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October 7th, 2008, 1:40 PM
Welcome to the Pokemon Wars, A new Saga created by CTF.
I : The Alpha

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PW: The Alpha created on October 7, 2008
Oct. 9 - May Arkan (pumpkinziggy) has joined the war, and takes for Glameow!
Oct. 9 - Simon Blaine (Gummy) has joined the war, and takes Charmander!
Oct. 9 - Valtencir Gomez “Rocke” (drunk) has joined the war, and takes Bulbasuar!
Oct 10 - Vivian Swan (Isabella) has joined the war, and takes Shinx!
Oct 10 - Teso Kyshugo (Koroc) has joined the war, and takes Squirtle!
Oct. 10 - runner12326 battles for pumpkinziggy's position!
Oct. 11 - runner12326 wins the position battle!
Oct. 11 - Jack Bluescape (ruuner12326) has joined the war, and takes Magby!
Oct. 11 - Chapter 1 is Up!
Oct. 20 - Koroc is kicked off for Inactivity, rendering Squirtle Open!
Oct. 20 - Chapter 2 is Up!
Oct. 25 - Chapter 3 is Up!

Plot: Teams of the Pokemon World have enthralled terror in even the most powerful of trainers. Citizens wanted someone to do something, and so the Government of the World of Pokemon was created, and a political man and master trainer was made President, named Thomas L. Smith. He was a smart, wise, and balanced man...or thats what everyone thought. With the Governments new laws, it took up a stable Republican Government. It banned all current teams, Team Rocket, Aqua, Galactic. They were all disbanded, and new ones were not able to get off the ground. Through this, people rejoiced and lived their happy lives. However, these laws did not wipe evil people off of the face of the Earth, so one brave soul created The Underground, a secret society of Thieves and Highwaymen. This group terrorized much of Sinnoh and Hoenn. The Government took an extreme action, and decided to end all evil there. They decided this action would strike fear into future groups. They slaughtered them all. One by one, the entire Underground was massacred. Some people were happy, most were angry. The great and virtuous man they had come to love had issued a great massacre to shake the ages. People began to protest this insanity, so the Government decided to pass a series of strict laws and curfews. These forbade any kind of disrespect to the Government, and especially the president. They began to train vicious and deadly Pokemon to enforce these laws. Gym leaders would oversee these beatings and punishments. This shut most people up...

But, some extremists banded together in Kanto, and decided to wage a full out war against the Government. There was total anarchy. There was blood shed, on Humans and on Pokemon. The Government call it the Extremist Uprising. And it was the start of the destruction of the world.

Your Role: You have been targeted by the Rebellion Army of Kanto (RAoK). They mean to create a "Omega Force" from a group of children and teenagers. When they select you, there is no going back. They will give you enhanced Pokemon, then send you out. You will start a path of destruction, moving up through Pallet, destroying everyone. They plan for you to go and attack PWG (Pokemon World Government) HQ in Kanto, to stop the Governments reign on
Kanto. Now, you can either choose to kill them all, or spare them, it is your choice.

Setting: Kanto

Sign Up: OOC Thread
Rules: OOC Thread

Starting Pokemon: (All will start out as Lvl 6)
http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/4247/001bulbasaurrb4.png (http://imageshack.us)
Enhanced: Yes
Type: Leaf
Ability: Overgrow
Gender: 85% Male
Nature: Hasty
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Shiny Chance: 5%

http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/2937/004charmanderpg3.png (http://imageshack.us)
Enhanced: Yes
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Gender: 85% Male
Nature: Brave
Attacks: Scratch, Growl
Shiny Chance: 5%

http://img122.imageshack.us/img122/1803/007squirtlexe5.png (http://imageshack.us)
Enhanced: Yes
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Gender: 85% Male
Nature: Impish
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip
Shiny Chance: 5%

Advanced Starters (S-U's must be above average)
http://img49.imageshack.us/img49/4386/240magbyks8.png (http://imageshack.us)
Enhanced: Yes
Type: Fire
Ability: Flame Body
Gender: 75% Male
Nature: Adamant
Attacks: Smog, Leer
Shiny Chance: 5%

http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/5755/403shinxil8.png (http://imageshack.us)
Enhanced: Yes
Type: Electric
Ability: Intimidate
Gender: Male 50%
Nature: Naughty
Attacks: Tackle, Leer
Shiny Chance: 5%

http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/8813/431glameowyx8.png (http://imageshack.us/)

Enhanced: Yes
Type: Normal
Ability: Own Tempo
Gender: Male 25%
Nature: Lonely
Attacks: Fake-Out, Scratch
Shiny Chance: 5%

Additional Info:
Enhanced Pokemon: Everything will stay the same as far as moves, abilites, and that stuff goes. An enhanced Pokemon is tougher, faster, stronger, and more agile than the regular Pokemon. These Pokemon usually have a unstable personality as a side affect though. Also, the shiny rate goes up.

Shiny Chance: This is your chance out of 100 to get a shiny Pokemon. At the end of each post when you catch a Pokemon, if it is enhanced, then put 5 #s in Parenthesis at the end of each post. If its just a regular Pokemon, then just put 1. If I roll the die, and it lands on your number, than congrats, it is shiny. If you don't do this, then its not possible for your Pokemon to be shiny.

Gender Rate: I will roll a die, if it is below the percentage number, its a boy, if it is above, than it is a girl. Note that all rolls are random, and are not favoritism.

Sprites: Sprites will be from D/P.

October 11th, 2008, 3:10 PM
Chapter 1: Kidnapped!
1-2 Posts
Plot: You were out on a daytime stroll. Or you could be somewhere else. Suddenly a sack engulfs your body, you are locked in, and tossed around. You feel a hard hit as you are tossed in the back of a truck. The rumble of the car goes on for hours. You throat is dry from screaming, and your eyes are dried from crying. Hours pass, and the rumbling stops. You are picked up and taken down a multitude of stairs. You are thrown out of the sack. Other kids are around you, scared, crying. Merciless henchmen, and Angry Ladies cover the walls, staring at fresh meat. They start handing out Poke balls. You are dragged into a Colosseum, where there is a Small audience. There is a man, you cannot see him, but he is in a throne. Ten other people are scattered in random places. They all wear the same uniform. There is one man in the middle of the ring. He waves a flag. You can finally see there is a kid across from you. The flag-man says "Release the Pokemon, and Battle." You don't know much, but you have a gut feeling that you NEED to win this.
Your Role: You will describe the kidnapping and the battle. You could be facing anyone, with any (basic) pokemon. You decide your fate.

Setting: Unknown Collosieum
Wild Pokemon: -None-
Set Trainers (Gym Leaders, Government Loyalists, Enforcers (Police))

October 11th, 2008, 8:36 PM
Stepping out of her house, Vivian ventured forth into the tall grass of the wild. She was bent on finding one thing, and one thing only. Her thoughts were interrupted as she was tackled to the ground. The moist object now attacking her face told her that this was what she was looking for. Vivian began to giggle and gently pushed the Poochyena off of her. She stood up and brushed herself off, grinning. She waved a stick in front of the Poochyena's face, causing it to pant excitedly. Vivian tossed the stick as far as her frail arms could, watching the Poochyena chase after it. She smirked as she watched its shiny grey coat flow in the light breeze, sighing happily.

The Poochyena soon came back with the stick in its mouth, its tail wagging profusely. Vivian bent down to take the stick from the Poochyena's mouth, but as she descended, the Poochyena noticed two mysterious figures behind Vivian, and began to bark loudly. Vivian's eyes widened in alarm, staring at the Poochyena. “What's wrong?” she asked the Poochyena, but the best the Poochyena could do was bark to warn her of the danger. As Vivian stood to ponder what could've caused the Poochyena to start barking, her face and body were engulfed in darkness.

Vivian let out a bloodcurdling scream as she was thrown over one of the figures' shoulders, beginning to pound and kick at anything solid she could reach. As she punched and kicked all around, she realized there were no openings anymore. They must've closed the bag. “Let me out of here!” she screamed, only earning a grunt from the figure whose shoulder she occupied. “This one's a feisty one,” she heard the other figure say. “Don't worry, she won't be going anywhere.” Vivian suddenly felt a sharp pain in her back as it collided with metal. As she tried to snake her way out of the predicament she was in, her head collided with metal as well. She yelped in pain as she felt the ground begin to rumble and start moving, and that's when it hit her, she must be in the bed of a truck.

Tears began to overflow from Vivian's eyes, finally coming to the realization that she was being kidnapped. She had only ever seen kidnappings on television but, now that she was experiencing it herself, she knew how the characters felt. The truck drive seemed to last forever, Vivian's crying ceasing only minutes after it had started. She didn't have the energy to cry or scream anymore, as the air in the sack was decreasing by the second. As the truck came to a halt, so did Vivian's thoughts, her body soon being picked up once again by an unknown person. She was carried into a building, as she could tell from the creaky front doors, and she could feel herself being carried down multiple flights of stairs.

The sack was soon opened, and Vivian fell out of the sack, her collision with the floor endured by her back for the second time. Her scream of pain echoed through the room. Vivian regained herself, blinking a few times to adjust to the sudden light, and looked around. Many other kids, around her age, were in the same room. Befuddled looks lay on their faces, and something told Vivian that they didn't know why they were here either.

Where am I?

(Part 2 coming soon. Any problems with it, just let me know.)

drunk ¬_¬
October 12th, 2008, 12:36 AM
Chapter 1: Kidnapped!

There was grown man on a swing in the playground of Virdian City Public Elementary School. He was really tall (about 6’06”), and looked in his mid-thirties. He was wearing a long black coat with no shirt underneath (showing his amazingly buff physique), and long dark grey pants with black dress shoes. His was hair purple and wavy, and flowed past his shoulder, he was a soldier of RAoK, and was listening to his next given assignment through a radio walkie-talkie conversation:

“His name is Valtencir Gomez; people in Viridian usually refer to him as ‘Rocke’, a childhood nickname apparently, some other people refer to him as ‘Zombie’, dead man walking. All we really know about him are three critical facts…

… #1: he hates the government and revolts in Downtown asking people to rise against them…

… #2, at age 13 he got kicked out of Pokemon Trainers School by the local enforcer of Viridian City, and at 15 he was put in jail for 1 whole year after disobeying government curfew rules. Later he was warned that if he was ever to be seen with a pokemon in his possession, he would be publicly beheaded. And most important of all…

… #3, for the people in Viridian, any type of contact with this kid means trouble, and people avoid him at all costs. HE WON'T BE MISSED BY ANYONE...

… He is 17 years old with a beat up and built physique… I daresay, the perfect candidate for RAoK… you heard that J? you must NOT mess this up.”

“Don’t worry sir, I’ve got this… over and out”

Rocke the mentioned guy above was… hard to find. Downtown was a fairly large part of Viridian, and it wasn’t easy finding someone specific if you didn’t contact them before, but for J, this mission was something he couldn’t mess up.

He threw a pokeball in front of him and after an explosion of white light…

“Alakazam!” The Alakazam then reached towards her master’s forehead, closing her eyes and receiving the mental picture of what the kid should look like, all of a sudden her spoon bent EAST toward Downtown as expected, it would be hard to catch him at day, but now he had found him.

3 hours later the day turned to night, and J finally got up to look for the kid. 20 min after that he had come close enough to see him, under a bridge, lighting a fire to keep warm, but a wild Pikachu with a scar over his eye came forth hissing and sparking at him, making the kid give up the source of heat.

While walking away from the bridge Rocke began to mumble to himself: “It’s freakin’ cold in this place… what the hell? The weather’s awful, I’ll just go to my pad I guess”, but not far away from him, J had different plans in store, “Kid, you are sooo gonna thank me for this… (To Alakazam) Hypnosis”

“What the? …” all of a sudden feeling drowsy, Rocke lost strength on his legs, and fell to the floor with a thump

Part 2 will be here tomorrow (or later today i guess) after more people post

October 12th, 2008, 10:12 PM
In a rather large living room sat Simon on a large, white sofa watching an interesting music video. The teen’s hair seemed to be alive with motion although there was no wind in the house, and for some reason, the boy was wearing his signature sunglasses indoors. He extended a slim hand to the bag of chips sitting on a nearby table, ravaging its contents for any remaining crumbs. Sadly, it seemed he had finally finished his favorite brand of corn chips. With a deep sigh, the slender teen lay back in the sofa, grabbed a fancy remote and began flicking through the channels. He stopped to glance at his watch, which showed that it was still pretty early and he wasn’t due to leave for another hour. He was anticipating the fashion show he had been invited to participate in.

Suddenly he heard the door open and shut loudly and he quickly glanced at his watch again. Both his parents were out and weren’t due to come home for at least four more hours. Simon had no siblings or relatives with a key to his house, so the intruders must have been his parents.

“I hope you guys bought more chips!” the teen called out. Only after he didn’t get answer did he get up from the sofa and rounded the hallway.

Simon was fast, but not fast enough to react to the things that were about to happen. Simon stood face to face with several dark figures and one of them quickly revealed a large sack and draped it over the young man. Simon was instantly flipped upside down and stuffed completely in the bag. The kidnappers were obviously in a rush as they bumped Simon into various household items as they dashed out the house. The corner of the table was the last thing he hit and it left a throbbing bruise on his left shoulder. Before he could protest, the sack was tossed into the air and landed hard on something metallic.

The familiar sound of an engine starting filled Simon’s frantic ears and he realized that he was in a truck of some sort. Simon screamed and cried for help, something he very rarely did. But this was a very different situation and he had to get help whether he liked it or not. The drive seemed to last hours and Simon was simply amazed that he didn’t die from suffocation. The vehicle came to an abrupt stop, sending the young man’s body forward. Simon attempted to shout again but found his voice very hoarse. It really wasn’t a surprise to him as he had been screaming for the past few hours.

The back door swung open and a pair of very muscular arms gripped the sack and effortlessly picked it up. As if contained potatoes, the man carelessly carried the sack down a multitude of stairs, continuously bumping Simon’s head against the word. The teen silently cursed to himself and swore that these people would pay dearly for this. A sudden thought rushed to him and he glanced at his watch. Several hours certainly did pass and he was sure he missed the fashion show. Oh yeah, these guys were definitely going to pay.

Unexpectedly the sack was turned upside-down and Simon fell hard on a marble floor. The teen observed his surroundings with great detail and his jaw dropped in horror. Apparently he wasn’t the only one to be kidnapped recently, and many kids of various ages were scattered around the room, most crying for their mothers. Guarding all exits were men and women with expressionless faces. Like a wave, each one of them moved forward in unison and shoved random pokeballs into each person’s hand. Simon dared not to protest, as he had a gut feeling these people would feel little remorse in killing him. Before he even had a chance to look at what Pokemon was inside the red and white sphere, a large, hairy hand gripped his shoulder and lifted him off the ground. The guard was ushering him in some unknown direction.

Before he knew it, Simon found himself in the middle of some kind of coliseum. His eyes darted from place to plane— from the distant figure sitting on a throne, to a man waving a flag, to an equally frightened girl on the opposite side of the field.

“Release the Pokemon and battle!” ordered the man with the flag before quickly stepping out of the way. Simon glanced at the girl— who looked no older then ten— and then at the balls in both their hands. He understood instantly that they were being tested and their fates were going to be decided by the outcome of the battle. As selfish as it sounds, Simon couldn’t care less about the little girl, as long as he survived this entire ordeal.

October 13th, 2008, 12:17 PM
Isabella: Very Nice! I feel bad for the Poochyena, it will miss it's master. :(
Drunk: I already told you about Scripting, but other than that its good.
Gummy: Awesome Detail! You described his reactions pretty much perfectly.

Everyone: Remember at the next post (battle post) to put 5 numbers at the bottom of the post in parenthisis so I can see if your Pokemon is shiney or not.

drunk ¬_¬
October 13th, 2008, 4:13 PM
(Ooc: my bad about the scripting, i'll edit it out)

Slowly regaining consciousness, Rocke immediately felt at danger, and decided to analyze the situation as thoroughly as possible,

<Where am I? … I know for a fact I’m inside a vehicle, most likely a truck due to the metal bodywork underneath me being large enough to fit me lying on my side. Also, I can obviously feel this thing moving and bumping against the ground, which means we aren’t in a paved street anymore. Let’s see, I can’t move because both of my hands are tied at my back, and apparently they’re also tied to my ankles> He thought as he tried to unbend his swollen knees from the pressure. <I have a bag over me so that means they don’t want me to see where they’re taking me… if that wasn’t obvious enough already, and…>

All of a sudden the truck stopped making him roll to the other side of the truck bruising his knees and hitting his head “Damn!”

“Stop crying and get down here” at the same time he heard this voice he felt a strong hand grab hold of the rope that kept his arms and legs bound to his back, pulling him out of the truck and letting him fall to the ground

“GOD THAT HURT! … Why would you do that?!”

Without a reply, the man cut the rope and unbound his feet, leaving only his arms tied, “Walk” he said.

After walking about ten steps, he opened a door, and went into a corridor with a multitude of stairs going down then bending down to be at the same height level as Rocke, the man whispered into his ear: “I really don’t feel like carrying you… hope you don’t put this against me.”

“What? …” as Rocke was about to ask what was going on, he felt a huge hand touch his back before pushing him down the stairs. “Aaaaaahhhhh… Uff!” Rocke was able to keep his balance and run down the first staircase, but then hit a wall leaving him almost unconscious. Then he felt the same hand pull him from the shirt, and push him down another staircase in an opposite direction, “… Uff!” The same thing happened, except this time Rocke fell down upon hitting the wall, and rolled down a third staircase, which upon hitting the last stair gashed his right eyebrow, which started bleeding profusely.

As J (the man in charge of Rocke’s kidnapping) finished going down the third staircase, he sighed at the sight and said: “At least you made my job easier…” carrying him and taking him down the last staircase…

He then felt the man drop him in a room with marble floors, and take off the bag covering him to untie his arms. “Ha. THAT’S gonna leave a mark” Said J looking at the cut up eyebrow.

“…” <What in the world just…>

“Come on, don’t be like that.” He heard the voice of the man again, “We might even become friends after this” After saying that J started to leave…

“Wait…!” After taking a short glance at the man who kidnapped him, he said: “If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you”

“No. If you EVER see me again, you’ll thank me from the moment we met.”

“HEY YOU! Get up”, he heard someone yell from afar, after refusing to get up he felt another guy picking him up from the arm, and pushing him towards a line of other 16 and 17 year olds. Looking from side to side, he noticed they were not the only ones there, there were a lot more people besides them, <Some of them look like they’re 9 or 10! What’s going on?!> he thought. As the line started to walk forward, he noticed that the kids were given a pokeball from one of the henchmen “Here, here” is all he heard

“Here!”, a voice exclaimed while shoving a pokeball into Rocke’s chest. Then grabbing the pokeball, “What?!” as he said interrogated the action, he got pushed inside what looked like “A COLISEUM! … Where the hell am I?!

Another henchman then grabbed on to both him and another trainer. The other trainer was tall, blond with sky blue eyes, and shaggy hair. <Seriously?! … this guy looks like a total douche!> the second henchman then interrupted Rocke’s daydreaming by stating “This is a battle you guys DON’T want to lose, now fight until there is a winner!”

Looking up and seeing the other trainer with the same confused face as him, “Ummm… GO!”, as they both threw their respective pokeballs, out came a Bulbasaur, and a Snorunt

<Damn… already looking bad> thought Rocke when he noticed the type disadvantage, then facing up he saw the other guy gain newfound confidence, and started laughing at Rocke’s misfortune. Irritated, Rocke exclaimed: “Seriously, COULD YOU BE ANY MORE OF A DOUCHE!

Appalled by the exclamation, the other trainer started: “I’ll show you, wait until you see my true skills as a trainer!” While he was daydreaming and saying this, Rocke yelled out: “Hurry up Bulbasaur, Tackle that imp” Bulbasaur charged full on at Snorunt making a big impact. “Nice, a critical hit!”

Even MORE frustrated, the other trainer yelled out: “Come on Snorunt, attack!” Not knowing exactly what his trainer wanted though, the Snorunt used Leer.

<He has no clue of what he’s doing> “Quick Bulbasaur, use another Tackle!” Bulbasaur connected one more time. The other trainer exclaimed, "Now Snorunt, use an attack like Ice Punch or something!” Clearly frustrated at the incompetence of its trainer, the Snorunt glared at the guy. “Hurry up Bulbasaur, while it’s looking away connect once more with Tackle!”, “Bul…BA!” <This is too easy> thought Rocke.

The other trainer, on the verge of crying due to frustration started yelling out names of attacks that he knew of to see if the Snorunt would be able to connect with one, “Gah! TACKLE! BLIZZARD!, ICE BEAM!” Again Snorunt didn’t understand a thing.

“Come on, Bulbasaur! Let’s end this fast! Go with another Tackle!”, but as Bulbasaur charged for it’s third tackle… “POWDER SNOW!”

Snorunt, upon hearing a command he understood, used a powerful chilling gust that hit Bulbasaur head on. “Bul… ba… saaaur…” The Bulbasaur had obviously gotten hit hard, and might’ve not been able to take another hit.

Surprised, Rocke told his pokemon: “DAMN, that was a strong hit, guess we’re gonna have to rely on your Speed Bulbasaur, because as that one guy said, this is a battle we DON’T want to lose” Upon hearing the determined words of its trainer, Bulbasaur struggled back up ready to fight again “Bulba!”

“Too bad your type is weak against mine!” He heard the other trainer say “Snorunt use Powder Snow again!” But this time… <What?! … Bulbasaur evaded the attack!... Nice> Thought Rocke, and then: “NOW, TACKLE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!!!”…


“ Snorunt is unable to battle, Rocke is declared the winner!”

Then looking up at the sits of the coliseum Rocke saw a dark figure sitting on what looked like a throne on a balcony, and next to him… Yes, it had to be, J whispering something to the other man’s ear.

The numbers are from 1 - 100 right?
(3, 9, 27, 33, 91)

October 16th, 2008, 7:06 PM
drunk: Nice battle! I like the way you show his thoughts.
You received a Male Bulbasaur!
Would you like to give this Pokemon a nickname?
Rolling Die....[81]:Sorry! Your Pokemon is not shiny!
Bulbasaur grew to level 7!
Bulbasaur learned Leech Seed!

October 16th, 2008, 7:07 PM
There was an ominous feeling in the air this morning. May didn't know why, but there was something weird about this day, and she didn't want to find out. But she would have to go outside sometime. Might as well get it over with, she figured. The brown-haired girl dashed out the front door, then Twinleaf Town, and finally entered route 201. It was strangely quiet. The Starly weren't chirping as much as usual, and the Bidoof appeared to lumber around, sticking to the shadows, as if they were bats, fearing the daylight as much as predators.
Just as May was taking in this information, her vision was blocked by something, and, insanely fast, someone threw her into a bag. "What is this!?" She cried, pounding on the bag, but there was no answer. She continued to be carried, until she was thrown into a truck. Uncontrollably, she started screaming, crying for anyone that could help her, but still, no one replied. In fact, the exact opposite happened. Though she couldn't see the truck, she could feel it lurch and vibrate, and finally begin to move down the road. Frustrated, she began to wail, tears streaming down her cheeks as if there were no end to them. Right now, her sadness was bottomless, as were her loneliness and exasperation. All these emotions, mixed together, caused her to cry very loudly. At this moment, she didn't care whether someone replied or not, she just wanted something to happen.

And it did.

A few minutes later, she was thrown out of the sack and into a room with other kids in it. To avoid making a fool of herself, May just sat, quietly and cross-legged, until she was handed a red-and-white sphere.

Wait a minute... she had heard about these before. "Poké Balls," they were called, and they contained Pokémon most of the time. If they were empty, one could use them to capture Pokémon in the wild.

Suddenly, she was taken out of her trance and pulled, by the arm, into a room that looked like an arena of some sort. A voice echoed around the gouging, cave-like room. "Release the Pokémon and battle."

At that moment, May noticed another girl about her age standing across the rectangle in the ground from her. She, too, was holding a Poké Ball. May made the first move, pressing the button on her Poké Ball and releasing the creature inside. It was kitten-like, with a curly tail, huge ears, and a gray body. "Glameow," it mewed.

"So Glameow's your name..." May said to herself thoughtfully as she watched her opponent send out a Pokémon that looked like a flower bud. "Budew..." It yawned.

Somehow, instinct told May to command her Pokémon. She knew a bit about battling, luckily. "Glameow, Fake Out!"

The cat stalked Budew like prey, and leaped out at the Grass-type, shouting loudly. The Budew cowered for a moment, shaking with fear, as if to say, "You startled me!"

That gives us another turn, May thought. "Okay, now Scratch!"

Glameow raked its foe with a well-aimed paw, claws unsheathed.

"This is easy," it appeared to say, swishing its spiral tail and meowing at the Budew.

May heard the other girl say, "Budew, use Growth!"

The Grass-Poison type sighed, and gathered its energy into its core, seeming to gain power for special attacks.

May warned, "Watch out, Glameow. Use Scratch, again."

The large-eared Pokémon repeated its last move, opening its white muzzle and hissing fiercely. Budew tumbled backwards, and had a hard time getting to its feet again.

"Absorb!" May's opponent cried. Circles of light began to surround Glameow, and they moved ominously towards Budew. As they faded, Budew seemed to be strengthened.

"Go for another Scratch," May said calmly. She knew she would win.

Glameow ferociously jumped at Budew, then clawed its opponent. The Budew teetered, then fell to the floor.

"Budew has no energy left to battle. Glameow is the winner!"

Glameow grinned, meowing as if it were laughing with victory.

"Glameow, return," May told it, and held out the Poké Ball. Her friend disappeared in a beam of reddish light. To the Poké Ball, May said, "Good job." She then placed it in her pocket with a look of joy on her face. Little did she know that her adventure had just begun.

[Numbers: 64, 96, 33, 46, 12]

October 16th, 2008, 7:18 PM
pumpkinziggy: Looks like I made the right choice in letting you join, I cant wait to see more :D Oh, if you could change your Trainer Card to a Glameow that would be great!
You received a Female Glameow!
Would you like to give this Pokemon a name?
Rolling Die....[92]:Sorry! You Pokemon not shiny!
Glameow grew to Level 7!

October 17th, 2008, 4:18 AM
Total darkness.
Jack didn't know how long he had been in the truck. It had all happened so suddenly. One minute, he had been walking home from the Pokemart, getting supplies for his mother, and the next, he was bundled up in a sack, and thrown in a truck. After what seemed like hours, the truck stopped. The door opened, and two sets of hands roughly pulled Jack out. The sack had been taken off him, but they had blindfolded him, so he still couldn't see.
'Where are they taking me?' Jack wondered. What did these people want with him?
The two men lead him down some stairs, not caring he whacked his head against the brick wall on the way down. Jack then heard a door open, and he was pushed through it. Then, all of a sudden, light entered Jack's eyes again. The blindfold had been taken off. His eyes adjusted to the light, and he saw what lay before him. Other kids, like him, were scattered around a very large room. Some were crying, others silent with fear. A man walked over to Jack, and handed him a red and white ball. He immediately recognised it as a Poke Ball, as his father used them while battling.
'What do we do with these?' Jack wondered, as he was suddenly shoved into a room that looked like an arena of some sort. A loud voice boomed around the room.
'Release the Pokemon and battle!' It was only then that Jack realised that there was a boy, slightly younger than him, staring at him from about 5 metres away.
'What're you looking at?' Jack grumbled.
'You're my battle opponent, idiot!' yelled the boy.
'This guy has a serious attitude problem...' Jack thought, as he held the Poke Ball in front of him and pressed the button on the centre. As the Poke Ball opened, he caught the first glimpse of his new Pokemon. It was small and red, with a head that looked sort of like a cauliflower.
'Magby, Magby!' it cried.
'So your name is Magby now, is it?' said Jack, extremely focused on the battle that lay ahead of him. He saw that the Pokemon his opponent sent out was a small, mouse like Pokemon, that he immediately recognised as a Pikachu.
'Magby, use Smog!' Jack shouted. He wanted to get this battle over and done with. The Pikachu was not ready for this sudden attack, and was caught right in the cloud of smoke made by Magby. Although it looked hurt, the Pikachu did not give up, and got back up again to continue fighting. But Jack was still on the attack.
'Magby, use Smog again!' Jack's Pokemon immediately started to breathe smoke out of its mouth again. The Pikachu was again off guard after the last attack, and was hit directly in the face by the cloud. It was fell over again, but this time, it did not get up.
'Pikachu has no energy left to battle. Magby is the winner!'
'Magby, return!' shouted Jack, feeling very pleased with himself. The Magby disappeared into the Poke Ball. He then sat down in the corner of the massive room, watching the other kids battling. The boy he had just defeated was storming around the room, looking very angry.
'Haha, poor sucker,' Jack said to himself, as he tried to think of a reason as to what these people wanted. He had no idea, but was determined to find out.

(Numbers: 65, 38, 21, 17, 84)

October 17th, 2008, 7:38 PM
(OOC: Sure, I'll name my Glameow! Her name will be Lilly. :D )

October 18th, 2008, 1:32 PM
Simon tightened his grasp on the pokeball he held in his hand. The enormous crowd surrounding the field fell into an eerie silence as they waited for battle to start. Finally wiping away the last of her tears, the girl put on a false smile and tried to stand with dignity. Now that she had corrected her posture, Simon could see her short, brown hair, white sweater and long skirt. Then she held out the pokeball in her and pressed the middle button, sending out a stream of red light.

In the middle of the battlefield appeared a small, yellow mouse-like Pokemon. Its tail was shaped like a lightning bolt and its cheeks were a bright red. The Pikachu turned its head back and forth, obviously confused as to what was going on.

Simon did the same and pointed his pokeball to at the battlefield and released his Pokemon. What appeared was an orange lizard-like creature whose most defining feature flame burning vigorously at the end of its tail. Simon couldn’t help but frown at the Charmander: he was really praying for a rock or ground type to make the match go much easier and faster.

Once again the crowd fell silent, but this time because they were waiting for someone to make the first move. Sweat dripped from Simon’s brow and his opponent continuously batted the hair from her eyes. Both knew that the outcome of this battle would decide their fates.

“Pikachu, Thundershock!” the girl shouted in a squeaky voice. However, the yellow mouse hesitated a bit before charging up the receptors in its cheeks.

‘He hasn’t battled before,’ Simon realized, hoping that that one fact would help them win the match.

“Charmander, move in for the Scratch!” Simon ordered and unlike its opponent, the Charmander immediately obeyed and rushed for the Pikachu. The lizard was mere feet away when the Pikachu finished charging and shot a bolt of electricity at rapidly approaching Charmander.

“Dodge it!” Simon cried, but was unfortunately too late. Charmander scurried to the side at the last minute, but the attack still caught its tail and traveled across the rest of its body. The small lizard collapsed in the dirt and for a second Simon believed the match was already over.

“Go finish it off!” cried the girl triumphantly. Pikachu didn’t hesitate this time and crawled over to Charmander while charging up another Thundershock. Simon purposely waited for the Pikachu to draw closer as he had devised a small plan.

“Okay Charmander, Growl!” With incredible speed, the lizard jumped to its feet and let out a low rumbling noise from its snout. The Pikachu stopped dead in its tracks, gripped with feat. The electricity accumulating in its cheeks vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Scratch it, Charmander!” At such a close range, Charmander had no need to run and simple raised a menacing claw in the sky. It one quick swoop, the Charmander scratched across Pikachu’s face, drawing lots of blood. The Pokemon immediately dropped.

“Pikachu! Pikachu please, get up!” the girl cried frantically, but her Pokemon never rose.

“And we have a winner!” declared the flagging man, point directly at Simon. Both trainers recalled their Pokemon as the crowd roared in cheers. Simon saw the girl being dragged away by a group of muscular men before turning his gaze to the pokeball in his hand.

“Well little guy, looks like we’re in this thing together.”


62, 75, 79, 81, 90

October 19th, 2008, 4:31 PM
runner: bit of a short post, but pretty good anyways
You received a Male Magby!
Would you like to give this Pokemon a nickname?
Rolling Die....[67]:Sorry! Your Pokemon is not shiny!
Magby grew to level 7!
Magby learned Ember!

Gummy: Dark, man! Poor Pikachu and Girl...oh well!
You received a Female Charmander!
Would you like to give this Pokemon a nickname?
Rolling Die....[94]:Sorry! Your Pokemon is not shiny!
Charmander grew to level 7!
Charmander learned Ember!

October 20th, 2008, 3:53 PM
Chapter 2: Released
1-2 Posts
Plot: Winners are blindfolded. They and their new companion are transported to Pallet Town. The town looks different then before, much different. You and some undercover soldiers need to wipe out the Gym Leader here. Because nobody has Pokemon here, the Leader is weak. There are no Enforcers here, making your job much easier. While your at it, stock up on some items, they did give you 1000 credits to spend on stuff. Other than that, the winners relax and calm down from when they were kidnapped. Oh, and they are also bugged, any contact with former family or friends will not be tolerated.
Your Role: Basically, what you need to do is take down the Gym Leader. You can team up with a KAoR Soldier, or go solo. After that, you can relax until the army mobilizes you again. Stop by the shop too, they have some pretty nice stuff.

Setting: Pallet Town
Wild Pokemon: None
Gym Leader:

http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/7848/trainerqy2.png (http://imageshack.us)
Stewart, Normal Type
http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/6880/209snubbulloy9.png (http://imageshack.us)
Level 3
Ability: Intimidate
Type: Normal
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Scary Face, Taunt
http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/6254/019rattataoe4.png (http://imageshack.us)
Level 5
Ability: Guts
Type: Normal
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Taunt
TM12 (Taunt)
Egg Certificate

POI(Places of Interest):
GPHC(Government Pokemon Healing Center): Heal your Pokemon; most of the time they will let you heal Pokemon even if you are part of the enemy army
PokeMart: Even PokeMarts are allowed to run in the Command Economy. Lucky you !
Potion - 100
PokeBall - 150
AutoInjector - 1000 (Can revive a Pokemon)
CM01 - 500 (Created Move 01; Rush (Normal); Stronger version of Tackle)
CM02 - 600 (Created Move 02; Feather Burst (Fly); Raises Pokemon's Evasiveness)
Egg Man's House: Present a Egg Certificate to this Old Man, and he will give you a free egg with a rare Pokemon inside!

Note: Created Moves are only accesable to that kind of Pokemon. For example, only a Normal Type Pokemon can learn Rush. But, If your Pokemon is enhanced, than it can learn any move.

October 20th, 2008, 5:35 PM
May sighed. She was being blindfolded now, but something told her that it wasn't bad. After all, nothing had gone wrong when they had done this last time, right?

Still, she wasn't so sure. There were many things that could go wrong, but what was the use of being pessimistic? However, she still should be cautious...

This inner debate with herself was very tiring. She decided that she should just chill, and only panic if something bad happened. After all, this time, she had Lilly with her. If only she could send out Lilly now...

May felt herself being put into a truck, as usual. But this time, she didn't act wimpy. Patiently, she just sat there, letting the vibration and lurching scare her inside, but letting herself remain calm outside. But one thing first. Now where was Lilly's Poké Ball...?

Ah. There. She remembered now. She had put it on her belt earlier. But in this position, she couldn't quite press the button and send her Glameow out. So, she decided, she would just have to wait to release Lilly.

The ride was shorter this time. Finally, May was let out, and un-blindfolded. Absentmindedly, she held out her hand, and in it were a few coins. Interesting, she thought. She had never really had money of her own before. Well, she figured, this time, it was different, and she would make it work. Now if only she knew what to do with it.

May looked around for a shop or something. She turned her head right to left until she saw a building with a blue roof and the word "MART" in big letters near the door. There was no way that couldn't be a shop, unless someone just really liked decorating. But that was unlikely; after all, it was worth a try. By instinct, she began walking towards the apparently sliding door. She was correct, for it automatically slipped open when she stepped up to it.

What was inside surprised May the moment she saw it. There wasn't much stuff, but she hadn't seen any of it before. There were Poké Balls, purple-and-green bottles, and other things she couldn't even begin to describe. Curious, she carefully went past the shelves and looked at each one of them; three items were very high-tech, apparently, and she didn't know what to do with them, exactly. Maybe someone would know.

She walked up to the counter, and asked about which items were which, and what they did. She listened carefully as the cashier explained, trying to memorize that each item's purpose was. As he finished talking about their uses and prices, she was sure about herself. Now there was one more question: should she spend her money or save some?

Save was more sensible. She had already decided what she was going to buy.

May strolled back to the shelves, and reached towards an odd box, or maybe a disk; she wasn't quite sure. "CM01, Rush," the cashier had described it. May knew it would be useful for Lilly. It was worth the 500 PokéWhatevertheywere; "Credits," she decided to call them. PokéCredits sounded good, and she nodded to herself.

Next, she picked out three Potions, and calculated the total cost; she concluded that it would be 800 PokéCredits, with 200 left over. It sounded reasonable, and she gave the clerk some money and put the Potions in her bag. Then she carried her CM out the door, and sent out Lilly. She had seen her mother teach a Pokémon a TM before; she was sure that this was no different. She recalled her mother's steps, and used the CM on Lilly, who didn't even flinch.

Afterward, however, the CM appeared to break. May knew this would happen; every TM did it. She simply tossed it.

May patted her Glameow on the head. "Come on, Lilly. Let's see what we do next."

There was someone standing in front of her, pointing to a large building with a sign that said "Gym" in front of it. May nodded with gratitude and began heading towards the Gym with Lilly. "Are you ready?"

Lilly nodded. "Meow!"

May chuckled, but then stopped.

"We should be completely sure," she said. "Are you?"

Lilly swung her tail, as if to say, "Let's go already!"

"Fine," May replied. She knew what to do, because she had heard about this kind of thing before. Hand shaking, she cautiously pushed the door open and revealed a cavernous room. She gained her courage and said, rather loudly, to the one standing in the back, "I'm here to challenge you."

OOC: I'll do the next part in a separate post, okay?

drunk ¬_¬
October 20th, 2008, 6:03 PM
Then looking up at the sits of the coliseum Rocke saw a dark figure sitting on what looked like a throne on a balcony, and next to him… Yes, it had to be J whispering something to the other man’s ear.

“What in the world…” as he looked towards his defeated opponent, he noticed two henchmen picking him up from under his armpits and carry him away. Then, a creepy old lady came, took his pokeball, and recalled the fallen Snorunt with a grunt as she turned around and took it in a different direction. “… is going on in this place” Rocke finished.

Afterwards, a tall man came and reached his hand out to grab hold of Rocke’s right shoulder <No!> he flinched, and gave a little step forward as he felt a goose-bump travel up his spine. “Follow me” the man said and let go.

<This is… unusual> Rocke thought as he was ushered to another room rather than taken forcibly. “I was getting quite fond of the hazing” he said apparently louder than he had intended to because he noticed the man in front of him let off a smirk at the comment. <Maybe I’m on their good side now>.

The man led him to a thin corridor, which stopped at a door. “Please allow me to put this on you” he said as he handed Rocke a blindfold, then turning around he continued: “It’ll be a lot easier for both of us, and I can make the bleeding stop”.

After hearing this, Rocke took his right hand to his eyebrow, and felt it still wet. As his fingers traveled his face, he noticed that the right half of his face had been drenched in the blood, and some of it had even started drying in the lower parts <How did I not notice!> he thought <That I’ve been bleeding for this long!>.

Shocked, he completely froze and didn’t question the man any further, as the blindfold was put on. “Please allow me” he was told as he felt being pulled by the arm outside. This time, the grasp was firm and tight, there was no way Rocke could escape. “Watch the head” warned the man as he gently helped Rocke up a truck, and tightened the seatbelt on.

<I’ve got to calm down… it’s only a cut, it’s not even life-threatening, and it’s already been taken care of> he thought as he passed his right hand through his face one more time. Then, as he lowered his hand once more, he clashed against a metallic sphere that he was holding on his left arm. <The pokeball! I still have it! But, why? What’s going on? They must need me for something, but WHAT exactly would they need me for?>

He heard the driver’s door open, then the truck shacked a little bit, and the door closed again. “My name’s Damien in case you were wondering” he heard the man say as he turned on the engine. “You’re called Rocke, right?”

<They even know my name!> Rocke tried not to react to the comment, and kept a silent and serious face.

As the truck started to leave, Damien continued: “I’ll take you to Pallet Town, there your mission will be to defeat Stewart in a Pokémon battle and attain the Egg Certificate. You’ll receive further instructions once you’ve finished this. Also, I know you’re from Viridian, and I will warn you that any type of contact with friends or family will NOT be tolerated.”

<He sounds so calm, even when he’s threatening me… what’s up with this guy’s demeanor?>

No other words were exchanged in the rest of the trip, and Rocke quickly fell asleep completely losing track of time and how long the trip took.

“We’re here” said Damien as he took off the blindfold, and shook Rocke up to awaken him.

“Mbwhatt? (What?)” mumbled a barely conscious Rocke as he attempted to get up, but was held by the seatbelt, which he had to wrestle with to finally get it off.

“Here” Damien said again as he pushed a walkie-talkie radio communicator, and a wallet with a fake trainer ID and 1000 credits in it.

“René dos Santos?” asked Rocke as he read his new ID

“It’s safer this way, considering that Valtencir Gomez isn’t allowed to be seen with a Pokémon…” then, pointing at the walkie-talkie he added: “press that button when you obtain the Egg Certificate to communicate with me or J…” Rocke’s eyes widened at hearing J’s name. “… don’t EVER switch channels… got it?”

“Sure.” He said as he got down the vehicle, which drove off almost immediately. Once standing there looking towards the west, he noticed the sun setting, <Better find shelter quick> he thought as he ran towards a GPHC.

Once inside, he walked towards the counter and stated: “I need a place to sleep, and my Pokémon healed”

“ID number please” replied a nurse, to which Rocke simply handed over the new ID. After scanning it the nurse said: “Thank you very much, a room will be prepared for you”. Then as she grabbed hold of the pokeball, and noticed his face added: “Would you also like a shower”

“I’d really appreciate that… thank you”

October 20th, 2008, 6:07 PM
pumpkin: Nice Post about the TM...or CM...whatever, teaching Glameow Rush was interesting, I had no idea how it worked.
May obtained CM01!
Lilly learned Rush!
May obtained 3 Potions!

drunk: Bloody description, no litteraly. There was a bloody description on his face, hahahahah...ha..ha...sorry

October 21st, 2008, 11:48 PM
(OOC: Holy wall o' text batman. Sorry, but I had to get this out of my system.)

Down on the corner of Center Street and Cobblestone Drive stood a large monolith of a building, painfully white against the pastel blue sky. It was tall and rigidly square at the front, almost unnervingly so, with no visible windows and large metal double-doors. A large white sign, situated near the curb of Main Street, protruded from the meticulously trimmed lawn and bore the words “Jonas Flannigan Charter School.” The hot noonday sun beat down on the deserted schoolyard, the street, and a large grey van on the other side of it.

“Timothy Erickson?”

“That’s the one. When’s he due to show?”

“He should be coming out any minute now. Hope he doesn’t give us as much trouble as the others.”

The man in the driver’s seat of the van twisted around to look into the back of the van through a grated window. He gave a cursory glance over several tightly bound bundles lying on the floor.

“It’d better be soon. It’s gettin’ hot in here and those kids aint gonna last long either in heat like this.”

“You needn’t worry, he’s here.”

Both men opened the doors of the van and stepped out into the blinding sunlight. Each one was dressed in a black suit and oversized, dark sunglasses. One was Caucasian, the other looked Filipino, and the former was nearly twice the height of the latter. They both strode across the street, a bit self-consciously because they stood out like sore thumbs, being the only two on the street other than the young boy coming down the steps of the school.

“Are you sure that’s him?” the Filipino whispered. Pulling out a folded sheet of paper, his companion pulled it open and glanced at the picture inside.

“The profile picture matches. Jeez, this kid can’t be old enough… well, orders is orders.”

As they approached the youngster he looked up into their faces, a brief look of surprise crossed his face. Or was it fear? He had no idea that they were coming of course…

“ Timothy?” said the tall man, holding out his hand as he approached the blonde boy.

“Yeah.” He replied in a small, mouse-like squeak of a voice, reaching out with his own hand. He shook hands, reluctantly and pulled his own back as soon as the man released it.

“Your parent’s sent us to come pick you up. We’re taking you home today.”

He nodded silently. The rich kids never suspected a thing. This would be an easy bag.

As the men led the boy across the street, the child followed in silence, but upon seeing the van he seemed to falter for a split second. A van? This couldn’t be right. Not a limousine? A spasm of fear jumped up his spine as the men on either side of him each grabbed his arms in a vice-like grip. Before he could scream a huge hand clamped tightly over his mouth as well. He heard a chuckle as his eyes were obscured by a dark cloth sack being shoved roughly over his head.

“ You were right mate, these little rich kids are no trouble at all,” laughed a voice to his left. That was the last thing the young boy heard before a hard knock to the head turned out the lights for Timothy Erickson.

When he awoke he thought, for a split second, that he was back at the school again. He was lying on the cold floor of a metallic-looking room which hummed and buzzed like a living thing. Oddly, his first thought was of the time. He wondered whether he should be at class now. But wait… he didn’t go to that school any more… his parents… they stopped paying the tuition and… At that moment, stark reality hit.

“Get up kid!” growled a rough voice. “You’ve had enough sleepin’. On your feet and get in line.” Timmy was hauled off the floor and shoved into a long line of other frightened looking children, most of them older than he was. The rough-voiced man who had woken him now peered at him suspiciously. “How’d you slip in here kid? You can’t be age-regulation…” he checked his clipboard and shrugged. “Oh well, it’ll just make it all the easier for your opponent.” he said with a grin.

Opponent? What did the man mean? Where was this place? Where were his parents? Timmy tried to keep from crying, but he couldn’t help himself. Tears coursed silently down his cheeks and dropped, unnoticed, to the floor where they splashed onto his neatly polished shoes. Timmy hated it when he cried. It made him look like even more of a baby than he already did. His young appearance had always made him a target for ridicule, ever since he was old enough for school. Here though, he was hardly the only one who let his emotions get the better of him. The room echoed with sounds of sobbing, sniffling, and even screaming, children.

“Attention you lot!” the gruff-voiced man barked from the front of the room. A glance from this dangerous-looking fellow was all that was needed to cause the line to fall silent. “Right then, pay attention because I’m only going to say this once. In a moment you will be issued a pokeball. I trust you all know what that is? Good. Inside you will find a randomly chosen pokemon. When it is your turn, you will enter the next room and battle your opponent in a pokemon duel. If I have to explain to you what a pokemon battle entails, you are not what we are looking for anyway, so I won’t bother.” Glaring at them all he said in a menacing near-whisper, “Trust me little ones, you don’t want to lose.”

With these words, he turned and exited the door behind him. As he left, Timmy felt something hard and round shoved into his gut. This must be a pokeball, he guessed. Timmy had never actually seen a real pokeball before. Sure, he, like the other children, had seen pokemon matches on television, but to actually hold a real pokeball in his hands was an entirely different experience. Under other circumstances he might have been elated, but now he felt only cold, hard fear as his white fingers clenched around the object. This fear grew and mounted higher as, one by one, the children on either side of him were shepherded out the door and into the next room. At last, the time came when a dark-suited man grabbed his shoulder and led him through the door.

Timmy was immediately blinded by the blazing spotlights above him as he entered. When the spots cleared from his vision he was astounded at the sheer size of the room he was now standing in. The door had led him into a small, circular arena at the base of what appeared to be a large stadium. Row upon row of bleachers climbed the walls around him, which were completely empty except for a few front-row spectators with clipboards. Judges perhaps?

“ Attention!” said a voice which echoed from an unseen speaker system. “On three you will each throw your pokeball and the match will begin.” Timmy’s stomach clenched and he glanced across the room at his opponent. He saw a teen-age girl, about fourteen he thought, standing across the room, clutching her own pokeball. She looked as scared as he felt. “THREE!” blared the speaker-voice, “TWO! ONE! GO!”

Timmy was unsure what to do as he fingered the ball in his hand. He had watched the trainers on TV do this before, but he had never seen exactly what they did. He watched his opponent toss her pokeball onto the ground in front of her and a large purple rat-like creature popped out. A rattata. He had seen those before on TV.

Timmy was conscious that he was holding up the match and so he decided to try to imitate the girl’s action. He flipped the ball up into the air and watched it fall back to the earth, bounce once, and lie still and dormant on the ground. What was wrong? Perhaps there was no pokemon in the ball after all. No, he must’ve done something wrong. Then he heard the speaker-voice again.

“Contestant #2, please press the release button on your pokeball.” Timmy’s face reddened as he picked up the ball once again. He was conscious of the laughter from the judges and even a small smirk from his opponent. He turned the ball over in his hand and found the small white button. Pressing it, he tossed the ball again. A bright beam of light emanated from the ball and when it cleared there stood a small, shelled… something.

The creature the ball had released was turtle-like in shape and was blue all-over. It turned its large head towards Timmy and croaked one word: “Squirtle!” Timmy was still trying to comprehend this new development when his opponent made her move. She had been ready for a while now and so she didn’t falter as she said:

“Rattata, quick attack his squirtle!” Her pokemon, upon hearing her command, ran towards the turtle-creature and leapt, baring its fearsome teeth. Gasping with fear and surprise, Timmy watched as the rat pokemon left a gash down the leg of the poor squirtle who didn’t even have a chance to avoid the attack. He had to act fast, but what could he do? He had never battled before and didn’t know the first thing about it. What commands did you give to a squirtle? He didn’t know.

As he deliberated, his opponent moved in for another attack. “Rattata. Attack again with your tackle attack! As the rat moved in for a painful headbutt, Timmy blurted out instinctively.

“Squirtle, look out!” Probably more due to common sense then to his unorthodox command, his squirtle used it’s small size to its advantage and neatly sidestepped the flying rodent. Timmy’s mind raced. He couldn’t think of a single attack that a squirtle would recognize. “Well,” he thought desperately, “If I copied that girl to figure out how the pokeball worked, maybe I can do the same thing now… hopefully it will work better this time.”

Gathering his courage he yelled out, “ Squirtle, use your tackle attack!” At least, he had intended to yell. All he really managed was a frightened croak, but luckily Squirtle seemed to understand. The little turtle pokemon ran full-tilt towards the rat pokemon, readying itself for a lunge. His opponent saw the attack coming and yelled:

“Rattata, counter with your teeth and claws!” Timmy watched as the rat pokemon bared its sharp fangs and flexed its dangerous-looking claws. As his squirtle lept into the air to collide with the rattata, Timmy closed his eyes. He couldn’t watch his pokemon get shredded. He expected to hear a cry of pain from his pokemon, but what he heard instead was an agonized rat-squeak and a gasp of surprise and dismay from his opponent. He opened his eyes and saw his squirtle skittering across the smooth floor, safely tucked inside his hard shell. Looking over at the rattata, Timmy saw it lying senseless on the floor, it’s front teeth smashed out, blood specking the metal surface.

“Contestant #1’s pokemon is no longer able to battle. Contestant #2 is the victor” the speaker voice announced, unable to suppress the surprise that was clearly evident in it. Timmy’s mind spun as he was ushered out the door and down a long hallway by a tall woman, dressed in a black suit like everyone else.

“You’re one lucky runt, kid” she said, more to herself then to him. “ I've never seen a pokemon react like that on its own before, pulling itself inside its shell in mid-attack like that. And a knock-out hit on the first attack too. You’re lucky you’ve got a pokemon that can do your work for you.” As they reached the end of the corridor, he was ushered into what looked like a large garage. “Got the Pallet Town shipment ready to go out yet?” the woman called to another man standing over a group of children huddled together on the ground.

“This is the last of ‘em” the man called back. “Get him over here and we’ll ship ‘em out.” Shoved roughly forward he was pushed to the ground beside the other waiting children, most sobbing silently, soaking the blindfolds which were bound tightly over their eyes.

“ Right, now hold still” the man above him said as he swiftly bound a similar blindfold around his eyes, blocking off all vision of the outside world.

“I want my mom” Timmy thought to himself, his mind filling with despair. But one question plagued him and filled him with a deeper, heavier sorrow. After recent events, he had come to wonder whether his mother wanted him.

(And my five numbers are... 4, 21, 16, 57, and 88 )

October 22nd, 2008, 4:46 AM
papasmurf: "Holy Wall o' Text, Batman!" is right, this is so descriptive, its nothing like anything I have read, I see a good future in you. :O
You received a Male Squirtle
Would you like to give this Pokemon a name?
Rolling Die....[60]:Sorry! You Pokemon not shiny!
Squirtle grew to Level 8!
Squirtle learned Bubble!

October 22nd, 2008, 2:49 PM
OOC: No, I won't be nicknaming Charmander.

Before Simon could properly celebrate his victory with his new Charmander, a group of strange men quickly surrounded him. Unlike what they did to his opponent, a single man stepped up and tightly wrapped a blindfold around the trainer’s eyes. The annoyed teen contemplated fighting back, especially now that he had a Pokemon to fight for him, but realized he was at horrible odds. Unlike last time, Simon did not fight back but instead pocketed Charmander’s pokeball and allowed the men to escort him out. The trip was noticeably gentler this time around.

‘What’s with the sudden change in aggressiveness?’ Simon pondered, but dared not ask aloud. He still wasn’t sure how these people felt about him after all.

The trip back was surprisingly shorter than the one coming in. Maybe it was because Simon had grown accustomed to the way these people worked, or that they took an elevator this time... yeah, probably the latter. He smelled the outside air brush against his nose and immediately knew they were outside. In all likelihood, this was the same exact truck. His suspicions were confirmed when he was lead into some type of metallic area and once again heard the rumbling of an engine. A hand reached over the front seat and snatched the blindfold away so quickly, Simon thought his sideburns were burned off.

A burst of light temporarily blinded the young trainer as the back doors of the vehicle swung open. It wasn’t a bright as it was in the early morning, but Simon had spent most of the day in dark headquarters of these mysterious people. He rubbed his eyes and rapidly blinked to clear his vision, and let out a loud gasp when he recognized the street they had stopped on.

“Welcome home,” a man standing at the back of the truck said. He was dressed in rugged, worn out close and upon smiling, showed his yellow teeth. His black hair was an absolute mess with sticks and blades of grass sticking out.

“What’s going on?” Simon finally asked. It was a question he had been itching to get an answer to for the entire day.

“Long story short, that battle you just won was a test. And you passed, granting you the status of being a member of Rebellion Army of Kanto,” the man answered, which actually surprised Simon. Everyone else just ignored his questions.

Simon held up a hand to signal the man to stop talking. He had heard a great deal about the RAoK, and even admired them. Not many people had the guts to oppose the new government. But after everything that had happened in the past few hours, the teen wasn’t sure how he felt about the organization.

“The RAoK... wait, are you guys here to take out Stewart!?” Simon exclaimed. Living in Pallet Town himself, the boy obviously knew about the new gym leader. He hadn’t liked him much: the man acted as if he was almighty but wasn’t really that powerful at all.

“There’s no real need for us to get our hands dirty. That’s why it’s your mission to take out Stewart,” the main said with a smirk. Without another word, he began walking back toward the driver’s seat.

“Wait!” Simon cried before jumping out of the truck. “I need to sleep on this. It’s not every day you get forced into a rebellious organization!”

The man opened the door before looking over at Simon. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You’re being tracked; if the others see you spilling the beans to your parents... well, use your imagination.” He didn’t even give the teen a chance to retort before hopping in the front seat and driving off.

“This sucks!” Simon shouted before stuffing his hands in the pockets of his jacket. He felt the familiar brush of a paper-like material. “What’s this?” he asked with a grin as he held a sum of 1000 credits along with a small note.

Use this money to prepare yourself.

With a nod, he pocketed the cash and made his way for the PokeMart. Unlike many of the other facilities of the region, the PokeMart had remained virtually the same after the Pokemon World Government had taken over. The only main difference was that they now sold rare CMs, which was Simon had decided to spend his money on.

The familiar sound of a bell chiming filled the building as the young trainer entered the shop. It was surprisingly empty, especially for the time of the day. He pondered if RAoK had something to do with the phenomenon, but quickly dismissed the idea. After walking up and down the aisles, Simon picked up two Potions, two Pokeballs, and CM01, which taught the move Rush. An accurate name, as the teen rushed toward the counter. He handed the cashier all his money before he was told the price for everything; he had always been good at math.

“Thanks for shopping here, sir. Please come again,” the cashier said in an almost robotic tone.

“Uh, before I leave, can you teach me how to use this thing?” Simon held up the CM, which was shaped like a disk.

“Oh, just press it against the button of the pokeball of the Pokemon you wish to use it on. It will break after use, but that just means all the data had been transferred.” Simon followed the man’s instructions but was still a little shocked when the disk crumbled in his hands.

“Now you should probably head to the Government Pokemon Healing Center, CMs leave Pokemon pretty weak. It’s only a couple blocks west of here.”

“Thanks!” Simon shouted while running out the door. He really wanted to get this over with.

October 22nd, 2008, 3:02 PM
Gummy: Interesting, since he grew up in Pallet, you could see his personal views on the new leader.
Simon obtained 2 PokeBalls!
Simon obtained 2 Potions!
Charmander learned Rush!

October 22nd, 2008, 7:36 PM
May cringed as a man in blue turned on a light. As a matter of fact, he looked all blue, which made May's skin crawl. She didn't like his face. It was expressionless and blank. The teen gulped with nervousness.

"A battle, eh?" The gym leader asked. He showed her two PokéBalls. "Still willing?"

May nodded. She watched as a referee emerged from the shadows.

"I'm Stewart," the gym leader introduced.

"M-May..." she stammered.

"Take your places," the referee said. May stepped back to her spot on the gym floor. Stewart did the same.

"Send out your Pokémon and commence battling."

Stewart sent out first. He released a pink bulldog-like Pokémon that appeared as if it were wearing a blue collar. "Snubbull," it murmured.

Slightly unnerved, May released Lilly. The Glameow growled at its opponent.

Since Lilly was faster, May commanded, "Lilly, Fake Out, then Rush!"

Lilly leaped at Snubbull, shouting. Snubbull cringed, then endured the tackle that Lilly gave. It had to keep blocking, for its foe charged again, knocking it aside.

"Lilly, we have another chance, since it flinched. Rush, again!"

The gray cat repeated its last attack, but this time scratched Snubbull. Snubbull fell to the ground.

"Snubbull is unable to battle," the referee announced. "But Stewart still has another Pokémon!"

This time, Stewart released a purple, mouse-like Pokémon. "Rattata!" It hissed, leaping around.

Still, Lilly was faster. "Rush!" May commanded.

Lilly ran straight for Rattata, and tackled it, using her full body. Rattata was knocked down, but got back up again and swished its tail impatiently.

"Rattata, use Tail Whip, then Tackle!"

"Ratta!" The mouse screeched, swinging its tail cutely. Lilly stared at it intently, and was startled when the purple Pokémon rammed into her. She let out a cry, but sat up afterwards.

"Scratch, for a change," May said confidently, grinning.

Lilly nodded, then raked Rattata with its claws. Rattata whimpered, but held on.

"Rattata, Quick Attack!" Stewart told his Pokémon quickly.

Obedient, but apparently a bit rushed, Rattata raced at Lilly, who could hardly see the rodent streaming towards her. She cringed as the impact came, and was getting tired.

"Finish it off with Rush! Just once more!" May encouraged.

It seemed to give Lilly strength, for while Rattata was close, she tackled it in the side. Rattata fell to the floor.

"That was a wise hit!" The referee commented. "Rattata is unable to battle! May is the winner!"

Lilly hissed with satisfaction, and appeared to pose. May withdrew her, and shook hands with Stewart.

Stewart then handed her another disc-like thing, and a slip of paper. "Egg Certificate," it read.

"I can see you're puzzled about that," Stewart laughed. "Give it to the Egg Man next door, and he'll gift you with a rare egg."

May nodded respectfully, and waved before exiting the gym.

She excitedly ran along the street with a big grin on her face until she reached a house with a sign next to it that said, "Egg Man's House."

May politely knocked, then slowly pushed the wooden door open. There was an old man sitting on a chair inside.

"H-Hello?" May said quietly. "You are the Egg Man, right?"

The old guy turned his head towards her and nodded. "Yes, I am. Do you have an Egg Ceritificate?"

"I have one," May replied, and handed it to him.

The man appeared to examine it, then handed her a round, green-spotted egg. "Take good care of it," he encouraged.

May nodded in thanks, and left the house. The one thing that was on her mind: Imagine what kind of Pokémon this Egg would hatch into!

October 22nd, 2008, 11:25 PM
(OOC: Lol, I'm glad you like my writing. If you enjoy reading long text walls, this next one is almost as good XD. Don't worry, soon I'll slow down.
And yes, I would like to nickname my squirtle. As you will see in the following chapter, I will nickname him 'Squirt')

With a slam of a door and the roar of an engine, Timmy watched as the black semi truck lumbered off down the road into the blackness of the foggy night. He had ridden in the back of this truck, cramped and jostling against thirty or so blindfolded children for hours, and finally his stop had come. The men in suits had come again and hauled him out into the chilly night air, looking left and right nervously to make sure that no one was peering out of a window or standing around a corner to observe them. They had ripped the blindfold from his eyes, shoved a small packet into his hands and whispered only one cryptic instruction.

“Check the note.”

With that, they got back into the truck and left him, alone and scared, in the middle of an unfamiliar city with no idea where he was or what to do. Shaking with fear and cold, he looked down into his hands to see what had been given to him. He picked up a familiar red and white ball and his heart felt the slightest bit lighter. At least there was one familiar face he could see again. He pressed the button on the pokeball and released the squirtle within.

“Squirt, squirt, squirt!” it chanted, hopping from one foot to the other, clearly relieved to have been released from its confines. Timmy grinned as he watched the creature’s antics. It ran around in circles a few times, got dizzy, fell over, got back up, did an odd sort of jig, and spun around on the back of it’s shell in a break-dance like maneuver.

“As entertaining as you are, this doesn’t help me in the slightest.” Timmy said to the turtle in a near whisper. At the sound of Timmy’s voice, Squirtle looked up into his face.

“Squirt?” it said, head cocked to the side. Then a mischievous grin stretched across its face and it inched towards Timmy, one tiny turtle-step at a time. Once it was right up next to Timmy’s leg, it reached out a small blue hand and touched him lightly on the knee. “SQUIRT!” it crowed gleefully as it took off running as fast as it could, which was surprisingly fast considering its short, stubby legs. Startled and fearful of losing his one companion, Timmy took off after the fleeing turtle.

Running passed trees and rosebushes he chased the squirtle down the streets of what appeared to be a small-town residential community. He was hard-pressed to keep up with the speedy pokemon, even though his sneakers pounded the gravel faster than they ever had before. Timmy had never been very athletic and so the turtle pokemon kept having to stop and wait for him. Every time he got close however, the squirtle would turn tail and run off again.

“So it’s tag you want to play huh?” Timmy said panting. Well, let’s see how well you can compete against a little trickery.” With a swift change of direction, Timmy hid himself behind a large oak tree. In the distance he heard the mischievous turtles footsteps stop. Then they changed direction and Timmy heard the pattering approach of the little troublemaker. Slowly circling around to the other side of the tree, Timmy managed to get behind the creature. He reached out his forefinger and gave the creature a small poke in the back of the head. Whipping around in surprise, the little squirtle gave out a small, croaking sound which must have been the equivalent of a laugh.

“Squirt, squirt, squirt!” It chuckled, rolling on the ground in glee at it’s little game. Timmy eyed it with amusement.

“Well, I’m glad your having a good time.” Timmy said, watching the pokemon now chasing its own curly tail. “You know, I still don’t know what to call you. Do you have a name?” he asked.

“Squirt?” the turtle replied, not understanding the question.

“Haha, Squirt it is then. You know, it’s kind of ironic but I’ve gone by that same name for many years myself.” Timmy said thoughtfully. “People always used to tell me ‘get out of the way squirt!’ I suppose it will be interesting being on the giving end of that name rather than the receiving.”

As he talked he realized that his pokemon was paying no attention whatsoever. It merely entertained itself by stretching out its own tail and letting it spring back into its curly shape. Shaking his head in exasperation, Timmy used the opportunity to continue perusing the items that he had been left with. Other than the pokeball he had only a few folded bills that he recognized as money, and a small, folded note. He opened it up and read the few words that were printed there.

Instructions for all new recruits:

You have been selected for service within the Rebellion Army of Kanto. Do not resist and do not attempt to escape. You are bugged, which allows us to track your every movement. If you attempt to contact relatives or authorities to reveal us, you will be immediately terminated. Thank you for your cooperation.

Take out Stewart, the Pallet Town Gym leader. Use your funds to buy the necessary equipment at the nearest location. If you fail, we will destroy all evidence of our affiliation with you. Do not fail.

If you succeed, we will be there shortly to collect you for your next assignment.

After reading the note, Timmy’s fear returned again. He was supposed to take down a gym leader? This was ridiculous. He had never even held a pokeball until today and they expected him to defeat a seasoned trainer? His thoughts strayed to the idea of running away, but that, of course, was impossible. He was bugged and they would know his every move. Unless of course he removed his clothing… he was fairly sure that they had not placed any devices in his skin or he would have surely felt it. No, that too was ridiculous. He was already cold, lost and alone, he didn’t need to be naked as well.

After much deliberation, he decided to follow the note's instructions and head to the nearest shop or pokemon center. The gash on Squirt’s leg was starting to look pretty bad and he could use a rest himself. But where to go? He got up and looked around himself, searching for any sign of a store or pokemon center. He saw dim street lights off in the distance and he made up his mind to head towards them.

Pulling out his pokeball, he turned to Squirt. “Time to go back buddy.” He said. He didn’t want the little guy to go wandering off again. Squirt didn’t look happy to be going back in the ball, but as Timmy pressed the button again, he was quickly sucked inside.

Timmy headed off in the direction of the lights and soon he found himself in front of a brightly lit storefront. The shop windows were plastered with colorful posters saying things like “ got a notion for a potion?” or “ Wacky Wednesday sale! All CM’s half off!” Timmy had no idea what a CM was, but it didn’t matter much anyway because today was Friday.

Encouraged by the warm glow emanating from within the building, Timmy pulled open the glass doors and stepped cautiously inside. A small bell sounded to announce his arrival and after a few moments a plump, friendly looking, curly-brown-haired woman shuffled behind the counter and smiled warmly at him. “My goodness its late for a youngster like you to be up and about! What can I do for you m’dear?” seeing the pokeball in his hand her face lit up. “Is that your first pokemon? Oh, how sweet. You’ll be looking to get some things to take care of it then, am I right?”

Timmy didn’t know what to say, so he simply nodded and watched the plump woman proceed to pull out several interesting looking items and place them on the countertop. He moved in closer to get a better look.

“Now this,” she said, pointing to a small blue bottle, “is a potion. You’ll definitely want a few of these. They’ll heal your pokemon during a match. But don’t overuse them!” she cautioned. “One thing that new trainers these days never seem to learn is that a potion is no substitute for a good, long stay at a pokecenter, that’s what I always say.” With that she set the bottles aside and pointed to several pokeballs, almost identical to the one in Timmy’s hand. “These, as you already know, are pokeballs.” She explained. “You’ll want a couple of these too if you want to go out adventuring. You never know when you might run into a pokemon that catches your fancy!” She set these pokeballs aside with the potions. “Now these,” she said, pointing to some strange-looking disc shaped objects, “ are CM’s. Do you know what these do?” she asked.

Timmy merely shook his head.

“That’s quite alright, they are very simple. A CM teaches a pokemon a new attack. Let me see your pokemon and I’ll be able to tell you whether it can use any of these.”

Timmy pressed the button on his ball and released Squirt onto the countertop.

“Oh, what an adorable little squirtle!” the woman exclaimed. Upon seeing the injury on its leg, however, her face became stern. “This injury ought to have been taken care of a long time ago.” She said, frowning at Timmy. “Nevermind these CMs, we need to get this creature to the pokecenter right now. Lucky for us, this store shares a wall with the local Pokecenter and we can walk straight on over next door to get him fixed up. Go ahead and pick out what you want while I get your pokemon taken care of.”

As she walked off, Timmy felt a little awkward, standing in the shop alone. He reached out and picked up two of the pokeballs and two of the potions and reached into his pocket. He worked out how much money the items would cost and left it on the counter with the other wares. He then followed the woman out the back door which led to the pokecenter. He didn’t like letting his only companion out of his sight, even for a moment.

October 23rd, 2008, 1:16 PM
pumpkin: A good battle post, but I don't think you understand the situation. This is war. People are trying to kill each other. They will use every resource at their command to take you on, and yes that includes cheating. TIn Gym Battles, there are no refs, so its not like "So and So is unable to battle, blah is the winner",its Bidoof slammed into the weak Pikachu, and when it recovered, it cried for a surrender, but another quick attack took care of it. I will let this one slip by, but next time add a little more killer instinct into the battles.
Lilly grew to Level 8!
Lilly learned Growl!
May Traded her Egg Certificate in to get an Egg!
May obtained TM12!
Papa: Once again, you have impressed me. Squirt made me laugh, and I actually felt like I was there. Good Job.
Timmy obtained 2 Potions!
Timmy obtained 2 PokeBalls!

October 23rd, 2008, 5:16 PM
The GPHC, like the nearby PokeMart, was oddly empty. A waste, really, as the placed looked absolutely extravagant. Simon had never entered this building before, so he found himself amazed by frame-dominated walls, the massive machines behind the counter, and most of all, the stunningly attractive Nurse Joy running the counter. Her pink hair was curled into a tight bun and she wore a nurse uniform that showed off her figure perfectly. Simon had already handed her Charmander’s pokeball and had spent the last ten minutes acting as if he was studied a Town Map plastered on the wall so he didn’t get caught examining her great body.

“Um, excuse me sir,” said a voice so softly, it could have been mistaken for a whisper. A chill ran down Simon’s spine as he quickly spun around to see Nurse Joy standing next to him in all her beauty, handing him Charmander’s pokeball.

“Your Charmander will be fine, but how about you sir, do you need a room to rest?” Joy asked with a slight blush. Honestly, Simon couldn’t tell if she was doing a little flirting or just her job.

“As much as I would love to, I’ve got other plans,” Simon replied, keeping his cool. The young man had always thought of himself as handsome, so this kind of situation was natural for him.

“Like what, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Simon contemplated on whether or not he should reveal the day’s events to the curious nurse. Then he suddenly remembered the warning given by the RAoK member, and knew that if they somehow found out he told her the truth, they’d come find her. With a sigh, he straightened up and tried to put on the most bored face as possible.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” he said, quite smugly. The nurse seemed to get the picture as the blood immediately left her cheeks and she returned to the counter.

“This whole RAoK situation is really ruining my life. Let’s just get this over with,” Simon said quietly, staring intensely at the sphere in his hand. With one final look at what he was leaving behind, the young rebel turn about-face and marched out the front door. As soon as he exited the center, he released the Pokeball being held in the ball and in a burst of red light, Charmander appeared before him. Her tail was burning as brightly as ever.

“Chaaaaar...” she said in a yawn-like fashion with outstretched arms. Simon couldn’t help but chuckle at the oddly human-like gesture.

“I guess being in a pokeball is like a nap for you guys, eh?” he asked all though he didn’t really care. The orange lizard gave a sharp nod and bared her fangs at her trainer. Simon couldn’t tell if it as a smile or a threat.

“Okay Charmander, here’s the — wait, it doesn’t feel right just calling you by your species name. How about a nickname? Just Charm, perhaps?” The Pokemon gave another nod of approval, and everything was settled. Simon liked how easy it was to negotiate with Pokemon.

“Well, as I was saying, here’s the plan. We’ve been ordered to go to the local gym and defeat its current leader. That’s no easy task, as I know as a resident of Pallet Town. But with you at my side, I’m almost positive we can get through this. So what do you say?”

Charm crossed her arms and put on a facial expression that actually made her look like she was in deep thought. After a few seconds of anxious, awkward silence, the lizard looked up at her trainer’s eyes, which we only visible for this rare moment as he usually wore shades.

“Charmander Char!” she shouted as she thrust her fist in the air. Simon laughed and copied his Pokemon, and the two made their way to the Pallet Town Gym.

Just by looking at the place, one could deduce that the gym was built in a rush. In fact, the place didn’t look built at all, but just a conversion from an old apartment. But still, it played its role in striking fear in all those who entered by looming over all other buildings in the town. Simon took a deep breath, looked over at his Pokemon companion, and finally pushed the doors open and entered dramatically.

“I challenge you to a battle!” he shouted, without really looking at his surroundings. The lights were on, but the room was still exceptionally dark. As far as Simon could tell, this place was purposely never cleaned to add more of a dramatic effect to the battles that took place there. On the opposite side of the large room, sitting on a throne-like chair, was a positively blue Stewart. And I mean that literally; the man was wearing all blue, including a blue mask. Another thing Simon couldn’t stand about the gym leader: he had no fashion sense, whatsoever.

“Seriously?” Stewart said emotionlessly as he lifted himself off of his seat. “If that’s your only Pokemon, you might want to reconsider.”

“Trust me, Charm here can hold her own against your team,” the trainer said with a smirk. He knew very well that Stewart owned no Pokemon that would pose a threat to his fire Pokemon.

“Well then, can’t say I didn’t warn you.” The blue man retrieved two pokeballs from his pocket and threw one onto the field. Out came an indescribable pink creature that Simon knew as Snubbull. The beastly little thing scurried to the middle of the battlefield. The challenger gave a slight push to Charm and she also made her way to the center of the stage. Like in his previous battle, all was silent as both battlers waited for the other to make his move.

“Snubbull, let’s start this off with a Scary Face.”

The pink creature’s immediately became deformed in some kind of illusion, startling both Simon and Charm. The trainer shook off the chill first and gave his command.

“Charm, hit it with a Tackle!” The Charmander ran toward the frightening Snubbull at noticeably slow speed, and Simon knew then that Scary Face was taking effect. At this rate, Charm would fall right into a trap.

“Wait Charm, stop the Tackle. Knock him out of the Scary Face with a Growl!”

Charm drew in a deep breath, and then let out a roar so powerful Simon believed his Pokemon had just turned into an Arcanine. As expected, the move made Snubbull lose its concentration and end the Scary Face.

“Nice one! Give him another Growl!”

“Yeah right, show him you Taunt attack!” As if it weren’t in the middle of an intense fight, the Snubbull made a funny face at Charm and wagged its hands in the air. It seemed to have absolutely no effect, except when Simon realized that his Pokemon was not obeying his most recent command. Instead, the flame on the end of her tail was growing in anger. For the first time in a long time, Simon had no idea what to do.

“Getting cold feet?” Stewart said with a laugh. “Snubbull, finish him with a Tackle.”

The pink beast ran toward the Charmander at speeds that its short legs normally shouldn’t allow. It became apparent that this battle would not be easy as the battle against that young girl.

“Charm, do... something!” Simon cried frantically. However, the flame on the end of Charm’s tail kept growing larger even though the taunting had ended. As Snubbull neared for the decisive blow, Charm opened her mouth wide and to everyone’s surprise, unleashed a barrage of embers. The flames impacted on Snubbull at a fairly close range, resulting in a large explosion that didn’t clear for another minute. When the smoke did dissipate, only Charm was standing while the Snubbull lay unconscious on the floor.

Simon couldn’t help but grin at his Pokemon as Stewart recalled Snubbull and released his second and final Pokemon. Their next opponent was a hyperactive, purple rat.

“Rattata, use Tackle!”

“Heh, time to try our other new move. Use Rush!” The color on Stewart’s face drained away as he heard the command. Charm ran in a similar fashion as his Pokemon, except the lizard was going twice as fast. The two clashed in the middle of the battlefield, but it was Rattata that was flown back toward its trainer.

“Hah, one more time Charm!”

“I refuse to lose to the likes of you! Rattata, use Quick Attack!”

At first it seemed like a similar scene with the two Pokemon running toward each other, but then suddenly Rattata sped up to unimaginable speeds. Faster than her eyes could track, Charm was lost in the blur of a speeding Pokemon. Then, seemingly out of nowhere the Charmander was struck from the behind.

“Keep it up Rattata!”

“Charm, use Ember again, but this time burn the floor!” Simon ordered. Finally, he had devised a plan.

Listening to her trainer, Charm charred the floors with her Ember attack. The floor around her immediate area became extremely hot, driving Rattata far enough away for a clear shot. Knowing what her trainer was about to say next, the Charmander directed her Ember toward the slowed down rat, exploding on it in a similar way as with Snubbull. The attack even bore the same results as Rattata was also left down for the count.

Stewart refused to look Simon in the eyes as he recalled his Pokemon. Then suddenly, he felt something hard jam into his stomach, sending him flying across the room and into his specialized chair. The man hit his head hard on the ground, rendering him severely injured and unconscious.

“Sorry about that, but I was ordered to take you down,” Simon said emotionlessly, walking up to Charm who had just used Rush on the gym leader. From where the man was standing, Simon found two items on the floor: a TM and a small certificate for an egg. The boy remembered seeing an Egg house near the GPHC on his way here and immediately pocketed the items.

“Well, I wasn’t told to kill you, just ‘take you down’. So I’ll just these items and be on my way,” he said, retrieving his own pokeball and recalling Charm. As far as he was concerned, the mission was a success.

After making quick stop at the GPHC again, Simon stopped at the Egg house and used the certificate to get an egg for himself. Now all that was left to do was sit and wait.

October 23rd, 2008, 6:23 PM
Gummy: Nice Battle! Yall are really showing the CMs good, very impressive!
Charm grew to Level 9!
Simon obtained TM12!
Simon traded in the Egg Certificate for an Egg!

drunk ¬_¬
October 23rd, 2008, 8:50 PM
(Ooc: I really thought it would be WAAAY shorter :P)

(Chirp chirp chirp) The Pidgey could be heard in the early morning beginning their day.

Rocke could hear it all loud and clear. As the Sun’s first morning rays seeped in through the window of the Government Pokémon Healing Center. As he turned around to see where he was, and accustom his eyes to the morning light, he noticed a walkie-talkie and a wallet on top of a nightstand. “Oh yeah” Rocke told
himself under his breath. “The Center”

He yawned, stretched out and got up, he then noticed all of his clothes on top of a chair (as he had washed them the night before), and got up to get changed. After getting changed, he grabbed the walkie-talkie and the wallet and headed downstairs.

“Good morning!” he exclaimed at the sight of the nurse after going downstairs.

“Good morning” the nurse replied. There was no one but a small kid in the GPHC, and Rocke didn’t really pay much attention to him. Instead, he walked straight to the counter, and asked for his Pokémon back. Then after glancing at the clock, he noticed it was barely 9:00 in the morning.

<That’s strange> he thought to himself seeing how early it was. <There is something weird about today> he continued, noticing his sudden cheerful mood. As he got the pokeball, and walked outside it finally hit him: “Finally. My journey is finally about to begin”.

He knew it wouldn’t be a typical journey, but something more… special. He had been abducted after all, and didn’t know what the people manipulating him wanted, but he didn’t care much for it. HIS goal was to take down the corrupt government that had taken advantage of him, and he would find the strength necessary for this goal to be accomplished… <…by any means necessary>.

Then looking south towards the coast, he noticed a building with a blue roof, and knew instantly what it was: “A PokéMart!> … “Well, I guess it’s better to prevent than to lament” he said as he made his way to the building.

After walking in and giving a quick glance around, he went up to the clerk, and said: “Good morning… I would like to purchase two potions, two pokeballs, and a CM02”, (which had caught his attention a few minutes back), while taking out all of the money in his wallet, and handing it to the man.

“Very well” answered the man a little hesitant to take the money, but resigned to do so. To Rocke, money wasn’t so important, he had lived most of his life without it, and at the time, becoming strong was a priority.

“Thank you very much” replied Rocke with a smile that left the clerk a bit… confused. The as he walked outside, he smirked, positioned the bag with the items over his shoulder, and headed over to the Gym.

As a construction worker passed by him with a couple of frail-looking Machops, Rocke asked: “Excuse me, would you happen to know what time it is?”

“9:17” replied the man half-heartedly, and continued on to wherever he was heading.

“Night shift” guessed Rocke, but quickly turned around towards the Gym’s doors, and let his Bulbasaur out, who yelled out: “Buuul…” but inhaled some dust and gave off a small cough.

“Are you ready… Cafú” the Bulbasaur seemed excited at the name, and without a word gave off a glare and a smirk to the inside of the Gym. “Perfect” Rocke concluded as he opened up the doors to the Gym, and screamed out “I’m here to challenge whoever runs this shithole!”

He then saw two figures turn around to look at him. They were clearly angry at the comment, and the taller one came up to declare… “My name is Stewart, and I’m the Gym Leader of Pallet Town!”. In the meantime, the other figure quietly moved towards the refereeing box, and stood there waiting for the signal.

Stewart yelled out… “LET’S BEGIN! GO SNUBULL!”

Rocke instead just gave Cafú a signal with his left hand to step up, and ordered in a quiet voice: “Now, quickly use your Tackle attack”

“Snubull use Tail Whip!” As Snubull wagged its short tail to make Cafú drop his guard, the Bulbasaur came up with a strong hit with his side that made the Snubull lose its balance, and fall face-first to the arena floor.

“Quickly, follow it up with another Tackle!” yelled out Rocke, but instead of that, the Bulbasaur kept his footing, and shot three seeds at the Snubull, which were incrusted into its skin. “Nice, Leech Seed!” yelled out a surprised Rocke.

“Snubull, now use a Tackle!” Stewart screamed out to his Snubull,

“Dodge it Cafú!” answered Rocke, but not on time, as the bulldog-like Pokémon showed an unexpected speed, and clashed against his Bulbasaur successfully connecting the hit. After this happened though, the Snubull who still looked pretty vivid, knelt to the floor feeling the pressure of the roots that had sprouted from the seeds and started glowing a bright gold yellow, transferring some of its energy over to Cafú.

“Come on Snubull!” yelled out a desperate Stewart. “Let’s try with another Tackle!”

“Counter with a Tackle of your own” instructed a much calmer Rocke to his Bulbasaur. The three persons present could feel the tension, as both Pokémon charged towards each other, (yes the ref’s still there), and ...


Then, (much to the dismay of Stewart, and encouragement of Rocke and Cafú), the Snubull could be seen flying off of the ground, flipping in the air, and the falling unconscious. Cafú had proven to be much stronger than it, and the small thing couldn’t take the mutual hit and lost its footing.

Recalling his Pokémon, Stewart commented to Rocke “I’ll admit you’re better than you look, BUT YOU WON’T BEAT ME!”, as he called out his pride and joy… Rattata.

“Okay Rattata, now use Taunt!”, at hearing the command, the Rattata started to hiss at Cafú, and turned around wagging its tail around in circles.

“Don’t let it get to you Cafú! Use your Leech Seed!” but Cafú wouldn’t listened and dashed in connecting a powerful hit while the Rattata was still looking away. “Or do that…” said Rocke under his breath at seeing that his Pokémon had connected a powerful hit, “This time go in with a Leech Seed though!”

<He still hasn’t caught on> thought Stewart glancing at Rocke, “Rattata, dodge him and use Quick Attack!”

<Dodge HIM?!> thought Rocke surprised at the command, but he then saw that his Bulbasaur had actually gone in with another Tackle, which the Rattata skilfully evaded, and got hit by its Quick Attack.

“Damn Cafú!” screamed out Rocke “I need you to listen to me!” at hearing the command, the Bulbasaur calmed down and retreated to his trainer’s side. “Alright” he continued relieved. “This time I need you to use that Leech Seed again, got that?”, “Bulba” he heard the reply.

“Rattata use Tail Whip!”, as the Rattata used its Tail Whip though, three seeds shot through the air, and were incrusted in the rodent’s body, sprouting roots that started to crawl, and wrap themselves around it.

“Good shot!” Rocke screamed out feeling closer and closer to victory.

<He doesn’t even begin to understand the true tactics of Pokémon Battling> thought Stewart scheming his victory. <Even though his Bulbasaur still looks pretty healthy, it dropped his defence by a lot. Judging from experience, we should be a Quick Attack away from victory… too bad kid> “Go Rattata, Quick Attack!”

<Crap!> thought Rocke as he froze for being unprepared for the attack, and saw his Bulbasaur with a very lazy guard. “Cafú, DODGE!”. But Cafú wouldn’t have been fast enough, as he saw the Rattata making its way towards him. <Am I going to lose after all?> thought Rocke still petrified by the sudden command.

But as the Rattata was at a full-blown sprint, the roots on it back caught up to its neck, and started to glow the same gold yellow again. <Not now> thought Stewart. All of a sudden he saw his Rattata lose speed from the chokehold, and lose its footing falling on the arena floor, and sliding all the way to where Cafú stood motionless.

“I think your rat’s dead” remarked a now grinning Rocke as a drop of cold sweat fell down the right side of his face.
Seeing the battle unfold, the man who had stepped into the refereeing box quickly sent out his own Pokémon, a Sandshrew.

"Sandshrew use Sand-Attack!" he yelled out.

"WHAT!? Cafú, quicly, get out of the way and use your Leech Seed!" The Bulbasaur then swiftly changed his point of balance to his right, getting out of the way of the Sandshrew's attack, and shot his three seeds.

"STOP!" yelled out Stewart at the second man's reaction. "He won fair and square... let it go." Then looking at Rocke he said:

“Very well, I guess I have no choice but to reward you with these” as he pulled out a piece of paper, and a disc similar to the CM02 that Rocke had bought a while earlier, he continued: “These are an Egg Certificate (pointing at the piece of paper), and the TM12. The TM12 contains the move Taunt, which makes the opponent’s Pokémon only be able to use offensive moves for a while. That is the reason why your Bulbasaur refused to obey you during his match against my Rattata. I have nothing else to say to you, please leave my Gym.” He finished in a *****y note, a bit frustrated about his loss against Rocke.

Rocke hadn’t planned on staying either, and he left without a word, but a huge smirk on his face.

Once outside, he set out to find a tree with a shadow, and skipped the trip to the GPHC, seeing how Cafú still looked very strong and healthy (due to Leech Seed). When he sat down by one (the tree), he took out his walkie-talkie radio and pressed the direct connect button once stating: “Phase One Complete. What should I do now”. He then waited for about five seconds before hearing Damien’s voice come through.

“Very well done then, now head to the Egg Man's House and show him the Egg Cetificate to attain an egg, when you have, report back. Over and out."

"So... the Egg Man's House" he said directing his voice at Cafú, but at the same time...

"Heh, heh, heh" came the voice of an old man from behind him, it continued: "So you're looking for the Egg Man, huh? But why would you need to see him, may I ask?"

<Too cheerful> thought Rocke a bit pissed for the sudden appearance.<Isn't he supposed to be dying?> Then he replied: "I just beat the Gym leader Stewart, and I heard that if I obtained the Egg Certificate, I should come talk to the Egg Man"

"Yes that is true, as a matter of fact... I am the Egg Man!" (Ooc: Big shocker!) said the man quite proud of his own 'plot twist'... he then continued: "Please follow me to my house so I can give you an egg".

Upon reaching the Egg Man's House, the old man turned to face Rocke and asked: "May I see the Egg Certificate?"

"Sure" replied Rocke taking out the piece of paper from the grocery bag.

Upon seeing it, the Egg Man replied: "It is truly remarkable that you have obtained this, but I wouldn't forgive myself for giving an egg who lacks a backpack, therefore I will allow you to have my old one!" he said as he gave him a backpack with an egg on a special pouch. Rocke then proceeded to put the CM02, and TM12 in a special, built-in TM Case, and the potions and pokeballs on their respective bags. "Thank you very much he said to the old man, and left the house.

"Mission 1 complete" he talked into the walkie-talkie...

October 23rd, 2008, 10:07 PM
(OOC: I'm not gonna be able to finish chapter two in only two posts unfortunately. I hope that's all right. Anyway, this ones shorter than the last two posts.
Oh, and credit goes to Wikipedia for the magazine article's contents)

As Timmy pushed his way past the swinging glass door at the back of the pokemart he stepped into another brightly lit, but slightly larger room. Looking around at the instruments on the wall and the scrupulously clean floor and countertops, it was clear that he had entered a hospital of some sort. The plump woman from the pokemon shop made her way across the polished floor towards the front counter and Timmy followed, his shoes squeaking with every step.

Behind the counter stood a pleasant-looking young woman. She had a kind face and was thin, but filled out her nurse’s uniform well (although Timmy was not yet at an age to judge that sort of thing). Her hair was vividly red and pulled into a bun with several loose, bouncy curls that hung down her back. The whole ensemble was topped with a white, starched cap with a bright red cross on the front “Hey there Dee, what are you doing over here at this time of night? Oh...” she said upon seeing the pokemon in her arms.

“We have a squirtle that needs attention Joy.” The shopkeeper said. She lifted Squirt up onto the countertop. Finding itself the center of attention, Squirt began spinning himself around on his shell again, happily crying "SQUIRT, SQUIRT, SQUIRT!" as loud as he was able. Chuckling, the storekeeper continued. “It belongs to this young man here,” she said, pulling Timmy forward.

“Hi there” the nurse said, beaming at him. “This does seem to be the night for people to be wandering around on their own. Why, I just had a young man leave here a moment ago with an injured charmander. Handsome little thing too…”

“The man?” the storekeeper asked.

“Oh, no, of course not” nurse Joy replied, blushing scarlet, “the charmander.” She picked up Squirt, turned around unnecessarily quickly hurried off to the back room to tend to Squirt’s injuries. The storekeeper turned to Timmy with a soft smile on her face. It was that same consoling look that his mother always used to give him when he told her about the kids who picked on him at school. The thought of his mother brought him to the verge of tears again and he hastily averted his eyes.

“Oh, my dear boy,” the woman cooed, “your pokemon will be right as rain in no time. There’s no need to cry.” She thought he was crying over Squirt’s injuries. Well, he would let her think that. It was easier, and safer, than trying to explain the truth. “ Have a seat over here” she said as she led him over to several squashy chairs. They each took a seat and Timmy took the time to look around while the shopkeeper busied herself with a few fashion magazines that lay in a nearby rack. He listened to the soothing hum of machines as his eyes traveled over the usual hospital décor. Cheap prints of famous paintings hung, framed, from the walls and potted plants stood at every corner. One glance was enough to tell him that they were fake.

As he continued to idly scan the room, he glanced at the rack of magazines and an interesting one caught his eye: “Trainer Zone” it said in big red print on the front. “The pokemon trainer’s official magazine.” He picked it up and flipped through its pages. Article headings flashed past his vision. He passed up things like “Viridian Weekly Tournament Results” and “Pick a Pokemon: Which One is Right for You?” He had almost reached the end when he stopped on an interesting-looking article. He was initially attracted to it by a large, full-page picture of a squirtle blasting a stream of water forth from its mouth. The page opposite it was titled “Monthly Pokemon Highlight: Squirtle”

“This could be interesting,” he thought as he began to read.


The pokedex defines this pokemon as a bipedal turtle pokemon, with its most notable feature being the hard shell on its back. This shell forms and hardens on its back after birth. It could perhaps be distantly related to some other turtle-like Pokémon, such as Torkoal and Turtwig, but Squirtle seems to only be closely related to its evolutions, wartortle and blastoise.

Squirtle's shell is an extremely helpful defensive tool. It can withdraw into the shell to block physical attacks. Its smooth, hard shell and head also aid it in other ways, such as minimizing its resistance in water to increase its swimming
speed, and allowing it to launch attacks like Rapid Spin and Skull Bash.

Squirtle can spray water from its mouth. At first, it may only be able to spray foam and bubbles, but with time it can learn to spray water jets like Water Gun and Hydro Pump. If it withdraws, it can still spray water out the holes in its shell.

Squirtle are scarce in the wild. They are very loyal to their groups, but they get along better with other Pokémon than with humans, and can sometimes have a bit of an attitude towards humans. It is far from uncommon for them to start or join larger groups

We hope that this was helpful for any trainers out there with an eye on this blue water-spraying pokemon. Keep a lookout next month for our next pokemon highlight!

Timmy clutched the magazine like a drowning man to a life ring. He couldn’t believe it. This was exactly what he needed. The article explained so much about Squirt. He now understood what his squirtle had done when the rattata threatened to claw it to death. He didn’t know that Squirt could pull inside his shell like that. Maybe if he could learn to utilize this trick, he would have a chance against this gym leader after all.

“Excuse me young man,” came the tinkling voice of nurse Joy from behind the counter, “your squirtle is all patched up now.” As Timmy headed over, Squirt had to show off for the nurse one last time. He opened his mouth, took a deep breath and exhaled several large, luminescent bubbles, glistening with the light. “Ooh, how pretty” nurse Joy exclaimed as she patted the little show-off on the head.

“At first, it may only be able to spray foam and bubbles” Timmy thought. “We’ll work on that move later.” As he returned squirtle to his ball, he summoned up the courage to ask the nurse one last question. “Do.. er… do you know of a place where I can spend the night?” He asked tentatively. He needed to fight the gym leader soon, but he seriously doubted that Stewart would be awake at this time of night.

“Of course!” Nurse Joy responded brightly. “We have several hospital beds upstairs available. We usually reserve them for patients, but I think we can make an exception in your case” she said with a friendly wink. She started to lead him to the stairs, but she stopped halfway and turned back around with a thoughtful look on her face. “But won’t your parents be coming for you soon?” she asked. “They do know where you are, don’t they?” she continued, her voice becoming more stern. Timmy had no ready answer for the question.

“Oh… um… yeah, I guess they will. I’ll just go wait for them outside.”

“Why not wait in here? It’s cold outsi—“ Before she could finish protesting, Timmy had exited the door. As soon as his feet hit the gravel, he was off and running. He didn’t stop to look back, but his only thought was to escape. If anyone found out what he was up to… he didn’t want to think what would happen to the both of them.

After running until his legs would go no further, he found a leafy bush, big enough to conceal him, and toppled into it. After the trauma and exhaustive events of the day he didn’t even have time to register that he still had the pokemon magazine clenched in his fist. Neither did he notice how cold, damp and scratchy it was in the bush before he fell straight to sleep.

October 24th, 2008, 8:30 PM
drunk: Very nice way to show Taunt's Effect, but for next gym battles, make it more blood-thirsty. Read Gummy's last post, it should show you the animal instinct that needs to be in Gym Battles. (And all the things you bought added up to 1100, which is over your money limit, so I will cut back a Potion, unless you change your mind.)
Cafu grew to level 8!
Rocke obtained TM12!
Rocke swapped the Egg Certificate for an Egg!
Rocke obtained 2 Pokeballs!
Rocke obtained 1 Potion!
papa: Nice way to add in Gummy's guy, I'm glad to see that you have been reading other peoples posts XD

Chapter 3: To Viridian!
2-3 Posts
Plot: All Members of the "Omega Team" receive a message on their radio. It tells them to meet a guy in a red cloak at midnight behind the PokeMart. So you go there, where the rest of the team is there with you. The Man in the Red Cloak begins. "I am a Scout for the KoTR, I was sent here by the Warlord...but anyways,", he says in his high voice," I was sent to pick up your Eggs." You reluctantly hand over your eggs as he continues, "Also, I have been ordered to pass this around." He starts handing out a lot of PokeDexs for everyone. "This should tell you what Pokemon that you are battling, and help you find out more about them. Oh, and 1 more thing. Our guys our being held up in Pewter, Damn Brock, he is giving us a run for our money. Anyway, from now on you should team up, you are always a lot stronger in a group." And with that he leaves. You have to move up to Viridian City to get to Pewter, so start moving.
Your Role: Describe the meeting with the Man, and move up through Route 101, battling a trainer or two, and maybe even catch a Pokemon.
Setting: Route 101 (Pallet Town)
Wild Pokemon:

http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/3884/396starlyur1.png (http://imageshack.us)
Levels 3-6
Type: Flying
Gender: Male 50%
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack (If Level 5)
Enhanced: 15%
Catch Rate: 255
Rarity: Common

http://img236.imageshack.us/img236/8079/263zigzagoondc7.png (http://imageshack.us)
Levels 4-6
Type: Normal
Gender: Male 50%
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip (5)
Enhanced: 20%
Catch Rate: 255
Rarity: Common

http://img236.imageshack.us/img236/6480/023ekanshg6.png (http://imageshack.us)
Levels 4-8
Type: Poison
Gender: Male 50%
Attacks: Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting
Enhanced: 20%
Catch Rate: 255
Rarity: Uncommon

http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/7494/236tyrogueaz7.png (http://imageshack.us)
Levels 4-9
Type: Fighting
Gender: Male 100%
Attacks: Tackle, Helping Hand, Foresight, Fake Out
Enhanced: 5%
Catch Rate: 75
Rarity: Rare

http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/6590/252treeckozu9.png (http://imageshack.us)
Levels 5-9
Type: Grass
Gender: Male 88%
Attacks: Pound, Leer, Absorb (6)
Enhanced: 25%
Catch Rate: 25
Rarity: Super Rare (1 above Rare, 1 under Legendary)

Set Trainers: None
POI: None

October 26th, 2008, 12:21 AM
(OOC: Holycraphuge. Please excuse this post. It was written late at night and I sorta' ended up rambling on parts. I was just trying to focus on getting the basic info out of the way and I didn't beautify it much, but somehow it still ended up being friggin' huge. And yet I still have the egg man post to get through...)

Waking up the next morning was a painful experience. Timmy had cramps in a dozen places and several rocks and twigs were jabbing him in various bits of his anatomy. Blinking in the bright sunlight and picking leaves out of his hair, he raised himself from the underbrush and stumbled out of the bush onto the path in front of him. A woman glared at him suspiciously as she passed and herded her children to the far side of the street.

As he stood there, straightening himself up and brushing himself down, he tried to remember where he was and why he was here. As the realization of his position sunk in, his heart fell down and splashed into the pit of his stomach. He knew what needed to be done, but he had neither the courage nor the strength to accomplish it. What made the situation worse was that he didn’t have the courage not to do it either. If he didn’t finish his task soon, he would face the displeasure of the secret association that had kidnapped him in the first place. He shuddered to think of what punishments they had in mind.

There was nothing for it. He would just have to do his best to take down this gym leader. If he failed, it would be no worse than if he ran for it. He strolled down the street as he thought the situation through in his head. He needed two things to begin with. #1: a plan. #2: the know-how required to carry it out. First things first. He needed to find out the capabilities of his pokemon to gauge how powerful it was and try and figure out a game plan in his mind.

As he continued walking down the street absentmindedly, he found himself heading out of town and into a more unpopulated area. There were many trees and bushes here to conceal his activity, so Timmy judged that this would be an ideal place to practice. He left the trail and waded into the long grass until he was deep enough in to avoid detection. He found a clearing in the trees and pulled out Squirt’s pokeball. Pressing the button, he released his blue friend. In contrast to his pokemon’s usual buoyancy, when Squirt was released, he simply remained in the grass, curled up and fast asleep. “Late riser, huh?” Timmy muttered. Picking a blade of grass, he leaned over the snoring turtle and tickled his nose with the tip of the plant. Nose twitching, Squirt shook his head to rid it of the pest that plagued it. As timmy continued, Squirt’s mouth opened and eyes clenched.

“Aah, aaah, CHOO!” Squirt sneezed. From his mouth shot several glistening bubbles, straight into his trainers face. Timmy had been fascinated by the beauty of the bubbles before, but he had not imagined that they possessed any seriously damaging qualities. Thus, it was in this state of mind that Timmy was knocked on his butt and rubbed his stinging nose, dazed.

“What’s in those bubbles?” he said out loud. There had to be some sort of gas within that caused the combustion. At the sound of his voice, Squirt awoke and stretched his stubby blue limbs.

“S-s-squirt!” he mumbled, fighting a massive yawn.

“Wake up sleepy head!” Timmy said. “It’s time for your first training session to begin.” He smiled as he said this. He felt like a real trainer now. Looking at the pokemon magazine that he had inadvertently stolen from the pokecenter, he reviewed it’s contents. Using it for reference he shouted, “Ok Squirt, use you bubble attack!” Squirt gave him a blearly glance and only gave a halfhearted hiccup in response, issuing only one very small bubble. “Ugh, this is going to take some work.”

Timmy spent the bulk of the daylight hours hidden in this glen, working on various techniques. It was clear that Squirt knew these movements and attacks well enough to perform them, but the trick was to get him to perform them on command. At first Squirt seemed to ignore his every word and simply sat there, toying with his toes, but as Timmy gained in assertiveness and confidence, his pokemon began to listen. It took many hours to get to a point at which they were working as a team, but slowly it began to happen. As they progressed, Timmy attempted several techniques including tackling, bubble beam, and a strange hypnotic dance which involved much tail waving and circular movement. Timmy didn’t know what exactly it was, but it seemed to put him into a dazed trance that took him several seconds to shake himself out of. That would be a useful technique to bear in mind for the future. He also practiced having squirtle use it’s shell to its full advantage. He discovered that it was useful for parrying certain blows and packing a bigger punch to most attacks.

By late afternoon, Timmy and Squirt were both tired and sweaty, but Timmy felt pleased. He still was a beginner to this whole pokemon thing, but they had definitely made progress today. He debated in his head when the best time to take on the gym leader would be. Last night he had reasoned that the best time would be in daylight because the trainer would be up and about at that time and ready to battle. The more he thought about it however, the more he realized that that was exactly what he didn’t want. He wanted to take advantage of everything he could, and he would have to do so to be able to beat this trainer. All this time, Timmy had been thinking of the situation as if it was all one big tournament, where referees called time-outs for foul play. This, he realized, was nothing like that. There would be no referees, no nice, neat gym floor to battle in, and no mercy. Surely if Stewart beat him, it wouldn’t just be a case of “oh dear, you lost. Come try again next weekend!” This was real.

He decided that he had better make his move at nightfall. If he attacked Stewart while he slept, he would be unprepared and, hopefully, an easier target. Of course, sneaking into the gym leaders private quarters at night would be a difficult task, but what about this mission wasn’t difficult? Timmy leaned back against a tree and closed his eyes. He surely had time for a quick doze before nightfall.

Waking with a start, Timmy awoke in pure blackness. Wondering what had woken him, Timmy felt a soft damp tongue licking his hand. Pulling away sharply, he heard a familiar “Squirt!” Sighing with relief, Timmy felt around in the darkness and patted his little friend on the head.

“Thanks for waking me buddy, I might have slept clear through the night.” He Picked himself up off the ground and called Squirtle back to his pokeball. He carefully felt his way back out of the underbrush, and as he reached the trail he looked around, trying to find his way in the dark. Seeing lights on in the distance, he jogged towards them, which led him back towards the center of town.

Passing buildings and road signs, softly illuminated by street lamps, Timmy slowed down to see if he could spot the location of this Stewart person’s residence. Reaching the pokecenter he had stopped at last night, he circled around it, giving it a wide berth lest someone within would recognize him. Upon reaching the other side of the pokecenter, he practically ran smack into the front gates of the pokemon Gym. Clearly this entire town was built with this building as its center point. All the streets and buildings seemed to lead to it. Timmy wondered how he had missed it before.

Heart pounding, Timmy reached to open the gate and found that it was locked. He quickly glanced left and right to make sure no one was watching, and hoisted himself up and over the wrought-iron fence. Being careful to avoid the pointy tops of the posts, he dropped down the other side into the cool grass. Keeping low to the ground, he scrambled across the dark, grassy lawn, avoiding patches of light from the street lamps. Reaching the gym, he tentatively tugged on the front doors. They were locked of course. And, Timmy realized, the gym leader would not likely live in the gym itself. He kept his body as close as possible to the brick walls of the gym as he circled around the back way. Maybe there was some sort of gym leaders quarters back here somewhere…

As he reached the back wall of the gym, he noticed that a room in the back still had its lights on. Strange. There was also a small door here. As Timmy approached it, his heart skipped a beat. The door hung open a fraction of an inch, revealing the dark interior of the building. “This is it” Timmy told himself. “It’s now or never.” Without giving his brain a chance to protest, Timmy pushed the door open and entered silently.

The room into which Timmy had entered was dark, and small, but it adjoined with a larger, more brightly lit, room by means of a door to the right. Stepping up to this open door, he hid behind the doorframe and listened. Voices emanated from the room. Two men were conversing with one another. The clink of glasses and the sound of loud slurping and belching suggested that drinks were changing hands.

“I tell ya, I’m just about sick of this so-called democracy –hic-. They just don’ appreciate me. I work all day –hic- workin’ my butt off, keepin’ these country bums from makin’ trouble, but do you think they –hic- care? No they don’t. Pass the drink over ‘ere.”

“Yeah boss, I tell ya, we’s been getting’ paid less and less lately. We deserves a kickback, ya know what I’m sayin’?”

“ ‘Course I do. I’ve been –hic- sayin’ it fer years. I’ve been mistreated for too long, that’s what I say. This is good, strong stuff Artie. Where’d you get it?”

“Thankee Boss. Was a gift from me old auntie. She always did know a good brew when she saw it. You know, we aughta’ tell that president of ours what we want. We need to demand our share.”

“That’s a mighty fine idea Art. I tell ya, I’m gonna get what’s comin’ to me one way or another.”

“How ironic” Timmy thought over the frantic beating of his heart. As his fear mounted higher and higher, he knew he would not have the courage to do what he came for if he delayed any longer. Stepping out from behind the wall, he pressed the button on his pokeball and released his squirtle onto the floor in front of him.

“Stewart!” He called out in the strongest voice he could muster, which still was not loud enough to carry over the two men’s conversation. “STEWART!” He called again at the top of his lungs, blood pounding in his ears. At this, the two men turned to face him. One man appeared to be dressed all in blue, from the mask on his head, to his shiny blue shoes. The other man was a burly-looking fellow with a dull-looking face and short-cropped hair. The blue man squinted at him, still clutching an empty shot glass in his hand.

“Who in Jirachi’s name are you?” he said, still trying to comprehend Timmy’s sudden appearance.

“M-my name isn’t important” Timmy stammered. “I’m h-here t-t-to challenge you!”

“How the devil did you get in here?” blue said again. “Sorry kid, but gym hours are over. Go on back to your mamma.”

“I’m not here for a tournament.” Timmy said. “I’m here to destroy you Stewart.” Timmy said. At this, the man in blue seemed startled, but then he and his companion burst out laughing. Timmy blushed slightly at his own outburst, but he let the men laugh. This would give him a better chance.”

“ Destroy me? Haha, listen to this –hic- kid Artie! He says he’s here to destroy me! Haha, look at ‘im standin’ there with his cute little poke—“

He was interrupted by a blast of bubbles from Squirt’s mouth. These floating orbs launched towards Stewart at high speed and blasted him from his chair, leaving him sprawled on the floor. Stumbling with shock and drunkenness, he raised himself up with an ugly look on his face. His companion flexed his arms. “Want me to deal with ‘im boss?” he asked.

“No” Stewart said, steadying himself against the table. “This one is mine.” With that he fumbled at his belt and unhooked a small pokeball. With a press of the button, an ugly-looking pink dog appeared on the floor in front of him. “Take that turtle down Snubbull!” he shouted, “Tackle him!” The pink dog creature lowered its head and ran full-out towards Squirt, it’s head preparing to bash into him. Timmy’s mind raced as he went over his practice sessions. He waited for the opportune moment to give his command.

“Squirtle, dodge! Now use your bubbles!” Squirt nimbly sidestepped the crude tackle attack and shot a stream of bubbles at the snubbull from behind. The bubbles hit the pokemon in the rear end, sending it tumbling onto the floor, bruises covering it’s hindquarters. Stewart’s already red face reddened even further with anger.

“Stupid useless animal!! Snubull, get up and tackle him again!” Stewart’s clouded brain was obviously affecting his judgment. With a bark and a growl, the snubbull came charging in again, aiming for Squirt.

“Squirt, dodge again!” Timmy cried out. When snubbull neared, squirtle hopped to the side, but this time snubbull was ready. The snubbull lost a lot of momentum, but it was able to change direction just enough to knock Squirt to the ground and leave him with a few scrapes.

“Excellent!” Stewart shouted. Attack again! The snubbull turned and honed in for a third tackle. This time Timmy tried a different tactic.

“Squirtle, use bubble beam, now!” Squirt, raising itself from the ground, took in a big breath and sprayed forth a massive jet of bubbles. Stewart, too drunk to think straight, didn’t react quickly enough and the snubbull was hit dead-on with the bubble blast. Knocked clear off of its feet, Stewart’s pokemon fell to the floor, bleeding from several abrasions. It got back up, but it was cross-eyed and extremely unsteady, much like its master.

“ NO!’ Stewart screamed. “Rattata, go!”

“Two pokemon at once?” Timmy thought. “This is going to be difficult.

“Ratatta, quick attack! Snubbull, tackle!” Stewart ordered. Both pokemon rushed squirtle at once. The snubbull was slow and easily predictable, but the fresh rattata was not. While Squirt attempted to keep both opponents in view at once, rattata found a gap in his defenses and leapt in with a slashing strike. Bad memories of that first battle in the warehouse came back to Timmy as he watched his squirtle get gashed again by a vicious rattata. Not only did the rattata hit, but with an opening created by rattata, Stewart’s staggering snubbull was able to get in with a weak, but still painful, tackle. Squirtle fell to the floor, falling victim to a second slash from rattata. Snubbull tackled him again as well, sending Squirt skittering on his shell across the room towards Timmy.

“No, hang on Squirt.” Timmy whispered fervently. As his squirtle’s eyes began to close in exhaustion, Timmy had a revelation. Reaching inside his jacket, he pulled out one of the potions he had bought from the pokemart. Tipping it’s contents into squirt’s slightly open mouth, he waited to see the results. As Squirt swallowed the mixture, his eyes opened once again. Life coursed back into his limbs and the turtle was revitalized. Timmy was still confused however. Even though squirtle appeared to have been revived by the potion, he still did not raise himself from the ground.

“Haha, kid. Your pokemon is nothing compared to my force. Now I’m afraid I’m going to have to finish the poor little thing off.” He grinned. “Snubbull, snap the turtle’s neck.” Timmy watched In horror as the ugly pink dog moved in for the killing blow. As the dog raised itself above Squirt, ready to come down with it’s tearing teeth and claws, Squirt gave Timmy the smallest of winks as he kicked out with his bottom legs. The blow hit Snubbull right in the fork of his legs. Even a healthy pokemon would have been floored with a cheap shot like that, but in it’s weakened condition, the Snubbull was utterly incapacitated. It lay on the floor, whimpering softly and it seemed unlikely that the creature would ever rise.

As Squirt raised himself from the floor, Stewart’s eyes bulged at the sight of his snubbull. Timmy used this time to go after the rattata. “Squirt, tackle his rattata!” Squirt sprinted towards the rat pokemon and smashed into it with all his force, using his shell to absorb most of the impact. The rattata flew aross the floor, but staggered to its feet once again.

“Ratatta, tackle him!” Stewart cried with increasing anger and desperation in his voice. “Dodge any retaliation!” As the rat ran towards squirt, Timmy was ready.

“Squirt, hold your ground!” he said. As rattata ran closer and closer, Timmy readied himself. “Now, Squirt! Bubble beam!” as rattata leapt through the air, teeth bared, Squirt’s mouth filled with air. As the rat came down, squirtle let loose with a rush of powerful bubble wreckage. The blast hit rattata full in the face, right in mid-jump. The force of the impact blasted rattata into a full backflip, it’s neck snapping like a twig with a dull ‘crack’. Stewart looked on with dismay at his pokemon.

“You… you’ve killed my pokemon boy. I”LL KILL YOU!!” As Stewart stumbled towards Timmy in a drunken rage, his assistant joined in the fray. Squirtle inhaled deeply again and blasted the both of them with an enormous cloud of bubbles, which knocked the both of them onto the floor where they did not rise. Tentatively, Timmy took a step forward. He could see that the men’s chest’s were still rising, but they were clearly unconscious. Timmy wanted nothing more than to leave this place immediately, but he needed proof for the Rebellion Army that he had accomplished his task. Curiously, he picked up a slip of paper that had fallen from Stewart’s hand, along with a cd-like object. Timmy pocketed them as proof

“They’ll live,” Timmy muttered, “But I can’t say the same for their pokemon. He looked over at the still forms of the snubbull and rattata and he was instantly filled with guilt and remorse. These pokemon had done nothing wrong, they were only obeying their master. They had died and he, Timmy, had done it. Mind clouding over with grief and fear, he turned and rushed out the door from where he had come, pausing only to return Squirtle to his ball.

October 26th, 2008, 12:33 PM
May headed towards the Mart. She would buy a few PokéBalls, and then meet with... whoever she was supposed to see. He didn't sound very nice, but not exceptionally evil either.

Soon, she was inside the blue-roofed building, browsing the merchandise. A red-and-white sphere caught her eye. Just what she was looking for. Satisfied, she plucked one off the shelf. She would have 50 credits left after she bought this, but it was worth another Pokémon.

After she had purchased it, she exited the Mart, gazing momentarily at its glass, sliding door before circling around behind it. She was the first one to see the mysterious, red-cloaked man, but soon, everyone else had gathered. It appeared as if the man were about to speak.

At that moment he did. May listened carefully to what he was saying.

"I am a scout for the KoTR, sent by the warlord. But, anyways..." He pauses for a moment, which causes May to be slightly curious. Warlord? What did he mean by that?

Soon, the scout continues. "I need to see your eggs."

May takes it out of her pack, staring at it one more time before reluctantly handing it to the man. It was very disappointing, but what would happen if she didn't do what he said?

"I have been ordered to pass these around." He handed everyone a red thing that looked like a hand-held console. "A Pokédex," he explains. "It should tell you more about the Pokémon you battle."

Once again, he pauses. "Oh, one more thing. Our guys are being held up in Pewter.

"You should team up to get there. You're always stronger in groups."

He nods to the crowd, then slowly leaves.

May was left dumbfounded. She honestly barely understood what he said. But she had gotten all the important parts, and that was good. "I'll team up with someone," she volunteered. She didn't really like the feeling of going alone, after the encounter with that guy. But really, what was going on in Pewter anyway?

May sighed, and looked towards the Route ahead. All of a sudden, she was wondering what time it was, and she was hungry. But she knew of nowhere to eat or find the time, so she just pushed the thought out of her mind, and sent out Lilly.

"You ready?" May asked.

Lilly nodded furiously. She meowed, as if to say, "I'm able to take on any Pokémon on that route there."

Not understanding, May just nodded absentmindedly. She had a weird feeling about what would happen next, but she ignored it.

Maybe she could do something while she was waiting, but she really was bored now. She sat down and stared absentmindedly into the distance. She began fooling a bit with her black gloves, then retied her bandanna so that it was a bit more loose. This would give her more room to take deep breaths, oddly. It had been a bit tight before.

OOC: Terribly sorry for the short post. I always seem to be the first to post in chapters, and since no one's done anything yet, I don't have much to say either :(

October 27th, 2008, 4:24 AM
papa: Very nice post, I like the entire battle scene, and the training, and everything else. You are just too good...
Squirt grew to Level 9!
Timmy obtained an Egg Certificate!
Timmy obtained TM12!
pumpkin: Dont worry, I understand, there are like two people that arnt taking an active roll...

drunk ¬_¬
October 27th, 2008, 10:51 AM
(Ooc: My bad, for some reason I thought that pokeballs were 100C too)

"Mission 1 complete" he talked into the walkie-talkie...

Almost immediately, J’s voice came out of the walkie-talkie. “Very well done, in 12 hours (it was noon already), go to the back of the GPHC, there you will meet a man in red, and a number of other trainers who were also sent to Pallet along with you. He will give you further instructions.”

“Tch.” The thought of J still pissed Rocke off seeing how his body always felt like it hurt due to his fault, then clicking the button he replied: “Further instructions… behind the GPHC… midnight I got it”

“Good” he heard J say one more time before his voice disappeared. He knew he wouldn’t say anything more… there was no need to.

“Alright, so what should we do until then” Rocke told Cafú who was still outside his pokeball. Then sending his hand to his stomach, he felt it in pain and grumbling. “Maybe… eat something” he said looking at Cafú who didn’t even show any signs of being remotely hungry.

“Sigh. Photosynthesis all of a sudden seems so cool” he said looking up at the sky, and with his stomach still grumbling. After all, he hadn’t eaten since being taken by J to the arena to obtain his Pokémon Cafú.

As he made his way to the middle of the town, which coincidentally happened to be Stewart’s Gym, he started to look around for a place to eat… but nothing. He had no money left and without money, there aren’t many places you can find food

<Maybe if I try at the harbour I may be able to find something> he thought half-heartedly. At this, he started to run full speed towards the ocean with Cafú following closely behind.

After going around the whole city though… nothing. Rocke was back between the GPHC and the Gym; four hours had passed, and the pain was even stronger than before.

<Goddamn this!> he thought as he walked inside the GPHC tightly gripping his stomach with a look of pain in his eyes, and cursing under his breath, only to witness a small booth next to the counter with big, neon letters which read:

‘GPHC Café... Free 4 Trainers’

“I seriously deserve a slap” he told Cafú who was still beside him, but he didn’t really react to it, and seemed to be tired… “I guess we DID run a lot”.

After having a bountiful meal, Rocke proceeded to get a room upstairs to wait until the meeting time. As he laid down though, he could not muster any sleep.

<At midnight> he thought to himself, <At midnight everything will be much clearer>

Hours passed, and it seemed as if Rocke hadn’t been able to even blink due to his nervousness. Cafú on the other hand, passed out immediately after entering the room. “It’s almost time” Rocke thought looking at the clock in the room. Then he got up, and looked out his window. He immediately noticed a young girl with dark brown hair come up to the meeting place. <What?!> He thought bewildered. <I know there were smaller kids than her at the first gathering, but there’s no way, could she really be one of the others sent to Pallet?!>

Hoping that whoever kidnapped him would not do the same to such a young child, he immediately turned around recalled a still sleeping Cafú back to its pokeball, and jumped out the window into some bushes to break the fall. After taking all the twigs and leaves off of his clothes, he proceeded to walk towards her when a man in a red cloak appeared close to them. Not much time later, another group of kids and teens came and the cloaked man began:

“I am a scout for KoTR, I was sent here by the Warlord… but anyways, I was sent to pick up your Eggs.”

Rocke gulped. This guy was the real thing right now “I wasn’t so into the excited about the idea of making the egg hatch anyways” he told himself before handing the egg over to a kid who was closer to the man, and giving him a motion to pass it over.

"Also, I have been ordered to pass this around." He said as he started handing out a lot of PokeDexs for everyone. "This should tell you what Pokemon that you are battling, and help you find out more about them. Oh, and one more thing. Our guys our being held up in Pewter, Damn Brock, he is giving us a run for our money. Anyway, from now on you should team up, you are always a lot stronger in a group."

<So team up huh? I’m not too sure about it> he thought as he noticed the same girl from before raising her voice and saying: "I'll team up with someone"

<Just how strong can Brock be?> he thought as he stood where he was without moving, or uttering a single word.

October 27th, 2008, 1:17 PM
drunk: Hah, food places always seem invisible when you are looking for them.

November 1st, 2008, 10:55 PM
Running down the deserted streets, Timmy stumbled his way down the dark paths. He couldn’t see where he was going, but he didn’t much care. In his haste, he was too late to stop himself as he turned his head just in time to glimpse the headlights of the car that slammed his consciousness away.
When Timmy awoke, his mind was blissfully blank. His mind was a blank slate and so, seemingly were his senses. He could feel nothing but softness and warmth all around him and is ears were filled with nothing but a quiet hum. Timmy kept his eyes shut for a long time, savoring the complete comfort in which he rested, wondering if, perhaps, this was heaven. He felt a soft touch on his forehead. His eyes opened and were filled with a bright, streaming light from directly overhead, framing an angelic face.

“Hello sleepyhead. You’ve had quite a rough time.” The angel was speaking to him. He let the sound wash over him without really comprehending what was said. He shifted slightly and let out an involuntary yelp.

“Aah!” He cried as a sudden pain shot through his chest.

“Careful” the angel voice said again. “You don’t want to injure those ribs any more. We just got the bones reset.”

“B-bones?” he gasped, trying to ignore the pain. He was fully awake now and he took in his surroundings. A small and pristinely white room met his eyes. Other than the bed on which he lay, there was only a small bedside table, a potted plant in the corner and a red-haired nurse who was scribbling away on a clipboard. “Wh-where am I?”

“You’re in the pokecenter of course” the nurse said absentmindedly as she continued scribbling. “We don’t just treat pokemon here.”

“…Where?” he said, confused. The nurse looked up from her clipboard, raising an eyebrow.

“The pokecenter.” She said again, more slowly. “You know, the one your squirtle was treated at a few nights ago?”

“Squirtle?” He didn’t remember owning a pokemon. In fact, now that he thought about it, he didn’t remember much of anything. He tried to remember what had happened to him, but there was nothing. Timmy started to panic. Where was he? Who was he? He couldn’t even remember his own name. “I- I don’t remember.” He left it at that. He couldn’t remember anything.

He had the nurse’s full attention now. She was staring into his eyes with a curious expression on her face. “You can’t remember… anything?”


“This is more serious than I thought,” she said, nervously fingering one of her delicately curled locks, her brows furrowing. “Memory loss is not uncommon in cases like this… but… oh, but I’ve never… this makes things complicated. No identification at all…” She sighed and seemed to take command of herself again. “Well, there’s nothing for it I suppose. You’ll just have to sit tight until we can locate your parents. In the meantime, rest up and I’ll bring you some food shortly.” She bustled out of the room, muttering about ‘complicated circumstances’.
Timmy gasped as he sat up. Pain sliced through his chest like a knife every time he moved. He tried not to breath too deeply as he looked around. He was lying in a white bed, covered with a soft blanket. His room was spotlessly clean and, though someone had obviously made an effort to make the room look homey, it was still unnervingly clinical. He felt his chest, gingerly touching the tight bandages with which he was wrapped. He looked over at the table beside him and noticed the objects resting on it. A red-and-white ball and a cd-like object were all that resided there. He picked up the ball, relieved to find something he could recognize. This was a pokeball, he knew, but he couldn’t remember how he knew it. According to the nurse, it contained a squirtle. He knew what that was as well, but he had no idea how he had come to be in possession of one. Was he perhaps a pokemon trainer? He had no way of knowing what he once was, but it didn’t matter much now.

Timmy picked up the ball and pressed the button. With a flash of light, out on the bedsheets landed a blue turtle pokemon, brimming with happiness at having finally been released from his multiple-day confinement. The creature bounced up and down with glee, but stopped at the cries of pain raised by its master as his chest gave another spasm. “Squirt?” it said, cocking its head to the side.

The word rang a bell in Timmy’s head, but he couldn’t remember why. He knew that there was so much that he should remember, but he just couldn’t, and it was frustrating him. He was in the middle of racking his brain for any clue to who he might be, when his thoughts were interrupted by the nurse’s voice emanating from outside. She seemed to be arguing with someone. After a moment or two, footsteps echoed down the hall and the nurse reentered the room, followed by a tall man in a red cloak and dark glasses. Timmy quickly recalled squirtle to his pokeball.

“Someone to see you.” The nurse said, glancing dubiously at the man as he entered.

“We would like some privacy, if you don’t mind” said the tall stranger to the nurse. “I would like to talk to my… nephew, alone.” With another disapproving glance, the nurse turned on her heel and shut the door behind her. The stranger waited until he heard her footsteps retreat down the hall before he spoke.

“Alright, what kinda’ stunt are you tryin’ to pull kid.” He snapped, pointing an accusing finger at Timmy’s face. “Think getting run over is a good escape route huh? You’d better thank whatever god you worship that our men got to the scene before the police or else you would have a lot more to worry about than a couple of cracked ribs. What they would’ve done with that note we left you, I shudder to think. But that’s beside the point. I've heard every word you’ve said since your little accident and I’m calling your bluff. What’s your plan now, Mr. Memory Loss?”

“Wh-“ Timmy could do nothing but stare at the man blankly. The man stared back and studied his face for several moments.

“Well I’ll be…” he said slowly, “you really don’t remember anything do you?” Timmy just continued to stare. The man sat down on the foot of the bed, scratching his chin and smiling vaguely. “You know, this makes it a lot easier for the both of us.” He said. “When you broke down after fighting Stewart, I was afraid we’d have to put you out of commission for good, but you can’t remember that, can you?” Ignoring Timmy’s constant blank looks, he continued. “I’ve already taken the liberty of redeeming your egg certificate, so now all that remains is to get out of here quietly. Can you walk?”

Before Timmy could answer, the big man had hoisted him out of bed by his arm. Ignoring Timmy’s cries, he shoved a pair of jeans and a t-shirt into Timmy’s hands, saying “Put these on.” As Timmy hurriedly got dressed, ribs aching painfully, the red-cloaked man peered out of the door. “Ahh, yes, she’s sleeping soundly” he muttered. “A few sleeping pills in a drink does wonders.”

He turned back to Timmy. “We’ve got to get you out of here pronto. Let’s go.” He ushered Timmy out the door and into the hall where the nurse sat snoring in the chair behind her desk, an open water bottle sitting in front of her. They made their way quietly across the hall and out the front doors of the waiting room, out into the chilly night air. “The others have just left,” the man said, Turning to Timmy, “but you should be able to catch up in no time. Here’s everything you will need. Your instructions are encoded into your pokedex. Good luck kid.” Handing Timmy a small, red plastic, handheld device, the man in the red cloak turned with a swish and disappeared into the cold blackness of the night.

November 2nd, 2008, 2:52 PM
Papa: Very nice, it is good to see that you revived this. :)
I cant put into words how amazing you write, you should become an author or something, seriously, you could be like the next Steven King.