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September 24th, 2008, 6:28 AM
I came across the idea today on the toilet funnily enough. Even though i'm currently running a role play, I can't let this idea pass by and I can handle running two, as I like to keep busy. I find it very original, seeing as it's the best Pokémon Movie (Debatable, I know) and people love to be involved with the Anime and Movie characters. It wont be as long as a journey through Kanto or Hoenn and it wont be the same. You can be involved with the characters, Mewtwo and even the journey to the Island. Seems pretty awesome ey? Plus, it gives me another excuse to watch the film. Yippee!

I'm going to be a lot more stricked on the length of the posts and the sign-ups. As I don't want this to be spammed by two paragraph posts of just speech. Only four people will be accepted into this role play and these will be the people with the best sign-ups and if I know they are not active in other role plays, you have less of a chance of being accepted. Sorry, but that's the way it goes.

Mewtwo Strikes Back

Plot: Dr. Fuji, a research scientist of Team Rocket and his fellow research scientists were on an assignment set by Geovani to create the strongest Pokémon ever known, a clone of Mew, one of the rarest Pokémon in existence, believed to be extinct (although this is not the case). Using the DNA of Mew and a research laboratory, they created Mewtwo. Mewtwo, a Psychic Pokémon, instantly distrusts humans upon learning they intend on experimenting him, and using his amazing powers, he levels the base, killing Dr. Fuji. Head of Team Rocket, Giovanni, approaches Mewtwo and offers him an alliance, Giovanni promising to help Mewtwo control his powers. Mewtwo is "trained" over a course of several months, battling challangers in Giovanni's gym and restraining Pokémon for the Rockets to capture, but he soon is told by Giovanni that Mewtwo is merely his tool. Enraged, Mewtwo destroys Giovanni's headquarters and flies back to the remains of the laboratory island. He decides to find his own purpose and destroy all those who oppose him. He deems the relationship of humans and Pokémon living together horrific and declares that his reign will soon begin.

Story: You are travelling through Johto, to collect all eight Gym Badges and enter the Silver Conference. You have reached a small city just outside the Johto region, taking a rest and exploring the area. Unknown to what you will soon be involved in, it's just another day in your quest to be a Pokémon Master. In this city, there are many trainers claiming that they have to reach this so called 'New Island' a few miles across sea. But a storm is coming and all boats trips to New Island has been delayed due to an incoming storm that could threaten the face of civilisation.

• All PC rules apply here. Failing to follow these rules can result in being booted from the role play.
• No god modding allowed. Not following this rule will result in immediate ban from the role play, it’s not fun for other Role players and is very unrealistic.
• Be aware that there may be younger viewers reading or involved in this role play. Keep your language at a limit and do not go to violent in your descriptions.
• Please be active. There's no point in joining if you're not going to take part. Let me know if you have to leave the role play.
• No controlling other people's characters and only control the Movie Characters when I put what they do in the new chapter.
• I advise you to watch the Movie again, you don't have two but it will help.
• Don't get yourself too involved on what is meant to be the Movie Characters scene, for example. When Ash turns to stone, only Ash will, not you. Obviously, there will be twists in this role play.
• I expect a minimum post amount of around this length, Click Here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3911154&postcount=15) (It's not dificult). I may allow exceptions if it's a relatively short part of the movie.
• I will only move on with the next chapter until three out of the four role players have posted.
• Please do not flood your post with mainly speech. Add description even after what someone says, it makes your post seem a lot longer. But theoreticly, it's not and needs more happening.
• Please have fun. There's no point in joining if you're not having fun, don't join for the sake of it. You have to be interested and ready to come up with some good posts.

The Movie Characters

The Role Players

Brian From Dewford Town

Name: Brian Gabriel
Gender: Male
Age: Fourteen

Appearance: Brian stands at five foot seven, with his messy brown hair that reaches down past his neck. It frizzes at the sides but not much to be noticeable at first glance, his long hair reaches down past his forhead which Brian brushes down but later messes up. He looks around his age, with a what people could say a perfect nose, Brian is quite proud of his nose as strange as it is. His hazel eyes match his brown eyebrows and hair with his plain lips that fit it all together. He also has one ear that sticks out more than the other which is why Brian let his hair grow long.

Brian is always wearing blue baggy jeans, always. The comfort of them makes him love them so much, he likes to wear trainers that fit to his jeans baggy style or blue converse. With his black T-Shirt with a red underlay thin jumper, Brian has a casual grunge look but looks like someone who can easily be friendly with.

Personality: He's never been known to be extremely excited or angry, he rarely gets frustrated as he develops a s*** happens attitude. He seems to get crushes easily and never tell that 'special' someone what he really feels and just hoped they tell him what they feel, but nothing ever happens. Brian loves to be himself, but gets very paranoid by what people think and tries to stay out of the lime light so he doesn't embarass himself, although he does that a lot anyway. The fact that he is paranoid makes things dificult for him, for when someone is laughing say in a class room. Brian gets distracted by it thinking he's doing something embarassing even though he is just say doing his work.

Brian isn't great at meeting new people. But he's always talking when he is with someone he knows well and for a long time, if someone new comes along. He most likely wont speak too much but just try to be funny and look around yawning. Brian doesn't really seem to think things through well and leaves things very late and then rushes through his day. Brian also is very sensitive, even if he doesn't feel like crying in certain moments, he still does and that has came to embarass him a lot.

History: Brian has an average family, average life, average journey. But he loves it, he doesn't want to be the famous one or the ridiculous one. He is just Brian. He used to get bullied at a young age in school for years, telling the teachers never really worked. Brian only over came the bullying problems when he started to fight back, he didn't fight too well but they did stop.

Brian decided to be a Pokémon Co-Ordinator when he received his Pokémon. He fought he'd just give it a go and came to love it. He has never been in a Gym Battle and doesn't really feel the need to. He first came across his first Pokémon, Tentacruel, then a Tentacool when he went fishing with his fishing rod shortly after leaving on his journey. He came across many other Pokémon on his way through Hoenn, but failed to catch them Pokémon. He only caught his Swellow, then a Taillow after he had received his second Contest Ribbon and finally, he caught his Nuzleaf shortly after. The Nuzleaf was released by it's former trainer after it attacked it's trainers other Pokémon. But under Brian's training, it has had no problems with anger. Most likely due to Brian's calm attitude.

Brian has met many Pokémon through out his journey through Hoenn and has been travelling in Johto for a long while. Only going to New Island after receiving an invitation from a Dragonite after receiving his third Johto Ribbon. It took Brian a few days to reach the island not far from New Island and along the way he saw his brother Charlie who had also received the invitation, but decided not to go as he thought it'd be a scam and had a final Gym Battle against Claire to get too.

Pokémon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani257.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani073.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani277.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani274.gif
Home Town: Dewford Town
Extra: His middle name is George.
Chapter One: The Legend of a Storm. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3976648&postcount=4)
Chapter Two: Stormy Weather. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3993500&postcount=12)

Gold From New Bark Town

Name: Gold
Gender: Male
Age: 12

Appearance: Gold is still a young boy which means he looks like a enegetic boy still. He has crazy black hair with a yellow and black cap on it which is part of the trainer outfit he wears. He has big, lively eyes and sometimes a big grin on his face which can sometimes be serious when he battles. Gold is still just a kid so he has many features of one. He is an average, skinny boy with a red, yellow, and black jacket with yellow and black shorts and shoes to match. Around his waist is a belt with pokeballs clicked all around them. You will usually see him with his small Pichu on his head.

Personality: Gold is young, energetic boy who seeks adventure. He is very competitive, living in a family with eight siblings, but would love nothing more than to get out into the world and make some friends and beat some challenges. He is an extremely brave kid, already beating some challenges that even adults could never dream of doing. Even acting like this, Gold also has a mischievous and goofy side, just really a part of him being a kid. A lot of people respect him as a great person to be around, but older ones sometimes find him a little immature and stupid. All around, Gold is a good kid, but also a dangerous one to all opponents, even the toughest, oldest ones.

History: Gold grew up in the woods of New Bark Town. He is the third youngest of nine children and has always been left behind while his older brothers and sisters went off on their own pokemon journeys. Gold always felt like he was left behind by them and decided that one day he was going to make up for his loss by being the best out of all of his siblings. He began to attend a Pokemon School when he was eight in Violet City to learn more about pokemon and their abilities. He soon became the top student in his class for exempflying great knowledge of pokemon. After a while, he began to travel the Johto Region and collect many badges. Then, one day while resting, he received an invitation that he looked as more than a challenge and adventure than anything else.

Pokémon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani159.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani172.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani093.gif
Home Town: New Bark Town
Extra: N/A
Chapter One: The Legend of a Storm. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3989487&postcount=9)

Max From Twinleaf Town

Name: Maximillion (Max for short)
Gender: Male
Age: 11

Appearence: Max is rather short standing at about 4 foot 2 and weighs in at 95lbs. He has blonde spiky/messy hair, he has blue eyes, he wears a white jacket, cacki shorts that are to long for him, brown running shoes, a necklace with a Kyogre scale encased in it, and black fingerless gloves. He has two scars: one that runs down his back and the other one runs down hsi right arm that is hidden from his white jacket.

Personality: Max is very over-confident and very outgoing. He will do anything to catch a certain pokemon that he wants. He often brags about how good his pokemon are and sometimes loses because of it. He loves to venture off of the path and explore the outdoors. His main hobbies are swiming, climbing trees, training, trying to catch pokemon, and playing soccer. He talks way to often and getting in trouble for it. He is very energetic and loves to do things that nobody dares do. He often goes over the line of his life and doesn't care what others think of him.

History: Max grew up in Twinleaf Town. He had many friends. His older brother picked on him but Max eventually learned to ignore it. His dad worked as Proffessor Rowan's assistant and his mom worked as Nurse Joy's apprentice in Sandgem Town. They lived in the forest next to Twinleaf Town in their family's cabin, where pokemon would roam the most. There was a lake, a bunch of tall trees, and the air always smelled like dew. Max became a trainer wanting to explore the many regions and meet new pokemon. He finished the Sinnoh league after losing his third match and crossed between Hoenn, into Johto, into Kanto, and then back into johto. He didn't enter any leagues there he just caught some new pokemon.

Pokemon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani391.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani133.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani131.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani215.gif
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Extra: N/A
Chapter One: The Legend of a Storm. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3977365&postcount=6)

Leo From Sandgem Townhttp://img8.uploadhouse.com/fileuploads/2753/275309874523e20aac0a2282164531d8f1c3895.png

Name: Leo
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Appearance: Leo has short brown hair that curls down towards his neck. He also has purple eyes, which give him a distinct feature. He is of average height and weight but is considered rather good-looking. He wears blue shorts and a blue jacket with red stripes down their sides, he wears a red t-shirt underneath and is fitted with red socks, blue sneakers with red laces, and red stripe on their sides as well. On his neck he has a blue and red scarf that he wraps around himself, indicating that he is from a cold region, particularly Sinnoh.

Leo is well kept for a traveling Trainer and hangs his Pokeballs around his belt. He likes to put red and blue stripes on them, indicating that they are his. His body is built like one of an athlete's which makes sense since he is constantly traveling and training. He also tends to keep his Sinnoh badges tucked under his jacket.

Personality: Leo is a shy boy but likes to meet new people. He tends to like having people come to him but it doesn't happen much since he's too shy to talk to people he doesn't know. Leo was always like this and never took many risks in his life. However, once he is no longer shy around his new friends he tends to be more loosened up and speaks his mind more frequently. He also tends to carry on a bit during battles if they ever get heated. But he isn't a cocky kid, he just tends to get excited at certain moments, moments that have anything to do with Pokemon. However, Leo can get intimidated and feel down at times as well. He's 15 now and still only has one badge, he never managed to win more. Because of this he questions his abilities constantly and becomes envious when others brag about their badges, especially when they are the same age as him. This frustration and depression only wants him to go on though, he feels that if he trains more, he can do it.

History: Leo started his Pokemon journey back in Sandgem Town. It is here that he obtained a Piplup at the last second before Professor Rowan ran out of Pokemon to give out. He slept in late because he was too excited about getting his Pokemon License. He had a hard time leaving Sandgem and his family but he had no other choice, taking the life of a trainer is harsh and he had to leave if he were to become a master.

Along his travels, he and his Piplup became friends quickly, especially after he gave him the nickname of "Penny." It felt good having a Pokemon, except when it came down to battles. Leo wasn't sure how to handle himself and lost battle after battle against wild pokemon until finally he enraged a flock of Starly, where then a Staravia could be seen. It began to attack him and Penny, luckily, Penny succeeded in weakening the angry Pokemon using his bubble technique. This was Leo's first real catch and ever since Staravia has become one of his main fighters. Even with this newly captured pokemon he still had trouble facing off against Roark, but he never gave up and soon won the battle with Penny. With this determination and his Pokemon friends by his side he knew right then and there that he wanted to be the best Trainer out there.

Pokémon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani393.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani397.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani108.gif
Home Town: Sandgem Town
Extra: Leo has a fear of psychic Pokémon, in particular the fact that they can read minds.
Chapter One: The Legend of a Storm. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3976981&postcount=5)
Chapter Two: Stormy Weather. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3999530&postcount=13)

Adeline Rose O'Neil From Mount Silver

Name: Adeline Rose O’Neil
Gender: Female
Age: Fifteen

Appearance: Adeline is of average height and weight, standing at around 5’5”. She has shoulder length auburn coloured hairs, which she often ties, back with the black hair tie she keeps on her slender wrist. Her skin is the colour of moonlight and her eyes are large and pale blue. Her features, apart from her eyes, are very small and delicate.

Despite her very soft, and fragile appearance, the clothes she wears suggest she is anything but. Adeline wears a tight black, racer back tank top, which show her slender shoulders and arms, combined with a pair of worn denim jeans, and white sailing shoes, which are dirty and damaged from travelling. She rarely wears a jacket, but when she does it is a plain grey hoodie and she carries her possessions in a plain black backpack.

Personality: Adeline is a very serious person; she takes Pokemon and herself very seriously. In battle she is calm, collected and calculating, winning battles with not only knowledge but also intuition and courage. Although she is serious, she is very affectionate and loving and cares for her Pokemon very deeply, sometimes putting their welfare above her own. Adeline is very brave and adventurous, earning the title “tom boy” from a young age, Adeline is not afraid to get dirty, much to her mothers disdain.

Despite her serious nature, Adeline has a good sense of humour and enjoys laughing, especially with her Pokemon. She loves to travel, learning about new places and people are two of her favourite things, so she tries to spend as much time as possible learning about everything. Adeline also loves to eat, despite what her physical appearance may suggest, she is a glutton and loves eating food in weird combinations, like steak with ice cream or root beer flavoured milkshakes. The more out there, the more Adeline enjoys it.

Adeline is not very sensitive, she rarely cries, and she only feels distress when her Pokemon or friends are in pain. If she is ever injured, she shrugs it off and continues on her way. If she does cry, it is at something very moving or depressing. She has not interest in gym battles, preferring to learn as much about Pokemon as possible by studying them or battling them, and dreams of one day becoming a breeder or a Pokemon researcher.

History: Adeline was born to a very large family, with six older brothers. Her brothers attitudes towards her differ, the two eldest dote on her, showering her with gifts and advice, where the other four treat her as one of the boys, often wrestling with her and playing video games. The family’s home is found on the side of Mount Silver in the Johto Region, where Adeline was born and raised. The house is very big and is home to one of the most renowned breeding centres in the Johto Region. Adeline’s father, James, was once a famous trainer, and was even offered a position in the Elite Four, which he declined, to start his Pokemon breeding business with his wife Alice.

Adeline grew up happily, surrounded by the Pokemon her parents raised and her elder brothers whom she adored. When she was eleven she travelled to New Bark Town by herself to receive her first Pokemon from Professor Elm, which was the custom in her family. She chose the fire Pokemon Cyndaquil, and the two had been best friends since the first day in the lab. From there Adeline began her journey, travelling not only through the Johto Region but also the Kanto and Hoenn Region’s, learning about the different Pokemon, places and people and involving herself in the various festivals of the three Regions. The first Pokemon she ever caught was a Cleffa, whilst exploring the Ruins of Alph. Since then Adeline evolved her Cleffa into a Clefairy, and then a Clefable with the moonstone her parents gave to her.

Adeline was returning to Johto to visit her family when she received the letter from the Dragonite messenger, overjoyed she made her way to the ferry that would take her to New Moon Island, ready for her next adventure.

Pokémon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani155.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani036.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani050.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani008.gif
Home Town: Mount Silver
Extra: Adeline is not very comfortable when travelling by sea.
Chapter One: The Legend of a Storm. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3989141&postcount=8)
Chapter Two: Stormy Weather. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=3992991&postcount=11)

Kira From Goldenrod City

Name: Kira Suri Isoko
Age: 12
Gender: Female

Appearance: In terms of size, Kira can be called - in short - small. She has a petite frame, well-muscled by all of the walking she's done on her journey. She stands at barely 5"2, and weighs in at just 104 pounds. Call her short, you're asking for a beating.

Moving on, Kira has a small, round face framed by long black hair. She has dark green eyes that glint with determination almost 24/7, and seem to spark when she's angry. Her lips are small, but full.

Situated on top of her hair is a simple white beanie, with a teal K on the back. She normally wears a black vest over a teal tank top, with a pair of white shorts (she's lost track of how many times she's washed them - she shouldn't have chosen them for traveling) that reach down to her knees. Her tennis shoes are quite beat-up looking, and look more of an off-white rather than their original pure white. She does have a pair of jeans and a gray sweater tucked away in her backpack, neatly folded.

Personality: Kira is very sarcastic. That's pretty much as far as her sense of humor goes, seeing as she can't make jokes to save her life. Her comments can range from snide to poking fun, to jokes or just plain callous and rude. Most people receive a comment somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

Normally (or as often as she can), Kira has a somewhat indifferent disposition, but she's a very emotional person, so it normally doesn't work too well. However, she almost always wears an expression of indifference, even when she's sobbing inside. To most people, all they'll ever see is that cold expression. Try to get past it, or cross Kira, and you'll be met with a flame you'll wish you hadn't ignited. She has a terrible temper that often gets in the way of reason.

Around friends, she's a light-hearted person. She's honest (often a bit too much - she may come off a bit brutal), and helping. She'll sacrifice almsot anything fo rher friends or Pokemon. If friends were to ask her if she woudl die for them, however, they'll be met with silence before a very abrupt subject change. For her Pokemon, there is no limit to what she would do. Try to harm them, and you'll be forever in Kira's bad books. You don't want to be there, trust me, mate.

In battles, Kira's calculating an doens't bother talking to her opponent. She does, however, offer a small piece of encouragment or motivation to her Pokemon when she feels it's needed. Otherwise, she's silent except for calling out battle strategies. See, Kira doesn't directly call out what moves to her Pokemon. She'll mention a strategy that may include a certain movement combined with a move or a move used almost directly after another, for example, a stategy often used with her Bayleef is a combination of Vine Whip covered up by a thick, cloud-like Razor Leaf, called, "Hidden Vine".

She loves intellectual debates, even when they take a more argumentative turn. After all, what's more simulating ot the mind than someone questioning your beliefs? And while she'll openly scoff at new ideas that go againdt her own, she's running the idea through her head, putting it up against multiple scenarios. In short: Kira's sarcastic, intelligent, methodical, but a real softie underneath.

History: Born in Goldenrod City, Kira's a city girl. She's street smart, and strongly dislikes most small towns and people from them. They seem so frail and quiet, how can a perosn from them know how to fare for themselves outside of that peaceful environment? When she was six, she watched her older brother go off on his Pokemon journey proudly with his new Totodile. Since that day, she's vowed to do the same.

Four years later, after watching her friends leave on their own journeys, she finally goes to Professor Elm's lab in New Bark to get her own Pokemon. Without hesitation, as she's done her research on each of the starters, she chooses a Chikorita, naming her Irie.

The first gym was difficult, but they managed to scrape up their first badge together. Bugsy was just as hard, but after her first try, Kira got her second badge. By this time, Irie had evolved into an energetic Bayleef. On her way back home to Goldenrod to visit her family and challenge the Gym there, she's stopped by a Dragonite that hands her an invitation to come to New Island. Without hesitation, she accepts. She made her way to where the ferry is to take many trainers to New Island.

Pokemon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani153.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani190.gifhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpiconani/dpiconani134.gif
Home Town: Goldenrod City
Extra: Kira's deathly afraid of Ursarings

Do not sign up on this topic, do this in the OOC Thread. This is simply for the purposes of keeping things neat and on the subject of keeping it all neat and tidy. Also please do not post any out of character/spam posts onto this topic. Only your Chapter Posts will be done on this topic. If you do, I may consider kicking you out. This is just something to do with me, I have an obsession of keeping things neat and tidy, I just do. A bit like Monica out of Friends.

September 26th, 2008, 4:26 AM
Chapter One: The Legend of a Storm
(One Post)

Description: This is a relatively unknown island in the Johto Region, it is just a few miles from New Island out at sea, it's a great place for trainers to take a break and relax with their Pokémon, but not today. Many Trainers from around the world, including yourselves have received a letter from a 'Master', delivered by a Dragonite for a Pokémon Battle.

The Island has almost anything for relaxation, from beaches to cities and towns. But none of those locations will be available as a storm has begun.

In the Pokémon Center, there is many trainers including yourself gathered, caring for their Pokémon and all sorts. Towards the right of the large lounge of the Pokémon Center, hundreds of trainers gathered around Officer Jenny and the harbor manager in front of a large TV Screen showing the storm.

"What? Cancelled." A trainer said. "But I've got to get to New Island, it's just rain." He repeated.

"It's more than just rain, the harbour manager thinks this could be the worst storm ever." The Officer Jenny replied as many of the trainers got very agitated.

"Listen to me, the prophets have predicted the return of the winds and the water. For years I have preyed, that mankind will never witness that deadly storm ever again." The harbour manager explained.

"Isn't that just a legend?" Officer Jenny asked.

"The ancient writings tell us that the storm wiped out all but few Pokémon, and their sorrow and tears somehow restored the lives lost. But their are no Pokémon tears today, just water that no one can survive." The harbour manager replied.

"And that's why your fairy to New Island's been cancelled." The Officer shouted out to the large group of determined trainers.

A few trainers explained that they will just go anyway on their Pokémon and before you know it, many trainers were heading out to the sea to reach New Island.

What You Do: At some point in the last few days, you have received an invitation to go to New Island and challenge the greatest Pokémon Trainer in the World, a Pokémon Master.

You are currently at the Pokémon Center and can describe your sightings of trainers and whoever at the Pokémon Center as much as you like, but I expect you to describe what's going on and what you are doing.

You can either be listening to the Harbour Manager and Officer Jenny or find any other means neccesary to find out where the trainers are heading, use your imagination. You must finish your post by the harbour where trainers are heading out to sea on their Pokémon.

September 26th, 2008, 1:38 PM
Hello, i shall roleplay as Mewtwo if you wish.

Name: Mewtwo

History: Mewtwo was created by Team Rocket researchers under Giovanni's command, he was the only successful experiment out of the many that were created. He awoke to a scarlet red light filling his eyes in a lab, people spoke of him being just a clone, a copy. Mewtwo couldnt think of himself as just a copy of another Pokémon, he detested Mew for it.

He wanted to be better than Mew, as those thoughts filled his head the scientists in the background began to shake eachothers hands, almost mocking him. Mewtwo grew impacient and used his Psychic powers to destroy New Island, he was angry and he decided to stage his own revenge.

He built a base on New Island, an casted forth a message to trainers to come and meet him. This was a lie ofcourse, he was posing as a great Pokémon master which made people very interested. Only the best trainers could get to New Island, Mewtwo revealed his plans to them and began to ensue chaos.

Mewtwo grabbed their Pokemon and cloned them, creating equal Pokémon to his likeness, he began a war but out of nowhere shot a violet light, it was Mew. Mewtwo despised Mew as he was just a copy, he wanted to be much more better than Mew.

Mew and Mewtwo began to fight but in a final blast of kenetic energy a trainer jumped infront of them, bearing arms he almost gave his life to stop the war of the clones. Mewtwo didn't know if humans were good or bad, he was confused and he decided to leave New Island with the clones, Mew helped him carry them over the Kanto Region and over Mt. Silver into the Johto Region to begin his new journey.

Ehehe, custom application form because Mewtwo doesnt have a gender and such, most of the things in your application form dont apply to Mewtwo so i used this one. Also i didnt really read much but i just presumed its based on the movie "Mewtwo strikes back" because of the title.


September 27th, 2008, 7:55 AM
Chapter One: The Legend of a Storm

The sky was black with shades of a dark luminous grey, hovering the sky. Inside a tall building, a young teenager around the age of fourteen sat by the window, staring outside at the storm. Hundreds of voices spoke around him, banging into his ear drums the boy heard the noise yet failed to make out any conversation as he carried on staring outside. Despite all of this commotion, this young man was in an extraudinary mood. He was calm, while others panicked around him. Pokémon got very anxious and some became too dificult to handle and were put back in their Pokéballs by their respective trainers. This young man's name is Brian, he was from the Hoenn Region, relatively unknown around Johto and Kanto. He had travelled their last year after collecting his first Pokémon, a Torchic from Professor. Birch. Brian has only caught four Pokémon in his year of travelling in Hoenn, collecting Contest Ribbons. But he came in the Top 32 in the Hoenn Grand Festival respectively, one achiement his family are very proud of.

Brian was a determined young lad but always kept his cool. It's just like when you jump at someone unexpectedly and they don't move for an instant. In his black T-Shirt with his red underlay jumper, he crossed his arms as he looked away from the glass window. Leaning back on the red chair with metal bars, next to a trainer and a red fox like Pokémon. The teenager turned his head to face the Pokémon, swishing his brown hair, flicking his fringe over as he turned his head. The red fox Pokémon was a Vulpix, in it's shiny red fur, it's large tail's fur curls naturally, as well as on it's head. Which makes it a great Pokémon for Contest Looks.

"You like my Pokémon?". A voice came out to Brian, who turned his head to see a girl with long brown hair that strayed down past her neck. "Vulpix here is great, I always groom her everyday to keep her looking as magical as she does now." The girl said to Brian who didn't take notice of the Vulpix anymore. The girl carried on brushing the Vulpix's fur in her stylish blue top and tight blue jeans with a plated belt in differant patterns around her waste that still shined in the light of the room.

"Err, yeah she looks great." The teenager said, but didn't look at the Vulpix. The girl stopped brushing the Vulpix and looked at the teenager. The girl placed the brush down beside her and smiled. She held her hand out for a handshake, Brian hesitated but then finally realised. Brian stared at his and her hand, not realising what she just said.

"Not good at meeting new people eh?" The girl asked as they both stopped shaking hands.

"Oh.. it's a dificult thing to do." The teenager replied sarcasticly with a closed mouth smile. The girl picked up Vulpix's brush again and started to groom the fox.

"I'm Janine, what do you go by?" The girl asked, smiling as she brushed her Pokémon.

"Brian's the name, contests the game." The teenager replied, the girl laughed quietly before smiling as she continued to brush her Vulpix.

"So.." The girl paused in mid-sentence. Brian raised an eyebrow as she continued to brush her Vulpix without realising she didn't finish her sentence. "Oh! Sorry there, I do that sometimes." The girl said as she laughed, looking at Brian. "Are you one of those people who are going to New Island?" The girl asked as her facial expression suddenly became un-happy.

"Yeah." Brian muttered hoping not to upset her. "I got an invitation from a Dragonite! I never thought I'd see one of those before." He said with excitement.

"Well.. I think brute battling is cruel. Contests arn't too bad, it's more about presentation." The girl said as she put her Vulpix back in it's Pokéball.

"Have you ever tried battling or contests?" Brian asked.

"No.. bu-" The girl said before Brian interupted her in mid-sentence. "There. You see? You're judging a book by it's cover." The teenager said with a grin.

"Not neccesarily, but I guess you're right. The Pokémon don't seem to mind." The girl paused and looked over to the far end of the room where hundreds of trainers gathered. "Let's check it out." She said, the teenager grabbed his back pack and headed over to the room with Janine.

The two walked slowly looking around at the hundreds of trainers. The ceiling stood many feet tall above everyone, almost like a dome. The railings of the ceiling were quite unstable as the storm started to make it's mark. Thunder banged across the city as the sound of the waves crashed against the island, Brian and Janine weren't fazed by it all unlike some trainers who decided to spend the night here.

The two reached the large group of people that spreaded out wide, all of them looking at the same two people, Officer Jenny and another woman who was the Harbour Manager. Janine started to push her way through to the front, Brian stood at the back wondering where she went. The girl came back and grabbed his arm, pulling him towards the front. "Watch it!" A voice grunted out as Janine pulled Brian to the front who had to keep himself from bumping into someone.

Brian and Janine reached the front where a large TV screen on the wall showed the ferocious storm, in front was Officer Jenny and the Harbour Manager. Brian looked from left to right, seeing many trainers, one with a Pikachu on his back and others who were complaining to Officer Jenny.

"What? Cancelled." A trainer said. "But I've got to get to New Island, it's just rain." He repeated. Brian looked over to the trainer who spoke out, in his orange jacket with dark blue hair the trainer got very agitated at the news.

"It's more than just rain, the harbour manager thinks this could be the worst storm ever." The Officer Jenny replied as many of the trainers got very agitated. Brian looked to Janine who couldn't stop looking at the television screen on the wall, where the storm got worse an enraged onto the island.

"Listen to me, the prophets have predicted the return of the winds and the water. For years I have preyed, that mankind will never witness that deadly storm ever again." The harbour manager explained.

"Isn't that just a legend?" Officer Jenny asked.

"The ancient writings tell us that the storm wiped out all but few Pokémon, and their sorrow and teers somehow restored the lives lost. But their are no Pokémon teers today, just water that no one can survive." The harbour manager replied.

"And that's why your fairy to New Island's been cancelled." The Officer shouted out to the large group of determined trainers. Who took no notice and carried on arguing. Brian looked to his right, to see that Janine had dissapeared. He looked around in front of the trainers before pushing his way back out.

Brian looked around the Pokémon Center, Janine was no where. The teenager heard people running behind him, he saw tens of hundreds of trainers all running out of the Pokémon Center. Each one of them excited and determined as eachother, they were all heading to one place and Brian new where. New Island.

"Alright then, let's go!" Brian shouted in the Pokémon Center as he suddenly got extremely excited and ran with the other trainers outside the Pokémon Center. The adrenaline rush stopped him from thinking and keeping calm. It was a whole new feeling to him. The teenager finally got outside the Pokémon Center, the freezing cold wind blew into his face and body, Brian ignored the rain and the wind as he ran to the harbour. Many trainers were jumping onto the water Pokémon or flying over the sea. Although many others realised their Pokémon couldn't handle the sea and stopped by the harbour to think.

Brian reached the beach nearby and threw a Pokéball high into the air. The red and white ball bursted open as a jelly fish Pokémon came out, with it's blue jelly head and red circular marks on it's head. It mumbled out "Tentacruel!" before keeping it's balance in the sea with many waves that splashed over the top of trainers on their Pokémon. Brian turned around and looked above him, seeing Janine on the path above waving at him. The teenager turned around looking at the sea, before jumping onto his Tentacruel.

"We can do this." Brian said to himself before his Pokémon took him into the ferocious sea.

September 27th, 2008, 9:54 AM
Leo is a fairly new trainer and hasn't won many badges, yet he was invited to come to a tournament held on New Island which is a recently discovered region, off the coast of Kanto. The journey wasn't too bad, Leo decided to take the magnet train which only connected Johto and Kanto but now connects Sinnoh to Kanto, it cuts through the southern mountains past Twinleaf Town, making the once small town into a larger more commercialized city. It was interesting that the train was made so quickly, ever since the region of Sinnoh was accepted by the Pokémon council, it started to get more tourism and trainers than ever before. Leo was amazed by how time flies, even after winning just one badge, everything started to change.

The young trainer isn't familiar with this new region at all, it seemed so foreign to him that he was a bit frightened to be honest. He took out Penny, he needed some company and a familiar face with him,

"Pip! pip!"

The piplup cheerfully cried. Leo pet his Pokémon on the head softly and walked around past many trainers all making their way to a tall tower that overlooks New Island. All the trainers here seemed very powerful and more skillful than our Leo here, this made him more nervous than he already was. As him and Penny pushed their way through the mass they began to see trainers use their Pokémon to help them ferry across a wild sea with a storm seeming to pick up. He turned to talk to an officer, he never met her before, she had blue hair that matched her outfit,

"Excuse me. I'm here for the New Island Tournament. Are there any more ferries to the island?"

Leo asked politely,

"Didn't you hear the announcements? All the ferries have been canceled due to storm, I suggest you head back home." She said and left him back into the angry mass of trainers.

Leo couldn't turn back now, he traveled too far for that. He had to move forward, especially if he wanted to be a trainer. He looked down to Penny,

"Well Penny.. I guess we're on our own from here."

He sighed as he looked around. He wrapped his arms together, cold by the frigid winds coming from the harbor. Leo managed to spot a trainer taking out a Tentacruel, he has never seen a tamed Tentacruel before. He saw how the Pokémon just let his trainer ride him, he was amazed and then the trainer turned to wave at some girl waving back at him. He looked around some more and saw all the trainers had fearsome Pokémon of all sorts, using them to surf across the storm. Leo then looked back at Penny,

"Gee, how do you think we're gonna cross this sea?" Leo asked knowing well that his Piplup can't swim with him on top of him through this growing storm, "Maybe that officer is right... maybe I should just go home..." Leo muttered with Penny tugging on his jacket chirping.

September 27th, 2008, 12:03 PM
Outside the sky was pitch black and rain was pelting down onto the ground as if the sky was having the worst day ever. Inside the Pokemon Center was a young boy who's dream was to one day become the greatest pokemon ever. He had few badges from the Sinnoh League and few from the Johto League. Max had ventured from Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh to the Hoenn Region, Johto Region, and Kanto Region. He recently came back to the Johto so that he could enter the league.

He turned to his pokemon. Monferno was keeping Sneasel and Eevee warm, because they had just gotten into the Pokemon Center from the freezing cold rain. Max looked outside where Lapras was sitting in the water diving above and below the ocean. She didn't look cold much at all, she actually looked like she was having the time of her life. Max remembered how he had gotten her. She was his most recent pokemon and loved her already, and Max knew she loved him.

I was on the coastline of Vermilion City in the Kanto Region when I heard a cry." Laaaaa." It cried. I ran towards the cry to find three goons hurting her. One was sitting on her neck and the other two had their electric pokemon, Raichu and Voltorb, tormenting her.

"Hey what are you goons doing?" I ran over and asked.
"None of your business kid." The goon on her neck said jumping down from her neck.

"Yeah, it does involve me because your hurting an inocent pokemon for no reason what so ever." I said clenching a pokeball behind my back.

"Oh yeah kid. If that's what you want then let's go." The goon said throwing a pokeball down.

The pokeball opened and with a blinding white light a Quilava popped out. Then I threw my pokeball and then Sneasel popped out.

"Quilava use Flamethrower!" The goon called out.

"Sneasel use Ice Claw!" I called out.

Sneasel dodged the attack and then landed a hit on his Quilava.

"Quilava use Flame Wheel!" The goon called.

"Sneasel Faint Attack." I said standing there bored.

The Quilava missed and then was ent flying into a tree. The Quilava landed on the ground.

"Quilava return." The goon said.

The Quilava returned to it's pokeball with a red flash of light. The goons left without another word and I threw a pokeball at the Lapras. I caught it and took it to th Pokemon Center where it was healed and learned to trust me.

Lapras sat in the water looking exhausted. Max walked outside and called Lapras to her pokeball and walked back inside.

"Excuse me could you tell me when the next boat ride to New Island is?" Max asked.

"What? Didn't you here what Officer Jenny and the Harbour manager are saying?" The man said.

Max looked confused and called Eevee, Monferno, and Sneasel to him. He dived in and out of the crowd finding his way to the front row where the two stood.

"What?Cancelled? But I've got to get to New Island. It's only rain!" A trainer shouted next to Max. Max looked at him. He had blue hair and an orange jacket and looked very agitated.

"It's more then just rain, The harbour manager thinks this could be the worst storm ever!" Officer Jenny said looking at all of the agitated trainers.

"Listen to me, the prophets have predicted the return of the winds and the water. For years I have prayed that mankinf will never have to witness that deadly storm again." The harbour mnager replied.

"But isn't that just a legend?" Officer Jenny asked.

"The Ancient Writing tells of the storm wiping out all but few pokemon, and their sorrow and tears somehow restored the lives lost. But there are no tears today, just waters that no one can survive." The harour manager said.

"And that's why your ferry has been cancelled." Officer Jenny said.

Max looked around to notice many trainers leaving. He decided to leave to and walked outside next to a boy with a Pikachu on his back and a red haired girl next to him. Max saw many trainers leaving the port on their water pokemon. Max's hands trembled as he held his invitation to New Island. Max bit his lip wondering what to do. He called his pokemon back to their pokeballs noticing that they were shivering. Max looked out noticing a girl riding away on her Dewgong's back and the boy that was next to him leaving on his gyarados and the boy with the Pikachu left with his Squirtle. Max wondered if his Lapras was up to the challenge or not.

September 28th, 2008, 2:37 AM
Stantler: Your post is very cramped. When someone new speaks, hit the enter bar mate. Makes it a lot easier to read and more spaced out. Also makes it look longer, deceive the eyes. Plus, if you did want to do some trading in the Pokémon Center as you mentioned to me before. Just edit your post, as this is the only chance to do so.

Pikalover10: Your post was better than I normally see you write. But it does lack description, it's like my drama scripts. For example. Lapras sat in the water looking exhausted. Max walked outside and called Lapras to her pokeball and walked back inside. You can easily make a paragraph or two out of that. Describe yourself walking outside the center and use your five scences maybe, the smell, the taste, the sound of trainers, etc. Then describe what the cold wind and rain feels. It's simple stuff that make posts much more interesting to read. I did enjoy the post though, it got straight to the point. Plus you'll need the description advise for the next chapter.

PS: No one reply to these posts, do so in the OOC Section or message me.

September 30th, 2008, 3:34 PM
The sky was filled with dark clouds, swirling ominously above Adeline’s auburn haired head. The wind violently ripped through the trees, causing their branches to break and sending the Pokemon who inhabited them into great distress.
Adeline washed the surf crash viciously against the beach and the docks, a chill rising up through her spine, causing her to wrap her plain grey hooded jacket closer around her thin frame.

“Wow… This is going to be some storm,” she mused aloud; watching hundreds of Pokemon, flee for cover.

The weather was not bothering Adeline, she liked storms as much as she liked clear skies and sunny days, but the sea swelling at such an alarming rate was making her uneasy. She was not comfortable around water, and had been that way since she was a child.
Besides, Adeline was in such a good mood that nothing could drag her down, not even this storm, which looked like it would bring about the end of the world.
Earlier that week she had received an invitation from a Dragonite, a real, in the flesh Dragonite. The invitation was mysterious and spoke of a place called New Island, this confused Adeline. She had lived in the Johto Region her whole life and never heard of this Island. Regardless, she made her way to the docks, practically bouncing on the balls of her feet, happy that she had been sought out.

Ahead Adeline saw a large Pokemon Centre, just as rain began to fall heavily. Adeline swore, she didn’t mind rain, but she certainly minded being caught out in it. Breaking pace she began to sprint up the path and towards the Pokemon Centre, which appeared to be very full from the outside.
Adeline whipped the door open, and rushed inside, eager to be out of the icy cold rain, as she was already thoroughly drenched.
With chattering teeth she made her way to the desk, hoping to find Nurse Joy.

Clefable and Wartortle are probably really exhausted after that battle we had earlier today, Adeline mused, craning her neck looking for Nurse Joy, who appeared to be absent
Out of the corner of her large pale blue eyes she saw Officer Jenny, arguing with a boy who looked to be about her age.

"What? Cancelled," a trainer said. "But I've got to get to New Island, its just rain," he demanded, running his fingers through his dark blue hair

"It's more than just rain, the harbour manager thinks this could be the worst storm ever," Officer Jenny replied as many of the trainers got very agitated.

"Listen to me; the prophets have predicted the return of the winds and the water. For years I have prayed, that mankind will never witness that deadly storm ever again," a woman standing by Officer Jenny explained.

"Isn't that just a legend?" Officer Jenny asked.

"The ancient writings tell us that the storm wiped out all but few Pokémon, and their sorrow and tears somehow restored the lives lost. But their are no Pokémon tears today, just water that no one can survive," the mysterious woman replied.

"And that's why your ferry to New Island's been cancelled," the Officer shouted out to the large group of determined trainers.

Adeline sighed, slumping her shoulders. This was so unfair; finally someone had recognized her ability and potential as a breeder and had actually invited her to New Island, probably to discuss with her breeding tips.
Adeline scowled as she watched several trainers rush out of the Pokemon Centre, ready to brave the storm. She shook her head, there was no way she was going to cross the sea right now.

Defeated, Adeline made her way to the other side of the Pokemon Centre and sat down on one of the comfortable seats. She drew her knees to her chest and hugged them tight, disappointed at her missed opportunity.

“Stupid storm,” she grumbled, to no one in particular.

“So you’re not stupid or brave enough to try?” a voice asked her.

Adeline looked up and her eyes fell on a tall boy with dark blonde hair and a friendly smile. He was dressed simply, in a plain shirt and jeans, and had an impressive looking Arbok at his side. Adeline blushed, mostly from the attention from such a cute boy.

“Uhm, yeah. Not stupid enough I think, I’m pretty brave most of the time,” she replied, smiling shyly. The boy laughed, and sat down beside her, his purple snake Pokemon skulked away, hissing.

“It is pretty intense out there,” he agreed “I was just passing through on my way to the Johto region. We’re from Kanto,” he explained “My name is Danny,” the boy offered.

“I’m Adeline,” she said with a smile, running her fingers through her damp hair “I’m from Johto, I was on my way home, to Mount Silver, when I received this invitation to go to New Island,” Adeline explained, wistfully, searching her plain black backpack for her Pokeballs.

“Yeah, I heard quite a few trainers talking about that,” Danny nodded and gestured around the centre at the few remaining trainers and their Pokemon.

“If I had some way of getting over there, I’d probably try. But my Wartortle isn’t big enough for me to ride,” Adeline explained, releasing her Cyndaquil onto her lap.
The small, fire Pokemon let out a cry of happiness and snuggled into Adeline’s arms.
The two had been best friends for five years now, and had experienced countless adventures together, deepening their bond.

“Hey, cool Pokemon,” Danny praised, observing Cyndaquil and Adeline smiled “You know, if you don’t have a water Pokemon that could take you to the Island, I saw a bunch of boats tied up to the docks. I’m sure someone won’t mind if you borrow one,” he suggested with a wink.

Adeline laughed and then paused, the more she thought about it, the more desperate she was to go to New Island. She held Cyndaquil up to her face and looked at the Pokemon, her face a reflection of her determination.

“What do you say, sweetie?” Adeline asked her best friend.

“Cynda-quiiiiil,” the fire Pokemon cried in reply, lighting up the fire on her little back.

“I’m going to take that as a yes,” Adeline laughed before returning Cyndaquil to her Pokeball “Goodbye Danny! Thanks for the help!” Adeline cried as she began to run out of the Pokemon Centre and back into the storm.

“I hope she’ll be okay,” Danny murmured to Adeline’s retreating back.

Outside, the wind and rain raged around her, cutting at her sides and limbs. With chattering teeth Adeline sprinted down to the docks, ahead she could see numerous trainers and their Pokemon making their way across the sea. The docks were virtually empty, and Adeline soon found an unattended boat. It was small, but had a decent motor, she knew that much and Adeline scrambled aboard, using the Swiss army knife that her brother had given her to cut the rope tying it to the docks.

“I’ll bring it back, I promise,” Adeline whispered to the screaming air, and then turned to look at her journey ahead, with a gulp, she started up the boat, listening to its motor strain against the wind and rain. Adeline released her Wartortle from her Pokeball, mainly for comfort and the blue turtle Pokemon immediately cuddled up to her, feeding off her anxiety.

“This is going to be a bumpy ride!” Adeline screamed as they hit their first wave…

September 30th, 2008, 4:51 PM
It was a clear, sunny day; almost a perfect day. The temperature was warm, but had the crisp sea air breeze through it gently. It was a great day to pokemon battle, especially for Gold. Heck, any day was a great day for pokemon to Gold. Whether it was perfect or hailing, it was nothing but perfect to him.

As Gold sat down to relax in this perfect weather, he looked at his pile of gym badges and couldn't help but praise himself for his great accomplishments. But there was something else he was looking at. It was a small metal plate, which contained a special invitation for Gold to challenge the greatest pokemon trainer on earth. It was great for him to be proud of himself, but now somebody else was regconizing him for his great talent.

"Kid, do you want to eat something?"

Gold jumped and turned around to face a teen who was standing in the doorway and poking his head out to look at him. Gold chuckled at his daydreaming and stood up to walk inside the large, red dome building. He was at the pokemon center where a boat would shortly take him to New Island, where he would battle the match of his life. He didn't know whether to be excited or nervous. It wasn't everyday that he battled a pokemon master.

Gold walked inside the crowded pokemon center that was full of trainers that were just stopping by, but a large group of them were trainers waiting for a boat as well. Some were lounging around on the couch, while others seemed as if they were preparing their pokemon for the big moment by getting them pumped. They all looked like nothing to Gold; he knew he could beat all of them without any effort.

Gold got a big meal and ate all of it without any effort. He gobbled it down in a matter of minutes. Hey, I need energy for the match, he told himself as a good reason to stuff himself full. After getting and eating a plate full of dessert, Gold pulled out his pokeballs and clicked the buttons on all three of them. His three pokemon appeared, the best ones around in Gold's opinion. His Crocanaw, Pichu, and Haunter looked at him and looked around for a moment before focusing all their attention on him.

Gold kneeled down and gave them a little pep talk to boost them up a little. He told them only that they were great and they could accomplish anything if they set their minds and heart to it. They listened to him sincerly and nodded as if they understood. This was the reason that Gold loved his pokemon so much. They listened and tried their hardest for him all the time. This was going to be a great experience for all of them.

"Yeah, the boat isn't leaving tonight."

"Because of the storm?"

Gold felt a hot surge of disappointment as he heard the muttering trainers. He leaped up and jumped in the conversation, poking his head in the crowd.

"The boat isn't leaving? Why?" he asked.

"The storm, apparently. They won't leave because of the storm," responded a trainer.

The storm? It wasn't storming outside. Gold was just out there and it was a perfect as could be. He immediately rushed to a window and looked out, nearly passing out. The beautiful afternoon turned into a horrid and disgusting sight. The sky was a swirling mass of black and gray with flashes of lightning striking out of it. Trees were bending down from the great wind.

"Storm or no storm, I'm getting to that island! I need to battle the Pokemon Master!"

Gold turned back around and faced the trainers again. They had all went from worried to upset and determined. Some of them began to make plans to go to the island on their own.

"My Pidgeot can fly me there!"

"No, no, it's too dangerous..."

Gold thought about his own options and came to the ultimate conclusion. He had to get to the island, no matter what it took. He looked down at his grand Crocanaw who was clamping his large jaws.

"Crocanaw, we have to get to that island," Gold stated, "and I need your help."

After recalling his other two pokemon, Gold and Crocanaw headed to the door and out into the storm and a huge adventure behind other determined trainers. It was only the beginning.

October 1st, 2008, 7:01 AM
To Laurenlovestoned: Best post I've read so far, but I haven't read Pika_Master's yet. So let's see, haha. I like your way of thinking to get to New Island, your next post will be very interesting in the boat. If that was Corey the Movie Character you spoke to, I liked the interaction but I don't think he has an Arbok, well he could do but not take it with him. Ah well. The length of the post is what I'm looking for from everyone.

To Pika_Master14: Same as Lauren there, good length and a good post to introduce your character into the story like everyone else. I like Gold's confidence there, I'm sure it will bode well for the story.

To Everyone: Chapter Two will be up shortly and please don't reply to these, do so in the OOC Section, plus PikaLover can't post for the next couple of weeks so he'll catch up later and there will be a place open as we're only one chapter in so far.

Double Post Was Merged.

Chapter Two: Stormy Weather
(One Post)

Description: The storm is ferocious, devastating and sheer destruction. Many trainers have set out to reach New Island and maybe lost at sea. Within a matter of days, the storm will only bring destruction to the Johto Region and it wont be long before the world perishes at the force of the storm and sea. The waves reach over thirty feet high and the winds are reaching one hundred and fifty miles per hour. Because the weather is so devastating, all police and rescue patrols have been cancelled due to the risk of their own lives and the unlikelyness that there will be any survivors.

What You Do: You are obviously going to have to get across the sea some how. This is where you use your imagination to get to New Island, I'm not giving any hints on that. If you haven't left on the sea already, then you have a bit extra to do as obviously you have to find a way across.

In this chapter post, I don't expect much speech. As who would you talk to? Other than maybe a Pokémon with you perhaps. Remember it's a storm, waves over thirty feet. It's a life threatening situation, how would your character react? Remember to add in description, imagine yourself in the situation. Even on a strong Pokémon it will be dificult. Finish your post at New Island.

October 1st, 2008, 4:43 PM
Rain was still falling, in thick heavy sheets, this, however, was completely insignificant. The sea was so violent, that Adeline was drenched completely, even her socks and underwear were soaked. But her socks and underwear weren’t her number concern right now, that position was taken by the thirty-foot waves, which pushed her, and Wartortle, in their tiny boat, back and forth through the sea.

Adeline screamed again and began to sob violently, this scenario was her own personally nightmare. The surf smashed against the boat again, unseating her once more. Every inch of her skin trembled; she had never been this cold in her life. The boat hit another giant wave, and was once again engulfed, pushing Adeline and her Wartortle into the angry sea, rocking their bodies about brutally. Once again, Wartortle righted the boat, by flipping it back over and pulled Adeline into it.

“Thank you,” she sobbed, gripping her Pokemon’s large shell with frozen fingers. She had hypothermia, she was sure of it. She had never been this terrified in her life.
All of a sudden Wartortle cried out, warning Adeline of the giant tidal wave, which was, headed their way.

“Brace yourself!” she screamed, gripping the edge of the boat desperately with her blue fingers. Wartortle quickly moved to do the same and they clung onto the boat as the wave hit, engulfing them yet again, this time, snapping the boat violently in half, separating Adeline from her beloved Pokemon. Luckily, Adeline had strapped her backpack safely around her middle, so that there was no chance she could lose it and her other three Pokemon, however, the weight of her possessions proved to be very heavy as it began to drag her quickly towards the ocean floor, acting as an anchor.

If Adeline could’ve screamed, she would’ve, instead she screamed in her mind. She screamed every swear word her brothers had ever taught her, she screamed bloody murder. But no one but her could hear her in her thoughts.
Being in the water of this reminded Adeline of the time she had almost drowned when she was eight, in the caves of Mount Silver. She and her elder brothers had been exploring, and Adeline had strayed away from her brothers and had slipped into a large, deep and dark pool of water. At that age Adeline was not a confident swimmer and immediately panicked when she was under water, instantly losing oxygen. Right before she blacked out, she felt something push her out of the water.

Her brothers then found her, unconscious by the side of the water. Adeline had never found out which Pokemon rescued her. She’d always been curious about it, and vowed to one-day return to thank it, after she had gotten over her water phobia. But judging from this experience, she doubted she would get over water anytime soon, if she even survived.

Suddenly, she felt something dragging her up from the middle; Adeline looked down and saw two short, blue arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her up. Her Wartortle, her saviour.
They hit the surface and Adeline gasped, raggedly dragging in the fresh air, it had stopped raining and she could see the bright, brilliant stars.
Still clinging to each other they bobbed through the gentle waves, until they hit something.
Adeline blinked, and assumed the wooden object was part of the boat which was destroyed in the storm. It was something more substantial, however, a simple looking dock connected to land.

Adeline looked up, and saw the shape of an island, bathed in glowing moonlight. The island was small and was topped by a building, monstrous in size, stretching to the heavens.

“New Island…”
Adeline gasped and pulled herself onto the docks, closely followed by her turtle Pokemon. She instantly removed the heavy bag from her sore stomach, and checked for her other three Pokemon. Relief flooded through her when she counted the three full Pokeballs and one empty one.

“Return Wartortle,” she told him holding out the ball “You’ve definitely earned a rest,” Adeline sighed as a beam of red light absorbed him, returning him to the safety of the Pokeball. Adeline slipped the Pokeball back into her bag and then the bag back onto her shoulders. She was desperate for food and a warm shower, followed by clean clothes. Hell, she’d wear dirty clothes as long as they were dry.

A figure emerged from the end of the dock. A woman, taller than Adeline with long pink hair, dressed simply in a brown robe. In her hand she held a lantern, flooding the dock with light.

“Welcome to New Island Adeline, my master awaits your arrival,” the woman said simply, in a preoccupied voice. Adeline nodded dumbly, too weary to do anything else and followed the woman…

October 1st, 2008, 9:58 PM
Chapter Two: Stormy Weather

The rain crashed against the waves causing a chaotic effect. The whistles of the wind turned into roars of thunder that struck into the sea as boats that were torn apart from the harbour flung across the crashing waves into the depths of the sea. Out came from the ferocious sea was a rather large jelly fish Pokémon with a teenage boy holding on for his dear life. Flying across the air they quickly slammed into a in coming wave over twenty feet high that send them back down into the bottom less sea. Under the water, the teenager had lost grip of his Pokémon and was on his own under the strong current of the sea. He was swished about from left to right until the very same jelly fish Pokémon came from the depth of the sea. The trainer in his soaked black T-Shirt grabbed onto the Pokémon's front horn where the Pokémon that was called a Tentacruel swam the boy back up to the surface.

"Cheers Tenta.." The boy shouted into the moist air before another wave came crashing at the two of them. The trainer and Pokémon was sent back under the sea, but the trainer hadn't let go this time. Despite the strong currents the trainer swung his body round from holding onto the horn and grabbed onto the Tentacruel's body where the Pokémon swam under the water across the sea.

Around ten seconds of swimming through a current that pushed against the trainer, the boy was running out of air and opened up his mouth due to the pressure of the current. Swallowing the salty water caused the boy to cough under the water, the Pokémon managed to get up to the surface where the boy managed to cough out some of the water and breath in the air. The sharp rain pelted off the sea thats waves had slowly died down, for now. The Pokémon and exhausted trainer on top slowly moved across a bumpy sea that was starting to calm.

"Bloody hell!" The trainer shouted out in shock of the weather. "I didn't realise it was.." The trainer just saw a large tidelwave coming the two's way. "Go under the water!" The boy yelled to his Pokémon that was slightly confused. "Now!" The Pokémon's trainer shouted again.

The boy holding onto his Pokémon for dear life took a quick breath before the two dived into the sea just before the wave hit the sea that sent the trainer and Pokémon further down into the sea, the boy had lost grip of his Pokémon and flung across where the current sent him infront of the Tentacruel closing his eyes. The boy opened his eyes to see the Pokémon right infront of him, the boy grabbed onto the horn on the Pokémon where it swam as strong as it could forward to get away from the current sending them back.

The boy was holding onto the horn with his left arm as the current of the ferocious sea was fighting him back, causing the boy to be at the side of his Pokémon as he held onto the horn, stretching his arms as far and holding on as tight as he could.

The boy of fourteen years was starting to loose his grip after a half a minute where the sea was becoming more chaotic and demanding. The Tentacruel noticed this and started to move up to the surface of the sea, the boy was starting to lose air and resulting in his grip of his Pokémon loosening. He expected the worse, to be pushed back down into the sea to drown and be forgotten about, he started to think about his family but mostly about the girl Janine. In a few seconds, he remembered the whole conversation and the wave. Snapping back into reality, the water pushed into his face and the boy was awaiting the final blow.

Suddenly, fresh air had reached the boy's body and the pressure of the sea was gone. Open skies were above and the calm water was laying still around a small island with large out of this world buildings in it's wake. The boy felt very light as he fell back into the water and floated, but all he did was laugh. The Tentacruel looked exhausted, the boy was too, but he swished his body so he was facing down to the sea and swam to the island that was only a few yards away.

As the boy climbed up onto the docks, a young woman with curled pink hair in a long old fashioned brown robe on. The boy saw that his Pokéballs were still attached to his belt at such surprise, he took off Tentacruels and returned the jelly fish back to it's ball.

"Welcome to New Island Brian, my master awaits your arrival." The woman said as she reached the boy without him realising. He turned around and simply nodded.

October 3rd, 2008, 9:07 PM
"No.. I can't just go back." Leo said to himself and turned around.

He stared out into the thunderous sea and pointed out towards it, "I will become a trainer!" Leo said having to go further. His Piplup cheered with him.

However the storm did not lighten and he had no way of crossing. But he had to find a way. There were many trainers here, he would have to ask for help. He walked around but most of the trainers only had room for themselves on their Pokémon, Leo was running low on luck. During his struggle to find a way out into sea a trainer approached Leo,

"Hey, I heard you were having trouble." The trainer said, Leo turned to see him. He's a much older trainer, wearing denim jeans and jacket with his brown hair in the wind. "I tell ya what. I'll trade ya my extra Lapras.. that is if you can pay the fee." The trainer laughed.

"Fee?" Leo asked curiously, "What do you mean?" our young trainer asked.

"Well, I'll trade for a Lickytounge. I want to get my hands on his evolution. I heard that Professor Rowan in Sinnoh recently dicovered that it can evolve. I want it!" The trainer laughed again.

Leo remembered catching one before he left to come here in Kanto, he could make a trade.

"I have one. I'll give you one if your Lapras can surf across this sea." Leo asked wanting to get to New Island any way possible.

"Can he surf? Haha, you bet he can! Come to the Pokémon center with me. We'll do the trade there." The trainer grabbed Leo's arm and pretty much dragged him to the center.

After getting his arm back, he placed his pokeball on one end of the trading machine. It's really big, take up an entire room. This is the first time Leo has ever seen one. Soon the machine made clicking noises and sucked in the balls through its tubes. The Pokemon could be seen on the screen and then the balls dropped out.

"Awesome! I got a lick-lick-lickytonuge!" The trainer cheered in excitement and ran off. Leo looked at him surprised and then down to his new Pokéball. "Well I hope this was worth it." Leo tells himself. Penny chirps and hurries after him back to the port where there he releases a... Slowbro.

"Lapras go!!!!???" Leo yells in confusion as he summons a Slowbro, "Wait.. what... the screen showed it to be a Lapras and he said it's named Lapras... oh man.." Leo smacked his face as he discovered he obtained a Slowbro named Lapras, "Well at least it's big enough to surf." Leo shrugged and hurried over the Slowbro named Lapras back with his Piplup and surfed out into the blue yonder.

The storm is horrible and the waves sway the Slowbro back and forth. Leo could feel himself getting sick by the constant moving with Penny trying to avoid the path of his mouth in case Leo gets really sick. The Slowbro is dumb, very dumb. It forgets how to surf and starts to sink as a wave comes over Leo,


But it was too late, Leo and his team was taken in by the giant tidal wave. He soon finds himself wash ashore a beach with his pokemon. A woman bends over looking at him,

"Welcome to New Island."

Leo coughs up some sea water and looks for his "Lapras" so he could strangle it for nearly killing him and Penny.

October 4th, 2008, 7:05 AM
Stantler: It's good you edited your first post, was much easier to read and introduced your character well. Your second post however seemed a bit rushed, every part of that post was so quick. For example, walking back to the Pokémon Center you could have more speech with that trainer or maybe fight your way back through the rain and winds. Then at the Pokémon Center you could describe the machine or other trainers and then the journey over to the island was, well no offense very poor.

Look at mine and laurens posts on travelling to the island, it's all about surfing there while yours was about a paragraph. I don't want to be a mean bastard, you're a good role player it's just in my role plays I expect more than others do. I did like the fact you got a Slowbro, there would be many scammers about at this big event, so good thinking and the length is nearly there, but because more things are going on you need to make the longer posts as it seems very rushed as I said above.

October 5th, 2008, 6:47 AM
Gold didn't know if he should've just gave up. As he looked at the sea, he saw danger, but also himself leaving behind a huge oppurtunity. Crocanaw stood beside him and looked at him to wait for his decision. The situation was life-threatening but life changing he could just make it. Gold already saw trainers take off into the dangerous waters. They were brave enough to take off into the sea, so Gold had to be too.

"Crocanaw, let's go," Gold said. Gold grabbed onto the back of his pokemon and they leaped into the water. Crocanaw, even with it being smaller than Gold, swam strong through the raging waters. They were both rocked back and forth but Gold managed to hang on tight to his water pokemon as he swam through the waters.

Gold began to feel a little more comfortable, but little did he know that it was only the beginning.

The farther away the two got from the deck, the rougher it got. Gold soon realized the real dangers of the water, why the boat didn't leave. The waters went from rough to raging, ang Gold hang on tighter to his pokemon as he soon became his only chance for survival.

Waves began to roar and crash on Gold. Gold felt his hands slip, but still hang on. Crocanaw started to fight hard too. The waves sucked him backwards and he had to get to where he was stronger than the wave. It soon got to where the journey was life-threatening. Waves, almost ten times taller than Gold crashed onto him and caused both of them to go under water. Gold's lungs filled with water and he went to where he was gasping desperately for air.

Crocanaw would constantly slow down before speeding up again through the waters. He was losing steam and it would be all Gold's fault if they were both lost at sea forever.

"Croc- naw," he gasped.

Crocnaw looked back for a second before diving underwater for a second to get some distance underneath the crashing waves. He swam for a few seconds before coming back up. Gold gasped for air again and felt his grip slip. He felt dizzy and weak, as if he were losing himself.

That was when a huge wave hit. Over thirty feet tall, it gathered up the poor crocanaw and its weak trainer. The continued to rise until the large wave crashed down. Gold lost his grip and began to sink deeper into the water as Crocanaw floated around half concious in the water. He shook himself awake and looked at his trainer slowly sinking. Shooting down, the water pokemon got under neath Gold's body and pushed him upward until they both reached the surface.

The water had become calm and Crocanaw swam to a rock surface where he slid his trainer and collapsed on the surface as well. The two had made it to land, unaware that it was New Island.

October 5th, 2008, 8:43 AM
Pika_Master14: Good journey over to the island. The next Chapter will be up soon.

October 5th, 2008, 9:48 AM
Chapter One
Kira listened intently to Officer Jenny, her eyes narrowing. "Rain or no rain, I am getting to New Island."

But she quickly realized that if the ferry was closed, how was she going to get there? Reece – her Noctowl - wasn't strong enough the face those winds yet. She bit her lip, trying to come up with a solution. "Ai?" Her Aipom, Alby, questioned her.

Kira sighed and gently detached the Pokemon from her head so she could look at it from eye level. "I know, Alby, I want to get there too, but I just don't see how we can get past this storm without killing ourselves."

The little Aipom drooped his head, and Kira sighed before reaching into her bag. She pulled out a Pokemon biscuit, and the Aipom's spirits automatically lift. As he eagerly nibbled at the treat, Kira withdrew him into his Poke Ball and looked to Irie. “Any ideas?” Kira asked the Bayleef, who seemed a little incredulous that Kira couldn’t figure an answer out.

Without a word, the Bayleef crossed the Pokemon Center and sat herself down in front of one of the Phones there. Kira frowned, then she realized that she had a Vaporeon at Professor Elm’s lab. She grinned and dashed over to where Irie sat. Scratching the Bayleef on the head, she started dialing the number. “Irie, you’re a genius.” She said quietly, waiting for someone to pick up.

It turned out being the person Kira least wanted to see. Professor Elm’s assistant was a stuck-up, know-it-all who took every chance he could to make Kira look like a moron. Well, she thought to herself, I don’t think he can make a fool out of me when I’m asking for one of my Pokemon.

Caleb grinned when he saw who was calling. “Yes, Kira?” He asked.

Kira took a deep breath. Don’t let him provoke you. “Caleb, could you send my Vaporeon over?”

While Caleb looked put-out that she hadn’t retaliated to his tone, he quickly recovered. “Finally realize that that Chikorita is a weakling?”

“So Professor Elm hasn’t told you?” Kira asked, a smile creeping up on her face.

“Told me what?” Caleb arched his eyebrows.

“Irie, show Caleb.” Irie came up behind Kira, showing him that the weakling Chikorita was now a Bayleef. Caleb only blinked, apparentely surprised. “So, Caleb,” Kira continued, “So, about that Vaporeon?”

Caleb ground his teeth. “Hold on a second.” He disappeared from the screen, a little miffed-looking. He returned a minute later, a Great Ball in his hands. “I’m sending it to you now.”

“Thank you, Caleb,” Kira said brightly, taking the Great Ball as it dropped down from the chute attached to the console, “Tell Professor Elm I said hi, will you?” And with that, she hung up.

“Alright, Irie, ready?” Irie nodded, and Kira withdrew her, then ran out to the dock outside of the Pokemon Center. “C’mon out, Salem!” She cried tossing the Great Ball up in the air. A blue Vaporeon appeared in the water below her, giving a happy cry. “Listen,” Kira told the Vaporeon, “I need your help to get across this sea. Think you can do it?”

The Vaporeon nodded, giving out a musical cry. Kira grinned. “Then let’s go!” She zipped up het vest to hold in warmth, and leaped from the dock and into the water. She wrapped her arms around the Vaporeon, trying not to shiver. The water was frigid, but Vaporeon’s body heat helped a little bit. She looked out over the storm-tossed ocean, ready to face the waves head-on to get to New Island.

October 5th, 2008, 11:08 AM
*Lanee: The first chapter was very good, as you said the second does need a bit more so I'm sure you can do that seeing as I gave permission for you to have Vaporeon. Because your post merged, post Chapter Two below this post then I'll give comments and shizzle on that. Tommorow, Chapter Three will be up.

October 5th, 2008, 11:41 AM
Chapter Two

When Officer Jenny had said this could be the worst storm ever, she hadn't been kidding. Kira thought to herself, shuddering again in the cold water and fierce winds. She would gladly accept a warm fire and a hot meal. The thought made her homesick for Goldenrod City. Soon, Kira, she told herself, soon you'll go back and defeat Whitney. And then take a break and spend some time with Mom and Dad. Maybe I'll even wait around for Jason, and we can have a battle. Kira smiled. Her brother would be thrilled at how she had become a better trainer.

Her thoughts helped her forget her cold surroundings, but when she returned to herself, the warmth was sapped out of her. She sighed, and looked out over the incessant waves. How much longer can this storm go on? Kira glanced up at the still-black clouds. Shaking her head, she tried to catch a glimpse of New Island.

As they swam, Kira had to give Salem some credit, she sure knew how swim in a storm. She was a strong swimmer, and never seemed to grow tired. It seemed she simply drew energy from the water to fuel her on. She also seemed to know where a wave would pop up next, and avoided the area. However, neither were expecting the huge tidal wave that seemed impossible to avoid. Except, there may be a way… “Dive, Salem!”

Without hesitation, the Vaporeon dived. Kira just managed to get a huge breath before the water consumed her. The water was even colder under the surface, and pressed in on all sides. Kira clung to Vaporeon, starting to feel faint from lack of air. She tapped Salem, signaling her need to return to the surface for air. The Vaporeon nodded once and shot up to the surface, where Kira took a grateful gasp of fresh air. She shivered as the fierce winds howled around her, chilling her to the bone. The water seemed calmer now, though, and they were able to continue forward without much trouble.

Finally, they reached an island that looked… well, she really couldn’t think of a proper word for it, to be honest. She clambered onto the dock and looked down to Salem, who looked exhausted. “You were great, Salem,” Kira said warmly, “Return. You deserve a rest.” In a beam of red light, the Vaporeon disappeared. Kira stowed the Great Ball in her bag, making sure all of her belongings remained. She heaved a sigh of relief when all four Poke Balls were accounted for, along with her money.

Kira suddenly heard approaching footsteps. She stood and shouldered her backpack, looking to where the sound was coming from. A woman wearing a dark red dress walked forward, her face blank and emotionless. Her expression was frightening, but her voice was just bone-chilling, seeing as it held almost no emotion at all. And to add to that, she looked eerily familiar. Before Kira could think further on the subject, the woman spoke. “Welcome to New Island, Trainer, my master awaits you.” Without waiting for a response, the woman turned around and started walking forward again. Kira hesitated, then followed hastily, starting to grow excited.

She was ready to meet this Pokemon Master, and she was going to give him a match to remember.

October 6th, 2008, 2:02 PM
Chapter Three: New Island
(One Post)

Description: You have just made it to New Island and are heading into the building up the long ever lasting steps to a huge gate. The Island is surounded by unusually designed buildings as the storm has stopped, at New Island anyway. The Island is at the eye of the storm and you'll soon find out why. As you arrive you can interact with the movie characters, obviously you have to be sensible when doing this and make it interesting, don't do it for the sake of it. Follow your characters personality.

What You Do: Get yourself into the building, either by the Maiden or yourself. The Maiden will ask to release your Pokémon from your Pokéballs and mentions her Master will be around shortly. Finishes your post where the Maiden introduces her Master, but do not reveal who he is yet, as that will be next chapter. Watch the film to help get a better understanding, go to youtube.

October 6th, 2008, 6:11 PM
Adeline ran her trembling fingers through her short, saturated hair. She was numb and also exhausted, as she followed the mysterious woman in the brown robe.
She had just travelled over a large body of violent water to reach this tiny, but exquisite island, known as New Island, because of an invitation sent to her by ‘the Master’ via a real life Dragonite. Normally, Adeline would’ve been trembling with excitement, but instead her hands and body shook from sheer exhaustion and cold.

“Excuse me ma’am,” Adeline addressed the quiet woman who was leading her arm a damp staircase and into a dark hall “I don’t mean to be a bother, but is there any chance I can have a hot shower and a nice warm meal,” she asked.
Instead of replying the woman continued to walk, her eyes almost blank and her expression vacant. Adeline examined her face, confused. Her features seemed somehow similar, but she was not sure where she recognized them from.

“Sorry,” Adeline mumbled, not wanting to be rude. Her stomach rumbled, echoing her thoughts but she shrugged it off, trying to replace her exhaustion with eagerness.

They continued silently through the endless dark halls, lit only by the bobbing lamp the strange woman held. Inside her mind Adeline played out scenarios in her head.
First ‘the Master’ was the greatest trainer who had ever lived and was desperate for Adeline’s breeding tips.
Then he became an incredibly handsome boy, around her age, who was as wealthy as he was hot, and would fall in love with her from the first second he laid eyes on her.
Finally he was a Dragonite breeder, thus why he sent an invitation with one, and he would bestow upon Adeline his best Dratini for her to raise.

Her daydreams soon ended, as the woman led her to an enormous set of doors which swung open into a giant, cavernous hall. Inside the hall were several trainers already, milling around the large table or fountain. Across the hall was a peculiar ramp which twisted around from the distant ceiling to the shiny floor.

“Please release your Pokemon,” the woman instructed, her voice still as distant as before “My Master will be here soon.” Adeline nodded as the woman disappeared, probably to let in more trainers and the doors swung shut, suddenly.

Adeline reached into her soaked backpack and retrieved her four, precious Pokeballs containing her Cyndaquil, Clefable, Diglett and Wartortle. Adeline and her Pokemon made a beeline for the table which held a giant bowl of fresh fruit. Instantly, they began devouring the food, Adeline attempted to eat an apple and a banana simultaneously, whilst Wartortle and Clefable fought over a luscious looking pear. Normally Adeline would’ve stopped the two squabbling, but they’d been at each others throats for years now, and sometimes she just could not be bothered. She fed Diglett and Cyndaquil grapes, whilst still shovelling fruit into her own mouth before she heard a quiet, but obnoxious

Adeline instantly looked up, taking in the three other trainers and their teams of impressive Pokemon, she blushed furiously.

“Sorry about that,” she said with a chuckle, hoping she had not lost respect from these trainers already “I’m Adeline,” she explained and then gestured to her team “And these are my Pokemon. We’re from Johto”

The trainer closest to her, a girl with dark brown hair nodded and extended her hand which Adeline shook “I’m Neesha,” she introduced herself “And those are my Pokemon” Neesha gestured to a bunch of Pokemon crowded by one of the pools of water; A Rapidash, a Vileplume, a Dewgong, a Wigglytuff and a Ninetales.

“Nice,” Adeline nodded, appraising them. Even from a distance her keen breeder’s eyes could see the Pokemon were in excellent condition.
Suddenly, the other two trainers, thrust their hands at Adeline for her to shake, introducing themselves and their teams, obviously desperate to defeat each other.

“I’m Fergus,” the trainer in blue offered, which complimented his team of almost all water Pokemon consisting of a Gyarados, a Nidoqueen, a Seadra a Vaporeon, a Golduck and a Tentacruel.

“And I’m Corey,” a trainer in orange practically shouted, gesturing to his impressive team including a Pidgeot, a Venasaur, a Scyther, a Hitmonlee, a Rhyhorn and a Sandslash. Adeline nodded again, looking each of the Pokemon over.

The doors swung open again and in walked three new trainers with the mysterious woman. They varied in age and all had an assortment of Pokemon, including a Vulpix.

“Oh wow!” Adeline cried, rushing towards the fire Pokemon “A Vulpix! I used to have one at home,” she explained and then looked up at the Pokemon’s trainer. Immediately, Adeline blushed, as she was somewhat smitten by the tall, dark haired guy standing behind the fox Pokemon.

He smiled and offered his hand, almost satisfied by Adeline’s rosy red blush.
“I’m Brock, from Pewter City.”

Adeline swooned and took his hand, shaking it and then holding it for a second longer, before clearing her throat and saying “I’m Adeline, of Mount Silver.”

God he’s cute, she thought watching him inspect her four Pokemon.

“Wow,” he murmured, running an appraising eye over her Cyndaquil “These Pokemon are in excellent condition.”

“Thanks,” Adeline stammered, blushing deeper “It’s my dream to be the worlds best breeder,” she exclaimed, feeling sillier each passing second. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the boy in a red cap with a Pikachu standing with a girl with short red hair, introducing themselves to the other trainers.

“Really?!” Brock cried, and Adeline’s attention instantly returned to him “That’s my dream too!” Adeline grinned broadly, of course he was a breeder, he instantly recognized the condition of her Pokemon after all.
“Well I don’t know if you’ll be the world’s greatest breeder, but you’re definitely the prettiest,” Brock winked at her, reaching for her hand and kissing it. Adeline blushed again, and thought about what her brothers would do if they saw her acting like such a girl.

Before she could continue her though, the lights blacked out in the enormous hall, and Adeline could only just make out the shapes of the other trainers by the flickering of her Cyndaquil’s flames.
Across the room, a beam of light shot down from the ceiling, and reached straight to the ground, cutting through the twisting ramp.

The strange, pink-haired woman spoke “You are about to meet my Master, the time has come for your encounter with the greatest Pokemon master on earth”
Adeline immediately felt a wave of uneasiness wash over her and Cyndaquil jumped into her arms, crying out in fear…

October 6th, 2008, 8:19 PM
Leo began to walk around the shore a bit and watched how the woman who greeted him just stand back up and walk away like a robot. She seemed to hold no true emotions. This intrigued Leo and out of curiosity he began to follow her to see where she was heading when there a large, fat trainer with a purple shirt, black tight pants and a wild short beard appeared before him. This trainer looked like he was walking around as well, he seemed to be looking for something and was very happy to spot Leo. The fat trainer looked older and made Leo lose track of the woman.

The trainer looked like a foreigner, unclear of where he is from. His voice is deep and speaks in broken english,

"I challenge that of Trainer of the Pokémon to the duel!!" The trainer yelled, he had an accent.

"What? Uh, okay..." Leo muttered, unsure of what the trainer said exactly.

"I will are taketh challenge of such trainer is of Pokémon." The trainer smiled back, devilishly, "For I trainer is name of William Honeythighs will going to defeat you in such battle of the Pokémon." He pointed back towards Leo, "Pokémon of the fire will be go of Pokéball, come out is of Charmander!"

A fearsome Charmander stood infront of Leo, "Ha! Easy, Penny, go!" Leo commanded as he sent his Piplup into battle, "I have a water-type you can't beat me!"Leo laughed, William smirked,

"Do not taketh my skill of the Pokémon fire Charmader of the light. I shall going take the trainer of Water down with the tail of fire that is Charmander." William laughed, "Charmander I command that which is of you to make the attack of scratch on the Piplup that is the other trainer of."

Leo had trouble understanding William's accent but he had to focus on the battle, "Penny, watergun now!" Penny nodded and shot a wave of water towards the charging Charmander, William was shocked, "What? That of water is attack cannot be true in existance. Charmander must stand back on the two feet on which he were to talk on if he were to have feet."

The Charmander slowly got up, almost defeated, "Charmander of the Fire, weaken him with the growl coming of the mouth of Charmander."

"Hmm, Penny quick, use Peck."Penny jumped in the air, blocking the sky, and dived back down smacking the Charmander over the head, causing him to faint. Penny stood in victory. William was shocked,

"Trainer of the Pokémon Water Penny is the trainer of the mean. You make me and one Charmander cry of the day. But I shall come back with the soul of revenge within my heart. Farewell trainer of the water."

William called back his Charmander and ran off. Leo stood unsure of what he was just told. He heard an announcement go off, he decided to follow the rest of the trainers further within the island. He followed them to these large doors that entered within a mountain further inside the island, Leo wasn't sure where he was going exactly until then he was put to a stop by another woman,

"Please, release all of your Pokémon. My Master will be here shortly." She said and then vanished within the crowd of people. She too held no emotion, something didn't sit right with Leo.

He took out his Staravia, it soared over him and Penny, finally resting on his shoulder. However there was something missing,

"Oh wait, where's Lapras?" Leo asked as he couldn't find his Slowbro. He hurried back out, trying to get past the trainers. He turned because he heard something and saw a light, it looked like the master of the island was about to show himself. However before Leo could even turn back the doors closed, locking him out of the room.

"Great, wonderful... I'm going to miss the meeting. That Slowbro is gonna pay!" Leo said, getting angry as he ran back to the beach, trying to find his dimwitted Pokémon.

October 7th, 2008, 5:32 AM
LaurenLOVESTONED: Very good interaction with the characters and I guess your character seems to drift off with her emotions, the Cyndaquil's reaction to the Master was very interesting.

To Stantler: Nice idea on having a battle, there isn't any experiance available as there is no need for levelling up. I can't wait to see how you find your way in now and will it be too late?

October 8th, 2008, 4:35 PM
Kira followed the woman in silence, even regulating her breathing so as not to make too much noise. She bit her lip from asking about a hot shower - or bath. No, no, she told herself, don't torture yourself. Just think about what kind of person this 'Master' could be. She frowned, as the thought ocurred to her that this Master may be one of those Trainers that mistreated their Pokemon and threatened them to get them to carry out their Trainer's bidding.

Her thoughts were interrupted, however, when they reached a pair of huge doors, and Kira almost ran into the woman. She hastily took a step back as the doors opened, blinking at the sudden light flooding in from the room beyond. The woman continued forward, and Kira hastened to follow, still blinking as her eyes adjusted.

The woman turned to her. "Please release your Pokemon from their Poke Balls and join the others." She said eerily, and Kira stifled the impulse to shudder, "It will not be long until my Master arrives and you learn his intentions."

Kira nodded, and reached into her bag for her four Poke Balls. The doors shut with a boom behind her, and she jumped, also dropping the Poke Balls. The burst open in four bursts of light, and her Pokemon looked around at their new surroundings.

Her Noctowl - Reece - immediately went to perch on her shoulder. "Whoa! She said, trying not to buckle under the Noctowl's combined weight and height. "Reece, you can't do that anymore," she said regretfully, detaching the talons and throwing the bird into the air, where it resumed flying. "You're too big now, remember? You're not a little Hoothoot anymore."

The Noctowl looked a little put out, but brightened and made a happy chirping noise when it was reminded of its recent evolution. Alby quickly attached himself to Kira's beanie, while Irie and Salem remained at her sides. As Kira moved forward to join the others at the table, she took note of the huge Gyarados in one of the pools. Mental note, she thought, don't anger the Gyarados's trainer.

A black-haired boy looked up at her, a smirk on his face. Oh dear. Please don't let this boy be another Caleb. "What took you?" He asked, looking at each of her Pokemon. Kira bit her lip at first to prevent herself from making a sarcastic remark. This could be the Gyarados's trainer, for all she knew.

"A storm." She eyed the Pidgeot behind him, "Which I'm assuming didn't bother your Pidgeot much at all." And she was being honest. The Pidgeot looked like it flew through a bad storm every day. Salem, however, looked a little worse for the wear.

The boy smiled at her praise. Don't get a big head, she thought darkly to herself. You wait, and we'll see who ends up beating the Master. "Nah, not at all. Pidgeot could fly through anything."

Kira only shrugged, and glanced around at the rest of the Pokemon. "So, which ones are yours?"

The boy looked behind him, grinning. "Over there," he motioned to a group containing a Scyther, Hitmonlee, Venasaur, Rhyhorn, and Sandslash. "Say hey, guys!" Each of the Pokemon spoke out. "I'm Corey, by the way." He said, turning back to her.

Kira nodded. "Kira, nice to meet you." She glanced back to the Pokemon. "They all look like they're in great shape," she turned to him. "But, with so many Pokemon, how can you guarantee they're all getting the best training possible? Why do you think I only keep three with me at a time unless I need one?" She asked, smirking a bit herself.

The boy looked taken aback by her sudden change in attitude. Kira shook her head and turned to go see who owned the Gyarados. "Let me know when you have an answer," she said over her shoulder.

Alby and Reece both snickered. Kira grinned at the Vaporeon sitting on the edge of the pool, and Salem immediately jumped up to greet it. "Those are mine," said a voice from behind her. Kira turned to see a stocky older boy. "Including Nidoqueen, here."

Kira grinned. "They all look fantastic," she said, eying each of the Pokemon. "All of these Pokemon take a lot of skill to raise, especially that Gyarados of yours." Kira smiled when the large water-flying type exclaimed his response to the praise. She turned to the trainer. "Should I take that as thanks?" She said, still grinning.

The boy laughed heartily. "I would, but I take my hat off to you for asking." Kira grinned and stroked her Vaporeon. "If you don't mind me saying, that Vaporeon of yours looks pretty good, especially for someone that looks like a rookie."

"You're lucky you threw that compliment in there, otherwise I would probably ask her to Hydro Pump you." Kira glanced upwards. "Or maybe it's the huge Gyarados lurking over me." She laughed, and the boy joined her. "I'm Kira, by the way, rookie trainer aiming to become to best in Johto." She said with a smile, hopping down from the edge and offering her hand.

"Fergus." He said, taking it. Kira nodded, and finally moved to the table, sitting across from a brunette girl with a Wigglytuff.

Looking behind her, Kira saw a Rapidash, Wileplume, Blastoise, Dewgong and Ninetails. "I'm guessing those are yours?" She asked, eyeing the girl as she attacked a banana before feeding her Pokemon some of the fruit.

The girl looked up and smiled. "Yup," she said with a laugh, and Kira had to kill her grimace before the girl saw it. The voice made her skin crawl, not to mention that happy-go-lucky aura just emanating from her.
Kira nodded, quickly pulling the conversation to a close as she turned to Irie, and started stroking and feeding her.

She glanced up when a group of trainers walked through the door, and each of the other trainers introduced themselves and their Pokemon. She grinned at them, and waved her hand around her. "And these are my Pokemon, Reece, Irie, Salem, and Alby." she said, and they each greeted the trio.

Not an instant after, the lights dimmed, leaving the trainers in darkness except for a column of light in the center of the spiraling ramp. The pink-haired woman spoke then. “You are about to meet my Master. The time has come for your encounter with the greatest Pokemon master on earth.”

Irie tensed, her leaf perking up in a defiant stance. Alby stood on her head, his tail hand clenching. Kira frowned and craned her neck. And so the Master will finally reveal himself, she thought to herself.

October 9th, 2008, 6:36 AM
Chapter Three: New Island

There a teenager stood, as the large gates slowly opened, creaking as the enormous hall revealed itself to Brian. The teenager nodded his head at the amazing sight of such indifferant designs as around six to ten trainers filled the room, the teenager didn't bother counting them all.

"We got another one arriving." One trainer shouted out to the others in the hall. Brian looked to the trainer who wore his blue vest as he folded his arms with his eyes closed after yelling out. James looked to the maiden who with her motionless face dazed to him.

"Please release your Pokemon from their Poke Balls and join the others." She said strangely, "It will not be long until my Master arrives and his intentions are revealed." She then walked off slowly, Brian looked bemused.

"Intentions?" He asked, but she took no notice. "What does she mean by that?" The teenager asked himself. The boy started to walk to the table where others had gathered and interacted, Brian took out his four Pokéballs and held all four miniture balls between his fingers before throwing them in the air, where the balls bursted open as four differant kinds of Pokémon revealed themselves. Brians swellow swooped through out the hall in the air, spreading it's wings as it soared and glided back to Brian's side. Blaziken was next to make it's enterance as it clenched it's fists and grunted it's name rockingly. Tentacruel was so exhausted from travelling Brian to New Island, it slept by the water fountain as Brian's Nuzleaf started to chop the air with it's arms, doing a few karaté moves.

"So they're your Pokémon ey?" A trainer with an orange jacket and frizzled blue hair asked Brian who nodded along. "They arn't too bad, my names Corey, and yours?" The trainer asked holding onto his last note.

"Brians the name, Contests the game." Brian said eagerly to his counterpart who laughed at the thought of it.

"Pokémon Contests? They're embarassing, just a bunch of wannbe celebrities." Brian got angered by Corey's words but kept his cool and simply just walked away, to see three people enter, two guys and a girl in soaked clothing like pretty much everyone else. After the maiden had spoke to them, they came over to speak to the other trainers, including Brian. The trainers all interacted and said there names, Brian picked up everyones name as they all introduced their Pokémon. Brian leaned against the long narrow table with his arms folded next to his Nuzleaf while his Blaziken and Swellow were by the Tentacruel in the water. Brian didn't realise that a breeder named Brock holding a Vulpix in his hands came over.

"So, what's your name?" He asked as he held out his hand. Brian unfolded his arms and shook his hand.

"Brian's the name, Contests the game." He said with his popular greeting. Brian noticed a trainer with a red hat upon his head and a Pikachu on his shoulder, recognising the two figures he couldn't put his finger on it.

"That's Ash Ketchum if you didn't know." Brock said as he noticed Brian pondering on the thought. The teenager immidiatly remembered him from the Indigo League tournament he watched on television shortly before his contest battle in the qualifying rounds.

"Ash, I remember. He lost with that Charizard right?" Brian asked the breeder, who nodded along.

"I wouldn't tell him that, his Charizard never was like that. When it was a Charmander it was very obediant, now it doesn't seem to care even though Ash only cares for his Pokémon." Brock explained to Brian who noticed his Nuzleaf went to greet a Venasaur near by. Brian looked over to the trainer by the Venasaur, it was Corey's Venasaur, the trainer that insulted his profession earlier.

"Guys, say hello." The trainer said as all his Pokémon greated everyone around the table, Corey then came over to Brian and brushed back his hair before speaking.

"Sorry about earlier, I'm normally a nice guy. Just a bit frustrated." He held out his hand as Brian shook it and nodded before Corey walked back to his seat eagerly. A few minutes passed and the maiden stood by a long spiral tube that reached as high as you could see, the trainer's and Pokémon's attentions turned to the maiden as she introduced her master.

The lights started to dim where it suddenly the hall became filled with darkness, Brian folded his arms again as everyone looked to the tube where the maiden spoke loud and clearly. "You are about to meet my Master." Brian took a deep breath, keeping his arms folded. "The time has come for your encounter with the greatest Pokemon master on earth.” The tube started to brighten as a figure came down from the tube, it was too dificult to make out for Brian though as it came down very fast.

October 9th, 2008, 9:51 AM
"Croc! Croc!"

Crocanaw was shaking his trainer vigourously until Gold finally stirred. He sat up and shook his head, looking around the land he was on. The rock was cold and wet with the water splashing on it, but that didn't matter to Gold. He had survived the storm and he couldn't have been more grateful to be alive.

"I can't believe we survived that, but we aren't on New Island," Gold said. He gave a sigh of disappointment. "Well, we're both alive and that's all that matters, right? We'll wait a while before trying to head back towards the Pokemon Center."

He shuddered as he thought about the other trainers. One side of him hoped that they didn't make it, but another side of him just wanted them to be safe and alive, wherever that may be, even if that meant New Island. It made him a little more disappointed that he had not made it, but he tried to shake the emotion off. He had to worry about his and Crocanaw's well-being.

The feeling just wouldn't go away...

Gold sniffed and wiped his eyes. "Crocanaw, let's look around and see if we can find anything," he suggested. He wanted to do something to get his mind off of New Island and challenging a Pokemon Master, the match that probably would've the greatest of Gold's life.

Crocanaw climbed up the rock and into a little cave entrance. Gold climbed up as well, following his pokemon. He slipped into the opening of the cave and found something strange there. Sitting in front of him was a door. Why was a door here? There shouldn't have been a door on an abandoned island.

"This is weird..." Gold mumbled. He twisted the doorknob and the door creaked open, letting him inside a large staircase that was dark and wet with water. Gold climbed the staircase all the way up to the top to an entrance of a hallway. Gold looked around at the many strange, but fascinating, designs on the wall in confusion. At the end of the wall was two large doors- and a lady.

A person, Gold thought. He cleared his throat and walked over to the lady. "Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?"

"Certainly," responded the lady. Gold looked into her face. It was cold and empty as if it had no emotion in it at all. "You're standing where the greatest pokemon battle of all time will take place. You're on New Island. Before I can let you in, I need to see an invitation.

New Island! Gold was at the place he needed to be the whole time! He felt suddenly happy again, before he remebered the lady's request. "Uh, yeah, here's my invitation." Gold flashed the little card to the lady. She nodded and moved over so he could go inside.

"Go inside. My master will meet you very shortly."

The two doors creaked open, and Gold stepped inside the large room. He was amazed. The room was large and he was so stunned that he didn't even walk in. Gold was instructed to release his pokemon, so he pulled out Pichu and Haunter's pokeball and called out his pokemon. The came inside to where all the other trainers who made it where.

Gold was surprised. There was barely anybody at all. Out of all the trainers waiting at the pokemon center, only a select few had made it. They were all proud of their accomplishment too as they sat around the tables, talking or showing off their pokemon.

Gold was wiped out. He didn't want to talk to anybody at all even though their was so much to talk about. He pulled an apple from a fruit basket sitting nearby and nibbled on it until the lady walked inside and faced the trainers.

"Welcome trainers to New Island. You are about to meet my master shortly. Please welcome the strongest Pokemon Trainer in the world!"

Gold stood up and clenched his fists as his biggest challenge ever appeared right before him.

October 11th, 2008, 6:09 AM
*Lanee: Very good post and good interaction with the other characters and I'm pretty sure your character wont expect who the Master is.

Dark_Link12: Good post and the idea of your character grabbing something to eat was a good as it showed the after effects of a tough journey over the sea.

Chapter Four: Mewtwo Strikes Back(Two Posts)

Description: Everyone was anxious, perhaps scared. In the large hall, the ancitipation of few seconds seemed hours. The maiden stood introducing you all to her Master.

"You are about to meet my Master, the time has come for you to meet the greatest Pokémon Trainer on Earth."

The Master comes down on a long spiral tube of a bright blue light. The Pokémon and trainers alike get wary of it.

"Yes, the worlds greatest Pokémon Master is all the most powerful Pokémon on Earth. This is the ruler of New Island and soon the whole world, Mewtwo."

The trainers are shocked and one retailiates. "A Pokémon can't be a Pokémon Master, no way!"

"Quiet human, now I'm the one making the rules." Mewtwo and the Maiden both say before the trainer gets sent into the water. His Gyarados goes to attack and then gets attacked by Mewtwo and faints. The Maiden is then back to her normal self, Nurse Joy in the hands of Brock. Mewtwo explains all what is going to happen and etc (Watch film if you want quotes, this is where you can interact with other characters and perhaps Mewtwo to get information).

Mewtwo reveals seven Pokémon, Charizard, Venasaur, Blastoise, Blaziken, Torterra, Feraligatr and Dragonite (The one who gave you the invitation). Three trainers fight the Kanto Starters while then your choice is left to battle the others.

What You Do: Find out Mewtwo's intentions either by communication or gathering quotes off the film and listening to him, maybe see Nurse Joy. Then you choose whether to battle one of the remaining four Pokémon with one of your's or think of creative ways to do your post(s). Finish your post with all the Pokémon Battles done.

I don't think I really layed out much of the above quite well, so if you have any questions or ideas, PM me. As I'm trying to make twists in this role play as it's from the film, it's quite dificult.

October 11th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Leo never found his Slowbro named "Lapras", angry, Leo headed back to the weird building that seemed to cover the entire small island, however the doors wouldn't open, not even budge just a tiny bit. The island seemed deserted and the only thing that Leo was able to hear aside from ocean and wind were the giant windmills and talking...

Leo looked around to see who was talking, it sounded like people were having a conversation not to far from him.

"We're just... so close right now, we can reach it." A woman said, "Let's go in now." said a man. Leo got closer and hid behind a large stone, he saw two adults, dressed in white uniforms with their backs turned on him talking to each other with what appears to be a Meowth standing up right next to them. They seem to turn over the corner and find something.

"We need to go in through the sewer..." The woman mentioned, she appeared to be seeing an entrance possibly. Just then she started to sound spooked from her more collected self, "Eh? I sensed something..."

Funny thing is, Leo sensed something too just there, as if something was watching him and these two other trainers but he didn't know what and just then something weird happened. At first Leo didn't believe his ears but he could of swore the Meowth started to talk,

"Let's go quickly, nya." It cried out and hurried along with the two other trainers.

Leo figured it would be best to follow these guys since they seemed to know how to get in. He followed behind them, hiding in the shadows with Penny hugging the wall with him.

"Man, it smells like poop in here." Leo coughed as he pinched his nose with his jacket trying not to breathe, his Piplup holding his nose, nodding in agreement.

Unable to cope with the smell of the sewers, Leo found a ladder and went up it, leaving the white uniform trainers down there to their unknown destination.

Leo moved the top over as he crawled out, yelling, "AIR! FRESH AIR!" he said in delight as he started to breathe again, his Piplup joining, hanging on to his back. He looked around and saw that he was in a giant room, he realized that this was the room he left when trying to look for his Slowbro. His Staravia, soared away from him towards the group of trainers in the center of the room. Leo followed seeing a trainer get thrown back against a Gyarados, "Whoa!" Leo muttered. He turned and saw what appeared to be some sort of weird looking Pokémon, it glowed in a blue light.

"Wow! Who's that Pokémon? Raichu?" Leo asked, Penny shrugged. Leo smiled and took out a Pokéball, "Whatever it is, it's mine! Pokéball GO!" Leo shouted as he threw a Pokéball towards the mysterious Pokémon that stood before the trainers. Suddenly a trainer with a red cap started to glow blue and was pulled in front of the weird looking Pokémon, using him as a shield against the Pokéball thrown by Leo, the trainer screamed,

"Wha? AHHH!!" He started to glow red and was instantly zapped into Leo's Pokéball. The ball shook a bit and then stopped, the catch is complete. "Th-that's possible?" Leo asked, his Staravia and Piplup stared dumbfounded.

"Stupid human. Be gone!" a voice was heard, Leo and his Pokémon started to glow blue and were thrown across the room, slamming against the large doors. "Ouch, that hurt... a lot." Leo said, rubbing his back. His Pokémon slowly getting up. A Pikachu ran up to him and started to slap him with two other trainers, a girl and a guy with a big backpack, "Give our friend back!" They yelled, "Where's Ash? Release him at once!"

Leo laid there and slowly rested against the doors, unsure of what just happened.

October 11th, 2008, 5:54 PM
Chapter 2: A real challenge

Max walked out into the cold sheering rain. He came up to his playful Lapras and put his freezing hand on her body. Max quickly took his hand off for she was freezing cold.

"No wonder." Max said putting his hand back on her head.

He looked around and noticed the boy with the Pikachu he saw earlier was leaving on the back of a Squirtle! Surely if a Squirtle could do it so could Lapras.

"Hey girl. How do ya feel about taking me across this angry ocean to New Island huh?" Max asked.

"Laaaa." Lapras said turning around.

Max smiled and jumped on her back. Her back freezing which to Max wasn't a problem because he had stuck a hot rock he found at a spring not to long ago in his pocket and had warmed it up using Monferno's Flamethrower. Max sighed knowing this would be a challenge.

"Ok Lapras. Let's get to New Island!" Max said.

Lapras sped off into the devastating rain. A few minutes after their departure a bolt of lightning came crashing down right in front of them. Lapras jumped back deathly frightened fell into the water on her back. Max was being totally stupid and hadn't grabbed hold on her in anyway and was sent flying into the air. He landed into the freezing cold water and slowly started sinking.

This is really cold. I can't hear anything other then Lapras's cry and then the thunder clapping above water. I fell pain, I don't have any air in my lungs after I screamed and fell into this god forsaken freezing water. I fell the tingling in my left hand...It's going numb. Max thought as he started losing conciousness.

Max slowly opened his hurting eyes which were attached to his freezing head. He saw his Lapras and that she was carying him across the deadly ocean.

Am I alive? Is this heaven? No I think I'm still alive. Max thought regaining the feeling in his hand.

Lapras seeing that he was awake threw him onto her back, scaring Max because he didn't know what she was doing and then landed on her back almost falling off. He slid down her back and quickly grabbed apart of protruding shell on her back and climbed up. He sat up and grabbed the back of her neck and looked to make sure he had everyone's pokeballs with him. Monferno's, Sneasel's, Eevee's, and Lapras's were all in check. Max sighed with relief and looked foreward.

He could see the outsketching of what he thought was New Island. He coughed a few times and to his surprise coughed up alot of water. Lapras flinched looking disgusted and continued through the harsh seas. They arrived on New Island later then everyone else appearently because the gate was closed.

"Crud!" Max said pounding the gate with his fists.

Nobody came to let him in though.

(sorry if it's a little short:/)

October 13th, 2008, 10:32 AM
Stantler: Did you just say Ash was put in a Pokéball? I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. I'm not gonna bother grading this, no offense but that is one crazy thing to do.

Pikalover: You got Chapter Three to do by Friday, like everyone else. Good post.

October 13th, 2008, 8:32 PM
Of course, the catch didn't last and the Trainer named Ash was let loose. It seems Pokéballs function better for Pokémon not humans. He, along with his friends and the rest of the trainers were angry at Leo for what he had done, but it wasn't his fault. He just wanted to catch Mewtwo but that went down the tube.

"Man, now everyone hates us." Leo said, talking to Penny and Staravia. His Pokémon agreed, "You guys are no help." Leo stared at his Pokémon a bit angry.

Leo sighed and heard a voice coming from somewhere. he thought it was Mewtwo again, but it sounded more human, he looked around and found a trainer. The one he saw before that was on a Tentacruel. It was a trainer who has brown hair and baggy blue jeans. He approached him,

"Are... you Brian?" Leo asked timidly, since he is shy around strangers. "I don't think we met before... but I could of swore that I heard you talk just now.." Leo said, confusing the trainer. Leo continued, "It was crazy... but why do you grade posts. This is a fanfic and roleplay.. not a high-school essay... I mean, uh, if you're going to make pointless and demeaning posts like that then I don't see why I can't do this." Leo said as his heard hurt.

"W-who's Pikachu Lover? What's going on?" Leo became confused, his Pokémon looked worried for him.

"Quite mumbling you pathetic human!" Mewtwo said as a group of cloned Pokémon came from behind him. Leo heard a trainer call out for a battle. Leo was all gun-ho about it until he realized he had to battle as well,

"I-I'm not good at battling. I mean battling these Pokémon.. I don't think we stand a change.." Leo said as he watched Pokémon and their trainers get flung around by Mewtwo like they were made out of tissue paper. "But I guess I have no other choice... we came to battle after all." Leo shrugged, his Pokémon getting ready behind him.

Mewtwo led everyone to a giant arena where he would battle each trainer one by one with his clones. Leo watched how every trainer were getting defeated one by one as the clones seemed to be more powerful and have the upper-hand. Finally Mewtwo sent out a cloned Staravia. Leo's real Staravia was brought out to the arena,

"Okay Staravia, it's all on you now! Don't let that fake win!" Leo yelled towards his Pokémon.

The two Staravias started to fly into the air, much like the Charizards from before. The cloned Staravia was too fast and powerful for Leo's. They both kept pecking and grabbing each others wings with their talons until the clone Staravia slapped Leo's with his wing, causing him to fall back down in pain. As he laid there, the clone landed on top of him and began to peck wildly at his face.

"Noo!!! Stop! Stop! I give up! Don't hurt my Staravia!" Leo cried out for his Pokémon as he ran for his Staravia, picking it up in his hands, trying to nurture him.

"Now, as victor. All of your Pokémon are mine!" Mewtwo said as he began to toss out millions of weird looking black pokéballs towards everyone's Pokémon, catching them.

"What I thought catching Trainers Pokémon was impossible.." Leo said, and then he remembered what he did with Ash, "Nevermind..." He muttered as he ran away with Staravia still in his hands, Penny running with him, running further ahead, "Penny run! Don't let him catch you!!" Leo yelled as he tried to find a way out of the arena but all the exits seemed blocked...