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oni flygon
August 20th, 2004, 9:49 PM
Okay, just point out some stuff that you do when you're obsessed with something or someone.

Here's an example:

You know when you're obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist when:

*You draw transmution circles all around your binder.
*You occasionally snap your fingers, expecting the person next to you to burst into flames...
*You learn how to make homonucli
*You learn how to transmute your dog and your brother together
*You attempt to emroider a glove similar to that of Roy's
*You got a uborous tattoo
*You try to comb your hair similar to that of Envy's
*You cried when Hughes died
*You call your older brother "Nii-san"
*You attempt to transumte your dog and your brother together
*You clap your hands and see if you can transmute without transmution circles
*You feel sorry for Havoc for getting dumped
*You succeed in transmuting your dog and your brother together and create a ... dog-brother chimera...


What about you guys?

August 21st, 2004, 12:45 AM
you know your obsessed with computers when you-

set up an intercom system with it when you go to bed

rub vaporub on it when it has a virus

marry it off to a hot little laptop

buy it matching accesories

speak to it

bow down to it

"he he he"

Sunrise's Dragon
August 21st, 2004, 4:27 AM
You know your obsessed to Harry Potter, when

*You say everyone, who doesn't magic "muggle"
*You were very sad in your 11th birthday, because you didn't got letter from Hogwarts
*You want play quidditch in your scool gym lessons
*You are always looking phoenix's in the forests, trying take a feather and do a magicwand
*Whan it's fullmoon, you scream: " Oh my, Remus is running free!"
*When you see big, black dog you run to hug it and say "Siriuuuuus!"
*You are always looking boys with a scar
*You think that your teacher is really Severus Snape
*You try open doors with "alohomora". If it doesn't work, you say that there is a curse.
* When you see a rat, you shout: "Waah! It's Wormtail! Show yourself!"
*In your schoolbooks marginals are sketches about boys with a scar or black dogs or old mans
* You prefer owls than e-mail
* You don't want open old diarys
*Anybody hasn't seen you rooms walls, because there are poster about Viktor Krum and other quidditchplayers.
*You try to fly with you grandmom's old broom
*You are always asking your parents, that are they witch and wizard
*If your friends eats many donuts, you say " You're like Dudley."
*You are still wating a letter from Hogwarts
*You have do all these things

*obsessed into Harry Potter* All these are just like me, but not that quidditchposters.. I haven't found them.. :P

August 21st, 2004, 4:27 PM
you know when your obsessed with PC when:

You want to say 'XD' in you convos.
When you get 1000 posts in one day.
When you have more PC buddies then RL Buddies.
When you put your name on you paper, you put you PC Name instead.
You put 'lol' and 'btw' in your reports.
When you get mad at someone, you want to IP ban them.
When you play the piano, you start to think it's a keyboard and start typing you screnname and password.
You're actually doing a list like this.
You've become an Admin in less then 1 month.
You spend 24 hours on PC, with a bathroom and a refridgerator built in to your computer room.
When you're actually reading this list.

Wait a minute...That's ME!! XD

September 26th, 2004, 8:34 PM
you know when your obsessed with pinatas when

*you hit everything hanging from a string with a stick
*you make paper mache animals and fill them with lollies
*you walk around the street asking everyone if their a pinata ind unless they say no you wack them with a stick till they give you lollies

September 27th, 2004, 6:50 AM
You know you are obsessed with a cartoon character when:
#1: You hug his/her picture to sleep
#2: You make a fanfic of you and him/her
#3: You dream about him/her
#4: You spend at least half of your day thinking about him/her
(Note: I witnessed this, not experienced =P)

September 27th, 2004, 10:36 AM
You know you are obssesed with pokemon battles and pkmn when...

*You are in the street,see someone to the eyes, you challenge him, and put something out of your pocket and throws it to the air with the scream ''go [put the name of your pkmn]'', and the tune of battle starts to sound in your ears.
*Before sleep you try to save ''the game''
*Try to pass security guards giving them a lemonade or tea.
*You see a random animal outside home, and you try to catch it inside a ball.
*You want to leave home at 12 years, and become a wanderer...i mean ''pokemon master''.
*You call your son RED and your daughter GREEN.
*You want to meet a pokemon profesor in your town.

Camp Kill Yourself
September 29th, 2004, 7:01 PM

You know your obsessed with Eliza when...(o.o Okay, whee! The stars are things I`ve actually done.)

> You tell people you are on a rewind day. *
> Your friends actually know what a Rewind Day is (Some of them do...)
> You frantically were bidding against somebody on eBay to get some Eliza related item. *
> You got the 3rd season of Buffy just because of her being in it. *
> You want the 4th season, because she has 2 episode,s and the 7th because she`s in the final four. *
> You actually watched AtS (Angel The Series...He stole my name...) for the episodes that she was in. *
> You bought Bring It On, and tried to seem inconspicuous about it, as if it was a present for your girlfriend... *
> You trick people into watching your Eliza DVD collection, and somehow manage to avoid answering the question: Hey...Wasn`t she in the last move we watched? *
> You convince yourself that Faith is a real person.
> You notice how her Boston accent comes through, sometimes. *
> You quote her lines, all the time, even if it makes no sense to the situation. *
> You have nicknames for her, so nobody knows who you are talking about (Just incase someone knows who she is...)
> You got mad when Faith turned into a good character in S.7!! *
> You`re running out of ideas for this list. *
> Whenever a friend asks you for help, you break out with the Tru Calling theme song...: SOMEBODY HELP MEH...SOMEBODY HELP MEEEHHH... *

You know you`re obsessed with Jhonen Vasquez when...

> You own a GIR plushie...*
> You have the Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Directors Cut (The hardback one, that costed like, 30 dollars...) *
> You get mad at people who refer to him as the guy who made Invader ZIM. *
> It makes you mad when people mispell his name: Johannan, Johnen, Jenhen, Johenan...etc. *
> You don`t get why it`s so hard to say Vasquez. *
> You have all of his comics...
> You draw your own comics because of Johnen`s existance... *
> You did a speech about him in your Speech Class. *
> If you see someone with a Squee/Johnny/Happy Noodle Boy/ZIM/Z? shirt, you freak out, and talk to them as if they were your friend.
> You know what Slavelabor is. *
> You know the whole introducion monologue that Pepito does when he enters the Squee! series. *

Can`t think of anything else.

September 29th, 2004, 7:26 PM
You know when you're obbessed with Video Games when you:

You play a video games EVERYDAY!
You believe mushrooms will make you grow. (Super Mario :P)
You think there're floating energy balls, and you have a suit that's made by bird people, and it's capible to use the balls of energy for energy. (Metroid, before fusion. :P)
You try capture a animal using a ball. (Pokmon, :P)
You believe in the 3 goddesses. (Legend of Zelda.)
Your favorite song is Game Over and Game Over Remix by LiL Flip. :P
You hack games. :P
You think about them 24/7
You play them during school.
You loose weight because of them.
You waste your money on them.
You wish life was a game...with cheat codes. XD
You wisely devote your life to games. :P
You believe this qoute "Who needs a girlfriend/boyfriend when you got a Gamecube!"
Ect. :p