View Full Version : 911 Benefited Who?

September 29th, 2008, 12:37 PM
Bush and all of his little men are the only ones to benefit and I'll be moving to Canada but when everyone else sees what I see, I'll come down and fight with ya. I will love to install a new government, free from the evil businesses. 911 and all the wars we've been in has War Corporatism written all over them and I feel for those men too. They died to fight fictional enemies. 911 was a lie that killed over 3000 people, only leading to the deaths of millions of other people just because The Bush Family and all the other businesses didn't feel they had enough money. I hate this country and I'd love to see it as our forefathers made it but because of what happened in 1913 it'll never be the same. In 1913 was the year The USA became owned by the Banks and all the Wars since was to put millions of dollars into their wallets. We are no longer the country of free people but the country of the rich and the powerful. I am not proud to be an American because how can one be proud to kill for money. I know Bush and his men are. Bush is Hitler and his men and the businesses that caused this fake war are EVIL, EVIL men. Bush and his men are EVIL because they caused 911 and killed millions just for money. FDR was the same and all the other businesses kill every single day just to make money.

September 29th, 2008, 12:53 PM
No. This isn't even funny and you know it isn't.