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September 26th, 2008, 2:55 PM
"You know Boudica, that wig is the most atrocious thing I have ever seen. How you've fooled everyone these last ten years with that disguise is beyond me," a cloaked figure with wings whispered to the person standing next to them. "How I'm the only one that's been able to see through it is beyond me."

The "man" snarled and said, "Quiet you! It's a pretty damn nice wig if I have to say so myself. Made from the finest Ninetales fur available. Now stop critiquing my disguise and focus on what's on hand Madam Avatar."

The cloak figure nodded its head. It brought its hand to the hood covering its face and pulled it back. The woman had a very elongated, avian like face with burning red eyes peering from behind her scarlet, shoulder-length hair. The Avatar's skin was abnormally tan for a person who lived in the perpetually cloudy Sacred Lands. However, when you are the human embodiment of a God, you don't always fit the norm.

"You know, he's probably going to show up." Boudica said. "Are you ready?"

"No, not really. But it's not like I can opt out of the ceremony. If he comes, it'll be up to my guardians to protect me. I'm still not strong enough to take him on," the Avatar said. "Speaking of my guardians, where are they 'Merlin?'"

"They're at the tower making final preparations. For Pokemon, they sure are good at their jo--OUCH!" Boudica/Merlin started before a flying pebble of doom interrupted her. The culprit was an angry Aipom, standing on a nearby fence. Its arms were crossed and a look of contempt beset its face. Boudica snarled at it and reached down to grab a stone of her own. She threw it as hard as an eighty-three year old woman can. Aipom nimbly dodged the rock and lunged at the cross dressing old woman. The monkey then lunged at the woman, grabbing onto her "priceless" wig. Outraged, Boudica pulled a large stick from her pocket and began to thwack the delinquent monkey on the back of the head. "Why I ever started training you is beyond me Aipom - YOU ARE THE WORST POKEMON EVER!"

The Avatar had enough and grabbed the monkey off of Boudica's head. Petting its head gently, she softly said, "Now, now Aipom. You know she wasn't saying you were any less bett--"

"Yes I did. All Pokemon are superi--" Boudica interjected.

"Boudica, be quiet. That's no way to treat a Pokemon. Especially one of your Pokemon," the Avatar scolded. The old lady spit and adjusted her wig angrily. "Anyway, let's get going. I can hear the crowd gathering already. Can't keep them waiting."

"You can't afford to wait. You have to do the ceremony at the exact time or it won't work," Boudica said, now walking alongside the Avatar. In the distance, two large towers protruded into the skyline. One was painted a bright gold while the adjacent one shimmered with a silver hue. A large throng of people were gathered around their bases. Smoke bellowed from the fires they had belt and the murmur of their voices drowned out all other sounds. As Boudica in her Merlin disguise and the Avatar made their way over the final hill, the crowd immediately noticed their presence. Cheers and applause began to sound from the crowd.

The Avatar's face turned a bright red. "Let's hurry up and get to the top of the tower Boudica. The Eclipse is happening soon and there are people from all over the world here for this ceremony. I don't... don't want to disappoint."

The trio reached the crowd and Boudica began to push through the crowd, who let out cries of "Merlin, don't be so rude!" and "Geesh, this old guy has no manners." The Avatar just shook her head, still amazed they tough Boudica was a man.

Finally, they reached the door, where an Ampharos, Bellsprout, Slowking, a question mark-shaped Unown and an older man were standing.

The old man stepped aside and opened the door, "After you Mistress Ambrose and Master Merlin."

"YOU WILL ADDRESS HER AS MADAM AVATAR INSOLENT PEON!" Boudica bellowed in a suddenly masculine voice which caused the man to wince in fear.

"Merlin, I swear... Thank you very much Mortimer," Ambrose said, bowing to the man. He smiled in a frightened matter, bowed, and then briskly walked away, disappearing around the side of the tower. Boudica rolled her eyes and then set her sights on the Unown. The levitating Pokemon showed as much glee as it possibly could at seeing its master. Boudica reached her arms outward and the two embraced in what could be called the most awkward hug in history.

"I missed you Aikhyt!" Boudica said, releasing the Pokemon from her grasp. The Unown made a strange noise in return and they hugged again. The Aipom then walked by Boudica and slapped her leg with its tail before disappearing through the tower's doorway and up the stairs. Boudica growled and said "When I get a moment alone with that monkey, I swear..."

Ambrose smirked and followed Aipom up the stairs with her three guardian Pokemon and Boudica closely behind. Ampharos's tail began to release a faint light that illuminated the staircase. After about fifteen minutes of descending the stairs, the group reached the top room. Boudica and Slowking were breathing heavily, their stout, stocky bodies not built for climbing stairs.

"Alright, let's get ready. The eclipse is happening in one hour," Ambrose stated as the group nodded in agreement. They went off in different directions, and began to prepare for the ceremony. Meanwhile, the crowd was growing larger, with more people arriving every moment...

Alter Ego
September 27th, 2008, 6:46 AM
{For the last time, Riri, it looks fine.}

The girl gave a tired sigh {That's not what I asked, Waru.} she shot back, peering critically at the continuously too small and altogether insufficient hand mirror, {I wanted to know if it was perfect.}

The creature beside her let out an irritated sound reminiscent of the hiss of escaping steam. He was always on edge during these border weathers, when storms hung on the horizon but refused to make anything of it, sending his body into a constant state of flux between blue and red, gray cloud and white cloud, and this argument was not helping, {Riri.} the Castform said as patiently as he could, {It's only a ribbon. It's as perfect as an ordinary, white ribbon can conceivably be!}

{Mmm...it's very white, isn't it?} Riri replied, tilting her head, {Maybe I should have gone for another color? Like purple, or maybe a nice, dark shade of-}

{Look!} the weather pokémon snapped, {We've been at this for a whole hour! Will you finally give that damn ribbon a rest and-}

A frantic chiming noise from the field nearby effectively cut their argument at the root, both trainer and pokémon turning to face the peculiar creature heading towards them - mostly reminiscent of a particularly colorful wind chime, save for the exited-looking little face at its front...well, as far as the creature could be considered to have a front.

"It's already starting?!" Riri exclaimed in shock, quickly tying up the remaining one of her twintails with hte as-of-yet-unused ribbon in her hand without sparing as much as a glance at the mirror, "Thank you, Chirin." she said, hastily patting the little wind chime on the head and earning a cheerful little chiming sound in return, "I'm glad someone has been keeping track of things here."

{Well excuse me.} Waru snorted, {For only having been repeating that fact to you for the last half hour!}

{Now is not the time to be pointing fingers.} Riri replied evenly, giving her still disapointingly plain blouse and skirt a last check to make sure that they were as presentable as could be while hastily shoving the mirror into the small bag by her side along with the various other tools of the appearance-conscious that she had obtained specifically in preparation for this meeting before carelessly shoving said bag into Chirin's care, {We must present ourselves to the avatar with dignity befitting a high priestess and her entourage but we must still make haste. Come on.} she clapped her hands authoritatively before setting off into the fastest mode of unaided transportation that could still be referred to as walking.

The crowd did not yield very well, however, not even to such a peculiar ensemble, and by the time Riri arrived at the scene, the avatar had already stepped inside the tower.

"Right." she said to herself, taking a deep breath before making her way to a handily positioned rock jutting out of the ground by the edge of the crowd and - after a moment of hesitation over what such an endeavor would do to her outfit - climing up on its top, a prime position for watching the proceedings, "Very well then, madame avatar..." the Fuuma heiress mumbled, pulling her knees to her chin as she turned her gaze towards the top of the tower, "Prove to me...prove to me that you have what it takes to save Fuuma."

September 27th, 2008, 10:50 AM
“This is such a hard choice,” said a man in hardy tone as he scratched his chin. Unlike the rest of the townspeople, which were collected around the twin towers located at the center of the town, Daedalus was busy at one of the local jewelry vendors. His trusted Weavile, Icarus, stood sternly by his side, eyeing something in the sky. Daedalus followed the direction of the Pokemon’s eyes and saw that he was staring at the Gliscor flying above, the newest addition to their team.

“If you don’t mind me asking, sir, but what exactly are you looking for?” the question cut off Daedalus’ train of thought and looked over at the man running the vendor. The man was extremely slim, bordering on unhealthy, and his facial hair seemed to have a mind of its own with the way it was growing.

“I’m in need of another necklace charm, but nothing too flashy.”

“Well can you hurry up? I don’t want to miss the ceremony.”

“What is this ceremony for anyway?” Daedalus said while lifting up one of the charms. The jewel on it was carved in a complex pattern.

“What, didn’t you hear? Today Madam Avatar will be presenting herself to the townspeople.” Daedalus mouth was agape and he immediately dropped the charm. How stupid could he be to forget such an occasion? Without another word, the oddly dressed man retrieved the necklace from the floor, grabbed an unknown amount of money from his bag and shoved it into the skinny man’s hands.

“Wait sir, come back! You gave me too much!” The man kept pleading for Daedalus to come back but he was already darting toward the growing crowd. His oversized, tattered jacket flew behind him like a cape as he exceeded speeds no everyday human could achieve. To his side was Icarus, who seemed to keep pace without much effort at all. Above was Gliscor, who began to dive toward his trainer to see what the rush was.

‘No one called you down here,’ Icarus said to the descending Pokemon. Although Daedalus couldn’t understand the weird language, he had spent enough time with both Pokemon to know when Icarus was going to start and argument.

“Cool it you two, I don’t have time to break up another fight,” Daedalus said in serious tone that he didn’t usually use with his Pokemon. The two Pokemon didn’t dare question the patience of their trainer and immediately silenced.

It wasn’t until they actually reached the crowd when they realized how densely packed it was. Honestly, Daedalus didn’t even think that much people lived in the small village. Within five minutes of his arrival, he had his toes stepped on three times, shoved to the side twice and on one occasion, punched in the ribs. He found his left hand touching the handle of his hidden short sword, but fought the urge to slice at the next person to make contact with him. Icarus, however, didn’t bother try restraining himself, and cut at the leg of a man that kicked him three times.

“OH DAMNIT, MY LEG!” screamed someone, and Daedalus hastily grabbed Icarus by the arm and dragged him from the scene of the crime.

Daedalus’ eyes fell upon a lone rock that looked over the entire immediate area. If he could just get on top of it, he could avoid all this pushing and shoving and get a great view. He was only a couple of yards away when, seemingly out of nowhere, a caped woman gripped the boulder and climbed it with impressive speed. Seconds from impact with the female, the expert assassin side-stepped but still scraped his shoulder on the rock.

“Thanks for the warning!” Daedalus screamed with a hint of sarcasm, although he knew there was no way the girl could have seen him coming. Still frustrated that he lost the prime vantage point to a much younger girl, Daedalus settled himself in the front of the crowd and waited for the ceremony to begin.

Alter Ego
September 30th, 2008, 8:57 AM

At the sudden exclamation headed her way, Riri was briefly distracted from her vigil over the tower, at least enough to catch a glimpse of the stranger addressing her. Black hair, black clothes, vaguely scruffy. Despite the somewhat unusual attire, she assumed villager. What did she know about local fashion, after all? Or choice in companions, for that matter?

"I was not aware that I had warned you." the priestess replied earnestly, her tone betraying nothing beyond polite confusion, "But you are quite welcome. Now, I do not mean to be rude, but the ceremony is mere moments from starting and I would not wish to miss it, so please do not feel obligated to thank me any further about this. It is my duty as a priestess to offer guidance to those in need, so think nothing of it."

With that, she offered one last, polite smile and a brief nod of her head to signal an end to the conversation before turning her gaze back to the tower, hoping that this poor man would not be offended at her accepting his heartfelt gratitude with such a curt response. It was very important for her not to get distracted right now, after all; it simply couldn't be helped.

Had he been in a position to do so, Waru would have made a scathing remark at this exchange, but as it was, he settled for secretly rolling his eyes beneath the shelter of Riri's cloak. Sarcasm was no fun when the other party just made it too easy.

September 30th, 2008, 11:02 AM
Amoret the Wise stood in the glistening sunlight. Normally, she would be happy to have such weather. In her home town, one would be lucky if the rain was not lashing down upon the ground at a speed similar to bullets getting fired from a gun. However, she was rather disappointed with the day’s weather as the sun was shining in her eyes. If she couldn’t see what lay ahead of her, she was in trouble. There were many people within the town and outside of it who would want her felled as soon as possible. Could their wishes come true today due to a minor distraction? Possibly. She needed to get away from her current location but she knew that moving without getting permission would be as dangerous as jumping in a pool with a pack of piranhas.

Not only was her health at stake; so was her reputation with the townspeople and throughout all of the regions. So far, her superior sounding knowledge had been enough to get her through life but now this Avatar business had come to town and she hadn’t been informed about anything. Why would she be? It was held in high belief that Amoret’s education of important matters was delivered through the stars. There was no need to tell her about the current events as she already knew what was happening. At least, that was what the important people thought. In truth, she scammed information from people.

As soon as that thought floated across her mind, she was mentally transferred to the past. She was standing in the corner of a tavern. A timid fellow was at the counter of the bar, praying to Arceus that no one would come in and request an order. It was quite apparent that he hadn’t held the post long and from the looks of things, he wasn’t going to be holding it much longer. A younger Amoret walked in the door, looking confident and classy. If there had been anybody in the pub at the time, she would’ve walked right past the people and shouted at the top of her voice. Everything she did relied on having the most attention and being recognised as a superior human being. Amoret watched her past walk over to the barman and begin speaking. She couldn’t hear their conversation from where she was. That didn’t matter. She remembered it as clearly as the day she heard of the avatar business.

“Ah, hello there, my good man. I’ll have a whisky, please.” Amoret waited for the man to turn around. “Oh, and tell me, did Tom give you a couple of coins to pass on to me?”

The newbie revolved on the spot. A frown was etched across his face. “Tom…” His face was quizzical. “I don’t recall ever talking to a Tom in my life. Unless you mean all Bombadil, but he’s way up north, I hear.”

Amoret’s acting was supreme to most. That’s what she thought, at least. She made herself mirror the expression she saw before her and replied, “Whatever do you mean, boy? Do you not recall a Tom Parsignoble? I highly doubt that you wouldn’t, seeing as he’s the man who hired you.”

The kid was frowning so much his face resembled a rat. Amoret’s younger self nearly winced at the sight of him but managed to refrain. “What? No, that’s not right at all. I work for Lucas McCintosh. A man through and through, I might add.”

“Ah, I see. Perhaps my associate sold this tavern on a while ago. I haven’t talked to him in a number of years.” Amoret nodded, turned around and walked outside the door, leaving the timid, confused bartender holding a half-filled glass of whisky that would never be paid for.

Instantly, Amoret was thrown back into the present. Sometimes she hated having photographic memory, other times, she loved it. She smiled to herself when she remembered what happened the next day. She walked into the very same bar and a different worker was at the counter. The smart lady asked if Lucas was around and when she was told no, she frowned and asked if he had said anything to his employees about giving her some money that he owed her. When the answer was no for the second time, she persuaded the person at the counter to hand over ten silver coins as the boss would be pleased with the boy’s quick thinking.

Of course, she had never talked to Lucas in her life and the kid was going to get an earful the next day. She had managed to acquire a decent amount of information and money so she didn’t really care about the fate of people she’d never see again so long as Arceus was kind.

So what did she know about the great avatar? In complete honesty, hardly anything. She had heard that there was going to be a ceremony at some point tonight and that it was related to the topic she didn’t know anything about. Surely going to it could only enlighten her. She had dressed as fine as she could, with her emerald robe hanging loosely around her shoulders. Amoret didn’t need to wear a disguise if she was attending a public event. Most people would recognise her face. Both foes and enemies. She had nothing to worry about. No one would attack her if her allies happened to be there as well.

She looked up at the sky and instinctively raised her hand to cover her eyes from the brightness of the sun. Soon, the moon would be in front of it and an eclipse would take place. An eclipse was needed for the ceremony. At least, that was the word around the town. Was it true? She had no clue.

All she knew was that the next couple of hours would seem like a long time. She hated relativity.

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October 6th, 2008, 2:59 PM
“I’m nearly done.” A young, dashing man in his twenties insisted firmly, but pleasantly. His dusty blonde hair had fallen into his eyes, and through his concentration, he hadn’t had the time to brush it out of the way. Today was the day. The day that the Avatar would appear. While he wasn’t particularly interested in the war, or the Avatar, the high spirits of the town had infected him, and any sort of depression he’d been suffering the week before had flown out with the nearing completion of his latest work of art. It was so inspiring to him, the bright white paint bathing the tower not but a kilometer away in beautiful sunshine. The blue skies on the right, where the sun shone were colored with the bluest baby blue, the skies on the left colored with angry purples and grays. The receeding storm created the outlet for the amateur painter’s condition, but he’d managed to twist it around in a style so that it was optimistic, rather than frightening like the paintings tightly wrapped in canvas sitting in the back of his studio. He sat back for a moment, examining his work with clear eyes and a genuine smile. What a day it had been. Not particularly eventful, but simply just one of those days where everything felt right in the world. “Well what do you think Flax?”

The slender pokemon turned its oval eyes towards the painter behind the easel, a large thick brush in it’s hands as it painted over the sunrise it had painted on the wall. The smeargle had claimed that particular wall for itself, creating a new scene every other month with collected leftover paints and the black ink from his own tail. Leaning the brush against the paint can from which it was whiting out the layer of paint underneath, Flax bounded over behind the easel and examined the painting. It pointed at specific points on the paiting, and without saying a word, the two artists found things to improve, things to be rid of, and things to rearrange. Which, Art decided, would have to wait until another day. Sitting up from his stool and stretching his back, Art heaved a satisfied sigh, twirling his brush between his fingers before setting it in a metal washtub filled with water.

While he pushed the curtains aside and opened the windows to his studio to air out the smell of acrylics, Art spoke lightly to Flax, who was working madly to finish his first coating of white. “I think getting out of this room will do us some good, right?”

He would receive no response, he knew. Thus, without further ado, Art tugged at the back of his paint stained apron and stepped into the other room, where Croconaw sat on the tabletop, meticulously peeling leaves apart, and a magcargo slumbered peacefully in the corner. “What are you doing?” Art asked the water pokemon suspiciously, pulling his apron off and replacing it with his good twill jacket. “Are you going to clean that up?”

Croconaw’s response was prompt as he shook his head no, engrossing himself in his business once more.

Obviously not about to get conversation while the water pokemon was busy preparing confetti to throw around and make an even bigger mess in about a week or so, Art continued the business of cleaning himself up. While he probably should’ve at least washed his hands, he wasn’t really thinking that anyone would care. After all, the people who mattered were the villagers; they would know that he’d spent the entire morning working on a piece of art, which they would probably appreciate. At least, he hoped they would. At least taking the time to rub off the larger patches of dried paint, Art rearranged his hair, pulling it back into a proper ponytail, and also managed to get a spot of red paint off of his face. The second he turned away from his mirror, he called for the smeargle in the back room.

“Flax! We’re leaving!” Art called, unsurprised when the magcargo immediately woke up, slithering over to stare at Art with wide eyes. Patting the magcargo’s shell, Art laughed at it’s silent way of asking whether he could tag along. So different from the croconaw, who had simply assumed it was coming along anyway. “Come on then.” He said, leaving Macargo’s side to open the door for the pokemon who marched out of the house in a big fight to get out first. Well, fight could only apply to Croconaw, who had shoved itself into the small opening left on Magcargo’s side, not wanting to be beaten out the door by either Flax or Macargo.

A good amount of time later, the quartet had finally made it to their destination, after slowing their pace down for the slug pokemon who wasn’t quite as adept at moving as quickly as everyone else in the group.

“See, this is why we left early.” Art pointed out to Croconaw, who stuck his snout in the air.

<’I think Jumbo here should just move faster.’> He sniffed, folding his arms and plopping down on the ground to wait for whatever it was they were here for to be over.

He had confetti to make, and he wasn’t pleased to be wasting his precious time here.

October 16th, 2008, 6:50 AM
"Madame, the eclipse is about to begin. Are you ready?" Merlin said, stumbling into the room the Avatar was getting changed in. Ambrose was seated in the corner, her eyes closed in meditation. Ampharos tail was illuminating a mysterious text on the walls, which glowed as brightly as the Pokemon itself. Bellsprout held a tambourine with one vine and was slowly beating with another, playing a mellow tone that soothed all in the room. Meanwhile, Slowking was standing directly in front of the Avatar, it's body surrounded by a purple aura.

[Are you ready my Queen?] Slowking asked.

[No, but there's no backing out. I can feel the energy from the eclipse rising. Boudica is right - it's time.] Ambrose opened her eyes and stood up, her magnificent wings opening at their full span. She was dressed in a white cloak decorated with images of the tower's past. Her scarlet hair flowed freely down her back and her feet were bare, exposing the talons that protruded from her feet. [Are you ready my Guardians?]

[Ye-s-s-s-s my qu-e-e-e-en...] Bellsprout said with a slightly shaky tone. [For you, we would do any-t-t-hing-g-g...] The Grass/Poison-type changed the tone of its song - the tempo increased and the sound was magnified.

"Alright Boudica - let's go. To the top of the tower." Boudica, still in her outrageous drag nodded and stepped out of the door.

Ambrose made her way out of the room and began walking up the stairs to the roof. Normally, the sun's light would be illuminating the hallway, but with the moon encroaching on the star, the group relied on Ampharos's bright tail instead. The door to the Brass Tower's roof was rotting and old, but it was decreed long ago no repairs were to be done to the tower - Lugia and Ho-oh's mere stewardship would prevent any serious damage to the tower itself. Boudica pushed on the door and slammed it open, revealing the roof and its set up:

Eight bells; four made of tin and four made of brass; were set up equal distances from one another near the edge of the roof. A magnificent fire burned in the middle, surrounded by a great pool of water - signifying the elements most important to the two birds. The floor of the roof was covered in granite tiles that glowed with the light of the oncoming eclipse. Near the western side of the roof was a large, red platform. Presumably it was built for the ceremony to take place on.

[My Queen, I would say you have five minutes until the eclipse comes into full circle. Let us begin.] Ampharos said, it's dainty black eyes fixated on its master. Ambrose nodded and looked to Boudica. The priestess nodded in return and walked to the pool of water. Grabbing a tin and brass cup, she scooped up some water from the pool. She walked to the Avatar and poured the contents of the cup over Ambrose's head. At almost an inaudible sound level, Boudica chanted a spell that was intended to purify the performer of the ritual. Ambrose responded to each line of the spell in her own unique language that not even the Pokemon could understand. Finished, Boudica stepped backward, descending back to the door. Taking Ampharos and Bellsprout with her, she nodded one last time at Ambrose and closed the door.

"I hope I can do this Slowking," Ambrose said with a deep sigh.

Ambrose walked to the platform and stepped up onto it. Once again, she released her wings at full span, which caught the last remaining rays of sunlight. A glorious rainbow formed, which caught the attention of the crowd below. Meanwhile, the brass bells began to ring with the presence of Ho-Oh's true spirit emerging.

"My friends, my followers, my beloved! Today we perform a ritual that will not only bless the two towers we call home, but we also bless our homes, our farms, our lives. With the joining of the two spirits, we--"

Ambrose froze. Unknown to the crowd below, the tin bells had too began to ring. She looked back to Slowking, who's facial expression revealed he too was as puzzled as she was. The crowd below began to murmur, wondering why the Avatar had stopped already.

"Foolish Ho-Oh. You think you can perform this ceremony without me!" a voice bellowed, followed by a devious cackle. The sound of heavy wings beating drowned out the sounds of the crowd below. A cloaked figure appear almost out of no where, landing with barely a sound in the pool of water. It raised its pale, boney hand and with one swift motion, tossed some water on the fire. "We don't need that, do we... Amby."

Ambrose stood completely still. The figure's presence had caused a temporary paralysis to overtake her body. Her wings drooped to her side and her eyes pulsated with fear. She managed to say in a stuttering tone reminiscent of Bellsprout, "Greg-g-ar-i--us, what ar-r-r-r-e you do-i-i-ing he-r-r-r-e?"

"You know full well you can't perform this ceremony without Lugia. Hmm, how did it go again. The priests that live in these towers perform some cockamamie and what not, we appear glorious, our silhouettes against the backdrop of the eclipse, a sacred storm moves in and drops a rain that blesses this area until the next eclipse, blah blah blah. Mindless rhetoric my dear Ho-oh. You know full well it's all just a show for these idiots that call the 'Sacred Lands' their home," the figure said, dropping its hood. His face was handsome and pale. His eyes shone like a silver moon and his cerulean hair was cropped at his ears. Gregarius's neck was long much like Lugia's. Markings similar to those of Lugia's were also apparent. "My other half - we have taken different paths. You desire to return to our true forms some day. I, however, wish to stay in this human form and take part in the vices I have long been denied in my godly form."

A tear slowly slid down her cheek. Even though his mouth was spewing acidic words, Ambrose couldn't help but to be happy to see him. What a strange feeling. The one person preventing her from fixing the terrible situation they were in washer other half, her "brother" of sorts. She wanted nothing more but to grasp him and never let go. However, when they were reborn, she knew something was wrong right away. He was cold, distant, downright mean to those who were taking care of him. However, his strength returned at a much faster rate than it did for her. She could barely walk while his wings were almost fully usable. Then, one night, he was gone, and word reached them that he had joined in the war efforts, seeking fame and money.

"I can't let you interrupt the ceremony Gregarius. These people, they rely on it for hope. And after what you and your allies have been doing, they need all the hope they can get," Ambrose said surprisingly without stuttering once.

Gregarius smirked and ripped the silver cloak from his body. His giant, white, angelic wings opened to their full size. They emitted a bright, glowing, silver light that caused Ambrose to wince in pain. "I'm not here to interrupt Ho-Oh. I'm here to perform this ceremony itself. Why should some halfwitted reincarnation at only 1/16th of her capabilities perform a ceremony so 'important.'" Gregarius's arm outstretched over the water. With a motion of his hand, a sphere of water emerged and hovered near his open palm. "You're no longer needed Ho-oh --- BE GONE!"

Gregarius raised his arm and threw the sphere full speed at Ambrose. Reacting as quickly as a Slowking could, the guardian leaped in front of the sphere and took the hit. He flew backward, slamming in one of the tin bells. It toppled over and clanged loudly.

"SLOWKING!" Ambrose ran to her guardian, who was now laying on its back and holding its chest with his hand. "Are you alright?"

[My Queen, I am only doing what I was destined to do. I would take one million hits for you.] Slowking said as it attempted to pull itself upward. [However, it seem we now have company.]

Ambrose turned and saw as three Pokemon not native to Johto appeared: a Gardevoir, a Skuntank, and an Arcanine. She had heard that Gregarius's guardians had come from foreign lands but this was the first time she had seen them in person.

"I hope you don't mind. My guardians were downright angry I was leaving without them to come here and I figured now was a good of a time as ever to bring them along," Gregarius said, his hand running along the Arcanine's back. Then, at that point, the door to the roof slammed open and Boudica, Ampharos, Bellsprout, Aipom, and Unown appeared. Gregarius only laughed and said, "Seven on four is hardly fair my dear. Luckily, I'm facing an old hag, a weakened Avatar, and some of the most pathetic Pokemon I have ever seen."

Ampharos snarled as loudly as a sheep-like creature possibly could. It unleashed a massive Thunderbolt that crackled as it bellowed towards Gregarius. However, Gardevoir stepped in the way and with one fluid motion of her hand, the lightning bolt dissipated with a quiet crackle. Skuntank, sensing the battle had begun, unleashed a cloud of toxic gas that engulfed the group of Ambrose's guardians. Arcanine soon followed, released a stream of fire. When the heat struck the gas, a large explosion set off, throwing everyone into the wall much like Slowking had earlier. They all lay unconscious, except for Aipom, who quickly ran inside.

"Gregarius, stop. These are the Pokemon and humans we have watched for hundreds of year. You can't do this - you can't support a war that will kill so many and destroy what we have built together," Ambrose screamed, the tears flowing heavier than before.

The Lugia Avatar only smirked and said, "This is what I [I]used to want Ho-oh. But coming into this form made me realize what I truly want - to be free from my Godly duties. Now be gone my other half. I have business to attend to in this tower." The man raised his hand and a psychic aura surrounded not only his body, but Ambrose's as well. In her weakened, emotional state, she could do little to resist his power. Her chest tightened, her wings bent oddly and stuck to her body, her legs crossed, and her body began to levitate slightly.

"Gregarius, please, no..." Ambrose eked out before falling unconscious from the pressure applied by the man. Her body, still weak and fragile, slumped over, leaning against the edge of the roof. The man walked to her, kissed her on the forehead, and picked her up. Gregarius held her above his head, showing the precious Avatar to its followers.

"This... this what you all have been following for so long - a weak, crumbled, shell of its former self. It's time to accept fate. The Sacred Lands are to be no more. Let Ho-oh here be a lesson to you all. The weak are to be eliminated and the strong survive." He released his grip on Ambrose, throwing her over the edge of the tower. Her almost lifeless body fell quickly, descending towards the ground at a rapid rate. Some in the crowd ran to her to catch her, others began to encroach on the entrance of the tower to catch Gregarius, others began to run away.

Alter Ego
October 16th, 2008, 11:47 AM
Riri, to put it simply, was shocked. The beginning of the ceremony was every bit like she had expected. Chiming bells, ceremonial gestures, articulate speech, but then...something had gone wrong. The avatar had frozen up in mid-speech, and the next thing she knew, Gregarius was atop the tower instead, gloating openly about how the weak would perish and the strong survive before tossing the first avatar's limp body over the edge of the tower.

For a moment, the priestess could do nothing but watch as the supposed hope of her clan tumbled down helplessly through the air, feeling - above her first reaction of wanting to help - a deep sense of hatred towards Gregarius, and an even deeper sense of betrayal. The sunbird's avatar, what good was she? Weak, pathetic, downed in a single strike? What could she do to help the Fuuma if Gregarius could knock her down with one strike just like he did with any regular human? It was then, however, that she realized something about this train of thought that immediately made her bring it to a halt.

That was how Gregarius wanted things to be, and even if she couldn't win, she would most certainly deny him victory in every way she could, starting with the avatar.


Fortunately, the Dragonair had stayed true to his usual manner and was already a step ahead, darting nimbly through the paniced crowd and towards the tower. There was an issue, however; though it was difficult to make out the specifics from this distance, it was clear that Gregarius had not come alone and equally clear that the pokémon accompanying him wouldn't just let interference slide. Already, the few commoners with the courage to come to their deity's aid were being shooed off by a sizable Skuntank, the air around it thick with its noxious fumes while its Arcanine companion raced about, further promoting the panic among the frightened commoners. Quite clearly, this called for a distraction, and Riri had just the thing in mind.

"I think it's time, Waru." she whispered to the figure hiding within the hood of her cloak, receiving the tiniest nudge against her back in response. For once, it seemed, the two were in unison about their plan of action, "Let's give them..."


The priestess quite purposefully switched to human at the end of her sentence, adding to the drama of her gestures by rising to her full height and holding her hands up towards the thin ring of the sun still visible from the eclipse. Weakened though it was by the moon's interference, what little sunlight still managed to filter past was intensified greatly, creating an unreal field of light within the gloom. Inwardly grinning at the amount of attention her stunt was already receiving, the Fuuma heiress seized on the opportunity to speak up, now truly in her element.

"Citizens of sacred land, take heart!" she announced, quickly filtering through the assorted platitudes she had been tutoerd in, "The Sun is still our ally and has blessed us with her presence even in this hour of darkness! And by her grace," Waru formed out his fire blast attack without missing a beat, the sudden amassing of flames between the priestess' hands - seemingly formed through no other miracle but her own - adding an impressive finish to the act, "we shall send these fiends to the lightless abbyss in which they belong! Starting, with that one!"

At the end of her statement, Riri made a dramatic sweeping motion with her hands, still maintaining the fireball contained in the space between her palms before turning both to point straight towards the skuntank, the Fire Blast soaring through its target with a mighty roar.

Anticipating the attack, the Skuntank immediately reared its tail up, firing off a cloud of noxious fumes to intercept the projectile. Little did the creature know, however, that this was precisely as planned, for the moment the blast ensued, Nairu leapt towards it, emerging from the resultant smoke cloud and catching the Skuntank off guard with a powerful headbutt to the chest, the poison type crying out in pain and shock as it was pinned into the tower wall, the Dragonair's horn digging in through the unprotected flesh.

The dragon type didn't have time to finish his opponent, however, taking advantage of his victim's shock to spring himself upwards unhindered, leaping into its own peculiar brand of semi-flight and promptly wrapping himself around the avatar's body. As he began attempting a more controlled descent, however, something large and furry leapt at him from the side, lunging at the Dragonair's exposed neck and sending the three of them tumbling down to the ground, still hard, though it was hardly comparable to the full fall from the top of the tower, Nairu at the bottom of the heap.

Grinning in triumph, opened its jaws wide at the sight of immobilized prey, bringing its jaws down in a powerful crunch attack, only to meet very solid resistance instead of the soft, exposed neck it had expected.

"Good job, Chirin!" Riri called, taking advantage of the awe her little display had created to shove her way through the crowd as she rushed towards her fallen partner, "Now toss it back with Psychic!"

Scrunching up its face in concentration, the Chimecho forced a faint, light blue aura to form around its larger opponent, and even though it seemed hardly efficient at first, the canine pokémon was finally forced off its feet and sent hurtling backwards, though it managed to flip itself around in the air and land on its feet, ready to lunge.

"Nairu!" the priestess called, lowering herself down to check the Dragonair's injuries, only to receive a cold glare in return as the serpentine pokémon disentangled itself from Ambrose's body and returned to a battle-ready stance, horn pointed at the Arcanine. Catching the clue, Riri turned her gaze in the same direction, though she still remained crouched by the avatar's side. An impressive distraction and inspirational maneuver it might have been, but it just occurred to her that this enhanced sunlight also had a major drawback: it was ideal fighting weather for fire types, and she was straight in the path of one.