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Name: Phant


Gender: Male

Age: 14 Years

__Phant is a small elephant like Pokemon. He has a darker than normal blue body unlike most other Phanpys but has some other differences as well. He has large deep blue eyes on his face and a long nose with some red marks on it.
__While his ears are rather small for his age he has an over-sized tail that is bigger than many others. He isn't as big as the rest of the Phanpys his age either. The marks on his nose and ears are a darker shade of red to match his skin. They are also a tougher material than his skin so he uses it to knock others with in battle. Other than that Phant is like all other Phanpys on the outside.

__Phant like most Phanpys is a cute cuddly little guy. He is very gentle even though he is so strong and sometimes can't control himself. Phant is also a great listener and loves to listen to stories. But whether he is gentle or not he is very dangerous alot of the time. He swings his trunk around alot and usually ends up hitting things and sending them flying, being as clumsy as he is.
__He likes being with others and finds himself most relaxed around other Pokemon. Even though he is a Phanpy he like to play with other species other than his own which has caused him much ridicule in his life. When he isn't running around with his friends he can also be found eating sleeping or trying to become smarter by observing everything he can. Though his battling education isn't very important to him he does want to be smart. His interests are to be a wise Pokemon who can tell many things when he grows up but being a Phanpy he has been made fun of and told he will never make it many times.

__Phant was born into a small family of just his parents and an older sister. He loved his family alot and really adored his sister. When she had to leave as accustomed at her age Phant was very sad. He stopped playing outside as much and just stayed inside drawing on the floor with his trunk. He would draw pictures of he and his sister.
__When he was 7 he decided that even though his sister was gne he didn't have to stop bieng a kid. So he started to play outside again, and one day outside he found a small Spearow lying on the ground. When he took it home he helped his mom treat it's wounds and saved it's life. He became good friends with the Spearow and they did everything together. Until, one day when the Spearow flew south for some reason. Phant was deeply sad that his friend left, but was happy he got to go find his family once and for all.
__He then decided at 8 he was going to do something great for the world he was going to become a master storyteller. He started to listen for all kinds of stories that he could tell people and loved to tell them. But he knew that he would not be able to get all his stories from around his home town so he decided that he would have to go out and find some for himself.

__Phant is able to read and write very well and uses his trunk with great dexterity. Even if he can't use his paws he uses his trunk like a very strong arm.
__Also he likes to see and meet everything he can. He is like a Pokedex person, he likes to try and remember everyone he meets so he can tell stories.

Role-play Sample:
__Completely irrelevant to this one it's from another I'm in.
Matthew walked quietly through the soot of Mt. Chimney that blew into his path. He walked side by side with Fiercer who was listening to Matthew’s Mp3. Matt walked carefully to avoid the deep pits of soot that he could spot although he would still step in one on occasion.

Matthew started to think as he walked about how exactly this could have happened. How in the world could three Legendary Pokemon as powerful as these disappear so suddenly? He began to think up many possible causes but each of his thoughts had a flaw in them including about three which he had thought over much harder than the others. One of the ideas is that some group of people could have planned and executed this. But what he did find hard to get around was the amount of people necessary to capture all three of these Pokemon simultaneously.

While thinking to himself Matthew had reached the City and found that it was a fairly small town. He decided that before he checked in with the leader of this Operation, a woman by the name of Auticia Waverka, he would check out the town. He visited a few places before heading over to the Pokemon Center, to both heal his Pokemon which had accidentally ticked off a young boy’s Growlithe and had to defeat it, and to meet with Auticia. Now with a full supply of Potions and Pokeballs he came into the Pokemon Center.

For a few moments he scanned the room looking for her. He then recognized Auticia from the description of herself on the E-Mail. She was Pale with Pink Braided Hair and wearing a Long Lab Coat. Then Matthew approached her introducing himself.

“Hello my name is Matthew.” He said extending his hand out to her, with Fiercer standing just behind him still listening to Matthew’s Mp3 Player.
Fiercer Howled “Vigorraa!” remotely quietly seeing Matthew shaking Auticia’s, trying to introduce himself also.

Wolf in the Rain
October 26th, 2008, 10:24 AM
Name: Volt

Species: Pikachu

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Hometown: Town just outside of Liun

Appearance: Volt looks like any normal Pikachu. He has bright yellow fur and two red circles on his face. He also has a lightning shaped tail and three black strips on his back running horizontally across his body. Unlike other Pikachus however, he has a black stripe across his muzzle. This distinguishes him from other PIikachus and was often made fun of because of it. He also always wears a necklace with a fragment of a light ball which he was given when he was younger. He also carries a single compartment, black and silver sports bag with a lightning bolt on it. It is filled with tomes and stories from his town's destroyed library.

Personality: Volt is smart and usually thinks things through, although he may not show it. Nevertheless, Volt can also be very competitive and be swayed by anger and his own rash sense of nature. If he feels someone is ahead of him or looses a battle, he will train hard to get better.
Volt is always fascinated by myths and legends often going to great lengths or traveling far just to hear a good one. In the town where he used to live, there was a great collections of tomes and scrolls. When Volt was not battling or practicing for battles, he could usually be found here. Some of his favorite ones he can recollect word for word, like the story of Alakazam.
At a young age, Volt loved playing mock battles with other Pokemon.this taught him to think fast in dire situations. He now is able to strategize fairly well, often trying the unexpected to get the edge over his opponents. In some cases, he can think many moves ahead. But in most battles or situations, if he looses his head or gets frustrated enough, he often goes for power over tactics. When this happens, he must calm down quick to avoid getting injured or loosing.

History:Volt was born into a small town where there was a huge library. Although many other Pokemon went to the more historical sections, Volt would always be in the Myth section.
When Volt was 10 his father gave Volt a light ball to help him in his battling. However, one day when Volt was exploring a cave, he accidentally disturbed a Rydon's slumber and it charged recklessly at him. He tried stopping it with Thundershock but to no avail. It then charged head on to Volt, shattering the light ball. Volt now wears one of the fragments around his neck. He has since learned Iron Tail so this would not happen again.
About three weeks ago, his village was hit by a mysterious earthquake, splitting it in two and separating him from his family. He ran one way and his family another, only to be hit by a rock and was knocked unconscious. He woke up under a pile of rubble and freed himself from it. He first searched for his family, then any other survivors but to no avail. Eventually, he came upon the library, which was split in two. He searched inside and found a map and a few surviving tomes, myths and scrolls, including Alakazam's story. Remembering the story. Volt decided to take on the legendaries for destroying his home.
Bolt Tackle
Iron Tail
Other: Volt values speed and tactics over power in most situations (except when he gets frustrated), so he has spent most of his training exercises doing speed training. This makes him faster than other Pikachu's.
Volt does not like getting wet, due to the fact that he may shock himself (or others) in the water.
Rp sample
Volt awoke to nothing but darkness. Pain and darkness. His head had a steady throbbing, like a drum beating and his ears ringing. He could faintly hear screaming and chaos. Everything went black again.

Volt then awoke, a slim ray of sun shone into his eyes through the rubble.
"Wha- What Happened"

Then he remembered, an earthquake, and all of the townspeople, screaming and running. The earth beneath his feet had split in two, seperating him and his family. His family! He had to get free. Quickly he unleashed a Thunderbolt, clearing away all the rubble.
He then took a look around, the whole town had been destroyed. The houses were reduced to a few stones and a giant crack had formed thorugh the middle of the Town Square, making it impossible to make it to the other side of the town. He was flabberghasted. Volt had heard about other disasters hitting other towns, but he never thought that it would happen to him.

"Mom! ... Dad! ... Anyone?!" Volt shouted, looking for anyone that could've still been in the town.

After hours of searching, he came across the town's library, it's crowning achievement. It had been split in two. All of the hours which he had spent in there studying, had now been lost along with the everything inside. He walked to the front door, a heavy pillar had blocked the entrance, sealing it off. He looked around and saw that there was a small gap in the wall. If he was anything but a Pikachu, he wouldn't have been able to fit. He searched around, noticing a few fires were still lit in the corner. Most sections were sealed off by either fallen debris or the huge crack in the earth, but the History and Myth sections looked like they were still intact. When he got there, he reliezed that he was incorrect, most of the shelves were either burnt or destroyed. Volt felt a feeling of remose, everything about his life had been destroyed or lost. He felt the wind blow against his face through the open hole in the library a scroll rolled off of one of the shelves and stopped at his feet. Volt reached down and grabbed it. As fate would have it, it was one of his favorites, Alakazam's story of the world. Volt didn't even have to read it, he had it memorized.

Even so, Volt read aloud
"Many years the universe was created by the almighty pokemon Arceus. It crafted it with its thousand arms. He started off with a bunch of different large round rocks in the vastness of space. Each one represented something, there was a green one that represented nature all earthen pokemon lived their. A purple one where the ghost pokemon resided. A red one where the pokemon of flame put their passion. A yellow planet where the electric pokemon lived out their lives. A blue one where the water pokemon resided. A white one where all the flying pokemon lived. Arceus called these Six formations planets. Arceus could not take the full responsibility of looking after all the planets it was too much work. So he did what he though best. He split himself creating many other pokemon called legendaries. The pokemon that he created went into categories, he three dogs, Entei,Raikou, and Suicune. There were also three birds Moltres,Zapdos,and Articuno. Then there were two who would bring the night and day those were two pokemon called Ho-oh and Lugia. Ho-oh controlled the sun whilst Lugia controlled the moon. Then he created pokemon to help move time those are known as Palkia and Celebi. Soon after he created Dialga to rule all outside of the planets. Dialga soon grew corrupted due to a pokemon named Giratina. Giratina also corrupted the dog pokemon Raikou and Suicune also to fall to corruption was Articuno and Moltres. Soon after they all joined forces all the planets collided creating one called Earth. The legendaries went to battle to see who controlled what. They all matched evenly so decided to build a kingdom in each of the six corners of the world. "

He looked to where the scroll had come off of. It was the only shelf where everything was intact. He grabbed a bag on a desk which someone had left in all of the panic. It looked like a silver and black compartment sports bag with a Lighting Bolt on the front. Volt emptied all the components except for a few Oran berries, and filled it with tomes and scrolls about myths and legends. He also stuffed a few history scrolls in too. Noticing a map on the wall, he took it as well. When the bag was stuffed to the brim he solemnly turned to the crack in the wall where he entered. He threw the bag through first. As he was about half-way out, he looked back, noticing a peace of paper on a table, fluttering in the wind. He climbed back into the library and turned it over. It was an escape plan! It called for all citizens to go to Liun in case of disaster.
With new found enthusiasm, Volt climbed out of the library. His family and the people he knew were most likely safe in Liun. He looked east, the direction of Liun, eager to set off to meet them. But then, his excitement vanished when he saw that to the East was where the crack in the earth had formed. He would have to go around the lake and the crack, just to see them. Volt, although he loved his family, knew this wouldn't help anything. He didn't even have enough supplies to even reach halfway to Liun. But, knew that he had to go somewhere and find out what happened, and stop the cause.
Taking one last look at his old home which had now been so brutally destroyed, Volt thought about Alakazam's story again decided to leave for Embree, the last place Alakazam was seen hoping to find answers about where the earthquake and all of the disasters were coming from from and how, if possible he could stop them.

(3 days later, Volt meets a Pelipper and asked it to send word of his survival to the townspeople and his parents and to tell them about his quest to stop the natural disasters from happening)
(would write about it now, but I'm exhausted)

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Name: Sapphire "Bouncy"

Species: Treecko

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Home Town: Fort Knahl

Appearance: Sapphire is a somewhat small Treecko, and she has rather short arms. Oddly, she was born with four fingers on each hand instead of three. Her eyes are also a sapphire blue, and the right section of her tail is much shorter than the left section. Otherwise, she is a normal Treecko.

Personality: Sapphire always likes being around others, seeking out friends whenever possible. She doesn't do well on her own, and if she is left alone, she will mostly sit there and do nothing because she has no idea what to do. When around others, she is childish and rather irritating, sometimes. Only when she is in a bad mood will she act independent and defensive. She especially hates it when others make fun of her, but will shy away, just encouraging them, and then she has no idea what to do. Sapphire is impatient, usually only waiting a few seconds before she acts like it's been hours. When in a good mood, she likes to make other people laugh. Usually, she laughs along with them. Sometimes, when she's tired, she'll seem a bit crazy, and it's best to ignore her in one of these moments. Sapphire is generally a happy one, but alone, she is almost a completely different Pokémon. Her friends have taken to calling her "Bouncy" because she is always hyper and jumping around.

History: Sapphire hatched two days late in Fort Knahl, and was always picked on by her two older brothers. When she was very young, she didn't really know exactly what they were doing to her, and ignored it. When she was that small, she was always defended by her mother, but ignored by her father and brothers. She always tended to stay around her mother for protection. The first thing Sapphire ate was a Nomel berry, and that gave her a taste for especially sour foods. She enjoyed playing around the berry bush, and occasionally plucking one off the branch.

When she turned seven, she realized that her brothers liked to pick on her. They were the same age as her, but she was reasonably smaller. This caused her brothers to take advantage of her size, and they started to bully her and steal her precious Nomel berries. She would always cry when they were taken from her, but luckily, her mother would come and settle the problem. The last time her brothers bullied her was a month after she had turned eight, when her mother had finally taken a step forward and solved the problem. Sapphire will always be grateful for this.

When she turned nine, Sapphire began to enjoy conversing with the ones who traded to her town, and some of the villagers as well. Her best friend so far is Firemy, a hyper Charmander who has known her since her ninth birthday. Occasionally, Firemy would visit Sapphire, and one day, he thought of the name "Bouncy." When he started calling Sapphire by her new nickname, she seemed to enjoy it. In truth, she thought it fit very much, since when she thought about herself, she really was bouncy. Still, Firemy occasionally calls her Sapphire, but Bouncy is more often used when they're talking to each other.

Moves: Mega Drain, Agility, Slam, GrassWhistle, Double Team

Other: She has a soft voice that can calm others, and loves playing her GrassWhistle like a flute. She is often seen doing so, and over time, learned to play a few songs she knows.

Role-play Sample:
Something was lurking in the cover of the trees.
"Mom?" Sapphire tugged on the lizard's arm. The long leaf on its head twitched, and finally, it stood up. "What is it, Sapphire?" She sighed.
"I thought I heard something," Sapphire explained cautiously. She twitched her tail, and momentarily, her gaze flicked to the stars overhead.
"I'll go see," she said quickly. Her mother shook her head, and trailed behind her. "Don't get into trouble," her mother warned as she curiously followed the noise.

A flickering light came into view, and then, the creature leaped. It was red, and other than its color, looked much like Sapphire. "Rawr!" It said, then landed right next to Sapphire as she dodged the attack. Then the lizard burst out laughing, clutching the tip of its tail. Its hands were dangerously close to the flame on its tail, but it couldn't be burned.

"Firemy?" Sapphire asked. "Why did you wake us in the middle of the night?"

"I couldn't sleep," he groaned, standing up.

"Me neither," Sapphire said, puzzled. She shrugged, then said, "Get some rest anyway, you silly."

Firemy giggled again, then nodded and left without another word.

Sapphire's mother sighed. "Let's go," she said, pulling Sapphire behind her.

Sapphire twitched her unbalanced tail in annoyance, the smaller side moving much faster than the large side. She tugged herself to her feet, and raced back to the nest ahead of her mother. Immediately, she leaped into her bed of leaves, and let the feeling of sleep wash over her.


The sun practically burned into Sapphire's skin as her sapphire blue eyes flicked open. She immediately shut them tight again, and slowly opened them until she was accustomed. The sound of the bustling town flowed around her, and she guessed that it was about midday. She had stayed up too late, by the look of it.

Sapphire was still a bit drowsy, but awoke anyway, finding two Nomel berries next to her nest. At least her brothers, Tobi and Toki, didn't steal them anymore. Suddenly psyched up, she devoured one, then the other right after. She didn't need much breakfast, since she was small, but being small made her more agile, giving her an advantage in battle.

Suddenly, another Pokémon approached her. His large, yellow eyes gleamed as he swung his flaming tail. "Good day, Sapphire," he said, grinning.

Sapphire nodded. "You, too, Firemy. Why did you come?"

"Want to do battle practice?" He asked her, shifting his feet a bit and stepping back.

"Sure," Sapphire replied, a hint of excitement to her voice. She crouched on all fours, and began tightening her muscles. Suddenly, she loosened them, and jumped rapidly from side to side. An illusion Treecko appeared beside her. The one to the right dashed at Firemy, then jumped into the air, slamming her tail onto the Charmander.

Firemy jumped back in surprise, but regained his composure and sent a few embers out of his tail at the Treecko that had attacked him. The Treecko flinched, then faded.

Sapphire had no more clones, but that was no problem. She grabbed the blade of grass that she always kept in her mouth and began blowing on it, creating a soft tune.

Firemy closed his eyes, and sat down, hardly moving.

She grunted to herself. Sapphire rushed in for another Slam attack, hitting Firemy square on the shoulder. He flinched, and slowly awoke.

A call emanated from nearby. "Firemy," it said.

"That's my dad," Firemy explained. "See you later!"

Sapphire nodded, and sat down, playing her GrassWhistle to herself as Firemy left.

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