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October 12th, 2008, 1:47 PM
The Fountain of Wishes


Long ago, in a land known as Grannon Islands, the people and Pokemon that lived there lived in perfect peace and harmony. However, a group of cruel humans wanted to use the islands’ Pokemon and resources as tools. They also sought to harness the power of Grannon’s greatest treasure, The Fountain of Wishes.

Hidden in the Grannon temple, the fountain was like a gift made by the heavens itself. It was never dirty, and it never over flowed water, although it sprayed it by the gallons. Just sipping the fountain’s water would cure any fatigue and thirst. Bathing in the water would heal any wounds and cure pain. This fountain’s magical power was made possible by four mystical Pokemon.

The cruel humans wanted to use the four Pokemon for their own reasons.
In order to protect the fountain, the kinder humans helped the Pokemon flee in separate directions. They also hid the fountain’s main source of power; the Precious Orb, an item which mainly powered the fountain’s magic. Without it, the fountain’s true potential was sealed away…

With the orb gone, the four Pokemon made their names known into legend. And the story of the fountain faded away from the world.

Several years later, a great storm of raging waters and large tremors resulted in the Islands’ destruction. Grannon was lost to the deep ocean, along with the Fountain of Wishes…

Centuries later, a team of adventurers explored an underwater area near the sunken islands; when they discovered sunken ruins of Grannon.
The discovery was discussed amongst the government. They decided to keep these ruins a secret until they explored more of the ruin.

Soon after, a leak in security broke and the info on the ruins slightly surfaced. The Pokemon Professors Oak, Elm, Birch, and Rowan uncovered the secret project and
offered their services to solve the puzzle of Grannon. The government accepted the help and supplied the professors with needed information and supplies.

Years went by; the Professors had no luck with the research and went on with their daily lives. However, one fateful day, they stumbled across an old book that documented Grannon’s history. Most of the print was old and murky, but they were able to gather more information about the Islands.

With all the information needed for a safe exploration, the Professors discussed about who would dive underwater and explore the Grannon ruins.
They made the decision to send top tier trainers that had come to them for their first Pokemon. The trainers would have to be brave, strong, and smart to uncover the secrets of Grannon.

As a Pokemon, you ether accompany a Trainer/Pokemon or stumble across the quest. You will team-up with Trainers and a group of Pokemon to solve the mysteries surrounding Grannon.

Be careful, this journey will be full of danger and excitement around every corner. You’ll face seemingly unstoppable opponents and make new friends. Are you up the Challenge?

1. Basic PC rules
2. No signing up as Legendaries
3. Only one trainer Sign-up allowed each.
4. Post in the RP post minimum (at least six lines)
5. Make sure you are very active! (Don’t sign-up and only post late at night or early in the morning!)
6. Be serious about this RP! (Don’t post a sign-up and not even bother to use it!)
7. Try to have very little grammar mistakes.
8. If you’re going to stop posting, let me know, otherwise you’ll be kicked off.
9. You may curse, but not often.
10. No reserving!! There are only FOUR trainer spots and FIVE Pokemon spots available, so sign-up quick!
11. If you have any questions, see this RP’s OCC thread in the Rp lounge.

Sign-ups are OPEN!

1) Timor-Humantorches

1) Chato-Humantorches

Sign-up sheets: All areas required!

Trainer sign-up

Nickname: (Optional)
Gender: (Male/Female)
Legendary choice: Select one of the four: Celebi, Mew, Jirachi,Manaphy (This is the legendary Pokemon you will be able to catch later on)
Age: (10-19)
Appearance: (Detailed description of your character)
Hometown: (Ex: Pallet town, Kanto)
Key items: (Up to four key items that your character WILL use in the RP; one item may be made-up {ex: Speedy sneakers})
Personality: (At least three lines long)
History: (At least four lines)
Pokemon: (Up to six)
RP ex: (Up to six lines)

Pokemon sign-up

Level: (10-40)
Gender: (Male/Female)
Language: (English/Poke-Speak)
Personality: (At least three lines)
Background: (at least three lines)

I’ll show my sign-ups for example

Name: Timor Shinto
Nickname: Prodigy (“Pro”)
Gender: Male
Legendary Choice: Jirachi
Age: 12

Appearance: Dark blue, smooth hair; Red and black cotton cap; Red and blue sweater vest with short sleeves; Red jeans with white stripes; Black sneakers; Blue padded gloves; Blue one-strap backpack.

Hometown: Cleadon City, Kanto
Key items: Pokedex Version: IV; Pokenav; Pokeball-Slingshot; Itemfinder

Personality: Timor is extremely brave under most conditions. He is very hard headed when he wants to be. Timor likes to capture Pokemon that share his personality. Often thinks outside the box when he encounters obstacles. He also loves to try different foods.

History: Timor spent most of his childhood living in Cleadon Mansion. He developed a strong friendship with Erika, the city’s Gym leader while he was still a toddler. Later on, she became his tutor, teaching him all there is to know about Pokemon.
When Timor turned 10, he promised the people of Cleadon City that he would make a name for himself. He sailed to Pallet town, where he received his first Pokemon: Bulbasaur. Timor traveled to Johto, where he began his journey; catching new Pokemon friends and earning all of the Johto’s Gym Badges. After earning the badges, he challenged the Elite four and emerged victorious. However, before heading home, he stayed in Johto a little longer to train a little more. He is now traveling to Kanto.

Pokemon: Venusaur Lvl: 65, Salamance Lvl: 58, Rapidash Lvl: 49, Lanturn Lvl: 44, Pupitar Lvl: 30, Togepi Lvl: 5

RP ex:
Timor had finally made it to the imfamous city known as Storming Square; were he would find members for his Exploration team.
However, he wasn't having much luck…
"Exploration Team! Exploration Team!" The Totodile called into the crowd from his sign-up stand. "Join a team and you'll join an adventure of a lifetime!"
A Machoke and a Primeape walked over to the stand.
"Adventure of a life time huh? That sounds interesting." The Machoke murmured.
"Yeah, who's the leader that hired you?" The Primape asked Timor.
Timor was a little embarassed that the two fighting Pokemon didn't realize that no Pokemon had hired him.

But he needed to stand up for his position.
"Um, I'M the leader." He spoke up. "No one hired me."
The Machoke and Primeape stared at him for a moment.
Then a laughing snort came from Primeape's mouth.
"Wa... ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hah!" the two burst out laughing.
"Yeah... like WE would join a team like yours!" Primeape smirked.
The two fighting Pokemon walked away, shaking thier heads.
Leaving Timor all alone in the busy square...

Pokemon sign-up

Name: Chato
Species: Chatot
Level: 35
Gender: Male
Language: English

Personality: Due to his knowledge of the human language, Chato is a wise Pokemon that shares advice with others. He is very pushy and persistent. Also is extremely talkative and often rambles to himself. Although his pushy attitude may cause bitterness between him and Timor, he actually finds Timor as a good, trustworthy friend.

Background: Chato was loaned to Timor by Professor Oak as a gift from the Sinnoh region. His ability to copy the human language was worked to the point where he could fully speak the English language, making him a useful Pokemon to travel with. Professor Oak received Chato as help around in the Lab; but seeing that Timor needed guidance on his quest, he sent Chato to Timor to assist the young Trainer. He remains outside of his Pokeball, and he is not a member of Timor’s Pokemon team.

October 14th, 2008, 1:25 PM
-Name: Kozoi
-Species: Pichu
-Level: 16
-Gender: Male
-Language: Standard Pokémon language.
-Personality: Kozoi is a small Pichu with an Impish personality, he loves to cause pranks and he is very energetic. He takes nothing seriously and is usually light headed, he doesnt like people with a serious personality and he thinks everything should be a joke and nothing should be taken seriously. He is usually laid back and he enjoys sweet food. (Not like thats anything to do with personality.)

-Background: Kozoi is a young Pichu which lives in a large forest which is home to many Pokémon. He loves to make jokes and he doesnt take much seriously, he is light headed and relaxed and most people like him for his Impish yet kind personality. He was brought up in the forest aside a lake with his parents training him in how to use electrical attacks, since whenever he used one he ended up hurting himself rather than his opponents which left most people laughing as he sat there spaced out with his cheeks twitching in the middle of the dense undergrowth of the forest.

He has learned to control his electrical powers but he cannot control them as much as he wishes to, his fond dream is to become powerful enough to evolve but recently hes been feeling glum due to the fact that he hurts himself whenever he tries even a simple thunder shock.

-Additional Info:

-Moves: Thundershock, Charm, Volt Tackle.
-Item Held: No
-Nature Note:
"Impish Nature,
likes sweet food."

Note: I thought the additional information would help my application easier for you to understand, i own a fanfiction if you need a sample of my roleplay since i sort of rushed this because im drunk, tired ect.

I joined your roleplay since it seemed like nobody else was, i don't like to see roleplays which people dont join. ;)

October 14th, 2008, 2:44 PM
Name: Kaiba
Nickname: Light
Gender: Male
Legendary choice: Mew
Age: 10

Appearance: Kaiba wears a blue sweater with white vertical lines and long sleeves, blue jeans with horizontal white lines on the bottom, blue sneakers, and his father's white traveling backpack. He has blue eyes, short and spiky white hair, and his skin is as white as the snow that falls down in Snowpoint City.

Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh

Key items: Bicycle,Good Rod, Town Map, Running Shoes

Personality: Kaiba is a nice young boy, who has just began taking interest in Pokemon battles. He is a fun loving child and has found himself to be easily distracted. When Kaiba has a goal given by an adult he always follows that goal until he completes it. Kaiba usually doesn't read many books, unless they are comic books or mangas. He seems to be energetic and full of life at night, but a calm peaceful child during the day. he is only intelligent when it comes to battling and so he lacks some common sense.

History: When Kaiba was born he was raised by his parents in Snowpoint City. However, when he grew to the age of seven, him and his parents decided to go live in Johoto. It was there in Johoto that Kaiba got lost inside a cave and befriended an injuried Gligar and Yanma. Kaiba saw they couldn't get out of the cave alone so they all worked together. The trio stayed trapped within the cave for nine hours until they finally made it out. When they were finally out of the cave, the moon was full and the Razor Fang Gligar was holding allowed him to evolve into Gliscor. The newly evolved Gliscor flew Kaiba home. However, because they had built such a special bond, both Yanma and Gliscor stayed with Kaiba. Now Kaiba has moved back to Sinnoh and Snowpoint City. When he arrived home he found a pokeball waiting for him on his bed. When he opened the Pokeball a Snorunt jumped out and landed next to his legs. Around her neck was a letter from Kaiba's secret admirer who had left for Johoto to go look for him, three days ago. Now Kaiba is now preparing to go fight the Battle Frontier.

Pokemon: Gliscor LV 32, Yanmega LV 32, Snorunt LV 32

RP ex:
Leon starts to walk to the guild with Marc behind him and Radian in his arms. As he starts to walk a strange force begins to pull on him. Suddenly an aura pulls them all away. Leon looks around and sees that miles away that Tiffany, Toby, and some Meowth have each been pulled by the aura. Leon tries to turn his tail to a rocket and escape the aura, but soon finds himself with the others in a white room. Leon looks up and sees a white light shining in his face. He grabs his cloak and wraps his eyes. The time gear falls out and the white light pulls it up. "Leon, you stole this from Azelf, didn't you?" says a voice coming from the light. "I took that for the better, it would have been me, Dusknoir, or Darkrai. I needed it to do a trade, but then I changed my mind." said Leon pointing at the light. The white light forms the room into a palace and the n takes another form. The light forms into a Pokemon. "I am Arceus, the god of this world." Leon falls to the ground and laughs. "I am so sorry for my crimes, Arceus, but I had to do what I thought was right. After all God gave me free will. And that's just my style." Leon gets up and stares Arceus right in the face. He starts to think about the voice and realises something. "Wait, your voice was the same voice as that eye on my hand. So you were the one giving me power." Leon turns around and goes takes the time gear back. "I took that fair and square, so just deal with it." Leon disrespects Arceus, becasue he can feel that he believes that Leon is still evil. "I tried to make everything better by fighting Darkrai. However, if that's how you feel then maybe i should just get lost again." Leon lets out a teardrop and then walks into a corner. "The past is the past."

Name: Leon
Species: Chimchar
Level: 10
Gender: Male
Language: Poke-Speak
Personality: Leon is the loner of all the Pokemon at Professor Rowan's lab. He has interest in only obtainign power and getting stronger. While Leon is smart, he has found himself making some very bad decisions for the wrong reasons. Even though it seems weird he actually enjoys hanging around the Pokemon and helping them when ever they find themselves in trouble. Professor Rowan has even asked Leon to watch over the lab on many occassions, when he must leave on business trips. Leon has always proven himself to be responsible and nothing has ever gone amuck when he is is charge.

Background: When Leon was born his tail was lower than usually and so his body was very cold. The assisant at Professor Rowan's lab realized this and wrapped Leon up in a black cloak. The cloak kept Leon warm and stopped his tail from going out. With that in mind Leon holds on to his cloak, even though he has grown healthy. While Professor Rowan was researching info on the island, Leon walked by his desk. Leon put his head up and soon his eyes sparkled with curiousity. With that in mind, Professor Rowan asked Leon if he would team up with another trainer for the expedition of these ruins. Leon shook his head yes and so Rowan has partnered him up with Kaiba. Rowan made this choice, because he hoped Leon's tendency to be responsible would rub off such a young child.

October 14th, 2008, 4:29 PM
To be truthful, I've never been in an RPG. But after reading the rules, I guess I'll give it a try.

Name: Gratoh Kaynaro

Species: Croconaw

Level: Lv. 21

Gender: (Male/Female)

Language: (English/Poke-Speak)Both, as well as Spanish.


Very Moody and tends to have multiple personalities depending on mood and Pokemon he's around with. His primary personality is Nerdy. He is very smart, joyful, and sassy. But sometimes annoying around unknown people. However, he CAN get pissed off easily and is very swift and strong in those times. He often tries attempts on flirting, but almost always, fails epically. Around very well known friends, he is playful and rough, always looking for trouble, and at the same time an atomic sponge that desires knowledge.


Mexican. Has had a long history of anger outbreaks. He is very desiring of knowledge and learns as much as he can by sneaking into libraries and reading the books in there. He learned to read when he was 3 years old by an Alakazam of his birth village. He is currently studying Italian. Spanish is his native human language that he learned with all his sneaking. He also learned English after moving to central Hoenn by a mysterious Pokemon that wielded the power of Ice.

Let's start out slow as I'm new to this stuff.

October 14th, 2008, 8:04 PM
Trainer SU:

Name: Maximillion
Nickname: Max
Gender: Male
Legendary choice: Mew please and then if not Celebi...but Mew is preferred.:)
Age: 10

Appearence: Max is shorter then most kids his age. He wears a black bandana with a red pokeball print on it, a long-sleeved shirt with red a black stripes all over it, he wore yellow fingerless gloves, at the end of his shirt was a yellow stripe, he wore blue jeans with a yellow strip on the ends were his shoes met with his pants, a pair of red shoes with a strip of black coming up the laces spot, he has blue eyes, has white spiky/messy hair, and usually has a serious a serious look on his face.

Hometown: Sunyshore City, Sinnoh.

Key Items: Pokedex, Pokeball generator(generates pokeballs of any type that the pokemon requires. So not like a master ball for a Bidoof. More like a great ball for a Whiscash orYanma. It only generates that type the pokemon needs.), and a Pokenav.

Personality: Max is very outgoing. He will do anything and everything for his pokemon and friends. He loves his pokemon and everyone's pokemon. He never tries to hurt a pokemon. Although on some people he plays jokes and in a group he is always the goof. He makes jokes in class, over-reacts to certain situations, and just doing plain funny things for fun.

History: Max was born as Volkner's son. He doesn't look anything like him though. His aunt and uncle was Wayne, and his aunt was Gardenia. At family reunions his aunt and uncle would always argue over which type of pokemon was better. His father didn't care what type he used and his grandmother, Fantina, always tried talking to him. His sister, Maylene, took over Veilstone gym when she was 16. Being born into a family of gym leaders his family always expects him to become the greatest trainer in their family.

Pokemon: Infernape Lvl. 67, Crobat Lvl 59, Lucario Lvl. 56, Luxray Lvl. 57, Pikachu Lvl. 62, and Skuntank Lvl. 54. Nicknames for them in order of chosen is: Blaze, Blinker, Aura, Shock, Sparky, and Rose.

RP Example: Max awoke with his black hair ruflled from a night's sleep, his blue eyes still covered with his eyelids, and his red shirt and black shorts moving along with his body. He yawned taking out the letter he recieved from Professor Oak and turned it over to the directions. He walked along the streets trying to find it with his eyes closed and ended up getting lost.

"Man, probabaly should have had my eyes open. Ah well." max said trying to find his way to Oak's lab.

Max stretched his arms out finally waking up a little his back still aching from sleeping on the cement. He pulled the letter out that he got from the rocket goons about his little brother.

"Josh." He whispered to himself.

people often asked him why he was so determined to defeat Team Rocket and he would always say "Josh." But nobody knew who that was. He put the card away and found his way around town. He saw the lake and the lab next to it and dashed towards it. He tripped over someone's foot and landed face first in the dirt.

"Hehe. Rotten kid." said a voice.

Max didn't look back because he got that kind of stuff alot and learned to ignore it. He dusted himself off and walked into the laboratory. He saw many trainers in a line infront of Oak and he joined in. He gave a big speech about them becoming trainers and all that stuff, but Max wasn't listening.

He came around and gave them each 5 pokeballs, 1 pokedex, and a pokeball with a pokemon in it. He told them about the pokedexs and then let them leave. Max ran to the next route and stood at the enterance. He couldn't wait to see all the pokemon that there was in the world.

Tell me if I need to edit anything:) Heres a trainer card if ya need one:) I will get rid of badges if I have to:)


October 15th, 2008, 3:28 PM
Name: Ami
Gender: Female
Legendary choice: Manaphy
Appearance: Dark Blue short hair up to the middle of her neck, wears a japanese school uniform and wears a special blue watch that has sapphires on the strap. wears her Sea Brooch in the center of the bow on her uniform. She also wears a special pair of earrings in which the left earrings carry a special set of blue visors that can let her see the moves of other pokemon.
Hometown: Veilstone City
Key items: Pokedex, Running Shoes, Sea Brooch (attracts Water Types) Visor Earring.
Personality: Ami is what you call a typical book worm, she usually is very quiet and mysterious as nobody knows much about her, she doesn't socialize often which shows how few friends she has, she mostly likes to do things by the book, she is highly intelligent and is very competitive when there is one who matches her intelligence.
History: Ami was born in Veilstone city, as she did see others who loved to go outside and play, she simply wanted to stay home and read. Ami did not make friends easily and was alone most of the time, she mostly spent her time alone as her mother was a doctor and her father was always all over Sinnoh, Ami who would usually be at home alone with her Buizel, finally found an interesting discovery about a place called Grannon, she decided that she wanted to find it, when her mother and father were both at home, she told them and they gave her two pokemon to accompany her, a Lucario from her Father and a Chansey from her Mother.
Pokemon: Buizel, Chansey, Lucario
RP ex: Mina awoke and sawthat the cave was abandoned, she thought it might be dangerous so she equipped her Brooch and the small wings opened from brooch activating her powers.
"Machop come out" She sent out her Machop, "Looks like my friends bailed on me, some friends huh?"
Machop just curiously stared at Mina. "Hey wait a minute is that Shade? HEY SHADE!!!! ITS ME MINA OOOF!!!" Mina fell to the ground as she tripped over a strange bluish grey coloured gem.
"Ohhhh isn't this pretty, I'll keep this little beauty." She Stuffed it in her pocket as she Found herself delighted to see her friends.

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Sorry for not posting...
All accepted!
I'm going to be posting the OCC thread to this in the lounge soon,
so be on the look out!

However, all trainer spots have been filled; and only the the active members will be allowed on.
Sorry everyone else!