 2008, 8:00 AM
Can I bring back ye olde Charizard? Bless thee, Kansas, for I can RP once more. Yay!

September 26th, 2008, 8:52 AM
Name: Aisha Lorenzo
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Morph: Arcanine

Appearance: Her hair is a mix of different shades of browns, ranging from dark brown and light brown to red and orange. It’s hard to tell what color Aisha’s hair truly is, but many have resorted to calling it a volcanic color. The mass of volcanic hair is styled in an unusual fashion: Layered and feathered so that it’s shorter at the back and longer at the front, spiked upwards and outwards to create what looks like an imitation of lava as it spurts from a volcano. A pair of goggles keeps the unruly bangs at bay, but are sometimes worn around the teens neck when the pressure on her head gets to much (this normally takes place when Aisha is under stress. A classic sign in her case.) She has sun kissed skin, emerald green eyes, a well built frame and toned body, evident of the many activities she takes apart in.

Her wardrobe consists mostly of browns, oranges and the casual jeans and denim jackets, but she does have the odd black outfit. Her typical style is rather ‘punk-ish’ in a stereotypical sense of the word with a hint of goth. She generally has her own sense of style and would never willingly go with the flow. A few bandanas of multiple colors and a line of sandals, vans and boots to wear as her preferred footwear as well as the many accessories she is so very fond of. Her favorite outfit consists of an orange, strappy crop top with another longer crop top positioned underneath it (this one black). A pair of baggy jeans (either black or blue depending on her mood) complete with three studded belts (two around the waste and one wrapped tightly around her upper leg), multiple chains hang from these belts in a mish mash of silver. Sometimes she even finds it better to wear a black or blue denim mini skirt with orange and black striped socks that reach past the join of the knee and then a pair of black vans complete with neon orange laces.

Accessories include a pair of long black fingerless gloves that reach past the joint of her elbow. A pair of trademark goggles (though she does have multiple pairs of different colors). A bandana or long strand of material that wraps around her neck, or otherwise some kind of pendant, which is most likely a choker or a cross and not forgetting the gems that complete her multiple piercing, these have always been orange gems pierced through her left eyebrow, bellybutton, tongue and the multiple piercings of her ears. And last but probably (certainly) not least are the multiple bracelets that she keeps on her.

Now even though Aisha wasn’t a very normal person to begin with, her altered form adds more of an unusual appearance. All across her body are random black stripes, shaped in the style of an Arcanine. She has a second pair of ears sprouting from the top of her head, only these are canine ears and are orange and black in color. Her eyes are surrounded with black like that of a wolf’s and a set of sharp canines emit from the roof of her mouth. Small tuffs of pale yellow fur sprout from her ankles and elbows and a set of fairly large claws penetrate both her footwear and the now fingerless gloves that she wears.

Personality: Aisha is hot headed, overly confident in herself and sarcastic. True enough she works hard and endlessly to gain top marks in what she does, but she can never resist rubbing her success into others faces. Of course with this personality comes the inability to accept loss and Aisha looses her temper fairly easy when it comes to loosing. Fortunately Aisha does well under stress, but a classic trait of her stress is that she lowers the goggles around her head to around her neck or tugs at whatever is around her neck at that moment, letting her opponents know that she is a little flustered by the events taking place, and when this is found out, they always take advantage of her stressful moment. She is not one confused easily, but when she is she tries her hardest to figure out the answer and will loose her temper if the solution is not found soon.

In her work, Aisha is the rookie, learning the hard way to become the best at what she does. She is a klutz and though most find her to be quite lovable and cute, some find her too much of a handful to tolerate and simply just loose they’re temper with her. Many times she has managed to completely destroy a mission or fail to do what is asked of her, some even think that she is perhaps too clumsy to even consider being a member of the PLF, but she still fights on and swears one day she will bring down the gym leaders and they’re leaders When in a life or death situation, Aisha will take a deep breath and seem to be focussing on something deep inside of herself with allows her to think up a tasteful strategy and use it to the best of her abilities, she is a strong individual and though many would not think it, she is quite the strategist, her only downfall is that she can be a little too cocky and over confident.

Having travelled to Kanto in her training to be a Pokemon Ranger, Aisha noticed that something was awry when she noticed that people were looking down when she was passing through Fuscia town. Pokemon were being forced to do things that were beyond them and people were looking simply run down. Having a curious urge to find out what was going on, she decided to go and see the gym leader as they held the most power over the towns and cities they controlled: To her complete horror, she noticed that Koga had been infused with his trusty Venomoth and was demanding complete obedience from the people of his town. In fright, Aisha sped through the doors of the gym, Koga fast on her heel. Summoning forth Flita her Pidgeot from its rounded home, she managed to escape and return to a safer haven where the gym leaders powers had not reached. It was in Vermillion city that Aisha learnt of team: The Pokemon Liberation Force. Calling off her mission to find a hidden Pokemon cave and gaining the understanding of her base’s leader she volunteered to join this Force in order to prevent any more pokemon and people from being controlled in such a harsh way,

Attacks: Flamethrower, Extremespeed, Crunch and Double team

Additional Information: Aisha is very talented when it comes to drawing and playing the guitar. She is also quite talented when it comes to martial arts but is still in training. In all quite an active teenager.

RP Sample: Aisha snorted as one of the Naval officers approached her, a smug smirk on his face. She had been caught by one of the marines coming out of a tavern and had unfortunately been recognised as the pirate that she was. She hadn't been at port long, only having arrived there after the crew she had been apart of met a dreadful end by the enchanted singing of a group of Sirens, lured to their deaths upon a cluster of jagged rocks. Being female, she had been lucky enough to avoid the singing and thus save her own life. Not that she didn't want to save the crew, but they got damned nasty when they're listening of the music was disrupted and Aisha even remembered getting thwacked a couple of times by multiple crew members for trying to save their lives. The captain in particular had turned dreadfully murderous when Aisha had attempted to take the helm. She had gained a back hand to the face for that.

She ran her hand absently over her jaw where she had been hit and was surprised when the officer grabbed her wrist and turned it over in his hand. She smirked when the officer found no 'P' brand there and threw it down to her side once more. "That will soon be taken care of, mark my words." He hissed. Aisha had not been caught by the East India Trading Company as of yet, and so had not been branded with the mark of the pirate.

"I think the Commodore will perhaps see to that immediately. With me." Aisha felt two hands grasp each of her arms and found herself being pushed (or was it pulled) roughly through the gathering crowd towards the fort where she knew the Commodores chambers to be. She had heard that Commodore James Norrington was not one to be crossed and would make sure that she was hung on the morrow at dawn. She shuddered at the thought...she was far to young for this, not even grabbed herself a ship.

"Your the first female pirate I have ever laid eyes on. All those females that mingle with pirates have either been SlAgs or tavern keeps. Not many of your kind around these parts." The Officer stated, climbing the steps to the fort. "Perhaps the Commodore will go lightly on you and save you the mark and merely hang you on the morrow, hmm?" Aisha disliked this particular officer. Smug little Ba$tard that he was. "Your very quite for a pirate, Ill give you that much. A far better trait than the normally cocky and overly determined type that I am use to."

"You would do good to shut your mouth soon, mate." Aisha managed, "I feel all the more sorry for those poor souls that 'ave you as their superior." If this Officer liked the quiet type, then Aisha was all the more ready to be the exact opposite to that. She would not bed, she would not moan...she would merely annoy the pretty little officer to no end...well until the morrow when she was either hanged or saved by some miracle.

This certainly caught the officer off guard as he turned sharply on his heal and gave Aisha the most hateful glare she had ever received. She had to congratulate him, it even managed to send a small shiver up her spine. How she adored it when she got on the wrong side of the law, the looks on their faces were priceless and she certainly adored the way this particular officers freckles popped out when the surrounding skin was reddened.

"Seems I struck a nerve." Aisha smirked, obviously pleased with herself.

The Officer all but pushed the marine holding her left arm out of the way and took charge of pulling her along himself. He motioned for the marines to follow and gave orders for one to go and fetch the Commodore from his office. "I will not have to set foot in the Commodores office, your manors are atrocious and if you so wish to behave this way then you can do so in the confined space of the jailhouse. I will not have you speak to the Commodore in such a way in his own study.

"Pity, I so hoped to set me eyes on at least one rich man's study in me life time." She mused.

She was pulled roughly through the doors of the jailhouse and thrown even more roughly onto the floor of the cell. The officer didn’t even think to undo the restraints around her wrists before he locked the cell doors and continued to glare daggers at the young pirate confined within the cell. "You must be the most ill mannered Pirate I have ever met, and that is saying something seeing as no Pirate has manors to begin with!"

Aisha shrugged and propped herself up into a sitting position. "I'm t'be hung on the morrow and you expect me t' show ye manors? Unlikely, mate."

There were extra sets of footsteps to be heard descending the steps of the jailhouse and before long, Commodore Norrington stood before her cell as always looking the pillar of authority in his crisp clean uniform. He looked through the cell bars in distaste and turned to the officer. "Dismissed, Gillette." He said shortly and watched as his Lieutenant left the jail cell with no argument what so ever.

"So, you are the one who is responsible for the unseemly amount of thievery that has been happening recently?" He asked,

Aisha smirked, "Aisha Lupe, at yer service."

"Indeed." Was the short, disciplined reply.

Norrington turned on his heal and beckoned one of the guards to his side. "Miss Lupe is to be hung at dawn on the morrow, is that clear."

"Of course, sir."

Norrington nodded his approval and cast one last glance at Aisha before leaving the jailhouse. It was short brief and to the point. She was going to die at dawn and there was little much she could do about it. She sighed in defeat. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she would have given anything at that moment to be free once again. The four walls of the cell were beginning to scare her unlike anything else she had encountered and the thought of the noose was unbearable, she certainly was too young for this.

She wondered briefly if the Commodore would accept her as a privateer. Perhaps that was her only way out of this predicament, but she highly doubted that the Commodore would find any need of a Pirate without a ship and a crew, especially one so young as herself and a female none the less...not that that mattered much, but the Royal Navy was not fond of female captains. (She snorted at that.)

Night came and Aisha had finished her 'last meal'. She was unable to get to sleep knowing full well that this was her last few hours before she was to be greeted by the noose. She awaited the dawn fearfully, not knowing of why the thought of dying by the noose scared her so much. Death had never scared her before.

"Perhaps I thought meself so die a more heroic end. Perhaps death by sword or a daft stunt, but not the noose." She mused aloud.

Just then, a flash of bright blue light appeared before her emerald eyes and she was surprised to find a key shaped blade floating there. A silver handle, carefully crafted and carvings embedded into the stem. The blade was in the shape of a key and was the finest crystal blue she had ever seen. A chain hung from the handle and took on the shape of a sea serpent, which she immediately realised to be the mythical sea serpent, Leviathan. It was a most extraordinary sight that made her eyes widen and her mouth water just a little.

Footsteps and shouts from above informed her that the navy were on their way to check out what the blinding blue light had been. It had obviously shone through the bars of the cell. She quickly reached out her bound hands to grab the handle of the keyblade and soon found herself floating through a mass of nothingness and then she felt the thump of solid ground beneath her body.

September 26th, 2008, 10:35 AM
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Everyone else, we'll be starting in Vermillion. Please be sure to go post in the OOC and subscribe to it because i WONT be dealing with any OOC clutter on the main thread. Anyway, i'll try and make this as elaborate as possible... any questions go straight to the OOC.


"You really blew the last mission, Wheldst. Even though your team defeated Surge, the majority of your team, including yourself, suffered terrible injuries and we lost 2 weeks of time because of it. If you all weren't such quick healers, I woulda put your asses back on the street and found someone who could do their jobs. But that being said, this isn't about criticism. No matter how bad the results, your team did accomplish their missions with no casualties which we all can appreciate so we're giving you the next mission..." The entire team sat in silence together in the back of a transport truck as it bounced up and down with the dips in the road. Clove stood leaning against the forward wall with his communicator held out on speaker so that everyone could hear what needed to be side. The voice coming from the communicator was strong and stern, the sound of the Commander of the PLF.

"Your mission this time is going to be rough. Based on the intelligence gathered, we'll be dropping you off at the south gate of Saffron City. From there you will go north through Saffron and defeat Sabrina on attempt to apprehend her. You will then head north again to Cerulean--"

"But sir, I know for a fact that this is a trap! I was contacted by them after the Surge meeting, it has to be! Sir its been raining over the entire central region of Kanto for TWO WEEKS." Clove exclaimed back at the commander.

"Lieutenant, you'd be wise to watch your tongue if you want to keep that new position. You WILL proceed north through Saffron, and you will engage any enemies seen and deal with them according to the plan layout, is that understood?"

"...sir" Clove responded quietly and quickly as he flipped the communicator shut, replacing it in his back pocket.The transport truck slowed to a stop as the driver could be heard from the front seat.

"This is as far as I go! Its too dangerous out here and I can't see anything in this downpour! You're about 200 meters from the south guard house, good luck everyone." The driver called back into the back of the transport.

"Thanks... we'll need it. Okay team, its all us again. No matter how disposable the Commander makes us sound, we're the only ones who can do this. Jade, Alice, Plum, we've been through quite a bit together. You're all captains now and you earned it in the last missions, show me that you earned it in this mission as well. We'll have to watch each others' backs constantly. The Commander wont acknowledge that this mission is a bad idea, but I know better. We'll be fighting in disadvantageous conditions and against two of the most powerful people you've probably ever encountered. We've seen the extent of Sabrina's wrath and what Misty is capable of with this storm... Please be careful. This will be a straight forward assault until we get into the city limits, where we'll split into two attack groups. We'll sweep the whole city and finish it with Sabrina. Thats the ideal plan at this point, any questions? Good. PLF, lets roll out." Clove said, finishing his speech and walking to the back of the transport, kicking the door open into the pouring rain outside.

Clove dropped off the back of the truck into the muddy squishy water and took a few steps forward, squinting into the distance to see the guard tower. Multiple figures could be seen pacing back and forth across the rooftops of the now entirely walled in "Fortress of Saffron".

"Of course it couldn't start out easy... Clove thought to himself, squinting into the downpour. Suddenly without warning, the rain parted and halted, leaving a sunny crystal clear day. Clove looked around puzzled as the guard house and Saffron City became clear. The city's once vibrant appearance and turned to a dull gray, it almost looked like a ghost town.

"If this isn't a trap, then I'll quit the PLF..." Clove said aloud back to his team members. "Alright everyone, it looks like they laid out a red carpet for us, and it would be rude to keep them waiting. PLF, lets move out."

September 26th, 2008, 11:09 AM
"You really blew the last mission, Wheldst,” a stern and strong voice echoed from Clove’s communicator.

The Commander didn’t sound too happy. Although their last few missions didn’t go smoothly, they did do their job. The Commander couldn’t deny that; that’s why they were here, being briefed in the back of a transport truck and everyone was silent. The new recruits had no idea what to expect and the veterans, though glowing with experience, also didn’t seem sure about what they were going to run into.

“Your mission this time is going to be rough. Based on the intelligence gathered, we'll be dropping you off at the south gate of Saffron City. From there you will go north through Saffron and defeat Sabrina on attempt to apprehend her. You will then head north again to Cerulean--"

"But sir, I know for a fact that this is a trap! I was contacted by them after the Surge meeting, it has to be! Sir its been raining over the entire central region of Kanto for TWO WEEKS." Clove interrupted, his voice just as strong.

Jade gave a small nod. She didn’t mean for Clove to see it, but she was right along side him in his skepticism. She had never seen this much rain before. In fact, this was the first time she was completely dry in over a week and she grimaced at though of leaving the vehicle. By nature, Jade hated getting wet, but not as much as her Tyranitar did.

“Lieutenant, you'd be wise to watch your tongue if you want to keep that new position. You WILL proceed north through Saffron, and you will engage any enemies seen and deal with them according to the plan layout, is that understood?"

"...sir" Clove responded quietly. Jade’s green eyes shifted to her leader, curious if he had something up his sleeve.

"This is as far as I go! Its too dangerous out here and I can't see anything in this downpour! You're about 200 meters from the south guard house, good luck everyone,” the driver called from the front. This was Clove’s cue to give some kind of speech. Or at least, he would take advantage of these few moments.

"Thanks... we'll need it. Okay team, its all us again. No matter how disposable the Commander makes us sound, we're the only ones who can do this. Jade, Alice, Plum, we've been through quite a bit together. You're all captains now and you earned it in the last missions, show me that you earned it in this mission as well.” At this Jade couldn’t help but let a prideful smile take over her features. She had worked hard to prove to Clove that she was tough and a good addition to PLF back when she first started.

“We'll have to watch each others' backs constantly. The Commander wont acknowledge that this mission is a bad idea, but I know better. We'll be fighting in disadvantageous conditions and against two of the most powerful people you've probably ever encountered. We've seen the extent of Sabrina's wrath and what Misty is capable of with this storm... Please be careful. This will be a straight forward assault until we get into the city limits, where we'll split into two attack groups. We'll sweep the whole city and finish it with Sabrina. Thats the ideal plan at this point, any questions? Good. PLF, lets roll out." said Clove. He didn’t even really wait for questions and Jade felt rather bad for the new recruits.

Sabrina, the name had been echoing in the back of Jade’s mind for weeks. She was part dark type but still uneasy thinking of what Sabrina was capable of. Not to mention how nervous it made her that this was so close to home.

They made their way out of the truck, their feet meeting a muddy puddle. It was the only time Jade regretted not wearing shoes. She forgot her discomfort upon seeing the fortress that now swallowed Saffron. Guards were everywhere. She could see Clove’s expression and knew he was a little bit tweaked that wasn’t going to start out easy.

The rain stopped. Jade’s eyes narrowed at the sun came out for the first time in weeks and, while thankful for the ceasing of the downpour, felt fear tug at the back of mind. This wasn’t a coincidence.

If this isn't a trap, then I'll quit the PLF..." Clove said aloud. "Alright everyone, it looks like they laid out a red carpet for us, and it would be rude to keep them waiting. PLF, lets move out."

Clenching her fists, Jade braced herself, trying to look confident for the new recruits. She hoped it would work.

September 26th, 2008, 12:54 PM
The truck door opened...out stepped Travis Mura, in Vermillion CIty. The pouring rain felt very refreshing.

The PLF had already been through here it looked like, and Travis now had to find them. He only joined the force a few days ago, and was told he'd join them in this general area...they were no where in sight.

He spotted an officer and called him over.

"I'm looking for the PLF. Do you know where they are?"

The officer stared at Travis with a look of....what was it? Fear? Surprise? Awe? Whatever it was, it wasn't a look that would say, "oh they're just over there."

"Who are you?" he asked.
"I'm Travis Mura. I joined the league a few days ago. I was told to join them here."

The officer didn't seem convinced. "You got any I.D.?"

"No." His trainer card was with the rest of his posessions in Pallet, and if the commander was supposed to give him an identification as a member, he didn't.

"Well, sorry. You're gonna have to wait here."
The officer walked away reaching for his cell phone, Travis sat down and waited.

I just wanna know where the dang force is.
Where do you reckon he went?
I hope it's a trip to verify whether or not I joined. The commander could verify that. If he can't I might get arrested.
We don't want that...
Tell me about it.

The officer returned, and Travis looked up.
"I just called the commander, and he has verified you as a member of the PLF."
"That's good to know, now will you please answer me and tell me where the PLF is?"
The officer, stared at the ground. "I'm afraid they left without you about an hour ago and are bound for Saffron City at the moment."

Travis sighed. "Thanks. I gotta go." Then he went off.

If only there was a river that ran by Saffron City, I'm probably faster in water than on land.
Yeah you are.


Travis now stood before the walls of Saffron City. The last time Travis saw Saffron City, there were no walls at all, in fact this didn't look like Saffron CIty at all.

"Now to find this PLF..." he thought and began walking through the bushes, careful not to get spotted by the guards up top. That's when he saw a truck, and several morphs standing outside it.

The rain just stopped, which disappointed Travis, but he would live. "Alright PLF, let's move out."

That's what Travis needed to hear.

"Hey, excuse me!" he said, keeping his voice down, but made it hearable to the PLF.

This got the leagues attention. "I was supposed to join you in Vermillion...you sorta left without me. I'm Travis Mura. I need to know exactly what's going on."

September 26th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Name: Lilith Shale
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Morph: Weavile

Appearance: Capping in at a measly five feet, Lilith looks more like a nine-year old rather than a teenager. However, her height is actually the closest thing this young girl comes to being normal. Let’s start with her skin, which after her morph has become a very dark shade of gray, bordering on absolute black. Her crimson eyes stand out in contrast against her skin tone, along with the golden jewel located in the middle of her forehead. Another trait acquired through her morph is the bright red head-flap that all Weavile wear with pride. Hers, however, isn’t as rigid and lies against her back, acting as if it were hair. She has retractable claws on her fingers, whereas the claws on her toes are permanently extended. The only things she seems to be missing from her Weavile transformation is the red collar and feather like appendages that would extend from her backside.

As for her attire, it isn’t much different from when Lilith was still a human. She wears a black, hooded sweatshirt that is usually zipped up. When it is unzipped, one can see the dark blue T-shirt she wears underneath. She also wears a pair jeans with many rips and tears, some intentional and some not. She wears only sandals, as the claws on her feet can easily cut through any shoe material.

Personality: Lilith’s appearance wasn’t the only thing to change after her morph. Soon after her transformation, Lilith found herself thinking dark thoughts. She can be seen whispering to herself or laughing when no one has made any jokes. Although she’s not an extremely anti-social person, she does prefer to be alone, as she fears her dark thoughts will get the better of her and she might do something regrettable. When is forced into a social situation (like being in a team), she does everything possible to keep the thoughts at bay and is very good at taking orders. She gets very serious while on missions and likes to complete objectives the right way, rather than the easy way.

Background: Before this whole pokemorphing nightmare began, Lilith was a normal trainer who enjoyed battling alongside her trusted Weavile. She and her family lived in Lavender Town all their lives, but decided it was time to leave when the tension between Lavender and Saffron increased. Trusting Weavile to take care of their daughter on their way to Vermillion, Lilith’s parents allowed the two to travel together while they took a different route, as a large group would attract suspicion. Lilith and her Weavile tried taking the safest route to Vermillion, which was the underground road, but were ambushed by Surge’s followers who were trying to regulate the amount of refugees entering the city. Being much more powerful than the trainer and her Pokemon, the duo was overwhelmed and beaten until they were a hare’s breath away from death. Leaving them to die, the followers never suspected the girl would be able to carry her Pokemon out of the passage and make her way to the closest town. After receiving proper care, the young girl fully recovered, but the doctors doubted the Weavile would ever come out of its coma. Desperate to help her Pokemon, Lilith heard of the efforts of the PLF and how they could at least save Weavile’s consciousness by combining her with the Pokemon. Lilith set out to find the organization and was able to convince the members to morph her, despite her young age. There were some complications but all in all, the morph was a success, but Lilith missed both the Brock and Surge missions. She tried to visit her parents (who had now made it to Vermillion) and explain to them that it was thanks to the PLF that Vermillion was safe, but they refused to accept her new form. Now with no one but her fellow PLF members to care for, Lilith devotes all her time to the Kanto liberation cause.

Attacks: Dark Pulse, Metal Claw, Icy Wind, and Faint Attack

Additional Information: Lilith’s skin is always cold to the touch, even to people who have morphed with fire types. Also, when she speaks, a cloud of vapor is always present no matter how hot it is outside.

RP Sample: Kevmysta’s Follow the Darkness

“Cato, wake up!” ordered a female voice from inside a relatively small house, but could possibly be heard from across the street. Both her auburn hair and stained apron soared behind her as she rushed up a flight of stairs. Upon reaching the top, she made a sharp left in the narrow hallway and stopped before a polished wooden door.

“Cato!” she called again while simultaneously slamming her fists against the door. Without even waiting for a reply, she twisted the knob and allowed herself in the room. To her surprise, she found the room to be rather tidy and the bed unoccupied. Her green eyes scanned the room like a Staraptor’s and when she was sure her son was no where to be found, eased herself deeper in to the room. Finally she stopped at the window, where she spotted a lone boy laying on the grass, staring at the sky.

“Cato, what the heck are you doing!?”

The boy seemed to not hear her, or was simply ignoring her, as he continued to gaze at the drifting clouds. The sun was beating hard on him, and although he was wearing both a green sweater vest and a white, long sleeve shirt, he seemed unbothered by the heat. He ran a hand over his curly, brown hair, and rested his head back on the grass.

“I know you hear me, young man!”

“All of Arkens can hear you, mother!” he shouted back smugly. Without much effort, he lifted himself off of the ground and dusted the grass off of his khaki pants, although he was pretty sure there was some left on his backside.

“Excuse me from trying to help out, but while you were out here daydreaming, you’ve seemed to lose track of time. You’re going to be late for your meeting with that sweet Professor Pace.”

The news caught Cato by surprise, but he tried not to let it show in his facial expression. He was hoping to be the earliest so he didn’t have to mingle with any other trainers that would be visiting the lab for similar reasons. How he happened to foil his own plan was both irritating and amusing. Oh well, he was sure the joy of getting his first Pokemon would overshadow the fact that he was likely to be forced into a social engagement.

He quickly picked up his gray messenger bag off the ground and swung it around his shoulder. “I’ll call you later mom!” he shouted to the window before turning his back to the house and making his way for the lab.

“Don’t forget to call your father too!” he heard her call out faintly. He made a mental note to do so, but was sure he’d forget later.

As a new arrival to this town, Cato had a bit of trouble finding the lab. Three times he found himself facing a thick multitude of trees that enclosed the small town. Finally, he came across the building and immediately saw why he missed it so many times. Unlike Professor Birch’s lab, which he was so used to seeing, Pace’s lab was relatively small. That was when it hit him that the Professor’s career was just kicking off and he would probably get a bigger lab in a couple of years.

In front of the building doors stood a female lab assistant who eyed Cato the moment he stepped up.

“Err... Hello, I’m here to see Professor Pace. Is he in today?”

“Do you have a letter of approval?” asked the assistant almost robotically. It was a dead give away that she planned to ask that question many times today.

The young man reached into his bag and pulled out a neatly folded letter. “I believe this is what you’re referring to,” he said, handing her the sheet of paper. She quickly skimmed it before nodding to him and ushering him into the lab.

“We’ve got another one!” she called out in the lab before shutting the doors. A man pacing back and forth immediately looked up at Cato and walked towards the boy.

“Right this way,” said Professor Pace hastily as led Cato to a table littered with pokeballs and other equipment. “Cato Cornelius, correct?”

“That’s me.”

“Then this is for you,” he said, grabbing a pokeball off the table and handing it the young man. Instinctively, Cato pressed the button on the sphere twice and watched as a red beam began to take shape. Before he knew it, a small, yellow mouse stood at his feet, surveying the world around it with a confused gaze.

“Pichu here is a new hatch, but I’m sure you can deal with it. Professor Birch speaks highly of you.” Cato couldn’t help but smile at the compliment, and then lowered to the Pichu’s level, which allowed it to quickly scurry up his arm. Sensing the bond already forming between the two, Pace knew Cato wouldn’t object to the choice and handed him his pokedex along with five extra pokeballs. He patted the young trainer on the shoulder and looked into his eyes.

“Welcome to the world of Pokemon. May you have many safe and thrilling adventures.”

“I’ll try my best, sir,” Cato said, before exiting the building. His journey was just beginning.

September 26th, 2008, 2:34 PM
"You really blew the last mission, Wheldst. Even though your team defeated Surge, the majority of your team, including yourself, suffered terrible injuries and we lost 2 weeks of time because of it. If you all weren't such quick healers, I woulda put your asses back on the street and found someone who could do their jobs. But that being said, this isn't about criticism. No matter how bad the results, your team did accomplish their missions with no casualties which we all can appreciate so we're giving you the next mission..." The scolding from the Commander was short-lived and softened by his closing statement, but the was still an atmosphere of tension within the enclosed transport.

"I'm lucky I managed to find Clove and Jade in the end. I didn't see any action in Vermilion, I'm rather lucky to still be on the Liberation Force, never mind the promotion." In truth, Alice -after reaching the very center of Vermilion due to her stealth and agility- had blacked out due to the the intense sonic booms of the many Magneton morphs in the nearby Pokémon Center. But she had made it back, which is more that can be said for some other missing members. In fact the only other older member returning besides herself, Jade and Clove was her.

Alice eyed up the pretty, young Scyther morph sitting opposite her, the two had never personally met, although she was part of the original team. "She's beautiful and also very powerful looking, defiantly agile. First thoughts would be that Li Meiling would become a great asset, although... I haven't seen her in action." Alice's line of thought was interrupted by the commander.

"Your mission this time is going to be rough. Based on the intelligence gathered, we'll be dropping you off at the south gate of Saffron City. From there you will go north through Saffron and defeat Sabrina on attempt to apprehend her. You will then head north again to Cerulean--" Suddenly Clove interjected.

"But sir, I know for a fact that this is a trap! I was contacted by them after the Surge meeting, it has to be! Sir its been raining over the entire central region of Kanto for TWO WEEKS." Clove exclaimed back at the commander.

"Lieutenant, you'd be wise to watch your tongue if you want to keep that new position. You WILL proceed north through Saffron, and you will engage any enemies seen and deal with them according to the plan layout, is that understood?"

"...sir" responded Alice's superior. Clove had been known for being a great Leader who wouldn't think twice about questioning the odds or the commander, however he always did so maintaining some level of respect.

The transport slammed to a halt.

"This is as far as I go! Its too dangerous out here and I can't see anything in this downpour! You're about 200 meters from the south guard house, good luck everyone." The driver called back into the back of the transport.

"Thanks... we'll need it. Okay team, its all us again. No matter how disposable the Commander makes us sound, we're the only ones who can do this. Jade, Alice, Plum, we've been through quite a bit together. You're all captains now and you earned it in the last missions, show me that you earned it in this mission as well. We'll have to watch each others' backs constantly. The Commander wont acknowledge that this mission is a bad idea, but I know better. We'll be fighting in disadvantageous conditions and against two of the most powerful people you've probably ever encountered. We've seen the extent of Sabrina's wrath and what Misty is capable of with this storm... Please be careful. This will be a straight forward assault until we get into the city limits, where we'll split into two attack groups. We'll sweep the whole city and finish it with Sabrina. Thats the ideal plan at this point, any questions? Good. PLF, lets roll out." Clove said, finishing his speech and walking to the back of the transport, kicking the door open into the pouring rain outside.

Alice followed Jade out of the truck. She took her time selecting the patch of grass that seemed to be the least muddy and took a giant step off the back of the truck, landing directly on her chosen spot.

"If this isn't a trap, then I'll quit the PLF..." Clove said aloud back to the team. "Alright everyone, it looks like they laid out a red carpet for us, and it would be rude to keep them waiting. PLF, lets move out."

As everyone prepared to move out, she caught up to Jade, intending to walk alongside the Tyranitar morph. She didn't know much about Jade other than her brute strength and her strong sense of justice, a girl who Alice respected.

Suddenly a male voice rang from behind.

"Hey, excuse me!" came the hushed voice. "I was supposed to join you in Vermilion...you sorta left without me. I'm Travis Mura. I need to know exactly what's going on."

Alice instinctively whipped out her Official PLF Mobile-Phone -battered from the battle with Brock- and pulled up the page on 'Travis Mura'. After studying the Rookie's profile she raised her shoulders and practically marched over to the new recruit. The Ambipom morph was always one to take her job too seriously, sometimes to the point of annoyance.

"Travis Mura, you're late." She stated sternly. "Alice Robinson, Captain and former Tactician of the Pokémon Liberation Force." She paused briefly. "You are a member of the most important faction of the PLF, this side of Mt Silver. Can the fate of Kanto really depend on an unreliable person such as yourself?" Alice looked the Squirtle-morph in the eyes. "I'm watching you." she warned before retreating back to Jade.

By the time she got back to her colleague she couldn't keep a straight face. She let out a silent laugh, only audible and visible to Jade.

"I love this job." she smirked.

Alice quickly regained her composure, shot Travis another warning glance, and then turned back to the rest of the team.

"Let's get going then," she thought aloud.

OOC: There we go, nothing special, but Alice now has an excuse as to why her owner let the old RP down. She was out cold I tells ya!

September 26th, 2008, 5:14 PM
Sitting there, in the back of the truck with the only three other survivors of the Vermillion City raid and while listening to the more than audible voice of their current mission's commander, she was in all honesty, uncomfortable. Of course, that wasn't all necessarily true. It was just a habit of hers to kill off any field agents that were assigned to a strike force operation who then become injured beyond being able to continue, in other words, 'softies'. In respect though, she couldn't really blame them, considering their breaking of protocol during the last mission and the fact that they had drastically underestimated the enemy. Still, it was surprising to see that only four out of the original thirteen members assigned were still present and had recovered quickly enough to proceed with their liberation of Kanto. And among them was one particular person she didn't expect to see, let alone recognised very well. Alice Robinson.

Clove Wheldst, the commanding officer of the current PLF, was a given, even Jade's inclusion, the powerhouse of the team, was understandable. Her own admission too of course needed no rectification, she was obviously the team's most valued member in terms of combat, if she did say so herself. But this Alice girl, she had yet to hear anything about her abilities or reason as to why she was put onto the team in the first place. The last thing she heard was that she blacked out during the Vermillion raid and remained unconscious ever since. The Kanto PLF didn't need someone like that.

Heaving an irritable sigh at the prospect of over analysing the team and past events, Plum closed her eyes and lent back in her seat, blocking out everything around her. The sound of the continually pouring rain outside becoming nothing but white noise while the uncomfortably bumpy ride to Saffron's southern guard house dispersed into mere rumblings. She wasn't particularly tired but rather bored and somewhat anxious in picking up where they left off two weeks prior. Reciting that figure, it was hard to believe that such time had elapsed during their recovery, and even by then, all of the other members bar the four present, still needed further treatment. It was embarrassing to admit but for the first time, the scyther-morph was worried. They could have easily been crushed if Commander Surge had called for backup from a neighbouring city, one messenger pidgey and their whole team could have been wiped from existence. Their sheer power and numbers was overwhelming. And this was what they were now up against.

Of course, she had always been the one to let her emotions take over, particularly her lust for battle, but realising her current condition, she knew she couldn't rely on such behaviour any longer. The reason she was sitting inside the van with three other pokemorphs and heading to Saffron City was because she was the only who could. They as a team were only ones who could protect Kanto, and she couldn't let such depressing emotions get in the way of that.

Having prepped herself emotionally and feeling quite content with her current mental condition, not to mention her growing craving to fell more enemies, Plum was prime and ready to kick ass. As such, she failed to realise that the team had already evacuated the stalled van in front of their next destination and quickly followed suit.

Hopping out, the four of them took the time to reassure they had everything they needed before heading in, their lack of preparation during the last mission still haunted them. It was then that a fifth pokemorph arrived, one who's experiment seemed to have lingered a tad longer than expected. He really did look like a squirtle. Despite being a primary pokemon in his own evolutionary chain, he was much taller than herself and the rest of the group as well as in age. Next to Alice, this guy looked about as useful as a magikarp out of water. Thank goodness he wasn't one.

And before she knew it, the lass in question stepped up to give the newcomer a few words of wisdom, quite similar to her own thoughts surprisingly. Scoffing, the scyther-morph crossed her arms.

"That's some good advice girl." Plum started, "Try not to faint again like last time and maybe you can talk."

Her words came out colder than she expected, almost as cold as, well...Clove. But that couldn't be right! She hated him! And she was supposed to be the good guy out of the group. Slapping her face in frustration, she recycled her thoughts and returned to the girl and newcomer.

"Anyway..." she continued in a slightly more casual tone, trying not to sound like Clove as much as possible despite her thoughts, "I'm getting bored of waiting around. There's gotta be plenty of losers in there who're needing a good kick in the ass, so let's give it to them. Let's see what you've got newbies! And that goes for you too Jade. You guys embarrassed me enough during the last mission to last me a lifetime."

Poking her tongue out and now much more enthusiastic as the adrenaline started to build, the scyther-morph bared her fangs and blades in preparation. It was time to liberate Saffron City. Their target, the Gym Leader, Sabrina.

September 26th, 2008, 5:42 PM
Heavy rain slammed against Lilith’s face as she wandered around Vermillion City. At first, the downpour didn’t bother her, but that was when she thought she’d be able to find the PLF members within seconds of her arrival. However, she had been walking back and forth across the city for nearly thirty minutes and the morphs were no where to be seen. Of course, there was always the possibility that the members had already left for a mission.

“This is ridiculous,” the young morph finally said as she slowed to a stop. This game of hide-and-seek wasn’t working and if it kept up, she was bound to miss the third important mission. As she contemplated on how to find the PLF members, she noticed a large bird Pokemon flying above. Upon closer inspection, Lilith realized it was a Fearow.

“Fearow have pretty keen eyesight. If he’s been here long enough, he would have definitely noticed the morphs. But how will I get his attention?”

After a few seconds of deep thought, an idea struck the girl. Hastily, she inhaled deeply and upon exhaling, released a torrent of chilly air. The icy wind attack missed the Fearow by inches, which was a good thing, seeing as Lilith still wasn’t used to controlling the amount of power in her attacks and could have felled the unsuspecting bird. The attack succeeded in its primary function by drawing the attention of the Fearow, which immediately swooped down.

He seemed to be coming down for a counter attack, but stopped once he realized that Lilith wasn’t just any ordinary Pokemon.

“Are you mad? You could have killed me if I fell from that height!” shouted the Fearow in what would have sounded like a loud squawk to any normal human.

Instead of apologizing, Lilith took the time to translate what she wanted to say in the Pokemon tongue. “Have you seen any others like me?”

“You mean any more abominations?” Lilith let the comment slide, although it didn’t really offend her. She had been called worse by her parents. “As a matter of fact, I did see a few heading for the city toward the east. I believe the humans called it ‘Saffron’?”

That was all the Weavile morph needed, and without even thanking the large bird, turned toward the east and made a run for Saffron City.

“Well, you’re welcome!” she heard the Fearow shout from afar.

If she had to pick one thing she loved about her morphed state, it was the fact that her speed and dexterity had increased considerably and within minutes, she found herself in the presence of the PLF members. But honestly, anyone traveling this path would have spotted them. So many morphs in one spot was just unnatural.

Already knowing she was going to be scolded for her lateness, Lilith didn’t both with the apologies and simply walked up to the team. She mumbled incoherently to herself while awaiting further orders.

September 26th, 2008, 9:41 PM
Well...I guess it's good to help out? ....ehh screw it, it's the military way.
I wouldn't understand it as well as you.
I'll Explain it later. It's complicated. Heh, I'm not unreliable that much, however a truck ride in puring rain isn't the fastest of transportation...oh well, screw it.

"Let's get going!" The offier said aloud.

"That's some good advice girl." a nearby morph said almost out of...was that hatred? "Try not to faint again like last time and maybe you can talk. Anyway, I'm getting bored of waiting around. There's gotta be plenty of losers in there who're needing a good kick in the ass, so let's give it to them. Let's see what you've got newbies! And that goes for you too Jade. You guys embarrassed me enough during the last mission to last me a lifetime."

Travis held back a laugh. Newbies? It had been a LONG time since he heard that word in action. But now it was time to get serious, no matter how much his new personality fought against it. Travis was learning how to cope with it.

Okay, let's do this, Gill. It's only another battle.
Just remember, I can't really do anything phisically, yuu gotta decide the ways to help us survive this.
Isn't that what I always retty mch did? Those years....what I wouldn't give to have them back...
I understand that, but we gotta focus on this before we can get back to those days.
Just gotta remember my motto...
Huh? What's that?
An old Metallica phrase: "F*** it all, and f***ing no regrets."
That's your motto? That's a bit deep.
True, but it always connected to me, I'll explain later.

"...no regrets" he muttered to hmself. Travis felt the power build within him...

"Okay.......you want action. However, even a 'newbie' knows that it's basically a death wish to go against that wall with no plan. Please tell me you ot some stradegy to get us over/under/through the wall..."

September 26th, 2008, 10:12 PM
"Hey, excuse me!"

Jade turned at the sound of the voice. She thought she had felt someone coming their way but what she saw was unexpected. A Squirtle? A talking....oh, it's a Morph! she blinked several times. He looked more Pokemon than human. He apologized quickly about his tardy arrival but Alice, who was tagging along closely, gave him a talking to.

"Travis Mura, you're late." Alice stated sternly. "Alice Robinson, Captain and former Tactician of the Pokémon Liberation Force." She paused for a moment, as though for dramatic effect. "You are a member of the most important faction of the PLF, this side of Mt Silver. Can the fate of Kanto really depend on an unreliable person such as yourself?" Alice's gaze was unwavering."I'm watching you." she warned and walked back over to Jade.

She managed to keep a straight face until she returned but then let loose a laugh that Jade felt was just between them. "I love this job," a smirk spread across her colleague's face.

"That's some good advice girl." Plum started, "Try not to faint again like last time and maybe you can talk." Jade turned to find the Scyther morph, who was drifting off in the van moments ago, and her sharp tongue. Jade frowned but knew better than to get in the middle of this.

"Anyway...I'm getting bored of waiting around. There's gotta be plenty of losers in there who're needing a good kick in the ass, so let's give it to them. Let's see what you've got newbies! And that goes for you too Jade. You guys embarrassed me enough during the last mission to last me a lifetime."

Jade frowned. Embarassed? I'm pretty sure I kicked some serious ass two weeks ago. She began grinding her teeth together in a frustrated manner and hoped the Plum was just joking around. If she had done so poorly, why would Clove promote her? Her thoughts were interrupted by another Morph, a Weavile, making its way toward them. Jade perked up, interested, mostly because of another dark type, but curious about the newcomer. She remained silent, much to Jade's disappointment.

"Hey," she waved at the Weavile, "Welcome to the team! I'm Jade!" she smiled. She'd been working on polishing her social skills and hoped to God that Alice wasn't giggling at her from behind. She was tired of being awkward.

Midnight Jasper
September 27th, 2008, 5:38 AM
So tired...

How long have I been crawling here in this miserable, grey drizzle? It feels like a week and a day. If it wasn't for the PLF, I'd run straight to the ocean and swim round and round for months, just enjoying the wild, open beauty of the sea. There's nothing like that here. Only tiny, squalid ponds and lakes.

I'm certain people are staring now. It's almost impossible for a morph to go unnoticed, and my neck is aching from being bent over so long. I'm barely standing now; my legs are so tired and my whole body yearns for the waves. At least the truck isn't that far ahead of me. It's getting stuck in these mud banks and looks like it's about to fall over anytime soon. I can beat it, I know I can. I can beat all the morphs sitting in the truck, too lazy to come and slog it out in the rain. They're resting there in their stupid truck. Stupid machines.

I hate enclosed spaces. There's never enough room for anything. Out in the open, that's where everyone's meant to be and where everything's meant to happen. Spending your entire day in a box...what fun is that?

I'm barely moving now. Ever so slowly, I'm inching and slipping through this endless tirade of mud. The truck's driving away now, but I know the way. True, I'll be late, but I will get there on my own, under my own willpower, even if it is more tiring this way. By the time I get there, I doubt I'll be able to look that damned Sabrina in the eye, never mind fight her.
Just her very name makes my blood run cold. I've heard the stories. Sabrina will mess with your mind, hypnotize you, corrupt you and ultimately control you. Maybe they're just rumours, maybe they're more than that. Total control...it's frightening. I don't want to become one of the sickly, pallid people, minions of the Gyms. Total control...

The truck roars and drives away. I feel like cursing at it for being so damned fast and enduring. Now I'm alone in the driving rain, crawling my way to a situation where I have small chance of success and probably certain death. I give another little nudge and my body moves once more. I stare at the long, tarmac road ahead of me.

Suddenly, trucks don't seem that bad.

September 27th, 2008, 6:08 AM
Unlike the rest of her squad Aisha had not taken the truck from Vermillion, instead she had placed herself in charge of running along side the vehicle in order to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. Being a half Arcanine hybrid she could keep up with the truck rather easily despite being a few feet behind it. The only thing that was keeping her back a little was the fact that she had suffered a few injuries back in Vermillion against Surge. Every now and again her heal would click and send a shooting pain up her leg, it wasn’t enough to cause her to stumble but it was enough to make her grit her teeth. The mission hadn’t gone completely according to plan back at Vermillion: Surge proved to be a tougher customer than what they had expected and they had come away with some nasty reminders. Though they healed quickly, there were still some sore spots that would take a little longer to overcome.

As she proceeded to run on all fours she caught a glimpse of a town coming into view up ahead. She frowned and squinted to get a closer look: Turned out that they had been heading towards Saffron city this whole time. Her eyes widened as she remember who exactly was in control of Saffron and what kind of Pokemon she used. “Oh man, what are they thinking!? Are we really ready to take on Sabrina!? We better be passing through because I am NOT having a good feeling about this. My rangers senses are tingling and my nose isn’t getting a very good feeling in it either. We better just be passing through or something because I don’t think I’m ready!”

What kind of faith did that show she had in Jake though? The Arcanine had been infused with her and she was doubting his powers and abilities. Though she was in control of the body it was his powers that she was running on and to doubt herself would be to doubt Jake. She shook her head to rid her mind of the negative thoughts and concentrated souly on what was ahead. If they had to take on Sabrina then so be it! Who was she to question her Pokemon’s powers? She had seen Jake take down more threatening enemies that an Alakazam before and she was confident that he could do more than what she deemed possible. “We can do this Jakey!”

As she yelled this into the passing wind, she noticed that the truck in front of her came to a sudden stop and she was forced to come to a complete stop and dodge to the side in order to miss the boot of the truck. She landed awkwardly on her injured ankle and grit her teeth in pain. “Owchies” she murmured trying her hardest not to show weakness. She shook her heal and rose up onto two legs. She walked calmly over to the truck and was about to pull the door open to see what was going on when they were rammed open, nearly nipping her nose as they swung full force outwards. She gasped in shock and clenched her nose with a clawed hand. “Wanna be careful next time, Sir?” She groaned, wriggling her nose. “This is my radar y’know”

"If this isn't a trap, then I'll quit the PLF..." Clove said aloud back to his team members. "Alright everyone, it looks like they laid out a red carpet for us, and it would be rude to keep them waiting. PLF, lets move out."

A trap? Man that was all they needed. They weren’t ready for another surprise attack and she especially wasn’t up to full standard yet, she needed a bit more time before her heal recovered. “So are we going to face Sabrina or are we just passing through? Because I’m a little confused.” She stated as the team made they’re way towards the city.

Gumshoe Satyr
September 27th, 2008, 12:41 PM
Sitting in the back of the truck, Jack listened carefully to the conversation between Clove and the Commander. When Clove objecting the mission, calling it a trap, he silently agree, though he didn't show it. Just the rain by itself made put fire, rock, and ground type morphs at a disadvantage, not to mention the mud. As the conversation came to a close, Jack slowly drew in several calming breaths, trying to prepare himself for the battles ahead. Although this was his first official mission, he'd trained long and hard at HQ and felt like he was ready to join the fight. He was surprised and irritated, however, that he'd been sent on a mission against two gym leaders that he had a type disadvantage against. Hoping that the commander knew that he was doing, Jack took one more breath and started building a strategy against Sabrina. It definitely wasn't going to be easy....

His thoughts were interrupted by the driver. "This is as far as I go! Its too dangerous out here and I can't see anything in this downpour! You're about 200 meters from the south guard house, good luck everyone." After answering him, Clove began a speech, "Thanks... we'll need it. Okay team, its all us again. No matter how disposable the Commander makes us sound, we're the only ones who can do this. Jade, Alice, Plum, we've been through quite a bit together. You're all captains now and you earned it in the last missions, show me that you earned it in this mission as well. We'll have to watch each others' backs constantly. The Commander wont acknowledge that this mission is a bad idea, but I know better. We'll be fighting in disadvantageous conditions and against two of the most powerful people you've probably ever encountered. We've seen the extent of Sabrina's wrath and what Misty is capable of with this storm... Please be careful. This will be a straight forward assault until we get into the city limits, where we'll split into two attack groups. We'll sweep the whole city and finish it with Sabrina. Thats the ideal plan at this point, any questions? Good. PLF, lets roll out."

Misty.... Jack had seen her abilities firsthand when she almost killed Blitz, his Blaziken. Despite his disadvantage, she was someone he wanted to fight very badly. I guess you may get your revenge after all my friend. Following the others out of the truck, he was stunned when the rain instantly stopped. I guess they noticed our arrival....
"If this isn't a trap, then I'll quit the PLF..." Clove said aloud back to his team members. "Alright everyone, it looks like they laid out a red carpet for us, and it would be rude to keep them waiting. PLF, lets move out." Removing his sunglasses and putting them into his backpack, he examined his teammates. He at least knew of Clove, Alice, Jade, and Plum from accounts of their earlier mission, but the others he'd perhaps only seen in the hallways at HQ. By now, he'd at least figured out that Clove seemed to know what he was doing. I guess Jade lookes confident. he thought to himself, attempting to lift his own spirits.

A Sqirtle morph walked up and addressed them saying, "Hey, excuse me! I was supposed to join you in Vermillion...you sorta left without me. I'm Travis Mura. I need to know exactly what's going on." Uninterested, Jack turned his attention away from him, faintly hearing Alice scolding him. Scoffing, Plum broke in as Alice walked back to Jade, "That's some good advice girl. Try not to faint again like last time and maybe you can talk. Anyway... I'm getting bored of waiting around. There's gotta be plenty of losers in there who're needing a good kick in the ass, so let's give it to them. Let's see what you've got newbies! And that goes for you too Jade. You guys embarrassed me enough during the last mission to last me a lifetime." What a windbag.... Why are all these people late? Jack thought as he saw a Weavile morph running up. He heard Jade greeting the new arrival, but his attention was on the fortress in front of them.

"So are we going to face Sabrina or are we just passing through? Because I’m a little confused.” said another morph who'd ran beside the transport the whole way. Still examining the fortess, Jack remembered something about the town that he'd almost forgotten. Looking toward Clove but avoiding his eyes as was his way, he spoke for the first time, "Do we knew what happened to the Fighting Dojo beside the gym?" His voice was flat and emotionless, though inside he hoped that nothing had happened.

September 27th, 2008, 1:07 PM
"That's some good advice girl. Try not to faint again like last time and maybe you can talk. Anyway... I'm getting bored of waiting around. There's gotta be plenty of losers in there who're needing a good kick in the ass, so let's give it to them. Let's see what you've got newbies! And that goes for you too Jade. You guys embarrassed me enough during the last mission to last me a lifetime."

Alice felt indifferent towards the accusations that her colleague had thrown at her. She wasn't interested in starting an argument with someone else, especially after the incident with the girl on the outskirts of Digglet Cave. The logic behind it was that Alice had passed out due to an attack, and would never faint out of nerves or weakness, that would be um-imaginable of someone like herself. On top of everything, this "Plum" girl knows this, however she instead chose to cause a scene by confronting Alice.

"Not worth my breath. We've taken down to tyrants with little to no help from her, she'll soon realize the scale of the situation. Then she might show some respect for our jobs and her colleagues." Alice shot a sarcastic smile to Plum and then turned to Jade. In all honesty she was shocked at how the comments that the Scyther-Move had made didn't bother Jade. When Cecily had troubled Alice outside of Mt. Moon, Jade stood up to her.

Suddenly a voice perked up from near the truck. “So are we going to face Sabrina or are we just passing through? Because I’m a little confused.” The voice came from a young girl with beautiful, multi-coloured, firey hair.

"I can't see us passing through this fortress and making it out the other side. We're pretty sure there's two tyrannical leaders in there, and it's our job to knock them off their thrones." Alice informed Aisha. What she said came out more excited than it sounded, however she said it with confidence and shot an equally as confident smile at the Arcanine-morph. "So, sir. Your commands?"

September 27th, 2008, 1:44 PM
Lilith played around with her flap-like hair while the other members of PLF continued talking. Although she wasn’t paying much attention, it amazed her how they could gather outside of Saffron for so long without being spotted. They needed to act quickly, or the entire mission could be in jeopardy. Going against her usual, drawn back self, Lilith stepped up and opened her mouth to say something.

“So are we going to face Sabrina or are we just passing through? Because I’m a little confused.”

Lilith looked for the source of the voice and saw that it was the Arcanine morph that spoke up— someone who Lilith had not noticed before. Lilith closed her mouth, as even though that wasn’t the question she was going to ask, it was bound to receive the same answers.

"I can't see us passing through this fortress and making it out the other side. We're pretty sure there's two tyrannical leaders in there, and it's our job to knock them off their thrones," said the Ambipom morph to the Arcanine morph.

"So, sir. Your commands?" Alice said to no one in particular, although Lilith was sure she was talking to the Cacturne.

“Uh, before you answer,” Lilith said, finally building up the confidence to speak, “how exactly do you plan on getting us in there?”

September 27th, 2008, 2:57 PM
One after another, more PokeMorphs began to arrive and soon enough the group had increased to nine altogether, including the initial four from the previous PLF. Counting them, Plum looked over the newcomers, realising she had seen not one of them during her entire time with the Kanto PLF division. Taking into account her recent transfer from Johto, the initial division she intended on joining, and her lack of acknowledging others during her limited time there, it really came as no surprise. That said, she was intrigued as to the choices the arriving members had made in terms of their partner, seeing a squirtle, arcanine, weavile, blaziken and lapras-morph respectively.

It was then that her recent victim of verbal abuse spoke up, answering the newly arrived blaziken before then turning to Clove for orders. Following that, the weavile-morph who had seemed to have come out of nowhere also chimed in, questioning the method in which they would be taking en route, which she found odd, considering the sudden change in weather and clear path ahead.

"It's obvious isn't it?" she chirped through pursed lips, folding her hands onto her hips, "If they've come to greet us, we should go do the same. Trap or none, I say we go straight in."

Now, Plum wasn't always the brightest bulb, in fact, her mental capacity could be compared to a single watt, speaking hypothetically and in electrical terms of course. But that didn't change the fact that her physical abilities were one of the best in the business. After all, she had dedicated nine years of her life to training and that was before she had infused with her partnered scyther as well. So when it came to brute force and brawl tactics, she was the girl. Instincts over brains she always believed, hence her natural disliking of the monkey girl.

That aside, despite their love-hate relationship, well, mostly just hate, she knew how Clove worked or at least how he used to anyway. But she was sure he'd agree.

September 27th, 2008, 3:15 PM
The whole thing looked like a high school field party. Morphs entered from all different directions, the majority of them late for unexplained reasons which definitely itched at Clove's nerves. One by one the ones who missed the transport arrived on foot, immediately asking questions that had just been briefed inside. Questions finally kept piling on top of each other until, clenching his fist tightly, Clove couldn't handle anymore.

"Enough." He said in a demanding voice. "All of you be quiet, your squawking like idiots, we're professionals. Act like it." He finished sternly.

"Any you three." He said turning to point to the Arcanine, Lapras, and Squirtle morph with large green spikes extending towards them from his arms. "I don't tolerate tardiness. We're trying to save the world and you can't even be on time?!"

Faint Attack

Clove quickly dispersed into shadows, reappearing next to the Squirtle morph at incredible speed.

Needle Arm, Pin Missle

Clove stood with needled arm held inches from Travis' neck and a fist full of pin missile needles in hand, pointed right at Aisha and Lilith.

"Are you going to be late dodging that as well? Grow up. You could lose your life." He said in a low tone, staring them down through narrow eyes. He lowered his arm, letting the spikes retreat underneath his skin once more. "Any of you. This doesn't happen again. Understood?"

Plum's arrogance was his next stop, and he was pretty sure she knew it. Plum and Clove had been on bad terms together for quite a while for reasons they didn't discuss in front of the PLF. As much as he hated it, their emotions frequently leaked to the surface.

"Plum. Your arrogance is undeserved. I seem to remember you arriving to the Vermillion mission late after Captain Travis Varias defeated Lt. Surge and all elite guards were dealt with. And didn't we find you half paralyzed from some punk Plusle and Minun morphs? Keep the comments to yourself." Clove said in an also low tone, to snuff the girl's already obnoxiously high ego. Alice of course was also beginning to get snippy but for the sake of time, Clove decided not to deal with her. He was ready to get this mission started.

"So, sir. Your commands?" Alice quickly asked. Before he could answer, he was cut off by Lilith.

“Uh, before you answer ... how exactly do you plan on getting us in there?”

"Hm..." Clove audibly sounded, clearly intended to look like he was pretending to think. He looked to the wall, once more pretending to size up the wall. He already knew that the veteran team members already knew Clove's basic infiltration strategy. He was fluent in assassination techniques, not infiltration. Finally turning to the team, he eyed his older members again, then the new ones, and finally just shrugged.

"I was just gonna make a door..." Clove said nonchalantly. A confused look was apparent in the new recruits who had never seen Clove in action before. "Well, I guess its time for me to show you why this is an attack force and not defense." He said to the group, turning around and walking a few feet in front of him. "Hm... 200 meters he said? That should be close enough...When the time comes, and you'll know when, I want two forces splitting up through the city. Lilith, Alice, and Aishia will be with me, traveling up the west side of the city. The rest will use the east side of the city. Stay away from the middle, its too dangerous. We have reports that... unfortunately... the fighting gym has also been taken over and under Sabrina's control. This creates a whole different realm of fighting for us, deal with them as you can and keep in contact via your communicators. As you know, all of our locations will be visible on the map contained inside. Now... onto more pressing matters. I'd move back a few feet if I were you..."

Clove limbered himself up, shaking his body a bit before setting a foot behind him for stability and letting his Needles extend all over his body, reaching as far as they could outwards. He pressed the bottoms of his palms together, facing them towards the center of the large wall. The spikes on his back began glowing an eerie pale white light. The energy seemed to transfer into a small ball in the center of his palms as it grew larger. Clove smirked slightly before yelling back to his team.

"Its time to make a door..."

The energy blasted from his hands in a brilliant pale green energy blast that quickly carved a trench through the terrain, heading straight for the walls edges. It traveled with immense speed before colliding with an invisible force that held the beam at bay.

"Light Screen...I thought so. They're trying to wear us down before we even get in there, I KNEW it was a trap..." Clove thought to himself, frustrated. He turned over his shoulder as the strain of the beam was beginning to get to his body.

"Its a Light Screen! I'm gonna need some extra fire power! Feel free to help!" Clove yelled over his shoulder, the signal for someone else with a big enough special attack to come help him out. He struggled against the beam's massive energy output and consumption while he body continued to feel weak.

"Damnit... at this rate I wont even have enough energy for another shot today...

September 27th, 2008, 4:27 PM
Alice couldn't help but feel the least bit smug. She was the only one not to be lectured, besides Jade, and the look on Clove's face while yelling at Plum was priceless. Suddenly, Clove, after finishing his rant, looked as if he was contemplating something. After mulling over whatever he was debating, Clove turned to the team.

"I was just gonna make a door..." Clove told the team. The twinkle in his eye and the tone of his voice rang bells in Alice's head.

"Why didn't I of all people see this coming?!" Alice thought to herself, shocked by her Leader's rash decision. "Trap or not, Sabrina can predict the future, and that wall is the only thing separating us from hordes of Fighting, Water and Psychic type Morphs." Alice, being stealthy and agile rather than powerful objected to the way Clove dealt with things when it regarded his trump card. It always put the team at great risk, alerting everyone to their presence. Although past experiences always worked out in the end.

"Its time to make a door..."

"Clove, please... don-" Alice tried to interject, but failed as the controlled explosion of light exploded from Clove's hands in beam form. The Solarbeam ripped through the air, towards the armored fortress. Suddenly the attack collided with an invisible force, about 10 feet in front of the actual wall. Due to the impact the wall became slightly visible and repeatedly flashed yellow.

"Its a Light Screen! I'm gonna need some extra fire power! Feel free to help!" Clove yelled over his shoulder. A smile spread over Alice's face, this was her time to shine. She flicked her Lavender fringe from her face and vanished. The combination of Double Team and her natural speed was an awesome combination, she reached the light screen in under a second. Upon reaching her destination she raised a glowing hand into the air. I shone brighter as she lifted it, and suddenly... "BRICK BREAK!" she screamed at the top of her voice. She brought her hand crashing down onto the invisible force field, it took a second or so for the impact to do anything, the delayed reaction gave Alice enough time to leap to the side, just in time for the Light screen to shatter into thousands of glowing pieces, that all disappeared before touching the floor.

Clove's attack (albeit about a third of the attacks original power) was successful. It majestically smashed through the outer walls of Saffron City. Dust and rocks attacked the team as an unwanted side effect of the blast, obscuring the team's vision. Alice opened her eyes for a few seconds, however the sight that she witnessed was one she neither anticipated nor welcomed. A slightly chubby looking morph was standing a few feet infront of the Solar Beam, straight in it's path. She had sky blue coloured skin, a strange face smothered with an overuse of lipstick, and seemed to be saluting something. The Morph, obviously a Wobbuffet, was generating a red aura. She was using Mirror Coat, and Alice was the only one who would not be hit by the attack when the Wobbuffet morph reflected it.

"MOVE!" She shrieked at the top of her lungs, yelling at the stationary team, most of whom were just a few meters behind Clove.

The Beam hit Wobbuffet. An eerie silence filled the air as the Solar Beam subsided. The two seconds of silence felt like hours, as suddenly the defending morph, who was glowing a pale green, exploded with power and released it's own Solar Beam, roughly twice the size of Cloves, directly back at it's owner. Alice froze to the spot as the beam hit Clove's general area, however she never saw the actual point of impact, due to a large throbbing pain on the side of her face.

She looked up to see the bare, clawed, foot of a dark-skinned man with extremely long limbs. The man's kick had sent her flying a good ten feet before she crashed onto the ground. However the Hitmonlee morph was not alone. What seemed like hundreds of other morphs, all of varying types, came charging through the 'door' that Clove had made. Saffron's trap was worse than any of the members of the PLF could imagine.

September 28th, 2008, 8:59 AM
.....aww Jesus...these people even listenin to me?
I dunno.
Oh well, they've had moree xperience here than I have in the PLF, let them talk.


as Travis thought this, listening to the conversatin, the one who resembled a Cacturn blew out in anger for their tardiness...more like...hey-you-forgot-us-ness.

"I don't tolerate tardiness. We're trying to save the world and you can't even be on time?!"

With that he did something unexpected. He attacked. A needle arm was just inches from Trav's neck. Travis didn't move. He stared at eh face of the attacker.

He said nothing, but inside his head, were a bnch of little nice thoughts.

Oh you did NOT just do that...
Try that again, I dare you...
Wanna ****in do that again?...
Nice try...that's been done on me before, it's nothing new and it's not gonna scare me....

"Are you going to be late dodging that as well? Grow up. You could lose your life." He said in a low tone, staring them down through narrow eyes. He lowered his arm, letting the spikes retreat underneath his skin once more. "Any of you. This doesn't happen again. Understood?"

Travis stared rather cold at him. "Yeah, I read you."

The team began commencing attacks on the light screen wall. the one, known as Clove, unleashed a solar beam after one brick breaked through the light screen. The solar beam was countered by a wabbefet morph.

Gill, we've seen that done before! You think Protect will stop it?
Travis, we've been doing that since the dawn of time...of course it will work.
Ha. I knew it. Let's do it.

"Look out!" Travis soutedrather annoyed, and withdrew into his shell, and used his Protect. THe beam hit Travis, and he felt it, but was unhurt and not in anyway damaged.

The smoke was thick and he had to stay in his shell until it cleared, he waited for a command.

OOC: Sorry this is a little rushed, dad' rushing me off the comp

Midnight Jasper
September 28th, 2008, 11:00 AM
I was absolutely furious with myself. How stupid can you get? And being lectured...this was so humiliating. I didn't know what to blame - the mud, the truck, the rain, the rubbish in-land air...but most of all I had to blame myself.

"I don't tolerate tardiness. We're trying to save the world and you can't even be on time?!"

I wanted to argue, to point out that I had been crawling in the damned mud for an hour. I would have, if he hadn't be so right. Ugh. I hate agreeing with other people. It's like a sort of weakness. Especially if they're lecturing you.

Still, he was pretty quick. That Needle Arm..I hardly saw him move.

Smashing down the wall, however, didn't seem the most subtle of entrances to me. Like a knock on the door. Still, I'm no expert in that department, and I had no other suggestions. The trap was unavoidable, I guess. If your opponent can read minds and see the future, there isn't much you can do about it.

I had been expecting a sort of firepower beyond anything I had ever seen before, but the hundreds of morphs...I had no defense, nothing in my arsenal. I saw in the corner of my eye the Squirtle guy use protect; I saw the leader, Clove, get blasted by his own Solarbeam; I saw the Ambipom sent flying by a Hitmonlee. I was standing out of the way and, fortunately, managed to avoid being flattened by the first outburst. But that was nothing. They were swarming out of the wall like ants, except each one of them matched one of us. We were hopelessly outnumbered.

I panicked. I couldn't remember a single move that I had, a single strength of mine. All of my rock-hard resolve, so strong in driving rain, had disappeared, leaving what felt like a flimsy body behind.

Don't be stupid, Lakel. Listen to me. Listen inside you.

It was the song again. It was much louder this time, rising and falling, twisting and turning, invigorating my soul. I knew that on the outside I must have looked like an idiot - humming gently to myself, eyes closed, getting trampled and beaten by hundreds of morphs. But I felt no pain: I listened only to the song inside me.

And then I opened my mouth and the song flowed out of me as well.
There. That's it. That'll slow them down, if only for a while.
I saw someone who was on our side turn around and stare at me for a bit, but I didn't care. Nothing mattered now but keeping the song flowing.
I was Singing.

September 28th, 2008, 1:13 PM
Lilith clawed under her chin as she awaited Clove’s answer, hoping that she didn’t anger him by interupting him. Her face was drenched in liquid, but it wasn’t rain water— as the storm had by now finally subsided— but instead sweat. As fast as she was, Lilith wasn’t expecting the Cacturne morph to be so violent with his demonstrations and if he wanted to, could have finish off the Weavile morph with that close range Pin Missile. The warning also helped cement Clove’s authority over the PLF members.

"Hm..." their mission leader finally began after an awkward silence, "I was just gonna make a door..."

The false smile on Lilith’s face dropped at that point. She was no expert tactician, but it didn’t take a genius to realize that something like blasting through a huge wall would be noticed. And the fact that they were morphs breaking in to the fortress made it worse. Unfortunately, Lilith’s hesitation got the better of her and she decided not to speak against the plan.

"Well, I guess its time for me to show you why this is an attack force and not defense. Hm... 200 meters he said? That should be close enough...When the time comes, and you'll know when, I want two forces splitting up through the city. Lilith, Alice, and Aisha will be with me, traveling up the west side of the city.” Lilith immediately glanced at the Arcanine and Ambipom morphs.

“The rest will use the east side of the city. Stay away from the middle, its too dangerous. We have reports that... unfortunately... the fighting gym has also been taken over and under Sabrina's control. This creates a whole different realm of fighting for us, deal with them as you can and keep in contact via your communicators. As you know, all of our locations will be visible on the map contained inside. Now... onto more pressing matters. I'd move back a few feet if I were you..."

Lilith quickly back stepped as she took note of Clove’s words. She didn’t worry much about Sabrina and her psychic minions, but knew the fighting types would be a problem. When she turned her vision back to Clove, she was surprised to see the Cacturne morph building up a Solarbeam before firing it directly at the wall. The structure barely budged when the attack made contact, but instead glowed a bright yellow.

Clove mentioned something about a Light Screen and needing extra force, but before Lilith had a chance to react, Alice attacked the wall with a shining fist. The Light Screen shattered and the Solarbeam did the rest as the wall crumbled to the ground. The beam continued forward, heading straight for a dark silhouette in the dust. Although a little altered, the shape resembled a Wobbuffet enough for Lilith to get cold feet. Like most Wobbuffet, the morph took the attack as if it was nothing and shot it back toward the PLF with double the force. Using her best attribute— speed— Lilith quickly hopped to the side, but she was unable to tell if the rebounded Solarbeam injured any other members.

Lilith opened her mouth to ask if everyone was okay, but abruptly shut it as a multitude of shapes appeared through the hole they just created. Lilith found herself regretting not speaking up earlier as now they were in a very bad situation. They were obviously outnumbered and while Lilith tried to count exactly how bad the odds were, a figure leapt toward her. It looked to be a male with an odd skin color— the top half of his body was yellow but the bottom half was brown. His snout extended to about a foot in length and the Weavile morph found herself fighting a Drowzee morph. At least it was better than the Hitmonlee, which just dealt Alice a menacing blow.

“You chose the wrong morph to attack today!” Lilith cried as she cupped her hands at her waist. A dense ball of dark energy formed in her palms and she hurled the Dark Pulse at her attacker. The color drained from his face as the disadvantaged morph was sent flying by the force of the attack. Sweat dropped from Lilith’s brow and she dropped to one knee.

“I can’t keep this up. We have to do something about this.”

September 28th, 2008, 5:43 PM
So much had happened in such a small amount of time. Jade would always be amazed by this, no matter how long she was with the PLF. Clove lost his patience, what with the tardiness and the arrogant remarks. She and Alice were the only ones spared in the lecture. She shrugged when no one answered her friendly greeting, they didn't have time for such things right then. They were given orders about what to do once inside and she grimaced when it was announced that she, Plum, and three newcomers were taking the east side. Jade was really looking forward to working with Clove and Alice again. Her thoughts were interrupted by Clove's voice.

"I was just gonna make a door..." Clove said. Oh no, someone must have asked about getting inside, Jade thought to herself. She smirked slightly, waiting to see the look on the new recruits' faces when they saw how Clove ran things. Her smirk was quickly wiped off her face when his Solar Beam hit a Light Screen.

She thanked God that she hadn't helped 'make a new door'.

Smoke and then, like ants, morphs came pouring through the new whole in the wall. Some of the new recruits took to it, but they were struggling. Alice was attacked by a Hitmonlee! Jade was so frustrated; Clove knew this would happen! Why wouldn't the Commander listen??

Quickly Jade charged herself up for battle. Dark Pulse. She aimed it swiftly at the Hitmonlee, hoping it would buy Alice some time. While she was still charged up she sent another powerful blow toward a Drowzee that had targeted Lilith.

"Take that scum!" her voice as dark as her glowing hands. This was going to get exhausting after awhile but she didn't have much else against fighting and psychic types. She turned toward the others, "What are you waiting for?! FIGHT!!"

She felt someone running at her from behind and, without hesitation, fed them a large dose of dark matter with her left hand. If only the Commander could see this....

A different vibration was being picked up, but this time it wasn't from her feet. Her ears perked up. Who's singing?

Gumshoe Satyr
September 28th, 2008, 7:03 PM
Waiting for Clove to answer his question, Jack's eyes widened in surprise as he clenched his fists angrily and demanded, "Enough. All of you be quiet, your squawking like idiots, we're professionals. Act like it." Jack lowered his head in slight remorse, but lifted his head again when the lieutenant did something unexpected. "Any you three." He said turning to point to the Arcanine, Lapras, and Squirtle morph with large green spikes extending towards them from his arms. "I don't tolerate tardiness. We're trying to save the world and you can't even be on time?!" Disappearing, he reappeared a second later with a Needle Arm against the Squirtle morph's neck and Pin Missle pointed at the Arcanine and Laparas morphs. "Are you going to be late dodging that as well? Grow up. You could lose your life." He said in a low tone, staring them down through narrow eyes. He lowered his arm, letting the spikes retreat underneath his skin once more. "Any of you. This doesn't happen again. Understood?" Not bad. thought Jack, admiring Clove. Keep this up, and maybe I'll finally have found a fellow morph that I can trust with my life....

Turning to Plum, Clove continued his scoldings, "Plum. Your arrogance is undeserved. I seem to remember you arriving to the Vermillion mission late after Captain Travis Varias defeated Lt. Surge and all elite guards were dealt with. And didn't we find you half paralyzed from some punk Plusle and Minun morphs? Keep the comments to yourself." That'll teach that ol' windbag. I'll show her that newbies aren't always as bad as she thinks. Apparently answering someone's question of how to get into the town, Clove answered, "Hm... I was just gonna make a door..." Jacks eyes narrowed a bit a this and wondered what exactly he meant. Does he really mean to just blast a hole in the wall? His question was soon answered as Clove said, "Well, I guess its time for me to show you why this is an attack force and not defense. Hm... 200 meters he said? That should be close enough...When the time comes, and you'll know when, I want two forces splitting up through the city. Lilith, Alice, and Aishia will be with me, traveling up the west side of the city. The rest will use the east side of the city. Stay away from the middle, its too dangerous. We have reports that... unfortunately... the fighting gym has also been taken over and under Sabrina's control. This creates a whole different realm of fighting for us, deal with them as you can and keep in contact via your communicators. As you know, all of our locations will be visible on the map contained inside. Now... onto more pressing matters. I'd move back a few feet if I were you..."

Stepping back four or five steps, Jack saw the spikes on Clove's back glow with an eerie color and an orb form between his hands. It's Solar Beam.... Smirking back at the team, Clove shouted, "Its time to make a door..." Launching his Solar Beam at the wall, it was stopped suddenly by an invisible force. "Its a Light Screen! I'm gonna need some extra fire power! Feel free to help!" Clove yelled over his shoulder while continuing the Solar Beam, but before Jack could step in and help, Alice charged the wall in blinding speed and brought it down with a Brick Break. Seeing a Wobbuffet about to reflect the Solar Beam, Alice screamed, "MOVE!"at the top of her lungs, jolting Jack into action. Using Agility, he moved far enough from the returning attack to avoid it and gasped as hordes of morphs poured out of the hole that Alice and Clove had made.

Hmm... A trap? I think that's an understatement. They never mentioned stuff like this when I signed up.... Blocking a Machoke morph's Karate Chop with an upraised hand, Jack sent it stumbling back with a Blaze Kick. After hitting a Mr. Mime with a Flamethrower, he felt his feet leave the ground as he was lifted into the air. Spotting a Kadabra morph with an uplifted hand as the culprit, he aimed another Flamethrower at it only to have it stopped by its other hand with Protect. "This is crazy!" he shouted to anyone around him. "Even if we somehow survive this, we won't have enough energy to take on Sabrina and Misty." He glared at the morphs surrounding the group in frustration.

September 28th, 2008, 8:01 PM
"It's not my fault you decided to break the rules and stop me from saving your butt..." the scyther-morph spat under her breath, crossing her arms in a huff as Clove continued with his briefing.

Deciding to keep quiet as to not waste anymore time, since she was already becoming impatient with waiting to storm the city, it came as a slight surprise to see the usually collected commander lose his cool in front of the group, their tardiness and almost definitive odds of accomplishing the mission being close to naught. She had seen the cacturne-morph irritated before but seeing him launch a full on Solarbeam during the start of their assault was news to her. He was either under a lot of pressure from the operations commander or was just plain pissed. Whatever the case and putting aside all logical reasoning, she was all for a full on assault despite the overwhelming odds.

It then came to her attention that they would be splitting up into two separate groups and given specific instructions to avoid any and all axial routes through the city. The first group heading west while the second east. In her particular case, along with Jade, Lakel, Travis and Jack, she would be driving straight for the gym in the northeast part of town. And that was perfectly fine by her. Her only concern being the extent and capabilities of the newcomers' skills. Of course, what better way to test them and see for herself than this?

"Oi!" she called over her shoulder to her accompanying squad of four, picking herself up after falling from the sheer force of the reflected Solarbeam, to which was then deflected by the rugged squirtle-morph, "Let's go! We're heading straight for the gym, so ignore the weaklings and rush inside!"

Unable to surpress a smile for having waited two long weeks to finally see some action, Plum rolled up her sleeves and cocked her neck. The mission had begun and she was ready to get her scythes dirty. Looking ahead, the distance between their current position and the south wall of the city was no less than two-hundred meters, the latter half already swarmed with incoming cannonfodder. And judging by the small commotion already breaking out amongst the mass, it seemed that the monkey girl had already proceeded ahead. This was their chance.

"Stop wasting your energy! Hurry and get inside!" the scyther-morph called to her group, "The others can handle themselves!"

With that, Plum immediately raced forward, avoiding the charging psychic and fighting types that got in her way. In little less than a minute she had arrived at the spot where Alice had previously aided in breaking the abnormally large Light Screen, the only enemy left standing in her way being the initial counter attacking wobbuffet-morph.

Seing the delictable scyther-morph arrive, the plump little man grinned, flashing his crooked stained teeth. Then in mere seconds, an orange light began to emanate from and around his blue oblong body. A counter.

"Hit me all you like scum." he sneered, very much amused at his current state, "But you won't get past me!"

In essence, he was right, whatever she dished out, he would only return twofold. Of course, the main problem with a technique such as this was that if she didn't attack at all, neither could he until it wore out. And judging by his appearance, he wasn't much of the pursuing type either. So all she had to do was...

"Later!" she called with a smile, hopping past him and hitting the paved walkway inside, "Made it!"

"Not quite!" came a gruff voice behind her, to which she turned to face only to receive a heavy blow to her gut.

Her breath immediately escaped her lungs as she fell back from the force, clutching her sides as she winced from the pain. Looking up, she came face to face with a rather elegant looking medicham and gallade-morph.

"Who do you think you are?" the latter sneered as the first retracted its fist, "Soiling this city with your presence. How low will the PLF go?"

"You bastards..." Plum coughed, as she struggled to regain her breath, one hand still holding her side to accommodate the pain.

They had broken at least two of her ribs and from just one punch. Their strength and skill level must have been at an extremely high caliber. These weren't just some disposable lackeys, they were...

"W-Who the hell are you?" she demanded, poising her remaining blade at the two PokeMorphs, both remaining standing in place.

Snickering at the sight, the gallade-morph simply crossed his arms while the medicham-morph took the initiative, "We are the hybrids of the city's two gyms, the psychic and fighting morphs. We are Saffron's elite."

September 28th, 2008, 9:11 PM
"Let's go!" was what Travis heard. He immediatly got up and ran with the group into the city.

The city was infested with morphs. None were really all that tough, but they were annoying.

Is it always this easy for you?
Ehh...most of the time...
You mean, nobody before this, was challenging?
Well, there were a few but....yeah...not many...you taught me too well.
No complaints there I guess...

Travis continued fighting off morph after morph, and observed the group's actions.

"This is crazy!" one shouted. "Even if we somehow survive this, we won't have enough energy to take on Sabrina and Misty."
Travis just laughed, then tought of the faous three worded lyric that began this famous song known as "So What? SO F***ING WHAT?!
He didn't say it out loud, but laughed more.

Travis fought more than heard a command from the scyther morph. "Oi! Let's go! We're heading straight for the gym, so ignore the weaklings and rush inside!"

Are you f***ing insane? We were ordered not to go directly into the center of the gym- damn it. Why even try. My own motto prohibits me. "F*** it all and f*cking no regrets." It's her hide that's getting the lecture, not mine. I'm just following orders.

They ran, Travis had to fire a few big Hydro Pump torrents at the oncoming enemy. Which caused him to slow down a little, but he wasn't too far. After fighting off most of them, he looked toward the scyther morph, who was now on the ground, and over her wera two other morphs, which did not look at all friendly.

Travis then heard the phrase "We are Saffron's elite."
That's all he needed to hear.

We were warned not to go through here...overconfident leaders...oh well.

Travis felt a surge of power in him, and unleashed a powerful hydro pump, which was aimed for the morphs.

September 28th, 2008, 9:45 PM
Clove struggled against the blast until Alice appeared to the rescue, cutting down the barrier and safely moving out of the way, creating the large hole. Clove ceased fire, only to see the beam returning back at him. His eyes widened in horror, quickly looking for shelter. He glanced over, seeing Lakel in what looked like a similar state of shock. She simply stood and began singing.

"Not the time..." Clove thought to himself as he rush for her diving and rolling behind a rock with her as they narrowly evaded the brunt of the blast. She continued to sing in his arms as Clove covered his ears in effort to drown out the singing while shielding her with his body. The blast finally cleared as Clove glanced around cautiously, still covering his ears. The hordes of enemies had begun to waver in their steps and some were beginning to fall where they stood. Lakel's sing attack was effecting the entire field of morphs. Clove quickly looked around, seeing Plum and her team capitalizing on the open moment. He quickly turned to Lakel, yelling to her.

"Hurry, catch up with Plum! Go!" he called loudly. Without waiting for an answer, he turned to watch his own team as turned around to scan the area for the other team mates, Aisha, Jade, and Lilith. He could only hope they hadn't fallen asleep but there was no time to think about that. He quickly flipped open his communicator, writing a text to send to his team.

*West side team, go now! I'll be waiting.*

He flipped the phone shut, looking to the newly made door littered with unconscious sleeping bodies. He moved quickly, making his way to the west side of town. He leaped quickly through the rubble, now within the city limits. He needed a good place to look out for the others until they arrived... but where... He looked silently, seeing a sneaking figure across the street, someone hadn't been effected by the sleep. Clove flung a hand full of needles at the figure, landing close to their feet as they jumped high into the air and onto a building. The revealed figure stood tall and slender. He spread noble wings wide with tribal markings on him. The green on his clothes matched the rough square like wingtips. A Xatu morph.

"I don't suppose you're just going to let me go, are you..?" Clove asked, obviously without needing an answer. He let his spines extend slowly, as he sized up his opponent. He looked relatively thing frail but Clove definitely knew that looks were deceiving in this particular line of work. Clove didn't even blink an eye before the Xatu disappeared eerily without saying a word. Clove scanned the dark building fronts quietly as the empty streets allowed passage of a small breeze. He lowered into a counter position, awaiting the Xatu to reappear. Without notice, it appeared in his face, staring him down through hollow eyes. Surprised, Clove jumped backwards, slicing down as the Xatu easily evaded. It appeared again, charging a shadow ball that fired towards Clove. It exploded as it connected with pavement, sending gravel and rocks flying everywhere. Clove landed gracefully as he was finally ready to counter attack, disappearing into a whisp of shadows. He re appeared a distance away, throwing well aimed Pin Missiles that narrowly missed their target, sticking straight from the ground as the Xatu moved in mechanical odd motions as it dodged each show. Its eyes suddenly began to glow an eerie purple as the sky around the area began to darken. He stepped back into the darkness silently, vanishing from sight. Clove smirked silently. This was his territory. But without warning he was struck hard, tumbling through the dark streets. He took more consecutive hits before he was knocked from the darkness and rolled across the cement. Shaking off the damage best he could, he returned to his feet.

"What the hell was that? It felt wet...and solid..." He groaned, rubbing his back. Another hard hit revealed the source as Clove went skipping across the ground. The Xatu had company. A morph stood with evil eyes and a star on his chest. Two claw like hands protruded from his wrists, a definite Crawdaunt. His attacks were heavy and hurt. Who knows what else he could do. It instantly charge for Clove, barely giving time to put up a defense and parry the huge claws continuously in attempt to avoid damage. Clove knocked them away with his spikes, guarding best he can as the two morphs exchanged attacks, only giving him time to dodge.

"Damnit, I was just getting some momentum too... and a water type?! I knew Misty was here somewhere... If I can just hold out until the rest of the team arrives, we should be able to split them up and handle them easily. I've just got to hold them off but i'm on the defensive... guess I'd better change that, here goes nothin... Clove thought as he blocked heavy blows. The Crawdaunt threw down a heavy Crabhammer as Clove reached both arms up, blocking the hit and holding it above his head. The Xatu used this moment to try and capitalize, moving in for the attack without a word. Clove struggled for a moment before simply vanishing into shadows once more, sending the Crawdaunt stumbling forward off balance. Xatu's attack sliced through a blur of darkness as Clove vanished from his spot, and appeared right above him, kicking the Xatu square in the face and following with more Pin Missiles that lined the wall as they fired, scrolling up the side of the building and into the sky while the Xatu made its evasion and escape. Clove quickly turned to the Crawdaunt, firing a hail of Pin Missles his way as well and charging at him with spikes out stretched. He was doing the best he could but it was still 2 against 1... Needle Arm crashed into another attack as the battle against the two morphs raged on.

September 29th, 2008, 3:02 AM
"Do not think we are the same as the others who greeted you." the medicham-morph calmly continued, looking down on the scyther-morph with pity filled eyes, "And such tactics are uncalled for."

Hinting at the incoming jets of water fired from the recently arrived Travis, the gallade-morph quickly raised his arms in defense, a spherical astral barrier immediately encasing his body, the rocketing water dissipating upon impact. What was surprising was that the attack kept going, running against the curve of the barrier and straight into the idle medicham-morph standing beside the squirtle's target.

"Damn..." Plum breathed with a smile before looking over to the source of the attack, her initial impression rising ever so slightly, "Good shot Travis!"

"Please." came the morph's calm and collected voice, his words betraying his frayed appearance, "Something like this is nothing."

It came as another surprise that after dropping his barrier following the end of the attack, the gallade-morph broke out laughing.

"Damn is right Peachy! He got you good." the psychic-fighting-morph laughed, his smile growing even wider, "That must've been one hell of an attack too, especially after I Protect'd it! You look like crap."

"Shut up." the medicham-morph scoffed, his body beginning to glow as he shot his partner daggered eyes, "Also, my name Peach. It would do you well to remember it, Brem." Then, cocking his head towards Travis, he calmly added, "And you, don't think that'll be enough to hurt me. As I've said, we are the elite, it'll take more than a mere Hydro Pump to stop us."

Grinning at his partner's words, the gallade-morph then chimed in, "Face it, with our intelligence and strength, you guys are nothing more than those backwater fish mutants we have to put up with from Cerulean. And they're weak! I mean really, why is it that we're getting so many disgusting intruders today? So far, all the PLF have lived up to are their stupidity. Coming in with all guns blazing, ruining our wall and dirtying our streets... What the hell are you guys planning on doing here?!"

Completing his Recover technique before regaining his initial composure, the PokeMorph known as Peach interrupted his partner, "That's enough. Don't get so agitated... But if it'll calm you down, you can pick whichever one you'd like to kill first, and I'll take the leftover."

"Hey!" Plum butt in, finally getting to her feet while still clutching her side, "Don't underestimate us, bastards. We'll beat you down and anyone else who gets in our way."

What she really wanted to do was buy enough time for the rest of the group to proceed further into the city and hopefully meet up with the rest of the west side team. Then, they could think about storming the gym and tackling Sabrina. She just hoped that Jade was up to the job in getting herself, Lakel and Jack there before she and Travis were done dealing with these elitists.

"Yeah right!" scoffed the gallade known as Brem, defying the possibility of the scyther and squirtle-morph challenging them as equals, "Alright then, let's get this over with. I guess I'll have to choose..."

September 29th, 2008, 6:02 AM
The attack impacted.
However Gallade used his own Protect and was unharmed. The Hydro Pump did reflect and hit the Medicham morph however, knocking him off guard.
"Good shot!" Plum stated.

THe morph that was hit just lspoke, despite looking a bit weakened. "Please, something like this is nothing."

The other laughed however, and said" Damn is riight, Peachy! That must've been one hell of an attack too, especially after I Protect'd it! You look like crap!"

Medicham began to use recover and glared at the gallade-morph. They began arduing. Then the Medicham-morph looked to Travis and said "And you, don't think that'll be enough to hurt me. As I've said, we are the elite, it'll take more than a mere Hydro Pump to stop us."

Want more? I've got more where that came from!

The Gallade morph also spoke. "Face it, with our intelligence and strength, you guys are nothing more than those backwater fish mutants we have to put up with from Cerulean. And they're weak! I mean really, why is it that we're getting so many disgusting intruders today? So far, all the PLF have lived up to are their stupidity. Coming in with all guns blazing, ruining our wall and dirtying our streets... What the hell are you guys planning on doing here?!"

Travis couldn't help but laugh at the morph's stupidity.

Fish mutants? I could be such a dick and say a turtle isn't a fish. But it's funnier to watch him make a fool of himself. Sure it ain't gonna be a weakness or anything, but it's just priceless...

"That's enough." the Medicham stated, regaining his posture. "Don't get so agitated... But if it'll calm you down, you can pick whichever one you'd like to kill first, and I'll take the leftover."

"Whoa! Don't underestimate us, bastards. We'll beat you down and anyone else who gets in our way."

"Alright then, let's get this over with. I guess I'll have to choose..." the gallade said. "Grrr, which one? They're both too easy! One's like a fish out of water, and the other's like a bug on a windshield!"

This sort of annoyed Travis. At first it was amusing, but now it was just plain dumb.

"Okay, listen up green gladiator freak. Stop emberassing yourself. DO I really gotta define what a fish is? Turtle's don't got gills, Sherlock."

This angered, the gallade, which is what Travis was trying to do.

That's it, show me your weakness...

"Another thing. I thought you and Sabrina were like, fire is to water. Why bother teaming up? You do realize she might just be using you and may backstab you at any time?"

"I'm warning you, turtle!"

"Hey you got it right! I am a turtle, not a fish! Good job Sparky, have a cookie."


Am I? You obviously never heard of Travis Mura, and Gill. They're one of the most feared duuos on this world...

The gallade morph charged forward. Travis just stared at the oncoming figure, then withdrew into his shell, causing it to drop onto the ground, and Gallade tripped over it falling to the ground.

Travis then jetisoned annother powerful Hydro Pump at the Gallade from within his shell.

Midnight Jasper
September 29th, 2008, 8:13 AM
Was it working? Anxious, I opened my eyes. Amongst the swarming crowd, it seemed to me that a few were asleep. Or maybe that was just my mind playing tricks on me. I had hoped - somehow - that the effect would be amazing, that everyone would suddenly fall into a deep slumber. Now, I realized that was stupid of me. Maybe if they all had the mental capacity of a tapeworm.

I tried to power it up even harder, but something smashed into my forehead. I felt something cold and wet run into my eye, and my vision blurred slightly. My mask..had it cracked? Or was it still holding? I touched it, gently, and it cracked slightly.

Oh, s***...

No singing now. I glared at my opponent through the blood trickling down my forehead. It was humanoid and stood on two legs, but I couldn't see anything else. I hoped fervently that, before long, my wound would clear up. If it kept on leaking like this I could be blinded for part of this mission. The pain was excruciating - the wound was on fire and trickling tongues of cold, slimy ice.

"Oi! Let's go! We're heading straight for the gym, so ignore the weaklings and rush inside!"

The gym...I tried to look past my enemy. The doors were there, wide open, and crammed full with morphs of all sorts. They didn't look as strong, and most of them were water mutants. I hoped that Sabrina had used weaker mutants for defending the gym. Or maybe Sabrina herself was in there, eyes closed but still staring at you, sending chills down your spine...

The figure dealt me another cracking blow. I choked out blood. I needed something stronger than Sing, something that could give me a second's advantage over this strong-willed morph...

Confuse Ray

In my head, I saw a dazzling, dancing light, rolling round and round, flashing and gambolling, eager to escape; I let it out and it flashed brightly, attracting the attention of most of the morphs around me. I doubted that, if the Sing had no effect, it would, but the flash of light had given me a tiny window to escape through...

I dodged past and tried to push through to the huge, imposing doors of the Gym. I was reminded briefly of a scene in Lord of the Rings, where a Gandalf, shining bright, emerged along with all the riders of Rohan. I doubted that would happen here. The way our luck was going, Misty, with her gruesome arms, would sail in with a giant army of fish-morphs.

One of the water-morphs guarding the gate curved her neck round to face me, her dark brown eyes melting into her cream skin. She moved towards me in a curvy, snake-like way, her long magenta hair flowing with her body. I realized, with a sudden, electrifying jolt, that her tail was high and had water flowing around it.

Aqua Tail...
Please, let her be weak. Please...

I never knew if she was weak or not, because I barely had time to protect my neck and stomach before a huge wall of water slammed into my scaly back. I felt a dull, aching pain, but there was no time to inspect the damage now. The Milotic morph already looked prepared for another attack. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another morph closing in on me. How could we succeed, when we were outnumbered twenty to one?

Aurora Beam

But it didn't really matter, because despite my growing blindness, this time I kept a cool head. I knew exactly what was going on around me; I could feel my blood pulse with the rhythm of the neverending song in my head. I saw a floating, turning, multicoloured orb with light blues and violets and, at its centre, a blue chip of ice. I saw the orb levitate above my head; I saw it shoot out a beam of dancing colours. I saw the Milotic morph's flipper freeze; I saw the other morph heading towards me stop and turn.

I didn't see the punch coming from that Poliwhirl morph.

And then I saw nothing, nothing at all.

Gumshoe Satyr
September 29th, 2008, 11:35 AM
Held in the air by a Kadabra morph's telekinesis, Jack jerked his head up when he heard singing. Crud... It's the move Sing. Covering up his ears, he was able to avoid falling asleep by the Kadabra wasn't so lucky. Since he was using one hand to hold Jack up, he couldn't put both his hands over his ears and started to sway with drowsiness. Jack felt himself hit the ground and immediately sprang and scored a punch on the Kadabra’s jaw, succeeding in stunning him. If I use all of my moves now, I might not have anything left by the time we reach the gym. I need to save energy where I can. Seeing Lakel knocked out by a poliwrath, he used Agility and sent it crashing against the roof of a building with a Sky Uppercut. Still using Agility, he quickly picked up Lakel and taking off with low but far leaps just high enough to get over the heads of the other morphs. Yelling over his shoulder to Jade, “I’ve got Lakel! We need to go Captain! The others have already gone ahead!” He raced ahead, hoping that she was right behind him.

Heading down the east side of the city it wasn’t long before he saw Plum and Travis in a battle against a Gallade morph and a Medicham morph. Jack jumped and landed on the shoulders of the Gallade and knocked him off balance when he lept off again, using the morph as a spring board. I’m not going to be able to keep up Agility for much longer, especially not with Lakel weighing me down. His strong legs weren't the least bit tired, but he panted with exertion from the fights and from Agility. He stopped about two hundred feet from the Gallade and looked back, waiting to see what Jade would do and if he needed to stop and help.

September 29th, 2008, 1:12 PM
Alice's back smashed into the ground, the impact of which forced all the air from her lungs and severely bruised her back. Preparing for the worst, she used her Ambipom arms to launch a plethora of miniature glowing stars at the Hitmonlee-morph, knowing that they would always hit. The Hitmonlee brushed the attack off and charged towards the helpless Ambipom morph, like a Tauros hunting... whatever Tauros eat.

Alice didn't have time to move or retaliate, nor would she lay down and accept her fate. Luckily for her however, Alice's fate was interjected by a powerful wave of dark energy, the source was Jade. Hitmonlee smashed into the crumbling remains of Saffron's wall. Using her Ambipom-agility, she quickly jumped to her feet -ignoring the unforgiving lump on her back- used her real hand to give Jade a thumbs up, yelled her thanks and then followed the rest of the force into the city.

Upon passing several sleeping guards through the door, she witnessed a developing scene between Plum and Travis, the two people that had been involved in some sort of conflict with her only minutes ago, and two rather strong looking morphs, bickering amongst themselves.

"I suppose I'd better help, against my better judgment and mission briefing." Alice quickly assumed some sort of fighting stance. She separated her Ambipom-hands and started to concentrate. Her tail-fists slowly started to glow an amazing white colour as she conserved energy. Suddenly her attention was caught by a Crawdaunt Morph being thrown to the floor, the culprit, Clove. Their 'fearless Leader' was taking on two morphs at once, as appose to Plum and Travis who were fighting a fair battle. Alice, with her Focus Punch still fully charged, combined her speed and Double Team once again.

"A powerful fighting type move like Focus Punch should take out Crawdaunt. But that Xatu morph looks nothing short of an elite"

Alice's Focus Punch made a perfect landing, the sheer power combined with the speed of the attack-combo -personally Alice's favorite- made a beautiful impact. Both her fists smashed into the armored-abdomen of the crustacean morph. In fact the attack was so effective that it's shell actually cracked slightly, due to the impact and sent Crawdaunt smashing into the ground, some twenty feet away. There was no way he was going to recover from an attack like that anytime soon, leaving Alice available to help Clove take down the Xatu morph.

"I may be over thinking things or giving this morph more credit than he's worth, but all I can really do here is help to distract him. The Psychic attacks are undoubtedly his strongest, which wouldn't effect Clove at all. However, if Clove can hit him with one of his famous Faint-Attack Combos, he should be down for the count. Distraction is my only viable option."

Alice unleashed another flurry of stars, her Swift attack, at the Tribal Pokémon, hitting it in the place Alice had intended, his right wing. As the Xatu morph flinched from a critical hit, he dipped to the right due to the his collision, in which Alice saw the opportunity to combine double team with Brick-Break, leaping into the air and smashing the already damaged wing with her large, glowing, Ambipom-fist. The Xatu morph shrieked as he spiraled down to the ground. In distracting the bird-like morph, she had also removed it's flight and ability to use most flying-type attacks, which left it immobile and helpless to the dual dark type Clove.

Alice landed in a generic and heroic pose, flicking her lavender fringe out of her face in doing so. She stood up and regained her composure.

"Sir, he's all yours!" she yelled towards Clove. "I suppose I'd better get going, the main gym is miles from here," she thought. Saffron was possibly the biggest City in Kanto, only rivaled by it's neighbor, Celadon. "I just hope any of the two Gym Leaders are fighting in the battle we're about to provide, rather than waiting miles away in the Gym, we'll never survive otherwise."

September 29th, 2008, 2:28 PM
Lilith desperately ran around the battle field, hoping not to get in another fight. That Dark Pulse had left her unexpectedly drained, although she knew it was foolish to use a move that she had only learned days before. A misguided Swift impacted Lilith at her side, causing her ribs great pain. She dared not check if anything was broken, as fear would only add to her pain. As she began to crawl back up, she nearly screamed at the sight of the Drowzee morph that she had just defeated standing above her, a menacing grin planted across his face.

“You’re gonna pay for that, you little bi—.” The Drowzee was cut off by another flurry of Dark Pulses, but these weren’t from Lilith. The Weavile morph looked for the source and saw Jade grinning in her direction. She mumbled an inaudible ‘thank you’, then hurried to her feet (ignoring the blinding pain) and once against began dodging attackers. Just as she dodged a narrowly jab from a Hitmonchan, which she countered with a Metal Claw right under the chin, her communicator began vibrating. She wondered how anyone could find the time to type in this mess.

*West side team, go now! I'll be waiting.*

Lilith quickly scanned the field for the other members of the west side team and was angered to see the majority of them already engaged in battle. Her mind was at a dilemma: should she follow orders and go in alone or wait for her teammates, even though she wasn’t instructed to do so. However, before she had a chance to decide, something large and hard impacted her back, sending her petite frame flying in the air.

“What the heck was that!?” she cried, coughing up a little blood.

She looked forward to see a chimp-like morph charging directly toward her. The Primeape morph reared its arm back in mid-run, determined to finish off the lone PLF member in a single blow. However, before he could get within five feet of his target, Lilith took a deep breath and shot an Icy Wind at the pokemorph. Unlike the previous time, she fired the attack with full force and every intention for it to cause pain. As expected, the water vapor in the air froze into tiny, sharp shards and smashed against the Primeape’s face. The charging morph wasn’t flown back, but it did stop its charge.

“Your first mistake was choosing me as an opponent,” Lilith said coldly. During battles was the only time she allowed the darkness in her heart to take over. Without any regard for pain, the Weavile sprung upward and ran toward her enemy at unimaginable speeds. Before the Primeape had a chance to recover from the Icy Wind, Lilith raised a single hand in the air and fully extracted her claws. The blade-like appendages began glowing a brilliant white and, with a sickly grin on her face, slashed across the Primeape morph’s chest with a Metal Claw.

The morph let out an ear splitting cry and staggered backward, clutching its heavily bleeding chest with both hands. Still basking in her dark thoughts, Lilith swiped away the two hands with another Metal Claw, then pressed her free palm against the exposes cut, ignoring the pleads of mercy from the ape-like abomination.

“Dark Pulse,” she whispered in a tone that would scare even ghost types. Tears leaked from the Primeape’s eyes as the dark energy formed inside his body. From an onlooker, it would look as if Lilith simply pushed the morph, but in reality, the unstable dark energy ravaged the Pokemon’s inside, killing it instantly. The moment it dropped, Lilith suppressed the dark thoughts clouding her mind. The entire process left her extremely drained and it was a miracle she didn’t collapse right then and there. Her mind, however, was focused on how easy the Dark Pulse was to perform in that state of mind.

"Sir, he's all yours!" The nearby, familiar voice filled Lilith with new hope, and she turned to see Alice was done with her fight. The Weavile morph staggered over to her teammate.

“I think its best we follow Clove’s orders now and go,” she said to the Ambipom morph in a low tone, clutching her side.

September 29th, 2008, 3:25 PM
After two quick thank yous from Alice and Lilith, Jade was being ordered inside. She turned to find Plum motioning her toward the gym. She figured the Scyther Morph would take command, and it didn't bother her in the least as long as she didn't get cocky.

She knew why Clove had stuck them together with some of the new recruits. Jade and Plum were all about strength; if anyone were going to protect newbies, it was them. She was too busy, in fact, making sure everyone had caught up that she missed the attack aimed at them. Plum was in the middle of a verbal attack and Jade did what she knew best.

With great precision she fired at a Medicham Morph who seemed all talk. Whatever he had just been saying would have to wait, "Don't underestimate us, buddy! Actions speak louder than words! Lakel! Jack! Follow me!" she motioned. She began running toward the gym, hoping her attack had given Plum the upper hand, and knowing that she needed to focus on the mission. "Jack, good job, but we need to get going!" she gave him a thumbs up, her hands still glowing slightly.

When she heard only one set of footsteps- they sounded large and far apart- going her direction she turned back around, "Where's Lakel?" Before Jack could answer she saw.
“I’ve got Lakel! We need to go Captain! The others have already gone ahead!” Jack raced ahead. She sighed heavily with relief, "You're a quick thinker, I like that" she smiled. "Now let's go kick some ass!"

Scarlet Weather
September 29th, 2008, 5:45 PM
"I don't suppose you'd be kind enough to let me in, would you?"

The guards at the gym's front gates were probably the easiest ones in the world to spot if you were looking for mismatched pairs. A girl with violet hair and golden eyes stood to one side of the door, hovering as a purple, gas-like aura floated away from her slowly composed one-half of the duo. The other was a man who might have passed for human, were it not for the bony ridges on the back of his head, and his particularly supple-looking arms. Both of the guards weren't the type of people that you wanted to mess with. The girl had probably gone through at least some form of rudimentary psychic training, which would explain how she was able to keep the gaseous composition of her body from flying apart. The man was obviously a close-range fighter, and an expert combatant. The two complimented each other, making up for the other's weakness. An unbeatable combination, some might say. At least, in theory.

"Oh, a wise guy, huh?" The Hitmon-man was the first to open his mouth, as he entered into a defensive stance, preparing for combat. "You wanna come forward and say that to my face?"

"I suppose so," the other morph answsered, "But you see, one of my friends happens to be attempting to cut his way through your guards, and he needs a bit of back-up at the moment, so I don't have time to waste on trash like you."

The fighting-type morph eyed up his challenger. The Smeargle morph- you could tell what he was from the tail- was probably a little shorter than him, but not by much. His hair had been bleached white, and it branched out in unpredictable directions, but it was otherwise okay. The rest of his body seemed fairly human, though with full combat regalia on, he could have been hiding any other changes to his anatomy. With a grunt, he clenched his fists. "Maria, keep back. You don't need to handle this one."

The meditating Gastly morph opened one eye and looked at her companion. "I foresee that you will require my aid if there is to be any hope of victory," she half-whispered in an eerie voice. "This one is a cut above the usual soldier."

"How right you are, sister," the Smeargle morph agreed as he reached for something slung over his shoulder. "By the way, would you both hold that pose for a moment?" Before either of his adversaries could disagree, the Smeargle had brought up his camera and positioned it. "Shutter Chance!" he exclaimed before snapping a photo. His flash was particularly bright, and both of the guards were stunned by it.

But not for long. The Hitmonchan recovered first, bringing his fists into position and charging forward before launching a few experimental punches. Gritting his teeth, the Smeargle morph dove beneath the first two blows, before twisting to the sides to avoid those that came after. Satisfied that he had assessed his opponent's speed accurately, the guard drew back his fist in order to launch a Mach Punch, at a speed high enough to knock out his opponent in one shot-

And stopped. With a surprised cough, he staggered backwards and fell to one knee, gasping for air, as his opponent smirked above him. "Are we done already?" The Smeargle morph asked, before slipping a wicked-looking combat knife from his boot and holding it to the guard's throat. "Because that was pretty weak. I mean, you'd think that eventually somebody would wise up to this whole 'cover the opponent in Stun Spore at close range while they try to whale on you'. I think that's... what, three successive fights where I've pulled that off?"

Before he could continue, however, the Smeargle was interrupted by a burst of dark energy that slammed into his back, sending him tumbling over the guard he had just subdued. "Ow..." he moaned, rubbing his back as he pulled himself to his feet. "That's gonna leave a mark."

The Gastly morph had moved from her original position, and was now hovering at a safe distance from the Smeargle. Safe from the perspective that neither his knife nor his paralyzing spores could reach her, but her next dark pulse would certainly be a bulls-eye. "Don't bother trying. I have foreseen the result," she whispered, preparing another wave.

"Do me a favor and don't spoil it for me," The Smeargle replied, clutching his knife tightly in one hand. "I still haven't forgiven the commander for telling me about the ending of The Sixth Sense."

The Gastly morph blinked. "Suit your-"


"Lesson one: never assume that just because your opponent has a weapon in one hand, he doesn't have a grenade hidden behind his back. Or in this case, a Zap Cannon," the Smeargle teased his downed foe. The Gastly morph could only moan in response, as sparks of golden electricity raced down her body. "For the record? Gastly aren't even psychic types. You couldn't see the future if you wanted to."

Both guards attempted to stop him as he entered the gym through the front door, but their paralysis prevented them. It was the Smeargle's victory. He grinned as he reached for a cell phone, and dialed a quick number. "Chief? It's me, Travis. Operation: Out with a Bang is now commencing. And yes, I know I'm supposed to be in the Sevii Islands by now, but it occured to me that a dear friend of mine is going to get himself killed one of these days if I don't help him out a little, so.... Uh-huh. Yeah. Got it. Whatever. And yes, I am planning to blow something up. What would the fun be if I didn't?"

Travis Varias, special forces Captain, snapped his phone shut. "Clove... you'd better not be dying when I find you..." he muttered as he raced into the gym.

September 30th, 2008, 12:13 AM
*West side team. Go! I’ll be waiting*

With that, the young Arcanine morph was off, combining her Extreme speed with double team, she was able to cut through the battle at the gate. After the light screen had been shattered Aisha had entered combat mode and was ready for anything. She wanted to be the first to get to the gym leaders and teach them a lesson or two. She hoped however they were not situated at the gym because that was a fair distance away. Dodging a Kadabra morph she found herself tripped up and landing face first on the ground. She growled her emerald eyes suddenly glowing red. “Your going t pay for that” She growled, readying herself on all fours to attack her opponent. ‘Aisha, calm down, your just going to go into a rage’ A voice said from within her. “I don’t care” she growled, the tuffs of fur standing on edge. “He tripped me and that was just foul play.”
‘Come on, Aisha don’t go doing something that going to cost you the battle. I always listened to you, now you have to listen to me for once!’
As if triggered, the glowing red eyes calmed and returned to they’re original emerald. The young morph shook her head to rid it of the thoughts of completely trampling this morph and were replaced with focus and determination. “Your right. Okay!” She straightened her body so that she was on both feet now and stared the Kadabra down.
“Aww, is the little puppy having a hard time dealing with the fact that I played dirty?” The thug pouted, teasing her and tempting her all the more to just deck him there and there. “Aww, it is isn’t it!”
“He’s getting to me Jakey!” She yelled aloud, her eyes starting to show signs of rage again.
‘He’s starting to get to me too. Just hit him for all you’ve got, Aisha!’
“Got it!”

With that the battle between Psychic and fire had begun and Aisha landed the first blow with a heft heal to the skull and then coupled it off with a powerful round house kick to the stomach. The Kadabra morph was sent flying and Aisha pounced in for another round. Had it not been for the light screen that was now protecting eh Kadabra it would have been a heft blow to the face from a clawed hand. Never the less, her fist connected with a solid wall and she pulled back with a groan. She was just about getting over the ankle and now she had a fist to nurse too? “You Ba***rd!” She growled, pulling in a deep breath and unleashing a fiery stream. “Flamethrower!”
The fire collided with the light screen and fluttered in the air, trying to reach the grinning Kadabra morph that was hiding behind it.
The flames stopped after a while, leaving a glowing red wall in its path. Though the flames had not been enough to shatter the screen, the blow that followed from the Arcanine morphs foot did. Pieces of glowing red shards flew in all manor of directions. Aisha did not take notice of this and jumped straight into battle, landing another kick to the Kadabra’s stomach.
Blood flowed down her cheek and arms where the shards had managed to cut her on her hasty attack, but she ignored them for now and carried on fighting.

“Psychic!” The Kadabra yelled, sending a wave of Psychic energy hurdling at Aisha. It hit home and the young woman was thrown into the air and caught by the Kadabra’s telekinesis. She dangled there helplessly, trying to wiggle her way free of the spell. “Argh!” She struggled and struggled but to no avail. The Kadabra took a moment to laugh outright in her face Hahahahaha! Not so tough now are ya, sweetheart.” He giggled, calling forth a ball of energy. “I’m afraid your time has come to die.”
Without further ado: “Psybeam!” A beam of light was sent hurtling towards Aisha. She gasped and started to fall towards the ground as the Kadabra’s hold on her severed for a moment as he was using Psybeam. Her quick reflexes kicked in and she was able to conjure another flamethrower. The jet collided with the beam and both erupted against each other, sending a spray of energy hurtling at both contestants.
An array of colourful sparks hit Aisha square on, causing both her and Jake to yell out in pain. She grabbed at her face to stop the burning but to no avail. She landed with a thump on the ground and continued her attempts to wipe the sparks and flames from her being.

After a while, she had managed to put out the remaining patched of fire on her clothes and stand up with great difficulty. She breathed in and out deeply in order to regain apart of her composure before staring off behind the smouldering ruins of the ground before her at the now unconscious Kadabra morph. He was alight in multiple places and so Aisha’s good will got the better of her and even though the morph had tried to kill her, she was not heartless enough to leave a being to burn to death. She walked over as fast as her injured body allowed her and patted out the flames with her bare hands. She recoiled now and again but was successful enough to put them out. It would be up to his own team members to heal him as she wasn’t that forgiving. She rose to the fullest height she could muster and took a deep breath. “Ack, this is going to take a while to heal.” She groaned, clutching at a burnt arm. “Think…think I’ll take it easy for a bit.” She stated as she jogged off towards her destination.

September 30th, 2008, 9:20 AM
Clove fended off the Crawdaunt hand to hand until finally, out of the corner of his eye Alice was sprinting to his rescue. He jumped backwards as her Focus Punch completely sacked his opponent, putting an instant end to him. Clove quickly changed to the Xatu who was standing silently, ready to have attacked at any moment. Alice, who seemed to be on a roll, took action against him as well, leaving the Xatu grounded with no chance for recovery.

"Sir, he's all yours!" she yelled, while standing near his kneeling body.

"Hm....Faint Attack"

He appeared quickly behind the Xatu morph. No matter how strong he was, nothing came back from this. He slid out a single pin needle between his fingertips and spun it quickly before quickly slipping it into the Xatu's spinal chord. Ending its life.

"He was tough, but I don't think an Elite. We should make our way to the gym and find Sabrina. Or hopefully even find Misty... both of them are here and its dangerous. If you find Sabrina, wait for the others. That is not up to question." Clove said to the others, taking off in leaps through the city side streets to lead the west team to the gym.

"I hope the others on the East team are doing alright, Plum or Jade will probably check in soon... Clove thought as he dipped and ducked through the streets, running quickly. He reached a corner street before skidding to a halt and looking to his right. He could see a long street that would take him to the north side of Saffron and Sabrina's gym with Silph Co. over the horizon. The house on the corner was eerie and spooky, something about it didn't sit will with Clove. What was it? He just couldn't put his finger on it and inspected closely, failing to notice the steadily increasing rhythmic beat of rain drops on the pavement. He shook the thoughts from his head as he continued around the corner out of the residential side and into the city. He slowed to a stop, now noticing the rain.

"So how long have you been following me." Clove called into the darkness of the empty alley streets. "And what have you bastards done with the people who lived in this town."

Silence followed for what seemed like an eternity until the click of a rolling rock, revealed a walking figure that slowly came into the light of the now overcast and steadily raining day. Long red hair and swooping bangs, six rigid triangles jutting out in all directions on her back. A large red gem in the center of her stomach and on long purple sword, shaped like a starmie's leg, slung lazily over her shoulder as the tapped it impatiently.

"I was wondering how long it would take you. To notice that I was watching, and that the towns people are gone. An easy question to answer. Who do you think you've been fighting? Sabrina's will is powerful and between her natural psychic talents and the ones I gained merging with Starmie, its easy to control these idiots. We had them merge with what ever we chose, and they can't say a word in retalliation. Although some came willingly, the majority probably didn't but who cares, right?" She said to Clove, finishing with a giggle.

"What did you do with Reid." He followed sternly.

"Oh that dog boy we caught? We killed him. That was easy, we only kept him around for about 3 days before he began to bark and whine too much. So I put him.... out of my misery." She said slowly and articulately.

Clove's fists instantly clenched tight, he had never lost a team mate before. It had gotten rough but never death. And here, she had killed someone that watched his back all the way through Pewter and Vermillion. The whites of his eyes began to darken as his irises started glowing their eerie yellow hue. All of his spikes slowly extended, puncturing holes in his shirt as they tore through.

"Oh? Did I say something to upset you? You'll probably like these next guests then as well. Come on out, Ward." She called into the shadows. A very slim boy came out with brown scales armor and spikes covering his body. In his hands he held two shining silver blades that he twirled casually, a Kabutops morph, and Clove already knew, Kabutops is a Swift Swimmer, it was going to be a rough fight. "Meet my Elite guard, this is Ward. He's a pretty good fighter in the rain, you know? hahahaha" She said to Clove giggling again. "We have one more guest! Say hello... now you're going to love this one...to, MR. PSYCHIC! Come on out!" Misty called happily as she beckoned an over sized figure to them that moved slowly and awkwardly. The large crown on his head and blank expression, truly a sad site to see as the older man looked now more Pokemon than human, he had been morphed with a Slowking.

"Mr. Psychic...he was just an old man, when I met him... he knew I had come for TM29... He was a psychic himself, how did you brainwash him." Clove questioned quickly.

"Sabrina's will is strong. He is on our side now. So what are you gonna do? Your Lucario friend is dead, Mr. Psychic is ready to destroy you, as am I and my guard. And all you have is that little rag tag team of misfits behind you. Erika was right, it IS fun toying with you."

The name struck a nerve in Clove's mind. He tensed quickly as his body flooded with darkness and hatred. He began to chuckle softy to himself with a creepy aura to him. His fist now clenched so tight he was trembling.

"You don't even have the right... TO SAY HER NAME!"

Clove vanished instantly, with a blur, appearing in front of Misty and slicing at her. The Kabutops, Ward, instantly appeared between them, intercepting Clove's spikes with his swords. The two delayed for what seemed like just a second before continuing the fight with blades clashing against spikes as he jumped and twisted, exchanging obscure blows. The Kabutops somehow easily evaded and blocked the many spikes all over Cloves body that continued the arsenal but the only thing on Clove's mind was that he couldn't kill Misty until this guy was out of the way. Another heavy clash of blade against spike as the rain grew thicker and heavier. Clove vanished into a wisp of shadows as Ward also followed suit, appearing to vanish with the speed of his Swift Swim. The real fight had begun.

"Mr. Psychic, why don't you entertain his little pep squad back there as well?" Misty said to the large pink morph next to her. He merely groaned with an empty expression on his face as Misty giggled again, removing the sword from over her should and pointing it towards the group. "Might as well have some fun while Erika's little boyfriend fights. Mr. Psychic, why don't you go with that one and I'll take.... this one." Misty said, arrogantly, pointing to the remainder of the West Team.

September 30th, 2008, 12:41 PM
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“I think its best we follow Clove’s orders now and go.” The Weavile morph staggered up to Alice, clutching her side.

"Are you okay, what happened?" Alice asked sympathetically as she put one of her human arms around Lilith's shoulders to help support her. Before Alice could say anything else, a battle-damaged Clove walked towards the duo.

"He was tough, but I don't think an Elite. We should make our way to the gym and find Sabrina. Or hopefully even find Misty... both of them are here and its dangerous. If you find Sabrina, wait for the others. That is not up to question." Clove briefed Alice and the rest of the West team.

After making sure that Lillith could stand properly, she shot her a quick smile and followed Clove. She used the natural agility of her morph to leap from roof to roof of the nearby residential houses, thereby avoiding any incoming morphs. She kept close to her Leader and keeping as observant as possible; analyzing possible threats, areas to avoid and their surroundings in general as if it was her second nature. Coincidentally, Alice was paying too much attention to their surroundings and focusing on her own movement, she missed the most vital 'warning' sign. The rain.

Alice followed Clove to an Ominous looking building. Alice, becoming weary of what was conspiring, stealthily concealed herself on top of the building. She peered over the edge into what looked like a horror-mystery movie. Clove stood solitary, talking to what seemed like nothing.

"So how long have you been following me." Clove called into the darkness of the empty alley streets. "And what have you bastards done with the people who lived in this town."

Alice was uncharacteristically shocked when a figure stepped from the shadows, into the light. The girl was, ironically, a firey-red head, sprouting many sharp looking, rigid, spikes that erupted from a back, as if a beast trying to escape. The girl had a large red gem encrusted in her abdomen, which would usually display every colour of the spectrum in the light, but the thick and heavy clouds prevented this, causing it to appear blood-red.


"I was wondering how long it would take you. To notice that I was watching, and that the towns people are gone. An easy question to answer. Who do you think you've been fighting? Sabrina's will is powerful and between her natural psychic talents and the ones I gained merging with Starmie, its easy to control these idiots. We had them merge with what ever we chose, and they can't say a word in retaliation. Although some came willingly, the majority probably didn't but who cares, right?" She broadcast, finishing with a giggle.

"What did you do with Reid." Clove asked, with an undertone of both anger and apathy.

"Oh that dog boy we caught? We killed him." Alice didn't listen to the rest of Misty's generic monologue. Her cold words echoed over and over in Alice's mind. The usual calm, cool and collected Alice usually shut off her feelings, for the mission's sake, but this pierced her emotional barrier. She never knew Reid well, but he had fought side-by-side with Alice through the sewers of Pewter, and had brawled with Brock himself.

She returned to the scene to see an epic battle erupting between Clove, and a seriously dis-advantaged Kabutops morph, who thanks to Swift Swim, seemed to be over coming his dual-grass weaknesses. Misty was alone, her two body guards occupied, and uncharacteristically, Alice never over-thought about her strategy or thought at all for that matter, she instead hurled a quick Swift attack, barely scratching her enemy, and used double team to create multiple afterimage copies of herself around he tyrannical gym-leader.

"Haha, well done, you took me by surprise. Yet you haven't even touched me," Misty laughed. Alice attempted to focus her energy into her signature focus punch, however her opponent saw this as an opportunity to attack. Misty started to spin at a high velocity, quickly eliminating all the afterimages, and slicing a superficial scratch across the Ambipom-morph's abdomen.

"Hydro Pump!" shrieked the still-spinning Misty, followed by a maniacal laugh. She combined her Hydro Pump with her Rapid Spin, which hit Alice and everyone else fighting in the vicinity. The attack, however, was aimed towards the lavender haired girl, smashing her into the wall of the narrow alleyway.

"My recklessness... that's n-not me. I deserved that." Her eyes widened as she narrowly avoided a Psybeam, from Misty's encrusted Ruby. Alice quickly leapt to the side and wall-jumped her way back on top of the roof. There she closed her eyes for a few seconds, activating Ambipom's Ability, Technician, an ability that powered up her weaker attacks and helped her in hand-to-hand combat. She waited for Misty to follow her to the roof of the eerie house, before releasing a Swift attack, roughly one and a half times bigger and stronger than her regular Swift, stopping Misty in her tracks and damaging her slightly, narrowly missing her critical-hit point.

"That's more like it,"

Suddenly, a well-timed Psybeam knocked Alice from the roof, and using her agility, she flipped and landed on her feet, assuming a battle position.

"She's much tougher than Brock, not as powerful, but she lacks his low-speed and low-intelligence. The Cat's got claws, and there's no way I can take it alone."

September 30th, 2008, 3:27 PM
"How uncouth. Both of them." the medicham-morph known as Peach started, watching the squirtle and gallade-morph engage, "Such barbaric tactics. I at least hope you will show some elegance during our fight, Miss Scyther."

Finally getting to her feet, her torso still throbbing but recovering steadily, Plum merely smiled at the comment. Her style of combat was nothing short of barbaric. If she was in any way graceful or elegant, it'd be news to her.

"The name's Plum." she replied, feeling her torso in a rather inappropriate manner, revealing more than her opponent would have expected and all in order to assess her current condition, "I'll show you just how elegant I can fight, once I pay you back for that cheap shot before."

Readying her scythes as she finished her threat, something suddenly whipped passed her, causing her to recoil in surprise. Despite how close the dark matter had been, its real target soon became apparent as it proceeded through the air and into the medicham-morph standing behind. Quickly cocking her head, Plum turned to find where the attack had come from only to see Jade escorting the blaziken-morph carrying a battered Lakel. Suffice to say, they were at least together, which was what she had hoped for in confronting the two elites as they proceeded to stand in her way.

"I suppose that would be your payback then?" Peach inquired calmly, brushing off the wound from his chest where the Dark Pulse had struck, "How mediocre."

In an instant his body began to glow once again, initiating another Recover. As if she'd let that happen! Silently thanking Jade for the initial attack, Plum sped forward, fangs bared and scythes crossed, poised to strike. It was just for a moment but when the medicham-morph used Recover previously, his guard dropped. The only reason he would use such a move in front of the enemy was either because he was incredibly over confident or because Brem, the gallade-morph could protect him. But now that the latter was occupied, it was a prime chance to strike.

Narrowing her eyes as she closed in on her target, she uncrossed her arms and threw all her strength into her right, her left arm falling loosely behind. Expecting to cut into the more than tender medicham-morph, the sheer shock of missing as well as hitting something else entirely completely threw her off balance, the resulting force throwing her off her feet and onto the ground. The shock immediately raced through her attacking arm, numbing the nerves as she felt the wind being knocked out of her a second time. Looking up through teary eyes, the scyther-morph saw something she couldn't have expected.

"Protect." Peach nonchalantly explained, finishing his Recover as the struck barrier fazed in and out of transparency, "Unlike Brem, I am able to maintain a longer lasting and more temporary form of the move, while also utilising others at the same time. My strength is not purely physical, my mental prowess is more than enough to sustain such a shield. That is why I am an elite."

She was seriously getting tired of hearing that word. Coughing as she struggled to regain her breath, Plum dug her left arm into the ground for support and picked herself up. Now that she knew he could use two mentally stress intensive attacks simultaneously, she had to be on guard but that didn't mean she was down out. Despite her lack of tactical prowess, the scyther-morph did excel in hand-to-hand combat and with that, was quite used to relying on pure instinct to counter an opponent. But not only could she use such recklessness to her advantage, it also allowed her to read others body movements as well. It being the only thing that made winning possible for her. And now, judging by the medicham's movements, or lack thereof more like, she realised what she had to do. It was simple. He didn't move. All of his attacks were ranged so far and she bet the rest of them were too. All she had to do was create an opening, get in close and strike.

"I wonder..." her target in question started again, much to Plum's surprise who was more than ready to execute her plan.

"What are you talking about?" she spat back, returning to full height, "Stop stalling! I know how to beat you now and I wanna do it before I forget!"

Smiling at such a prospect, the medicham simply folded his arms, his face contorting into one of subdued amusement.

"I'm just wondering..." he continued calmly, "Just how many of your friends will survive after reaching the gym?"

Seeing the puzzled and less than bemused look on the girl's face, Peach proceeded to explain, "It's just that if you're looking for Sabrina, I do hope you weren't intending on confronting her at the gym now, were you?"

"She's not there?!"

Smiling at her reaction, her opponent simply nodded before continuing, "Of course not. Those three who just went by are walking straight into a trap."

"Damn it!" Plum cursed under her breath, realising Jade, Lakel and Jack would have already reached their destination by now, her train of thought then interrupted by a sharp pain in her chest.

"You don't have time to be worrying about them." Peach sneered, his palm flat up against her collar, his face inches away from hers, "You should be concentrating on your own safety."

The Force Palm sent her clear through the air and back into a portion of the still standing city wall, the impact shattering its surface. This time, blood spilled from her lips as she collapsed into a heap on the ground. Her whole body was shaking and as she slowly looked up, all she could see was his glowing blue eyes.

"Now I've used three of my moves so far. This one will be your last."

September 30th, 2008, 4:24 PM
"Some thing's not right here," Jade said to Jack. They had reached the gym all right, Lakel still over Jack's shoulder, but what they found...

Was nothing.

At least, that's how it seemed for the moment. The silence cut the air like a knife and Jade found her pulse growing quicker with each second. There were no guards at the door and, after performing Rock Slide, no protection over the gym itself. Unlike the outside fortress, there was no Light Screen or Protect. This was so much more than suspicious.

"Jack, back up please," she said, hoping her voice held more authority than nervousness. She took out her communicator to text Plum, Alice, and Clove.
*Nothing at Gym. Highly suspicious. Look for Sabrina elsewhere. We'll meet up with you later. Jack and Lakel are with me*

She kept it as short as possible. If we make it back alive, she thought after sending the text. Giving the Gym one last look over she turned to Jack, "Okay lets-" Her sentence was interrupted as an immense force hit her from behind. The Tyranitar Morph fell to the ground, face first.

"You didn't think finding Sabrina was this easy, did you?" an unpleasant voice drawled. A rather bored looking Gardevoir Morph stood over her. At least, that's what Jade thought was standing over her. It could have been a wannabe cosplayer for all she knew. The morphing process turn the young woman's hair green and she seemed to float in her long white gown, but other than that she looked perfectly human.

Jade screamed, "Jack, get Lakel somewhere safe to heal! NOW!" She didn't even look to see him run, her feet were even incapable in her current position to feel the vibrations; she just had to trust that Jack would listen to her orders.

The Gardevoir laughed, much more interested now, "It's not that easy," she taunted, clicking her tongue in an annoying manner. From behind her appeared at least two dozen additional morphs. Jade didn't have time to see what she was up against, there were far too many. "I would like to introduce you to Sabrina's Elite." The others laughed and also taunted the Tyranitar, making cracks at how small and insignificant she was. They were only fueling the fire.

Jade scoffed, still on the ground, secretly charging up another Dark Pulse, "I doubt that. Sabrina's Elite are probably guarding her right now! Where ever she is..." she mumbled this last part to herself. "And if you're so 'Elite', why so many of you? I'm the only one here." The comment wasn't only meant to anger the Morphs, though it was working, but it was also probably true and cutting. While these morphs were, without a doubt, powerful, she knew Sabrina would have the actual Elite keeping guard. These were distractions.

The Gardevoir looked taken aback and suddenly unsure of itself, "Hold your tongue, PLF scum!" she shrieked, "You're not in the position to be making snide remarks," her and the others slowly began to prepare an attack. These people are all talk!

"Oh really?" said Jade, her once green eyes now purple. She knew this would exhaust her, maybe even render her useless for the rest of this mission, but she didn't seem to have much of a choice. Before unleashing anything, a sandstorm was in full throttle, blinding the twenty plus Psychic morphs. Unfortunately, this would only work for a moment and Jade knew this. Without a seconds hesitation, except to hope that Jack was far away by now, she released an gigantic amount of Dark matter. Please, God, let this work.

September 30th, 2008, 7:21 PM
The gallade-morph was pissed.

Travis had really done some insulting, and was laughing inside even harder.

Gallade was so angry he wasn't even using moves. He was just charging, punching, slicing, and trying to kill Travis. Travis just withdrew, dodged, and hit Gallade when he could

"Stop moving around! IT'S REALLY F***ING IRRITATING!"
"Man you are an unstable warrior. There's no honor in that." Travis said this deliberataly. He remembered how he used to study old Japanese warriors when he was about 6 years old, they were known as Samurai.

Gallade threw a punch at Travis, whicha ctually hit Travis in the Jaw knocking him to the ground.

Gallade for a moment stopped to catch his breath, but the fury inside his eyes remained.

Travis rubbed his jaw. "Nice. But it coulda been better."

Gallade yelled, then threw another punch, this time Travis was ready, and he caught the fist, with one hand, and the other in the other. He then performed a skull bash against the head of the Gallade.

Gallade collapsed, knocked out cold from the blow. Even Travis was left with a nasty headache.

Gill tell me...how the f*** do you do Skull bash without the headache.
Get used to it...that's about it.
Rats. I'm gonna feel it tomorrow...

Travis looked over to see the Medicham over the Scyther. "Now what?' he asked himself.

Gumshoe Satyr
September 30th, 2008, 8:19 PM
Jade smiled at Jake in relief when she saw that he had Lakel, "You're a quick thinker, I like that. Now let's go kick some ass!" Jack didn't respond to her compliment. Seeing all the morphs and his teammates getting injured and the fact that Misty was probably somewhere nearby, had filled his head with nightmarish memories that he couldn't deal with right now. I need to keep my mind on what is going on around me! I can't fight when I'm distracted like this! He tried to banish them from his mind, but somehow his mind kept drifting to them....

'A slightly younger pre-morph Jack and his Blaziken, Blizt, are standing in front of the Cerulean Gym. They are surprised at the new modifications being added to it but decide to go in anyway..... Out of the shadows steps Misy in her new Starmie-like body. She laughs at their shock and disgust and challenges them to a battle. Jack and Blitz accept, hoping to stop her here and now...... All other of Jack's pokemon have been defeated. Jack hesitates to seed Blitz out because of his disadvantage, but Blaze won't back down. He consents, knowing that Blitz has never let him down before. Misty and Blitz square off. She laughs and says that he has no chance and tells Jack to call him back before she kills the fire pokemon. In a rage, Blitz charges foward and knocks her against the wall with a Sky Uppercut. She laughs again and jumps back to the ground, barely hurt. She hits Blitz with a blast of water knocking him down and hits him again and again with Rapid Spin. Blitz can't even move now and a pool of blood is growing larger with each hit. Jack is saying repeatly that he forfeits, a look of horror on his face, but she only laughs even more manically and hits even harder. He tries to recall his pokemon but she blocks the beam of light. "You should've left when you had the chance!!" He runs toward Blitz and somehow manages to start dragging the badly injured pokemon out the door. He hears her coming back and feels pain. He can't tell where he is injured. Only feels pain.....'

Jack mind snaps back to reality when he almost slipped in a puddle. Realizing that it's started raining again, he wonders if Misty is nearby. Rain is the last thing I need right now. Being a fire morph, I'm slower and more sluggish when it rains. Even with Lakel on his shoulder, though, he was able to keep up with Jade, and they soon made it to the gym.

"Some thing's not right here," Jade said to him. She's right... There's nothing here. Where's Sabrina. Obeying her order to back up, he listened as she used her communicator. *Nothing at Gym. Highly suspicious. Look for Sabrina elsewhere. We'll meet up with you later. Jack and Lakel are with me* Turning back to Jack but stopped when she was hit from behind, falling to the ground face first.

"You didn't think finding Sabrina was this easy, did you?" said a voice that made Jack's skin crawl. Tensing at the sight of the Gardevoir morph, he prepared to fight, but her eyes were on Jade. Jade screamed, "Jack, get Lakel somewhere safe to heal! NOW!" She was still laying on the ground, but the urgency of her voice jerked his attention back to her. Hesitation for a millisecond, he struggled between trying to protect the captain and following her orders and protecting Lakel. He chose to protect Lakel but hoped that Jade had some kind of plan or something. Why do these captain's have to be so brave!? If she doesn't join me soon enough, I'm going back whether she likes it or not! Hopefully not alone though. He cursed under his breath and took off back into the rain, using Agility to move faster though the rain slowed him down quite a bit.

Looking over his shoulder he noticed about two dozen morphs around Jade. Four of the fastest looking morphs spotted him and followed. He cursed again and kept going as fast as he could. Pulling his communicator out of his pocket, he texted to the other captains, *Gym is a trap. Jade stayed behind. I'm pursued*Looking behind him again, he saw a burst of dark matter coming out of the gym, swallowing two of his pursuers. I hope she's alright..... As far as he could tell, an Espeon morph and a Medicham morph were still behind him. The Espeon was catching up fast.

(OCC: Sorry. Gotta stop now. School tomorrow. XD)

September 30th, 2008, 8:37 PM
"Brem?" the medicham-morph called over to his partner, after seeing him being knocked back by a rather heavy sounding Skull Bash from the squirtle-morph, "Please take this seriously. You're embarrassing me."

Shaking himself off as he got to his feet, Brem massaged his shoulders in a typical warming up fashion before turning to Travis and giving him a light smile, "Alright, alright. I guess that'll do for now. Ready to go again?"

Without waiting for a response, the gallade-morph shot forward, his fist making contact with Travis' side. For a split second, a resonating light erupted from the point of impact and engulfed the guard's fist before quickly subsiding into his pale white skin. The Drain Punch wasn't particular strong or damaging but it did enable the gallade-morph to recover some lost energy while also whittling away the squirtle's at the same time. And soon enough, he had returned to his usual perky self, rejuvenated by the attack.

"I should mention..." Brem started, rubbing his rugged fist in hand as he cracked his neck, "I might not be as mentally strong as Peachy here, but I'm a lot stronger physically. So, let's see if you can hit me again when I'm serious, Squirtle Boy."

Again, without warning, the gallade-morph charged forward, arms tucked against his sides as he narrowed his gaze on the oncoming squirtle-morph. Then, in an instant, his body split, covering each side with a second and third duplicate of himself. Combining Double Team with a to-be-used Psycho Cut, Brem aimed for Travis and prepared to strike.

October 1st, 2008, 7:14 PM
As the purple fog cleared, Jade checked her surroundings. Her eyes were heavy, the first sign of exhaustion. As everything came into focus she found the Gardevoir Morph knocked out cold and only three others laying beside her. Why did it seem like there were so many before? Could they know double team? she asked herself.

Slowly the Tyranitar morph got to her feet, brushing off some left over dust from the sandstorm. She wobbled as her knees began to buckle under her; she sat back down on the ground. "Well, I'm not going anywhere fast," she mumbled to herself. The Gardevoir morph remained unmoving and, driven by curiosity, Jade checked the pulse. She was still alive. The other three, a Kadabra, a Drowzee, and a Mr. Mime, were dead.

Jade hung her head; enemy or not, their life was taken by her dark force and she grieved momentarily. These were decoys, Sabrina thought nothing of them. They could have been towns people. She shook her head, chasing these thoughts away before they clouded her mind. She was just doing her job.

After a few minutes of rest, and no sign of another attack, Jade got to her feet. She paused, waiting to see if anyone was within a 20 yard radius of her. When the coast was clear she picked up the Gardevoir, found some chains, and tied her to the front of the gym; she couldn't risk being followed. She had to find the others and help fight Misty and Sabrina. Preferably one at a time...

She hadn't noticed the rain. It was anything but a good sign. She clenched her jaw and squinted through the rain drops. Jade moved stealthily toward the area Plum had occupied before, wondering if the Scyther morph was still there. If she moved any faster she felt as though her muscles might explode. What she wouldn't give for a Pokemon Center.

Or a jacket. She could really use a jacket.

October 2nd, 2008, 6:31 AM
Sweet Jesus...

Travis just got a rather big punch from Brem.

"I should mention..." Brem stated, "I might not be as mentally strong as Peachy here, but I'm a lot stronger physically. So, let's see if you can hit me again when I'm serious, Squirtle Boy."

"Squirtle-boy? I'll take that as a compliment."

With that, the gallade-morph charged forward and combined Double Team with a to-be-used Psycho Cut and was aiming at Travis.

Travis sighed, knowing there was not much he could do to stop this attack. Skull bash would just increase his headache, and Hydropump would probably not be too strong. Wait! That's it!

Travis knew one move that could slow down Brem!

At this thought Travis immediatly unleashed a Bubblebeam attack when Brem was just a few yards away from Travis.

Midnight Jasper
October 2nd, 2008, 12:55 PM
Can you see that, Lakel? It's an Espeon. Graceful creatures, aren't they? Pretty, too. I always liked the graceful creatures.

It's chasing us! Do something!

Why? What can I do? Your body's failed you, Lakel. I knew it would happen sometime, with you throwing out a Sing like that. Dramatic, sure, but you should take more care of yourself. There were many enemies - you didn't have to single one out like that. If you'd paid attention to everything, you wouldn't have gotten hit by that Poliwhirl.

I shoved the Lapras away into some deep corner of my mind. What was most infuriating was that she was right. I had eyes only for the Milotic, swaying in a hypnotic dance. Maybe that was some sort of technique. In any case, I had fallen for it, and now I was passed out, hindering the Blaziken morph - Jack - from fighting. 'Get Lakel to safety'? I'd almost died of shame. I hated being a burden, someone extra, someone you had to drag along. That was my problem, I guess. Too much too soon, and then nothing, nothing at all.

My body wouldn't respond. I could feel every single part of it, and I could feel myself, literally buzzing with energy. I wanted to fight again; feel the dynamic power of crushing an opponent. But I couldn't - not now.

The Espeon was pretty, in a dangerous sort of way. She (I assumed it was a she) had pointy ears and dark, shiny, violet eyes. Her nose was pointy and quaint and her movements were lithe and springy. If she talked, she would do so in a purring, condescending tone, rolling her 'r's and being extremely patronizing.

I tried to wake up, I really did. Not that there wasn't any pleasure in lying at peace, just watching the scene as if it were a movie. But there wasn't any soul or challenge in it at all - it was just like watching someone else play a game. The point was the stretch yourself, physically and mentally.

Which is why, I reminded myself, you're in this situation right now!

Come on, now. Heal. Heal. Heal. Heal. Heal. Eyes open. Feet down. Facing forward. Towards the enemy, always towards the fight, wherever that might be.


I saw Jack turn around on the spot, place me down behind him and start to fight. I didn't want him protecting me like this. I didn't like being protected, even though it was preferable to bleeding to death alone.

The pretty Espeon and a rather gung-ho Medicham glared at Jack. The Blaziken morph seemed a little worn out from carrying me and running so fast simultaneously, and all for nothing; in the end, we hadn't gotten away.

Why couldn't I force myself up? I wanted to wake up so desperately - so, so desperately. I wanted to fight. That, after all, was the purpose of life. To fight - and, more importantly, to win.

October 3rd, 2008, 12:11 AM
Rain poured thick by this point as Clove fought harder, evenly matched in speed with Misty's elite Kabutops guard. The two of them vanished and appeared quickly around the ground, whisping and whizzing around, attempting to gain the upper hand on each other while blade clashed against spikes. Only faint images of them were visible with the sound and appearance of splashing water at their feet as the only real visible way to see them to the untrained eye. They two clashed in the middle of the street, holding each other at bay.

"You know if you just let me take care of Misty, I wont even have to hurt you..." Clove grunted through clenched teeth.

"I serve Misty because I want to. She's told me about how you left Erika. I'm not like you, I stick to my ideals and with the person I care for." The Kabutops finally spoke back.

"You don't know anything about me or Erika, and you have to be blind to see that what she's doing is wrong!" Clove yelled, beginning to push the Kabutops back. His eyes began to deepen in yellow hue. The Kabutops struggled hard before speaking again.

"It doesn't matter! I'm loyal to Misty and I'll follow her to the end of the world!" the Kabutops retorted loudly, pushing Clove back and knocking him off balance. "I'm done playing your little games. 1st Lieutenant Cooper Morgan, prepare yourself, Clove."

Clove stood motionless, flicking his wet hair from his eyes. Without warning, Cooper vanished again, appearing in Clove's face and slicing downward. Clove reacted instantly, jumping backwards and avoiding the slash easily. Cooper followed through, letting his blade dig deep into the ground. The ground instantly erupted open, sending a molten fissure splitting towards Clove. Clove quickly jumped, narrowly avoiding the traveling blast, looking up in time to see Cooper on top of him ready to strike. Clove dove to the ground, rolling to safety and somersaulting to his feet, taking sight and vanishing again to get back on the offensive.

"The hell was that move?! Earth Power? He must be using the rock type to his advantage but if thats true, then i should be able to exploit my own advantage. A solid hit from a spike should end him, but he's too quick for that...I just have to get him where speed doesn't matter... Clove thought intensely as he exchanged more stealthy blows with the Kabutops morph. He headed for the middle of the street again, vanishing and clashing with Cooper right in the center of the road. They held each other at bay for the 2nd time, staring each other in the eyes and breathing heavily as they pressed against one another for superiority. What followed next was a fluent sequence of hand movements that quickly caught Cooper off guard. Clove intertwined his hands and arms through Cooper's turning into him and pressing his back against Cooper's chest. There was a slight pause as the immobilized Kabutops took in the severity of the moment. A second passed as Clove ended it, forcing the spikes on his back outward and through the Elite guard's chest, leaving no time to realize how it happened. Clove retracted the spikes, letting Cooper's lifeless body drop limp onto the pavement. He looked over to Alice to see her and Misty engaging in combat, but something wasn't right.

"....Where did Mr. Psychic go..." Clove eyed the surroundings curiously but the large round old man had somehow vanished from the battle area during the midsts of his fight. Clove didn't take another thought about it as he rushed towards Alice to help her battle Misty. He began to wisp into shadows before stopping suddenly, with a look of extreme horror on his face. He didn't have to guess what the feeling was, he just knew. Turning slowly, he looked to the top of a near by building which stood below Silph Co. Sabrina, hovered slowly and silently. A long elegant golden tail wagged slowly behind her. Her face had grown elongated and narrow. All Clove could do was stand motionless, unsure what to do.

"Whats she going to do... Theres no way to read her movements, this is a battle I'm not used to... Thoughts raced through Clove's mind. None of them leading to decent solutions. He did know one thing for sure, and that was that any solution was obviously going to involve lethal force. He re-extended the spikes on his fore arms, barely reaching their full length before a purple beam sliced a hole in the ground near Clove's feet. Clove shot a glance up to Sabrina, as another beam sliced a narrow trench into the pavement, this time, Clove narrowly dodging it. Another beam crashed into the ground as Clove vanished from the pavement, charging straight at Sabrina. He moved quickly, dodging and advancing towards her. He jumped up two small buildings, leaping through the air towards Sabrina in the pouring rain. He came down from the air fast, throwing a fistful of pin missiles and following with a heavy slash downward. The missiles stopped in mid air as a small circular barrier became visible around Sabrina. Clove came down hard, bringing his needle arm straight into the barrier, causing it to crack and sizzle. Clove pressed harder into the barrier as Sabrina watched, indifferent. Finally reacting in the scenario, Sabrina turned her head to Clove, her eyes hollowed out to an empty white. She spoke with a monotone, mindless voice.

"Miracle Eye."

Clove's eyes widened in horror. A move that was lethal to any morph in the situation he was in.

"NO! The only reason I was able to get THIS close is because my dark type kept her psychic abilities neutralized... but with Miracle Eye... Clove thought feverishly, fearing his fate.

Sabrina's eyes swirled into a vortex of darkness as she reached out her hand, and clenched it into a fist, instantly binding Clove's legs and arms together. The barrier vanished as soon as Clove's attack was halted. She held him in mid air over the edge of the building for a few seconds before turning and looking to the top of Silph Co. Without saying a word, her and Clove vanished from sight, appearing high atop Silph Co. in the same scenario, Clove dangling over the edge of the building, held up by Sabrina's psychic powers. The rain still poured heavily, bouncing off of Sabrina's barrier.

"Stay out of my affairs."

Was all she said before releasing her grip on Clove, letting him fall from the rooftop of Silph Co. He fell quickly, looking toward the ground.

"With no sunlight for solarbeam, there goes the only way to break this fall...looks like this could be it...what a way to go...

October 3rd, 2008, 7:54 PM
All Lilith could do was watch in horror and amazement as Alice battled Misty and Clove battled an elite Kabutops morph. The inexperienced morph could see that her veteran teammates were on an entirely different level, fighting at powers and speeds that would leave her exhausted in minutes. She glanced over to Clove and Cooper, who were both fighting at speeds no normal eye could catch. Thankfully, Lilith wasn’t normal and was quite the runner herself. But then there was Misty and Alice’s fight, which was a constant exchange of heavy blows; the kind of fight Lilith knew she could never hold her own in.

The sound of a blood curdling scream grabbed the Weavile-morph’s attention, and she immediately turned to Cloves direction. She was relieved to see that the cry didn’t come from her leader, but instead from the Kabutops that he just fell. The lifeless corpse dropped to the ground just as a new wave of heavy rain came through. Although she couldn’t explain it, Lilith knew this wasn’t Misty’s intentional doing. No, this was a sign— a bad sign.

Lilith’s eyes fell upon Clove’s horror stuck face as he slowly turned around and glared at a figure levitating above a nearby building. It had a yellow tail that moved about wildly, but the rest of the figure remained still, as if its entire being was at peace. With a flash of lighting, Lilith was able to see the creatures face, and was horrified to lay her eyes upon the morphed Sabrina. Then, barely moving, Sabrina released a lethal beam at the Cacturne morph. She continued her assault as Clove neared, blatantly disregarding the fact that even if she made contact, the move would have little effect thanks to his dark typing. Within seconds, Clove reached his target and swung a mighty arm at her. His attack met with an invisible barrier, which he continued to pound on. Then Sabrina muttered a couple of inaudible words, and Clove mysteriously stopped.

”What is he doing!? He was almost through!” Lilith thought to herself. The answer was given to her with Sabrina’s next move.

The Alakazam-morph clenched her fist and Clove’s body immediately tightened up. Lilith recognized the move as psychic type, which shouldn’t have affected the Cacturne unless... she was using Miracle Eye!

“Clove, get out of there!” she screamed, although she knew there was know way he could follow her plea. Then, at literally unimaginable speeds, Sabrina and Clove disappeared, only to reappear at the roof of Silph CO. There, like the ruthless person she was, she released her hold on Clove, causing the morph to helplessly begin falling to his doom. Lilith rattled her mind for a solution, but the fact of the matter was that she had no plans to save her leader.

Not too far from her position, Lilith heard a loud thud. Reluctantly, she pulled her eyes away from her falling leader to see Alice and Misty still fighting intensely. Misty currently had the higher ground, which meant very bad news for the Ambipom. Without hesitation, the Weavile ran toward her teammate for assistance.

“I didn’t get to go on either the Brock or Surge missions, but I assure you I’ll play my part in this one.”

As she reached the combating Pokemon, she saw Misty getting ready for another Hydro Pump. Without a second thought, the Weavile morph channeled her dark energy into an aura surrounding her body, and then suddenly vanished, only to reappear behind the corrupt gym leader atop the building. Extending her claws to their full length, Lilith wrapped her fragile arms around Misty’s star points and dug her nails into her soft skin.

“She’s slippery and strong! Hurry Alice, give her all you got!” shouted the Weavile morph, knowing fully well that whatever move Alice chose to use, it would hurt her a little as well.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 3rd, 2008, 11:08 PM
As Jack surged ahead, trying to stay ahead of the two morphs behind him, he saw the air about twenty feet in front of him shimmer, forming into a wall of light. Light screen or Reflect.... Either way I don't see how I can get away from these two. I can't get through a barrier like that on my own. Besides, I'm quickly wearing down with carrying Lakel, fighting, the rain, and all this running.... He slid to a stop right before he reached the barrier and looked around for the best option. Despite the odds, he knew that he had to fight. Sure, maybe he could get away from the Medicham morph eventually, but the Espeon morph was too fast. She'd either bide her time and let him wear himself down completely or shoot him in the back with a psychic attack. Jack quickly hid Lakel behind a nearby dumpster, hoping that they would forget about her.

"What, not going to run anymore?" the Espeon morph purred, eyeing him like a predator sizing up its prey. "I was having such fun chasing you...." She seemed a bit disappointed, but her eyes soon brightened again with the prospect of a fight.

"Enough Molly. Remember, we have a job to do. Let's hurry up and finish him so we can help the others." The Medicham morph gave Molly a stern look but seemed to melt a bit when she gave him a pleading look.

"Oh, come on Roy. The others can handle the rest of his teammates. By the time we go to help them, all the fights will be over. Let me have some fun." Looking at Jack form head to toe, she purred happily. "He looks like he's quite the fighter. This is going to be great!"

"Oh, very well. After we kill him, we'll finish the girl off, too" Roy took on a fighting stance, waiting for the best moment to make his move.

"The girl's dead. I was just hiding her body so you guys wouldn't mess with her body," Jack lied, casting his eyes down so he seemed to be sad. "By the way, what did you when you said that my teammates will be dead soon. At least give me that if you're going to kill me."

Smiling at him gleefully, Molly answered him, "I'll be happy to tell you because I know how it will pain you as you breathe your final breath. Your fearless leader is being dealt with by Sabrina as we speak, and the rest will soon die at the hands of Misty and the elites like us." Could Sabrina have twisted this girl's mind somehow? I've never known an Espeon to be bloodthirsty.

"Don't worry. You'll join them soon, and after you're dead, we'll see if that girl is really dead. I believe that you're lying, and if you really are, she is going to die a very long, painful death," the Medicham said calmly, taking a fighting stance again.

"I don't believe you! Things will not go as you say. We will defeat you!" Flames exploded from Jack's wrists, causing steam and smoke to rise around him, making him look even more menacing. Needless to say, the psychic morphs were not impressed. "A Blaziken morph. He's part fighting type. You were wrong Molly. This isn't going to be a challenge at all," Roy grumbled.

I have to protect Lakel. I have to make sure everyone gets through this alright! "I will ignore that last remark. This is your last chance to back down. After this, I won't be responsible for what harm comes to you." Taking up a karate stance, he tried to think of a good strategy to use but knew that this was a battle he probably wouldn't win. I can't think that way! I have to knowI can win!

Molly chuckled softly. "Back down!? That's ridiculous. Why should we back down? You'll be dead before another minute has passed." Roy nodded firmly in agreement.

"Very well. Just remember that you brought this onto yourselves."

The Medicham charged ahead, charging up a Focus Punch. Seeing it coming, Blaze barely dodged, the punch whipping past his right cheek. Countering with a fiery Blaze Kick, he tried to trip Roy by aiming for his legs, but the Medicham morph lept over the blow. Suddenly, Jack was swept off his feet from an invisable from his left, sending him crashing through the window of a nearby house. "Ouch," he groaned, pulling a piece of glass out of his arm. "Looks like they want to kill me slowly, too. That was only Confusion that the Espeon morph used against me, though it was super-effective against me. I bet that crashing through this window wasn't an accident either. Guess she decided to enjoy this fight for awhile after all."

Struggling to his feet, he noticed that his body trembled slightly. Guess my body is finally starting to give out on me. He leaned against the wall, enjoying a few precious seconds of rest. He jumped back as a shadowy blob hit the outside of the house, creating a gaping hole in the wall. Outside, Roy had his arms raised, apparently the one who the attack came from, while Molly stepped through the hole in the wall. "Miss us?" she purred, her eyes gleaming. Ignoring the protests of his body, Jack prepared to fight once more.

October 4th, 2008, 12:00 AM
The rain had started again, however this time it was a lot more condensed. Thunderclouds swarmed over the city like combees in pollination, the change of weather coming as quite as a surprise to the medicham-morph. Then for a brief moment, he dropped his guard.

"Such depressing weather." he jeered, looking over his shoulder and into the nearest building as if he could see straight into the structure and at the source of the rain taking cover behind, "Looks like the brat's here."

The sound of bone striking steel then resonated in the air as her forearm came into contact with the medicham's barrier. Feeling the numbing sensation course through her arm once again, Plum looked up at the still distracted morph before inquiring as to what the hell he was talking about.

Standing unphased by the sudden attack, Peach simply replied, "Your target's over there."

Cocking a curious brow over in the general direction of her opponent's line of sight, the scyther-morph pursed her bloodied lips in irritation. "You shouldn't be concentrating on that..." she breathed, pulling her right arm back while holding the surface of the barrier with her other hand, "You should be worrying about me!"

Throwing her entire weight into her right arm once again, Plum launched a second attack against the barrier, to which the medicham casually watched on without a worry. "How impertinent." he started, quite confident that her next attempt in breaking his defense was simply a waste of time, "Didn't you hear me? Sabrina's over there. Isn't she who you're after?"

"You won't stop me?!" she barked as her scythe rebounded off his Protect once again, causing her to wince in pain as the shock seeped into her arm muscles.

"Well of course." he sneered, patting underneath the spot where she had struck as if to clarify its still unscathed condition, "But I was just thinking-"

"When do you not?"

"Yes, well anyway, I was just thinking..." he continued in a far less amused tone, "That your friends might need some assistance. Your leader especially. So now what will you do?"

Despite her natural loathing of the medicham-morph and general distrust in his words, something inside her snapped. If what he said was true, she needed to decide on her next course of action and she had to decide before it was too late.

"Well, you should also take into account that if you do go..." Peach proceeded to explain, "We will simply kill the squirtle-morph."

It took a moment for both parties to then realise what happened next, both the medicham and scyther-morph surprised for the exact same reason; she had broken his Protect.

"U-Unbelievable..." he merely breathed, watching the transparent barrier shatter into pieces around him, "How..."

Looking on in equal surprise that her plan had worked, Plum could only continue forward with the momentum of her attack, the edge of her scythe cutting into his side. "It worked."

Flinching from the pain, Peach roughly grabbed the exposed edge of the blade with his free hands and with all his might retracted her arm from his wound. Then, clutching his side, he staggered backwards, his brow furrowed and eyes glowing violently before immediately turning to the tripped girl.

"I don't know how you did that..." he spat, both his hands and side bleeding from her assault, "So I'll have you tell me before I kill you."

Smiling cheekily at the morph's subtle outburst, Plum quickly got to her feet and readied her scythes in preparation for the other's attack. "You sure are confident." she smirked, licking the blood on her lips, "Alright, let's see this last move of yours."

The moment she finished speaking, she felt an unmeasurable sensation come over her as if her whole body had become numb and she could no longer move or control herself. "W-What is this?!" she managed to sputter through clenched teeth, as she struggled against her own actions.

His limp frame stood hunched in the rain as his eyes remained continually glowing, a similarly toned hue encasing her entire body.

"I can't move or use any other techniques but I'll have you tell me what you did and then die." he breathed through a shadowed smile as the sky grew even darker, the continuing downpour coming down in sleets over him, "Now, tell me."

His Psychic was a lot stronger than she could have ever imagined, even though she had a natural advantage over him type wise. It was no wonder he was saving it for his last attack. And as long as the blue hue engulfed her body, she couldn't even move an inch of her body, only her eyes and mouth remained unrestricted.

"Heh. I don't mind telling you." she smiled, looking down on him through narrowed eyes, the rain soaking her through and through, "But I'll be the one killing you."

"I'm waiting."

Looking over his already battered condition, Plum explained, "It's simple. I just struck the same spot over and over again. Like an egg."

"I see." he breathed with a faint smile, his still glowing eyes illuminating the shadowed street, "So you just kept pushing my mental limitations until it broke..."

"What the hell are you talking about?" she huffed, "Now let me go so I can kick your ass!"

Tilting his head in one quick motion, she suddenly felt an unbelievable pressure against her body and she was immediately flung onto the ground, her arms thrown unnaturally forward to inflict as much damage as possible as the weight of her body fell onto them. Crying out from the sharp pain running through her chest as her bones twisted under the pressure, her arms began to bleed onto the soaked pavement. Clenching her teeth to bare the pain, Plum pushed herself up onto her feet and quickly turned onto her opponent once again, more than determined to end the fight, his glowing eyes being the only indicator as to where she was charging to attack under the increasing downpour.



The rain was now coming down in such heavy sleets that she could no longer see any more than six feet in front of her. Travis and the gallade-morph had disappeared from sight and the coursing wind made it impossible to hear anything, let alone call out to him, which she tried to do regardless. It was then that she remembered her opponent's previous words about Clove's confrontation with their target before realising he and everyone else from the west side team were in trouble. Despite distrusting him, her instincts told her he was right. Not only that, she also needed to find her own team as well but in the ongoing storm, doing either was close to impossible.

It was then that she noticed an unbelievably intense killing intent in the direction of the city's center, the very place they were told to avoid.

Deciding it was due time to make a decision, she quickly manhandled her PLF issued pager from her blouse and hastily sent a message to her accompanyment, 'U gaiz bettr not b dead! If u arnt head 2 the centr of the ct. ill meet u ther. If u r ded ill kik ur asses wen u get bac! Luv Plum'. Ignoring the incoherent jumble she had just jacked into the device, the scyther-morph quickly twisted her tattered robe around her torso to avoid her exposed front before sprinting off towards the source of the overwhelming aura.

"Must be Clove..." she huffed under her breath as she hopped over her previous opponent, the fallen medicham-morph before sprinting forward, "He's the only one who could give off such a presence. That bastard! He's hogging all the fun!"

October 4th, 2008, 12:40 PM
The firey-red head was preparing another Hydro Pump attack from the roof. Alice knew that if she dodged then it would give Misty the upper hand, as the only way to avoid would be to leaving the alleyway and battling in a wide open space, that was being generously doused with torrential, and disadvantageous rain. Double Team would be a waste of time due to Misty's Rapid Spin. Alice had no option but to fight her way through the Hydro Pump. Alice began to Focus her energy, once again powering up her favorite move, Focus Punch. Her fists started to glow a shining white colour, slightly illuminating the narrow alleyway.

Misty cackled from the rooftop of the eerie house. "Focus Punch? Are you serious? Miss Robinson, I expected more from an ex-tactitian!" Misty yelled from the rooftop. "Goodbye!" she yelled, ending with another cackle. Suddenly a shadow darted through the air at blinding speeds. It was the Weavile morph, emitting an ominous and dark aura. Before she got too far she disappeared and reappeared behind the Starmie morph. With her claws extended to their full length, Lilith wrapped her arms around Misty’s star points and dug her nails into the skin.

“She’s slippery and strong! Hurry Alice, give her all you got!” shouted the Weavile morph.

Alice smiled in her cheeky Ambipom-way. She leaped into the air, as high as she could, she used the Focus Punch that she had charged to ricochet off the wall behind her and raised her right, glowing, arm. She bought her Brick Break attack crashing down, straight into the Crystal embedded on Misty's abdomen, shattering it instantly.

Misty's eyes widened with horror and she unleasehed a blood-curdling shriek as a red light shot from where the crystal once was. Alice pushed Lillith out of the way and then leapt off the roof, easily avoiding the large explosion that came from Misty's core.

---Sorry for the crappy rushed post. And someone else, with have to save Clove, I gots to go.

Midnight Jasper
October 4th, 2008, 1:25 PM
After we kill him, we'll finish the girl off, too.
The girl's dead. I was just hiding her body so you guys wouldn't mess with it.

The girl's dead.

I don't know why it hurts so much, but I guess it's one of those really irrational things. I just...have never, ever been a burden in my entire life. Not even when I was a child. I could walk my own path and blaze my own trail. I was independent. I could do anything I liked, all by myself. Relying was for weaklings and showed weaknesses. But they...they were overwhelming. So many of them, so hard to kill, too. Can we make it? Goddammit, I fell so quickly, too: the first of all of us. The weakest chain.

I feel so stupid. So badly, I want to fight. I bet that if Jack was in peak condition, he could defeat those two losers anytime. But after running at top speed with me hindering him? How can he even contemplate fighting?

I wish I could do something. Surely I must have some moves that only need force of will to activate and send out into the physical realm. Anything, no matter how small. Even the tiniest sparkle of light is a flash of hope. I can't sing, I know that. The voice in my head has turned into a high, endless whine, like a whale song, only much worse. It would give anyone a headache. It certainly wouldn't lure anyone into sleep.

I decided to go for Confuse Ray. After all, summoning a few twinkly lights seemed much easier than creating a tidal wave or a beam of ice. I created, in my head, a tumbling light - but it petered out almost instantly. Again - and this time it grew to a huge size, blinding me in a brilliant white light. I wondered if there was any effect in the real world, or if I was just handicapping myself.

Twinned with the endless whining, the light took over, burning up my thoughts and giving me an actual, physical pain in my head. I was probably going mad. Heck, for all I knew, maybe I had confused myself. It wasn't impossible.

I couldn't think anything. It was like that moment of shock when you glare into the naked sun - but prolonged for about ten minutes of agony. I didn't want to think about the damage to my eyes. Most likely I had effectively permanently blinded myself, as well as everyone in my immediate vicinity.

After a few more head-splitting seconds, the blinding light disappeared. It didn't peter out slowly - it just vanished, like blowing out a candle. But this time, there wasn't darkness in my twisted mind. There was a voice, a purring, patronizing voice, coaxing me gently to sleep. I recognized it - somewhat dimly - as hypnosis, which meant that I had returned to my self just in time to be sent off to sleep.

Oh, no. I had had enough time sitting on the back bench, being a reserve. Determined to fight off the obnoxious purr, I lashed out - physically - at nothing in particular. I'm not sure if I hit anything, but there was a loud screech. At the very least I had broken my opponent's hypnotic hold over my mind. And, amazingly, I could see.

I stumbled out - good grief, who had put me in a dumpster? - and, before I had time to register the astounded looks on anyone's faces, tried creating a little Water Pulse. It was, needless to say, a failure, and also very inconsiderate of me, bearing in mind that Jack wasn't too far away.

But what the hell? I was, finally, back in the game.

October 4th, 2008, 7:01 PM
Jade was wet and irritable, which was unusual coming from her. Usually she looked on the good side of things. After receiving a rather jumbled text from Plum, she quickened her pace toward the center of the city. The Tyranitar Morph stopped in her tracks as she saw the battle between Jack and two others. Lakel was stumbling her way out of...a dumpster?

She shook away her confusion and took advantage of the fact that no one had noticed her approach. An Espeon and Medicham morph were teaming up against Jack. Typical, these pathetic losers can't do anything by themselves, Jade thought to herself. She was in no mood for strategy. Results. She wanted results.

Concentration. Concentrate she forced every fiber of her being to focus. Will power. Even if energy had run out she still had that, will power. If she screwed this up she could hurt a team mate. I have to make this limited.....


Upon opening her eyes and pounding her feet against the ground with immense force, Jade watched the Espeon and Medicham morph fly off the ground about twenty feet before landing again. Thankfully the attack had stopped right in front of Jack. She had no time to observe his reaction.

"What the hell??" The Espeon-looking peeved- turned to find Jade looking rather smug. "Oh fun! Another piece of scum to destroy," she hissed.

Jade scoffed, "Honey, you're the only piece of scum I see. Well, along with your friend there," she ground her teeth. Her leg muscles tensed, readying for another attack. The Earthquake wouldn't have done too much damage to the psychic morphs, at least not enough to kill them, but it definitely distracted them. "Come on Jack, let's show these guys what we can do!" she shouted.

Please, God, don't let Lakel get hurt in this. I'll protect her all I can....

"Dark Pulse"

October 6th, 2008, 10:16 AM
The rain started again.

His first attempt at bublebeam had failed, and the attack had made a serious impact on Travis. And he felt terrible.

That was before the rain.
Now the rain started. Brem was laughing with mockery. "Whose got the upper hand now, turtle-dude?"
Actually, I do. Travis thought to himself.
The rain actually increased the power of water type moves, and that gave Travis an advantage now. Brem walked over to the squirtle-morph that was now getting up from the ground.

"Still getting up, punk?" Brem asked and threw another blow at Travis. Actually...it didn't hurt as much. Travis didn't know if it was the rain, or if it was him just getting used to pain. Brem aimed another, Travis felt the energy within him, he caught the punch, and flung Brem over his shoulder and onto the ground about 6 feet away.

Brem got up. "You begin to annoy me, freak. Let me just finish you already, stop resisting. I've won, you've lost. The more you annoy me, the slower you death will be."

Travis, still feeling the power in him increase to the now pouring rain. "Dude, there's one thing I learned before I even became a trainer. That one thing is my motto. That one thing is "f*** it all and f***ing no regrets."

"What the hell kind of motto is that? You're telling me you're emo now?"
"No, what that says, is that no matter what you do in life, it will almost never matter in the future. And I don't regret doing it. That pharse alone is why I love Metallica so much."

"Bravo. Now let me finish you already." Brem charged forward. Travis was ready. he caught the next blow aimed for Travis, then did a skull bash first. This move wasn't powered up, but Travis felt the energy to do another one. Brem fell back.

"Dude, your skull bash won't save you."
"I don't expect it to, I expect this to however." With that, Travis unleashed a hydro pump at the Brem who was not fast enough to use protect. Brem was swept away and out of Trav's sight. Travis was alone in the rain, and feeling uncomfortable.

Now I gotta find that scyther morph again...I think Plum was his name?

Gumshoe Satyr
October 7th, 2008, 8:11 AM
The Espeon morph slowly inched forward, her eyes gleaming dangerously, while the Medicham stood back, probably in case Molly needed help. Jack figured that he'd have a tougher fight against her since she was faster than Roy. "Don't worry," she said, lifting her hand to reveal sharp claws. "It won't hurt as much as you think......I guess."

Suddenly the ground started shaking violently, and Jack had to press his body against the wall to keep from losing his balance. His opponents weren't so lucky, however, and by the time Jack was able to turn his attention back to them , they were twenty feet up in the air. Lakel can't use an attack like that, can she? Turning his head in the direction the attack seemed to come from, he noticed...... Jade? Didn't expect her to catch up so soon.... He smiled slightly at her and felt himself form the beginning of respect for her. "What the hell?? Oh fun! Another piece of scum to destroy," Molly hissed, looking angrily at Jade. She and Roy were just now picking themselves off the ground.

Jade scoffed, "Honey, you're the only piece of scum I see. Well, along with your friend there." Her body tensed as she shouted to Jack, "Come on Jack, let's show these guys what we can do!" she shouted. A purple ball formed in her hands as she prepared some kind of dark-type attack, and Jack reasoned that it was probably the same one she used at the gym.

"Right!" Jack shouted back. "Lakel, watch out!" He leaped to the side opposite of Jade so that hopefully Lakel wouldn't be in his range of fire and positioned himself so that if the enemies managed to dodge, he and Jade wouldn't hit themselves like a couple of amateurs, though he doubted that they could react in time. Out of his wrists exploded flames as he charged his attack.

As soon as he saw Jade release her attack, he let loose a strong Flamethrower at Roy, knocking him into Molly almost at the same time she was hit by Jade's attack. When Flamethrower collided with the dark attack, there was a small explosion, causing the attacks to spread slightly outward. Jack lept back a little to avoid it and wasn't injured, and he wasn't too concerned about Jade since she's resistant to both kinds of attacks. He hoped that Lakel had avoided it as well.

"Did we get them?" he asked, choking a little on the thick smoke that filled the area between him and Jade.

Midnight Jasper
October 8th, 2008, 1:41 PM
Just as soon as I had made my dramatic return, the ground started to rumble. I flinched; this, surely, was not a good sign. I stumbled backwards and hugged the wall, seeing Jack do the same. Our enemies rose almost comically twenty feet into the air before crashing down to the floor again.

A Tyranitar morph emerged out of the darkness. I couldn't recall her name, but something surged within me; I also felt a childish pang of disappointment. When Jack had been alone, against an Espeon and Medicham, it had been too close to call; dramatic and climatic. Now it was three heroes (two and a half, really, considering my disabled, useless state) against two underlings. Not exactly battle of the year.

"Lakel, watch out!"

Once again, I fell to the side, feeling helpless. This situation was way out of my control. An unusual twin attack hit our hapless opponents and everything vanished in a dusty cloud of smoke. I knew that everyone was safe - gut instinct. I knew that the Tyranitar and Jack would emerge miraculously unscathed, though coughing and spluttering. I knew that the opponents would be defeated. Just like the way a story ought to go.

Did we get them?

Yes. You got them. The Medicham was badly bruised and the Espeon seemed unconscious.

Then everything started pulsing. The sky turned purple and merged with the pink of the wall. A blue Blaziken morph dissolved into dancing stripes, but Jack, he was still there - but he was moving super-slow, like in a movie. I tried lifting up my arm: I was a little slower, granted, but there wasn't too much lag. I was okay, relatively.

But what was this? I didn't feel damage in any way. Maybe it was one of those moves where the big pain doesn't settle in until right after. Maybe it was just a hallucination. I highly doubted the latter (best-case scenario) option.

Then a shadow loomed over my face. I saw in the corner of my eye a leg -

and faster than light, the Medicham struck. Jack.

Trick room!

Medicham, as far as I knew, were a relatively slow species. Lapras weren't that much better. I didn't know about Tyranitar, but I felt that she and I would be okay. Poor Jack, however, wouldn't know what hit him.

At least the Espeon was out of this twisted reality. Dead, most likely not. Unconscious, yes. It was highly unlikely that she would interfere.

Jack didn't seem too badly hurt, but if this carried on something terrible could happen, very fast. The Medicham was moving extraordinarily quickly, a darkish shadow among the pulsing dots.

I looked over, where the Tyranitar morph motioned to me. Stay back. You're injured; I'll handle this.

The hell I will! Finally, a chance to fight - I couldn't just throw it away. The Lapras inside me was irritated by this new, violent, competitive streak in me. I squashed her whimsical protests immediately: without her power, there was nothing I could do.

And suddenly, unexpected, the attack, barely scraping my face. The Medicham had missed on purpose, like he had gone easy on Jack. It seemed he enjoyed toying with his enemy. It would be the worst mistake he ever made.

I was ready to fight. Never mind how I'd ever see the Medicham, albeit catch up with him. There would be a way. There was always a way.

I glanced over at the Tyranitar again; she saw my determination to fight. I saw a frown play over her face, then a slight, brisk nod.

To rush into battle so rashly, so unprepared...foolish of me, I know. But then again, we were a tiny band of morphs against a giant army - two gym leaders and all of their minions. Our chances of succeeding were tiny.

A fool's chance.

October 8th, 2008, 2:05 PM

I looked over, where the Tyranitar morph motioned to me. Stay back. You're injured. I'll handle this.

I glanced over at the Tyranitar again; she saw my determination to fight. Fool, she mouthed.

Midnight, please don't bunny my character. While the first seems like something my character would say, the second is not. Please change your post.


With Jack by her side, Jade let loose a powerful Dark Pulse. At the same moment a Flamethrower was unleashed and the two attacks combined magically into an immense force. It was a small explosion, but an explosion nonetheless. A thick smoke rolled over them but Jade barely noticed it.

"Did we get them?" Jack asked, choking a bit.

"I don't see how we coulda missed," Jade said, playfully elbowing him in the side. As the smoke cleared her words were confirmed; the Espeon was definitely knocked out, maybe even dead. The Medicham was severely bruised but was still conscious.

Before anyone knew what was happening, it was as though everything was moving very very slowly. Jade was confused and didn't take any action until Jack was hit. Trick room? Did it not effect me? She didn't have time to give any orders, if Lakel wanted to fight there was no stopping her. Jade just promised herself that if the Lapras morph became unconscious again, she'd carry her to safety this time.

Rock Slide

With swift movement, Jade sent a large boulder-made up mostly from the rubble-at the Medicham morph, who was too distracted by his victorious attack on Jack to dodge.

"What the-!" his shouts were smothered by the chunk of earth. She did not feel any vibrations from underneath the boulder and assumed his dead. She was surprised it had taken this much to kill the Medicham, since he was only part of a diversion and not the big picture.

The Tyranitar ran over to Jack, "You okay?" she offered a hand and waited for a response.

OOC: sorry for the short post, i just wanted to get things moving. There are more important things than fighting wannabes. >D

Gumshoe Satyr
October 10th, 2008, 5:12 AM
In answer to his question, Jade playfully nudged him in the side and said, "I don't see how we coulda missed," Uncomfortable, Jack flinched a bit at her contact, but managed an uneasy smile. Although he'd been fairly social before the morphing process, afterwards he'd pretty much kept to himself and didn't socialize to much besides polite conversation. Whether the reason was the morphing itself, his fateful encounter with Misty, or a combination of the two wasn't certain, even to him.

While he was trying to decide how to respond, he noticed that Jade's attention wasn't on him anymore. As he turned his head, something seemed strange to him. Both Jade and Lakel seemed faster than normal. What the.... A sudden blow to his stomach cut off his thought, knocking him to the ground. Stunned, he laid on the ground for a few seconds trying to catch his breath because the kick had knocked the wind out of him.

As he started to gather his senses again, he heard a sound like something heavy falling and a shout. Sitting up, he noticed Jade offering her hand to him. "You okay?"

"Yeah," Jack gasped, still breathing hard, "Just got the wind knocked out of me." He took her hand and allowed her to help him to his feet. Looking over a the pile of rubble, he saw one of the Medicham morph's hands sticking out from under a huge rock. He rubbed his stomach gently, glad that none of his ribs were broken.

"We can't waste anymore time here, Captain. I think West Team's in big trouble, especially the Lieutenant." He told her what the Espeon morph had said and waited for her response.

October 15th, 2008, 4:25 PM
"Yeah, just got the wind knocked out of me," Jack responded. "We can't waste anymore time here, Captain. I think West Team's in big trouble, especially the Lieutenant." He began telling her all that the Espeon morph has divulged. She rolled her eyes; what's with the enemy and their obsession with telling their victims the master plan before attacking? Monologuing, what a joke....

"Sabrina has Clove?!" Jade's green eyes grew wide and concerned. Here they were, wasting their time with two nobodies, when the real deal was happening not too far off. "We've wasted too much time. If we're lucky, by the time we get there, there'll be just enough time to safe Clove. If we're lucky," she said this last past somewhat quieter and more to herself than Jack. True, they had made it this far but they had lost so much on the way. Calling that luck would be beyond incorrect. It'd be wrong.

"Lakel! Come on! We have to find Plum and Travis and then the West Side team! We have no time to waste! Forget your pride for now, if you need one of us to carry you, let it happen! Timing is of utmost importance right now," Jade made her way over to the Lapras morph, who's face still bore that determined look from before. "I respect you and your willpower, but we gotta get moving and fast."

Turning away from the two, she pulled out her communicator. Before she had the chance to get ahold of Plum, she received a text message.

U gaiz bettr not b dead! If u arnt head 2 the centr of the ct. ill meet u ther. If u r ded ill kik ur asses wen u get bac! Luv Plum

An overwhelming aura was pulsing from the center of the city. We're supposed to head toward that? Jade thought to herself. She turned back around, "All right, I got orders and I'd rather not be killed by Plum, so...." she glanced over her shoulder at the aura momentarily before continuing, "See that? That's where we're going. Plum will meet us there. I don't know what's going on with West Side Team but from the looks of it, it's not gonna be easy. Brace yourselves, and Lakel?" she waited for the girl to look at her, "Remember what I said. I out rank you and I want you to take me seriously," Jade said. She hated being stern but whenever she showed concern for the Lapras morph, Lakel didn't seem to receive it well.

"Let's go."
The Tyranitar morph began running as fast as her legs could carry her toward the center of the city. She didn't see Plum on the way and became increasingly uncomfortable as they got closer to their destination. Is that Silph Co.? The building stood ominously and Jade quickly found the reason for her anxiety.


Her feet stopped but her mind was racing and she watched their leader plunge to the ground. The more upset she became, the darker her own aura grew. Why isn't anyone saving him?!

Midnight Jasper
October 17th, 2008, 8:10 AM
Sabrina has Clove?


Clove was...our leader. So it follows, naturally, that he was the strongest. The alpha male, as my Lapras half puts it so eloquently. And if he fell...what do we have?

I felt fire burning darkly under my skin. Jade's words were muted in my ears, but at least I did have the decency to listen. Yes, it was true...she outranked me. The fire prickled over my skin. Sometime soon, I needed to heal so I could prove my point. And also learn a really, really mind-blowing move.

I tried to calm the flames in my eyes by shifting my mind to our futile situation. It was impossible, of course, that Clove was actually dead. Death only happens in horror movies and in hospitals. Too many times I'd seen people turn a grey, pallid colour and their eyes turn glassy and blank as they fell under the control of the Gyms, but to actually die, for the lights to disappear and the eyes to never see again...

It made me feel sick. I was only a teenager. I should be surfing the internet or training my Pokemon. Responsibility - real, actual responsibility was a heavy weight in my stomach.

I hardly noticed that the others were pulling ahead, or that I was running with them. It might have been the news that Clove had fallen, or Jade's harsh tone, or the feeling that there was no-one left but us three, even though that someone must have sent us that text...I didn't know, I didn't know anything. The overwhelming sense of helplessness finally hit me. I would die here, I could feel it in every bit of my soul.

We were at the centre of the city now. The huge, grey building towered over us, casting a dark shadow over the already bloodstained world. And then...

I snapped out of my numbing mood as quickly as I had fallen into it. Sabrina stood, tall, dominating, ominous, an almost amused look in her eyes.

The fire prickled on my skin again, hot, burning. She was confident; she was invincible. We would fail.

But before I failed, I would wipe that irritating smirk straight off her face.

October 23rd, 2008, 5:20 AM
The wound had healed now, not completely but she could cope with it for now. Glancing up at the tall and eerie form of Silph co in front of her, she noted something quite odd. There was a small figure, falling rather rapidly from the top of the building. At a second glance she noted that it was they’re leader falling to his almost certain death. She let out a sudden gasp and rushed forward not really thinking of what it was she was about to do. As the figure fell closer and closer towards the ground, she readied herself. “Extremespeed!” she yelled, making a dash towards the buildings side and running as far up as the sudden boost of speed allowed her. She was doing something that would be completely impossible if she did not have the spirit of Jake within her. She was actually running up the side of a building, completely unaware of how far up she was she pounced from the buildings side, doing a back flip in mid air and grabbing Clove around the waste. She was positioned so that she was facing downwards. It was only then that she realised just what she had done. Even though it was not that far from the ground now that they had let Clove fall for such a distance, it was still far enough to land a killing blow to the both of them.

Thinking quickly she drew in a breath and let out a powerful burst of fire towards the ground. The blast was strong enough to slow the pair down, but not powerful enough so that Aisha did not suffer an agonizing smack to the face from the floor. She felt her nose collide heavily with the ground and she was suddenly flung head over heals to land on her back. Thankfully clove had managed to land somewhat on his feet, but rather awkwardly. Aisha let out an agonizing groan as her healing powers tried they’re very best to kick in, but it wasn’t enough to stop her head from spinning. She was lucky that she fall had not been a life threatening distance for someone of her power. She coughed up blood a few times, clutching her ribs and face with separate hands, this had defiantly been the biggest blow she had suffered in a long time.

When she was finally happy with her condition, she tried her very best to sit up right, glaring up at the now snarling figure of Sabrina. The teen managed a bloody grin before giving up and falling back to the floor with a loud groan and a sickening thud.

(OOC- Sorry for my absence, I have been having a rough time at Uni. My post is short and I did try to make out as if the fall left for Clove wasnt as far after Aisha's arival. Hope this is acceptable to move things on a little ^-^;;)

Midnight Jasper
October 24th, 2008, 1:31 AM
Oh, no...oh no, oh no, oh no...

I tried to assess the situation as quickly as I could, but all I could feel was a dark, sudden, blind panic. Another morph fallen...Really, what chance did we have?

Okay...we needed to defend those who were unconscious, in the vague hope that they wouldn't die. We needed to deal with all of the minions so they wouldn't swarm over us. And we needed to do something very horrible and agonizing to Sabrina.

At least none of us had died. Yet.

Both Jade and Jack were pulling slightly ahead of me. I looked ahead and saw Sabrina snarling. She looked very different - more twisted, somehow, and warped. It was strange - like seeing a shadow of dark ambition pass over her face. I shuddered: this was power in its raw, untamed state.

It looked like she was ready to finish off our two brave teammates. I felt Jade's aura turn dark and stormy beside me. This was it, this was what we had been fighting for.

I closed my eyes and drew up a ball of colour, and then a beam of ice. Hopefully, it would buy us some time. Sabrina had turned around. My attack, though about as effective as a sparrow flying into a rockface, had distracted her. She squinted, trying to pinpoint our location. Her eyes turned blue. She lifted a finger. Frowned. Smiled a horrible smile.

And there was the pain and the helplessness, once more.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 24th, 2008, 4:45 AM
Following Jade to the center of the city, Jack looked up in horror as he saw Clove plummeting to his death from the Silph Co. Building. Thankfully, the Arcanine morph used Extreme Speed and caught him just before he hit the ground, but not without majorly injuring herself. Somewhere behind him, Lakel was attacking Sabrina, who was on the roof of the building, and he knew that she had the right idea. If they could distract her long enough, Clove, Jade, and any others who could use dark-type attacks or even bug or ghost-type attacks could combine their attacks to take her down.

As Sabrina focused on Lakel, Jack used Agility to get behind her and started climbing the building by bounding from window sill to window sill. He smiled slightly as the Blaziken inside him allowed him to scale the building in a matter of seconds. He knew that attacking her alone was incredibly dangerous, especially since he was half fighting-type, but if he didn't do this, he also didn't know if any of them would survive.

When he reached the top, Sabrina didn't seem to notice him, ignoring him as if he were only a fly buzzing nearby. Remembering the fights he'd already been in and the near death of his leader, Jack's anger flared up, along with his flames, which spread until they covered his whole body. If his clothes weren't flame retardant, they would've been incinerated in mere seconds. Letting loose a massive Flame Thrower, he could only watch as the fire parted on either side of her with a wave of her hand. As she thrust her hand in his direction, he tried to dodge her attack, but there was no escape.

A psychic attack more powerful than he could've ever imagined slammed against him, and the only thing that saved him from falling hundreds of feet to the ground was a guard rail. As Jack writhed in pain, he couldn't tell if he was dead or alive. All he knew was that if he was still alive falling to his death might've been a much kinder death than what stood before him with eyes filled with amusement at his suffering.

October 24th, 2008, 9:32 AM
Clove fell for what felt to him like at least two weeks. The wind rushing past his ears and the silent welcome of death encroached as he began to accept the inevitable.

"So after all that...this is how its going to end..." Clove thought to himself, almost angrily. Images of the previous battles he had rushed through his mind. The battles of Pewter and Vermillion raced around in circles, fueling his frustration.

"Was all that for nothing now?! Because of Sabrina?!"

Before he could finish his thoughts, his fall was broken roughly, dazing him for a moment. His momentum had shifted but what happened? He looked around to see Aisha, blasting fire at the ground to break their fall.

"...its the rookie Arcanine girl..." He spoke in a still somewhat stunned state. He suddenly hit the ground, hard. Stumbling forward he managed to hold himself upright. Although shook up, he knew he would be alright. He turn quickly to speak.

"Aisha... Thanks, I really owe y--" He stopped short, seeing her cough blood and fall over unconscious. Clove quickly rushed to her side leaning her up against a building and feeling for a pulse.

"Good...she's not dead...did Sabrina do this?" Clove said aloud, with growing anger in his tone as he stood upright, and looked to the top of Silph co. Jake smashed against the railing hard as the rain poured on to the city.

"Even the fire types are putting out their best effort in this rain...what the hell have I been doing?! I needed to be saved?! Clove's anger grew intense. The whites of his eyes quickly flushed over black and his yellow iris's glowed like moonlight.

"This isn't going to happen. I'm going to save them." Clove's anger finally erupted, letting his dark side take over. A battle any dark type faces every day to hold back. He began to glow a pale shadowy aura as he clenched his fist tight.

"Thanks again, Aisha..." He said in a low, almost sinister tone. He removed his button up shirt and laid it over the unconscious Arcanine morph. The white t-shirt underneath already had rips and tears from the day's battles. He closed his eyes, and vanished with a whisp of shadows, leaping up buildings to the rooftop of Silph co. He looked around, Jake and Lakel were helplessly attempting to battle Sabrina.

"Even the two rookies made it up here...where are the others?! Why was I so helpless?! Clove grew more angry at the sight of his fallen team mates and finally let go. What little shred of him hadn't been consumed was gone. The shadowy aura around him turned pitch black as his eyes seemed to hollow out. Exactly like a Cacturne's.

"JAKE! This is an order! Tell everyone now. Start retreating to the rendevous. Thats an order!" His spikes completely retreated as he popped his knuckles, breathing heavily. The black aura licked like flames around him. Without a warning be he leaped at incredible speed, tearing cement as he traveled. In no time he reached Sabrina, crashing through the barrier and punching her square in the jaw, sending her traveling off Silph co, over the city. Clove stood hunched over, chuckling sadistically at the surge of dark energy. Sabrina stopped in mid-air, gaining control over herself. She looked up only to see Clove leaping off Silph co.

"I thought I had gotten rid of you..." She said slowly but before she could finish her sentence, clove vanished from the air with faint attack, appearing next to her and punching her again hard in the face, sending her traveling towards the ground. Having no psychic abilities, Clove began to fall from the sky. He extended his spikes, thrusting them through the concrete of a nearby building, slowing his fall and leaping to another roof top. He wrapped his arms around his chest, looking around cautiously. Spotting Sabrina again, he flung his arms out, sending a shower of needles her way. Sabrina teleported, dodging them easily. She appeared in front of Clove only to have him vanish once more into a whisp of shadows and appearing again beside he to elbow her hard in the stomach. He spun around leaping into the air and landing another hard kick, sending her sliding backwards across the rooftop, digging her feet into the roof. She slowed to a stop as Clove stood laughing once more with the same sick evil laugh. Sabrina stood battered before him, breathing heavily. She eyed him down through narrow eyes.

"When did you discover the 5th move." She asked sternly.

"I have no idea what you're babbling about, but I'm about to bash you're face in." Clove finally spoke, with a raspy evil tone.

"I see. Then you don't even know how to control it. Allow me to show you how a real morph uses the 5th move. Recover." She said aloud, standing upright. She began glowing a bright white aura that encompassed her body. Clove charged at her, attempting to end it before she could do anything. A barrier quickly erected around her, stopping his punch. His dark aura blew away the white light from around Sabrina, to reveal her completely uninjured. The sight of this enraged Clove, sending the black aura into a fury as he tried to blast through the barrier.

"No." She said sternly, lifting her palm inches from Clove's face. Her eyes began to glow blue and swirled around before she finally gave the words that ended it.

"Miracle Eye"

A wave of energy quickly flashed out, completely dissipating the aura from around Clove. He dropped to the ground, quickly falling to his hands and knees. His body felt like it was tearing at itself. He looked up to Sabrina, who pointed a finger at him, and slowly pulled it to eye level, pulling his body along with it.

"You don't even know you're own 5th move. That fool who was in charge of the fighting gym used the exact same one as you, hmpf, Superpower. All brute force but look what it did to your little body. That pathetic fool got the same treatment. Get out of my city."

She crossed an arm between her and Clove, building a small purple ball between them. She flung her arm out, blasting Clove in the chest, sending him flying at breakneck speed through the air, over the west wall of Saffron into a nearby forest of trees where he crashed through the treetops, dropping from visibility.

Sabrina, looking as good as new, flicked her hair behind her ears. The barrier protecting her from the rain once again. A small ring tone could be heard through the beating rain. Sabrina slipped her hand into her front pocket pulling out a small phone. She waved a finger, dispersing the Clouds around Saffron.

"What is it, Agatha."
"I'm aware I let them get away."
"One of them used the 5th move. He forced me to use Recover."
"Yes, I'm serious. I haven't been struck since Lance. I wouldn't forget something like that."
"We'll just have to see what comes out of it. I'm very intrigued to see who can finally give me a fight. So I'll let them live today. Although the next time. I will kill them all."
"No, I don't think they're a threat. Why don't you and the others come play with them sometime."
"Excellent, I'll be looking forward to hearing about it."
"Good bye."

Sabrina flipped her phone shut, slipping it into her pocket again. The afternoon sun beating down hard now through a clear blue sky. Sabrina adjusted her blouse slightly, before vanishing completely from sight. The day of hell in Saffron had ended.

October 24th, 2008, 3:19 PM
A flash of fur and Clove was saved. The rookie Arcanine Morph had risked her own skin to save Clove. Jade could smell the blood from where she stood. Before she could stop either of them, Jack and Lakel decided it would be a good idea if they distracted Sabrina. A feeble ice beam and suddenly Jack was jumping up the side of the building toward the dangerous morph. What the hell are they doing?

"Jack! You'll get yourself killed!" she practically screamed. Hadn't they ever heard the saying "Don't poke the bear"? These new recruits had guts, she'd give them that. Jack had fallen. Her aura was blinding now. She could take out dozens... but she never got the chance...

"JACK! This is an order! Tell everyone now. Start retreating to the rendevous. Thats an order!" Clove was on his feet, his aura now even darker than Jade's. Leave? The thought made her wince. She could help Clove. She was dark type! He couldn't do this by himself!

Yes he can.

She wasn't sure where her reasurrance came from but she knew she'd have to save her determination for another day. She closed her eyes momentarily, hoping against hope that their leader would make it out alive. "You heard the man!" she yelled to no teammate in particular, "Let's move! NOW!" She motioned to them to follow her as she made her way through the rubble of Saffron back outside. Before she left she made sure to grab Aisha, throwing the Arcanine Morph over her shoulder

Clove knew this would happen. Jade's legs ached but she ran, looking back every so often to make sure her team was with her. That no one was left behind. No one...
Except Clove.
Wonder what the commander will have to say about this? She frowned, not looking forward to their next briefing. She assumed Misty dead for she just remembered hearing a blood curtling scream and an explosion some time back. I never saw her...her warped self...At first disappointed, Jade considered herself lucky for not witnessing what morphing had done to yet another gym leader; these were people she used to idolise. Why did all this have to happen?

She stopped, successfully reaching the rendevous point, and waited for everyone to gather. Jade wondered momentarily if she should say something, but found she had no words. She hung her head instead.

We failed.

Midnight Jasper
October 25th, 2008, 12:41 AM
<<OOC: Namora, what exactly is your character called? You used both 'Jake' and 'Jack' in your last post.>>

"JACK! This is an order! Tell everyone now. Start retreating to the rendezvous. That's an order!"
My eyes flickered up. I was, frankly, amazed that I could even move. Sabrina leered at the world in general, her face only displaying a slight annoyance that Clove was living and seemed okay. She didn't take you seriously, Lapras told me. She could have killed you in your state if she wanted to, but she's toying with us. She's hunting us. She knows that she's strong enough to take out all of us, injured as we are.

I got up and started to lope in a strange fashion towards the rendezvous. I wish I was strong. I wish I could do something. Anything. But Sabrina...she was something else. Jack's Flamethrower had been the strongest I'd ever seen, and she had parted it just like that. My pathetic excuse for an Aurora Beam must have felt like a fly to her. Now I was running. Running away. I highly, highly doubted that all of us were going to get out of this alive.

Especially Clove.

They...they were way out of my league, though. I could do nothing but run.

Misty had fallen, apparently. And for what? This hell of a day?

I remembered struggling to keep up with the truck in the drizzle and the mud - it had seemed so long ago. Then, it had still seemed like a game.
I looked around at the group of people gathering around the rendezvous. Most were injured. Some unconscious. A few looked like they had broken ribs and crushed organs.

A game? Anything but.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 25th, 2008, 11:23 AM
OOC: Just a typo that I didn't catch until now

As Jack lay on the roof, everything seemed to be going in slow motion. He blearily saw Sabrina walking toward him, a murderous look in her eyes, and he tried to rise to face her again, but his body wouldn't cooperate. It seemed strangely numb from the impact, and as he drifted in and out of consciousness, Sabina seemed to skip from movement to movement like skipping scenes on a DVD.

Suddenly, Clove was on the roof, which jolted Jack back to full awareness as effectively as if a bucket of ice water had been poured on him. The black aura surrounding his leader was so powerful that even he, a morph who wasn't a dark type, could feel its power. Again he tried to stand, but this time he managed to stagger to his feet, grabbing to now mangled guard rail for support.

Clove shouted something to him, but through the loud ringing in his ears, he could only catch, "Jack!........ retreat-....... rendezvous........" and hoped that he had heard enough to understand. Retreat? He couldn't believe that he was being asked to run away again, and the Pokemon inside of him also rebelled strongly at such a notion. His instincts told him to keep fighting until either he was dead or every bone in his body was broken, but when he saw the hollow look in Clove's eyes, he knew that he had no choice. Even as he stood there, the numbness in his body was disappearing, replaced by waves of pain, especially in his head and left arm. He could see blood dripping from his arm, and when he touched the back of his head, it was sticky with blood as well.

Knocking Sabrina off the roof, Clove followed, leaving Jack alone. Jack knew that the only option he had was to leave him to fight alone, but it sickened him and went against what he believed in. If he would've been able to keep up with them, he probably would've never even considered leaving. "You........better.........not........die," he muttered with an effort, though he knew that Clove couldn't hear him.

Walking to the edge of the building, he leaped to a lower building. When his legs made contact with the roof, they gave out on him, and he fell to his knees. Biting back a string of curses, he barely forced his unruly body back up and somehow jumped to the ground without falling again. He spotted his comrades already running to the rendezvous several feet ahead of him, though he seemed to be seeing doubles of them. With only adrenaline keeping him going, he almost lost sight of them several times, and by the time they finally stopped, he was swaying from side to side like a drunk.

Falling to his hands and knees, he vomited onto the ground, and the ringing in his ears rose to an almost unbearable volume. He tried to stand again, but he seemed to have no strength left. He sagged to the right and fell unconscious.

October 26th, 2008, 11:10 AM
‘Did you every wonder what life would be like after this war? How people would rebuild they’re lives and go back to normal. Or perhaps how things would change and Pokemon training would come to a halt due to the corruption the gym leaders went through? How children would be so upset to see the once great gym leaders fall, the ones they looked up to the most when they were travelling, hoping to be like them one day? Perhaps we’ll loose and the world will be over run by morphs, enslaved by the leaders and forced to do things that no human or morph should have to suffer and we’ll be either sitting there watching as our attempts fail and the world falls further and further into darkness…or dead.’

‘I’ve always wondered. I always think to myself, how things would be for me if things went back to normal. Would I be accepted as a hero, a saviour of the human race and the slayer of the morphs who threatened to enslave the world…or would I be looked at as one of them, shunned and jailed due to my being too dangerous to be kept of the leash? I don’t think I could cope with that. I think I’ll go into hiding before this is over, before I have time to be enslaved or jailed for being different. It’s a shame really, that we all met like this. The team I mean…It would have been cool if we all could have been friends and not team mates. I mean, we have the same thoughts and aims in life, and it just so happens that we were thrown together in a life or death situation.’

‘Perhaps you could be friends.’

‘Perhaps, or perhaps we’ll all have to see each other die in battle. I’m only a rookie, I’m the newest member of the team and I’m not ready to say goodbye to them yet. I’ve only just met them and I’m only just now getting the feel for this battle. I’ve never been a fighter and I guess it’s showing, I was the slowest one back there, it took me ages to take out that Kadabra morph.’

‘But you’re the one who saved Clove. You must give yourself some credit for that.’

‘I guess, but I have a feeling things are going to get worse from here on. I may not be able to save them all the time…there’s going to be losses along the way and I’m just scared that my being a rookie is going to mean my downfall a little early in the game, I’m already unconscious.’

‘Don’t think yourself lower than them just because your new to this. You can do it and you know you can.”

“We can…”


“Did you ever wonder…what it would be like?”

“What it would be like?”


Aisha awoke, her eyelashes fluttering as the light hit her emerald eyes hard making her squint. She tried to raise a hand to shield her eyes from the sun but found she couldn’t. Instead a sharp pain ran through her chest as she gave a sudden groan as she grit her teeth in pain. “What the?”
Then it all flooded back to her. She had saved Clove and she had paid for it. Her regeneration had kicked in fast and was working wonders, but the fall had been bad. She had not thought before she had leapt and for that she found herself face first hitting the ground. But as far as she knew, Clove was fine.
“Clove?” She muttered, alerting anyone who cared that she was awake.
“I had…had the most weird dream…” She spoke, her head a little fuzzy and still concentrating on the debate that she had had with herself when she had been unconscious.
“Is-is C-clove alright?” She whispered through grit teeth.
As she regained her sight, she found that she was not in the centre of the city any longer, instead she was at the rendezvous point with a few of the other members. Jade was standing closest to her.
She frowned and tried to sit up a little straighter than what she already was. She had been placed up against a wall to rest. She hissed as another shooting pain flowed through her but she ignored it after a while and instead concentrated on the fact that Clove wasn’t there.
“Where’s Clove?!”

October 26th, 2008, 2:08 PM
Lakel was with her, Jack had just fainted, and Aisha had just woken up. She had been twitching a bit in her sleep, but Jade figured she had just been dreaming.
Nightmares probably
Where are the others? Alice, Travis, Plum, Lilith...They had not been behind her. Alice and Lilith had probably taken out Misty...she hoped Travis and Plum had stuck together.

"Clove?" Jade turned to see Aisha waking. “I had…had the most weird dream…”

Jade came closer to her. "Oh?"

“Is-is C-clove alright?” She whispered through grit teeth, ignoring Jade. She didn't have the heart to answer Aisha. The only words that came to mind were I have no idea. That would hardly be comforting.
The Arcanine morph seemed to be taking in her surroundings. Jade's green eyes watched as confusion dawned on Aisha's face.
"Where’s Clove?!”
Jade knelt down next to her, putting a gloved hand on her shoulder, "He's still in Saffron..." she paused, making sure to look Aisha green eye to green eye, "But he's going to live. Please trust me, he won't..." she couldn't say it. She wanted so bad to say Clove wouldn't die. To give this young women hope. "He won't fail. Clove won't leave us until his time comes, until that day when his job is done." Jade stood, talking to all three rookies, now, that managed to follow her out, "Today is not that day."

Leaving them with her words, she took her rather battered phone out and sent a text to Lilith, Travis, Alice, Plum, and Clove.
Lakel, Jack, and Aisha are with me at the rendevous point. Please respond if you're able.

A van drove up and the driver rolled down their window. Jade made her way over to it, keeping a close eye on her teammates. "Hey! You a high rankin' officah?" the man asked her.

Jade hesitated only a second before nodding, "I'm the highest ranking officer present, yes."

"Where's, uh, dat Clove guy?" he asked, picking something out of his teeth.

Jade clenched her jaw, "Look, I have some injured team members here, I was told there was a nearby town willing to help?"

The driver was thrown off by her directness, "Uh, yeah," he said, rather stupidly.

"Good, let's get these guys there right away, eh?" Jade said very sternly. She turned on her heel and picked up Jack, avoiding his vomit, and motioned to the others. "Come on you guys. The battle may be over, but the war isn't. We all need some rest."

She set Jack on his side in the van, "Watch over him til you get there." She didn't wait for protests, she had made this decision only moments before they ran away from Saffron, "I'm staying here and waiting for the others. No protests, I'm not leaving until the rest of the team gets out alive. You'll be safe at the nearby town. If you need anything don't hesitate to contact me," and with that she slammed the van door shut.

Without waiting to see the van off, Jade ran back toward the city. She stopped many yards before that, near a forest that they had passed on their way out, and felt a presence there. "Clove?"

October 26th, 2008, 9:03 PM
A soft melody played through the air, accompanied by a welcomed smell of food that gently wafted through the air. Clove's eyes quickly popped open and he sprang upward, sitting up and taking in his surroundings quickly. A small shack-like place with a couple rooms branching off in either direction. He looked around, running his fingers through the brown hair on his bare head. He quickly looked around, finding his hat on the ground and placing it on his head, pulling it down low over his eyes to its normal position. Finally taking focus, he noticed a figure standing in the room next to him. The mystery figure quickly spoke before Clove could muster anything.

"That didn't take long... you fell from a pretty hefty distance, I saw the whole thing..." A deep, soothing voice called from the other room. It approached the door to reveal a tall man with deep brown skin and tan rings around his arms and legs. Clove instantly tried to stand up but dropped to the ground when a bolt of extreme pain shot through his body, dropping him immobile to the ground.

"Don't be alarmed, I'm not going to hurt you. My names Koichi. I--"

"was the leader of old fighting gym before Sabrina took it over 11 years ago. Celadon gym used to be full of newspaper articles about your victories...before Sabrina dethroned you. A few years later this crap happened..." Clove quickly interjected, finish the thought with his own.

"I see you're familiar with me. Were you a member of Erika's gym I assume? And a male no less. You must have been something special to have been a man in that gym." Koichi responded, pulling a chair next to Clove who was still unable to move his body. "Your muscles will need time to heal but you have amazing recovery. A fall like that... you should have been out for days."

"I'd prefer not to speak of Celadon gym. Or Erika. How do you know so much about my condition? How long will my muscles be like this?" Clove responded, quickly wanting answers.

"I'll leave the Celadon topic alone... its none of my business. But your condition, its a side effect of the 5th move, Superpower."

Cloves eyes widened at the mention of superpower and 5th move. Sabrina's words echoed through his mind.

"You don't even know you're own 5th move. That fool who was in charge of the fighting gym used the exact same one as you, hmpf, Superpower. All brute force but look what it did to your little body. That pathetic fool got the same treatment. Get out of my city."

"So you...you tried to stop Sabrina by yourself at the beginning of the morph revolution, didn't you? ...The same treatment... she didn't finish you off. She was just toying with you like she did me. The 5th move... what is it? How can you control something like that?"

"hohoho... so many questions...what happened between Sabrina and I isn't important. But the attack you just used against Sabrina however is crucial. The 5th move is a wide variety of techniques that are determined by the reaction between human and pokemon inside a morph. The human mind draws the dominant type of the pokemon closer, allowing the combination of the two in a powerful attack. In both of our cases, it manifested in the form of Superpower. And as you saw i'm sure after releasing yours... Sabrina's is Recover. Most of the other gym leaders quickly learned to harness the power of the 5th move after its initial discovery...in my battle against Sabrina. It came down to the wire but she unleashed her potential in the heat of battle just as I had lost all control of my conscious, letting Superpower take over."

"Take over?"

"If you let Superpower's natural thirst for power consume you, you'll lose control of your body, fighting anything until you finally just can't move anymore. But hey... thats kind of depressing. It only happens if you let it. Maintaining focus is the key during Superpower. But from what i saw...your dark side created your ability to use Superpower. Be careful. The reaction your dark type can have on Superpower could be very dangerous."

"Thats all great and good but... I don't even know how I did it..." Clove responded bluntly.

"You need to sit... and get in touch with your partner. Communicate with him. It was your partner's will for you to survive that brought that out. Superpower shows that your pokemon was willing to do anything to keep you alive, even let darkness consume you. Its a very noble attack to be given. Once you and your partner can connect regularly, you will have full access to your 5th move."

"How do I know you're not just full of it..." Clove said, eying the man. Clearing boasting, wanting a show of strength.

The old man simply smiled, standing up and quickly flexing into an angry face as a red aura burst outward around his body instantly. His heightened state made the air feel tense with pressure before he turned the attack off.

"Simply using it for that long wont cause any major damage. But the longer you fight with it, the worse your body is. What you feel now is minor and will probably become less severe with training. But if you let Superpower run you to the limit without stopping it yourself. Prepare to be completely immobile for at least a day with your recovery speed. And thats without OTHER major injuries..." Koichi said to Clove, following his demonstration. "You should be well enough to walk now, you've been conscious long enough."

Clove looked surprised at first, but quickly moved his legs, and slowly stood up, surprised at Koichi's accuracy on his condition.

"I've had plenty of time to learn...You'll be rough at first but I have faith. Your friends seem up to the task as well. Hell of a team you got there." Koichi said to Clove as Clove pulled his white t-shirt over his head.

"Ya...they're a good bunch. I owe a lot of them my life. Which is why I can't afford to stop now." Clove responded, fixing his clothes a bit more. "By the way, did you see a small little gadget... looks like a cell phone?"

"You mean this thing?" Koichi responded, standing up and walking to the window sill. He picked up two pieces of plastic and tossed them to Clove. Two halves of his communicator.

"...yup. This thing. Guess its no good now." Clove responded, moving slowly to the door. He still had a small limp and stumbled a bit into the wall.

"Here, take this walking stick and cloak, I know you want to get to that team of yours. And it'll no doubt be dark and cold soon" Koichi quickly said, grabbing a stick from against the wall and cloak from the nearby rack.

"...thanks. You're a good man. I'm sorry though, I never told you my na--"

"Clove Wheldst, first male to ever be accepted under Erika in Celadon gym. Grass type prodigy and was expected to control the gym side by side with Erika. Mysteriously vanished when the morph revolutions started. Said to have joined an underground organization and is trying to take down the Gym Leaders once and for all with his team. I could talk about the rest of them too. You think you could take down Brock and Surge and no one in Kanto hear about it?! You guys are famous! Every citizen is cheering for you."

"Kind words, I didn't know you kept such close tabs. I'm flattered. Why not use your strength and join us if you feel so strongly?"

"My help is needed around here... there are always morphs who leave Saffron and stir trouble in the neighboring villages. They need me more. The world has you all."

"...thanks for everything. Which way might Parsfir Town be? I need to get there..." Clove asked before stepping out the now opened front door.

"Just head west a little farther then follow the river south when you get to it. That river runs right through Parsifir."

"I'll be going then, thanks again." Clove said as he flung the gray cloak around his shoulders and headed into the dark evening woods towards the Parsifir Town.

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October 26th, 2008, 9:25 PM
They just kept coming, morphs of both psychic and fighting orientation. She didn't know how long she was fighting for but by the time she had reached the now reduced Silph Co. building, the intense killing intent she had felt disappeared, along with any trace of the perpetrators. Projected spines laced the scattered debris as warped concrete crumbled under the lightening rain. Clove had been there, no doubt, but the remnants of the battle lying before her implied to something much more...extreme. It was if a nature had gone wild and ripped through the city, leaving naught a morph or pokemon behind.

"I missed all the fun..." she huffed under her breath, scanning the wasted battlefield, "Stupid Clove."

As the rain lessened more and more until no rain fell, the silence that followed it was almost deafening, save for the scyther-morph's metal-sole getas that scraped the shattered paved walkway. Drenched and battered, she slowly trudged through the aftermath of the battle, deciding what her next course of action should be. She had just spent the last half hour fending off psychic and fighting morphs by the building full, not to mention still recovering from having to amuse an elite no less. Still, she had managed to survive, all in order to satisfy her lust for battle against a morph of gym leader calibur. Yet she was deprived of such a chance. Again. And it was all thanks to Clove, the bastard.

Thinking about the cacturne made her blood boil and she immediately felt the anger swell inside her. She respected him as the PLF's leader, fine, and the fact she had been chosen from the Johto division to aid the strike force specifically, was just peaches. But so far, having to put up with the lackies and wannabies from each battle they encountered, was seriously trying her patience. All for the good of humanity? Right now, all she cared about was killing the next person she laid eyes on. She had enough strength left and was brimming with adrenaline. She just needed one more person and she'd be able to subdue her own growing intent.

Cursing under her breath as her back itched to break apart, a sign of extreme agitation and rising adrenaline, a sign that foresaw the parting of her wings, which she struggled against everyday due to the sheer ferocity of her strength if unleashed, Plum staggered woundedly forward, striking her scythes against anything that remained upright and in sight. Her sharp eyes flicked back and forth over the crumbling rubble, searching for something warm and still alive, something worth ripping apart. It was then that her eyes befell a fallen girl of familiar appearance, her long violet hair now soaked and frayed, her thin frame pulsing gently with each fainted breath and her trademark twin tails lying disjointed all around her. Alice Robinson.

Team mate or not, the scyther-morph had reached her limit, seeing the girl as nothing more than fresh meat, their previous less than friendly encounter not aiding in subduing her raging killng instincts, she snapped her fangs before shooting forward, scythes bared and eyes mad.


If there was one thing Plum was fortunate about out of everything that had happened since Vermilion, it was the ending of the rain. Wearing nothing more than a tattered two-year-old robe which did little to hide her figure and even less to protect her from the weather and although she was more than likely to catch a cold, she was content with knowing that things couldn't get any worse. For now.

With one carefully place arm around the young girl's thighs and another supporting her neck, the scyther-morph trudged through the city bearing the girl known as Alice in her arms, while simultaneously fighting against the throbbing pains inside. She had still cracked a rib or two and was cut, bruised and scuffed all over. And in light of her counterpart's accelerated healing, it would take a least a couple of days to fully recover, even moreso due to the pressure she was expending in carrying the disproportionately heavy girl with the small frame.

Looking down onto which, she felt an unmistakable calm fall over her, the same she felt when lying on top of the girl previously, scythes poised to kill. Something about the girl's innocent expression put her off, and miraculously managed to subdue her killer instincts. It made her sick just thinking about how soft a touch she really was to not be able to kill a helpless unconscious morph.

Sighing as she carried the girl through the perimeter of the city to where Jade's text had described, her gaze fell onto a departing van, with not a single morph in sight.

"Figures..." she scoffed, lying the ambipom-morph down onto the soaked ground before scanning the area, "Where'd everyone go now?"

October 27th, 2008, 9:57 AM
Lakel, Jack, and Aisha are with me at the rendevous point. Please respond if you're able.

The text came through the com device on Travis, and he read it. The rain had started to cease, and the power in Travis started to weaken a bit, Travis felt it, but it was only natural. He started walking, he didn't feel comfortable for some reason.

He began to type his reply:

"I'm fine right here. Dunno what's goin on. Just ended a fight...status of enemy morph is unknown. Currently heading in your direction. Est time, 5-10 minutes. -Mura"

He just sent it and walked a few more steps when something knocked him rather hard into the wall.

The Gallade Morph had returned again.

"You begin to annoy me, freak." he said.
"You took the words out of my mouth." Travis said. "Won't you just go away and leave me alone? Or do you wanna get your ass handed to you again?"

THe morph laughed. "You've just got extremely lucky, freak. It aion't raining, and your water attacks are nothing against me. PLF won't miss you if I kill you, you're worthless."

"Sure. But then again, Sabrina would have a good laugh knowing that a Squirtle morph beat Gallade three times before you finally defeated it. Come on!"

Gallade moved in...

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Midnight Jasper
October 28th, 2008, 7:08 AM
"Watch over him till you get there. No protests, I'm not leaving until the rest of the team gets out alive. You'll be safe at the nearby town. If you need anything don't hesitate to contact me."

So now I was stuck. In a truck. Great.

My eyes flickered over to Aisha, the Arcanine morph. She had saved Clove from falling to his death. And yet she still looked unsure of herself, somewhat confused and more than a little worried. I pondered striking up a conversation with her, but I wasn't tactful or experienced enough in that area. Most likely I would say something insensitive.

I glanced away and lay against the wall of the truck, trying to see something different. The outside: but not the blood-splattered, hellish outside that I had just experienced. Another outside, that I would never find but in my dreams. A sea, stretching on forever, calm and soft. The harsh cry of Wingulls somehow drifting in with the lilting rise of the waves instead of splitting through them. Gorebyss diving merrily a few yards away.

Jack stirred a little, cutting through my pleasant daydream. My irritation quickly vanished when I thought back to our present situation.

Finally, it was over. Only one day, though, only one battle. Would it end, ever?

For us, yes. But we could never win. Even if by some miracle, we managed to kill off all of the Gym Leaders and their minions, who was to say that some more power-consumed people wouldn't rise up again? Who was to say that we were to stop fighting, ever, that we were to die at peace with the world?

And even when we were gone, the story wouldn't end. As long as there was power, the power to rise and rule, the power to destroy, there would be fighting. Fighting until the earth grew sick and tired of us and we were all wiped out by some natural cause. And anyone with power would get dragged into this fight eventually, and those without will would be the first to die.

The truck rolled on.

October 29th, 2008, 8:08 AM
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IC: It had now been a couple hours and after frequent breaks, Clove was feeling much back to his old self. Walking comfortably with the walking stick now slung lazily over his shoulder, he had kept the cloak on since Aisha currently had his black shirt and the evening air was beginning to nip. Clove couldn't help but love being surrounded by the trees despite the reason he was in them in the first place. The shadows of the forest were making things increasingly hard to see. Walking into a small clearing, Clove looked up to the east to see the wall of Saffron a distance away.

"Hm... I should be close to the rendezvous by now... hope everyone made it out of the city alright. I have no idea if I even bought enough time for them... Clove thought to himself as he stared into the darkening skies over Saffron.

"So much carnage and we barely even accomplished anything..." he said aloud, sighing audibly.

"Having a bit of trouble dying on your suicide missions, Clove? Or did you just want to stay alive long enough to see me?"

A sweet, gentle voice called to him from across the clearing. Clove instantly recognized the voice. His eyes widened in shock as he looked at the girl he loved with all his heart. Her jet black hair and red ribbon, dainty figure. She wore an elegant kimono and stood with arms crossed inside of her sleeves before Clove. The changes of her morph were less than apparent from what Clove can see.

"You look surprised, Clove. Aren't you here to defeat me and reclaim peace? You look healthy enough too. The old man in the woods must have given you the Gloom Nectar based medicine I gave him. You're Wel--"

"I don't need your charity. Just what the hell are you thinking, Erika?! This whole thing isn't like you! You don't need this life and you know it! Why don't you just stop all this now and help us defeat them?" Clove yelled across the clearing as his voice cut the night air. He was now breathing heavily.

"Clove...You and I both know if I hadn't taken the actions I did, then Celadon would have just come under the same fate as Lavender will shortly! They'll just take it over and destroy any opposition!" She pleaded back to Clove.

"You... you've changed. You aren't my Erika anymore. Listen to yourself, you're a gym leader. Everyone looked up to you...I looked up to you... but now we have separate goals... Erika. I'm sorry, but..." He flung his right arm out to his side, pushing the cloak from over his arm, allowing the spikes on his right arm to completely extend.

"Ready to kill me now? Is it really me that's changed? I don't even know you anymore. I didn't come here to fight. Its... Lavender I really came to tell you about Lavender. They're tired of the PLF's actions and Agatha issued orders earlier today to level the entire city at noon tomorrow with Bruno. Celadon may not be entirely innocent in this war but Lavender is, Clove. You need to stop them, they've gone mad."

"...how do I know I can trust you at this point." Clove responded sternly, lowering his arm and retracting his spikes.

"You wont. I already know you. Even if I tried to assure you, you'd still doubt me. So just take these." Erika responded, reaching a few vials of green liquid from her kimono and tossing them to Clove. "That's the Gloom Nectar medicine that I had Koichi give you. Give some to your injured team mates and please save Lavender... please Clove."


A familiar voice called through the trees a distance away.

"That's Jade's voice... oh no, she's from Lavender. We can't take a chance on this at all." Clove thought to himself, not bothering to call back to Jade quite yet.

"I'm taking my team to Lavender in 2 hours using the Underground Tunnel. But our business in Celadon isn't finished." Clove said to Erika, reassuring his return.

"Clove. Thank you. And I know that in your heart, you know that Celadon is in good hands."

"Enough. We'll meet again soon." Clove said sternly, turning his back to Erika and walking through the brush. Not long passed, Erika stood alone in the clearing, it was almost night now. From the shadows next to Erika, a small figure came from the darkness. A small silver haired woman, with purple semi transparent skin. Agatha's face was no longer riddled with wrinkles and old age but that of a young woman.

"Excellent work... You've spared Celadon a while longer, Erika..." Agatha cackled with a sinister tone.

"What are you going to do to them and Lavender..." Erika replied

"Don't be so naive, girl." Agatha hissed before vanishing into the shadows, not providing a proper response. Erika stood alone, before taking her leave back to her town.


Clove pushed his way through the thick branches and shrubbery before finally spilling out of it onto a beaten path. He brushed the leaves and twigs from his clothes and hair and looked up to see Jade's welcoming face.

"Yo." Clove said nonchalantly. After her reaction, Clove quickly turned the conversation serious.

"Is everyone at the rendezvous point? We're changing the orders. They aren't from the Liberation Force.... they're from me. Lavender will be attacked tomorrow. I'm going to defend that town until i can't stand anymore and I know you're with me. I wont force the others to go, its a dangerous task... but we can talk more about it at the rendezvous... come on." Clove gave a gesture, beckoning Jade to follow him back to Parsifir Town as he slowly began to make his way down the dark path.

October 29th, 2008, 3:18 PM
"Yo," Clove popped out of some nearby brush. He had been so quiet, but thanks to Jade's sensitive feet she knew someone was on their way. She quickly got out of her defensive position and greeted him with a smile.

"Is everyone at the rendezvous point?" he asked, but he didn't pause. "We're changing the orders. They aren't from the Liberation Force.... they're from me. Lavender will be attacked tomorrow." Jade felt her entire body tense.
"I'm going to defend that town until i can't stand anymore and I know you're with me. I wont force the others to go, its a dangerous task... but we can talk more about it at the rendezvous... come on." Clove gave a gesture, beckoning her to follow him.

She wanted to say something, anything, to her leader as they walked back to the rendevous point, but she found that her tongue could not function. It was her worst fear, coming true. The one thing she had nightmares about, ever since joining the PLF, was about to become reality.

And she was terrified.

With the rendevous point in sight she finally turned her head toward Clove and managed to say "Lakel, Jack, and Aisha are on their way to treatment." Her voice sounded so distant.

It wasn't just her home town she was worried about. No, there was something--someone--far more important to her. And if he was taken from her....

"I'd never forgive myself," Jade whispered, closing her eyes. She didn't know if Clove heard her or not and she didn't really care. Her fists clenched and suddenly she was very angry with herself.
I can't lose faith in myself this early in the game. I joined the PLF to protect and now the person I love the most is in danger...
Her clenched fists were glowing slightly purple, her emotions taking over her physical being. She remembered the day she'd made her decision to protect, to join the PLF....

"Jade! Where are you going?" a voice called her, full of curiosity.
Oliver, her childhood sweetheart, was running after her. His blonde curls wind swept and his breath ragged when he caught up to her. She stopped, letting him catch his breath.
He took her hands in his and looked into her emerald eyes with his sandy ones. Oliver's hands were always warm and she found herself smiling at the comforting gesture.
Her smile disappeared as she remembered what he asked. Jade glanced at Emmy, her Tyranitar, and back to Oliver, "I need to go do something, Oliver. It'll just be a couple days, " she shrugged.
"Are you gonna go battle someone?" he asked, glancing at Emmy. He ran a hand through her dark hair and she sighed heavily. He was not making this very easy.
"No," she shook her head, gesturing to her empty belt. Her Tyranitar was her toughest pokemon, but she'd never be arrogant enough to only take one Pokemon with her to a battle.
Oliver tilted his head, "Then, what's up?"
Jade always wondered how a teenage boy could be so innocent and so brave at the same time.
"I'm joining them, Oliver. I'm joining the PLF," she whispered. "I'm going to headquarters. Emmy and I will be morphed." Jade stared at her feet, afraid of his reaction. When he didn't say anything, she took her hands from his and ran.
"I'm doing this for you, you know!" she yelled, tears streaming down her face.
"You don't have to!" he yelled back.
She slowed, "But I love you. I can't let this world destroy everything we love; everything I love. I won't let it happen, " she explained as he slowly came back towards her.
"Ah, Jade," his eyes held such sadness it was hard to bare, "We'll be fine. This bond is too strong to break."
"I need to do this...."

"Clove..." Jade came back to reality, directing her attention to her leader. "I can't let Lavender fall, not with everything I love there. I will fight so hard...I'll make the PLF proud," she smiled, feeling sure that with Oliver as motivation, and Clove by her side, she could do anything.

Midnight Jasper
October 30th, 2008, 3:29 AM
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Lakel heard the soft pad of approaching footsteps. She turned her head automatically to look; another morph, one who she had never seen before, entered on a trolley. It was an Armaldo morph - but not in the best of health. He had a huge, bloody gash on his leg and the plating near the horrific wound had been completely ripped off, revealing bloody, vulnerable flesh underneath. Lakel winced but couldn't drag her eyes from the horrific scene and she felt bile rising in her throat.

"He's...probably not dead," she choked, trying to control her need to get away. "Just...anaesthetic. Death would be better for him. He might have to have that leg amputated."

She both shuddered at the thought, and her Lapras spoke to her:
That might happen to one of us, you know, the next time we have to go through that again. That's what we're risking, really, with everything we do.

But if we win...

So what if we win? Big deal. Peace for about a year, until more power-hungry crazies show up and we have to go through all of the misery again. There's never an end, not till we die.

The human part of her wanted desperately to argue back, to put forth some concrete evidence that the world wasn't as bleak as the Lapras made out. But she was interrupted.
The door opened - and in walked Jade and Clove.

Lakel's eyes widened. For Clove to return, unharmed: there was only one thing that could mean...

"Did we...win?"

October 30th, 2008, 2:04 PM
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November 1st, 2008, 12:15 AM
Clove walked in silence with Jade for the bulk of the trip back to the rendezvous point. What could he really say to Jade... she was well aware of how serious the situation was. Clove looked at her and opened his mouth to say something... but quickly withdrew, returning to his silent walk along side her.

"What am I supposed to say to her... she was born there. She probably has more of a grasp of how serious this is than I do. Her whole family is there. No... her life is there. She saved my life back in Pewter, the least I can do is save her hometown...I'll do everything I can...ya...." Clove thought seriously to himself, definitely torn between thoughts. Going to Lavender definitely meant disobeying orders. What would the rest of the team think about this too? They of course weren't obligated to go on this mission and Clove would surely face a serious punishment for putting off direct war orders on Celadon to save Lavender. Not to mention... this whole mission was based off of information that he had gotten from Erika.

"No...if anyone even asks how I know Lavender is under attack... what do I say to them?! I'll just say it...There's no reason to deny it. I know Erika isn't evil. If it means being kicked from the PLF for talking to her then so be it... I'll just fight the gym leaders on my own..."Clove was beginning to gain confidence in the situation but still couldn't help but be a little afraid of the situation. "But the commander... I could be discharged..."

Jade suddenly broke Clove's thought process, speaking softly.

"Clove..." Jade said aloud, shifting her gaze to Clove. "I can't let Lavender fall, not with everything I love there. I will fight so hard...I'll make the PLF proud." Clove was shocked at the tyranitar morph's sudden show of faith. She was more prepared than he had thought. Ready to give it all up for peace just like him.

"Don't worry. As long as I'm standing, nothing will happen to Lavender... I promise." Clove responded silently.

"We...can do it, Clove."

Clove's eyes widened as he looked around, listening for the voice that had cut into his thoughts.

"Don't fear it Clove...we're finally communicating."
"I'm right beside you in every fight, Boss."
"...Thanks Cacturne...we can do this. Just lend me your strength."

The voice faded as Clove thought more to himself.
"Getting in touch with the pokemon inside of you..."

Conflict whirled through Clove's head and before he knew it, him and Jade had arrived in town and were looking at a door. Which on the other side, the rest of the team would be awaiting. Clove inhaled deeply, remembering the news he had to report to them. He took in a breath before opening the door and stepping through. The shocked expression on the team's faces was almost welcomed as Lakel was the first to speak up.

"Did we...win?" She piped up quickly upon inspecting his condition.

Clove stood for a while as the happy expression wiped from his face.

"Sabrina... defeated me. You should all know exactly what happened. I... discovered a new aspect of being a morph... something the gym leaders didn't want us to know about. A 5th attack that combined everything I had it seemed... I lost control of myself. I don't know what the other moves will do for you all, apparently it can be different for every morph..." Clove explained aloud. "...as powerful as my new attack was... I wasn't able to defeat Sabrina. But I came close. If we all work to be stronger, we can do this. Which is where the next topic comes into play. Lavender will be under attack by noon tomorrow. Under direct violation of mission terms...we are going to save it. If you wish to remain here, you can. But I'm going to save those innocent people. If you're coming with me.... say so now. The consequences could be bad. But I'll save these people no matter what it takes. So....who's with me?"

Clove finished, watching the rest of the group for any sign of backing out of the mission. The air was tense with silence while he awaited any objection.

November 2nd, 2008, 6:55 PM
"Don't worry. As long as I'm standing, nothing will happen to Lavender... I promise." Clove responded. His determination made Jade feel even more confident about her hometown's fate. She didn't think he'd want this as much as her.

She didn't think anyone would want this as much as her. Months ago she would have argued that it was impossible to love Lavender as much as she, that is was impossible for anyone to understand how important Lavender is to her.

Yet, here Clove was, changing her mind about all of that. His eyes, under his hat, were focused and unwavering. I'm glad he's on my side...Jade thought to herself, a little intimidated by her leader. The intimidation, however, was immensely overshadowed by relief.

"Thank you..."she whispered, as they made their way inside. "Thank you so much."
All eyes were glued to Clove; it seemed as though the rest of the team wasn't expecting to see him back in one piece. Especially not after an encounter with Sabrina.

"Did we...win?" Lakel spoke up.

Jade turned her attention to Clove, curious about what he'd say to them. Their leader had looked almost content before, but now whatever smile had graced his features was wiped from his face.

"Sabrina... defeated me. You should all know exactly what happened. I... discovered a new aspect of being a morph... something the gym leaders didn't want us to know about. A 5th attack that combined everything I had it seemed... I lost control of myself." At this Jade gasped. A fifth move?
"I don't know what the other moves will do for you all, apparently it can be different for every morph..." Clove explained aloud. "...as powerful as my new attack was... I wasn't able to defeat Sabrina. But I came close. If we all work to be stronger, we can do this. Which is where the next topic comes into play. Lavender will be under attack by noon tomorrow. Under direct violation of mission terms...we are going to save it. If you wish to remain here, you can. But I'm going to save those innocent people. If you're coming with me.... say so now. The consequences could be bad. But I'll save these people no matter what it takes. So....who's with me?" Clove finished.

Jade looked at her feet. The others probably didn't know she was from Lavender, unless they studied her PLF profile. She didn't want to see the conflict in their eyes as they decided their next moves. Jade knew she and Clove were powerful, but the two of them would have a hard time defending all of Lavender. The more team members, the better.

She clenched her fists again and waited for their responses.

Gumshoe Satyr
November 2nd, 2008, 8:28 PM
Jack awoke to the voice of Lakel, his head throbbing terribly. Letting out an involuntary groan, he slowly became aware of his surroundings and realized that Clove was back and was saying something important. He eased into a sitting position and leaned against the wall to listen, grabbing his hat that was laying next to him on the floor.

"Sabrina... defeated me. You should all know exactly what happened. I... discovered a new aspect of being a morph... something the gym leaders didn't want us to know about. A 5th attack that combined everything I had it seemed... I lost control of myself. I don't know what the other moves will do for you all, apparently it can be different for every morph..." Clove explained aloud. "...as powerful as my new attack was... I wasn't able to defeat Sabrina. But I came close. If we all work to be stronger, we can do this. Which is where the next topic comes into play. Lavender will be under attack by noon tomorrow. Under direct violation of mission terms...we are going to save it. If you wish to remain here, you can. But I'm going to save those innocent people. If you're coming with me.... say so now. The consequences could be bad. But I'll save these people no matter what it takes. So....who's with me?" Clove studied the group intently, and for the first time in a very long time, Jack chuckled and flashed a brief boyish grin, much like he might've done before when he was still human.

With great effort and using the wall for support, Jack stood up and looked his leader square in the eye, which was a sign of strong respect and loyalty for him. He wasn't sure if it was the show of strength Clove had showed in Saffron- which a morph like him would recognize-, the speech he'd given just now, or a mixture of the two, but Jack knew that he'd finally found someone he'd always respect and would follow no matter what the danger. He knew that he didn't have to get up to give his answer, but he felt that he had to show Clove that he, too, could be depended on- that he had the strength to help. For a moment, he closed his eyes as a wave of pain washed over him, but he wasn't done..... not yet.

Taking his weight off the wall behind him, he stood unsupported, though his legs shook weakly. Determination shining in his eyes, he gave the answer he knew he'd never regret. "..... Wild Rapidash couldn't keep me away, sir." He gave him a wink before another wave of pain hit him, and he sagged against the wall again. He needed a while longer to recover.

November 3rd, 2008, 12:18 AM
Aisha looked around the ward in wonder. How were they going to keep up with the gym leaders if it only took one of them to defeate the team and she didn't even know if Clove had made it out alive. She lifted her arm to take a look at the long wound that defiled her entire limb, it would be a reminded of her good deed, but one that would stay with her forever in the form of a scar and if Clove didn't survive, it would be a constant reminder of the man and how the PLF failed. She felt tears warm the corners of her eyes but she was to stubborn to let them fall. She quickly lifted her lithe hand and tore them from her face in anger. "Man, this sucks. We got hammered back there and were not even sure if Clove's gonna be back! What kinda morphs are we!? We should be able to take these loosers no problem, there's more of us than there is of them!" She growled in anger, shreading the bed covers from her being and standing up, one would note that she was stil lclad in her blood coated outfit.

As her small rant came to an end, the doors flew open in a mighty whoosh and to Aisha there stood a glimmer of light and hope, for all she cared an angel could have been standing there. The rookies emerald eyes widened as Clove walked in along side Jade looking a little beat and battered, but alive. The Arcanine morph gave a loud bark of happyiness but quickly covered her mouth to shut herself up. There were only a few times where she had actually barked out aloud, she swore that she would never bond with a Pokemon that made any sort of weird noises ever again, no matter how close she was to Jake. "You're alive!?" She finally managed, bounding up to Clove and wrapping her arms tightly around him before noticing that both him nor her were in the best of health for such a tight embrace. "Ouch" She muttered, pulling away almost instantly and rubbing at her wounds. "Bad idea" She snorted lightheartedly. "How did you manage it?" She asked in wonderment.

She saw the smile disappear from Clove's face and was replaced with a stern look. She in turn felt her ears drop in sadness.

"Sabrina... defeated me. You should all know exactly what happened. I... discovered a new aspect of being a morph... something the gym leaders didn't want us to know about. A 5th attack that combined everything I had it seemed... I lost control of myself. I don't know what the other moves will do for you all, apparently it can be different for every morph..." Clove explained aloud. "...as powerful as my new attack was... I wasn't able to defeat Sabrina. But I came close. If we all work to be stronger, we can do this. Which is where the next topic comes into play. Lavender will be under attack by noon tomorrow. Under direct violation of mission terms...we are going to save it. If you wish to remain here, you can. But I'm going to save those innocent people. If you're coming with me.... say so now. The consequences could be bad. But I'll save these people no matter what it takes. So....who's with me?"

Her nose wriggled. "A 5th attack? But how's that possible, I thought Pokemon could only learn 4? But that's great news!" Her tail began to wag in excitment. "It means that were that one step closer to defeating them! Were finding out things that we weren't suppose to know and now that we do...well it gives me all that more hope and confidence! Hah hah! Maybe I'll gain the ability of complete domination over the element of fire!" A sly look graced her features until a better idea popped into her head and she held up her hands. "Wait! No! Maybe I'll gain the ability to travel to fast that I can travel back and forth in time...or maybe..." She saw that she was blabbing on and chuckled sheepishly. "Eheheh...you know I'm with you all the way Clove!"

November 3rd, 2008, 3:33 AM
Plum opened her eyes. Having been graced with an although temporary moment of peace and quiet, she never passed up the chance to try and catch a few Zs while on a job. After all, being fused with a pokemon and forced to fight, it was little surprise that she’d become tired, not just physically but mentally too. Plus, with the condition her and Alice were in, if any passersby discovered them, they could easily be mistaken for a couple of corpses, which in essence didn’t sit well with Plum but for the time being, she couldn’t really bring herself to care.

Deciding she had recovered enough to continue on to the designated rendezvous point, she roughly slid the still unconscious ambipom-morph into her arms once again. Parsfir Town was only a little ways away, no more than a five minute drive, fifteen if she ran. So, mustering every ounce of physical energy she had left, the scyther-morph secured her grip over her unconscious baggage, gritted her teeth and shot forward, breaking into a sprint two meters ahead.


It took her a moment to recognize the voices, maybe because she was beaten, scuffed and had several broken ribs, or maybe because she had just carried a one hundred pound unconscious ambipom-morph from the outskirts of Saffron all the way to the little known Parsfir Town. Whatever the case, she was now pissed but now acutely interested in what she had overheard. A fifth move? One that drew on everything in the host’s body and could only be utilised on the brink of death? Far be it for her to judge, considering her usually reckless attitude and all, but it sounded incredibly dangerous. But also just as cool. And she was always one for showing off.

Busting through the infirmary doors, the Plum staggered into the ward, locating the nearest vacant bed before literally throwing the ambipom-morph onto it.

“So what?! We’re leaving the weaklings to die now?” she irritably spat, half out of spite in having to carry the girl by herself and half out of frustration in addressing their next proposed mission, “And what’s this about breaking the rules to help some unknown town?”

Collapsing onto the bedside, caring not for how close her stray scythe came to shaving the still unconscious ambipom’s tail hairs, Plum held her chest to support the throbbing pain while objecting their suggestion, “Listen! I only agreed to help the PLF since they promised to back me up when I return to Johto. So I ain’t letting some rogue mission screw my chances.” realising she was very well stamping all over Jade’s self confessed determination and despite Clove’s allegiance, her decision remained absolute.

Her tone softening, she concluded her decision, “Sorry Jade, but I have people I have to protect too... Heh, hard to believe huh?” sneering slightly, she quickly continued to cover up her slight vulnerable lapse, “I’m no help in this condition anyway, but I’ll be rooting for you. So don’t go and die or else I won’t forgive you!”

November 3rd, 2008, 7:40 AM
The bruised and battered team mates slowly made their rounds, agreeing to do the mission. Even the ones who had been resting their eyes were, for the most part, wide awake. But still in pain from what it appeared. As soon as his arrival came, Aisha leaped up, clutching him tightly. Clove's muscles were still a bit sore, being as it had only been a matter of hours since the the Superpower incident. A dull shock of pain strung through his chest but he clenched his teeth and bared through it until the Arcanine withdrew from their embrace. Her optimism was completely appreciated as she showed interest in the ability to learn a 5th move.

"Eheheh...you know I'm with you all the way Clove!" she said with a fang filled canine smile.

Jake had stirred as well. The morph which Clove had now decided contributed a great deal to helping Clove unlock the powers of Superpower. He had more courage than Clove could ever have, and definitely took a beating. The sight of the two battered team mates cause Clove to quickly flash back to the events in the forest a couple hours prior between him and Erika. He began to speak but another team member came barging through the door.

“Sorry Jade, but I have people I have to protect too... Heh, hard to believe huh?” sneering slightly, she quickly followed up. “I’m no help in this condition anyway, but I’ll be rooting for you. So don’t go and die or else I won’t forgive you!”

"Hmpf. Quitting early again, aye? I wont stop you. But I don't really know how its going to look to the rest of the world when we're telling the story of when the PLF, heroes to the innocent, saved Lavender. And have to talk about the Scyther morph who boasted so much strength and ability, chose to stay home because she didn't have faith in anyone's strength. Like I said. I wont force you, but it just seems like you have a habit of giving up on things before you have a definite answer." He replied to her cooly, finishing his retort with a comment that he knew very well would stir up something from both their pasts that he was quite aware that Plum was not fond of by any means. He immediately left the comment to settle into Plum's hot head. He wouldn't argue with her about it though, he knew he was right.

Quickly remembering the reason he had so much faith, Clove reached down inside his pocket and pulled out the small vials of yellow-green liquid. There was just enough for the injured team members with two more for emergency, a good set up to be in. He tossed the vials to the injured and gave instructions.

"Its a Gloom nectar based potion. Its made primarily for Pokemon but should react with your human cells as well to create a fast recovery. Its not as potent for us as it would be for a Pokemon but you'll all be fine in a couple hours. I should have you know...Erika made them for us. I'm not sure of her intentions, but she saved my life after the encounter with Sabrina. Though that isn't important for now, so drink up. Those of you coming with me, rest up as much as you can. The opposition in Lavender will be fierce. We'll leave for Lavender after a night's rest. Until then, you're all dismissed." Clove finished explaining and ending his briefing before turning and heading out the door. He had really hoped he could avoid mentioning Erika but the team needed to know.

Walking out into the night air, he could see the lights of Saffron far off on the horizon. The town he had failed to liberate. He sighed audibly before walking casually through the darkness, there was too much to think about. Just how strong was a member of the Elite 4? There seemed to be so much more factoring into a morph's strength than there was for just battling Pokemon. Had the hierarchy of power really remained the same after they all transformed? If so that would place Agatha at the 2nd most powerful person on this continent... next to Lance.

"...Lance...did you really turn too? So many looked up to you..." Clove said aloud as he stopped to look at the starry moonlit sky. He walked over to a small bench on the side of the road and plopped into it. The air had a slight chill to but it was almost welcoming.

"Agatha could be immensely powerful...but she was just a little old lady...Bruno though... Bruno is a well fit fighting machine. No amount of hand to hand could ever be a match for that man. A master of brute force. And the PLF has no data any of the Elite 4's morphs. They've done good to remain hidden. Although we can be sure that Lance went with that Dragonite of his..." Clove thought hard to himself, took much was going on, but he had to keep strong for the sake of the other team members. They seemed to have develop a degree of faith in him that he couldn't let be in vain. He signed heavily again, taking in the brisk cold air. He could feel his body finally accepting good health and he sprang up, bouncing on his toes and feeling better than ever. Taking a martial arts stance, he extended his spikes and in the vacancy of the night street, began to throw punches and kicks at an invisible opponent. The moves glided through the air like wind and followed quick consecutive movements that blended together with each passing martial art form he glided into.

"The least I can do is train myself while we wait..." Clove thought between heavy breaths, training to both improve himself and work off the built up stress of having Erika in the picture again. As her name drifted into his thoughts, the movements slowed down until he stood alone in the street, breathing heavily. He plopped to the ground, sitting and resting his arms over his knees, placing his forehead on them and staring at the ground.

"So many unknown aspects..."

Clove's mind went a flurry but for some reason kept stopping on Aisha's face as well.

"How did an Arcanine morph save me... from that high up in the rain? She would have had to be fast enough to run up the buildings. A speed I was only able to reach when using Superpower..." He quickly sprung up from his spot and came back to the team, hoping Aisha was still there.

"Aisha, I need to talk to you. Privately."

November 3rd, 2008, 2:23 PM
Aisha took the nectar from Clove with hesitance, she had been forever weary of potions and remedies ever since the incident with the Tentacruel long ago. She had set out on another of her Poke ranger missions, this time taking her to a sea side city in Johto. It seemed a horde of Tentacruel were tampering with the tourists whilst they were swimming at sea, though not harming them the city was loosing money due to the lack of tourists visiting and she had been called in to aid with the situation. Unfortunately she had gotten a little too close for comfort to a mother Tentacruel and her children and for that received a hearty dose of venom into her lungs. She was fortunately rescued by another of her team mates and was taken to a local doctor who specialized in such venom’s, but it didn’t seem to be Aisha’s lucky week as the so called remedy she was given only made her even more ill to the point where she was violently vomiting and had to have her stomach pumped in the closest hospital and even then she was forced to rest up for a good two weeks before she was back on patrol.

Either way Aisha removed the cork that restrained the liquid from leaving the bottle and took a sniff at it first. She recoiled a little at the foul smelling aroma before holding her nose and lifting the bottle to her lips. She downed it as quickly as possible before releasing her nose and taking a well deserved gasp of air. She shuddered a little at the after taste but soon felt the potion taking effect as it warmed her insides. She groaned happily at the feeling and placed the bottle down on a bed side table. “Thanks Clove” she spoke after licking her dry lips free of the remainder of the nectar. “I fell way better already!”

Clove left the room then without a word and the rest of the PLF were left to themselves. Aisha sat back down on the bed she had not long vacated and gave a long sigh. “Hmph, can’t say I’m the least bit excited about this mission…we already got out butt’s handed to us this time. But I guess I’m up for it, I mean…I did sign up for the job after all.” She looked around and found that no one was really in the mood for long discussions and she sighed. “Ah well, best get some rest I suppose. Just as she was about to lay down again, Clove cam back in through the same door he had left by and looked directly at her. She tilted her head to the side curiously and asked. “Everything alright Clove? I haven’t done anything wrong have I?” alarm coated every word.

"Aisha, I need to talk to you. Privately."

Aisha’s eyebrows raised and she pointed a clawed finger at her chest. “Me? But why?” She had to admit she was pretty confused as to why Clove would want to speak to her and in private none the less. She stood from the bed once again and walked over to where Clove stood. “I guess so, where did you have in mind?”

November 3rd, 2008, 2:51 PM
Denx was watching the scenery shift rapidly. From trees, to buildings, to grassland, to trees again, until he was eventually asleep, the silent lullaby of the tires to the ground sending to sleep. The Hummer bumped up and down once, waking him up. He was being transported to Parsifir town, right on the outskirts of Saffron. Denx saw that it was nighttime, now, and the guard in the passenger seat was drifting off to sleep. Suddenly, the bright lights of Saffron lit up his face, through the fog and darkness of the night of tonight. Denx saw numerous holes in the road, and could even swear that he saw two bodies lying in the distance. He shook his mind off, as the Hummer came to a screeching hault.

"Stay here," said the driver. He stepped out and pressed something on his remote-keys. Denx heard a loud and stiff 'click'. He reached for the door, but it wouldn't open. He watched through a small opening between the hood and the car what the man was doing. He though he saw him insert something. The man walked off, leaving Denx and the sleeping guard. Denx thought he saw a Kadabra tail from the rear of the driver as he walked off. Oh well, he thought, he must be getting supplies. He heard the guard snore, but the guard didn't move. Not even to breathe. He tried the door again, but nothing. He put his head in between the two front seats and nudged the guard. He was ice cold, though. Denx saw a small sound device fall from his pocket, which made a snoring sound. Lastly, he saw that the guard's neck was split, ear to ear. Then, he stopped moving. A murdered guy, a man with a Kadabra tail, himself being locked in a car, and Saffron City. Putting the pieces together, he thought the worst: The man was a spy for Sabrina.

Denx panicked. Was he going to be murdered? he thought. He started to throw his body against the armored vehicle's door, but to no avail. Even a fully charged ThunderPunch would do little to no effect to this thing. He grabbed the door handle, and shook until the entire Hummer was rocking back and forth. The dead guard fell to the ground beneath the dash board. Denx saw headlights through the tinted back windows, and could see a rather large man step out. The large man looked almost excited through the window, and helped Denx out.

"Thanks.." he said, holding out his arm, waiting for a name.

"Paul," said the fat man, excitedly shaking his arm.

"Um.. Why did you help me out, if I can ask?" he asked bluntly.

"Well, I know how famous you PLF guys are, and I thought you might need help with fixing your Hummer," he said, his voice almost shaking, still holding Denx's hand with his hot and sweaty one. The two stared awkwardly at eachother for a moment, when suddenly. . .


Denx and Paul were sent to the other side of the street as the Hummer bursted into white hot flames, turning dark orange, and engulfing Paul's minivan in the inferno. Suddenly, the streetlights went out, and Paul's car exploded. A streetlight fell, and crashed into a building.

Denx felt someone shaking his body violently. He looked up to see a combined vision of blurriness and darkness. He could tell it was Paul by the shakiness and panic of his voice.

"Kid, wake up. That was amazing! You and I, we would make a damn great team! Pulling off that 007 crap like that more often would get us--"

"Shut up for a second!" Denx said, listening. He looked around, seeing that he was sent further than just across the street. He and Paul were sent across the city!

"Where is 'Parisifier Town'" asked Denx, struggling with the pronunciation of the town's name. Paul looked at him, almost with a defeated look, "Sorry to burst your bubble, but seriously, there's more important things than Double O Seven. Can you help me?"

Paul's face lit up as he heard that he could help Denx. "Parsifir Town? Of course! It's about ten minutes this way! We'll have to walk, however, as my car kind of.." he said. Denx nodded, knowing what he was going to say.

Denx wondered if Paul was even phased by the explosion, of if he even cared his car was no more. He sighed, and followed the fat man, who was proud in step. He followed the fat man, until he reached the edge of Parsifir town. It was dark, cold, and bugs were buzzing around his wet shoes. Paul, knowing his journey was at an end, begged Denx to continue with him.

"Do you even have a Pokemon to morph with?"

"I have a Skitty that stays at home.. That enough?"

Denx sighed, "Tell ya what, give me your number," he said. Paul told him, and Denx put it into his phone, "Now, get yourself a car, a life, and do me a favor.. Never fall prey to these Gym 'Leaders'. If I ever need you for a ride, I will get a hold of you with my phone. Now, get yourself back to Saffron, and get home," he finished. When Paul was out of sight (which was quickly because he was excited), Denx flipped his phone back open, and got out Clove's old number. Hopefully, they still had the same number. He sent a text message.

This is '007', Clove. Where are you guys? I'm at the edge of Parsifir, and need to get going. These bugs are getting to me.

November 4th, 2008, 8:25 AM
ooc: Silhouette it was so small you probably missed it, but Clove broke his communicator on impact when he crashed into the forest. Its lying in 2 pieces out in the middle of the forest somewhere. You'll have to text another member until he gets a new one.


“Me? But why?” she quickly piped up, “I guess so, where did you have in mind?”

"Just outside, don't look so concerned." he replied, chuckling. He waved his hand, beckoning her to follow as he stepped out into the night air. He walked a distance out into the dirt road, looking up into the starry night as the moon bathed the buildings in white light. He waited for her to walk behind him, giving her time since he hadn't forgotten she was still injured.

"So when you saved me... you reached speeds that were almost impossible to hit for a normal anything, let alone a morph. I was wondering if you'd let me teach you the same high speed assassination fighting style I use. Combining your claws with Extreme Speed would be a lethal combo and a great asset to the team. You would be training with me tonight, and staying by my side for the next battle. But I can promise you mastery of your Extreme Speed and the ability to move even faster than I do... The only cost is that the assassination style is one you can't look back on. Its knowing lethal spots on the body and hitting them without hesitation. My hands are stained with blood, and yours would soon be as well. Theres no turning back once you accept the ways of assassination. So the decision is yours... would you like to become my pupil?"

ooc: Shadow this is just an opportunity to make Aisha stronger for Lavender, since we all have to get strong some way and we're up against pretty stacked odds again... right? If you choose to accept just pm me for what i have in mind :) And i apologize for the length, everyone. It was an awkward scenario to write for since i can't write Shadow's part haha...

November 4th, 2008, 9:16 AM
"Just outside, don't look so concerned." Clove chucled making for the door. Aisha simply looked back at her team mates for any sort of hint as to what Clove wanted but no one seemed to give any sign of what was going on. She shrugged and continued on.

Aisha followed Clove outside curiously. She took a little longer to get to the destination because of her injuries but never the less she followed just to find out exactly what it was Clove wanted to talk to her about. She was only a rookie and to be called out by the leader after they're first missions was a little weird and unbelievable to her. Upon being greeted by the cool night air, she gave a small shudder and wrapped her arms around herself in a lame attempt to warm herself up, her tail also followed the arms in curling around her legs in the same vain attempt. She watched as Clove looked up at the night sky and looked rather peaceful considering the state of current affairs.

"So uh, what's up Clove?"

"So when you saved me... you reached speeds that were almost impossible to hit for a normal anything, let alone a morph. I was wondering if you'd let me teach you the same high speed assassination fighting style I use. Combining your claws with Extreme Speed would be a lethal combo and a great asset to the team. You would be training with me tonight, and staying by my side for the next battle. But I can promise you mastery of your Extreme Speed and the ability to move even faster than I do... The only cost is that the assassination style is one you can't look back on. Its knowing lethal spots on the body and hitting them without hesitation. My hands are stained with blood, and yours would soon be as well. Theres no turning back once you accept the ways of assassination. So the decision is yours... would you like to become my pupil?"

Aisha's eyes widened for what seemed the hundredth time that night and she felt her heart beet rapidly against her chest. She was a little lost for words and it certainly wasn't helping the condition of her chest. "Uh...ehehe, I hate to break this to you Clove but I'm not really a killer y'know. I mean that Kadabra was hell bent on destroying me back there. "She flicked a finger over her shoulder in the direction she thought Saffron would be. "But you know what, I let him live anyways because I don't have the guts to do anything to drastic y'know. Heck I'm a Poke ranger I wasn't an assassin in my past life y'know?" She rubbed the back of her head in frustration and groaned. "Man...I don't know where that burst of power came from y'know. I just saw you falling and I just couldn't let ya die, y'know? It's complicated I don't think I could do that again..."

Still she thought, she could master her speed and take down any opponent she wanted to and it would mean that the team had another powerful ally...She couldn't be selfish in this day and age. The team needed all the help they could get even if she was a bit hesitant. She had never killed anything in her entire life. This was a huge step for her and was being offered to her right off the bat. She didn't doubt Clove's skills and knew that with some time and practice she could be he perfect killing machine, swift and too the point. The only problem was her personality.

"...Okay...I'll do it Clove. I'd give anything to have life back to the way it was and if it means killing these guy's then so be it. I'm sick of living this way and even though I'm not the...bravest of morphs...I can handle it I know I can." She turned her eyes to the sky and gave a sigh, her amber eyes closing in concentration. "I'll be your Pupil Clove. It would be an honour...but it's gonna take me some getting use to..."

She knew for a fact she wasn't gonna be the same person after this...

November 4th, 2008, 8:54 PM
"Alright then... I want you to be sure of this, once you cross this path, there's no turning back." Clove explained softly. "This style of fighting utilizes sharp weapons with high speeds to deal lethal blows in very specific spots to end your targets life quickly. The way I utilize this, is combing the quick burst of speed my body is capable of reaching by using Faint Attack and using Needle Arm and Pin Missle to hit my marks. Yours however is different. Extremespeed has the ability to reach higher speeds and therefore be more lethal to stronger targets. If i remember correctly, you know how to use the physical move, Crunch, correct? If you can find a way to use that with your Extremespeed, theres no telling what kinds of combinations you could creat. It will be a merciless and very powerful but hard to completely master way of fighting. The spots you need to aim for while moving at high speeds are here, here, here, here..." Clove began to point to specific points around the body mostly around the throat, heart, and lung area. He could see Aisha's feelings still probably wavering about the whole idea and just explaining wasn't going to cut it. If he was going to get her in the right mindset, she would have to see how serious it is. He stopped talking and looked her in the eyes for a moment before speaking.

"Theres a small clearing through those trees to the south of town. The gloom nectar should have you in good enough condition to spar. We're going to. You and me against each other with everything you've got." Clove could definitely already see a retort mustering behind her lips but he quickly spoke again. "I don't care about any reason you have. I'm aware i have a type disadvantage and that you think i'm probably stronger than you. I'm going to show you how to make all of that not matter." Clove finished, looking her in the eyes. He turned quickly without waiting for an answer and headed towards the trees to the south, talking over his shoulder as he went.

"You've got about an hour to rest up, we'll do it after that." he called back. Slowly, he disappeared into the dark trees, headed for the moonlit clearing for a sparring match with Aisha. Teach her how to use Extreme Speed to its full potential and maybe give them the edge they need in Lavender tomorrow...

November 4th, 2008, 9:19 PM
"...Wild Rapidash couldn't keep me away, sir." Jack directed this to Clove, giving him a wink and then winced at his present pain.

Aisha, the Arcanine Morph, said many things after clamping Clove in a hug and made even Jade wince. Not only was their leader in pain, he didn't seem like the hugging type. Jade was immediately reminding of her rookie self, always trying to start conversations and epically failing at everything social. Seeing someone else who was eager like she was made her smile momentarily. Aisha was definitely adorable. Her next comment gave her more cool points.
"Eheheh...you know I'm with you all the way Clove!"

Plum made her way inside, rather loudly, and kind of ruined the moment. “Listen! I only agreed to help the PLF since they promised to back me up when I return to Johto. So I ain’t letting some rogue mission screw my chances," her tone softened, “Sorry Jade, but I have people I have to protect too... Heh, hard to believe huh?” she made a face, “I’m no help in this condition anyway, but I’ll be rooting for you. So don’t go and die or else I won’t forgive you!”

Jade was upset about this, there was no way around those feelings. Plum was a powerful fighter and would be highly useful in Lavender. Before she could say anything to anyone, Clove had some words for Plum.
"Hmpf. Quitting early again, aye? I wont stop you. But I don't really know how its going to look to the rest of the world when we're telling the story of when the PLF, heroes to the innocent, saved Lavender. And have to talk about the Scyther morph who boasted so much strength and ability, chose to stay home because she didn't have faith in anyone's strength. Like I said. I wont force you, but it just seems like you have a habit of giving up on things before you have a definite answer," and with that he made his way outside.

Half of Jade hoped that Clove's words would affect Plum, taunt her to the edge, and make her want to prove him wrong. But the other half of Jade hoped she stayed because she didn't want someone fightning for Lavender if they weren't putting their heart and soul into it. Clove came back in momentarily to talk to Aisha but before the door closed behind them Jade spoke up.

"Thanks you guys. I know this is risky and you're hesitant, but this is what we're about. Saving innocent people," she smiled in the sweetest possible way a girl with fangs could. She, too, walked back outside to get some fresh air. She must have interupted something intense between Aisha and Clove because they both stopped talking when she appeared.

"Uh, sorry, I didn't mean to interupt anything..." she mumbled, and moved toward the back of the building. Slowly, Jade pulled out her phone. At first she just stared, hesitating as the number repeated over and over in her head. What would she say? How could she not say anything? If she was lucky, Oliver could make it out of Lavender before the danger erupted.

She dialed.
It rang three times and Jade was about to hang up when finally he answered.
"Hey..." she answered, her voice just above a whisper.
"Jade?" Oliver's sweet voiced coated her ears and she felt like he was there, whispering in her ear, and not miles away in their home town.
"Yes. Look, I can't talk long, Oliver, but I need to tell you something..." she choked a bit, afraid of what could happen to him, the love of her life.
"What is it babe?" the thick, sweet voice turned concerned.
"Lavender is going to be attacked," between each word was a large pause, as if it took a great deal of air to say.
Silence. He was still there, his breathing was become faster and she could practically see him trying to mold this over. "What?"
"Agatha and Bruno...they're attacking Lavender. Tomorrow. Oliver, please, pack your things and get out. Now," she didn't mean to be commanding and it wasn't until then that she realized she was shaking.
"Please, don't argue, just do it! I can't go on not knowing if you're safe or not...." said Jade.
"Where will I go?" Oliver asked. She heard him shuffling things in the background.
She didn't have an answer to that question. "Anywhere but there. There's a town between Celadon and Saffron that's pretty safe but that's kind of far..." beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. "Please, Oliver, leave Lavender. And take Vince with you," she refered to his Sandslash. "I have to go, please do this Oliver."
"No, I have to-"
"I love you," he managed.
"Ah God, I love you too," Jade closed her eyes as she said this. The call was disconnected.

"Did you hear that? I think we might be able to get some leverage in this situation. They're brought emotions into the game, " Agatha smirked in a most evil manner. "I think I will have to intercept this 'Oliver'" she said to no one in particular, and disappeared into the shadows.

November 5th, 2008, 4:20 AM
Aisha watched as Clove walked away towards the sparring area, she was more than a little worried at the entire predicament and felt her heart pounding against her rip cage. "Man...this...this is gonna be a challenge." Of course she as nervous! She had just been asked by they're leader to go and spar with him in order to make her a killing machine! She clutched her chest in a cheap attempt at calming her heart beat and ran a shaky hand through her hair. "Maybe I'm just not cut out for this...I'm sure Clove wouldn't mind if I..." She made to walk off after they're leader to tell him the bad news but she stopped in her tracks completely. Her black tinted orange ears lay back against her head in sadness at the thought of everyone's faces if they found out she was too afraid to take out an enemy. She couldn't handle the look of disappointment that would be on they're faces, not to mention the fact that she would probably be let go due to her being to merciful. "Argh, who am I kidding! I've gotta do this, if I don't things are just gonna get worse and I'll be sent back to living in a corrupt world." She kicked a twig that lay on the floor and watched half heartedly as it rolled away down a small bank. "Hmph."

Turning back towards the entrance to the ward she stuffed her hands in her pockets and walked towards it. 'On one hand I'll be a trump card for the team to use in Lavender...on the other hand I'll be a murderer.' So many thoughts were going through her head and she was terribly confused as to what she was meant to do. 'But then again...how many people have these guy's killed? How many of my friends and team mates have they made suffer?' Her ears perked up a little then and she dug into her jeans pocket to remove a wallet. She flicked it open to a picture of her little sister who had also been a Pokeranger. She was only a year younger than her and had died at the hands of a morph who had been chosen to aid the gym leaders in they're take over...she had died trying to protect her Pokemon.

Aisha snorted and closed the wallet yet again, shoving it back in her pocket in disgust. "No wounder everyone fears us." She mumbled.
'Your not like them, Aisha.' Jake's voice perked up in the back of her head. 'Those people chose to murder.'
"Yeah and now I'm going to be doing the exact same thing.' She growled, obviously annoyed with herself at being so weak.
'No, don't you see? you'll be avenging those that died trying to protect the world from those monsters. You'd be avenging your Sister.'
At the very thought of her sister being slain by those damned morphs, a burst of courage set in her heart and she clenched her fists at her side. "Your right Jakey..." Her gaze turned and set on the heavens and a smile graced her features. "I'm gonna avenge you lil sis! I'll make them pay for what they did to you!"
'That's the spirit. Now do you remember where Clove told you to meet him?'
Aisha's thoughts came to a complete halt as she stared blankly at the door in front of her. She raked her brain for the answer but it did not come. She giggled nervously and rubbed the back of her head stupidly. "Umm...here?"
She could almost feel Jake role his eyes at her and she huffed. "How am I suppose to remember? I was too taken by the fact that I was gonna end up training with him!"
Jake snorted in the back of her mind and Aisha snorted back. She opened the door and walked inside to where her bed was. The effects of the nectar were surly kicking in and she was feeling ten time better than she had a few hours ago. "So?"
'So what?'
She growled, her large canines bore at no one in particular. "Where am I meeting him?!"
'The clearing in the trees. Remember?'
Realization dawned on the your morphs features and she grinned. "Oh yeah! I remember! Good thing I have you, eh Jake?"

For the next hour she did as Clove said and simply rested in bed. By the time the hour was over, the Nectar had successfully healed her wounds and she was feeling better than ever. The scar on her arm stood in complete contract with her black stripes but she would forget about it sooner or later. Gathering her leather jacket she slung it over her shoulders and made towards the clearing that Clove had mentioned earlier. She found him simply staring at the stars looking rather dashing and brave simply sat and staring. She cleared her throat in order to gain his attention and threw her jacket to the floor, knowing full well that she would not be needing it. "Hey Clove."

Gumshoe Satyr
November 5th, 2008, 6:20 AM
Grimacing at its taste, Jack drank the Gloom potion, and after a few moments, felt his legs steady themselves a bit and knew that in a few hours he'd feel a lot better. Sitting on the floor with his back still against the wall, he carefully tried to light one of his wrist but only got a little bit of smoke. He'd just about used up the last of his fire when he'd shot the Flamethrower at Sabrina, and he felt strangely cold inside and vulnerable. Yawning a little, he dozed off for a little while, and when he awoke again, he saw Clove and Aisha heading off somewhere together. He tried to go back to sleep but found himself unable to relax himself. Too many problems and issues were bouncing around in his head, plus, he felt overcrowded and needed some time to himself.

Going outside, Jack figured out the direction that Aisha and Clove had gone by their footprints and purposely went in the opposite direction. He just didn't feel like talking to anyone tonight, no matter who it was. Since the fire inside him felt a little warmer now, he tried again to light one of his wrists but to no avail. Cursing under his breath, he continued walking slowly until he came to a tree with a low branch that had a clear view of the night sky. Stretching a bit, he felt satisfied that a little hop- in Blaziken terms- would hurt him and leaped nimbly onto the branch. His body complained a bit at the exertion, but he felt that it was worth the effort and sat down on the branch, his back against the trunk.

An old memory of his Blaziken flashing through his mind, he muttered softly, "This is something we used to do together all the time, isn't it, old friend? Climbing a tree and gazing at the stars..... When I was younger I felt like I could even touch them on some clear nights, but you always thought I was being silly...." He chuckled freely at that thought, more comfortable now that he was alone. He was still just a Torchic then.... He received no answer from Blitz, not that he expected any. He'd heard from other morphs that it was possible to speak to the Pokemon you morph with, but Blitz had never spoken to him. Massaging his right shoulder thoughtfully, he gazed up at the stars.

His mind drifting again, Jack remembered a dream that he'd had while he was still unconscious:

'Floating around in a black void, he noticed fragments of his past moving around him of their own accord. Drawn to one in particular, he followed it until the area around him brightened, and he found himself in a Pokemon Center, though everyone around him ignored him as if he was a ghost or invisible. It was then that he realized that this was a memory that he'd always tried to forget but always stayed with him.

In a bed, his human self lay, apparently unconscious, his right shoulder bangaged. A pink-haired lady stood near the side of the bed, her eyes full of worry. When Past Jack began to stir, she gave a sigh of relief, walking closer to his bedside.

His eyes focusing on her, Past Jack whispered weakly, "Nurse Joy?....What happened?.....Where's Blitz, my Blaziken?" He looked around the room, but his best friend wasn't in sight. "Is he alright?"

Tears forming in her eyes, Nurse Joy took several minutes to answer. Meanwhile, Present Jack shook with agitation. He knew how this would turn out, but somehow he couldn't turn his eyes away from this pitiful scene or wake up. To him, this was a nightmare.

Recovering her composure a bit, Nurse joy sadly said, "Well, Blitz will be alright physically soon, but I'm afraid he refuses to eat anything or say a word. I know I'm not an expert on the matter, but I think he's lost his fighting spirit, which is crucial for a fighting-type Pokemon. I'm not even sure how you did it, but you managed to do it, but you managed to drag the both of you here even though you were badly injured yourself. I was even more surprised when you said that you'd been fighting Misty.... Y-you refused to go to the hospital and leave Blitz, so the doctor ended up coming here, and...... He doesn't think you'll ever be able to use your right arm again, Jack. T-there was so much nerve damage....." Crying bitterly, Nurse Joy drew back the curtain around a nearby bed and excused herself, leaving Past Jack alone, stunned.

Before he could even fully comprehend the implications of what Nurse Joy had said, Past Jack noticed a battered Blaziken lying in the other bed. "Blitz!" he cried joyfully, wishing that he had the strength to jump out of bed and give his friend a hug. A hard lump formed in his throat when the Pokemon gave his trainer a glance but made no move to greet him or even to really acknowledge his existence. He could have easily just been another piece of furniture in the room. "Blitz?" This time the Blaziken didn't even stir...

By this time, Present Jack was in a rage. "Fool!" he roared at his younger, human self. "Don't just give up! He's not going to feel better in the morning! You have to talk to him now! Let him know you understand! You can still fix this!" He attempted to punch the boy in the bed but passed though him as if he was nothing more than a fine mist. Feeling even more frantic, Jack watched in dismay as the scene started to dissolve back into the black nothingness. As the dream ended, Jack yelled one last time. "You-I could've helped him get through that! I didn't have to let Misty end our friendship as easily as that!" The last thing he felt was a gut-wrenching feeling of lonliness that he hadn't allowed himself to feel in a long time....

Sighing as the memory ended, Jack massaged his right shoulder again and took his flute from his backpack, playing softly into the cool, clear night air. Despite the fact that he despised the feeling of regret, that was one scene that he'd always felt that he could've handled better. You always did like the sound of a flute, didn't you?......

November 5th, 2008, 1:02 PM
Denx was still holding his old phone with the numbers on it. He waited and waited for a reply from Clove.


Nothing. He sent the message again, wondering if he had just never got it. Sent, it said clear across the screen of his phone.

"Damn," he muttered, throwing it across the opening to the town. He instantly assumed that they all got new numbers. He started to pace, knowing they were somewhere in this town. He began to make his way through the dirt streets. He knew full well that it could take until morning even to find them. And he didn't know when they were suppose to leave. He could be screwed if they left without them. He didn't know if Clove knew he was suppose to meet up with them, but HQ would surely have his hide. He continued to walk the dirt roads of Parsifir, wondering if he would be with the same teammates. What if he did find the place they were resting at? Would he just walk in, them all staring at him awkwardly? No, he thought, it won't be that--

He heard the beautiful tune of music, something fairly high-pitched. It whistled throughout the air, but he couldn't decipher the tone. Was it angry, or happy? Denx was never one to really pick apart music. He covered his ears for a split second, staring at the sky. Would his grandfather be looking at the same moon he was looking at? Of course he would be, but he didn't know what was happening three regions away from here.

Denx followed the noise, but he started to cough irritably. He coughed for what seemed like ten minutes. After the wrenching coughs, he continued on his way, following the music, his body drained from the effort of coughing. His abs and throat hurt, but he didn't mind. The medicals said he would out for four months after he fell off the building in Pewter, but he was still fighting in Vermillion. Damn he thought I hate my determination. He coughed twice more, and stopped to take a drink out of the water bottle in his pack. It didn't help much, as he coughed while drinking, and the water went all over the front of him. He shivered a bit.

The flute noise was gradually getting closer. Soon, it was right above, darkness conceiling the donor of the melody. Denx, figuring it was eerie, hurried away from the tree that the noise came from. He was hasty in step, as he hurried to find his PLF companions. Then, he saw two figures. One was anonymous. But the other..

"Clove?" he said out loud. He recoiled back, remembering about his first.. encounter with Clove. He squinted in the dark, and sure enough, it was Clove. But.. who was the other one?

November 5th, 2008, 5:44 PM
The time passed slowly as Clove waited. The moonlight poured into the clearing, more than enough visibility for what was about to happen. Clove didn't really believe that Aisha had the proper mindset for what she was about to become but for the time being he needed to have faith...

"Hopefully this will be enough to at least show her the ropes..." A voice interrupted his thoughts and broke the silence.

"Hey, Clove."

"Hm, right on time, good good. We might as well get right down to business then. To use this style, you must use your high speeds to be both fluid and rigid at the same time. You have to be able to attack any spot you lay eye on in the blink of an eye and have enough force to do the required amount of force to make the blow lethal. Its a mixture of very precise Karate and... gymnastics? Its kind of hard to under stand. I think once you get the hang of what it feels like to maintain high speeds and fight someone. But lets not delay any longer... time is short..." Clove finished, after his short explanation.

He stood for a moment, removing his black dress shirt and once again leaving the tattered white shirt that he wore underneath. The green spikes on his body extended slowly to their maximum length, pushing through holes already created from their previous extensions. Clove hopped up and down, loosening his muscles before speaking again.

"I'm going to be coming at you with all I've got. If you want to learn quickly, you'll have to learn how to maintain complete focus while being conastntly pushed against the limits. We'll stop every time I would have landed a killing blow on you. Beginning now."

Clove vanished without warning into a whisp of darkness and shadows and appeared behind Aisha back to back with his right arm extended and a long green spike from his forearm extended dangerous close to her neck.

"And that would be death #1... you'll have to be much quicker than that." He said in a low mellow tone, he had clearly just made the matters quite serious. A moment passed before Clove proceeded with the match, disappearing again and leaving Aisha in silence to make a move...

November 8th, 2008, 4:47 PM
Aisha gasped as Clove grazed her neck, indicating that he would have already lost the battle if this had been real. She gave a loud gulp and was ready to reply before Clove vanished once again and readied himself for his next attack. Aisha stooped low and looked around her, trying to determine where Clove would appear next. She tuned her head now and again to cover her back, but found it extremely difficult to concentrate on multiple areas of the battle ground. She felt a breeze from behind and as she turned her head to attack or defend herself, she saw that cloves needles were extended towards her neck yet again. She did not jump, but her eyes grew wide and the mere though that she would have died twice in the space of thirty seconds if this had been a proper battle. She growled inwardly and watched as Clove disappeared from view. He knew that he didn't even have to change his tactics and it annoyed her. Instead of stooping low, Aisha proceeded to get down on all fours, finding it easier to move in this position due to the fact that she had canine blood flowing through her. Concentrating she pounced off to the side and lay her back against the trunk of the tree in order to prevent Clove from sneaking up behind her. This Proved to be useless as another breeze over came her and her gaze flew upwards coming face to face with another of Clove's needles before he disappeared again.

'Three deaths!' She cursed, banging her head against the trunk of the tree in frustration. This was too hard and Clove had pretty much mastered the art of assassination, she hadn't even considered this style of fighting before. Either way she was not about to give up now and was determined to get at least one death out of this if it took her all night. Throwing herself off to the side she got onto all fours and started to run, faster and faster until she had entered into her extreme speed, it was at this point that both of them had pretty much disappeared due to the speed they were moving at. Combining this with Double team she was able to create doubles of herself in order to confuse Clove further. Noting quickly that Clove was taking out her doubles fast with the combination of faint attack and his pin missile, she panicked and dove at the figure the next chance she got....only to completely miss and leave herself vulnerable. She growled, but quickly composed herself, combining her extreme speed and double team yet again. Only this time, to further lessen Clove's sight, she let loose a flame-thrower to create a sort of fire whirlwind effect. This time when Clove appeared, she dove at him, claws extended and aiming for his neck...

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November 9th, 2008, 10:00 AM
Clove vanished from behind her once more, he dashed around the tree tops with ease, using the darkness as an extra advantage, to move freely around the tree canopy with faint attack. He was now racking up more and more deaths on her, but he could already tell that she was training her eyes to counter him. She had started utilizing her full arsenal of attacks with combinations of flamethrower, double team, and short spurts of extreme speed.

"She's battling with her usual style...but starting to be able to predict where I'm going to appear... She's getting the hang of tracking fast paced movement but..." Clove thought through his mind he reappeared, preparing to attack again. Aisha was ready for him, charging at full force, ready to try and win the match. But that was the thing, she was only trying to win. As Aisha's extended claw drew nearer, Clove quickly reached his hand out, grabbing Aisha by the wrist, and in one fluid motion, he stepped out of the way, tripping her and sending her tumbling across the ground into a tree on the edge of the clearing. He quickly followed up, sending a single pin missile screaming through the air and landing into the trunk of the tree, inches from Aisha's face.

"That's four." Clove said quietly. He could see the obvious frustration in Aisha's face as he looked down at her. "You're getting the hang of gauging your opponents strength and speed and using it in relation to the battlefield to predict attacks. But that's just the first step. You don't have killing intent. You simply want to win. If you just want to win, you're going to lose your life. And in order to do that. Your attacks are going to have to meet mine. Every time i try to make an attack, you should be there with a counter or an attack of your own. High speed assassination takes a level of awareness beyond normal. You need to be able to predict, counter, and attack, all in the same motion. Every moment counts, every opening could spell death. The only way to stop someone else who has intent to kill you. Is to kill them first. Now stand up." Clove said in a low voice.

He waited for Aisha to stand up, but she still looked a bit unsure, the conflict in her mind was definitely visible even in the moonlit clearing. He shook his body out, loosening his muscles and limbering up before extending his spikes out once more and jumping backwards, vanishing into the night once more. Aisha stood readying to fight as Clove moved in quickly at the opportunity.

"No time for getting ready!" Clove snapped as he appeared above Aisha, ready to claim his 5th kill. Slicing down with his Needle Arm, Aisha quickly vanished from the path of the needle arm, letting it crash into the ground. Clove looked in confusion for a moment, but quickly smirked. Turning around with spikes extended as Aisha appeared above him, throwing down a crushing claw of her own. He quickly deflected her attack using his spikes. The two of them paused for a moment after the clash of attacks before they both vanished without a sound. The clearing was silent for another moment before they both appeared in the center of the arena, exchanging another heavy clash and disappearing again.

"So she's stepping it up a bit... but its not enough yet. lets see what she can do when I add the final step..." Clove thought with a clever grin across his face.

The two of them reappeared again, clashing attacks heavily. This time after the attack, there was no down time. Clove took advantage of the second where they were both off balance, jumping into the air and placing a firm kick right into Aisha's chest. She stumbled backwards coughing a moment before Clove appeared behind her once more. She continued stumbling slightly before bumping into Clove who had spikes and needles ready once again.

"That's five. You're finally getting it... but you need to know that there are no wasted moments. It takes endurance and accuracy, you need to always be on the offensive no matter what. That's how you're going to live through this. Now... let's do this for real. I wont be holding back anymore."

November 9th, 2008, 12:07 PM
So Clove wanted her to be fast, eh? He was messing with the wrong morph then. She knew she was the fastest member of the team and knew that if she just had enough training she could probably best Clove when it came to speedy attacks, perhaps not in accuracy but her speed bested his, she knew it…she just had to find it with in her to match his attacks or at least dodge them. “That's how you're going to live through this. Now... let's do this for real. I wont be holding back anymore."
“Then neither am I.” She growled, her features darkening like never had done before. She crouched low and successfully dodged a pin missile thrown at her head, she grew rather cocky then and a grin spread across her face, it soon disappeared when Clove appeared behind her and kicked her in the small of her back, sending her to her knees. Taking Clove’s words into consideration she quickly flipped herself forward and back onto her feet just in time to block Clove’s next attack. Granted it was a bit of a fluke, but Clove needn’t know that. She watched as Clove disappeared once more from view and she quickly followed suit, using extreme speed to seemingly disappear from view. During her disappearing act, she used double team and watched as her doubles pounced off in different directions.

‘So, I’ve gotta want to kill him and not win then? Hmm, I kinda get it.’
Another of her doubles disappeared before her and she knew Clove was closing in on her real form, only this time she was ready for him. As soon as Clove came for her from behind, she crouched down low and let herself fall back behind Clove by sliding through his parted legs. She rose quickly and made to slice his neck, but it was parried by growing needles. Not hesitating she immediately created more doubles and sprang off in a different direction. "Argh! He’s too good, he knows all the tricks, he knows what to expect as if he has foresight! How am I suppose to match that?!"
‘Your not suppose to win, Aisha. You just need to keep up. Stop playing to win and start playing to kill!’
"Jakey? You were listening too?"
Jake didn’t have time to reply as Clove appeared from above, falling from a tree and slicing her cheek with a needle before disappearing. Aisha raised a clawed hand to her cheek and saw a pool of blood form atop her black claw. She looked at it in both shock and horror when she realised that Clove really wasn’t kidding when he said he wasn’t holding back anymore.
“Blood?” She whispered.
‘Now do you see?” Jake piped up in the back of her mind. ‘If you loose concentration your only going to get beat. Start planning your moves before you even know what they are.’

Aisha growled and nodded, understanding now that she needed to be aware, all the time.
She blocked another attack from Clove and countered it with her own swipe only to have that blocked again. She sprang off, now learning to always use extreme speed to cloak herself. She dug her nails into a nearby tree as she felt the Cacturne approach from behind and swung herself around, finally, successfully delivering a kick to Clove’s stomach. She immediately released herself from the tree and followed it up with a flamethrower aimed directly at Clove’s being.

November 9th, 2008, 1:41 PM
Jade was about to head back inside when she felt a presence. She turned swiftly but only caught a dark whisp of whatever had previously been there. She crouched down, using her hands as well, and felt for any sign of movement. To her right, where Clove and Aisha had gone to train, she felt a great amount of movement. Like there was more than two people dueling, but she figured Aisha was using her Extreme Speed or Double Team.

Giving up on her suspicion, Jade leaned against the wall of the building and slid down into a sitting position with her knees curled up against her. Her teammates were healing, resting, and preparing for Lavender. And what was Jade doing?

Worrying, waiting, and hoping. But when it came down to it, she was doing nothing. What could she do? There was no one to spar with and she was unsure how to train without toppling buildings and clearing massive amounts of trees.

She felt vulnerable. Her home town was being attacked. It wasn't a matter of strength or hope, both of those she had more than enough of. She was afraid she'd lose focus, that her emotions would get in the way. Even though Jade had told Oliver to leave town, she couldn't help but feel she'd be saving him within the next 48 hours.

Jade looked down at her feet and immediately gasped, and closed her eyes. What she had just seen was...odd. Maybe she needed some sleep; she'd have to open her eyes at some point. Slowly her eyelids opened and again she saw the marvel that shocked her before.

Several pebbles were encircling her, none any bigger than her thumbnail. They stopped in midair when she focused on them. What the hell? She narrowed her eyes and the pebbles began to circle again slowly. The more she concentrated the faster they moved. When the ruckus became loud from the clearing, interupting her trian of thought, the pebbles fell to the ground. Jade glared Thanks Clove... When she tried levitating the pebbles again, nothing happened.

Jade stood, brushing herself off, "What was that all about?" she whispered. The Tyranitar morph made her way inside; a nap would do her good and since she wouldn't be able to tell Clove about what she had discovered right now, what better way to prepare than get some rest?

Gumshoe Satyr
November 9th, 2008, 8:31 PM
Sighing, Jack put the flute back in his backpack. With a battle tomorrow, he needed to stop reminiscing and start preparing. He looked at his wrist and again tried to ignite it and to his joy, it burst into flames. Lifting his other wrist, he ignited it as well. He extinguished both of them and proceeded to light them again, pleased that his fire had returned. Well, time for a little training now!

After he'd extinguished the flames again, he leaped from his perch onto the ground. Looks like the potion did its job. Jack twisted his body in every which way, testing for any weaknesses. There was no doubt that he felt a lot better. Calming his breathing, he began to move his body into various forms or Kata, as it is also called. He slipped into different attack and defense postures, moving faster and into more difficult forms as he felt more confident and ready for more vigorous exercise

After doing this for a while, he stopped, panting for several seconds. Standing perfectly still now, he cleared his mind and seemed to be almost into a meditative state. He could hear Hoothoot and various other Pokemon in the forest, but he took no notice of them, keeping his mind focused on the task at hand.

"Haw!" he yelled as he jabbed his hand quickly through the air at a pretend enemy in front of him. Dancing aside, he dodged an invisible blow from his right, countering with a sweeping kick. For several minutes he fought his invisible foes without the use of his attacks, but slowly he started to incorporate them. Activating his Agility, he weaved in and out of trees, imagining that he was fighting a high-speed foe. "Come on! You're too slow!" he yelled to himself. "There are people who need help! You're got to do better than this!" Charging forward with a Sky Uppercut, he slammed his fist through a tree, quickly sweeping his other arm forward to block another blow. "Is this really all the power you have!? How are you going to defeat a Gym Leader much less one of the Elite Four with such a pathetic display!? You have to push harder!"

Lashing out with a Blaze Kick, he leaped back and quickly followed it with a strong Flamethrower. "That's more like it!" He continued with this training until he was exhausted. He decided to climb back into the tree to sleep since it was a pleasant night, and he still felt like he needed to be alone. Drifting off to sleep on his perch, his last thought was of his home in Hoenn.

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November 11th, 2008, 9:49 AM
Aisha was quickly gaining the ropes and it was becoming obvious as the fight progressed.

"Just as I thought. Her natural knowledge as a Pokemon Ranger and the combination with her Arcanine mixed for the perfect candidate for this style... she's almost to the point where she can use it effectively..." Clove thought as he dashed around the tree tops, the sliced down at Aisha, narrowly slicing her cheek as blood slowly trickled down. He landed on the ground gracefully, crouching low and vanishing into the shadows once more. Wasting no time he started his assault again, as he slowly moved her towards the edge of the clearing. Coming in for another quick finish, Clove appeared only to be greeted by Aisha's foot, thudding into his chest and sending him stumbling backwards. He coughed, losing his breath and quickly looked up, preparing to move again for an attack but was greeted with a very unwelcomed sight.

"Flamethrower... I knew this was coming... and I don't have the same counter capabilities I would in the daytime... This is gonna hurt bad..." Clove's thoughts echoed through his mind as time seemed to freeze for him.

"Hey boss... just let go..."
"All you gotta do is let go... I'll take over from there..."
"Alright Cacturne... its in your hands..."

Clove's eyes quickly hollowed out, the whites of his eyes fading to black and his yellow iris' glowing like moonlight. The black aura quickly shrouded his body as his spikes retreated into his body. He threw a heavy punch into the center of the massive column of fire, parting the flames and sending them to either side of him until the attack finished. Clove stood for a moment, completely consumed by the darkness around him, with a malicious grin. His hand smoked with burn wound as he shook it off and shifted his gaze to Aisha. The grin spread even farther as their eyes met.

"Cacturne. That's enough."
"Just a while longer, boss..."

Clove bounded towards Aisha, tearing the earth from where he stood with incredible force and zoomed straight to her face, meeting inches apart and staring into her eyes before vanishing with incredible speed and appear at the opposite end of the clearing. He could feel the power consuming him and controlling him. He dashed straight for Aisha, tearing earth as he traveled at break neck speed.

"Cacturne! Stop! NOW!" Clove screamed in his head, snapping himself back to reality and gaining control of his body, moment before he arrived at Aisha, punching beside her head and putting his fist into the tree behind them. He removed his fist from the wood, hearing it splinter and crackle as he pulled it out. He shook the splintered chips from around his hand, breathing heavily and looking to Aisha.

"...I think...I think we can be done for now...You'll need rest for the mission tomorrow. Don't let me down... but then again it doesn't look like you will. And Denx! We're all stationed over at the inn, I'll give you your debriefing over there." Clove called across the clearing into the bushes. He had seen Denx while traveling through the trees fighting Aisha but had to wait until they had finished to acknowledge his presence. He didn't want anything interfering with Aisha's concentration. He walked through the trees, heading back to town and ignoring the fact that he no doubt needed to explain himself.

"Superpower... again... but I can't control my body. I could have destroyed her... I need to learn to control it. But its not me doing it. Its not Cacturne's fault though, I shouldn't have let him be able to do that. But it does seem my body doesn't hurt nearly as much. Koichi did say that the side effects wouldn't be as bad when Superpower is turned off willingly... I'll just need rest tonight after debriefing Denx. Tomorrow's battle is going to be a big one... I hope Jade is handling this okay..."

November 13th, 2008, 1:43 PM
Denx was watching the horrific battle scene between Clove and.. some Fire type morph. His eyes were widened at the mere strength of both. Well.. he thought, seems as if I wasn't the only one doing some training around here. I had no idea Clove possessed so much power. He knelt behind the bushes, not sure what to do. Was this a real match? If so, it seemed to be in Clove's hands. He stayed behind the bushes, and continued to watch until both stopped. He could hear panting, but couldn't see much. He poked his head out a little, just enough to see both of them standing hand-shake distance from eachother. Denx looked at his own hand, clenched in a fist. He released his fist, and a crackle of electricity sparked out. He could tell that Clove was definitely.. different, somehow.

"I.. I think we can be done for now.." Denx heard Clove say. He nearly shocked himself at the surprise. Clove must've been training someone. But.. did it work? He was about to sink back into the bushes when he heard his name.

"And Denx!" Clove said. Denx bristled, standing up slowly as if he had been standing the whole time, "we're all stationed over at the inn, I'll give you your debriefing over there." Denx nodded, and joined his hands behind his back.

"Yup," he said simply and shortly. He circled the battle scene, not sure what to do when he got there. He walked a bit to the inn, and opened the door. Nothing special. He sat down at the table off to the side of the rather small lobby, and started to rummage through his pack. Still nothing special. He pulled out a pack of chewing gum, and started to chomp away. He threw the wrapper at a waste basket, bouncing in then out of the full garbage can. He pulled out a deck of cards, and began setting up a game of solitaire. He sighed, then stretched, feeling awfully comfortable here. Well, I had just woken up, he thought. He remembered the scene of him sitting in front of the window in the moving Hummer. He yawned. He leaned his chair back, and rested his feet on another chair. He wondered why he was so comfy here. Maybe it was that there were no enemy morphs? Or he was finally used to his morph-stage? Whatever he thought, and continued playing his card game.

He remembered something his grandfather told him.

"You know Denx," said the old man, "Solitaire is my favorite game. It's only second to my favorite hobby; setting up traps. Someday you will understand."

Young Denx looked up with endearing eyes, and asked, "What's Solitaire?"

"Well," staggered his grandfather, "It's a game for people who like to play with themselves. Wahahaha!" He started to laugh histerically. Denx still looked up puzzled at the joke.

"I get it now! Ha!" he said out loud, "You never cease to amaze me, old man!"

November 13th, 2008, 4:44 PM
Jade was waiting in the inn for Clove. She needed to tell someone about what had just happened and she knew their fearless leader would be more than interested at her recent finding. Could it be a clue to her fifth move? The Tyranitar's mind was racing and her eyes were glued to the door, waiting for Clove's arrival. Surely he and Aisha were done by now. They both needed rest before tomorrow morning...

The door opened and Jade jumped in her seat, but it wasn't Clove. It took her mind a moment to register who exactly she was seeing. Deja vu was a familiar sensation and her entire being was tingling from it. The tail, the orange skin, orange hair...

"Denx?" by the time the words made their way out of her mouth, the Raichu morph was already into a game of solitaire. Before he could react, Jade jumped off her resting place, ran across the room, and embraced her morph friend. She hoped her rough skin didn't harm him. "Denx, dude, I missed you!" she practically squealed into his shoulder. She and the Raichu morph had kicked some serious ass together back in Pewter. They were both rookies then. But now both of them were polished and pristine fighting machines. She could tell just by looking him over that he'd trained while he was away.

She continued to hug the morph, figuring that catching up with an old friend would pass the time.

November 14th, 2008, 12:55 PM
Denx had just gotten into a fierce game of this solitaire, when he was tugged off of his chair, nearly planting his face on the ground. He was surrounded by a rugged toughness that he had never felt before.

"Denx, dude, I missed you!" he heard. His arms were down at his sides, as he struggled to remember who this was. He then remembered, and jumped out of his seat, and hugged the Tyranitar morph back. He knew it was Jade. He was relieved to see that he was in the right inn, because he wasn't sure if this was the right place. Not only that, but he was relieved to see that he had the same team.. or did he? At least there was someone he knew. Maybe that's why this place was so comforting. He swiped his cards off the table, and shoved them into his pack.

"Jade! I missed you, to! Holy crap! How long has it been.. a few months?" he pondered out loud. Without giving her time to answer, his inquisitive side got the better of him.

"Do we still have the same team? Is there anyone new? Where is everyone else?" he shot out, one after another. He was nearly out of breath from the adrenaline he had. His stamina had really been taken down by his sickness, and he was training to over come it, but it didn't work well. Although, he had learned some new moves and become stronger. He looked at Jade, and could tell she had certainly done some training. He remembered Clove's fight, and wondered if Saffron had really helped their training that much.

"You probably don't want to come too close to me, I think I have a cold," he said, sniveling a bit. He glanced around the dimly lit room, noticing its silent tranquility. There obviously were no enemies here as far as the PLF knew. Or at least as far as he knew. He didn't have his phone anymore, so he couldn't find out what was going to happen. He didn't care, though. Now, he was by a familiar face. He never really realized how much he missed the PLF.

November 17th, 2008, 10:28 AM
Aisha stared, horrified at the enlarged needle before her. She had gone cross eyed just to keep the sharpened pick in view. Her heart had momentarily stopped and her eyes had taken on dinner plates. After noting that Clove was indeed not going to kill her she looked up at him with wide eyes and her chest rose and fell rapidly. She saw Clove’s eyes widen at the realization of what he had been about to do. She wanted to say something but found she couldn’t instead to proceeded to push the pin like weapon away from her body.

"...I think...I think we can be done for now...You'll need rest for the mission tomorrow. Don't let me down... but then again it doesn't look like you will. And Denx! We're all stationed over at the inn, I'll give you your debriefing over there." Clove had said, steeping back from where Aisha was still a little shocked laying on the floor where she had been hit down.
She managed a tiny nod and pushed herself up slowly from the floor and brushing off her clothes from the mud and gravel, ignoring the spills of blood on her outfit. “Umm…th-thanks Clove.” She muttered as she picked up her coat from under a tree and gave him a weak smile before making off back to they’re lodgings. She passed Denx and frowned at him, not sure of who he was exactly.

As she approached the entrance to the lodge, she reached out for the handle but stopped just shy. She sighed and pulled away and instead headed out into the nearby forest again to take some time to think of what it was she was doing, and why exactly Clove had lost control like that. She walked passed a tree which had an old swing hanging from it, it looked as if this lodge had been home to someone before them and she didn’t want to imagine what had happened to the family that had once lived here. She ignored it, feeling an uncomfortable twang in her heart and carried on deeper into the forest, keeping track of what direction she was travelling in so as she could find her way back later on.

Coming to a small opening, much like the one her and Clove had sparred in, she sprawled out on the floor with a huff and placed her hands behind her head to act as a cushion. She stared up at the night sky and noted that it was a full moon. They always managed to make her smile.
“Now then, why exactly did Clove want to KILL me?” she muse aloud.
‘Perhaps his companion was not the nicest of fellows?’ Jake piped up in the back of her mind.
“You think so? I mean, Clove doesn’t sound like a bad trainer.”
She could almost feel Jake shrug. ‘Maybe he wasn’t and only now his partners true colors are showing.’
“Maybe…but why would it want to kill me? I’ve never really done anything to Clove to deserve it…”
‘Who knows…maybe he just doesn’t like you.’

November 18th, 2008, 11:25 AM
ooc: just a tiny tidbit, Shadow. Clove's spikes don't extend when he's under the effect of Superpower.

Clove walked back alone through the light of the moon as it bathed the small town in its glow. He stepped into the inn to see Jade and Denx already there, catching up from the looks of things.

"Glad to see you're healthy and well, Denx. And you've been busy... You don't feel like a rookie anymore." Clove responded, looking at Denx one more time. He had definitely gotten stronger since the Vermillion incident.

"Unfortunately though..." Clove quickly interjected. "You may be about to put yourself to the biggest test you've had. We have intelligence on Agatha attacking Lavender tomorrow at Noon. We're going to intercept. Of course its also voluntary for you... it isn't a PLF mission and is incredibly dangerous. Lieutenant Plum has already backed out. I'll give you the night to think about it. We'll be rendezvousing at the underground tunnel near Celadon at 08:00 and going underneath Saffron to Lavender. I'll need your answer by then. Get some sleep though. You too, Jade. Its been a long day for all of us and an even longer day tomorrow." Clove finished, walking to the back of the inn and vanishing into the darkness of a single bed room where he plopped down and quickly fell asleep from the day's exhaustion.

* * *

The morning came with a bright sunny day and few clouds. The morning birds chirped happily as the sunlight peaked through the window. Clove struggled with his eyelids to push them open. He sat up, looking out the window to see the sun not quite above the mountains in the east near Lavender.

"hmpf... I guess today is the day when we find out if we stand a chance in this ridiculous war..." Clove muttered to himself as he grabbed his black dress shirt riddled with holes from the back of a chair, slinging it over his back and buttoning up the front as if attempting to look casual even though his clothes were in tatters. He walked from his room silently, not a sound could be heard in the inn except the peaceful slumber of who was most likely his team members. He let the calm flow around him for a moment before breathing deeply and smiling.

"Enjoy the peace while you can... If anyone deserves it, its you guys..." Clove said silently to himself before heading out the door into the morning air. It was roughly 7am, the morning mist lay over much of the woods as dew dropped silently from tree leaves. He continued to walk for a short amount of time before coming across an old abandoned building behind some trees.

"This tunnel must not have been used at all since the Morph Rebellion... the towns people must be too afraid...there isn't even a guard" Clove thought to himself as he approached the run down building covered in vines and shrubs. He found a small area under a tree to wait for his team mates before removing the black shirt from his back once again and setting it in his lap. He pulled a small spool of white string from inside his right pocket then pulled a small Pin Missile from his arm and tied one end of the string to it. He began to quickly and efficiently sew up the various holes in his shirt, patching them up with the opposite color string but it was all he had. He didn't care though, if there was any way to calm him before a mission, this was it. He continued to repair his shirt in the solitude of the morning, waiting for the other team members to arrive. For in a matter of hours, they would be fighting for their lives once again.

November 18th, 2008, 5:02 PM
Jade had a hard time falling alseep. Anxiety was eating her inside and out. Clove had gone to bed too quickly for her to jump in a talk so she would have to tell him what she discovered in the morning.

The night was quiet and in the back of her mind she knew this was the last time it would be quiet for awhile. Some serious stuff was going down the next day and it was going to be anything but easy. She wondered how hard it would be to beat Agatha, or even survive Agatha. They had barely made it out of Saffron....

Her lids became heavy and her muscles relaxed.

The next morning she woke up in a sweat. Her breathing was harsh and heavy, her eyes darted back and forth but all she found were her sleeping teammates. Once Jade had calmed down she glanced to where Clove had fallen asleep the night before to find him gone.

That guy just can't stay still...

Quietly, she headed to an restroom to wash up. It wasn't necessary but it was routine. Besides, when was the next time she'd have the comfort of hygiene? She splashed cold water on her green face and skin, making her rough skin alert. When the Tyranitar Morph brought her face up to the mirror she barely recognized the girl looking back.

So much has happened....so much is going to happen....

Jade made her way outside and suddenly found Clove, who was in the middle of mending his clothes. She had always found it a little silly, since he'd be ripping them up again in a few hours, but if that's what it took to calm him...
"Good morning," she said, not believing her own words. She didn't expect him to answer. "So, while we have this time, I thought I should let you know..." she went on to explain the phenomena that had occured the night before, hoping that he would have some kind of answer for her. "I don't know if it has something to do with the 5th move or what," she shrugged, after telling her story. Jade waited for him to respond.

November 21st, 2008, 1:54 PM
Denx saw Clove walk in to the room from the corner of his eye. He was not sure if he could face him.. backing down from the PLF for a month, because he was sick. While he was in bed, they were fighting. Well, his training could only be for the better. He was relieved by a simple compliment from Clove, "You don't feel like a rookie anymore." Denx started to sigh some relief, when Clove continued, "You may be about to put yourself to the biggest test you've had. We have intelligence on Agatha attacking Lavender tomorrow at Noon. We're going to intercept. Of course its also voluntary for you... it isn't a PLF mission and is incredibly dangerous. Lieutenant Plum has already backed out. I'll give you the night to think about it. We'll be rendezvousing at the underground tunnel near Celadon at 08:00 and going underneath Saffron to Lavender. I'll need your answer by then. Get some sleep though. You too, Jade. Its been a long day for all of us and an even longer day tomorrow." Denx almost nodded right away, until Clove said that he think about it. He nodded, understandingly. Of course he would take the mission, he thought. He could make it up in his conscious. He walked off energetically to his room, ready for the mission. It felt good to be back on the neverending schedule of the PLF.


Denx finally awoke, the night seeming to last forever. He had gotten some sleep in the Hummer ride to his current location (near enough anyway), and was already partially rested up. He had trouble getting sleep, since he had some energy. Now, he felt quite groggy, but he knew that after a nice, warm cup of coffee, he would be awake. He remembered his mother always telling him not to drink coffee. It would addict him, and he would stop growing. He shrugged the feeling off his shoulder, and hopped out of bed, with his full uniform on.. which were just casual clothes. He grabbed the small shoulder bag, and put it on. Finally, he slipped his sneakers on.

He walked out into the lobby, and saw that it was nearly 7:50. He grabbed a small, styrofoam cup, and filled it with hot coffee. After dumping approximately 5 sugar packets, he put the lid on it and went on his way. He stepped out into the chilly morning, with dew on the grass. The sun was starting to lift up off of the mountainous horizon. He inhaled the tranquility while he had the chance, and made way for the underground tunnel that they were to meet at. When he finally arrived, it was 7:55. He saw Jade talking almost secretively to Clove, both were the only ones he saw. He sipped his coffee, and shifted his attention to the side of the mountain. He saw a few small Pokemon playing on it. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

November 27th, 2008, 6:06 AM
(OOC: my character profile is posted under the OOC. Sorry this is so short, I just can't bunny Clove. If it's too short, I can probably find something to add. You can bunny Ember a bit, but if I have a suggestion for a change I'll PM you.)

Ember knew that he was around somewhere. Cacturne-Morphs always left a musty smell in the air. Well, that and the fact that she had been following his footprints for the past five minutes. Her shoes were off, exposing her padded dog-like feet, because it allowed her to run more swiftly. Cool air poured into her mouth as the scenery rapidly changed around her, sending daggers down her throat. The smell of Cacturne quickly grew stronger and Ember slowed down, her breath quickly returning to normal. She saw that Clove sat beneath a tree, sewing his shirt of all things. His face was shaded by that ridiculous hat of his he was so famous for. He was talking to a female Tyranitar-Morph, who sat down beside him.

"This could make things even more difficult," Ember growled. After a moment, she put on the best smile she could muster and stepped out into the open.

"Lieutenant Clove," Ember greeted respectfully, hoping her expression didn't look as fake as it felt.

Clove jumped, as did the Tyranitar-morph.

November 27th, 2008, 4:43 PM
The peaceful morning which hid the true intentions of the afternoon was all around, alive with wild life. While Clove sat calmly waiting, no surprise, Jade was the first one to arrive at the rendezvous. The battle ahead was weighing on her shoulders more than anyone else and Clove definitely knew it. She approached slowly, but after making her presence known, quickly went into an explanation of the previous night's events.

"Hm... floating stones... and you think it might be your 5th move?" Clove questioned kind of sceptically. "Well... for all I know, you could have just learned a new normal attack. I'm no expert, I know about as much as you do about it. If it is your 5th move... lets hope something happens today, aye?" Clove said in attempt to cheer her up, but obviously failing. It was true though, Clove still had minimal knowledge about how the 5th move actually works. He couldn't help but let his mind drift, and wonder if Erika had also reached the point of her 5th move. Before he could inspect too much farther into his thoughts, they were interrupted.

"Lieutenant Clove?" a girl's voice came through the morning air. A surprised look quickly covered Clove's face as he jumped backwards, dropping his shirt and extending his spikes, ready for combat. From first glance, she was a Ninetails and looked harmless enough, but Clove had to be on guard.

"Who are you."

November 27th, 2008, 7:02 PM
Clove went into defense-mode, his spikes extending through his skin. His shirt fluttered to the ground

"Who are you?" he demanded.

Ember shifted uncomfortably under their stares, then straightened up. Of course she knew this was coming, she just wasn't planning on the girl being there too.

Remember who you're talking to, Pyra reminded her. He is you leader now, though I know that you don't take well to leaders...

"I am Ember Firestone. I have been sent as backup for your next mission."

Clove raised an eyebrow.

November 27th, 2008, 7:29 PM
"Hm... floating stones... and you think it might be your 5th move?" Clove questioned kind of sceptically. "Well... for all I know, you could have just learned a new normal attack. I'm no expert, I know about as much as you do about it. If it is your 5th move... lets hope something happens today, aye?" He was trying to make her feel better, and she appreciated it, but it wasn't working.

"Lieutenant Clove," said a voice in the shadows. A Ninetales Morph appeared out of no where. She was beautiful but Jade was shocked that, for the first time since her morph, she had not felt this stranger's approach. Clove jumped up, letting out his spikes defensively.

"Who are you?" he questioned, focusing soley on the stranger.

"I am Ember Firestone. I have been sent as backup for your next mission," she answered.

Jade raised an eyebrow; this seemed beyond suspicious. She tightened her muscles, in case she needed to defend herself, "Nice try, Headquarters doesn't know about our next mission," Jade whispered fiercely, without realizing she had been clenching her teeth. "Why are you really here?" she asked, positioning herself next to Clove.

November 27th, 2008, 8:15 PM
The girl raised an eyebrow. "Nice try, Headquarters doesn't know about our next mission," she whispered fiercely. She clenched her teeth. "Why are you really here?" she asked, standing closer to Clove.

Ember raised an eyebrow herself. Ember, hold your tongue. I know what you're thinking and I'm telling you right now that's it's not a good idea to-

"So you're going against the Headquarter's order's?" Ember clicked her tongue. "If you don't mind me asking, what could posses you to do something so idiotic as to endanger the mission? Well, the mission that you're supposed to be doing."

-get on the bad side of your new leader, Pyra finished bitterly.

November 27th, 2008, 8:28 PM
"So you're going against the Headquarter's orders?" Ember clicked her tongue. "If you don't mind me asking, what could posses you to do something so idiotic as to endanger the mission? Well, the mission that you're supposed to be doing."

Jade wrinkled her nose, looking the stranger over with a glare, and tried her hardest not to let loose the attack she had prepared." Idiotic?" she hissed, "Don't be so fast to talk about things you don't understand. I am the one asking the questions here and, if you really are part of PLF, I out rank you," She emphasized these last three words. "Our mission is to protect the people of Kanto and that's what we're doing."

Jade looked away from the Ninetales morph toward Clove, attempting to focus on anger and not the sorrow that was pulsing inside her at the thought of ignoring Lavender. Well, she was rather bias. Even so, we need to protect those people. No matter what. And if HQ doesn't understand that, then I don't want to work under PLF's orders anymore. Good mission statement, bad orders.

She continued gritting her teeth and hoped Clove put this newcoming in her place.

November 28th, 2008, 8:24 AM
Denx stood there, his attention to the mountainside. He heard Jade and Clove talking secretively, something about a.. 5th move? Denx's eyes widened, and he dropped his coffee. He looked over his shoulder and looked at Clove and Jade, without them noticing.

"5th move..?" he muttered to himself. He had heard of the 5th move from before. He remembered, when he was in the Hummer, the two men talking in the front seat with eachother. He heard one mutter something about Denx and his 5th move, but he figured then that it was just something stupid. Maybe it still was, maybe it still wasn't. Denx shrugged off the nostalgia, and turned back around. He looked at his feet, and saw his shoes covered with coffee. It wasn't really hot, but it was somewhat warm. Steam rose from his feet, in the cool morning air. He knew it was going to get hot soon, so he breathed in the air. He turned back around when he heard another unfamiliar voice.

"If you don't mind me asking, what could posses you to do something so idiotic as to endanger the mission? Well, the mission that you're supposed to be doing," he heard. What he saw was another morph, along with Jade and Clove. It seemed like Jade and the other one were arguing. Denx started on his way over.

He looked at Jade and the other morph for a second, figuring the other morph had been a part of the team since he had left. He nodded quickly, and stood on the other side of Clove, looking at the ground. He waited, and then..

"Don't be so fast to talk about things you don't understand. I am the one asking the questions here and, if you really are part of PLF, I out rank you," he heard. Oh yeah, this was definitely an argument. He stood there, listening to the words.

Denx, still looking down at the ground, spoke up to Clove.

"So, is this all who are coming?"

Gumshoe Satyr
November 30th, 2008, 4:28 PM
Jack awoke to find a fine mist covering the forest and himself wet from the morning dew, which was actually a little refreshing until his type's classic dislike for water kicked in. "Maybe sleeping outside wasn't such a good idea...," he muttered as he shook as much of the liquid from his clothes. "Well, at least it won't take me very long to dry." When he was finished, he settled back down on the tree limb to enjoy the peace and quiet of the new day, but it wasn't long until something caught his attention.

Some distance away, Jack spotted Clove walking toward the trees in the direction of the old abandoned tunnel that all the morphs were supposed to meet at. "Getting to be that time already, eh? Well, you won't get any complaints from me. I'm ready for action," he said to himself as the Cacturne morph disappeared from sight. Soon after that, he saw Jade passing by as well.

Stretching and shouldering his pack, he adjusted his cap and stood up before bounding from branch to branch through the trees to catch up to Jade and Clove. As he went along, his muscles trembled slightly in anticipation of the mission in Lavender. There's no way we're going to lose today! We've just got to help those people! Jack very quickly came upon an old abandoned building where he saw Clove, Jade, and two other morphs he didn't recognize, but before he could join them he heard a heated discussion between Clove, Jade, and what appeared to be a Ninetails morph.

"So you're going against the Headquarter's order's?" the Ninetails asked, clicking her tongue. "If you don't mind me asking, what could posses you to do something so idiotic as to endanger the mission? Well, the mission that you're supposed to be doing."Glaring at her from his perch, Jack couldn't believe what she was saying.Was she really criticizing them about deciding to help the citizens of Lavender?

Apparently very angry, Jade hissed, "Idiotic? Don't be so fast to talk about things you don't understand. I am the one asking the questions here and, if you really are part of PLF, I out rank you," She emphasized the last three words. "Our mission is to protect the people of Kanto and that's what we're doing." Jack heard the other morph, a Raichu morph by the look of his tail, but he wasn't listening.

Jumping down to the ground, he leaned against a tree several feet from the others and waited to see what would happen next.

December 1st, 2008, 2:03 AM
The morph explained her situation and name but quickly took an ill tone towards the mission's ideals. Only making things worse, Jade provoked the situation by letting her emotions fog her actions and on top of that, it was nearing time to leave as more morphs showed up. Denx interjected among the conversation as Clove eyed the Ninetails through narrow eyes.

"So, is this all who are coming?" Denx said beside him.

"NOT. the time, Denx." Clove hissed. "And as for you."

Clove had reached his limit on hearing what the girl had to say. She had over stepped serious boundaries that he had that killed for less over. In his usual fashion, Clove vanished into a wisp of black shadows, appearing behind Ember with his arm outstretched and spike held close to her neck, assuring her moments from death.

"I'm first Lieutenant Clove Wheldst. I didn't ask for back up. And there is no one named Ember Firestone nor has there ever been, in the PLF. If you cherish the mouth that you easily spit lies with, I suggest you use it to begin explaining before I grow impatient." Clove hissed at the girl. There was no time for this type of nonsense, they needed to start moving, but where was Aisha as well? Had she changed her mind? Maybe the training was too rough. He quickly snapped back to present mind, awaiting his answer.

December 1st, 2008, 4:49 AM
The fact that there was a spike digging into the back of her neck didn't make Ember much more than slightly nervous. She had been threatened with death too many times before to allow herself to be afraid now. And she knew how easily thorns burned... but that wouldn't help her position.

Ember closed her eyes and sighed, waiting for a moment to consult Pyra.

Oh, so you'll listen to me now? Pyra's ironically calm voice asked.

I'll do you one better, Ember answered, calming herself as she felt Pyra reach out.

So you want me to clean up your mess?


I'm honored.

Ember felt Pyra slowly take control of her.

"The mouth she easily spits lies with?" Pyra suddenly used her mouth and began laughing. Whenever Pyra spoke through her, Ember's voice sounded more full and profound, not to mention persuasive. "If you had been in her head all that time she was trying to put together an excuse while she searched for you, you would know that she never easily spits anything. Oh, but excuse me. I should probably explain. I am Pyra. No no, it's not what you're thinking. I am the Ninetails Ember morphed with."

Ember tugged at her legs, trying to make them step forward and away from the spike aimed toward her neck, but Pyra held them in place. Now is not the time.

"Ember has been searching for you for quite a while. After the Gym leaders turned, Ember didn't know where else to go. They have been terrorizing her as well and she knew that she couldn't fight them alone, so when she heard of you and your work against them, she jumped on the opportunity to fight," Pyra explained.

A question flickered through Ember's mind.

The rest of the truth is yours to tell, Ember, Pyra answered, pulling out and leaving Ember in control again. Ember felt her legs wobble for a second as she gained use of her body. When she straightened up again she grazed the back of her neck on Clove's spike, drawing warm blood that rapidly flowed down her back between her shoulder blades like a nervous sweat. Ember remained standing motionless, trying to ignore the blood, and examined the group's expressions.

December 1st, 2008, 1:33 PM
Clove seemed to have no patience for Denx's small talk.

"NOT the time, Denx," he hissed. As if he had dropped something scaulding hot, Denx raised both hands, open-palmed.

"O-kay," he finished. And with that, Clove vanished.

You think Clove's gonna actually hurt her? Denx heard.

What? he asked in his conscious, but no reply. As if fated to happen, Clove re-appeared from behind.. Ember, and held out a sharp spike, only a hair away from spilling Ember's blood.

How did you know..

Clove had threatened her into explaining, when she became strongly defiant-sounding.

Don't do it.. Denx heard again.

Before he could question, Ember was explaining that she was Pyra. Or something or other. Denx was confused by her words. He had noticed someone joining the group, but his attention was on Ember. He noticed her scanning their looks. Before she made eye contact with Denx, he shifted his attention to his own feet.

December 2nd, 2008, 1:18 PM
Ember glanced around at the rest of the group, but not, of course, turning around to look at Clove. There were more morphs than before and she could even see a Blazikan-morph leaning against a tree, glaring at her.

Oh great, an audience, Ember thought bitterly.

You always have enjoyed an audience, Pyra said in her calm, collected tone.


"Look," Ember said, lifting her open hands submissively. "I just want to help. Whether or not it is a possible for me to do so with you is what I am asking."

December 2nd, 2008, 5:35 PM
Others had joined them and Jade was so distracted that she didn't realize that Clove had moved to attack mode, disappearing and reappearing behind Ember. "I'm first Lieutenant Clove Wheldst. I didn't ask for back up. And there is no one named Ember Firestone nor has there ever been, in the PLF. If you cherish the mouth that you easily spit lies with, I suggest you use it to begin explaining before I grow impatient." Clove hissed. Jade clenched her jaw and waited for the Ninetales morph to answer.

"The mouth she easily spits lies with?" Pyra suddenly used her mouth and began laughing. Her voice sounded different. "If you had been in her head all that time she was trying to put together an excuse while she searched for you, you would know that she never easily spits anything. Oh, but excuse me. I should probably explain. I am Pyra. No no, it's not what you're thinking. I am the Ninetails Ember morphed with."

Strange. Jade hadn't once heard Emerald, her Tyranitar, speak after morphing. She had felt her presence and sensed her feelings, but Emmy never spoke. This worried Jade only for a moment as the conversation continued.
"Ember has been searching for you for quite a while...." Jade only half listened, glancing at the others momentarily, "...she jumped on the opportunity to fight," Pyra explained. This last sentence grabbed her attention but she had still not let her guard down.

"Look," Ember said, lifting her open hands submissively. "I just want to help. Whether or not it is a possible for me to do so with you is what I am asking."

Jade stepped forward, "Look, next time you want to join a cause, don't start by questioning it," she pointed a stern finger at the Ninetales. She would not enjoy working with this girl, she didn't trust her. She went beside Clove and whispered so only he could hear, "She still seems suspicious Clove, but this is up to you. We don't have much time," the Tyranitar morph looked to the sky.

December 3rd, 2008, 4:17 PM
The Tyranitar-morph stepped forward and pointed a finger in her face. Ember's tails twitched in annoyance. "Look, next time you want to join a cause, don't start by questioning it," the girl growled.

Next time? Is there going to be a next time? Ember asked Pyra, her neck beginning to throb as the blood clotted.

If it seems as though they won't allow us to join, you know I can always help you escape, Pyra reassured her.

If they don't accept us, we'll go off and get ourselves killed anyway, Ember thought dryly.

My thoughts exactly.

The Tyranitar-Morph walked behind Ember and spoke to Clove. Ember's Ninetail ears twitched and tried to out together what she was saying. "...still seems suspicious Clove, ...up to you... don't have much time."

Looks like it up to their leader whether or not we die now or live a while longer before doing so, Pyra observed matter-of-factly.

Easy for you to say. You're 150 years old.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 4th, 2008, 6:32 PM
Pondering Pyra or whoever's explanation, Jack finally spoke, "You're leaving something out, Miss Firestone. How did you become a morph? Was it the PLF? The Gym Leaders? Or some other way? I suggest you answer quickly and carefully. Your next words may decide your fate, though everything is up to the Lieutenant."

With a barely audible sigh, he closed his eyes and slipped into deep thought. The Gym Leaders were terrorizing her? Why? Is she somehow connected with them? Was she a morph at that point of time? These and many other questions filled Jack's head as he tried to figure out who exactly this Ninetails morph was. Although he didn't let it show, he was envious that Ember Firestone had such a close relationship with the Pokemon she'd morphed with.

Turning his blue and yellow eyes back onto Ember, he patiently waited for her response, though he hoped that this would end and that the others would show up, so they could start the mission. Where is everyone anyway?

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December 4th, 2008, 8:07 PM
(OOC: Sorry about the monologue. I just wrote this all in one sitting and this seemed the best way to go.)

Fate? But there is no such thing as fate, Pyra said as if stating the obvious.

There is only destiny, and your destiny is yours alone to choose, Ember finished with a slight smile at the familiar phrase. It was one of the first things Pyra had said to her after they had morphed, and many times after. So what do we do? Throw ourselves at their feet and hope that our destinies don't get cut short?

It's your mouth.

Yes, but you seem to be doing a better job with it than me, Ember reminded her, her smile widening. Ember just realized that her smile would seem rather odd to the group... but she supposed that really didn't matter.

Indeed, Pyra said thoughtfully. Maybe together we can think of something.

You lead.

Ember turned her head and looked deep into the eyes of the Blazikan-morph. There was something deep in there... something broken. But Ember would have to find that out later, if she was granted a later.

"To answer your question, sir," Pyra started. Ember joined in. "We did not, indeed, morph under PLF, for if we did we would be a part of the organization. Unfortunately, we came to morph under the power of the Gym Leaders. You see, before we truly became aware of what was going on with the Gym Leaders, we worked in a Fire-type gym. We were approached with the offer of morphing, but we were lied to. We were not aware that the Gym Leaders were abusing their powers as morphs in order to take over. We were told that the process was reversible when in actuality it was not. But they knew that once we morphed, we would be rejected and hated by all and would therefore be forced to work for them. But when we heard about the Pokemon Liberation Force, we knew that if we could join you, the mistakes that we had made would not hinder us, but help to restore balance. We decided to run away, but when they discovered our plans, they did everything in their power to make sure we did not escape. We almost didn't make it out... but somehow we found a way to escape to safety long enough to heal. But they did not let us go so easily. They sent assassins after us, many of whom we could not outrun and we were forced to kill. We survived, and now we are here. Perhaps our mistakes are too great and you do not find you trust us, in which case you have every right to do away with us. But you know as well as we that you need help, even if you did not request backup, and we know that we can help you."

Ember could still sense the spike at her neck and closed her eyes, submitting to the possibility of death and pushing aside her instinct to run. Ember clung to the warmth of Pyra's humming thoughts and waited.

December 5th, 2008, 12:05 AM
Clove listened to the girl's answers, debating heavily over what to do about the situation. For all he knew, she could be a spy, just waiting to ambush them when the time was right. But at the same time, he had sensed no killing intent from the moment she had arrived. That could either be good or bad... Clove finally gave up the internal debate and retracted his spikes.

"Okay... you can come along." He sighed heavily as he walked to pick up his newly repaired shirt and put it on again. "But only because we don't have time for this. If you join this team, you're putting the lives of the innocent citizens before your own and the SECOND you forget that, I'll kill you myself. So that means if you come with us, you don't leave my sight. Got it?" Clove said sternly to Ember as he turned to squint into the sun.

"Come on everyone, we need to hurry if we want to make it on time. It seems like the two who are missing will catch up if they really feel they need to, come on." Clove called back to the group as he headed through broken doorway into the old beaten down building.

The inside was dusty and covered in cobwebs with a dusty aroma of decaying wood and dirt. The inside clearly hadn't been used in some time from what could be seen by the small beams of light that shot through small breaks in the wood that covered the window. Clove walked to the center of the room, lifting a large plank of wood and throwing it across the room to reveal a large hole with a ladder going down into it and into darkness. He looked at it and sighed one more time before shrugging and leaping down into the darkness. He could see the top of the tunnel above him and nothing but darkness ahead. Looking up to the top of the hole he yelled back to the team.

"Hey, Jack, Ember... we're gonna need some light"

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December 5th, 2008, 2:54 AM
(OOC: Sorry it's short. There's not much I can do without bunnying.)

Ember was shocked. After what seemed an eternity of explaining herself, Clove had decided to allow her to join with just a few sentences. Keep near him so he can kill me, well, us?

I suppose it makes it easier for him, Pyra said with a laugh. Ember wanted to reach back and feel how deep her cut was, but she decided against it and dismissively flicked her hair over her neck.

Clove led them into an abandoned building. Ember stepped inside and grimaced. The odor of decay was so potent that it completely hid the smell of the other morphs. Ember shook her head and walked over to Clove, who was tossing a board aside and looking down a hole. He shrugged and simply jumped down into the darkness. Ember stood next to the hole and crossed her arms, not sure if she was to jump down after him or go after the rest of the team. Both action could easily be misinterpreted as trying to attack Clove, or trying to run away.

"Hey Jake, Ember," Clove's voice drifted up. "We're gonna need some light."

Well, that answers that.

Before the others made any move to join Clove, Ember soundlessly dropped down into the hole. It wasn't as deep as Ember had expected, but she still made sure she fell with one hand to the wall so that she wouldn't land on top of Clove. Her heightened vision could make out Clove's wary face in the dark. He apparently wasn't overjoyed that she had jumped first. Ember inclined her head to him and breathed out a small stream of fire into her hands, immediately releasing a flickering light into the tunnel ahead. Ember stepped forward, carefully cupping the flame in her palms. Ember shaped the fire into a ball and made it burned as brightly as she dared, casting the steady light even farther. Ember turned back around to look at Clove, taking care not to let the fire anywhere near him, as they waited for the others to descend.

December 6th, 2008, 12:06 PM
Denx was surprised. Clove actually let this stranger join the PLF.. temporarily, anyway. It seemed as though he wanted her for her help alone. Denx followed the group of PLF members until they reached the old cavern. Inside, the musty smell offended Denx's senses, he had to cover his nose with his sleeve. Watching both Clove, then Mira leap down the hole in the ground made Denx shiver with fear. He hated when the PLF had to trek into caverns. Clove commanded Jack and Ember to light up the cave.

Denkaa.. was that you? Denx thought to himself. There was no answer in his conscious, This is ridiculous, I must've just been hearing things.. yeah, I am sick, anyway, Denx reassured himself. He hated to think of Denkaa as not being there, but that was the truth.. or what he told himself. Not waiting for anyone else, Denx hesitantly leapt into the hole, and landed on his agile feet. He glanced around, and Mira had already lit a flame to light the place up.

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December 6th, 2008, 3:39 PM
"Okay... you can come along." Clove sighed heavily. Jade merely wrinkled her nose. "But only because we don't have time for this. If you join this team, you're putting the lives of the innocent citizens before your own and the SECOND you forget that, I'll kill you myself. So that means if you come with us, you don't leave my sight. Got it?" Clove said sternly to Ember as he turned to squint into the sun. Time was running out.

"Come on everyone, we need to hurry if we want to make it on time. It seems like the two who are missing will catch up if they really feel they need to, come on." Clove called back to the group as he headed through broken doorway into the old beaten down building.

It looked as thought it hadn't been used in awhile. It smelled of neglect. Cobwebs were everywhere and there was hardly any light. Jade was thankful that her eyes adjusted well to darkness. She watched Clove jump down into the underground tunnel. Not a second later he yelled up "Hey Jack, Ember, we're gonna need some light." Ember jumped right in and a piercing glow suddenly came from below.

Jade took a deep breath and jumped down to join them. Ember had a ball of fire in one hand that, surprisingly, lit the place up pretty well. Jade nodded appreciatively in the Ninetale's direction but then quickly turned to Clove. "Do you think we'll make it in time? The sun seemed pretty high..." she asked, her voice concerned but focused. Waiting for Clove to answer, her eyes shifted every so often to the newcomer, still not sure what to make of her.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 6th, 2008, 8:54 PM
Before Ember answered, she turned her head and locked eyes with Jack, staring deeply into them until he turned away. There was something in her gaze just then that disturbed him a little, but he couldn't quite figure out what it was. He almost felt like he was the one being questioned.... about things he'd much rather not disclose. Massaging his right shoulder thoughtfully, he realized that Ember had started talking and he listened carefully.

After thinking for several minutes, Clove seemed to accept Ember's explanation.... for now. Jack shifted a little uncomfortably at Clove's answer because after the look that Ember gave him earlier, which he was still wondering if he was just being overly sensitive about, he just wanted to avoid her, but he knew that he had to follow his leader's wishes. Sighing a little, Jack followed Clove into the old, broken down building and watched as he uncovered a gaping, dark hole in the floor. A thick cloud of dust floated into the air, released by Clove's movements, and Jack sneezed once... twice.

Jumping in the hole, Clove looked up and called, "Hey, Jack, Ember... we're gonna need some light" Ember immediately jumped into the hole after Clove, followed by Denx- as Clove had called the Raichu morph- and Jade. I wonder where Denx came from anyway.... He must've shown up last night or something. Guess I missed out on more than I thought.

Jumping into the hole, Jack landed lightly next to Denx, who he nodded politely to before moving up to where Ember was already lighting the way with a ball of flame. He tried not to look uneasy as he reached Ember, but with her standing right beside him, he couldn't help but to give her a few nervous glances. Oh, come on! That look meant nothing, so stop letting it bother you! After his mental pep talk, Jack focused his mind on the task at hand and ignited his wrists, brightening the tunnel even more. It was finally time to go....

December 7th, 2008, 12:31 PM
The group moved quickly through the brightly lit tunnel thanks to Ember and Jack's efforts and they were making good time. The flat walls of underground tunnel were less degraded as the building above due to lack of climate change. From the looks of things the lights that lit the tunnel had burnt out long ago. The foot steps of the group echoed into the darkness as they hurried to the other side. The others all looked uneasy and it was understandable.

"Everyones on edge... this new girl, Jack hasn't even met Denx before...and Aisha didn't even show up, neither has Plum or Alice. We're going in against tough odds with a lot of key players out of the picture..."

Clove looked around at his team and let out a long sigh as they walked on through the darkness

* * *

The end of the tunnel came into view, another ladder going up. Clove immediately climbed the ladder, pushing the door to underground tunnel open and climbing out into a building much like its twin on the other end. The inside was just as neglected. Clove stepped over various boards and broken concrete to reach the door. Pushing it open with some force, it opened out into a wide expanse of field with the road winding right by it and curving off towards the city. The sun was high overhead and Clove knew that it would definitely be noon soon. Looking back he could hear the team coming out of the tunnel as well. He stepped through the door into the warm fresh air, a welcomed change from the musty smell of ancient buildings.

"Lavender is just around the bend of that road, it should just be a matter of minutes before we get there we should make it in time..." Clove thought as he peered off into the distance, the faint hint of building roof tops in view over the tops of the hills. The welcomed feeling was however quickly cut short. A small shadow appeared on the ground around his feet. Reacting quickly Clove jumped aside, narrowly avoiding a purple sphere that crashed into the road. Clove slid to a stop, looking up to see the a small purple transparent figure floating gracefully above. Narrowing his eyes, Clove could see the appearance of a young woman with long silver hair and sinister eyes. A pale purple haze surrounded her, and her body was semi-translucent.

"I didn't even know she was there... how did she..."

"Hm, looks like I missed, oh well..." she said coldly, chuckling slightly.

"Agatha... so you used Gengar's powers to make yourself look young? Interesting, but kind of pathetic." Clove said smugly as he inspected her.

"It doesn't matter how I look, I'll be able to take out your whole punk team without so much as breaking a sweat." She responded coldly. "Not to mention..."

She trailed off, snapping her fingers. Two figures quickly appeared with a swirl of shadows next to her.

"Can't travel without your little guards, can you..." Clove patronized, looking at the two morphs that had shown up. One was a tall man with large purple palms that hung freely with no arms attached. His long spiked purple hair and narrow eyes obviously announced his Morph as a Haunter. The other, a young girl wearing a long purple cloak that draped elegantly around her and a large sorceress hat pulled close to her eyes, casting a shadow where her eerie yellow eyes peered from.

"I can talk big but theres no denying that Agatha's guards are probably near gym leader class...I could try Agatha, but who in the team would fight these two? And someone still has to get to Lavender..."Clove thought quickly but still couldn't come up with a solution. Agatha quickly interjected again.

"Looks like you've realized finally. You do still have to get to Lavender. Don't think that because I was too anxious to wait in Lavender that Bruno wasn't. He'll start the demolition right on schedule, showing the wrath and ferocity of the Elite Four and maintaining our control over Kanto.

"Damnit she's right... Bruno will be in Lavender... although he seems too proud to bring much help...what are we going to do..." Clove thought quickly but could only come to one conclusion. Knowing his team would no doubt already be near, he took a straightened stance, loosening his body and cracking his neck. His spikes extended slowly, puncturing new holes through his shirt.

"Looks like we'll have to just take you out then head to Lavender..." Clove said arrogantly. Yelling back to his team, he gave his orders. "Ember and another of you stay here and take care of these guards. Don't go easy on them... they're good. Whoever is left go on to Lavender. and BE CAREFUL." Clove shouted with a firm voice. He lowered the brim of his hat over his eyes, casting a shadow.

"You're going to kill innocent people just to show the world how strong you are... I'm not going to accept that." Clove said in a low tone, vanishing into a blur of shadows, the battle for Lavender had begun.

December 7th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Ember felt excitement well up inside her as Clove climbed up the ladder. She could sense the battle approaching swiftly and she could smell her teammate's nerves and excitement as well. Ember heard the door in the building above burst open as Clove forced his way through. Ember shook her head and extinguished the fire in her hand before climbing up the ladder herself. When Ember was about halfway up she heard Clove cry out and and explosion immediately shook the building.

"Uh-oh," Ember muttered, her eyes widened with fear.

Ember crouched on the ladder and launched herself up the rest of the way, landing in what almost seemed to be the same building they left. Her ears twitched and she picked up the sound of Cloves voice along with another... the voice of a woman?

Ember ran toward the open door, almost stepping into the huge crater impressed onto the pavement. She looked up and saw Clove speaking to a woman. She looked incredibly powerful, but she also appeared to be a Ghost-type morph. Ember growled low in her throat. She had two flunkies standing beside her, both of whom were powerful Ghost-morphs as well.

Ember carefully stepped around the crater and began running toward Clove. She stopped a good distance away from him, not wanting to interfere if this was a whole ego thing, and listened.

"Looks like we'll have to just take you out then head to Lavender..." she heard Clove say in an arrogant tone. He yelled back at Ember and the rest of the team emerging from the building. "Ember and another of you stay here and take care of these guards. Don't go easy on them... they're good. Whoever is left go on to Lavender. and BE CAREFUL."

Ember smiled darkly, revealing her unnaturally sharp teeth. She looked at the two guards and selected the Haunter-morph. She reached for strength from Pyra.

No, Pyra said firmly. Save that for later. We have a whole battle to fight.

Then I suppose we'll have to kill him quickly, Ember thought disappointedly. There's no fun in that.

There shouldn't be fun in any of this.

"You're going to kill innocent people just to show the world how strong you are... I'm not going to accept that." Ember heard Clove say coldly. He vanished into the shadows, preparing to attack.

Ember smiled all the broader and locked eyes with the Haunter-morph. She felt her tails tingle as they turned hard as steel. Without warning, Ember darted forward to attack the morph. She knew there was no turning back. The battle had begun.

December 7th, 2008, 1:59 PM
They moved quickly through the tunnel. Anticipation knotted Jade's stomach. She could see the ladder to the other side. She swallowed nervously, but clenched her fists. They began to glow slightly purple.

As they made their way out of the tunnel and into the light again, Jade noticed the sun at its peak and shuddered. Before she realized it, a dark ball had been flung at Clove, who dodged and there stood Agatha, looking much younger than she actually was. Her guards appeared at her command. Pathetic

"Looks like you've realized finally. You do still have to get to Lavender. Don't think that because I was too anxious to wait in Lavender that Bruno wasn't. He'll start the demolition right on schedule, showing the wrath and ferocity of the Elite Four and maintaining our control over Kanto."

The word rang in her ears and Jade's entire being swelled with anger and hate. The purple glow moved from her fists and up her arms, slowly taking over her entire being.
"Looks like we'll have to just take you out then head to Lavender..." Jade heard Clove say in an arrogant tone. He yelled back at the rest of the team emerging from the building. "Ember and another of you stay here and take care of these guards. Don't go easy on them... they're good. Whoever is left go on to Lavender. and BE CAREFUL."

"You're going to kill innocent people just to show the world how strong you are... I'm not going to accept that." Clove said in a low tone, vanishing.

Agatha, looking unmoved by Clove's threat, glanced over at Jade. Her eyes held recognition and the evil morph cackled, "Lavender awaits you, dear. And so does your precious Oliver," she grinned and laughed even louder. If the darkness had no taken Jade over, her heart would have sunk at these words.
Instead she called to Clove, "I'm heading to Lavender," her voice held no emotion, although her teeth were grinding against each other and her focus was unwavered. "Who ever else that isn't fighting come with me!" she commanded with a little more feeling.

Jade dashed past the guards and onward toward Lavender, not caring if she was being followed by friend or foe. She didn't know how Agatha had known about Oliver and her connection to him but she could figure that out later. Her home was in trouble.
And so was the love of her life.
You can't get more motivated that that...

December 8th, 2008, 12:57 PM
Ember's tails slammed directly into the Haunter-morph's chest with a sickening thud. Ember jumped back and twirled around to whack him across the head with all nine of her tails.

"Take that you disgusting bloated purple freak!" Ember hissed.

The Haunter-morph shook his body loose, seemingly having taken little damage, and stared at her with a curious expression. Ember growled and jumped forward again, scraping her claws from the top of his scalp down his cheek before jumping a safe distance away. He looked up at her with a dark smile as purple gas steadily tricked out of the slashes in his skin.

He doesn't bleed, Ember watched with horror as the gas continued to drip out of the cuts.

But look, Pyra said. The human part of this morph is weak and the Haunter is unstable. The human body is the only thing holding it together.

So if tear his body apart, Ember realized with a smile. The Ghost part of him will fall apart, too.

Ember's smile faded as the Haunter-morph's claw descended down on her. She lunged to the side, but the razor-sharp claws clipped her arm, instantly drawing blood. Ember looked at her arm in shock. She hadn't seen the morph come at her.

"It will be an honor to kill you," the Haunter's deep echoing voice announced. He continued to smile and look her over in amusement.

His hands began to glow deep purple and he came at her again.

Poison! Pyra warned, but Ember was already struggling to dodge the deadly claws.

Ember spun to the side and tried to knock him over with her tails again, but she missed and jumped back before she could be struck. Sweat dripped down the back of her neck. She couldn't allow herself to be poisoned now. She would be out of commission for the rest of the battle and most likely wouldn't live through it. Or worse. One of the team members would stop battling to try and protect her. Though she didn't see that happening, thank goodness.

The Haunter-morph's smile grew, spreading across his purple-tinged face like a tear in fabric. He lashed out at her with increased intensity and speed, forcing her to retreat backwards. Ember felt her Ninetails instinct slowly take over and she mimicked his smile with one of her own. She felt her body's speed grow and she began to dodge in a fluid natural movement, feeling the steady beat of the morph's attacks become increasingly easy to predict. Suddenly the Haunter-morph's fist slammed her in the side, throwing her several yards before she rolled to a halt on the pavement.

Pyra swore, utterly shocking Ember. Pyra had never once before swore. Shadow Punch, Pyra growled. It hits without fail. We're lucky he didn't poison us as well.

Yeah, Ember pushed herself up with a groan. Because we're just so lucky.

"I'm glad you came to me," the Haunter-morph said in his hollow voice as he took his time walking over. "It saved me the trouble of hunting you down and making you pay for abandoning the Gyms."

"Hmm, so you were a part of the group that tried to hunt me down?" Ember taunted. She rolled her eyes and added sarcastically. "You did a great job of it, by the way."

"I oversaw the searches for you," he said coldly. "But I had better things to do than chase after a second-rate traitor."

"Yeah, because being a flunky is a much better gig," Ember said sarcastically.

His expression grew even darker and he lunged at her again, his claws glowing with poison once more. Ember stood her ground as she felt fire flare up inside of her and held it, feeling it build. When the Haunter-morph was about to scratch her, Ember released the attack in a single fiery blast. He was blown backwards and he spun through the air before landing near the building from which they had emerged.

Ember swiftly walked over to him and grabbed his head, pricking his face with her claws. His purple spikes had been reduced to ash while his hands were dissipating and more Ghost smoke than ever was draining from his form, leaving his human body thin and limp. He was struggling to remain conscious, his ordinarily narrow eyes wide with fear.

Enough, Pyra hissed. Let us kill him quickly.

Pyra slowly took over Ember's body and drew on all the dark thoughts she had gathered over 150 years. Pyra had never allowed Ember to direct the attack herself because it would drive her insane. Ember didn't complain. Pyra lifted Ember's hand and placed it onto the forehead of the morph, releasing the dark power directly into him. He groaned, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to fight off the attack, but then he went limp. Ember released him and he fell to the pavement. Dead.

Let's go and help the others, Pyra said, urging Ember to move forward, but Ember's eyes were glued to the morph.

The Ghost smoke was slowly drifting back into his body, which expanded at an alarming rate. Ember stumbled backwards and saw with horror that he was filling back up. A smile once again cracked across his grotesque face.

It's Explosion! Ember realized.


Ember turned and dropped to all fours, running faster than she could ever remember before. Ember heard the Haunter-morph Explode behind her and was immediately struck by a force so powerful that it lifted her off her feet and pushed her forward. Then debris struck her, slicing her skin as it rammed into her body. Ember curled up into a ball as she was tossed like a rag-doll for what seemed a lifetime as she was struck repeatedly with projectiles. She finally landed on the ground, bleeding from an unknown number of wounds. Her breath wheezed as it struggled to enter her lungs under the beam that crushing her chest.

Just so lucky.

December 8th, 2008, 2:07 PM
As the group exited the old building, Denx could smell a horrible, noxious fume. It was even worse than the musty smell of the passage way. He scowled, and started to follow Clove. He nearly ran into the back of him, when he looked up. Levitating slightly off of the ground were three beings; morphs of Agatha, to be exact.

"Agatha... so you used Gengar's powers to make yourself look young? Interesting, but kind of pathetic," Clove said. So, the one in the middle was Agatha, and the two surrounding her were simply guards. This task was going to be harsh, an Elite Four member already, when they had issues with the first few gym leaders.

Now is not the time to doubt our capabilities, Denx thought. He had never been so serious in his life. Not when his life was at stake at every moment. Never would he have thought that he would end up like this, cautious on every step he took.

"Ember and another of you stay here and take care of these guards. Don't go easy on them... they're good. Whoever is left go on to Lavender. and BE CAREFUL," Clove said, with a hint of defiance. Denx saw Jade head off to Lavender. She had the right, Denx thought. He slightly remembered her story when he had first joined, but it was nothing more than debriefing. And Denx hated debriefing. He could only remember that she came from Lavender: reason enough for Denx. Since she was gone, that left either the Blaziken morph or himself. Denx hadn't been in action for a while, and started to feel the urge to fight..

Ember quickly engaged the Haunter morph. She was busy, while the other morph, Mismagius by appearance, swiftly circled Denx as he approached her. She was a few inches off of the ground. She lunged quickly at him, knocking him off of his feet. Her physical strength wasn't so much as great, thankfully. He rolled quickly out of the way of a small energy ball, that whirred by him. He leapt up, and just missed her with his foot. He landed, and lunged again, but she repeated the same motion, and dodged narrowly.

I think this calls for some power! Denx thought. He started to crackle, and his fist lit up with sparks. He aimed his fists at the quickly-moving morph, and fired. A small ball of electricity flew at her, and she dodged again. She looked back as the small, seemingly harmless ball erupted, the shockwaves blowing violently. He aimed his still lit hands up into the sky, and shouted.


Again, his hands erupted with light, but no electricity. The entire area grew blinding bright for a split second, then normal. Denx looked down from his position to see the Mismagius feeling around, her arm up against the side of the old building. He dashed near her, and slammed his foot into her stomach. Just as he was an inch from making contact, the morph looked up, and smirked.

"Dark Pulse!" she shouted. Denx was stopped in mid-air, and sent backward by a nasty aura, that instilled evil thoughts into his mind for a split second. He landed on his back, and scowled. The Mismagius leapt up, landed on his stomach, and launched off of it.

"OOF!" was all that could come out of his mouth. He sat up, and he saw the morph turning around in the air, "great," he spat.

She flew threw the air, but she didn't strike Denx. She rose up and up into the air. She wouldn't stop rising, and left Denx curious.

"What is she doing..?" he asked out loud. He heard her announce something from far up into the sky.

"..stee Plot.." he heard echo from above. Again he heard it.

"Nast.. Plot.."

"Nasty Plot"

"Uh-oh" Denx said, figuring out what she was doing. She was maximizing her power, where Denx couldn't hit her.. accurately anyway. Suddenly, a large explosion sent him flying through the air. A horrible burst, something like he had never heard before. Except in Vermillion.

"An explosion??" he said, lifting his body off the ground. He looked up to see part of the sky covered in complete darkness. It condensed into a small ball, and dropped from the great height.

"Shadow Ball," he heard from right behind him. He whirled around, and there was no one. He looked up, and saw the ball of shadows curve near the ground, and direct itself at Denx. His eyes widened. With the power of three Nasty Plots, he knew he was in trouble. He whispered to himself.

"..quick attack," he breathed, trying not to spoil his plan of evasion. He zoomed around, but the ball redirected itself, and time seemed to slow. It whirred by him, and slammed into the wall of trees, equalling the blast of the previous explosion. He was sent reeling through the air again, shrapnel and shadows flying everywhere. A bunch of leaves smacked him in the back of the head as he soared through the air, eventually hitting the ground rolling.

December 8th, 2008, 3:14 PM
Ember fought to push the beam off of her chest. After a few moments, she gave up and directed a stream of flames into it, immediately reducing the wood to ash. She stood up, forcing her legs to hold up her battered body. Nothing seemed to be broken, but she knew that she had more cuts on her legs and arms than probably did bones. She reached up to her throbbing cheek, and her hand came back wet with blood.

Ember looked up and saw the other Morph directing a black sphere toward one of her teammates. What was his name...? Denx. That was a funny name, actually. Ember snapped back to attention and stared up at the morph. It was a Mismagious-Morph... so a Dark Pulse should do the trick.

Are you ready for this? Ember asked.

I suppose, Pyra answered tiredly.

Pyra reached for her dark thoughts again, carefully shielding them from Ember, as she prepared the attack. Pyra released the stream at the Mismagious-Morph. The Morph screamed, clutching her head and descending slightly as she looked around for the source of the attack. The scream hit Ember like a physical blow, almost shattering her concentration like glass. Ember fell to her knees, struggling to help Pyra hold the attack.

"Take the hit!" Ember screamed. "TAKE THE HIT YOU IDIOT!"

December 8th, 2008, 7:30 PM
Silence passed as the air hung tense with murderous intent from both parties. Clove finally appeared through a wisp of black clouds, slicing down at Agatha from behind in mid-air. She easily stepped aside, letting Clove swing into the air. He turned around quickly, reaching an arm out and grabbing for her foot. Swinging down with all his might he brought her crashing to the ground with him. Agatha's eye's widened as the combat grew close, and quickly attempted to envelop Clove and herself in a under a hazy purple and black curtain. Clove vanished quickly using faint attack and appeared sliding to a stop a distance away, narrowly escaping the cloak's hold.

"What the hell was that?!"Clove thought with exhaustion as he eyed Agatha down ferociously.

"It's Night Shade. I should have you know... if you get caught in it, you'll see the true difference in our powers, Clove Wheldst." Agatha called from a distance, letting the shade of darkness retreat back within her purple aura.

"How the hell do I get around that... She doesn't seem to want to use it until I get close, she keeps provoking me closer... it must be Taunt as well. Keeping me from devising a firm plan. But I was able to grab her ankle... she's human just like the rest of us... she can be killed...but then there that shado---" Cloves thoughts were quickly interrupted by what he was about to bring up, a large purple ball came soaring through the sky straight towards him. Quickly reacting he jumped to the side, narrowly dodging the sphere as it tore through the ground, crashing through a near by tree. Clove reacted quickly, vanishing into shadows.

"Faint Attack!"

He appeared behind her with spikes extended, swinging swiftly and maintaining control. She narrowly dodged as Clove fell back to the ground, handspringing and sending a fist full of Pin Missle showering towards Agatha. She turned to him, and quickly thrust her palm out, creating a small Shadow Ball and blasting it through the needles, obliterating them in mid-air and continuing on towards Clove. He barely had time to raise his arms in defense before he was blasted hard into the concrete by the purple ball, sending him tearing through the earth.

"Is this really the power of an Elite Four... she can launch such a strong attack so quickly..." Clove thought as he struggled out of his smoldering pit. He shook the gravel off of himself, groaning with some pain as he extended his needles farther and they began to glow green.

"Needle Arm... Faint Attack combo, lets see how you handle this speed..." Clove said aloud, vanishing the instant he finished speaking. He appeared sliding to a stop on the other side of Agatha, spines glowing green amidst the cloud of dust. Agatha looked at him through narrow eyes as a cut opened up on her cheek and dripped a small drop of blood. She wiped it with her index finger and looked at it with cold eyes. Then back towards Clove, but was shocked to find him gone. She spun around fast, flinging out the long black cloak of Night Shade again. Clove appeared, shifting his attack angle in mid-air, flinging two Pin Missile up into her elbow as he fell. Her arm fell limp, dispelling the cloak as it flushed over Clove. His eyes widened in horror as he peered down the dark abyss of the deadly attack before it vanished into smoke above him. He fell to the earth with a thud, having his attack to heavily deflected. He rolled to a stop, quickly looking back towards Agatha who floated above him 20 or so feet away, grasping her left arm as it hung limp.

"You deflected me and protected all the vital points, but you tried to use your Night Shade, opening up the chance for me to use the Pin Missile that was intended for your organs, to disable your left arm. You may be able to use it again but it will take a few months..." Clove explained as he stood up, brushing the dust from his shirt. "The sun is really bright today...I could probably launch a really fast Solar Beam and put an end to her once and for all... not even Agatha could survive point blank..."

Agatha remained motionless in mid-air as she grasped her arm. Then without warning, a black veil of mist exploded from all around her, enveloping the entire area in darkness and blocking out the sun. She stood through the fog of black mist and held out her good arm, charging up a small purple ball.

"What the hell is this mist... its everywhere! Where are Ember and Denx? I can't even see them..." Clove exclaimed as he squinted through the black mist. Agatha quickly fired a shadow ball at Clove. With no time to block he defended again, taking the hit in the chest.

"This is my 5th move. You know nothing of them because you're just ex-gym trash. Haze lets me find you anywhere anytime i want. And the black mist stops you from using any enhancing moves... You'll be dead soon, you filth." She said with a cold sneer as she flung her arm out launching a wave of three Shadow Balls at the same time towards Clove. He vanished with faint attack, appearing a distance away. He ran to attack her, attempting to jump into the air but Agatha appeared in front of him, punching him the stomach, leaving him doubled over in mid-air. She turned her palm over, forming a purple sphere and launched a Shadow Ball into his back. Clove vanished quickly into a wisp of shadows, and appeared with a thud on the ground and glared back at her with narrow eyes.

"So she can't hit when i use Faint Attack to dodge at least...But what was that punch... it was so fast... Shadow Punch? Maybe... but I'll have to find a way to make this work... I hope the others are doing okay in this thick Haze..."

Gumshoe Satyr
December 8th, 2008, 10:11 PM
When he followed the other up the ladder and out of the old building, Jack was shocked when Clove had to jump to the side to avoid an attack that came from somewhere above them. Looking up, he saw a young, semi-translucent women with silver hair and a nasty air of power. Beside her were two morphs that were semi-translucent as well. One was obviously a Haunter while the other was perhaps a Mismagius. Ghost types.... They can be irritatingly difficult to kill. Great...

"Agatha... so you used Gengar's powers to make yourself look young? Interesting, but kind of pathetic." Clove said smugly as he inspected her. So that's Agatha... Darn! We just got here two seconds ago and things are already not looking good....

Jack jerked his eyes toward Clove as he shouted out orders, "Ember and another of you stay here and take care of these guards. Don't go easy on them... they're good. Whoever is left go on to Lavender. and BE CAREFUL." After standing for a few seconds in indecision, he saw Denx and Ember attack the guards while Jade charged toward Lavender. Well, I guess that settles that. 'Agility!' Dashing forward, Jack leaped high over the heads of the battles and landed easily on the other side of them.

Without stopping, he yelled over his shoulder, "You guys better not die!" When he caught up to Jade, he slowed to match her speed, and they ran side by side for about a minute. Seeing a particular tall tree, Jack bounded up onto a branch. "Perhaps a little preview of what we're up against?" In two leaps he made it to the top. What he saw was chaos, or at least as close as a town could get to it with little to no destruction.

Panic-stricken, people ran in every direction while others stood still, apparently too stunned to move and a few lay on the ground, hopefully only injured. Larger figures, apparently morphs by their size and body structure, moved around through the town, but Jack couldn't tell exactly what they were doing or how many there were because of the people running around, but as far as he could tell, there were three or four, perhaps five. None seemed to be in charge, but it was very likely that Bruno was in one of the buildings planning the demolition. First, we've got to get all those people out of there because they could be seriously hurt when the fighting starts. As long as they're there, we can't attack freely without being afraid for their safety.

As Jack leapt down through the trees to catch up to Jade again, a simple but very dangerous plan formed in his mind that he knew Jade wouldn't like, but it could be their only option. Anyway, they were getting pretty close to the town now, and she needed to know what was happening. After quickly explaining to her what he saw, he added, "I think we both know that as long those people are there, our hands are tied. Since I'm the faster between us, especially with my Agility, I want to try to distract those morphs while you get the people to safety......" After thinking for a second, he guessed , "You're from Lavender, right? So they should trust you, I guess. Don't worry. I won't try to fight them by myself."

Looking over at her and giving her a slight smile, he continued, "I trust you, Captain Jade, to get back before the morphs mop the floor with me or Bruno realizes what's going on and comes out. I'll keep an eye out for Oliver, too. What do you think, ma'am?" They were only a few seconds from Lavender now, so there wasn't much time left.

(OCC: Ok, that was what I was able to come up with. I'll change anything that needs to be changed, of course. Hopefully, this whole thing doesn't suck or anything, but I did my best. If Jade does accept the plan, I won't do anything with Oliver until she gets back since it's billie_lightning's contribution to the story anyway- well actually I probably won't do anything with him at all but I think you get my meaning, maybe. I tried to avoid doing any bunnying, but if any sneaked in there, I'll have to change it tomorrow.)

December 9th, 2008, 1:36 PM
"Take the hit!" Ember screamed. "TAKE THE HIT YOU IDIOT!" She was just attacked by a harsh, sound based move. Denx sat up, rubbing the back of his head. His head was slightly bloody, but no where near as bad as when he glanced over to Ember. She must've been hit by some of that debris from the blast. Denx didn't know what she meant by 'take the hit you idiot,' however. He glanced around. Was she talking to him? He didn't know, but he needed to get her out of the way of that horrible attack. He focused his will power to his feet and legs, and..

"Quick Attack!" he said, zipping easily toward Ember. He held up his hand, and it lit up fiercely.

"Flash!" he yelled. The orb on his hand flickered, and the area went blinding bright for a split second yet again. He could hear the Mismagius morph curse, but he couldn't see anything for himself, though it was his own attack. He bolted himself toward the Mismagius while the three were temporarily blinded, and felt contact. Sharp nails dug into him, but he wrapped his arms around the levitating foe, and threw her into the ground. He landed on his back right next to her, as his vision was recovering. He leapt up, feeling the scratches on his neck pulse. They were minor, but enough to draw blood. He focused his electric powers to his hands, and..

"Zap Cannon!" he yelled. Slowly, a small orb of electricity formed to his arms, and was directed at the Mismagius. Realizing what was going to happen, she shot a quick but powerful Shadow Ball. If the two collided, the result would be devestating. He held fire, and suddenly, his mind seemed to tear away from his body as the Shadow Ball made contact with him. In a ferocious explosion of darkness, he was ripped at by the powered-up shadows. He layed on the ground, the last of the darkness leaving his body. He sat up, and the Mismagius swooped at him. He leapt up from being on his back into the air, 'clothes-lining' the Mismagius with his body. She hit the ground, her feet out from underneath her. Both him and the morph slammed onto the ground, but Denx still had the powered up Zap Cannon.

"See ya!" he said, directing the attack at her head, which was a mere ten feet away from his zap cannon. He released the energy, and the small orb made contact, and exploded with a brilliant light. He heard crackling and fizzing, as he was able to see the morph through the light. Her body was fried, as she dissipated into shadows, and eventually disappeared. She had been defeated.. he thought.

Denx stood up, his body a bit bashed and bruised, but not too badly. Ember was a different story, though. He walked over to her, as she knelt on the ground. He stretched his arm out, and opened his hand to help her up.

"You okay?" he asked.

December 9th, 2008, 2:41 PM
Clove strained through the haze that distorted his view of Agatha who stood like a firm wall of power in front of him in mid-air a ways away. Holding out her palm, she made another large sphere of purple and black shadows. It swirled in front of her violently, ready to be fired.

"You've been a nuisance. Sabrina should have finished you when she had the chance...foolish child." Agatha commented through bitter clenched teeth. "Now die along with your foolish organization and Lavender."

The purple sphere launched with incredible force, erupting from her palm and tearing through the dark haze towards Clove. Clove closed his eyes, sighing heavily. There was no dodging this one... he had taken too many hits and without even the sun to help out with attacks, there was no way to counter.

"Sucks it has to end like this... I figured it would be against someone incredibly powerful like Lance... or maybe Bugsy...but not like this... heh...haha....oh well..." Clove mumbled quietly to himself as he forced himself to cope with his fate. He slumped silently as the sphere finally reached him, exploding and sending a shock wave of purple aura in all directions. Dust and debris floated around momentarily before the haze suddenly began to part and disperse violently, being torn down as sunlight shown down thorugh it harder than ever. The dust and haze began to part around Clove as 6 rotating rainbow glittering leaves rotated in circles between him and Agatha where the Shadow Ball had collided.

"...Magic Leaf.... that means..." Clove whispered silently as he stared at the glowing free floating leaves. They dispersed and began to swirl in circles as a quick blur moved to be standing in front of him. Jet black hair, red ribbon, long green skirt and a red flower in her hair.

"Erika... what are you doing here..." Clove managed to comment aloud.

Without saying a word, she dispersed the Magical Leaf and sent it hurling towards Agatha, circling violently around her. With another wave of Erika's arms, she began to dance gracefully as pink sakura petals began to fall from the sky around her. They grouped into a mass, engulfing Agatha and swirling with the Magic Leaf. The two formed a magnificent sight as they flurried together.

"And to finish... Solar Beam." Erika said quietly as she charged particles of light in the palm of her hand and quickly shot a thin beam of light with her hand, blasting through the tornado of blossoms and leaves, connecting with Agatha and sending her far off into the side of a mountain. The air was tense as the petals and leaves dispersed at the flick of a wrist from Erika. She turned and looked down at Clove, not saying a word.

"She must have used Magic Leaf's ability to never miss then combined it with Petal Dance... she's amazing..." Clove thought as he looked up at her much welcomed face, despite her current stance as an enemy. "So the strong sunlight... its you as well?" He finished aloud as he struggled to stand up, refusing a helping hand from her.

"You should know I wouldn't be able to move as fast as you without Chlorophyll." Erika replied calmly as she fixed a ruffle in her bright green Bellossum skirt. "But we shouldn't be getting confident. Agatha is an Elite Four... something like that isn't going to finish her. She'll be back. I came because I knew you and your team would need help... attacking Lavender was the last straw. I have to act." She said to him through determined eyes.

Clove sighed heavily, looking over towards Denx and Ember who had finished their battle. "Denx, can Ember walk?" he yelled before looking to Erika. "I'm glad you're with us but it will have to wait, my team isn't exactly in the best possible position right now." he added as he vanished, appearing at Denx and Ember's side.

"Listen up Denx... the situation has changed... I saw her fight, and I know we can trust her, but until she wakes up, I need you to stay with her. But when she does, get your asses to Lavender, asap. Got it?" Clove said sternly with a sense of urgency in his voice.

"We'll have to hurry... Agatha will recover from that blast soon and who knows what Jade and Jack are doing in Lavender right now." He thought as he looked down towards Ember. He smiled before speaking softly to her.

"Thanks, Ember." he paused after speaking, thinking for a moment then looking back to Denx. "You have your orders... come to Lavender as soon as you can." He said sternly, looking Denx in the eye. He turned his head quickly to Erika who had been waiting calmly. Clove knew he would have to explain this to the team but for now there was no time.

"Come on, Erika. We have to get to town before Agatha recovers." He called to her.

"Right." She confirmed as they made eye contact. The two of them vanished in unison without warning, heading towards Lavender with all their speed.

December 9th, 2008, 3:10 PM
The screams assaulted her ears. Black spots flooded her vision and Ember felt fatigue tug at her body, trying to tear her away from consciousness. But Ember and Pyra held the move. Suddenly a flash of intense light appeared and Ember squeezed her eyes shut, but the light instantly faded. The screams faded, but Ember could still feel the attack ebbing away at her strength. Another flash of light appeared and she felt the Mismagious-morph fall apart. It struggled to pull itself back together, but with one more pulse of dark thoughts, the ghost faded from existence.

Ember smiled slightly and felt the presence of Denx beside her just before she gave into the black.

"You okay?"



Ember felt the blackness around her fade slightly, but she fought it.

Ember. Wake up.

Ember's eyes snapped open. She was lying on the grass, but she had been kneeling on pavement... Ember groaned and forced herself up. Denx kneeled next to her, most likely having seen her wake up, offering a hand out to help her.

"No," Ember whispered hoarsely, her eyes wide. "How long has it been? What happened? Where's Clove?"

Panic overwhelmed her. Denx had to stay out of battle just because she couldn't stay conscious.

"We have to go! We have to-" Ember stood up abruptly, but clutched the side of her head as pain erupted from her skull. She placed her free hand on a tree beside her for balance as she struggled to stay upright.

December 9th, 2008, 3:27 PM
Jack had caught up with her, which wasn't surprising because Jade wasn't that fast a runner even when the darkness had taken over. He told her what he had seen at Lavender and she knew she had no choice.

"I think we both know that as long those people are there, our hands are tied. Since I'm the faster between us, especially with my Agility, I want to try to distract those morphs while you get the people to safety......" It sounded like a decent plan to her. "You're from Lavender, right? So they should trust you, I guess. Don't worry. I won't try to fight them by myself." he guessed. Images of neighbors flashed through her mind and the purple faded a little.

The Blaziken Morph smiled at her slightly. "I trust you, Captain Jade, to get back before the morphs mop the floor with me or Bruno realizes what's going on and comes out. I'll keep an eye out for Oliver, too. What do you think, ma'am?"

Jade had never been called ma'am before and was slightly taken aback. She didn't ask how he knew about Oliver. He may have been listed somewhere in her PLF profile but it wasn't important right then. She shook off the shock of being addressed so...formly. "Sounds like a plan," Jade smirked back, looking over at her teammate. "It sounds risky, but I don't know what the hell else we'll do..." she thought for a second, "Most of the residents know me. They haven't seen me..." Jade paused, "None of them have seen me like this. Like I am now. But it sounds good."

Lavender was right up ahead and the people were panicking. Her purple aura kicked into gear again, "Let's do this"

(OOC: namora, all I ask is that you let me control what happens to Oliver. I have a whole plot planned out for that. So do what you want with everyone else, just leave Oliver to me please ^_^ In case you want to know what he looks like, refer to my sign up)

December 10th, 2008, 3:20 AM
“Stupid!” The young Arcanine morph cursed herself as she dashed on all fours up the dirt covered path. Her fur was coated with dark dust and her gloved hands had seen better days. Her lithe body was starting to strain as she pushed onwards, using her extreme speed whenever the energy flowed through her. She leapt over a cluster of rocks that had looked as if they had been pushed into the middle of the road to create some sort of blockage and landed awkwardly on her still healing paw. Up ahead she could see the ghostly tower of Lavender, but it still seemed so far away. She clenched her teeth in sheer determination, ignoring the fact that she was physically drained due to her constant using of Extreme speed along her journey.

“Clove taught you everything he knows, had the decency to train you in the ways of the assassin ands you…you CHICKEN OUT!” A stream of tears flew over her slightly tanned features and she shook her head to allow the wind to carry the drops away behind her. “He could have killed me that day, but he didn’t…I…I have completely trust and confidence in him and I didn’t show up?!” So many things were racing through her mind at that one moment and she couldn’t make sense of them.


The young Arcanine morph found herself sprawled out under the stars, completely lost within the multiple sparkles and shapes that looked down at her from above. It would have been very tranquil sight if it had not been for the frown that graced the teen’s face. Her emerald eyes looked up in uncertainty at the night sky as if wishing for an answer to fall from the heavens.

“I should have never joined this. I’m too week and I have no idea what I’m doing.” She pushed herself up with a sigh and planted her face into the palm of her hands. “I’m a Pokemon ranger damn it! I save Pokemon I don’t kill them!” She growled at how annoying the situation was and proceeded to grab at her mane desperately. “I…I don’t know what to do, Jake.”
Surprisingly there was no answer from the Pokemon with in her and her bottom lip trembled. “I…I need to get out of here before I get killed.”
Hastily she sprang to her feet and grabbed her coat from the floor before bounding off on all fours through the forest without even looking back on what she was leaving behind.


Half a day had passed and Aisha had taken up a rock on the side of the road to have a quick breath. A multitude of doubts and questions were rotating through her mind and it was slowly driving her insane. Jake had not given her a word of encouragement the entire way and she was starting to feel alone.
“I just left them…They…they could be dead now and I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself!” She threw the canister of water onto the dirt track and stared angrily as the contents spilled from the top like blood would from a wound. Her features instantly softened at the thought of her comrades dead at the hands of the morphs.

‘You need to go back…’


‘With every moment you waste sitting here. Your friends are getting closer and closer towards death. True you may end up getting hurt, or maybe killed, but you belong with them and they are counting on you. Clove trained you in the hopes that he was making the right decision. Don’t let him down, Aisha. You’re a Pokemon ranger...you save Pokemon.’

Aisha didn’t need another word. She instantly bounded off towards Lavender.

*end flashback*

Aisha reached a paw behind her and retrieved her radio from her belt. She turned it on and spoke. “Clove!? Anybody!? This is Aisha…I’m on my way…”

(OOC- I-am-so-so-sorry. I just broke up from Uni for a month, so I'll be more active >.<)

Gumshoe Satyr
December 10th, 2008, 7:06 AM
"Sounds like a plan," Jade smirked back, looking over at Jack. "It sounds risky, but I don't know what the hell else we'll do..." she thought for a second, "Most of the residents know me. They haven't seen me..." Jade paused, "None of them have seen me like this. Like I am now. But it sounds good."

So she is from Lavender. That would explain why she's been so tense since yesterday.Up ahead, Jack could see people still running around frantically. Although he'd already seen it from the tree, things felt more real and dangerous now that they could see it up close. Taking a deep breath and stretching a bit, he psyched himself up for the task that lay before him.

"Let's do this" Jade said, a purple aura reforming around her.

"Right. Give me a few seconds before you follow," Jack answered, but before he could get very far, a tan-colored morph with red boxing gloves came into view.... a Himonchan morph. He was over a foot taller than a normal Himonchan and had short, black hair. Instead of looking surprised or worried at the sight of Jack and Jade, he seemed pleased and maybe even excited, eyeing them much in the same way that a predator eyes its prey. Well, here goes nothing....

Igniting his wrists in a burst of flame, Jack charged directly toward the Hitmonchan, who grinned and took a fighting stance. 'Agility!' At the last moment, he dodged to the left, narrowly missing a Mega Punch that was aimed to where he'd been a split second before, and kicked at the fighting morph's legs, succeeding in knocking him off balance. Zigzagging around people, Jack glanced over his shoulder to see the Hitmonchan already in hot pursuit. He's good. I bet that won't work again.

At a commotion to his right, he saw a Himonlee morph and a Toxicroak morph also chasing him. Those other two haven't seen Jade.... Good. He was startled as a voice came from the communicator in his pocket.

“Clove!? Anybody!? This is Aisha…I’m on my way…” Aisha? It's about time! Sorry, can't talk to you now. I'm running from three crazed morphs who'd love to kill me.... Four? Suddenly, something brownish-red and hairy with a long tail and short hair made of fire stepped out from inside a building, directly in Jack's path. Barely able to stop before hitting the morph, Jack wasn't sure if he should be devastated to see it or overjoyed that it wasn't Bruno. He chose somewhere in between. Well, at least it's not Bruno, but I think I'm still in trouble.

"It's about time you came by this way. You wanna race?" the Infernape morph asked, grinning childishly. For several seconds, the two fire/fighting morphs stood eyeing each other with respect of the other's skills, and a fight might've started right then, but Jack caught himself in time. I told Jade that I wouldn't try to fight them by myself, and I need to keep that promise. Besides, the other three are right here waiting to back him up. I would stand little chance. If there was anything that Jack knew about Infernapes, it was that they were fast..... very fast. To get through this, he would have to change tactics.

"A race, eh? How about hurdles, Blaziken-style?" Without waiting for an answer, Jack ran forward and jumped easily over the two-story building the Infernape had just come out of. Behind him, the Infernape was already running over the roof of the building. He was climbing over the building, slower than jumping over it but faster than going around it. This is going to be a close race.

December 10th, 2008, 12:32 PM
"No," Ember whispered hoarsely, her eyes wide. "How long has it been? What happened? Where's Clove?" Denx looked over to see Ember conscious. His eyes widened in inquisition. "We have to go! We have to-" She staggered as she clutched the side of her head. Denx jumped to catch her, as she seemed to start falling. She caught herself on a tree with her free hand. She looked quite harmed, and Denx didn't know what to do. There were no restorative items in this situation. They were humans, not Pokemon, and Denx didn't know how a human would react to a Potion. He rummaged through his pack, and could only find an empty water bottle. He tossed it away to the side.

"I'm here under orders of Clove. Once you recover, we have to head out. But, I don't think you're in any shape to.."

To what? You think a teammate as 'mediocre'?. He heard once again in his conscious. He gasped a bit, but ignored it. He glanced back at Ember, and tried to finish his sentence.

"..to, uh, fight or anything right now," he finished. He started to rummage through his pack, but nothing again. He shuffled his feet, and rubbed his nose. He looked back at Ember.

"So, just say when you're fine, 'kay?" he said, trying to break up the silence. He walked to a tree not to far away from Ember's support, and started to climb it. He went up and up, and eventually reached the top. Squinting from the bright sun, he scanned the area, with only Lavender sticking out the most. It had grown quite a bit since his journey with his pokemon some two years ago. There were more buildings, and less.. huts. But, what stuck out the most was the smoke.

"Some kind of demolition or something.." he said to himself. He leapt back down from the tree to meet back up with Ember.

December 10th, 2008, 12:57 PM
"Some kind of demolition or something.." Ember heard Denx say from the trees.


Yes, Ember?

Ember looked up and saw Denx making his way down.

Are we well enough to go on?

You almost died, Ember, Pyra said with a sigh. But yes. We won't be able to attack, but we can defend ourselves.

"I'm fine," Ember said as soon as Denx landed beside her. "Let's go. They're going to need your help. Clove told me to place the lives of the citizens before my own, and that's just what I'm going to do."

Ember turned and began heading in the direction she remembered the others going before.

December 10th, 2008, 1:41 PM
Clove tore at high speed down the road towards Lavender with Erika at his side, although she was having some struggles keeping up with him as they darted from point to point, jumping quickly to their next destinations, moving fast enough to avoid visibility. Reaching the outskirts of town, they wasted no time landing softly in some trees outside of town before leaping to the side of a house and pressing against the wall.

"Its quiet...either everything is over already or they've managed to keep a low profile so far... which is unlikely with Jade around so they may be in trouble." Clove whispered to Erika as he peered around the corner.

"Jade? She your new girlfrie--" Erika began to ask before being cut off and forced into silence by Clove.
"Get back!" he hissed as the two of them quickly jumped onto the roof, sitting back a distance. The sound of patrolling footsteps could be heard accompanied by voices. Clove and Erika lay back silently holding their breathes as two morphs walked underneath.

"Master Bruno should be ready to start the full assault soon... its only 5 til'" one of the morphs said aloud.

"Ya, I don't know why he needed the explosives... he could level this place with one hand..." the other morph responded, chuckling. "And if those PLF guys show up, i'm gonna romp em. I don't know how they expect to handle Bruno's Elite Guard when there's 6 of us."

"More elite guard... looks like they only brought heavy hitters today." Clove thought to himself quietly. He looked to Erika who had let out a sigh of relief as the morphs passed by on their patrol.

"Clove... those guys are powerful." Erika said in a matter of fact tone.

"Ya... I could feel it. We aren't going to be getting out of this town without taking them all down... but he said there were 6...that's a lot." he responded with a solemn tone. "And no... Jade is a current ranking officer in my squad who has loved ones in this town, not my girlfriend."

Before Clove could continue the heart felt mushy conversation, something caught the corner of his eye. A red figure bounding overtop a building, followed by a trail of morphs. Clove recognized the figure instantly.

"Jack! He must be trying to avoid battle. Looks like it can't be helped though. Are you going to help, Erika? It looks like 3... no 4 on his tail, this could get rough." He said aloud as he stood up, clenching his fist as he watched Jack jump buildings, avoiding the morphs with some ease.

"Of course I'll join. What do we do." she responded quickly.

"Intercept the group following him so I can have enough time to set up a counter offensive with him, can you do that?" Clove said quickly as he watched Jack run.

"Not a problem, I'll support from range, go. Before Agatha returns." She said calmly as her palms began to glow. "First that Hitmonlee..."

Clove vanished from his spot, hurrying towards Jack as Erika thrust her palms in front of her, blasting a narrow beam of light across the town, smashing the Hitmonlee with a direct hit, sending it tumbling to the ground. Erika immediately began to move gracefully on the roof top, making smooth swift motions, dancing melodically. Once more the rain of Sakura Blossoms poured from the sky, rushing towards Jack and creating a pink wall of petals between him and his pursuers. Clove appeared in front of Jack, skidding to a stop and looking up at him.

"I need a full rundown of the situation in 30 seconds or less and get ready to fight." Clove said as he looked Jack straight in the eyes. The wall of blossoms that had separated the attackers from them was soon shattered as the Infernape morph burst through in a ball of flames, setting some of the petals ablaze. The petals quickly dispersed all around as they rained down from the sky. Erika joined soon, appearing behind Jack and Clove in a blur of speed. Jack's pursuit team was now making their appearances, none too pleased about having their chase ruined. The air was tense with killing intent and anger as the group enclosed on them. Clove extended his spikes, lowering into a battle stance.

December 10th, 2008, 4:13 PM
"Right. Give me a few seconds before you follow," Jack answered her. He ran off but was quickly stopped by a Hitmonlee Morph, who was followed by at least three others. Jade wanted to help, but she knew Jack was fast and could handle himself. Besides, it would be going against the plan.

Only momentarily did her thoughts drift to Clove and the others. Had Agatha finished them? she thought. A shiver ran down her spiked spine. She shook away the thoughts and braced herself for what she was about to do.

Quickly, and as stealthily as a Tyranitar Morph can, Jade made her way into town. Many of the towns people panicked at the sight of another morph, obviously not recognizing her.
"Spare us! Please! We have done nothing wrong!" Cries for help rang in her ears. Her neighbors were terrified...of her.

She couldn't really blame them; she was glowing purple. Jade held up a hand, signaling silence and peace. Most of the dangerous morphs were distracted nearby were getting calls from their own teammates. Something about a rogue Blaziken. Jade smiled proudly and her aura faded slightly.

"I'm not here to kill you," she told the people of Lavender, who shuddered at her voice. Almost immediately they retorted.
"Don't lie! We know why you're all here!"
"No, I'm not one of them. I used to live here!" Jade cried, keeping a watchful eye for any morphs. The people of Lavender (there weren't many) gathered around her cautiously.
After a few seconds one man, the local librarian, spoke up, "Jade?"
Whispers of her name spread through the crowd.
"What happened to you?" another asked, one she recognized as a local fisher.
"I don't have time to explain," said Jade, once again checking her surroundings. "I have to get you out of here."
"And how will you do that without anyone noticing?" someone in the crowd asked.
"I'll worry about that. Please, trust me," she practically begged. She looked her had-been neighbors and they considered it but she didn't have time for considering. "Follow me," she commanded, knowing that being passive was getting her no where.

She cut through some forest, listening to the hundreds of footsteps following her. Oh this is subtle...Someone caught up with her and, to her joy, it was the man who owned the Poke Mart. Theo.
They used to spend hours discussing the technology of Pokeballs.
"My goodness....is this what happened to you? You ran away? And...morphed?" Theo asked, the last word barely managing to escape his lips.
"Yes," Jade answered, her smile fading when she heard the disappointment in the old man's voice.
"I wanted to protect the people of Kanto. Of this world," she emphasized, "I'm glad I get to personally lead you all out of the danger that was to fall upon your heads. It's too bad my warning didn't do Oliver any good. Where is he?" Jade asked.
Theo gave her a puzzled look which turned quickly to grief. "Jade, no one has seen Oliver this morning. He wasn't in the center of town when Bruno and his gang took the city over only hours ago...." he said.

Lavender awaits you, dear. And so does your precious Oliver...
"They have him"

December 11th, 2008, 2:21 AM
Aisha returned the radio to her belt and proceeded to run on all fours towards the direction of the tower. She was close now, she could smell the old, dank stench of the withering town. Her nose twitched at the sudden smell of flowers that enveloped her senses however and was completely unrepentant of it. She considered stopping to analyze the smell a little more, but thought against it. She continued her full out sprint towards the tower and before long noted that the flower-like smell was getting stronger. ‘What is that?’ she wondered thoughtfully, enjoying the smell that lead her towards her destination. ‘Well whatever it is, I’m gonna find out soon’ she thought as the gate towards the city came into view and she switched from running on all fours to running on her two hind legs in order to jump atop the gate bridge and successfully hurling herself up a near by tree.

She assumed that the best way of attack was to keep a low profile at first and then attack with no mercy. At least that’s what she remember Clove saying when they were training. Combining her extreme speed with a powerful leap from the tree branch, she hopped quickly from tree to tree and landed quietly atop a roof’s building where she could gaze silently down at the commotion below.

She quickly hid herself when a Hitmontop morph and a Tyrouge morph walked by chatting about some sort of assault from Bruno. Aisha’s eyes widened as she listened more intently at the conversation. It seemed Bruno intended on levelling the place with explosives?! Anger boiled up deep within Aisha’s heart and she was about to pounce her opponents when a loud noise came from behind her. She quickly turned her tanned head to see Jack bounding along the rows of buildings with four morphs in hot pursuit. “Jack?!” She squeaked before having to dodge the on coming crowd so as not to be trampled.

She rolled off the side of the building and held onto the weakening pipes that held water in the rainy seasons. She waited for the commotion to pass before letting out a sigh of relief. Of course this was short lived when she heard someone clear they’re throat below her. Looking down, she grinned sheepishly at the looks of amusement that graced they’re features. “Heh heh, look what we have ‘ere.”
“Another of those PLF guy’s eh?”
“Well no worry, we’ll soon have you taken care of.”
The two began to laugh at they’re teasing and before the two morphs knew it, Aisha had dropped between the two and successfully kicked them both in the face on her decent. She raised an amused eyebrow and took on a fighting stance, lowering herself onto all fours. “You picked the wrong day to mess with me.” She growled before leaping at the Hitmontop morph and disappearing in a burst of flame which successfully hit the morph head on.

She reappeared behind the other morph, who was now staring in shock at his comrades burnt face and was unluckily rammed from behind with a powerful push in the direction of his partner and met with another burst of flame.

“I’m not a pushover anymore and you’re my first test bunny’s!” She laughed aloud.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 11th, 2008, 9:05 PM
(Sorry for the wait :nervous:)

Hearing a sound behind him, Jack glanced back just in time to see the Himonlee morph tumbling to the ground. As a wall of pink petals fell from the sky and formed a wall between him and his pursuers, Jack skidded to a stop just as someone appeared in front of him. He raised an arm to defend himself but quickly dropped it when he realized that it was Clove. 'I'll never get used to him doing that....'

"I need a full rundown of the situation in 30 seconds or less and get ready to fight." Clove said as he looked Jack straight in the eyes. Meanwhile, the Infernape morph was already burning his way through the wall of petals. Also a Bellossom appeared behind Clove and Jack, but there was no time to be concerned about her.

Taking up a fighting stance of his own, Jack quickly answered Clove, "I was distracting the guards while Captain Jade led the Lavender citizens to safety. We haven't seen Bruno yet." He watched in minor pleasure as the jaws of two of the enemy morphs dropped, but the Infernape seemed surprised but was more concerned with something else..... a fight. Jack either needed to go up against the Toxicroak morph or the Infernape morph since the both had a resistance to fire and dark type attacks, but in a way, he and the Infernape morph had made a silent yet almost subconscious agreement to fight each other.

Jack walked a little ways away from Clove and the Bellossom morph because of the intense heat that would very likely build up from the two fire/fighting morph's fight and to his relief his opponent followed. They stood several feet apart, their flames, Jack's on his wrists and the Infernape's on his head, intensifying with each passing second.

"This is you last chance to back down before you get seriously hurt," Jack announced dryly, taking up his fighting stance again.

Chuckling, the Infernape answered fiercely, "That's a laugh! You'll be no match for me, and when you're dead, bird boy, I'll finish off the rest of your team!"

"That's funny. I was about to say the same thing. Now come on! I don't have all day!" Jack retorted with a humorless laugh.

"Gladly!" The Infernape morph charged toward Jack as he prepared to defend himself.

(OOC: Two fire/fighting morphs going head to head. This should be interesting. XD)

December 12th, 2008, 1:25 PM
OOC: Mira, I hope you don't mind if I speed up the process and make them already at Lavendar.. If not, I can edit.

"Let's go. They're going to need your help. Clove told me to place the lives of the citizens before my own, and that's just what I'm going to do." Ember told Denx. Denx raised an eyebrow at her. Ember seemed very eager to prove to Clove that she was perfectly capable of being a part of the PLF. He felt sympathy, and got back his eagerness to fight. Denx nodded at Ember, and they both got ready to leave. Denx followed her as she headed in the direction he remembered them departing to. Following Ember, they made their way quickly and without hesitation to Lavendar. Denx wondered what they found so interesting in Lavendar. He figured that it was just Bruno and Agatha's way of using scare tactics; destroying a helpless town to show their power. Or their worthlessness, Denx thought. Finally, they managed to make it to the edge of Lavendar. Denx faced Ember.

"Well, it was nice meeting you. I guess we go our different ways for now. Just DON'T get killed. And good luck," he said, feeling the falseness in his voice. It didn't sound like him. Of course, he didn't speak much since he had left that man that helped him out. He glanced briefly over at Ember, and zoomed off with quick attack. It wasn't long before he was stopped by a Medicham.

"Hey, morph kid, go away. We don't want scum like you," he said to Denx.

"Scum?" Denx asked, not liking being called that. He faced the Medicham, "I'm going no where, thank you," he said. He preceded to dash away with quick attack, when he was jabbed in the back with a fist. It was a Mach Punch.

"I said, we don't want scum like you," he spat. Denx got up off of his kneeling position. He faced the Medicham, but couldn't conjure up a good Zap Cannon. He didn't have time for this. He powered up his hands, electricity charging up in his palms. He coursed his energy, and his hands started to crackle with sparks.

"Thunder Punch!" he shouted. Instead of the energy powering up his hands, it flashed brightly. Denx shielded his face, as something went wrong.

Flash? he thought. Then, his fists crackled with the energy he stored just a minute ago.

"Oh well, now Thunder Punch!" he shouted, slamming an electrified fist into his blinded foe. Before he could zoom off with Quick Attack, he stumbled, and was flung through the air by an invisible force.

"Damn confusion!" he said.

"Good guess," said the Medicham monotonously.

Denx prepared to fight his predecessor.

December 12th, 2008, 3:10 PM
(OOC: No, it's fine ^.^)

Ember watched as Denx zoomed away, suddenly feeling lost. She looked around, not sure where to go or what to do when she got there.

What do we do now? Ember asked Pyra.

Fight some Morphs, save some people, don't get killed, Pyra suggested. Preferably all of the above.


Ember looked ahead and saw a long alley and sped forward into it, ignoring her throbbing injuries. She swiftly glided along, taking care to not disrupt so much as a single stone that would make a noise.

After a few minutes she slid to a stop, her ears twitching. She could hear the sound of footsteps... and they were nearby. Ember slipped along, listening carefully to the approach. Suddenly, a scream rang through Ember's ears. Ember now heard two sets of rapidly approaching footsteps. One was rapid and lighter, most likely a normal human, while the other was dragging and deliberate. A Morph.

Ember slipped closer and peered around the corner. She saw a young girl with a look of terror slashed across her face, which was no surprise as she was in hot pursuit by a Typhlosion-morph. He laughed coldly as he approached his helpless prey and the fire surrounding his neck flared up. Ember growled and felt fire build up inside her. She stepped back into the valley and fell down on all fours, preparing to pounce as rage roared through her body.

Ember waited for the girl to pass before she leapt out between her and the morph. The girl looked at her with terror and the Typhlosion-morph's eyes widened in surprise. Ember glared at him and allowed her rage to take over her, fire burning through her.

"Fire Blast!" Ember shouted, releasing and explosion of fire directly into the Typlosion-morph's chest, flinging him backwards.

"Run!" Ember yelled, turning to the girl and grabbing her hand to pull her along.

December 12th, 2008, 10:20 PM
Jade knew she was missing all the action but she didn't care. They had Oliver. She had to get back to Lavender she had to save-
No. She couldn't let this cloud her mind. That would be stupid. Clove would never forgive me, she thought to herself, still leading Lavender's small population away from danger. Either way, she knew she had to get back and help her team eventually. If that involved Oliver or not was a bridge she'd cross when she got to it.

Surprisingly they had made it to the tunnel PLF had taken from safety to Lavender. Jade was on her toes, not liking how lucky they had been so far, but continued on her way.

"Theo, lead them through the tunnel. On the other side you'll find a safe house. A couple of my teammates are there and if anyone is hurt they can be taken care of. Is this everyone?" besides Oliver? she thought.

Theo looked around and shook his head mournfully, "No. It's not. There's still people who got lost. Just goes to show how chaotic it was if Lavender's own citizens get lost," Theo smiled slightly at the humor. Lavender was not very big at all.

"It's rather dark, if anyone has fire pokemon or if anyone has a lighter that would be good," said Jade. She handed him her number, "Call me if you need anything. Don't hesitate. I'm going back. If there are still people in Lavender I need to save them." With that Jade parted the crowd and made her back to her home town, looking back only once to see the last of them make it inside the tunnel.

She called Theo, running, and he answered after the first ring, "Worried already?" the old man teased.
"You all there and okay?"
"Yes. Thank you so much Jade. We owe you our lives. Try and secure Lavender, that's all we can ask...." the connection cut out.

When Jade arrived back, she couldn't find any of her teammates. She did hear them however. And the air felt much hotter than it had before. A large number of fire morphs, maybe?

Emerald, can you hear me? That Ember girl can hear her Ninetales...I know you're there. I can feel you there. You're anxious. So am I. I wish I could talk to you...why can't I talk to you?

Jade sighed, only feeling her Tyranitar's equal frustration. Still no words.
She was in the center of town. She feet felt a rumble, one so intense she knew it wasn't any of her teammates. The Tyranitar Morph tensed and turned on her heel slowly to find a smug Machamp Morph looking her way.

"Hello Jade Morrisan," Bruno sneered. She fumbled back slightly. No one had ever used her last name. She left it out of her PLF profile on purpose. She didn't want her past to come into play. But now it seemed inevitable. "It seems that you have a choice to make." said Bruno, flexing his muscles. With every flex, Jade's feet felt a slight tremble. Bruno gestured to either side of him. How hadn't she noticed it before?

Jade looked to both sides. On one side way a large pile of explosives and morphs who looked ready and eager to destroy anything they could get their hands on. On the other side was a Sandslash Morph, tied to a large steel rod, head hanging down, blood seeping through various places. The young man's curls were slowly taken over by spikes that went all the way down his back. His hands weren't completely taken over by claws but it was close enough. His skin was a sandy color and scaly. A tail potruded from his backside.

As the Sandslash Morph glanced up, the golden eyes pierced Jade like a million daggers.
Emerald took this moment to say her first words to her master. The words hummed mournfully Oh no.
Bruno's grin grew, "The city and the twenty or so citizens I still have? Or the love of your life?"

December 13th, 2008, 7:19 AM
The girl tugged away from her grasp, but thankfully she was to out of breath to scream.

"Stop. I'm with the PL... Pokemon Liberation Force," Ember explained as they ran.

Such a hard acronym to remember, Pyra said sarcastically.

Ember didn't bother answering and instead asked, Where do you think that Typhlosion-Morph went?

Well, you did hit it rather hard, Pyra said. Maybe you stunned it and by the time it recovered you had already run away.

Ember said nothing in reply for a moment. I didn't hit him that hard.

"We're trying to get all the citizens out of the city to make sure they're safe," Ember continued.

The girl didn't reply, but stopped trying to pull away from Ember. After a few more minutes of running, they reached the building from which the PLF had emerged. Ember smiled and looked at the girl, who was kneeling over and throwing up from the strenuous run. Ember flicked her tails uncomfortably as the girl straightened up.

"Go down there," Ember lead the girl into the building and pointed to the tunnel. "It leads to another building near a town where you should be safe."

The girl looked down into the darkness with a nervous glance. Ember glanced down too and thought for a moment.

Eh, what the heck?

Ember jumped down into the tunnel and lit a ball of fire in her hand. The girl climbed down after her.

"I guess I'll lead you..." Ember stopped when she caught sight of a faint glimmer of light up ahead. "Wait, there're people already going there!"

Ember looked down at the tunnel floor and, sure enough, there were human-sized footprints. More townspeople had made it there somehow.

"There are people further down the tunnel who have a light. Probably some of your neighbors. If you-" Ember cut herself off. Running was probably the last thing that girl wanted to do. "Um... Maybe you could call out to them to stop as you make your way down there. I have to get back to the town."

The girl nodded and quickly made her way down the tunnel, disappearing into the darkness as she called out the names of her friends and family. Ember smiled and climbed back out of the tunnel and carefully made her way back into the town.

She's definitely not the only one who got separated from the group.
Ember slipped further and further into the town, carefully dodging any noises that didn't sound entirely human. She found that there weren't many Morphs left patrolling the town. Where'd they go?

Suddenly Ember was hit with a wave of heat. She peered around the building and saw the answer to her question. A large Machamp-Morph stood with his back to Ember, facing the Tyranitar-Morph that was a part of the PLF.

"Bruno," Ember hissed.

To one side she saw a Sandslash-Morph tied to a metal rod and on the other was a pile of explosives surrounded by an equally distructive looking group of Morphs. Ember calculated the scenario for a moment. She couldn't attack without her or one of the Morphs setting off an explosion, but her teammate needed help...

Ember smiled and looked around the buildings and found what she was looking for. A hose. She turned it on as high as it could go and carefully directed the stream behind her. She glanced around the building to see the standoff had not yet changed. Ember kneeled down and pounded her fist on the ground three times. It didn't make much sound, but there would still be vibrations.

Ember directed the hose toward the pile of explosives and Morphs and, after making sure she was still relatively hidden, placed her thumb against the nozzle to direct the water further. In an instant, the explosives and Morphs were drenched. The Morphs looked around in rage, searching for the source of the water. Ember put down the hose and grabbed hold of the roof of a building. She swung herself up and flattened herself against it, feeling Pyra store up dark thoughts as Ember hardened the tails until they were as strong as steel.

Ember saw that the Morphs had found the hose and were attempting to turn it off, some of them drenching themselves in the process. Ember shook her head and prepared her attacks. The battle was just beginning.

December 13th, 2008, 12:42 PM
Jade's feet felt a soft pounding and was brought out of her deep thoughts. Subtly she glanced from the situation and saw Ember behind a building with a hose.

The explosives were drenched.

Jade smiled on the inside, not wanting to warn Bruno of anything, and thought to herself This Ember is a quick learner. Maybe I judged her too quickly...how did she know I could feel vibrations with my feet? Probably my PLF profile...

The Morphs that had been standing around the explosives panicked, trying to turn it off. Bruno groaned "You idiots, FORGET THE EXPLOSIVES!" his voice boomed like nothing Jade's feet had felt before. "We don't need them to leave this town in ruins," Bruno smirked, his smug look returning, "Let's turn this pathetic town to rubble."

Jade panicked, her eyes glancing at Oliver only slightly to see his head down again. She meant to look quickly but Bruno noticed the alarm in her eyes, "Oh no, Miss Morrisan. I will not let you win this easily. While my minions destroy your beloved home town, you will have to go through me if you want to save your precious Oliver" said Bruno.

Jade spoke directly for the first time she had arrived back in Lavender, "Your lips do not have the right to speak his name," she growled, her purple aura returning stronger than before. The aura pulsed and grew. It wasn't just the fact that Oliver was in danger. The fact that Bruno was singling her out was more than enough motivation to kick some ass.

Bruno laughed, "You cannot take me on by your lonesome! You are doomed! Just like your love!"
Jade shook her head, "Maybe not. But I have a whole team that'll back me up in a heartbeat. And I trust they will be here soon. And then...then you'll pay!" she wasn't speaking with just her own voice anymore. Emerald's voice echoed and mingled with her's, guiding her words.

Jade jumped in the air and when she landed an Earthquake greater than any she'd conjured before shook the earth, her dark energy spreading with it. His minions were knocked off their feet, but Bruno was only slightly fumbled.

Here goes nothing.

December 13th, 2008, 1:32 PM
"You idiots, FORGET THE EXPLOSIVES!" Bruno's voice boomed across the town like thunder. "We don't need them to leave this town in ruins. Let's turn this pathetic town to rubble."

Hm... there goes my plan, Ember thought dryly.

Forget the explosives, Pyra said in a commanding tone not unlike Bruno's. His minions are still confused. Strike now!

Ember was about to stand up when a powerful shudder ran through the building. She heard items break inside, but the building itself took most of the shock. Ember looked over to the standoff to see the Tyranitar-Morph shaking with rage while the minions scrambled to regain their footing.

Now that's what I call a distraction, Ember laughed aloud. Let's get it on!

Ember stood up and felt Pyra release an explosion of dark thoughts that spread out over the minions below, knocking some of the more shaky ones back to the ground like a physical attack. Bruno's head twitched, but otherwise he seemed unfazed.

Stupid Fighting-type Pokemon.

Ember felt her tails slowly become even harder as she concentrated the attack. She leapt off the roof into a cluster of Morphs. Ember felt one's skull give out under the force of her tails while many of the others managed to dodge her. She lifted her tails out of the hole in the pavement and faced the remaining Morphs, baring her her teeth and growling as energy trickled into every part of her body.

Where the heck is everyone else?!

December 13th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Denx got up off of the ground. He swiped his shirt before he narrowly dodged another quick Mach Punch. He leapt up, and kicked at the Medicham, only to be dodged. He whirled around, and punched the Medicham in the face. He silently cheered, when he was blown off of his feet by another Confusion attack. Suddenly, another morph made its way to the Medicham. It was a Lucario morph. Of course, they were all fighting types. Denx had nothing particularly effective against these morphs. The Lucario went back to his post, looking down at Denx. In dissapointment, he left. Denx got up, and powered up his electricity. He aimed at the Medicham, and unleashed.

"Thunder Wave!" he shouted. A small bolt flew over to the Medicham, who quickly dodged. The bolt curved around, and struck the Medicham in the back unsuspectingly. He lowered himself to the ground, and staggered to get up. He launched another quick Mach Punch, connecting with Denx's rib. Denx lost his air for a moment, and stumbled away. He sat for a minute, watching the Medicham morph struggle with his paralysis. Denx got up, but the Medicham pulled something out. In a split second, he was covered by a bright light, and was standing up straight. He faced Denx, and laughed.

"You thought I was that unprepared? We work for Bruno, one of the most powerful forces in the entire world. You cannot seriously expect me to be that unprepared," he said, a little more tone in his voice than before. His instant restoration allowed him to shake off his paralysis. He had used Recover.

Without words, Denx and this Medicham morph continued to fight. Denx started with Flash, which disabled Medicham. With a bright light, the enemy morph was shielding his face, lowering his defenses. Denx ran up, and struck quickly into the morph's stomach. But, instead of flinching, the Medicham smirked.

"Reversal!" he shouted. Denx cursed. The Medicham ran over to Denx. Denx flinched, and shielded himself. Instead of striking Denx at that moment, he circled Denx and swept his legs with a lower kind of kick. Denx fell on the ground hard, and the Medicham looked down as the Lucario morph had done.

"Just in time to see my fifth move--" he said before being cut off by Denx.

"What's that?" he said inquisitively, seeming to forget he was fighting this foe. The Medicham stared at Denx in disbelief for a moment, then rolled his eyes.

"Being a part of the PLF, I'm sure you don't know. Anyway, enough of that. Time for my move! Power Swap!" Suddenly, the Medicham began to glow, and as quickly as it started, the glowing stopped. The Medicham stooped over Denx, and picked him up. With a grunt, he tossed Denx off to the side, crashing into a small convenient store. He smashed through the glass, and landed on a shelf that contained a bunch of tins with tea in them. Denx sat up after the devestating attack, and rubbed his head. Another tin fell on his head.

"Ouch! Dang thing.. What the heck was that??" he exclaimed. Through the broken window, he could see the morph advancing to finish Denx off. Suddenly, the ground shook violently. Denx flew into the wall, then into the counter on the opposite side of the room. A tremor, but its strength much more powerful than that of any morph.. or was it? Denx got up, his head throbbing from where the tin landed. The store was in complete dismay, and the Medicham was nowhere to be seen. Denx cautiously walked outside, into the daylight. He looked all around, but couldn't find the Medicham. He started to walk down the street, when he heard a roar. He turned around to where the sound was coming from, and surely, down a small alleyway, approached the Medicham at high speed.

"Damn Mach Punch.." Denx cursed quietly, a split second before he was struck with intimidating force. He flew off the ground, and landed in the middle of the street. He got up quickly, and circled around the Medicham.

Power Swap.. If he got that much more power, what happened to his defense? I might be able to hit him, but I need to get through his super-offense.. What now.. what now.. he pondered his thoughts. He racked his brain for any ideas, but to no avail. This fight was going to be done in minutes if he couldn't think of anything quick. But, there was no time. The Medicham focused in on Denx, and muttered something. Denx flew toward the Medicham, due to the Medicham's Confusion. He cursed, and started to improvise.

December 13th, 2008, 3:27 PM
"You don't look like a PLF," one of the Morphs commented with a sneer. "It looks like I could throw you further than you could fight."

That makes so little sense that I don't even know what it would look like if he were being literal, Ember thought.

They're just trying to take you out of attack mode, Pyra said.

I know, Ember fought back a smile as fire built up inside her.

"I'd like to see you try and throw me," Ember said with a taunting grin as she stepped off of the Morph she had landed on. "It looks like the last thing you managed to catch had been waiting for you so long it died of old age."

A flicker of annoyance passed the Morph's face.

That's right. Make your stupid move, you big oaf.

Ember caught movement in the corner of her eye and spun to the side, narrowly dodging the attack of another Morph. A devilish smile flashed over her face as Ember reached out and sliced the attacking Morph's neck with her claws. He gasped and stumbled back, clutching his neck as blood gushed through. It didn't kill him instantly... but he would die soon enough from blood-loss.

"Have fun with that," Ember said with a cold laugh.

Two down...

Suddenly, all the Morphs attacked. Ember dodged an assortment of attacks, most of which were fire-based, and did very little to fight back as she waited. The fire inside her grew stronger. She began to tremble as she struggled to hold in the attack and the Morphs took this as her beginning to weaken, so they fought all the harder. One attack struck her shoulder, cutting it open. Fire burst out of her mouth when she cried out, but Ember managed to close it.

One of the Morphs looked at her in surprise and Ember smiled, fire dripping out between her teeth. Before another attack could be thrown, Ember reopened her mouth and let out the full force of her attack. The Morphs staggered back, some screaming in pain as they were enveloped in Ember's inferno. The attack kept flowing through her, reinforcing the flames. Ember struggled to keep her footing and slid back herself. After one last burst of fire, Ember's attack was finished. She kneeled down and panted, sparks still floating out of her mouth. She looked up to see that there were no more Morphs standing in front of her. Most of them had run away, but two of them lay burnt in the path of her flames.

Four down.

December 14th, 2008, 1:16 AM
"I was distracting the guards while Captain Jade led the Lavender citizens to safety. We haven't seen Bruno yet." Jack replied quickly, stepping into a brawling stance.

"Got it...we'll have to hurry.... ugh" Clove replied, sighing. The rest of the morphs closed in slowly as their awe-struck expressions at the new arrivals were quickly erased by the realization of still out numbering their prey. The Infernape stepped forward slowly, seeming to have locked gazes with Jack. Clove looked to his side to see Jack's eyes filled with the same fire. The two wasted no more time in leaping into action. Clove's eyes darted back to the three other pursuers, though the Hitmonlee seemed less than able to fight.

"That beam I got hit with busted my leg... you guys take them down." the brown skinned morph said aloud, cradling a twisted and contorted leg while leaning against a nearby building which was obviously broken. "Hey... isn't that Erika though?"

"Hey... now that you say it, that IS Erika... what are you doing here?!" the Toxicroak morph belched in a low voice.

"That's no concern of a low rank like yourself." Erika responded coldly, stepping forward slowly.

"We're Bruno's elite guard... you don't even know low rank. A gym leader is more than a simple task to take care of for us." The Hitmonchan accompanying them replied, grinning as it punched its fists together, limbering up and preparing for a fight.

"Ya... and besides, its not like Agatha didn't know... you can't trick her. Celadon will be dealt with by the end of the day. I knew there was a reason for attacking this dump..." The Hitmonlee snickered from the wall.

Piercing the air, two needles screamed through the air, piercing through the strong knee of the Hitmonlee morph. He wailed in pain on the ground as he rolled around.

"What the hell?! Why can't I move it?!?!" He screamed in agony.

They looked to see Clove standing with a fist full of Pin Missile with his hat pulled low. He raised his head slightly, showing the moonlight yellow glow of his eyes, the immediate sign of him losing control.

"Why can't you move your leg you ask? Because right now, I'm all that separates you from life and the after life. And when I'm finished with the trash in front of me, you're telling me EVERYTHING you know about whats going on in Celadon." Clove said in a low angry tone.

"I'm not tel--" the Hitmonlee began to grunt through clenched teeth before another needle cut his sentence off, piercing through the center of his palm.

"That was only your hand that you've lost use of. If you don't behave, I'll take the whole arm." He said sternly, lowering his hand. The other morphs at this point had enough as their comrade wailed in pain on the ground.

"Clove... I'm helping, you know I have to. I need to check on Celadon... I know you want to as well. I knew this could be a consequence of my actions, but I needed to help you guys..." she said quietly, clenching her fists.

"Theres nothing to do now... but fight until we can't anymore..." Clove responded quietly, before quickly extending his spikes and spinning forward, parrying a Poison Jab from the Toxicroak who had apparently grown impatient.

"If you two love birds are done, I believe you said some pretty disheartening things about us just now. You're gonna pay for every last word." the Toxicroak spat in his low baritone voice. Clove remained silent as he looked into the Toxicroak's eyes, letting him stare down into the black and yellow abyss of his manifesting hatred. Clove's eyes soon narrowed as the two pressed against each other for control. Clove retracted his spikes quickly, causing the Toxicroak to fall off balance, and thrust a hard shoulder into his chest, sending him skipping across the ground. The Hitmonchan wasted no time in attacking as well, heading for Erika.

"Lets tangle, I'll show you how puny gym leaders are compared to us!" the Hitmonchan yelled, with fist glowing with an eerie yellow aura. "FOCUS PUNCH!"

Erika quickly reacted, thrusting a hand up between them. Instantly 8 rainbow shaped leaves appeared, swirling between them and forming a shield as the powerful fist smashed into them, sending a shockwave surging outwards and blowing them both apart. They regained balance quickly, sliding to a stop.

"Not bad, I'm kind of glad you lived. I've wanted to smash that pretty face of yours since I became Bruno's guard... Everything about you pisses me off. Your mind is weak... and you yourself are weak. Probably the weakest of the Gym Leaders, I'd say... next to of course Brock and Surge, those losers..." He trailed on but was cut short by a swarm of rainbow leaves spiraling towards him. The 8 leaves circled before beginning their assault, darting and diving at him. The morph quickly moved to the side, dodging one and began punching into the air rapidly, blocking all the leaves' attacks.

"Hmpf... must be a bullet punch... I guess I'll have to step it up after all..." Erika commented in a bored tone as the leaves returned to her, circling around elegantly.

By this time, the Toxicroak had stood up and shook off the damage from Clove's hit. He limbered up as if nothing happened before looking back to Clove who was standing and studying him from a distance.

"We're the fighting Brothers Hachi and Sai, sworn to defend Bruno until the end. He doesn't need protection but we like to make sure he's not bothered while he works." Hachi said aloud to Clove.

"You're just an obstacle. Get out of my way." Clove said sternly.

"Such big words...but we'll see how well you fair. Come at me." Hachi replied, provoking Clove to attack. Without wasting a second, Clove vanished, moving for his target with killing intent. Without warning, Clove was thrown from his super speed movement, being brought to an immediate halt. He spat a small amount of blood, before curling over the fist that caused the damage. Hachi stood over him with a fist buried in Clove's stomach. Clove fell to the ground but caught himself before landing, quickly jumping backwards to safety. He stood clutching his stomach, eying Hachi down hard.

"He intercepted my attack... is he faster than me? No... there's no way. But Agatha was the same way... but I don't think she knows Teleport like Sabrina..." Clove thought to himself as he flashed back to memories of fighting both Sabrina and Agatha. "It has to be a trick move... what could move that fast for such a short amount of time... Sucker Punch? That has to be it... because he can't use that same speed to attack me head on... I need to be making a move... but how can I---" Clove was interrupted by a sudden chill through his spine. A purple sphere streaked through the sky, connecting with Hachi and sending him crashing through the building. Clove spun around to look up and see a face he was none to ready to see again. With eyes now black as night, she hovered emotionless. She didn't hesitate, hurling another Shadow Ball at Clove. With no time to dodge, he took the brunt of the hit, being sent back to the Hitmonlee morph, who was staring in shock at his betrayed comrade.

"You see? They don't really care about you guys." Clove said bitterly as he eyed Agatha.

"She... Hachi... I'm gonna kill her..." the Hitmonlee mumbled

"As if you could. Tell me whats happening in Celadon." Clove replied quickly. The Hitmonlee morph thought for a moment before speaking.

"... Lavender was a diversion to flush out the traitor, Erika. They plan to level Celadon in addition to Lavender and of course kill Erika, all in order to maintain total control. We sent Koga there with reinforcements from the Johto region." He explained.

"JOHTO?!" Clove quickly replied in surprise. "So they're involved in this too? Damnit.. Who is the reinforcement." Clove demanded.

"Clair... the dragon queen." He replied solemnly.

"Clair... its all uphill if we survive this. What is she morphed with." Clove responded.

"She morphed with--" He was cut off by a purple sphere shooting through the air and connecting with the Hitmonlee, blasting him through the wall, ejecting him from the battle field. Clove looked up to see the still angry Agatha staring him down. Erika's fight continued as they exchanged blows between leaves and punches, sending swarms of petals showering everywhere. He looked to where the Hitmonlee had once sat, then back to Agatha. He didn't say a word, just extended his spikes slowly, preparing himself to fight again. He stared her down with hollow eyes that glowed maliciously.

" Until Jade's town is safe, I can't save my own home town. You're in my way."

December 15th, 2008, 1:05 PM
Denx's heels were digging into the concrete ground, his shoes leaving his bare Raichu paws. He was still being dragged by the Confusion technique. He was urgently trying to escape the force, but there was no way. He flopped back and forth, but to no avail. In his last moments, he started to think random thoughts. He wondered what a fifth move was, who were the rest of the morphs on his team, and if Denkaa could hear his thoughts. Then, he remembered his special training he had been doing while he was absent from the PLF. He clenched his fists, and tried to think of a way out of this mess. Finally, he appeared in front of the buffed-out Medicham. The Medicham smirked, and wound up his fist, glaring at the apparently-helpless Denx that stood in front of him. Denx fell to his knees, expecting the worst. Then, the Medicham roared.

"Dynamic Punch!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. Denx was surprised, and scared. If a Mach Punch was that bad in this state, what would happen to him if he was hit by a direct DynamicPunch? The Medicham's fist started to glow, then crackle with pure power.

"Quick Attack!" Denx huffed. He struck the Medicham lightly in the stomach as he zoomed in front of him. Oddly, he roared in pain though the attack was fairly weak. He slammed his fist into the ground, sending a powerful tremor through the street, and slamming against one of the very few skyscrapers. It rocked back and forth before crumbling to the ground in rubble. The Medicham started to glow, and stood up as if nothing had happened. He looked at Denx with awe; he had found the flaw in his fifth move.

"How did you know?" the Medicham morph said, feeling completely rejuvenated after the Recover he had performed a second ago.

"Know what?" Denx said like a little kid. He looked at the Medicham puzzled for a moment.

"That Power Swap makes my defenses extremely weak, leaving me vulnerable to even the weakest attack?" he explained. A switch seemed to flick in Denx's mind.

"Really? I just figured that Power Swap didn't affect your speed. Boy, was that a lucky guess. But, it makes you vulnerable? Thanks for the info!" Denx squeaked. He hopped up from his leaning position. The Medicham smacked his head, and sighed. Denx actually hadn't figured out the flaw; the Medicham morph explained it to him. There was only one way to fix the threat, which was to exterminate Denx. But, it was still a threat..

"Thunder Wave!" He yelled. He shot the small, familiar jolt with precise aim. Before the Medicham could shake it off, he hit him with a flying fist while using Quick attack. The Medicham fell to the ground, glowed, and stood up wearily. Denx flew at him again twice, striking with extreme quickness. He zipped out, leaving the morph on the ground again. But, he glowed, and stood up even more fatigued than when he had risen the last time. Denx's plan was simple. It was to cause more damage than the Medicham morph could recover. He leaned low, lashed out a final quick attack, and tripped the morph. Landing on his own weight from his standing position would be devestating with the Power Swap effect. The morph fell a final time, unconscious. Denx's arm began to light up in fury. It crackled with electricity, and his fist drew from the well of power. His fist crackled, and he slammed the fist on the unconscious Medicham's head, crushing it into the ground. Upon contact, lightning zapped from Denx's arm into the Medicham's head. The Medicham wouldn't be getting up again.. ever.

Denx turned around to zip out with a quick attack, rage leaving his body. The Medicham morph was just too annoying to handle, even for Denx, who was annoying enough. Before he could turn around, though, he heard someone.

"Stop, in the name of Bruno!" Yelled the Lucario morph he had seen before. Before the Lucario morph could say any more, Denx glared at him.

"Damn it, no! I have to go, you have to stay. Good - bye." he said sternly. He turned around again, but a small kunai whizzed by his head, and lodged into the wall of the building he was next to. He looked at the morph, who had three kunais in one hand, and a fairly large katana in the other. He sheathed the katana just as Denx looked at him.

"I think I've more than proven my point. Come with me," he said. Denx shook his head, and began to run with Quick Attack. Before he could get very far, a voice boomed in his head.

"Your friend Denkaa doesn't believe in you. He doubts you," said a voice. It was the Lucario's voice, he could hear it from telepathy, "Don't run. That's the last thing Denkaa wants you to do. He sees you as a failure," he tormented, using his aura power to talk to Denx. Denx stopped running in the middle of an alleyway. He answered in his thoughts.

"You know nothing about Denkaa. Nothing! I miss him, but he doesn't see me as a failure.. if he can even see me.." he said. He prepared himself to fight the Lucario, even though he was in bad condition.

December 15th, 2008, 2:25 PM
Aisha took a hard punch to the stomach and was thrown off balance. She landed on her back and gripped at the abused flesh in pain. It seemed Tyrouge’s weren’t as useless as she originally thought. She had no time to retaliate as a gloved hand reached out and grabbed her by the collar of her jacket and hurled her up against the wall roughly. The young Arcanine morph grit her teeth in pain but did not take her enraged gaze off of the Hitmontop morph. She did however grimace when his face came so close to hers that she could smell his rotting breath. She tried with all her might not to turn her face away.

“Well ‘aint you a pretty thing. Too bad I’m gonna have to kill ya.” He laughed raising a fist to deliver the final blow. Unfortunately for the Hitmontop his grip on her throat loosened as he did so and Aisha’s wind pipe opened enough for her to deliver a jet of flame straight into the morphs face. She took in a well deserved breath when she was released and cared not that her entire being slumped to the floor in a heap. All she could concentrate on was the agonising shrieks of the morph that was not proceeding to run off, the Tyrogue in hot pursuit.

The Arcanine morph took long breaths, trying to focus her gaze once again. She was angry with herself. After all Clove had taught her she had let her guard down at the wrong time and the Tyrouge had landed a blow…a blow she could have done without. She needed more practice, she wasn’t at the top of her game yet.
Growling, she pushed herself off the floor and onto her feet, wobbling a little as she did so. She had to steady herself by leaning against the wall for a few minutes. She took her radio from her belt and spoke into it. “C-Clove, anybody…wha-whats going on, were are you guy’s?” She let the button go and waited a while for a response but nothing came. She tried again. “C’mon guy’s, I’m a little lost…”
She returned the radio to her belt and dashed at a wall, running up it at full speed and performing a flip at the end to land successfully on the roof.

She gazed over the city but it appeared as dead as when she had arrived. She could not see Jack or Clove or Jade or anybody for that fact. “I’m just looking in the wrong place.” She muttered, hoping over onto another roof for a different glance. All of a sudden she spied a purple orb flying through the air in the distance and as quickly as she had spotted the orb, she chased off after it like a dog would a light. She jumped from roof top to roof top in her pursuit and before long her gaze fell upon her struggling comrades. Clove had a Hitmonlee morph in his grasp and appeared to be questioning him …that was until another purple sphere soared through the air and connected with the Hitmonlee sending him hurtling through the wall

Aisha’s eyes widened at the sheer act of cruelty and her gaze fell upon a very angry looking Agatha. The Arcanine morph shook her head in disgust and she fought the urge to take the wretch down there and then...fortunantly she remembered her training. 'Just keep low for now Aisha...surprise is the key...' She breathed and set herself down low against the roof in order not to be seen.

December 15th, 2008, 4:28 PM
No one is coming, Jade thought. I'm done for.
That's not the right attitude, a soothing, magical voice retorted.
She felt her Tyranitar smile, Yes

"Is that all you have?" Bruno taunted, motioning to his minions to not get involved.
Jade smirked, not allowing the Morph to see how anxious she was on the inside, how terrified she was to die. To let anyone else die. "There's plenty more. Order up!"
She was about to conjure another Earthquake when suddenly she realized that is she did, it would effect Oliver too, noticing that he was slightly injured from the last one. She threw a massive dark pulse his way to distract the morph while she thought things out.
Dark and Rock type moves are both hardly effective against fighting type. Anything I do will be useless. All I can do is distract him until someone else comes...

Bruno waved off the negative energy and began charging toward her.
Dynamic Punch
Jade quickly texted all of her teammates: Center of Town. Disadvantage. Bruno. Help. PLEASE.
When she looked up, Bruno's massive fist was feet from her face and she knew it was too late to dodge. She closed her eyes and braced herself.

The earth shook and she felt a shadow fall over her. The punch never hit. Jade opened her green eyes to find three large boulders hovering around her and Bruno nursing a sore fist angrily. She breathed in and the stones fell to the ground.
"What is this power?!"
Great, I've angered him...
Emerald smiled again.

December 15th, 2008, 11:09 PM
Clove stood, staring through glowing yellow iris's with spikes at full mast, ready to do their jobs. A faint shadowy aura flowed close to his skin as he breathed heavily, clearly trying to keep control with fists clenched tight. Behind him, Erika fought, exchanging blows with Sai. Another Dynamic Punch connected with the shield of Magic Leaf, sending a shockwave blasting through the area again as the leaves were blown apart at impact, negating the damage. Erika held her hands up, blocking as she slid backwards. In a grand sweep of her arms, she flung them around, bringing a massive column of sakura blossoms that she directed at the Sai, engulfing the Hitmonchan morph in a cyclone of petals. Erika's palms began to glow a dim white glow as she stood and spoke to him, stuck in the vortex.

"After seeing your own brother die, you can't even see that you're on the wrong side..." She said calmy.

"He would have kept fighting as well. He would have wanted me to kill you." Sai said through gritted teeth as he struggled to get out while the petals sliced and tore at his skin.

"Their brainwashing must have gotten harsh. This has to be Sabrinas work..." Erika said with a sigh as she raised a palm that was now bright with a white sphere of light. Thrusting her hand forward, she blasted a thin white beam as the petals of Petal Dance dispersed, leaving the open target. The Solar Beam connected clean, defeating Sai with no chance of coming back. She quickly turned to Clove to see if he was alright.

"Erika. Celadon is in big trouble. Gym Leader class trouble. I'll be there as soon as I can..." Clove said to her in a low tone. "Go."

"I...I understand, I'm going. I'll have my guard do what they can. And... I left you a gift, use it wisely..." She said in a calm tone as she vanished in a blur. Clove looked back to Agatha who's glare still echoed his hatred.

"What have you been waiting for... not going to get your payback?" Clove said in the same low tone. "Or maybe you're waiting for me to attack so you can use Sucker Punch..."

Her eyes narrowed some more as she heard Clove announce his deduction of her high speed attack.

"You're smarter than your profile, Lieutenant Wheldst. But our difference in strength is far too gre--"

"SHUT UP!" Clove growled as he vanished into a whiff of shadows, appearing to slice down with glowing Needles for another Needle Arm/Faint Attack deadly combo. He quickly targeted and lunged for vital spots as Agatha dodged and avoided them all. Clove quickly lost his air time as he fell to the ground, reaching for Pin Missiles once more.

"You're a one trick pony. I only NEED one arm for you." Agatha said in a bitter tone through gritted teeth as she quickly formed a Shadow Ball.

"Another Shadow Ball... With that kind of range I wont be able to disable anymore limbs and I can't even get in close... What kind of gift did Erika leave for me..." Clove thought as he remembered the scene of her departing. His eyes suddenly widened with realization as the Shadow Ball in Agatha's palm grew greater in size. As Clove fell towards the ground, he pressed his palms together in front of him.

"When Erika left, she left at super speed... something only possible for her when she's under SUNNY DAY! See you in hell, Agatha!" Clove yelled as his palms quickly stored energy under the brightened sun and he prepared to fire from falling high in the air. "And I'll have you know... mine hurts a lot more than Erika's does." he added as the beam reached its maximum charge. Agatha's eyes widened in horror as she focused her energy into the Shadow Ball, making it as big as she could before launching the massive purple sphere downward at Clove. Simultaneously, Clove launched his massive Solar Beam which quickly repelled him to the ground as his feet connected with the pavement and dug into it as he held control of the massive beam. Agatha's Shadow Ball connected with a thunderous boom that sent a force blasting in all directions. The Solar Beam and Shadow Ball fought for superiority as they lit up the sky with the clashing forces. The two finally collapsed into each other, exploding and sending a shock wave down that forced Clove to grunt under the pressure as he stood. After the force cleared, he looked up to the still whole, Agatha who was breathing heavily.

"I used a lot of energy blocking that punk kids, Solar Beam... That little wench Erika left a Sunny Day for him... I wont be able to win under these conditions. Haze wont negate anything... that's the Solar Beam from his profile... the Sunny Day makes it almost instant fire... Although i have the energy... it wouldn't be a fight without major loss" Agatha thought as she stared Clove down in front of her.

"Only a fool would attempt this fight." Agatha said calmly as she lowered her arm to her side and raised it again whipping out the curtain of shadows that was Night Shade and swooped it wide in front of her as it concealed her. It wrapped her body and covered her, vanishing into the sky. Clove's eyes widened in disbelief.

"She... fled..." Clove said in a low, disbelieving voice as he slumped to his knees, resting. "Thanks to this Sunny Day... I wont be perfect after that Solar Beam but at least I can still fight... I have to find the team... and Bruno..."

Clove looked around quickly to find a sign of Jack or anyone. He needed to find Bruno at least or know the rest of the team was okay. Clove returned to his feet, looking at his still slightly smoldering palms from the Solar Beam. He had a brief flashback of Solar Beam training with Erika and her Bellossum with Cacturne.

"Cacturne... you need to learn to control the solar power and make it project like an arrow like Bellossum. You'll wear yourself out if you keep using it like that! Watch again... Bellossum, Solar Beam!" Erika said happily as Bellossum happily obliged, storing energy and firing a thin beam that blew a small deep hole in the mountain side.

"Nah... Cacturne and I like to make sure they don't get back up, right buddy? Show her a real Solar Beam!" Clove said, antagonizing Erika as Cacturne formed its cactus arms together and charged up, releasing a blast twice his size at the mountain side, trumping Bellossum's hole.

"See?! how could that not work?!" Clove called as he high fived his loyal companion, Cacturne.

Clove quickly snapped back to reality as he looked around the smoldering wreckage of buildings. He looked around slowly at the rooftops and surrounding, hoping for some sign of the other team members.

"Jack shouldn't be far... he started fighting near me. But wheres everyone else... damn it if my communicator hadn't broke I wouldn't be in this situation... I need to get them backup asap...and to save Erika and Celadon... if Johto is involved now, theres no telling what kind of danger she's charging into... " Clove thought as he vanished, leaping up to a near by building scanning the horizon.

December 16th, 2008, 2:12 AM
‘She fled?!’ Aisha yelled mentally. ‘What a coward…’

Pushing herself up off of the roof she glanced over to where Clove once stood and found that he was no longer there. With a questioning glance to looked around her and spotted him on top of another building not far off. She gave him a wave to alert her being there and hastily made her way over to him. “Clove I…!” She was cut off when a text came through from someone. She dug into her pocket and extracted her mobile phone. “Jade?” she whispered. Come to think of it, she had not seen Jade in a while now and fear quickly consumed her thoughts. She opened the message hastily, almost dropping her phone in the process. Fear pinched at her heart as she realized what the text had been about. She quickly returned her mobile to her pocket and yelled. “Jade’s in trouble!” and without another though she prang off in search of her, but not before yelling. “Centre of town. BRUNO!”

Hastily she flipped and sprang across rooftops in order to reach her destination. “Jade, be okay.” She murmured, hoping her prayers would be answered and she wouldn’t have to deal with a sight to horrid to think of.
It wasn’t long before she reached the centre, after all Lavender wasn’t that big of a town. Hastily looking around she spied floating boulders off in the distance 'What's that?' the thought, standing for a few moments to try and place it before remembering what her mission was. She sprang from the roof top landing gracefully on the solid ground below and dashed off in the direction she had spied the boulders.

Skidding to a halt she was just in time to see an angry Bruno cradling a fist and Jade just narrowly being missed by three heavy boulders hitting the ground. Aisha knew better this time than to just charge in without thinking. Instead she gathered up a neat ball of flame in the palm of her hand using flamethrower and proceeded to lower herself onto her three remaining paws. Dashing off she coupled her extreme speed with double team and scattered before coming at Bruno from all directions, fire ball in hand and ready to strike.

What Bruno assumed to be the real Aisha was in fact only a clone and so when Bruno’s large fist collided with air he did not expect the immense burning sensation he felt settle into the small of his back. Aisha drove the fireball as deep as it would go into the tanned panel of skin below her palm and was satisfied to hear a shriek of pain from the rock wielder. Happy with her attack she pushed off of Bruno and landed gracefully behind his crouched figure. She noted with satisfaction that Bruno’s overly muscular arms prevented him from reaching the burnt mark on his back to nurse it.

The young Arcanine morph looked over a hunched shoulder at a smirking Jade. “Do I have perfect timing or what?” She grinned.

December 16th, 2008, 6:09 AM
Seven down.

Ember grinned and looked around. There were several morphs left, but they would be gone soon enough.


Ember jumped up and spun around, beating a morph across the face with her tails.


She sliced his cheek and landed on his chest, crushing a rib.

EMBER!! Pyra shouted in her head. You're needed!

Ember looked up at where Bruno stood and saw that she was right. Another morph, a female Arcanine-morph by the look of it, had joined in the battle as well, but Ember knew they were still at a major disadvantage. Ember growled and, after giving the morph one last kick, began swiftly running over to the fight.

Pyra, send out a Dark Pulse at the morphs behind us. Hold it and make sure they can't come over, Ember instructed.

Pyra did as told and the morphs behind began wailing as dark thoughts tore through their minds. They retreated far enough to escape the move and didn't dare venture closer. She started preparing both Fire Blast and Iron Tail. Ember reached inside for the energy she stored up and fed it into the moves, feeling the raw power course through her body. Ember quickly closed the space and leapt into the air. She curled into a ball, directing her tails out. She collided with Bruno's neck, attempting to crack his spine. His thick bones took the hit, but he yelled out in pain. A split second after impact while she was still in close contact, Ember released all the fire she had stored up inside of her in one fiery explosion directly into the back of his head. Ember flew back and skidded to a halt, grinning wickedly at the blaze mark that covered his skull and ran down his spine.

"Die!" Ember yelled, preparing to strike again.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 16th, 2008, 3:07 PM
The Infernape threw punch after punch, but Jack dodged or blocked them easily.... This was way too easy. When he countered with a kick, the Infernape grinned and dived to the side, and Jack felt a lightning fast punch collide with his side.

"That...that was a Mach Punch," he gasped as he jumped to the side to avoid anymore attacks.

"That's right," his opponent answered, his smile broadening. He waved his glowing fist menacingly before letting the light fade. "How about we kick this up a notch? I'm getting bored." Smoke poured from his mouth and the flame on his head burned even brighter.

He's just been playing with me so far... He's much faster than me, but, hopefully, Agility will even things out a bit. I'll have to be careful though because if I use it too much, I could tire myself out. Jack concentrated on building up heat in his chest.

Simultaneously, the two morphs released Flamethrowers at each other, and as the attacks collided in the air, they each poured more and more power in order to come out on top. The air shimmered with intense heat as a fiery ball formed, small at first but grew quickly with each passing second. A few windows of nearby buildings, unable to take the heat, shattered. This..is too...much. We could...kill..each..other. Using Agility, he cut off his Flamethower and dodged the large ball of flames, which slammed into a brick building behind him, scorching and damaging it but not destroying it. While his enemy was still distracted, Jack charged up his fist and landed a Sky Uppercut on his chin, knocking him off his feet.

"Not bad," the Infernape morph growled, rubbing his chin. "But can you handle this?" His fist glowed like before, but this time it was different..... There was much more power. It's a Focus Punch! Just then Jack's communicator buzzed loudly in his pocket. "Looks like some of your teammates could use your help. Too bad you'll be dead!" He charged at Jack with charged fist raised.

"I just need to hurry up and wrap this thing up!" Activating Agility again, he barely dodged the Focus Punch only to be tripped by the Infernape's tail.

"I've got you now!" He swung his fist at Jack but was stopped cold when hit him in the stomach with a Blaze Kick. "Ugh..." The glow of his fist immediately disappeared. Jack rolled to his feet and tried to jump out of the way of a barrage of Mach Punches. "Too slow!" his opponent shouted as his first punch made contact. Breathing hard, the two morphs backed away from each to get ready for the next attack. I can't let this drag on for much longer.... What if the others really do need my help?...

With a laugh, the Infernape said, "I didn't think you'd last this long, but try this on for size!" His whole body glowed an eerie white and four illusory copies of him appeared, surrounding Jack. "There's no way you can dodge it this time!" All five of the Infernapes charged their fists with Focus Punch.

"Crud. Which one is the real one? Wait! I've got it!" Jack leaped straight up in the air, and the Infernapes collided with each other until there was only one left. Turning a back flip, he landed behind the real Infenape morph and grabbed his tail. Spinning his body, he threw him into the brick building, and before he could recover, he slammed a Sky Uppercut into the back of his head, snapping his neck with a sickening crack. Jack sagged against the building to rest for a few moments and catch his breath. I hope everyone's alright... Ok, even Ember. I admit it.

December 16th, 2008, 4:14 PM
No fight! No fight! Denx chanted in his head. He really didn't know why he was thinking that. Some sort of chant to get him into the mood, he guessed. As he looped the thought in his head, he walked down the street, ready to approach the Lucario morph. He looked all around, but could see nothing. Suddenly, from out of a shop, he emerged, clutching his katana with his hands. He reared, then released some odd power, that seemed to hypnotize Denx. Four swords appeared from nowhere, and started to dance around the Lucario with a mystic power. When he was done, the swords became one, and merged with his katana. It was a Sword's dance technique. He faced Denx on the street, and spat on the ground.

"Let's get this over with, puny weakling!" he said, not hesitating to charge at Denx with his sword drawn. Denx started with quick attack, circling him and taking caution not to get too close to this enemy. The Lucario morph switched directions, and so did Denx. He stopped, Denx copying his every move, except opposite. The Lucario morph started to charge an orb of energy, as did Denx, except with electricity. The Lucario morph released his Aura Sphere at the same time Denx released his Zap Cannon. The attacks collided, and fizzed out with a few sparks and a deep thud. The Lucario dashed at Denx with Extreme Speed, just missing Denx as he leapt out of the way with Quick Attack. The Lucario smashed his hand through a window, and pulled it out, unharmed. He looked at Denx, whom he noticed was keeping a relatively safe distance.

"You and I, we are more alike than I thought. With your parrying power, I don't know why Denkaa doesn't believe in your skill.." he said with a smirk. Denx clenched his fist, and it sparked with power. He charged at the Lucario morph without words, and flung a Thunder Punch at the Lucario.

"Force Palm!" the Lucario morph announced. The two fists collided, small pulses of combined energy going here and there. Denx flew backward, across the street, skidding his feet against the pavement. He looked up at the Lucario morph, and summoned his voice, weak through rage.

"I'm nothing like you, you dirty scum. I'd never betray my homeland.." he said, his head tilted downward, looking madly at the Lucario morph. The Lucario morphed chuckled as he pulled out a kunai, and flung it at Denx. It stuck into the road at Denx's feet. Denx picked it up, and surrounded it with a jolt of electricity. He charged at the Lucario, with the kunai behind him in a running position.

OOC: Yeah, I wanted to do a lot more with my post, but I don't have enough time.. =/

December 16th, 2008, 4:50 PM
OOC: Shadow, the three boulders were Jade's doing. Not Brunos. It might have been confusing but, she conjured them....You'll see.

Aisha tore out of no where, colliding with Bruno and hitting him hard. Jade smirked, and exhaled happily. Some one had come. I knew they would come.
“Do I have perfect timing or what?” the Arcanine Morph grinned. Before she could say "YES!" Ember also came out of no where. Thank God for those two...

Jade didn't stay to watch the fight, this was probably the only opportunity she had to save Oliver. She wasn't going to mess that up. She ran to him, dodging the heat of the battle, a knelt by his side.
"Oliver? Oliver, please speak to me!" she cried, holding up the spiky head of her love.
His eyes opened lazily and slowly processed what they were seeing. He blinked several times and, with her help, lifted his head. "Jade?" his voice was weak but relieved
"Yes, Oliver, it's me. Oh God, what did they do to you?" she put a hand behind his head, cautious of the spikes the portruded from the part in his hair down his spine.
"They...." words were hard to get out. Each one seemed painful, "They force morphed me....with my Sandslash..." Oliver coughed, blood spurting and staining Jade's shorts. "It worked...but...it was so....so painful..."

"No more talk," said Jade, not wanting to bring him anymore pain. The once sweet voice of her love was coated in agony.
I joined to protect people. I joined so this would never happen...I failed.
"You're going to be fine, Oliver," she said, looking into his amber eyes, one of the things that hadn't changed. She reached for his hand, part razor-sharp claw now, and squeezed it tight. She ignored the cut and her own blood seeping out of the wound that his new claws had made. "You are going to be fine."

Swiftly, Jade picked him up in her arms and ran toward the tunnel, hoping and praying that she'd only meet friendly faces on the way. She needed to get Oliver out of there, with the rest of Lavender. He sunk back into unconsciousness as they ran. With one hand, Jade called Theo.
"I've found him."
"We made it to the other side. I'll go with a couple others and meet you in the tunnel," said Theo. "How does the town look?"
Jade took a glimpse over her shoulder, "It could be worse"
"Shouldn't you be fighting?"
"I'll help with Agatha, if she's around, when I return. I am useless against Bruno....but I will help all I can," said Jade.

I'll be back soon she texted the team, hoping that at least Clove would understand.

December 17th, 2008, 3:43 AM
“J-Jade! Where you going? We can’t take Bruno alone!?” Aisha cried as Jade pounced off. As the morph disappeared out of sight her phone went off and she dug into her pocket to retrieve it. The message was from Jade and it clearly stated that she would be back soon. The Arcanine morph raised an eyebrow at the statement and repeated it under her breath. “Be back soon? What does-”
Bad move, she had completely forgotten that Bruno had been standing only a few steps in front of her, completely enraged that the Arcanine morph had landed a blow. She was grabbed roughly by the throat and hurled up against a near by wall. Her wind pipe was being crushed considerably under the heavy hand of the elite four member and her legs began to flail in panic. ‘What the…he-he should be dead after that move ember threw at him!’ she yelled mentally. Her hands came up to try and pry the other pair of bigger hands away from her throat but to no avail. He was starting to choke her and a manor of different spluttering sounds were starting to escape from Aisha’s throat.

With the last of her strength she planted her weakening feet against the Machamp morphs chest and drew her sharp claws down his chest, slowly but surly tearing open the flesh beneath. Spots were starting to appear in her line of vision and her head was starting to feel fuzzy but with her enhanced abilities as a morph she was able to last longer than the average human and her nails continued they’re journey downwards, staggering over Bruno’s abs and through his bellybutton. It was at this point Bruno’s hold on her neck staggered and without taking a breath Aisha quickly lunged at the hand that only moments ago were killing her slowly. She planted her teeth firmly into the flesh below and swore to herself that she would not let go until she was practically thrown off.

Bruno yelled in pain as the teeth drew a considerable amount of blood and before long his torso was covered in a long strand of drying blood. The large free hand wrapped itself around Aisha’s left leg and began to pull, not caring that Aisha’s long fangs would certainly take a chunk of pale blue flesh with it. Needless to say Aisha could not hold on any longer and Bruno threw the young morph at full speed and strength into the wall Jade had been backed up against not long ago. Aisha’s full being collided with the solid object and slid down face first onto the concrete beneath. She felt flakes of debris follow her path and land in her spiked hair, but she couldn’t care less. Instead she concentrated on her breathing, willing herself not to pass out due to fear that she may not wake up again. A trickle of blood started to seep down her brow and she stared at the lonely remains of a chipped fang laying next to her.

She stared at Bruno through hazy eyes and couldn’t help the satisfactory grin that painted itself across her features at the bloody mess of both hand and torso. True she had not done any proper damage and at the end of the day she was the most worse for ware between the two of them, but at least his hand had gone down with her. She gave a sigh and just lay there waiting for her regeneration abilities to kick in…if they ever did. ‘It’s up to you now new-girl.’ She thought.

December 17th, 2008, 5:04 AM
(OOC: one question: how does she know Ember's name if they've never met before? It's not a big deal ^.^)

Ember watched in horror as Bruno, after completely ignoring her usually devastating attack, proceeded toward the Arcanine-Morph.

I thought that my attack would at least take his attention from her, Ember panicked.

He chose one of you to get rid of first, Pyra said. Then the other would be easier to take.

Ember attempted to lung forward, but found her feet were held in place.

What are you doing Pyra?! Ember demanded, pulling on her legs.

Bruno now held the Arcanine-Morph by the neck and was strangling her.

You almost broke my concentration with your first blow, Pyra explained. If you move again, I won't be able to hold off the other Morphs.

The Arcanine-Morph struggled against Bruno and dug her claws into his chest, drawing blood. Bruno seemed unfazed.

She's going to get killed! Ember reasoned, frantically trying to gain control of her legs again.

More blood gushed out of Bruno's form until her released the Arcanine-Morph, who then attatched herself to his arm with her teeth.

If the Morphs join in, you're both dead! Pyra increased her hold on Ember's legs.

Bruno pulled her from his arm and thrust her into the wall. The Arcanine-morph slid down, appearing dead.

I'M NOT JUST GOING TO LET HER DIE LIKE THAT!! Ember snapped back in control and immediately leapt forward.

Bruno had stepped closer to the Arcanine-Morph and was preparing to crush her. Ember bolted forward, shouting as she prepared to attack with no move in particular. She jumped onto his shoulders and began scratching and biting. Blood spurted out of the claw marks covering the back of his head and neck and a hunk of his ear was missing. Ember's mouth tasted like blood, but that only fed her rage. Ember felt Bruno's enormous hand wrap around her arm. She was lifted off of his neck and thrown back into the center of town, rolling to a stop. She jumped up and glared at Bruno, preparing to attack again. Ember's vicious grin faded as she saw the remainder of his minions closing around her.

What've I done?

December 17th, 2008, 12:16 PM
Jade had left Oliver with Theo and, reluctantly, sped away. She didn't want to leave him, but she had to. She had left Ember and Aisha with Bruno. They couldn't hold him for long.

By the time she made it back to the center of the town, Aisha was on the ground and so was Ember. Bruno and his minions were closing in and there was only one thing Jade could think of to do.

She was by their side in seconds, looking Bruno in the face. She didn't acknowledge them but she glared at Bruno , who looked torn up but strong as ever.
"Oh, you're back? I thought you'd run away, tail between your legs with your lover," Bruno snarled.
Jade's insides rumbled and her purple aura returned, angry that it hadn't had it's chance to fight yet. "I don't have a tail," she growled. "Hold on." was all she said to her teammates before she unleashed another Earthquake.

The ground beneath Ember and Aisha was left untouched but Bruno and his minions went flying at the force. Jade knew it wouldn't hurt them too much, but it definitely knocked them off their feet, several yards away. All Jade could do is stall, defend, and distract.
But dammit, I'm going to do all of that if it means saving Lavender and making sure no one else dies!

Bruno got to his feet about a football field away and laughed, "It that all you have, Earthshaker? You know your attacks have barely any effect on me, don't you?" his laughter became hysterical.

Jade whispered to Ember and Aisha, who were still on the ground (in awe maybe?), "All I can do is be a solid defence and make sure neither of you is hurt any more than you already are. Don't get too close to him. Attack from afar until Clove and the others get here." Her purple aura pulsed, "I will protect you. GO!"

December 17th, 2008, 1:01 PM
As he ran, Denx was swinging the charged kunai wildly, hoping to get in at least a slash. But, as he closed in, the Lucario pulled off a stunt where he ducked and parried. He grabbed Denx's arm with both hands, on hand near his shoulder and the other at his wrist. He then blasted his knee upward, colliding with his elbow. Denx clenched his eyes, and gritted his teeth. Dropping the kunai helplessly to the ground was all that he could do. He looked at the morph, and prepared a ThunderPunch, but the morph could tell what he was thinking by his aura, and kicked his knee. Denx fell to the ground, as the Lucario morph released him viciously by throwing him into the ground.

Damn, he knows all my pressure points.. I can't do anything! Denx thought. At this rate, he was going to be disabled from battle again. Denx started to get up, and the Lucario morph merely scowled. He leapt up into the air, and aimed a strong kick. Denx twisted his entire spine to dodge the kick. He fell to the ground after landing in an awkward position. He rolled out of the way of any sort of attack. The Lucario morph drew his sword again, and swung at Denx with blinding speed. If it weren't for another tremor, his head would've been seperated from his body. Instead, the Lucario morph was tripped up, and hit Denx with the flat side of the sword. The electricity charged in Denx went through the sword, and electrocuted the morph. The Lucario laid there, paralysis taking over his body. He wasn't able to over come the paralysis quite like the Medicham, because he couldn't recover. Denx grabbed his sword, and knocked the Lucario morph to his knees. He gripped the sword, and swung it. The sharp edge was toward the back, hitting the Lucario morph in the neck with the blunt side. The Lucario morph fell to the ground, roaring in pain, but unmoving. Denx dropped his sword next to him, and picked up the kunai he had previously used, except this time he would really end the Lucario morph's life.

He ran, gripping the sword, to the place where he had felt the tremors. After a short burst of Quick Attack, he found himself behind a crowd of various fighting type morphs. In the center of the mosh pit were Ember, the Arcanine morph he had previously seen, Jade, and.. Bruno! Two morphs looked at him, but Denx clashed the sharp edge of the sword on them. Pinning the sword up against the side of a building, he hung up a Tyrogue and Machoke morph. He looked at the gruesome sight, trying not to become sick. He took the moment of stealth to his advantage. No one had noticed Denx's silent kill, so he charged up a Zap Cannon. After a moment, he heard Jade say something to the other two.

"I will protect you. GO!" Denx released the Zap Cannon at her words, and it struck the center of the minion crowd. With a bang and a fizzle, he took out 8 morphs in the electrified explosion. In his frenzy, he somehow launched another Zap Cannon at the right of the minions, taking some out. There were more, but he put a good hole in the crowd. The minions near Denx turned their attention to toward him. He leapt over their heads, and kicked a minion in the throat, knocking him to the ground permanently. Denx jumped up into the air again, but this time rolling on the ground to where he had jumped from. But now, he was surrounded by various minor morphs. With a flicker, he pulled off a Flash technique, stunning them and leaving them staggering for their sight. One by one, he used Thunder Punch on them, ending their morphed career. Finally, the last four or five morphs recovered their sight. They meant the end of Denx, and the end of Lavender. It's going to be close, Denx thought.

December 17th, 2008, 1:36 PM
Clove scanned slowly until a figure leaped out from behind him and darted towards the center of the city.

“Centre of town. BRUNO!”

Clove stared in confusion for a sec as she bolted off into the city.


He wasted no time in questioning any further and followed suit, vanishing in hot pursuit of Aisha and the troubled team mates.

"If Brunos here, some of them may be badly hurt or worse... I'll have to hurry." Clove thought to himself as he could hear and see explosions in the distance. He bounded from rooftop to rooftop, hurrying fast as he could. He halted on a nearby rooftop, finally seeing the team in an epic struggle against Bruno, surrounded by his subordinates. Denx was fighting for his life as he worked to take out as many as possible.

"You're gonna wear yourself out at that rate..." Clove thought as he watched Denx unleash blast after blast. He vanished from the rooftop, appearing silently in front of Denx for a brief moment before vanishing again. In a blur of black shadows and glowing green slices through the air, Clove reappeared, retracting his spikes as the 5 remaining morphs fell in unison.

"Its good to see you're all alive at least... We need to focus on Bruno, Celadon is in trouble as well... I... have to go save it. But we'll need to take him out first..." Clove said in a low tone to the surrounding team members. "Jade... you've done well. Once we defeat Bruno, Lavender is safe. Lets make this happen." Clove said to her, placing a hand her shoulder as she quaked away at Bruno. Without waiting for a response, he vanished, charging straight for Bruno.

"You don't stand a chance... even though he's hurt... but if you let me take over, we could stand a chance...."

"...Cacturne?"" Clove responded aloud as he broke the charge, and dashed to the left quickly. He slid to a stop, eying his huge target who had a clear type advantage. "If... I do this then team should have enough strength to defend Celadon... Lets do it buddy."

"You wont regret it..."

"Alright Bruno..." Clove said aloud as he stood up, his body glowing a dark aura. "You get the honor of being around only the 2nd time this has happened..." the air felt still as his eyes glowed a deep yellow and the shadows swarmed his body.


His body now ablaze with dark aura Clove was ready, he felt the tense sensation again of the heightened state.

"Bulk UP!" Bruno roared as he pounded his fists together, his muscles increasing in mass as his attack and defense rose.

"...no use" Clove said in a low empty tone as he vanished, connecting with Bruno's stomach. He paused for a moment before launching through a nearby vacant house.

"Stop pulling us around and use your 5th move. This fight wont be over until you do." Clove said once more as he watched Bruno climb from the rubble.

"You couldn't handle it you--" Bruno spat but was cut off as Clove appeared once more, landing a knee in his stomach, then leaping into the air to land a swift kick in the side of his head that sent him skipping across the ground.

"At this rate, I'll kill you. I said use it so I can move on." Clove said sternly.

"You want my 5th move..... " Bruno said through clenched teeth as he stood up slowly. "You want the 5th move... of Elite 4 BRUNO?!?!!" he roared as he smashed pavement with his massive fists, rising to his feet. "WELL HERE IT COMES!"

ooc: weee Bruno's 5th move... its gonna be powerful. we'll talk about it in ooc. Whoever comes up with the best 5th move for Bruno between you guys is the one we'll use :D. I doubt Clove will be able to handle it alone since it ISSS Elite 4... Cloves just being cocky....

December 17th, 2008, 2:16 PM
Denx saw Clove for a split second, then he disappeared. He reappeared for a last time, then the last remaining morphs fell to the ground, lifeless. Then, in a matter of seconds, he could hear Clove talking. He turned to face Bruno, and saw Clove get knocked off his feet, then Bruno being attacked. It was happening so fast, that Denx didn't know what was going on.

"You want the 5th move... of Elite 4 BRUNO?!?!!" Bruno roared as he smashed pavement with his massive fists, rising to his feet. "WELL HERE IT COMES!" Bruno started to punch the air quickly, until his fists were a blur. With the combined power of Bulk Up, Denx could feel the vibrations of the punching from where he stood, double the distance from Bruno than where Jade, Ember, and the Arcanine morph stood. It started to tickle his feet, even, and he could feel the wind off of each fist, creating almost a gust. "CLOSE COMBAT!" he roared again. He stopped, and slammed the ground as he went to the knelt position. He rose slowly, then dashed at Clove, his blur of fists fanning the air. Denx strained, and used his brightest Flash technique, which was bright enough to draw Bruno's attention from Clove, as he smashed into a building and crumbled it to rubble in seconds. Denx zoomed over with Quick Attack, but was too tired to do much more with his power. He strained for a Zap Cannon, but didn't have enough time. He leapt, just narrowly missing the instant death-trap Bruno had conjured. He picked up a huge boulder, and tossed it at Denx. He didn't care what happened. He turned to face Clove, and smashed his four fists together in one big bang, that created tremors throughout the city.

Denx ducked, but the wind from the boulder knocked him back a few feet. The boulder continued endlessly, and out of sight. There was a deafening boom, and a stifled crash, as if he hit a building some miles away. Denx got up to help Clove, but he saw that Clove was doing it again.. What he had done when Denx rejoined the team.

5th.. move? he thought, remembering what the Medicham had told him.

OOC: It's short, but it's there.

December 17th, 2008, 2:57 PM
5th move? Ember thought.

When Pyra didn't explain, Ember shuffled through her own memories.

I've heard about those before... they're supposed to be incredibly powerful, Ember thought nervously.

Tremors racked the city and Ember looked up to see Bruno turning back to Clove. Ember frantically looked around for a way to help. She wouldn't be much help directly attacking Bruno, especially since she had no idea what his 5th move was, but she had to help. Ember returned her attention to the explosives she had drenched. They had to be somewhat dry by now...

Ember raced toward the pile and tore open the top of one of the cases. All of the explosives were still wet, but they steamed when Ember held them in her hands. She smiled and grabbed a stick of dynamite, a plan forming in her head as she swiftly ran over. As Ember approached, she realized that Clove wasn't about to back away from Bruno so she could throw dynamite at him. Not that he could see her.

What do we do, Pyra? Ember asked.

No answer.

Ember's eyes widened and the dynamite almost slipped through her numbed fingers.


(OOC: dun dun dun! Okay... so it wasn't that intense, but I got my point across ^.^)

December 17th, 2008, 10:25 PM
"CLOSE COMBAT" Bruno's voice boomed through the air like a lion's roar. His muscles tightened and intensified. Clove prepared to battle but was quickly interrupted by Denx who leaped into the fray. Bruno dealt with the once rookie morph with somewhat ease, blowing him aside as heavy shock waves blew around the open battle field. Clove held his ground as the blasts blew through. Denx finally slid to a stop, not taking any damage from Bruno but not dealing any either. Bruno quickly shifted his gaze back at Clove.

"Close Combat, aye? Brute force against brute force. What a way to end it." Clove called across the damaged and shook up battle field. "I can talk big... but with that Bulk Up on top... if he lands a hit, it wont be without repercussion." Clove thought as he eyed down the hulking beast of Bruno.

"Lets tangle, big guy."

Clove vanished, instantly appearing in front of Bruno, landing a solid rising knee in his face, launching him off the ground. Wasting no time, Clove quickly spun his other leg around, bringing it down on the same spot, knocking Bruno down hard into the ground and landing face first. Clove followed from mid-air, punching down to the ground with a punch that sent a pavement cracking shock wave through the earth. Standing over Bruno, he sent another punch wailing down with incredible force followed by another. The vicious punches were ruthless as Clove unleashed his might in his heightened form.

"About 5 1/2 minutes left... come on Clove..." He thought as he blasted down on Bruno's head. Raising his fist for another blow, two of Bruno's arms reached up quickly, stopping Clove's fist in cold blood. He struggled against the gigantic palms but to no avail as Bruno stood up to his feet using his other two hands. Clove quickly vanished again, as Bruno swung his mighty fists, sending a gust of wind through the town blowing out windows.

"I was just seeing if that was all you had." Bruno said aloud, popping his neck and brushing rubble from his hair. He moved to a start, moving quickly towards Clove.

"He's almost to sub-visibility speed... this isn't good." Clove thought as Bruno approached. Bruno swung a mighty Dynamic Punch towards Clove. He quickly ducked, letting the fist fly overhead and sail into the air, sending another huge blast of wind off the tips of his fist. "Jesus... and that thing is lethal..."

Clove quickly rose again quickly, counter attacking. He sent heavy blows into Bruno's stomach and face as he spun, combining kicks and punches, dealing hard hits over and over. He pushed off his chest, landing a distance away and sliding to a halt before bursting towards him at earth shattering speed. He threw a huge punch that Bruno met with his own, clashing between them and sending a shock wave that blasted wind in all directions. Clove swung fist and kick one after another as Machamp blocked them with various martial arts while they connected with thunderous booms. Landing his last kick, Clove attempted to boost off Bruno's fist, about to dash to safety with his assault finished but was cut short by one of Bruno's arms reaching and grabbing his foot. Clove's eyes widened as Bruno swung his body limply above his head and brought it down, smashing Clove hard into the ground as gravel and pavement blew everywhere from the collision. Dazed for a moment, Clove looked to the sky from his temporary grave at the sun overhead.

"The sun is still bright... I can't extend my spikes while using Super power... but I wonder about..." Clove was quickly raised into the air by Bruno again, about to take another critical hit from Strength. Clove's palms began to light up as he absorbed solar energy and the dark aura and solar energy began to mix and intertwine. "What the heck is it doing?! I'd better use one hand for now..."

Reaching his palm down, Clove aimed the spiraling dark and solar energy towards Bruno as he floated in mid-swing high over head.

"Eat it."

Clove let the Solar Beam blast straight down as a narrow blast of white energy swirling with his dark aura down at Bruno. The blast sent Bruno crouching defensively as it scorched at his skin. Clove quickly released the beam vanishing and appearing near the team again, sliding to a stop and watching Bruno struggle to his feet.

"So Super Power DID amplify it... I would have exhausted myself if I had used it at full strength... Better save that for later...I need to cut off Super Power soon if I want to have strength for Celadon... I can only afford 1 more minute before the critical zone where I can't move...gotta make it fast." Clove thought as he stood, breathing heavily in front of the team.

"This is the last attack guys! Hit him with what you've got! Now!" Clove yelled.

"Bring it on you tiny weaklings!" Bruno retorted from a distance, slamming his fists together again.

"Damnit... he's weak from Close Combat's side effect... but he's not goin down without a fight..."

Gumshoe Satyr
December 18th, 2008, 9:26 AM
As Jack ran toward the center of town, he felt tremor after tremor rock the city. Gritting his teeth, he picked up the speed, trying to ignore all of the pictures of his bleeding comrades lying on the ground , dead or dying, that kept flashing through his head. They're alright.... They've got to be alright.....

He leaped to the top of a building and scanned the area around him. They've got to be around here somewhere..... Aha! When he spotted Bruno's massive form, he crouched down to consider his next move. Bruno seemed to be on a rampage, wreaking more havoc in the area than Jack ever thought possible. What could he do to help at this point? What is Ember doing!? Nearby, the Ninetails seemed frozen by something that he couldn't determine. In her hands, he could clearly see a stick of dynamite, but why wasn't she doing anything?

Activating Agility, he raced to Ember's side, but when she didn't respond to his presence, he punched her across the face, not hard enough to hurt but just hard enough to hopefully wake her up. "Whatever it is now is not the time," he growled, infuriated. The fighting between Bruno and Clove intensified, and he itched to jump in and help. At Clove's call for an all-out attack, Jack added to Ember, pointing at the dynamite, "There's the opening you need... Just make sure you use enough to blast him to pieces!"

Meanwhile, Bruno was yelling, "Bring it on you tiny weaklings!", slamming his fists together again. I'm beginning to wonder if anything is powerful enough to stop him. Oh, well.... 'You make your own destiny.' Isn't that what he always used to say, Blitz, while we rolled our eyes and pretended to listen? Not a very original saying, but I think it fits my life more than ever now....

Taking a deep breath, he released the most concentrated Flamethrower he could manage at Bruno, which slammed into his back. Jack's eyes widened in surprise when Bruno was able to turn and start making his way in his direction. Am I hitting him with fire or cotton candy? Picking up a rock, Bruno prepared to throw it.

(Mira: Hope you don't mind Jack punching Ember :\. I wasn't quite sure what to type this time that would sound good and work in this situation.....)

December 18th, 2008, 10:32 AM
Clove had come. Jack was here too. Jade's confidence swelled to full size. She had never lost faith in her team, and this is why.

The sun was shining and Clove did exactly what she thought he would. His Solar Beam was much stronger that it usually was and Jade was shocked that Bruno got back up.
But not that shocked.

"This is the last attack guys! Hit him with what you've got! Now!" Clove yelled.
"Bring it on you tiny weaklings!" Bruno pounded his fists together.

Jade concentrated harder than she had all day. Those rocks....where had they come from? My 5th move....what is it? I need to do it again! I need to do this for Lavender...for Oliver. For what those bastards did to him...
Three large rocks were hovering around her when she opened her eyes. This time she held her breath. As she moved her hands around, the large stones moved too. With a swift wrist movement one of the massive rocks was sent Bruno's way, hitting him square in the forehead.
His head bent backwards and bounced back. He turned away from Jack. Jade pulled the throw stone back toward her and it joined the other two in cirling her.

"Hope that left a mark, you bastard!" her voice was coated in dark feelings but she didn't care. She had the greatest adrenaline rush from this....whatever she was doing. Half of her was wracking her brain, trying to figure out what move this could possibly be. The other half was glaring at Bruno.

The second Bruno took a dizzy step forward, the stones fell. Jade was embarassed by this and the Elite Four's laughter. "What a pretty little morph. Why aren't you dead yet?"

"Little?!" Jade snarled. It was bad enough that she was at a disadvantage and nothing she did would effect Bruno too much. But I'll be damned if I take an insult from this S.O.B. The stones were back, circling her so quickly it would be nearly impossible to attack up close.
Bruno went flying again.

She felt him rumble, two football fields away this time. She smirked and moved forward. It took the highest concentration to bring the hovering stones along with her. As she walked toward the fallen Elite Four she conjured Sandstorm. Hopefully Clove will appreciate this...Sand swirled around her, her eyes becoming dark, the stones rotating even faster.
When she reached Bruno he was getting to his feet.
"Is this all you got?" he asked, spitting blood.
Jade smirked, letting the dark aura take over, coating the stones as well, "You have no idea"

December 18th, 2008, 10:44 AM
Aisha coughed up some blood as she watched the battle between the new girl and Bruno, she wasn’t doing too bad and Aisha even managed a grin when she rolled to a stop and grinned mischievously at Bruno. The something caught her gaze, something she didn’t like the looks of. Bruno’s minions were closing in on her and there was no one else in sight. With the rest of her strength Aisha pushed herself into a kneeling position and prepared to attack the oncoming minions when a figure landed straight in front of her as if protecting both her and the new girl. The Arcanine morph focussed her gaze on what she thought to be her saviour and smiled thankfully when she noticed it to be Jade back from whatever it was she had been doing. “G-good timing” Aisha muttered, “Were even.” Another bloody curling cough emitted from her lungs and she held her head from the pain it caused. “Ack-”

“Hold on”

Aisha looked up in confusion at Jade and was not prepared in the slightest for the Earthquake that followed her words. “Whoa” She dove for the Captains legs out of instinct and held on for dear life as the earth shook dangerously around them. She didn’t quite catch Bruno’s fall, too concentrated on the agonising pain that was travelling through her ribs at that moment. She groaned as the earth shook both her body and Jades lags and it was if she could feel each of her ribs rocking back and forth unsteadily, threatening to give way.
“S-stop…” She pleaded, not to Jade but her insides. Begging them to stop they’re shuddering from lank of warmth and energy. As if her prayers had been answered Jade’s attack did in fact stop and with it her shaking cessed. She opened her eyes (which she had not noticed she had closed during the attack) and found that Jade was glaring daggers at a seemingly battered but strong as ever, Bruno.
Aisha didn’t like the menacing look in the Elite four members eyes and she growled in warning. “Keep back, I’m warning you!!!” She yelled, steadying herself as she pushed herself to her feet, her back slightly hunched.
“Bwahahaha! Your warning ME? Bwa-bwahahaha!”
The Arcanine ears atop Aisha’s head curved back against her skull in both shame and anger. She knew he was right in thinking her weak, she had just been beaten to a pulp after all, but her cocky attitude did not let her back sown so easily. “DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ME!” She growled, reading herself for an attack.

“All I can do is be a solid defence and make sure neither of you is hurt any more than you already are. Don't get too close to him. Attack from afar until Clove and the others get here." Jade’s voice broker her out of her sudden rage and she looked in bewilderment at the other morph. “Jade?“
The Tyranitar morphs purple aura pulsed and she yelled "I will protect you. GO!"
Aisha smirked and nodded. “RIGHT!”
As Aisha built up a flamethrower in the back of her throat and unleashed it upon the Elite four member, another attack descended from the heavens in the form of a Zap Cannon. The mixture of flame and electricity merged and created a massive explosion that engulfed masses of the minions but left Bruno pretty much unscathed. Aisha looked up in bewilderment in time to see Denx fall from the roof tops and join in the fight. Right on Denx tail Clove appeared and also started to unleash hell upon their enemies. A wide grin burst across the teens face “All right! Your going down!” She stated, directing a thumbs down sign towards Bruno who seemed completely enraged.

"You want my 5th move..... " Bruno said through clenched teeth as he stood up slowly. "You want the 5th move... of Elite 4 BRUNO?!?!!" he roared as he smashed pavement with his massive fists, rising to his feet. "WELL HERE IT COMES!"
The grin quickly disappeared from Aisha’s face and she then realised just how week she was compared to Bruno. “F-fith move?!” She squeaked, remember how much devastation Clove’s had created. An audible gulp sounded from the Arcanines throat and she crouched low, readying herself for the worst.
"CLOSE COMBAT” Bruno’s voice boomed as his muscles tightened and seemingly grew. Aisha couldn’t believe her eyes, all that fighting, all the pummelling they had unleashed on him and he was stronger than ever. “This…this is-unbelievable…”
Fortunately Clove stepped in before the monster had any time to proceed towards where she and Jade stood. Aisha watched with a fixed gaze as both morph’s went head to head in a battle of speed and strength and Aisha could only worship the way Clove moved and blocked the massive attacks that came his way.
This is the last attack guys! Hit him with what you've got! Now!" Clove yelled.

Aisha shook her head free of her admirable thoughts and she nodded her head. “Got it!” She built up a flamethrower and unleashed a ball into her right hand and then her left hand. Unfortunantly (Or fortunantly given Aisha's current state) Jade took the lead and conjured up an earthquake, knocking the brute back a few feet. The flame died from Aisha's hands and she turned her gaze up towards Jade and with wide eyes notted that the hovering stones she had seen before were now at the Tyranitar's side. 'So thats it...Of course. Lavender means something to Jade...it's only natural she want to protect it with her life.' The young morph watched as the captain walked forward into her own conjured sandstorm and disappeared from her view. "I-Clove?!" She yelled. "Now what?!"

December 18th, 2008, 1:57 PM
(OOC: gasp! he just hit a girl ;))

Ember was broken from her stupor by hand slapping across her face

"Whatever it is now is not the time," the Blaziken-Morph said darkly, having appeared beside her. He pointed at Bruno the moment Clove broke away from him and called for help. "There's the opening you need... Just make sure you use enough to blast him to pieces!"

The Blaziken-Morph released an intense Flamethrower into Bruno, but to little avail. The earth shook again, knocking the Elite off his feet. Before he could properly steady himself again, the Arcanine-Morph was up again. She sped toward him and drove her fiery claw into his face. For a moment, Ember felt a smile appear on her face. That Arcanine-Morph was a girl after her own heart. Suddenly, Ember felt the sand around her stir. She looked up to see the beginnings of a powerful sandstorm. Ember's smile turned wicked. With the cover maybe she could get close enough to plant the dynamite near Bruno.

Without a moment's hesitation, Ember bolted into the rush of the sandstorm. Sand ripped through her hair and stung her skin and Ember was forced to narrow her eyes to slits, but her sharpened eyesight still allowed her to see around her.

"Is that all you got?"

Ember turned at the sound of Buno's voice. It was coming from nearby, and Ember covered the distance in a matter of moments. The large form of Bruno was the first to come in view. He was getting to his feet.

"You have no idea," Jade said darkly. She glowed with a strange ora and rocks levitated beside her.

Ember looked down at the stick of dynamite in her hand and prayed that it would be enough. Her tails began glowing softly as they hardened and a flicker of fire formed in her chest. Ember bent her knees and lunged forward, taking care to be as silent as possible in her approach. Ember's foot disrupted a rock an she was thrown off balance. Bruno heard the sound and spun around. He glared at her and released a stream of punches too swift for Ember to even attempt to dodge. They connected with her side and stomach, throwing her backwards. Ember hit the ground with a sickening thud. Pain coursed through her body and stars passed before her sight. Ember turned her head to see that explosive stayed locked within her grasp.

"Pyra," Ember whispered hoarsely, tears filling her eyes.

Ember forced herself back up onto her feet, ignoring the blood that dripped from a gash on her cheek. Bruno looked down on her with an amused expression.

"Ah, another little friend of yours," he said with a laugh. "Tell me what it is exactly you were planning on doing? Your moves are all worthless against my own."

Ember clutched her stomach but cracked a smile. The fire started burning inside her once again.

"Hope you have fun with this," Ember laughed painfully and thrust the dynamite toward Bruno, sending a burst of flame after it.


December 18th, 2008, 2:55 PM
Denx watched as the events unfolded in front of him. He was immobilized due to the excessive amounts of energy he had used. Even through his training, this much fighting was too long to be able to allow Denx to keep his energy. Suddenly, a Sandstorm was whipped up, as each member seemed to add in their own attacks. He laid there, his lungs seemed to be reaching for air. He was exhausted, and physically drained. He got up slowly, and staggered over to the side of a remaining building. If Bruno's forces weren't able to take Lavendar down, the PLF were certainly doing a good job of it. With tremors shaking on a regular basis, and morphs freely destroying buildings, Denx wasn't sure if there would be a Lavendar on the maps after this. He started to charge a Zap Cannon, which was taking longer than normal, since he was fatigued. He embraced himself from the whipping sand as he charged. But, before he was done, he heard Bruno, and he was awfully close to him.

"Tell me what it is exactly you were planning on doing? Your moves are all worthless against my own," Denx heard. Denx thought Bruno was talking to him, until he heard Ember scream "Run!" Denx shot what little Zap Cannon he had charged into the air, and took off in the opposite direction, trusting the instruction from the new teammate. He tried a Quick Attack, but it was unsuccessful. He tripped over a conveniently placed stone, and slammed down hard. He was hoping that he was a safe enough distance from whatever the reason he was told to run. He heard Bruno's evil chuckle, and a pound, but he didn't know what was going on in the depths of the sand storm.

December 18th, 2008, 7:51 PM
"Hope you have fun with this," Ember laughed painfully and thrust the dynamite toward Bruno, sending a burst of flame after it.

Jade did not run.
The rocks enclosed around her, protecting her like a stone shield and pulsing with the purple aura. Her feet felt the explosion of the dynamite and when she knew it was safe, the rocks opened back up like petals and began rotating again. Through the Sandstorm there was smoke. Jade's now dark eyes watched, waiting.

As the smoke cleared, and the Sandstorm grew stronger, Bruno got to his feet. It seemed that Bruno was only getting more and more pissed off.

"I am an ELITE FOUR!" he roared. Jade was not moved by his anger. "You ALL underestimate me!!!"
A rock was hurdled towards Ember. With the flick of a wrist, one of Jade's stones was also sent toward Ember. The thrown rock collided with Jade's stone and shattered, then returned to its owner.

"You are done hurting people," said Jade. And Emerald. The Tyranitar inside was speaking again and it was only making her stronger.
"I'm just getting started, sweetheart," Bruno taunted.
"You are all words. You are weak," said Jade. She could see his hesitation. She could see his muscles quivering. True, Bruno was an Elite Four and one of the toughest Morphs they had ever gone against.
But he was up against the entire Pokemon Liberation Force.
He's screwed.

As the Sandstorm whirled around the battle more viciously, Jade could see the light leave Bruno's eyes momentarily.
He's contemplating his death Emerald whispered to her master.
Good. He better get used to the idea, Jade retorted.
The small percentage of her that was still conscious beyond her dark thoughts hoped that Clove would help her out.
The rest of her didn't care.

She bent her wrists ninety degrees, her palms facing Bruno, and pushed the mysterious stones forward.
Rock Slide
One after another they hit him. Jade screamed one word for every collision.
"You. Will. Not. Hurt. Anyone. Any. More!"
She was blind with rage. And now, Jade was completely taken over by darkness.

It was funny. No. Ironic. Months ago Jade was uncomfortable with the thought of death. Of killing. She felt bad when she first killed an enemy back in Pewter. But now?
Now, she had an Elite Four. Inches from death.
And it felt good.
Rock Slide.
From the rubble of Lavender, Jade conjured thousands of rocks, boulders, stones...
and burried Elite Four Bruno.

At first, Bruno pushed the rubble off. But this became useless as it came down on him harder and harder. The morph had been hit too much. The weight of the rubble was overwhelming.
The Machamp Morph stopped struggling.
Jade's Sandstorm ceased.
Bruno was dead.

OOC: Kansas, if you aren't okay with any of this...if it seems unrealistic, tell me. I'll change it. I just wanted this to end. -_- We're good. Let's go. =)

December 19th, 2008, 12:28 PM
(OOC: Hi-ho the wicked witch is dead... Anyway, sorry this post doesn't go anywhere. You may have Ember get up and follow you and such in your posts so we don't have a ton of unnecessary ones ;) and sorry this is so... well, I don't know. But it's a necessary post for Ember.)

Finally Bruno was dead. Ember couldn't believe it. They had worked so hard to take him down... and now he died, just like that. Even the amazing Bruno couldn't survive being crushed by several tons of rock.

Ember grinned widely and looked around at the rest of the PLF members, now visible without the Sandstorm. They all looked relieved that it was over and they had accomplished what they set out to do. The people of Lavender were safe and so was their town, for the most part.

Ember's smile faded when she heard it. It wasn't what she heard so much as what she didn't. No voice scolding her for the way she fought or praising her for doing so. No Pyra. Ember realized that she couldn't even feel her warm reassuring presence flowing through her body. She was gone. Ember didn't know why or how, but she certainly wasn't there.

"Pyra!" Ember shouted, hoping to hear her voice, feel her annoyance pass at being called verbally. It didn't come. Fear set in, overwhelming her with the thought of being left alone, not knowing what to do next. Ember's body went numb with shock and dizzyness swept over her, forcing her to her knees. She stared forward, unblinking, as the quiet overwhelmed her. She looked directly at the Riachu-Morph, who appeared to think that she had been injured by his expression. The PLF members began moving, but she couldn't seem to process what they were doing or saying. She just sat there, immobilized by silence.

December 19th, 2008, 12:50 PM
The team instantly sprang forth into action as Bruno wailed heavily. They all did their part dealing blows where they could, until Jade stepped forth. Sick of Bruno terrorizing her town. She conjured a fierce sandstorm that swirled around, blasting debris everywhere and blocking everyone's view. Everyone that is except...

"The sandstorm's caster and all rock, ground, steel, and desert dwelling Pokemon." Clove thought as his eyesight adjusted to the storm. "She must have done this to keep everyone out of her fight... so this isn't my fight anymore...thanks for the rest, Jade." Clove thought as he dissipated his aura from around him, instantly feeling the repercussions of his 5th move and dropping to a knee. He gazed at Jade as she approached Bruno through the storm. She was ready to avenge her town and proceeded to do so with incredible force until Bruno couldn't even move anymore, she had killed him. Standing over his immobile body, Jade stood heaving breaths heavily, Clove could only watch in awe. As he saw her face, fierce with anger, he flashed to a time at the PLF headquarters.

* * *

"This is your newest recruit, she'll be attacking Pewter with you and your team, Captain Wheldst." The chief boomed at a less rugged looking Clove of roughly a year ago. Standing at attention before the Commander of the PLF, Commander Brigstone, a rugged Electivire morph with thick sideburns and a heavy build. A beast of a man. He handed Clove a clip board with a profile attached to it. "We didn't find her, she came to us. Morphed with her Tyranitar... definitely an asset in both strength and defenses, top of the line in her tests, but the thing is... she's still a rookie. She's in your hands, Wheldst. I'm putting Jade on your team because she'll be safe on your squad to grow stronger and really help the PLF."

"So you want me to babysit this girl until she learns to use her powers, that doesn't seem like you, sir." Clove responded questioningly.

"She's got the ability, she just needs the focus. Just trust me."

"Focus? How so?" Clove asked quickly.

"She's... kind of a quiet girl, from Lavender. She left in the night to come here with the only goal of bringing peace. That's a good goal but I don't think she really knows what it feels to fight for the people. Field experience will help her with that I think... dangerous, but I'm going to have faith in her power to become a great asset to your team, Clove." His voice boomed back as he spoke to Clove.

"If you believe in her that much then I have no objections. I'll watch over her until she's ready, sir." Clove responded, saluting his superior as Clove snapped back to reality.

* * *

"She doesn't need my help anymore..." Clove thought as he stared at the massacre of a battleground in front of him, caused by Jade's finishing moves. He strained his muscles, standing to his feet. Clove's body was completely sore all over, as awe inspiring as Jade's finish was... there wasn't much time left. "So I used Super Power probably a total of... 3 and a half minutes... so half the max time. Next time I use it I wont be getting back up..." Clove thought again as he looked down to his shaking palms. He clenched his fist tight, turning to the group and taking charge once more.

"We need to get to Celadon, they're in trouble and I know it. Agatha didn't want this town at all, she just wanted to flush Erika out of hiding...Koga and Clair will level the city in order to kill her... Since the citizens of Lavender have been moved to safety, we'll be okay to head there right now... please guys?" Clove said, not in his usual ordering tone, but more asking. "I didn't know how it would feel when the time came... but I'm sure Jade can relate. Celadon is the world to me... Erika means the world to me... can you all help me one more time?"

December 20th, 2008, 1:15 PM
Bruno was dead? Aisha’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates as she watched Jade gaze over the buried body of they‘re former opponent. “That-was-AWESOME!” Aisha clapped excitedly, jumping on the tip of her toes slightly. “Hah hah! You totally pummelled him!” She grinned, slamming her fist into her palm to demonstrate before clutching at her injured ribs. “Ouch…little too excited, heh heh…” She giggled sheepishly. “And better yet, Lavender is safe and sound.” She looked at the surrounding city and grimaced. “Could use some tidying up, but its still standing and the goons are either demolished or gone running with they’re tails between they’re legs.” Her eyes closed in a happy smile. “You did a good job, Jade. Your town is safe…”

‘I wonder if things are okay back home.’ She wondered silently. ‘If things are bad here, I hope to god nothings happened back in Johto and Hoenn…Then again Clair…’ Her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of they’re leader and her eyes snapped to his face. "We need to get to Celadon, they're in trouble and I know it. Agatha didn't want this town at all, she just wanted to flush Erika out of hiding...Koga and Clair will level the city in order to kill her... Since the citizens of Lavender have been moved to safety, we'll be okay to head there right now... please guys?" Clove said, almost pleedingly"I didn't know how it would feel when the time came... but I'm sure Jade can relate. Celadon is the world to me... Erika means the world to me... can you all help me one more time?"

Erika? Erika means the world to him? Aisha had never really spoken to Clove on friendly terms ever since her recruitment, it had always been on a sort of student-mentor terms and it wasn’t that long ago anyways. He never knew Celedon and Erika meant anything to him, but now things changed for Aisha and she was bent on protecting Celedon for Clove’s sake. She smiled warmly at him and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “I’m with you Clove.” She grinned. “All the way, y’know that and besides we know you’d do the same for us anyway.” She gave his shoulder a squeeze and lowered her arm. “When I first joined, I was fighting for the Pokemon, but now I have you guy’s, y’know? I know it sounds soppy but…heh heh.” She rubbed the back of her head, utterly embarrassed by the whole ordeal. “Forget it! Let’s get going! What’s the plan Clove?!”

Glancing past the group she noticed the new girl slumping slightly in the background. Titling her head she left the gathered group and walked up to the girl that had fought along side her earlier. "Hey...you okay?" She muttered, clasping a hand around the girl's arm and giving it a shake.

December 20th, 2008, 1:20 PM
Denx stood there in awe at what Jade had done. He knew she had become more powerful.. but this? He shook, and looked up at the sky, a trickle of blood leaving from a wound on the side of his forehead. He blinked a couple of times as the sandstorm died down. He looked at Ember as she fell to her knees, with a blank expression. Denx slowly made his way to her, thinking she was injured from the dynamite blast. Before he could form any word for the current time frame, Clove took the spot. Denx hadn't even noticed him there, thinking he was the one fighting Bruno, not Jade. But, the gigantic pile of boulders made what happened clear to him.

"We need to get to Celadon, they're in trouble and I know it. Agatha didn't want this town at all, she just wanted to flush Erika out of hiding...Koga and Clair will level the city in order to kill her... Since the citizens of Lavender have been moved to safety, we'll be okay to head there right now... please guys?" Clove almost seemed to plea. Denx looked over to him, but Clove seemed almost vulnerable.. somehow. Denx scanned the battlefield. It wasn't much of a town anymore. A lot of buildings down, and most still standing damaged; they were either scorched, windowless, misshapen, or any combination of the three. He started to laugh quietly at the scene, but realized there was nothing funny at all. Maybe just the irony of it all. Thinking that they would never make it past Vermillion, when they had just killed an Elite Four Member. Denx figured that they were in a pretty good position. All of the PLF weren't even involved in this, either.

Denx looked down at Ember, remembering how she had boldly lit the explosive right in front of her own face. Denx knew he wouldn't have the confidence for that, but that didn't matter now. Or, it did, he thought.

Quit lying to yourself, Denx, he thought. He looked down, at his feet, and thought of how strong they were all getting. Except himself. He looked over at Clove, and nodded at his command. So, Claire and Koga.. I've never heard of Claire, before.. I wonder who that is, Denx thought again.

Such a big city, it would be quite a shame to be off of the maps..

OOC: Ah, yes. Denx is doubting his powers, because he doesn't realize what in the world a 5th move is. He'll get it sooner or later =) And yes, I know who Claire is, Denx hasn't ever been to Johto or Sinnoh, and has barely been in Hoenn.

December 20th, 2008, 2:47 PM
Jade shook her head, brought out of her dark trance. But her eyes were glued to the burried Bruno.
“That-was-AWESOME! Hah hah! You totally pummelled him!” Aisha broke the silence and grinned, slamming her fist into her palm to demonstrate before clutching at her injured ribs. “Ouch…little too excited, heh heh…” She giggled sheepishly. “And better yet, Lavender is safe and sound.”

Safe and sound....

Aisha's eyes closed in a happy smile. “You did a good job, Jade. Your town is safe…”

Tears rolled down Jade's face and she fell to her knees, at the edge of the pile of rubble. They weren't sad tears. Relieved, powerful, and happy tears. Her town was safe. Lavender is safe. Did ya hear that, Emmy? We saved Lavender!

When Clove approached her, she stood up again. His face seemed to glow with pride. Jade looked around at the mess she had made and hung her head slightly. Everyone gathered together and their leader spoke.
"We need to get to Celadon, they're in trouble and I know it. Agatha didn't want this town at all, she just wanted to flush Erika out of hiding...Koga and Clair will level the city in order to kill her... " Jade blinked several times but said nothing.
"Since the citizens of Lavender have been moved to safety, we'll be okay to head there right now... please guys?" Jade raised an eyebrow. Clove was...asking them for assistance? This wasn't like him at all.
"I didn't know how it would feel when the time came... but I'm sure Jade can relate. Celadon is the world to me... Erika means the world to me... can you all help me one more time?" he asked.
He asked.

At first Jade was speechless but it was true what he said. She could relate.
Erika means the world to me...
She had never seen this side of Clove before.
"You know I'm with you all the way Clove," she managed a smile. She didn't realize how heavy she had been breathing until she spoke. "You went against Headquarters to help me save what's most important to me. The least I can do is return the favor. You can count on me," her grin took up most of her face.

For the first time since morphing Jade was a hundred percent confident about the future. Maybe it was the rush of killing Elite Four Bruno. Maybe it was unleashing her 5th move...Stealth Rock, she laughed at herself for not realizing what it was right away.
Whatever it was, she had just jumped a huge hurdle in life. She could feel the awe struck looks of all of her teammates. No matter the hurdle, the Tyranitar morph felt her face heat up. No green skin could hide the pink tint now rising from her neck to her cheek bones.
"So, uh, when we headin' out?" she asked, brushing off the left over rubble from her clothes and walking away from town she loved.
The town she saved.

December 20th, 2008, 5:48 PM
"You okay?" Ember felt something clutch her arm.

Ember felt the urge to jump away and defend herself. It was all she could do to stay still. The fighting's done...

She looked up to see the Arcanine-Morph standing next to her with her hand on her arm. She had a look on her face that took a moment for Ember to decipher. Concern...?

Ember looked down at her hands, collecting her thoughts. She knew that she couldn't expect the group to slow down, no matter what happened to her... or Pyra. She didn't know if they would even understand.

"It's nothing," Ember stood up and gave her a weak smile. "I guess I just-" Ember's voice cracked, which she tried to cover with a cough. "I guess I just overdid it. I'll be fine."

Ember looked over the Arcanine-Morph. "I don't think I caught your name," Ember extended her hand. "My name's Ember Firestone."

It was a gesture that seemed incredibly out of place while they still stood in the center of a nearly destroyed town surrounded by the bodies of Morphs they themselves had killed. But Ember needed a little bit of normality right now.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 20th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Jack's jaw dropped as he watched Jade single-handedly buried Bruno in a pile of rubble. Crossing his arms, he silently admired her sudden show of incredible strength. Is this what Clove was talking about back in Parsifir? 5th move, eh? Amazing...... First Clove and now Jade.... Near him, Ember fell to her knees, and he glanced at her curiously, but he almost immediately wished that he hadn't. Her expression.... It seemed so familiar to him....the shock...the fear....so horribly familiar. It reminded him of things that he always tried to forget.... Things that he always tried to keep buried in the past. It was like when he stayed at the Pokemon Center at the northern entrance of Rock Tunnel. No, he couldn't think about that....

He retreated a little away from her, unable to withstand the sudden feelings of loss and loneliness that welled up inside of him. He hoped that he was wrong.... He hoped with all of his heart that he was dead wrong. Just then Clove called for everyone's attention, and walked over, glad for any kind of distraction to clear his head.

"We need to get to Celadon, they're in trouble and I know it. Agatha didn't want this town at all, she just wanted to flush Erika out of hiding...Koga and Clair will level the city in order to kill her... Since the citizens of Lavender have been moved to safety, we'll be okay to head there right now... please guys?" Clove asked, almost in a pleading tone. "I didn't know how it would feel when the time came... but I'm sure Jade can relate. Celadon is the world to me... Erika means the world to me... can you all help me one more time?"

Barely hearing the others give their answers, Jack almost missed his cue. "I'm coming, of course," he muttered, still a little distracted. He noticed Aisha helping Ember, but she still seemed very upset. Oh, how he hoped that he was wrong.....

(OOC: Hmm.... Maybe remembering and finally dealing with the pain of losing Blitz will eventually help Jack to connect with him. I'm just playing it by ear for now.)

December 23rd, 2008, 3:53 AM
Aisha titled her head in confusion as the still frame of the girl came back to life and insured the arcanine morph that she was okay. Her voice cracked a little and Aisha’s eyebrow raised into her hair line, she didn’t believe that for a second. The girl looked a little shaken and though she may have over done it a little, there was certainly something else behind the whole ordeal. But Aisha left it and answered. “That’s cool then. I’m Aisha” She took the hand offered to her and grinned widely. “Aisha Lorenzo. I’m a-well was a Pokemon Ranger from Hoenn, moved to Johto when there were in need of rangers there.” She took her hand back and dug into her pocket for something. Upon finding the item she was looking
for, she gave a light ‘ahah’ before pulling it from its confines. She held out a chocolate bar to the girl in front of her a smiled. “Always helps me, I nabbed it from an abandoned shop in Vermillion. Don’t worry, it’s still in date.” She laughed, shoving the bar into the girls hand without question.

“Now then, think your up for the trek to Celedon. Clove needs all the help he can get, and you’re a pretty tough cookie.” She winked before grabbing her arm and pulling her in the direction of the group so that the girl wasn’t left out. Whether she liked it or not, Ember was now considered a friend of hers and she would protect her. The girl seemed a little shaken at the moment and that was never a good thing when it came to situations like this. Aisha learnt this in her time with Clove and she was more than willing to pass the lesson down. “So then, we off or what?” She questioned, leaving the girls wrist go and addressing the entire team. “Celedon’s not far from here. I can scout ahead if you like.” She clenched her fists and looked at them proudly. “these paws still have a bit of life in ‘em.”

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December 23rd, 2008, 10:12 AM
One by one the team agreed to join as Clove sighed in relief. There was no time to get too emotional though, Celadon was being destroyed as they spoke.

"Erika will definitely be working to find the other gym leaders and bring them down first... If she knows she's going to win or not. I've never even seen Clair's strength... or that Johto was even involved. The roots of this morph catastrophe are deeper than I thought..." Clove thought to himself, deep in thought for a moment for the future of Kanto, Johto, and the team. "...and I'll need to contact PLF soon..."

He returned from his trance, looking at the entire team who had assembled and was awaiting orders.

"“Celedon’s not far from here. I can scout ahead if you like.” Aisha spoke up “these paws still have a bit of life in ‘em.”

"Good idea. We'll both go since we're the fastest. It'll be faster for us to scout alone anyway. The rest of you follow fast as you can using the underground tunnel. Aisha, follow me. I know the woods between here and Celadon like the back of my hand, we'll be there in no time. I'll need to um... borrow your communicator too." He finished addressing the group before turning to Aisha, quickly popping her communicator from her waist without asking, holding it in his right hand and fiddling through it for a second.

"Alright. Jade, Denx, you're my Captains so you're in charge of this team while I'm not here. I'll be in touch via Aisha's communicator. Everyone meet on the East hill right before Celadon, you'll know where it is...lets move." Clove said, addressing the group. "If I know Erika, she evacuated the towns people to that spot and has medical aid there as well. You better be okay, Erika..."Clove thought deeply to himself, clenching a fist that caused him to wince in pain from the repercussions of SuperPower. Straightening back up from the sudden pain, wishing to cause no concern in his team mates about his 5th move, he quickly straightened back up. He turned to Aisha, looking her in the eyes and nodded at her before vanishing with her in student/teacher unison as they headed at super speed towards Celadon.

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December 23rd, 2008, 11:52 AM
Aisha and Clove were going to scout ahead. It made sense, they were the fastest of all of them. Though they're probably underestimating Ember a bit, Jade thought. Either way, this left the rest of them to fend for themselves in the tunnels.

"Alright. Jade, Denx, you're my Captains so you're in charge of this team while I'm not here. I'll be in touch via Aisha's communicator. Everyone meet on the East hill right before Celadon, you'll know where it is...lets move." Clove said, addressing the group.

Jade smirked; she loved being in charge. Well...she looked over at Denx, technically I'm not the only one in charge. I have Jack and Ember. It's not like I'm in charge of an army.

"Okay, you heard the man, let's get going!" Jade exclaimed, pointing west. With an Elite Four under her belt, she found that even her voice seemed more powerful than before.
She really knew what it meant to fight for a cause, now.
She knew what Clove was going through. Or was about to go through.
As they headed toward the underground tunnel, Jade looked back once at her town. She winced at the damage she had done but her heart swelled with pride knowing the people were safe.
Jade would make sure Celadon was safe, along side Clove.

Her team looked exhausted.
Especially Ember. Who, actually, looked more shaken than anything. The old Jade would have asked her what was wrong. The new Jade was still concerned, but focused on the mission. Besides, Ember was strong. She had seen that. She'll be okay.
The tunnel to Celadon was dusty and abandoned looking.
"Let's go"

December 23rd, 2008, 12:53 PM
Ember didn't know exactly what was going on. They were going to Celedon. Ember really wished she had been paying attention as to why. Apparently the fighting wasn't over just yet.

"Good idea. We'll both go since we're the fastest. It'll be faster for us to scout alone anyway. The rest of you follow fast as you can using the underground tunnel. Aisha, follow me. I know the woods between here and Celadon like the back of my hand, we'll be there in no time. I'll need to um... borrow your communicator too." Clove commanded in a very... non-commanding tone.

Communicator. That could have come in handy, Ember thought for a moment before adding dryly. But hopefully that Jade girl doesn't decide to eat me. I know why she wanted to come here now... I just hope not realizing that in the first place doesn't land me on her bad side.

Ember watched as Clove and Aisha quickly disappeared from sight. She began wondering if she would be able to keep up, but pushed that thought aside. Even if she could, she didn't feel like running.

Ember turned her attention to the chocolate bar that had been thrust into her hand by Aisha. It was slightly melted from being in the pocket of a fire-Morph during battle, but was surprisingly intact. Ember thought it rather strange that she would even think of giving chocolate to her. But it was a nice gesture, despite how much it confused her. Ember opened it and nibbled off the corner. It did sort of make her feel better...

"Okay, you heard the man, let's get going!" Jade commanded. One victory and she was suddenly as commanding as Clove. It was just one man. Even if it was the Elite Four, it wasn't that big of a deal.

Okay... so it was.

The remaining group made their way (much to slow for Ember's taste) to the building that contained the tunnel to Celadon city.

"Let's go." Jade said.

No, I thought we'd stay here and have a tea party. Apparently the chocolate had managed to revive Ember's sarcasm.

They dropped down into the tunnel and began moving forward. Ember didn't even bother making fire for light as Jack glowed brightly enough for all of them. Ember's eyes shifted. She could sense the others wondering about what was wrong with her, but they thankfully didn't ask. Ember looked down at the chocolate bar in her hand and pocketed it.

You're a pretty tough cookie.

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December 23rd, 2008, 2:13 PM
"Alright. Jade, Denx, you're my Captains so you're in charge of this team while I'm not here. I'll be in touch via Aisha's communicator. Everyone meet on the East hill right before Celadon, you'll know where it is...lets move," Clove commanded, into his usual tone. Denx could tell he was still in pain, but he wasn't concerned. If he knew Clove, it was that he could last for a while in or out of battle. He'd seen it with his own two eyes. As they departed, he walked slightly behind Jade, who seemed to have an abundance of confidence.

Good to see that we're all still up for this fight.. I just hope it isn't as hard as Bruno's. Even though there'll be two gym leaders, they're nothing compared to an Elite Four, Denx thought, forgetting that Koga had risen in the ranks, and become an Elite Four as well*. Denx followed until they got to the underground tunnel. They entered, and already Jack knew to keep the place lit. He glanced over at Ember, who knew that Jack had it under control. He faced forward, as they continued to press on. Before they entered, Denx noticed how Aisha had offered Ember some chocolate.

I could really go for some chocolate right now.. he thought. He shook his mind off the thought. The smell of the underground tunnel was so potent that it made him nauseous to think of any sort of food. He breathed through his mouth instead of his nose, and nearly tripped on a large piece of wood. It was part of the entrance Clove had moved before, earlier today. He looked up, and saw a dim light coming from above. He looked to his teammates, and started to climb first. He remembered that Clove had not answered his communicator, and thought back to his, probably still lying on the grass outside of Parsifir town, probably somewhere in the forest. He cursed silently as he breathed heavily.

Finally, the dim light was beginning to get brighter. Denx was unsure if the rest had even followed him, but when he looked down, he saw that there was no more light from down below. As the rest of the team managed to rise up from the musty depths, he noticed that Ember wasn't quite on top of her game.

*I'm assuming that this takes place after Koga joined the Elite Four?

December 26th, 2008, 3:47 PM
Ember wasn't on top of her game.

As she climbed up the ladder to exit the tunnel, she almost lost her footing and fell. And back in the tunnel she almost almost walked into Denx and nearly stepped on someone's tail. More than once. She was so distracted by everything that had happened and felt so light-headed... but she had to find a way to concentrate.

Ember finally made her way up the ladder and stood amongst the Morphs surrounding her. Denx stared at her as if trying to read something printed on her forehead. Ember looked down at her hands, which she half expected to be fully human again. If I can't talk to Pyra any more, shouldn't I at least be able to be her trainer again?

Ember looked up and saw that the tunnel didn't open directly into where they needed to go. They were surrounded by trees and there was only a dirt path leading away in front of them. For a moment she wondered if her teammates even knew the way, but shrugged off. They wouldn't get lost. Not now.

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December 29th, 2008, 10:40 AM
Aisha’s tail actually wagged at the thought of Clove coming along with her. Though she was not opposed to going alone, having her commander with her was way better and It meant it was someone to talk to. She happily handed over her communicator and smiled widely. “Sweet, we’ll have this job sorted in no time.” She looked at the team and noticed Ember in the background looking rather confused at the mushy chocolate in her hand before taking a bite of it. Aisha was glad to see her present did not go unappreciated and was even more so when Ember made her way closer to the group. Turning her gaze from the new morph, she linked eyes with Clove and both nodded in sync, understanding that it was down to them to lead the way and think of a plan whilst the others caught up with them. She and Clove dashed off without another word in hopes that they were not too late to save Celedon and Erika from the wrath of the gym leaders and that Dragon wench Claire.

Her paws beat healthy against the ground below as she ran on all fours towards her destination. Though her body was harshly beat by Bruno and it had not fully healed yet, she could still run fortunately and it wouldn’t be long before her powers took over and completely healed her abused body. She jumped over a rock in the road and watched as dust rose up around her, hastily being left behind in her tracks. Clove followed closely behind and Aisha noted that she was just that tad faster than the Cacturne morph, a smug smile passed her lips and this only reared her on towards her destination. She knew that soon she would need to slow her pace in order to follow Clove through the forests he knew so well and told herself not to be too cocky and try to lead the way herself. Being a Pokemon ranger, Aisha was use to finding her own way and knowing that someone else would be the one to lead her grated on her nerves a little. It was some weird pet peeve she had, but she ran the thought that it was someone she held in high respects that would be leading her and her heart felt a little more at ease.

“Clove!” She yelled, head tilting a little to spy the other morph over her shoulder. “Are we close?” She slowed her pace so that she was running next to he other, her head hurting a little from the awkward position. “Erika means a lot to you right?” She questioned. “Did you two grow up together or something?” It was a rather big trek towards Celedon as far as she knew and she wasn’t one for travelling in complete silence. “Or is she your girlfriend or something?” A smile graced her features. “Ahaha! That would be soooo cool. I mean you’d have one of the best pokemon fighters for a girlfriend!” Aisha assumed this was the case and began to wonder. “I’ve never had a boyfriend. Job always came first to me, y’know. I cared too much about Pokemon to care about anything else…well apart from my family.” She chuckled. “After this is over, I think I’ll take a break y’know. Go see my family and friends. I haven’t seen them in over a year now….” Her head lowered slightly in remembrance. “I kinda forgot what it felt like to have someone to care for you know. It must be nice-” She stated, looking Clove square in the eyes. “Y’know, to have someone to fight for like you have Erika…”

December 29th, 2008, 11:11 AM
They made it through without much fuss. Ember didn't provide any light, but Jack's was enough to manage. The exit didn't lead them straight to their destination, but Jade shrugged, figuring it was somewhere close.

She followed the path, trusting her team was behind her. They were surrounded by trees, which meant Clove and Aisha had to be somewhere nearby. At least, that's what she hoped. Jade knew Kanto very well but it had been awhile since she travelled her with her Pokemon.

God, it's been...what? Fours years since I beat Erika?
True, most trainers leave at the young age of ten, but Jade stayed home a few extra years to study up on what exactly she was getting into. Plus, she was hesitant to leave Oliver behind.
Oliver. She wondered how he was doing. His life is going to be completely different. When this is all over, he will have as hard a time fitting in as I will. I did not want this for him! Jade clenched her jaw, took a deep breath, and tried to relax. At least he's alive.

Jade looked up to see a hill, right outside the Eastern side of Celadon. This must be the one Clove was talking about. The Tyranitar Morph made her way up the hill to find many of Celadon's citizens and a couple tents. Medical personel were making their way from one injury to the next, attempting to help as many people as possible. As the team made their presence known (it's not hard to do when you're a morph) everyone seemed to freeze.

"What do you want?" a very stern looking nurse approached Jade, who was in front and therefore assumed to be the leader.
"To help," her green eyes softened as she looked up at the nurse. Oh God, damn my small stature! No wonder no one takes me seriously. At five foot two I look more like a Larvitar. She waited for her team to back her up.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 29th, 2008, 7:05 PM
Standing absent-mindedly near the group, Jack looked up to see the others moving on without him. Clove and Aisha were racing off through the forest, while the others were heading at a slower pace in another direction. If I don't get focused, I'm going to be useless in Celadon.... There's no use thinking about the past...... With an effort, he tried to push all thoughts of Blitz from his mind and hurried after the others, hoping that they didn't notice anything. When they didn't say anything, he breathed a silent sigh of relief. He just..... he just didn't want to talk about it.... He didn't want to be made to remember..... H-he coudn't.... He wouldn't.

When they reached the entrance of the tunnel, Jack quickly jumped in and lit it with the flame from his wrists. As long as he kept himself busy, he felt that he'd be fine. His flames easily brightened the tunnel enough to move through it, so there was no need for Ember to help. It wasn't long before they made it to the exit. He was the last to climb the ladder and just as he was about to follow Jade, he remembered something. He'd hit Ember. Plus, she'd never even said a word about it. Sure, he was angry at the time, but still..... It wasn't right to hit a teammate even if she wasn't technically part of the PLF. He wondered what she thought about him now.

"Um... Miss Firestone?" he said, reaching with his hand out to keep her from walking away, but he quickly withdrew before he could touch her. Slightly embarrassed, he looked down at the ground as he spoke. This was the first time that he'd really spoken to anyone on the team one-to-one about anything unrelated to a current or upcoming mission. As his awkwardness set in, he blushed a little as he continued, "I'm sorry about my actions earlier..... I hope I didn't offend you." He hoped that she knew what he was talking about without him having to actually say it.....

Feeling slightly better after apologizing, he looked up to see that Denx and Jade had already moved ahead. Jack and Ember needed to hurry up and follow before they noticed them missing....

December 29th, 2008, 8:11 PM
"Um... Miss Firestone?"

Ember turned to find the Blaziken-morph standing near her. Was he... blushing?

"I'm sorry about my actions earlier..... I hope I didn't offend you." he stammered, seeming awkward in his apology.

"No, I'm not offended," Ember gave him a dazed smile and laughed a little. "My cheek might be a little sore at you, but I accept your apology. But you're getting the ice when the bruise comes."

Ember started walking forward to join Denx and Jade, who appeared to be speaking with a nurse. She felt almost as if she were walking through a dream. Nothing she did seemed real, nor did the emptiness inside her overwhelm her any longer. Jade appeared to be arguing with the nurse, who seemed flustered. Everyone was staring at her...

"Is there a problem?" Ember asked, tipping her head and smiling sweetly at the nurse.

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December 30th, 2008, 9:22 AM
As Aisha and Clove left the group in sudden silence, the two of them dashed through the forest at high speeds through the tree tops. Aisha occasionally pulled ahead of him a ways, not realizing it. Clove watched her speed changes as she tried her hardest to slow down but kept seeming to pull ahead.

"Hm... she's trying but it looks like she can't completely control her speed yet..." Clove thought as he watched her move closer and farther away from him. Her voices cut back through the rustling treetops to catch his ear and draw him from his trance-like thoughts.

"Clove! Are we close?" she called, looking at him over her shoulder. She slowed down a bit, talking to him from a closer spot, continuing before he could answer in a relentless assault of questions.

“Erika means a lot to you right? Did you two grow up together or something? Or is she your girlfriend or something? Ahaha! That would be soooo cool. I mean you’d have one of the best pokemon fighters for a girlfriend! I’ve never had a boyfriend. Job always came first to me, y’know. I cared too much about Pokemon to care about anything else…well apart from my family... After this is over, I think I’ll take a break y’know?"

Clove listened to her talk to him, realizing he had never actually taken the time to know the new recruit, or any of them with the exception of Jade. But these things happen in war situations..."She's talking a lot, she must be nervous... I can't help but feel something bad is waiting for us as well..." Clove thought as he continued forward with a troubled look while Aisha continued to talk.

"I kinda forgot what it felt like to have someone to care for you know. It must be nice- Y’know, to have someone to fight for like you have Erika…”

Clove's eyes snapped back to attention at the sound of Erika's name. Aisha trailed as well, there was nothing but silence for a few moments between the two, only hearing the soft occasional pat of feet or hands against tree trunks and branches. There were many questions that Clove could have answered as they ran in the deafening silence but he didn't know how to phrase it. He finally spoke as the forest exit grew nearer.

"Heh, girlfriend... You could almost say that I suppose... all I know is, I love her." Clove said aloud as they exited the forest, landing with a soft pat on a hillside overlooking Celadon. Below them the city was already crumbling as small portions of the city were already consumed with morph battles between attacking gyms and Celadon's grass types and Elites. The evening sun shown off in the distance and glared bright and intense. Clove flipped the communicator open, checking the time quickly and returning it to his pocket. "Damnit... 2 hours until sundown, once that happens, the Celadon gym loses a huge advantage..."

"The sun is shining bright, that means a powerful Sunny Day and that Erika is still alive so we wont worry about her for now. We need to rendezvous, once the sun goes down, the grass types lose most of their battle tactics." Clove said, turning to Aisha and pausing for a moment before disappearing up the hillside to find the other team mates.

Quickly finding his way to the top of a hillside, he looked to the outskirts of the town with various tents and beds set up. "crap... thats the hill I told Jade to meet me at, how could they have beaten me there? Oh well, not the time to ask..." He vanished, making his way to the tents. The picture became clearer as the team had clearly already encountered the other morphs as a morph stood in front of Jade with an angry look. Clove's eyes widened in realization as he bolted faster towards the group, sliding to a stop in between Jade and the other morph.

"Kurin, they're here to help. They're my team, don't hurt them." Clove said to the morph quickly, standing up straight to look her in the eyes. She was a somewhat tall beautiful girl with long blond hair and blue eyes wearing a pink nurse's uniform. She had small rings of pink flower petals around her wrists and a half ring of petals in her hair, a Meganium morph.

"What? And who are..." She cut off as Clove's face came into view. "CLOVE!"

"No time for fond hellos. Wheres Erika?" he responded quickly.

"She said you would be coming, she's in the command tent over there. There is Aromatherapy and Sweet Scent floating through the air around this tent, your injuries should begin to heal faster the normal soon. Its the only way we've been able to hold our own against Koga and Clair's assault..." Kurin replied, softly trailing as she mentioned their battle status.

"Head of the medical team...Its nice to see you doing well, Kurin. Can you have the nurses take good care of my team? I need to go talk to Erika." He responded with a small smile, clearly happy to see that so far everyone he knew was alright.

"Of course, everyone here is top of the line. We'll have them almost good as new in no time. Anything for you, Clove." Kurin replied giggling.

Clove sighed heavily at her response, the curse of being the only male to have been a member of the Celadon gym in over 30 years...

"Thanks Kurin... Jade, I need you and whoever else isn't injured to come with me. If any of you need to be patched up then please take the time to do so... don't be reckless." Clove called to the team as he looked to them giving the order. He began to head towards the tent where Erika would be waiting to give them the real status of Celadon...

December 30th, 2008, 11:53 AM
Jade felt someone make their way toward her and she turned to find Clove and Aisha. "'bout time you showed up," she said playfully.

"Kurin, they're here to help. They're my team, don't hurt them." Clove said to the morph quickly, standing up straight to look her in the eyes. Jade had just realized that the nurse was a morph and felt silly for not making this observation.

"What? And who are..." She cut off as Clove's face came into view. "CLOVE!"

The two exchanged words. It seemed that, here, everyone would heal faster due to things like Sweet Scent. The Tyranitar morph looked down at her self and realized...I don't have a scratch on me...Besides feeling a bit sore, Jade was left untouched from Lavender. She didn't have time to feel proud, though.

"... Jade, I need you and whoever else isn't injured to come with me. If any of you need to be patched up then please take the time to do so... don't be reckless," said Clove. I guess he realized before I did how well I did back there.
Jade nodded and followed him to Erika's tent. She hadn't been listening fully, but her ears had perked up at the sound of Erika's name.

From what she had gathered, Erika was on their side. It seemed strange to Jade at first, but she trusted Clove. If he trusted Erika, so did she.

Though, I suppose his views are a bit biased...Emerald hummed to her.
Shush. Clove knows what he's doing, Jade reassured her.

"Hey Clove?" they were making their way to the largest tent when Jade realized she had forgotten to say something back in Lavender. "I know it was going against Headquarters' Orders or whatever and I know we could get in big trouble for all of this but..." she sighed and looked at the Cacturne morph, "Thank you so much for protecting Lavender. For allowing us to protect Lavender. I mean, you seemed to care as much as I did and you aren't even from there," she chuckled at bit. "Point is, I know how much Celadon and Erika mean to you. And I'll be damned if we let this city lay in ruin. I'll do everything I can to make sure we win here," she narrowed her green eyes seriously and hoped he knew that she meant every word.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 30th, 2008, 11:02 PM
Jack silently followed Ember to a large hill, topped with tents and people. Quickly adjusted his cap and putting on his sunglasses, he joined the others who were talking to an angry nurse, a morph by the look of her. His attention drifted a little as he noticed other people, humans, staring at them. They might've just been curious or whatever, but he hated being stared at, even though he wasn't ashamed of being a morph. He briefly considered scaring them off with a burst of flame but decided that it would be a pretty stupid thing to do, so he quickly pushed it out of his mind.

At that moment, Clove and Aisha showed up, and Clove quickly took control of the situation, speaking with the morph, Kurin, about Erica, how everyone would heal faster due to Sweet Scent and Aromatherapy, and such things. Clove ordered for the injured to be treated and for Jade and the uninjured to follow him, and since he was only bruised and battered, Jack decided to go with Clove.

As he walked, he recalled the Bellossom morph who'd helped Clove in Lavender and felt a little foolish about not realizing that she was Erika. Oh well, he didn't really pay much attention to her at the time anyway. He notice more people staring at them as they made their way to a large tent, but he adjusted his sunglasses and tried to ignore them.

So they would be fighting along side Erica and other grass-type morphs.... He felt a little wary, but Erica did help out in Lavender, so it was a little easier for him to accept than it would've otherwise been. Ahead of him, Jade said something to Clove, but it seemed like a private conversation, so he paid little attention. Sighing a little, he thought about all the battles that lay before the team..... Anything to keep his mind focused and busy.

A few moments later, they reached the command tent, and Jack followed the others inside. The air smelled strongly of flowers. Jack stopped next to the entrance, not planning to add much if anything to the conversation. Crossing his arms, he waited listened intently as the first words were spoken.

December 31st, 2008, 7:15 PM
Denx followed slightly behind Jade, making sure to keep an eye on Ember and Jack. Denx knew he was hurt himself, but it was nothing major. However, it was relief to hear Kurin's words, "She said you would be coming, she's in the command tent over there. There is Aromatherapy and Sweet Scent floating through the air around this tent, your injuries should begin to heal faster the normal soon. Its the only way we've been able to hold our own against Koga and Clair's assault..." Denx almost sighed from that relief. He looked over to Clove, who had started on his way to meet Erika. He urged any who weren't in bad shape to follow. Denx watched as Jack and Jade followed without hesitation. He looked over his shoulder at the Celadon people who had managed to escape. He glanced them over, and returned his sight to Clove, who had entered the tent. Jade was the second one in, and finally Jack. Denx looked over to Ember, who seemed to not notice him. He nodded to himself, and followed the other three in.

As he entered, he noticed the orange hue from outside intruding the tent. Jack had his arms crossed, and Jade was focusing on the conversation. He stood between Jack and the tent wall, looking around. It smelt heavily of flowers inside, almost making Denx sneeze. After the burning sensation went away in his nose, he, too, focused on what Erika had to say. Already, Denx could feel the bruises and slices in his skin starting to heal. It stung a bit, but it was one of those stings that you can tell is for the good. As if soap were getting in his wounds. He waved off the slight stinging, and started to tap the ground with his foot.

December 31st, 2008, 7:36 PM
‘Love’ What a weird word. She hadn’t heard it much apart from when her mum and dad used it and it saddened her to think so. She stopped running as she and Clove came to a stand still overlooking Celedon and for the first time since she started this mission, she was worried. Her eyes glazed over as she bore down at the remains of the city in front of her and she paid no attention as Clove climbed the hill to where they were to meet Jade and the others. Instead she let out a mournful sigh and ran a hand through her lava colored hair. To think that she may never have time to find that special someone, or see her parents again or even Jake for that matter. It was worrying to think that at nineteen, she could die.

Turning her gaze from the shattering city she followed Clove’s lead up the hill and was surprised to see the others there before them. ‘I must have been weaker than I thought’ she declared, rolling her shoulders and walking towards the gathering group who were accompanied by a rather weirdly dressed morph. Was that a nurses outfit? She wondered, her eyebrow arching as she bowed respectfully to the Maganium morph. It turned out that they were healing morphs, there to aid the team and look after the wounded. She heard tell that Erika was hear too and Clove was instantly off and away accompanied by Jade, Jack and Denx.

Staring off over the camp she wondered where exactly she would be in a few months time. Home? Still fighting? Dead? There was nothing full proof to say that she was going to survive this and it was that thought that made her stay put and have the healing morphs look over her battered body instead of instinctively following Clove and the others. But she swore to herself that the Dragon Master, Claire would fall by her hand. She could not and would not let that Ice Queen bring such chaos to Johto if she had not already.

“Maam?” Came a sweet voice from near by.
Aisha’s emerald eye’s snapped to attention and she found herself staring at a Bellossom morph. “Oh, sorry. Wasn’t with it for a sec there.” She muttered.
“Would you like me to look at your paws?” The nurse asked, reaching out to touch at the bloodied hands.
“Huh?” Aisha muttered, staring down at the tangled fur of her palms. “How…?” It then came to her that her anger had gotten the best of her and she had been digging her claws into her own palms. “Oh…umm yes please. My back’s not doing too good either.” She stated, giving her shoulders a suggestive roll and wincing when they clicked under the pressure. “But could you try to make it quick? I don’t want to sound rude, but I need to find out what’s going on.” She smiled warmly.
The nurse nodded and returned the smile. “Of course. If you would follow me.” before leading Aisha off into one of the medical tents.

January 2nd, 2009, 9:51 AM
Clove appreciated Jade's words as the remaining team members followed through the flap of the large tent. Everyone was moving about frantically flipping through papers and finding others. Erika stood at the back of the tent with her back to the team, pointing and speaking with another morph standing next to her. Clove squinted a bit, in attempt to recognize her, only able to make out an outline. He took a few steps closer before looking again and widening his eyes in realization. He sighed heavily before attempting to make another step forward. Quickly moving, he scooted a chair in front of him, tossing it in for of him and blocking a shower of projectiles. Clove quickly extended the spikes on his right him, lifting them in defense as a blade came through the chair, slashing down and being held at bay by Clove's spikes.

"Blaire! Stop!" Erika shouted from the back of the tent. The figure being held at bay had long brown hair and a large green leaf folding long behind her head to her hair length. Her eyes glowed an eerie yellow, and she wore tan shorts with a camouflage tank top. Her weapons were green leaves growing out of her wrists...

"Must be Leaf Blade..." Clove thought, aggravated. "Shoulda figured you morphed too, with Grovyle? Good choice I'd say." Clove said from behind the locked standoff.

"Shut up! Erika I don't see why you still trust this traitor so much!" She spat.

"Glad to see you too..." He said in a bored tone.

With a moment of deep frustration, Blair released her force and let her leaves return to small green tufts on her wrists. Erika quickly stepped beside her and looked at her angrily.

"This isn't the time, Blair!" She yelled angrily. Blair sighed in annoyance as Erika turned back to Clove and the group. "I barely made it in time. They began attacking moments after I arrived. The morphs from the gym have all been trying their hardest. Kurin is in charge of medical team of course... and Amy is in charge of the daylight attack team and has been out battling all day. They were the ones you probably saw fighting from the hillside all over the city. Amy hasn't reported back in over an hour though, I'm kind of worried. There have been no signs of Clair and Koga yet either. I know she could hold her own since she's morphed with her Cherrim. But once the sun goes down, there's definitely no chance for her and her team. I've been keeping the sun strong for them but its roughly an hour until sundown... Blair is leading the night team but as you can imagine... there aren't many of us who can fight effectively at night. Its only her and a handful of others. We need help." Erika explained solemnly.

"Then I suggest my team head in with Blair in 10 minutes. We'll fight through for a switch with the daylight team so they can use the sunlight to escape effectively while the night time team does their job and takes over which will consist of both of our teams combined. I know my team can all fight effectively at night." Clove explained back to her, proposing a plan of attack.

"That sounds wonderful. I'll move in with your team and provide support best I can. I'm not the best at night but I'm not a Gym Leader for nothing." Erika responded, clenching a fist and ready to begin the plan. Clove turned to the team and looked to them all.

"Well guys, you heard her. That's the situation. I know we're all worn out, but if the sun goes down before Amy gets out of there, she's done for... So lets hurry, we'll meet near the city gates not too far from here and head in. Lets move quickly." He said to them, quickly moving without hesitation towards the rendezvous spot. "Hm... Aisha and Ember weren't with the team. Must be getting some medical aid, that's good. Although we'll have to go ahead of them...I'll leave Aisha's communicator with her just in case." Clove thought as he he turned heel and headed to the medical tent where a nurse was standing outside it looking at a clip board. Clove approached her quickly, pulling out the communicator.

"A team mate of mine is in there, Aisha Lorenzo, an Arcanine morph. Can you give her that?" He asked quickly.

"Not a problem, good luck Clove." She said happily as Clove waved good bye, running off towards the meeting spot, vanishing into the air.

* * *

Clove arrived at the meeting spot shortly, Erika, Blair and her other team mates were there as well. The night team was definitely in desperate need of the extra power. The extras consisted of 5 other morphs, all nocturnal in nature from Vileplume to Shiftry. "They really did mean a few... I think the team can handle this though."

"New intelligence came back... Koga brought a recorded 3 Elite guards and Clair has brought 2. The rest are peons of their gyms but can't be taken lightly. We've been looking for signs of Koga and Clair fighting but Koga is too quick, he IS a ninja after all. We've been getting victims from him all day from his toxic attack. We can heal it with Kurin's aromatherapy but its taking people off the battlefield left and right. No one can get a visual on him. There have been no signs of Clair though. You know how she is, if she wanted to be seen she's more than capable of it." Erika briefed him as the other team mates began to arrive.

"She's definitely a powerful girl. Any report on her morph yet?" Clove asked quickly.


"Damn... okay, well we're wasting time, lets move in team. We'll spread out into pairs and help the daylight team switch out and return to the medical team. I'll take to the rooftops with Denx. The rest of you pair up and move out. Lets go." Clove finished giving the orders, waving his arm and beckoning the team into the city. It was a delicate operation with low odds of defense. Game on.

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January 2nd, 2009, 4:51 PM
“There we go. All patched up” the nurse stated, pulling the last of the stitches closed and snapping it with one of her blades. The Victreebell morph had spotted some rather nasty cuts on Aisha’s lower back from her contact with the wall when Bruno had hurled her back in Lavendar and a few nasty bumps where some bricks had pelted her on they’re decent from the wall she had been thrown against. The young Arcanine morph hopped from the bed and gave her shoulders a roll letting out a sigh when no pain whooshed through her body. “Ahh…much better.” She groaned, turning to the nurse and bowing her head. “Thank you, ma’am, it feels much better, I can actually stand straight again.” She laughed, running a now clean paw through her hair to ruffle it a little.”
The nurse laughed a little as she placed her tools back in they’re places and bowed her head in return. “It’s not a problem, it’s what I’m hear for.” She smiled as she turned back to her equipment table. “Now, just take care this time, okay. Your still young and it would be a shame to waste that life of yours.”
Aisha smiled kindly at the young nurse and laughed. “Hah hah, well of things don’t get better I may be looking at imprisonment instead and that too me is far worse than death.”
The pair were cut off by another nurse who entered the tent, it was the Bellosom from earlier only this time she held a very familiar object in her hand. “My communicator?” She questioned as the nurse handed it to her. She scanned it over for any marks and returned it to her belt when she found nothing to be wrong with it. “They’ve left already then?”
The nurse shrugged, cradling her clip board to her chest. “I’m not sure. Clove just told me to give this to you.” She muttered before leaving.
“Hmn…guess I better get going then. Thanks again for the treatment, Nurse.”

As she left the tent, the popped her communicator from her belt and spoke into it. “Clove, this is Aisha. What’s going on?”
There was a slight pause before a voice came over the radio. “Were heading into the city to retrieve the daylight team and return them to the medics.”
“Daylight team?” Aisha was obviously confused, having no idea that there were teams she was suppose to be aware of.
“Yeah, were pairing off. I’ve sent Erika back to camp to get you. She should be there soon, oh and Aisha…”
“Take care of her.”
Aisha blinked at first before answering eagerly. “You got it, boss.” and returning her communicator to her belt.

It wasn’t long before Erika turned up at the camp and discovered Aisha laying on the grass staring up at the sky with a thoughtful look on her face. She only looked up when an overpowering smell of flowers entered her senses and she noticed Erika standing a few feet from her. The Arcanine morph smiled a toothy smile and sprang up from her spot on the ground, landing on all fours and looking up at the flower maiden. “Clove told me too look out for you, y’know?” She grinned, looking rather smug of herself.
“Did he now.” She spoke with a light tone, looking down at the young Arcanine morph with kind eyes that Aisha automatically linked with her mum. She nodded thoughtfully and stood up to her full height, which was just a little shorter than Erika, though she prided herself in her lanky yet muscular build. “I’m Aisha! Aisha Lorenzo, I come from Johto…well Honne originally before my parents decided they wanted to move.” She placed a paw over her mouth and corrected herself. “Not that I live with my parents! I’m a Pokemon ranger, its just I don’t really have anyone else ya know? I live wherever I can set up camp.”
Erika laughed, lifting her slender hand to cover a smile. “Your not use to meeting new people are you?”
Aisha groaned, lowering her head in defeat. “No ma’am.”
“That’s okay. I’m sure you know who I am by now.” Erika said, staring off towards the city, looking incredibly concerned. “Or who I was…”
Aisha placed a trembling paw on her shoulder and tried her best to comfort her. “Hey, it’s no worries. We’ll get your home back. I promise!” She stated, performing an abnormal salute. “And a Pokemon ranger never breaks they’re promise!”
Erika smiled thankfully and nodded her approval. “Thank you, Aisha. Now lets get going, I don’t think the day squad can cope much longer.”
“Right!” And both of them ran off in the direction of Celadon.

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January 2nd, 2009, 6:07 PM
OOC: Mira, I'm gonna have to bunny your character a little if you want me to do this. Hope that's okay. The way Kansas wrote, I'm assuming the whole team went to the rendevous point. If you have any problem with what I write, just lemme know ^_^

After the meeting in the tent it was decided that they were going to help the night team and help the day team get their asses out of the battle zone.

They made their way to the rendevous point, right outside of Celadon City, and met the night team. Jade frowned at the sight; it was a good thing they were here to help. In fact, will I be better at night? She could definitely think of ways to take advantage of the night. Especially now that she had discovered her fifth move.
Not against Koga though. She's leave the ninja to the fast morphs.

"Damn... okay, well we're wasting time, lets move in team. We'll spread out into pairs and help the daylight team switch out and return to the medical team. I'll take to the rooftops with Denx. The rest of you pair up and move out. Lets go," said Clove after Erika admitted their lack of knowledge of Clair's morph.

I should pair up with someone fast but also someone who's abilities will compliment mine...Jade looked around and noticed that Ember was not there. She must've got caught up at the medical tents; she had been pretty beat up after Lavender. Hopefully she was about healed by now.

With only a glance at Clove (one she hoped would be readable. He knew her well enough by now) Jade back tracked to the medical camp. She ran as fast as she could, which was a decent speed considering her stature and morph. Halfway back she about ran into the Ninetales Morph.

"Ember! We need to get back, Clove asked us to pair up and help get the day team outta there. They're no good without the sun. After that we back up the night team. Anyways, I thought we'd make a good team. I mean," Jade smiled sincerely and shrugged, "I know we didn't start off on the greatest note, but we worked together pretty well back in Lavender and I respect that you risked your life to help others. Clove could have killed you..." her voice faded and she looked the morph in the eye. "What do you say? We don't have much time."

January 2nd, 2009, 6:47 PM
Ember was shocked. She looked over the Morph and blinked. She had just been searching the tents for Aisha and the potent smell of flowers in the air seemed to make her feel better. She had heard several of the nurses talking about aromatherapy.

"A-are you sure?" she asked with a frown. "I mean, I just thought."

Ember shook her head in an attempt to organize her thoughts.

"I mean, yes. Let's get a move on!" Ember grinned.

She about ran off in the direction that Jade had just come from, when she remembered who it was she was traveling with. She forced herself to stay in place and gestured her arm down the path.

"Erm... would you like to lead?"

January 3rd, 2009, 9:28 AM
Denx was standing there nonchalantly, as Clove seemed to inspect another figure. It was someone not on the PLF, Denx figured. Before long, Clove was protecting himself from a projectile of attacks. Denx, too, flinched from the clashing of the blade and Clove's extended spike. Erika shouted at her to stop, but the apparent Grovyle morph just looked at her.

"Shut up! Erika I don't see why you still trust this traitor so much!" she retorted. Denx watched as the feud seemed to calm, and listened to what the plans were.

"Well guys, you heard her. That's the situation. I know we're all worn out, but if the sun goes down before Amy gets out of there, she's done for... So lets hurry, we'll meet near the city gates not too far from here and head in. Lets move quickly," Clove said. Denx looked cautiously at Blair, and followed the team out of the tent. Walking slowly, he found that he had some alone time. Ever since they--or Jade, rather--had defeated Bruno, Denx had been doubting himself. He walked slowly down the hillside, around the long path that led to the Celadon City gates. He tried to think about Denkaa, his Raichu, and what that Lucario morph had told him. How Denkaa felt betrayed. He shook off that thought as he reached the end of the path. In the distance, he could see the group.


Denx saw a few different morphs. There was Blair, and what seemed to be both a Shiftry and Vileplume morph. There certainly wasn't many extra morphs to join the team. Maybe five or so, but no more. He looked to find the members of the PLF. Standing there, Denx felt awkward. Being allied with a gym.. he thought the day would never happen. Erika started to talk, explaining the current situation. Denx guessed that it wasn't good.

"New intelligence came back... Koga brought a recorded 3 Elite guards and Clair has brought 2. The rest are peons of their gyms but can't be taken lightly. We've been looking for signs of Koga and Clair fighting but Koga is too quick, he IS a ninja after all. We've been getting victims from him all day from his toxic attack. We can heal it with Kurin's aromatherapy but its taking people off the battlefield left and right. No one can get a visual on him. There have been no signs of Clair though. You know how she is, if she wanted to be seen she's more than capable of it," she explained, also watching as the rest of the team arrived.

"She's definitely a powerful girl. Any report on her morph yet?" Clove asked quickly.


Denx looked down, and nodded in shame. He didn't like the sound of either one. He knew Koga was ruthless before, but now? And Clair. 'You know how she is, if she wanted to be seen she's more than capable of it,' is something Denx didn't want to hear at the moment. He didn't know who she was, but she sounded quite powerful. Suddenly, Clove spoke up.

"Damn... okay, well we're wasting time, lets move in team. We'll spread out into pairs and help the daylight team switch out and return to the medical team. I'll take to the rooftops with Denx. The rest of you pair up and move out. Lets go," he said in a finishing sort of tone. Denx gulped almost audibly.

"Rooftops? Why me..? I guess I have experience, but.." he thought to himself. He could hear some sort of soft laughter in his mind, but it wasn't him. He looked around, and figured it was in his conscious. He snapped back to reality when Clove motioned the team to go into Celadon.

Well, here goes..

January 4th, 2009, 6:06 PM
"A-are you sure?" Ember asked with a frown. "I mean, I just thought..."
Just thought what?
"I mean, yes. Let's get a move on!" Ember grinned.
She looked as though she were about to dash from where Jade came from but instead pointed.
"Erm... would you like to lead?"

Jade smiled. I never though she'd ask, "I'm not that fast but I do know where we're going," she grinned and began running back toward Celadon. She was glad that the Ninetales had agreed to pair up; whether Headquarters recognized it or not, Ember was part of the team.

"So I'm not sure if they'll be there when we get back to the main gates. They've probably already split up and begun the search for the day team," Jade looked up. They had about twenty minutes left of sun, "So let's just go in there and look for 'em, okay? I'm not that fast but I'm good at finding things. I can feel vibrations with my feet; I coulda felt the battle in Celadon when we were still in Lavender if I had been paying attention. When we find them, I'll let you race them to the medical tents. Sound good to you?" she asked.

January 5th, 2009, 7:14 PM
"I'm not that fast but I do know where we're going," Jade grinned.

They began running, not very fast, but Ember knew that it was fast enough.

"So I'm not sure if they'll be there when we get back to the main gates. They've probably already split up and begun the search for the day team," she explained, though Ember didn't know what she meant by "day team." Ember really wished she had been paying attention.

"So let's just go in there and look for 'em, okay? I'm not that fast but I'm good at finding things. I can feel vibrations with my feet; I coulda felt the battle in Celadon when we were still in Lavender if I had been paying attention. When we find them, I'll let you race them to the medical tents. Sound good to you?" she asked.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Ember said with a smile. She tightened the muscles in her arms slightly, wondering if she was strong enough to pick up whoever it was she was supposed to transport.

What am I supposed to tell her if I don't have the strength...

Gumshoe Satyr
January 7th, 2009, 2:45 PM
(Hmph... I posted yesterday, but somehow it disappeared. Well, I think this one is better than the other one, so I guess it worked out)

As Jack tried to figure out who he should pair up with, the team started moving toward the city. Taking out his communicator, he watched two other dots on the map also moving to Celadon. Things would be better if half the team weren't without communicators. Let's see.... These two are Jade and Aisha, so I guess Denx doesn't have one. I know that Clove and Ember don't. Wonder if Jade is with Ember....

Jade's and Aisha's dots weren't moving together, so it was definitely a possibility. Looking at the grass-types in the group, Jack thought that it wouldn't be a good idea to partner up with Blair after her outburst in the tent, and he didn't really like the looks of the nocturnals either. Anyway he doubted that any of them would be completely at ease with a fire morph blowing flames anywhere around them. He looked over at the Shiftry morph to see her glaring at him.

"What are you looking at?" she growled, studying Jack as if sizing him up for a fight. "I don't know why we've got to fight with that traitor, Clove," she grumbled, turning away.

A woman with a mushroom cap-like hat and a cream-colored tail with seed clusters on the end trotted up to the Shiftry and laid her hand on her shoulder. "You know why we have to," she said, gently. "With most of us relying so much on sunlight, there's no way we can hold things together tonight without help. Besides, Erica trusts him and that should be enough for the rest of us. She has always led us well." She gave her a comforting smile, but she only grumbled and looked away.

"Well, I think Blair has the right idea, and I'm not alone."

"Shhh.... We're almost there. Any problem you still have with this can wait." They entered the city while Jack stopped and watched them go. So Blair's ideas have filtered down to some others..... Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

He followed them, but he didn't get far before he saw a glint of light, a reflection from his right, and he felt something sharp cut into his shoulder. Ugh... What speed! It was a female morph with claws growing over the top of her wrist and wings buzzing on her back, wearing red goggles. She was a Ninjask morph. Grabbing her wrist with his left hand, he was able to keep her claw from going in any deeper. Just when he was about to incinerate his foe with a Flamethower, there was a flash of green, and some Pokemon jumped out and slashed at her, knocking her to the ground. Stifling a groan when the claw exited his shoulder, Jack blasted the Ninjask with a Flamethrower, finishing her off.

Turning his head, he saw that his rescuer was none other than.... Blair. Heh, this is going to be interesting.

January 8th, 2009, 11:44 AM
Clove looked at Denx, who still seemed unsure of why he was with Clove. All Clove could do was hang his head slightly, trying to avoid eye contact with Denx. He turned towards the city and sighed heavily.

"These fights... are going to be hard. Koga is an Elite Four, and has been for some time until Agatha came out of retirement...I've got to keep Koga as occupied as possible while the team switches. Clair is another thing to worry about though... I'm sure in groups of two they'll be able to handle any trouble they run into, especially with Erika helping. So I just need to lure out Koga, he'll definitely be able to see us from the rooftops. With that wide open terrain, mine and Denx's speed should be more than enough to at least evade until reinforcements can arrive."Clove thought to himself quietly as he stared at the city. The sound of a communicator rang over his thoughts. He couldn't hear who it was coming from as he scanned the crowd. Erika quickly perked up, rushing to him, digging in her skirt pocket.

"Here, Koichi gave this to me. I had the girls repair it." She said with a smile, handing Clove a slim black cell phone.

"My communicator? thanks Erika." He said as he took it from her hand, and looked at the caller.

"Aisha..."he thought as he read the name. "Erika, can you go with her? I trust her with you, she's my student. Don't push yourself too hard, understand? You and I both know how strong Clair is." Clove said sternly, looking her in the eyes seriously, but quickly shifting to a soft smile. Clove never smiled normally, but around Erika he couldn't help himself.

"No problem, Clove." She responded happily.

He flipped the phone open, grinning as she wisped off towards the medical tent to Aisha.

“Clove, this is Aisha. What’s going on?”

Clove hesitated a while as he waited for Erika to move farther away.

“Were heading into the city to retrieve the daylight team and return them to the medics.”
“Daylight team?” Aisha was obviously confused, having no idea that there were teams she was suppose to be aware of.
“Yeah, we're pairing off. I’ve sent Erika back to camp to get you. She should be there soon, oh and Aisha…”
“Take care of her.”
There was another long silence, on Aisha's end this time. “...You got it, boss.”

He flipped the phone shut and turned to Denx who looked ready to leave. He slipped the communicator back into his pocket and looked to him and nodded sternly. Heavy guilt towards not telling Denx that their team was just bait.

"Lets go, Denx."

Without wasting another second, he vanished from the field in a blur of shadows, knowing Denx could easily keep up with Quick Attack. They were soon already in the city, Clove immediately leaped onto the roof of a nearby small shop, leaping higher and higher to other buildings until he slowed to a stop on top of a large skyscraper and scanned the horizon. He squinted over the city, the sun lowering on the horizon. There wouldn't be much time left. It was then that what he had been looking for finally showed up. A massive explosion erupted through the southern part of Cerulean. Followed by a white beam blasting through the city streets and off into the sky as many smaller morphs tumbled through the air, being torn from the ground or just destroyed in the blast.

"Amy..." Clove said quietly as the beam dissipated into the air. He vanished again with Denx close behind as they jumped down to lower buildings, skimming the roof tops. A small figure came into view shortly. A small girl with light blue hair and a pink petal running through the middle with 4 large pink petals sprouting like angel wings from her back.

"So she morphed with her Cherrim, I should have figured. This also makes her the most powerful possible candidate for a daylight squad leader. Her Flower Gift will make all of our attacks stronger... Erika really knew how to plan this." Clove thought as he came closer to Amy and her fight.

Her blue eyes were narrowed on two enemies in front of her as another morph jumped beside her, a Tangela morph girl with wearing a long sleeve hooded shirt with the sleeves covering her arms and yellow eyes peering out from the shadows of her well hooded face. They were staring down two morphs, a Nidoqueen and Ariados. Standing tall the Nidoqueen's armor boasted great tolerance as Amy unleashed another barrage of seeds from her palms, that exploded all around the two morphs. The Tangela morph quickly rushed in through the smoke, sending vines soaring from the insides of her long sleeves ahead of her. Suddenly she was thrown from the smoke but stopped in mid flight. The smoke cleared to reveal the Nidoqueen morph standing with a barrier of protect around them to shield the bombs and the Ariados with a firm grasp on the Tangela's vines which were matted in spider silk.

"SHERICE!" Amy yelled as the Ariados began to spin her around by her vines in mid air, faster and faster. He released the web, letting soar high through the air. Clove had seen enough.

"Amy is no where near fast enough. Denx, its showtime. I'm going to engage the Nidoqueen now since you have a disadvantage. Save Sherice and immediately come back me up against that Ariados, this should only take 4 seconds with your speed. MOVE!" Clove yelled as he vanished, appearing in front of an unsuspecting Nidoqueen. He flipped a round house kick across her face cause her to take a step back. Clove quickly extended his spikes and followed through, spinning and slashing at the Nidoqueen morph furiously then stopping to observe his damage.

"That outta do it for y--" Clove began to say as the Nidoqueen appeared to be falling over. It quickly regained it balance and stomped forward and spinning into Clove.

"IRON TAIL!" With no warning the metal hunk of tail smashed directly into Clove, sending him screaming through the air. He thrusts his spikes through the concrete of a building, forcing himself to a halt a distance away. He clutched he ribs and coughed as he struggled to his feet. The Nidoqueen morph finally spoke.

"Koga's Elite are not to be trifled with."

"So you're Koga's Elite? That'll explain why Amy was having trouble wiping the floor with you. You're probably both about as strong as gym leaders, aye? Since Koga was Elite 4...oh right WAS Elite 4. Wasn't strong enough to handle it I guess." Clove taunted arrogantly.

"Master Koga will not be disrespected." The Nidoqueen said, folding its palms together. It focused itself as Amy quickly reacted to the fight.


Clove's eyes widened in fear as the frosty blast built inside of the morph's mouth. She opened fire, unleashing the blast that cut through the air like a knife. Clove spun to the side, narrowly evading the beam as the tips of his spikes frosted over. He vanished from the ground, dashing down the side of the Ice Beam as it fired with a spike low and extended.

"Bad move. Lets end this."

January 9th, 2009, 4:25 AM
Knowing that Erika would have trouble jumping from the roof tops, Aisha chose to stick as much to the ground as possible, though it was hard for the youngster as she loved jumping around so much. She lay her back flat against the building there were passing at the time and took a look around the corner to check if there were enemies near by. Noting that there was nothing there, she prepared to leap onwards when a firm hand clasped down on her shoulder and she turned to see Erika holding her back and shaking her head. “There…” She whispered, pointing up to a large building. Beneath the hem of the roof Aisha saw a pair of glowing eyes and a long, mighty tail with a hook at the end. It seemed that a Skuropi morph had chosen to conceal himself beneath the building in the shadows, hanging limply from a grappling hook.

Aisha snarled and pulled back around the corner. “Good eyes.” She commented, smiling slightly before the stern look replaced it yet again. “Think you can use a move to get ‘im down from there?” She asked. Erika smiled lightly and nodded. The Arcanine morph smirked “Cool. I’ll following up as he’s falling. Ready?”
Erika took a battle stance and smiled. “Ready.”

Erika’s petals shot forward without much sound and before the Scorpion had time to recoil he was falling quickly to the ground. Pushing off from the building Aisha dashed forward, running up the side of the wall the enemy was falling from before hitting him harshly in the back. With a yell the Scorpion morph hurtled forward, crashing into a building before sliding the rest of the way down to the ground. Aisha landed smoothly next to the crumpled heap of the morph and picked him up by the scruff of his neck. Erika joined her shortly after and a menacing look was etched into the normally sombre face of the Arcanine. “The daylight group…where are they?” She questioned the semi conscious man, shaking him a little to allow the obvious pain he was feeling to spread.
He coughed up some blood and choked a little before answering. “I’m not telling you anything.” Aisha’s answer was to simply turn the Scorpion around and slam him against the wall, her fangs bare and a clawed hand shaped firmly around his neck. “If you don’t tell me now, my hand may just accidentally slip and break that puny little neck of yours.”
She felt Erika’s concerned gaze on her back, but she knew this was the only way they were going to make the ninja squeal.
“You wouldn’t…” He gasped, clutching desperately at the paws around his neck.
Aisha raised an eyebrow, “Wouldn’t I?” She questioned whilst firmly tilting the enemies neck in a painful fashion to the side. A sickening crunch could be heard emitting from the mans spine and he let out a slight yelp before yelling. “Alright! Alright!”
Aisha let her grip loosen a little to allow the man to speak clearly, or at least to the best of his abilities. “Hmn?” She pushed on.
“We, we didn’t catch ‘em all. They’re being rounded up and kept guard over in the narrows of the streets for now. I don’t know if some of them are being lead back to Koga…” Before he could continue a spike was launched through the air and thanks to Aisha’s keen hearing ability she managed to dodge it, but the spike of course penetrated the body of the captured morph and he slid limply to the floor…dead.

Erika gasped at the sight and Aihsa quickly turned her gaze to the roof tops in time to see another figure hop off into the darkness. She growled and grabbed Erika by the wrist firmly. “Come on, we gotta follow him. He might lead us to them.” She sprang off with Erika in her firm grasp, struggling to keep her footing. She finally let the Bellosom morph go in order to hop up onto a roof top in order to get a better look. She kept Erika in her sight the entire time, not willing to loose her lest she want to die at the hands of Clove. However she did avert her gaze a little to scan the roof tops and the narrows below in search of the menace. Having no luck, she dropped down to Erika once more and snarled. “I knew Koga was bad news when I first arrived in Kanto. I had to run for my life in Fuchsia city. He was the reason I joined the PLF, y’know.”
Erika simply stood by, cradling the wrist that Aisha had so carelessly abused. Noticing her obvious pain, Aisha took a concerned step forward and reached out to the bleeding wrist. She had not noticed at the time, but she had practically crushed the delicate wrist and penetrated the white skin with her claws. Her glassy Emerald eyes met those of the gym leader and she fell to her knees. “I’m…I’m sorry Erika.”
‘I’m loosing it…’ She thought. ‘I always knew Jake was a harsh fighter, but I never knew it would control my like this.’
A comforting hand fell on her shoulder and her gaze cast straight up into the warm eyes of the other morph. “I know its hard.” She stated. “Just hang in there, its nothing.”
Aisha nodded, even though she didn’t believe it. “Okay.”
“Now lets keep going, we need to find the day group and get them back to safety.” She piped up, lifting Aisha up by her under arms and brushing her clothes off for her as if she were nothing more than a child. The Arcanine morph nodded her agreement and removed her communicator from her belt before talking into it. “Jack. Are you anywhere near where the Celedon super mart use to be? We could use another set of hands.” She stated after catching sight of a large group of Ninja morphs passing by. “And keep close to the buildings. Don’t leave yourself out in the open…”

Gumshoe Satyr
January 10th, 2009, 10:02 AM
"You were careless," Blair stated, matter-of-factly, crossing her arms.

"Yeah...," Jack admitted, shrugging his uninjured shoulder. Her words stung his pride, but he couldn't deny them. He pulled his torn sleeve back from his right shoulder a bit and was glad to find that the wound wasn't very deep. Tearing a strip from a clean shirt in his backpack, he tied it carefully around it. He figured it would do for now since he figure that with it so close to sunset, there wouldn't be time for him to get a proper bandage from the medical team. Besides, they would probably have much more serious cases to worry about. "Let's go." They silently ran alongside each other, both keeping a sharp eye out for anymore ninjas.

A few moments, they heard the sounds of fierce fight coming from somewhere nearby, and they raced to investigate. In a back alley, they found two member of the daylight team, a Bayleaf and a Sunflora, desperately struggling against three enemies. One had bat-like wings, sharp, vicious fangs, and eyes that seemed like they could turn a Ghastly to stone, a Golbat morph. Another looked normal enough at first, but if you looked close, his body seemed to....ooze a bit. Apparently a Grimer or Muk morph... More likely a Muk. The last one had a boney, armor-like shell covering almost his entire body, a Shelgon morph.

"It's Kylie and Laura," Blair murmured, readying the leaves on her arms to strike. "We have to help them!" Both using Agility, Blair attacked the Shelgon, who was slowly pressing Kylie, the Sunflora, into a corner, while Jack raced toward the Golbat, who was licking his lips as he flew toward Laura.

Jack blasted a Flamethower at him, hitting on of his wings and causing him to crash to the ground. Turning to the Muk morph, he punched him hard with a Sky Uppercut, but when he tried to pull his fist back, he found that it was stuck fast what felt like a mixture of mud and clay but much, much smellier. Behind Jack, the Golbat morph recovered from his fall and made a dash toward him, his glinting fangs dripping with poison. At the last moment, Jack turned his body just enough to grab him under the chin to hold back his attack, and the Golbat pushed hard against his grip, gnashing his teeth together.

"Not this time," Jack growled, igniting his wrists. With a cry of pain, the Golbat morph wiggled away from his burning grasp, but the Muk stubbornly refused to let him go. In fact, Jack felt his hand pulled farther into the disgusting gunk that made up the morph's body.

"Poison gas....," the morph hissed, releasing the purple, toxic gas from his mouth. All Jack could do was turn his face away and hope for the best. Suddenly, when a loud splat, the Bayleaf morph, Laura apparently, body slammed into the top of the Muk, sending sludge flying everywhere and narrowly missing Jack's hand. Needless to say, the whole area now smelled badly of raw sewage. As soon as he was free, Jack jumped back and finished the Golbat off with one last Flamethrower. One down, two to go.

Meanwhile, Kylie was battering the Shelgon morph with Bullet Seed, while Blair was jabbing at his vulnerable legs with Leaf Blade, easily dodging in and out of his attacks. He was already bleeding out of several gashes around his face and legs.

Both Jack and Laura jerked their attention back to the Muk as the sludge began pulling itself back together, slowly reforming his body. He released a Flamethrower at him, but some of the sludge quickly separated, allowing the attack to go past without harming him. Reforming again, he shot a stream sludge at them that exploded on contact with the ground.

Worried for the Bayleaf's safety, Jack raced to her side and tried to push her out of the way. "Don't worry. I've got this," she assured, forming a wall of light in front of them both. The Sludge Bomb collided heavily with the Protect, but the wall held.

Jumping high into the air, Blair hit the Muk with a barrage of Bullet Seed before ending her attack with Leaf Blade, cutting him in half. She jumped quickly back as he pulled himself back together and shot Sludge Bomb at her. Taking advantage of the distraction, Jack used one last Flamethower, turning the Muk into a boiling heap of toxic slime. A few feet away, he could see the Shelgon lying motionless in a pool of blood.... Three down.

Just then a voice came from the communicator in Jack's pocket. It was Aisha's.... “Jack. Are you anywhere near where the Celedon super mart use to be? We could use another set of hands. And keep close to the buildings. Don’t leave yourself out in the open…”

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know," he replied, experimentally rolling his injured shoulder.

He glanced over at Blair, and she nodded, saying, "Go ahead. I'll make sure these two get out alright. The super mart is that way. Good luck." Without another word, she left with Laura and Kylie on her hills.

"Yeah, you too....," Jack murmured quietly before added to Aisha, "I'm on my way." Putting his communicator back in his pocket, he ran in the direction that Blair had indicated.

January 16th, 2009, 1:31 PM
**** was going down. That much was clear as the morphs entered Celadon. Jade felt vibrations from every direction. This is going to be much harder than I thought. Though, when it came to Koga's ninjas, it should be easier finding them...she hoped.

"Wait," she asked and stopped in her tracks, holding out a hand to Ember in case she didn't hear her. Jade closed her eyes, searching with the aide of the vibrations alone. She came to the conclusion that where the vibrations were strongest, her teammates had already found the Day Team. There was a whisper due North that would pulse with sudden action every couple seconds.
"Okay, follow me," she gestured and headed toward the whisper.

She felt foolish, being the last ones to make their way into Celadon. She kept her eyes peeled and stopped every hundred feet or so to check the vibrations and make sure they were still headed in the right direction. She appreciated that Ember asked no questions about her methods and was patient; it must be hard to run with someone that you're five times faster than.

After turning a corner Jade stopped in her tracks once more but it was not to check the vibrations. Two of the Day Team morphs were tied to a building. A Leafeon morph, who's brown eyes seemed to plead louder than any words, and a Exeggutor morph, who's palm tree hair would have been comical in any other situation. The Leafon shook her head furiously and her eyes widened. Her leafy ears drooped as Jade walked closer.
"Hey, chill!" Jade held up her hands and looked at Ember to do the same, "We're here to help, don't worry."
The Exeggutor morph also shook her head. Jade ripped the tape off of her mouth as she seemed the calmer of the two. "What's going on? Who did this to you?"
"Who do you think did this to us?" she snapped. Jade was caught off guard. She had always seen Exeggutor as calm and rather doppy, not sarcastic and hostile.
"We're just here to help," she repeated herself, "Who did this to you?"
The Exeggutor morph rolled her yellow eyes.

Jade moved over to the Leafeon Morph and ripped the tape off of her mouth, feeling bad afterwards when the cute morph held back tears; it must have hurt.
"Clair's Elite!" she practically squealed.
Jade narrowed her eyes, "Are you sure?"
"Hannah, you idiot, you have no idea who these people are! Don't tell them anything!" the Exeggutor Morph snapped again.
"Shut up Lilith," Hannah retorted, never losing the sweetness in her voice. "I'm tired of listening to you. We wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for you!"

The two bickered for a few minutes. Jade glanced at Ember as if to say, "Glad we're not like that anymore."
"Listen, we're gonna untie you and get you outta here," Jade raised her voice.
"NO!" the two shouted, suddenly forgetting about how pissed they were at each other.
She stopped and narrowed her eyes further, "What?"
"Don't untie us," said Lilith, "The minute our backs leave this wall, the entire building blows up. And there are civilians in there," Lilith gestured with her head at the building to which she was currently attached.
Jade sighed, Why the hell did Clove have to lose his damn communicator?
"What should we do?" she asked Ember.

January 18th, 2009, 9:53 PM
Clove sped quickly with spike extended, ready to deal a fatal blow to the Nidoqueen as she struggled to turn the beam in attempt to connect with her target. Clove proved too maneuverable as he quickly darted with ease, dodging the beam and swooping low, thrusting towards her for the final blow. Just as the spike is about to connect, a solid purple object came screaming down, directly between Clove and the elite. Clove slid to a halt, jumping backwards to a safe distance as the owner of the object came crashing from the air, landing hard on the rooftop and tearing shingles with his weight and strength. He uprooted the purple object from the rooftop and slung it over his shoulder, revealing it to be a large sword shaped like a Nidoking's spike.

"I should have figured there would be a Nidoking somewhere with a Nidoqueen around..." Clove called calmly through the tense atmosphere. The Nidoking stood tall and had a muscular build with plates of purple armor around his arms, legs, and torso. He wore a samurai style helmet fashioned like a Nidoking's head with large horn pointing to the sky from his forehead. Clove watched out of his peripherals as Denx landed safely, having performed his rescue. He was about to engage the other morph but who could tell when the first move would be. A familiar voice came from Clove's other side.

"Looks like that makes this fight almost even then..." Amy said aloud, taunting the two opponents as she stepped next to Clove. "Its been a while, Clove. Thanks for the rescue and I'd love to catch up, but I've got 30 minutes of daylight left, so lets make this count, aye?"

"Sound good. You still just as reckless as ev---" Clove began to say before Amy leaped high into the air, throwing down a barrage of Seed Bomb that exploded around the two Elites as the Nidoqueen threw up another blue barrier, shielding the two of them with protect as the seeds connected, sending earth shattering booms exploding as smoke and debris filled the air. "Hmpf... she hasn't changed one bit... She made an opening though... protect doesn't have the same potency when used in succession..."

Clove vanished, charging in low through the smoke. The Nidoqueen attempted to place another Protect between them as Clove sliced down, smashing through it and landing between the two morphs, crouched low.

"DO IT AMY!" Clove yelled to her as she landed a distance away, with palms already glowing with white light. Clove pushed off the ground into the air, bring his foot around and landing a heavy kick in the Nidoqueen's hip, sending her tumbling into Amy's line of fire as she released the blast of stored solar energy. The Nidoking, although momentarily startled by Clove's speed, gained his composure, making his long tail glow an eerie white. Clove's eyes widened in horror from his awkward mid-air position as he brought his arms in front of him to defend and brace for impact. The hulking purple tail collided with Clove's arms that guarded his chest, the force sending him streaking through the air as he reached down, hurling a spike into the rooftop, forcing him to a slow stop as it tore up shingles. The Nidoking wasted no time in following up, letting a large yellow ball of energy form in his mouth. In unison, Amy and the elite Nidoking fired their blasts of energy, connecting in mid-air before impacting the Nidoqueen. The shock wave blew across the rooftops, Clove quickly shielded his eyes as dirt and debris flew past. After the air had settled, Clove finally stood upright, dusting himself off. He spoke through the smoke to his opponents.

"Hm.. go figure, you two compliment each other's weaknesses? I suppose the second I try to attack you while you recharge from that Hyper beam, your little Nidoqueen buddy is gonna rush over with a fully charged Protect ready to stop it. Your game isn't special, I've seen it all before..." Clove commented aloud through the settling dust to the two morphs. They finally spoke.

"We are the Kagami Ninja twins. Ryoha and Nikki. We fight as brother and sister and thats that. If you choose to continue to interfere, We'll be forced to kill you as well." The Nidoking responded aloud in a low calm tone. He lifted his purple sword from his shoulder and swung it towards Clove, pointing the tip of the blade at him. Clove stood for a moment before chuckling.

"You guys just don't get it. We're going to win." Clove said aloud to the two. "Half power aught to do it with Amy's special ability in effect. The sun is almost gone too..." He thought as he looked to the half set sun falling below the skyline as his palms began to glow.

"NOW!" Clove yelled as he clapped his palms together, letting lose his massive cannon of a Solar Beam tearing across the rooftops towards the Nidoking. Still down from recharge, Ryoha crouched to defend as Nikki rushed in front of him, casting Protect as the beam collided with the barrier. From behind, Amy moved quickly into position, her petals beginning to retract closer and closer to her body as the sun set lower. She tossed a seed bomb straight at the barrier, impacting from the other side causing it to explode into pieces but the assault wasn't finished. She clapped her hands together and slammed them into the ground. Giant chunks of cement uprooted from the earth and immediately sheared into rough stars that floated in mid-air.

"Looks like its Swift this time! Good." Amy said to herself, giggling. She leaped into the air, standing on one of the stone stars as the group rushed towards the two Elites, crashing into them dealing heavy blows over and over. Amidst the stars contacting over and over Amy leaped into the air, throwing down a barrage of Seed Bomb that finally hit their mark as the wide eyed Elites were engulfed in an explosion they finally weren't able to defend. Silence followed before Clove called across the clearing, seeing two smoldering bodies.

"That was pretty good. I didn't know what you'd do but that was... different..." Clove called from across the roof.

"Its my 5th move... Nature Power. It varies by my environment. It kind of has a mind of its own, this time it turned the concrete into Swift..." She responded, trailing off. Clove's eyes widened quickly to look for Denx and his fight to check the status but was stopped short by a blur that caught his eye. He turned to Amy and held out a hand in futility as what he saw could only be seen in nightmares. A cloaked figure swooped in quickly, landing next to Amy and crouching low.

"AMY MOVE!" Clove called but only moments passed before the cloaked figure sliced across the front of her torso, letting blood spill to the ground. She stared wide eyed at Clove as she dropped to her knees, falling face first onto the concrete, motionless. The cloaked figure stood, and turned to Clove and removed the hood that concealed his face.

"Koga...You heartless..."

"Save it, filth. You've interfered enough. The others may play games but I am a man who finishes what he begins." Koga said aloud a deep heartless tone across the rooftops. Clove eyed Amy's lifeless body on the ground beneath Koga with eyes filled with hatred and sadness. No. Control."
He thought as he calmed himself, eying down Koga. He flipped out his communicator for the first time in a long while, sliding it open and opening the open frequency.

"Team, this is Clove. Koga is on the roof in the center of town. Get a medic over here.....you all better be alright." He said flipping the phone shut and slipping it back into his pocket quickly.

"Are you finished? I could have killed you 10 times by now." Koga said in a taunting tone.

"I could say the same about you." Clove responded with an unwavering tone. Koga's face turned to a frown as Clove wasted no time after his come back, vanishing into the evening sky, appearing behind Koga. He thrust a Pin Missile down the back of his spine, as the body poofed away, revealing itself to be a doll.

"Pfft. Substitute..."

"Stop playing games, Koga."

There was no response as his presence completely vanished. A true ninja. Clove stood with spikes extended, looking around into the now darkened skies. The rest of the day team should have made it back. All that remained was the eradication of all enemy forces in Celadon. And this one wasn't going to be easy. Suddenly a new voice cut into the darkness, letting them know they were being watched.

"Well well, the sun has set and it looks like the PLF's own Lieutenant Clove Wheldst versus Ex-Elite Four Koga round 1 go go go!" A female's voice came from the darkness. Koga's voice also echoed from the darkness in response, not revealing his location.

"Mind your own business, Clair. Finish your objective." his voice snapped at her. She emerged from the shadows of a rooftop, revealing her full form. Large crooked horns sprouted from her deep purple hair as small patches of blue scales lined her body with two large fins protruding from her back.

"So she morphed with Kingdra... damnit..." Clove thought silently as he watched her closely from behind his guard.

"But I am... If I beat this punk around a bit, Erika will come running in no time...I'll just kill her when she comes to save him." She said in a sinister tone as she began to form a whirling sphere of ice in her palm, eying Clove. The situation had turned from even to uneven in a matter of seconds. They had both moved in without even being noticed. How strong could they be?

"So here they both are... Clair is bound to have some Elite guards somewhere in the city and Koga has one left that I'm sure Denx will handle. The main problem is Koga and Clair themselves... and trying to get Amy some medical attention if she's still alive...damnit. I hope the others can get here soon, I'm gonna need back up..." Clove thought to himself as he watched Clair closely and checked his peripherals for movement from Koga. The fight definitely looked hopeless. He shifted into an attacking stance, pointing a spike at Clair. He had to do what he could until help arrived. He vanished swiftly without a word.

"Faint Attack..."

January 19th, 2009, 9:00 AM
“Jack!” Aisha whispered as the other team member came closer to herself and Erika. She waved and arm slightly to gain his attention but not alert possible ninja pokemon that lurked in the darkness. She and Erika had waited under the shelter of a tall building for the other morph to arrive before they moved on. It was rather quiet in the semi abandoned city due to the ninja’s keeping silent to ambush they’re enemies and the PLF attempting not to alert any ambushers. As Jack closed in Aisha continued to whisper. “We just had a message through from Clove, I don’t know if you got it or not but Clove needs us in the centre of the town. Koga’s there and I bet you any money Claire’s not far behind. He requested a medic, but we haven’t come across anyone yet and were too far out to grab a medic from the camp so we’ll rely on the other team members there. I’m a little worried about Clove, he can’t take Koga and Claire on on his own…”
Erika’s eyes saddened and Aisha noted this, laying a comforting hand on the taller female. “Don’t worry, we’ll get there before they even have a chance to lay a paw…er I mean hand on him.” She smiled gently at the former gym leader and was grateful for the small smile and confident nod she got in return.

“Awesome. Now I’m thinking our best bet is to just stick to the shadows and make as little noise as possible. We don’t want to alert any unwanted guests and we need to get to the centre as soon as possible. So without further ado, lets get a move on!” She threw herself onto all fours and pounced off, sticking close to the walls of the building as not to make herself vulnerable. “Hope your ready for this you two.” She grinned over her shoulder. “Heh heh, I bet having two fire types protecting you is your worst nightmare.” She commented, averting her gaze to Erika alone. Erika let out a small chuckle and looked at the pair one after another.
“I trust you.” she murmured.
“Brilliant, that’s what I like to hear.”

It wasn’t long before the trio reached the centre of town. Erika fell behind a little now and again due to the speed of the two fire morphs, but they weren’t about to abandon her in an attempt to save they’re capable leader. Aisha stopped next to a tall building and looked up in a vein attempt to see if Clove was anywhere in sight. “Man, were gonna have to hit the roof tops…” She muttered turning to Erika with concerned eyes. “Your not much of a climber are you.” It was more of a statement than a question. She twiddled her fingers and pinched the bridge of her nose in thought. “A building this tall must have a fire exit at the top for emergencies. Recon you can climb the stairs?” She asked.
Erika nodded and Aisha smiled happily. “Awesome.” She turned her gaze to Jack. “You recon you can escort her? I told Clove I’d protect her, but Clove trusts you as much as he trusts me and I can use my extreme speed to reach the top in no time and give Clove a helping hand.”

Without waiting for a reply, Aisha gave the pair the thumbs up and dashed up the tall walls of the building landing gracefully at its top and thankfully landing a good pace away from Clove and the two leaders. Unfortunately her idea to surprise the pair went down the drain as she landed in front of the opposing morphs and behind Clove. She groaned and slapped her hand against her forehead. “Nice one, Aisha.”

“I’ve seen you before. The coward who ran at the first sign of trouble.” Koga’s mocking voice boomed across the roof tops. Aisha puffed out her chest and snorted. “Prepared to be surprised…Hey Clove. Erika and Jack are on they’re way. I took care of her like you said” She grinned. It was then that the battle began.

(OOC- Namora. I'm so sorry for bunnying you character and leaving you with Erika for a short while. If you want i can change my post, but I tried to rush things along a little so we were daudling in the city >.<)

January 19th, 2009, 5:01 PM
"What should we do?"

Ember shook her head, her mind slowly digesting what she had just been told. There were civilians inside the building, but the two morphs couldn't do anything about it without being responsible for their deaths. Ember shivered, wondering what had been going through their heads when they didn't know help was coming.

"I'll go," Ember announced, slightly unsure herself of her decision. "I'll try and get as many people out as possible and see if I can locate the bomb as well. You should probably stay here and protect these two and make sure they aren't removed from the wall." If felt strange to even make a suggestion to her after the... discussion they'd had when she 'joined.'

The Leafeon-Morph looked up at Ember with a slight smile while the Exeggutor-Morph just glared darkly in her direction. It didn't look as though she was happy with her help's type, though any help was better than no help at all. Without another word, Ember sped around the building, searching for an entrance. She found a large door with a thick metal bar between the handles, holding them firmly in place. Ember wrapped her hands tightly around the rod, releasing a stream of heat into it. The metal became soft and she easily bent it. She tossed the clump of metal to the side and opened the doors. It was dim inside, as most of the lights had been blown out, but Ember's heightened vision allowed her to see fine.

She carefully crept down the hallway, her ears attempting to pick up every sound. Ember found herself in a large square room in which people lay bound and gagged. Many of them looked up at her in horror, probably expecting her to be the Morph who would blow up the building. Not that Ember could blame them for thinking so.

She walked over and knelt beside a group of people, all of whom coward away from her except for one man who glared up at her with hate. She untied the cloth that was wrapped around his mouth and quickly broke the bounds on his wrists and ankles. He immediately threw a punch at her, which would have nailed her in the jaw had she not avoided it. She suppressed her reflex to fight back and instead met his eyes.

"Look, I'm a part of the Pokemorph Liberation Force," she explained. "I'm here to help all of you get out of here, but I need your help. Untie the rest and tell them to get out of the building as fast as they can. Make sure everyone gets out and be sure to check all the rest of the rooms."

Ember gave the man one last nod before running back down the hallway. She didn't see any sign of the detonator anywhere, but the more Ember thought about it, the more she realized that they wouldn't leave it inside the building where there was the possibility of it being deactivated. That meant it would be somewhere the people inside couldn't get to if they somehow got untied. Somewhere like the roof.

Ember sprinted out the door and found what she was looking for. She jumped up and grabbed hold of the opening in the fire-escape, not bothering to pull down the ladder. She nimbly swung her body up several more times before finding herself standing on the roof. Sure enough, the detonator lay connected to a pile of explosives.

Ember ran over, her eyes widening when she saw that a timer was strapped to it. She swore under her breath. The Morphs below had been tricked into thinking that they would set it off if they moved, when in reality the building would explode anyway. It made sense.

She kneeled next to the bomb gingerly, her breath coming in sharply when she realized that there were only a few more minutes left.

January 19th, 2009, 7:56 PM
"I'll go," Ember announced, sounded slightly unsure. "I'll try and get as many people out as possible and see if I can locate the bomb as well. You should probably stay here and protect these two and make sure they aren't removed from the wall," she suggested.

Jade nodded and smiled, "Sounds good." She watched as Ember made her way inside. She was glad that she and the Ninetales had gotten past their first encounter. It seemed so long ago. Hannah was in awe of ther saviors, Lilith glared at the Ninetales Morph as she left.

Before Jade could ask Lilith what the hell her problem was, her communicator buzzed and she heard Clove's voice. "Team, this is Clove. Koga is on the roof in the center of town. Get a medic over here.....you all better be alright."
Hannah whimpered a bit at the sound of Koga's name. Jade didn't blame her; if there was anything she wasn't going to look forward to it was going up against the ninja. She was not fast and didn't want to die.
Lilith smirked momentarily and Jade wouldn't have seen it if she hadn't been spacing out in that direction.

"What's so amusing?" Jade stood over the Exeggutor morph. Lilith glared up at her dangerously and Jade was thankful that she was still tied up.
"Oh nothing," Lilith said, her voice holding back laughter.
The Tyranitar looked over at Hannah momentarily with question. The Leafeon's eyes darted to the Exeggutor and back several times.
Before Jade could take any action she felt the tiniest vibration from behind her.

"You look scared Captain Jade. I didn't think Bruno's killer would be a coward...." a voice hissed from the same spot. Jade turned her back to the girls and peered into the sudden darkness. The sun had finally set and she was very grateful for her feet.
"Who's there?" she demanded, her voice unwavering.
A chuckle echoed through the air. It seemed to be coming from everywhere at once.
Jade twirled in a confused manner, but stood strong, "Show yourself! Or are you the coward?"
A whoosh of air flew over her as she ducked just in time and turned on her heel. A girl, who looked a few years older than Jade at the most, was crouching and still chuckling. Two perky ears, purple wings, and yellow hungry eyes told her she was facing a Crobat morph. She only had a few seconds to take this all in before she swooped over her head again, this time a razor sharp wind cutting into the back of her neck.
The Tyranitar's hand gripped the wound, feeling blood seep out quickly. The sharp wind had also cut Lilith free. The Exeggutor was rubbing her wrists, "It's about time you got here," she said to the Crobat.
The bat-like morph slapped Lilith across the face, drawing blood. "Don't you dare talk to me like that! Oh, and, kill the spare!" she disappeared again.
Jade was so confused, "What is going on here?" she asked, realizing the building had not exploded when Hannah too made her way out of her bounds. She looked more frightened than before.
Lilith produced an egg shaped item out of no where, shoved it into Hannah's hands, and pushed her into an alley, "Bombs away!" she shouted, and attempted to run past Jade. Jade held out an arm, close-lining her, and shoved her into a wall. Without hesitation she ran toward the alleyway, found Hannah, threw the egg behind her, and covered them both.
Jade's rough skin was barely affected by the explosion. When she turned back around, her body still hovering over Hannah, Lilith was gone. "Coward," she spat.
"Oh ho ho! How noble you are to save the life of a stranger! And here I thought you were just a cold blooded killer," the voice echoed once more. This time Jade felt no vibrations.
"Stay close," she whispered to Hannah, who's brown eyes were the size of dinner plates.

Once out of the alley, a purple blur passed them by, slicing Jade across the abdomen. thankfully it just graced the surface and no blood was spilt out of her rough skin.
"Stop moving so I can hurt you," she said, glowing purple, one hand gripping hold of Hannah.
The Crobat landed in from of her her, looking rather proud of herself. "You don't know who I am?" she snarled. Whooosh she was at Jade's right side. "I am the daughter of master Koga." Whoooosh she was flying high above them. Whoooosh she kneeling on top of a dumpster, "I am Janine. And I am going to kill you Captain Jade."
Double Team

Jade's eyes darted between the several copies of Janine. She charged the darkness between her palms.
Dark Pulse
She shot a ball of dark energy at each of the clones, failing to find the real Janine. She heard Hannah whispered behind her, "I'm not completely uselss you know," her sweet voice sounding confident. Helping Hand. It was weak but it was better than nothing.
"Ember!" Jade screamed, hoping that the Ninetales heard her and hurried back.
"So how do you know so much about me?" she asked, directing her voice to no where imparticular.
"Words spreads fast when someone as spineless as you kills an Elite Four..." Janine's voice hissed through the air.
Jade felt a fierce wind and her left arm was bleeding before she felt the pain of the attack. Air Cutter.
Jade dropped down, holding her arm. Her rough skin was no match for Janine's attacks. She dodged the best she could, not really caring about a few scratch marks while she tried to think of something to do.
The sand swirled around her tightly and she gave Hannah an apologetic look before concentrating back on the fight. Janine would have one hell of a time flying with sand filled gusts throwing off her groove.
Jade felt something land about ten feet to her right. She threw a dark pulse that way before realizing she'd given away her position.
If she thought Bruno was intense, this was surely going to kill her.

January 20th, 2009, 2:39 PM
"Oh ho ho! How noble you are to save the life of a stranger! And here I thought you were just a cold blooded killer."

The female voice sent shivers up and down Ember's spine. She turned to see Jade standing in front of the Leafeon-Morph protectively, looking at a Crobat-Morph. An incredibly powerful looking Crobat-Morph. Ember winced when the Crobat-Morph sliced at Jade's stomach, somehow drawing no blood. Ember bit her lip and looked back at the explosives, watching as time was slowly counted down by the timer. She had an idea of how to disengage the bomb, but she wasn't sure. She looked down over the side of the building and saw people shuffling out and escaping. She wasn't sure if everyone was out or not, but most of them would be by now.

"Ember!" Jade screamed.

Ember made her decision. She stood up and began running, picking up speed as she approached the end of the roof. Her feet met the end and she leapt forward, meeting nothing but air. She landed on the roof of the second building and continued running forward to jump onto another rooftop. She paused when a sandstorm started to brew, shielding her eyes with one hand. Ember looked around and saw the Exeggutor-Morph sitting on the edge of the roof, holding an egg in her hands. She saw something that resembled a Dark Pulse within the sandstorm. The Exeggutor-Morph smiled and stood up, raising the egg above her head to prepare to throw it. Ember's tails slammed into her chest, knocking her backwards and sending the egg into the air. She grabbed it and threw it aside, exploding as soon as it came in contact with the ground. Ember hit the Morph over the head and kneed her in the stomach.

"You turned on your team?" Ember demanded, a ball of fire forming between her hands.

"You're going to die," the Morph hissed, coughing up blood. "And I'm going to watch it happen."

Ember growled and released the ball of flames, which instantly engulfed the Morph and sent her flying backwards. She fell to the ground, burnt and motionless, but Ember didn't know if she was dead or not. She didn't have time to care. She had to help Jade.

She looked down at the fight below and spotted a flash of purple, which she concentrated on until she could make out the shape of the Crobat-Morph finding a way to hover in the raging sandstorm. Ember couldn't see Jade, though she could imagine how hard it was to take down a flying opponent when you rely on vibrations to tell where they are. She leapt onto the building directly behind the Morph and began storing up heat. She ran forward and pushed herself forward with great speed, soaring through the air until she rammed into the form of the Morph. Surprised, the Morph tried to throw the Ninetails-Morph off of her back, but Ember tightened around her, releasing the intense heat between them. She forced one of her wings down to her side and wrapped the other around the girl's neck tightly and sunk her teeth into the girl's free wing. They plummeted through the air at an alarming rate and the girl struggled desperately to push her away, but Ember wrapped her legs around her and held on tighter, increasing the heat until she herself could hardly stand it. Ember closed her eyes and braced herself to hit the ground when a force struck her and she was wrenched from her hold on the Morph and was sent backwards. She crashed into the wall with such intensity that the breath was knocked out of her and stars danced before her eyes, not that she could see through the sand.

Only halfway conscious, Ember began to fall. She reached out and grabbed hold of a windowsill, instantly halting her decent. Her muscles strained to hold on, but she soon found that she was too weak to pull herself up. She let go and fell the last story to the ground. Despite the lightness of her landing, her legs crumpled beneath her. She ended up on her back, panting as sand swept over her.

What did she do to me? Ember wondered, turning herself over onto her stomach.

She wasn't sure if Jade had seen her or not, but she wanted her to know that she was there. Ember pounded her fist on the ground three times and sat up against the brick wall, pulling her legs up against her while the blood pounded in her head. She placed her head on her knees, wishing for nothing more than for Pyra to be there.

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January 20th, 2009, 4:28 PM
Denx was following closely behind Clove, noticing their awful silence. He knew it wasn't right time, but decided that he needed some noise.

"So.." he started as they came across a spot heavily littered with.. spider silk? Denx was confused. He knew Claire was a dragon trainer, and Koga favored poison. Then he saw the Morph twirling up one of Celadon's morphs.

"SHERICE!" Amy yelled as the Ariados began to spin her around by her vines in mid air, faster and faster. He released the web, letting soar high through the air. Clove had seen enough. Clove looked at Denx, his passion for his apparent hometown burning in his eyes. He made sure that the Ariados knew they were there. They noticed that a Cherrim morph was fighting a Nidoqueen.

"Amy is no where near fast enough. Denx, its showtime. I'm going to engage the Nidoqueen now since you have a disadvantage. Save Sherice and immediately come back me up against that Ariados, this should only take 4 seconds with your speed. MOVE!" Clove yelled as he vanished, appearing in front of an unsuspecting Nidoqueen.

Denx stumbled a little at the sudden commands, but no less went for the rescue. He focused, and unleashed Quick Attack. He leapt up onto one of the webs, and using it like a trampoline soared into the air, reaching the tied-up Tangela morph. He grabbed her a little bit too viciously, and tugged her out of the webbing. He jumped back down onto the ground, and set her down softly. But, something at his ankles tugged him, too, and he fell face first onto the concrete. He looked back, and saw that he had some web surrounding his ankles, preventing any escape. At the end of the long web, was the Ariados morph. It started to slowly reel Denx in, but Denx knew this plan too much. He charged a little bit of energy, and sent a small stream of electricity through the web. Instantly, the shock sparked at the other end of the web, sending the Ariados morph into convulsion.

He's not done.. Nowhere near. He's just hurt. Denx thought. He watched as Clove executed some pretty neat attacks, but the Nidoqueen didn't look too phased, just as the Ariados.

"Clove!" Denx yelled, letting him know he was done.

January 22nd, 2009, 8:35 PM
Quick attacks were exchanged before Clove reappeared a distance away from Clair and Koga, still eying them carefully. Through the corner of his eye, a small familiar figure had made an appearance a ways away.

"Clove!" he heard the voice call, it was clearly Denx letting him know he was alright.

"Hmpf, I knew he could handle it..." Clove thought with a smug grin as he returned focus to the two in front of him who were carefully waiting for an opening. A figure soon appeared behind Clove, almost breaking his glance but only one person would have been that fast.

"Finally, some backup should make this a little more manageable..." Clove thought before being cut short by Koga's voice from a across the roofs.

“I’ve seen you before. The coward who ran at the first sign of trouble.” His deep sinister voice boomed across the rooftops. Aisha immediately took a defensive stance, preparing herself as she responded.

“Prepared to be surprised…Hey Clove. Erika and Jack are on they’re way. I took care of her like you said” She grinned at him as Clove's face slowly sunk in horror.

"She's coming here?! They're trying to kill her!" He exclaimed at Aisha, taking his focus from the two gym leaders. This opportunity was more than enough time to launch their assault.

"That woman will be the death of you, Lieutenant Wheldst." Clair cackled as she formed a blue swirling volleyball sized sphere in her palms and hurled it at Clove. It whipped through the air as Clove returned focus, quickly diving out of the way and taking Aisha with him as the ball blew past overhead. It soared into the distance, exploding with a powerful blast into the mountainside. Clove squinted up to his two foes, and began frantically scanning the area.

"Clair's signature Dragon Pulse... one of those could be trouble with a direct hit... Now wheres Koga...." Barely a moment passed before Clove's quick reflexes could react. Koga appeared from his side, slicing up at him. Clove quickly extended his spikes, parrying Koga's ninja sword in mid-air, deflecting the lethal blow. The two of them charged at each other again, weapons of choice clashing in exchange as the sliced at each other in a flurry of counters and parries. Clove spun around, taking the upper hand and stabbing a spike through Koga's back as another Substitute revealed itself to take the damage. Clove's eyes darted to his side to see a wall of snow and hail launching towards him and Aisha.

"I don't have time for this. Koga will just kill because he can. I have people to help... Amy is wounded... Erika is helpless in the dark...but the dark is where I'll thrive...hey Cacturne... lets do it..."

"I thought you'd never ask..." Clove's pupil's hollowed out to an empty void of black as his yellow iris' glowed like the moon. His spikes retracted into his body as a thick black aura formed around him It licked at the tips like flames as the darkness pulsated from his body. He quickly held out his palm as the snow and hail parted around him, flying far behind as it carved ice paths through the roof tops. He turned to Aisha and spoke through a dark raspy voice.

"Don't worry, we're going to do this. You fight Koga. You're trained for his methods. I need to try and neutralize Clair as soon as possible... This is your fight until the others can help. When I go, you go. Nows the time for me to protect my town... and the people I care about. The reason that I can use this power. Its my turn to cause some damage... My 5th move..." He looked to Clair and Koga once more through his evil eyes.


He vanished with a blur, appearing in front of Clair. She quickly flung an arm back, storing a sphere of water and hurling it forward, clashing with Clove's fist. He floated in mid-air for a moment as he dropped to the ground, knowing Aisha had no doubt engaged Clove in battle but there was no time to worry about her... Clair flew backward, digging her heels into the ground as the force of the hit took its toll. She slid to a stop across the other rooftops, dropping her arms down from guard for a moment to see Clove appear below her, leaping forward and landing a hard punch in her stomach, accompanied by the satisfying grasps for air as she struggled to gain her breath. He spun behind her, swinging a kick to her head that sent her tumbling across the roof. She spun back to her upright position, eying Clove through fierce eyes. She reached both arms out, letting a whirlwind form around one and an ice ball in the other. She clapped her arms together, mixing the two as the Blizzard spiraled through her Twister attack. The column of ice and snow tore through the buildings with its power as it rushed towards Clove. He vanished again, letting the gale of power roar through the skies into nowhere.

"This speed! Its unreal!" Clair's rushed thoughts exclaimed as she looked around panicked. Clove appeared against, rushing at her head on and vanishing just before reaching her. Appearing behind he struck relentlessly, elbowing her in the back of the neck. She plowed through the roof, as she smashed through the floors of the tall office building and landing with a thud on the ground as the windows blew out and dirt and debris plumed from the bottom of the building. Clove watched the whole for a moment before igniting the black aura again and leaping into the air and diving straight into the hole. It wasn't long before he was greeted with another blue sphere of energy, larger than the first. It connected as he fell, exploding on contact and blasting him from the whole, sending hsi body in an arch through the air. He regained his composure before continuing his assault. There was no time to waste, he knew what she was capable of. He darted forward, jumping down to the city streets, knowing she wasn't fast enough to make it up there quickly on her own. A sphere of water came erupting from the shadows of the ruined building. It flew past, blasting a hole in the wall behind him. An angry and battered Clair slumped from the ruins with her hair draping over her eyes. She charged another ball of energy and another swirling vortex of ice, letting them both blast. Clove skidded aside, easily evading the Dragon Pulse. He punched into the Blizzard attack, parting it and passing it easily.

"I'm much stronger than a Gym Leader now, Clair. Don't take me so lightly if you want to live." Clove said in his sadistic voice through the howling winds the haunted the dark lamplit streets. Clair was in tatters as she slumped and began chuckling slightly. She finally looked up, showing her eyes that glowed bright orange from underneath her dark blue hair.

"You don't know... what Johto is capable of..." She replied in a low tone, bordering insanity. The ground began to tremble as she stared with a murderous gaze, looking something similar to the girl from The Ring. The concrete began to split and fissure as her body shook with pressure, the orange fire in her eyes burning fierce with no sign of pupils. Suddenly, without warning, everything was silent. She looked at him through her still fire filled eyes with a now calmed look on her face. She calmly pulled her hair back, fixing it back into place. A super calmed state of battle, quite the opposite of Clove.

"Come at me, trash. I'm a Dragon Tamer before I am a Gym Leader." Clair hissed in a low monotone.

Clove vanished, accepting the invitation, throwing a heavy punch that clashed with Clair's palm. The force still blasted the two apart as the stumbled to regain balance. "That's more like it." Clair added, watching Clove vanishing for another assault. He appeared in front of her, throwing heavy punches that boomed and clashed with her power. Finally they both began to fight at higher and higher speeds, exchanging mid-air blows until they had returned to the rooftops. They charged at each other, fists clashing. They dropped to the ground and Clair took a quick advantage, appearing in front of Clove and grabbing his face with her palm, lifting him from the ground. He hand glowed blue as Clove struggled but was the center of a massive explosion that sent him tumbling across the ground. He shook his head, looking at her again, ready to launch an onslaught of ranged attacks.

"So that's it too aye?" Clove said aloud in remark to her point blank Dragon Pulse. "I feel much better than normal in Superpower, it must be from Aromatherapy...The others will be here soon too I hope. Finishing her will be a breeze with them... Jack... just keep Erika away a little longer... Alright... Needle Arm..." Clove thought as he straightened himself out, ready to pull his own trump cards. His spikes slowly grew from his body as he forced them out with great effort. His arms now covered in rows of spikes, he stood ready to fight Clair as long as he needed to in a clash of 5th moves.

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January 27th, 2009, 4:30 PM
Janine began to hover. Jade could see it from where she was. The chick knows what she's doing. I'll give her that...Jade did not expect to see Ember jump out of no where onto the Crobat's back.

She kept the Sandstorm strong and watched the battle. Janine tried to throw Ember off her back but the surprises kept coming as Ember tightened her grip and put the morph in an awkward position. Next thing she knew, Jade was watching them plummet to the ground.
The Tyranitar Morph was entranced.
Ember was thrown off eventually after some kind of...drainage? What did she do to her?
When Ember hit the ground she felt it. And then three solid pounds on the ground. She must not realize that I can see in the storm.

Janine seemed to have disappeared for the moment; Jade ceased her Sandstorm and ran up to her team mate, who's head was resting on her knees. She knelt down, "You okay?" She hesitated to put and hand on the Ninetales' shoulder, but decided not to.

When Ember didn't answer she took that as a "No". "We need to get to Clove. He's dealing with some intense..." she didn't finished her sentence as she recieved a tap from behind. Hannah was looking rather green, even for a Leafeon Morph.
"I don't feel so good," she whimpered.
"Oh, right..." she glanced at Ember, who had lifted her head finally. "Okay, here's what I have in mind. I'm going to head straight to the center of town. Do you think you can get Hannah out of her before she gets even more....tramatized?" Jade pulled some of the medicine Erika has given the team before Lavender and handed it to Ember. "It will help. Trust me, I don't need it. Keep her safe and report back to the center of the city after you've left her in Kurin's hands. Kurin is the head of the medical team."
Without another word, only a reassuring look to Hannah, Jade left to help Clove. She could feel something going on and she didn't need her feet to know she wouldn't like it one bit.

She was right.
Koga was no where to be seen, which wasn't surprising, and Clair and Clove were head to head. She felt the earth shake and was impressed by its power. She stayed hidden behind a building, watching as Clove, pulsing and blanketed in dark energy, gave it his all. He must be using his 5th move....
She wasn't sure where to go or what to do. Would it be a smart move to join Clove? She knew she couldn't take Koga; she'd be dead before she could spell Celadon. But she couldn't just sit here and watch. She was part of a team, dammit!
Jade made her decision.
Conjuring her own dark aura she made her way toward her leader. The rocks came with her, spinning around her at immense speed; nothing would be able to get through at this rate. Clove's needles slowly made their entrance as Jade made it to his side. "Looks like you needed a little help. I could be wrong but, it couldn't hurt." She wasn't sure if Clove heard her. She pounded the earth and it responded in dark waves, lifting Clair off her feet and into the air. Earthquake.
"I love the night," Jade smirked, her voice coated in her aura.
Clair, looking rather ashamed that she was caught off guard, began laughing from her landing place, "More trash? I'm going to need a dumpster at this rate," she hissed.
"I hope you fight better than you tell jokes," Jade laughed. She felt the Blizzard before she saw it, her rough skin erupting in goosebumps. "You wanna play games? I'll play games" Sandstorm. She knew Clove would appreciate this. The ice mixed with the sand and the boulders moved faster and faster by the second. Before giving the last of her focus on the battle she prayed that Ember and Hannah made it out alive and that Janine didn't find them....where ever she was now.

January 29th, 2009, 12:26 PM
Just before Denx could get up to assist Clove, his attention was torn from him. His shadow (which was rather dim at this point due to the night) was starting to move on its own. Before Denx could take the hint, the Ariados morph shouted something, and Denx's shadow became a full figure, uppercutting Denx quickly, then retreating into his shadow. Denx rubbed his chin where he was struck, and looked at the Ariados, puzzlement clear in his eyes.

"You paralyzed me, but that doesn't mean I can't attack you! And Shadow Sneak was only the beginning of my moves," he said, chuckling. Denx fired a quick Zap Cannon at the morph, but was parried by an odd, zig-zag beam. The opponent morph stayed in the same position, and looked at Denx. Suddenly, Denx was flung aside by an odd, psychokinetic power. He landed on his feet, and dashed at the foe with a Quick Attack, as the Ariados used Signal Beam again. Denx ran at him in a curved motion, the beam following him in the arc. He slammed into the Ariados, knocking him back and flipping him onto his back. He jumped up, charging a ThunderPunch, but Psychic again launched him opposite the way he wanted to go; up. He crashed down by the Ariados, and rolled away from him. He quickly zoomed at him again, but the Ariados managed to dodge, and Denx punched the ground, cracking the concrete.

"I'm still quick!" the Ariados murmured to Denx before pegging him in the head with his fist. He disappeared from Denx's sight.

This won't be too hard. If I can just knock 'im once with Zap Cannon, he's sure to be out for the count. Denx thought. With that notion, he was charging up his Zap Cannon. Suddenly, he was struck across the face, but no one was there. Denx fell to the ground, and accidentally released the electric orb. It seared off into the sky, and was met by a beam of what seemed to be blizzard, but even bigger than that. The Zap Cannon disintegrated inside of the sub-zero vortex, apparently not even a match for it.

"You like the last of my tricks? Sucker Punch? Even with my paralysis, I can maneuver in these shadows much better that you could ever hope! You can't handle the darkness! You're just one of those sick little kids that thinks they can be the hero all of the time. But you're not," the Ariados said to Denx through his veil of shadows. Denx's shadow again struck him before he could do anything. Denx started to charge up another Zap Cannon since the last one failed miserably, but before he could, he was struck by Sucker Punch. He fell to the ground, yet again losing his capability to hold the energy, and this time it struck a building. All of the lights in the building lit up for a second, then flickered out. Then, Denx got two ideas.

"You can't even charge your attack! Pathetic!" the Ariados taunted. Denx got up off of the ground, and started to charge up the last Zap Cannon. But what the Ariados didn't know is that it wasn't Zap Cannon at all.

"Sucker Punch!" the Ariados yelled. Before the Ariados could make it to Denx, Denx lit up brightly, blinding the Ariados morph. The morph tripped, and stumbled to the ground, screeching his face on the concrete. While he was disabled, Denx was able to fully charge his Zap Cannon, but this time it wasn't directed at the morph. Denx sent the power surging into the building behind the two. It lit up, vaporizing the veil of shadows the Ariados morph was using. Then, Denx slammed his Thunder Punch into the morph, making him bounce off of the ground.

"What.." the Ariados morph sputtered between wheezes,"..did you do to my attack! Sucker Punch--"

"Sucker Punch doesn't work if I'm not attacking you. You should know that," Denx explained as the lights to the building flickered out, "and since I was able to charge my Zap Cannon longer with you on the ground, I could light up this building, taking away all of your offenses," Denx said. He could feel the shadow veil starting re-form around the Ariados.

Don't even think about it! Denx thought, and quickly battered him with another ThunderPunch, knocking the Ariados unconscious.

February 8th, 2009, 10:33 AM
(If no one else is gonna post....i'ma stop waiting for people...)

Clove stood calmly as the pleasant scent of Aromatherapy could be smelled even from the center of town. He couldn't explain it but it was somehow keeping him in the right state of mind. He eyed down Clair who's eyes glowed with evil intent and a sinister orange glare.

"She got quick.... but I'm still faster... I can hold out..." Clove thought before his thoughts were interrupted for the better. She wasn't gracious by any means but her presence was always welcome. Jade stomped through the rooftop with boulders spinning wildly, protecting her from any surprise attacks. "Hmpf... she's getting the hang of the battlefield..." Clove thought as he watched her through peripherals. She slammed the ground, sending a seismic waves flushing through the building, knocking Clair off balance so she could take a spot next to Clove. The building still shook with the wavering impact of Jade's Earthquake. Words were exchanged between the two girls through the windy night. The city was now lit by various windows and street lights. Without saying a word, Jade and Clove acted in Pokemon Trainer unison as she conjured up a storm of sand, intercepting the heavy Blizzard and consuming the skies. Clove smirked as he rushed forward, seeing the boulders of Jade's Stealth rock floating amidst the storm. He leaped up, jumping from boulder to boulder as they circled through the storm, waiting for his chance.

Clair knew this was no time to let Clove do as he pleased. She quickly built a ball of water in her palms, firing it up into the storm. It flew astray, erupting from the storm harmlessly into the night sky. Clove used the opening. He vanished from his resting spot atop the boulder, charging in and throwing a heavy punch down, instantly flooring Clair and sending her through the building's rooftop crashing through to the streets below. Clove quickly followed through the gaping hole, rushing to continue his assault. He could feel Jade's support as the boulders rushed in aside him. Clair was in sight, standing up from the pile of rubble. Clove quickly jumped, kicking off a boulder and vanished. The boulders continued their assault as Clair dodged two and blasted the a third with a quickly conjured Dragon Pulse that she hurled in front of her. The two attacks collided, blasting the boulder to pieces as pebbles fell and littered the ground. Clove appeared soon after, kneeing her hard in the stomach, lifting her off the ground a small bit before bringing his fist down, ready to smash her into the earth. As it fell, her hand quickly raised, stopping his in mid-flight. She held his arm for a moment, trembling as the sand and dirt whipped around them. He face was filled with anger as her orange eyes licked like flames and the tranquil look from her face long vanished. She gathered a vortex of energy in her palms, letting the winds swirl around it violently. She thrust it forward, connecting a massive Twister attack with Clove's chest. The whipping slicing winds tore through him as the went passed, continuing to travel upwards through the hole in the building and off into the sky. Clove could feel the winds slicing at his body as his Clothes tore and cuts opened around his body. A boulder came swinging in, crashing into Clair's skull and ending the attack as Clove's body dropped limp for a moment before he caught himself, weakly.

"I've got the speed advantage...*cough* but power is all her... even Jade and I together are having a rough time..." Clove thought as he clutched his bleeding side. He removed his hand, looking at the candy red blood dripping off his palms. He looked back to Jade, who stood atop the roof giving her all to help him. He clenched his fist shut, then flung his hand back behind him, taking a tall stance as the blood splattered across the pavement. As he flung his arm, a fist full of Pin Missile slipped between his fingertips.

"It could all end here for me... but not before I save this town..." Clove thought through determined eyes as he looked up to Jade. He called to her as he shifted his attention back to Clair who was standing again, preparing to fight. "Let's do this, Jade! We...We can win!"

Clair reached both palms back, gathering energy for another massive Blizzard and combination with Twister...

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February 8th, 2009, 12:46 PM
(OOC: Ember didn't know who Janine was.)

"You okay?" Jade asked after ceasing her sandstorm.

I seem to be hearing that question a lot lately, Ember thought bitterly, remembering that something similar to this had happened earlier today.

Ember couldn't believe how weak she was. She couldn't even manage to take down a Crobat-Morph while she was distracted by Jade. And now here she was, lying injured on the ground for the second time in a day.

"I don't feel so good," Ember heard the Leafeon-Morph say feebly.

Ember looked up and saw that she didn't look so good either. Her eyes were wide with shock at what had taken place, and probably at the fact that her partner had tried to kill her, and she looked as though she was about to be sick.

"Oh, right..." Jade said, looking back at Ember "Okay, here's what I have in mind. I'm going to head straight to the center of town. Do you think you can get Hannah out of her before she gets even more....tramatized?" Jade pulled out a packet of medicine and handed it to Ember. "It will help. Trust me, I don't need it. Keep her safe and report back to the center of the city after you've left her in Kurin's hands. Kurin is the head of the medical team."

Ember watched as Jade went out and the two remaining Morphs were left in an awkward silence. Ember looked down at the medicine in her hand. She hated the idea that she needed extra help, but she was a team member now, and she had to be well enough to help them. She couldn't be too proud to take help anymore.

Ember braced her hands against the wall and began to push herself up, wincing and almost falling back down when the scrapes on her back rubbed against the brick wall of the building. The Leafeon-Morph reached out and grabbed Ember's hand, helping to pull her on her feet. Ember gave her a faint smile and looked back in the direction of the healing-base. It wasn't too far from where they were and the Leafeon-Morph beside her looked fast, but neither of them were really fit to run.

"Let's start heading back," Ember said, pouring half of the bitter powdered medicine into her mouth and offering the rest to the Leafeon-Morph, who quickly accepted it. "You can get fixed up and, er... Do whatever you can to help, I guess."

The Leafeon-Morph looked at Ember strangely for a moment, caught off guard by her rather awkward suggestion. Ember batted back a pink flush and flexed several of the muscles in her legs to make sure they were still functioning properly.

"Let's go," Ember said, heading off into the direction of the healing base as swiftly as her battered body would allow, a shadow of a smile flickering across her face when she saw that the Leafeon-Morph was keeping up with her without any problems.

Ember heard a large explosion erupt from behind them and the smile immediately fled her face, leaving a stony-cold knot in her stomach.

"What was that?" the Leafeon-Morph asked nervously.

It had only taken a few minutes for the pair to find their way to the cluster of healing tents and the Leafeon-Morph was quickly swept away by who must have been Kurin along with a group of worry-faced grass Morphs, who couldn't fight because of the disadvantage of night. Ember had found that she was standing alone, surrounded by the smell of flowers which had quickly reenergized her. It had even healed the scrapes on her back.

Ember was now running toward the center of the city, but the creeping thought of the building filled with people was still raw in her mind. She didn't know if they were all safe or even if they had managed to escape the grip of the attacking Morphs. She didn't know if she had allowed them to die.

Ember folded her shaking hands into fists and began pumping them even harder, thrusting her body further along with every step. The buildings flashed along side her and flecks of sand stung her face and arms, telling her that she was close. Ember looked up and saw that Jade was standing on top of the building beside her, several large boulders floating around her and a sandstorm raging before her. Ember sprinted forward and jumped up, using the windowsills to scale the side of the building. She pulled herself up to the roof and got as close to Jade as she dared. Jade was absorbed in the fight taking place below. She was one person Ember wouldn't want to be fighting against.

Ember looked down and could make up the form of Clove facing a figure that she couldn't quite make out... But Ember could clearly see a blizzard brewing within the storm.

"I can take the edge off the Blizzard," Ember yelled to Jade, feeling heat build around her. "What are your orders, Jade?"

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February 8th, 2009, 10:39 PM
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Jade was working to her full potential. Her boulders were now also assisting Clove as protection as well as making movement more fluid. The Sandstorm was just that extra kick to keep them both going.
She literally had his back.
Clair had him pinned at one point, a Twister to his chest, and she slammed a boulder to the Dragon Tamer's skull.
Clove looked up at her, beaten and torn, but determined as all hell. He turned his attention back to Clair, who was standing back up to fight. "Let's do this, Jade! We...We can win!" he called to her.

Not only did Jade feel like she owed him one for helping save her town, she knew how the guy felt. She nodded curtly, even though his back was to her, "Let's give 'em hell, boss." He seemed to have lost some of the light in his eyes, as though welcoming his own defeat as long as his town was safe, but Jade wasn't going to let that happen. Celadon would be saved and Clove would make it outta here alive.
As Clair began to charge up a lethal combo of Twister and Blizzard, Ember made her prescence. "I can take the edge off the Blizzard," Ember yelled to her, keeping her distance. "What are your orders, Jade?" At least the medicine seemed to have worked; Ember was standing tall once more and Jade knew she needed something to do.
Thinking quickly, Jade yelled back, "Attack from afar but only when you know what you're attacking. I apologize for the Sandstorm, you won't be able to see much. Don't get to close to her, she's lethal. Watch out for Janine, too. She's still loose."
Before Clair could let loose her dangerous duo, Jade pounded the ground with her left leg and sent her backwards with the sharp edged rock. She pounded the ground again but with her right leg this time and several boulders emerged from out of the rubble. Like before, with Bruno, she surrounded the Dragon Tamer but not to kill.
To trap. Clair, unlike Bruno, was stil strong and kept pushing the larges stones off of her.
"Clove, now would be an ideal time to move in for the kill," she suggested. For every boulder Clair pushed off, three more landed on her. Jade hoped Clove would take advantage of this.

Suddenly, something attached itself to her back and Jade began to feel weaker by the second. The longer it went on, the smaller her Sandstorm became. Her dark aura disappeared momentarily. She recognized the purple wings. Janine had found them.
Leech Life.
Jade used both hands to grab one of the wings and rip the Crobat Morph off of her back. She heard a crack and realized she had broken the wing as Janine squirmed on the ground in pain.
The Sandstorm was ranging again as Jade regained focus and her aura came back within seconds but she couldn't deny not feeling as strong as she had before.
Janine began to laugh. Had the pain been so severe it had driven her mad within seconds?
"You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into," she spat, grabbing her wing. She licked her lips and Jade watched as the wing began to heal itself.
Thinking at lightning speed (Denx would be proud) she stomped her rough feet on the wing. Janine cried out into the night. Her cries turned back to the mad laughter.
"If I don't kill you, my father will. I promise," she grinned.
Double Team
Jade watched as several Crobat Morphs (due to the illusion) flew off in a sloppy manner.
"Ember!" she hoped the Ninetales was still nearby, "Kill her. Kill Janine."

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February 24th, 2009, 12:46 PM
Denx walked slowly, looking up at the night sky. He watched, and swore he saw a shooting star. He felt a steady breeze, increasing in speed. In the distance, he saw a huge cloud of swirling sand, that seemed almost to trap something.

Before long, Denx started to see some sand particles in the air. They blew in the increasing wind, and soon almost pressed against Denx as he widened his stride in haste to meet up with the others. The sandstorm was now really brewing, and Denx could see three figures in the distance. One was obviously Jade, meaning that one of the other two was Ember. But the third..? As he got closer, he could tell that the third was a Crobat morph. It finally landed on Jade, and obviously started to drain her energy. The sandstorm began to wither, but shortly enough, Jade reached back and slammed the morph into the ground. It seemed to taunt Jade, but she quickly slammed her foot on the same wing that appeared broken. Denx winced, both at the audible cracking sound of the wing, and the speed that Jade's rugged body seemed not to permit. He ran up beside Jade.

"Care to fill me in? I take it Clove.." he started. Before the sandstorm returned to full strength, he saw Clove and an intimidating Dragon morph.

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