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September 30th, 2008, 1:21 PM
Pokemon: Rinhid


You are a trainer in the region of Sinnoh. You are a relatively new trainer with just one Pokemon and a Pokedex. Now with your 5 best friends who you met early in your adventure, you explore a cavern rumored to have a magical Pokemon inside. Inside you do find many rare Pokemon but can’t find the Legendary Magic Pokemon. But when you went in you got lost and gave up hope. That was until you saw a large purple gem lodged into the wall. As you picked it up the walls shifted around you and your friends. The world went black…
When you woke up you found yourself in a cave just like the one you had taken the purple gem from. Your friends too had gems in their hands when they woke up. Their gems though were of different colors. You soon observed that your clothes had changed from what you were wearing and you had no Pokedex or Pokeballs. Your Pokemon still being what they were needed no Pokeball. You and your friends need to find the mystery behind your sudden “Time Travel” and get back to your own time. But to do this you must first figure out the secret of the Gems first.
Now in this new Region you are thrust into the middle of a war where your gems mean the difference between Team Opal, The Rebels, or the Royal Kingdom ruling the world. With your help we can help decide who gets to rule the Region of Rinhid.

How will you affect the tide of the War?

Basic Rules of the Role Play

1. No Godmodding under any circumstances.

2. I will only allow you to bunny with permission and only for simple things then.

3. Fill out all of the Sign Up just to make it clear who your character is.

4. Use moderate grammar. For ex. (I lik u BTW, so b my bff!!!) Also, put talking in “Quotes” and Italicize thoughts.

5. Keep it Low on the Violence, but Romance is ok to an Extent.

6. I will control all NPC's, Gyms, Team Opal etc... (If you wish to be one of these, PM me or put in Sign-Up)

7. Last Rule I have the Right to add take away or edit rules. Also i have the right to decline any Sign-Ups I wish to.

8. Have fun in the Role-Play.

9. We will be using the Pokemon from all the original games (From Yellow-Diamond.) and they will all be in this region.

10. If you want your Pokemon to evolve, don’t post it, PM me and I will tell you if I accept so you can make it more exciting. Also PM me for a rare Pokemon you want to find before you put it into the story.

11. If you try to catch a Pokemon, I will randomly choose if you do or not and I will play NPC’s and Wild Pokemon in battles also.

Character Sign-Ups

● Name: (The Name or Nickname of your character.)

● Age: (Your character can be 10-15 years old with certain exceptions.)

● Appearance: (What your character Physical looks like, Every Day clothes, and Cold Weather clothes.)

● Personality: (Must be At-Least 1 Paragraph.)

● History: (Must be At-Least 2 Paragraphs long.)

● Trainer: (What your character focuses on Training/Battling, Breeding, or Coordinating.)

● Gem Color: (What Type of Pokemon you start out with decides it. Fire-Red, Poison-Dark Green, Electric-Yellow, Machop-Grey, Water-Blue, Grass-Green, Ghost-Purple, or Flying-White.)

● Extra: (Anything Else Unique or special about your character.)

● Pokemon: (Which of the given starters you would to use. This is a Mini-Sign-Up.)

● Pokemon Sign Up:
o Pokemon Species: (Chimchar for Example.)
o Name: (Nickname if one.)
o Gender: (Male or Female)
o Nature: (You Choose)
o Moves: (His starter moves for example- Scratch Growl.)

Allowed Starter Pokemon


Moves: Pound, Growl


Moves: Scratch, Leer


Moves: Pound, Leer


Moves: Poison Sting, Growl


Moves: Pound, Leer


Moves: Tackle, Leer


Moves: Tackle, Growl


Moves: Tackle, Growl


Moves: Lick, leer


Moves: Tackle, Sand-Attack

October 1st, 2008, 7:53 PM
may I reserve for Elekid?
Name : Shade Tengu
Age : 10
Appearance : Shade has messy blonde hair with a ponytail at near the back of his head usually covered by his conical straw hat with strange bells tied onto it with fine threads. His regular clothing is a large brown coat with a chin high collar and a azure dragon at the center of the coat that covers a light orange with white stripes t-shirt with a picture of two fish circling each other resembling a yin-yang sign. On his wrist he has a light blue bracelet with white stripes that contains his a hole in the front which will soon contain his gem. On cold days he slips a light green scarf onto his neck and places two light brown gloves on his hands and continues with those items on his person.

History : Shade was a very calm child it did not take him long to understand the basics at pokemon which surprised his father greatly as it takes average children two years as Shade had done it in six months. He had also been training to become a swordsman trying to master the art of swordsmanship as well as meditation and pokemon training. His past had been very well though his complex mind he found himself bullied,teased, and name called though he was always respected at home as an young master and a formidal opponent. Since he was to young to use his own pokemon he battled with his fathers Dragonite with extreme skill and power that almost surpassed a gym leader and enough swordskill to surpass a Grovle at sparring.

Personality : Shade was always social if someone befriends him he enjoys there company and respects them as if they were a relative or a brother/sister. he possesses incredible self control of his emotions. He constantly displays an emotionless personality, though at times, he appears to have a slight degree of anger or frustration on his face. He only shows surprise when opponents prove more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he doesn't lose his composure. He does not possess any arrogance, and fully justifies any statements he makes about his power, and even compliments his opponents on their abilities.

Trainer : Training\Battling

Gem Color : Yellow

Extra : None

Pokemon : Elekid

Pokemon Sign Up
Species : Elekid
Name : Tenzo
Gender : Male
Nature : Adamant
Moves : Pound, Leer

October 2nd, 2008, 12:19 AM
EDIT: Added a bit more info to the profile ^^;

It's been a long time since I've done a roleplay. May I join? ^-^

RP Character:
Name: Riiarei Hokkaido (though she prefers to be called Rei)

Age: 15

Appearance: At 5'02", Rei is within the average height range of someone her age. She has short, crimson hair that spikes upwards slightly in the back and sharp, golden-yellow eyes, the right of which is slightly obscured by her bangs. Her typical attire consists of a figure-hugging, dark gray tank top that cuts off just above her midriff, a pair of baggy black pants, and a pair of gray and white shoes with red, stripe-like designs on the sides. Unless the weather is unbearably hot, she'll also wear a white, sleeveless jacket. The jacket has black rings around the collar and sleeves with a red dragon design embroidered on the back. Furthermore, she is always seen wearing a silver dog tag around her neck that bares her name and birth date engraved on the front. She never takes it off.
In colder climates, she'll cover up with a gray, downy jacket. If it's snowing, she'll add on a black scarf, gloves, and a pair of snow boots for additional warmth.

History: Rei has had a troubled life ever since she was born into the world. She never knew her parents (or she wasn't old enough to remember them when they left her) and she spent her entire life living a shady life on the streets of Goldenrod City. Rei spent most her time around all kinds of sinister characters, most of which were belonging to a certain gang which she considered herself a part of. She did what she had to in order to survive, even it meant stealing from others. However, she is an extremely righteous person and she would never steal from or harm anyone that didn't intend her harm themselves. As such, she basically only stole from other gangs or criminals.
Her Pokemon partner, Inferno the Chimchar, was with her for the majority of the time she spent hanging out with the gang. Though when the gang began assaulting innocent people for their own gain, Rei and Inferno both agreed to sever their ties with the gang once and for all. Together, they left Goldenrod City (and their pasts) behind them and set out to explore the world and meet new friends.

Personality: Rei is a trouble maker in every possible way. She's cocky, she's arrogant, and she has an astounding temper. However, there is a kindness beneath her troublemaking exterior. She's outgoing and sociable with her friends and she's dangerously loyal and protective towards them. Though she tends to hide emotions such as love and sadness. She also despises injustice. It infuriates her to see innocent people being harmed or treated poorly and she will often jump into dangerous situations without thinking if she knows that somebody is in danger.

Trainer: Training/Battling

Gem Color: Red

Pokemon Species: Chimchar

Name: Inferno

Gender: Male

Nature: Impish

Moves: Pound, Growl

Sorry if it's a bit short... It's one in the morning and I'm tired and I usually write 10 or more (no exaggeration) paragraphs in personality/history/appearance sections of my character profiles. So I had to condense it (which is hard for me to do) to avoid blinding people with a million words... x_X let me know if I should change anything... *falls asleep*

October 2nd, 2008, 12:05 PM

Reservations so far!

Profile/Name/Pokemon/Accepted or Not
QUICKtraina11/Matt Whisp/Ghastly (Hallow)/Accepted (Master)
Gallade of the Sand/Shade Tengu/Elekid (Tenzo)/Accepted
Riiarei/Riiarei Hokkaido (Rei)/Chimchar (Inferno)/Accepted
Trainer Kat/Caleb Harper/Shinx (Raiou)/Accepted
Koroc/Kynn Inzumah/Nidoran (Token)/Accepted
Dragonqueen0210/Tandra Garnet/Magby (Tantum)/Accepted
Zanimara/Serouka Soluna (Sera/Rou)/Mudkip (Tycile)/Accepted
Namora/Iysus Sanders/Chikorita (Lily)/Accepted

Also here is my Sign-Up

● Name: Matt Whisp
● Age: 14 years old
● Appearance: Matt is 5’6” skinny has Purple eyes and has Short Black Hair with a Purple Highlight on the Right Side. Matt wears a Blue and White Zip-Up Hoodie, White T-Shirt, Purple Swim-Trunks with a White Stripe down the side, Purple and White Shoes. Matt has Scars on his left forearm. Though in colder times he doesn’t change, he changes into a black suit with purple tie and undershirt. Matt wears a Blue Backpack and his bracelet all the time except he takes off his backpack before getting wet. Matt’s bracelet was given to him by his brother and is the last remaining thing to remember him by.
● Personality: Matt is only sometimes brave but yet not fearful much either. Matt is a fun loving pre-teen that is Smart and Artsy but also is very active. Matt is a very energetic person and can have fun doing basically anything. He has a smile on his face ninety-two percent of the time and is ready for whatever comes his way, whether it be a baseball a, a paintbrush or even a Pokeball. You can’t get Matt down without purposely trying to. Most people wouldn’t want to either because Matt is a very easy person to get along with.
● History: Matt spent most of his time with his older brother Alex and kids his brother Alex’s age when he was younger, and when they all received their first Pokemon Matt was highly disappointed to be left behind. More so when Alex decided it was time for him to go and take his journey into being a Pokemon Trainer. Alex who fell in love with the thrill of having Pokemon around him became a Breeder within weeks and met the love of his life later on. Matt now 8, who now hardly sees his brother except on rare occasions felt it was also his time. But getting turned down by Professor Rowan multiple times showed him the he wasn’t getting one that way, Matt decided to find one on his own.
Matt went to the mart one day to get some food and other needed things when he saw a sign that said that there was a special deal on Pokeballs. This was his chance Matt bought what he needed but also spent some of his own saved cash to buy two Pokeballs. The cashier asked what he was going to use them for so he lied to get out of a lecture about being too young. Matt replied” My brother wanted them for something. He’s like 18 and a half.” And the cashier let him go out of the store. When Matt got home he ran into his room tossing the bags onto the table. His mom screamed up to about 30 seconds later “Don’t throw the bags, you could have broken something.” Matt rushed down the stairs and said sorry half-heartedly before bursting out the door with his backpack and the Pokeballs hidden up his sleeve. Matt ran through the forest next to his house as fast as he could to the lake a quarter-mile away.
When Matt reached the lake he was out of breath and drenched with sweat. Matt had never sprinted so fast and been as excited about this before. When matt reached the lake he scoured the place looking for the perfect Pokemon. When Matt found a medium-sized Skarmory sitting at the edge of the water Matt was surprised. He decided to test his first Pokeball here. He threw it but nothing happened when a small red light shot out at the Skarmory. The Skarmory just flew up and away. Matt then ran out and checked what was wrong and noticed the ball had a slight crack from where the Skarmory’s wing hit it. But before Matt walked off the Skarmory came back and attacked him. Matt was cut badly and bleeding when his eyes went black.
When Matt woke up he was bandaged and sitting in his bed room. He saw something purple and black also sitting in his room... on his bed... on his stomach! Matt quickly rolled off the bed and the small Pokemon fell also. After getting dressed Matt approached it, the Ghastly floated up also and ran towards him, and brushed by his leg. When the Ghastly backed off Matt surprised realized that this was his chance. Matt remembering the instructions to the Pokeball through it at the Squirtle and it captured him very quickly. When Matt went downstairs his mom explained the Ghastly helped him get away from the Skarmory, but also had to explain that Matt’s brother Alex was killed on the way to the Pokemon Center. Now Matt thinks he is finally ready to go on his journey to help him get over his brother's death.
● Trainer: Co-Ordinating
● Gem Color: Purple
● Extra: The bracelet Matt wears came in the mail for his birthday about a week after his brother got in a wreck on the way to the Pokemon Center.

● Pokemon Sign Up:
o Pokemon Species: Ghastly
o Name: Hallow
o Gender: Female
o Nature: Bold
o Moves: Lick and Leer

Trainer Kat
October 2nd, 2008, 1:54 PM
Sorry for the length, I usually make these things twice as long.

Name: Caleb Harper
Age: 15
Appearance: Being only 5’8”, Caleb has some insecurities about his height, especially when he meets girls who surpass him in size. Weighing only 110 lbs, the male is perhaps too skinny for his height. Despite this, he carries his weight well, and manages to come across looking as though he’s of average build – not too thin, but still possessing a flat stomach. His indigo colored hair falls over the top of his ears, save his layered fringe, which occasionally obscures his left eye. He is light-skinned, his complexion next to flawless. His lilac-colored eyes always appear slightly sunken in, as if he avoids sleep entirely. Caleb wears a pair of skinny jeans that are almost too tight, as the material seems to be figure-hugging enough to be a second skin. The material is pristine, so much so, in fact, that one might instantly think that the jeans have never been worn. He wears a tight black tee shirt, under which he wears a shirt with long white sleeves. On his feet is a pair of purple Converse.
In the winter, he exchanges his tight skinny jeans for a pair of dark grey sweatpants, and throws a navy blue hooded sweatshirt on over his torso. The Converse are surprisingly removed, and a pair of flip-flops are worn in their place.
Caleb possesses a tattoo in quite the unusual place for a male. On his lower back, he has a tramp-stamp. The tattoo is of an Aztec sun, done completely in black ink. Caleb’s design remains hidden unless he removes his shirt, something he rarely does, even in summer.

Personality: Brusque and stand-offish, Caleb is quick to insult another person. He rarely accepts others into his life. His insecurities often are behind his rude behavior; he is always afraid that others are going to insult him, thus, he beats them to it and insults them first. While he acts cocky and self-assured, he believes himself to be quite inferior. He shows little interest in love, and has never been in love. Despite this, he is perpetually in a relationship, as he feels that if he is alone, he’s even more worthless. Caleb has no close friends, though he has had them in the past. He’s never completely trusted anyone either, and suffers from minor paranoia. The few close friends he’s had previously have been treated with the utmost respect. Caleb became a pushover, and was willing to do anything for them. He has a good heart; it’s just buried deep within a mess of insecurities.

History: Caleb grew up in Vermillion City, the child of Mary and Steven Harper. His family never had much money growing up, so he was forced to receive his older brother’s hand-me-downs. His older brother, Jacob, tormented him repeatedly when he was younger. The older male would treat his younger sibling like a girl, even going so far as to force Caleb to wear feminine clothes. He was never physically abusive, only verbally, continuously making sure that the younger male felt inadequate. Caleb began to seek love in other places, finding a group of casual friends with whom he would go drinking with at night. Oftentimes, he wouldn’t return home until the next afternoon.
One day, during a visit to the doctor’s office, Caleb learned that he had a bad liver. If he didn’t curb his excessive drinking, he was sure to die. The shock of learning how close he was to death drove Caleb to sever ties with his drinking buddies. When he broke the news to them, they turned on him, instantly spreading rumors and lies about him. That was when he stopped trusting people. The hatred that bore down upon him caused him to drop out of school.
When Caleb’s father learned that his son had quit school, he, too, began to drink. Caleb received most of his father’s anger, often being beaten to within an inch of his life. However, his mother, too, dealt with Steven’s drunken fist, eventually leading to a messy divorce. On numerous occasions, Caleb would cause himself physical harm, but never went far enough to endanger his own life.
Around the time he took up smoking as a stress reliever, Caleb met Raiou, his Shinx. At that time, the Shinx was wild, but the two of them had something in common; each had been abused. Raiou was the runt of the litter, and his siblings had forced him to run away from home. Caleb began to visit Raiou daily; they would sit by a tree, Caleb smoking with Raiou curled up in his lap. A year after he met the wild Shinx, he gave it a name, solidifying their everlasting bond. Instantly, he purchased a Pokéball. Raiou willingly went inside. It was then that Caleb ran away from home to start his journey.

Trainer: Training/battling

Gem Color: Yellow

Extra: There are very few things he can do without a cigarette. He has a strange fascination with Misty, the gym leader of Cerulean City, thinking she’s quite beautiful.

Pokemon Sign Up:
Pokemon Species: Shinx
Name: Raiou
Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
Moves: Scratch, Leer

October 2nd, 2008, 2:40 PM
Name: Kynn Inzumah
Age: 13
Kynn is a dark skinned kid with a average physique but he is only 4’8 and seems to be pretty short for his age. He has black spiky hair that seems to be untamed that have a pair of silver sunglasses with a dark blue tinted. He normally wears a White long sleeved shirt with a blue sleeveless jacket over it that covers about half of his torso. Kynn has on black pants and a pair of blue and black shoes. During the winter he tends to wear the same thing but he was a blue coat that he wears on top. Kynn usually wears a pair of black trunks with blue bubbles on them when he goes to play in water.
Sometimes Kynn fears that his hair is too unruly for certain occasions and he goes to put gel in it and make it spiky and stand up in all directions sort of like Naruto’s hair. When in a formal setting Kynn usually wears a black suit that has a Blue rose in the pocket that most people have handkerchiefs in. He wears a blue dress shirt with a black tie that the Black suit coat covers except for the v that is formed by the collar of the coat. He has black dress pants that completely cover his legs and he wears black dress shoes that doesn’t have to be tied.
Kynn can get real excited when it comes to pokemon, battling, and Co-ordinating but when it comes to meeting new people it is like his kryptonite. Kynn begins to freeze up when around new people. His often active personality is gone and he sits quietly and looks at the person to see if he can get a good read on them. If he sees that they are pretty good he will begin to open up to them but if not he just gets up and walks away and wants to have nothing to do with that person. Kynn is quiet smart but he hates to show it off because if he does say something and he is wrong he feels that he is a failure.
Kynn is always looking for ways to improve his skills in battles and contests and will sit and watch other people perform to get a better read on what he should be doing. Kynn has a personality that can be defined by the way water moves. Normally calm and relaxed until something or some one does something to change it.

Kynn was in a family of 5 and he happened to be the middle of children. The things that the other two did to always outshine Kynn’s accomplishments and when he did do something that the other two failed at he seemed to not get the same recognition that they would have got. Kynn always felt left out and thought that he could never be as good as the other two in the family.

When Kynn turned 12 he wanted to become a pokemon trainer and try to be the best he could be. His parents would often find Kynn looking in books about tactics and strategies of pokemon battles. Kynn would leave the house reading books on pokemon and he went to the lab to help with the pokemon sometimes. Kynn would sometimes ask his parents if he could go to Rustboro city and sit in the pokemon school classes. They would tell him to take a bus or to see if one of his friends would take him because they were always seemed to be too busy to help him. Kynn found ways to get the knowledge of pokemon. The next year Kynn’s family moved to the Rinhid Region when his dad got a new job there.

Many years later Kynn was able to go out and become a trainer. Kynn was smiling from ear to ear and he began packing. Kynn was determined to prove to his family that he was nothing to be looked down upon. Kynn began leaving the house His mom pulled out a phone and a necklace with a pendent that had a picture of his family on it. Kynn saw that with this gift that his parents was behind him all the way.

Trainer: Trainer/Battling

Gem Color: Dark Green

Pokemon Sign Up

Pokemon Species: Nidoran

Name: Token

Gender: Male

Nature: Brave

Moves: Poison Sting, Growl

October 3rd, 2008, 3:53 AM
I think I'll sign up for this.

Character Sign-Ups
● Name: Tandra Garnet
● Age: 12
● Appearance: On a daily basis, considering Tandra doesn't bother about clothes much, she often wears a long, maroon, split tailed coat and black jeans with a red long sleeve top. She is at average height for her age is an albino, strangely, with one red eye and one green eye. Shoulder length white hair is never plaited or tied up and is always flowing.

● Personality: rather mysterious and strange, though very kind, Tandra is a quiet type of person. She prefers to be alone and mind her own business, visiting people only when invited and spending most of her time with pokemon and in the library.

● History: Tandra grew up in Hearthome city, where her mother was a judge at the contest hall in the center of the city. Her father had died before she was born so her mother raised Tandra by herself with the help of an old Magmar who use to be her father's. She grew up surrounded by pokemon and was often seen with her mother when she was judging at the contest hall. Later, when she was old enough, her mother allowed her to take magmar and enter her into contests where her mother worked.

Years went by and her mother decided to move snowpoint city, where a close friend had offered her mother a job at the snowpoint temple which she could not refuse. The job paid well and so Tandra lived a life of comfort and loneliness because her mother's working hours were long. She kept herself interested by going out to the lake nearby and playing with the pokemon there. One day, while she was out and it was growing dark and looking for magmar to escort her home, it came back to her not alone but with egg in it's hands. Tandra's mother, when she arrived home, did not refuse her when she asked if she could be a pokemon trainer, and so, Tandra waited until the egg hatched and immediately that day, she packed her belongings and set out on her journey with her newly hatched magby, Tantum.

● Trainer: Half Trainer/battling, half co-ordinating at times

● Gem Color: Red

● Extra: From birth, strangely enough, Tandra has always been fascinated by a small, flame shaped box that was apparently left to her by her grandmother, who died many years ago. It also coincidently has the same shape of a birthmark Tandra has on her neck.

● Pokemon Sign Up:
o Pokemon Species: Magby
o Name: Tantum
o Gender: Male
o Nature: Adamant
o Moves: Ember, leer

October 3rd, 2008, 5:14 PM
Great Everyone!
All excepted at this point. Trainer Kat, Amazing Sign-Up!
Everyone else great job too. Namora you just need to SU.
Take your time just not like four weeks or anything dumb.
That’s it and we have room for a couple more RPG’ers here.
Unless you guys want to start when he is done with his SU.

Also I haven’t gotten any requests for NPC’s and just wanted to remind that you can become Team Opal, The Rebels, or The Royal Army or King. You just need to tell me and I will allow you to if I think you can do it.

October 4th, 2008, 10:24 AM
Cool just finish it up and we can get started on this RP.
____Try and finish up your Sign-Up Namora by tommorow so we can start.

____This is going better than I thought it would!

October 4th, 2008, 4:58 PM
Just to make sure would we need a trainer card.

October 4th, 2008, 7:08 PM
here is mine like it? http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/cards/4-10-2008/ce11b90e3fc875a6dd9d50dab6f664e1.png

October 4th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Name: Serouka Soluna (Sera or Rou for short.)
Age: 17 (I would like to be this age, but if I can't, I'm fine with being 15.)
Appearance: Serouka has shoulder length, wavy red hair with natural gold highlights. Her eyes are a bright, electric green that always seem to glow. She's pretty tall for her age, reaching an astounding six feet.
Her top consists of a black t-shirt with white long sleeves that come out from under it. The black part of the shirt is embroidered with lavender-colored moon and stars on the front and a lavender-colored tribal wolf pattern on the back. The white sleeves are striped with a dark purple. She also wears white jeans and black tennis shoes.
On cold, winter days she puts on a long, green, soft, empire-waisted jacket. She also tosses on a purple scarf and purple gloves.
Personality: Serouka is a very gentle and intelligent person. She is always willing to go the extra mile for someone in need, even if she doesn't know them. However, she doesn't take kindly to being used or stepped on. She is deathly protective over her friends. No one has been known to have messed with her pals and gotten away unscathed. She's normally a defensive person, but she she goes offensive, not much can be done for her target.
She also has a tendancy to get along well with strange Pokemon. The seem to flock to her and her welcoming nature. Serouka can often be found in forested areas, playing with the local Pokemon.
History: Serouka had a fairly normal childhood: great, nurturing parents, no siblings, and was brought up with a good outlook on life. She was always mesmerized by the Pokemon battles that she saw on T.V., as she also wanted to go out and have great adventures. She tended to find her life to be rather... boring. But this was all about to change when she turned 12.
Her abnormal growth spurt had always made her a target for bullies. One day, after a particularly bad run-in with the school bully, she found herself being chased home in a panic. When the 14-year old boy cut her off and sent his Houndoom on her, she was left cowering against a tree. Suddenly, a invisible force knocked the boy and his Pokemon backwards. Firghtened, the bully recalled his Houndoom and fled the scene. Out of curiousity as to what had happened, Serouka opened her eyes, only to be surprised at the fact that the boy was no longer towering over her.
After arriving home and doing some research, Serouka had discovered the reason for the bullies leaving and for her strange feeling during the attack.
She spent years honing her powers, but was still only partially in control of them. It was then that she decided the she would take off on an adventure with her friends, keeping her abilities a secret the whole time. This adventure would soon change their lives forever.
Trainer: Training/Battling
Gem Color: Blue
Extra: Her abilties are:
Telekinesis: She can only lift up medium sized objects, and is still not in full control over this power. When she feels threatened or cornered, she will unknowingly let out her psychic energy to protect herself and the ones she loves.
Telepathy: She cannot in anyway mind-read, but she can easily sense other people's emotions. This power has also allowed her to somewhat understand Pokemon.

Pokemon Sign Up:
Pokemon Species: Mudkip
Name: Tycile
Gender: Male
Nature: Gentle
Moves: Tackle, Growl

P.S. I can understand if the psychic powers seem like a little too much. Let me know if they need to be toned down or taken away.

October 4th, 2008, 7:44 PM
___That sounds fine to me except nothing extraordinary like fighting with your powers like a Pokemon. But other than that, you’re fine you can even be 17. Yeah all of that is fine with me.

___Now we are just waiting for Namora. When he finishes we can start but other than that we can have another person or so. But Namora we need to start soon so this RP doesn’t die before it starts.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 5th, 2008, 8:00 AM
Name: Iysus Sanders
Age: 12
Appearance: Iysus is relatively thin at a height of 5'1" and a weight of 95 lbs. She has emerald green eyes, black, shoulder-length hair, and nicely tanned skin from spending most of her time outside. For clothes, she wears a dark blue shirt with red flowers on it, blue jean shorts, and a pair of blue sneakers. For colder weather, she carries a pair of pants and a plain black jacket. Also she has a necklacewith a Celebi pendant that her mom gave to her.
Personality: Adventurous and exuberant, Iysus has a tendency to jump into things without thinking. Although she is very loyal to her friends, she doesn't feel like she can't make a move without them and will often explore places and other things with only her pokemon with her, as long as she knows where her friends are. Because of her warm and friendly nature, she easily makes friends, human or pokemon. She can't stand to see someone hurt or mistreated and will often jump in and help. Also she has a knack for getting into or finding trouble, but she has an equally strong knack for getting right back out of trouble.
History: For most of her life, Iysus help her parents run the herbal shop but felt unsatisfied with the work. With her adventous nature, she'd much rather be exploring and journerying than collecting plants or hanging around the shop. As time went by, she feared that she'd work at the shop for her whole life, not ever getting the chance to do what she truly loved. Secretly, her parents knew exactly what she wanted and were just waiting for the best time ot spring it on her.

On her twelfth birthday, she received a pokeball from her parents, and when she opened it, a Chikorita appeared in front of her. Surprised and overjoyed, she knew that she could now start her pokemon journey. Not to long after, she learned that her best friends were going on a journey as well and decided to join them since it would probably be more fun that wandering around alone. Little did she know that she was getting into a bigger adventure than she had a first thought.
Trainer: Training/Battling
Gem Color: Green
Extra: Her family owns an herbal shop back at home so Iysus is sort of an amateur botanist. She loves flowers.

Pokemon Sign Up:
Pokemon Species: Chikorita
Name: Lily
Gender: Female
Nature: Calm
Moves: Tackle, Growl

October 6th, 2008, 1:15 PM
Let’s start it up.

___When Matt woke up he knew today was the day. He got dressed and ran out the door calling to his parents.
___“I’m leaving to go meet my friends at Rinhid Cavern.”
___His mom called back for Matt to have fun. When he walked out the door the sun should have beamed him in the face but it did not. Matt saw that the clouds were covering the sun at the moment and saw a few Staravia fly overhead. He ran as fast as he could to the cavern hoping to be early so he could have some practice with his Ghastly, Hallow. When he reached the cave he realized no one else was around.
___He stood there for a moment before tossing his things onto the ground. He unleashed Hallow from her Pokeball and began to lead her into the forest. They walked into he and Hallow found another Pokemon. It was a Starly that was very small and looked fairly young. When Matt saw he took a fighting stance.
___”Get him Hallow, use Lick.” As he screamed this she charged the Starly and Licked it with full force. The Starly stunned turned and Pecked at Hallow with all it’s strength. The Starly was very surprised when the Pecks when through her and she Licked once again knocking out the Starly.
___Matt and Hallow were both very happy, with how Hallow had taken care of her enemy. They then returned to the entrance to Rinhid Cavern to see if there friends were there.

October 6th, 2008, 5:14 PM
Kynn got up early in the morning so that when he left he did not wake up his family. Leaving a note on the door to let them know why he left without saying goodbye he quickly ran off to to Cavern. Kyn knew he would be the first one there so he decided to go in the Cave a little bit and take a nap. Kynn's nap was interuppted when a strange figure dropped all of his things and then ran off. He got up and realease his pokemon.

"Token lets go see what that was." Kynn said as he began to come out of the cave.

Kynn began to calm down when he went outside and found that it was nobody. He sat back down at the entrance of the cave waiting for someone else to show up. He began to play with Token watching him jump over his hand. Kynn jumped up and decided to try his pokemon in a battle so he ran off into the near by forest. Ky ran into the forest until he saw a clearing and in the clearing was a green seed like pokemon. It had a yellow face and no arms.

"Bu Dew, budew." the pokemon cried out.

"Okay token use your poison sting attack." The Nidoran (Male) jumped up and shot a spray of needles from his head at the pokemon who stood still and took the attack. The pokemon jumped back up and ran at Token.

"Token use another poison sting attack." Token jumped to the side of the Budew's attack and shot another spray of purple needles at it from behind. The Budew didnt like this so it got up and ran off.

"Good Job Token. Too bad we couldn't finish that battle." Ky turned around and walked back to the cavern to meet the other with Token close behind.

October 6th, 2008, 5:41 PM
● Name: Mina Aino

● Age: 14

● Appearance: Mina has waist long blonde hair and blue eyes, she has a red hairbow that ties up a few strands of hair, for everyday clothes she wears a Light Blue Shirt with a Red Brooch in the shape of a heart and a purple skirt with dark blue Ankle high Boots, for cold weather she wears an Orange zip up Jacket with a white scarf, she still wears the same boots and she wears a long dark blue skirt up to her knees with the same shirt underneath the jacket.

● Personality: Mina has a one of a kind personality, she usually loves to chase famous boys, and she is very hyper and active and will do anything to impress her crush (always different) She is sometimes a Klutz but loves to be helpful, most people tend to back away from her help sometimes, and when she's on a date she'll sometimes freeze up and stutter when speaking. She sometimes tries to sing but is afraid of anyone hearing it.

● History: Mina was Born into a quiet family, she was usually very wild as a child to her mother's disapointment as her mother thinks she should be more lady-like, When she moved from the Hoenn region, her crush that she never got to say good-bye to still lingers in her mind, She remembers the times they spent together and decided she would start on a journey as he said "If we ever get seperated, we might see each other on our journies." She decided to become a co-ordinator as she thought it would help with her skills to one day become a co-ordinating idol. As she developed the skills of taking care of herself she knew she was ready to set on her journey. She hides a Secret Identity to help others in need, when she found her Magical Brooch, she gained strange powers and she now helps others while trying to be the best coordinater.

● Trainer: Coordinating

● Gem Color: Machop-grey

● Extra:She loves to dress up and hates getting dirty, She also has Special powers to Light Beams and the power of Love, all these powers come from the special heart shaped brooch she wears, when the Brooch is activated it sprouts small white wings.

● Pokemon: Machop
● Pokemon Sign Up:
o Pokemon Species: Machop
o Name: Machop
o Gender: Male
o Nature: Brave
o Moves: Pound, leer

October 6th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Shade woke from his slumber with Tengu on the rug rolling and tumbling in his slumber with blue sparks sparkling in his sleep. Shade got up shook Tengu awake and put on his clothes and brushed his teeth before grabbing his sword named Void and his sheath for extra protection. " Things could get rough out there according to my friends we are looking for a divine pokemon of some sort better safe then sorry" thought Shade carefully picking up Tengu and putting it in his pokeball and left for the chasm. When he got to the chasm he realized that he was not alone and Kynn was there looking quite scared. " Hey buddy whats the matter? it looks like you saw a ghost".

October 6th, 2008, 6:03 PM
"Hey mom, I'm off to see my friends!" shouted Mina
"Don't forget your pokemon" shouted her mother throwing her Mina's Pokeball containing her Machop, "Thanks Mom I'm off then"
"Mina, aren't you forgetting something?"
Mina walked back to her mother and took her backpack with a silly grin on her face.
"Guess I should write these things down on my hand huh?" Mina Ran out the door but tripped from her untied laces.
" *sigh* Mina now you be careful dear. there are many wild pokemon" Shouted her mother.
" Don't worry Mom I'll be fine, Bye!!"
As Mina arrived at Rinhid Cave She looked around looking eager to see her friends.
" Guys!!!! I'm here, Guys? Where are you? Was this a setup? GUYS!!!" Her scream echoed and as some rocks above her started shaking a large rock collapsed on her head causing her to faint.

Mina awoke and sawthat the cave was abandoned, she thought it might be dangerous so she equipped her Brooch and the small wings opened from brooch activating her powers.
"Machop come out" She sent out her Machop, "Looks like my friends bailed on me, some friends huh?"
Machop just curiously stared at Mina. "Hey wait a minute is that Shade? HEY SHADE!!!! ITS ME MINA OOOF!!!" Mina fell to the ground as she tripped over a strange bluish grey coloured gem.
"Ohhhh isn't this pretty, I'll keep this little beauty." She Stuffed it in her pocket as she Found herself delighted to see her friends.

October 6th, 2008, 6:18 PM
Rei awoke early to the bright beams of sunlight filtering through her bedroom window. The teen grunted at the sun for it's gentle attempts at rousing her from her sleep as she rolled over and pulled the sheets over her head in a futile effort to preserve her slumber. She hated waking up early.

It wasn't until Rei remembered she was supposed to meet up with her friends today that she greeted the morning with a little more enthusiasm. Together, they had planned on exploring Rinhid Cave, which was rumored to be the home of a magical Pokemon, spoken of only in myths and legends. Rei had always been curious as to what mysteries the cave was hiding and the thought of finally going in to explore had her practically brimming with newfound excitement. She hastily rolled out of bed, which succeeded in startling awake the Chimchar who had previously been fast asleep on his trainers pillow, and quickly prepared for the adventure that awaited her.

Once she had eaten breakfast and gotten dressed, she surveyed her appearance in her bathroom mirror before grabbing her backpack and beckoning to her Pokemon as she opened the front door. "Come on, Inferno," she said. "Let's get going. We don't want to keep our friends waiting."

The Chimchar cheerfully situated himself on his trainer's shoulder as she stepped out of her small house and closed and locked the door behind her. She did a quick check to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything before heading off in the direction of Rinhid Cave.

When she arrived, noticed that a few of her friends had already arrived. "Hey, guys!" she greeted, mentally thanking God that she hadn't been the last to arrive.

October 6th, 2008, 6:37 PM
Tandra yawned. A cool morning breeze flowed westward as she walked steadily down the lane. Tantum pecked and scratched at various objects as they continued. "jeesh, how long does this route go?" she asked tantum, stopping a bit. "maaagggbbbyyyyy!" it replied, doing a small dance. She sat down and leant back against a tree, closing her eyes. "I think I'll take a nap Tantum, we've been walking for a good long hour" she breathed a sigh. "wake me up later if you can ok tantum?"

"when I said later Tantum, I don't mean a whole morning," Tandra pushed apart the bushes in front of her, the afternoon sun blazing above their heads. "Oh well, I guess a break wasn't too bad but I wanted to arrive at the Rinhid Cavern earlier than this" Tantum pecked at her hand, "maaaagg" it screeched. Tandra sighed again, "maybe I read the map wrong, because we seem lost"

Later, when it seemed like an immensely long time, the two finally mananged to escape from the wilderness and get back onto the road. "that was fairly exciting-aaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!!!" Tandra shrieked. She noted the long sting sticking out of her arm, "I hope that wasn't poisonous" she mumbled, pulling it out. She stared head on at the small spinarak crouched on the path in front of her. "come on Tantum, let's get you some extra training, use ember!" Tantum rushed out to the front of her, breathing a small mouthful of flames. The spinarak got blown away for a second before coming back to use string shot. "hurry Tantum, use ember again before the stringshot hits you!" Tandra directed. Tantum used ember again at the spinarak and they both watched it shriek and run straight back into the forest. "maaagggbbyyyy!" crowed Tantum, pleased with it's battle. "we'll celebrate later Tantum, first, our object is getting to our destination"

Tandra sighed in relief as she sank down onto the dusty yet comfortable ground of the cavern, Tantum scratching round. She eyed two spots where someone had just dropped all of their items and had apparently just run off in another direction somewhere in the forest. She shook her head and something caught her eye. Tandra blinked and stood up, 'was that a person?' she thought to herself. Standing up, she went to have a look. And indeed it was, Mina, one of her friends, seemed to have fainted because of a rock that had fell from the ceiling. 'I may as well help her' She half-carried, half-dragged Mina and her items towards the cavern mouth, rolling a blanket out and placing her on it. 'I guess I'll have to wait until the others arrive' she thought placiedly. "Tantum, I'm going to take a nap, just make sure you don't get lost anywhere, okay?" she called out. "magby" came the returning reply from outside the cavern. Tandra sat down and leant against the cavern wall to wait for her friends. She nodded off to sleep...

Gumshoe Satyr
October 6th, 2008, 6:52 PM
Sleeping soundly in her bed, Iysus was jolted awake when something leafy started jumping on her chest, shouting, "Chiko chikorita chiko!" When she opened her eyes, she saw Lily, her Chikorita, sitting on her chest, beaming an excited grin at her. Looking over at her alarm clock, she saw that Lily had woken her up ten minutes before it was set to go off.

"A little excited this morning, huh Lily? Well, I am, too. It's not everyday that you get to explore a cool cave with friends, looking for a magical pokemon!" Kicking back the covers, she climbed out of bed with Lily close behind. She quickly showered, dressed, brushed her hair and teeth, and ate her breakfast. "Slow down," her mother told her, good-naturedly, "You don't need to gobble down your food. You have plenty of time."

"I know, but you know how some of those guys are. Most of them are probably already there. Anyway, I'm done now. Bye Mom!" Grabbing her backpack up from beside the door, she raced to Rinhid Cavern with Lily at her heels. Seeing some of her friends already there she shouted, "I'm here, guys! Are we ready yet to go yet?"

Trainer Kat
October 6th, 2008, 7:54 PM
A mess of indigo hair was all that Caleb saw when he woke up. A soft groan escaped his light pink lips as he attempted to rectify his situation, moving the dark locks out of his eyes. The teen had to resist the urge to pull the covers over his head and fall back asleep once more. In fact, he would have, had his Pokémon not leapt up on his lap, emitting a soft mewl as his soft, blue fur rubbed against Caleb’s bare chest. A rare smile graced the boy’s face.

“Hey, Raiou.” It wasn’t often that his Pokémon awakened sooner than he did. That fact alone told him that he was most likely the last, or close to the last, person to arrive. This was no ordinary day – Caleb and his “friends” had plans to explore some cave. He wasn’t sure whose idea it was, nor did he particularly care. The indigo-haired teen didn’t have a close relationship with any of his daily traveling companions. They were people he knew, though he didn’t know them well. And they didn’t know him. He was the “black sheep” of the group, so to speak. Truthfully, Caleb didn’t know why he had agreed to go with them. Perhaps he thought it was something to do. Perhaps he had hoped to increase Raiou’s strength – not that he planned to evolve the electric lion Pokémon anytime soon, mind you. His thoughts ceased to exist when yet another squeak emerged from his Pokémon’s mouth.

“I know. We’ll get ready soon. Would you like breakfast?” The Shinx nodded sharply, lifting his body off of Caleb’s and landing on the hardwood floor. The apartment was cheap, and most certainly uncomfortable to live in. Caleb no longer lived with his family, so he had to make do with what he could afford. No one said that it would be easy, but it was certainly easier to cope with hardship whilst wearing boxers as opposed to the ruched dresses that his brother would force him into. When the boy reached the kitchen, he reached into the cabinet, retrieving a can of ravioli, half of which he dumped into Raiou’s bowl. They didn’t have luxuries like microwaves, so Caleb and his partner had to cope with consuming cold pasta for every meal.

Tossing his can into the trash, Caleb turned and walked into what could only be described as his bedroom. Squeezing into the skinny jeans, he began to get dressed. As he pulled on the first of his shirts, his tattoo disappeared beneath the fabric. Once he had finished getting ready, he scooped Raiou under his arm and walked out the door. The fresh, clean air felt awful on his already tainted lungs, causing him to light up a Marlboro Red.

Caleb’s cigarette was only half gone by the time he reached the cave. He was indeed right – nearly everyone had already arrived. Not that he minded, of course. He stood far removed from the rest of the group, taking the occasional long drag on his cigarette. Now that he was around others, he refrained from speaking; words were even withheld from Raiou.

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October 6th, 2008, 8:02 PM
Mina saw her other friends arrive, she got overjoyed but as she saw Caleb she wanted to speak to him but something forced the wrods back into her mouth as Caleb Stared, Mina then turned to Tandra and smiled. " Ehehehe, isn't this gonna be fun? Whats wrong with Kynn? He's starting to Scare me now." She looked a little concerned, As she looked at what Kynn was looking at she quickly realized why and she also looked afraid.

Alter Ego
October 7th, 2008, 2:02 AM
Okay, yeah...

Bamachi, That post is not even close to acceptable minimum and on top of that you haven't even been accepted into this RP yet. So seriously, hold your horses. :\

Normally, I'd give you guys a thread warning, but since this is a rare instance where someone actually took initiative and reported the problem I'll let this one slide. Just...no more posts like Bamachi's.

Carry on.

October 7th, 2008, 6:07 PM
Thanks for saying all that and getting it over with Alter Ego. Also you are accepted into the RP. But seriously you have 3 posts up already. Good so far everybody we just need Zanimara so we can all meet up and venture farther.

October 7th, 2008, 10:13 PM

Hooray! Mai turn! :3



An annoyed groan penetrated through the buzzing sound of the alarm clock. A hand slowly made its way out from under the large, green and gold comforter as it fumbled around for the off-switch on the clock. When no luck came from her button-finding struggles, the hand retreated. It was then that the alarm stopped, as the button was pressed down by a different, invisible force.

Sera decided to peak out from under the covers to get a glance at the red, glowing numbers on the face of the clock. When reality hit her in the face about what time it was, she bolted upwards, nearly falling out of her bed.

"Oh, crap! I'm late!"

The redhead leaped out of bed and quickly tossed on her clothes that she had lying across the back of the chair in her room. As she hopped around on one foot, trying to tie the laces on the shoe that was up in the air, a light snore met her ears. She turned around, smiling softly.

On her queen sized bed, laying on the pillow next to the one Sera's head was resting on, was a small, sweet, and sound asleep Mudkip. It stirred lightly before curling up into a different position.

Sera chuckled, "You've always been able to sleep through anything, Tycile..."

The teenager very quietly drew out the Mudkip's pokeball and then pointed it at the pokemon. A red beam emitted from the small, white circle in the center of the sphere and shot towards Tycile. It surrounded the small blue body before it withdrew, sucking the pokemon inside it.

Sera tossed the pokeball on a hoop that was attached to a necklace around her collarbone. She practically flew down the stairs and into the kitchen, where her parents sat, eating their late morning toast.

"Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! I'm going to visit my friends at Rinhid Cave!"

Sera's mother lifted her gaze from her book onto her daughter, who was just about out the door. "Just don't get lost. And come back home safe!"

"Yeah, mom. Love you!"

"I love you, too, hunny."

Just as Sera opened the door, her father's voice caught her attention.

"Hey, kiddo! Think fast!"

Sera turned around just in time to catch her silver, black, and purple backpack that was tossed to her. Phew! Good thing he reminded me.

"Thanks, dad! See you later!"

After the door shut behind her, Sera took off in a full sprint towards Rinhid Cave. I hope my friends aren't too pissed at me... The redhead arrived at her destination ten or so minutes later.

"Hey, my little munchkins! I hope you didn't miss me too terribly!" Sera called out to her travel companions.

October 8th, 2008, 11:51 AM
___Matt returned from the forest and saw a giant mass of people before him. He had told a few of his friends he was going to look for the Divine Pokemon but he didn't expect nearly this many people to show. Even he had doubts about finding it, he knew nothing about what it loked like or even what it was supposed to be doing in there. When he counted people he saw that nearly everyone he invited had come. He called out to them trying to get someone to listen, so they could get organized and go looking in the cave.
___"Hey everyone, we need to be organized so no one gets lost." Matt called out trying to atttract attention with only a few people listenening if they were at all, he could not tell if they were focused on each other or himself.
___"We need to get our Pokemon out so we can go in and find this Pokemon." Matt called again still not knowing if he was getting any attention. He decided that if he waited for a few minutes or if some one had just heard him, then they would start wondering when they were going to go inside and find the Pokemon.

October 8th, 2008, 3:17 PM
As Matt told everyone to pay attention, Mina looked up and she yelled at everyone "QUIEEEET!!!" Everyone stopped talking and As Matt again ordered everyone to bring out thier pokemon Mina was looking through her pockets looking for her beloved Machop but as she found it she pressed against her Music Player which blasted very loud music that started to hurt everyone's ears. "Sorry guys!" Mina shouted through the loud music, as she turned it off she said "I guess when I turned it off I left it at loud volume, oopsie" She Summoned Her Machop out of her pokeball, Machop started Looking around curiously. "Hey guys can you feel that breeze coming through that side of the cave?" Mina asked pointing at the darkness through the cave, everyone stared at her wondering what she was talking about. "C'mon guys, I'm serious, you can feel it to right Machop?" "Machop!" shouted Machop wanting to go look for himself. "See even Machop feels it, there is a Breeze coming through that direction, maybe we should go check it out." Mina announced, she looked at Matt "Matt what do you say? Don't you think we should go through?" Mina's Gem started Glowing as she held it in that direction.

October 8th, 2008, 5:25 PM
Hey sorry to break it to you but, you kind of controlled everyone by making all of us look at you. It was nothing big so I will let it slide but next time don't make us stare you down. Lol, but yeah lets get back to the Story...
___Matt looked oddly at Mina wondering what she was going on about. He heard her say smething about an odd breeze coming from the cave. I did feel a wierd breeze coming from the cave earlier. Matt thought to himself. I wonder if that is what she's talking about. If it is I wonder what was causing it to happen. And WHERE did she get that gem from? Pondering his thoughts he decided to discard his questions and go see what it was she was talking about a strange breeze.
___When Matt arrived over near the Cave entrance he felt there was an odd breeze and started to shiver. Frightened he released Hallow and hugged her to him for her warmth. He felt better after releasing Hallow from her Pokeball, but still the chill of the breeze lingered on. When she came out she to acted quite odd. He thought it would be best to go into the cave soon, it was there best bet at finding the Pokemon in his opinion.
___Matt tried to get people to raise there hands if they disagreed with venturing into the cave now and thought it was better to go later. Matt tried to sway everyone to come with him by saying-
___"I feel odd around that breeze and this strange Pokemon is supposed to have really strange powers right. I think this is his or her doing. If it is then we should go now to get the Pokemon." And with that Matt finished his speech hoping everyone would want to go soon.

October 9th, 2008, 12:29 AM
Tandra sat in a small corner, petting Tantum quietly. An odd breeze seemed to be hanging around for a while now and she couldn't quite place what it was. Mina suddenly then shouted QUIEEEET! so loudly, she was sure her eardrums had exploded. Mina seemed to have also noticed the breeze and started telling everyone about it. Tandra shut her eyes, they were here to find a magical pokemon only spoken of in legends, how is it that a pokemon that rare would be in a lowly cave in the midst of no where? but the breeze that came out of no where did make it seem as if a pokemon were doing it.

"I agree that we should venture into the cave to find out if there is anything. If we can't find anything we could just come out again right? There's no harm in exploring a cave"

Tandra justified her point to the others, waiting for them to choose their own ways. She patted Tantum once more as it scampered up and began digging in a corner at something small. "hmm...? what have you found Tantum?" she asked. Tantum hopped over to her, holding a red gem in it's hands. She held the gem gently in the palm of her hand, she noticed it looked very much like the gem Mina had with her. The only difference was that her's was a deep blood red and Mina's was a light grey, which let it blend perfectly into the floor. It shone like a ruby when she directed it towards the light and seemed no more than an ordinary stone when it was put under the shadows. "what an interesting gem" she muttered to herself. Tandra frowned slightly, was it her imagination or did it seem to glow the more deeper in the cave it was put? She decided to test it, she held it towards the entrance of the cave and then towards the back. There! she was right, the gem really was glowing softly, pulsing as if it had a life of it's own. Tandra stared at it for a minute longer before pocketing it, 'I might find it useful later' she thought to herself before looking up and finding herself staring straight at Mina's gem, which was also glowing as she pointed it towards the back of the cave as she talked to Matt. Tandra sighed as she leaned back against the cold wall of the cave, what is it with those gems?

Gumshoe Satyr
October 9th, 2008, 7:36 PM
Hearing Matt begin to talk, Iysus tried to listen to what he was saying but Lily butted her head against her leg, upset that she wasn't paying attention to her. Iysus rubbed a hand against the leaf on her Chikorita's to quiet her and placed a finger to her lips.

"Shh, Lily. Let's hear what Matt has to say." Lily nodded her head and sat down to listen, somewhat subdued. Just then Mina shouted so loudly that they both almost jumped out of their skin. This quieted the people around them and were able to hear that Matt wanted everyone to let out their pokemon. No problem there, Iysus thought, looking down at her pokemon.

Suddenly, a chilling breeze blew from the mouth of the cave, causing both of them to shiver with cold and maybe even fear. Mina obviously noticed and just after that Matt. Backing away from the cave, Lily jumped into Iysus's arms, still shivering although the breeze had now stopped. Normally, Lily was a brave and adventurous individual like her owner, which meant if she was worried, there was definitely something to be worried about. Something's strange about that cave and I guess it could be the magical pokemon. I don't know... If it's enough to upset Lily though it must be powerful... Looking back at Mina, she noticed a glowing gem in her hand and wondered where it could've come from.

Trying to convince people to explore the cave now, Matt said, "I feel odd around that breeze and this strange Pokemon is supposed to have really strange powers right. I think this is his or her doing. If it is then we should go now to get the Pokemon."

Rubbing her hand against Lily in her arms, she whispered, "He's right, you know. If we were going to chicken out before we even get past the entrance, we would've never come. Remember, today is supposed to be a great and exciting day and it will be. After all, it is an adventure." After thinking for a moment, Lily nodded determinedly and jumped from her arms.

Another girl, Tandra, spoke up. "I agree that we should venture into the cave to find out if there is anything. If we can't find anything we could just come out again right? There's no harm in exploring a cave" All of a sudden, Lily's eyes darted toward the entrance of the cave. Without a word or even seemingly a reason, she took off toward the cave, disappearing into its depths a second later.

"Lily, come back! Where are you going?" Fearing for her safety, Iysus chased after the runaway pokemon, not even noticing if anyone followed her. She ran through the darkness for several seconds, only slowing down when she tripped over a rock and almost fell down. She pulled a flashlight from her backpack and switched it on, seeing only the cave walls and a few rocks around her. Good thing I brought it with me.

"Lily, where are you? It's too dangerous for you to wander alone. Come on back." A shiver of fear and dread went up her spine when there was no answer. She couldn't lose Lily... She just couldn't......

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October 9th, 2008, 8:23 PM
Mina's Gem was glowing Vibrantly now and after the Chikorita went into the cave, Mina's Machop followed and starting dashing towards the darkness. "No Machop, not you too, its not safe we have to stay together!" However Machop did not pay attention and was already in the pitch black darkness. "Man, this shouldn't be happening." Mina took a glamce at the others and said "I'm sorry guys but I can't let my Machop go alone, I'm going after him! I'll be fine, trust me, I was in girl scouts and I have my amulet." As Mina Dashed in the Cave she looked back only to see nothing but Darkness. "Whoa its pitch black in here, I need a light, oh right. I know what to do." Mina searched her pockets for her amulet "Aha, here it is." She held it up and chanted the words "Crystal Amulet Light Activate!" Her amulet started giving off brilliant flashes and lighted up the cave slightly. "Hey Machop where are you?" As Mina pointed her Amulet to different directions she thought she saw a tentacle like thing moving. "EEK!!" Mina screamed she got so startled that she dropped her amulet but as it hit the ground the light went out. "Oh no where is it I can't find it." Mina searxhed frantically through the pitch black until she felt something grab her, as it grabbed her mina felt that she was no longer on the ground. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Mina's scream echoed through the dark cave.

October 10th, 2008, 5:57 PM
After arriving, Sera settled on a rock near the entrance of Rinhid Cave. She noticed her friend of about a year, Rei, was also there. She gave her a hug and began talking to her.

"How long have you guys been here?"

Before her question could be answered, Sera heard a small voice attempt to speak above the crowd. She looked over to find Matt, who was struggling to get everyone's attention. Even though his voice was barely audiable, she managed to pick up on what he was saying.

"We need to get our Pokemon out so we can go in and find this Pokemon."

Sera nodded her head to herself in agreement. Just as she was about to release Tycile, Mina's voice broke through the crowd, practically loud enough to shatter ear drums.


Sera jumped at the sudden shout, and glared at Mina out of the corner of her eye. Geez, that scared the living crap outta me! The outburst was soon followed by a few seconds of booming music, but she decided she would ignore it.

After calming herself, the redhead reached up to her Pokeball that dangled around her neck. She pressed the button in the center of the red and white orb, and the red beam once again made its way out. Only this time, when it reached the ground, it released the Pokemon it had grabbed earlier.

Tycile remained on the ground, still asleep. Sera smiled kindly at the Mudkip as his body rose and fell with his breathing.

Then, a sharp, cold wind broke through the once still air. When the redhead looked to see where it was coming from, her eyes widened in surprise when she saw that it was coming from the inside of the cave. Huh... that's really strange...

The odd disturbance was enough to wake Tycile. As he stretched out, he began to glance around, curious to his surroundings. But, as soon as he spotted the cave, his little heart was struck with fear and worry. He ran over to his master, who craddled him close, taken aback by his weird reaction.

"What's the matter, hun? You're normally curious about these sort of things."

"Kip! Mudkip!" Tycile cried softly as he nuzzled his head into his owner's chest.

Sera looked around, to see if anyone else had noticed the strange wind. Sure enough, her travel companion's Pokemon were also acting bizarrely. She also heard Mina say something about a breeze coming from inside the cave.

It was then that she felt something really unusual. It was similar to the feeling that she got when she was about to be in danger. She looked around, and noticed that Tandra and Mina were both holding gems of some sort. They were large, and seemed to be glowing. Her gut feeling worsened as her eyes fell on the cave.

... Something bad is going to happen...

No sooner had she thought this, Iysus's Pokemon, Lily, took off into the mouth of the cave. It was merely seconds before the Chikorita had disappeared into the darkness.

"Lily! Come back! Where are you going?" Iysus called out to her run-away Pokemon. She followed hotly in the path of her Chikorita, also vanishing into the dangerous black abyss of the cave.

Sera stood up and stared after the girl, concerned. She took a step forward towards the cave, hugging Tycile closer to her body. When she took another step closer, Mina's Machop darted in front of her, and then also ran off into the cave entrance.

God! What the heck is going on?

Mina soon followed after the gray Pokemon, after assuring everyone that she would be okay. A few minutes passed. Then, suddenly...


Sera's stare into the cave hardened into a glare. There's no chance in hell I'm letting one of these guys get injured.

The redhead sprinted into a cave. But it wasn't before long that she could barely see two feet ahead of her. Looks like I'll be needing a guide.

Sera nudged the Mudkip in her arms, "Hey, Tycile. Can you be brave for mommy? I need you to help me through this cave. Just stay a few feet ahead of me and warn me of anything bad. Okay?"

Tycile glanced up at his master, "Kip!" it squeaked before giving an affectionate lick to the redhead's cheek.

"Good boy!" Sera beamed. She set the Pokemon gently down on the ground.

Keeping a telepathic emotional connection with Tycile the whole time, she bagan to slowly walk behind the Mudkip. He guided her over and around rocks, making sure not to disappoint.

Suddenly, Sera felt something odd underneath her foot. She glanced down, gasping as she saw a amulet.


"Quick, Tycile! We have to find her!" Sera picked up the precious object before darting after her Pokemon, who continued to lead her into an unknown depth.

October 10th, 2008, 7:06 PM
Chaos was sharpening his sword on a sharp rock when he heard Mina scream QUIEEEET!!!" he jumped up with fright and panic and then he realized the rock he was sharpening his sword with had something bright yellow inside it he quickly grabbed Void and sent out Tengu and pierced though the outside reveling a bright yellow circular gem with a emerald green lighting bolt in the center of it. " Strange this gem is like Mina's execpt the design odd and mine has a emerald green marking on it and Mina's is just bright gray very odd don't you think Tengu?". Then he saw two girls from his group Sera, and Lily, enter the cave seperatly "This is not good Tengu lets follow them its better than doing nothing" the Baby Thunder Pokemon nodded and they followed the two girls into the cave.

October 10th, 2008, 7:22 PM
Rei avoided getting in the midst of the mess of trainers gathered at the mouth of Rinhid Cavern. She maneuvered around the large group of chattering friends and instead, found a spot outside the cluster of trainers where she could wait without being disturbed by everyone. Being in the midst of crowds always seemed to make her nervous.

"Jeez," she said to the bewildered Pokemon on her shoulder. He seemed somewhat intrigued by the commotion the groups of trainers were making. "What a mess, huh, Inferno?" The Chimchar nodded.

Not long after, Rei noticed that her good friend, Serouka, had arrived. She quicky made her way over to her friend and the two of them exchanged a hug before Sera asked: "How long have you guy's been here?"

Before Rei or anyone else could answer, through the muddle of voices, Rei was able to pick out the one that belonged to Matt. It sounded as though he was trying to get everyone's attention, but no one really seemed to be all that interested in what he had to say.

"Hey everyone, we need to be organized so no one gets lost," he said. His voice was barely audible over the ruckus that the other trainers were making. Nonetheless, he continued, "We need to get our Pokemon out so we can go in and find this Pokemon."

When the group of trainers failed to respond to Matt, Mina's voice suddenly rang out above all else. "QUIEEEET!!!!" she nearly screamed. Everything fell deathly silent before another deafening interference pierced the silence. It was music, and it seemed to be coming from Mina's pocket. It was quickly shut off and followed by Mina's apologetic confession that it had, in fact, been her music.

When Mina started babbling about a strange breeze coming out through the cave, Rei rolled her eyes and tuned out the rest of what she was saying. Breezes didn't originate from inside caves.

Rei let out a sigh and glanced down at Inferno, who had previously leapt from her shoulder and was now gazing towards the cave with a distant look on his face. "Hey, what's up, Inferno?"

Inferno looked up at her, appearing a little troubled. "Char..." he replied uncertainly.

"Lily! Come back! Where are you going?"

Rei and Inferno both looked up at the sound of Iysus calling out for her Chikorita just in time to see her run into the cave. Not long after, Mina's Machop darted in as well, quickly followed by Mina herself.

Rei exchanged a curious glance with Inferno as she picked him up off the ground. "I wonder what's gotten into their Pokemon?" she said. "Should we go after them?" Inferno nodded determinedly and the two of them were about to head towards the cave when yet another scream from Mina resounded from inside the cave.

"AHHHHH!!!!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A second later, Sera and her Mudkip, Tycile disappeared into the cave as well. "Come on, Inferno," Rei said, nervous yet excited at the same time. "This looks like it could be interesting."

"Char!" Inferno replied.

Rei quickly made her way into the cave. Inferno's tail flame gave off some light, but it wasn't enough for her to see more than a few feet ahead. "Hey, guys!" she called. "Where are you?"

October 10th, 2008, 8:28 PM
Tandra blinked once, twice, three times before shaking her head. 'what the hell is going on here?!' she thought to herself. At first, Lily-Iysus's chikorita-had run straight into the cave mouth, followed closely by Mina's machop. The cold breeze had now become stronger and if she was thinking right, the gem in her pocket seem to be radiating some kind of heat. Using her right hand, she pulled the gem out and inspected it again while her left hand gripped Tantum's tail tightly. Tantum was scrabbling around in panic, something about the breeze, maybe. A pokemon's senses and instincts were always higher than a normal humans, it was likely that the pokemon had sensed something dangerous or intoxicating inside the cave, but that didn't explain why some pokemon ran into the cave and others did not.


Tandra covered her ears instinctively but managing to keep ahold of Tantum with her legs, trapping the struggling pokemon. She once again held onto Tantum using her hands, also giving Tantum the gem to hold onto. He immediately stopped struggling and clasped the gem tightly, purring like a persian. She stared, could this day get any weirder? she thought.

Sera suddenly zoomed past her into the cave, as she was the one sitting closest to the entrance. She blinked again, never say that something can't happen, she made a mental note to herself. Tandra stood up quietly, not noticinjg if any of the others had seen her go. She strode into the cavern, holding Tantum to her chest. Tantum had now stopped purring and was peeking around rather curiously. The light and heat that was radiately from the gem was a good thing to have in the endless darkness that was now consuming them. She nodded at Tantum, "hold onto that gem tightly for me, will you?" she whispered to it. Tantum replied daintly, which seemed odd, as it was rare that he ever answered like that. Tandra continued walking into the darkness in search of either Mina or Sera.

After what seemed like hours, Tandra came across a statue of a pokemon. 'hmmm...? what is a statue doing here?' She bent down to read the text just below the figure. The text was scraped off in some places but most of it was readable.

'To satisfy thee's curosity, thee shall be tested by ability'
'whoever clears thy gate, shall learn thee's own fate.'

She frowned, just what do those words mean? and who writes in old english these days? Tantum had fallen asleep long ago and now, Tandra held Tantum up so as to light up the statue more. The statue was of a pokemon, by what it seemed to look like, but it was not like any pokemon she had seen before. She sighed and looked down, noticing a sihouette against the floor. She walked up to it, wary of what it may be. Tandra blinked in surprise and nearl dropped Tantum, below her, lying on the floor was Mina, unharmed but with a few bumps and bruises. Now, she was just amazed, just how far had she traveled into the cave? Tandra knelt down and placed one hand against Mina's pulse, it had a steady rhythm so that meant Mina was not dead. "how is it that I get stuck in these situations?" she asked herself. Unfortunately, because she could not carry Mina and Tantum at the same time without dropping one or the other, she was forced to wait until someone else decided to come. And so, she settled down to wait...

Gumshoe Satyr
October 14th, 2008, 2:27 PM
Still walking through the cave, Iysus was startled when she heard a scream echoing from somewhere far behind her. She almost turned around and ran back but realized that she'd made so many twists and turns that she didn't know the way back.

"Oh, great...," she mumbled, "First I lose Lily, and now I've lost myself. What do I-" She was cut off by a yell ahead of her that sounded like a pokemon.

"CHIKO!!" it yelled again. It had to be Lily. It just had to be...

"LILY! Where are you?" Laura winced as her words bounced off the walls ahead of her, sounding twenty times louder than usual. As she heard the shout again, she ran toward the source. "Just keep yelling, Lily. I'll follow your voice!"

Louder and louder, the Chikorita's shout became. Just as it seemed she was about to reach her, a rock fell from the cave's ceiling, causing her to jump to the side to avoid it into... air? Falling into a hole almost twice her height, Iysus was cushioned by a mixture of mud and clay. When she stood up, she sunk down to her waist.

"Yuck," she said, grabbing hold of a nearby rock to pull herself out of sticky mess. She felt herself slip about two or three inches out of the mud, but when she stopped to rest, she felt herself sink even deeper than before.

"Chikorita rita....," a miserable voice sighed nearby.

"Lily? Is that you? Darn, I dropped my flashlight." She could see it's faint light in the chamber above her. Feeling around her, she felt four legs and a leaf. "It is you!!" She pulled the unhappy Pokemon out of the mud and hugged her tightly. Lily snuggled against her happily.

Pointing a front leg at something glittering near a partly submerged rock, she said, "Chiko chiko rita."

Reaching out as far as she could, Iysus felt her hand close around a small object, but it was too dark to examine it. "Did you fall in trying to get this?" Lily nodded. "Well, it's time for you to be the hero, Pal. I can't get myself out, but I can get you out. Go get the others." Lifting her arms as high as she could, Iysus coaxed Lily to jump out of the hole, which she did. When the outline of Lily's head appeared through the hole's opening, Iysus said, "Go on, Lily. Go get help." Nodding, her head disappeared, leaving Iysus alone in the dark.