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October 3rd, 2008, 12:28 PM
Sign-ups open, Chasers only

“Welcome to the game.”

These are the first words those who wake up within the ReGenesis testing facility hear. For the first moments of their new birth, these words are all that they know.

The testing facility is a gigantic megadome, covering many acres and with devices and terrain inside that makes it seem even bigger. Within, participants play the game. Each participant starts on Level One. No player knows where they are. No player knows what is going on. No player knows how they got there. Any memories regarding the game are erased. The last thing they remember is something completely, totally ordinary. Going to bed. Eating food. Once certain conditions are filled, different for each level, the game will advance to the next level. The ReGenesis testing facility will reformat its terrain after each level, creating a completely new playing field for the participants to play on. Each level is more difficult than the last.

No one has ever beat the game.

No one has even come close.

The world does not know of the facility. It is unmarked, uncharted, unseeable, unknowable.

Some players even suspect it is unmanned.

Whatever their species, race, or point of origin, all players start out in the same conditions, and awake at the same time.

They start on Level 1, each in a different white room. Each starts out facing the only exit from the room, a long hallway, at the end of which can be seen a forest. Behind them lies a digital clock, its red light pulsing, counting down. 15… 14… 13... Surrounding them, protruding from the walls, are gun turrets. To pass Level 1, each player must realize what to do before the time is up. They must run down the hallway as fast as they possibly can. If they cannot, they lose.

To lose in the game is to die.

This is the first rule of the game: As long as you live, you are in the game.
This is the second rule of the game: Only death will eject you from the game.

There are other rules, but they are few and far inbetween. For the most part, anything goes. Players can help each other. Players can fight one another. Players can interact with their environment in any way possible. Players can go around destroying as much of the facility as they can. Players can kill other players. Players can kill themselves.

Participants are not told the rules of the game. They must find them out for themselves. The game tests their ability to work together, their ruthlessness, their knack for survival.

So far, no one has passed the test.

Those who survive Level 1 enter the main area of the facility. This the interior of the main dome, of which can transform on a whim. Those who survive Level 1 are given the same information, regardless of injury, species, or gender.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

This is the message that will emanate from the top of the dome. All players will hear this voice, no matter where they are. This voice is one the players must pay attention to. Their survival depends on it.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

This is a slightly edited version of my old RP thread, The Final Level, which died a sad death due to inactivity.

1. All Pokecommunity rules apply.
2. Mild swearing and sexual themes are allowed. Don't overdo it.
3. Wow, an RP where you CAN be a legendary! But wait, you can only be one of the lesser legendaries. PM me the one you want, and I'll see if I approve of it, unless you're confident enough to
5. You may create your own challenges for your character to overcome. In fact, I expect you to, as I cannot and do not want to make challenges for everyone. However, they must be difficult, usually life-threatening, and most importantly, not straightforward. Few things in the game are what they seem. Also, ONLY I can advance the game to the next level.

There are two "classes" which you can be, either a playeror a "Chaser". Players are Pokemon, and Chasers are fully intelligent protocols within the game that are assigned to "chase" a certain player, hunting them down and attempting to destroy them. Chasers change form every time the level does, so every time the game reaches a new level, all Chasers must change their appearance to something that fits the threats and enviroment of the level. Chasers are also by no means merely machines, they have emotions and everything, and, in extremely rare cases, players have been known to make alliances with Chasers, although, for obvious reasons, this is much easier with another Chaser besides the one after them.

Player Sign-Up Form

Species: (you are a Pokemon, and two people cannot have the same Pokemon. In addition, only 1 person can be of the Pikachu line; there were troubles in the last thread where almost half the RP was of the Pikachu evolutionary line.)
Moves: (players have access to all the moves their Pokemon learn naturally, as well as up to 3 TM/HM moves, it is those 3 which you should list)

Chaser Sign-Up Form

Appearance: (Describe their form as a human, because obviously, their appearance changes with every level. Some parts of their appearance as a human should appear on all their forms. As to what they change into, I leave that to you, just make sure it fits into the enviroment of each level. Each new level will have a short description at the top that you can use, and you can also post questions in the discussion thread)
History: (This can be rather shorter than normal, but Chasers don't vanish at the end of each game, they continue on to the next one, so they do have some history)

October 3rd, 2008, 2:13 PM
I'd like to join please:)

Name: Max
Gender: Male
Species: Pikachu(if not then Umbreon:))
Appearence: Max is shorter then most Pikachus, he has long yellow ears with a tint of black at the tips, a yellow body, a yellow tail with some brown to it, red cheeks, blue eyes, and wears a blue bandana around his tail.

Personality: Max is very strategic. He tries to think strategy more then bronzs and usually wins that way. He finds the easier way and goes that way while other people go the other way and few get out alive. Max can jump very high and go to very small places. His favorite things to do are climbing trees, swiming, and playing with friends. Max is very soft hearted and can't bring himself to kill someone unless they infuriate him. He cares about people to much and will not do something to hurt them.

History: Max grew up in a forest near a deep lake. His mom died drowning trying to save Max's brother. Max's father died from an attack from a pack of angry Zangoose and Max was left to care for his little brother. His brother died from a deadly disease and Max didn't want to live on, until he met Shimori, a young Pachirisu.

When he met her he felt as though he would faint. His heart pounded every time he saw her and sensed that she felt the same about him. Later they started dating and the gap in Max's life was gone, because she was there to fill it. Her father had to leave and she almost left with him, but she stayed and lived with Max. For a time it all worked out, but then a storm rolled in and Max was seperated from Shimori. Max again felt empty inside. When all this happened Max was 11 and Shimori was 10.

Moves: Iron Tail (I cna't find Volt Tackle in my guide but on the anime Pikachu knows it so) Volt Tackle, and Focus Punch.

Other: N/A

October 3rd, 2008, 4:46 PM
Awesomeness, it looks really interesting, I'd like to join please

Name: Aya
Gender: Male
Species: Absol
Appearance: Aya is a rather handsome quadrupedal pokemon and appears to have the characteristics of both a wolf and of a feline. He appears to be more mammalian than reptilian or avian, with medium length white fur, with a longer ruff around the neck and chest area. His facial features are catlike, though he lacks the long whiskers that are a characteristic of most feline species, and the area around his eyes, nose, and mouth, and all of his tail, which are not covered by white fur, are dark blue-gray in color. Aya’s eyes are in intense, burning red, but are relatively empty and emotionless. He has long, sharp, claws, and his claws, like his face, are dark blue-gray, along with the spikes on his hind legs, which seem to hold no purpose, but are present nevertheless. However, Aya’s most distinguishing feature is the sickle shaped…growth that is located on the right side of his head, which is longer than usual, and which most pokemon often eye apprehensively upon meeting Aya. Besides that, he also has several scars scattered around his body (explanation in history.)

Personality: Aya is a solitary, but polite Absol, even if he doesn’t like you, though he will insinuate that he doesn’t like you, he won’t come and tell you directly and probably will treat you at least decently. Unless he absolutely detests you, then that might be a different story, but in most cases, the farthest he ever goes is not liking you very much, and wishing that you would just leave him in peace. However, if necessary, he’ll even cooperate with those that he doesn’t exactly get along too well with to get out of a predicament, though its likely that he won’t become friends with you, being a solitary creature by nature.

Aya also doesn’t loose his temper very often, though he will snap at you if you annoy him, and it doesn’t take too much to annoy him. If he’s irritated, it generally passes pretty quickly, if you do manage to arouse his anger, he likely won’t forget it for weeks. Though he is pretty calm and doesn’t lose his temper often, it doesn’t mean that he never loses his temper, it’s just that he has a slower burning fuse, though once you drive him to the end of his rope you might as well run for your life.

Aside from it all, you really can’t tell what he thinks of you unless he hints it or tells you directly, most people look at your eyes to tell what you are feeling, but Aya’s are quite expressionless and emotionless. Some people call the eyes the “windows to the soul,” and that could be true, but if the eyes truly are the “windows to the soul,” then Aya’s must have the shutters closed or something because its difficult to tell what he’s thinking by looking at his eyes.

History: Aya’s history is long and complicated, filled with tales of woe and misery, death and destruction, darkness and evil. Not really though. Aya was hatched by the day-care couple, and he lived in the day-care for much of his life. Most pokemon, wild pokemon that didn’t live at the day-care assumed that pokemon raised by the day-care couple become softies, and either need trainers to toughen them up, or have to live in the day care their whole lives because they’d never be tough enough to survive in the wild. Actually, that was pretty far from the truth. Aya knew some pretty nasty bullies in his life, which was where he sustained the many scars all over his body, but he never backed down to the bullies. Some people call that stupidity, Aya called it bravery, or else the fact that if you back down, you’re considered a chicken, and you only get picked on more, if you stand up to them, you eventually get over the injuries that you sustain. That was what Aya always said, or rather, thought, as he talked to very few pokemon at the daycare, mainly because there was none of his kind.

Later on, when he was about five, a trainer did take him from the day care, and he traveled with this particular trainer for quite a while, though he never became loyal to his trainer, and eventually was released, due to his trainer’s declaration that he was too weak for his team. If Aya had felt the slightest hint of loyalty to the trainer, he might have been offended, but as that wasn’t the case, he actually left quite happily, glad to be rid of the trainer, so he could live his life the way he wanted to. That was exactly what he did, he traveled to Forina in central Hoenn, where the legendary Jirachi supposedly resided, though it would be many years before Jirachi’s next awakening. He has lived there since then.

Moves: Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam
Other: Nothing more

Let me know if there's something wrong with my profile and I'll edit it

October 3rd, 2008, 5:07 PM
Three moves in addition to all the ones it learns by leveling up, yes. Very much approved, Slytherfang.

Pikamaster, add about a sentence or two onto your personality and it'll be good, your history is fine, and I don't expect much out of the appearances, since we're all Pokemon, and everyone knows what those looks like.

October 3rd, 2008, 6:40 PM

I see that the old Final Level has died. Oh well, it wouldn't hurt to try again!

Name: Pika

Gender: Male

Species: Pikachu

Personality: Pika is very reserved, so he does not like doing anything he can't think over. Despite this, he works well under pressure and is able to think fast. It might seem that Pika is invincible; however, Pika is afraid of blood and violence. (But if he gets mad, this gets overridden by rage.)

History: Up until one year ago, Pika was not involved in any conflict of any kind. Then, one day, a mysterious stranger appeared in the outskirts of his village. Trying to stop the stranger from entering his village, Pika challenged him to a fight. Unfortunately, Pika lost, and recieved a burn mark on his side for his efforts. The stranger then continued on to burn the village down. Pika has not seen his parents ever since. So then, for one year, Pika crossed several continents until he stumbled upon a special gem that magically warped him into the future. After many attempts at trying to go back to his time, Pika went into a state of depression. However, today, he has barely managed to pass the first level of The Game.

Appearance: Pika is a normal Pikachu except that his his ear-tips are jagged, and his cheeks are orange instead of red. One side of his head bears a burn mark from an encounter from an elusive rival. He also wears a green gem around his neck (the gem that allowed him to travel through time, and a green headband, because he likes that color.

Other: The gem Pika wears around his neck enables him to run faster than usual. This is because the gem allows him to distort time slightly.

RP Sample: Pika grunted as he tripped over something. "Ugh..." Feeling around, his paw hit something... slimy. "Wh-what's this?" Pika screamed in horror as the dark figure reared up to strike...

Regaining control of his body, Pika leaped to the side as the snake-like figure attacked.
"Ugh! Really, What is this thing?"

Trying to find time to think, Pika realized his situation.

There is no time to think. This is a battle. Survival is your only objective. Let nothing obstruct you from surviving!

October 3rd, 2008, 6:45 PM
Rules, Raibutai, it's changed slightly from last time. In addition to the inclusion of Chasers to help make this more 2-sided, there's this little bit in the sign-up form:

(you are a Pokemon, and two people cannot have the same Pokemon. In addition, only 1 person can be of the Pikachu line; there were troubles in the last thread where almost half the RP was of the Pikachu evolutionary line.)

Sorry, Pika_Master called it first, so unless he doesn't post again in the next 2 days, editing his signup, then the position of Pikachu is given to him.

October 3rd, 2008, 6:48 PM
Oops. Sorry.

Too bad, I was hoping to continue this RP. Ah well...

In fact, I spent an hour revising my SU...

What a dissapointment and a waste of time... I'm really dumb. :(

October 3rd, 2008, 7:03 PM
Umm, it's not that hard to just change the name, species, and appearance. The history, which is the bulk of your sign-up, is fine the way it is, names aside.

A Pixy
October 3rd, 2008, 7:22 PM
ooh, ooh, I wanna be in it!

Name: K.L. (real name will not be needed)
Gender: Male
Species: Sceptile
Appearance: His eyes never fully open. The leaf blades on his hands are partially cut due to using them too much.
Personality: He keeps to him self and will not hesitate for a second to kill someone! Whether they're in his way, his enemy, or he just doesn't like them. Normally, he's a calm, keep to himself creature, but in times he will burst in a fit of rage!! He might kill everyone in the room! I guess you could say he's a two-faced serial killer. So, reader beware, you're in for DEATH!!
History: When he was a baby, his parents got drunk often and once left him at a bar. That's when they were killed. That left poor old K.L. to himself.

He never talked much and bullies were annoying the hell out of him. After taking it all the way from his Treecko years, to his Grovyle years was all bottled up. And soon enough, K.L. just *CRACK* snapped. They died that day by, beheading.

K.L. ran away from the village in grief, trying to forget. He did it all the way until he was a Sceptile. And that's when he came across the D.H.S. (Daisy Hitman Society), being not only tired but hungry too. He knew he had to join to survive. The other members told him they're stories and K.L. told them his. They gave him the nickname, K.L. and he was marked a hitman.

The reason he is here, is to kill the machine's creator, identity unkown. He just knew he had to kill him/her. That's why he is here!
Moves: Frenzy Plant, (his main killing move) Leaf Blade, Agility and Growth
Other: Before he kills he becomes almost possesed! Killing anything alive in the room. This state lasts 5 minutes, where he will black out for about 30 seconds. His weak point. Also, he'll laugh an evil laugh when he kills. Sorta like the Joker's laugh.

RP Example: -EDIT- I was out cold for who knows how long. And by the time I wake up I'm in a blank, white room when a post appears behind me, and started counting down from 15. Turrets came out of the wall and started shooting me," What the hell!??!" I shouted as I used Agility to dodge. I noticed a door at the hallway's end.

And that's when I realized my situation.

Please and thank you!

October 3rd, 2008, 8:54 PM

Name: Nife

Gender: Male

Species: Scyther

___Nife is a cute Scyther and very small for his age, he is skinnier and shorter than others his age. His blades are also quite longer and sharper than they should be for his young age. Nife also has large fangs that can be as useful as his scythes.
___He is a darker shade of green than many other Scyther. Nife has odd eyes also with a deep purple shade that scares many others. Nife is a different color than other Scyther, he is Purple where most others would be tan, between his limbs and body and on his wings, which also makes Pokemon question his beginnings.
___Aside from that Scyther is like all others except that his tail is longer than all other Scyther he has met and is very sharp with a spike on the end.

___Nife was a solitary Pokemon as a child, he was very shy and also very quiet. He wasn’t easily read and others could never anticipate his next move. He was also very strategic and a quick learner. These talents gave him something that others did not have.
___Nife was also very athletic and fast. He was quick to be aggressive because of his childhood bullies and would put up a cautionary line before others even thought of crossing it. Nife wouldn’t let people get on his bad side because he knew that when people did everyone got hurt.
___When Nife gets angry he starts to lose control of himself. When he does this he attacks with more rage but can still control himself. He is bacoming better and better, at cntrolling when and where this happens to him. He is trying to use it to his advantage.

_______Nife's Personality is like water... It is crystal clear, calm and perfect, that is until you touch it, and it shakes everything around it.

___Nife was a quiet Scyther who knew not much of his past. He never knew his parents because they died when he was very young. Aside from that Scyther had a fairly average childhood. Nife was picked for a foster home very fast. He was smart and very athletic. But he was also very shy, this weakness caused him to be picked on much of the time.
___But as Nife grew so did his social activeness. He became less shy and more outgoing, he had friends and did a lot of different things. But one day when he was with his friends, they stumbled across something strange that they had never seen before. It was a strange Pokemon who was asleep in the path. When one of his friends kicked it, it woke up and attacked them.
___The Nidoking injured all of them but Nife especially. Nife was hit by a strong poison needle from an attack that hit him in the head. His skin turned dark green, his blades grew longer. His eyes turned purple and so did some of his skin. He was quickly abandoned by his family, and left on the streets. When he did get picked up by someone, one day they hit him over the head with an object that was very hard. They took him somewhere he wasn’t sure where. They put him in a large hallway with a forest at the end.
___He looked to his left and then right. On his right was a clock that read 15.00 seconds. Guns protruded from the walls. At 6.38 seconds Nife realized what he had to do. He started to run as fast as he could down the hallway. He soon jumped low off the ground and shot down the hall at the speed of lightning flying low on his wings. Faster and Faster he flew until he heard a loud beep and the guns fired. He was at the end of the hallway. He quickly sliced through the last gun with his arm and made it out barely.

Moves: Cross Poison, Poison Jab, X-Scissor

___When stung by the Nidoking he sort of turned into a poison Pokemon in a way I cannot completely explain, niether can Nife. He has found it both bad and good at times. It has helped and hurt him at different times.

A Pixy
October 4th, 2008, 4:28 AM
This going along just peachy!

P.S. Is my guy, K.L., too perfect?

October 4th, 2008, 4:48 AM
QUICkTraina is Accepted, although killing rages will probably only get you into more trouble here. As they say, "you're not in Kansas anymore".

Mystery Treeko, edit your history and such so that he wasn't sent to the ReGenesis facility, because, as stated, the outside world doesn't know that it exists, and the players are kidnapped to join the game. Other than that, it's fine, (except for overuse for exclamation marks, but that won't get you booted)

Also, when I do make my first RP post, you should all model the situation after mine, because everyone wakes up in the same situation.

October 4th, 2008, 7:43 AM
Since no one is going to be one yet XD...

Name: Ninekun (neen-ay-koon)
Appearance: Ninekun, as a human, looks like a teenaged girl with short platinum blonde hair. She wears heavy liquid eyeliner and her wardrobe is pretty much entirely programmed from Hot Topic. She's the embodiment of what the humans call "emo" (yay emo). Ninekun is about 5'4'' and 129 lbs. Every level she turns into something different, but in every form there is still a ripped-open hole on her back and jagged-edged wings that are extremely brittle. However, if one snaps off, it just gets reprogrammed in the next level. Staring into the hole causes a player/Chaser to become completely immobile and can give Ninekun an advantage, but touching the hole can render Ninekun completely useless.
Personality: Ninekun doesn't speak much, preferring to watch from the sidelines rather than participate. She feels there is something wrong with trying to kill the players, but she doesn't know what, so she continues to do it if she needs to. Ninekun tries to stay out of it as much as she can. The other Chasers think there is something that needs to be fixed with her, but she knows this is just the way she is. She doesn't know why she was programmed this way, actually caring about what she does. She doesn't much know about the owner of the game herself.
History: Ninekun used to be one of the best Chasers there was. She would kill the player within the first three levels and the other Chasers would try and live up to her legacy. Ninekun's name was known throughout the game, and to say that you were 'shaping up to become another Ninekun' was an honor. However, as time went on and more players came into the game, she started questioning herself. Was this really what she was destined to do? Where did these players come from anyway? And why didn't they want to die? Wasn't that what the game was for? Why it existed? But then why did they cry, scream, beg, plead not to be killed?

Ninekun still tries to figure out why. She has receded into the shadows and let others do the killing for her. Ninekun's legacy is fading, and other Chasers find it easier each day to become better than she is now. But they won't reach her previous killing sprees for some time.
Other: n/a
RP Sample: Ninekun sat on the ledge, watching the full moon sink lower into the sky. Programming could imitate beautiful things, but she wondered...was it really more beautiful in what the players had called 'the real world'? Maybe there was more out there than what the other Chasers and that voice that she simply called Eurakin told her.

Maybe there was something that she was missing.



Thank you! Hope I get accepted ^_^ This sounds really fun.

October 4th, 2008, 7:46 AM
Hey I added some to my SU is it good now?

October 4th, 2008, 8:20 AM
I'd like to join please:)

Name: Max
Gender: Male
Species: Pikachu(if not then Umbreon)
Appearence: Max is shorter then most Pikachu, he has long yellow ears with a tint of black at the tips, a yellow body, a yellow tail with some brown on it, red cheeks that spark electricity, blue eyes, and wears a blue bandana around his tail.

Personality: Max is very strategic. He tries to think strategy more then brawns and usually wins that way. He finds the easier way and goes with it while everyone else goes the other way and few get out alive. Max can jump very high and go to very small places. His favorite things to do are climbing trees, swimming, and playing with friends. Max is very soft-hearted and can't bring himself to kill someone unless they infuriate him. He cares about people to much and will not do something to hurt them.

History: Max grew up in a forest near a deep lake. His mom died drowning trying to save Max's brother, who had fallen in. Max's father died from an attack from a pack of angry Zangoose and Max was left to care for his other little brother. His brother died from a deadly disease and Max didn't want to live on, until he met Shimori, a young Pachirisu.

When he met her he felt as though he would faint. His heart pounded every time he saw her and sensed that she felt the same about him. Later they started dating and the gap in Max's life was gone, because she was there to fill it. Her father had to leave and she almost left with him, but she stayed and lived with Max. For a time it all worked out, but then a storm rolled in and Max was seperated from Shimori. Max again felt empty inside. When all this happened Max was 11 and Shimori was 10.

Moves: Iron Tail (I can't find Volt Tackle in my guide but on the anime Pikachu knows it so) Volt Tackle, and Focus Punch.

Other: N/A

I fixed some grammar for you, if that's okay, Pika ^_^

Lusankya, I made a sprite of Ninekun. It's basically Cynthia with short, blonder hair and Shedinja's wings and more eyeliner. Just so you can see ^^

http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/9305/ninekunod8.png (http://imageshack.us)

Hope it worked XD Yup, just previewed and it did. She doesn't wear the trenchcoat, though, of course. I just am not the most experienced spriter and didn't want to make up Hot Topic clothes.

In real life (not sprited/anime), she looks like this (http://eroessa-1.pblogs.gr/files/62217-emo-girl-2.jpg).


October 4th, 2008, 9:01 AM
Pikalover, Ratiosu, are both Accepted. Ratiosu, as a Chaser, once the RP starts I expect you to pick out a character to follow around.

October 4th, 2008, 9:05 AM
Yup, totally. Just want to see the rest of the sign-ups. And I want to make it kind of subtle, announce it in the post. Not in an OOC like 'hey im followin this char around'.


October 5th, 2008, 8:12 AM
Wait, so that means Aya can use every move it learns by leveling up plus three TM moves? Or is it 3 moves altogether, meaning out of all the TM moves and naturally learned moves Aya can only use three?

Spirit Ruler
October 5th, 2008, 9:18 AM
OOC:Wow, this looks like an awesome rp. For some reason it reminds me of that film The Island

Appearance:http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r135/Kibas_lover_Kisa/Dark/Anime/a_MAN_by_heise.jpg Height: 6'08" Weight:180lbs
Personality:Kumori has little personality. He was programmed that way, making him the perfect killing machine, showing no compassion, no mercy, no emotion at all. All he knows is he must claim as many victims as he can.
History:Kumori, his name translating as "shadow" is just that. His technique is so skillfull that he has never lost a victim..well only 1. When he was a Lv32 Chaser in a game he had a great battle with a skilled player. Although he won, the player begged for his life, then attacked Kumori and went on to the next level. This experience shattered any emotion Kumori had and from that point on he was ruthless. On "The Final Level" Kumori re-challenged the player and sliced him up, then made a sword out of his bone. As he's never really lost a victim he's gained a reputation in The Game as one of the best, and certainly the most illusive, Chaser's around.
Other:Kumori's hunting skill is to appear from his victim's shadow, or to split himself from the victim, then launch a suprise attack on them. He is a master of every martial art, and skilled with many weapons. He has been known to go against his programming and kill other Chaser's in rage or just for practice, and sport.

October 5th, 2008, 9:40 AM
Slytherfang, it's 3 TM moves in addition to all the moves Aya learns by leveling up.

Spirit Ruler, your signup is fine, Accepted, but please note that your character changes appearance and abilities with every new level, and he should not always look like a human...

Alright, that's enough people, we'll start the RP as soon as I get my sign-up up later today.

Spirit Ruler
October 5th, 2008, 11:35 AM
Slytherfang, it's 3 TM moves in addition to all the moves Aya learns by leveling up.

Spirit Ruler, your signup is fine, Accepted, but please note that your character changes appearance and abilities with every new level, and he should not always look like a human...

Alright, that's enough people, we'll start the RP as soon as I get my sign-up up later today.

I know his appearance will change every level. This is just his base form and anything he becomes will originate from his human form (if that's ok).

October 5th, 2008, 11:38 AM
can i reserve a spot?

i promise i'll have the SU done today, but i just can't do it at the moment

October 5th, 2008, 12:05 PM
ArmyGuy is Reserved, and that's fine, Spirit, but I was kinda worried cause you seemed to put so much emphasis on martial arts.

Anyways, here's my sign-up, we'll be beginning the RP soon.

Name: Arin
Gender: Female
Species: Latias
Appearance: Arin has few deviations from the standard appearance of a Latias. Roughly the size of a human, her feet are slightly smaller than normal, her hands a little larger, and her eyes are a brillant amethyst color instead of the normal yellow.

Personality: Arin is a kind, dainty kind of Pokemon, who loves to take things slowly, stopping and smelling whatever flower happens to be in front of her nose at the time. She doesn't like to get in the thick of the action, instead sitting on the sidelines and watching. Intelligent and curious, she loves puzzles and riddles, but isn't always capable of figuring them out. Naive, her curiosity gets her into trouble a lot, and she often has difficulty realizing when something is dangerous. Extremely kind, she will almost always help out another Pokemon or person in need if she can help, although she does so cautiously.

History: Born in the far northern reaches of Hoenn, Arin grew up in her forest home, living a protected life under the care of her parents with her brother, Jason. At the age of 12, she and Jason parted ways with their parents, and the two began to travel the world as most members of their species do, staying in no place for long and exploring wherever there is interest to be found. Because she never stayed in one place for long, Arin doesn't have many good friends, and her closest companion is her brother, with whom she has forged a powerful psychic bond that began while in the womb. Since they parted ways that day many years ago, she has only seen her parents once, when the two pairs ran into each other flying high over Johto. She has had plenty of experience with humans, since one of the special powers of a Latias is the ability to become invisible and even take on the form of something else, which includes humans, and she has spent plenty of time in human cities. It was on what would have been an ordinary day that she woke up, reached out through their psychic bond to her brother, and found he wasn't there. Or in fact, anything else she could remember going to bed near.

Moves: Dragon Claw, Hyper Beam, Flamethrower

It's pretty sucky, and I wouldn't accept this as a legendary from anyone else, but since it's my RP (and since I hate making sign-ups) I'm going to perform a little hypocrisy here and accept my own sucky sign-up.

October 5th, 2008, 12:42 PM
Dang, I misunderstood that part (nothing wrong with the explanation on your signup form, it was just me) I'll edit it then, 'cause I thought it was out of every move that you can learn (TM and Level up) you could only know three. Yeah, now that I write it out its making me feel kinda stupid, well, thanks then, for clarifying that.

October 5th, 2008, 12:54 PM
Name: Mark

Species: Marowak

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mark has the look of a usuall Marowak. Not that tall, lean body, and the skull around his head. But Mark has something different about that skull. He as a long crack running from the top-right corner of the skull, to the middle, around the nose area. He also has the usual bone club of Marowaks, but his is sharpened at the end to a deadly point.

Personality: Mark is a very cautious person. He will never dive straight into action without thinking things through. He is also very wise. He can usually figure the logical way out of any situation. That paired with his cautiousness can be pretty threatning.

Aside from those two factors, Mark is very quiet. He keeps to himself most of the time. He never was much of a people-person, or poke-person I guess I should say. But if he gets to know you well enough he will either hate you with every fiber of his being, or he will love you to death.

History: Mark was born in Rock Tunnel as a Cubone and lived there most of his life. His father was a Marowak, but his mother was a Cubone, like him. He always wanted to evolve into a Marowak like his father. He idolized his father, like most young boys do.

One quiet day in the tunnel, an Onix went rampaging for some reason. It tried to attack Mark's parents, but Mark had to be the hero and stood in front of them.

The Onix landed a blow with it's tail onto Mark's head, causing the outer skull to crack. When this happened, Mark began to glow a brilliant white and evolved. The crack in his skull stayed when he evolved. Even though he was evolved, he was no match for the Onix. He was knocked unconcious from another blow to the head. When he awoke he was in a Pokemon Center; hooked up to IV's and heart machines. He could see his parents through a window in his room. They were also on beds like he was. Nurse Joy was doing all she could to save them, but to no avail. Mark's parent's died that day, and he has been fending for himself ever since.

Moves: ThunderPunch, FirePunch, Dig,

sorry if this is bad, its not my best work at all. i was kinda rushed.

i'll fix anything in it.

Jaydin Knight
October 5th, 2008, 2:01 PM
Chaser Sign-Up Form

Name: Amethyst

Appearance: Amethyst goes for the ‘vulnerable’ side of things. She looks about ten years old and stands at 4”9 full height. Her hair is a platinum blonde, reaching her shoulders and tied back in a ponytail. She has large, bright purple eyes and pouty lips. The overall effect is to make Amethyst seem small, harmless, vulnerable. Her features are delicate, her hands are soft and small. She looks every bit her part. She wears a pink tank-top with a drawing of a Skitty on it, a crown sitting on its head. Underneath, in magenta-colored cursive, are the words ‘Princess’. Her lower half is occupied by hip-hugging blue-jean capris, bedazzled with pink gems to form hearts to border the edges. She wears pink flip-flops on her feet, skinny and flat, and hardly keeping her feet from touching the floor at all. There are two outer clues to her non-humanity, hidden. In the very center of her lower back, covered by the thin cotton tank top, no bigger than a dime, is the tattoo of a heart with an arrow running through it. Of things that never change, this is one of them. She has weapons as well, hidden as ordinary things. Around her left wrist there are three bracelets, each one of them beaded and deadly. They are miniature bombs, and will activate ten seconds after being licked by Amethyst. In the right pocket of her capris, she has two chap-stick containers, which work two ways – firstly as cherry chap-stick and secondly as razor-sharp daggers.

Personality: Amethyst loves games. Even more, she loves playing mind games. Amethyst retains a child-like, though she herself is actually a lot older than she portrays herself as. She finds nothing wrong with hunting and killing – it’s all a game to her. She likes to get inside her opponent’s mind by pretending to be their ally, sometimes by pretending to be a player stuck inside the game, sometimes as a ‘reformed’ Chaser. Amethyst tends to tell others to call her ‘Amy’ when she’s acting, and ‘Amethyst’ when she’s not. Amethyst is a very good actress and liar, who can lie her way out of anything. She prefers to kill with words before striking the final blow.

History: As far as Chasers go, Amethyst is rather young. Mentally, she is about fourteen and physically, she is ten. However, she has started to have crushes on other Chasers, though nobody has ever noticed. Amethyst’s conniving ways of getting her prey aren’t very well known among players or Chasers, and for one, she’s grateful. Amethyst loves it when everyone believes her. None of her prey has ever escaped, but then again, Amethyst hasn’t been around for that long, either.

Other: Nothing...for now.

October 5th, 2008, 3:07 PM
(Accepted, Jaydin, Armyguy, and MysterTreeko (I see you edited your sign-up) I've also made the discussion thread, once that gets approved I'll link it in my next post.

Excellent, let the game begin(literally)! Chasers, pick your prey now, and work it out between the three of you so we don't have more than 1 Chaser per Player. For level one, I'd prefer it if you pick some kind of monster to appear as, but if you got a great idea besides that, go for it!

Every starts off an the identical room, so do not deviate from this setting. Also, only I may command the Great Voice In the Sky.)

Level 1: The Empty Room
Players must wake up and get their bearings before the timer runs out. If they wish to avoid being machine-gunned, they must run out of the Level 1 arena immediately after coming to. A test of their responsiveness and thinking abilities.

"Welcome to the game." A voice, female, but lower in pitch than normal. Strangely mechanical, with odd nuances and emphasis. Sounding almost... menacing.

Arin gave off a quiet, high-pitched moan. It didn't mean anything in Pokespeech; sometimes, moans were just moans. Her head hurt slightly. Strange. She remembered going to bed on a safe-looking tree branch.

Blinking to clear her blurry vision, Arin craned her neck forward to look around. She was in a white, featureless room. In front of her lay a long hallway. Outside of which he could see trees and grass.

Where was she? She wasn't in the forest. Reaching out with her psychic abilities, she searched for her brother. Nothing. He was gone. Not dead, for certain (and she had no idea what to do if she was), for she was sure that she could feel it if he was gone in that sense. Just too far for her to sense. This room was obviously artificial, so that meant humans. She had been attacked by humans before. Jason had saved her then. She wondered where he was now, and whether he was doing alright. She certainly hoped so. The thought of an injured Jason, crawling through the forest pained her greatly.

So, the humans had finally caught her. Strangely, the idea didn't frighten her too greatly. She turned her head, scanning the walls of the room. She blinked. Now there were small discolorations on the walls. She blinked again. The discolorations were little tubes, attached to balls, mounted on the walls. They were pointing at her.

She leaned back slightly. The tubes moved, tracking her movement.

With a start, she realized what they were. Gun turrets.

"What the-" she gasped, but was cut short by a beeping behind her. She craned her neck around to see the source of the noise.

Behind her was a digital clock, its red-and-black rectangle looking evil and sinister set amidst its other blank white surroundings. It was a timer. Counting down. 15... 14... 13...

Then it hit her. Like a tractor trailer, or a wrecking ball. Guns that tracked her, and a timer. She needed no further explanation. She wanted to live.

Arin willed herself into the air, and shot forward like a bullet, possibly the greatest amount of acceleration she had ever experienced. Her entire existence faded away, until she was nothing but a single purpose, to get out.

Behind her, the beeping sound continued, strangely not lowered in volume by the increasing distance. But it was joined by something else. Gunshots. The timer had ran out.

Ever hear a gun in real life? It's not like in the movies, the little "pewpewpew".

A second ago, Arin would have sworn on her life that she was flying as fast as she could. But now, somehow, despite already racing at maximum speed, she coaxed a little more speed from her wings. Behind her, BANGBANGABANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!!!

She exploded out of the hallway and braked hard, swerving to the side. Trees to the front! She hung a left, but went down too far, and slammed into the ground, skidding a distance before coming to a rest against a tree trunk. She checked her body. It seemed alright, no bullet wounds, no blood. Just some ruffled feathers and a little bit of pain along the side she had skidded across the ground on.

Moving her head around on her long neck, Arin scanned the area. Surrounding her were trees. A forest? It looked like one, and smelled like one. Turning around, she didn't see the hallway he had come out of. Strange.

She looked up. The woods looked so ordinary. But there were glimmers of white poking through the openings in the leaves. White? But the skies were blue. He supposed it could be cloud cover, but wasn't it was a little too bright for that?

Level 2: The Black Forest
A spooky woods, filled with dangerous creatures, streams, and dark caves. Players beware, they're coming for you! And feast upon your bones they shall, unless you have the wits to escape a grisly fate. Other surprises are hidden in the woods as well... Sleeping is not advised.

A voice boomed out of nowhere, startling Arin. Her body suddenly froze in terror. What now?

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

The voice was similar to the one from before, but higher in pitch, brighter, and it talked faster. It still sounded strangely mechanical, however.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

October 6th, 2008, 12:27 PM
Ninekun watched as the players appeared, one by one in the room they called 'Level One'. The guns, as usual, were pointed at the players, and the timer was setting itself to count down. Ninekun was not excited.

She was not excited for the Game to begin.

No one could see her yet. No, not until level two when she could reveal herself and start hunting the players down. She'd have to pick one on her own, and start chasing it.

A crimson Latias appeared in the room. No, that wasn't her victim. She would leave her for another Chaser. Maybe Kumori...he would be able to take her down. Latias was a legendary Pokemon, and thus, one of the strongest ones. She could take her down easily - after all, what were her endless hours of practice for? - but she sensed that Kumori could do the job better. However, she didn't know what had happened with Kumori lately. He seemed distant and never told her anything anymore.

But the Latias was not hers.

A yellow mouse Pokemon, a green lizard, and a bladed dinosaur-bug appeared also. She scanned them. No, no, no. None of them were her next victim.

The wings on her back wanted to twitch with annoyance, but they stayed still.

They would - the Pokemon they were based off of was dead, not just one but all of the species. The Pokemon was a special, different kind, and since it most resembled Ninekun, she had to be the one to take its DNA programming and fuse herself with it.

And then another appeared. A white, cat-like Pokemon, laying on the ground. It had a huge black blade rising out of the side of its head, and its paws were ebony also, differing from its snow-white fur. She'd heard of this Pokemon before.

Abusoru. The Disaster Pokemon.

In some ways, she could relate to it. It always brought disaster...or so they said. When the truth was really that it appeared to warn people of disaster, and often was hated for people thinking it had brought it.

Because of that, they stayed away from humans, only coming out when they sensed a disaster. Never any other time, because people might evacuate for no reason. But then it was hard when there really were disasters too, because the humans just tried to get it away. To go bring someone else a disaster. And then they didn't know it was coming, because Abusoru was not there to warn them.

She felt its pain. She knew that there was nothing anyone could do to love her, and she knew it was true about the Abusoru too.

They were alike.

And because of that, she had to kill him.

Ninekun watched silently from the shadows, and waited for him to get to Level Two. So she could do what she had to do.

Kill Abusoru.

OOC: Sorry it was a little long. That kind of tells who I'm going to hunt.

*kills drama*

October 6th, 2008, 1:34 PM
Species: Entei
Appearance: Blaze was a red tinted entei. His white mane was a redish pinkish color. his eyes were a deep red.

Personality:Blaze was rather Naive. He verly ever listened to anyone. So in battle if he has a leader the plan is never followed. even though he did not accept plans he was quite a good fighter and a little over confident so he almost always thinks he can win. he is usually nice he as a temper like a time bomb so he gets frustrated and angry easly. when he gets angry he gets a power boost and gets very determined.

History:When he was born he was left alone by a volcano. when he first started walking and moving arouund he climed the volcano and fell in. he stayed inside the volcano for a very long time say about 7-10 years. when he got out of it he had almost ultimate control of his flame power. as he got out the volcano erupted. after the eruption he started traveling. he traveled for quite awile and ran into many humans but after traveling for a couple of years he came back to the volcano to rest for maybe a year but when he woke up he was no longer in lava but on ground.

Moves:fireblast, earthquake, flamethrower, protect, gigaimpact, earthpower,

Other: While in the volcano he channeled both fire and ground power

October 6th, 2008, 1:42 PM
Oh..My head is pounding.. Mark thought to himself as he slowly opened his dark, crimson eyes. He noticed he was not in his home, Rock Tunnel, but he was in a white room with a long corridor at the end that led to a lush green forest.

"Where am I?" He asked aloud to himself. He looked around the room and noticed a dim red counter slowly edging its way towards zero.


When the counter hit 10, small turret like object protruded from the wall. The searched the room and focused their sights on Mark.

Gun Turrets! He though to himself. Well, I've got to think this through logically... Those things are bound to fire when that counter hits zero.

Mark ran around the room, to make sure the turrets were motion sensitive. The guns followed his every move.

Yup, motion decting..Now I have to wait... Mark thought. He had a plan already figured out.


When the timer hit zero the guns focused their attention on Mark. He readied his club and yelled out, "How would you like a little Bonemerang!"

He threw his club in the opposite direction, which succesfully got the turrets attention. They shot at the flying bone while Mark made his mad dash for the exit.

He ran as fast as his little Marowak legs could take him, but it wasn't fast enough. The Bonemerang was on its returning journey back to Mark, which also meant all incoming bullets were heading for him.

Mark looked back and grabbed his club then used all of his remaining energy to sprint for the exit. He felt one or two bullets pelt his back as he dove through the door that lead to the forest.

He hit the ground with a thick thud and closed his eyes.

Did...Did I make it?

October 6th, 2008, 3:02 PM
(OOC: Sorry Zorloc, but your sign-up is Rejected. Your grammar is shoddy, and you seem to dislike using the shift key. Not only this, but to be a legendary you need a sign-up that's better than average (unless you're me xP), while yours is just the opposite. Oh, not to mention you didn't read the rules regarding your moves, and your character is superpowered.

In other news (bolded because this is important), Chasers, please describe the form you take at the beginning of each level. If they're in their "standard" (human) form for this one, please say so. Also, please note that because you operated as independent programs, other game elements and parts of the Game may and will attack you, treating you in essence, like the players themselves, and the less your form and actions blend in with the rest of the level, the more they will do so. (so extra motivation to think of something that fits the level) Level 2 is a forest filled with monsters such as tree giants, mega-spiders, centipedes, werewolves, vampiric creatures, etc.

Also please note that all players have a Chaser, just those that don't have someone else chasing them will have their Chasers be an NPC that they will control.)

October 6th, 2008, 3:41 PM
((OoC: since i havn't seen an OoC thread yet, i just want to clarify. did my post follow the rules and all? just want to make sure im doing this RP right.))

October 6th, 2008, 3:44 PM
(OOC: Okay, so I can be like vampiric Shedinja-morph? Like, still look like I did, as a human, but with vampiric features and my Shedinja wings/hole still there? Think Twilight XD

And the Entei kid is 10, it's kind of obvious that he would make a signup like that. I don't know why the 10-year-old kids think they can jump into forums and do everything when they don't even use the spellcheck on their computer. Watch now, he'll come back and go 'I'm only 10, why are you so m33n to me???' They all seem to.

If not, I'll just go 0_o

Pointless OOC. *waiting for someone else to post*)

EDIT: It looked good to me, ArmyGuy. I RP a lot, and I'd say that's a good post. But of course the RP master always has their idea of good xP

October 6th, 2008, 5:07 PM
“Level 1: The Empty Room
Players must wake up and get their bearings before the timer runs out. If they wish to avoid being machine-gunned, they must run out of the Level 1 arena immediately after coming to. A test of their responsiveness and thinking abilities.”

An Absol lay peaceful at one end of a large, white room. It’s chest moved slowly up and down as it inhaled and exhaled, and its eyelids fluttered as it neared its time of awakening. The white fur lay flat and smooth, it could have been sleeping in its natural environment, where it normally slept, so at peace it was. But even in sleep, Aya knew that there was something different, the floor wasn’t leafy and springy, and there was no gentle morning breeze that blew into the small cave in which he slept, and ruffled his fur.

"Welcome to the game." Said a voice, low, female, and strangely mechanical, flat and cool as steel, with no hint of emotion. It couldn’t possibly have been spoken by a human, as there was no warmth or the slightest hint of…normalness in it, and Aya twitched uneasily upon hearing those four words spoken in such a sinister manner, he wasn’t even sure whether the voice was addressing him or not. He hadn’t fully awakened yet, he felt as if his brain had been paralyzed and numbed, and he opened his eyes, squinting, his vision bleary, expecting to find himself gazing out at the tranquil landscape of Forina, his home of many years. On normal days, he would awaken to see himself gazing out upon a deep valley, white mist drifting over the trees and tall, pillar shaped rock formations.

What he hadn’t prepared for was to find himself in a stark white room, empty except for himself and a number of odd tubelike things protruding from the blank walls and mounted on balls which were partially set into the wall. He stood up, fully awakened by the initial shock of finding himself here, and took a couple of steps forward. The tubes rotated slowly, silently, following him, he glanced behind him to look at the tubes and study them more closely, when something caught his eye. It was a digital clock, which seemed somewhat out of place against the flat white walls of this strange room. On it numbers counted down in seconds, and the timer beeped every time a new number flashed on the screen, the screen blinked brightly, it would have been impossible to have overlooked it, which was difficult seeing as it was about the only thing that had any color at all. The tubes, even, were mostly black, which didn’t really mean “color” in his book. But it was the numbers counting backwards that caught his attention most.


It didn’t take long for Aya to figure out what was going on, even for a Pokemon that didn’t have an amazingly large amount of human interation, perhaps he was just clever, yes, that sounded right. Three main points stood out in his mind most clearly, they would be the only things that he would fully remember. Three, and only three, points that he had managed to come up with in the precious few seconds that he had.

The tubes were gun turrets, which tracked his movement and followed him.
The timer signified the amount of time he had left before the guns would begin firing.
He needed to get out of here, or else. And honestly and truthfully, he really was not about to find out what “or else” was, because he had a feeling that it wasn’t good.

That was when he forgot everything else that he had been thinking at the moment, his paws pushed off against the ground, he gave a great leap and began running at full speed upon landing. It was all completely involuntary, he didn’t know if he had ever traveled as fast in his life, even when running from a swarm of angry beedrill. Nothing else seemed to matter to him except the fact that he must keep running, he may not stop running.

Aya was now running down a long hallway, the gun turrets had tracked him this far, he didn’t see much hope left, but now he was nearing a corner, if he turned perhaps he would be safe. He willed himself to run faster, surprisingly, fueled by his terror, he did. Suddenly, it seemed like an explosion had occurred behind him as the timer beeped one last time and the guns began firing.

The loud bursts of noise that came from behind him and followed him were deafening. He couldn’t believe the noise, he had never heard such a sound in all his life, and nothing could have prepared him for the sheer terror that he felt upon hearing the sound of the many bullets behind fired towards him, with only one purpose: to kill him.

A bullet narrowly missed his head as Aya gave one last desperate leap, skidding around the corner and pelting down this new hallway. He was safe, shielded from the gunfire, but he didn’t stop running, the fact that the bullets couldn’t hit him didn’t keep him from thinking, and knowing, that he could have wound up dead. Finally, Aya spotted trees, and what appeared to be open sky. Yes! He gasped for breath, his legs working harder even though the bullets could not hit him, everything had happened so fast, and it was all out of his control. He had simply sprang into action as soon as he realized what was going on, but in the midst of all his confusion and shock, he also found that he was grateful, grateful to have escaped the bullets without being hit by a single one, grateful to have lived another minute.

Ooc:// So apparently Aya is going to be hunted by Ninekun?

Spirit Ruler
October 6th, 2008, 10:48 PM
Kumori watched the players appear one by one and saw no potential victims. "*hmph* not a single worthy opponent" he sighed. It'd been ages since a "chalenge" had come. Every time he picked a victim, every time he killed them as soon as they got to Level 2. Unfortunately he had to pick a victim and continued scanning the players that appeared. As a Latias appeared something clicked inside Kumori. Like an ancient instinct...to hunt and kill! That Latias had to be his next victim. He also felt something strange surge inside him. All the chasers were linked by a Psychic Bond. He felt Ninekun's energy flow through his mind. She'd also sensed that the Latias was his victim. As the Pokemon went through to "The Black Forest" he smirked. The hunt had begun...

October 7th, 2008, 12:16 PM
Ooc:// So apparently Aya is going to be hunted by Ninekun?

OOC: *bursts into tears and puts head in hands* Yes, I'm sorry! We're still friends, right?

IC: Ninekun watched the Absol race through the hallway. Graceful, fast, and powerful. She shook the thoughts out of her mind. She couldn't be feeling anything for it, not affection (after all, she had always loved cats), not anything. Otherwise she'd be biased and she couldn't kill it.

The name 'Aya' appeared above his head, a blue arrow pointing down at him. She knew by the label that this was his name. Aya the Abusoru. She followed through the walls, invisible to anyone, and watched from her place between dimensions. Level Two was a forest, a dark forest that Aya would have an advantage in, being a Dark Pokemon. He could blend into the shadows, even with the snow-white fur. The darkness inside him would assure that.

She felt her body structure change, slowly becoming more vampiric. Her teeth grew pointed, and she could feel her body change so that it was more aerodynamic. Her abilities changed, and her speed and attack rose sharply. She could disappear into the night as easily as she pleased now. This was always one of her favorites - she loved being able to shoot through the forest at unimaginable speeds, and the thrill she got when she plunged straight down at a player to bite his or her neck, drinking the blood, watching it spurt out, was exactly that - a thrill. But she wasn't so sure how she'd feel now that she was iffy about the whole Chaser thing.

Kumori had sensed his victim. The Ratiasu, she'd known it from the start.

<Just make sure not to do anything too rash, Kumori,> she said in the Chasers' form of language, telepathy. They could speak words, but they preferred to use telepathy when trying to have a private conversation. You could send it to one person or to everybody.

The message she'd sent to Kumori was pointless. She knew there had been a change in him, and she knew he'd do whatever he could to wipe out the Ratiasu. Obliterate it.

Aya made her think about her actions twice. She was going to delay killing him as long as she could.

Even if it meant killing another Chaser, or even all of them.

OOC: Ninekun is so amazin'. XD

Gumshoe Satyr
October 7th, 2008, 2:59 PM
Chaser Sign-Up Form

Name: Jack. Also he's called Gremlin, or Grem, by most of the Chasers. (He was first called this by another Chaser he worked with and the name stuck.)

Appearance: Only Chasers really know what Grem really looks like due to his love of disguises. As a human, he's about 6" tall, 170 lbs, and looks to be about 18 years old. He has short, slightly spike black hair and hazel eyes that seem to be different colors in different lights. For clothes, he wears a long-sleeved dark green tunic that reaches his waist, a black leather vest that goes over his tunic, black cloth pants, and black cloth shoes, kind of like moccasins. Over his shoulders, he wears a black cloak, and he usually keeps the hood over his head when he's not alone. Up the sleeve of his tunic, he hides a 6 inch knife so he can use it any time. On both sides of his cloak are a series of pockets where he keeps most of the stuff he uses for his pranks and other useful things, and strapped to his back under the cloak he keeps a bow and quiver of arrows. On his wrist is a special watch-like gadget which he can receive messages from the designers, information on the levels on the Game, and information on the Players. He can also add information as he gathers it into it. Affectionately dubbed Cid or Communication Information Database. When he changes form, he always has his hazel eyes and his black cloak, although it might change form a bit. For example, if he becomes a winged creature, the cloak could become wings, but it will still have the pockets and the bow under it.

Personality: Grem has a love for pranks, traps, and riddles. Other than that, though, he's fairly serious and keeps to himself because the other Chasers treat him like an outcast because he has yet to take the life of a player. He dislikes killing because he thinks that playing tricks and pranks and watching the players are so much more fun. Considered a rebel by the designers of the Game, they are constantly frustrated with him and have just recently started threatening him with 'termination' or 'deletion'. He often wonders why he was created the way he was, and whenever he's with other Chasers he tries to make friends but with little results. He blames his 'father' for making him an outcast and failure and just wants to be accepted. Also he's a strategist and knows all about electronics and gadgets.

History: Although he's physically and mentally 18, he actually hasn't lived for very long. Grem has gone on four player hunts but has yet to make a kill due to his dislike of killing. After his second Game, he was named Gremlin by a fellow Chaser because of his love for tricks, and by then, it was considered that anyone who teamed up with him was in for trouble because he was so weak and useless.

This Game, his fifth, is going to be his last chance to avoid being destroyed by the designers. Although he doesn't want to, he knows that he must kill this time or be killed himself.

Other: Grem has the ability to create illusions, either to disguise himself or the environment, but using his power on too large an area or too many times without resting can eventually make him unable to use them for a while. He has a flute that he can play quite well and it's one of his favorite things to do. He is very agile and quick but isn't very strong and has much less endurance than other Chasers. In other words, if you can handle his moves and speed long enough, he'll start to slow down and be easier to beat and he can't take very many attacks.

(I'm trying to make Grem sort of a fence-rider so this doesn't necessarily mean that he's going to help the Chasers or the players. It depends on how the story goes and if there can even be more than one reformed Chaser in the Game. I'm assuming that Ninekun will be reformed.)

October 7th, 2008, 3:16 PM
(OOC: Accepted, Namora. And I'm waiting for some other players to post before I do, because although we have lots of accepted sign-ups, hardly anyone's actually posted.)

Jaydin Knight
October 7th, 2008, 3:52 PM
And so the game begins... Amethyst thought wryly. She closed her eyes, focusing, and by the time she had opened them once more, the players had appeared. She gave a toothy smile - but again, everything this form did was rather...toothy. Made to prey on the fears of her...well, prey, it was a combination of what Giratina was said to look like and a Seviper, with other fearsome things thrown in. She had a thousand rearing legs, a stinger on the end of each, and her torso was black and red- scarlet, bloody red. Head was odd - eyes, feline-looking with amethyst pupils, sprouted from every possible point - except for a space about a grown human's head wide, a grown human's high, where her mouth sat. Formed in the ironic shape of a heart, thick black lips hid thousands upon thousands of very small, incredably sharp teeth.

She was a predator. And they all knew it. For all Amethyst's frightening figure, she was only as large as a Pikachu, to better blend in. A faint red glow emerged from the Latias and she followed the beam of light....So, the Latias was taken by Kurimori, Amethyst believed? She wasn't sure of his name, but - Amethyst stared for a moment - even in monster form, he was awfully cute. She felt his mind briefly, before flickering away. No, don't say anything now....Too early, Amethyst thought. The Absol - no, taken...

Aha! The Marowak, perfect. She'd never preyed on one of them before, and it was male. Maybe he'd be harder? Nah, she doubted it.

October 7th, 2008, 6:48 PM
___As Nife came out of the long hallway he rubbed his right scythe having just tried to cut through a gun with one slice. Looking around he saw a few others here. Not knowing who they were or if they had something to do with his presence here he avoided them scooting farther to the left. When the voice that had awoken him boomed again throughout this forest he listened intently.
___As the "Voice" finished talking he thought to himself about this predicament. There had to be more than just this. There had to be something other than hidden guns and monsters. There must be something else out there. Waiting...Waiting to strike. He finished his thought and decided that he would not die here. He had more to live for he would make it out. And with that Nife flew off into the forest.

drunk ¬_¬
October 7th, 2008, 8:07 PM
Hey hope you'll still let me join... there you go


Name: Asesino

Appearance: The most distinguishing features of Asesino are a horizontally running scar underneath his right eyebrow, and a pair of overgrown canines.
HT: 5' 05"
WT: 125 lbs

Personality: Ruthless, doesn’t speak, and whenever he’s in pain or struggling he’ll shed one or two tears in front of his opponent without even the slightest flinch, or movement in his determined face to finish his mission (the tears are due to the pain that he feels deep in his heart for his family).

History: As a child, Asesino’s witnessed his family being brutally murdered by some random villains that were looking for a prized manaphy egg in his dad’s possession. Unlike most other stories where the kid goes out looking for revenge, Asesino suffered severe trauma from the sight and his mind blocked off all emotion and memory. Now he doesn’t even remember his real name, and is called Asesino because of his ruthlessness in the underground world, and former job as a hitman, (although he’s still only 17 yrs old). Ultimately, he would be tricked into a job which would have him transported into the game as a chaser instead of a player. He's been in the game for a while now... not thinking, not caring, just killing

Other: Asesino is the perfect killing machine. (I’m also thinking of a change of heart at some point, but that’s all up to you Lusankya).

October 8th, 2008, 11:45 AM
(OOC: Sorry drunk, your appearance and personality are both very lacking, and could use a lot more detail. Plus, we're reaching the upper limit on the number of Chasers.)

Gumshoe Satyr
October 8th, 2008, 2:09 PM
Lying under a tree beside a quiet pond, Grem was in an unusually peaceful part of the Game. It was sort of between the levels kind of area that he'd stumbled across during his second Game that Player's couldn't access, and so far, he hadn't seen another Chaser in it. His favorite spot, he went there everytime he needed to be alone and have some peace and quiet.

"Ahh.... This is the life," he mumbled to himself. Just then his Cid or Communication Information Database started vibrated, breaking the stillness of the place. Cid was a watchlike gadget on his wrist that he used to look up and input different data concerning the Game, and unfortunately it was also a handy way for the Game Designers to contact him. Looking at the Cid's screen, he saw the words The Game appear.

"Oh, that's really scary," he scoffed sarcastically. "I don't know why they don't just put The Designers of the Game or The Creators of the Game. Who do they think they're fooling?" His finger wavered over the button that would cancel the call but knew that it wouldn't be a smart thing to do and answered it instead. A voice started to speak, its slightly mechanical nature unable to conceal the irritation of its owner.

"What are doing Chaser Jack!?" Flinching a bit when he heard his real name, he said nothing. "We told you to get ready for the Game over an hour ago! Are you refusing to comply?"

"I just needed a little time to myself before I had to begin the hunt. Besides, I told you after the last Game that I was retired. I'm not just not a Chaser. You should have figured that out by now." His finger hovered over the button that would end the call again but drew back again with a sigh. That would only make them angrier.

Turning from irritation to mockery, the voice continued, "Retired? Retired!? No Chaser can retire! You have been created to hunt down the Players, and any Chaser that doesn't do that job should be terminated." The voice was quiet for a second but returned triumphantly. "That's it! If you fail to kill a Player before this Game is over, you will be terminated.... Over... Done.... Goodbye... No more Jack."

Clenching his fists, Grem could imagine the triumphant smile on this faceless demon. "My 'dad' wont let you do that. There's no way you have the power to do that." He so wished that he could plunge his dagger into the heart of every Designer, though he doubted that they had hearts at all.

"The Owner is sick of your failures and refusals to kill. In fact, we are having a meeting today to decide how to deal with you. I'm sure they will agree to this proposal. You should be thanking me. If I hadn't come up with this brilliant idea, you might've been gone by tomorrow. Now you have till the end of this Game. Lucky you. Now go before I change my mind." The voice faded off, and he heard a click, signifying the end of the call.

Shaking with rage for several seconds, he tried to consider what was just said. His failures..... Everyone knew that he had yet to kill even one Player, and since Chaser were ranked according to how many kills they had, Grem was considered the lowest of the low. He'd heard all the insults and names: freak, weakling, weirdo, loser, and so many other. His refusal to kill wasn't out of any righteousness or anything. In fact, he thought that both Chasers and Players were created by the Designers to amuse them and the Owner. He just didn't seem to have it in him to kill.

I guess I don't have a choice.... Let's see what Cid has to say. Fortunately, Cid was already inputted with information on the Players by the Designers. Skipping over the Absol, Marowak, and Latias because he knew they were already taken, he stopped when he came to a Pikachu. Hmm.... His name is Matt. Perfect..... Leaving the area, he traveled to Level 2 because accoring to Cid, Matt had already gotten past Level 1. He sent a mental message to his fellow Chaser, telling them that he'd found his victim.

As he crossed into Level 2, he felt all of his clothes disappear except his black cloak. He grew taller and slimmer and thick black fur covered his body and his cloak, making it virtually impossible to distinguish from his body. On his feet and hand, he grew claws and his teeth grew longer and sharper until they became fangs. The black in his hazel eyes overshadowed all the other colors, and they were speckled with silver. Fighting back the urge to howl, he knew that he'd transformed into a werewolf.

Let the hunt begin.

(If Pikalover10 doesn't post soon, I'm going to change who I'm hunting.)

October 8th, 2008, 3:07 PM
(OOC: We seriously need some more players to post. -_-' Oh, and Namora, please refrain from trying to control anything that's outside the game (such as the designers or the people running it) for reasons that will eventually become extremely obvious.

At any rate, I'll make my second RP post tomorrow regardless of whether another Player has entered or not.)

October 8th, 2008, 3:37 PM
I'm assuming it's not too late to join? ^^'

Name: Gale
Gender: Girl
Species: Glaceon (I was *semi* too lazy to look through other SUs, so if that's taken, I'd like to play as Cyndaquil if possible)
Appearance: Gale is your average Glaceon - she is fox-like with a flat tail and blue hues, and it looks like she has a blue hat. HOWEVER: she has a birth mark on her forehead, in the shape of a diamond. The birth mark really doesn't mean anything, but Gale thinks so. For luck, Gale wears a crystal in the shape of an orb around her neck, and a silver wolf surrounds it.
Personality: Gale is very shy and quiet. She is very strategic, and thinks out her moves as much as she can. However, when it comes to battling, she loses her basic personality and gains a whole new one. She becomes strong-willed and vicious, maybe because she has the will to survive? Or maybe just because that's how she is. Sometimes she really doesn't know.
History: Gale started out living a happy life. She had parents and a brother, named Colin. However, a fire obliterated her happiness one day when it wiped out her entire family. Since then, Gale had been living on her own.

During the time Gale lived on her own, she learned to treat injuries with herbs, berries, and all kinds of plants. She learned to determine the health of others in various ways. You could say she grew up to be like a "Wild Child". She still appreciated the city, though she preferred the wildnerness. She never liked the prescribed medicines or the processed foods, and has never stepped foot into a restaurant since the incident. Gale was a loner, being wild and all, although she always wished to have friends. But, as she would sometimes say to herself, who would want to be friends with a wild child? Her birthmark didn't really help either (mentioned in her appearance). It was a brown color, and really didn't suit her natural skin and hair color. She hated it and wished it to go away. But she knew it was impossible.
Moves: Trump Card (Glaceon does not learn it, but Eevee does; if this isn't acceptable, then the move is instead Shadow Ball), Ice Beam, Water Pulse
Other: Gale likes to occasionally hum her favorite tunes to herself, usually to calm her down.

If anything needs to be changed, or it's actually too late for SU's, please say so!

drunk ¬_¬
October 8th, 2008, 4:13 PM
Name: Chicho

Gender: Male

Species: Snorlax

Appearance: Chicho isn’t exactly the most unique or distinguished among the Snorlax. As a matter of fact the only way that his friends seen to recognize him for are a small horizontally-running scar under his right eyebrow, and some of his mannerisms. Besides that, he is just a typical Snorlax, a little darker in color than average, a little shorter and smaller than average, but besides that, just the plain old sleepy Snorlax we all know.

Personality: Being as plain-looking as he is, Chicho tries to stand out through his personality. He had never really being in the spotlight seeing how his brother was shiny, and taller than most other Snorlax their age. He has become a cartooney character. He is extremely lazy and very calm, but when angered enough, he can be extremely foul-mouthed, and in a way scary. The lack of attention that he has gotten actually led him to become more interested in his surroundings, and also more tactical in his fights, even besting his brother in a fight they had before he was ultimately captured, and sent to the game afterward.

History: Chicho has a brother who is valued very highly by their relatives, and friends as a very important guy in their society since small (taken he was born shiny), and never really left any space in the spotlight for Chicho. This however doesn’t mean that they didn’t value each other, as a matter of fact since Chicho was the older brother, he became the only figure his brother looked up to. This is something that Chicho always valued, but things always change. One day after having a small disagreement with his brother, Chicho and him began a fight which was ultimately won by Chicho when he diverted his brother’s Rollout technique to a rock with a Hyper Beam, knocking him out. After watching this event take place, a trainer (of unimportant name), took the advantage of capturing the weakened Chicho, preferring the strong Snorlax over the shiny one. Some time after, Chicho was captured and taken to The Game.

TM Moves: Hyper Beam, Solarbeam, Focus Punch

Other: Snorlax enjoys reading Pokemon Special

That should be good right ?

October 8th, 2008, 5:16 PM
(OOC: Pikataro, you're Accepted, but if you want to be a Cyndaquil, you'll have to edit your sign-up to say so. Chicho, I'm not too sure about your choice for a Pokemon, seeing as how Snorlax are supposed to sleep for most of the time and definitely are not fast runners. (meaning you would have a very hard time trying to survive Level 1) But I suppose I can give you a shot, although I would really like it if you'd revise it slightly and pick a different Pokemon. You should be able to keep most of the personality and history the same, so it shouldn't be that hard..)

October 8th, 2008, 5:42 PM
Level Two

Mark slowly got up, ignoring the pulsating pain in his back. He looked at the huge forest around him and heard a voice boom throughout.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment.

Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

"Well then, this should be interesting.." Mark thought to himself. He carefully explored his surroundings; looking for a way to Level 3. He wanted to beat this game and all its levels as quickly as possible.

As he walked around he felt something staring him down. HE looked around and saw nothing whatsoever.

"Must be my imagination.." He said, shrugging it off. But then he felt the same feeling again. He turned around and peered into the woods.

"I know someone is there! Now get out, and i won't make you suffer my Double-Edge!!" Mark said threatiningly.

drunk ¬_¬
October 8th, 2008, 8:26 PM
(Ooc: @ Lusankya: Thanks for your concern, but i have a lot of ideas for a Snorlax in The Game, and I think you'll like them... @ everyone: I don't know about you guys, but i like to use "..." for actual said stuff, and <...> for thoughts, just to put it out there xD)

Chicho the Snorlax

Level 1

“Welcome to the game”



(tic) *rolls to side attempting to fall asleep again*


“ALL RIGHT, WHAT THE F…!” Chicho screamed out before seeing protruding gun turrets all pointing at him in a slim white hallway that looked only big enough for him to fit in, and like nothing he had ever encountered before.


Behind him, he encountered a digital clock counting down, and on 11 (tic)… no 10 seconds.

“SHIT!” there wasn’t much to think, Chicho just jumped up aiming to the exit of the hallway and screamed out while performing a Rollout, attempting to make it out on time.

(tic) time was down to 8 seconds

<What am I doing?> Chicho thought, his body felt cramped up all over, he could feel bags under his eyes for the lack of sleep (comparing to other happier times), he accidentally bumped his head against the artificial floor of the hallway, and got a shiver on his back for not stretching out after a nap. His stomach growled asking for food, even though he knew he didn’t need it, it was his body’s instinct to ask for food after sleeping, he knew this because he was still too sleepy to have actually woken up on a normal day, which meant he shouldn’t be eating yet.

(tic) <Was it 4 seconds now?> thought Chicho who was now approximately halfway down the aisle. <Too slow… I’m n pain, as a matter of fact, why did I even bother getting up?> Chicho was smart enough to realize he wouldn’t make it at his current pace, his body was in pain, and he kept bumping against the walls and gun turrets protruding from them. He didn’t think when he got up, there was no way he could make it on time, <Why?> he kept asking himself. <Why am I fighting something that’s inevitable anyways? Why am I willing to die hurting instead of dying a happy and quick death in my sleep?> He knew better though, there was no way, not even he could sleep in a situation like this “Hmph” <I guess it was my instinct to fight it>

(tic) and down to 2 seconds

“WHY THE (tic) F…!” At the same time as he yelled out ****, he blasted a strong Hyper Beam that destroyed most of the gun turrets, and wall.

Chicho was now limping his way out of the hallway through the smoke that had escaped from the same way, as he made his figure visible outside of the smoke he said to himself: “Not… fast… enough…” His Hyper Beam wasn’t all that effective to say the least, as he ended up with 10 gunshot wounds to his body, 3 to his left arm, 2 on each leg, 2 of the bullets scraped his ribcage after being deflected from his face by the energy beam, and 1 that could’ve killed him had it not been for a weird bounce it had off his Thick Fat. “Guess… need to… REST.” He then fell face first onto the floor thinking he had finally saved himself.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, cnguoriotlaants! For toshe of you nuifvd …”

October 9th, 2008, 6:16 AM
"Level 2: The Black Forest
A spooky woods, filled with dangerous creatures, streams, and dark caves. Players beware, they're coming for you! And feast upon your bones they shall, unless you have the wits to escape a grisly fate. Other surprises are hidden in the woods as well... Sleeping is not advised."

Aya glanced around, he had made it out of that terrifying room with the guns and the timer. Now he was in a room, or rather, forest, entirely unlike the previous room he had just been in. Aya wondered how he had ended up here, but decided that he had to continue on. If his legs weren’t willing, then his curiosity made up for it, and he ventured farther, stopping after a couple of slow, cautious steps to take a look at his surroundings. An eerie wind whistled through the trees, rattling them like bones, and ominous shadows lurked everywhere around him, they seemed to shift, to move around. He normally wasn’t afraid of the dark, the darkness was one of his closest friends, it cloaked him, wrapping around him and hiding him from the world. But now…that was a different story. It wasn’t the darkness that scared him the most however, it was the strange…unreality of all of this. Even the sky didn’t seem to be quite real, or maybe he was just imagining it. If the forest, if all of this, was real, including the trees and every blade of grass, and not mechanical, whoever designed this had done an excellent job.

“Sol…” So this is where I find myself, “Absol…” I suppose I have to go on.

Just then, a voice came from out of nowhere.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment.

"Now are you ready for Level 2?"

He didn’t know what to expect, but began walking again, melting into the shadows, virtually invisible in the darkness of this forest. Though under the trees it was darker still, Aya could see as well as he could in a well lit room, perhaps this was due to the traits and characteristics of his kind. Suddenly, he stumbled upon something, and looked down, and barely managed to refrain from gasping in horror.

A bone, long, narrow, and ghostly white, lay upon the ground, sheltered from the sun, it could have been here for any amount of time, but it smelled fresh to Aya. He shuddered to think of which Pokemon it much have come from, unless….maybe it was a Cubone’s, then that would mean that it had been dropped by the Pokemon. It was a bit more comforting to think of it as the bone that a Cubone normally clutched in its hand. Yet Aya still couldn’t shake loose the thought that a Pokemon might have died in here, been killed, and that was all that was left, one single bone. But then again, if a Pokemon had died at this very spot, then surely there should be other bones around as well? Here there was only this one bone, and spooky though it was, he decided it might not mean anything significant.

Continuing on his way forward, he came face to face with a gnarled old tree. The branches were twisted in such a way that it closely resembled a fearsome creature, a creature unlike any Pokemon that ever could have existed. Though he knew that it was only a plant, he still stepped back a few inches, alarmed. This was getting to be almost too much, Aya sidestepped the tree, though it took more than one step, and continued on his way, still completely perplexed as to where he was at the moment. He didn’t know how long he had been walking, though in this atmosphere it felt like hours, though it was likely he had only been walking for about ten minutes, but the next thing he knew he had come to a stream.

Funny, this water, though clearer than crystal, seemed to be black…black water didn’t occur in nature. Or maybe it was just the darkness that made the water seem black, yes, that was probably it, that was what the darkness did. He dipped the tip of his right forepaw into the water, it was cold as ice, the temperature to him felt below freezing point, and yet the stream continued to flow freely, though it was likely that the water moved too quickly to freeze. But the air…the air temperature, though with a slight chill, wasn’t anywhere close to freezing. Aya didn’t know what to make of this, but there was nothing he could do about it, after all, he was only one Pokemon in this enormous forest, what power did he have over the way nature had intended for things to be? He kept moving, unable to think of any other possible choices, leaping over the stream with ease, and landing gently and silently, first on his front paws, and then followed by his hind paws. The air seemed to be warmer here, just slightly warmer, but warmer all the same. Yet another surprise…

October 9th, 2008, 11:53 AM
Good. He'd seen the bone of another Pokemon she'd Chased when the Game was still older. She'd laid it there purposefully, for anyone to find, and become afraid of what could be lying ahead. She hadn't known if anyone would find it, though. As she drifted through the darkness, she looked into his mind.

He was scared. Slightly scared. She could tell that. He wouldn't ever admit it - he was that kind of Pokemon - but he was scared. He was brushing the bone off.

Damn. No one had ever done something like that before. This was usually the part where they started panicking and dropped to the ground, screaming and crying, and then she could dig her claws into them and rip out their souls and kill them.

She wondered why her mindset continued to change. One minute it was 'kill the Player' and the next it was 'why?' She couldn't ever be sure of which one it was going to be.

Damn Abusoru. Made her think twice.

<I hate you,> she said to herself. <I hate how you're doing this to me.>

It was telepathy, but no one else could hear it, not the Chasers, not the Players, and not that Abusoru either.

She wasn't paying attention and a leaf rustled, then fell into the water, making ripples. Instantly, Ninekun felt herself melt into the shadows as she tried to follow Aya deeper into the woods. But there was a patch of light there - certainly, she would be seen. The invisibility shadow-melting didn't work in the light, and you could faintly see her outline.

She decided to risk it - after all, Aya didn't seem to be paying attention.

In and out, there went the flash. She hoped he hadn't seen her.

October 9th, 2008, 12:03 PM
Arin slumped against the trunk of the tree. A game? She liked games, although even she wasn't naive enough to believe this was going to be the fun kind, after just getting shot. Players. The term implied there were other Pokemon, or maybe humans, in her same situation. No, probably no humans. If humans had created this, then there probably wouldn't be any humans in the game. Or would there? The human mind could be a sick, twisted thing. If a person could be so cruel as to create this kind of massive Game for his (or her) amusement, there was no telling what they could do.

Arin looked around. It seemed to be a perfectly ordinary forest. Ordinary trees, ordinary grass, ordinary air. Wait, no, the air currents were somewhat strange. Confined. They were indoors, or at least it felt like it to her. Being a Pokemon that spent a lot of time in the air, Arin was sensitive to the changes in the air flows around her body.

Where are you, Jason? Arin wondered. She hoped that he was alright. Maybe he was somewhere else in this cruel game. A surge of hope swelled within in, only to be put out by the realization that if he was anywhere within miles of her, she would be able to sense him. Her other psychic senses didn't seem to be hampered, so he probably wasn't here.

She looked up at the sky. It was strange. White. Eerie. As was the rest of the forest. Despite its natural appearance and smell, something felt odd about it. Strangely... artificial. She couldn't quite pick it out.

And there was something else. A sense on the back of her long neck that there was something out there. Watching her, quietly. Silently, waiting. Like a Persian, preparing to pounce on its prey. Only far more dangerous that any Persian.


The sound caught her attention. Having her eyes set on the sides of her head meant she could see in a far wider arc than those with eyes set facing forward, but even so she couldn't see the source of the sound. Her wings twitched. It had to be coming from behind her. Leaning forward, away from the tree trunk, she turned her head to crane her neck around the tree.

Coming at her at about forty miles per hour was an enormous centipede.

Oh crap, was all the time she had to think before it slammed into her. She felt massive, powerful, crushing jaws close in on the lower part of her body, and she was lifted up into the air. The creature was like a miniature train in its power, and the impact on the tiny Latias did nothing to arrest its momentum.

Wasting no time, Arin charged up a Hyper Beam and aimed it at the centipede's head, where two dull, black, beady eyes were staring out past her. The attack didn't even dent the armored exoskeleton, but the force managed to make the centipede's chin hit the ground, forcing its jaws open and blasting Arin out of their reach. She flew up into the air, past the upper reaches of the trees. She looked around, and blinked. The sky was white, and she was surrounded by forest, as far as the eye could see, all the way to the horizon. They couldn't be indoors, because no building could possibly be this big. So where were they? Besides miles and miles of forest, the only thing in the distance was a lone mountain standing within a sea of green.

A roar sounded below, and Arin looked down. The centipede had reared up onto the legs on the segments near the end of its body, and it was reaching up into the air for her. Reflexive action made Arin fly up further quickly, and soon she was out of reach of the massive bug. The centipede continued to stand there, waving back and forth as Arin did, like some kind of weird snake, with Arin as the charmer. But soon enough, it appeared to decide that Arin wasn't the trouble to catch, and it bent back down to continue on its way.

Arin glanced around. A swarm of something was quickly approaching her. Maybe it wasn't good to be up so high above the forest canopy, it made her an obvious target. She quickly flew back down to ground level. The swarm passed overhead, they were some kind of insects as well.

This was the weirdest game Arin had ever played.

October 9th, 2008, 2:18 PM
(OOC: Pikataro, you're Accepted, but if you want to be a Cyndaquil, you'll have to edit your sign-up to say so. Chicho, I'm not too sure about your choice for a Pokemon, seeing as how Snorlax are supposed to sleep for most of the time and definitely are not fast runners. (meaning you would have a very hard time trying to survive Level 1) But I suppose I can give you a shot, although I would really like it if you'd revise it slightly and pick a different Pokemon. You should be able to keep most of the personality and history the same, so it shouldn't be that hard..)
Actually, to tell the truth, I only wanted to be Cyndaquil if Glaceon were taken... But thanks for making sure ^^'

So... Just to get things straight... I'm allowed to start WHENEVER I want, correct? Or will it be different?

October 9th, 2008, 2:22 PM
(OOC: You can start whenever, but you must start off in Level 1. Follow my first post for what the environment in which you start off will be like. Also, please move all OOC-only posts to the discussion thread in the future.)

October 9th, 2008, 2:57 PM
-Level One: The Empty Room-

A while past. Perhaps an hour, maybe a few minute, maybe less. But as Gale arouse, she looked around. Empty. The room was empty. It seemed kind of...nostalgic. It reminded Gale of how she felt after losing her parents. She peered around, hoping there would be a way out. She noticed a long hallway, and it seemed as if a medley of trees waited at the end of the hallway. Gale smiled, and got up. She started walking peacefully towards the trees, glad she'd be able to get out.

Bip... Bip... Bip... Bip... The strange sound suddenly took Gale by surprise. She turned around, and noticed a timer hanging on the wall behind her. It seemed to be decreasing. But by bit... She turned around again, and noticed tubes, seeming to follow her every movement. Suddenly nervous, she began to run through the corridor, when all of a sudden, she heard gunshots. The shots were clear as a bell. She knew they were going after her. The shots suddenly got in front of her, as if predicting where she would run to.

"Oh, shoot," Gale groaned. She stayed in place for a second, but realized the turrets were slowly going in her direction from both sides.

"This is it," she gasped. She closed her eyes, waiting for the shots to hit her. When, all of a sudden, the shots started behind her, and only behind her. Gale opened her eyes and peered back. Thankful, she began running towards the forest again, only to realize the turrets had locked on to her again, but with better accuracy this time. Gale knew the only way to escape was to run at full speed, and that's exactly what she did. Making her way out, she turned around one more time and stared at the turrets. She had outsmarted them. But now, for level 2...

drunk ¬_¬
October 9th, 2008, 7:26 PM
Level 2

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

For some reason Chicho kept waking up to these weird mechanical voices that boomed out of nowhere. <Now, are you ready for Level 2?> “… Whatever THAT means”.

As Chicho had used his Rest technique to catch his breath, he was now fully healed, but although his body was rested, he could still notice the scars left by the gunshots. He still remembered vividly the pain he suffered from the shots, one after one after one, it had taken less than half a second for the bullets who penetrated his defense to incrust themselves in him, but he remembered the individual pain he felt after making contact with each one individually. The burning sensation, the displacement of mass within him, the rotation of the bullet that twisted him from within… humans WERE after all creatures to be feared.

He was no longer bleeding and apparently his body pushed out all of the bullets on its own, as Chicho had never been shot before he found this amusing and useful “Keh. Looks like I’m not THAT weak after all”.

Just a second later, he finally realized the true extent of the danger he was in. He, no… his body was refusing to sleep!

“How come?” he just had this nagging feeling deep within him preventing him from exposing himself to the danger of sleep, *sigh* “I thought I said I would not fight the inevitable and accept my death as soon as possible… seriously, what is wrong with me? I can’t even keep a promise to myself!”

Then, as he got his massive body up to scan his surroundings…

“What is this place!?” a shiver crawled slowly up his spine all the way around the neck, and throughout his limbs making him flinch. The fear in Chicho was slowly, but surely taking control of him.

The awkward wind, the jagged branches on the trees, and shadows that seemed to crawl towards him, THIS PLACE WAS CURSED!

Chicho could feel his body tremble, the chilly air that froze him where he stood, he was about to… he needed to… <NO!>

*Breathes in deep… and exhales, then closes eyes*

“I definitely need some more rest and a good meal, I mean…” he said to himself as he opened his eyes and welcomed the expected sight. “I must be really losing it, I’m even talking to myself! If anything it’s too risky to get any attention over to me… heh! As if I didn’t get enough attention already.”

Then he headed towards the forest with the intention of finding berries and a water source.

October 12th, 2008, 4:41 AM
Arin darted through the trees. So far she hadn't been attacked yet since that giant centipede, but it was only a matter of time. This forest was as real as any she had ever seen, and yet, it was all so surreal. There was an air of impossibility, of fantastic things, to this forest. Maybe it was just the white sky poking in through the openings between leaves on the canopies of trees. Or maybe it was just the knowledge she could be attacked at any second by something that shouldn't exist. Or maybe it was tiny discrepancies in the way the grass, the trees, the dirt was that she couldn't identify, because they all looked so normal. Once again, she wondered what force in the universe could create such a thing. Only humans could be this cruel, but humans couldn't produce this, could they? If they had the technology to build this, then she feared very much for the future of Pokemon on Earth.

A rumbling to the side of her. Arin stopped flying to investigate, when second later, an enormous thing broke out of the trees, rolling through the forest at her. She narrowly dodged; the thing was moving fast, and it blew right past her and did not turn around or do anything to give chase. She blinked, and looked at both the thing and where it had come from. It was just a rolling thing the size of a school bus, cutting a swath of destruction through the forest.

She just continued on. How were they supposed to get to Level 3? They had been given no objectives, there was nothing to do. So why was she moving? She was in no less danger on the move than she was staying still. Unless that ever-constant feeling of being watched, of some predator stalking her had some validity to it. A shiver ran up her spine; If it were true, then she better keep moving. And maybe there was something in the forest they had to find to advance.

She stopped at a nearby stream, thirsty, and drank. The water was cold, ridiculously so, and felt as though it were far past the freezing point. Another sign that this place was just artificial. The temperature changes here were odd as well. One side of the stream was colder than the other, although the difference was very small. She looked around, there didn't appear to be any threats so far. But wait! Some movement further down the stream. She glided over, and saw an Absol stalking away from the stream.

An Absol? So far, she had not spotted a single Pokemon other than herself in the Game. Absol were known to humans as the Disaster Pokemon, and they were often shooed away and hated for trying to warn them about incoming natural disasters. Why Absols still try to warn them anyways, she didn't know. But she glided over anyways, because maybe this was one of the other players. So far, the only things that had attacked her were most certainly not Pokemon, there was a good chance this was one.

"Hey!" she chirped at the Absol, and quickly caught up to it.

October 12th, 2008, 5:17 AM
Aya continued deeper into the forest, becoming more nervous as he went, if this was a game, it certainly was a very well designed and frightening one. A flash caught his eye, but he didn’t have time to glance around as what seemed to be a living shadow suddenly flew from a tree.

Aya stepped backward, one of his forepaws raised as he came face to face with a large bat-like creature. It was most certainly not a Zubat, Golbat, or Crobat, as it did not have the characteristics of either Pokemon, he had never seen anything like it, but he didn’t have much time to think, for the next thing he knew, it had swooped at his head. Aya had a split second to come up with a plan for what he should do next, and he took the first two ideas that came into his mind.

Duck so that it misses me, because I don’t know much about this creature, I’m not sure of its abilities. It would be best not to attack it until it really begins to prove a threat.
Duck so that it misses me, the run for my life!

He decided to go with the first one, and dropped closer to the ground, the bat creature swooped over his head, missing its mark, however, it turned and prepared to try again. Aya knew that, in this situation, you should never use the same strategy twice in a row, for the enemy or opponent would be prepared for the move and it will surely fail. So now he had to come up with a completely new strategy. Aya thought for the second he had, though the strategy was easy to come up with.

Sidestep the attack rather than duck. That way he’ll be ready to lower himself in order to hit is mark, but he won’t be ready to swerve in order to attack me.

Then all thought abandoned Aya as he sidestepped the attack, but once again the bat creature seemed as if he didn’t want to give up, and prepared for another attack. Aya didn’t think he had much of a choice other than to either.

Hold my own against this creature and fight back.
Run for my life, maybe it won’t follow me too far.

If he fought back, he risked angering the creature, and prompting it to continue attacking. If he ran, he might bait the creature into chasing after him. Unless it was only defending its territory. Risking it, he took a few steps away, only to see the creature shift as it took aim at him. That meant it would likely chase him for quite some time before it would finally give up, or until he finally gave up. So he would have to fight back against this creature, whatever it was. The iron hard growth on his head began to glow as he prepared for a razor wind attack. The sight didn’t seem to alarm the creature, rather, it seemed to sneer at him before diving towards him, razor sharp claws extended and teeth bared. At that moment, Aya scythed his head downward, releasing several crescent shaped blades of wind at the bat creature, he normally had some degree of difficulty hitting a moving target, but the blades of wind spread out, covering more area, and besides that, desperation had perfected his aim for that one second it took to execute the move, and he had succeeded in managing to halt its attack.

Apparently, the creature wasn’t as determined to rip his heart out as he had previously thought, because as it was hit, it retreated into an enormous hole that seemed to have been carved out of the side of a tree, though the look that it continued to give him was deadly. Aya could see its glowing eyes following him as he left the area, continuing to move forward. His heart was pounding, he couldn’t believe his luck, knowing that he could have been lying on the forest floor, bleeding to death at this moment, he sent a grateful prayer up to the stars, which, according to the tales of his family, had been blessed by the legendary Pokemon Jirachi. It was for that reason that he had always loved stars, comets too, as he watched their celestial dance across the night sky. But there were no stars, not here, still, he hoped that they had heard his words of thanks. Suddenly, he stopped mid-step as a voice reached his ears.

“Hey!” Someone, female by the sound of it, called.

Aya spun around, caught by surprise, the voice didn’t seem threatening or frightening, in fact, it seemed almost…friendly. Even so, he lifted a forepaw in case there was a need to defend against an attack, but apparently this was not needed. A Latias had caught up to him, and he gave it a curious look, noticing at the same time that it was slightly different from the other Latias he had met in his lifetime, though he couldn’t quite tell what made this Latias different.

“Can I help you?” He asked cautiously, keeping his voice low, he didn’t want to risk being heard by anyone, his previous experiences in this forest had pretty much taught him never to let his guard down, and he wasn’t about to now.

October 12th, 2008, 10:09 AM
Ninekun felt a wave of pleasure go through her. He hadn't seen her - one of her servants had distracted him from seeing her. Good. The Game was going exactly as she had planned.

<Soon you will be mine, small little Abusoru,> she said quietly to herself.

Again with the mood swings. First it was 'kill it', then the exact opposite. Why couldn't she make up her mind?

<Kumori,> she said to break the silence inside her own mind, <the Ratiasu and the Abusoru have met with each other. The hunt is on. Are you going to join me?>

As she waited for the answer, she could hear the conversation, though quiet, between the two Pokemon. She laughed softly.

<You are mine.>

OOC: Euu, she's scary. That's why she would be a Chaser, though. X_x

October 12th, 2008, 11:31 AM
Appearance:Lukai is based on a lion cub or kitten. Its fur is mostly blue, yet there is black fur under its torso. It has a long black tail with a gold four-pointed star on the end. Its forelegs each have a gold ring around them. It has large, oval ears with gold, star-like "fleur de lis" symbols on them. It has gold-pupiled eyes, and a pink-red nose. It has tufts of hair which will eventually grow into a mane; these can be seen on top and on the rear sides of its head. Whenever its mouth is shown open, small fangs can be seen developing.

Personality:Lukai likes to be around people, it just makes him feel better to know that he has people that he can talk to, people that care about him. He has mistrust in people who he does not, especially if they look suspicious. This does not mean that he doesn't like to make new friends, In fact Lukai loves to make new friends. Whenever he meets someone new he can be a bit annoying to them,so he has heard, but he can not help it; he just acts like himself. He doesn't like people who quit or give up before they are even out. Somtimes he will feel very lonely even if he is the center of attention.

Lukai is a very energetic pokemon, he loves to jump and run around even if it is in circles. He knows he is definetly not the fastest,strongest, or smartest pokemon in the world, but he doesn't care. He isn't one that likes to messed around with, or played mind games with. He wouldn't dare hurt a fly if he didn't have to. He is a follower rather than a leader, and will listen to someone that he trusts if they give him a command. There is a loop hole to that though, if he is scared out of his mind he will listen to just about anyone.

History: As a young child, Lukai grew up in a pretty pampered,controlled life. He was told where he could go, what he could eat, who he could make friends with. The friends part was hard because it was lesson after lesson. He soon grew tired of this and began to sneak out everynight to meet a, 'gang' if you will, of other Shinx, and Luxio. They weren't really his friends but only used him as he was of noble blood. Soon, late one night he was told by another young Shinx female named Robin that the older Pokemon where just using him. He refused to believe it.
He did this for a while, then one night, all the other gang members and Lukai went off to the forest. They hung out for a while then all the other members of the gang went running out of the forest trampling over him, he soon passed out. In his unconcious state he had a dream where he was back at home finishing up his last lesson. His mom said,"Lukai the lessons are for the better of you.. now pay attention!"

"But-" he was cut off by his mom, "No buts, now go on up stairs and go to bed!" She demanded.

"Fine" he growled as he stalked off to his bed. He got there and it took a while to get a comfortable spot.

He woke up hours later still in the same forest. He realized what Robin had said was true. He went to go find her and tell her that she was correct,but as he got home what he saw was unbelievable. His whole home was being ripped apart by the gang of pokemon. He ran up and tried to stop them but was tossed aside by his father a powerful Luxray. The gang seemed a lot bigger in battle than it had just hanging out. It was the gang was aided by other pokemon. His family was soon defeated and Lukai ran. He hid in the forest and for days saw many of the pokemon looking for him. He was then presumed dead. He had no where to turn to and was about to turn himself into them when a group of bug pokemon motioned him to come live with them. He then did, giving him a gentle nature. Then he fell asleep and found himself in a unkown place, the first words he heard were, "Welcome to the Games!"

Moves: Signal Beam, after witch Lukai becomes exhausted.
Thunder Fang
Discharge, Lukai has very little control over this move.

Lukai is a lot smaller and younger than most other pokemon at the games, that he has seen.

October 12th, 2008, 12:25 PM
-Level 2: The Black Forest-

Shadows shrouded the startling peaceful land. In the distance, Gale heard the wind, softly making the trees sway back and forth. She turned around. The empty room with the turrets had suddenly vanished. Gale was still alone. She lay down on all fours, and began to ponder why she decided to join.

"I bet, if any other players are around, that they are looking for siblings. Or perhaps they wish to be proven as the best. Or maybe they have some other reason. But why did I join?" She closed her eyes, opening her ears to the scarce sounds around her. The whisper of the wind, the swaying of the trees, and...a flute? Gale listened closely to the flute. It was playing what seemed to be a haunting melody. Gale began weeping softly. The melody reminded her of when she alone in the real world. She stood up and tried to shake the tears off, as if wishing to...forget. Forget what had happened...

Curious about the source of the melody, Gale calmly walked in the direction, opening her ears to the continuous haunting sound. It got louder and louder as she advanced, until finally, she stopped in front of a large tree. It seemed to show its age, and also looked like the tallest tree in the entire forest. The flute, however, was still mysteriously playing. Gale swerved around, trying to see if the sound was coming in the opposite direction. But there was no doubt about it. The source was coming from that old tree. Nervously, Gale called out, "Who's there? Who's playing?" Nothing. The flute continued to play. Gale was beginning to get frightened.

"I'm not kidding! Whoever's there, come on out! You don't scare me!" The flute continued playing. By that time, Gale's entire body was shaking. She felt as if a ghost were about to come out and scare her. She looked up, hoping to find the source. Nobody. Nothing except...berries? Hanging high up in the tree were some berries. Hungry from all the wandering she had done, Gale rammed into the tree with all her might, hoping the berries would drop to the ground for her to eat. The flute still played the legato tune, not even getting messed up as Gale continuously rammed into the tree. After a few more attempts, berries fell from the tree. Gale quietly ate one, and noticed the flute was starting to become quieter and quieter. Quieter and quieter...

October 12th, 2008, 2:49 PM
(OOC: Lostt is Accepted, and I'm going to go close sign-ups after this.

Slytherfang, other Latias? How common is a Legendary Pokemon supposed to be? @[email protected])

The Absol whirled around and lifted a paw as though to attack her. Arin abruptly stopped in midair, startled. But then again, in hindsight, it should have been obvious to her that he would think she was a threat, after all, probably everything else he had encountered in this forest had been trying to kill him. After identifying her as a non-threat, he looked at her with curiosity, but did not relax his stance, which was ready for battle. Arin supposed she shouldn't be lowering her guard either, and carefully scanned her surroundings. The Absol was panting slightly, and looked as though it had just come from a fight. She assumed that whatever he had been fighting, he had beaten it, because otherwise he would be moving.

“Can I help you?” the Absol asked. Arin was taken aback; this wasn't the response she had been expecting. What had she been expecting? Something like the relief she was feeling herself right now at finding another Player, but with that response, she might have to revise that statement. Then again, Absol were loners, and maybe this one would just prefer to get through this game alone rather than with others. If so, then Arin was out of luck.

"Are you are a player too?" she queried, and hoped that the Absol wasn't a loner. She tensed slightly and lifted her paws up, just in case the answer was "no".

October 12th, 2008, 2:59 PM
Ooc:// My bad, I meant as a picture (which Aya saw from the time he spent in a Pokemon Center) Did I forget to add that? *reads over previous post* Dang it, sorry! I deleted a couple of paragraphs and sentences, I must have accidentaly deleted that one too.

Aya had a strange and sudden urge to say that he wasn't a pokemon, but that could mean he might end up getting ripped up by that Latias. Instead he nodded seriously.

"Yes, I suppose you are as well if you're asking if I am." Aya said, trying not to sound suspicious, though he couldn't completely mask his thoughts, Latias aren't bad creatures! He thought fiercely to himself, so why am I thinking that she could possibly be dangerous? The answer was quite obvious, he couldn't risk letting his guard down, ever, not since he had ended up in this stupid game. Stupid wasn't even the word for it, something like "dangerous," "deadly," or "frightening," might work better in place of "stupid."

Well, thinking of which word best described this game wasn't going to help him at all. No, but maybe it would be a good idea to go through this game with the Latias, whoever she was, going against his nature, maybe, but likely safer, for both him and the Latias. However, he decided not to voice that yet, needed to get to know the Latias better. The picture on the wall at the Pokemon Center didn't really say much.

October 12th, 2008, 3:24 PM
-Still on level 2-

Silence. Everything had stopped. It was as if the whole forest had been muted. Gale gasped, but couldn't hear her own gasp. She peered around, searching for answers. She shouted, but couldn't hear her own voice. I must be going crazy, she thought. At least I can hear myself think... She decided it was the cursed flute that caused this. She used one of her paws to grab the pendant around her neck (although it nearly made her trip), and for a second, all seemed to turn dark. Gale felt like she was falling into a deep sleep. And then, it was bright again.

"Wonder what happened..." Gale murmured. Realizing she could speak again, Gale tried to focus her ears towards where the flute was playing. But there was no sound. She then heard...voices? But were they good...or evil? Gale couldn't tell. Either way, she thought, it'll be a good thing to finally meet up with someone, whether they're good or bad, if there's even such a diversity... She headed towards the direction of the voices, unsure of what she was going to find...

Two creatures. Similar to Gale, yet not exactly. They were of their own species, and they seemed to be talking to each other. An...Absol? And a Latias? Wonder what they're talking about. They don't look bad, but... Gale kept her distance, trying her hardest to lock-on to their voices, so she could understand them clearly. I can't quite make out what they're saying, but I think they're on my side, so... She closed her eyes, hoping to focus her mind more, when she heard that same haunting tune again. She opened her eyes for a second, and realized the Absol and Latias were carrying on with their conversation, as if the sudden sound didn't reach them.

"Is it only me that this mysterious flute is attacking?" Gale muttered under her breath. She looked behind her, then closed her eyes, trying to focus on the voices of the two Pokemon again. The flute stopped. Gale let out a small sigh of relief, then continued listening to the conversation.

drunk ¬_¬
October 12th, 2008, 3:35 PM
Level 2 cont…

As Chicho walked through the dark forest he stated feeling sicker and sicker.

“It must be the freakin’ walk overexerting me.” Then, as he stopped and looked around: “Goddamnit! Is there really nothing edible in this piece of crap place?!”

Upon continuing to walk about another half a mile, he noticed in the distance a lake, with its light emanating and lighting up the dark riverbank around it. Then out of breath, and about two pounds slimmer than before, Chicho exclaimed:

“Thank… Arceus… there is someone looking after us”

As he started to run towards the body of water, he noticed little further away on the other side, “A FRUIT-BEARING TREE!” Really low with an almost black colored trunk and dark purple leaves, its leaves twisted around themselves in weird angles, the fruit it bore was of a really light, and creamy green (almost like the inside of an avocado), and a smashed fruit that had fallen from the tree displayed a liquid and oozy inside, of magenta color so dark that it almost looked like blood, with same colored chunky seeds. The scent they emanated… He could smell it from a hundred yards away. A smell that stung the nose, and caused his stomach to turn around and him to puke out his stomach acids (which as you may have guessed are very strong for a Snorlax), causing his mouth to burn, and the ground before him to melt.

But he didn’t have the luxury of being selective, here it is do or die, and Chicho already accepted, that he won’t let himself die in this place.

<First things first> He thought as he wiped his mouth with his left forarm, and threw himself on his side to roll over to the river. <This should make it easier to get there>.

He was already at the riverbank, and out of the reach of the trees, as he approached the river, he noticed its clear, but dark color, and when he dumped his head in to take a gulp of the ‘holy’ water… <BRAINFREEZE… ****!>

As Chicho rolled around in pain it hit him that he would have to cross this freezing water in order to get to the food he had set his sights on. The scent was still present, but the pain in his head helped him withstand the smell. As Chicho stood there looking intently at the tree, he turned right and then left.

“No other way huh?” Then after taking in a deep breath, he jumped into the river. Thankfully for him though, the initial impulse of the jump, plus his weight, gave him enough impulse to make it all the way to the other side without the need of a second stroke. The river had managed to knock him out cold only due to its low temperature, with the cold managing to sip into his body, the cold could’ve probably killed him, had it not been for his Thick Fat. And then, emerging from the other side of the river, an unconscious Snorlax… Chicho, who had now safely arrived to the opposite bank of the river, but was completely exposed to anyone… or anything.

*Mumble, mumble, mumble*

October 12th, 2008, 3:42 PM
Level One: The Empty Room

Lukai woke up, his head feeling horrible. He had no clue where he was, what he was doing there, or why he was even there. He began to think when a deep, mechanical-like female voice boomed out from somewhere, "Welcome to the Games! I hope you enjoy yourself, this is level one out of many"

"Wh-Whe-" Lukai was cut off by a bleep, bleep sound. It seem to have been coming from behind. Lukai whipped around to see a digital clock with red blaring numbers.Lukait looked around wandering what it was for, there were many tubes all over the place, he followed one and it led to a machine with another tube. He realized it as a gun and that the 'tube' on it was called a barrel. Beep! He checked the clock, 13.. Lukai began to run towards down the hallway when he realized that the gun's were focused on him.A couple of blips went by <10 seconds...>thought Lukai. He began to run faster <6 seconds...>he thought, Lukai kept the same pace running at proably his fastest. The next sound he heard wasn't blips it was the bullets of the guns firing,rattaaa-tat-tat-rattaaa-tat-tat. A forest came into view, there were no turrets there. Lukai was so relieved that he had tripped. The bullets came towards him, now the whole turret was aimed at him, it fired. <What, am I gonna do? I am dead meat...> he thought, but right before the bullets hit him he suddenly let out a discharge, destroying if not deflecting all the bullets. Lukai hopped to his feet and raced towards the forest; He stopped, and took a breath when he had reached it.

"Welcome to Level 2
This level is called The Black Forest or simply Black Forest. This is inhabited by wild creatures that what nothing more than to tear you to the bone."

Lukai casually strolled into the forest like it was home. He looked around seeing nothing, but the dark. Coo! Coo! Lukai heard a chilling coo sound he felt as if he was soaked to the bone. The Shinx was no doubt scared but dared to venture deeper into the forest. Coo! Coo! It was that sound again, the small pokemon even more scared than the time before. He still ventured on despite the fact that he wanted to turn around. Coo! Coo! "Alright I have had enough, why don't you show yourself you coward?"

"I would be delighted" came a voice in that same tone. The creature dropped down infront of Lukai. It's eyes were as red as rubies. It cooed loudly in the Shinx's face.

"Alright, you what are you?" Lukai said trying to mask his fear,"I'll have you know my daddy is a powerful pokemon and I come from a noble family" he said forgetting that he was no longer with his family.

"My daddy is powerful pokemon, I come from noble family" the creature mocked Lukai.

"Hey, you leave me alone" the Shinx demanded.

"If you wish..., but I will be back" cooed the creature flying off.

Lukai dashed off into the forest, not stopping. He had to jump over a few roots and what not. The forest was dark and Lukai couldn't see that well. It was a wonder he avoided as many roots as he did. The Shinx was again running full speed, he crashed into a tree seeing it only moment's before he crashed. He fell into a daze and wandered about. He soon heard the cooing again,Coo! Coo! Only it had seemed really far away. <Oh no, not him again..> he frowned, taking a left turn when the voice was coming from the right. He then heard a different coo, this one was even higher pitched. It had hurt his ears,"STOP IT" he yelled. It stopped. The cooing stopped. A horrible though came to mind <Am...am I lost?> the small bluish furred pokemon questioned himself. He used thunder fang to mark his place. He left a noticable mark in the tree. He continued on ward leaving a mark here or there. Soon the cooing sound came ringing back. This time blood began to trickle down Lukai's ears. "I TOLD YOU TO STOP!" he yelled as frightened as ever. Soon a bird like pokemon raced in fron of him, Lukai whipped around seeing another bird like pokemon. Or atleast what he thought to be Hoot-Hoot's.

"Oh, Hello Brother" The one with red eyes cooed to the other.

"It is nice to see you again.." This time it was the one with blue eyes.

"W-who are you guys, identify yourselves!" Lukai said in a shaky voice.

"Oh, How rude of us..." The red eyed one said to Lukai.

"Yes.. how rude of us.." chimed in, "I am Brother Two and he is Brother One..."

"You guys dont have names?" Lukai asked feeling a bit of sympathy for them.

"Yes, my brother just told you our names, I am Brother One and he is Two.." Brother One reassured the small pokemon.

"Yes, I know, but you--" he was cut off by Brother Two.

"Enough of your nonsense, me and my brother are hungry" a grin spread across both of their faces. Brother One licked his lips. Brother Two looked at One and they both nodded, letting out a high pitched coo. Cooooo! Coooo! Cooo! The two brothers chimed together. They closed in together. "Now feel the hunger of the Ingnot brothers!"

"But, brother what if he finds us the berries?" questioned the blue-eyed creature.

"Yes, Yes the berries of course..." he grinned,"that is why I picked to travel with you rather than Brother Three"

<These guys are absolute nutjubs!> Lukai exclaimed in his own thoughts.

"Hey!" shouted the red-eyed creature,"I heard that, and we are not crazy just..just genius." He paused looking for the right words to as the Shinx to find the berries. "Oh, yes now I remember, we are hungry we will not eat you if you find us berries, not just any berries though, the berries I seek glow a white, do you accept..?"

Lukai nodded, and began to take off then he realized that he didn't know where to begin. "Hey, where are these berries?"

Brother Two laughed,"In the forest, of course!" he turned and then added,"Oh yeah goodluck!" Both of the brothers seemed to dissappear.

Lukai turned and then dashed off into the unknown forest.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 12th, 2008, 3:52 PM
"When is that Pikachu going to show!" Grem growled to himself as he sat in the shadow of a large, ancient tree. He had positioned himself so that few could pass without him seeing, hearing, or smelling them. Parting the hair on his wrist, he looked down at his Cid, muttering under his breath when the screen showed Matt still on Lvl 1. "Either he's already dead and the information hasn't been updated, or he's just the last to go through.

In the time that he'd waited, he noticed many interesting things about his appearance that he hadn't seen at first. Fortunately, the Cid hadn't disappeared during his transformation, though it was near impossible to see without parting his long, shaggy hair. On the other hand, his dagger had disappeared along with his clothes but that didn't concern him too much since he was mostly a long distance fighter if he had to fight directly. If he did have to fight close range, however, his fangs and claws were great replacements for his dagger. Illusions and tricks would always remain his main offense and defense though because although Grem is incredible quick and agile, he isn't very strong and has much less endurance that other Chasers. Fighting has just never been his forte.

The last change in his appearance that he notice was that his cloak, which usually reached well past his knees, ended just above his tail so that it laid flatly across his back, looking almost like it was a part of him. Also the hood was gone, making it look more like a cape.

Leaping onto a branch of the tree, he settled himself firmly into a groove in the trunk and took his flute out of a pocket in his cloak. He considered that it might be dangerous to play it but shrugged it off, thinking that all other Players had already moved ahead. The flute would be just the thing to calm his nerves, and besides, he could always run or hide himself with his illusions if he was discovered, and he doubted that very many Players, if any at all, could see in and navigate the Black Forest as well as a werewolf. In fact, most would probably be frighted by the music, and thus, be easier for his comrades to kill. Less Players meant less danger.

Putting the flute to his lips, he played a haunting melody, and although it wasn't intentional, his true feelings started to flow into the music. With memories flowing through him, he gradually saw his life up until that point, and the loneliness released itself from it's prison deep inside his heart and consumed him. Though he did not cry- he'd learned long ago that it was useless- his shoulders shook with emotion as he continued to play. He wanted to be accepted so bad and gain friends.

"Who's there? Who's playing?" Grem froze but continued playing in hope that whoever was there would think that it was a strange natural phenomena of the forest, though he didn't really believe that possibility himself. Stealing a look from his vantage point, he saw a Glaceon standing on the ground on the other side of the tree. He admired her beauty and grace for several second, finally reminding himself his mission. I can't stand around watching her all day. I've got to be ready for when my prey comes along. I don't remember her being on the list of Players..... They must've just added her.

"I'm not kidding! Whoever's there, come on out! You don't scare me!" Who said I was trying to, he thought to himself, smiling a toothy grin.

Looking down at Cid, he went through the list of trainers and discovered that besides the Glaceon, a Snorlax had been added to it. Her name is Gale, huh? Well, I can't attack her anyway since Matt is my prey. Whatever Chaser chooses her will be angry with me if I overstep my bounds and kill her. Don't want to kill her anyway. Don't even want to kill the Pikachu but I can't fail....

His thoughts were interrupted when the tree started to shake with small tremors. Glancing back down at Gale, he realized that she was after the berries on the tree. Considering his options, Grem leaped from his branch and silently traveled through the trees until he could no longer hear the Glaceon eating, and only then did he stop playing. Knowing that she would probably continue looking for the source of the music, he decided to try to convince her to leave with one of his illusions.

Concealing himself in some bushes, he concentrated on creating a perfect likeness of himself in his mind, werewolf form and all. When he was satisfied, he formed the illusion in front of himself, and as he examined it, he decided to get rid of the cloak in case the Glaceon saw it. It's perfect, he decided, nodding his head with approval.

As a master of illusions, Grem could fool all five senses of perception: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and even touch. One of the few flaws was that he couldn't affect weight. For example, he could make a feather look, sound, smell, feel, and taste- blech- like a Snorlax, but he couldn't make it weigh anymore than a feather. Also he can make his illusions attack, but although they can cause some pain, they can't actually create a wound. Perhaps the reason that the people they attack feel pain is only because they think they feel pain when they really don't.

Concentrating on the werewolf illusion again, he created a breathing effect so that it looked alive and considered making it solid so that it was touched, it would feel real but decided not to. I doubt that Gale will touch it, and if she does, I think I'll have enough time to make it feel real. I need to save energy where I can. Happy with his work, he closed his eyes and extended his mind until his consciousness was inside his creation, while his body was blended in with the background of the forest with another illusion.

Now he was able to see and hear through his illusion as if he was looking at a TV screen. Moving its legs with his mind, he moved back to where the Glaceon was, perfecting his movements along the way. His moves were slightly jerky at first but by the time he reached the tree, he had them smoothed out.

Leaping onto a branch in full view of Gale, he growled, "Who goes there!?" He looked down at her, faking an expression of surprise. "Come no further, Daughter of Ice and Snow. Past this tree is the territory of me and my brethren. Unless you want to face a hoard of angry werewolves, I suggest you find another path." He snarled at her threateningly.

(Sorry for the length. Had a lot of stuff to explain.)

drunk ¬_¬
October 12th, 2008, 3:58 PM
Level 2 cont.

As Chicho slowly regained consciousness, he once again felt the pain in his stomach from the lack of food, and as he opened his eyes, he saw that one fruit-bearing tree he had set his sights on.

<Finally…> As he tried to get up, he tripped and face-planted the floor, looking back he noticed that all the time that he had been unconscious, his feet were inside the cold river. As he reached towards them trying to heat them up by burying them inside the ground he started to talk to himself again:

“Goddamn this, why? I’m so hungry, even that **** (referring to the fruit from the tree) smells good to eat… How did I not realize my feet were inside that freakin river?” After approximately 2 seconds of thinking about it, “Keh. Must’ve used Amnesia on my sleep”

(The whole mumbling from the last chapter was Sleep Talk, which triggered Amnesia causing his Special Defense to go up, but making him forget, his feet we’re getting frozen.)

As Chicho, took his left foot out from under the ground and noticed he had regained some of the mobility on his toes, <Finally>, he got up and stumbled all the way to the tree, as he bent down reaching for the fruit that had already fallen from the tree, he felt a powerful kick to his side.

“WHAT THE…? ARRRGH!” Chicho had flown about 7 yards sideways, rotating in the air, and landing with a huge thump. As he tried to rub off the mud from his tongue, he barely noticed a figure moving towards him with another kick.

<Gotcha!> thought Chicho, when he was able to hold on to this weird thing’s leg, only to later learn of its agility. While being held on by one leg, this figure rotated 90 degrees on its planted foot to turn away from Chicho, and then made a front flip, kicking Chicho right in the jaw and making him flip backwards twice.

This time though, the dark figure stopped attacking and started screaming out at Chicho. <Those sounds… it’s a monkey!?> Upon closer examination, Chicho realized that the figure that attacked him wasn’t too tall, as a matter of fact, it couldn’t have been any bigger than an Infernape. <Where did that small thing get all that strength?> thought Chicho, while rearranging his broken jaw. As a matter of fact that thing looked like an overgrown, black Monferno without a flame on its tail (or a spider monkey to make things easier to the readers ;))

Less than half a second after figuring this out, the little monkey stretched out as if hoping to look bigger. From the lower part of its wrists grew a layer of skin which connected back with its body at the waist.

“You have wings!” The exclamation seemed to have startled the creature, which charged headfirst at Chicho, this time with its fangs instead of a kick

<Fangs?> Chicho was surprised by the revelation of these, but was ready for the attack…

“Hyper Beam!”, a beam of light came out of Chicho’s mouth, and hit his assaulter directly. “Ha. Not so tough now are ya? But what the hell are these things? They are like nothing I’ve ever seen!”.

October 12th, 2008, 3:58 PM
Gale turned around, startled by the sudden voice. She was immediately "welcomed" by what seemed to be a werewolf. The attention that was used on the Absol and Latias's conversation came to an end at once.

"'Werewolf territory', huh? Well, these woods are quite peculiar, after all. Fine, fine, I'll find another path..." She started walking towards a different direction, then turned around for a second. "Daughter of Ice and Snow", huh? I like that, she thought, a small grin spreading on her face.

Deciding to continue listening to the conversation, Gale walked to the opposite side of where the Latias and Absol stood. They were still conversing as she reached her hiding point. She then looked across, where she encountered the werewolf. It was seemingly gone.

"I wonder... Was that werewolf an NPC, or was it an actual person?" she asked out loud. "Well, it doesn't matter. It didn't seem to mean any harm (unless I stayed on its grounds), so I should be fine now..." She sighed, then signaled in onto the conversation again.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 12th, 2008, 4:20 PM
Realized when the Glaceon started to leave, Grem decided not to push his luck. As he felt his mind retreat back to his body, the werewolf illusion faded away as suddenly as flipping off an 'off' switch. Although he was happy with how he handled his first encounter with a Player, it was an empty victory. He had yet to even see his prey......

He leaned against the trunk of a tree, only slightly tired from using his power. At least I didn't have to keep the illusion up for too long. I really need my power for when I'm hunting my prey. Standing back up, he resumed his patrol of the entrance of Lvl 2, careful to avoid anymore Players.

"That Daughter of Ice and Snow thing was pretty good for a spur of the moment thing," he chuckled softly to himself. "Where is that Pikachu?" He clawed a nearby tree in frustration.

Leaping onto the branch of another tree, scanned the forest around him. What should I do?......

October 12th, 2008, 5:01 PM
Mark casually waltzed through the woods; flipping his bone in the air and catching it on its returning journey. He observed his surroundings and thought aloud, "How the Hell am I getting to Level 3?"

It was then that he noticed a Glaceon walking around in the forest.

"Another Pokemon!" He whispered to himself. "But be it friend, or foe?"

He carefully snuck over to the icy dog pokemon and greeted it.

"Hello." He said from behind the creature. "I have no time for games, even though I'm ironically in one. So tell me now, be you friend or foe?"

Mark stared at the Pokemon and spun his club around behind his back, so the pointed end faced the Glaceon. Just in case she was a foe.

Twilight Wolf
October 12th, 2008, 6:23 PM
Yay! It's back! I promise to fix my moms computer to where it'll load the RP section this time! (at meh dads right now) I understand I'll have to make a long post to catch up, but I'm perfectly fine with it.

Name: Starlight

Gender: Female

Species: Rapidash

Appearance: Starlight would seem to be your average Rapidash at a quick glance, but when you look at her face to face, you can see that she's different. Her indifference had a one in a trillion chance of happening. Starlight has had a little white star on here forehead since birth. She wasn't teased by it, but revered. Starlight was given a high place in the herd she lived in. The star is four sided and curved on each side. Her horn alo seems to be illuminated in the darkness. Her eyes are a beautiful blue, and her mane and tail burn fiercely all the time.

Personality: Starlight is known as a good leader, to be trustworthy, and secrete. She is thoughtful, but when it comes to a life, she will not think and just help, even if it means dying for whom she is saving. Starlight grew up well nourished and healthy, so her maximum speed is about 200 mph instead of the average 150 for a Rapidash. When angered, she tends to rear up and lash out with her sharp hooves. She is very sweet and caring towards others that she knows and trusts. Starlight can be a bit mouthy, which is the not-so-sweet side of her. She is always confident, but is able to stop herself before she becomes too overconfident.

History: Starlight's history is slightly vague to her, but she can remember a lot of it.

She grew up in a meadow with a herd of at least 150 Ponyta and Rapidash. She lost her mother when she was awfully young, and vowed to herself never to let anyone she knew die protecting her like her mother had. Her mom's spirit comes to her aid when she is most in need, but she will only help with small things like getting her back onto her feet and to give her the courage and the will to be strong.

Starlight's promise was one she could not keep. Every one of her herd was shot down beforer her eyes by poachers.

One, by one, by one, leaving Starlight the last one of her kind. She was sold to a collector after beng forced to evolve with a Fire Stone. Starlight, the poor Rapidash, was sold one time after another, whipped and beaten, abused and starved.

All because they wanted to see her suffer.

Yet, she has not a single scar on her body, amazingly enough.

After being sold to her sixteenth owner, she fell asleep and woke up in the games.


Solar Beam
Hyper Beam

October 12th, 2008, 6:36 PM
(OOC: :O You is alive! *Accepts*)

October 12th, 2008, 7:51 PM
Level Two:The Black Forest (Continued)

Lukai soon emerged from some brambles, now finding him self with a bit more cuts and scratches. They didn't sting at the moment but he knew they would later. Lukai felt the need to be quiet, and so he was for three reasons. One reason is that he had no one to talk to,making him feel utterly lonely. The second reason was that he wasn't really in the talky mood, he just met with two wack jobs. The last reason was he was too scared to think of anything to say. As he strolled through the forest he began to here voices,<Am I going crazy? Am I going to be something like them?> Lukai shook away those thoughts, no way he would be like them. He just ignored the voices and walked onwards. He saw a slight glimmer, <Could these be the berries?> he asked himself in though. He raced to them they were indeed the berries, he hobbled over to them. The shinx sent out a fore-paw to get the berries,but a creature with yellow eyes snatched them away and perched high up on a tree.

He cooed,"I am Brother Three, and you musn't take these berries to my brothers, for if you do they will turn into their true form it is so ugly that they will kill who ever turned them into it, if you gave them the berries you 'twould be their target.. I dont want to see any one else fall victim to them." With those last words he jumped into the air and flew away.

Lukai stalked off after him at a low prowl then into highspeed. "Come back, they will eat me if I dont give them those berries.." cried Lukai not wanting to be eaten. He jumped over a few roots, causing him to slow down. He lost sight of the creature, "Dammit!" the small Shinx yelled at the top of his lungs. He went after the creature again. To no avail the creature was long and Lukai felt a deep sleep becoming him. He found what had seemed to be a nice comfortable spot and laid down. He closed his eyes, but couldn't sleep. <Is this thing moving?> he asked himself, looking over the side of where he had chosen his bed. Sure enough whatever it was happened to be moving. Lukai jumped down off of it. He looked at the face of the creature, it was a centipide? <What on earth? Why is this centipede so giant?> Lukai looked confused. He looked around the trees were also really giant! Then he realized the centipede wasn't giant, but the Lukai himself was tiny. Looking up at the centipede he asked,"Hey, mister do you know why I am so small?"

The centipede stopped moving, looked down at the pokemon and said,"Why yes I do" then it continued on walking.

"Hello?" Lukai said to him.

"Yes?" replied the centipede who stopped moving again to chat with the Shinx.

"Do you know why I am so small?" asked Lukai again getting a bit angrier.

"Yes I do" the centipede told him once more, still in a calm gentle voice. He continued to move on.

"WELL THEN WHY AM I SO SMALL?" Lukai shouted.

"There is no need to shout, you could've just asked why.." the centipede wracked his brain to see if he could remember,"Ah yes, you see on your way over to come lay on me you passed through toxic spores, they are what turned you small.

"Oh,Do you know how I get big again?" the lion like pokemon asked, calming down a bit.

"...Yes I do..." the centipede replied slowly, licking the roof of his mouth.

Lukai looked at him expectantly, but the centipede walked on. <Oh no not this again.. I guess I have to ask him why..> when he turned to ask the centipede it was quiet a ways way. He ran to catch up with it. "You are quite the fast ol' centipede.." he teased a bit,"anyways.. how do I regain my big size?"

"No, you are just a slow thinker" the centipede said to the pokemon, "I will only tell you if you can find me strawb'rrys."

"Strawberrys?" questioned the young pokemon.

"Yes, strawb'rrys"

"Where on earth am I going to find strawberries?"

"Well, near the clearing of the forest there are two brothers who call themselves Brother One and Brother Two, I am sure if you do them a favor they will get you strawb'rrys some how.."

"Yeah I know of the two brothers, I have met them..."<No way, not those wack jobs again, but then again I need the strawb'rrys...>

"Then they will be delighted to hear from you again, they do not like being apart from their friends for too long.."

"Ok, I will go find them" said the ever-determined Shinx. He ran off towards the clearing where he had come in at. <Wait I have no idea what direction it is in, if I was normal size I could find it in hours, but this small could take days..> he sighed <Will I be this small forever?">
He continued in the direction he was going in and soon found him self facing the centipede again. "Hey sorry to bother you again,but you know how to get to the clearing?"

"Yes.." the centipede told the young pokemon.

"How?" he asked aggravated.

"You go that way" the centipede said pointing a couple of his legs towards the eastern directon,"in your size it could take ages though, I know of an old friend he is quite the quick fella' tell him that Centipede sent you, he will be delighted to help you"

Lukai sighed,<Why do I feel like I am on a wild goose chase?, well ,I guess, only time will tell...>

October 13th, 2008, 12:58 AM
Are sign ups still open? I desperately wanted to join the old version, but you closed the sign ups before I could try.

Name: Nathan
Gender: Male
Species: Grovyle
Appearance: Nathan is practically identical to any other Grovyle, except with a few cuts on his body, which will be explained in history section.
Personality: Nathan is usually calm, cool and collected, trying to keep anything from getting him too angry. He likes to plan his battle strategies instead of just leap into battle, an obvious drawback in the hazardous ‘world’ of the game. Most of said battle strategies involve the element of surprise, and hit n’ run style fights. When you try to talk to him, he will almost always reply positively. A huge side effect of this is when someone finally sets him off it will REALLY set him off. He will explode with rage, and start attacking foes head on, and without mercy.

History: For the beginning of his life, he was just another Treeko, to be handed out to starting trainers. He was young, so did not neglect the trainer that finally took him. He led a mostly regular life for a trained pokemon, until he evolved. Then, his personality started to properly develop, and with it, his battle strategy. He ended up disobeying his trainer, and ‘paid the price’. He was left weaker then the other pokemon his trainer owned, and then pitted against far tougher pokemon. After at least a week of this the trainer released Nathan, and left him to cope with the difficulties of it alone. This was only mere weeks before being ‘abducted’ and placed in the game.
Moves: Dragon Claw, Giga Drain, Dig.
Other: nothing at the moment.

Twilight Wolf
October 13th, 2008, 4:22 AM
OOC: Slow don a tad, kk? I will post later, cuz I gotta go to school. *disappears* And yes, I'M ALIVE!!! Click on my eggs, too. ^-^

October 13th, 2008, 12:01 PM
(OOC: Goulerbot, sign-ups are closed, but I guess I'll make an exception for you since you did try to join the last one. ^^; So Accepted. Sign-ups are REALLY closed this time, don't try and exploit my inability to reject sign-ups anymore, people. =_=

Oh, and Lostt, less fun mission-running, more running away from monsters trying to kill you. Mission-running comes later in the levels. Keep doing what you're doing, just add more life-threatening stuff.

And people, don't forget, if you don't have a Chaser already, then you have on as an NPC.)

The Absol nodded seriously and replied, "Yes, I suppose you are as well if you're asking if I am." Relief flooded back into Arin's mind, and she quickly cut it off; due to the fact that she was part Psychic type, her emotions could easily be felt by those around her if she didn't keep them to herself. The reverse could also be said, she had an easier time feeling the emotions of others unless they hid it well. She realized that the Absol was in fact, a loner, like she had suspected earlier. But he also felt like a practical Pokemon, and he would probably be willing to work together if he believed there was a benefit to him.

Her wings twitched slightly when she detected another presence, hiding behind some bushes. Well, not exactly hiding, but it was keeping its distance, and it knew they were there. Then the presence's attention drifted off somewhere else. Arin thought back to when that megapede had attacked her; she hadn't been able to sense that creature's mind at all. Nor had she been able to sense the rolling thing, or the insect swarm. It seemed the parts of the game didn't have minds, or at least the types she was used to.

She sighed. "My name's Arin, what's yours? Oh, and I think we should get moving-"

Perfectly timed, as though to put emphasis on that latter statement, the ground began to tremble. Arin looked around, and couldn't see the source of the rumbling. It wasn't anything major, just a slightly shaking of the ground, although she was certain that the Absol could feel it much better than she could, due to the fact he was on the ground while she was floating in the air.

A pack of large black and red wolf-like creatures rushed into the clearing they were in. Arin whirled around, preparing to fight, but instead of attacking, they simply gave off yelps and darted right past them, further into the forest.

The ground continued to rumble. "I've got a bad feeling about this..." Arin murmured in her high-pitched chirping voice.

"Yes, I suppose you are as well if you're asking if I am."

October 13th, 2008, 12:07 PM
OOC: *posting because there's not much else to do*

IC: Ninekun watched the Ratiasu and the Abusoru talking. She laughed again, quietly. They were so unaware of what she was about to do to the white cat Pokemon...it was almost enough to make her burst into laughter. He'd have no idea what hit him.

Kumori had the Ratiasu. She couldn't touch her. And she heard a Glacia a few feet back. But she wasn'tgoing after either of them.

Time to play the mind games.

This was one of her favorite parts. Her vampiric body was too fast for any of them to catch, the only weakness being the light. She'd be gone before they knew what happened.

<Aya...guess what is going to happen to you?> She waited a second before saying, <You're going to die, Aya. And there is nothing you can do about it.>

Now time to sit back and watch the reaction.

October 13th, 2008, 1:28 PM
___Nife hurried forward into the forest trying to do this as fast as he could. He flew forward not knowing what to do, as he flew he noticed how dark desolated and deserted the forest was. The forest was darker than before when he entered.
___Now he began to get scared around every corner wondering if anything would attack him. When at last he turned a corner and saw something odd farther down a long stretch of land, and heard something odd. He heard the trickle of a small stream. He ran as fast as he could to it trying to do anything he could to help find a way out. He hoped to be close to the end of Level 2 which he had no idea where or was. So he sat by the stream which was alot bigger than he anticipated.
___He then hopped down from a small stump he sat on and listened for any noise. He decided that the only way for him to do this was to try to get information from another player hoping he wasn't the only one left after Level 1.
___He put up a small wall from logs he chopped off of a dieing tree he was next to and had a small area of safety in this desolate death game. He looked around at his surroundings before ding anything else. He was next to an odd red tree and a small bush with a chopped half that made it look very odd. In his small area he set up a small bed of brush and decided that he needed a place for some water so he wouldn't need to go to the river as often and risk being found unprepared. He used a hollow log to store some water there.
___He then went to the river with his log and filled it to the top. When he filled it he realized he heard odd noises again. They were from down the river he saw a Pokemon he wasn't sure what it was going towards and Absol. He didn't want to take them both so he just quickly ran back to his safe area. Hoping that there were more then just them to get information from he decided to just wait. He just hoped he could find food of some sort to get himself full before he starved to death...

October 13th, 2008, 1:41 PM
Gale, suddenly bored from the conversation, decided to try and find either the source of the flute or the exit. She scurried the direction opposite from where she was originally looking towards, with fear that the werewolf would pursue her if she went back on its territory.

After going a few paces, she stopped dead in her tracks. The flute was playing, but this time it was a different tune. It sounded more...sad, perhaps even angst. Gale shed a few tears, but only because the music reminded her how alone she was, whether it were in the real world or the virtual world. She lay down, tears now bursting from her eyes. Suddenly, a thick heap of mist surrounded her, and a misty voice arouse from the feral mist.

"Are you alone?" the voice asked. It sent a chill up Gale's spine. It was colder than...her. Gale didn't dare respond.

"You are, aren't you?" The voice let out an icy laugh, sending more chills up the startled Glaceon's spine.

"Wh-who are you?" Gale asked, her entire body shaking.

"Who am I? Well, you could say I'm an entity. Or you could say I'm you. Either way, the end for you is near..." The voice laughed its icy laugh again, but Gale now felt rage instead of fear.

"What makes you say that? Show yourself, coward!" Gale snarled, but the voice laughed again.

"If you insist..." And from the mist, a figure started forming. Better be prepared... Gale thought nervously. Or else it'll be the end for me as I know it!

October 13th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Tremors ran through the ground, and Aya braced himself for whatever it was that was coming. Well, anyway, it felt like something was coming. A dark shadow loomed above them, but quickly passed, and only then did he remember the Latias's question.

"My name is Aya, it's nice to meet yo-" His sentence was cut off by an earth shattering scream, and Aya let out a snarl, though the scream stopped abruptly and silence feel once more. He could hear nothing, and the eerie quiet seemed to press down on the ears.

A dark shadow loomed over the clearing before disappearing, and Aya spun around, this forest seemed to be full of strange creatures he had never seen before, but before he could react, he heard someone speaking to him, or at least, it seemed so. The Latias's mouth wasn't moving, though, and there was no one else around, it appeared.

Aya...guess what is going to happen to you? A pause, and then the "voice" continued, you're going to die, Aya, and there is nothing you can do about it.

What? He looked around, he was going to die, and there was nothing he could do about it. And he couldn't even see who was speaking to him in the first place. Strange. Aya was momentarily paralyzed with fear, and then sighed. He had never had much to live for, but he had always enjoyed life, well, then, make it quick, I don't think that I would want to suffer, he thought sarcastically, sure, he didn't want to die, would stay alive if he could, but then again, death had never been his greatest fear. He wasn't sure of his greatest fear, even. He had always feared, yes, but he wasn't sure, out of all his fears, which would be his greatest one. Death was not one of them, however.

He glanced around once more for the speaker, the thought of whether he would die or not had distracted him, but he saw no one. It really was dark, he wished that he could perform flash, to create some light momentarily, but that wasn't possible, he looked at the Latias.

"Good idea, we probably should get moving."

October 13th, 2008, 2:24 PM
The Absol tensed as the ground rumbled, and a shadow passed over them. Arin looked up at the underside of the canopy, but there was nothing there. Only then did the Absol remember to introduce himself.

"My name is Aya, it's nice to meet you-" a scream cut him off, and Aya let out a snarl. Arin's head bobbed back and forth on her neck as she looked around for the source.

Then the Absol's mind suddenly encountered something new, and he was momentarily frightened to the core. Arin continued to look around, but could find no source for his startlement. What was going on? She felt Aya shake off the fear, and felt it replaced with a grim determination. Well, determination was good and all, but grimness was not. Although grim this Game was.

"Good idea, we should probably get moving," Aya said to her, and Arin nodded in reply then began drifting forward at a stately pace, so as not to outspeed to Absol. It was getting dark. What was going on?

She tilted the head and looked up at the sky. Once again, due to the way her eyes were set on her head, she had a much wider field of vision than other kinds of Pokemon, and she kept one eye on the underside of the forest canopy and the other in front of her. Where there had once been brilliant white poking through gaps between the leaves was now just a dull gray. What was this?

"I'm going up to take a look, I'll be back soon. Don't move to far, please," she told Aya, and she darted up past the trees. Branches and leaves whipped at her body, but she merely endured. It wasn't anything worse than the hundreds, if not thousands of times she had gone from ground floor to above the forest before. She poked her head up through the forest canopy and looked around. The reason for the darkness immediately became apparant: The sky was covered in a thick, dark gray cloud. But where was it coming from?

Now that she was above the forest, the rumbling had gone from a shaking of the ground, causing the branches and leaves to rustle, to a heavy noise in the air. She glanced around in the direction of the rumbling, and the source of the cloud immediately became clear.

The mountain was smoking.

Volcano, she thought. Tons of ash were belching out from the tip of the mountain, hitting an atmospheric layer, and spreading out. She had seen volcanos before, but never like this. She thought back, recalling a time when she, disguised as a human, had talked with a human scientist. She had been curious, and the scientist had been eager to teach. The rumbling was what was known to geologists as "harmonic tremor", and harmonic tremor was the result of magma moving up through cracks in the crust, a sure sign of an immediate eruption.

Not good. She had never even witnessed a minor eruption before, let alone a full-scale one. And something told here that this Game wouldn't have a teeny tiny little poof.

Rushing back to ground level, she quickly found Aya, who hadn't moved at all. "Bad news," she declared. "There's a volcano, and I think it's going to blow." Looking around again, she spotted movement once again through the forest. More monsters of the forest, but all concerned with their own survival and not their prey. "We need to move, fast." And with that, she darted off through the forest, faster than before, but still (in her mind) slow enough for the Absol to keep up. Oh, the irony, she thought. Here was an Absol, the Disaster Pokemon, as humans called them, and here they were, running from a disaster.

October 13th, 2008, 2:32 PM
When the mist finally stopped forming the mysterious flute player, Gale froze in place. Right in front of her was a Gengar, one of the strongest Ghost Pokemon. Gale shuddered, and the Gengar stepped foward.

"Oh come now," the Gengar sneered. "You, afraid of ME? You're weaker than I thought." He stepped closer to Gale, his tongue sticking out.

"He doesn't scare me, he doesn't scare me, he doesn't scare, he doesn't...HE SCARES ME!!!" Gale yelped. She dashed away from the Gengar at a blinding speed. She was a few paces ahead when she realized the Gengar was pursuing her.

"Stay away!" she yelped, heading for the nearest hiding point. But, the Gengar seemed to keep a lock-on on her, and was always able to get to her.

After running for quite a bit, Gale found herself cornered. There was no way out.

"No..." Gale muttered under her breath. "NO!!!" As if it came out of nowhere, a blast of ice came out of her mouth just as she had shouted "no", and hit the Gengar directly. The Gengar yelped, and ran off.

"Bl-Blizzard. I forgot I knew that move..." Gale shuddered, thankful the Gengar was gone. But I'm not out of danger yet, she thought, a miserable look spreading on her face.

October 13th, 2008, 3:00 PM
((I'm guessing Pikataro didn't notice the post where Mark spoke to here... o well, i can work with it.))

Mark watched the Glaceon walk away, as if she didn't even hear him.

"Well then...I guess i won't have to worry about her.." Mark said to himself.

He began walking around again, somewhat exploring, somewhat trying to find a way out. I was then that he felt a sharp pain in his foot.

"AIYEEE!!!!" He yelled aloud. He looked down and noticed his foot was bleeding, and oozing a purple fluid. There was a stinger sticking out of the ground, a Beedrill stinger to be precise.

Mark had to think quick. He thought of all the information on Beedrill's he knew.

1. There stings are lethal.
2. The posion kills you about 30 minutes after your stung.
3.The only antidote is Johto Honey. Found most commonly in Honey Trees and in Teddiursa Paw's.

"Oh man...Oh mann.. KEep it cool Mark..I just need some honey." Mark said to himself.

He tried to walk, but the pain was to immense.

"AH!" Mark yelped in pain. "I need help...SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! HELP ME!!!!" He yelled out in a desperate attempt for aid.

October 13th, 2008, 3:05 PM
(Oops. Sorry *sweat* You can still call me Pika if you like...)

Finally being able to relax for just a while, Gale suddenly recalled a voice that had spoken out to her earlier. She tried to remember when it happened and what it was. She knew it wasn't the Gengar, nor the werewolf, but something else... She then snapped her paws (well, attempted to do so).

"During the Absol and Latias's conversation! It was a Marowak, I believe. And it seemed friendly. So at least there's someone out there that's good!" Enthusiastic, Gale raced away from the point where she had beaten the Gengar. She went back to what seemed to be the area where the two had their conversation. But they were gone. Gale sighed, then noticed the sky above her.

Although the trees blocked out most of the sky, Gale could still see black clouds, circling something. She looked over to where the clouds were centered, and saw a large volcano.

"Crap..." she muttered. "I can't stand fire..." She stared at the volcano again, then turned away. I don't want to frighten myself; surely there will be some way to get to level 3, she thought to herself.

October 13th, 2008, 3:23 PM
(OOC: OK, I didn't have much more planned any way..)

Lukai wandered around aimlessly and stopped when he found an unknown creature,"Um, Mister?" The creature turned around and he continued,"do you know a Mr.Centiped?"

"Yes I do.." replied the creature,"In fact, I hate him!"

"He t-told me that you were an old friend..." said the confused pokemon.

"Oh, so you are a spy huh?" questioned the creature moving closer,"Well I will not, I repeat will not be spied on.." He spat getting angrier. The creature moved closer and his breathing shook the now shrunk pokemon.

"Oh, ok then I will just leave.." Lukai turned around and began to run. At his speed every tree took like two minutes to pass,<I am never gonna make It..?

"Where'cha going" rasped the creature that the Shinx recognized as a, he didn't really know what it was.
<What is that thing? It looks like it is half goat, quater moose, and a quarter bat?> It didn't really matter what it was it, it was trying to kill him and that is all the mattered. He began to pick up speed, but to no avail the creature was still on his tail. He began to run his fastest, still the creature was on his tail.

<Well, I have a couple of options, Option one is dieing>
<Option two is fighting, although I would most likely lose due to our sizes...>
<I run like hell...>

Lukai pondered these a bit and elimanted death, he had to live, or he would no doubt be a loser. The next to go was fighting, <Why do that when their is a good chance to die also or get major injuries?> he though. <So, I guess the best option would be... to run!> With that though he took a sharp left turn trying to lose the creature, then a immediate right followed by another right. The creature was still following him and he was almost out of breath. The young pokemon soon found himself a nice little mole hole that the creature couldn't reach him in. He crawled in going slowly. It was even darker in there and the Shinx had to keep feeling around for a turn.

"Halt, who dares enter the mole's hole with out permisson?" questioned a deep,forbidding voice.

"It is I, Lukai" challenged the tiny pokemon in his boldest voice.

The mole began laughing,"You sound not more than a wee bit tot'" it teased laughing some more.

"Oh yeah?" questioned the Shinx.

"Yeah.." said another, younger voice.

"I'll show you.." muttered Lukai.

"What was that tot?" the older mole asked in a demanding tone.

"N-nothing sir..." he replied in a shaky voice. He began to try and pass the moles but they wouldn't let him.

"Hey, this is our hole!" he told Lukai,"it is only fair that you let you us pass first..."

Lukai stepped aside,"pssh, your loss not mine..." When they passed him he continued through the hole, it was bit of a long walk but he could manage. He kept on walking through untill he came to a hole cutting him off from the exit, the nice monster free exit. "Well, I guess I have to take my chances down their.." he soon heard the moles screaming in terror,<Serves them right..>

"Hey you, you tricked us..." shouted the younger mole,"I will get'cha"

Lukai could here his ever approaching footsteps,<Well, Time to see what is down their> he hopped down into the whole, he hit the ground and groaned.. he then began to slide. <Hey, now this is what I call a game..> he smiled while sliding through. He came to a fork in the road, he could go straight, left, or right. <Hm.. what way to go...> he pondered this for a bit then sat down. He heard the mole apporaching. <Um.. I'll take the right!> The mole was even closer. <Wait,wait the left.> The mole was just about at the bottome of the whole. <No.. no.. the right.> The mole was right behind so very close. So very close that his breath could be snelled, Lukai's neck hairs stood on end. "M-may I help you?" he questioned. The mole didn't reply, it just kept on breathing, the Shinx decided to choose a random tunnel. "Oh, if you don't mind I'll be leaving now." Lukai ran off down the left tunnel.

About ten seconds in, Lukai looked to see if the mole had joined him. <Nope.. no sign of him..> this was about the best thought that he had though ever since being in this forest. A few seconds later he heard rumbling in the walls. "What.. on earth.." He sped up, but was soon cut off by the mole jumping out infront of him,through the newly constructed tunnel.

"Alright, you are mine little pest!" rasped the angry mole as he extended his paw in a violent manner. He Lukai in the eye then shot out his other paw. This time his paw hit the side of his head. The mole struck a stronger blow with his left paw, straight in the center of the Shinx's forehead.

Lukai's fangs began to glow a yellow, dull at first then vibrant with light. He lunged biting the mole on his right shoulder, also sending a jolt of electricity through his body. He then bit down even harder using the crunch move.

The mole looked shocked,"Yur a powerful tot, what on earth do ya' call the glowy move?" He asked wanting to know the technique.

"Oh, that is thunder fang." Lukai said as calm as the mole.

"Could you show me how it is done?" the attacker asked eargerly.

"Glady..." said the Shinx a twisted though in his head He bit down on the mole's right soldier using thunder fang. He of course knew the mole did not mean it in that sense, but hey when an enemy gives you a free shot take it. He watched as the mole slumpped over backwards, most likely from the shocks. Lukai trampled over his body and climbed in the new hole. This hole had lots of of turns and was confusing. His head began to ache from the scratches, blood dripping into his eyes. He finally found himself back at the fork in the road, but this time took a left turn, this one led up hill and out of the cavern. As he reached the upper level he felt a cool breeze,"This is a lot better than that stuffy mole hole.." he excaimed. He wandered through untill he saw a Latias and Absol running for their life. He was barley able to stay in pace with them, and more and more ground formed between them every second. "Hey, why are you guys running?" there was no answer he was proably to small. <I know I'll use Signal Beam..> A ball grew at his mouth and right before he lost sigh of them shot out flying just infront of the rapidly fleeing pokemon. Lukai stopped to take a deep breath. <Well, I hopped they noticed me..>

October 13th, 2008, 3:30 PM
Ninekun laughed once more, watching the Abusoru be paralyzed by fear. But just as suddenly her laughter ceased, for she heard his thoughts, telling her to make it quick, don't let him suffer any longer, he had nothing to live for anyway. She'd never encountered this attitude before, and it confused her. They usually always pleaded with her not to come near them, let them live.

But Aya was different.

She continued to follow, intrigued by this new way of thinking. She was almost sure he could sense her above him, which was strange, because she was supposed to be completely invisible. But maybe her presence was felt by him, maybe she couldn't do anything about the evil emanating inside of her...or maybe...

...maybe it was the slight good that she felt within her nowadays.

She often felt like a yin-yang symbol - a little bit of evil in the good, and a little bit of good in the evil. Always circulating. Depending on how the Abusoru felt, she discovered, she chose whether or not to kill him. When he acted scared, she felt herself start to get excited about the chase she'd always known. But when he acted indifferent...

...then it puzzled her, and she would think, and the good would come out a little bit.

But there wasn't much time for thinking now. The volcano on this level had started to erupt, and the black clouds covered the sky. She became irritable - the volcano wasn't supposed to have started doing anything yet! It was a last-resort, or level-ending, event, one that the Creators used when they needed to dispose of a certain character quickly or they would mess up the game. She wasn't immune to it as some people would think she was.

She could just as easily get burned.

If she flew above the trees, she would be seen. But if she kept up her current path, she'd be dissolved by the volcano, and the Game would be over for her, and she'd die just like the Players.

She was considering, but it didn't take long before a stray rock of ash (not Ash, sorry ppl) hit her. How could she have been so careless, she was supposed to be using Shadow Ball on anything that was heading towards her, and now here she was, stunned and unable to control her movements. She felt herself falling, falling...


She was in front of the Abusoru and Ratiasu.



OOC: Just wanted a change of pace XD Ninekun is tired of following them...or I'm tired of her doing that xP

drunk ¬_¬
October 13th, 2008, 3:40 PM
Level 2 cont.

“Hooooowwwwwl”, the creature started howling out of nowhere startling Chicho

“Goddamn you’re annoying, I guess I’ll just hurry up and finish you off.” As Chicho said this, all of a sudden he noticed red eyes everywhere, surrounding him, the vampire-monkey, and the fruit-bearing tree. Forth from the shadows of the tree, 50… no 60… now maybe even 100 of these things came out surrounding him as his previous assaulter integrated itself back to the lines. Out of nowhere they all started leering, and growling at him…

“Looks like my time is up”. As Chicho bent down to grab the fruit still rotting on the ground, all of these things jumped at him with their fangs open, after all… they WERE vampiric, and needed HIS blood.

Looking at the fruit cross-eyed, Chicho examined what would be his last meal. The real fruit was a lot smaller than he had initially imagined, as he saw that the avocado-green covering was actually moss growing on the fruit, the liquid still looked like coagulated blood though, and he retracted to eating his last meal…


Less than half a second after sucking on the fruit, two dozens of pairs of fangs sunk into his body, penetrating to his muscles, but besides the initial pain, nothing else…

Right after penetrating Chicho with their fans, the vampire-monkeys retreated with their mouths burning and howling in pain. Those who didn’t try to Leech Life from Chicho scurried away in the confusion and escaped. Those who HAD tried though, went towards the stream to try and wash off the burn in their mouths, sinking their heads many times into the stream (apparently used to the cold) trying to get rid of the taste.

No longer worried, Chicho looked away from them and headed to the tree… “It tastes like…garlic”

Twilight Wolf
October 13th, 2008, 3:43 PM
OOC: Yay! Time for a long post! xP Nah, I'll cut it down.


"Welcome to the game."

I woke with a start, my instincts urging me to move, and now, but I decided to study my surroundings for a few seconds.

There was a clock counting down.


And there were gun turrets, a long hall which ended with an opening. Beyond the opening was a forest. The gun turrests weren't good. I leaped.

I soared at least ten feet before landing onto the ground, my hooves clattering against the floor.


I leaned my head foreward, putting my weight into the front of my body, carrying me faster. I had to make it out.

Clump, clomp! Clump, clomp! Clump, clomp! Clump, clomp!

My hooves echoed in the emptieness. Then the guns began to fire.


I pushed my legs harder, exeeding the average speed for a Rapidash and to 170mph. I was out in the open suddenly.

"Welcome to Level 2
This level is called The Black Forest or simply Black Forest. This is inhabited by wild creatures that what nothing more than to tear you to the bone."

I took a step foreward, pawed the ground, then snorted, shaking my head. I was unsure of this. I did not feel exhillerated like I always did in the forest. Everything seemed... dead. I took up a smooth, steady gait and trotted through the forest.

October 13th, 2008, 4:03 PM
(OOC: Okay, I'm going to clear up some stuff here (can't double post in the discussion thread, plus most people don't check that anyways)

1. At each new level I put the name of the level and information on it in BOLD. This is not actually told to the characters, it is for YOU, the Role-Player's benefit, and is to be considered OOC.
2. Everyone, get moving. The volcano is shaking the entire playing field. Or if you don't move and wish to be incinerated by supersonic-speed avalanches of 1000 degree ash flows, that's fine by me too... This is the major event of this particular level.

And now we have just the opposite problem we had earlier: All the Chasers, save one, are gone.)

October 13th, 2008, 4:32 PM
Mark felt the ground rumbling beneath him. He had felt it the past few minutes already, but this time it was much more intense.

He looked up and noticed a volcano, and assumed it was on the climax of erupting. "Oh you have got to be kidding me..."

Mark forced himself onto his feet. It had been roughly 20 minutes since the sting, and Mark's leg was swollen and colored a sickly purple.

"GYAH! ****!" Mark screamed out in pain as he fell to the ground. He couldn't walk, even if he forced himself.

So he used his bone as a crutch and hobbled along. The pain was increibly sharp, even on the makeshift crutch.

"Gah...Ow...Sombody?...Anyone...Hel...Help me...Please..." Mark said, gasping for breath. The poison was now affecting his lungs; constricting his breathing and making him lightheaded.

With one last breath he yelled out at the top of his lungs.

"HELP.....MEEEEE!!!!!!!!" The scream echoed a few good times througout the forest.

<I...don't want to die here...> He slowly thought to himself.

Jaydin Knight
October 13th, 2008, 4:44 PM
Only a few yards away from her prey, Amethyst watched in curiosity as the Pokemon stared aimlessly after the Glaceon. Amethyst's hideous form was hidden up in a tree - she was fortunate her form was only as large as a Pikachu and very nimble.

"Well then...I guess i won't have to worry about her.." it muttered, lowering it weapon. Amethyst never considered her prey to have a true gender. Having a gender would make them more...real in her mind and as prey - they were simply something to be taunted, to be hunted, to be played with. They were nothing. She snickered, a low cawing noise that echoed. Her mouth formed in its strange smile, razor-sharp, and malicious. She hoped it heard her laughter - striking fear into her prey was fun.

She scuttled down the tree as it began to wander further away. She kept to the shadows, darting into crevices in the trees and ducking behind bushes and other obstacles as she went. As it turned out, there was no need for Amethyst to be evasive in her tracking. Her body was designed for several things - firstly to strike fear in the very being of her prey, secondly, to destroy her prey, and thirdly, for stealth. Small and nimble as she was, her movements were as light as leaves on a tree - a shuffle here and there, but it would take a Houndoom's ears to hear her. No, she was good at this.

"AIYEEE!!!!" The Pokemon yowled, and Amethyst froze with alarm, her many eyes surveying the area. Would something else dare to attack what was rightfully hers? She was a chaser in her own right, never mind she was young, and they - what were they? A bunch of robots. Anger stirred deep within Amethyst. She shook herself briefly. Amethyst was very possessive and territorial to start, but lately it had been overwhelming. She focused her attention to her prey - it had lifted its foot and purple goop dripped out in heavy streams. And then she saw it clearly - though it was only from her many, many eyes that she could see it well at all - a stinger. She watched with curiosity as the creature howled and yowled. Wouldn't it be easier to simply pull it out?

She focused her mind, visualizing vividly as she connected to the Central Chaser Database, known as the CCD. <Search 'Stings'.> She thought. <Associative terms; 'Purple flowing goop', 'Pokemon'.>

A Beedrill's stings will ooze purple fluids for up to twenty minutes. When the fluids stop dripping, the stung creature has approximately 8.5437 minutes of time before expiring.

The data-base's androgynous, emotionless voice rang through her head and she frowned. It wouldn't do for her prey to expire so quickly. It wouldn't be fun at all for either of them. <Search 'Beedrill'.> She thought as quickly as she could. Amethyst's little body shuddered with the prospect of loosing her prey so early. Maybe that was the point of it all, but Amethyst was still a child - she desired a game. <Search 'Beedrill stings'. Associative terms; 'Cures'. Meld results.>

Beedrill resembles an wasp, but only has four legs. The first two are tipped with long stingers. It has veined wings, and another stinger on its abdomen. Beedrill are predominantly female, and males known as drones, are born in the spring, when the female Beedrill mate and destroy the male simaltaneously. It is highly territorial. Beedrill is quick, so it's extremely hard to avoid its beatings after approaching its nest. Beedrill often travel in swarms.

The only cure for Beedrill stings are Johto Honey and in the paws of a Teddiursa. Although Johto Honey was discovered in Johto, it is now commonly found throughout the world as Johto Beedrill continue to overtake other subspecies of Beedrill.

<Very informative.> she thought, half-sarcastic, half not. Perhaps one day she would encounter a Beedrill. <CCD, search for 'Johto Honey'. Associative terms; 'level two'.>

"Oh man...Oh mann.. KEep it cool Mark..I just need some honey." The Pokemon said loudly to itself. She smirked, scuttling just out of his view. How ironic. Amethyst waited for several moments, and then it was there. A 3D map of level two appeared in her mind, highlighting where the honey trees were. She grinned. There was one not far from her, actually only 20 feet from her, but considering the size of the forest...Not far at all..

"AH!" It yelped in pain, trying to walk. "I need help...SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! HELP ME!!!!"

<Anybody?> she smirked silently. <Well, you're in luck. This somebody feels like helping you...Even if she's not quite who you'd think would help.> Amethyst doubted if it could find the tree on its own, weak and pained as it was. She ran for the tree as fast as she could go in this teeny, tiny body of hers (though, still a lot faster than the prey could go in its current condition). It was not difficult to fill her large mouth will several pounds of honey, but it was harder not to swallow and she was slowed down by the weight in her jaws.

Still, Amethyst was determined not to let her prey die so quickly. She diligently worked her way back to the Pokemon. When she had returned, the ground was trembling and the Pokemon's leg was a sickly purple. She fidgetted - had she taken too long? - and barfed the honey up. She let out a piercing shriek, signalling his attention.

Words appeared in her mind;


Amethyst gave a small, low grumble. Of course that would happen while she was trying to save her prey from being killed too early. She fought to keep from giggling - save her prey! How wrong that sounded.

October 13th, 2008, 5:01 PM
Out of nowhere a peircing shreik was let out that sent chills down Mark's spine. He shivered and looked around. To his suprise, there was a blob of golden-amberish goop in front of him.

"Could...it be?" Mark asked to himself. Without even thinking he tasted the substance.

"It is! Honey!" He cried in joy. He carefully pried the stinger out of his foot, which caused blood to rush out the instance the oversised stinger left the wound. He grabbed the goo and shoved it in the wound; sighing as he did so.

The purplish complection left his foot and the honey hardened around his foot.

"Now i just have to leave that there, so the honey will enter my bloodstream; allowing my full recovery. But now, I have to worrry about that volcano.." Mark said worridley.

Mark surveyed the area for possible escapes.

"Gah, nothing at all.." He thought aloud.

"It's times like this I wish I were born a Bird Pokemon.." He said with a sigh.

Twilight Wolf
October 13th, 2008, 5:15 PM
OOC: Comin to save ya, Mark! You got a powerful ally on your side. ^-^


The ground began rumbling.

And rumbling.

And rumbling.

At first all I thought was an earthquake, but smoke told me differently.


How many people were in danger? I heard an extremely loud roar, and I decided to see what was going on. This was the kind of recklessness that might get me in trouble.

I ran, forcing my lungs to work quicker. I felt my feet leave the ground, because I was running so fast.

Why do I have to be like this?

I thought, but shoved the negative thought away. I skidded to a stop-the ground still rumbling-and saw a goldish glob as well as a Marowak. I pawed the ground anxiously and eyed the smoke rising in the distance.

October 13th, 2008, 5:38 PM
Mark heard galloping behind him. It grew louder and louder until screeching to a stop. He turned slowly, unaware of what awaited him behind his back.

It was a Rapidash. A very majesctic pokemon with a mane of pure fire.

"You! Rapidash! I'm sure you know that this volcano is erupting soon, and I need assistance.

I'm in no condition to travel by foot, as I am recovering from a Beedrill sting.

Now, I don't know if you are friend or foe, but you will assist me."

Mark was always very straightforward and demanding. He never took no for an answer.

Without warning Mark polevaulted with his club onto the Rapidash's back.

"Now, lets get our asses out of here!"

Twilight Wolf
October 13th, 2008, 5:53 PM
OOC: And yet, you never noticed the pretty white star on my forehead.


I snorted. I could always whack him later, though.

"I have every right to leave you here to die, but today you are lucky. I feel generous."

I began to gallop quickly, but smoothly, my feet leaving the ground again, my mane streaming back, and hopefully scorching the Marowak's skull. ((xD))

I headed for higher ground, far away from the toxic plumes of smoke and the lava that would soon come.

"Also," I said, "My name is Starlight, not 'you' or 'Rapidash'."

On my way up the hill, I passed by a red figure. A Pokemon. I dug the front of my hoves into the ground and stopped, looking back.

It was a Latias.

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drunk ¬_¬
October 13th, 2008, 8:08 PM
Level 2 cont.

The Spider Monkeys had been flapping around Chicho for about 10 min now. In that time he had been busy eating the garlic-flavored berries from the fruit-bearing tree he had found, but all of a sudden he felt the earth tremble beneath him.

<Earthquake> he told himself, but he could tell this was different, all of a sudden he noticed that all the spider monkey started flying off towards a mountain that he could see from afar in the clearing he was in. <Something is definitely going on>

Looking back he saw the forest and on top of the trees he could see… <Smoke!> Alarmed, Chicho had finally realized the situation: “There’s gonna be an eruption?!” then looking at his surroundings and comparable heights, “and I’m in the lowest part of the forest!”

<What should I do? I’m DEFINITELY not strong enough to stop a NATURAL disaster (he hadn’t quite realized what was going on yet since he had forgotten Level 1 by using Amnesia, and missed most of the instructions), and he DEFINITELY wasn’t fast enough to avoid it either. <I haven’t even been able to eat OR sleep properly since I got here!> he thought. Then he felt something scratch his cheek, and realized that the spider monkeys that had been in pain for the last 10 min (and still looked like it) started to fly off towards the same mountain as the others. <I need to get out of here>

Then with another scratch (this time to his arm), Chicho remembered of the strength of the little fellas he had previously fought. “That’s it!” he said as he got an idea.

Then without thinking it much further hopped and grabbed on to the leg of one of the spider monkeys, who fell, crashed, and turned around kicking the Snorlax until Chicho gave in and let go.

“DAMN!” as he yelled this out, and started feeling more and more kicks and hits to his body, he felt something crash against him sending both creatures to the ground. <What?! There’s no way they could be this heavy!> Then looking back he saw his ticket out of there.

This creature looked an awful lot like the spider monkeys he had previously encountered, but there were more differences than similarities. For example, instead of a bat/spider monkey combination, this guy was a bat/GORILLA combination! About the size of a full-grown Snorlax (unlike Chicho who is smaller than average), and perhaps even heavier, he growled at Chicho and then proceeded to start flight again. There was no time to waste, as the gorilla started flight, Chicho hopped, just like the last try, and held from the leg of the creature.

And this one… COULD hold him. As they went higher and higher, Chicho could see from the distance several other characters making their way away from the eminent danger. He could see an Absol, a Latias (which really intrigued him, but what intrigued Chicho even more was… a Marowak riding a Rapidash!?


Farther off in distance he saw a weird little creature perched on top of a tree, “that doesn’t look like a pokemon I’ve ever seen before” (if it HAD been a pokemon), “and why is it just standing there? It really stands out when compared to all other creatures who are running to save their lives… What is going on here?”

He then slowly drifted off to sleep.

October 14th, 2008, 2:04 AM
“Welcome to the game.”
Nathan slowly awakened, and knew right from the start that something was wrong. He slowly tried to gather his thoughts. <Alright,>He thought, <I’m in a white room, with no idea what is going on.> He quickly turned around when he heard a beeping noise.
They were perfectly timed. <Hang on…> came the revelation, <timed…>
With a start he turned around, and noticed a timer. In his mind, a little gear clicked into place. <Humans…> He then noticed the gun turrets, and what number the timer was on. 5…4… <If that timer finishes counting, I’m doomed…> Nathan immediately began running, using agility to speed himself up. However, he wasn’t quite fast enough. 2…1… The guns immediately fired, and Nathan ran even faster. He went straight through the door, tripped, and noticed he was in a forest. Then, he heard a voice, almost identical to the one he heard when he woke up.
"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."
<A game!? Who in their right mind would make such a sickening thing and call it a game!?> His calm personality soon took over again.
"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."
“Hmm…” Nathan said to himself. “Sounds simple enough.”
"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

October 14th, 2008, 12:30 PM
(OOC: You know, Ratiosu, you could just attack. That's kinda what Chasers do. ^^)

Arin's psychic sense told her it was coming seconds before it did. It didn't, however, tell her what it was. "Duck!" she cried to Aya, and swerved to the side as a large glowing yellow bulb flashed past her. What in the world? she thought furiously. Signal beam? Glancing back in the direction of the attack, she couldn't see anything, so she flew up higher to get a better vantage point. And voila; A little Shinx. A player, or just another threat in the game? "Wait a sec," she said to Aya, and started to head back and investigate. If it was another Player, then he was worth saving. If not, well, she thought she could handle a Shinx, but it would mean that not all Pokemon within the Game were Players. Which would be most unfortunate.

But before she could take two metaphorical steps, a bat-like vampirish thing landed in front of her, giving her a little fright. It collapsed onto the ground in front of her, and did not move. She felt an absurd desire to grab a stick and poke it, but restrained herself and continued to her previous objective: That Shinx. The thing didn't seem like too much of a threat seeing how it wasn't moving, but she called back to Aya "Keep an eye on that thing!" anyways. Maybe it got hit by a volcano bomb, a flaming rock ejected from the volcano. Well, it was comforting to know that the Game's elements weren't immune to itself. She cautiously floated by, paws up and ready just in case to the Shinx, and queried, "Are you a Player?"

She noted out of the corner of her eye an odd sight: A Marowak riding a Rapidash. Now, this sight was so strange that she felt absolutely certain it was two more Players working together, but now came a new question: Just how many Players were in this game?

October 14th, 2008, 12:46 PM
Aya ducked as soon as he heard the Latias's words. A split second later, a signal beam, apparently, or something similar at least, passed them. He gave the Latias a grateful glance, perhaps he was warming up at last. And the Latias didn't seem dangerous, though really, how dangerous were Latias anyway, unless they were angry?

"Thanks." He said, there was no other way to say it. Maybe he didn't fully trust the Latias, but he had avoided an attack that could have been super effective against him, and that was something that he likely wouldn't forget, no, not having the type of brain he did. He couldn't remember the last time he forgot something, which made it especially hard to just...let go of something. Because he never forgot it.

Thinking about that, he hardly noticed when a vampiric creature, he could only guess what it was, landed in front of him, and he felt a growl rise in his throat. The sight of it didn't scare him as much as how suddenly it had just appeared, though it was true he had no clue what that was, hadn't seen one before, but it bore some resemblance to a human. It couldn't have been fully human, though, he knew what humans looked like.

Well, he wasn't taking any chances. If it made any move that even hinted that it was going to attack, he would retailiate on instinct. It was just what he did. The Latias wasn't really paying attention to it, but he couldn't take his eyes off of the creature. It intrigued him in one way, disgusted him in another, and frightened him in yet another. Strange how it worked that way...

Even as he kept his eyes on the creature, the Latias left for a small moment, to speak to a Shinx apparently, since when had a Shinx appeared? He seemed to be losing track of things at the moment, but maybe it was just the confusion of everything.

"Keep an eye on that thing!" The Latias called, and Aya nodded. What do you think I'm doing? He thought, which was have been his normal, though completely silent response, obviously he would keep an eye on that thing. Couldn't have taken his eyes off the thing, even if he wanted to, could he?

October 14th, 2008, 12:53 PM
Gale looked back at the volcano. It was really starting to blow. And the ground beneath her...shaking like there was no tomorrow. Gale began panicking, but knew that wasn't the right thing to do. She dashed towards the volcano, as if she had a death wish. It was then she noticed what seemed to be other players.

"On one side...a Marowak (possibly the same one I met earlier) is riding a Rapidash. And on the other...a Latias and Absol. Perhaps they're friends, perhaps they're foes... I'm quite unsure of such..." Gale muttered. "And...there are probably other beings in this game, but instead of running through the levels like us...they perhaps wish to see our demise..." She shuddered at the thought, and then returned her attention to the volcano. If I don't get to level 3 soon, it'll be game over, Gale thought.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 14th, 2008, 1:35 PM
Muttering under his breath, Grem watched as a skull and crossbones appeared over the pikachu's image on his Cid. "Of all the Players I could've pick, I chose one that couldn't even get past the first level! I'm really not suited to be a Chaser." He closed his eyes and went over the list of Players in his head, trying to find one that suited him.

"Snorlax?... No, too big. Absol?.... No, that one's taken. Poliwag?.... No, he got eaten by a centipede." When his mind drifted back to the Glaceon he'd met, he considered it for several seconds. I don't want to kill her but is she really any different from any other Players? If I have to chose one, it might as well be her. I have little choice.... Most of the others already have Chasers assigned. I'll do it.

Although the thought of killing made him a little sick to his stomach, he reminded himself that this was only a game. None of this was real. No matter how it might seem otherwise, this was only a game. Fortified with his resolve, he was about to start searching for the Glaceon when the ground began to shake violently.

"What the heck!?" Looking down at Cid, he read, Warning: Volcano is about to erupt. Reaching his mind out to his fellow Chasers, he realized validity of the warning. "Already?" He flinched as a hoard of bats flew past his face, fleeing the fury of the volcano. Growling at the erupting volcano, he followed them, alert for any danger around him.

October 14th, 2008, 3:15 PM
Mark looked at Starlight, who had stopped to look at a passing Latias.

"Do you want to sit there and oogle a rare pokemon and die? Or get going to save our own tails?!" Mark shouted at Starlight. The ground rumbled once more, and heat filled the air around them.

"By the way, not like this is time for small talk, but my name is Mark. Nice to meet you, Starlight." Mark said cheerily, patting the Rapidash's back.

"Now, GIDDYAP!" He yelled enthusiastically, pointing his bone forward.

October 14th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Gale noticed that the two pairs were ready to head off. Better follow them, she thought. To be safe, she hid behind some of the many trees, so they wouldn't notice her following her.

Gale had always been stealthy. Well, most of the time anyways. She made sure she stayed out of sight. But then, the unexpected happened.

The flute. The flute was playing again, Gale was sure of it. She froze up, remembering the cold experience from a while back. She looked around to make sure the Gengar wasn't there. H-how? It can't be... Gale shuddered as the flute continued playing that familiar haunting melody. As the melody continued, Gale lost track of time itself, but only for a split second. All she could think about was the flute that played. Playing, and playing, and playing...

"Why?" Gale asked. "WHY?!" She shuddered again, and tried to block out the flute from her mind, but it just wouldn't stop playing that same haunting, unique melody...

October 14th, 2008, 3:28 PM
Level 2: The Black Forest (Continued)

Lukai was surprised on how fast the Latias acted. So surprised that when it questioned him he wasn't thinking straight. "Oh, I am a Player and even if I wasn't there is no way i could harm you, oh and about the signal beam sorry.. heh my bad I was aiming a bit to the left of you, but being this small distorts your visions, making it hard to aim correctly.." He walked closer,"and don't even ask how I am so small, I dont really know all I know is a centipede wanted strawberries these owl things wanted white berries..." he trailed off not wanting to annoy the pokemon who could tear him to shreds. He looked down and began kicking a rock. <Right... no time to mess around I have to ask why they are running..> "If it isn't too much to ask, what are you running for?" he questioned moments before the volcano smoke reached his nose."A-a volcano?" he said more of a question than a statement.

Lukai sighed,"Well I will be left here to die in this.. this mess.." he looked very gloomy. He saw other various creatures skittering across the ground, including some moles, who dearly hated him, well some of them. <Man... I wish I knew how to grow big again...> Soon he saw birds and bats take to the sky, letting out loud screeches when they got pelted with the molten rocks. A rock landed net to Lukai, it was a tiny rock but to the tiny pokemon it looked like a beautiful comet. <That is amazing..., I have to get out of here alive.. I have to see her face once more before I die..> he thought, making him determined to come out alive so that he could see her face again.

Pop Pop Pop BAM! That was the sound of tiny rocks popping out of the volcano then a rather big one that hit a tree, causing it to snap. "Hey, um Miss Latias c-could you help me get out of this forest?" he asked in a simple tone not wanting to sound demanding. "Oh, by the way my name is Lukai, what is yours... and yours?" he asked looking at the red flying pokemon and then at the Absol. He walked a bit closer and then waited for their answers. He noticed that he was being stared down by the Absol.

Jaydin Knight
October 14th, 2008, 3:30 PM
Feeling peeved, she watched as her prey demanded its way onto a Rapidash and vanished. There was no way she could match the Rapidash's speed! She grumbled to herself for a moment, watching as a Snorlax (to Amethyst's amusement) passed overhead. She felt the brush of someone's mind touching hers and she mentally reached out and pulled at his mind. Aah. Gremlin. Eagerly, she connected her mind to his. She'd heard about him. And god, he was interesting.

<Hello, Gremlin?> she thought hesitantly at him. <Er, this is Amethyst? I don't think we've met but I've heard about you...> Was that the wrong thing to say?

<So, have you picked your prey, yet?> She ran downhill as she thought. Away from the volcano - yes, that was the right direction.

October 14th, 2008, 4:00 PM
Gale couldn't keep her mind off the flute. It seemed to be...hammering into her head, trying so desperately to make her remember the haunting tune. Gale leaned down onto the ground and put her paws over her ears, trying to make it stop. But, with the ground rumbling, her paws kept swinging back and forth, making Gale unable to cover her ears for even a second.

"Please... Stop... I beg of you..." she cried out in angst. The flute's melody still poured into her head, not even ceasing to stop for one moment. At this rate, I'll be dead because of this flute, Gale thought, wincing at the thought. She peered around, trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. Not in the trees, not behind me, but WHERE? Gale wondered. She winced again t the thought of dying, then calmly closed her eyes.

"The flute..." Gale murmured, "is coming from my left. But the one playing it is not close. Where are they... I can't exactly tell..." Gale opened her eyes and peered to the left. The flute definitely sounded louder over there.

"I wonder... Can anyone else hear it this time?" Gale looked over towards the Marowak and Rapidash, but it didn't seem as if they could hear the flute at all.

"So it's just me that's cursed, huh..."

Gumshoe Satyr
October 14th, 2008, 4:20 PM
As he ran away from the volcano, he flinched a bit when someone reacted to his mind touch and mentally pulled back at his mind. He wasn't used to anyone wanting to start a conversation with him.

<Hello, Gremlin?> he heard a voice hesitantly say. <Er, this is Amethyst? I don't think we've met but I've heard about you...> He wasn't surprised by her words since he figured everyone had heard about the Chaser who'd never killed. Amethyst.... He may have heard her name before but with so many Chasers, it was heard to be sure.

<So, have you picked your prey, yet?> He chuckled both physically and mentally as he thought of the bad luck he'd had so far.

<Well, I picked a Pikachu, but the little rat didn't even get past Lvl 1. I've now chosen a Glaceon, and now I have to find her again.> He told her about his encounter with the Glaceon by the old tree, leaving out the part about how relieved he was when she left. <Why do you ask?> he asked, a little suspicious. He jumped to the side as a flaming rock hit a tree nearby.

It's getting more dangerous around here, he thought to himself. It wasn't long before the tree caught on fire, quickly spreading to the surrounding trees and vegetation. He hurriedly ran around the fire, fearing that the fire would cut off his escape route. By now, he was already pretty far from the volcano so he figured that there were plenty of Players and Chasers still behind him. <That's going to kill some Players.> he told Amethyst grimly, sending her an image of the fire with his mind. <Better hurry before it spreads too much.>

Jaydin Knight
October 14th, 2008, 5:16 PM
A pause and then she had her response.

<Well, I picked a Pikachu, but the little rat didn't even get past Lvl 1. I've now chosen a Glaceon, and now I have to find her again.>

Amethyst smirked to herself, but Gremlin went on.

<Why do you ask?> His thoughts were tinged with suspicion. She suddenly saw raging flames in her mind, and the distinctive scent of sulfur reached even her dimunutive nostrils. <That's going to kill some Players.> Gremlin thought grimly, <Better hurry before it spreads too much.>

She laughed as she ran away from the flames - she could see them now, a fair distance away, but she had to hurry up!

<You sound almost concerned about the players.> she giggled. <How silly! You do know they'll die either way, correct? But...> she added soberly, <I suppose I get it, though. I hate it when my prey dies too early. Just had to save it a few minutes ago. Stepped on a beedrill stinger. Pft! What an idiot. It's a Marowak, y'see. I never found them too bright.> Amethyst rolled her many eyes, giggling. <But hey, all Pokemon aren't very smart, either... What strange creatures, though.> As she scrambled through the forest, as fast as her little body would take her, it occurred to Amethyst - perhaps Gremlin was younger than her! That would explain his reluctance to kill. A delight lit in her chest. She was one of the very youngest chasers - most were at least 16 mentally - and Amethyst was often considered a child. She hated it. Oh, how delightful it would be to learn that Gremlin was, in fact, younger than she!

October 14th, 2008, 5:22 PM
"Oh, I am a Player and even if I wasn't there is no way i could harm you, oh and about the signal beam sorry.. heh my bad I was aiming a bit to the left of you, but being this small distorts your visions, making it hard to aim correctly..." the tiny Shinx replied, walking towards Arin. She backed up ever so slightly, this was quite weird. "And don't even ask how I am so small, I don't really know all I know is a centipede wanted strawberries these owl things wanted white berries..."

Make that really weird. Centipedes were carnivores, since when did they eat strawberries?

"If it isn't too much to ask, what are you running for? A-a volcano?" he asked.

Well, if you've already got it figured out, then why are you asking? Arin thought.

The tiny Shinx sighed sadly. "Well I will be left here to die in this.. this mess.." He looked around. Volcano bombs and a light rain of ash was now falling, coating everything with a gray fluffy layer of pulverized rock. "Hey, um Miss Latias c-could you help me get out of this forest? Oh, by the way my name is Lukai, what is yours... and yours?"

Arin glanced at Lukai wearily, then flew over and scooped him up in one paw, holding him close against her chest, then flying back towards Aya. Miss Latias... never heard that one before... "My name's Arin," she informed the Shix, "And yes, we're running from that volcano over there."

Within seconds, they had reached Aya again, who was still staring down the vampire-thing. It was fascinating, in a hideous, horrible kind of way, and Arin once again felt the desire to grab a stick and poke it. Resisting her urge, she said to Aya, "We better get moving again." Looking around, there was that Rapidash-riding Marowak again, and now there was a Glaceon nearby. More players, but they could probably handle themselves. Rapidash could run about as fast Arin could fly near ground level. Whether they could outrun a volcanic eruption, remained to be seen. "Let's go," she said again, and began moving forward.

A loud squawk from behind caught her attention, and she craned her head around to see. Through a hole in the forest canopy made by a large rock crashing through the forest, there was a Pidgeot flying through the air.

Fwoosh. Arin's eyes got as wide as they ever had been, and she watched in horror as an enormous, fat worm with two immense mandibles shot up out of the ground, and like some obscene roller coaster ride on invisible tracks, flew into the air. It opened its gaping maw; you could have driven a freight train into its mouth; and in a single gulp, swallowed the Pidgeot whole.

And now it was coming at them. Arin flew at Aya, pushing him out of the way, as the gigantic Death Worm slashed into the ground next to them. Within a single second it was entirely in the ground, leaving an immense hole, like a subway tunnel, in the ground.

Arin sat there lying on the ground against Aya for a while, shaking violently out of sheer terror. Another volcano bomb landed nearby, causing her to snap out of her stupor, and she floated back up. "Sorry," she apologized to Aya, then checked Lukai, still tucked up against her chest by her paw. He didn't look too troubled, and she was glad, for she could probably crush him accidentally. "Let's go."

She turned around and started flying through the forest at a pace Aya could keep up with, glad that all he could see of her was her back. She was still trembling slightly from the worm, and she bit down on her bottom lip. It was somewhat of a wake-up call; she had never realized before that she could be as absolutely terrified like that, unable to even think, or move. That had been the single most terrifying event of her life.

Unfortunantly for Arin, there would only be more record-breakers in that catagory.

Twilight Wolf
October 14th, 2008, 5:51 PM
"You say 'giddy up one more time, Mark, I swear I'll strap you to my leg and make sure you fall into the lava." I threatened. I reared up as something rose from the ground as a Pidgeot flew over it.

They looked similar to tentacles.

That thing. It ate that Pidgeot. I shivered.

Then I saw the Latias run in the other direction with a Shinx after introducing herself as Arin.

I followed her, soon right beside the Latias, who was fleeing.

"What was that thing?" I asked, easily keeping up. "Also, don't wory. I'm a player." I added.

October 14th, 2008, 6:09 PM
"Well then, aren't we a fiesty one?" Mark said in a mocking tone. As Mark finished his sentance he witnessed a Pidgeot fly by.

"Hey! Another Play-...oh.." Mark said grimly as the Pidgeot was eaten by a weird, centipede like thing.

"Well then..Thats just weird.." Mark said aloud. He then realized they were moving again, right beside a Latias. He heard Starlight introduce herself and he felt he should do the same.

"Hey. Name's Mark." He said simply, while saluting the Latias with his bone.

"Don't see many of you legends around at all." He said. He was pretty astounded that he was meeting a legned face-to-face.

He once saw Ho-Oh flying through the skies one day, but that's not as awesome as talking to a Latias.

October 14th, 2008, 6:21 PM
The Rapidash rapidly (no pun intended) caught up to Arin, running alongside her. They both had to do quite a bit of dodging and weaving between the trees; this was a forest, not an open plain, and neither of them could run (or fly) at all-out speed.

"What was that thing? Also, don't worry. I'm a player," the Rapidash said. It obviously wasn't running very hard, seeing as how it could talk without even panting for breath.

Arin nodded, keeping her eyes focused in front of her. She had more problems dodging trees, due to the fact that she was wider, and had wings. One of the most accursed things about her body was that her wings could not bend. It was a strange act of Arceus. The only other things she saw that had non-flexible wings were airplanes and gliders, both human creations. Oh sure, she didn't have to flap, instead merely willing herself through the air. But flexibility came in handy when one had to fit in through a tight space. Like now.

"I could tell," Arin replied grimly, eyes still focused in front. "Some kind of megaworm with giant mandibles." An involuntary shudder ran through her body, recalling her close call. She looked down at Lukai for a split second to check how he was doing. In short, as fine as someone that small could be.

"Hey. Name's Mark," the Marowak riding the Rapidash greeted, tilting his bone in salute. Arin wondered where that bone came from. "Don't see many of you legends around at all."

"That's why we're legends," Arin replied, allowing a small, grim smile to cross her face. "My name's Arin, what's yours?" She glanced behind her to check on Aya. He was doing an excellent job of keeping up, and was right on their tails. "Think you can go a bit faster, Aya?" she called back to him.

While waiting for the reply, she looked around them, and suddenly realized something: They were running through a valley. Which, considering the volcano erupting behind them, was the second to last place they wanted to be. Second only to being at the volcano, that is. They had to get to higher ground. "We need to move up these embankments," she called out again, and began to sway towards the right, making a gradual turn up the side of the valley so they could go without losing speed.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 14th, 2008, 7:04 PM
Giggling at Grem, Amethyst replied, <You sound almost concerned about the players. How silly! You do know they'll die either way, correct? But...> Just as Grem was starting to feel foolish she added soberly, <I suppose I get it, though. I hate it when my prey dies too early. Just had to save it a few minutes ago. Stepped on a beedrill stinger. Pft! What an idiot. It's a Marowak, y'see. I never found them too bright. But hey, all Pokemon aren't very smart, either... What strange creatures, though.>

<It's not that I'm concerned for the Players. It's just disappointing that they die so easily. That's all.> he insisted, his face flushing a bit. She'd struck a chord in him that he didn't even realize existed. I'm not concerned, am I? At least she found another reason for my statement that didn't sound so wimpy.....

<You saved your prey?> he asked, slightly surprised. After thinking for a moment, he added <Well, I've always found Pokemon to be more interesting than humans. Humans, after all, aren't very tuned in to nature, don't have special abilities, and are basically pretty frail.> He could sense her getting closer, though he couldn't see her. Standing several feet from the entrance of a valley, he could see the fire beginning to burn along the edge of it as if it was alive and refused to let any escape its wrath. He decided to stick around and see which Players survived.

Climbing up a tall tree, he scanned the valley and surrounding area. He spotted a Latias, Absol, Rapidash, and Marowak-which wasn't hard with the Rapidash's flames-running toward the edge of the valley, desperately trying to get out of the path of the volcano. He considered slowing them down so they wouldn't make it, but the Glaceon wasn't with him and causing the death of a Player that wasn't your prey could easily get you killed yourself by an angry Chaser.

<Are you going to do anything yet? The Marowak's yours, right?> he asked Amethyst, curious to see what kind of powers she had.

October 14th, 2008, 8:21 PM
Lukai all of a sudden just grew big again, weighing down Arin, causing her to go towards the ground, his front paws scraping the ground below. Lukai gave a kick with his hind legs wanting to be free. He hit the ground face first but quickly got up. <No time to loose ground now..> he began to run just as fast as the Absol, then even faster. "Oh, Arin I am sorry for kicking.. just the urge to be normal again.." he didn't know if the words came out correct he didn't even think so but just kept on running. He noticed the Latias and other pokemon make begin to make a gradual right turn so he followed.

<Man, It feels good to be normal size, to think I was gonna find strawberries for that centipede when all I had to do was wait...> Lukai's head began to hurt again due to the battle with the mole. <This is only level two...I wonder how many more there are...> Pop! Pop! Pop! Rocks just kept on coming making a loud popping noise, ash was every making it a bit hard to breathe. Soon a loud noise filled his ears it was an even louder Pop, but at the same time a bang. <Has the side of the volcano exploded?> he wonderd still close to his group.<I wonder.. if I will ever see her again...> He noticed that their was less trees in this area. <Not a lot of trees, wonder why..> he came to the conclusion that it didn't matter.

"Hey, guys, how much longer is this foresty thing?" he asked another question not waiting for an answer,"how many levels do you s'pose there is?" There was a pause after he asked that. <What.. did I mess up..> his smile turned to a frown. <I hope I didn't mess up...> As Lukai looked back he still couldn't see lava. <Was that loud popping sound the volcano or not..?> he was confused, but glad that their was no visible lava. The pause still continued as him and the small group ran along. His legs grew weak as if they would collapse at any moment,but there was no way he would show him being a weak little pokemon, not when they all had first met.

drunk ¬_¬
October 14th, 2008, 9:52 PM
(Ooc: Sorry for the shortness of the post, I felt obligated to say what happened to Chicho, although there wasn't really that much:P)

Level 2 cont.

After dozing off, Chicho woke up on high ground. After completely regaining his health back, Chicho realized that he had been taken to a mountain high enough in the forest to be safe from the volcano's eruption, then looking closer, he noticed the volcano beginning to crack and erupt.




With a deep sigh, he then thought to himself: <I am so glad that I didn’t have to run from that> Then noticing on the distance a myriad of creatures running away from the volcano, he told himself, a little disappointed: “Keh. To think I’m only alive for relying on the strength of the wildlife, how can I expect to survive any longer in this place?”

“I need to make an alliance!” Then looking back at the herd of bat/monkeys climbing farther up the mountain while hissing at him he thought: <Maybe I should start looking for candidates somewhere else>



The loud noise took demanded Chicho’s attention, as he turned around, he saw the trees next to the volcano to start lighting up. “It’s finally starting”

October 15th, 2008, 3:30 AM
The flute stopped. It just...stopped. After an hour of torturing Gale, it stopped. Relieved, Gale stood on all fours again, and looked around.

"Hey!!!" she called out. "Can anyone hear me!!!" She was hoping to find at least someone else who was alive and part of this treacherous game as well. She knew it could attract enemies, but didn't care at this point.

"SOMEBODY!!! ANYBODY!!! PLEASE!!! I'm all alone, and need guidance. Please. Please..." Gale's voice was getting scratchy from yelling. Shoot, she thought.

(Sorry for the short post. I'm at my house, and I need to leave now, so I won't have 'net connection for much longer.)

October 15th, 2008, 12:58 PM
OOC: Sorry, I here now!

IC: Ninekun felt herself coming to her senses, and sat up, watching the Abusoru and Ratiasu get away. She cursed under her breath - but still, they hadn't known who she was. That was good, at least. She rubbed her forehead and began hovering once more, feeling slightly tired but awake enough to continue the Game.


Why was she tired?

She was a program...she couldn't be tired.

Sighing, she continued her chase of the two Pokemon and told herself that if Kumori wasn't going to Chase the Ratiasu, she might do it herself. But only if she was certain - she wouldn't risk his anger.

It came to her in a wave...the Glacia needed help. She rolled her eyes - it wasn't scheduled for her to die yet. It looked like the first clue was needed.

Ninekun disappeared and reappeared next to the Glacia, daring her to look upon her vampiric form. She said, grudgingly, <Look, I'll help you, but only because you need to be killed later. This isn't your appointed time.> She could feel how sarcastic she was being - it came off of her in waves.

<You heard about the clues we'd give you. So anyway, here's the first one.>

Ninekun became smaller until she was maybe an inch tall. She rested lightly on Glacia's head and held onto her ear. <If you attack me, you die,> she said calmly. <Now, start running in the ways I tell you to. I'll need your perspective, that's why I'm on you. Now. Straight ahead. Full speed. Go to the left after the forked path.>

OOC: Perspective change is always fun XD

October 15th, 2008, 1:05 PM
Surprised at the creature's response, Gale nodded, but lightly, so the creature wouldn't fall off. She began trotting towards the direction she was told to go, then her trotting turned into running. She ran through the woods like the creature told her, making sure nothing was following her every once in a while. She almost missed the fork in the road and hit the tree. She braked just in time, and went to the left, like the person also told her.

So... I'm not appointed to die yet, huh... Well, that's fortunate for me, I guess... Gale thought to herself. But who is this exactly? They aren't like me at all... Are they human, or a program like that Gengar? Gale was dying to ask, but was afraid that the creature might not take it well. And she said she'd kill me if I attacked her. Maybe she is against someone like me after all. BUT, I shouldn't assume things. That'd be wrong... Gale sighed, and continued running, awaiting the creature's next instructions.

(OOC: Sorry, couldn't think of anything else Gale could call Ninekun, so she's "creature" to her unless you say something else otherwise XD)

October 16th, 2008, 1:09 PM
Good. The Glacia wasn't resisting as she'd anticipated. She continued giving directions to it and then, when she reached the highest ground she could find, one that the volcano wasn't about to burst lava all over, Ninekun jumped off, growing to normal size again. She stared at Glacia for a while, and then said, <You do have an appointed time. And you will die. Just not by me.>

She flew off and imagined what must be going through the Glacia's mind right now.

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October 16th, 2008, 1:32 PM
(OOC: What happened? This was so active just two days ago! <.<

Oh, and there is no portal to Level 3, Ratiosu. The Level shifts based on a single requirement that must be fulfilled. Everyone advances together. Just get Gale up to high ground. I'm also kinda worried about the length of that post, I don't want a mod to come in here and start giving warnings...)

October 16th, 2008, 1:48 PM
"What am I? A next door neighbor?" Aya muttered to himself, the Rapidash was oogling the Latias as if it were an exhibit in a museum. Or maybe it was just the way he saw things. He tended to see things that way. At least the Rapidash was a player, so he hoped he had nothing to fear from it, by now, he was extremely on edge, and ready to defend against any attack. Or so he hoped. But the volcano seemed to be very close to erupting. He thought he could see small rivulets of lava running down its side, either that or he was imagining it. He might have been, in his terror at the erupting volcano.

"Guys, I hate to break this to you, but we've got to get moving...now." Aya said, addressing just about everyone within range. "If you want, we could stick together and get somewhere safer, until this is all over, they say there's always safety in numbers. Or we could split up like we were before and find our own way out, but you've got to decide quickly or we're done for. And frankly, I'm not ready to die yet." He muttered under his breath, remembering that voice. Here he was taking control like a leader, he wasn't a leader, he had never been a leader. But none of that now, they had to get to higher ground at the very least, either that or hope to escape the streams of hot ash and lava that were sure to issue from the volcano as it erupted. At least they had a small amount of time to get to safety, and he shifted from foot to foot nervously, thinking that he might take off on his own, though he probably would never be able to do that. He had always put friends first, not family, as he had none, and never himself, it was just the way things were.

October 16th, 2008, 3:01 PM
Lukai suddenly grew back to his normal size. Instead of just waiting for Arin to put him down, he kicked Arin in the chest, freeing himself onto the ground, where he started running after them. "Oh, Arin I am sorry for kicking.. just the urge to be normal again.."

Well, thanks, Arin thought. That's what I get for being nice... a kick in the chest. She cut off the thought from being broadcasted to everyone around her though. Lukai continued to talk about something, but Arin wasn't paying attention.

"What am I? A next door neighbor?" Aya muttered to himself quietly, although not quietly enough for Arin not to detect it through her psychic senses. She wasn't wrong at all when she assumed that he was a loner of a Pokemon. "Guys, I hate to break this to you, but we've got to get moving...now," he continued. "If you want, we could stick together and get somewhere safer, until this is all over, they say there's always safety in numbers. Or we could split up like we were before and find our own way out, but you've got to decide quickly or we're done for. And frankly, I'm not ready to die yet."

Arin nodded her head in agreement. "I dunno about you guys, but I think we should stick together." They continued up the side of the valley; the other Pokemon were distinctly lagging slightly, having to climb uphill.

A roar sounded behind them, and Arin glanced back just a second. Tearing through the ground behind them, like some sort of land torpedo or a tubular shark, was the Death Worm, its body halfway submerged into the ground, its gaping maw open like a black void into which the entire world could be drained into, and one gigantic mandible, like the crescent moon, rising above the ground. It was after them.

Oh, Arceus. For whatever reason, the Death Worm terrified Arin. And it was gaining on them. "Split, guys!" she called, and dodged to the side.

The worm suddenly changed direction, and burrowed right into the ground. How anything that big could move so quickly, let alone dig that quickly, was beyond her.

She rose up into the air. What was going on now?

Fwoosh. Like a skyscraper being built before their eyes, the Death Worm jumped out of the ground, just like it was when attacking that Pidgeot earlier. It curved downwards in a lazy parabolic curve, and opened its maw; Arin was about to be swallowed whole.

Sheer terror made Arin's body freeze for a second. Then, she recovered, and acted, dodging to the side. Not quickly enough; one of the mandibles caught her, and although she avoid the mouth, she hit the right mandible and bounced off, the wind knocked out of her chest. She began to fall, and couldn't slow down fast enough to avoid crashing into the tree branches. Slowly she rose back into the air, wincing and gasping for breath.


The deep roar tore apart the atmosphere, rending apart the atmosphere, a deafening blast that sent Arin reeling. The entire side of the volcano blew out, and a massive landslide of rock roared down the mountain, sending up an immense avalanche of superheated rock and ash racing into the valley near supersonic speed. This was called pyroclastic flow, the most deadly part of any volcanic eruption, superheated hurricanes of rock and ash too fast to escape that would incinerate anything in their path. A gigantic pillar of ash blew into the sky, mushrooming into a gray tower that would become over 16 miles tall. The massive gray avalanche torrented down the mountain into the forest, obliterating everything in its path.

Arin didn't need to see anymore. She flew for the edge of the valley as fast as she could, and called out below in her loudest voice, "RUN!"

The pyroclastic flows raced across the landscape, and began to enter the valley...

(OOC: A better visual interpretation can be found here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgRnVhbfIKQ). Doesn't show the entire eruption, but I expect you can imagine Mt. St. Helens... Level 3 coming soon!)

October 16th, 2008, 3:11 PM
Gale looked down onto the ground. The flowing magma had barely grasped onto her, burning her to a crisp.

"Well, at least my time of death isn't now..." Gale muttered. She sighed, and looked towards where the creature had dashed off.

"So... I wonder if they've been hired to kill me. Or perhaps, is someone else behind this? No matter. All I need to do now is wait for level 3..." She looked down, and noticed the Rapidash, still with the Marowak. And the Absol, still with the Latias.

"Looks like they're getting to high ground too," Gale muttered under her breath. "Heh, I'm already safe, thanks to that strange assassin-like creature. I can't say why I consider it to be an assassin, seeing how it's small and all, but there's definitely more than meets the eye; 'tis all I can say..." Gale then began humming that haunting tune the flute had played, stuck in her head for perhaps all eternity. Tears started streaming down her eyes as she hummed the familiar tune, as if it had had a melodramatic impact on her. She then stopped, and tried humming the sad tune, which the flute had seldomly played, as best as she could. She didn't cry as she hummed it for some reason. Perhaps she was more prone to haunting tunes? Gale really couldn't answer. She peered at her lucky necklace, then continued humming the sad tune.

October 16th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Aya didn't have much time to respond before he, too, was taken by suprise by that...creature, whatever it happened to be. He wasn't taking any chances, acting on instinct, he used a Razor Wind attack, the scythe glowing on his head for a moment as he readied himself and took aim.

Then he scythed his head downward, releasing multiple cresent blades of wind moving so fast, it was much like cresent razor sharp projectiles being thrown towards the creature. He was careful not to accidentally hit any of the players, or Arin, who counted as a player, but was in the air, making it easier for her to be hit by his attack accidentaly. Fortunately, the attack seemed to miss Arin, heading for the creature, but at that moment Aya couldn't watch any longer, and so he didn't know if it had missed or not.

Everyone seemed to be fleeing, and he didn't need convincing. Terror tore at him as he saw a shadow fall over him, could it be that creature he had just attacked? Apparently yes. It didn't really seem to be after him, rather, it seemed to be after the Latias, but as he watched it lowered its head towards him. Involuntarily, an ice blue ball formed in his mouth, and he released a powerful ice beam, fueled by his fear and desperation to just get away from that thing. The creature was momentarily frozen, but, Aya couldn't believe it, it shattered the ice in a few seconds. Too powerful, that creature is just too powerful. RUN! He thought, the forest becoming a blur around him as a dull, thundering roar filled the area. The volcano. He thought desperately, it's begun.

Jaydin Knight
October 16th, 2008, 3:39 PM
The further she went, the less space she felt between herself and Gremlin.

<It's not that I'm concerned for the Players. It's just disappointing that they die so easily. That's all.> he insisted in an odd tone. She resisted the urge to giggle.

<You saved your prey?> Amethyst frowned at his tone - was that forbidden or something? She was still going to kill it. It wasn't saving so much as waiting. <Well, I've always found Pokemon to be more interesting than humans. Humans, after all, aren't very tuned in to nature, don't have special abilities, and are basically pretty frail.> he paused and for a moment, all Amethyst heard was the loud thumping of her three hearts as she darted between trees and bushes. Stealth? What stealth? Sure, she could have probably manipulated something to get her across faster...But the thrill, the adrenaline - well, the equivalent, anyway - was something she loved. It made the sometimes tedious first levels okay.

<Are you going to do anything yet? The Marowak's yours, right?> he asked Amethyst, sounding rather curious. Amethyst thought for a moment.

<Yeah, mine. I'll probably attack at it soon... It's getting awfully close to that Rapidash, I reckon, and that's not good, nope.> She wiggled her torso somewhat, seeing as she had no neck. Amethyst could see the other Pokemon, now, as well. A Latias, Absol, Rapidash, and, of course, her Marowak. <I need it to be on its own. Hmm,> she murmured thoughtfully. <I should probably contact the Chasers of the other Pokemon...> Amethyst switched the function in her mind...Now the players were outlined in a bright blue, shimmering, and lines connecting them to their Chaser...And the closest of them (besides Gremlin), was a female Chaser - Ninekun. Amethyst felt a tremor run up her exoskeleton. She had been raised on tales of Ninekun and the elder Chaser always seemed particularly...exciting and dangerous.

<Hello, hello, Ninekun?> She shifted her mind, stretching out to connect mentally with Ninekun's. Amethyst focused, keeping her connection with Gremlin open - he was interesting. <This is Amethyst. You probably never've heard of me before, but...> Amethyst shrugged mentally. <'nyways, my Player's kinda near yours and I was wondering if you wanted...wanted to team up, 'nd scare 'em real bad?> She braced herself for a rebuff - for a 'yeah, like I need your help, you little nobody' - and hardened her resolve.

October 17th, 2008, 3:27 AM
Sorry, but I'm a bit caught up in the other rp I'm in. I'm not gonna be able to post. so, count me out of the RP.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 17th, 2008, 4:53 AM
After seemingly thinking for a moment, Amethyst replied, <Yeah, mine. I'll probably attack at it soon... It's getting awfully close to that Rapidash, I reckon, and that's not good, nope.> Nodding mentally in agreement, he waited for her to continue. <I need it to be on its own. Hmm,> she murmured thoughtfully. <I should probably contact the Chasers of the other Pokemon...>

Feeling her mind stretch out while keep contact with him, Grem felt Amethyst's mind-and through her Grem's-connect to a Chaser named Ninekun. Gasping before he set a mental wall around his feeling, he felt a mixture of wonder, anguish, and dread at meeting such a famous Chaser. He usually tried to avoid meeting those like her, fearing that they would resent him because of his history of not killing. Keeping silent himself, he heard Amethyst start talking to Ninekun.

<Hello, hello, Ninekun? This is Amethyst. You probably never've heard of me before, but...> He felt her shrug mentally. <'nyways, my Player's kinda near yours and I was wondering if you wanted...wanted to team up, 'nd scare 'em real bad?>

Looking around from the tree that he sat upon, Grem realized that he'd wasted a lot of time just waiting around in one place. By now, it seemed liked he'd seen just about every Player, who was going to live, escaped-or, in the case of the Latias and company, escaping- the valley except his own prey. He sniffed the air, trying to pick up her scent, but could smell nothing besides ash and smoke.

Suddenly, there was a huge explosion from the volcano, sending a wave of molten rock and ash toward the valley. Eyes widening at the sheer power and speed of the avalanche, he wondered if the Latias and other Pokemon would escape it. I can't think about that though. It's up to Ninekun and Amethyst now. Shaking his head as if to wake himself up, he set off to find Gale, still keeping an eye on the drama going on below.

Twilight Wolf
October 17th, 2008, 3:58 PM
Then the whole side of the hill was melted into magma, and began to slide.

"RUN!" Arin screamed, and headed for higher ground.

Instinct grasped me tightly, and caused me to leap. I landed on a thick slatte of shale, my hooves clattering loudly on the mineral. Another leap, and I was closer to Arin.

There was something behind me, (Jaydin Knight) I could feel it. It was... stalking me. I was sure of it. I sped up, surpassing 150 mph. A leap sped me up to 190. Another leap, 200. I was at my limit, for sure, and running as hard as I possibly could. I levelled out with the Latias moving slightly ahead of her, panting slightly. I eventually passed the Latias, and moved far ahead of her. I stopped in my tracks once I came to a rocky ledge, looked back, and began to leap from ledge to ledge, advancing upwards. I stopped to wait for the others, my pretty white star showing clearly. I neighed and reared up, telling them to hurry.

October 17th, 2008, 4:41 PM
Aya panted as he managed to make one last desperate leap, and dodged to the side to avoid a thin stream of lava. It was almost a situation fit to cause panic. He noticed the Rapidash, whoever her name was, was following them. Well, he didn't have any problem with that, she couldn't be dangerous, but he didn't know her name either. He'd ask later, when they were safe. For now...

He snarled as he slashed down with his claws upon a bat that had suddenly flown out at him, before freezing it with ice beam. It fell with a loud thunk onto the ground, its face frozen in an expression of rage and surprise. A stream of lava was trickling towards the frozen block that contained the bat thing, and he though with satisfaction, good.

He seemed to be more ruthless and merciless all of a sudden, this whole thing, it had made him ready to kill in order to defend himself, and Arin too, now that he had gained a friend, or an ally, at least. Maybe the Rapidash too, once he learned her name, he leaped upwards, his claws scrabbling on a ledge, somehow, he managed to scramble on, not gracefully, but at least he had a chance to survive. He leapt from ledge to ledge on the strange rock face, many large rocks jutted out, and he jumped from rock to rock, moving up the cliff face.

Just then, he felt his claws slip, and, clawing for a grip, began to fall, many feet between him and the ground. He didn't make a sound, instead twisting in the air, an almost pitiful sight to behold, and managed to grasp onto another ledge. A miracle. He thought gratefully as he pulled himself up, and made a large leap, traveling in an arc through the air as he landed on all four feet, before beginning his journey upwards again, marveling at his luck.

October 17th, 2008, 5:51 PM
The pyroclastic flows poured into the valley, like a tidal wave of superheated rock and ash, racing up the sides then falling back down. It ran the entire length of the valley, and the gray clouds of ash pillowed up miles into the air. It was snowing that same ash now, and Arin had a hacking cough. Breathing in ash was terrible, the stuff would mix in with the water in your lungs, causing you to drown in what is basically liquid cement.

She glanced back at the volcano. A towering column of ash, immense beyond comprehension, pillowed into the sky. Lighting flashed within, and reached out to strike the other clouds. Lava, molten orange, flowed down the sides.

Wait a minute, she thought, confused, then coughed again. Gray speckles appeared on her hand as she did so. The lava was forming... a shape. A circle. Yes, the lava was creating a perfect circle on the mountain. And now, another vent opened up within the circle, oozing out a straight line that ran down the center. What was this? The lava... it was forming a letter. No, not a letter, Arin corrected herself, a number. The Game had inscribed a flaming symbol within the circle, carved into the mountain by rock thousands of degrees.


Suddenly, the terrible rumbling of the volcano, the sounds of the pyroclastic flows roaring through the valley, the pitter-patter of the falling ash, ceased. Arin looked around. It wasn't just the sounds, everything had frozen. She looked down. Everything, that was, except for the Players. (and although she didn't know it, the Chasers, although they were not allowed to attack while the Game was in this stage either)

"Congratulations..." the voice, the one from earlier, said. But now it was in a much darker, more sinister tone. "You have passed Level 2."

Arin suddenly felt extremely heavy, and she descended back to ground level, next to the Rapidash and Aya, then coughed again, causing gray speckles to appear all over the dirt.

Then suddenly, the entire enviroment just dematerialized. The trees, the soil, they all became cubified, and the cubes dissolved into each other, falling back into the ground. The volcano, the ash, they all disappeared. Another rumbling, and a gigantic amount of dust was thrown into the air, obscuring everything. Arin coughed again, although the feeling of the ash in her lungs had disappeared.

When the dust settled, they were in a city. But it was unlike any city she had ever seen. The buildings, they were all identical gray facades, concrete, with simplest square windows arranged in perfect geometric formation. All the buildings were exactly the same, and they lined the street. The street was no ordinary street, it twisted and turned in ways no ordinary street should, or could. Arin looked down the street, and it looked like something an artist, a master of optical illusions, would paint. Cars, automobiles of all shapes lined the sides of the street, and there were the occasional manholes and alleys. None of the buildings had a door.

Level 3: The City of Labryinths
An abandoned ghost town, this isn't the urban jungle, this is the urban maze. Players must find their way through the twisted streets and out of the city to complete the level. But beware, danger lurks in every dark alley, and what seems harmless at first can kill you... Machines are your best friend here, and your worst enemy.

"WELCOME TO APOKALIPS CITY!" the voice boomed, its tone distinctly more sunny and bouncy than before. "Find your way out to advance to Level 4! For references purposes, the tower is at the center of the city, so move in the general direction of away from it! A warning to all creatures capable of flight: Advancing above rooftop levels for more than five seconds will result in an unsatisfacory mark on your record and a stern warning. Followed by death." As though to emphasize its words, a pair of jet fighters zoomed overhead, the sonic booms echoing between the buildings on either side of the street. "Have fun!"

October 17th, 2008, 6:11 PM
The...circle... The lava formed a circle. It was oozing into that circle, creating a...symbol of some sort? No wait, a number?

"1," Gale read. She looked at it with confusion in her eyes. Wonder what it means... She then noticed everything around her had...froze, as if time itself had stopped, and only Gale (and perhaps any others, as Gale assumed) could move. She heard the booming voice, and realized that creature from earlier had helped her pass this level.

"Thank you, whoever you were..." Gale muttered. She suddenly felt as if a huge clump of mass had gathered inside of her, and she immediately fell to the ground. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't even feel her body. Everything seemed like it was...drifting... It was not long until Gale closed her eyes, unaware of all the changes around her.

-Level 3: The City of Labyrinths-

When she had regained consciousness, Gale looked around at the landscape. All sorts of vehicles and metallic components were crowding the large area. What the heck? Gale thought. Where is this?

"Welcome to Level 3," the voice boomed from above. Gale nodded, and let out a sigh of relief. The voice continued, "This is Apoklips City! Can't say much more for now, as you seem like a smart one! Good luck!" The voice died down, and Gale looked up at the sky in scorn.

"Hey!" she shouted. "I still need help nonetheless! Geez..." Knowing the source of the voice probably couldn't hear her, Gale snorted and headed down towards the heart of the area she was in. Occasionally she looked around to recognize her surroundings, so she would know where she had been and where she hadn't. It was then that she reached a sign.

"For references purposes, the tower is at the center of the city, so move in the general direction of away from it! A warning to all creatures capable of flight: Advancing above rooftop levels for more than five seconds will result in an unsatisfacory mark on your record and a stern warning. Followed by death," Gale read. "Well, how threatening. Better watch it..." She smirked at the word "death". I've been through near-death experiences before; surely I can survive this. But then again, I shouldn't underestimate the power of this game... She turned around and saw the tower mentioned on the sign. She took one quick glance on it, pasting it in her never-ending memory, then pivoted a full 180 degrees and walked off, in search of finding someone...or rather, something, to help.

Twilight Wolf
October 17th, 2008, 8:15 PM
I was breathless.

"We mad it," I whispered, "We made it. But there are other levels..."

I saw the tower that loomed above the center of the city.

Away from the tower.

I turned my back to the tower.

"We have to move, and fast." I said to the others. "I want to get out of this place and be free again."


The word rang in my ears. I began to trot down the street.


October 17th, 2008, 8:27 PM
This one seems popular and interesting. I'll catch up and read the last pages, I was only able to skim the first one right now. Count me as a Chaser.

Name: Ariougashukei


Human: Black long sleeve shirt with chest zipper. Red Cotton Pants with black Vertical Stripes to the sides. Hair that glitters in all colors, Ray Ban Silver Glasses, tall for his age, and a mysterious black colored watch in his RIGHT arm.

Lvl 3 Appearance: 4 Legged short monster. Large Claws. Black Spikes pointing back from his back. Lava Red Legs. Feraligatr like appearance in the face, all of it red. The middle body is purple, and is about half the length of an average bed.

Personality: Very Moody. Usually Nerd-like and "Mexican". But can get extreme for 2 days when pissed off.

History: Grew up orphaned in an Orphan Home. He never knew his parents and is very smart. Very close to university grade lecture speed and has vast knowledge of algebra and space sciences.

Other: Wears glasses due to Astigmatism. Physically fit but very low stamina. Love Italian food. Knows English, Spanish, and Italian.

October 17th, 2008, 8:29 PM
-Level 3: city of Labrinths-

Mark was amazed that they had made it through level two, but level 3 seemed even more frightening.

Mark began to hack away at the honey-cast on his foot. It had enough time to heal by now.

Once the honey was fully removed, Mark shook his foot; sending golden flakes everywhere.

Mark hopped of the Rapidash and walked along side her.

"even though I'm all healed, I think we oughta stick together." Mark said. "I do apreciate the ride tough."

October 18th, 2008, 4:34 AM
(OOC: AdvancedK9, I have 2 problems with your sign-up: 1. The Chasers have never lived outside the game, so you're going to have to completely redo your history. Sorry. You can keep the knowledge stuff though. 2. One line's not really enough for a personality, you should add at least 2-3 more sentences. Try adding likes, dislikes, hobbies, (if any), pet peeves, habits, any special way he has of doing things, etc.)

October 18th, 2008, 5:20 AM
Ok, Let me Re-do That.

Name: Ariougashukei


Human: Black long sleeve shirt with chest zipper. Red Cotton Pants with black Vertical Stripes to the sides. Hair that glitters in all colors, Ray Ban Silver Glasses, tall for his age, and a mysterious black colored watch in his RIGHT arm.

Lvl 3 Appearance: 4 Legged short monster. Large Claws. Black Spikes pointing back from his back. Lava Red Legs. Feraligatr like appearance in the face, all of it red. The middle body is purple, and is about half the length of an average bed.

Personality: Very Moody. Usually Nerd-like and "Mexican". But can get extreme for 2 days when pissed off. Like to wander off into space a lot, but is very attentive is extreme situations. (Like Tests). He had a "brother" who died in an accident while killing an expert player. He didn't care, he hated him anyways. Nobody knows what emotions or thoughts cross his mind. But many are sure, he is weird yet, creative...

History: Ariougashukei was not really a good Chaser to be exact. He often wandered into his own world during a REAL chase. Sometimes it is worth it, as he tends to come up with massive traps that literally murder a very nice amount of players. One of his nice traps was a large trap hole with chemically reacted wood and grass to hide miscolor and not fall on their own creators. He killed about 7 Players with that trap. Another one, which was his best, was a museum art that had so much color and infatuation, it knocked unconsious all its starers, and the Chasers took it from there.

Other: Wears glasses. Physically fit but very low stamina. Love Italian food. Knows English, Spanish, and Italian.

October 18th, 2008, 5:25 AM
(OOC: Chasers are only supposed to kill the Player that they're hunting, all the other ones are the prey of other Chasers and are off-limits. Fix that and you'll be accepted.)

October 18th, 2008, 5:45 AM
OOC: I here, I here.

IC: Ninekun watched as her prey became safe, and then the world around her crumbled into a new world, a city, looking somewhat like New York City, one of the human places she'd heard of. She'd always loved the city - so busy, and you could blend in with anyone. For that reason, she could feel her body chemistry shifting to become something different.

Each level had a form, she knew, and this was no exception. Her wings and the hole in her back, while still there, faded into invisibility. She could feel her body chemistry changing and becoming that of her Player. Not Aya, just another Absol. To confuse them, and to get under Aya's skin. She'd pretend she was a friend...but then she'd attack.

As she was running towards the other Players, she heard a telepathic voice from the Chaser's communication center. <Hello, hello, Ninekun? This is Amethyst. You probably never've heard of me before, but...'nyways, my Player's kinda near yours and I was wondering if you wanted...wanted to team up, 'nd scare 'em real bad?>

Ninekun laughed. Amethyst. She'd heard of her before. But she'd never gotten to work with her, or even really see her before. She'd gathered from the other Players' conversations that her form in the Black Forest had been particularly disgusting and venomous, but she'd never gotten to see it.

<Hello, Amethyst,> she said, making herself sound as cold as she could. This Chaser was young, and she hadn't been nearly as experienced as Ninekun had. <I suppose we could work together...just be warned that I am one of the Abusoru. I'm going to try and trick them...maybe when we lead them to a dead end, I can disappear...and then we'll gang up on them.> She searched the database for Amethyst's Player...the Marowak named Mark. Naturally.

<Just don't attack any of the Abusoru. One's my prey, one's me. Got it?>

She headed off to the Players, and when they came into view (almost all of them together, those idiots), she put on the facade.

"Oh my god, I didn't think there was anyone else here, I got lost in level two and then that volcano started erupting!" She trotted over, very cat-like, to Aya and poured on the charm, luring him into a false sense of security. She rubbed her neck up against his and said, "I'm so glad to see another Absol here, I thought I was all alone."

She turned to the rest of the Players and said, "Maybe we can work together, I've been seeing some dangerous-looking things trying to attack us, it's been so scary, especially that weird Shedinja vampire thing." Perfect, if they thought she'd been attacked by what they knew as the Chaser Ninekun, it would be easier to believe she was innocent.

"Thank Arceus we're all here together now," she said.

October 18th, 2008, 6:05 AM
All right. Thanks for the heads up.

History: Ariougashukei was not really a good Chaser to be exact. He often wandered into his own world during a REAL chase. Sometimes it is worth it, as he tends to come up with massive traps that literally murder the player he chased. One of his nice traps was a large trap hole with chemically reacted wood and grass to hide miscolor and not fall on their own creators. It was deep, and the player he chased then died a massive, bloody death. Another one, which was his best, was a museum art that had so much color and infatuation, it knocked unconsious the player he was chasing and took it from there.

October 18th, 2008, 6:16 AM
It took a long while, but Gale finally managed to run into a Latios. Of all the luck! A Latios! A Psychic type! Maybe he can help me! Gale thought happily. She went up to the Latios and poked him on the shoulder. He turned around, and Gale then realized he wasn't a Latios at all. He was a...pseudo-Latios?

"How-may-I-help-you?" the pseudo-Latios asked in a robotic voice.

"Do you know how to get to level 4?" Gale asked calmly. Deep inside, she was kind of scared. If this pseudo-Latios turned out to be against her, it would perhaps mean the end.

"I-am-sorry-but-I-do-not-know-what-you-are-talking-about-There-is-no-level-4," the robot responded. A whirring sound then came from it, and it let out a "clank"! All of a sudden, the robot transformed into a pseudo-Leafeon. Whoa, a transforming robot. How interesting... Gale stared in amazement at the robot, who now looked a bit like her, though there were plenty of differences.

"I-can-only-help-you-fight-other-monsters," the robot said to her. "My-name-is-DUPLICATE001-as-I-have-been-programmed-with-that-name." Gale was partially confused by what the robot meant, but figured that if it could help fight with her like it claimed, then she could have a chance of reaching level 4.

(OOC: This robot is not all-powerful, just FYI. I'll destroy it somehow within a few posts...)

October 18th, 2008, 9:33 AM
Level 3: City of Labyrinths
Lukai soon found himself in a city? He was puzzelled on why he had suddenly just found himself in a man made city."Welcome, to Apokalips city," the voice said something else but he couldn't make it out due to the sound of the jets above. "W-where d-did everyone go?" he asked himself, but directing it more towards asking the voice. The voice came again, but all he could make out was tower,move, and it. So Lukai took it as move to it, and that is when he began to wonder where in the world the tower was. He slowly began to trot through the city,passing a manhole. "Ughh, what is that?" he began to go a bit faster to pass the smell,"it smells horrible..."

The city was scary, and dark, you could never know what could pop up. The unexpecting Lukai wondered the streets aimlessly, not knowing that he was being watched."Yes, little Shinx come close.." a voice whispered to itself , and Lukai wandered on down the street. A machine rolled out infront the Shinx and began to speak,"Hell.....o Aiiie am.... ro.." then is stopped. It stopped moving,talking, and making noise. It was comepletly silent.

"What are you?" he questioned, but to no response,"guess I gotta check it out.." he mumbled under his breath. He walked closer to the machine, staring at it's 'face' as he reached out a paw to touch it. Lukai suddenly jumped back,"What the hell?" he was really scared, and tired but couldn't let anyone know. After all anyone could be his enemy. "D-did that thing just smile at me..?" he asked himself. "No, no" it didn't it is out of order.<Maybe.. It has something useful inside of it> he though while walking closer once more. He raised his paw to touch it once more, hitting a wall as it roared into life, flinging it's arms everywhere.

"Ha-Ha-Ha" came it's mechanical voice. It zoomed closer to Lukai, grabbing it and wandering off. The Shinx wanted to be let go, it kicked and screamed, causing the robot to only squeeze tighter.

"Stop, put it down" commanded a voice.

"Huh?" Lukai wondered as he looked up and saw a man. <Oh, I do hope he can help me..>. The robot still held Lukai in the air.

"I said put him down," the man came a bit closer,"I constructed you, I can just as easily put your out of order, put the creature down."

The robot finally did, and wandered off. While it wandered off it let out a loud screeching noise,eeeeeeeeeecchhheeeeeecchhhh.

"I am R.O.B,"the 'man' told Lukai,"please allow me to help you, come see my family.." R.O.B stood for Robotic Operating Builder. He motioned for the pokemon to follow as he entered a building.

Lukai entered and saw two other humans, one was female and another male. The female one was as tall as Rob, the other male one no more than two heads above Lukai. "Hey, I am Lukai and Rob saved my life.."

"Yes, I am S.O.P.H.I.E, he," she said pointing to the smaller bot,"he is D.A.R.Y.L."

October 18th, 2008, 6:34 PM
(OOC: That's good, K9. Accepted, and pick your prey.)

drunk ¬_¬
October 18th, 2008, 6:59 PM
Level 3: Apokalips City

"Congratulations..." the voice, the one from earlier, said. But now it was in a much darker, more sinister tone. "You have passed Level 2."

“What the…” Chicho couldn’t believe his eyes, one moment he is atop a mountain looking for edible grasses, or anything to eat, then next a powerful gust with ash throws him against a red hot pile of rocks… and all of a sudden everything disappears leading him to an Escher-style city, which by the way, TERRIFIED HIM!

“This cannot be…” as he was saying this,

"WELCOME TO APOKALIPS CITY!" the voice boomed, its tone distinctly more sunny and bouncy than before. "Find your way out to advance to Level 4! For references purposes, the tower is at the center of the city, so move in the general direction of away from it! A warning to all creatures capable of flight: Advancing above rooftop levels for more than five seconds will result in an unsatisfactory mark on your record and a stern warning. Followed by death." As though to emphasize its words, a pair of jet fighters zoomed overhead, the sonic booms echoing between the buildings on either side of the street. "Have fun!"


Chicho then, after looking around let out a yelp <Oh no, what’s going on, there is like NO FOO HERE AT ALL!> “AAAAAHHHHHH!” he let out a scream due to the revelation, and started rocking back and forth on his back. <no… food… … floor… uncomfortable… why?>

As Chicho had formerly no idea that this place was natural, and only realized it after he passed Level 2, it was a bit too much for him to take in “This… is… way bigger than me… what am I supposed to do”

As he kept rocking on the street, he finally decided that he should find a good place to rest to calm down before re-evaluating his current situation. Instead of getting up though, he started to roll on his side all curled up (Defense Curl) expecting an attack at any time such as the one with the monkeys in the forest.

While he kept rolling, he felt the concrete underneath him curve down, and sideways making him gain speed and momentum downwards. While rolling downwards though, a weird curve on the street made him roll towards an alley in-between the buildings beside him, and crash against 3 weird, robotic-looking machines (much in the style of a bowling ball hitting the pins in a bowling alley)

<What the…?!> he thought as he opened up his eyes to see what he had hit, then after taking a quick inspection decided: <Damn, this aren’t pokemon… looks like I’ll have to protect myself!>

(Ooc: my head hurts now, drunk's tips #1: never force yourself to write **** with a major writer's block :tired:)

October 18th, 2008, 10:00 PM
"Ughh... I am dizzy.", thought Ariougashukei. It has been some time since he ever chased something, and now he realized it was time, another prey to pick, attack and murder brutally. He didn't feel like it, he didn't want to, but he knew it was his duty, he got up, and rose out of the large, yellow-rusted trash can in a deep alley, and entered the building to his left through a back door. He saw there was no copper left in his mechanical rations bag right at the entrance. Without copper, he slowly looses creativity and common sense in most levels. Thus, he went out on the hunt for more.

"HEELLOOO!!?" He screamed in his deep, dark-like voice. No response except for the eerie echo of his voice in this seemingly untouched silver lustered part of the city. He started jogging around looking for metallic leftovers in alleys. By what he has been sensing, he knew, there weren't many chasers this time.

He found an alley with a can-full of rusty copper-plated drills in about 7 minutes, probably from a Driller Killer left without oil, he thought. He brought the whole can back to his alley, ate about a quarter of the contents, and finally went out on the hunt for a Pokemon to kill. He just walked around the western part of the city going to the north. He sensed paths and streets to the north, so he had no trouble with the maze mechanism of the city

Suddenly, he heard a crash from his right. He quickly, in almost a tenth of a second, expanded his spikes and quickly made himself bipedal and ran through the street on his direct right.

He found what looked like a Snorlax using defense curl in front of dead Tall Driller Killers. For Ariougashukei, a Snorlax was slow and perfect, he quickly hid in an alley close to the Snorlax, watching him carefully, very close to the thought: "He is my chosen one".

(OOC(whatever that stands for in comments): I'm saying "very close to the thought" because I'm not sure if Chicho is taken.)

October 18th, 2008, 10:01 PM
(I think Chicho's Chaser-less, so you're free to take him ^^ Thought I thought Goulerbot said he was too busy and wanted to drop out...

I'll post in the RP as soon as I get an idea. Darn brain-deadness.)

October 19th, 2008, 5:53 AM
"WELCOME TO APOKALIPS CITY!" A voice said from nowhere, startling Aya. "Find your way out to advance to Level 4! For references purposes, the tower is at the center of the city, so move in the general direction of away from it! A warning to all creatures capable of flight: Advancing above rooftop levels for more than five seconds will result in an unsatisfacory mark on your record and a stern warning. Followed by death."

That means I'm not allowed to trust anyone other than the ones I have already bestowed my trust in. Aya thought darkly, death didn't scare him, but that didn't necessarily mean he wanted to die. No, he would do everything he could to keep him and the others alive. At that moment, another Absol just walked up to them and began talking to them.

"I'm so glad to see another Absol here, I thought I was all alone." The pokemon purred, rubbing against his neck. Strange she should be so bold, he thought in surprise. So different from the rest of us.

Turning to the rest of the players, she said, "Maybe we can work together, I've been seeing some dangerous-looking things trying to attack us, it's been so scary, especially that weird Shedinja vampire thing."

"Thank Arceus we're all here together now," she said, more quietly and in a relieved tone.

Aya narrowed his eyes in suspicion upon seeing the other Absol, he knew he himself was a rare pokemon, it seemed unlikely that there would be another playing the game. He had yet to see one of the same species as another. But then again...

What Shedinja-Vampire thing? He thought curiously, he hadn't seen a Shedinja vampire-thing, unless you counted that bat that had just fallen from no where and landed in front of them. Suspicions clutched at him again, he wanted to believe her, but something was holding him back. It was the fact that she was talking to them as if she had known them all her life, almost too bold for the solitary pokemon an Absol was, almost too friendly, too willing to go through the game with them. He turned his back on her and said to the Rapidash and the Latias.

"So...how do you think we should get out of the city?"

October 19th, 2008, 6:07 AM
As Gale walked through the vast crowed of robots, she continued hearing a "clank... clank... clank..." behind her. 'Course, to her, she knew that meant the robot was following her. It moved as gracefully as she did, but still made that "clank" every once in a while.

"Excuse me, monsieur robot, do you know if there are any other players nearby?" Gale asked in a French accent.

"I-do-not-know-I-am-very-sorry," the robot replied. Gale sighed.

"C'est tiring walking through these crowds," Gale groaned. "It'd be nice to meet up with another player. Don't get me wrong, but you're awesome to have around! It's just...never mind..." Gale had something to say, but couldn't say it 'cause it could cost her her life. It could malfunction and turn against me. Or it's already against me and is just playing the role of the temporary teammate to get close to me...

"Oh-look-an-airshow!" the robot exclaimed ecstatically. Gale looked up. Five jets were zooming around, doing barrel rolls, flipping completely upside-down, that sort of thing. Then, with their smoke trailing them, they wittingly starting spelling out words for everyone to see. Gale began reading them.

"You...can run...but you...can't...hide...?" Gale got a confused look on her face. "Wonder who they're searching for?" Better not be me. She turned to find the robot, frozen in place. "What's wrong?" she asked it.

"It-is-nothing-Come-now-we-should-get-going." The robot was a bit shaky, and Gale felt a little suspicion, but decided not to say anything. She didn't move an inch, as she was deciding whether to go or not.

"Come-on-We-have-got-to-go-NOW!!!" the robot insisted.

"OK, OK, we're going, we're going..." Gale shouted. The robot suddenly burst forward, with such speed Gale couldn't keep up. What a strange robot. Are the jets looking for him perhaps? Maybe that's why he transforms... Gale pondered this thought while running towards the robot, but couldn't keep her thoughts straight because of that either...

October 19th, 2008, 6:28 AM
Arin threw her head backwards, and spotted the Tower that the Game had been talking about. It was like a monolith in the distance, a rising cylinder of concrete that thinned slightly at the top, tipped with a large disk like a viewing platform, and above that, the cylinder continued until it narrowed into a single point, which was glowing bright red.

"Oh my god, I didn't think there was anyone else here, I got lost in level two and then that volcano started erupting!" Another Absol emerged from the side street. "I'm so glad to see another Absol here, I thought I was all alone."

Arin quirked her eyes slightly. That was random. Seeing two Absols in the same day wasn't something she had ever expected. The species was only slightly more common than her own.

The Absol turned to the rest of them. "Maybe we can work together, I've been seeing some dangerous-looking things trying to attack us, it's been so scary, especially that weird Shedinja vampire thing. Thank Arceus we're all here together now."

Arin almost felt sorry for the poor creature. It was way too trusting. Not nearly cautious enough. She supposed it could be just relief at finding another Player, but everyone who Arin had met so far had been somewhat cautious when meeting another one. You never knew when there was a Game element taking the form of a Pokemon, although Arin had yet to see one of those.

"So...how do you think we should get out of the city?" Aya asked.

Arin pointed one paw in the general direction down the street, in the direction away from the tower. "Pick a direction and start walking. This level is just a maze, albeit a weird one." As she floated down the street, the others following, she asked the second Absol, "What's your name?"

As she waited for an answer, she looked around the street, senses alert. Had it taken this long to be attacked on Level 2?

October 19th, 2008, 6:54 AM
Ninekun knew what they were thinking - being able to telepathically read everyone's minds was a useful gift. The Ratiasu and other Abusoru were thinking it was strange that she would be in the Game too. Becuse of Abusoru's rarity and all. She'd have to come up with a way to make them think otherwise, to get them off of her trail.

"I know it's pretty weird to see another Absol here," she said, making sure not to use the Japanese, original names she was known for using, "but I think the Game chose us according to something that links us all commonly. I mean, I don't know what it is yet. But it could be our rarity...Rapidash and Latias and Snorlax aren't the most common of Pokemon. Or it could be something else - something we don't know about each other." This was the most Ninekun had ever talked at one time, and she found it odd that she would be so talkative when doing this. Then again, it was a defence and a front to make sure no one would guess who she was.

"What's your name?" the Latias asked. Ninekun looked into her database. Arin was the Latias's name; she had to think of something slightly Japanese, like Aya and Arin.

"My name...? It's..." As she tried to think of one, she said, "Forgive me, it's been a very stressful day and I'm having trouble remembering a lot of things. This Game has a weird effect on us, doesn't it?" Then it came to her. "Kitai, my name is Kitai."

She almost laughed, it was that oxymoronic. 'Kitai' literally meant 'danger', and she was going to be danger to these Players sooner or later.

"The instructions...they said to move away from the tower. So let's get going...I'd say away from those fighter planes if we can. They must be loaded with ammo." She turned to the Latias.

"I know, I know, I seem very trusting and not cautious enough. I've been thinking about that myself a lot. Because if I ever met up with another Player, I know everyone would expect me to be at least somewhat distrusting. But I feel so safe when I'm with other people...one person I wouldn't trust. But a group of you...you can't all be monsters, or the Game's servants in disguise...right?"

October 19th, 2008, 7:37 AM
Strange how she can't remember her own name. Aya said to himself, his suspicions growing stronger as she seemed to have...read their minds or something. He'd let the others talk to her, if they decided to trust her, then he would disapprovingly go along with it, if not, he would approve of their decision not to trust this strange Absol and move on. Her reason for not remembering her own name seemed sketchy to him, but it was more or less believable, meaning it could be true. And yes, he agreed with her point that the Game affected them rather oddly, but he seemed to suddenly remembered everything rather than forgetting a lot of things. Maybe he was just overly paranoid, but in this game, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Strange as he found it that an Absol would be talking so much, wheras he normally remained silent and let the others do the talking, he had to admit she had a point. However, though safety in numbers could help them, it wouldn't be a good thing to travel with too many people, it would make them easier to track down. He decided to voice this thought.

"Wouldn't going through the game in a group of too many affect us negatively rather than positively though?" He pointed out, before sort of fading back into the background again, not meeting eyes with anyone. He didn't want them to see that he thought the Absol wasn't even for real, as they would all likely tell him he was just being way too suspicious and should lighten up a bit. That it wasn't like everything in the game was dangerous. He decided he would hang back slightly, keep a watch on the Absol. But stay within the group all the same, to avoid being singled out and attacked.

October 19th, 2008, 8:00 AM
Gale dashed through the crowd of robots, but none resembled the pseudo-Leafeon, Ditto-like robot. She paused for a moment, then swiveled around. Strange, she thought. I could've sworn someone...or something was following me... I must be turning paranoid from all this activity. Better find someplace to rest... She walked over to one of the buildings, and then it hit her. The robot had led her closer to the clock tower.

"No..." Gale muttered. "That stupid robot..." Was this all a trick? Was that robot commanded to take me closer to the clock tower so I would be punished? Gale suddenly froze. She walked up to the edge of where she was, and looked down. It seemed there was a whole other floor beneath her.

"That pesky, traitorous robot! It probably broke some rules, so it tried to get me framed instead!!!" Furious, Gale began running to the stairs. But something caught her from behind.

"You-are-in-violation-of-the-rules," a jet-like robot said to her. "Give-in-or-pay-the-price."

"NEVER!!!" Gale shouted. She let out a blast of ice, freezing the robot temporarily. She ran down the stairs as fast as she could, only to find the exit was closed at the bottom. She turned around, and the jet-like Pokemon was advancing slowly towards her.

"You-are-trapped-Surrender-now," the robot said, its tone sounding as if it were annoyed (if robots really did have emotions). This is it, Gale thought, wincing. I'm doomed... She closed her eyes, waiting for the worst to happen.

Then, if on cue, a flute started playing. The robot screeched in pain, and imploded afterwards. Gale opened her eyes, saw the remains of the robot, then listened carefully to the tune playing. Her eyes became wide with fear.

"That same melody. That same haunting melody. It followed me from level 2. But... The robot was able to hear it too. Is it on my side?" Gale gasped, then continued listening.

"Wherever you come from, o strange melody of heaven and hell, hear my voice. You deserve a name, such a haunting tune like yourself. I dub thee 'Midnight Nocturne'." Gale smiled at the name, and afterwards, the flute stopped. As if by magic, the locked door suddenly opened, and immediately Gale burst through it.

After walking about a mile or so, the Latias and Absol were in sight again. But this time, something seemed different about the Absol. Wait a sec, Gale thought. That Absol seems a bit different than the one I saw earlier in level 2... She stared at it for a few moments, then back at the Latias, then at the Absol again. It'd be best to follow them, she thought. Those guys - the Absol (who might not be the same Absol at all) and Latias - I think they're in the game like me, and they can't be pseudo-Pokemon. After all, their speech is crystal clear, unless they're upgraded versions. But I doubt it...

October 19th, 2008, 9:42 AM
(OOC: Secondary Character; Chaser Garitsute, by permission in the discussion thread.)

Another day, another smell, another dark sewer to explore into, he fell. Garitsute, or Gari, as the other chasers called him, was exploring an unknown sewer of the city. I can smell it, I can smell a Shinx!, he thought. In his pasts chases, he always preyed on the Shinx when he had the chance. It was his favorite Pokemon to eat it's legs. He was able to remember the last time he ate one, in his Serpential Shape. It tasted better than chocolate, Pumpkin Pie, better anything in the world. He would rather have a pair of Shinx legs to eat than dominate a world without Shinx.

This time, he was in his Cyboris Serpentia Ultima form, he looked like a long, long, serpent, a mouth with desire for bloodshed, and eyes of an evil haze of blood and violet. One deep stare into them causes an emotional scar of fear, evil, and death, for eternity. Most of his left side, was robotic in a color almost like Gold and Deep Purple. That side carried out senses that his regular form couldn't use in a vast, mechanical city like this.

He continued dwelling in the sewers, finding the origin of that smell. It took him 10 minutes to find it, and he slowly slithered up that tube. He slowly rose out of a sparkling toilet, one that sensed was for decor, as it had no water. Slowly, he slid out of the small restroom that barely fit the toilet and a sink, and he saw it, a Shinx, talking to the ROBs.

"JACKPOT!" He charged up with all his might and pounced faster than a Rapidash to the Shinx!

October 19th, 2008, 9:59 AM
Lukai was hit, hit by something that felt wet, and cold. He turned around to see a really large snake. "What the hell" the spot where he was hit began to ache. Lukai's teeth began to grow a yellow and then he tried to bite the serpent, but was held back by Rob. "R-rob what are you doing?"

The family began laughing, and at this point Lukai realized they were no humans, but robots. Rob threw the Shinx out the window,"Don't you come back here!" he shouted.

Lukai couldn't tell if Rob was helping him, or if he was angry at him. He didn't really care, as long as he was away from the serpent. He was very tired, and needed a place to rest. Lukai walked up the street. Soon he found a nice spot, not any bad smells, nothing seemed harmful. He laid down, the ground was hard and cold.<This spot feels horrible, yet so good because I am so tired..> Lukai yawned and then stretched himself out, his eyelids falling over his eyes, sleep becoming him.

The robots and other things in the city were scurrying about, racing around everywhere. The sound had woken Lukai a few times, then one robot even ran him over. So, Lukai moved to a higher up spot, to fall asleep.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 19th, 2008, 10:19 AM
Before Grem could find the Glaceon, everything around him suddenly froze in time, startling him a bit. Looks like it's time for the next level... As the forest around him disappeared, he felt his body beginning to change along with the environment. Closing his eyes, he willed his skin to become hard and metallic and for his height to shorten to an even 5'. While most of his organs remained natural, for the most part, others parts of him were replaced with mechanical components. The metal covering over his chest, stomach, and back were black and could open to reveal the things that he carried with him-it's replacing his cloak-, while the rest of him was a silver color.

When he opened his eyes, which now glowed red, he looked at his body with satisfaction. He had a humanoid shape, but there was no indication from his appearance that he was a cyborg, rather than a robot. His dagger was back and concealed within his right arm. If he lifted his right wrist, the blade would slide and poke out of a slot in his wrist, ready to be used. Also his bow was gone, but he could shoot arrows out of his left hand. Experimentally moving his arms and legs around, he was satisfied with how smoothly his mechanical joints moved. The bottom of his feet were even covered with a material like rubber to soften his footsteps.

No more wasting time. It's time to find that Glaceon! Even as he was thinking this, a familiar longing swept over him that he found impossible to resist. ....But it's time to have a bit of fun first. Wonder if she has a good sense of humor?... I know just what I want to do.... He extended his mind out until he found Gale's mind. There she is. I found her! Careful to not let any stray thoughts reach her, he used her thoughts to figure out where she was. He soon realized that she was near the group with the Latias, and they weren't very far away. Wonder which one I should try this time? he thought, as he popped his black chest covering open and reached his hand inside.

October 19th, 2008, 10:27 AM
(OOC: Secondary Character; Chaser Garitsute)

"What the? Why the damn did do that?", screamed Gari.

"Because we need to talk, before you kill someone in this level... bztkt!", said ROB, in a robotic voice. Gari was still mad, but he decided to listen to his words. "The problem is, your Chaser and Mechanical Aura levels are not high enough to consume this Shinx, bztkta! This Shinx has a power beyond recognition, and you need more experience to hunt this one."

"Are you saying I am too weak and not strong enough to hunt this one?!"

"No. I have been commanded by higher administration to make sure this one makes it to a later stage in the game. Nothing more I am to say. BZTKA!"

The strange robot blew up. It's remains then pulverized into nothing. Gari didn't know the meaning of this. But if it was true, he decided to find a runner up. Just in case. He still wanted to chase the Shinx, but wasn't sure about this robots truth.

When he looked outside, the Shinx was gone. What a poeii. Then he slithered away into the closest alley for a break. That pounce took up most of his energy.

October 20th, 2008, 1:33 PM
"My name...? It's..." the Absol stuttered, as though she couldn't remember her name. "Forgive me, it's been a very stressful day and I'm having trouble remembering a lot of things. This Game has a weird effect on us, doesn't it? Kitai, my name is Kitai."

Arin quirked an eye, but did not slow down as she floated forward. Since when did stress cause people to forget their name? A nagging suspicion blossomed in the back of her brain, but then she supposed that it was possible that the Game had fuddled with her memory. After all, she herself could not remember how she came to be in this Game. She highly doubted that they could have taken her and moved her here without either her or her brother, Jason, noticing, so either they tranquilized her (which she would have remembered, she reckoned) or they erased her memory of the event, somehow. Hey, if there were Pokemon moves that could mess with memory, why not human machines?

"The instructions... they said to move away from the tower. So let's get going... I'd say away from those fighter planes if we can. They must be loaded with ammo."

Isn't that what I just said? Arin thought. Kitai wasn't making much of a good first impression on her. Someone so foolish might just be a burden.

"I know, I know, I seem very trusting and not cautious enough. I've been thinking about that myself a lot. Because if I ever met up with another Player, I know everyone would expect me to be at least somewhat distrusting. But I feel so safe when I'm with other people... one person I wouldn't trust. But a group of you... you can't all be monsters, or the Game's servants in disguise, right?"

Kitai had a point, although it wasn't much of one. The larger the group, the smaller the chance that they were all Game elements. But they weren't a very large group. If that's the way you think, then I honestly feel sorry for you, Arin thought. She wouldn't last long in the Game, unless she was protected. And still there was that nagging suspicion in the back of her mind, somewhere between the fins on her head.

"Wouldn't going through the game in a group of too many affect us negatively rather than positively though?" Aya pointed out.

Arin gave a quick nod in reply. "I don't think we've reached that point yet, Aya," she said, "although we might be getting close." Glancing back, she saw that Aya had retreated to the back of the group. Apparently he had his own suspicions. Arin might need to talk to him later, in private.

They came to an intersection where the road split in perpendicular direction. Each way the road winded and turned, making it impossible to see very far down. "Which way should we go?" Arin queried the others.

October 21st, 2008, 12:07 PM
Damn that Ratiasu, Ninekun thought, or, as she would have to remember herself now, Kitai. If she continued thinking of her old name, she might accidentally blurt it out. She doesn't trust me, and I don't think the Absol does either. Feeling sorry for me...this is a big enough group that we wouldn't all be Chasers...

"I heard that Chasers never even work together unless circumstances call for it, I think it was a hint back there..." she said, knowing she probably sounded like an idiot but hoping they would buy it. "So we can't all be Chasers, even if there is only a small group."

That probably won't get rid of Arin's suspicions, but it should water them down a little, Kitai thought.

When they came to a crossroads, Kitai looked around at the four streets. She tried to remember which one led where, and from her flying excursions, where she floated silently along the buildings, she remembered which one led to death and which one didn't.

Did she want to kill her victims this early? Or victim, she should say, since she wasn't even sure where Kumori was. She might have to take Arin down when she disposed of Aya. After all, Arin was her least favorite, the way she was always questioning her. Had she gone through her own life like this, always asking questions? Always doubting everything? If so, Kitai would be the one feeling sorry for her, instead of the other way around. How did she ever get anything done?

The hate of Arin was fueling her killing attitude, and she thought that she might have to 'accidentally on purpose' get rid of her sooner than expected.

Kitai didn't want any more distrust to come between them, so that the time of killing was easier, so she sat back on her haunches and waited for someone else to make a decision. To further prove her innocence, she said, "I don't know where to go, and I'll probably choose the wrong way...it's always been my fate for bad things to happen to me. Like bad luck. Someone else can pick - I'll end up getting us all killed."

As she said it, she threw a sweet, trusting gaze, like a young, teenage girl just out on her first date, at Aya and Arin. If that didn't get them, she didn't know what would.

October 21st, 2008, 12:40 PM
"I don't know where to go, and I'll probably choose the wrong way...it's always been my fate for bad things to happen to me. Like bad luck. Someone else can pick - I'll end up getting us all killed." Kitai was saying.

Aya, being the paranoid being he had become ever since being thrown into his game, tried to ignore the Absol, Kitai's, look. He couldn't overthrow his suspicions, they were so overwhelming. Why me? How come I'm suddenly so...distrusting. I've already decided that I'll only trust Arin and Starlight, they're the ones I travel with...now I'm just going on and on. She seems very different from an Absol, being more...social and friendly, talking more, almost as if she's trying....to hard. But then again, I always think that. Though actually, currently I don't know what exactly I'm supposed to think, everything's so confusing. But I will not come to trust that Absol. I don't even know any others of my species, so how come I see one now? If there were duplicates, they'd likely be of a less rare pokemon.

He was thinking too much now, even though that was what he had always done best. Aya didn't know how he should think about the Absol. She had just told her Chaser's never worked together unless circumstances asked for it. That made sense, enough, but Players in this game were more likely to work together, meaning that the Chaser's prey would be grouped together. It would actually likely be easier to work together as a Chaser, and if they didn't know that, then they might not have been well programmed. Absol, as well, were supposed to be thoughtful, quiet, and intelligent, and yet this Absol did't even momentarily remember her whole name.

Getting too suspicious again, Aya, he scolded himself, and now she was telling them that bad luck has always been her fate. If so, why was she working with them, if she knew that she'd bring her bad luck with her? It would get her into more danger. Aya didn't know how this Absol's mind worked, but if he was right, most pokemon, if they were cursed by bad luck, tended to stay away from others, this one was going out of her way to be friends. Weird. Extremely weird. He thought, remaining stubbornly silent.

Jaydin Knight
October 21st, 2008, 5:20 PM
Amethyst sneezed – what was- what was that? The very world around her shattered into a thousand pieces, a million, a trillion – maybe more...She felt her cells tingling, and she focused...for this level...Attack and separate the group, enlist as many other chasers in her goal to scatter them. If it died, too bad, she wasn’t going to save him now. Well, unless some other chaser tried to kill her prey...Well, watch out, but if it got itself injured...Well, she could always pick another prey...

<CCD, search ‘marowak’, associative terms ‘skull’.> She paused and listened as the flat voice intoned in her mind.

The name "Marowak" is a portmanteau of marrow and whack (to strike), with "marrow" to represent Marowak's skull-like head, and "whack" to represent Marowak's nature of striking its opponent with bones. Marowak were generally weak creatures with a bit of experience when they just evolve. However, after they train hard and grow strong, they turn powerful. They began using thick bones (possibly a femur) as defense against foes and eventually evolved to be more aggressive. As a Cubone's instinct, Marowaks use the bones to club enemies, but have since learned to skillfully throw the bone like a boomerang. They can also use these bones to tap out messages to others in the vicinity.
It is rumored that "Marowak cemeteries" exist where Cubone collect the bones of deceased Marowak to be used as weapons. It is likely that these cemeteries are also where female Marowak give birth, considering the fact that female Marowak die soon after or during the birthing process. This is paradoxical, due to the fact that if you breed a female Marowak in the video game, the Marowak survives. This may signify that in the wild Pokémon possibly give live birth; whereas captured Pokémon lay eggs.
Cubone will wear the skull of its deceased mother as a memento of her. It is currently unknown where Cubone that you breed get the skulls. No person has seen Cubone without the bone. When Cubone evolves into a Marowak, the skull helmet will seemingly fuse onto its face, or it's face may conform to the skull's shape.

Well, she supposed she’d stick with the Marowak. She sighed, giving a huff. Okay, her form would be...But no, she was bored of stalking. Now, it was time to play...Forget her ‘divide and conquer’ plan, she was going in for the kill. Amethyst’s body shifted and formed – soon, a small, young Leafeon appeared, trembling and shaking with a matted, muddy underbelly and smears of blood ran across her shoulder blades, dripping down her back. A series of small, severe slashes, evidently made by a small, deadly creature’s claw, marked her left flank. She listened as Ninekun approached the group, posing as an Absol. A wave of fury ran through her, but she hid it. Swearing mentally, Amethyst cut her connection with Ninekun and darted away from the group. Let them find her.

drunk ¬_¬
October 21st, 2008, 8:12 PM
(Ooc: Sorry for the recent inactivity... college sign-ups :tired:. Also sorry for the shortness, I'll try to post a continuation tomorrow)

Level 3 cont.

<What the…?!> he thought as he opened up his eyes to see what he had hit, then after taking a quick inspection decided: <Damn, this aren’t pokemon… looks like I’ll have to protect myself!>

But after getting up, he noticed that the ‘things’ weren’t getting up either. <What in the…?> he thought. Walking up to them, he bent over touched the aluminum carcass of whatever these things were, and thought <Why is it not getting up?> as he kept poking it. <I wonder if it’s dead? … No time!> He thought as he used up much of his strength to get back up. <I need to figure out how to get out of here. And the safest way is… to reach the middle, and move from there!>

After coming to this conclusion he started to walk towards the largest-looking tower, which was right at the center. As he took his first steps, he felt his stomach grumble though. <Damn,the faster I get away from this place, the faster I can go eat>, or so he thought. But for now, he just walked towards the middle, putting his sight to the front, and not caring much about anything else besides his current goal “ORDER OF 50 CALIFORNIA BURRITOS !!!” was his war-cry, as he decided to 'Rollout' towards the tower.

October 22nd, 2008, 1:20 PM
(OOC: New character, Arin's Chaser, since Spirit Blaze was kicked out due to inactivity.)

Gemenis felt the ground rumble beneath him, as the volcano began to blow. Still he did not move. His hand, in the form of a green crystal blade, twitched inside the body of the Player, a Doduo, he had just slain, the crystal covered and slick with blood. He withdrew the hand from the corpse, and the blade retracted. He had to move to higher ground, or he would be destroyed in the death throes of the volcano.

He stood on both sides of the tree, then exchanged glances with himself. Gemenis was an ancient word for "double". Appropriate for him, for his form was a duality. Two bodies belonging to the same mind. Gemeni, the twins, only these twins were of the same mind and soul.

Both bodies, four legged black and red wolf-like creatures with long spider-like arms attached at the neck, arched forward. Gemenis sped through the forest. In little time he had reached a safe zone at the top of the valley, then looked back down. The thundering as the pyroclastic flows raced through the valley drowned out all other sound. He saw other Game elements, some chasers, some just pieces of the Game, as well as Players, running to get out. The first few levels of the Game were designed to wipe out as many Players as possible, to narrow down from the hundreds of Players chosen to participate. From hundreds to dozens to but a few, and then to none.

The Game had never gone past Level 9. It had only ever reached 9 once. Gemenis did not know how many levels the Game had, and the Game did not deem to tell him. Maybe the Game was endless. Unwinnable. Maybe it could be won. Gemenis did not know.

Crack. All motion within the level ceased. Gemenis felt his body, and its enviroment, reconstitute itself into another form. Gemenis simply faded away into the environment, not taking another form, due to having already eliminated his prey.

"You will select another prey," the Game said.

<What?> Gemenis asked in telepathy. <Why?>

"A Chaser was eliminated on Level 2. A Player now stands unchased. You will chase her."

A Chaser eliminated? Such things were unheard of anymore. <Who?>

"The Latias, Arin." An image appeared in Gemenis's mind of a Latias, along with an Absol and a Rapidash, wandering through Level 3.

Gemenis nodded, and felt his parts rearrange themselves into two featureless spheres, about three feet in diameter each, one blue, one red.

October 22nd, 2008, 2:17 PM
Gale decided it wasn't worth trying to follow the others. If there WAS someone who was out to kill her (it sounded paranoid, she believed, but there was no other explanation for the time being), it would be best to stick by herself. She didn't need any robots, any "pseudo-mon", anything whatsoever. Then, it hit her. I bet that tower holds a secret, Gale thought. But do I risk go there? She pondered the idea, and the pros and cons, and decided to wait a bit longer.

"In this city," she muttered under her breath. "It seems anything is possible... Especially that flute..." What was the meaning of the flute? Was it a good sign? Or perhaps a bad sign? Gale didn't know.

"Hello-helpless-little-creature-How-may-I-be-of-service-to-you?" Another robot, this time a non pseudo-mon one. Gale sighed.

"Excuse me, but I'm fine, thanks." She gazed at it and walked away.

"By-any-chance-do-you-know-of-a-robot-that-can-change-itself-into-almost-any-creature?" the robot asked, following her.

"As a matter of fact, I do." Gale pointed in the direction of the clock tower. "It ran off in that direction. It completely abandoned me." The robot nodded (or seemed to nod), and ran off, making a "clank-clank-clank" sound as it ran. Gale shook her head.

"Level four (if I ever make it) will hopefully be better than this..." she groaned.

October 22nd, 2008, 3:38 PM
((sorry for inactivity...ive been uber busy. also, sorry for the shortness too, had to catch up with something))

After awhile of waiting for Starlight to respond, Mark decided to head out on his own.

He explored the ruined city. Broke buildings and the smell of death lingered about.

"This level obviously isn't going to be too fun." Mark said, looking all around. "At least there isn't any volcanoes!" He crudley joked.

After a few minutes of exploring, Mark noticed a Leafeon; blody and matted. He ran to its side and kneeled down to its eye level.

"Are you okay?!" He asked to pokemon. He observed many greusome looking cuts and slashes, to which he slightly winced at. Mark was always a little on the squemish side.

He wondered to himself how the Leafeon could get so badly injured; he eventually decided it was do to this horrid game.

"Shame that were mere pawns in this devilish game, isn't it." Mark said sollemly.

Jaydin Knight
October 22nd, 2008, 4:05 PM
The Marowak wandered over to her trembling form and Amethyst tried to mentally put herself in the right...mindset. Here was a big, scary Marowak and she was a little Pokemon badly hurt.

"Are you okay?!" It - he, she reminded herself - exclaimed loudly, bending down to her eyelevel. She flinched and cowered under his gaze. Amethyst gave a tremoulous little nod, her large eyes abnormally wide with apparent fear. Of course, inside, she was gloating, but there was no way for any Player -least of all the Marowak - to tell - Amethyst was very good at setting herself a new personality and sticking to it. She gave a sniffle and backed away several steps when the Marowak spoke again.

"Shame that were mere pawns in this devilish game, isn't it." it - he - said solemnly. She made her head jerk up in 'hope'.

"Y-you muh-mean you're a puh-puh-player, tuh-t-too?" she stuttered, still visibly shaking. "Muh-muh-me, t-tuh-t-too!" Amethyst exclaimed. Her watery amethyst-colored eyes blinked. Their color was the only thing that marked her as, well, her in this level. Her eyes' color rarely ever changed. "I guh-guess yu-you did-didn't g-get huh-huh-hurt by the fuh-fuh-flesh ea-eat-t-ting mah-mah-mankeys, h-huh?" her speech was quick and she stumbled over her words, giving impression of a terrified youngster. Crocodile tears dripped down her cheeks.

"Th-the others...Thuh-they di-didn't muh-make it..." Amethyst sniffled loudly. "Ruh-rosalie...ah-ah-and Tuh-Tuh-Topaz...Guh-g-gone..." the latter was mumbled and heavy with emotion. "I-I'm Ah-a-amy. Amy. Huh-huh-who're yuh-y-you?" Amethyst flinched as though she expected to be hit and stared at her paws.

October 22nd, 2008, 4:13 PM
On the way *away* from the tower, Gale happened to notice a Marowak (perhaps the one that was with the Rapidash earlier) with what seemed to be a badly-injured Leafeon. Gale wondered. She kept her distance at first, then listened to what they had said.

"'Player, too?' So they're both players. That may or may not mean good fortune for me," Gale muttered. "For all I know, they could've predicted my coming and set up a plan to kill me. But they don't sound like robots whatsoever, so they COULD be players. Man, I think I could trust level 2 more than this area..." Gale sighed, and she heard the haunting tune play again. It seemed these two weren't affected (is this the right word?) by it like the robot that attacked her was much earlier, but still... Gale listened closely, and she could've sworn she began to hear words as the flute played.

[i]"Help me... You're my only hope..." Gale could make out only that much, but didn't know who it was calling to her. It could've been a trap, for all she knew. After all, there were many close calls for her...

October 22nd, 2008, 6:05 PM
(OOC: Primary Character, Chaser Ariougashukei)

By the way his prey seemed to act when he went away, he looked alone, and hungry. Ariougashukei then decided to come up with a plan. He quickly ate some garbage and went into the closest building. When he entered, he found himself suprised. The building was all lit with light and diamonds. Almost like modern Aristocracy. There was so much gem. It took him about 5 minutes to adapt his eyes. This is unusual... He thought. Aristocrats replaced riches with technology a long time ago. But this place had both. Hi-tech, but dormant robots of a beautiful Ruby color lied everywhere. There were of so much variety, he even found one that gives flu shots. After that, his eyes lit. Flu shots... those are HUMAN! He then knew what he was dealing with. Artificial Humans. Bots created by Bots created by Humans. These bots actually had trillions of Yetabytes of program of Soul, DNA, and Life. He suddenly blazed up in fear and ran outside as fast as possible.

I think I'll just continue stalking. As he saw the Snorlax roll away, he slowly stalked it, hiding from alley to alley...

Gumshoe Satyr
October 22nd, 2008, 7:24 PM
Good. She's alone. Grem thought as he followed Gale at a safe distance, hiding himself with illusions whenever cover wasn't sufficient. Concealed in his hand was a perfect replica of a stick of dynamite. In the other hand, he held a single match, ready to light the fuse at the most opportune time. Sighing, he realized that this was also the perfect time to attack her and eventually decided to combine both business and pleasure. "Time to make my first real step as a Chaser. My first kill..." he murmured somberly to himself, to silent to be overheard.

Ahead, he noticed a Marowak and a bloody Leafeon talking to one another. A Leafeon? I don't remember a Leafeon. He cautiously touched the mind of the Pokemon, quickly withdrawing when he realized that it was Amethyst because he didn't want to distract her. This is great! She can take care of the Marowak while I handle the Glaceon. Even if she doesn't, I think I can fool two Pokemon. A cunning plan formed in his head, and he smiled at what fun it would be, despite the possible bloodshed. I might make Amethyst a little nervous at first, but it was necessary to mask her real identity, while allowing him to escape retaliation from the Marowak and possibly the Glaceon if he failed.

Connecting his mind with Amethyst again, he quickly warned her <You can use this opportunity to attack if you want, but if you don't, don't move. This could convince the Marowak even more that you're a Player, not a Chaser.> He sent her a brief picture of his plan, including what could happen with either decision. Cutting off his connection, he decided to set his plan in motion. He settled himself between two closely parked cars several feet from the Glaceon, cloaking himself.

Lighting the fuse on the dummy stick of dynamite, he muffled the sizzling sound with his metal hands until the moment was right. Then he threw the stick directly in front of the Glacon, watching gleefully for her reaction. Because he had waited before he threw it, there was only a few seconds before it gave off a tiny explosion, throwing confetti and a letter into the air. The letter was only there in case the Pokemon survived the second stage of his plan and read:

To: Gale the Glaceon


Your Chaser,
Grem (Short for Gremlin)

Taking advantage of the distraction provided by his fake explosive, he uncloaked himself and shot an arrow straight at Gale's chest. At the same time, he created illusions of two more arrows and aimed them at the Marowak and the disguised Amethyst, only bothering to make them appear solid not feel solid, so they would pass right through them. Cloaking himself again, he ran toward a nearby building, only turning around to see the results of his plan after he'd reached it.

OOC: Just thought that I'd let you know that Grem can't attack and cloak himself at the same time, so that's why he uncloaked himself before firing.

October 23rd, 2008, 2:27 PM
Gale felt the arrow hit her from behind, and turned around. Nothing. She noticed an arrow hit the Marowak, too. She pulled it out, and at once a stream of blood came down, turning her bluish-indigo fur to a more purplish color. She moaned, and then noticed the letter.

"Grem, huh? Well, there are Chasers too... Could that one creature that helped me out in level 2 be one of them? But I'm assuming they can't be the one who shot the arrow at me. They probably would've killed me earlier when they had that chance. So it must be someone else..." She tactically wittled down the choices, even though it didn't help much. With the blood gushing out, she staggered inside the nearest building, to try and escape anymore harm.

By chance, there was a tree right by the entrance. With her mouth, Gale plucked one of the leaves and placed it on her wound, hoping it would help. She went further into the building, making sure she didn't go upstairs. She headed into the far back of the alien center, and noticed a lot of beds in the room on the left. She went inside, and laid on the bed. She saw a radio next to her, and turned it on.

"This is 666 of the Labyrinth. Next up is the famous song 'You Complete Me' sung by none other than 'My Mechanical Romance'!" a computerized voice exclaimed. Wow... Gale thought with an annoyed look. She heard the song begin to play.

As it played, Gale mapped out in her head what to do next. After all, now that she was being stalked, she really needed to change her form of movement, just in case. She didn't want to lose, not yet, not at all. She had a goal, although she didn't know what it was yet, but she was determined to win, no matter what.

October 24th, 2008, 12:20 PM
"I don't know where to go, and I'll probably choose the wrong way...it's always been my fate for bad things to happen to me. Like bad luck. Someone else can pick - I'll end up getting us all killed." Kitai replied. Aya and the other didn't reply either. Well, it wasn't like they would know any better than Arin did. She felt another wave of pity for Kitai, although it was still tempered by that nagging suspicion.

"Well, eenie meeni meine moe?" Arin asked no one in particular, and chose a path at random. It was the middle way, going straight on. She floated down the road, glancing at the cars and the empty windows of the buildings. Nothing could be seen of the insides of the buildings, the "walls" of the labyrinth, but the insides of the cars seemed perfectly ordinary. She checked her reflection in one of the windows; Several feathers were out of place and she was generally looking kinda ragged. She passed one paw over her body, smoothing out a few of them, then continued floating down the street.
Target identified. Gemenis had found the Latias. It was wandering at the head of a pack, with one Absol and a Rapidash. The third member was a Chaser, who Gemenis identified as Ninekun, disguised as an Absol. Gemenis would never disguise himself as a Pokemon. While it may give the advantage of deception, it'd put him on an even playing field with the Players.

<Ninekun>, he transmitted, <You had best get out of the way.>
Arin watched as two large orbs, one red, one blue, darted out from an alleyway. She stopped and stared at first, but quickly readied up in a battle stance. This was the first action she had seen since entering the level.

The two orbs began to rotate, spinning together in a circle. As the speed accelerated, all that could be seen was a purple circle in the air, as the orbs became nothing more than blurs. The circle began to shrink; the orbs were drawing closer together.

Then, instantaneously, the orbs stopped moving when they finally made contact with each other. Red beams arced through the air, curving towards her. Arin's eyes widened in shock, but she quickly recovered and dodged to the side. Six beams there were, and she dodged and weaved through them. Where they impacted, large flame-filled explosions blossomed into existence. If she got hit by one of those, then she doubted she'd be staying up in the air for long.

The orbs separated again, and started discharging electricity into each other, forming a net of lightning, and they charged down the street at her, the lightning ripping at the street and at nearby cars, including a large 18-wheeler. Arin flew up over them, curving her body to narrowly avoid a blast of lightning, careful to stay below rooftop level, and cruised down the street level. The orbs reoriented and began another run. But instead of readying herself again, Arin only stared at what was behind them.

The semi truck that had been just been hit by lightning was transforming, rising up into the air, becoming a towering multi-story giant robot. One fist slammed down, smashing one of the orbs into the street, causing a crater and water to spurt up from the crater through a broken pipe. While the other orb skittered about, the robot took a step forward, causing more cracks to form in the asphalt. Its red eyes glared at Arin, then it looked around at the other players.

"RUN!" Arin screamed, then flew off in the opposite direction.

October 24th, 2008, 1:05 PM
(OOC:Here is my new chaser character)

Cornelius was finally picked to go out,chasers were dropping everywhere. He does not really known any other chasers, so the job is tough. He was floating around in what was like virtual space. He searched his memory for what he had been doing. <Well, I was training.. those virtual players die to easily.. I am finally gonna get a real challenge..>

Soon the 'voice' of the game boomed. "Your target will be the Shinx, Lukai,do not under estimate him." The voice crackled out.

The next thing that Cornelius noticed was the area around him rapidly change. The vast open area just became filled with buildings and streets and other man made objects. He still had no form and was waiting. Then literally billions upon billions of tiny '101010101010..." codes came out of a rift. The code strings began to merge, they began to form Cornelius they began to form something. They began to form something no bigger than a squirrel. Finally the chaser's feet hit the ground. The unexpected fall caused Cornelius to fall to the ground, his legs and arms out stretched.

"What the heck am I gonna do in this form.." Cornelius asked himself, and then he noticed. He noticed a Mankey, he quickly approached him. "Why, hello there.." he said. The mankey flung his arm back, hitting Cornelius, who just went all mushy and the attack just hit the ground. "Woah, this thing is cool" He crawled up closer to Kai. He crawled up its leg, then onto it's arm. It is as if he has been doing this for years. He crawled slowly into the Mankey's ear, wrapping itself around it's brain. "This thing is tineh" he said, then heard the Mankey say it. "A-am I now in control" he wondered. Then Cornelius thought of himself moving the Mankey's arms up and down, then the arms responded and moved up and then down. "This is wicked!" he yelled, although no sound came from him, but from the Mankey. Guess, I am gaining more control.. he thought. <Um.. If any chasers can hear this.. I am a new hear, and my target is a Shinx, if you have seen one please tell me, uh> he began to stammer,<thanks oh.. and I am Cornelius or you guys can call me Neil..I''ll just be quiet now..>
Lukai woke with a jolt, the sound of mechanics were every where. Robots where screeching, jets zooming. Somewhere he could make out something else, something that sounded pokemon he had heard the words Run come from some where in the distance, but in a direction towards him. "Run? It could be another volcano.. or something like it.." he said quietly to himself. The Shinx began to take off at lightning speed, then he stopped. He just stopped. "Wait, where the heck am I going.. wouldn't it be wiser to get others..." he asked himself. Then he turned around in the direction he heard the run from. Something walked infront of him. It was a Mankey. "Oh, thank god another player" he exclaimed loudly. He quickly paced over to the Mankey. "Hey, I am Lukai who are you?"

Gumshoe Satyr
October 24th, 2008, 6:25 PM
Peeking out, Grem saw the Glaceon pull the arrow out of her back and stagger into a nearby building, berating himself for not killing her instantly. He decided to touch her mind to see what she was feeling and how badly she was hurt. Since he knew about where she was, it took only seconds for the connection to be made. At first, he sensed only pain, which made him recoil and withdraw a bit, but he grew used to it. Strangely, he also felt a strong sense of determination from Gale, which made him feel a mixture of respect and slight pity for her and disgust of what he still had to do. With a jolt, he realized that he'd failed to shield his feeling and thoughts from her and quickly put up a mental wall around them.

In the moments afterward, Grem decided that he would try talking to his prey like other Chasers he'd seen. Sighing mentally, he sent a telepathic message to her, <It's really no use, you know. I think it's admirable that you want to keep fighting, but you're no different than all the others who have tried and failed to beat the Game. Not even Chasers know how many levels there are, so you should just make it easier on yourself and die now. It's only going to get worse the more levels you complete. I'm not sure there's even an end.....> His heart sank at this because for him it had a second meaning. He'd always be a Chaser and kill Players like Gale, the Latias, the Absol, and the others forever.

Figuring that he'd better hurry up and finish this and continue his mission, he added, <Anyway, the point is I don't like this much better than you, so I'd prefer to finish this as fast and painlessly as possible. I'd rather not do this at all, but I've realized that I can't deny what I have been created to do. Prepare yourself.....> He kept their minds connected in case she wanted to respond and hummed the melody that he'd played in the earlier level, not realizing that it was faintly drifting into Gale's mind. For now, he settled himself down to figure out his next move.

October 25th, 2008, 5:10 AM
Kitai watched as the Latias told them they should go down the middle path. She didn't remember exactly what was down there but she followed along like an obedient little Absol. It irked her to have to play this game, but she'd win it soon enough, she thought.

Arin checked her reflection in the mirror. Kitai laughed to herself. What a girl. Not like Kitai wasn't one, but Arin was such a girly-girl.

<Ninekun, you had best get out of the way,> a Chaser's voice said through the transmitter. Kitai checked her Chaser radar and saw Gemenis, Arin's Chaser, had been the sender.

<You don't tell me what to do, weakling,> she said back, feeling her rage coming up. None of the others could hear her silent transmission conversation, so she was safe. <How many have you killed? Huh? I bet the number is far less than mine.>

Then lights came out from an alley and started sending lightning and fire all over. Kitai knew these were dangerous weapons, and if she got killed...she didn't want to think what would happen.

<DAMN YOU, GEMENIS!> she screamed, knowing her plan was foiled, and ran in the other direction. But it wouldn't work, she thought, now there was something else much more powerful coming after them, and it wouldn't know she wasn't a Chaser. She'd have to kill Gemenis someday.

Why does he think he can do whatever he wants?! she asked inside her head, her thoughts raging, her anger bubbling over. How long has he been at the game, hmm? Not longer than I have. I think I know what I'm doing!

In spite of the way the other Players were watching, she transformed back into her Original Form, the human girl with the Shedinja wings, and laughed insanely, trying to pull it off as if she and Gemenis had been working together. She wouldn't let him get the best of her.

"I tricked you!" she cackled. "I tricked you all! Some of you had your suspiscions, but then it was all 'Oh, I feel sorry for the poor Absol! Let's take her in and make her one of our own, maybe she's really lost!' But, of course, it was me, and you are all going to die. Especially, you, Latias. You have gotten on my last nerve, and I don't care if you already have a Chaser because I will kill you myself."

A black ball of energy formed in her hands, and she shot it at the Latias, imprisoning her in a shadow bond. She was struggling to get out of it, but the dark energy worked especially well on Psychic types like Arin.

Ninekun dove at Arin, screaming, letting all the rage come out of her in that one sound.

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Obviously, Arin's not going to die yet, so hopefully you can think of a way to get her out. And I know she's not Arin's Chaser, but she's mad >-<;;;;

So she's attacking her anyway. Later she'll probably attack Gemenis, cuz she ain't happy. XD

October 25th, 2008, 5:17 AM
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Jaydin Knight
October 25th, 2008, 7:24 AM
Amethyst felt her mind being touched, and was about to attack in kind when she realized it was Gremlin. <You can use this opportunity to attack if you want, but if you don't, don't move. This could convince the Marowak even more that you're a Player, not a Chaser.> he murmured. Amethyst smiled mentally. So he was going to take the offensive, huh?

She watched as the 'explosion' surrounded the Glaceon for a moment, and Amethyst was disappointed. But then the arrows shot forward and Amethyst's heart raced with excitement. She yanked the Marowak out of the way just in time, narrowing avoiding the arrow meant for her and collasped, panting harshly. "I-I guh-guess I got buh-b-better ih-ih-inst-instincts thuh-than I thuh-thought..." she choked out.

October 25th, 2008, 8:58 AM
The balls of energy moved closer, and Aya felt a slight fear creep over him, making him more alert than ever. He threw a glance at the Absol, and was shocked to see that it wasn't....quite an Absol.
"I tricked you!"she cackled. "I tricked you all! Some of you had your suspiscions, but then it was all 'Oh, I feel sorry for the poor Absol! Let's take her in and make her one of our own, maybe she's really lost!' But, of course, it was me, and you are all going to die. Especially, you, Latias. You have gotten on my last nerve, and I don't care if you already have a Chaser because I will kill you myself."

Without warning, she shot a mass of dark energy to imprison Arin, and immediately, Aya felt rage overtake him. Arin was the one Pokemon he actually trusted in this game, and she didn't deserve to die, besides.

Almost involuntarily, a blue-white ball of light began to form between his jaws, and as he launched the attack they split into multiple jagged beams of ice cold...air or something. Ice beam. If it hit the Absol that wasn't, then it would freeze her solid, for a period of time long enough, hopefully, to allow them to get Arin out and escape. If it missed, or if the attack didn't buy them enough time, well, then, they would just have to find another way, right? At least they could possibly free Arin.

October 25th, 2008, 9:20 AM
Ninekun saw the Ice Beam fired at her too late. She cursed before it touched her and instantly froze her, long tendrils of ice connecting her and the ground. She couldn't move, she looked just like an ice statue, the sun glinting off of the ice that encased her. Dammit, she thought, Gemenis, this is all your fault!

She felt her dark energy breaking free from Arin, and the Latias was suddenly free to be able to run from that robot thing. She had been so close, and then that idiot. Her anger at him was uncontrollable, and she was ready to rip Gemenis's head from his body.

"I will get you, Gemenis. And I will make sure you die." The silent transmission went to the other Chaser, even as Ninekun was frozen, and she hoped he would hear it and be scared.

Like everyone else in her life.

October 25th, 2008, 10:13 AM
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October 27th, 2008, 1:19 PM
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<You don't tell me what to do, weakling,> Ninekun shot back. Gemenis was slightly surprised at the outburst. Then he looked up Ninekun and found she was prone to such instabilities. <How many have you killed? Huh? I bet the number is far less than mine.>

Ignoring the fellow Chaser's question, Gemenis commenced his attack on the Latias, first firing off a stream of beam shots that exploded violently against anything they touched. One thing of note was that while the street itself would crack and break, the buildings that surrounded them would not. That was part of the Level; it would defeat the point of the Labryinth if the walls could be bypassed. When his inital attack missed, he followed up with a series of electrical strikes, lightning flashing between the two metallic orbs that was his body.


The mental alarm blared but it was too late. One of the transforming vehicles smashed half of Gemenis into the ground. While Gemenis skittered about, the robot went after his prey. He quickly dug himself out of the street and promptly retreated. Chasers didn't have to kill their prey, as long as they died, it didn't matter who killed them. He heard Ninekun curse at him and threaten to kill him. Danger, woman, he thought to himself. Rogue Chasers are dealt with very harshly by the Game...
"I tricked you!" Kitai rosed up into the air and cackled, "I tricked you all! Some of you had your suspiscions, but then it was all 'Oh, I feel sorry for the poor Absol! Let's take her in and make her one of our own, maybe she's really lost!' But, of course, it was me, and you are all going to die. Especially, you, Latias. You have gotten on my last nerve, and I don't care if you already have a Chaser because I will kill you myself."

What??? Arin mentally gasped, as a big black ball of energy suddenly surrounded her. She banged on the sides with her head, to no avail.

Then suddenly, she was free. Glancing around in surprise, she saw that Aya had frozen the monster with an Ice Beam. Thank you, she thought fiercly.

The giant robot had been approaching her, and she rose up in the air. Its eyes glowed red, and a beam of energy shot out from the eyes into the air like a beacon into the sky. Arin dodged easily; the robot hadn't been very good at aiming, then headed over to Aya and the Rapidash.

The robot, apparantly done with its rampage, promptly transformed back into a truck. Arin glanced at it, then back at the other Pokemon. "Cmon, let's go," she said, then drifted down the street, throwing one last look to the monster that had been Kitai.

October 27th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Peeking out, Grem saw the Glaceon pull the arrow out of her back and stagger into a nearby building, berating himself for not killing her instantly. He decided to touch her mind to see what she was feeling and how badly she was hurt. Since he knew about where she was, it took only seconds for the connection to be made. At first, he sensed only pain, which made him recoil and withdraw a bit, but he grew used to it. Strangely, he also felt a strong sense of determination from Gale, which made him feel a mixture of respect and slight pity for her and disgust of what he still had to do. With a jolt, he realized that he'd failed to shield his feeling and thoughts from her and quickly put up a mental wall around them.

In the moments afterward, Grem decided that he would try talking to his prey like other Chasers he'd seen. Sighing mentally, he sent a telepathic message to her, <It's really no use, you know. I think it's admirable that you want to keep fighting, but you're no different than all the others who have tried and failed to beat the Game. Not even Chasers know how many levels there are, so you should just make it easier on yourself and die now. It's only going to get worse the more levels you complete. I'm not sure there's even an end.....> His heart sank at this because for him it had a second meaning. He'd always be a Chaser and kill Players like Gale, the Latias, the Absol, and the others forever.

Figuring that he'd better hurry up and finish this and continue his mission, he added, <Anyway, the point is I don't like this much better than you, so I'd prefer to finish this as fast and painlessly as possible. I'd rather not do this at all, but I've realized that I can't deny what I have been created to do. Prepare yourself.....> He kept their minds connected in case she wanted to respond and hummed the melody that he'd played in the earlier level, not realizing that it was faintly drifting into Gale's mind. For now, he settled himself down to figure out his next move.
(Just quoting it so I can look at it as I post...)


"So, the one who attacked me is a Chaser, huh..." Gale muttered. She remembered the creature who had helped her, and knew this was a different voice than before. Actually, it sounded a bit like...that werewolf she had run into in the second level. But Gale wasn't exactly sure about that. She then noted the rest of his message, and thought about what he said carefully.

"I'm sorry," she said out loud, "I don't know if you can hear me or not, but I'm assuming you can since you tracked me down mentally. But... I'm not ready to die yet. I have a goal, you know. And even if it takes a THOUSAND levels just to reach it, it's a risk I'm willing to take. I will not die here and now, and no matter what you try to kill me on this level, I will always strike back. I'm not about to give up yet..." She sighed, very sure of this statement she made. Nothing was going to kill her, even if she had to face off against a million robots...

Leaving the building stealthily (but knowing the Chaser could probably track her down mentally), Gale headed towards the local restaurant. Fortunately, it was "free day" (though she assumed it would always be like this, perhaps) and headed inside.

"HELLOHOWMAYIHELPYOU?" a seemingly drunk robot (could that even be possible?) said to her in its mechanized voice.

"Um... I'd like a Vanilla Coke and a chicken sandwich, please," Gale responded.

"YESSIRITSCOMINGRIGHTUP." The robot stumbled into the back, and within a few seconds, a different robot came out.

"Hello-I-am-like-so-sorry-That-robot-likes-to-drink-a-lot-of-gasoline-which-has-a-bad-effect-on-him." This robot had a more feminine voice, which made Gale assume it was a she. She calmly took the food from the shebot, and headed out. Now where to go... she wondered, silently taking a bite out of her somehow delicious sandwich.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 27th, 2008, 7:00 PM
Mentally sighing again at her response, Grem muttered, <I wish I had your level of optimism and determination. Anyway, it can't be helped..... We were created to be on separate sides.>

Realizing that he was being entirely too soft to his prey, he added, trying to sound cold, <I gave you your chance for a quick death, and you obviously refuse it. I'm coming for you, and you won't see me coming. That's a promise. It may not be this level or ten levels from now, but I will finish my mission.> After he determined which direction she was traveling in, he withdrew his mind, considering how the conversation had went. This was truly the first time he'd ever spoken to a Player. I was way too soft. She probably thinks I'm some pushover that she'll be able to easily get rid of. I'll have to prove her wrong. This is when the hunt really begins.....

Continuing to follow Gale, he soon came upon a small, local restaurant, and by lightly touching her mind, he confirmed that she was inside. Ok..... I shoot her with an arrow, and she stops to get a bite to eat. I don't exactly put fear in the hearts of my prey, do I....... What should I do now? Knowing that he needed to rest his illusion powers for a while, Grem tried to think of a way to cleverly attacking the Glaceon.

Nearby, he saw a robot holding a sign that advertised the restaurant his prey had gone into. "Good-day,-sir," the robot began. "If-you-like-good-drink-of-oil-or-maybe-hamburgers-are-more-to-your-liking,-you've-come-to-the-right-place. Try-our-soup-of-the-day. It's-out-of-this-world!"

"Inferior piece of machinery," Grem muttered under his breath, trying to ignore the advertising robot. Suddenly, it hit him that the answer to his problem was just a few feet away. Let's just see what I can do with it for now. As he quickly disconnected a wire that would shut the robot down he whispered, "I know something you can help me with..... You just need a little bit of reprogramming first." He quickly carried the small robot off to a dark alley where he could work in peace.

November 3rd, 2008, 7:05 PM
Aya felt fear grip his insides for the first time since entering this stupid, crazy….insane game. True, almost paralyzing fear. It was scary, he thought to himself, this whole game is twisted, like the purpose of the game is to die, since everything here is pretty much to make sure we don’t survive this. To make sure we’re all dead in the end.

Some of the fear faded away, to be replaced partially by the intense, burning indignant anger that rose in him. It wasn’t fair how this game was structured, the chances of surviving the whole game were nearly nonexistent, or so it seemed, all the odds seemed to be against them, what was the point?

But yeah, maybe he should follow Arin, since no one knew what they were doing, including himself, maybe himself even more so than the others. Completely clueless were the right words for it, but now what was he doing? Thinking of which words to use, instead of getting away like a good, sensible Absol. He ran to catch up to Arin, stealing one last glance at the truck-thing, mechanical, metallic, whatever. This wasn't the greatest time to think, it could be injurous to his health, and to his survival, perhaps.

Let's just...all...get...out...of...here....He thought, might as well maximize their chances of survival, small as they were already. Just one question, and problem, remained, and it was an essential one, how?

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