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September 28th, 2008, 9:31 AM
Catastrophe has struck the world!

The Weather Trio (Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza) have gone missing, all attempts to find them have failed. As a result, the world's natural balance has been distorted - earthquakes, floods, the works - and, with no hope of fixing it without the Weather Trio, the world is surely doomed.

All information regarding this horrific event has been forwarded to myself, Auticia, which I am now passing on to, in my opinion, the most qualified trainer's in the world to deal with this incident:

~ Rayquaza went missing first. It is usually seen once a week just above Celestic Town, however, it is not been seen since just before the natural disastors began.
~ Kyogre and Groudon presumably went missing at exactly the same time at least one week later. Two teams of scientists check on the sleeping Pokémon once a week, both reported that the two Pokémon were missing at exactly the same time.
~ All three Pokémon have an influence over our planet's weather. It can be assumed that their dissappearance is connected to the harsh natural disastors we face.

I need at least five other good trainers to accompany me on a mission to the locations where these Pokémon were last seen - Kyogre's last known location was an underwater cave not far south of a beach near Mossdeep City in Hoenn; Groudon's last known location was inside a cave at the peak of Mt. Chimney, also in Hoenn; and Rayquaza's last known location was Celestic Town (scientists have determined that it was flying in the general direction of the Kanto region).

If the appeal of adventure is not enough to convince you to join, I am pleased to announce that a significantly high monetary reward is being offered

Now, let me introduce myself formally:

Name: Auticia Waverka
Age: 20
Gender: Female
General Appearance: My skin is relatively pale as I spend most of my time indoors, I have long, braided pink hair; my eyes are a deep dark brown; I am usually seen wearing a silky black skirt that comes down to my knees, partially covering a pair of tan tights. On my top half I usually wear a freshly ironed pink-white blouse under a long lab-coat. I stand at around 5 foot 7 inches and weigh roughly 8 and a half stone.
Personality: I'm quite a high-end person - highly strung and little up-tight, finding it very difficult to relax. I am very linear and analytical, looking at every possible angle before making any decision regarding, well, just about anything. I got where I am, working as a Professor's Assistant in Johto, through a lot of hard work and determination, which is still present within my daily life whether it is at work or at home today and I will bring that strong-will with me on this expedition.
Background: I grew up just outside Goldenrod City where I was quickly roped in to Pokémon DayCare by my folks (they ran a Breeding Centre just outside of the city). Growing up with Pokémon was a real treat and, once I was ten I decided to travel myself and experience the world a bit and become more seasoned as a Breeder. However, I also discovered a passion for Contests and, while I no longer compete, I do still train my Pokémon apporpriately. After travelling for a few years (well, after losing some Grand Festivals and then finally winning one) I returned home and focused more on Breeding, which led me to where I am today - about a year after I got home (I was about seventeen), the regional Professor decided to make use of all the invaluable technology that Goldenrod had to offer and, with me being one of the most experienced Breeders around, I was hired as his Assistant. Due to his ailing health, this project has been left in my hands and, anything more is, well, history.
Magneton (genderless) named Maximum ~ a bit of a wise-cracker, it likes to play practicial jokes on people... ie, it gently zaps them from time-to-time. In saying that, however, it is incredibly intelligent.
Jynx (female) named Hexiss ~ sort-of like a mothering force, she is very old and very wise and very bossy. Unlike most Ice types, Hexiss does not have a heart of ice, but a heart of gold - she is very caring and helps anyone in need.
Toxicroak (male) named Shadow ~ my main fighter, I used him primarily for battling and if I need protection while travelling. He is a skilled hunter and has helped me find many invaluable things (both in a physical sense and in an intellectual sense) over the years.

I can only permit each of you to bring along three Pokémon only (we may encounter various creatures along the way that would be useful to us and, therefore, you should all leave space for additions to your team. Naturally, any captured Pokémon will be yours permenantly). No Legendary Pokémon you may or may not have captured will be permitted to join this operation (it may create too much conflict if the Legendary Trio we are looking for are encountered).

I hope to hear from you all soon.

Thank you.

OOC: I do have one request that I wish to put forth for this RPG ~ if at all during the course of this RPG you want one of your Pokémon to evolve, do not post about it here, send me a PM instead so that it can be a surprise, k? I think it'll be a lot more fun that way ^^

I hope this is oakies *cookies*

The following peoples have been accepted:

Laterna ~ Auticia Waverka
KLS 500 ~ Keana
QUICKtraina11 ~ Matthew
SamuraiMaster ~ Travis Darrell Mura
dragonqueen0210 ~ D. Angel. Sylviet
Kaso ~ Chad Winters
ArtekOublier ~ Elura De'Loura

We are no longer accepting any more members, seven is quite enough. Applications are now officially closed.

KLS 500
September 29th, 2008, 10:28 AM
I'll love to join this pokemon roleplay.

Name: Keana

Age: 21

Gender: Male

General Appearence: I am a pacific islander from Honolulu, Hawaii. I am 6 feet and 7 inches. I have soft brown skin. I have black hair with light brown highlights. I have brown eyes and a great smile. I am wearing a white coral necklace with a shark tooth around my neck. I am wearing a navy blue and ocean blue muscle shirt on my upper body. I am wearing white swim shorts with blue flames coming up from the bottom on my lower body. I am also wearing white socks and sea blue shoes.

Personality: I am nice with a wonderful sence of personality. Back at home in Hawaii I am usually outside and surfing or helping out my uncle with shark fishing. Since I found out that there is a pokemon world out there, I am now into running, drawing, climbing trees, and helping out with other people now since I am alone in the pokemon world.

Background: When I was five years old, I was wanting to go out there in the ocean and surf but instead I was forced to go to school and learn about the Hawaiian history. When I was six years old, I was learning how to swim inside my swimming pool outside my backyard and going to school again. Now when I was just seven years old, I was going to school as always and helping out the community. When I was just about ten years old, I was surfing away and until I finally learned that there was a pokemon world out there so I went back home and packed so I can go to the pokemon world.

1. Wartortle who is male and named War. He is a nice and calm pokemon that helps me figuring out drawings and picking apples and oranges. He has a white fluffy ears on the side of his head. He has blue eyes and white shiny teeth. He has a yellow hard belly and a brown hard shell on his back. In battle, he always uses water attacks and sometimes he uses his teeth to attack.

2. Kingler who is male and named King. He is a mean pokemon that helps me fighting with my hands and carve out Hawaiian objects. He has a hard blue shell around his body with pointy edges around the ears. He has blue eyes and white shiny teeth. He has a beige inside layer of skin that is inside the layer of his hard shell. In battle, he always uses water attacks and sometimes he uses his claws to attack.

3. Gyarados who is male and named Dragon. He is a peaceful and playful pokemon that helps me take down the tall objects and helps me push the hard rocks out of my way. He has pointy edged intena-like things on his head for protection and soft ears behind them. He has blue yes and white shiny teeth. He has a beige inside layer of skin that is covered by the soft blue layer of skin. He has a nice soft white covering over his blue and beige layer of skin on his tail. In battle, he always uses his dragon attacks and rarely uses his water attacks. He also sometimes uses his teeth to attack.

September 29th, 2008, 10:39 AM

I'll put up an intro later. I gotta get to class!

September 29th, 2008, 11:05 AM
Oakies ^^ this is looking good ^^

KLS 500 ~ two problems so far, please capatalize appropriate letters (such as the ones after a full-stop and the words "I" and "Hawaii"), and, as stated right below my intro sheet, only three Pokémon are allowed on your team so one of yours will have to removed. Please correct these and then I'll officially accept you ^^

SamuraiMaster ~ I hope your class goes well and, cos it's night here, I probably won't get round to reading your intro til tomorrow night, but I'm sure it'll be good ^^

So that's a potential two joiners already out of at least five ^^ awesome *cookies*

September 29th, 2008, 11:28 AM
Can I reserve a spot?? I'll get round to doing my sign-up asap.

September 29th, 2008, 11:33 AM
Wow, this is going way better than expected ^^

So far we've got one applicant (needs edited before acceptance) and three reserves (SamuraiMaster on here, Kaso on here and ArtekOublier via talking to him online last night XD).

*cookies for all*

September 29th, 2008, 6:29 PM
Name: Matthew (Last Name Unknown to All)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

General Appearance: I am White with a slight tan. I spend much time inside working on mystery cases as a private investigator. I have short brown hair and a slight build. I usually wear a Blue T-Shirt and Blue Jeans. I also wear a half buttoned black over-shirt. I also carry a blue and black backpack with me at all times, it carries extra Pokeballs, any battle or health items and my Pokedex, and Laptop computer. I also wears a silver chain around his neck that holds my Vigoroth’s Pokeball which it never goes into by the way. My belt holds my other Pokeballs and has a chain connected to two stray Pokeballs carrying my other two main Pokemon.

Personality: I am a very energetic person, I train my Pokemon who are also very energetic but also smart quite like myself. I work as a Private Investigator and believe that I am one of the best. I am a very smart, sarcastic, and temperamental. I get mad angry if things go in an opposite direction of what I want. I also like to collect Gym Badges and have all of the Sinnoh Badges. I can also be a very logical person and with my high energy usually end up checking the problem or circumstance from many angles before deciding to make any action.
Background: I grew up in Twinleaf town of the Sinnoh Region near a large forest full of Pokemon. I was a loner as a child and usually did things by myself. That was until I was saved from a Skarmory by a Slakoth in the forest while I searched for a special type of Berry. I did indeed find the berry and when I brought it home gave it to the Slakoth. We came inseparable from then on, Slakoth sometimes wanted to be lazy but I taught him to want to get up and do other things. Soon enough he evolved into a Vigoroth and became as energetic and smart as myself. I then became a Private I. at the age of 18, and used Vigoroth as my main partner. I then became a top Private I. and we became moderately rich. We traveled the world solving mysteries, but I also built up my team. I now have a private estate in Snowpoint City, but still love my work and do it more than ever.
Pokémon: Vigoroth (male) named Fiercer ~ Fiercer is very energetic much like myself and can solve many mysteries and problems, that would cause a problem for a ordinary person by himself. He does though have a fun side in which he can play anything you can. Holds an Everstone always has, always will.

Gardevoir (female) named Rainyy ~ Rainyy uses her mind for everything and is a very beautiful Pokemon. She does things much like a human mother in the way that she protects any one she sees fits and will do many things to help keep them safe. She does though use her abilities in Co-Ordinating Contests and has one two Ribbons.

Scizor (male) named Nife ~ Nife is a force to be reckoned with and is very strong. He is the muscle of the group and can destroy a building with a slice of his claw. He is not as smart but can do much on his own. He has taught me to live off the land and can do things himself.

September 29th, 2008, 9:10 PM
Okay here goes nothing.

As always...I use my own little Pokemon Trainer dude! Dunno why...I'm sort of attached to him...in a kool way.


Name: Travis Darrell Mura
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Appearence: Ever since he can remember, Travis has been rater tall, now reaching 6'10'', taller than anyone he knows, and is only 184 in weight. His facial features are usually ranged. He will sometimes buzz cut his black hair, but most of the time grows it out, and it gets messy, but never under his neck. His facial fair, is usually kept a about 1 cm in length. His eyes are blue. He wears cargo black pants, which zip off near the knee to form shorts. He sometimes wears a regular dark blue tee-shirt, but mostly wears a tee-shirt with a Metallica emblem on it. He wears a gray vest over his shirt which holds his iPod, cell phone, pokedex, four pokeballs, and Kanto badges. He wears around his neck a necklace, of black string and a moon stone which is the only posession he has left from his mother. He wears sometimes a black bandana around his head like a sweatband.
Personality: Due to a rough past, Travis has been known to have gone into extremely dark moods. While in these moods he can do anything from unexpectedly lashing out in anger, to wandering off alone and cry by himself to let it all out. However, through the years, Travis has been known to stop doing this, but he still does it every now and then. Asides from that, he is a very respectable person, and is a person you would want to hang around. He gives advice to trainers he travels with now. Ever since his mother's death, he has been a fan of heavy metal, especially Metallica. He often quotes lyrical phrases and names pokemon after metal songs.
Background: Not much is known to the public about this trainer. He hates talking about the past. His father left his family when he was 11 and was killed in the Rock Tunnel outside Lavender Town. His mother died in an accident when he was 15, and he then lived with his grandparents, Nova and James Mura. Two yeaars llater, Travis started his journey with his first companion, Gill (Squirtle). Sadly, that same year, after a few weeks, James died after suffering a stroke. Nova is Trav's only living relative now.
Travis fought the 8 gym leaders in Kanto then stopped. He became a wanderer in a way, wandering the Kanto region. Travis unwantingly made a name for himself, becoming a subject in some trainers conversations. Rumors of a 17 year old and a Squirtle forming a very challenging group. Travis never wanted this. He didn't know why it happened, but it did. This was mostly in Kanto, and didn't always reach Jhoto, Sinnoh, and Hoenn. Travis rarely made trips to these other regions, but has often been seen catching a few pokemon there.
Travis began getting bored over the years. Trainers who heard of him, challenged him to battles. These trainers were of high quality...but they most of the time ended up losing in battle. Nothing challenged him anymore. Then this happened, and he immediatly went to Mossdeep City, where one trainer was gathering a group to look for the three pokemon which held Earth's balance together. Travis didn't need a reward. He did it because he wanted his team to live. He was disappointed to learn that e was asked only to bring three, since his catching days were pretty much over, but did as he asked, and kept in close contact with Professer Oak, who could transport him any pokemon if he wanted.

Pokemon Team: Travis has caught very little over his entire journey, only about 20-25. But is taking the following with him.

1. Gill (Squirtle)- Travis' first pokemon, and also the most questioned above all trainers. Why hasn't it evolved after eleven years? Travis never says, as he doesn't quite understand it himself, all he can say was, "He asked it not to evolve." Gill is his most powerful pokemon and his most trusted. Travis made a vow to make it the world's most powerful Squirtle around.

2. Sanitarium (Alakazam)- Travis caught an Abra outside Cerulean City and he raised it, and evolved it into this mighty monster. Sanitarium's light screen defenses are nearly inpenetrable to most trainers, and if that's not enough, the psycique attacks of Sanitarium are enough to wipe memory.

3. St. Anger (Raichu)- After exploring some in the old abandoned Power Plant, a Pikachu attacked Travis. He battled it and caught it. He was glad he did. St. Anger gained the tust of Travis rather fast and when it evolved, it became Travis' fastest pokemon yet. His agility is unbelievable, and his electric attacks are shocking a are any attacks. They are powerful enough to even hurt Zapdos.

September 29th, 2008, 9:32 PM
Hello! I hope it isn't too late to join in!

Name: D. Angel. Sylviet (first name is uh, unknown for now)

Age: 20

Gender: female

General Appearance: Tall and slender, she is abruptly tall for her age. She has long wavy hair, the colour of opals and eyes of dark purplish black. Her, average, everyday clothes mostly consist of a long black coat with red trimmings, red ¾ pants reaching just under her knees, a light grey coloured ¾ sleeve top and a red and black polka dotted scarf.

Personality: Ever since she was born, Angel has always had a calm and confident air about her. Always thinking twice before doing almost anything, she doesn’t make many mistakes and takes care to do things right. Angel is sometimes secretive though, which sometimes makes her hard to be round.

Background: Angel grew up in Johto, where it wasn't unusual for a fast paced legendary pokemon to speed by at the speed of light. Her mother had died when she was born and she spent her childhood by herself as her father suffered from wanderlust and was frequently traveling. All by herself, she never asked many people for things, preferring to do it herself. Her first pokemon was a hurt vulpix, found on route 29 in Johto when she was out going to Cherrygrove city to buy some groceries to take home. Houndour was a gift from ever wandering father, who was then probably somewhere in Kanto at the time. Later, when she was old enough, she moved to hoenn with her pokemon, Catching Absol on the ferry going to hoenn. Three weeks after settling into life at Sootopolis city, trouble began when natural disasters started occurring frequently. Immediately, getting worried about the state of the region, she decided to help and traveled to Mossdeep city upon hearing that one trainer was gathering others to solve the mystery.

Pokémon Team so far:
Ninetales (male)-Nickname: Tantum. Tantum is quiet, level headed and acts like a cold-hearted pokemon though on the inside, he is actually quite kind.
Houndour (male)-Nickname: Duskaer. Duskaer is a natural leader, hot headed and always making accidental mistakes and being clumsy.
Absol (male)-Nickname: Scyndice. Scyndice was caught on the ferry to hoenn when it abruptly jumped out from under her bed while she was sleeping and gave her a fright; it is unlike most Absols and loves to be around people.

September 30th, 2008, 8:16 AM
It's my sign-up! *holds for applause*

Name: Chad Winters

Age: 18

Gender: Male

General Appearance: Chad has very tanned skin and the tan never goes away even if he is never in the sun.He has quite an athletic build but his hands are a tiny bit small for his arms but nobody really notices it.He has medium length silky black hair and he also has beady blue eyes.His legs and arms are very muscular but his shoulders aren't as muscular as people think they should be compared to his legs and arms.He usually wears a white 90's gangster style hat, sometimes he wears white-rimmed sunglasses with jet black lenses.He also wears a snow-white suit with a white shirt and a black tie.He mostly wears white shoes but he has been seen wearing black shoes once in a while.

Personality: Chad has a very unpredicatble personality due to his background.He is mostly a kind-hearted outgoing person but he has been known to go a bit angry to some people who annoy him.People who get close to him will know that he has a reasonably good heart and will always help people in need.Although, people who are his enemies will think that he is very bad-hearted and hates almost everyone but people who know him will know that he is more good-hearted than bad-hearted.

Background: Chad was born to an apprentice Pokemon Professor and a Professional Pokemon Trainer.He was born in Viridian City.Not long after he was born though, his mother's lab was burnt down and his father had lost his Pokemon to Team Rocket.Although his dad got his Pokemon back, he knew he couldn't battle anymore as he was getting older.His mother on the other hand became a small-time Pokemon Professor and has a medium sized lab with a decent sized garden in which wild Pokemon come and Chad's father's Pokemon now use as their home.Eventually when Chad grew older he was given his first Pokemon a male Nidoran, he was very happy and the Nidoran is now Chad's number uno Pokemon.

Nidoking - Male - Named, Nixo - Nixo is a very nice and caring Pokemon, he loves Chad like a father and is always allowed out his PokeBall as Chad knows he will never run away.Nixo is a very strong fighter and loves battling for him and it makes Nixo happy when Chad earns something after a battle like Gym Badges etc.Nixo was also Chad's first Pokemon.

Lapras - Female - Named, Lappi - Lappi is a very caring Pokemon a lot like Nixo but she is kinder to other Pokemon and trainers more than what Nixo is.She likes Chad and enjoys letting him use her as a form of transport over water.She enjoys water and will always vote for going across the water instead of across the bridge.She tries to get into water as much as she can and Chad will always let her go far out to sea when they are at the beach.Lappi is also Chad's number uno form of water transport.

Golem - Male - Named, Rocky - Rocky is a very tough Pokemon, he likes Chad but he doesen't like other Pokemon or trainers unless Chad likes them.He enjoys rolling down hills and fighting in rocky areas.Rocky doesen't like water and sometimes sits in the middle of Lappy's shell when they are crossing water.The only thing he likes getting wet are his legs as they sometimes get worn out.Rocky is Chad's number uno powerhouse and is always chosen to fight in tough battles.

September 30th, 2008, 9:44 AM
Name: Elura De'Loura

Age: 27

Gender: Female

General Appearance: Long dark, black locks cascade down my back while some rest on my shoulders as I brush some from my face. I'm tall for a woman about 5ft 11inches and rather slender too. I wear a hooded purple cloak which reveals, if taken off a tight pair of midnight blue leggings and a top almost merging like a cat suit. A blood red choker round my neck lets hang a dark sapphire from it the top almost like a polo neck going to just before my jaw. On my feet are knee high black leather boots, which go up higher just slightly above my knee which allow me to move freely. My skin is a pale pink colour, just flushed slightly at the cheeks and my eyes are amber, almost yellow, and I wear some makeup, eye shadow and red lipstick. My jacket is long and leather same colour as my cat suit fashion.

Personality:I look like a cat-burglar which can be very uneasy for other people but, I’m very wise at the same time, just like my mother. I’m head strong and try to get to the root of problems, I can be harsh and unforgiving but at the same time, gain my trust and I will be your most faithful ally. This can lead me to be quite motherly, leading me to take care of my friends. I am rather ditsy at points though and might forget things from time to time but on the whole I'd say I'm a fair person. Just ask my brother. The ditsy side isn’t the best of me, I can be silly, but I usually come back from it quickly. On the surface is this hard exterior, but once you get to know me, as I said, it’s friends forever. I’m a dreamer, far too much of one. I’ve wanted to work in a Gym for so long, I just haven’t got round to it yet. Hopefully this chance will help me shine and Ill know then what’s right for me.

Background: I come from way up in the Sinnoh map from a town called Snowpoint; it's why I wear the cat suit and the boots. My mother has been very influential all throughout my life and you'd understand if you met her. We used to live in Fallarbor Town in Hoenn...nice little farming place, but mother wanted to move and I had no choice but to go too. I can’t go out much because mother can’t be left alone; I’m all she has really. I do train though, just near LakeAcuity I've been training with some Pokémon I caught in Hoenn. I rely on my Pokémon a lot...and I love them like my children. My brother is younger but taller and rather broad, he's a lovely guy, my father I've never seen much of, he's away on trips a lot. This causes me to stay home with mother because she hates being herself. This usually wouldn’t stop me, I’m a hardy woman you know, but I love my family the most, that's why my brother Earl has decided to take a holiday from his job as postman for the region and stay home with mother(he's a momma's boy at heart). This is the 1st chance for me to prove to my mother that I can get out and live out my dream...whatever that may be.
I did go out once at the time when it was proper at about 10, when my father was still around. I went all over the world and defeated Gyms and Contest Halls alike, this may help me make my final decision as to what I want to do with my life.

Pokémon: Dista - Absol - She is my pride and joy. Apart from not being like your typical Absol she's affectionate, but a fierce battler, we enjoy the move Return because of that. She rarely stays inside her Pokéball.

Boo - Gengar - He’s so funny, ever since he was a Gastly he'd follow me about at night and so we decided he'd come with me. He’s rather powerful, and a great laugh. He’s great when I'm down.

Pyroz - Arcanine - He's so loyal and caring, although sometimes to his own demise. He'll growl at the least little thing until I say that it's okay. I do love him though, he's incredible in battle.

KLS 500
September 30th, 2008, 10:25 AM
Hello there, I have edited my sign up form and by the way, my first language was Hawaiian, but I can speak a little more English than last time.

September 30th, 2008, 12:31 PM
Looking good peoples ^^ here's the current list of all those who have been accepted based on the bios here in the thread:

Laterna ~ Auticia Waverka
KLS 500 ~ Keana
QUICKtraina11 ~ Matthew
SamuraiMaster ~ Travis Darrell Mura
dragonqueen0210 ~ D. Angel. Sylviet
Kaso ~ Chad Winters
ArtekOublier ~ Elura De'Loura

I included myself for sake of counting. Well, let me say, I was looking for a minimum of 5 and I got 7. Fortunately, I'm not cutting anyone out. I'm happy with us 7 if you're all happy ^^

Did I miss anyone out? I don't think I have, but if I have please let me know. Also, please no-one else join (I'll edit post numero uno), I think we have enough peoples here ^^

Alright then, let's begin ^^

Auticia sighed as she took one last through the names of those joining her on her quest to find out the fates of the Weather Trio. There were so many of them, but she was only allowed to take a few with her for safety reasons.

"Who am to decide who is a qualified trainer and who is not for this kinda of mission?" Auticia groaned.

"Don't worry Professor," her assistant, Skye, reassured her. "I'm sure you're a lot more qualified to make that decision than you think."

Auticia winked at her assistant and laughed, "thank you."

Feeling a bit more up-beat, Auticia decided on the final six that would be joining her excursion ~ the relaxed Keana, the intelligent Matthew, strong Travis Darrell Mura, the confident D. Angel Sylviet, the steady Chad Winters and the motherly Eluria De'Loura.

Upon finalsing this decision, she sent out one final email to them:

Thank you all for your support.

Our first stop should be the central part of the Hoenn region, where Groudon was last spotted.

Meet me in the Fallarbor Town Pokémon Center as soon as you possibly can. I will explain our first mission when you all get there.

Auticia's hair swirled around her head as she rose from her chair and exited the lab, with lab assistant Skye close behind. Outside, on the gentle calm of Route 34, just south of the bustling city of Goldenrod, she watched as many Pokémon she'd seen everyday for the last seven years flew and swam by the coast.

It was so peaceful on this quaint route... she wasn't sure if she really did want to leave.

"Ms. Waverka?" a young male voice asked.

Auticia turned to face the man, another one of her assistants, Flint. He stood just taller than her in front of a helicopter, his chestnut hair glistening with gel, his hazel eyes glowing with tears. She wrapped her white lab-coat around her thin blouse and checked to make sure all three of her Pokéballs were still attached to her belt as the propeller's whipped up a small storm and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"All set?" he forced a smiled.

"Yeah," she grinned nervously. "I've been preparing for this for a long time."
Flint laughed a little at that and helped her on to the helicopter.

"We'll set down just outside Fallarbor Town, Miss," the pilot informed her. "I, uh, hope that's alright," he looked at her, a worried expression on his face.

"It's fine Winstar," Auticia stared him in the eyes, making him turn away. "A little exercise didn't hurt anyone now, did it?"

"No ma'am," Winstar muttered.

Auticia did have to admit she was really excited about going on this wild adventure and so, without any hesitation, she gave the command to take off.

"Good luck Professor!" Skye called up as the helicopter flew away, waving frantically to her boss. "Come back safe!"

Autcia smirked and waved back down at her assistants - one optimistic, and one who knew the stakes. Auticia was not prepared to admit that this would be an easy mission.

Once the helicopter was in the air, Auticia fell asleep (she had been up all the night before being sick everywhere) and, before she knew it, they were touching down on the beautiful ash-covered field on the east side of Fallarbor.

"Thank you, Winstar," Auticia gave the pilot one final smile. "Get home safe."

The pilot nodded and took off again as quick as he could, "while the weather was good"... so he said...

Auticia took no notice of his attitude and made her way to the Pokémon Centre, to await the arrival of those few she had chosen to assist her on her most noble cause to bring the Weather Trio home. She walked quickly to avoid getting any soot on her outfit. Once inside the large red reception area, she sat down on one of the green plastic seats that queued all along in several rows to form a waiting area and, surprisingly enough, she waited for the rest of her team to join her.

Was that a good start?

September 30th, 2008, 2:20 PM
Yeah, I thought so.

Matthew walked quietly through the soot of Mt. Chimney that blew into his path. He walked side by side with Fiercer who was listening to Matthew’s Mp3. Matt walked carefully to avoid the deep pits of soot that he could spot although he would still step in one on occasion.

Matthew started to think as he walked about how exactly this could have happened. How in the world could three Legendary Pokemon as powerful as these disappear so suddenly? He began to think up many possible causes but each of his thoughts had a flaw in them including about three which he had thought over much harder than the others. One of the ideas is that some group of people could have planned and executed this. But what he did find hard to get around was the amount of people necessary to capture all three of these Pokemon simultaneously.

While thinking to himself Matthew had reached the City and found that it was a fairly small town. He decided that before he checked in with the leader of this Operation, a woman by the name of Auticia Waverka, he would check out the town. He visited a few places before heading over to the Pokemon Center, to both heal his Pokemon which had accidentally ticked off a young boy’s Growlithe and had to defeat it, and to meet with Auticia. Now with a full supply of Potions and Pokeballs he came into the Pokemon Center.

For a few moments he scanned the room looking for her. He then recognized Auticia from the description of herself on the E-Mail. She was Pale with Pink Braided Hair and wearing a Long Lab Coat. Then Matthew approached her introducing himself.

“Hello my name is Matthew.” He said extending his hand out to her, with Fiercer standing just behind him still listening to Matthew’s Mp3 Player.
Fiercer Howled “Vigorraa!” remotely quietly seeing Matthew shaking Auticia’s, trying to introduce himself also.

Was that well suited for my arrival into the Journey Party? By the way Fiercer was listening to the song Viva La Vida by: Coldplay. That is both his and Matthew’s favorite song.

September 30th, 2008, 7:08 PM

Was that well suited for my arrival into the Journey Party? By the way Fiercer was listening to the song Viva La Vida by: Coldplay. That is both his and Matthew’s favorite song.

Metallica FTW!!!!!


Travis sat at his computer in his room. His grandmother was out at the moment, and she knew he'd be gone when she got back. He would be long out of Pallet Town.

"Thank you all for your support.

Our first stop should be the central part of the Hoenn region, where Groudon was last spotted.

Meet me in the Fallarbor Town Pokémon Center as soon as you possibly can. I will explain our first mission when you all get there.
-Auticia Waverka"

Travis read the email, then shut down his computer. He would be leaving pretty much every pokemon he owned here. Damageplan (Tyranitaur), Orion (Turtwig), Trendkiller (Steelix) he would miss them. They knew he was going on this trip, but he didn't know how long...he hoped they woud be okay, especially Damageplan, as he rarely listened to anyone but Travis himself.

Travis shut down the computer. "Gill." The Squirtle, his best firend, came out of it's shell from it's nap. "We're leaving. We're off to Vermillion City."

Travis stepped outside his house, Aerials, his grandfather's Pidgeot which was given to him after his death, waited for him. "Aerials, we got one last trip I need you do do. I need you to transport us to Vermillion City."

Aerials crowed and bent over as Travis and Gill hopped on. "Let's go!" And they flew into the air.


They landed about 30 minutes later in Vermiillion City. Travis got off with Gill.

"Thanks again Aerials. Back to Pallet. I hope to see you soon." And with that, Aerials flew off in the direction of Pallet, where it cam from.

"Gill let's go. We need to take a ferry to Slateport, then bus over to Fallarbor Town. Let's board."


The ferry ride was at first rather smooth. Travis kept a low profile. He was well known in Kanto, and if people knew he was aboard, there would be trainers begging for a battle left and right. Travis would rather not battle at the moment. He only had three and they needed the energy for the task at hand.

That would change when a maelstrom formed. Formed probably due to the recent disappearence of Kyogre. The ferry was dangeroudly close to getting pulled under. Travis was even a little scared. Then Gill did something that nearly gave Travis a heart attack. He jumped into the ocean. Travis called for him, and almost jumped in after him, but help himself back. What happened next was something Travis had to smile at. The maelstrom stopped, and Gill's head was at the surface of the water. Travis called Sanitarium out and had him use his telepathic power to lift Gill back. Travis didn't know exactly what happened, or how Gill could overpower the strong currents of the Maelstrom...but he did, and that was what mattered.

The low profile died then, because some noticed that Travis Darrell Mura was now among them, THE Travis Darrell Mura. And Travis ended up doing about 15 battles on the ship...all which he won.

Now he was just getting of the bus which just arrived in Fallarbor Town.

"Sweet. Now we just gotta find the Pokémon Center. Shouldn't be too hard."

They wandered a bit into the city and then spotted it.

"Gill let's go."

Travis entered the center...

October 1st, 2008, 1:31 AM
Not bad a start, ok so here we go...

Angel noted the sharp scent of mint wafting through the air as she stepped onto route 114 after a long climb in the meteor falls.

"Why did I decide to go to mossdeep city if I was only going to go to fallarbor town?" she mumbled to herself, "Oh well, at least I get more exercise". "dooouurr" came a growl by her side. "hmm...? found something Duskaer?" she asked her houndour, it shook it's head, trotting to catch up wih it's trainer. Angel patted it on the head, "come on, we better get going, it's starting to get late and I want to arrive at fallarbor town before twilight, okay?" Duskaer nuzzled her hand. Angel smiled, striding swiftly across the long grass. Seeing Fallarbor town in the distance, she remembered the email she had recieved earlier in the day when she was still back in mossdeep city,

"Thank you all for your support.

Our first stop should be the central part of the Hoenn region, where Groudon was last spotted.

Meet me in the Fallarbor Town Pokémon Center as soon as you possibly can. I will explain our first mission when you all get there.

-Auticia Waverka"

She sighed, she didn't understand how any of the legendary weather trio could up and disappear in the blink of eye and suddenly, the world is throttled by so many natural disasters at once.

"well, I suppose this IS what makes life interesting"

Fallarbor town wasn't very big, but it was a good place to live in if you didn't mind the ash that sometimes came down from mt chimney. Angel and Duskaer entered the town just as the sun disappeared below the horizon

"so much for arriving before twilight" she said to Duskaer, the houndour snorted. She shook her head at it, "let's go find the pokecenter or we won't have any lodgings tonight"

Catching sight of the pokecenter, she walked up to it, Duskaer at her feet, 'I hope whos here knows what shes doing' she thought to herself.
Angel walked through the pokecenter's double doors...

October 1st, 2008, 8:39 AM
Chad walked slowly out into the large garden.He was looking for a specific Bulbasaur which was being tested by his mother.It was safe testing though as she had every single antidote for every single Pokemon illness known.

"Ahah! Got you now!" He said as he picked up the laughing baby Bulbasaur.He then walked back to his mother's lab with the Bulbasaur in his arms.He handed it over to his mother when he entered the lab and went over to see Nixo who was sleeping on the same seat as his father who was also sleeping.

"Nixo! Come get some food with the others" He said as Nixo jumped up and followed Chad to the small lake in which Lappi was swimming.Rocky had also come down as he knew it was feeding time when he saw Chad and Nixo heading over to the lake.

"You guys hungry?" Chad asked them as he set down the food.He stood up and started walking back towards his mother's lab.

"Mum, can I use the computer please?" He asked his mother quickly.

"Yes" She said as she put the Bulbasaur back into the garden.Chad jumped onto the computer and opened his email.He noticed the email from the Pokemon Professor who was organising the search for the Weather Trio.He opened it and saw that he had been accepted.

"Mum! I got accepted" He shouted as he literally jumped out of the seat.

"Ah, well done, are you packed?" She said as she wrote down a couple of Professor things onto her special notebook.

"Yeah I am packed, can I borrow Fearow to take me to Fallarbor Town?" He asked her as he put his Pokemon into their PokeBall's.

"Yes, he should know his way back...he has been to Hoenn before." She said as she gave Chad a small kiss."Goodbye" She continued.

"Goodbye mum, I'll write to you sometime" He said as he jumped onto the Fearow and went off on the long journey to Hoenn.As he landed at Fallarbor, he gave Fearow food and called for a nurse Joy to come and collect Fearow.He watched as Fearow was taken away to have a rest.He knew that nurse Joy would contact him if anything happened to Fearow.He looked at the Pokemon Center as he let Nixo out.Nixo ran forward and Chad ran quickly after him.

"We are here!" He said as he ran into the Pokemon Center.

October 1st, 2008, 9:04 PM
...Travis entered the Center doors...

At first he recognized nobody. So he figured he might be early, a bit early. So why not get his team ready?

He walked over to Nrse Joy behind the counter.
"Hey, Joy. My team had a rough trip coming over here. Mind giving them a little check-up?"

"Of course. They'll be ready in a few minutes."
"Thanks." he said handing her his two pokeballs, containing St. Anger and Sanitarium, then handed her Gill. Then she isappeared into the back like usual.

Travis went over to a bunch of green chairs, and sat down a few chairs away from a girl with pink hair. He took his vest off, revealing his "Ride the Lightning" Metallica tee shirt. Travis took out his iPod and stuck his headphones.

Almost like your life
almost like your endless fight
curse the day is long
realize you don't belong
disconnect somehow
never stop the bleeding now
almost like your fight
and there it went
Almost like your life!

Metallica blasted in his ears. It was a good thing to listen to when you needed to pass time...he usually listened to it when he got upset.

"Travis, your pokemon are ready to get picked up."
Travis stood up and walked over to the counter.

KLS 500
October 2nd, 2008, 10:27 AM
Keana just woke up because the sun was coming down on his face. He opened his eyes and he got blind for a few seconds from the sun. He got up from the grassy ground and saw a beautiful scenery of a city. He started to walk on the grass and then when he went further, he a nice and beautiful city.

"Um, excuse me miss, do you know where I am at?" asked Keana.
"Yes, you are inside the city of Lilycove, the beautiful city next to the ocean," said a yound women.

Keana kept on walking along the city of Lilycove and then he saw that there was a house for sale next to him so he walked up to it and saw the price. He read the price and the price was five hundred dollars so he looked in his pocket and saw one hundred dollars so he was just four hundred dollars left.

Keana walked just outside the city and then spotted a pokemon trainer wanting to battle him.

"Hey you?!" hollered the pokemon trainer. "I want a battle from you."
"Okay, come on then," said Keana.

Keana brought out War and the pokemon trainer sent out an Ivysaur.

"Use Water Gun now!" exclaimed Keana.
"Use Razor Leaf now!" exclaimed the pokemon trainer.

War jumped on a nearby rock and squirted water on Ivysaur. Ivyasaur wiggled its leaves and then two sharp looking leaves came out and hit War.

"Use Bite now!" exclaimed Keana.
"Use Take Down!" exclaimed the pokemon trainer.

War jumped off the rock and opened his mouth widely and bit Ivysaur in the face. Ivysaur struggled to get War off its body and then when War was off, it charged its whole body towards him.

"Finish Ivysuar off with another chomp!" exclaimed Keana.
"Use Razor Leaf now!" exclaimed the pokemon trainer.

War locked its eyes on Ivysaur and jumped on and off the same rock while biting Ivysaur in the face numerous times. When Keana won the pokemon battle, the pokemon trainer gave him one hundred dollars for winning. Keana was happy that War won the battle for him and then when the pokemon trainer was gone, he decided to adventure around the city some more.

October 2nd, 2008, 10:36 AM
Elura stood at the door of her house, with her mother on the sofa just gently closing her eyes. Earl will be her soon. She thought to herself, turning round to look at her mother. Her hair was more grey than white now, she had become more conservative, she breathed slowly, in and out, resting her weary bones. Dista, Elura’s Absol, lay at the fire, trying to get as much heat as she could.

One of two things happened then, her PDA began to beep and flash in her hand, and the door knocked. Keeping her eyes on the screen of her small computer device she opened the door to her brother. He was tall, with mousey brown hair, all spiked and dazzling green eyes, and rather broad shouldered. Elura looked up slowly to see him smiling down at her, his teeth chattering from the cold, colder than usual. His Skarmory clattered his wings as he shook off the snow.

“Come in Earl, you must be freezing” she said as she ushered him inside, and his Skarmory.

“Well when you stay in Hoenn like I do, and get called to Snowpoint in Sinnoh at a moment’s notice, you tend to feel the temperature drop quite suddenly” he said to his sister, with a faint hint of sarcasm.

She chuckled and took his coat off and put it up on the coat stand by the door as their mother woke up.

“So you’ve arrived have you?” she said with icy breath.

“Yeah mum, that’s me here” Real replied, sitting down beside his mother on the sofa.

Elura read the email she had been concentrating on, an email from Professor Waverka about this trip to Fallarbor. Elura was almost going back t her roots, she had been born in Fallarbor Town and knew it well. Some speaking came to her ears, and it turned out it was her mother and brother talking about her, Elura being completely oblivious.

“Not like her here, abandoning her own mother.” Their mother said poisonously, looking at her daughter as if she was a bug.

“Mother!” Elura said harshly, “We’ve gone over this a thousand times and still you refuse to listen. Earl is here to take care of you and I need to go and do what this professor asks of me, this may be my final chance, you know that.”

Her mother scoffed and waved her away.

“Anyway I just got an email, from her saying we’ve to get her at the Fallarbor Town Pokémon Centre. I’m packed mother and I have to go.” She said almost pleadingly.

“Goodbye Elura.” She said with no tone in her voice.

Elura looked hurt as she turned to Earl

“Take care of her Earl, she needs it.”

“I will Elura, let us know how you get on.”

“I will.” She smiled at her younger brother as he got up and held her close for a second and escorted her to the door. She opened it and looked out heading for the wharf where boats left from just to the south of Snowpoint.

“Come Dista.” She called behind her as her faithful Absol teetered along behind her, howling a goodbye as they both set off. Skar closely followed behind, Earl had already told him to take her to Fallarbor the instant the boat docked

They both boarded the boat and set sail for Hoenn. As she turned on the boat she noticed Skar and asked what he was doing there. Through the Pokémon speech she understood what Earl had asked him to do. She petted the Pokémon and watched from the side as they soon approached Hoenn.

They all stepped off the boat along with any others. Elura called back Dista into her Pokéball and smiled, putting them on her utility belt and sat on her brother’s Skarmory who started to fly up and off to Fallarbor Town.

Skar had to land just off of Fallarbor because he couldn’t land anywhere, where the ash was falling. Elura got off Skar and thanked him for his service. She let Dista out of her Pokéball and petted her head. Dista barked and led Elura to the Pokémon Centre.

As she entered, she brushed her fingers through her dark locks, trying to get any ash out of her hair. Her Absol shook herself free of it too as she trotted in, in front of her trainer.

“Hello?” Elura called to the Centre, looking about the centre, noticing the other trainers about her, trying to find the Professor she was after. She found her on a green seat and looked down at her, her Absol by her side.

“Professor Waverka I presume?” she said to the younger girl before her.

October 2nd, 2008, 10:47 AM
"Professor Waverka I presume?" Travis heard a voice.

Travis was just recieving his two pokeballs and Gill back. HE turned and saw the pink haired girl and a girl with rqther long hair standing before her. The girl he sat with was the professor?

"Travis you idiot the lab coat gives it away." he thought to himself, the lab coat was hidden under a blouse which is probably why he didn't recognize her before.

"Gill, that's our party, let's go."

Travis walked over to where he was sitting, picked up his vest, but didn't put it on. Then he walked over to the professor.

"Professor. I am Travis Mura, from Pallet. I am here regarding the missing trio of land, air and water."

October 2nd, 2008, 12:22 PM
Please notify me of any name changes please, just to make my life easier if and when the time comes ^^ oh and nice start btw *cookies for all*

Auticia sat quite uncomfortably on the solid green seats of the Pokécenter. She stared at the double doors intently, willing them to open and, sure enough, they did! A relatively tanned man, around about her own age, appeared to recognise and her approached.

He extended his hand and greeted her, "hello my name is Matthew."

"Auticia Waverka," she took his hand delicately. "Pleasure."

"Vigorraa!" his giant white battle sloth hollered a some sort of greeting.

Auticia forced a smile, well it was more of a smirk really, and turned her attention back to the double doors as a man she was sure she recognised entered. This man was shortly followed by two other people, a girl and then a guy, that she felt she knew too. The guy she noticed first dropped off his Pokémon - three of them - with the clerk and sat just a few seats down listening to horrendously loud music. After a short time, the clerk called him over to give him his Pokémon back.

"Professor Waverka I presume?" Auticia didn't notice as a fourth person entered.

The young Professor jumped up, slightly surprised by the newcomer. Judging by her appearance, Auticia immediately recognised who this woman was.

"Ah, yes, you must be Eluria," Auticia extended her hand.

"Professor," a male voice spoke, causing Auticia to whirl away from the woman. "I am Travis Mura, from Pallet. I am here regarding the missing trio of land, air and water."

Auticia was taken aback to all the action of people talking. It made her jaw drop slightly and she backed away from the forming crowd.

"A pleasure to meet you all," Auticia smiled quietly at the three members of her team as she quickly regained her composure.

October 2nd, 2008, 12:42 PM
Chad walked up to Professor Waverka.Nixo followed close behind him.

"Hello Professor, I am Chad Winters son of Professor Winters of Viridian City, nice to meet you and this is my main partner, Nixo" He said stretching out his hand, as Chad done this Nixo jumped out from behind Chad.Chad laughed as Nixo jumped up.

"Is this everyone that is coming on the journey?" He asked as he looked around the Pokemon Center and staring at the group of people.

"It's quite a lot" He continued.

OOC: Sorry if it's too short.

October 2nd, 2008, 10:28 PM
Angel covered her smile with a hand as she immediately saw the group surrounding a lady sitting on one of the couches.

'it must be her after all' she thought, 'I'd better heal pokemon pokemon first in case though'

She walked up to the counter and handed Tantum and Scyndice to the nurse, she looked down at Duskaer and held out a pokeball, "come on Duskaer, I need to get you heald for the journey even if you don't like being in a pokeball" Duskaer whined, she sighed. "Fine, I'll heal you next time" Angel nodded to the nurse before sitting down to wait and give Duskaer a potion from her bag. "I think I'll need to stock up on potions if this keeps going" she said to it, scratching behind it's ears. "hello? your pokemon are all healed" came a gentle voice, "thank you" she replied to the nurse, bowing and placing her pokeballs back into her belt. "we may as well go introduce ourselves, right Duskaer?" she asked her houndour, petting it on the head. "douuurrr" it nodded understandingly.

Angel walked up to the lady, a white lab coat peeking out from underneath her blouse. "hello, you are whom I need to meet i presume?" she asked, holding her hand out. She smiled sincerely at the lady.

Whoops, sorry about that mistake, I kinda forgot about it. I won't do that again.

Alter Ego
October 3rd, 2008, 4:53 AM
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October 3rd, 2008, 7:55 AM
First off, thankies Alter Ego for saving me the trouble of pointing that out *cookies* also, to Idle again, in my last post I specifically requested to be notified of name changes, it's a good job I saw Kaso in your avatar otherwise I wouldn't have known it wad you. I'll say it again more clearly this time please notify me of any name changes throughout the course of this RPG.

Now, onto problem numero duex, dragonqueen0210, you broke a rule yourself:

The lady nodded, "I'm Auticia" she replied, shaking her hand.

It is clearly stated in the rules that you cannot take control of another individual's character like you did there with Auticia, please edit that out of your post (you having that in your post essential leaves me with nothing to post in character really, you know?).

I'll post in character later on tonight or tomorrow, got some other stuff to deal with first.

KLS 500
October 3rd, 2008, 10:17 AM
Keana was walking along the border of the ocean and the sand when suddenly, he wanted to take a swim far out in the ocean so he pulled out Dragon and then he jumped on the back and told Dragon to go east. When Gyarados was surfing east towards a reef that seperated Lilycove City beach and the open waters, Keana looked down and saw all of the beautiful water pokemon swimming under the water.

Keana took off his shirt and dove in the water. He was going deep underwater and then he stopped because he saw white flashing eyes with red lines on the body. He didn't know what it was because he just got to the pokemon world and then so he started to swim up and get back on Dragons back. He was amazed that he saw a water pokemon bigger than Dragon. He told Dragon to go back and when they were on shore, he returned Dragon to his pokeball.

Keana was walking up the hill to the city and then when he heard a big crowd arguing near the cliff just east of where he was at, he put his shirt back on and ran towards the crowd.

"Did you see that?" asked one of the people in the crowd.
"Yes I did, it was huge," said another person that was in the crowd.
"I think it was Kyogre, the water pokemon that lady was looking for, I think she was looking for Groudon and Rayquaza also," said another person in the crowd.

Keana walked away and saw a big department store so he went inside and saw a large variety of items. He walked along the aisles and saw healing items, power-up items, and even plushies. He grabbed a plushie that looked like a blue frog with orange cheeks. He walked towards the counter and the store clerk said that the plushie was one dollar. Keana handed him the dollar and walked outside the department store.

October 3rd, 2008, 6:32 PM
Matthew realized that most of the people were already here and decided that his foot was falling asleep from sitting down for about ten minutes. Matt stood up and tried to get the attention of someone from the Party but was having no effect on them. I hope it isn’t like this all trip. This trip may be more than it cracked up to be. I wonder if they would even notice if I left. Whatever, Matthew thought.
“I’m going for a short walk!” Matt called out. Not knowing if anyone heard him in all the talking and greetings. He walked through the double doors and released his three Pokemon from their Pokeballs. Nife and Rainny both looked very pleased to be released and stretched their arms and legs when they got out. After that Matt told them they were going to go for a jog and they were going to be running down to the lake and back. When Matt was running his second lap down to the bridge he saw something strange. He waited for his Pokemon to catch up to get back down before going across the bridge. When he was half way across he realized that it was what he thought it was.
Matthew stopped short of what it was and called his Pokemon over. When he stuck his head up he could clearly see the teenagers battling. Other kids were around them watching betting on the winner. Some kids had money in their hands others were waiting with Pokeballs. Matthew could tell this was illegal but did not want to get his hands dirty and waste so much time down here. Matthew took out his cell phone and quickly dialed the Police Number. He told the Police all about it.
“Yes, sir illegal betting is taking place down by Mt. Chimney.” And with that Matt started walking back to the Pokemon center. Matt though did decide that he was going to do something fun while he was out here. Bieng Matt's first time he had no idea how fun the soot could be, He and Nife both took turns making Soot-Angels, while Feircer made a large pile of Soot-Balls that fell apart almost instantly. Rainny waas building a giant Soot-Man, held up my her Psychic Power. Fiercer dissapointed about his balls jumped at it but had no effect because of how compact she made the soot.
Matt returned his Pokemon to their Pokeballs before entering and sitting back down. He then stood back up and healed his Pokemon. Then laid down to wait for the last member.

October 4th, 2008, 5:51 AM
Oh no... KLS, you can't have Kyogre appear in your post like that because it is missing and if it appears in your post like that then it kinda nullifies the entire point of this RPG, you know? Other than that your post is fine, but please try to pick up the pace in getting to us because we are only waiting on you now I believe.

QUICKtraina, you've technically taken control of everyone's character by having us not noticing that you've gone. I've already had to point that out already to dragonqueen, please do not break a rule just after I've pointed it to someone else, it is highly disrespectful. Also, you've kinda jumped ahead of all us by going into Mt. Chimney alone and basically leaving us out of the adventure, you know? It's unfair on everyone else for you to do that so I would appreciate if you edited your post.

I'm sorry that my last couple of posts have not been happy ones, but there are certain rules with RPGs that must be followed. The majority of you have been doing fine and I am pleased at the speed we are moving.

Thank you dragonqueen for editing your post ^^

I'll post in-character later on tonight or tomorrow depending on how many more replies come between now and then, oakies?

October 4th, 2008, 12:01 PM
OOC: Anywhooo...lessons are learned...let's be happy! :)


More team members began arriving. About five more. This was cool. However Travis was hearing something about one more person they were waiting on. So he knew they weren't leaving immediatly.

"That's cool...hopefully the world won't end on us immediatly..." he thought to himself with a slight chuckle, even though he knew it wasn't all that funny, especially now.

“I’m going for a short walk!” one called out, as he turned away.

"Well don't be out too long." Travis muttered. Then again a little fresh air wouldn't hurt for anyone. Travis walked to the window and looked outside. He looked up at Mt. Chimney.

Then it hit him.

Groundon was said to made it's home there. The mountain itself as a volcano...an active volcano. Now Travis wasn't about to panick, he had no reason to. He didn't even give off a worried look. This town had been living in it's shadow for years now, and are were used to the periodic eruptions. Besides, all they got as ash.

Still, Travis couldn't get rid of the horrid, sick feeling deep inside himself. These eruptions the town witnessed were eruptions whn Groundon was home and asleep...now that Groundon was gone...he had no control over it's eruptions, and that could mean...

"Jesus Christ, I gotta consider retirement..." Travis thought to himself.
He looked down at Gill, who seemed to see what Travis was thinking about the volcano. "Easy buddy. We're fine." He said picking him up and setting him on hi shoulder.

"We'll be outta here soon, let's go seem if the other member is here yet, if not, maybe we can introduce the team to our little group.'

KLS 500
October 6th, 2008, 10:30 AM
OCC: Sorry about my pace, but I don't have internet or a computer at home and right now I'm at school.

When Keana was walking towards the house that was on sale, he saw that the price went down and he was happy that it did. He was thinking of how he was going to buy the house so he just sat and laid back in front of the department store and then, suddenly he heard a big noise near the ocean. He got up fast as he could and ran to the beach.

When he got to the beach, he saw a fisherman trying to get a water pokemon out of the water with his super rod.

"Are you hanging in there?" asked Keana.
"Yes I am, but can you help me out here?" asked the fisherman.

Keana helped the fisherman and then when the water pokemon got out of the water, it was a Milotic.

"Wow, that's a huge Milotic!" exclaimed the fisherman. "Thanks for helping me out here, for that, here is one hundred dollars."

Keana was happy that he helped the fisherman out and then so he counted his money that he had and then he had a few more hundred more. He was walking near the department store and then he saw the fisherman and a man in a blue suit talking to each other. Keana went back to the fisherman and then he heard the man in the blue suit saying that was the mysterious pokemon that been underwater of Lilycove city.

Keana was laughing that the mysterious pokemon was a Milotic and then so he walked and sat down and laid back near the entrance of the department store again. He saw many people walk in an out of the department store and then some people stopped by to talk to him. When he was just sitting down next to the department store, he learned a lot about the history in Lilycove City.

October 7th, 2008, 4:38 AM
OOC: Thank you SamuraiMaster for pointing out my mistake :)

Elura nodded to Auticia as she greeted everyone who was there, all different, some leaving, some still not here yet. Dista pawed at Elura's leg and whined a little.

“What is it Dista?” she asked, almost sounding impatient.

Dista looked up at Travis and the Squirtle that now sat on his shoulder. She nosed Elura's leg and she looked in the same direction. Elura had never seen a Squirtle properly before, she had never encountered one so closely. And it was the most original thing she had seen in a while.

“I wonder if there are many more to come..” she mused out loud, not to anyone in particular and sat down next to Auticia and petted her Absol as she tried to catch the eye of the slightly older, and rather tall man before her. She smiled and didn't wait for a response as she blushed.

It was Mount Chimney they were going to as she remembered some things about it from when she was a little girl, when she lived in Fallarbor itself. She remembered the ash more than anything bandit always seemed to annoy her when it got in her hair.

She had heard someone in the Pokémon centre say about introducing themselves to people. Elura looked at her other 2 Pokéballs, they contained her other Pokémon. Pressing them both in the middle to enlarge them and tossing them up in the air, they both came out. Pyroz and Pixelle both barked their hellos to their trainer, still sitting with her Absol.

Elura slowly put her finger to her lips as all 3 watched her.

“We have to be quiet until everyone else is ready, okay?”

They all looked at her more, blankly and she threw her hands up in the air.

“Fair enough...” she sighed.

Pyroz and Pixelle lay down together, the Ninetales nose in the crook of the large Arcanine's neck as she closed her eyes. Dista sat upright, still with Elura, Dista was the balancing factor between the other two or used to be when they didn't get on at first, but as the Absol watched her other two companions, she knew they were more than friends.

Elura watched the others in the centre with her, and wondered what was going to happen next.

October 7th, 2008, 5:29 AM
OOC: Just so you know, my pokemon are not the ones with Tatoos. that's the guy from Hawaii.

October 13th, 2008, 1:45 AM
I apologise for my recent inactivity, I had some personal offline issues that had to be dealt with, but it's all oakies and we're back on track. KLS 500, I do respect that you do not have immediate computer access, but mostly everyone else got to Fallarbor within their first post, sometimes two, whereas you have been dawdling behind in Lilycove City, preventing the RPG from moving forward so please get to us within your next two posts at least otherwise we will go on without you.

Auticia smiled as the majority of the people she had requested had turned and, she had to admit, she was so positively delighted to meet all of them! The group was so diverse, providing them with some incredible group dynamics to get with. It just made Auticia just so happy.

She cleared her throat before saying, "thank you all for coming, I cannot even begin to express how much this means to not only myself but to this entire world... thank you," she wiped a tear from her eye.

"I'm going for a short walk!" one of the group members called out, rushing out before anyone could notice.

"Be careful!" Auticia cried after him, but she figured he probably wouldn't hear her.

Sighing, she turned her attention to her PDA, scanning through the list of people waiting to join the crew. Auticia went through all their names and descriptions one by one, attmepting to memorise all their names so that she would come across as a good leader for the group. However, Auticia did take note of a small snag...

"Just one more to go," she whispered.

An email notification flashed on her screen suddenly, causing her to gasp and fumble and drop the device.

Her face was chalk white and her eyes were totally glazed and dazed as she groaned simply, "not now..."

October 13th, 2008, 6:14 AM
Travis noticed one trainer before him release an Arcanine and a Ninetails.

"That's a pretty good team. Wonder if she's a fire trainer." Travis thought to himself.

Travis released his other two from their pokeballs with ease as he sat down. St. Anger, his Raichu, and Sanitarium, his Alakazam came out. Gill hopped down from his shoulder and stood with them.

"Guys, I think we may be about ready to go. Are you ready to save the world?" Travis laughed.

The three pokemon gave Travis their approval nodds. That's what Travis liked to see. He was already missing his entire team, he had chosen the three pokemon he trusted the most. Travis could remember how he caught them like it was yesterday.

He caught Sanitarium after he first got through Mt. Moon. It was just an Abra at the time, and was a major reason why he beat Misty. It was soon after he beat Misty that Abra evolved into Kadabra. Kadabra evolved into Sanitarium after the victory in Viridian City. He had fought off the gym leader who was hidden in shadows. He had never seen him since.

St. Anger was caught after he beat Misty. Outside the Rock Tunnel was a power plant he decided to explore and a Pikachu attacked him. GIll battled it and he ended up catching it. The Pikachu was his biggest problem, as it would contintally refuse to listen. It took some serious bonding to gain it's trust. WHen it chose to evolve, it became Travis' fastest pokemon yet. He loved St. Anger.

Travis wondered how the rest of his team was right now, especially his Tyranitaur, Damageplan. Damageplan never did obey anyone other than Travis, unless it was someone with high respect like Professer Oak, or Nurse Joy. Luckily, he was left with Oak.

"Not now..." the professer said almost dropping her laptop.

"What's up?" Travis asked.

October 20th, 2008, 12:03 PM
Elura watched in slow motion as the PDA, also similar to her own that she had taken with her, fall to the ground. She leaned down and picked up the devide and looked it over, not really seeing what was on the screen, but lifting her eyebrow as she handed the device to the Professor.
The PDA was cracked at the back as Elura watched the professor. Unintentionally ignoring Travis she touches her slender hand onto Professor Waverka's arm and says,

"If that's broken...I can help to repair it." Elura offered, waiting for a reaction from her.

She took out her own PDA to compare what she had seen of Auticia's with her own, she pressed a couple of buttns to check her own mail, seeing that the last one she had was from the Professor herself. She watched Auticia as they waitied for that last person to arrive. When will it be? She thought to herself.