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Twilight Wolf
October 3rd, 2008, 8:00 PM

A dark void of nothingness, stars, and planets. We think there is nohting out there; no life or flesh, or a single beating heart. How do we know exactly? What is something was out there, but we didn't know about it? This is still unknown even to us. But there is life in the dark void of space.

September 19, 2024

A figure appeared in space near the shuttle today. It seemed magestical and full of grace, power, and majesty. It had wings, and sped right by us like we weren't there. When we slow the tape that was recorded, we only got a blurred image. We should be due to enter the Earth's atmosphere within the next few months at the least.

Star Sighter

September 20, 2024

I have a feeling that something bad will happen. Something that may endanger Earth. A force so powerful, that it may destroy us all. As I peer out the window, I see the same speedy figure, except this time, the thing is as black as tar. It's at the window. It's opening it's mouth. I think it's a--

The journal entry ended there. Whatever destroyed the shuttle never laid a hand on the journal, which floted about until it smacked into another shuttle years later. It was picked up and read. Everyone was suddenly afraid of space. Not another shuttle entered it. The theory that there was life in space was proven to be true, for it was the only possible explaination of the shuttle being completely and totally demolished.
The year after the last shuttle had taken off, a black figure landed in Area 51. It was described as some sort of flying reptile with wings and scales. It was a dragon. It took off and flew to who knows where. Afteer that, many more dragons came, some blue, some black, some green, red, and many other colors arrived and weren't seen.
But then came the end of a great city. A horde of dragons wrecked havoc in Ney York City, demolshing it to nothing but burnt rubble. As the dragons exited the ruins, another large group came and began to battle the ones who had demolished the city. These dragons were enemies, and a war began to rage between them.
The humans dared not interfere, for they were afraid of being disintigrated. More and more dragons kept coming. Soon, the human race was completely wiped out by the dragons who came and joined the ones who had left New York City to be devoured by Mother Nature. These dragons of destruction called themselves 'Death Walkers'. The ones who warred wih them named themelves 'Star Flights'. Ther war went on for centuries, and still goes on even today.

Your Role

You are one of the dragons warring with each other, either with the Death Walkers or Star Flights. You war for revenge, for each of the dragons destroyed each others planets.

(Ze' all mighty)RULES

1. All PC rules apply (shoulda read them already)
2. Bunnying is not tolerated in ANY of my RP's unless I have it titled 'Bunnying RP', and I never will do that so don't wait for it.
3. Good grammar has to be used, and talking lyke dis iz n0t t0L3rat3ed. Ok?
4. This is a LITERATE RP, which means at least a lengthy paragraph or two.

SU Sheet

Age: (any age, just nothing too ridiculous like 900 years old)
Appearence: (we need descriptions too, doods, picture or not)



Saphira // Female // Queen of Star Flights // White Wolf of the Snow


*?? means only reserved with no information.

October 4th, 2008, 12:31 AM
Can these Dragons breath fire?

Name: Gherridarigaaz, Gaaz for short.
Gender: Male.
Age: 65.
Appearence: Big and red. Has a large scar on his back from a battle to the death with four enemy Dragons. He won of corse. Also lost one of his eyes in that same battle.
Personality: Hes fun to be around when hes not in one of his moods. All snide remarks and acid tounge. Other than that he has a could care less attuide. Also when in battle, he blacks out and goes crazy, killing all untill he wakes up. He waks up kinda quick though.
History: Lonely. Has never really any true friends, and family got killed by enemy Dragons early in his life. That was when he decided to fight till all foes were dead.
Alliance: Death Walker.
Other: Had a large spike fused to his tail. Long and painful prosece.

Twilight Wolf
October 4th, 2008, 5:57 AM
Add more to Appearence, personality, and histury. Have to know more.

October 4th, 2008, 8:35 AM
Name: Furiiza
Gender: Female
Age: 99
Appearence: Furiiza is a light blue dragon, with large scales that are shaped like a snake's. They cover her tail, legs, parts of her feet, head (except for her eyes) and parts of her wings. She has only two long legs, and can't run very fast. Her feet are large, and have huge, sharp claws made of bone that can cut through steel. Furiiza's tail is long, and ends in two shark-like fins, to help her fly. Her tail has a ridge along the top that is made of small spikes.
Furiiza's wings are large and bat-like, with three fingers and large stretches of skin between each finger. Each finger has a claw on the end, very much like the claws of Furiiza's feet. Her wings allow flight for very many days at a time; they are light but muscular. Furiiza has a short, thick neck that holds a large head. Furiiza's eyes are shrewd and lizard-like, colored a light green. Her nose is long, and she is armed with many long fangs that tear through prey such as seals and polar bears.
Personality: Furiiza flies quickly, and prefers moving in the air than on the ground because she's faster in the air. She is hasty and impatient, always wanting to attack first without waiting for her opponent's move. She prefers strength over strategy, which can be a weakness against tougher opponents. It's hard to defeat her if you're someone who needs time to attack, since she's almost constantly aiming with her claws or icy breath. She can freeze an entire lake with her breath, but it's harder to freeze warm-blooded, living things. Furiiza cares more about allies than herself, and doesn't care in the slightest if she is killed in battle. She is loyal to her side, and never betrays them, no matter what. She only defends if she has to block an attack that's directed towards another ally; otherwise, she spends all her time attacking the opponent and lowering their numbers, one by one. She doesn't think the weather outside is cold until it is negative seventy degrees Fahrenheit.
History: Furiiza was born on a distant planet that is far away from any star, thus is very cold. After an asteroid bashed into her planet, she was forced to leave home and travel to another planet. She traveled space for days until she found a cold planet that was in the same solar system as Earth. After eighty years of living there, that planet was explored, then destroyed. Furiiza was forced to fly to earth, stopping by Pluto on the way for a few weeks. There, she met other dragons, who formed a small alliance with her. They chatted about the goings-on of Earth, what the climate was like, and many other things. This made Furiiza even more fascinated about the watery, cloudy planet, and she traveled with the group towards the planet, not stopping on their journey since there were no suitable planets to land on. When they reached Earth, Furiiza fainted out of exhaustion, but two of them caught her and let her rest on land. They all died defending her from humans when she was still knocked out, and when she woke up puzzled, she vowed to defeat all remaining creatures on Earth or die doing so.
Alliance: Dragons
Other: None.

drunk ¬_¬
October 7th, 2008, 9:56 PM
Name: Huitlacoche (aka Chiws)

Gender: Male

Age: 21 yrs old

Appearance: Chiws is a dark purple dragon, with small fangs, a large tail, and medium-sized wings. He has dark eyes, a horizontal scar under his right eyebrow, and the inside of his wings are emerald. He is smaller-than-average, but his lower-body strength makes up for his shortcomings in size ;)
He also has sharp long claws that he uses to slit open the throats of his adversaries and other certain-kill techniques

Personality: He's usually a goof, and everyone can see his inexperience in war outside of the battlefield, but he completely transforms when fighting, and is well respected even among his elders, not only for fighting and tactics, but also for being so well mannered when need arises.
He is expected to become an important general of the Death Walkers with just a little more time.

History: One day, a retarded (not literally) 15 year old dragon found himself lonely due to the absence of his friends, and bored. Therefore, he joined the army xD In the army, most people rejected him due to his age, and he wasn't actually allowed to go to battle until three years after joining when due to low numbers in their ranks, the Death Walkers thought they would surely lose an important base in Mercury against the Star Flights, and a tactic thought of by Chiws, allowed the Death Walkers to make anough time for backup to arrive, and slaughter the small force which had attacked them. That day Chiws won his first medal of battle... his prized scar on his eyebrow, and proof of his worth.

Alliance: Death Walkers

Other: Chiws enjoys watching TV

October 11th, 2008, 5:39 AM
Name: Sormilla

Gender: Female

Age: 36

Appearance: Sormilla is a dark blue dragon, with claws razor sharp extending from her paws. Her eyes are a deep maroon, and her wings are of a great height up to 10 feet. Her wings are flapped up against the back of her chest, and she can unfurl them at anytime she wants. She is a medium sized dragon, and has a small scar against her small tail. The insides of her wings are a color matching the one of peridot, green and gold. Her ears are a little bit droopy, yet alert. Her figure is slim, but is very accurate at the same time.

Personality: Sormilla is always alert, and can be snappy at times. She tries not to, but she can be a little bossy when you get on her bad side. All Sormilla really wants is to take care of the clan, but it's hard for her to do. She is alert, and very protective though. In a fight she can be very accurate on targets, but she will occasionally have a bad fight. She is trying to be a mother who will protect the Star Flights, but she can overdo it very much so at times...

History: Sormilla was born on a distant planet, and found herself with no family. She had no idea she was supposed to ever have a family, so she went off on her own. When her planet was attacked, she was old enough to defend herself, but not old enough to fight particularly. She flew down into the reaches of space, and found the planet earth. She landed there, and found New York City to become her new home. She then finds her pack from back home, and when she became strong enough, joined the fight. She is always up for a good fight, and will mostly come up on the winning side, although if she loses, she puts to much pressure on herself. She hopes to one day lead the clan, and get her final revenge on the clan that took everything she could have ever had, and what she would have ever wanted. Having said that, Sormilla still has a long way to go before she is strong enough to defeat them once and for all...

Alliance: Star Flights

Other: In her spare time, Sormilla will practice her fighting.

November 4th, 2008, 1:17 PM
Name: Raienzo [Rai for short]

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Black with bright green eyes. Sharp claws on all four feet, and sharp teeth spread across her mouth. She is smaller than most Dragons, her scales shine green in certain lights. Spikes run down the chin and neck, making her neck less vulnerable. A scar runs down the left eye from previous battles. Large wings are on her back, enabling flight. Under her wings, it is jet black. She flies quickly, but is not the fastest around, but her white flames are of the hottest around. Her ears are small, but she can hear amazingly, she can also smell and see things amazingly well. She is a powerful Dragon. A force not to be reckoned with.

Personality: Gets angry very fast, and doesn't respect other Dragons. She only works for her goals, but is laid back at the same time. She doesn't enjoy company, and spends most her time training. She refuses to accept a loss. She is smart and stealthy. Her lack of care usually means she gets herself into trouble, whether it be with her alliance, or with her enemy. She is kind when she needs to be, but that is rarely. She enjoys watching Dragons squirm, she has a sick sense of humor. She doesn't hate everyone, but she doesn't like anyone either. She just accepts that her alliance are here to do what she is doing. She is an important part of her alliance, as she is a good distraction. She is crafty but will listen when she needs to. She doesn't like to be pushed around. She is also, because of her past, can be sadistic and insane, usually whilst battling.

History: She lived a fairly good life, but she chose to run away from her family, who work for Star Flights. She never had friends on the account that she didn't want any. The battle scar running down her left eye is the reason she hates Star Flights so much. They attacked her when she was little, thinking she was an enemy, they begged for her to forgive them, as her parents were important to Star Flights. She chose not to, believing they meant to attack her. Her parents forced her to join Star Flights, which, as she hated them so much, drove her to the point of insanity. Now she is mostly sane, but with glimpses of her old, sadistic self. Especially when she is fighting.

Alliance: Death Walkers

Other: She can swim. She spends most of her time training, she strives to destroy Star Flights.