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October 12th, 2008, 8:29 AM


Welcome to the diverse land of pokemon. Filled with many creatures known as pokemon which have strange and abnormal powers along with striving young people who tame these creatures hoping one day to become the greatest pokemon trainer! This is the Johto Region, usually the region most people travel in after Kanto. Yesterday was your birthday and you recieved a letter from Proffessor Elm inviting you along with 5 other people to come to his lab to get your starting pokemon.

This journey will test your strength, determination, will, and of course your love for pokemon. If one breaks this journey is most likely broken for you. Are you still up to this challenge?

If so like everything there are bumps in the road. Things have been torn down and replaced with new stuff for better or for worst. Also, news of the broken down Team Rocket(this takes place after Team Rocket breaks up) has come back saying they have reformed and are tougher then ever! This is also part of your adventure, young trainer, to destroy Team Rocket once again and to travel around the region.

Good Luck...


1. No goddmodding.
2. No bunnying. You have to lose atleast sometimes.
3. Romance and Violence kept at a PG-13 rating or you will be kicked!
4. As RP master I have the right to kick anyone out justly.
5. As RP master I have the right to change the rules.
6. No cursing or Swearing other then ones like dammit! or Crap!
7. Obey all Rules.
8. Have fun!

Sign Ups:

Gender: Male or Female...Take your time to check.
Age: 10-13
Personality: Atleast a paragraph. This is how your charecter acts in certain situations.
Appearence: What does your charecter look like? I will accept pictures but I prefer description of atleast a paragraph.
History: What happened in your charecter's past? Atleast two paragraphs.
Preffered Starter: Which pokemon as shown below do you want as a Starter?

Starting Pokemon:

Cyndaquil- Taken by Pikalover10
Lvl: 5
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Tackle and Leer

Chikorita- Taken by lorddarrigarn
Lvl: 5
Gender: Female
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle and Growl

Totodile- Taken by Rogueslay
Lvl: 5
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Scratch and Leer

Must have good SU to get one of these:

Pichu- Taken by Drunk
Lvl: 5
Gender: Female
Nature: Rash
Ability: Static
Attacks: Thundershock and Charm

Hoppip- Reserved for Gallade of Sand
Lvl: 5
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Leaf Guard
Attacks: Tackle and Tail Whip

Eevee- Taken by Bamachi
Lvl: 5
Gender: Female
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Adaptability
Attacks: Tackle and Tail Whip

Things You Should Know:
1. I will be Rping and will pos my part in a chapter after atleast one person does theirs.
2. I will need someone to be second in command incase I'm gone from a computer for a while and needs someone to take over.
3. This will be played in chapter format.
4. I will choose if your pokemon lvls up and if so then to what lvl.
5. In posts that you capture a pokemon end it after the pokemon enters the pokeball.
6. I will choose if the pokemon is captured and what lvl. it is.
7. If this is accepted I will post a OOC thread.

Have fun!:)

October 17th, 2008, 6:23 AM
Chapter 1: Newbark Town.

Description: A small wonderful Town where all of the folks pretty much know eachother and are almost all the time wonderful. This town has a few trees and a few homes. This town also is home to the pokemon proffesional Professor Elm!

What you do:

Simple. You explain waking up and going to Professor Elm's lab for your first pokemon. You do whatever except catching pokemon and then end it at the enterance of the next route.

What you can do:
1. Get your starter.
2. You get 5 pokeballs along with your starter.
3. You also recieve a pokedex with your starter.

What you can't do:
1. battle anyone.
2. Catch any pokemon.
3. You may not under any circumstances meet another RPer. You may describe them standing in line next to you, but you may not talk or interact with them.

Have fun and when I put up a chapter I wil not post my part until atleast one person has posted theirs.

drunk ¬_¬
October 17th, 2008, 11:58 AM
(Knock, knock, knock)

That was his wakeup call. Upon hearing the knocking on his door, Rocke rolled over on his side towards the nightstand to check what time it was, but as soon as he looked, the alarm clock wasn’t there! He found it laying on the floor underneath him.

Last night he had set the alarm at 6:00am, picking the clock up, he saw it was already 8:30am. “Hmph.”

As he stretched out and got up, he immediately went to his closet to put some clothes on: “Shorts… on, Shirt… on” he said as he put on his favorite black shorts, and a white v-neck on. Then walking towards the nightstand, he tapped his cross necklace, and walked towards a chair to put on a purple breeder’s bandana and apron. “And I’m ready for work!”

As he walked downstairs, he noticed a young lady from about 16 to 18 years old sitting on the chair behind the counter… “Excuse me, miss… I’m sorry but you’re not allowed there”. Then as he walked closer, saw that she was wearing the same trademark purple breeder’s bandana and apron, <What?> he thought puzzled at this.

“Oh, I’m sorry, we haven’t met yet” she said, “today is my first day here, I’m Celeste, nice to meet you!

“Oh, my name’s Valtencir, but please call me Rocke” he said blushingly as he extended his hand towards her “I guess we’ll be working together from now on”

Rocke didn’t know what to think, in part his heart was crushed, because he thought that the Pokemon Daycare would always be for him and his dad to share, and never thought of his dad hiring new workers. But on the other part <Dawmn, she’s hotter than DJ Mary, the pop idol!>

“Your dad is waiting for you outside” she told the drooling 13-year old “You might want to take some drinks because he has a guest”

As Rocke walked towards the back door, and put on his ADIDAS Samba shoes, he thought to himself <Maybe having a new coworker isn’t that bad> Then looking back at Celeste said under his breath… “One of these days I’ll make you my wife”

When he saw Celeste look at him staring at her, his whole face blushed, and he walked out the house to where they kept the pokemon to find his dad talking to his friend Prof. Elm in a table next to the artificial lake of the Daycare.

“Good morning” he interrupted serving them some iced tea. “Dad, Celeste said you needed to see me”

His dad immediately laughed after hearing his son, and exclaimed: “Rocke, I thought you were bad with names!” (He was, but this case was different). “Anyways” his dad continued, it’s not me who needs you, but our dear professor here!” He said sarcastically pointing at Prof. Elm.

“Yes”, said Prof. Elm “The truth is… Rocke, that I need your help. The newest pokemon trainers from New Bark Town will leave to their respective journeys across Johto later today, and I have a special mission designed for you specifically, which is the reason why I saved this pokeball right here specially for you. Rocke, will you help me?”

Looking towards the house where he could catch a slight glimpse of the woman who had stolen his heart, and then at the proud expression in his dad’s face, he reluctantly replied: “Sure.”

As Prof. Elm started to reveal the nature of his new mission, Rocke felt how the most important mission was slowly drifting away being replaced by a new mission which he hadn’t even devised for himself. “Are you ready?” He heard Prof. Elm say, and then.

“Well… then go hurry up foo!” his dad gently kicked his backside pushing him a little “Go and get changed, then meet us back here!”

Rocke hurried up and ran into the house, and upstairs to his room not bothering to take off his shoes, or say hi to Celeste or two costumers in the Daycare <I don’t want this to be anymore painful> he thought.

In his room, he took off his purple breeder uniform, and grabbed a backpack in which he stuffed a pair of black pants, a purple hoodie, and a black beanie, enough underwear, a potion he had laying around, an autographed DJ Mary poster, and a map. He then put his wallet with all of his savings in one of his pockets, and the Pokedex in the other, and attached the five pokeballs he had received to his belt.

As he started to leave his room he thought <Oops, almost forgot> and walked towards his nightstand to grab his necklace and...

"a sharpie!? ... Might prove to be useful” then stuffed it with his wallet and ran back downstairs where he found his dad, Celeste, and the professor talking.

Then Celeste (who had just learned of the news) excitedly hugged Rocke and suggested taking a picture so that even on his journey, he would always remember where he had come from.


Prof. Elm then held him with both arms and said: "Remember your mission?"

"Then get on with it!" said his dad, leading him outside the house as Celeste handed him the photograph.

<Route 29, here I come!>

October 18th, 2008, 8:16 AM
@Drunk: Good post. Can't wait to see how Rocke finds out which pokemon he gets.:)

I will post mine up sometime today:)

Wolf in the Rain
October 19th, 2008, 6:45 AM
If not here is my entry

Name: Chris "Koji" Eaton

Age: 14

Appearance: Chris mostly introduces himself by his middle name "Koji", but his close friends and family calls him Chris.

Chris is approximately 5'11, an average size for his age. He is not skinny, but not very muscular as well. He has medium-long, light brown hair that spikes up in the front, flat on the top, and with smaller spikes on the back. His eyes are always a dark shade of blue.

Chris cannot be caught dead without a long sleeve shirt or his lucky red sleeved and black hooded sweatshirt with a red pokeball design on the front. He also owns a green backpack with a pokeball on the back.

Although Chris can be rash in some (if not most) situations, when Chris calms down, he is a brilliant tactician, most likely form his years spent at Referee's school (see history). But, If someone is able to get his too mad, he may loose his head. Most of the time he switches between phases of extremely good luck and extremely bad luck, making him a firm believer in superstition. Sometimes streaks of bad luck can make Chris seem like a bit of a klutz and may pt him in some awkward situations ( especially when it matters the most). Nevertheless, things seem (for the most part) to always work out.

History: Originally born and raised in his hometown of Sootopolis, Chris's father was a respected Pokemon Referee and his mother was a Referee school teacher. To follow in their footsteps, Chris was sent daily by boat to Ever Grande City to study in a private school to be a Pokemon Referee Official. However, after witnessing Steven, a local hero, battle and win against the Elite Four, Chris developed a love for battling.

Like most of his friends who left a year before to become trainers, Chris wanted to depart to Littleroot Town to receive a Pokemon from Professor Birch. Chris's parents weren't fond of the idea of him giving up referee's school, and forbid him to travel to the town.
One night, Chris sneaks out of his house in Sootopolis and takes a ship headed to a port just outside of New Bark Town to start his adventure...

Prefered pokemon: Totodile, Male, Modest nature

Alter Ego
November 8th, 2008, 7:52 AM
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