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October 15th, 2008, 11:52 PM
Pokémon Adventure: Follow the Darkness – Remade and Renewed

Dear Trainer

My name is Samuel Pace and I am the Head Professor of Pokémon Research here in the Arkens Region... but, I guess you already know that... why else would you be reading this letter?
Uhm... As you know, today is the day that you get your very first Pokémon and start your Journey. You will face fun times and tough challenges... ha-ha, I heard Professor Samuel Oak tell his first time trainers that... and it’s true.
Although, I’m afraid the only thing I have in common with Professor Oak is that we both have the same first name. I am only 25 and barely even recognised by the more well known Professors; Oak, Ivy, Elm, Birch and Rowan.
They say you are only truly a good Professor once your first group of trainers have achieved the goal of Pokémon Champion. So that’s what I’m hoping to have happen, but I’ll need you... the trainers, to play your part and become Champions of the Arkens Region. Ha-he...

Anyway, enough about my dream... this day is suppose to be about you. I’d like all of you to come down to my lab in Sunrise Town. It is here that you will be given your first Pokémon, a Pokédex and five Pokéball's to use on your Journey. To successfully complete the Arkens Challenge, you must collect the eight symbols of Arkens... which are scattered all about the region; once all eight symbols have been collected you will be granted entry into the Pokémon League.
The Pokémon League is a group of four superior trainers and their master, the Champion of Arkens. Defeating all five of them in succession is your final objective and with that completed you will gain the title of Pokémon Champion.

I hate to make you any more nervous than you already are, but I do have some bad news. I have just received word from a good friend of mine that there has been a quite extreme crime wave across the Arkens Region, the culprits are known as “Team Night Star” and they have been performing acts of cruelty among humans and Pokémon alike.
Murder, theft and arson are just a few of their more extreme crimes. I caution you, if you ever come into contact with this elite team of criminals... proceed with extreme caution, as they are highly dangerous.

I hate to leave you on such a bad note, but I’m afraid I’ve told you all I know. Please, come straight to my lab so I can prepare you for your long Journey.

Professor Samuel Pace


Not every Pokémon will be available to be captured in this RP and I will not be telling you which ones are. This way, you will have no idea what Pokémon you might meet... it adds to the fun. XP
Legendary Pokémon will not be able to be captured, but they will appear in the RP.

I will not be playing in this RP; I will act as the game master and will be controlling NPC’s such as Prof. Pace, the Gym Leaders/Elite 4 Members and Night Star Admins.
You can only control your character and no-one else’s. That means no God Modding what so ever, not even if the other member gives you permission... which is highly unlikely.

Be active! That means, if you only come online once in a blue moon... don’t bother joining this RP. If you do have to go somewhere and won’t be online for a few days, at the least, tell me before hand. If you don’t, I’ll end up kicking you out and if we move too far ahead... there won’t be another chance for you to join.

Lastly, just have fun! I don’t want to seem like the big scary boss, who runs everything (even though I am XP) If I, or any other member in this RP is stopping you from having fun... let me know right away, that way we can find a way to help.

The Character Sheet

Character Name: What’s your character’s name?
Gender: Is your character male or female?
Age: How old is your character?
Birth Date: When was your character born?
Appearance: What does your character look like? (At least one paragraph)
Personality: How does your character act around others? (At least one paragraph)
History: Where, when and how did your character grow up? (At least one paragraph)
Preferred Starter: Which of the starter Pokémon below do you want and is it male or female?
RP Sample: Write up an example of how you RP (No exceptions/At least two paragraphs)


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/04/Spr_4d_152.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_152.png)
Level: 5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Growl

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/7/7b/Spr_4d_255_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_255_m.png)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Scratch, Growl

Squirtle (Taken by Pikataro)
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/3d/Spr_4d_007.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_007.png)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip

Pikachu (Taken by Slytherfang)
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/2/22/Spr_4d_025_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_025_m.png)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Attacks: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/30/Spr_4d_133.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_133.png)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Adaptability
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand

Arkens Region
Sunrise Town: CLEARED
Route 1: CLEARED
Ocean Jewel Town: CLEARED
Timeless Forest: IN PROGRESS
Route 3: Will be up once 2 people have finished Chapter 5.

October 16th, 2008, 3:44 AM
So, I'll guess I'll try with Bret again. I was really enjoying rping with him. :)

Name- Bret
Gender- Male
Age- 11
Birthdate- April 14, 1997

Appearance- Bret looks exactly how he acts: childish and immature. He is fairly tall for his age, making people think that he is older than he actually is. That changes, though, when they look at his face. He has large, brown eyes and a huge grin on his face that makes people laugh when they see him. He has scrappy brown hair that sticks out of the hat he usually wears which is always messy and untidy. He always wears travel clothes wherever he goes whether it is school, home, anywhere.

Personality- Bret has never transferred from a child to a preteen. People who have met him most of the time notice his immaturity first out of everything and only notice this trait of his. Bret acts childish all the time and is a fun person to be around young children and sometimes older kids, but annoying to adults. When somebody is down or upset, Bret is usually there to cheer them up- or annoy them some more. Bret can also be brave and rash and jump into dangerous situations without even thinking about it. Common sense and intelligence is in his head, he just doesn't use it. Somebody usually has to be around him to set him straight and keep him out of trouble.

History- Bret had lived a fairly normal in his hometown, Pewter City, by just going to school and then coming home, but he knew his life was missing something: pokemon. But because of his personality, and the fact that his parents were usually busy, he was never allowed to go capture a pokemon of his own
One day though, Bret actually got permission from his parents to go to the Viridian Woods. Because of his excitement and lack of sense though, he took off into the woods without a pokeball and was attacked by a mob of pokemon. Luckily, a young trainer saved him and lead him out of the woods safely. Bret soon grew attached to this trainer after watching his bravery in the Pewter gym and in his matches in the Viridian Woods. He ended up traveling with him and watched him slowly grow to be a successful trainer. It only made him want to travel more and be a success just like him.
With the trainer was finished with the Kanto region, Bret told him about his dream to start his own journey. He thought it was an amazing dream and handed him a small necklace to remember their friendship and made him vow that he was going to be an amazing trainer one day. With the trainer's charm, Bret knows he needs to prove himself and be an amazing trainer one day.

Preferred Starter: Torchic, Male

Rp Sample: From Zimvee's rp


Gold rolled to the side quickly as a fire blast crashed into the ground at his feet. He stumbled as he stood up and looked around. All of his pokemon stopped and jumped next to him, looking for the source. Then, suddenly, a gang of about six or seven trainers jumped out and charged for Gold. They all ran out with a pokemon at their side.

“Pikachu, use thunderbolt!” Gold shouted nervously. Who were these people? Pikachu shot a blast of powerful electricity at the gang of trainers.

“Charizard, use fire blast!” shouted one of the trainers. A pokemon that looked like a large lizard flew over head and shot a blast of fire at the electricity. The two came into contact with each other and caused a huge explosion, causing Gold and all his pokemon to dive for cover.

“Ha, Venasaur use sleep powder!” shouted one of the female trainers. Gold and his pokemon stayed on the ground as the blue powder came towards them.

“Zubat, use supersonic to repel the attack!” Bret shouted. A blast of ultrasonic waves hit back the powder and sent back the charging pokemon. His bat pokemon soon collapsed on the ground from the tiring attack.

Gold scurried to his feet and watched as the pokemon came charging again. “Guys, I don’t know who these guys are, but we have to stop them somehow. They’re probably up to no good,” Gold mumbled to his pokemon. He then felt the ground shake under his feet and heard a low rumbling noise coming from it. Gold quickly looked up and saw Bret’s tiny Diglett shaking the ground with all its might to repel the crooks.

“Pidgeot, Ivysaur, get in there!” Gold shouted. “Use a combined attack of gust and sleep powder!”

Both of Gold’s pokemon leaped in to Bret’s rescue and performed their attacks with Ivysaur first letting out a blue powder and then Pidgeot blowing it over to the goons quickly with her gust attack. Gold was positive that this was going to work.

“Pidgeot, stop that attack with a gust of your own,” growled a grunt. A bird that was just like Gold’s swooped over the goon’s heads and let out a gust attack just like Gold’s pokemon had done. It aimed directly at Gold’s attack and the powder bashed into a perfect horizontal sheet that fluttered to the ground softly. It was silent for a moment; a perfect moment for Gold to talk.

“Who are you guys and why are you here?” Gold asked.

“We are mearly Pokemon Collectors. We travel the world in search of rare and unusual pokemon that may roam Kanto. And from what we see, you have a rare pokemon in your possession,” one of the collectors responded.

Gold knew that they were talking about Mystery Pokemon. The way they talked reminded him of Zackary. He only kept Larvitar because he was a rare and unusual pokemon, but powerful and dangerous if in the wrong hands.

“You’re not taking my pokemon!” Gold yelled.

“Yes, yes, I think we’ve chit-chatted too long. Group, let’s continue!” shouted the man. Everyone shouted and continued their attacks. Gold knew their purpose for attacking now so he had to do one thing first. He dug around and found Mystery Pokemon’s pokeball. He quickly recalled his pokemon and safely put him away. It would be harder now for them to get to him which made him feel a little more comfortable.

“Sandslash, get that punk’s pokemon with fury swipes!” shouted a grunt.

“Flareon, use sand attack!” Gold shouted. Flareon kicked sand at the pokemon making it tumble to the ground. Flareon and the rest of Gold’s pokemon then slammed into the Sandslash hard making it roll backwards.

“Good job, guys!” Gold shouted.

One of the grunts growled. “This battle has gone long enough,” he mumbled. He patted the Venusaur on the side. “Venusaur, finish them all off with hyper beam,” he ordered calmly. The large plant pokemon shot a powerful blast of an attack towards Gold, Bret, and all their pokemon.

Gold had just noticed the attack that was aimed for him and his pokemon. “What the!” he shouted. He didn’t have time to move. The attack hit the ground and Gold was caught in the blast making him fly back. He suddenly felt oblivious to everything going around him. All he could feel was the power of the attack and couldn’t help but think about his pokemon. He slammed on the ground hard and was unconscious before he knew what had just happened.

October 16th, 2008, 4:10 AM
Dark_Link12: You're obviously accepted, I'm just dying to see what Bret makes of the events I have planned.

October 16th, 2008, 11:20 AM
Heya! I'd like to join!

Character Name: Gale Hana
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birth Date: December 16
Appearance: Gale is, at most, 5'6" (tall for her age); she has straight and long yellow hair and sapphire blue eyes; her average outfit is a plain white t-shirt with green camo pants and black slip-ons; she has a white kitty-eared cap that she wears pretty much everywhere; she sometimes adds a fake white kitty tail just for fun
Personality: Gale's general personality is quiet and kind. However, when battling others, whether they're wild Pokemon or not, Gale's personality is changed entirely. She fights with a fiery passion inside her heart, and she becomes brave even when against bigger and stronger trainers and Pokemon. She dislikes Pokemon Centers and mainly uses berries she picks up along the way to heal her Pokemon (like Sapphire from the manga).
History: Gale has no idea who her parents are; ever since she was a baby, she had lived in an orphanage (due to that fact, she never was given a last name, so she came up with one). At the age of eight, she decided she had had enough with being in a crummy orphanage and left to go on an adventure.

Even though she had no money or no protection, Gale learned to live with nature. She ate wild berries each day, and refused to sleep in Pokemon Centers, even though they would've allowed her to stay for free. You could pretty much call her a "wild child", like Sapphire (from the manga). Gale also hated trainers who thought she was a "freak" just because she roamed the wild eating berries and sleeping in caves or dens each and every night. She still dressed like any other person (she came across some clothes outside someone's house, tried them on, and stole them), and she had a good vocabulary. So she couldn't see what was wrong with living with nature.

If it weren't for that letter Gale found, she would've never heard of the newly undiscovered region. Gale hoped to go, as she knew it would change her life forever...
Preferred Starter: Squirtle, Female (nicknamed Twi)
RP Sample: From Pink_Lopunny's "The Second Coming":


"Glaceon! Come on out!" Candace shouted. A beautiful, obviously well-trained Glaceon came bursting out of the ball as if in a contest. Candace laughed.

"I haven't really been interested in the whole contest thing, but my Glaceon likes watching the contest channel and has picked up quite a few moves from the contestants' Pokemon. So best be prepared!" She smirked, waiting for Noir to make his move.

"Come on out, Rage!" The Steelix coiled around Noir, but made enough room for Noir to breathe and whatnot.

"Heh. Wait 'til you see what Rage has got," Noir remarked. Candace smiled.

"Well, I've seen quite a few Move Tutors, as well as bought quite a few TMs for my Glaceon in case someone decided to challenge me with quite a strong Pokemon like your Steelix. Glaceon, Aqua Tail!" Glaceon lunged at Rage, its tail an ice blue tone. It turned around and hit Rage with such force that Rage was knocked back a bit.

"Dang!" Noir shouted.

"Hah, your Steelix is weak against Water due to its Ground attribute, correct? Glaceon has prepared for such a strong and mighty beast. Now, Rock Smash, go!" Glaceon's tail turned a whitish color this time, and once again hit Rage with a load of power. The Steelix screeched in pain and fell back against the wall, creating a huge gap.

"You're done for!" Candace said merrily.

"Well, it seems like you went to the Move Tutors for your Glaceon. Well, I did with my Pokemon too! Now, Iron Head!" At a blinding speed, Rage slammed into the Glaceon hard, knocking it back into the wall. It seemed hurt, but it also didn't seem to have suffered much.

"Here's where it gets interesting..." Candace muttered. "Hail! Now" Hailstones began to fall from the ceiling, as if by magic. It fazed Rage somewhat, but overall didn't do much to it.

"And I'm sure you're aware of my Glaceon's ability, correct?" Candace smirked, and Glaceon disappeared as fast as you could say "what".

"Dig! Go!" The Glaceon dug into the ground. Rage looked around, trying to figure out where it would come from.

"Hah hah hah!!!" Candace laughed merrily. "You're finished! Especially since you don't know where my Glaceon's coming from!!!"

October 16th, 2008, 11:39 AM
I always did enjoy the old Follow the Darkness, I think I'll try again

Character Name: Holly Aria Darcy
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birth Date: October 31st, 1995
Appearance: Physically, Holly has always been somewhat bony, but not to the point of looking like a living skeleton. Her skin is a pale alabaster cream color, and never seems to tan, and her hair is dark black/brown, impossibly straight, and rather fine. It falls nearly to her waist, as she hasn't cut it in years, and her eyes are a strangely cold green shade, not brilliant green, but something like emerald green dulled a little bit. Her normal outfit consists of dark gray jeans, somewhat faded, a dark red lacy tank top under a black cropped sweater. She wears black sneakers for comfort, and because she runs a lot, due to her overload of energy. On formal occasions, she wears a rather plain black dress that falls to her knees, and silver sandals with a very low heel, that's about as formal as she gets, though occasionally, on very important occasions (weddings, funerals, etc.) She tends to dress up a bit more.

Personality: Holly has always been extremely energetic and one of those people who can't sit still for a period longer than ten or so minutes. She often finds herself tapping her foot, or snapping her fingers quietly, though she was unaware that she was doing it. But aside from that, in emergency situations, she usually somehow manages to keep her head, at least enough to dial for help or something. Outside of emergency situations, Holly is pretty friendly and polite enough, a loner sometimes, and fitting the definition of impatient, for most things anyway. When she's working with a pokemon, like she has done in recent years, she is extremely patient however, and refuses to get frustrated. But its only when she's working with pokemon that she's actually patient. Impatient as she might be, Holly isn't the type to lose her temper, she rarely goes beyond snapping at people when she gets frustrated or angry, and has never been known in all her life to have had a temper tantrum, even as a toddler. However, she had been known to lose control once or twice, it happens rarely, but then you'd better run. She's pretty sure it doesn't qualify as a temper tantrum, though, because she's not kicking and screaming and crying on the floor pounding her fists, she'll just probably going to do something like punch your lights out. (Seriously? No.)

History: Holly has led the frustrating life of being the youngest child in the family and being constantly overshadowed by her older sister, who was perfect. Her sister, Lily, was blonde and beautiful, smart, athletic, and a talented coordinator, perfect in every way, as her parents liked to say. And Lily loved that discription of her. The only thing was, Holly was on equal ground with her, save for the blonde and beautiful part, and the talented coordinator part as well. But her parents were too obsessed with brilliant Lily's talents to notice. Holly never minded, though, surprisingly, she didn't want so much attention, it was only when her sister started bragging that she really started to get annoyed and notice how much attention her sister was getting. As a child Holly had always kept to herself, and her parents decided she was shy, while Lily was popular and outgoing, and they thought that their daughters were polar opposites, though as Holly got older they found that that wasn't true. She was very much like Lily, just with not quite as many talents. The cleverness and athleticism she had, the coordination skills, and the popularity or beauty her sister had been bestowed with weren't the same for her. She lived with it though, and eventually began to come out of her shell a bit.

When she was eleven, she became extremely interested in Pokemon battling, and also in taking care of pokemon, and she became a volunteer at a local Pokemon Therapy Center. There she helped injured pokemon to recover and regain their physical abilities that they otherwise would have lost as a result of their injuries. She also volunteered at the Pokemon House, which really was a center for abandoned pokemon. Most of the time, she trained them and worked to bring up their confidence, which was unusual for a girl her age, though she herself loved it. Eventually, she decided she wanted to become a pokemon trainer, and decided, at the age of thirteen, to begin her pokemon journey.
Preferred Starter: Pikachu, Male
RP Sample:

“Well, this map says that we have to travel through Petalburg Woods to get to Rustboro City…” Shaun said, yawning. They had only gotten up a few moments ago, and still had not fully awakened, or at least, their senses seemed to have been dulled. Her eyes were still heavy with sleep, she had not slept well last night, but then, she had never slept too well. Her mind was simply just too active, and she stayed awake late into the night, thinking about subjects and things that would never even be important in her life, about things that she would never need to know about, or to know. Strange as if was, it was a fact, and, the way it went in her book, facts did not change. So far, the fact that she was almost always kept awake late into the night because of her stupid mind and brain or whatever had not changed yet. Though, come to think of it, Shaun realized that she felt more awake all of a sudden, now that she had gotten thinking about what made a fact.

More awake, at least, than Electrike, who seemed to have dozed off next to her, and Poochyena, who was letting out occasionally sleepy growls as it continued to hover somewhere between being half-asleep and being half-awake. Weren’t they the same things though? Half-asleep and half-awake? Half-asleep means that you’re not quite asleep, you’re somewhat aware of what’s going on around you, but its all fuzzy, and you can’t quite comprehend what anyone else is saying, or what you happen to be saying at the moment, for that matter. Shaun said to herself, and half-awake means that you’re not quite awake, still half in sleep, but you’re at least conscious and somewhat alert, though not really. Well then, I guess they really are the same things, or nearly.

By the time she had finished with deciding whether half-asleep and half-awake meant the same thing or not, both her Pokemon were fully awake and ready to start their journey through Petalburg Woods. More ready than she was, at least, as her mind was still on the terms “half-asleep,” and “half-awake.” Funny how these two terms could have her thinking for a full ten or so minutes, when most people, when asked the question “do you think half-asleep and half-awake mean the same thing?” Would reply, “yeah, sure, whatever.” And continue on with their day.

“Great! Now we can start the day, right guys?” She shook herself from her thoughts and stood up, rather more cheerful and perky than she usually was, like those stupid cheerleaders on TV, who always wore fake smiles and an expression of bland cheeriness. It made them all sort of…blend together, until it was pretty much impossible to tell them apart and they all kind of melted together into one big picture. That was how it looked to Shaun, that was how it had always looked. But no more on that matter. She could feel herself falling into deep thought once more, and was reluctant to hold her and her Pokemon back any more. She had probably made them wait long enough while she thought about…

Anyways, Shaun thought firmly to herself, we’d better get some food and get going, I bet Electrike and Poochyena would agree. Her Pokemon were already being led away, looking like they weren’t quite sure what was going on, by a Chansey that had nothing better to do and figured it would pass the time showing Shaun and her Pokemon where to eat. Shaun already knew where she could get some food, of course, but followed behind patiently as the Chansey led them into a room with a handful of sleepy looking trainers. Sitting them down, it rushed away to make some food.

After eating, though Shaun had to admit the food tasted slightly odd, especially the pancakes, which tasted a little too salty for her taste, though she didn’t say so, for fear of hurting the Pokemon’s feelings. Electrike, walking beside her, as it enjoyed traveling through forests, and Poochyena, in its Pokeball, had both gagged slightly as the Chansey prompted them to sample the Pokemon Food that it had concocted from a recipe that seemed as if it had made up on the spot after they were finished with the prepared food that they had been given, though neither of them made a negative comment.

As they entered the Petalburg Woods, the air immediately became cooler. Overhead, branches crisscrossed and the weak morning sunlight filtered in through the leaves. In the morning, the forest was beautiful, with an almost otherworldly feel, and Shaun shivered, though she wasn’t cold. Electrike seemed to love it in the forest, however, and it had a certain skip in its step as it led the way down a mossy path, and Shaun had to run in order to keep and keep from losing sight of Electrike in the leafy undergrowth. As soon as she had caught up, a rustling in the trees caught her attention, and she saw a strange Pokemon resembling a Pinecone in the tree branches right above them. She had never seen a Pokemon like that, but before she could get a good look at it, it had disappeared. Shaun gazed at the spot for another few seconds, before she shrugged and walked on, following Electrike.

Sample taken from The Epic Challenge: Hoenn Region
Created by Dark_Link12
Character: Shaun Alexander
Played By: Me, duh

October 16th, 2008, 12:55 PM
Can I reserve a spot? I was in the last one but I can't get to my sign up at the moment. Reserving Chikorita.

October 16th, 2008, 3:24 PM
Character Name: Kira Isoko
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Birth Date: 07/18/96
Appearance: In terms of size, Kira can be called - in short - small. She has a petite frame, well-muscled by all of the walking she's done on her journey. She stands at barely 5"2, and weighs in at just 104 pounds. Call her short, you're asking for a beating.

Moving on, Kira has a small, round face framed by long black hair. She has dark green eyes that glint with determination almost 24/7, and seem to spark when she's angry. Her lips are small, but full.

Situated on top of her hair is a simple white beanie, with a teal K on the back. She normally wears a black vest over a teal tank top, with a pair of white shorts (she's lost track of how many times she's washed them - she shouldn't have chosen them for traveling) that reach down to her knees. Her new tennis shoes are pure white, with two black stripes down each side. For colder weather, she does have a pair of jeans and a gray sweater tucked away in her backpack, neatly folded.

Personality: Kira is very sarcastic. That's pretty much as far as her sense of humor goes, seeing as she can't make jokes to save her life. Her comments can range from snide to poking fun, to jokes or just plain callous and rude. Most people receive a comment somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

Normally (or as often as she can), Kira has a somewhat indifferent disposition, but she's a very emotional person, so it normally doesn't work too well. However, she almost always wears an expression of indifference, even when she's sobbing inside. To most people, all they'll ever see is that cold expression. Try to get past it, or cross Kira, and you'll be met with a flame you'll wish you hadn't ignited. She has a terrible temper that often gets in the way of reason.

Around friends, she's a light-hearted person. She's honest (often a bit too much - she may come off a bit brutal), and helping. She'll sacrifice almost anything for her friends or Pokemon. If friends were to ask her if she would die for them, however, they'll be met with silence before a very abrupt subject change. For her Pokemon, there is no limit to what she would do. Try to harm them, and you'll be forever in Kira's bad books. You don't want to be there, trust me, mate.

In battles, Kira's calculating and doesn’t bother talking to her opponent. She does, however, offer a small piece of encouragement or motivation to her Pokemon when she feels it's needed. Otherwise, she's silent except for calling out battle strategies. See, Kira doesn't directly call out what moves to her Pokemon. She’ll call out a strategy that may be two moves used to help each other and be more effective, or a movement combined with a move.

She loves intellectual debates, even when they take a more argumentative turn. After all, what's more simulating to the mind than someone questioning your beliefs? And while she'll openly scoff at new ideas that go against her own, she's running the idea through her head, putting it up against multiple scenarios. In short: Kira's sarcastic, intelligent, methodical, but a real softie underneath.

History: Born to a family made up of her mother, father, and older brother (by four years, he's busy in Kanto at the moment), Kira grew up in a bigger city. Kira's a city girl, through and through. She's street smart, and strongly dislikes most small towns and people from them. They seem so frail and quiet, how can a person from them know how to fare for themselves outside of that peaceful environment? When she was six, she watched her older brother go off on his Pokemon journey proudly with his new Piplup. Since that day, she's vowed to do the same.

Four years later, after watching her friends leave on their own journeys, she’s ready to go to Professor Rowan’s lab in Sandgem to receive her own starter Pokemon. From there, she hopes to become a great trainer (and, who knows, maybe she’ll pick up a thing or two about coordinating along the way).

Preferred Starter: Female Eevee would be great ^^
RP Sample: From BrianGabriel's Mewtwo Strikes Back Thread:

Kira listened intently to Officer Jenny, her eyes narrowing. "Rain or no rain, I am getting to New Island."

But she quickly realized that if the ferry was closed, how was she going to get there? Reece – her Noctowl - wasn't strong enough the face those winds yet. She bit her lip, trying to come up with a solution. "Ai?" Her Aipom, Alby, questioned her.

Kira sighed and gently detached the Pokemon from her head so she could look at it from eye level. "I know, Alby, I want to get there too, but I just don't see how we can get past this storm without killing ourselves."

The little Aipom drooped his head, and Kira sighed before reaching into her bag. She pulled out a Pokemon biscuit, and the Aipom's spirits automatically lift. As he eagerly nibbled at the treat, Kira withdrew him into his Poke Ball and looked to Irie. “Any ideas?” Kira asked the Bayleef, who seemed a little incredulous that Kira couldn’t figure an answer out.

Without a word, the Bayleef crossed the Pokemon Center and sat herself down in front of one of the Phones there. Kira frowned, then she realized that she had a Vaporeon at Professor Elm’s lab. She grinned and dashed over to where Irie sat. Scratching the Bayleef on the head, she started dialing the number. “Irie, you’re a genius.” She said quietly, waiting for someone to pick up.

It turned out being the person Kira least wanted to see. Professor Elm’s assistant was a stuck-up, know-it-all who took every chance he could to make Kira look like a moron. Well, she thought to herself, I don’t think he can make a fool out of me when I’m asking for one of my Pokemon.

Caleb grinned when he saw who was calling. “Yes, Kira?” He asked.

Kira took a deep breath. Don’t let him provoke you. “Caleb, could you send my Vaporeon over?”

While Caleb looked put-out that she hadn’t retaliated to his tone, he quickly recovered. “Finally realize that that Chikorita is a weakling?”

“So Professor Elm hasn’t told you?” Kira asked, a smile creeping up on her face.

“Told me what?” Caleb arched his eyebrows.

“Irie, show Caleb.” Irie came up behind Kira, showing him that the weakling Chikorita was now a Bayleef. Caleb only blinked, apparentely surprised. “So, Caleb,” Kira continued, “So, about that Vaporeon?”

Caleb ground his teeth. “Hold on a second.” He disappeared from the screen, a little miffed-looking. He returned a minute later, a Great Ball in his hands. “I’m sending it to you now.”

“Thank you, Caleb,” Kira said brightly, taking the Great Ball as it dropped down from the chute attached to the console, “Tell Professor Elm I said hi, will you?” And with that, she hung up.

“Alright, Irie, ready?” Irie nodded, and Kira withdrew her, then ran out to the dock outside of the Pokemon Center. “C’mon out, Salem!” She cried tossing the Great Ball up in the air. A blue Vaporeon appeared in the water below her, giving a happy cry. “Listen,” Kira told the Vaporeon, “I need your help to get across this sea. Think you can do it?”

The Vaporeon nodded, giving out a musical cry. Kira grinned. “Then let’s go!” She zipped up het vest to hold in warmth, and leaped from the dock and into the water. She wrapped her arms around the Vaporeon, trying not to shiver. The water was frigid, but Vaporeon’s body heat helped a little bit. She looked out over the storm-tossed ocean, ready to face the waves head-on to get to New Island.

October 16th, 2008, 3:47 PM
Pikataro: Despite being all jumbled up it was a pretty good sign up, although... I did get lost on a few bits in her history and by the way you RP I can see you've got a bit more to learn. Right now you're pending...

Slytherfang: Who would I be if I didn't let you join again? Just as long as you post a bit more often, you're accepted!

Gummy: I was hoping you'd re-sign up. =P Ok, Chikorita is reserved for you!

*Lanee: That was an amazing sign up, I would love for you to be part of this RP! You're accepted!

October 16th, 2008, 3:49 PM
Absolutely. I had a ton of testing before (don't know why, beginning of the year, but they're teachers, after all.) Now the tests and quizzes have lightened up a bit, as well as homework load, so I'll be able to post more often than before.

October 16th, 2008, 4:43 PM
So it means I can't take Eevee now? Gah... That only leaves me with *erk* Squirtle (not a big Water Pokemon fan...). Even though I asked for Eevee first, it is given to someone else. I know I wasn't accepted, but I was pending, so... The Eevee could've at least stayed in reserve for me in case I did a better SU. Ah, I'll stop complaining, even though I have to put up with a ruddy Squirtle --'

Actually, I don't have much to learn ^^ I've had writer's block since 6th grade (completely NOT an excuse), so it may not be as good as it usually is. Plus, it was one of my later posts in the RP, so it isn't as good as it was in the beginning...

Anyways, I'll edit some parts of it...

drunk ¬_¬
October 16th, 2008, 5:14 PM
Sorry for recycling the SU, I'm just really in a hurry right now :nervous:

Name: Valtencir Gomez “Rocke”

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Birth Date: Sep 1st

Personality: Rocke is… in his own few words: loyal, protective, deceiving, and a straight out jerk. Although he has always been a troublemaker, he has never snitched on any of his friends (or anyone at all for that matter), and is not one to leave companions behind. He is also very protective of the people he cares for, and will fight for them, whatever the odds or the cost. Although both of these are ‘good’ qualities, another quality (or at least in his opinion), is that he has an extensive imagination that allows him to lie his way out of most tight situations… as a matter of fact, the only person he has never been able to fool is his father. Lastly, he calls himself a jerk most times, because he likes to play with an opponent’s mind before (and during) engaging in either a fight, or a battle. No matter, who he battles, he always seeks clarity in his mind to obtain psychological advantage.

Appearance: Rocke is a dark skinned kid, with dark eyes, and curly black hair that he keeps buzzed short. He usually wears a tight, white V-neck, with a silver cross necklace, black shorts which go past his knees, and a pair of black ADIDAS Samba. When it is cold though, he switches his shorts for black baggy pants, and also wears a purple hoody, and a black beanie. His most distinguishing feature is a scar underneath his right eyebrow that he got in a fight with another kid in school.

History: In the past Rocke was always regarded as a troublemaker. Whenever he was with his friend, he would show a total lack of respect for pretty much anything, but if he had a merit that no one could take away from him, was his born talent to raise and train pokemon. He was born into a small family of breeders in a small town in the Arkens Region, and he has always been interested in the raising of pokemon… it was his only passion. Rocke didn't start his journey earlier for several reasons. He didn't want to leave his friends who stayed, and just really liked working with his dad in the Pokemon DayCare, but now, he has decided that it is time to finally get out there and become... champion

Preferred Starter: Squirtle is kind of the only one left :P

RP Sample: From CTFx' Pokemon Wars: The Alpha

Slowly regaining consciousness, Rocke immediately felt at danger, and decided to analyze the situation as thoroughly as possible,

<Where am I? … I know for a fact I’m inside a vehicle, most likely a truck due to the metal bodywork underneath me being large enough to fit me lying on my side. Also, I can obviously feel this thing moving and bumping against the ground, which means we aren’t in a paved street anymore. Let’s see, I can’t move because both of my hands are tied at my back, and apparently they’re also tied to my ankles> He thought as he tried to unbend his swollen knees from the pressure. <I have a bag over me so that means they don’t want me to see where they’re taking me… if that wasn’t obvious enough already, and…>

All of a sudden the truck stopped making him roll to the other side of the truck bruising his knees and hitting his head “Damn!”

“Stop crying and get down here” at the same time he heard this voice he felt a strong hand grab hold of the rope that kept his arms and legs bound to his back, pulling him out of the truck and letting him fall to the ground

“GOD THAT HURT! … Why would you do that?!”

Without a reply, the man cut the rope and unbound his feet, leaving only his arms tied, “Walk” he said.

After walking about ten steps, he opened a door, and went into a corridor with a multitude of stairs going down then bending down to be at the same height level as Rocke, the man whispered into his ear: “I really don’t feel like carrying you… hope you don’t put this against me.”

“What? …” as Rocke was about to ask what was going on, he felt a huge hand touch his back before pushing him down the stairs. “Aaaaaahhhhh… Uff!” Rocke had made it down the first staircase, but then hit a wall leaving him almost unconscious. Then he felt the same hand pull him from the shirt, and push him down another stircase in an opposite direction, “… Uff!” The same thing happened, except this time Rocke fell down upon hitting the wall, and rolled down a third staircase, which upon hitting the last stair gashed his right eyebrow, which started bleeding profusely.
As J (the man in charge of Rocke’s kidnapping) finished going down the third staircase, he sighed at the sight and said: “At least you made my job easier…” carrying him and taking him down the last staircase…

He then felt the man take off the bag covering him and untie his arms. “Ha. THAT’S gonna leave a mark”

October 16th, 2008, 5:23 PM
Pikataro: The reason I picked *Lanee's Eevee sign up over yours is because I graded them at the same time and hers was simply much better. You're accepted, just as long as you can work on your attitude.

Drunk: Sorry, we're full.

Everyone: As soon as Gummy posts his sign up the RP will begin.

October 16th, 2008, 5:28 PM
Sorry... I was in a bad mood a bit earlier 'cause I couldn't get a video to work... I usually have a lot better demeanor, so I'll shape up...

I'm assuming I'll get Squirtle then? At least it can learn Ice moves... And it'll still be female, and hopefully I can nickname it...

And will we be able to catch starters in the wild? As well as Pokemon like Eevee? (I really love Eevee, so if I can't start with one, then catching one works too ^^)

October 16th, 2008, 5:38 PM
Sorry... I was in a bad mood a bit earlier 'cause I couldn't get a video to work... I usually have a lot better demeanor, so I'll shape up...

I'm assuming I'll get Squirtle then? At least it can learn Ice moves... And it'll still be female, and hopefully I can nickname it...

And will we be able to catch starters in the wild? As well as Pokemon like Eevee? (I really love Eevee, so if I can't start with one, then catching one works too ^^)

Yes, you can nickname Squirtle.

All Pokemon listed as starters will be available in the RP some way or another. =D

October 16th, 2008, 5:40 PM
'K. Thanks. And once again, sorry for my demeanor earlier... ><'

*will wait for RP to start*

October 16th, 2008, 6:13 PM
Nothing wrong with a little SU revival. ;)

Character Name: Cato Cornelius

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Birth Date: October 25th, 1992

Appearance: When you first look at Cato, words like ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ enter your head, and with good reason too. Standing at a measly five feet, five inches, sporting a pale skin tone and with those scrawny arms and legs, you’d have to be blind to mistake him for intimidating. His eyes are a magnificent olive shade, but due to his bad eyesight, one would have to stare through his thick glasses to see them. That is, of course, if that person’s attention is shifted toward his unkempt, curly black hair, or perhaps the various pieces of grass that are usually sticking out of it. Can’t get worse than this, right? Wrong.

His normal attire consists of a long-sleeve, white shirt— or at least a shirt that used to be white. Due to his constant traveling, the shirt is now covered in many stains and small rips. Sometime after leaving for his journey, Cato purchased a hideous dark brown and green sweater vest, and seeing that there was no one with any type of fashion sense around, he began wearing it daily until it became part of his normal attire. Both vest and shirt are tucked into his khaki pants, which are held up by a maroon belt. All of his accessories, including his Pokeballs, are kept in the gray messenger’s bag he carries at all times. Last, but certainly not least, are his brown construction boots.

Personality: Not having much of a social life, Cato spends most of his time alone. This has caused him to develop an anti-social personality, decreasing his chances even more at gaining friends. Aside from his anti-social problems, Cato can get quite cocky at times. He may not be the strongest or fastest, but his intelligence is vastly superior to that of his peers. He’s quick to prove someone wrong or ‘show off’ his smarts in even the silliest of discussions. He takes almost everything seriously, even jokes or sarcasm. But what’s worst of all is that he’s EXTREMELY stubborn and when others try to inform him of his flaws, he tells them otherwise before they can even finish.

When it comes to Pokemon relations, Cato’s personality changes in specific ways. What is usually noticed first is that he looks down on any Pokemon not belonging to him, believing that most (if not all) are not disciplined like his. He isn’t one to catch wild Pokemon on the sight or allow injured Pokemon on the road to become part of his team. Instead, he searches for those that will only benefit his team.

History: Although born in Pallet Town, Cato’s family soon moved to New Bark Town where he spent the majority of his childhood. It became clear early in his life that Cato was smarter than the average kid and because of this, skipped many grades in school. However, this seemingly god-given gift was more like a curse, as he never had chance to maintain any type of normal social life. By the age of fourteen, the only people he talked to on a regular basis were his family members and Professor Elm. He and the young professor developed a close friendship, and within a year, Cato found himself working as a part-time assistant. After seeing countless trainers leaving on journeys thanks to Elm providing them with the necessary equipment and a Pokemon, Cato finally decided he needed to explore the world outside of New Bark Town.

Although wishing to begin his journey in the Johto region, the Cornelius family made another unexpected move to Arkens region, mainly due to the increased activity of Team Rocket in Johto. Once again, Cato finds himself in an unfamiliar place with people he has no interest in meeting. However, he was determined to change one thing about his life, and that was him exploring the world beyond his home. Little did he know that he would form life long friendships with Pokemon and people alike on this journey.

Preferred Starter: Chikorita

RP Sample: Kevmysta’s Follow the Darkness

“Cato, wake up!” ordered a female voice from inside a relatively small house, but could possibly be heard from across the street. Both her auburn hair and stained apron soared behind her as she rushed up a flight of stairs. Upon reaching the top, she made a sharp left in the narrow hallway and stopped before a polished wooden door.

“Cato!” she called again while simultaneously slamming her fists against the door. Without even waiting for a reply, she twisted the knob and allowed herself in the room. To her surprise, she found the room to be rather tidy and the bed unoccupied. Her green eyes scanned the room like a Staraptor’s and when she was sure her son was no where to be found, eased herself deeper in to the room. Finally she stopped at the window, where she spotted a lone boy laying on the grass, staring at the sky.

“Cato, what the heck are you doing!?”

The boy seemed to not hear her, or was simply ignoring her, as he continued to gaze at the drifting clouds. The sun was beating hard on him, and although he was wearing both a green sweater vest and a white, long sleeve shirt, he seemed unbothered by the heat. He ran a hand over his curly, brown hair, and rested his head back on the grass.

“I know you hear me, young man!”

“All of Arkens can hear you, mother!” he shouted back smugly. Without much effort, he lifted himself off of the ground and dusted the grass off of his khaki pants, although he was pretty sure there was some left on his backside.

“Excuse me from trying to help out, but while you were out here daydreaming, you’ve seemed to lose track of time. You’re going to be late for your meeting with that sweet Professor Pace.”

The news caught Cato by surprise, but he tried not to let it show in his facial expression. He was hoping to be the earliest so he didn’t have to mingle with any other trainers that would be visiting the lab for similar reasons. How he happened to foil his own plan was both irritating and amusing. Oh well, he was sure the joy of getting his first Pokemon would overshadow the fact that he was likely to be forced into a social engagement.

He quickly picked up his gray messenger bag off the ground and swung it around his shoulder. “I’ll call you later mom!” he shouted to the window before turning his back to the house and making his way for the lab.

“Don’t forget to call your father too!” he heard her call out faintly. He made a mental note to do so, but was sure he’d forget later.

As a new arrival to this town, Cato had a bit of trouble finding the lab. Three times he found himself facing a thick multitude of trees that enclosed the small town. Finally, he came across the building and immediately saw why he missed it so many times. Unlike Professor Birch’s lab, which he was so used to seeing, Pace’s lab was relatively small. That was when it hit him that the Professor’s career was just kicking off and he would probably get a bigger lab in a couple of years.

In front of the building doors stood a female lab assistant who eyed Cato the moment he stepped up.

“Err... Hello, I’m here to see Professor Pace. Is he in today?”

“Do you have a letter of approval?” asked the assistant almost robotically. It was a dead give away that she planned to ask that question many times today.

The young man reached into his bag and pulled out a neatly folded letter. “I believe this is what you’re referring to,” he said, handing her the sheet of paper. She quickly skimmed it before nodding to him and ushering him into the lab.

“We’ve got another one!” she called out in the lab before shutting the doors. A man pacing back and forth immediately looked up at Cato and walked towards the boy.

“Right this way,” said Professor Pace hastily as led Cato to a table littered with pokeballs and other equipment. “Cato Cornelius, correct?”

“That’s me.”

“Then this is for you,” he said, grabbing a pokeball off the table and handing it the young man. Instinctively, Cato pressed the button on the sphere twice and watched as a red beam began to take shape. Before he knew it, a small, yellow mouse stood at his feet, surveying the world around it with a confused gaze.

“Pichu here is a new hatch, but I’m sure you can deal with it. Professor Birch speaks highly of you.” Cato couldn’t help but smile at the compliment, and then lowered to the Pichu’s level, which allowed it to quickly scurry up his arm. Sensing the bond already forming between the two, Pace knew Cato wouldn’t object to the choice and handed him his pokedex along with five extra pokeballs. He patted the young trainer on the shoulder and looked into his eyes.

“Welcome to the world of Pokemon. May you have many safe and thrilling adventures.”

“I’ll try my best, sir,” Cato said, before exiting the building. His journey was just beginning.

October 16th, 2008, 6:31 PM
Gummy: Haha! Ok, now that you're done with your sign up... we can begin!

Chapter 1: Sunrise Town
Number of Posts: 1

A small town located on the edge of a cliff, despite being so small many people come to Sunrise Town... some are trainers who are here to start their Pokémon Journey’s, the others are simply people who have come to take advantage of the perfect weather and beautiful sunrises. The reason this town is so well known is because of Prof. Pace, who grew up here.

Prof. Pace
Prof. Pace was never a trainer himself, he grew up learning about the Pokémon of the world and became one of the best Pokémon Breeders in all of Arkens. He is quite nervous and doesn’t like being surprised; he sweats a lot and isn’t very good at public speaking... but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming Arkens most talked about Professor, or maybe that’s the reason he is Arkens most talked about Professor...

Prof. Pace was pacing back and forth across the tiled floor of his very neat and tidy lab. “Oh... dear,” he whined, “Where are those new trainers? They’re all late,” he turned towards the five Pokémon sitting upon the table in front of him. There was Chikorita, Torchic, Squirtle, Pikachu and Eevee... they all looked bored, as they had been sitting there for well over an hour.
“Maybe I should call-” he began muttering, before being cut off by his aide. “Uh, sir?” said the aide, “The trainers have arrived.”
Prof. Pace’s face lit up and he brushed his hands down his long white lab coat, “Ok! Send them in!”

What to Do
In this post, all you have to do is explain about your character waking up and going to the lab to get their first Pokémon.

October 16th, 2008, 6:51 PM
(ooc: Umm, I really didn't see the point of typing up a new post when this one is perfectly fine. If you want me to make up something new, then okay...I guess, but anyway here's a blast from the past. Of course, the next posts kind of have to be new)

Chapter One: The Beginning

The moment that Bret had been waiting for arrived. As he sat in his room with his parents, the boat came to a sudden stop and an announcement came on that they had finally arrived. At last… Bret had felt like time had slowed down by half and a second took a minute to pass. He wondered if this was a normal thing for a beginner trainer to feel or if it was just a Bret thing.

Bret didn’t even wait for his parents. He took off without them and booked it off the boat and onto the dry land. As he ran down the slope, though, he tripped and landed flat of his face, allowing some time for his parents to catch up. They each took hold of one of his arms and hoisted him back on his feet.

“I wonder if this is a good idea,” Bret’s father said.

Bret wiped some dirt off his shirt and adjusted his clothing before he scowled at his dad. “Dad, please, I’m gonna be great at this. Just watch.”

His dad didn’t do anything but sigh.

Bret’s mother pulled him in and kissed him on the cheek. “Well, we’re going to go back to Kanto now, honey. I’m glad we managed to come to say our last goodbye.”

Bret pushed her away. “Mom, I’m not a little kid anymore! Just please go. I’ll call you sometimes.”

His mother just nodded and hugged him one last time. She got back on the boat along with Bret’s father and Bret watched the boat until it looked like nothing more than a black speck.

Bret’s heart swelled with joy and all he could think was “Yes!” He was here in the new region and his parents were gone. He was on his own. He couldn’t stand around and think about his adventure anymore. The lab was just a little off, and it held Bret’s beginner pokemon just waiting for its new trainer. Bret turned around to head to the lab.

“Oh, wait…” he mumbled.

Bret pulled out his cellphone and immediately turned it off. He didn’t need his mom to call him in exactly two seconds.

Bret didn’t hesitate another second. He bolted for the lab and didn’t stop at the door. He ran straight through it into the large pokemon lab.

A guy was sitting down rummaging through a bag mumbling under his breath. Bret didn’t know who the guy was, but he was so excited that he didn’t care who this guy was.

“Hiya, mister!” Bret shouted excitedly.

The man shouted out and dropped everything in his hands. Little red and white orbs rolled across the floor. Bret knew they were pokeballs; he had seen the guy he was traveling with use them to throw at pokemon to capture them, some even rare ones. Wow, it brought back great memories.

“Oh, wait- I’m sorry!”

Bret leaped in and grabbed a rolling pokeball. He grabbed it and leaped back up on his feet.

The man was standing up, breathing heavily. “You…scared me,” he said.

“Um, I noticed,” Bret replied. He wanted to learn more about this guy.

“The trainers are here!” shouted another guy.

Bret couldn’t talk. Young trainers were suddenly pouring into the room. They all lined up horizontally in the lab so the man could talk to them. He looked at Bret.

“You- you’re a beginner, right? Get in the line.”

Bret walked all the way to the end and waited. The man tried to look as professional as possible as he stood in front of the young people.

“Hello, my name is Professor Pace,” he introduced.

Ah, so that is who he is, Bret thought.

The professor soon came around and passed each trainer a pokedex and then five pokeballs. He then walked around with some more pokeballs.

“These are your beginners,” he explained.

As he was passing them out, the professor exclaimed loudly and frantically looked around. “Where’s the last pokemon?” he asked.

Bret almost had to laugh. The last pokemon was in the palm of his hand, where he had rescued it before. “I have it,” he chuckled.

The professor let out a breath of relief and set all the trainers off. Bret left the lab to start his new pokemon adventure.

October 17th, 2008, 3:23 AM
-Chapter One: The Beginning-

Where am I? My parents... Is that them over there? I can't tell. Wait, they are! Mom, dad, wait for me!!! Stop!!! I'm right here! Wait...please...

Gale awoke with a start. She looked around at her surroundings, and realized she was in a cave.

"Riiiiiight..." she muttered. "This is where I slept tonight..." She sighed, and looked outside the cave. "Well, today's the day I get a Pokemon. I'm gonna name it Twi, regardless of what it is." She walked outside the cave, and looked at the bright sun through her peripheral vision.

"Today's a bright day. That could be a good thing, or a bad thing." Noticing the nearby town, Gale sneered at the people walking in and out of the local Pokemon Center. She really couldn't see what was so great about those kinds of places anyways. They give processed drugs to heal those who are injured, I know they do. Gale scowled at the thought, but walked toward the town anyways. She approached one of the passerbys, and asked, "Do you know how to get to Sunrise Town?" The passerby looked at Gale with a disgusted look, then ran off.

"HEY! Why'd you look at me like that, ya creep?!" Gale shouted as he ran inside the Pokemon Center. A second later, one of the nurses came rushing out.

"My goodness!" the nurse exclaimed. "You're filthy! Come with me so you can wash up." The nurse grabbed Gale's wrist and started to pull her towards the Pokemon Center. Gale immediately bit the nurse's hand, causing her to retract it from Gale's wrist, and Gale dashed off.

"I'll never go into one of your death traps!" Gale called as she burst towards the town entrance. "You'll never get me to go there even when I have Pokemon. NEVER!!!" She ran through the town entrance into the wild, hoping to never see such a nurse again.

After running at least five miles away from the town, Gale began growing tired. She couldn't bear to think of what was going on in such dreadful places. She then slapped her head and groaned, "I still need to get to Sunrise Town..." She looked at the sign, which just happened to be a few feet away from where she was standing.

"Sunrise Town... THAT FAR AWAY?!" Gale exclaimed. Exhausted, she decided to lie down. It was then that some person, the same one who tried to get her into a Pokemon Center, noticed her laying there. He walked over to her, stared at her, then sent out his Fearow. He quickly covered his nose and remarked, "Take my Fearow to get there. And when you're done, release it. I don't want your stench to be on any of my Pokemon." He ran away, coughing, and Gale looked at him, her eyes full of malice. She turned to the Fearow, who didn't seem to notice the stench.

"Well, can you take me?" she asked the Fearow. The Fearow nodded, and Gale got on. It was a blur after that, since the Fearow was going oh-so-fast.

Sunrise Town wasn't as strange-looking as Gale thought it was. After landing, she let the Fearow go, and stared at a large building. Assuming that was where she needed to be, Gale walked towards the building and entered it. A man, in his twenties or so, was standing beside a few PokeBalls. Gale scanned at the man, and figured he was the professor who had sent the letter. She then realized she had to wait in line with the rest of the trainers. Most had their noses covered, and Gale growled, knowing it was probably her that caused it. No chivalry whatsoever, she thought. She glared at some of them, then calmed down, listened to the professor's speech, and waited. Waited...

By the time Gale got to the front, the professor apologized to her. "I'm sorry," he said, "I don't have any other Pokemon except this one." He pointed towards a single PokeBall. "It contains a Squirtle." Gale sighed.

"Well, as long as it's a Pokemon, I'm fine..." Gale took the PokeBall, and walked away. She then turned her head around. "Thanks," she called to the professor. "Well, Squirtle," Gale said to the ball, "you're mine now. And you're gonna be Twi, OK?" She glared at those who held their noses as she passed by them, then looked back at the PokeBall and smiled.

"Well, guess our adventure begins, then..."

(Hope that was a good intro. O.o)

October 17th, 2008, 11:49 AM
Chapter 1: Sunrise Town- The Adventure Begins

Holly was awakened in the early morning by the steady, loud, and most of all, annoying, ring of her alarm clock, blinking groggily a couple of times, she buried her head in her pillow while grumbling at her alarm clock.

"Shut up, will you? Just ten more minutes..." Her hand reached out to hit the snooze button, like she did every morning, after all this was just a normal, serene....she began to doze off again when it hit her, and she sat up straight in bed, her eyes wide open and blinking in the bright sunshine coming from a crack behind her curtains.

"I can't believe I forgot that I was supposed to get my Pokemon today! What's with that, right?" She jumped out of bed and rummaged through her closet, pulling out her favorite outfit.

Ten minutes later, fully dressed and wide awake, Holly arrived downstairs. Her mother was about as excited as she was, and proud of her daughter. Holly listened and ate her breakfast of granola and milk patiently while her mother went on and on about how she'll be almost as good as Lily and how she can't believe how both her daughters would from this day have left for their Pokemon journey.

"Remember to keep in touch, sweetie!" Her mother reminded Holly, giving her a kiss and a hug before she slung her backpack on and was out the door. Her mother followed her like a lost puppy out onto the front porch, and waved nonstop until her youngest daughter was out of sight.

It really was a nice day, Holly was thinking as she walked down the otherwise empty street. It was almost difficult to believe that in a few hours, this street would be one of the busiest in her town, it was so quiet in the morning. The sound of bird Pokemon singing their morning melody and her own footsteps were the only noises, besides the dull roar of the occasional car of an early riser driving past. She could see the Laboratory in the distance, from this distance it appeared to be a small white house-like structure from the future, and she quickened her pace.

The Laboratory seemed to become larger as she drew nearer, until finally, she was at the front doors and the white outside walls of the building loomed high above her. She pushed lightly on the first door, though it stubbornly refused to open.

"Funny. I think Professor Pace knew I was coming. Am I too early?" She asked herself, just a moment later, she noticed the sticker on the door. "Pull" It said in bold, white letters against a black background.

"Oh...right..." Holly muttered, feeling rather stupid after having not spotted the sign that was plainly and clearly in her line of vision. She pulled hard on the door, and it opened with a sort of sucking sound, strange noise, she commented as she walked inside the Laboratory, her footsteps echoing as her sneakers tread upon the polished floor.

"Hello, I'm here to see Professor Pace," she said to the first person he saw, and was somewhat embarrassed to see him smile with amusement. Then he pointed to the tag pinned to his lab coat. "Professor Pace, Arkens Pokemon Professor," it said, next to a small picture of the Professor. Holly could feel her face becoming pink with embarrassment. Two completely avoidable mistakes less than five minutes apart!

"Er...yes, hello Professor. I'm Holly Aria Darcy, I think I sent you a letter earlier about receiving my first Pokemon?" She said, trying to shrug off her embarrassment, though it was quite impossible at the moment, as the Professor had not yet shed his amused smile.

"Ah, yes, I believe I did receive it. Come with me, please. A few other trainers have already received their Pokemon." Professor Pace beckoned Holly, and she followed him through a pair of glass doors. In front of her were a few Pokemon, though the first one that sparked her interest was a small Pikachu, which stared up at her innocently as she gazed wonderingly at them. "Which one, then? These are the Pokemon I have set aside for the trainers."

Holly caught the gaze of the Pikachu, and smiled, "the Pikachu, please, sir." She said decisively, she didn't need to take time to consider this, she knew the Pikachu and her were meant to be. Or maybe she was just weird. Either way, she definitely wanted to start her journey with the Pikachu.

"A fine choice," the Professor commented, though Holly had a feeling he told everyone that. From his large pockets he withdrew a rectangular, red, mechanical device and five Pokeballs. At least she knew what the Pokeballs were for. The Professor explained both items in detail before handing them to her. Holly took the items with a word of thanks, stowing the Pokedex and extra Pokeballs in her backpack, in a special pocket which she had designated for them. Then he gave her the Pokeball meant to contain the Pikechu, and opened it. The Pikachu glowed red momentarily before disappearing into the red and white capsule. Then he handed the pokeball to Holly.

"Thanks so much, sir!" She exclaimed, upon receiving the pokeball containing her new Pikachu.

"You're very welcome, and good luck on your journey!" Professor Pace said in reply. With a small wave, Holly passed through the glass doors once more and left the laboratory, giving a female lab assistant a small smile, and receiving a warm smile in return. As she stepped out into the cool air, she held the pokeball up. Pikachu...She thought, we're going to be best of friends, aren't we?

October 17th, 2008, 12:24 PM
OOC: Like Dark Link said, this is pretty much my old posts with a few edits at the end. My future posts will of course be original.

“Cato, wake up!” ordered a female voice from inside a relatively small house, but could possibly be heard from across the street. Both her auburn hair and stained apron soared behind her as she rushed up a flight of stairs. Upon reaching the top, she made a sharp left in the narrow hallway and stopped before a polished wooden door.

“Cato!” she called again while simultaneously slamming her fists against the door. Without even waiting for a reply, she twisted the knob and allowed herself in the room. To her surprise, she found the room to be rather tidy and the bed unoccupied. Her green eyes scanned the room like a Staraptor’s and when she was sure her son was no where to be found, eased herself deeper in to the room. Finally she stopped at the window, where she spotted a lone boy laying on the grass, staring at the sky.

“Cato, what the heck are you doing!?”

The boy seemed to not hear her, or was simply ignoring her, as he continued to gaze at the drifting clouds. The sun was beating hard on him, and although he was wearing both a green sweater vest and a white, long sleeve shirt, he seemed unbothered by the heat. He ran a hand over his curly, brown hair, and rested his head back on the grass.

“I know you hear me, young man!”

“All of Arkens can hear you, mother!” he shouted back smugly. Without much effort, he lifted himself off of the ground and dusted the grass off of his khaki pants, although he was pretty sure there was some left on his backside.

“Excuse me from trying to help out, but while you were out here daydreaming, you’ve seemed to lose track of time. You’re going to be late for your meeting with that sweet Professor Pace.”

The news caught Cato by surprise, but he tried not to let it show in his facial expression. He was hoping to be the earliest so he didn’t have to mingle with any other trainers that would be visiting the lab for similar reasons. How he happened to foil his own plan was both irritating and amusing. Oh well, he was sure the joy of getting his first Pokemon would overshadow the fact that he was likely to be forced into a social engagement.

He quickly picked up his gray messenger bag off the ground and swung it around his shoulder. “I’ll call you later mom!” he shouted to the window before turning his back to the house and making his way for the lab.

“Don’t forget to call your father too!” he heard her call out faintly. He made a mental note to do so, but was sure he’d forget later.

As a new arrival to this town, Cato had a bit of trouble finding the lab. Three times he found himself facing a thick multitude of trees that enclosed the small town. Finally, he came across the building and immediately saw why he missed it so many times. Unlike Professor Birch’s lab, which he was so used to seeing, Pace’s lab was relatively small. That was when it hit him that the Professor’s career was just kicking off and he would probably get a bigger lab in a couple of years.

In front of the building doors stood a female lab assistant who eyed Cato the moment he stepped up.

“Err... Hello, I’m here to see Professor Pace. Is he in today?”

“Do you have a letter of approval?” asked the assistant almost robotically. It was a dead give away that she planned to ask that question many times today.

The young man reached into his bag and pulled out a neatly folded letter. “I believe this is what you’re referring to,” he said, handing her the sheet of paper. She quickly skimmed it before nodding to him and ushering him into the lab.

“We’ve got another one!” she called out in the lab before shutting the doors. A man pacing back and forth immediately looked up at Cato and walked towards the boy.

“Right this way,” said Professor Pace hastily as led Cato to a table littered with pokeballs and other equipment. “Cato Cornelius, correct?”

“That’s me.”

“Then this is for you,” he said, grabbing a pokeball off the table and handing it the young man. Instinctively, Cato pressed the button on the sphere twice and watched as a red beam began to take shape. Before he knew it, a small, green Pokemon stood at his feet. The creature had a limp leaf dangling from the top of its head, giving it a sort of emo look. Just by looking in the Pokemon’s eyes, Cato could tell it was female.

“Not many people go with the grass type, so I’m sure Chikorita is glad that you chose her.” Cato couldn’t help but smile at the comment, and then lowered to the Chikorita’s level, and flipped away her leaf so they could stare each other in the eyes. Sensing the bond already forming between the two, Pace knew Cato wouldn’t object to the choice and handed him his pokedex along with five extra pokeballs. He patted the young trainer on the shoulder and looked into his eyes.

“Welcome to the world of Pokemon. May you have many safe and thrilling adventures.”

“I’ll try my best, sir,” Cato said, before exiting the building. His journey was just beginning.

October 17th, 2008, 4:09 PM
{{Thanks ^^}}

"Kira?" A voice called out. "Kira? Kira, sweetie, it's time to get up."

Kira said something into her pillow, but it came out as: "Fimrmutes."

Her father - well accustomed to Kira's groggy speech rolled his eyes. "No," he said, walking up to her bed, "Not five more minutes." With that, he ripped the pillow out from under Kira's head. It hit the bed with a thud, and Kira groaned, still in bed.

Her father frowned. "Don't make me get Reina," he said warningly. In the living room downstairs, the family Marill's ears perked a sshe heard her name.

Kira acted likewise. She sprang up, hopping out of bed. "I'm up!" So fast did she throw her blanket off and jump out of bed, that the blanket landed on top her father. She laughed. "See you downstairs, Dad!"

Kira flew down, bouncing into her seat. Her mother grinned at her expression. "You're certainly peppy today," she said, setting down the plate of bacon, eggs, and toast in front of her.

Kira looked up at her mother. "Of course I am!" She said, "I get my Pokemon today remember?"

Her mother rolled her eyes. "How could I forget? You haven't stopped talking about it since the letter came two months ago. Your brother almost didn't go, because he was worried about you."

"But I set him straight," Kira said between hasty bites, "And then he was so excited. I remember."

"Right, sweetie." Her mother said, ruffling her hair. "Now, hurry up, and then you can go." Kira nodded, continuing to wolf her food down.

Not twenty minutes later, Kira was tapping her foot in the kitchen, smiling. When the camera flashed, her grin faded. "Okay, no more!" She said, swiping a Poke Ball and her bag from the counter. "I'm leaving before all of the Pokemon are gone!" She called, giving each of her parents a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Her parents only shook their heads at Kira's impatience. they followed her out hte door, calling out last minute advice.

"Keep your emper under control!"

"Don't forget to call your brother!"

"And use your head!"

Kira waved her hand at them both, not turning back. "Got it! Love you, see you soon!" Without another word, she soon exited the city she lived in and set a course for Sunrise Town. She rolled her eyes. Who had given the town such an horribly sappy name? Kira shook her head at the people these days. She soon reached the outskirts of town, and finally opened the Poke Ball in her hand. A Dodrio emerged from a bright white light, and she smiled at it. "Hey, Tri," she said, stroking each of the Pokemon's heads.

The Dodrio clicked happily in response. Tri had been in the family since he had hatched as a Doduo seven years ago, and had helped her brother get to Sunrise Town without incident. "So," Kira said, smiling, "Think you can get me to Sunrise Town?" She asked the ground-bound bird.

The middle head nodded confidently. "Do," it said. The on on the right however, looked annoyed she had asked. The left looked upset that she was planning on leaving home. She turned to it, smiling sadly herself. "Hey, I'll visit," she said. Then she turned to the one on the right. "And you," she said warningly, "I don't need any attitude." She said, finally hopping up onto the bird's body/back.

Tri ran quickly, without stopping. She had often expressed her worry, but Tri had simply shrugged it off, still not stopping. It wasn't long before the long, tall, grass started to thin out and houses started appearing in the distance. Finally, she ahd arrived at Sunrise Town. Kira tried not to curl her lip in distaste at the lethargic environment. She quickly asked for directions to Professor Pace's lab.

After withdrawing Tri, she oepned the door to the lab and peered in before walking in and closing the door behind her. An assistant looked up at her. "You're a new Trainer, correct?" Without waiting for a response, the assistant asked another question. "Do you have your letter?"

Kira nodded, reaching into her pocket and removing the letter and showing it to the assistant, who barely gave it a glance before showing Kira to the lab. As the door shut behind the woman, a pacing man looked up. How apt a name, Kira thought, if this is the Professor Pace that mailed me this letter, anyways.

"Ah, good, good," he said, seeming anxiously. "Name?" He asked, walking towards a table on which lay Poke Balls and other such equipment. Kira hastened to follow, trying not to smirk at the man's anxiety. "Kira Isoko," she said.

"Mhm." The professor said, picking up a Poke Ball and handing it to her. Kira released it from the Poke Ball, and a tiny Eevee looked up at her. Pace smiled. "Eevees are special," he said, looking at Kira, "and I'm sure you knew they can evolve into one of seven Pokemon? Yes," Professor Pace wiped his hands on his lab coat, still anxious, "Eevees are one of a kind. I think you two will get along well," he said, smiling as he reached back to the table for five more Poke Balls and a dark blue Pokedex. "Good luck, Kira. And welcome to the world of Pokemon. Keep your wits, you'll be needing them." Pace said, returning to his pacing.

Kira nodded, before pulling out Tri's Poke Ball and holding it out to Pace. "This is my brother's Dodrio that I borrowed to keep me safe on the way home, but I can't give it to him since he's in Kanto. Could you send it to Professor Oak for him to hold it in Kanto until my brother can pick it up?"

The professor nodded before taking the sphere from her hand and placing it on the table. Kira nodded one last time to the professor, and scooped the Eevee up into her arms before taking her leave. "Thanks, Professor." She said over her shoulder, before the door closed. Looking down at the Pokemon in her arms, ready for anything, she smiled. If it was ready, then so was she.

October 18th, 2008, 1:53 AM
Dark_Link12: Not much I can say that I didn't say before. =P
You recieved a Level 5 Male Torchic!
You recieved a Pokedex!
You recieved 5 Pokeball's!

Pikataro: Yes, that intro was fine.
You recieved a Level 5 Female Squirtle!
You recieved a Pokedex!
You recieved 5 Pokeball's!

SlytherFang: Haha! I love Holly already, such an awkward and confused girl.
You recieved a Level 5 Male Pikachu!
You recieved a Pokedex!
You recieved 5 Pokeball's!

Gummy: Once again, not much I can say that I didn't say before.
You recieved a Level 5 Female Chikorita!
You recieved a Pokedex!
You recieved 5 Pokeball's!

*Lanee: Good post! Sunrise Town may sound cliche, but it has a meaning... you'll see at the end of the RP.
You recieved a Level 5 Female Eevee!
You recieved a Pokedex!
You recieved 5 Pokeball's!

Chapter 2: Route 1
Number of Posts: 2

A short road that takes you from Sunrise Town to Ocean Jewel Town, a cliff on one side and thick wooded area on the other makes it a pretty straight forward route.

What to do in a Route/Forest/Cave
Catch Wild Pokémon
Battle Other Trainers
Find/Receive Items

Other Stuff
When trying to catch a wild Pokémon, explain; finding the Pokémon, battling it and end with throwing the Pokéball. From there, I decide whether your post was good enough for you to capture the Pokémon.

You cannot battle the other trainers that are in the RP, it just slows everyone down and can create arguments. All you have to do is simply make-up a random trainer and make a post about you battling them.

Don’t be too elaborate when you want to find an item, as in... if you were playing the game, you wouldn’t find an Overheat TM on Route 1.
Find simple items; Pokéball’s, Potions, Antidotes and Berries. If you want to obtain a TM, let me know (through PM) and I’ll see what I can do.

Wild Pokemon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f3/Spr_4d_016.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_016.png)
Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack (Lv. 5)
Rarity: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/ee/Spr_4d_161.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_161.png)
Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away or Keen Eye
Attacks: Scratch, Foresight, Defence Curl (Lv. 4)
Rarity: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/66/Spr_4d_396_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_396_m.png)
Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack (Lv. 5)
Rarity: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/93/Spr_4d_403_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_403_m.png)
Level: 3-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Electric
Ability: Rivalry or Intimidate
Attacks: Tackle, Leer (Lv. 5)
Rarity: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/91/Spr_4d_300.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_300.png)
Level: 3-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm or Normalize
Attacks: Fake Out, Growl, Tail Whip, Tackle, Attract (Lv. 4)
Rarity: Uncommon

October 18th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Bret held the pokeball high in the air as he stepped onto the new route. He felt a sudden rush of excitement. He was on an adventure; his own adventure. Instead of being a little cheerleader now, he was the real deal. People would respect him now for all the badges and talent he had.

"Just wait," Bret mumbled.

He held the pokeball and realized that he didn't even know what the pokemon was. How stupid he was! Here he was, talking about being the greatest and all, yet he hadn't meeten his own pokemon. Well, what was he waiting for?

"Go, you mystery pokemon!" Bret shouted. He held the pokeball up to throw it then... it slipped out of his hand. Instead of traveling through the air it slipped and bonged right on Bret's head. Bret went dizzy as the pokeball cracked open and a little chick pokemon appeared. Bret shook his head and looked at the pokemon.

"Wow, hello, little...chicken thing..." Bret mumbled slowly at the end. He whipped around and looked around nervously. What was this pokemon's name. He bit his nails as he tried to find out a way to know.

Then Bret laughed so hard that he made the little pokemon jump. "Right, the pokedex!" he shouted. He pulled it out and pointed it at the pokemon, but nothing happened. A black screen faced him, but not the name of a pokemon.

"How-does-this-thing-work?" Bret grumbled. He began to shake the electronic device back and forth, but it didn't do much good. The screen was still black.

"Tor?" said the pokemon. It hopped over to Bret and looked at the screen to inspect it as well. It looked at it blankly before looking at Bret again. Bret looked at the pokemon and pointed his finger at him.

"Wait, what did you say?" he asked.

"Torchic," responded the pokemon sweetly.

"Ha, so Torchic's your name. Why did I get this stupid device if it doesn't even work? I'll just ask every pokemon their name," Bret said. He shoved the pokedex back in his pocket and faced Torchic.

The most sickening sound then came over Bret and his new pokemon, Torchic; the sound of a grumbling stomach. Bret grabbed his tightly and grew pale in the face.

"Ugh, I just realized that I didn't eat breakfast this morning. No wonder my stomach's doing this to me. No problem, I'll fix this quickly."

Bret dug in his bag on his back and pulled out a large sheet. He placed it on the ground and pulled out at least three cans of food. Torchic looked at Bret confused.

"My mom packed me extra food," Bret explained.

"Tor.." the pokemon sighed as if it were saying, I see......

Bret didn't wait for somebody to tell him to eat. The Master Can Opener, Bret popped the lid off and dug into beef stew. He held another opened can out to Torchic.

"Dreitissgud," Bret said through a full mouth. He shoveled in another mouthful as Torchic looked at the can and quietly pecked at the noodles in the can. He didn't want to disturb his "master."

Bret wasn't paying attention to what was happening in the trees above him. There was a pokemon, a very hungry pokemon. It was very jealous and angry as it watched the stupid trainer fill his mouth when it couldn't eat at all. It wasn't fair, and it wanted that food- no matter what.

"Well, that was good," Bret said. "Next can!"

Suddenly, something furry and brown landed ontop of Bret's face. It grabbed on and pushed him to the ground, leaping on the food afterwards.

Bret sat up and watched the poekmon. It looked like a little flying squirrel, and a little thief.

"Torchic, scratch that pokemon and get it away!" Bret shouted. Torchic ran forward and scratched the pokemon, making it tumble away from the food.

Bret stood up and pointed at the thieving pokemon. "You thought you could steal my breakfast?!" Bret said incredulously. He shook his head. "I'll show you! Torchic, use scratch again!"

Torchic rushed forward and tried to hit the foe again, but it curled up in a ball, taking less damage. It then uncurled and slammed into Torchic hard, making him fly back and hit the ground in front of Bret.

"Torchic, get up, please!" Bret shouted. Torchis stood up and faced his foe once more. "Now, we gotta get an attack on that little furball thing. Use scratch again and make it good!"

Torchic rushed forward and swiped at the pokemon, but it curled up once more and Torchic barely got a hit. The Sentret then got another tackle hit on Torchic, making him fly back once more.

This isn't working, Bret thought. "Er, Torchic, wait for that pokemon to hit you!"

The plan was stupid... The pokemon just stood there and watched Bret stupidly. It wasn't interested in moving. Bret groaned and looked down in defeat before he saw something...something that would help him out.

"Torchic, use scratch again!" Bret shouted.

Torchic turned around and gave Bret the stupid look. He didn't like the idea, but Bret responded by giving his pokemon the just trust me look. Torchic charged forward.

Bret pulled out his secret weapon: a can of food. He held it high in the air for the pokemon to see.

"Hey, I have food!" Bret bribed.

The little thief pokemon looked up in curiousity and then SLAM! Torchic got a direct hit and scratched the pokemon to death until it collapsed exhausted on the ground.

Bret pulled out a pokeball and held it up. "Little thief, you're mine," he mumbled. He threw the pokeball and it tapped the pokemon on the head and began to rock back and forth as the pokemon was devored. Bret was proud that he actually threw this ball right, but would he be even more proud when he caught his first pokemon?

(ooc: The pokemon was Sentret if you were totally lost lol. I had to rush the end and I apologize.)

October 18th, 2008, 7:46 PM
Dark_Link12: Thanks for telling me, I don't think I would have known otherwise. =P Good post, BTW.
You caught a Level 4 Female Sentret!

October 19th, 2008, 6:38 AM
Chapter 3: How Clueless

The pokeball stopped and the red light dimmed. The pokemon was caught! Bret leaped up in the air and ran over to pick up the ball. He held it high in the air for the world to see.

"Yeah, look at me now!" he shouted.

For the first time, Torchic showed a little energy as well. He leaped in the air next to Bret and began to exclaim with excitement. Bret grinned and showed him the pokeball.

"Let's meet our new friend, shall we?" he said. He clicked the center of the pokeball and a flash of red light appeared. A little squirrel pokemon appeared in front of Bret. It still looked angry and upset, as if it were about to attack before Bret held a can of food in front of the pokemon.

"I'm sorry for tricking you before. Will this make it up?" he asked.

The pokemon replied with a "yes" by taking the can and immediately gobbling the food inside.

Bret laughed. "I'm glad we're friends now.....er..." He was silent after that. He still didn't know this pokemon's name and apparently the pokedex wasn't going to help at all.

"You know what, forget that stupid thing!" he shouted. He didn't realize how much his life depended on it until that point.

The group sat around and the pokemon ate a little more, while Bret ate a lot more, before they packed up and set off down the path again. Bret let both of his new pokemon walk together, and they seemed to get along really well. They talked with each other for a little while and Bret snorted a few times as he listened to a bunch of pokemon talk behind him. It finally came to the point where Torchic had to peck him on the head to make him quit.

Bret stopped his jokes and was trying to focus on something else before he saw somebody not too far in front of him. He drooled when he got closer. It was a girl that looked around thirteen with sleek, perfect brown hair and a cute little yellow and pink trainer's outfit. She looked like she was maybe from the country with her clothes.

The girl acted a little more mature around the irresistable Bret. She groaned and looked from him to his pokemon. "Are...you a trainer?" she asked. Now Bret knew she was from the country. It wasn't thick, but Bret caught an accent in her dialogue.

"Yes, ma'am," he responded by thumping his chest. "Just became one and now I caught a pokemon. So what'll it be, one on one?"

"Sure, let me get through with you and then I'll continue on," she said. She held up a pokeball and threw it. "Go, Rattata!" she shouted. A little purple rat appeared on the field.

"Cool. Gotta get info on this pokemon," Bret mumbled. He whipped out his pokedex and pointed it at the pokemon, but the screen was still black. "Are you kiddin?! Why won't this thing work?! It worked just fine with him!"

The little country girl groaned. "What are you talkin about? Are we going to battle or what?" She eventually gave up and walked over to Bret. She snatched the pokedex out of his hand and grumbled as she held it up to where he could see it.

"You have to be the dumbest kid I've ever seen in my whole life," she said. "This is why it isn't working."

The girl pulled out a card that was sticking out of the red box. It immediately came to life and gave data.

Rattata, the Mouse pokemon, read the pokedex. Catious in the extreme, its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment.

The girl threw the pokedex back at Bret.

"I knew that!" Bret shouted as he caught the pokedex. He decided now that this would be the perfect time to gather data on his new pokemon. He pointed it at the little squirrel and it came to life again.

Sentret, the Scout pokemon, it read. It has a very nervous nature. It stands on its high tail to scan wide area's.

"Well, now you're done playin, let's start," said the girl. She pointed in the air. "Rattata, tackle!"

No problem, Bret thought. At the moment, the battle looked like it was going to be a breeze. "Sentret, use defense curl!"

Sentre rolled up in a little ball and Rattata slammed into Sentret hard anyways. Sentret began to fly in the air as if she were a kickball, just kicked past first base. She uncurled herself and slammed hard into Rattata from the air.

"Awesome, now use tackle!" Bret shouted. Sentret rushed forward at the Rattata.

"That pokemon may have good defense, but its offense isn't nearly as good as yours, Rattata. Use tackle back!"

Rattata ran forward as well and the two pokemon collided. It had become a test of strength and offensive skills. Rattata skidded backwards, but managed to stay firm, while Sentret was knocked hard. It caused her to fly back and roll backwards towards Bret.

"Man, so attacking is useless," he mumbled. He looked at his tired and hurt Sentret and figured he would have to stay defensive.

"Rattata, use tackle!" she shouted.

Bret stuck to the plan. "Sentret, use defense curl!" he shouted. Sentret rolled up in a little ball once more.

The girl grinned at Bret. "I knew you were gonna do that. Rattata, stop right in front of Sentret."

The little mouse stopped right in front of the little ball pokemon. Sentret continued to stay rolled up.

"What?! You can't do that!" Bret shouted.

The girl laughed. "There isn't a rule that says I can't!" she said. "Now, what're you gonna do? Are you going to attempt to attack, or are we going to stand here all day?"

Bret thought hard and knew he would lose if Sentret came out of her defense. This girl was pushing him him out of his defense and he hated it. What to do....

That was when Bret noticed something about his pokemon. Her tail was sticking out while she continued to stay rolled up. That gave him a great idea.

"Sentret, twirl aroud smack Rattata with your tail!" Bret ordered. Sentret did exactly what she was told. Her tail hit directly into rattata and made the pokemon fly back and hit the ground. It was completely out.

"Yes, we won our first battle!" Bret shouted. He picked up Sentret and snuggled her. "Thanks a lot."

The girl smiled and called back her pokemon and walked over to Bret. "Good battle. You aren't as stupid as you look."

"That's right!" Bret said. "I hope that you learned to not judge people by their looks."

"Okay, sure," mumbled the girl.

Confident and proud, Bret began to walk and didn't notice the huge tree branch in the way. His foot caught it and he fell flat on his face. The cockiness and color from his face left as he listened to the girl laugh away at his stupidity.

October 19th, 2008, 6:37 PM
Dark_Link12: Nice work turning Sentret's defensive move into an offensive one! You're done with Route 1!
Sentret grew to Level 6!

October 20th, 2008, 11:50 AM
Chapter 2: Route 1

Wow, this place is so…scenic! Or at least it is in my opinion, hey, why don’t I let Pikachu out so he can enjoy this too! She suddenly thought, as she opened the Pokeball that she had unclipped from the belt she wore to hold them. It was quite a task, getting the Pokeball off, as the attachment things were supposed to be thief-proof, meaning that a it would be extremely difficult for a thief to remove a pokeball without her noticing, but it was almost equally difficult for herself to get the pokeball off as well.

“Pikachu, come on out!” She said, as a yellow Pokemon with a few dark stripes on its back and tail, and black tipped ears appeared in front of her. It stretched and blinked curiously up at her.

“Pikachu!” It said happily, scrambling up a small tree and back down again before running back to Holly, who laughed. Pikachu followed her on all fours as she walked along the route, it wasn’t difficult to decide which way to go, seeing as there only was one way to go.

After walking for a short while, they reached a rather large clearing, where Holly spotted a Pokemon frolicking in the somewhat tall grass. She took out her pokedex and listened to the information it had on the Pokemon.

The Scout Pokemon
It has a very nervous and inquisitive nature. It stands up high on its tail so it can scan wider areas.

At that moment, the Sentret stood up on its tail and sniffed the air curiously, and then moved towards Holly, the grasses rustling as it stood up again. Holly drew a sharp intake of breath, and stood stock still for a moment, as did Pikachu, and the Sentret moved forward more.

“It’s so cute!” Holly suddenly burst out, frightening the Sentret, it scurried backwards several feet and Holly refrained herself from saying any more, but she might as well have shouted at it, for suddenly, a frightened Starly swooped low over the Sentret’s head. With a quick flick of its tail, it had disappeared into the trees. Holly sighed.

“Oh well, I didn’t know how we were supposed to catch it anyways, I just thought it was awfully cute.” Holly said resignedly, as Pikachu shook its head, exasperatedly or other? Apparently, the Sentret was just playing, but something had frightened the Starly, and it had swooped low over Sentret’s head, scaring it and causing it to run away.

“Dang it. I wanted to catch that Sentret. But its okay…” Holly wasn’t really feeling so down about not being able to catch that Sentret, oddly enough. She thought it really must have been much happier in the wild, anyway. I’ll let it go, it looked so playful in the clearing, I wonder if it would have been the same if I had caught it….

A flick of a tail broke her thoughts, and she glanced around, her eyes scanning her surroundings carefully, looking for the familiar sight. It was a tail she had seen, brown, ringed, it had flicked once before disappearing.

But there was nothing there. It could have been that Sentret, or maybe she was just imagining things.

“Pika? Pikachu?” Pikachu’s voice interrupted her, and she noticed it was staring somewhat concernedly at her. Glancing at her watch, she realized she had been standing idle for several minutes just thinking about that Sentret. She straightened up immediately, giving her Pokemon a small smile.

“Um…right. Well anyway, let’s keep on going. I’ll bet we’ll see a lot of really awesome things in this forest. Erm…onward everyone! I mean, Pikachu…and me.” She began walking forward again, stopping every so often as Pikachu paused to smell the flowers or stare mesmerized as flocks of Pidgies scattered and gathered.

That one Sentret, however, had never gone from her mind, when a flash of blue caught her eye.


What could that be? She had no clue, but expected it was another forest Pokemon, well, of course it had to be a forest Pokemon. Anyways…let’s not think about that now…right now, I think it might be best to just get to…where? Ocean Jewel Town or somewhere like that.

"Pika!" She heard, before something slapped her face. She felt it grow hot and turn red. Overhanging tree branch, and she had walked right into it. She really did feel stupid now, but forced a smile on her face.

"I'm-really losing it today, aren't I?" Luckily, there was no one around to see her humiliating incident with the tree branch, so she didn't really have to worry. However, it didn't keep her from feeling like she had fallen on stage or something.

Pikachu actually wasn't laughing, instead, it caught up to her and seemed to be saying, well, it was only an accident. That was true, she gave her pokemon a small smile, thankful that it didn't see the incident as funny, and didn't see her as stupid. I am usually very coordinated. Today's just not one of my 'good days.' Yeah, that's it. Its just not one of my best days.

October 20th, 2008, 12:24 PM
-Route 1-

"Well, it's about time I see what you look like, Twi," Gale said with a sigh. She pulled out her PokeBall, and threw it. A brown shell emerged, but nothing else. Then, a small blue head popped out, followed by two arms, two legs, and finally, a small tail. The Squirtle had big, carefree eyes, and it definitely seemed to be a laid-back sort of Pokemon.

"Wow. You're so cool, Twi," Gale responded with a smile.

"Squirt. Squirtle," the Squirt Turtle cried out, a grin on it's face also. Well, now to look for a Pokemon. I think it'd be best to catch an Electric type, so I can expand my type range, Gale strategically thought. However, everywhere she looked, there were many starling-like creatures. Gale opened her Pokedex and looked at the data.

"Starly, the Starling Pokemon. Usually with a large flock, it is barely noticeable when alone. Its cries are very strident," Gale read patiently. "Well, it isn't part Electric, so it isn't what I'm looking for..." Just then, Twi screeched from behind. Gale whirled around, and saw a blue lynx-like Pokemon slam into her Squirtle.

"Hey! Why you little..." Gale muttered angrily. "C'mon, Twi, you can take this thing!" But Twi seemed...frightened of this Pokemon. As if somehow, this small, cute Pokemon had scared it. The Pokemon then laughed and ran away. Gale snorted.

"Stupid Pokemon. C'mon, Twi, let's go after it." The Squirtle had a reluctant look on its face, but then nodded its head carefully, giving Gale a sign it wanted to tag along.

It wasn't long until they found the lynx-like Pokemon again. It was trying to reach a berry of some sort up in a tree. Gale walked over to the tree, and when the blue Pokemon saw her, began to step back carefully.

"Don't worry, little one..." Gale said sweetly to the creature. "I'm only trying to help you..." She rammed into the tree with such power at least two berries fell. She picked both up, and gave one to the little creature. As it ate merrily, Gale said to Twi, "Well, I guess we could add this Pokemon to our team, once its finished eating." Twi looked at the creature, and seemingly decided it would be a great addition.

When the blue lynx was finished, Gale made her move. "Twi, use Tail Whip!" The Squirtle went up to the lynx and playfully wagged its tail in the poor thing's face. The lynx shuddered, then rammed into Twi, knocking her over towards Gale.

"Don't give up yet, Twi!" Gale yelled enthusiastically. "Tackle, now!" Twi returned the favor to the lynx and rammed into it back. The creature fell to the ground, hardly able to keep awake.

"Now, PokeBall!" Gale shouted. She placed a PokeBall on the ground, and with all her might, kicked it right into the lynx. The ball opened up, and the lynx was automatically transported into it by a red light. The PokeBall closed, and began to shake for a few moments. After three or four times of shaking, the ball peacefully stopped.

"So... Wonder what this Pokemon is..." Gale said. "Anyhow, we have a new teammate, Twi!" The Squirtle merrily jumped up, happy to not be the only one in Gale's party anymore. "Oh, and I think it might be a girl..." Gale added. After all, it wouldn't be so great for Twi to be in a party of all male Pokemon.

October 20th, 2008, 3:37 PM
SlytherFang: Good post! Pikachu took an instant liking to Holly... but, she isn't all that good with wild Pokemon. =P

Pikataro: Hmm... That was an ok post. The battle was a bit short and you said that you captured the Shinx without letting me let you, you were supposed to end it with you throwing the Pokeball and then I'd tell you if the post was good enough. Lucky for you... it was.
You caught a Level 3 Female Shinx!

October 21st, 2008, 1:37 PM
Cato pulled off his sweater vest and stuffed it into the messenger bag around his shoulder as he walked toward Route One. Chikorita walked silently at his feet, her leaf swinging back and forth as if she didn’t have a care in the world. The young trainer couldn’t help but smile at the adorable creature; he usually went for strong types, but Chikorita was already growing onto him. He playfully kicked the small Pokemon with his boot and she smiled and swiped at his leg with her leaf.

“Chika Chikorita!” she cried!

“Got that right,” Cato said, although he couldn’t understand a word she said. “You know what, I think you deserve a nickname. How about... Flora?”

Once again, the Chikorita shouted her name triumphantly.

“Well, it’s settled then. Let make this journey worthwhile Flora!”


It was still early when the duo reached Route One, but the road was bathed in shadows. This was expected of course, as the route was boxed in by a tall cliff and a dense wooded area. Patches of tall grass dominated the area, but someone had cut down a narrow path for and travelers to traverse without troubles. However, Cato wasn’t just any old traveler and knew very well that the tall grass was where he was going to find wild Pokemon.

“Okay Flora, no turning back after this. You ready?”

The Chikorita have a slight nod and followed her trainer into the dense grass. The blades of grass were both long and sharp making them twice as annoying. Flora had the height advantage as Cato was forced to feel the tips of the grass blades scrape across his skin. He grunted at the way things were started off and he even considered taking the main road. A rustle from a nearby patch interrupted his thoughts and caught his attention.

He and Flora cautiously approached the region of grass so as to not frighten what ever might be hiding there. Signaling his Pokemon to stay put, Cato slowly separated the blades of grass and laid his eyes upon a peculiar scene. A Pidgey and a Starly were circling each other, an obvious sign that they were getting ready to fight. Cato knew bird Pokemon were very territorial but never expected he’d be so lucky as to observe an example of such. While her trainer was distracted, Flora motioned her way to the opening Cato had made and took a peak for herself. Once she saw the two circling Pokemon, she began moving forward again.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Cato whispered before pulling the Chikorita back. He saw the leaf on her head in its fully erect state and knew immediately what was on her mind. Flora was itching for a fight.

“Don’t worry Flora, you’ll get your turn. Plus, these guys are flying types. You won’t last long unless we ambush one of them”

And so the two watched as the birds continued to circle each other. Finally, the Pidgey, which was significantly smaller, lunged forward and tried to peck into Starly’s wing. The opposing bird was fast to react and smacked Pidgey to the ground. Without giving it a chance to pick itself up, the Starly tackled the Pidgey, sending the small bird skidding across the ground. Cato flinched as he heard a snapping sound from the Pokemon’s wing.

The Pidgey was obviously beaten, but also a sore loser. Before scurrying off, it dragged its unbroken wing across the dirt and shot small debris in the Starly’s eyes. The normally keen eye sight of the bird Pokemon was greatly diminished and Cato saw his moment arise.

“Flora, Growl!”

Anxious to get a peace of the action, Flora hopped into the opening and let out a threatening growl. The Starly still was unable to see, so it naturally thought the Pokemon growling was a predator. The bird Pokemon was frozen with fear and a sinister smirk ran across Cato’s face.

“This was easier than I thought. Flora, use Tackle.”

Smiling almost as sinisterly as her trainer, Flora charged at the unsuspecting Starly and tackled it to the ground. Unlike the Pidgey, Starly’s wing did not snap, but it did bump its head against a nearby tree rather hard. However, for some reason, the Pokemon was still moving.

“Seems like I hit the jackpot with this little, determined fellow. Flora, finish him with another Tackle!”

Once again, the Chikorita ran forward and smashed against the Starly. The bird Pokemon wasn’t lucky enough to be sent soaring this time, as it and Flora were still in contact when they slammed against the tree. With a flick of the wrist, Cato casually tossed one of his five pokeballs at the Starly and watched the sphere teeter back and forth.

October 21st, 2008, 2:55 PM
Gummy: Good post, except... the route is actually on the edge of a cliff. Either way, good connecting between Cato and Chikorita Flora!
You caught a Level 4 Male Starly!

October 22nd, 2008, 3:43 PM
(ooc// Again, I'm really sorry it took this long! I was a moron and ended up staying up until around ten on Sunday night doing homework, and my mom blamed the computer.)

As Kira exited the lab and started walking along Route 1, she looked down at the Eevee in her arms. "Hmmm." Kira said, looking at the little Pokemon. It seemed wrong to just call it Eevee, and then an entirely different thing after it evolved into... whatever it evolved into. "You need a nickname, my friend." The Eevee's eyes flashed in curiosity. "Let's see... how about Trish?"

The Eevee's nose wrinkled in distaste. "Vee," she said, shaking her head.

Kira grinned at her expression. "Well then... how about Sai?" She said, thinking about the name of her brother's Smeargle. It seemed to fit, since both the Smeargle and the Eevee had this inexplicable fire about them, as if they would never let anything or anyone stop them, no matter the cost.

In response, Sai licked her chin excitedely. "Vee, vee, vee!" It said, nuzzling against her face, clearly showing her appreciation for the name.

Kira laughed. "Okay! Okay! Sai it is, then." She said, putting the Pokemon on the ground. "Now, how about finding you a friend..." she trailed off, looking around her for any signs of Pokemon. But, the surrounding grass and trees seemed still and silent. "Huh," Kira said, turning her head, "you'd think there would at least be some sort of Flying types around..." She trailed off, looking up at the skies.

As if they had heard her, a battling Shinx and Pidgey appeared. Or, rather, the Shinx was attacking an injured Pidgey. The Pidgey looked exhausted and weary of the Shinx's taunts. The Shinx seemed to enjoy teasing it by coercing the Pidgey into attacking it, then dancing away and laughing at the Pidgey's frustration.

Kira hurriedly removed her Pokedex from her front pocket, opening it and pointing it to each Pokemon in turn.

Shinx, the Flash Pokemon
All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded. Its forelegs have a muscle-based system of generating electricity.

Pidgey, the Tiny Bird Pokemon
It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.

Looking back up at the two battlers, Kira frowned as she put the Pokedex back in her pocket. One of the Pidgey's wings seemed to be hanging at an awkward angle, and it seemed like the bully Shinx was taking advantge of this by hitting the bad wing's side, making it more difficult for the little bird Pokemon to lash back at it. She needed to see if she could catch that Shinx and set it straight. This area didn't need bullies like it, and Kira needed another Pokemon on her team for variety's sake, seeing as Sai was only a Normal type as of now.

Kira thought for a moment, then looked down at Sai, who looked ready to battle. Kira bent down to the Eevee. "First," she murmured, trying not to alert the two fighting Pokemon to her presence, "give the Pidgey a Helping Hand, then Tackle that bully of a Shinx." Kira frowned for a moment. "You can do that, right?" She asked, unsure of her own Pokemon's strength.

Sai, seeming somewhat offended, nodded, and ran out to the Pidgey, extending her paw to it. The Pidgey's fire seemed to restore somewhat, and Sai nodded to it before Tackling the Shinx full on. "Sai! use Tail Whip to knock the Shinx's legs from under it before Tackling!"

Sai nodded. "Ee!" It exclaimed, swinging its tail to force the Shinx's legs into buckling. Then, she Tackled it with a, "Vee!". The Shinx coughed on the ground, attempting to stand and retaliate. But, as it did so, the Pidgey Tackled it back to the ground. Kira smiled and threw a Poke Ball at the Shinx, watching as the ball wobbled.

(ooc// If you were wondering, the Pidgey was the one that Cato's new Starly was battling. Would it be okay if Kira captured it along with the Shinx (if you do allow me to catch it, that is.))

October 22nd, 2008, 3:51 PM
*Lanee: Great post! You can capture the Pidgey in your next post if you want.
You caught a Level 4 Male Shinx!

October 23rd, 2008, 5:15 PM
The Poke Ball finally stilled, and Kira smiled triumphantly before running to snatch it up. "Alright!" She said, holding it up to the heavens, "I caught me a Shinx!" Kira looked at the the Poke Ball for a while before throwing it up into the air, letting the Shinx out. She bent down to its level, looking it straight in the eye. "Now," she said sternly, "look here, you're going to learn how to behave, got it?" While she verbalized no definite threat, the tone was there.

The Shinx seemed to realize that, and nodded. "Shinx!" It exclaimed, looking solemn.

Kira smiled; it was good the Pokemon had decided to cooperate, it would make things easier for everyone. "Well answered," she said. "Now for a name..." Kira thought, running through a list until she came across a fitting one. "How's Jet sound to you?" She asked the Shinx.

The Shinx blinked, then gave her a single lick on the cheek. Kira giggled. "I'll take that as a yes." She returned the little Pokemon to its Ball, and stood. Before setting off again, though, she remembered the little injured Pidgey. She turned, looking for it, before seeing it limping off back into the brush. "Wait!" She exclaimed, running over to the little bird, stopping a good two feet in front of it so as to not frighten it to death. "Listen," she said slowly, sitting down in front of the Pidgey, "if you'll let me, I'd like to catch you and take you to the Pokemon Center and get that wing fixed up."

The Pidgey seemed confused. "Pidge?" It asked, cocking his head.

Kira frowned, trying to find a way to get her menaing across. "I can help you," she said, taking a Poke Ball out her bag, "by putting you in here." She pointed to the ball. "What do you think?"

The Pidgey seemed to realize what she was saying, and hesitated for a moment before nodding. Kira smiled softly before gently tapping the Poke Ball on the Pidgey's head. The ball opened, and the Pidgey disappeared in a beam of red light before the ball closed. It wobbled once, then was still. Kira beamed, but Sai seemed confused.

"Ee?" She asked, looking at the Ball in confusion.

"We'll see if it wants to be released after I get its wing healed." Kira explained, stroking the Eevee's head. She stood and shouldered her pack, placing Sai on her shoulder. "Ready then?" She asked, laughing.

"Eevee, eev!" Sai responded, almost falling off Kira's shoulder as she jumped in excitement.

Kira promptly started walking back along the trail, keeping her ears and eyes out for anymore signs of people or Pokemon. After all, now that she had two new Pokemon on her team, a battle seemed only fitting. However, a distinct rumbling sound broke Kira out of her thoughts. "Wha-?" She asked, looking down.

In response, her stomach grumbled again. "Oh!" Kira exclaimed in frustration. "Of all times, I have to get hungry now? In the middle of the Route?" Kira grumbled some more before stalking off again. Before she could say anything, Sai jumped from her shoulder and landed lightly on the ground, running off along the trail.

Kira frowned. "Sai! Wait up!" She exclaimed, breaking into a run after her Pokemon. She almost ran past the Eevee, who had stopped underneath a pair of small trees. Kira looked a the trees for a moment, before realizing round blue berries and pink berries were growing respectively on each tree.

She grinned before scratching Sai on the head in praise. "Awesome, Sai!" She exclaimed, "You found some Pecha and Oran berries!"

With that, the two quickly ate their fill, stashing the rest for later and planting on of each for more to grow. Kira licked her lips and fingers, savoring the sweet flavor from the Pecha berries. "That, my dear Sai," Kira said contentedly, "was a great find."

The two sat under the shade of the now empty trees for a little while, watching the clouds roll by. And then, with unspoken consent, they both stood and were on their way again, looking for an unwary trainer in any person they may come across.

October 23rd, 2008, 5:41 PM
"Well, let's see what the Pokedex has to say about this cute lynx-like Pokemon here..." Gale muttered. She opened it up, and it said: "Shinx, the Flash Pokemon. Its forelegs have a muscle-based system of generating electricity. Its body shines if endangered." She then looked at the one she caught's stats. "Level 3... Female... Good... I think I'll name her Chi." She looked at Twi expectantly, as if she were gonna "say" something about her new teammate.

"Squirt!" The cute turtle finally responded, its bright eyes bulging with what Gale seemed to identify as happiness. "And now, come on out, Chi!" The Shinx came out of its PokeBall as if she were in a contest of some sort. She whipped her tail, and took one glance at Twi. She growled at Twi, and leaned down, as if planning to pounce. She took another quick look at Gale, and decided against it. Other than that, her beautiful eyes sparkled quite a bit, but not as much as Twi's. She then noticed a trainer walk up to her.

"Hello, miss," what seemed to be a VERY young boy said merrily. "How wouldja like to have a double battle? My Pokemon against yours." He smiled, and then grabbed two PokeBalls from his pocket, as if he weren't going to take "no" for an answer.

"Fine. Chi, Twi, this is your first battle together, so cooperate, OK?" Twi looked willing to do so. Chi, on the other hand, didn't seem so big on the idea.

"I'll begin first!" the boy called. "Go, Bidoof and Starly!" The starling-like Pokemon Gale had seen earlier came out, and a beaver-like Pokemon appeared aside it. "Now, Starly, Growl! And Bidoof, Tackle!" The Starly began growling in such a cute way, both Chi and Twi started growling cutely along with it. But their growling was interrupted when Bidoof charged straight into Chi, knocking her back, and then somewhat slamming into Twi's side, not knocking her down, but damaging her as well.

"You guys OK?" Gale called. Chi got up, and nodded, while Twi just looked at Gale and smiled. "Good. Now, Chi, Tackle on Starly while it's still growling! and Twi, Tail Whip on both!" Twi made the move first. She whipped her tail lightly in both Pokemons' faces, and when they had finally brushed her away, it was too late for either to move. Chi blasted the Starly with her powerful Tackle attack, and the Starly lost consciousness. With just the Bidoof left, Gale smiled.

"Now, Chi, Tackle again! And Twi, you use Tail Whip again!" Twi moved towards the Bidoof again, but it was ready for it. It bit dow onto Twi's tail, and Twi suddenly let out a cry of pain.

"It's not an attack, but it's a good way of stopping yours! Now, fling the Squirtle at the Shinx!" the boy shouted. When Chi got close enough, the Bidoof threw Twi at her with such force that the two were launched into the air. Both landed right in front of Gale, nearly unconscious.

"I have a plan, you guys, don't worry..." She waited for the boy to move.

"Now Bidoof, finish with Tackle!" The Bidoof charged forward, aiming for both.

"Now, Twi! Stop it with your tail!" Twi got up and let her tail go in front of the beaver-like Pokemon. The Bidoof rebounded backwards after hitting Twi's tail, and fell to the ground. "Chi, finish it with Tackle!" Chi headed towards the Bidoof while it was regaining its stature, and knocked it into the trainer. Both the trainer and his Pokemon fell down. The Bidoof at that pointed had fainted.

"Good battle..." Gale started. But the boy glared at her.

"I KNEW I should've never challenged a filthy girl like you! GOOD BYE!!!" And with that, the boy stormed off. Gale stuck his tongue out at him.

"FILTHY?! I'll show you..." she muttered angrily. She sat down, deciding it would be best for everyone to rest...

October 23rd, 2008, 6:14 PM
*Lanee: Great work, I'm looking forward to your Ocean Jewel posts!
You caught a Level 3 Male Pidgey!
You found some Oran Berries (3)
You found some Pecha Berries (3)

Pikataro: Wow, a double battler already? Well, I guess it's a good way for both of your Pokemon to gain some experience.
Twi grew to Level 7!
Twi learned Bubble!
Chi grew to Level 5!
Chi learned Leer!

Chapter 3: Ocean Jewel Town
Number of Posts: 2

A small seaside town that has near perfect weather all year round, many people that live close by have holiday houses in Ocean Jewel Town. Despite being so small, a lot of people live here and don’t mind the mass crowds.

What to do in a Town/City
Heal your Pokémon
Buy items if there is a store
Visit the local attractions
Relax before continuing on your Journey

Other Stuff
Catching and battling Pokémon is prohibited within a Town or City, if you break this rule you will receive a warning. Gym battles obviously won’t get you in trouble and some towns do have specific areas allowing Pokémon battles, you will be notified if a town allows battles.

Areas of Interest
Pokémon Centre: A building in which you can heal your Pokémon and stay the night, all for free!
Poké Mart: A small store that sells useful items for Pokémon Trainers.
Poké Ball
Parlyz Heal
Ocean Jewel Beach: A long, sandy beach where you can relax and let life’s problems just wash away, as long as you don’t mind the crowds...

October 24th, 2008, 8:22 AM
[:: Yeah, she's a bit like May when she first starts out. ::]

Chapter 2: Route 1 (post 2)

Holly suddenly gave a small scream of surprise as a cream and brown shape streaked across her path, near her head. There she was, walking with her Pikachu, who seemed to rather content at the time, smelling flowers and nibbling the tips of certain plants, and this brown...meteor or something decides to come and nearly hit her in the face.

"Well...that was completely unexpected," she said casually, as if she hadn't just been startled and nearly knocked over by a Pokemon about ten times smaller than her, unaware that the Pokemon was standing, or rather, perched, in front of her, gazing at her and her Pikachu with a look of intrigued curiosity. Evidently, it had never seen a trainer before, and Holly immediately took out her Pokedex, interested in what it had to say on the Pokemon.

The Starling Pokemon
They flock in great numbers and barely noticeable when alone. Though small, they flap their wings with great power and their cries are very strident.

"Starly!" The Pokemon cried, as if on cue, and Pikachu ran forward eagerly, it was obviously awaiting a much desired battle. Meanwhile, Holly was watching the Starly carefully, before stepping backwards to allow Pikachu some room.

"Okay, Pikachu, we're going to catch that Starly!" She called, Pikachu moved into what must have been a fighting stance.

"Pika!" It called.

"Pikachu, use Thundershock!" Holly called. Pikachu's cheeks began sparking, and it was encased in a small ball of electricity, after a second or so, it released a lightning bolt which hit Starly as it tried to tackle Pikachu. Starly seized up as the electricity shocked it. It's super effective! Holly thought, as Starly fell to the ground, getting up again after several moments to tackle Pikachu.

"Pika!" Pikachu flew backwards, though the attack hadn't damaged it as much as it could have. Without needing to be called on to attack, it used thundershock again. This time, it barely managed to hit Starly on the left wing. Immediately, the shock spread through the Starling Pokemon's body.

"Starly!" It cried, not a cry of pain, but rather a cry of surprise. It likely had predicted Thundershock coming and thought that it would be able to avoid it. To its...unfortunateness? Whatever the word might be, it failed to avoid the attack. The Pokemon fell, to the ground, weakened severely by the attack, and Holly thought through her choices.

I could use one more attack on Starly, but then that might just be too much for it, then again, I could throw a Pokeball right now and hope that I catch it. Yeah, I'm thinking that it would be better to throw a Pokeball and hope that it stays. She thought decisively, removing a Pokeball from her bag. With one fluid motion, she threw it towards the Starly.

"Star?" The Starly cried, and rolled out of the way, though weakened, it seemed to be frightened of the Pokeball, as it had never seen anything like it before. Perhaps it thought it was simply a large berry, or a stone that Holly could use to knock it unconscious. Either way, it managed to avoid the Pokeball. The red and white capsule device bounced backwards, rolling for a few inches before stopping at Holly's feet. She picked it up and held it in her hand for a few moments.

"One more time..." She said firmly, one more time. She tossed the Pokeball again, and it touched the top of Starly's head lightly, the Starly glowed red and disappeared into the Pokeball. All of this happened quickly, and the Pokeball seemed to have been remarkably designed, but Holly didn't really spend time marveling at that.

The Pokeball fell to the ground, the normally white button in the center between the red and white sections flashed red every few seconds. The Pokeball itself rocked back and forth as Holly and Pikachu both watched the device intently, waiting, and hoping.

October 24th, 2008, 3:23 PM
SlytherFang: Misfortune? Either way, that was a good post!
You caught a Level 4 Female Starly!

October 25th, 2008, 8:01 PM
It wasn't long before the trees and grass started thinning out, and Kira smiled when she saw the outlines of buildings out in the distance. "We're almost to Ocean Jewel Town, Sai," she said to the Eevee, who was now perched on top of her hat.

"Ee, Eevee!" It said excitedly, wriggling in anticipation.

Kira thought she could see the red roof of a Pokemon Center. "Ready to get a good rest, Sai?" Kira asked, taking the little Pokemon into her arms.

The Eevee nodded. But just before they could enter town, they were stopped. "Hey!" A voice from behind Kira made her turn. A girl - no older than she - was running up to her, brandishing a Poke Ball. "You have Pokemon, right?" She asked in a rush, "How about a battle?"

Kira looked down to Sai, who looked determined. Kira didn't have to ask to know what Sai would like to do. She looked back up at the girl, the measure of determination in her eyes equal to that of her Eevee's. She grinned. "You're on."

Not five minutes later, the sun on Kira's back, the two trainers were facing one another some many feet apart. Her challenger seemed as eager as she was. "Right," she said, "this will be a one-on-one, with no substitutions. Last Pokemon standing is the winner." Kira nodded, accepting the terms. The girl smiled. "Good, now, since I'm the challenger, I'll send out my Pokemon first." She enlarged a Poke Ball, and threw it up into the air, smiling as the beam of light formed to the shape of a Sentret. "Ready, Sentret?" She asked, and the Sentret nodded determinedly.

Kira eyed the Sentret, trying to see if she could gauge its strength. "Right." She said, nodding as she enlarged her own Poke Ball. "C'mon out, Jet!" The eager Shinx looked ready to battle, despite its previous spat with Sai. Kira nodded to the girl. "You first."

"Alright, Sentret, use Scratch!" The Sentret leaped for Jet, claws extended.

"Jet, dodge and use Leer!" The Shinx rolled out of the way just in time, righting itself in time to glare at the Sentret, causing it to cower in fear. "Now Tackle!" Kira shouted, her eyes flashing.

"Sentret, Defense Curl!" The girl shouted, and the Pokemon immediately made to curl up into a ball.

But, it was a tad too slow. Though it managed to curl up halfway, Jet managed to get his Tackle in, causing it some substantial damage. "Tackle again, Jet! Before it can recover!"

Jet landed the Tackle, and the Sentret collapsed. But, it wasn't through yet. It staggered to a standing postion, and its trainer grinned. "Awesome, Sentret!" She exclaimed, "Now, Scratch!"

Taken by surprise, Jet was brought back to the battle when the Sentret raked its face. "Shinx!" It exclaimed, and without a command, made to Tackle the Pokemon. Not expecting an attack - seeing as it hadn't heard Kira commanding anything - the Sentret wasn't able to dodge or defend itself.

It went down, knocked out. Kira punched the air in victory. "Yes!" She exclaimed, hugging Jet. "Awesome, Jet, that was great!" She would have to talk to the Shinx later about its temper, but - seeing as it had won them the battle - she would let it slide.

The girl walked across, offering her hand. “Great battle; that Shinx of yours is tough.”
Sai huffed, seeming a little miffed at the attention Jet was getting. Kira spared her a worried frown before smiling back at the girl. “Your Sentret was great, too.” She said, taking the hand and shaking it. “Thanks for the battle, but now I really need to get to the Pokemon Center.” She paused. “You’ll be okay, right?” She asked, remembering the girl may not have a Pokemon to defend herself with.

The girl smiled. “I’ll be fine, I have another Pokemon with me. You get to the Pokemon Center.”
Kira nodded. “Thanks again!” She said, walking off, turning to wave at the girl before continuing into Ocean Jewel Town. “Now,” she said to herself, glancing around at the buildings, “to the Pokemon Center.”

Kira ambled over, and the sliding doors open, welcoming her with refreshing air conditioning. She pulled out the Pidgey’s Poke Ball, setting on the desk in front of Nurse Joy. “Excuse me?” She asked, trying to get the nurse’s attention.

She looked up from the papers in front of her, smiling. “Hello there,” she said. “How can I help you?”

“Well,” Kira started, “I captured this Pidgey with an injured wing to bring it here, and was wondering if you could look at it.”

Nurse Joy smiled and took the Poke Ball. “Not a problem, I’ll see what I can do.”

Kira nodded. “Thanks.” With that, she made to sit at one of the chairs, taking Sai into her arms. “Hey, Sai.” The Eevee looked at her solemnly before looking down. Kira frowned. “What’s up, Sai?” She asked, lifting the Pokemon up, trying to get the Eevee to meet her eyes. What had made Sai get so upset? Finally, Kira realized, and she smiled mischievously. “I get it. You’re jealous aren’t you?” She asked.

The Eevee feigned surprise and offense. “Ee!” It said, turning her nose up.

Kira frowned. This could get to be a problem if Sai got upset every time she used a Pokemon in battle that wasn’t her. “Hey, I know you’re upset I didn’t use you in that battle, but Jet needed the experience.” When the Eevee remained silent, Kira continued. “You have to realize I’m new at this, as are you, and we’re both still learning. I can’t offer to give you special treatment, that’s not entirely fair. But,” Kira smiled and whispered into the Eevee’s ears, “I most likely always will anyways. Keep in mind, you’re the only one I keep out of your Poke Ball.”

The Eevee finally looked up at her, holding Kira’s gaze for a moment to decide whether or not she was telling the truth. Finally, the Pokemon smiled and licked Kira’s chin. Kira giggled, and hugged the Pokemon tight. “Now,” she said, “while Nurse Joy is treating Pidgey, I think we should head to the Mart and get supplies.”

The Eevee nodded, and Kira placed Sai on top of her head before exiting the Pokemon Center.

October 25th, 2008, 9:12 PM
*Lanee: That was a good post, except for the fact that you battled a trainer within town and also, Jet didn't know Leer. That is a big no-no, Jet's experience will be cut as a warning... don't let it happen again.
Jet grew to Level 5!
Jet learned Leer!

Have a look at the OOC Thread, it has the information on the attacks your Pokemon know.

October 26th, 2008, 4:33 PM
Chapter 4: Hot Competition Pt 1

Ocean Jewel Town. Bret read the sign excitedly and grinned from ear to ear. Next to him were his pokemon, Sentret and Torchic. They were slowly getting along and learning about each other as far as Bret could tell. Well, what did it matter anyway?

"Guys, we made it! We got to our very first town!" Bret shouted.

Both of his pokemon stopped and looked at for a moment before shrugging and playing with each other again. Bret scowled a little, but didn't pay any mind afterwards. He walked into the city with his pokemon closely behind.

Bret was very familiar with everything he needed to do in the town. He had learned from the trainer that he used to travel with. First, he should get some supplies and then get a good-night's sleep at the Pokemon Center. Of course, he didn't forget the food involved either. That only pushed him to move quicker through the city.

Bret stopped by the Pokemon Mart really quick and bought himself some supplies: two more pokeballs and three potions. He then rushed to the pokemon center with tired legs and a growling stomach. He never knew how excited somebody could be to go to a pokemon center.

Bret finally made it to the center, a large building in a dome shape and red color. The doors slid open and closed behind him, and Bret walked to the front counter. Pulling out his pokeballs, he called back his pokemon and handed them to the nurse.

"Er, I do not want to sound rude, but where is the dining area? I need some grub," Bret said. The nurse giggled and pointed to her left. Bret didn't hesitate running over there at once.

Bret almost tripped over a chair leg as he ran to an open table in the dining area. It was really full in the room, the most full Bret had ever seen a pokemon center. He slid out the chair and sat in it next to a group of kids who looked around fifteen. They were having a lively conversation with one of the teens sitting on the table, showing out. He had good build and spiky black hair with red tips. Showoff, Bret mumbled.

A pokemon came and served him a large dinner that was probably double what an average person would've eaten. Bret began to gobble and listened to the coversations going on within the room. It was extremely lively. Bret wondered why a little town had some many people in it.

"Yeah, you are entering, aren't you?" asked one teen.

"Of course. I'm gonna win that trophy this year," said another teen. Bret looked over to the side and wondered what these guys were even talking about. His curiosity got the best of him.

"Hey, what are you talking about? What kind of event is this?" Bret asked the kids sitting next to him. The spiky-headed kid laughed and crossed his arms.

"Sorry, but you have to be over five foot to enter," he laughed.

"I'm five three thank you," Bret growled. "Too bad your coolness isn't as big as your mouth."

"Ooooooh, got told by a ten year old," laughed one of the teens. The others began to laugh hysterically and slam their fists on the table. Bret looked at them coldly and stood up.

"Whatever, I don't need help from you losers," he said as he rushed out the kitchen. He then sighed as he realized that he had just cut his dinner short by rushing out the cafeteria. Oh well, that just meant double the breakfast.

Bret came to the front counter to retrieve his pokemon and then remembered something.

"Hey, do you know what "competition" they're talking about?" Bret asked the nurse. He was pocketing the pokeballs as he looked at the nurse.

"Oh, that is why there are so many trainers," she explained. "Tomorrow is the annual Jewel Beach festival. They have many different competitions with the biggest one being the contest that goes in many rounds. The winner of that little tournament gets a large trophy and the biggest honor on the beach."

Bret remembered that teen at the table. His cocky confident look made Bret angry all over again. "How do I sign-up?" he said, almost shouting in the nurse's face.

The nurse took no notice to Bret's urgency and bent down. She handed Bret a sheet of paper and smiled. "Just fill that out and turn it in at the beach entrance tomorrow," she said. Bret grinned and snatched the paper from the nurse. He quietly took the paper and walked to his assigned room, thinking about the teen, and more importantly about what could possibly happen the next day. This could be a big oppurtunity for him to prove his greatness hiding under the goofiness.

October 26th, 2008, 4:39 PM
Dark_Link12: Great post! I can't wait to see Bret competing!
You bought some Poke Balls (2)
You bought some Potions (3)

October 26th, 2008, 5:40 PM
~Ocean Jewel Town (at last!)

After dawdling in route 1 for at least an extra hour, Gale finally reached the beautiful town, shrouded in mystery, or at least for her. The first thing she noticed was the beautifully-built Pokemon Center. She scoffed at it. If you think I'm going to go THERE, you're wrong... she thought to herself. She then noticed the Pokemon Mart right next to it. She didn't care for them as much, but there were some things she couldn't get in the wild, such as PokeBalls or Repels. Then again, she could just keep the Pokemon out of their balls and just avoid any wild Pokemon she encountered. But that was just the "Gale" way of doing things.

Eager to show the place to her Pokemon, Gale immediately called the two out. Twi looked around, and her big eyes glistened at the sight of the place. She seemed really excited. Chi, on the other hand, cast a glance at the place then turned to Gale. She seemed to...sniff Gale, and then put her paw up to her nostrils.

"Do I smell THAT bad?" Gale asked, and noticed people around her either had their hand up to their nose, or they were running away as soon as they were close enough in distance to her. Some even tried to avoid walking in her direction, even if they needed to get somewhere. Gale scowled, and then remembered Twi had leveled up.

"You know Bubble, right, Twi?" Gale asked. Twi nodded happily, and thankfully, her carefree personality made her unobservant of Gale's smell. "Well, then," Gale added, "can you use it on me, so I can be clean? I'm tired of people insulting my smell." Twi nodded again, but then had a reluctant look on her face. She knew Bubble as an attack, and didn't want to use it against her own master.

"It's OK, Twi," Gale said reassuringly. Twi nodded, still a bit reluctant, and let loose a stream of bubbles, hitting Gale all over her body. After a few seconds, Twi stopped to make sure her owner was all right. Gale, although she looked unhappy from being drenched, managed a smile, making the small Squirtle smile back. Chi just sighed.

"Oh! Right! I should probably heal you! I think I saw some berries somewhere here... Oh! There!" Gale pointed to a field next to the Pokemon Center. She walked on over, and a farmer greeted her merrily. From the looks of it, the odor she had before was gone.

"H'lo there, young missy. What can I get fer ya today?" the man asked.

"Um... I'd like Oran Berries, please," Gale responded with a smile. The man nodded.

"Yer in luck! Today those kinds of berries are free!" the man said, his eyes gleaming. He picked out what seemed to be the ripest berries and handed them to Gale.

"Thank you!" Gale exclaimed, bowing to the man. She then ran off with the two Pokemon following her.

"These berries are good for ya. They'll heal you just fine," Gale explained, a bright smile on her face. Twi mimicked her and smiled back, while Chi just looked at the berries if she were about to pounce and eat them.

October 27th, 2008, 11:28 PM
Pikataro: Very... unusual post.
You recieved some Oran Berries (3)

October 28th, 2008, 4:01 PM
Chapter 5: Hot Competition Pt 2

Name: Bret
Age: 11
Birthdate: April 14, 1997

Allergies: Not that I know of

Ever Compete Before? Did you win?: After Today I will Have Done Both

Sticking the pencil in his mouth, Bret read over his application and nodded. It was getting late in the evening and he was just getting wrapped up with his application to compete in the beach contest at the festival the following day. He remembered doing stuff like this all the time when he lived back at home, but this was going to be intense as well. He could only see the spiky-headed teen again, confident and cruel in his ability. He wanted, no, needed to beat him. That would shut him down for a while.

Bret didn't bother changing at all. Sliding the paper and pencil to the side, he put his head down on the soft bed and fell asleep. Soon after, though, he was being shook awake again.

"Wa, who's there?" Bret mumbled half asleep. He rubbed his eyes and saw the nurse standing over his bed with a pleasant smile on her face.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you, but you showed great interest in that festival today. It starts in an hour and a half," she explained.

"Oh, thanks, Bret said still a little asleep. The nurse quietly left the room and left Bret alone to get ready. After doing the usual yawning and stretching, Bret leaped out of the bed and adjusted his clothes a little so they would look a little decent even after sleeping in them. He then rushed to the kitchen to get down his missed food from last night before leaving.

The nurse had proven to be very helpful to Bret even after giving him the application, waking up, and just doing her normal duties as a nurse. She gave him instructions to the beach, but it actually turned out that Bret didn't even need them. The beach was clearly visible just a little ways from the Pokemon Center. A large hill looked over the beach, where Bret could get a huge view on what was happening. He didn't see the usual golden colored sand. Instead, it was replaced by rainbows of color and excitement.

Bret ran down the hill, almost tripping and rolling down, but he made it in one piece. There was a gate where you had to pass through so the staff members could get a head count. As Bret passed thorugh, he saw the small electronic number on the computer. He was number 893 out of the maximum capacity allowed of 1,000. He was kind of cutting it close.

After turning in his application, he was given instructions to meet at the boat dock on the beach at one o'clock for the beginning of the competition, but he was free in the meantime. He looked around in confusion. He had no idea where to start! There were so many booths, shops, food carts, demostrations, everything he could imagine! Then there was something he saw that sort of interested him. Set up was a shop with various beach items including clothes. His trainer clothes were getting a little hot, so he ran over there to check out their items.

About ten minutes later, Bret left the booth with a brand new black shirt with a red line running around the shoulders and neck. It was sleeveless, good to wear in hot weather. Ripping off his shirt, Bret slid the new one over his head and felt great relief as he felt the salty wind of the beach brush against his exposed arms.

Walking around, Bret blew basically the rest of his money on various things. He first spent it on some game and won a neat necklace with a shell from the beach attached to the end. He bought a large icecream cone and burger from a stand and he couldn't have agreed with himself more that it was the best food ever.

So he bought two more burgers.

Then, after licking burger grease from his fingers, there was a high platform with a table at the top and various chairs. Bowls filled with various food were scattered throughout the table. Bret felt great excitement flow through them. This was some food eating contest they were setting up for! Rushing up the platform, he managed to secure a place in the contest, along with about five other people who looked as if they really enjoyed these contests. The chair was almost way too small for one guy to fit in.

Even with the competition, Bret secured first place in the marshmallow eating contest. He ate a large bowl filled with maybe hundreds of them a whole five minutes before the second place winner did. He was given a small trophy and various gourmet food packages as a prize. Bret stuffed the prizes in his bag and headed to the dock. It was almost time for the contest to start.

The rules were simple: about fifty people were competing. The contestants were divided up into several groups and only one person from each group would move into the finals. This would be about eight people.

Bret noticed the spiky headed kid not too far away from him. He didn't notice Bret; he was too busy talking to the kids around him. They wouldn't go against each other unless they made it to the finals. Bret really hoped that this would happen.

Bret did the various activities, doing bad at some, and extraordinary at others. It finally came to the point of the deciding activity with Bret in second place. He needed to win or he wouldn't move on. It turned out to be a canoe race where everyone had to race about 100 meters in a boat alone. Bret grinned at the great advantage. With his somewhat strong arms and light body, he managed to easily paddle his way to the finish line way before the older contestants.

Bret checked out the other seven contestants and found the spiky headed kid one of them. It was soon discovered that his actual name was Brandon. If Bret wanted to go against him, then they would meet in the final match of the games.

Bret soon discovered that the finals tested how versatile of a person you were. Contests of strength, endurance, patience, everything were played there. Bret managed to beat a guy in round one and move to the semifinals beating him at some sort of strength game.

The Semifinals were a lot harder. Bret and the girl he was going against had to do three games. The best two out of three won. With the girl winning the first one, and Bret winning the second, they moved on to the final game. With their bodies over the ocean waters, Bret and the girl were suspended into the air, their bodies wrapped around a thick pillar. Their goal was to hang on until their opponent fell.

It wasn't as easy as it looked. Bret clunged on tight, his fingernails digging in the material and his skinny legs shaking. The match tested not only your endurance and patience, but also your willpower to stay in the game. It was great to but before the finals. The person who wanted to get to the final round more would win. It was more of a mental match than one of physical strength.

Bret thought of Brandon and knew how badly he wanted to beat him, to hold the large golden trophy right in his face. He never once looked over at the girl. This was all him, all his thoughts. He didn't need to know what she was doing, just focus on what he was doing.

Many people had come to watch the small boy cling to a pillar. Everyone even gasped when Bret's foot accidently slipped once. But that didn't stop Bret at all. Just keep hanging on, he told himself.


Bret's heart stopped for a second when he heard the noise, but he didn't stop at all. He still hung on to the pillar so tight, he looked like he was hugging it.

"And the winner is Bret!!" shouted a booming voice. Cheers echoed throughout the area.

What? Bret looked to the side for the first time and saw a similiar white pillar, but no girl. Looking down, he saw her in the ocean waters. She waved politely at him from the water. He looked dumb still hanging on like an idiot. He let his body slip into the ocean depths, and sunk for a moment before swimming back up. He had won...

Bret felt as if he had one the whole thing after that match. but there was still one more obstacle- Brandon. The two were instructed to meet at the ending gate of the festival for the final match, the deciding match. Bret's heart pumped triple what it usually did.

Brandon's scowling face meet Bret's when they met. "Wow, this victory will be way easier than last year's," he said laughing. "Did I make it clear that babies weren't allowed?"

"If I wasn't good enough, I wouldn't be here," Bret said smirking. "Your ugly face is getting pounded in the sand, jerk."

Brandon looked as if he were going to come at Bret with a punch, but a judge soon came before the two. "I'll need to ask you two to follow me," he instructed. They were lead to an empty area of sand with ropes tied off into a small rectangle. A post set at the end off about the two hundred yards. It looked like a sand race track.

"It's a race?" Bret asked. Brandon laughed as if it was the dumbest question he had ever heard.

"Yep, it's the traditional festival final! All I have to do is beat you at a sand race."

Bret gulped. He didn't like to admit he was nervous, but the idea of running in the sand made him nervous. He knew the sand would slow him down for sure. He also saw Brandon's build. Even though Bret was pretty tall for his age, Brandon beat him by at least a good five inches. He was a massive kid, which meant he had long legs at his advantage along with past experience.

The judge took his place at the stands. People had crowded around the rope now to watch the final match.

"Welcome to the end of the 25th annual Beach Festival!" he said through a booming voice over the megaphone. "For today's match, we have returning Champion, Brandon Jacobs, along with newcomer, and youngest finialist to have ever participated, Bret!!"

People clapped and watched as Bret and Brandon took their places on the line. Bending down, Brandon did some small hops and clapped his hands to get pumped. Bret didn't do anything. As he watched Brandon, he thought of a good plan to beat him.


A gun shot and Bret was off right behind Brandon. Brandon had the lead right in front of Bret, but just barely. Bret paced behind him. He knew that Brandon was pushing it hard and use as much strength to stay in front. He was getting comforatable because of his lead.

Bret breathed heavily and pumped his arms hard. The wind wanted to push him back so badly, how badly the wind wanted to push back the light boy! Bret battled the wind and focused on Brandon.

Only a hundred yards left...

Brandon was still running comforatably. Bret grinned and kicked it into gear. He pumped his arms harder and breathed faster. His acceleration picked up, faster and faster, until he was equal with Brandon.

Brandon looked over almost terrified. He picked up his pace, which meant the same for Bret.

Ten yards...

The two were neck and neck. Bret didn't even feel his legs anymore. They had began to run on their own. People watched with excitement on the close race. The finish line came closer and closer and Bret pushed t harder and harder. He had to beat Brandon!

Bret pushed a final gasp and his feet zipped across the finish line. He collapsed and rolled in the sand a few times, but quickly jumped back up. With his hands behind his head, he looked at the judge nervously. Who had won?

"And the winner is..." the judge announced. Then somebody whispered in his ear. The judge looked at him completely stunned, but then quickly back at the crowd. "....it's a tie," he whispered.

"What!" Brandon shouted in gasps of air. "I won! It can't be a tie!"

"It is.." the judge mumbled. "Both you and Bret crossed at the exact same time. You'll have to share first place..."

"No!" Brandon shouted. He turned to face Bret. "I refuse to share my title. Bret! We're going to end this now. Only one person will win this!"

Bret was confused and looked at Brandon. He had managed to catch his breath. "How?" he asked.

Brandon whipped out a pokeball. "We're going to have a pokemon battle."

(ooc: the battle will be in the next chapter. Hopefully that isn't a problem!)

October 28th, 2008, 4:32 PM
As soon as the two Pokemon had finished eating their berries (Gale was now down to one Oran Berry, but it was worth it to see the look on her partners' faces), Chi ran off in the direction of the beach. Twi looked at Gale expectantly, as if she were going to follow Chi and enter the beach. Gale looked in the direction, but saw the crowds of people. She turned back to Twi and shook her head.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not good with people. They might complain about my stench again..." It hit her. "Oh, shoot! Chi's gonna be in that crowd, right? Well, guess I better go get her!" Twi smiled, and jumped onto Gale's back. Gale nearly feel forward, for this was the first time the carefree Squirtle had ever done such a thing. "You're...kinda heavy, Twi... But I think I can manage..." Gale moaned, heading over towards the beach.

It was as Gale expected: Crystal-clear water, light sapphire skys, and of course, your share of tourists and their own Pokemon. Twi looked around, as if she were trying to find Chi. Every now and then, Gale called out for Chi, but either she got no response, or people just stared at her like she was crazy. Eventually, Gale sighed and decided it was best to head into the crowd, despite her aversion to socializing.

If anyone could describe this crowd, it would be like a never-ending labyrinth, one where you think you're finally at the exit, but there's one more split in the path you didn't expect. That's how it was in this winding, endless crowd of tourists and natives. Gale kept her head down, not only to avoid socializing (or to avoid seeing peoples' expressions when she walked by, as they could be either holding their noses or turning away if she still had a stench), but to also search for Chi. She was about "ye high", as Gale would say, motioning with her arms that she was about Twi's height.

"Shi, Shi!" a cute, somewhat inhuman voice suddenly sounded from behind Gale. She turned around, and Chi was surrounded by a pack of children, who were just itching to pull on every single part of her. And, not knowing any electric attacks yet, Chi was basically helpless.

"Hey! Shoo, kids, shoo!" Gale yelled at the small children. Although is was mean, she did admit, that was just her way of socializing. The children just shrugged it off and walked away, or began crying and running to their parents. Gale picked up Chi and shook her head disapprovingly.

"Please don't run off like that again..." Gale muttered. Chi gave a small growl of acceptance, then tried to snuggle Gale. Gale gave in to it and petted Chi's head, then patted Twi's back so she wouldn't feel ignored.

"We should probably get on the road now, OK?" Gale said to her two Pokemon, finally finding her way out of the crowd. The two nodded, and she continued to go on, making a quick pit stop for a couple of Potions.

(Just out of curiosity, how much money did we begin with? And for those who don't know, how much money does each item cost? And finally... You still get money from beating trainers, right? Or is it different?)

October 28th, 2008, 4:56 PM
Dark_Link12: Good post! It did get a little confusing at parts, but overall it was good. The next chapter is a Route and it's got a beach on it! So a Pokemon Battle will be just fine.

Pikataro: Good post, but money doesn't actually play any part in this RP... you just buy the items. Oh, and the store doesn't sell Escape ropes...
You bought some Potions (2)

Chapter 4: Route 2
Number of Posts: 2

A short route that leads into the Timeless Forest, half of the route is a grassy knoll and the other is a small beach. Many people like to have picnics here and those who aren’t too good with crowds come here to swim, instead of going to Ocean Jewel Beach.

Wild Pokemon


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/e/e2/Spr_4d_290.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_290.png)
Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Ground
Ability: Compoundeyes
Attacks: Scratch, Harden, Leech Life (Lv. 5)
Rarity: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/7/7d/Spr_4d_193.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_193.png)
Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Speed Boost or Compoundeyes
Attacks: Tackle, Foresight, Quick Attack (Lv. 6)
Rarity: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/64/Spr_4d_418_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_418_m.png)
Level: 4-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water
Ability: Swift Swim
Attacks: Sonicboom, Growl, Water Sport, Quick Attack, Water Gun (Lv. 6)
Rarity: Uncommon


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/9c/Spr_4d_098.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_098.png)
Level: 4-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water
Ability: Hyper Cutter or Shell Armour
Attacks: Mud Sport, Bubble, Vicegrip (Lv. 5)
Rarity: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/7/78/Spr_4d_120.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_120.png)
Level: 4-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water
Ability: Illuminate or Natural Cure
Attacks: Tackle, Harden, Water Gun (Lv. 6)
Rarity: Uncommon

October 28th, 2008, 5:18 PM
(Oops. Thought I saw it in the thing earlier. Edited and removed it.)

~Route 2

Route 2 was somewhat what Gale expected it to be. She noticed a beach area far-off from where she was, and it didn't seem to have any people standing around, but it was mostly a large grassy area. Swarms of Yanma zoomed by, and every now and then, Chi (Gale decided to keep the two out of her ball for right now) would chase after one and try to bite it. Twi, on the other hand, just gazed blankly off into the distance. Gale didn't know what in the world she was thinking, as Twi never showed any hints as to what she was thinking about.

"Well. You're a Water Pokemon, Twi, and you're an Electric Pokemon, Chi. But you probably knew that already," Kit stated. "So, we need to expand our type range even more. It seems as though the beach will have water types, which won't really benefit us. BUT... Bug-type Pokemon seem to prefer this area, so we shall do our best to try and catch one!" The two nodded cheerfully, and immediately Chi ran after one of the Yanma.

"Wait, Chi! I want to see if there are any other Bug Pokemon around before I decide!" Gale called after her. Chi stopped, and turned around. She growled deeply, then shoved it off.

It was then a flash of orange caught Gale's eye. Turning around, a weird Pokemon with a split in its tail was standing behind her. Gale opened her Pokedex to gain info. on the strange creature.

"Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokemon. It swims by rotating its two tails like a screw. When it dives, its flotation sac collapses," Gale read. "Aw, it's a Water type. It'd be nice to expand my party, but..." She began walking away, when all of a sudden, a blast of wind hit her from behind. Gale whirled around, and the Buizel looked like it was in an attack position of some sort.

"Chi!" Gale called. "Leer on Buizel, and then Tackle!" From out of nowhere, Chi dashed towards the Buizel, her eyes a crimson red. The Buizel stumbled back, and Chi then rammed into it with full might. Afraid of Chi's next move, the Buizel ran away. Chi, seeing how she won a battle on her own, smiled happily. Gale sighed.

"Well, you did great, Chi. I guess that Buizel didn't want to be ignored. ANYWAYS... We need to find another Pokemon, OK?" As soon as those words left her mouth, two more Buizels showed up, each more vicious-looking than the previous.

"Wait-wait-wait, these things are supposed to be UNCOMMON, aren't they?" Gale asked. "Well, since I can't avoid 'em... Chi, Leer! Twi, Tackle!" Chi's eyes lit back up the familiar crimson red, and both Buizels shuddered. It was then that Twi rammed into the one on the left, knocking it back. That one ran away like the previous one had, but the other held its ground. It then let loose a blast similar to the one Gale felt before. I think it's SonicBoom, but I could be wrong... Gale thought to herself. The blast hit Twi, knocking her onto her shell. As Twi struggled to get up, the Buizel arched its back like a cat would, only standing on two legs, and at full speed, ran into Twi, flipping her. Because Twi was no longer on her back, she regained her stature. Her carefree look was gone, and a more serious look had entered.

"Once again, Twi, Tackle! You too, Chi!" The two ran together, side-by-side, and before the Buizel could make another move, the two hit it with full power, knocking it unconscious.

"Now, let's go before any more come!" Gale yelled, running towards the beach. The two Pokemon ran right behind her, hoping no more Buizel would come after them.

October 28th, 2008, 5:32 PM
Chapter 1: Sunrise Town

Saphire woke up with his Abra, Ingo sleeping on his gut. Saphire awoke Ingo up and then sat up. His back ached from sleeping on the concrete all night. Saphire slowly stood up and went over to a dumpster near a resteraunt. He dived into the dumpster and started digging through the garbage.

"Score!" he said surprised at what he had found.

He pulled out a chunk of sourdough bread, some blueberry jam, and a few stripes of bacon. He gave them to Ingo and dived back in. A few minutes later he came back out with a piece of toast and two eggs. He jumped out and gave Ingo the eggs and bacon. Then he ater the piece of taost and sourdough bread both with blueberr jam on it. He smiled at Ingo who by then had finished eating and was meditating.

"Come on Ingo. I think we're late for our meeting with Professor Pace." Saphire said.

Ingo nodded his head in agement and stopped meditating. He stood up and then climbed up to Saphire's left shoulder. Saphire got up and then headed over to the laboratory.


Saphire had arrived at the white sparkling lab a few minutes later. There were five other trainers sitting outside the lab talking to a man in a white lab coat.Saphire joined in and just stood there wondering what they were talking about. Then the man showed them into the lab were a man wearing a white lab coat, black pants, a silver rimmed watch, black rimmed glasses, a black undershirt, and brown hair was pacing back and forth the clean tidy lab.

He looked up to find all of them standing there and smiled realived.

"Hello young trainers." he said.

All the trainers smiled.

"Anyway. I have a new pokemon for each and every one of you." he began.

All Saphire heard from this guy was blah, blah, blah,blah, blah. Then the man picked up 30 pokeballs and a red mechanical device.

"These are pokedexs. They have registered data on every pokemon in the region. Here ya go." he said handing them each five pokeballs and a red mechanical device.

Everyone studied the pokedexs and the professor continued. Saphire wasn't listening and then backed up to the shadows in the lab. He crept across the wall and then sowly opened the doors. He then creapt outside and then closed the door quietly. He dashed out towards the first route and was very excited to be further ahead then most of the trainers and began his journey through the surprising region.

October 28th, 2008, 5:40 PM
Pikataro: Grrr... those Buizel! =P
Twi grew to Level 8!
Chi grew to Level 6!

Pikalover10: Nothing beats a dumpster breakfast! =D
You recieved a Pokedex!
You recieved some Poke Ball's (5)

October 29th, 2008, 6:25 AM
Saphire took in a deep breath of air as he walked along Route 1. To his right was a huge cliff and to his left was a forest. He sighed and then he looked at Ingo. Ingo was watching something in the forest next to them for some reason.

"You ok Ingo?" Saphire asked.

"Ab." Ingo said reassuringly.

Saphire nodded and looked foreward. Then he noticed something walking across the route road trying to get over to the forest. It was a dog that on its upper body was blue and its lower body was black. Saphire scanned it with his pokedex.

Shinx, the flash pokemon. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blind.

Saphire smirked and looked at Ingo. Ingo nodded knowing what to do and climbed from his shoulder to the ground. Abra stood there and looked blankly at the Shinx. The Shinx noticed Ingo doing this and got into a battle position.

"Ingo Teleport!" Saphire said.

Then Ingo disappeared and momentarily confused the Shinx as he reappeared behind it. Then the Shinx ran at him.

"Teleport!' Saphire said.

Then Ingo disappeared again behind the Shinx and then it ran back trying to touch Ingo. Then it got to Ingo and tackled him to the ground. Ingo looked like this was nothing and just sat there.

"Teleport." Saphire said boredly.

Then Ingo disappeared again and the Shinx fell flat on its face. Then Ingo appeared above the Shinx and fell onto its body. The Shinx struggled to get Ingo off of it and then finally managed to. Ingo stood there in front of a very sturdy tree while the Shinx was preparing to try to tackle him again. It ran at him while Abra still stood there.

"Teleport." Saphire said very bored.

Ingo disappeared and then reappeared at the top of the tree. Shinx couldn't stop and hit the tree dead on knocking its head. Then Ingo jumped from the tree branch and landed on the Shinx pinning it to the ground.

Saphire was bored and decided to get this thing over with and picked out one of his pokeballs.

"Go, pokeball!" Saphire said.

The pokeball hit Shinx and Shinx was engulfed in a red light and then disappeared into the pokeball. Ingo stood next to the pokeball watching it wriggle back and forth for what seemed like hours until finally....

((OOC: Sorry the battle was a little short...It's all I could think of for Ingo only having Teleport.:/ They'll be alot better when I have more moves))

October 29th, 2008, 1:51 PM
Pikalover10: Haha, yes... battling with an Abra that only knows Teleport can get a bit repetitive.
You caught a Level 3 Male Shinx!

October 30th, 2008, 6:27 AM
The ball clicked and Saphire jumped into the air with a loud cry of hapiness!

"Woohoo! We caught, a Shinx!" Saphire said retrieving the pokeball.

"Abra!" Ingo cried out in joy.

"Ok then. Go, Shinx!" Saphire said.

The little dog popped out of the white flash and smiled happily. Saphire and Ingo sat down in front of it as Saphire tried thinking of a good name for it.

"Aha! I got it. How about Shocker?" Saphire asked.

The Shinx stood there pondering the name and then shooke its head.

"Shiii!" Shocker said.

Saphire smiled and then picked Shocker up as Ingo climbed up to his shoulder. Shocker yawned and as a chain reaction so did Saphire. Saphire continued walking down the little route with his newly caught Shocker and Ingo his old friend. He looked down the road and noticed a kid about his age. Saphire, curious, began to speed up. He came closer to the kid and was able to tell what he wore and all.

He had a grim expression on his face and ruby red eyes. He wore a puffy and shiny white long-sleeved shirt, blue sparkly pants, a red fany-pack, he wore a white baseball cap, had dirty-blonde spiky/messy hair, and wore black fingerless gloves.

The boy looked at him and glared at Saphire.

"What are ya staring at?" the kid asked.

"Nothing." Saphire said inocently.

"Well then kid. Get outta here, scram." he said.

Saphire stood there as the kid looked at a exhausted cat. It was pink and tan with a huge pink tail. The kid shoved it with his foot.

"Come on you lazy good for nothing cat! Get the heck up!" he scolded at it.

The cat groaned and struggled to get up. It finally did and panted like crud. The kid looked at Saphire again.

"Well if you aren't going to leave then how about a battle huh?" he asked.

Saphire stood there as the kid chose a pokeball. Saphire stepped back a little bit and put Shocker down on the ground next to him.

"Ok then. Go, Pichu!" the kid said.

In a blinding white flash a yellow mouse with huge ears popped out. Saphire took out his new red mechanical device and scanned the mouse.

Pichu, the tiny mouse pokemon. It is not yet skilled at storing electricity. It may send out a volt if excited or startled.

Saphire smiled and then looked down at Shocker who was seemingly ready.

"Ok. Shocker se Tackle!" Saphire said.

"Use Thundershock!" the kid said.

Shocker purred in excitement and dashed at the tiny mouse.The tiny mouse cried out and then started charging up an attack. Then a volt of electricity was shot and hit Shocker. Shocker stopped and then smiled. It looked like Shocker liked the attack hitting him. Then he ran and tackled the Pichu with even more force. The Pichu quickly threw Shocker off of it and then looked at him as if he were going down.

"Again Shocker!" Saphire said.

"You too!" the kid said.

Shocker ran at the mouse who by now had been storing electricity up. It shot a volt of electricity at Shcoker, but Shocker jumped and spun and then landed. Then he smirked as he landed next to the mouse and jumped while pushing him over. The Pichu yelped out in pain and then the two broke out into a fight without the trainer calling out any attacks. The two trainers rushed over to their pokemon and grabbed them.

"Shocker! Calm down ok buddy?" Saphire asked, but the Shinx was still squiring and trying to get out of his arms. It was to much for Saphire and he quickly called Shocker back to his pokeball. Ingo was still on Saphires shoulder and sighed.

"Come on Pichu! Stop squirming." the kid was saying. His Pichu was squirming more then Shocker had and then bit his trainers arm. His trainer yelped out in pain and then dropped the Pichu. The Pichu scurried off into the forest and the trainer was holding his arm in pain. "Pichu. Buddy we've been friends forever...How could you just...just leave me?" he was muttering to himself.

Saphire took pity on his and helped him up. "I'll help you find you're Pichu for you." Saphire offered.

The kid quickly looked away and rapidly shook his head. "No, but thanks for the offer. Ya see it's just. My dad always called me a weakling because I dependid on other people, and I started my journey to prove him wrong so...I can't take any help." the kid said. He then gave a small smile to Saphire and then ran in after his Pichu.

Saphire looked away when the kid was engulfed in the leaves of the trees and then walked back down the path. He sighed. "Ingo, we defiantely have some major taming to do with Shocker." Saphire said. Ingo slowly nodded and then sighed again.

((OOC: I will edit if needed!:)))

October 30th, 2008, 9:29 AM
After getting closer and closer to the beach, Gale stopped. She turned around, reassuring herself no more Buizel were following. Twi plopped onto the ground, and her expression gave away she was pooped. Chi, on the other hand, began chasing her tail like a dog would. Gale laughed at the two, then got out the final Oran Berry. She plopped it in her mouth, and its sweet taste immediately took effect.

Just then, Chi yelped in pain. Gale looked up, and right next to Chi was this small Bug Pokemon. Gale got out her Pokedex.

"Nincada, the Trainee Pokemon. It grows underground, sensing its surroundings using antennae instead of its virtually blind eyes." Gale looked at the small thing. "Well, it's a Bug/Ground type, as the Pokedex depicts it. You're perfect for my team!" Gale pointed a finger at the Nincada, but the Nincada just started walking away, angering Gale.

"Hey! Don't you leave! I wish to fight you so I can catch you!" Gale yelled. The Nincada continued walking away. "Ergh... Chi, Tackle it, NOW." Chi lunged at the Nincada, but because of its size compared to hers, she pretty much jumped over it, and then hit the ground with a "THUD" sound. The Nincada looked at Chi, then at Gale. It still had no clue what was going on.

"Well... Twi, Bubble..." Gale muttered, beginning to get frustrated. Twi let out her burst of bubbles, and fortunately, a couple hit the Nincada on the mark. It fell back, and Gale knew it was her chance.

Just as she was about to throw it, though, the Nincada got up and quickly scurried towards the beach. Having just about enough from that Nincada, Gale ran after it in fury, Chi and Twi slowly following behind. Chi began to regain her speed, and caught up with Gale in no time, then dashed ahead. Oh, great. Stupid Nincada, Gale thought.

The beach was nicer than Gale had thought. Calm, serene, the definition of tranquility. It was a lot nicer than that tourist-infested beach back in Ocean Jewel Town. Krabby and Staryu scurried about, but Gale paid them no mind. After all, it was the Nincada she had come for. And plus, she wanted to expand her team and not catch Pokemon of the same types. Though, right now, all she wanted to do was stare blankly at the water, peacefully moving back and forth. Back and forth...

It was Twi who abruptly stopped her from her daze. Gale looked down at Twi with a somewhat annoyed look, and Twi cringed. She then motioned towards the area behind Gale. As soon as she turned around, what did she see but the Nincada and Chi? It seemed the Nincada no longer held its calm state, but was now ferocious. It shot out what seemed to be a poisonous stinger-like line, and it hit Chi on the mark. Strange thing was, as soon as it hit Chi, Gale could've sworn she saw yellow ball-like things come out of Chi's mouth, and into the Nincada's (it couldn't really be seen, but Gale assumed it went into its mouth). Chi jumped back and arched her back, growling in a menacing tone.

"Twi, Bubble!" Gale shouted, and once again, the Squirtle unleashed bubbles from her mouth, hitting the Nincada. It fell back again, and Gale was quicker this time.

"PokeBall, go!" The ball was thrown at the Nincada, and it hit directly. The ball closed, and it began to shake back and forth. Back and forth...

After what seemed like forever, the ball was still shaking. Frustrated, Gale took the ball, which began vibrating in her hand. She headed off towards the forest, and hoped by then the ball would stop shaking.

It was the entrance to the forest. The ball was still shaking... Well really, vibrating. But as soon as Gale put it down, it began shaking again.

"If I catch this thing," Gale said to Twi and Chi," it'll be called 'Furi', since it made me furious..."

October 30th, 2008, 11:51 AM
"Ocean....Jewel...Town..." Holly panted after a long and exhausting race with Pikachu. "Gosh, my heart rate must be like...200 beats per minute or something after that race." She had to admit, though, that she felt absolutely....awesome after having run the remaining distance to Ocean Jewel Town.

"Pika!" Pikachu cried happily, as it flopped down in front of the sign that said, "Ocean Jewel Town." It closed its eyes for a moment contentedly, as if about to fall asleep, and Holly was deciding whether to just pick it up and carry it, or to wait for a moment. Suddenly, Pikachu's eyes flew open and it scrambled to its feet again, staring teasingly at Holly, who shrugged, wondering what Pikachu was finding funny.

"Let's go into town then, we spent so much time getting here in the first place!" She decided, and Pikachu took the lead, though soon, after seeing its first bicycle pedaling past it, nearly crushing the small electric mouse Pokemon, it ran back to Holly, deciding that it would rather be safe in its Pokeball until they got to the Pokemon Center.

Unfortunately, some kids had seen Pikachu narrowly avoiding the bicycle, and came up to Holly, sneering. The largest one came forward, a mocking look on his face, and at once Holly felt herself tensing up, what could they possibly have to say on me?

"You have a Pikachu?" He asked, "doesn't a Pokemon like that belong with a little girl, dressed in frilly pink dresses, and drinking tea?" At that statement Holly bristled, and she held back a sharp retort.

"I wish I could show you, but I don't want to go there." She could have hit herself then and there. What a stupid response that was! It made her look like a coward, and she grinded her teeth, hiding a grimace. Wow, the first time I really need a sharp response I say that! She scolded herself silently, she knew that they would call her a coward now.

"Oh, really?" The larger kid mocked, and Holly couldn't help noticing that he had an awfully large nose, and she fought a smile. "Only 'cause you're too cowardly to say so right?"

"No, look at all these adults here, you think that they wouldn't see?" She asked, "at least I'm smart enough to realize that." Uh oh. Was what she thought after the last statement left her mouth. That was not good, now they really are going to kill me. And she wasn't wrong on that. The largest kid with the big nose, no, not big, enormous, stepped forward and cracked his knuckles. He's really stupid to be doing this with so many people around. She thought, but maybe it would be smarter for her to just...vamoose.

"Er...bye, see you around then!" She called, before turning and running. After that long run to Ocean Jewel Town, she oddly felt more energized than ever, and besides, she had always been a good runner. The kids didn't bother to chase her, Holly noted with relief as she glanced quickly over her shoulder after she had run about fifty meters. She saw then shrug, snicker about something, and then disappear down an alley.

"Wow, scary people." Holly muttered quietly, suddenly thankful that Pikachu was in its Pokeball, otherwise, Pikachu might have gotten angry at the kids for calling it "a Pokemon that belonged to little girls, dressed in frilly pink dresses, and drinking tea." Or something along those lines, anyway.

"YES!" She cried in mock triumph several minutes later, as she slowly approached the Pokemon Center. Well, bullies couldn't follow her there, she had a nagging suspicion that she had seen them in an alley she passed, not a dark alley, dark alleys didn't seem to exist in this bright, sunny, cheerful town. The town. She hadn't really noticed it earlier, but she could tell now why it was such a popular spot for tourists and why so many people spent their vacations here, either in summer houses and resorts. It really was beautiful, she could see the...sea? Or was it the ocean, either way, it was a vast body of water. From here, she couldn't see the opposite shore, though that was probably because she was so far from the beach anyway.

Cool air greeted her as she stepped inside the Pokemon Center, well, it wasn't that hot outside anyway, but the cooler air was welcoming. Pikachu's going to love the short time we're here. Maybe I should go to the PokeMart later, since we'll be heading before long. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. For now though...

"Pika!" Pikachu cried a moment later, shaking itself out and seeming to smile as it scampered forward happily. Holly smiled and followed it, sitting down in a chair and taking out two apples, one for Pikachu and one for herself. Handing one to the small mouse-like Pokemon that had crept up next to her, she sank her teeth into her own, ignoring the juice that ran down her chin, though that was impossible, and she retreived a paper towel to wipe the juice off. Wow, how could anyone not be content here? Even if it is for just a few moments...after this, I think that we'll go check out some of the shops here, see if they have any supplies we might need. She thought as Pikachu scrambled to retreive his apple, which he had dropped a moment earlier.

Ooc:// ...*gasp* *pant* YESSS! Finally up, I deleted half of it earlier to rewrite cause I thought that it wasn't good enough, sorry it took so long...*gasp*

October 30th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Pikalover10: It's a fine post. Although, because no-one won the battle, Shocker won't receive any experience. D=

Pikataro: Haha! Nice post, that Nincada is quite a character.
You caught a Level 5 Male Nincada!

SlytherFang: Great post, I really liked it! Pikachu dropping his apple sounds like something Ash's Pikachu would do in the anime, he's so clumsy.

November 1st, 2008, 7:15 AM
Holly stood at the counter of the Pokemart as the clerk put a few of the items she had purchased into a small paper bag. As he folded it up neatly, neater than she could have done, Holly noticed, she took out the amount of money that she would need to pay for the items.

"Thanks!" She said, taking the bag from the clerk in exchange for the money that she used to pay for the items.

"Have a nice day." Was the simple, almost automatic reply.

As Holly left the store, a single thought remained in her mind, are all clerks like that? So used to saying "have a nice day" that it becomes programmed in their mind in a response to the words "thank you" or something? 'Cause that would really stink, imagine that you heard someone say thank you to someone else, thought that they were adressing you, and accidentaly said, "have a nice day" in response! Wow, I'd be embarrassed to death. Yeah, that was so her, thinking some random thought, it probably wouldn't have much signifigance in life, anyway. Casually, she strolled down to the beach, trying to mimick those tourists, who seemed so at ease.

Strange, was Holly's first thought upon setting foot on the soft sand, there seemed to be a crowd gathered near the other end of the beach.

"Come on out, Pikachu!" Holly said, taking out the Pokeball which contained her Pikachu, she pressed the button that opened the Pokeball. A red glow first escaped the small capsule, which materialized into a shape, and then faded, leaving only the small Pikachu there.

"Pikachu!" It exclaimed happily, stretching and cocking its head to one side as it eyed the crowd.

"Yeah, I've been wondering what it was too." Holly agreed as they headed towards the crowd. The cheers of a couple of people and a cry of a Pokemon greeted them, and Holly stood on tiptoe to get a better view.

A Starly and Piplup appeared to be putting on a show, two people, who appeared to be their trainers, were urging them on.

"Now, Piplup, use bubblebeam!" One girl cried.

"Pip-lup lup lup!" Piplup responded, releasing a flurry of blue, shimmering bubbles.

"Starly, fly in between the bubbles and use Wing Attack!" The other girl called.

"Starly, star!" Starly chirped as it dodge between the bubbles and its wings began to glow white.

"STAR!" It cried one last time, and Holly thought it was going to attack Piplup, however, it merely popped the bubbles, scattering shimmering droplets of water upon itself and its fellow Piplup. Then Starly descended, landing next to Piplup, and both struck a somewhat funny, somewhat beautiful pose. The crowd burst into applause again as the girls collected money from them. Holly noticed that though they appeared to be clean, their dresses were little more than rags, and they were skinnier than... her friend Moira, who was about skin and bone.

"Pika..." Pikachu said quietly, noticing the girl's appearance. Holly dug into her pocket, where she always kept any loose change, including coins that she had found on the street, and emptied the contents into the girl's dirty baseball cap, which she was using to collect money.

"I wish I could do more." Holly murmured, as they left the beach, "but we've got to get going, I mean, I could stay here forever, but we can't. If I knew where the girls lived, I would leave a steak or a ham, a platter of fruit, and a bowl of mashed potatoes on their doorstep, but that would make them feel like a charity case, and I don't know where they live anyways. I feel sorry for them, obviously, but..."

Pikachu seemed to get the rest of the sentence, and nodded. Holly swung her backpack over her shoulder, "let's head back to the Pokemon Center to rest before we get started again."

The cool air, once again, greeted them, welcoming them. A Chansey, helpful as always, led them into the dining area, and they ate a meal that was obviously cooked by the same Chansey. It tasted good, though all of the items had a slight trace of spiniach, and Pikachu nearly went out of his mind after finding a packet of ketchup abandoned on a nearby table. As the Chansey whisked away their plates, Holly and Pikachu, who was still licking at the ketchup in the packet, thanked the Chansey, before returning to the main lobby.

"I figure we can get started again soon."

"Pika!" Good ketchup!

Ooc:// I hope that this isn't too much like Ash's Pikachu, I noticed that all Pikachus seem to have a liking for ketchup, though if you feel like its copying off the anime, I don't mind changing it to barbeque sauce.

November 1st, 2008, 7:58 AM
Chapter 3: Ocean Jewel Town (part 1)

Saphire walked into a wonderful looking town. He took in a deep breath of that fresh salty sea water smell and sighed with pleasure. Ingo smiled and drew in a breath of air. Shocker was still in his pokeball and Saphire was wondering wether or not to let him out. Saphire shrugged it off for the moments being and headed over to the Pokemon Center.

When he got in the building was huge. It was huge and blue inside. There was a lady with pink hair and a smock behind the desk.

"Yes?" she asked when Saphire approached her.

"Umm. Yeah, could you heal my pokemon please?" Saphire asked.

"Of course." she said.

The lady took Saphire's pokeballs and told him to hang out here for a while. Sahpire sat down on a bench and looked out a window. He saw a little boy with a kite running around with his Shinx and another little girl playing with her Shinx. Saphire sighed wondering how to teach Shocker to be like those other Shinx. The lady came back out with his pokeballs. She looked mad and as Saphire to his pokeballs he noticed a bite mark on her arm. A little blood was still coming from it and Saphire guessed what had happened. Shocker had bit her.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I just caught my Shinx and it isn't tame yet...I'm still trying to figure out how to tame him." Saphire said.

The lady shook her head and returned to the counter. Saphire sighed and called Ingo out. Ingo climbed onto Saphire's head this time. Saphire turned and walked out of the door. He trodded along the town trying to figure something out to do. He looked up and noticed that this town had a beach. He smiled and walked to the beach.


The beach was pleasent. It was a little crowded but Saphire had found a nice spot to hang out at. It was a shaded spot, shaded by an overhanging rock, the water came up to the spot, and almost nobody was around. Saphire figured this would be a good time to get to know Shocker a little bit better. He caled Shocker out and Ingo climbed down from Saphire's head. Shocker appeared and then started rolling around in the sand. Ingo ran into the water and splashed around in it.

Saphire smiled and then started digging a little hole. Once it got deap enough for Saphire's ankle and below to fit in there, he quickly scooped Shocker up and then placed him in the hole. Before Shockert knew what was going on he was being buried in the sand.

"Shi!" Shocker laughed.

Ingo looked around and saw a toy bucket. He grabbed it and filled it up with ocean water. Then he slowly trodded over to them. He came up to them and then dumped the bucket of water on Shocker.

"Shi!" Shocker yelped for he didn't know that Ingo was going to do that.

Shocker tried with all his might to get out from under the sand and did. Then he dashed at Ingo, obviously furious at the pokemon's discision. Ingo ran around in circles and dashed in and out of people's feet. He ran towards a little girl and quickly turned left. Shocker's eyes were closed and then he chomped down on the little girl's leg thinking that it was Ingo.

The little girl scram at the top of her lungs and started crying. Shocker, afraid, ran away back to Saphire. He jumped into Saphire's arms and hid his head under Saphire's arm. Saphire looked up to see a tall, muscular man standing in front of him with the little girl clammped onto the mans pants. Saphire quickly returned his pokemon.

"Listen. I'm so very-" the man cut Saphire off.

The man picked Saphire off of the ground by Saphire's shirt and then threw him into the ocean.

"Wah!" Saphire cried out as he was thrown into the air.

The little girl gasped and then laughed. Saphire slowly stood up and then rubbed his head. He didn't think the man was finished with him yet. The man grabbed him by his shirt again and then ran into the rock wall. He pushed Saphire against the rock and got inchs away from Saphire's face.

The man reeled back his righ tarm and then soked Saphire in his gut. Saphire momentarily dazed from losing the air out of him fel to the ground gasping for air. He stood up and then jumped and punched the mans nose. He landed and then took off back to the city.


Saphire stopped in a little park area gasping for breath. He sat down on a bench and then quickly took a little nap from the awful expirience he had just had.

November 1st, 2008, 4:18 PM
Slytherfang: Haha, no it's fine. I always like a funny Pikachu, it's boring when they just sit there (or in their Poke Ball) and do nothing.

Pikalover10: Good post, Shocker really needs to be trained! Oh, and you seem to be getting Saphire mixed up with your other RP Character (Max). It's not that big a deal right now, but if you could work on it that would be great. =P

November 2nd, 2008, 6:50 AM
Character Name: Autumn
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Birth Date: 10/8/1998
Appearance: Short brown hair, freckly face, quite tall, wears trainers that are purple and a white vest top over a black and purple stripy top, denim shorts and leggings underneath.
Personality: Cheeky, naughty, feisty, noisy.
History: She grew up in the Hoenn region in Petalburg City. She grew up with many wild Pokemon like Beautifly and bug and fox and other wild Pokemon around.
Preferred Starter: Goldeen
RP Sample: Straight to the point, lot's of action and exploring and some descriptive detail in some areas.

EDIT: When can I start?

November 2nd, 2008, 4:13 PM
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November 2nd, 2008, 7:36 PM
Saphire woke up seeing a dark cloud overhead. He stood up and then looked around the sky. Thw whole sky was covered in dark clouds. Then, Saphire remembered that Shocker was an electric type pokemon. He decided that this would be the perfect time to train him and then called him out along with Ingo.

He picked Ingo and Shocker up and walked over to an open field. Then, it started raining and lightning came from everywhere in the sky. Shocker purred with delight and jumped out of Saphire's arms. He danced around on the grass as the sky kept on clapping thunder from the sky. The thunder would dance down to the ground on its spindly legs.

Saphire smiled and ran over to Shocker. He grabbed him and then sat Shocker down. Shocker didn't like it to much and bit Saphire's hand. Saphire realed his hand back and then popped Shocker on his head.

"No!" Saphire said firmly.

Shocker backed up and then sat there looking very sad. Saphire went over and then held Shocker down. After a few minutes Shocker bit Saphire again and the result was the same. He did it again and a half hour later Shocker was still sitting there quietly. Saphire stood up and streched. His back was killing him. Then Shocker ran around chasing Ingo. Ingo teleported and accidently appeared over Shocker's head. Ingo landed on Shocker and then he got really mad. Shocker started chasing Ingo around the whole field furiously.

Saphire sighed and then ran and grabbed Shocker's tail.

"No!" Saphire said firmly again.

Shocker stopped and looked confused. Saphire guessed that Shocker was raised to do anything back to someone if they did it to you. Saphire shook his head and Shocker nodded. Saphire let Shocker's tail go and Shocker jumped into Saphire's arms and licked his face. Saphire laughed and Ingo jumped onto Shocker again, but this time Shocker started wrestling with Ingo instead of intentionaly trying to hurt him.

Saphire sat under a tree as the two played. He knew Shocker still needed to be trained a little, and it mostly is only the battling part. The sky started clearing up and Saphire realized it was night time. He called Shocker and Ingo over to him and the two laid in his lap. The trio of friends slept there for the entire night, and al was calm.

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November 2nd, 2008, 7:43 PM
Pikalover10: That was a fine post, short and sweet. =) Shocker has finally learnt how to be a good Pokemon, well... at least a little.

November 3rd, 2008, 5:13 AM
Hearing the ball go "ding" was music to Gale's ears. She picked up the PokeBall, and immediately called out the Nincada that had given her so much trouble. She took out her Pokedex, and looked at its data.

"So you're a boy... Not to be sexist or anything, but it fits your personality, Furi..." she muttered, still staring at the Nincada. The Nincada looked around, as if trying to find a way to escape. Oh, no you don't, Gale thought. Chi, as if able to read her master's mind, pounced in front of Furi, then motioned to Twi. Twi held up the Nincada and bear-hugged him so he couldn't run away.

"Hey!" A voice from in the forest's entrance called. "How's about you and me battle?" Gale turned to face a big-faced, loud-mouthed male with many, many bald spots on his scalp. As if Gale had already answered, he threw a PokeBall, sending out a cute Sunkern. Gale had no choice but to laugh.

"Oh my god, that SO does not fit your personality!!!" she exclaimed, laughing and pointing at the innocent-looking Sunkern. "But if it's a fight you want (hehehe), then it's a fight you'll get! OK, Twi, let Furi battle!" Chi glared at Gale, probably because SHE wanted to fight, but stepped back anyways. Twi let go of Furi, and immediately, Furi began running away. Chi stopped him in his tracks. She growled at him, and as if she had told him to battle that thing (which she probably did say in her growls; Gale wasn't quite sure), Furi scurried towards the Sunkern.

"OK, Furi, LEECH LIFE!!!" Furi shot out a poison dart at the Sunkern. It cringed, and immediately some of its life force went straight to Furi. It immediately lost consciousness, and Gale looked at the trainer in disapproval.

"Geesh, I thought you were supposed to be great and all, but you couldn't even stand your ground..." she said in an annoyed tone. The trainer then gained a furious look on his face, and sent out his next Pokemon. A Sunflora, perhaps? Gale looked at her Pokedex. Yup, it's Sunkern's evolution... Wonder how much stronger it is, seeing how all you need to evolve Sunkern is with a Sun Stone? Gale wondered.

"SUNFLORA, TEACH THAT BRAT A LESSON!!! MEGA DRAIN!!!" The Sunflora immediately held up its arm, and Furi's life force was sapped. Furi shuddered a bit, but repeated its last move, sending out its poison dart, and sapped the Sunflora's energy. But this time, it seemed to hold its ground.

"Now, Sunflora, Grasswhistle!" The Sunflora started singing a strange tune, and immediately Chi and Twi fell asleep. But Furi seemed to be unaffected, and Gale assumed it was because of its quirky personality that it was like this.

"Again, Furi, Leech Life!" Gale called. A repeated attack again. And because of its ability, there was rarely a chance that Furi would've missed. It seemed the Sunflora this time fell flat on its back, and from the looks of it, it probably wasn't going to get back up again. Gale naturally assumed Furi landed a critical hit this time, as the Sunflora seemed to be at a much higher level. The weird kid recalled his Sunflora and immediately ran back into the forest. Gale sighed, appeased at the fact she had won.

(OK, just a quick question: Are you following Plat. level up, or D/P level up? 'Cause at level 13 (which will take a while for Chi), Shinx learn Bite in D/P. But in Plat., it learns Spark. Now, personally, Spark would be a better choice, since the previous move Shinx learns is Charge, but that's just me.)

November 6th, 2008, 3:14 PM
Chapter 4: Poor Pokemon.

Saphire sat in the branches of a hard tree. The tree was dry-rotting but Saphire didn't care. He looked around wearily. Saphire was trying to train Shocker, but he had run away after something's tail...wait...tails. Something that was orange had two tails and they were sticking out of a bush. Shocker noticed these and ran after them. Saphire and Ingo followed him into the bushs of the route but lost him.

Saphire saw no sign of him. Suddenly Ingo popped in front of him and shook his head. Saphire had sent Ingo out to look for him. Saphire sighed and then jumped off the tree branch. He mopped back onto the trail of Route 2.

Saphire walked down the very mossy trail and occasionally looked up thinking he had headr Shocker, but he never had. Ingo was trailing behind Saphire looking into all the bushs.


Shocker was now dashing at the orange pokemon. It's tails were orange and the tips were tan. They were almost to a clearing and hopefully Saphire was there. The strange pokemon jumped out into the clearing. Shocker ran behind and then quickly stopped of the sight he saw. It was a descent sized cliff with a river below. The pokemon obviously didn't know this and began plummeting into the water.

It hit the water with a loud splash and Shocker lost sight of it. Shocker turned carefully around and left the area.


Saphire was still worried about Shocker. It had been a good hour since Shocker went missing. What if it was trap? What if somebody poached Shocker. Saphire had stopped in front of a descent sized rock and was eating a PB+J sanwhich and Ingo was having half of a PB+J sandwhich.

Saphire looked out into an opening and saw the sun on the horizon. It was shining brightly, showing its happy face with bright gleeming teeth. Not with a care in the world, but the moon which was barely visable in the sky was totally different. It was sad and gloomy, with nothing, but cares in the world and never showed its happy face or gleeming teeth, but its sad unhappy face.

Something rustled in the bushs near them and Saphire jumped. Then Shocker walked out of them. Saphire was sure his heart had skipped two beats then. He ran and dived at Shocker. Saphire grabbed him and started laughing and holding him tightly. Ingo was happy, but was staring at something in the ocean across from them.

Saphire set Shocker down and went up to Ingo looking at the thing. It was orange, had two blue flipper things, a yellow float around its neck, and had two orange tails. Whatever it was, it was the thing that Shocker went after! Saphire then dashed of towards it. He slid in the sand and then fell into the ater. He swam a few feet out and then grabbed the pokemon, and swimmed it back to shore.

It sat there for half an hour and then began opening its eyes. They were emerald green. It saw Shocker and was quickly on its feet.

"Bui Bui!" it said threateningly.

Saphire pulled his pokedex and then scanned it.

Buizel, the sea weasel pokemon. It swims by rotating its two tails like a propellar. When it dives its floatation sac colapses.

Saphire smirked and then looked down at Shocker who was rearing to go. Ingo climbed up to Saphire's head and sat patiently.

"Ok. Shocker use, Tackle!" Saphire said.

Shocker ran at the Buizel. The Buizel stood there motionless. Shocker hit Buizel's stomach and sent him flying into the air. The Buizel's tails started shining and then it sent a sonicboom attack out at Shocker! Shocker was hit and was sent flying into a tree. Then the Buizel landed softly on the ground and rammed Shocker into a tree. Shocker yelped out in pain and then slid down the tree to the ground.

" Shocker Tackle!" Saphire said.

Shocker rose up to his feet and then ran at the Buizel. He knocked her to the ground and then pinned her down on her shoulders. Then the Buizel's tails glowed again. Shocker was quick this time and jumped off just in time to dodge it. Then he tackle her to the ground and stood on her tail this time.

"Again." Saphire said.

Shocker then jumped in the air and did a Body Slam kind of move and crushed Buizel under the rocks. Buizel yelped in pain and then Knocked off Shocker. Shocker realed around and bit Buizel's tail. Buizel's tail then glowed and sent Shocker flying into a tree. Shocker hit the tree and then slid down.

Shocker Tackle!" Saphire said.

Shocker heard the command but just sat there with his head bent down.

"Come on Shocker get in there!" Saphire pleaded.

Shocker just sat there, and Saphire knew why. Shocker's spirit was being depleted, because he was losing to a water type, and it was a girl. Saphire then turned his head towards Ingo who nodded and jumped down from his shoulder.


Ingo disappeared and reappered behind the Buizel. He hit the Buizel's back with his foot, sending her flying into the ocean water. She stood up and then sent a Sonicboom flying at him. Ingo disappeared and reappered behind her again. This time she hit him and he was sent flying into the water. Saphire looked behind him at Shocker. Shocker was still sitting there gloomy, Saphire litteraly felt like crying but quickly turned the other way.

"Teleport!" Saphire said.

Ingo disappeared and within a matter of seconds reappeared in front of Buizel. He hit her in her stomach and she fell to the ground.

"Ok. Go, pokeball!" Saphire said.

The buizel disappeared into a pokeball and then it wriggled back and forth...back and forth...until....

November 6th, 2008, 4:54 PM
Chapter 4: Route 2 (1)

Holly and Pikachu left the Pokemon Center once again, this time with the intention of continuing on, which, according to the map posted in the Pokemon Center, meant they had to travel past Route 2, she would check the rest later, she had a map tucked in her backpack, it had just seemed stupid to take it out when there was a large one hanging on the wall in front of her anyways.

"So, you ready to continue?" Holly asked Pikachu, knowing that she would get an agreeable and enthusiastic "yes!" or rather, "chu!" In reply.

"Chu!" Pikachu agreed, licking the ketchup off its paws, and taking its time in doing so, while Holly waited patiently for it to finish. When it finally did, Pikachu lost no time in pelting towards the outskirts of Ocean Jewel Town. Holly sighed good naturedly, she had learned that this was 'typical Pikachu,' after the short time that they had known each other. Then she followed her Pokemon, nearly losing sight of Pikachu once, though catching sight of the bright yellow Pokemon again quickly.

"Stop...please...I've got...to catch...breath..." Holly panted after they had been running for several minutes, maybe about five. Their run had taken them to the edge of the town, and Holly, looking about them, saw a sign with the words, "Route 2," carved into the light, weathered wood. Pikachu, immediately after spotting it, ran towards the sign and climbed on top of it, sitting up straight and proud, and looking imperiously around, purposefully, she supposed, thinking that Pikachu looked very much like a Staravia, or some other impressive bird-like Pokemon, perched purposefully atop a branch, though she was still too out of breath to comment.

"Okay...I'm good now, let's go." She declared several short moments later, and Pikachu, leaping down from its perch, led the way one again.

"Pika!" It cried, as it spotted something up ahead. Pikachu ran forward quickly, and Holly followed, wondering what on earth it could be. As soon as she saw it, she gasped with astonishment.

An orange, mammalian Pokemon was flopped on the ground in front of them, looking utterly tired and weak. It seemed to have been attacked or something, though by what Holly had no clue. First things first, though, she had to find out what Pokemon this was. Taking it out her Pokedex, she directed it towards the Pokemon, reading the information that blinked up at her.


The Sea Weasel Pokemon
It has a floatation sac that is like an inflatable collar. It floats on the water with its head out, and swims by rotating its two tails like a screw. When it dives, its floatation sac collapses.

"Buizel...well, what happened to it?" Holly asked, running forward to kneel by the Buizel's side. It appeared to take no notice of her, though its twitched slightly. "I think it's been hurt..." Holly whispered, as she ran her hand over the Buizel's fur, and noting that it winced with pain as she touched its front paw.

"Darn, what am I supposed to do? I'm no doctor, here, Pikachu, help me." She removed a bandage from her backpack, her mother had given her the entire outrageous set, all packed tightly into a first aid kit, and for the first time, she was incredibly grateful, she ought to thank her mother for packing it. Unwinding the bandage carefully, she wrapped it around the Buizel's paw, binding it up, and hoping it would hold until they reached the next town. Afterward, she took out the Potion that she had purchased, and carefully treated the Buizel's wounds, or as many as she could, anyway, trying hard to ignore the grimaces of pain.

"I know it stings, I'm sorry," she murmured, "just understand that I'm not trying to hurt you." Poor Pokemon, she thought at the same time, it would really stink to be in the situation it was in. Finally, she managed to get it cleaned up, and watched with satisfaction as it pulled itself into a sitting position, blinking at Holly and Pikachu as if only noticing them for the first time. Now how were they going to get it to a Pokemon Center?

Struck by a sudden thought, Holly took out a Pokeball, which grew in size as she held it in her hand, then she held it out towards the Buizel.

"Here, if you want, you can go in here, so that we can take you to a Pokemon Center, and so you can rest..." She said softly to the Buizel, which seemed to think over what she had just said.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you." She whispered reassuringly, taking notice of the Buizel's apprehensive stare, and slowly, it nodded. With an answering nod, Holly opened the Pokeball, which seemed to suck Buizel inside in a red glow of light. Then the Pokeball fell to the ground, shaking from side to side as Holly and Pikachu stared fixedly at it, not knowing whether the Buizel would understand that it's got to stay in there so that they can get it to a Pokemon Center, and so it would be safe, or not.

November 6th, 2008, 8:53 PM
Pikataro: It was a good battle, but you were only allowed 2 posts for Route 2. I'm giving you a warning and Furi isn't going to recieve as much experience as it should, next time try to be more careful.
Furi grew to Level 7!

Pikalover10: That was a good post. A little jumbled and confusing at parts, but good.
You caught a Level 4 Female Buizel!

Slytherfang: Holly to the rescue! Poor Buizel... =(
You rescued a Level 5 Male Buizel!

November 8th, 2008, 5:23 AM
Chapter 6: Battle for the Gold

Everyone was excited, more than they had ever had been before. The elderly who had seen every competition had never seen a contest like this before. Never had there been a tie before for the gold and now the returning champion, Brandon was too selfess to share it. He declared that a pokemon match would be used to decide who would te whole contest.

Bret was laying in the hot sand, trying to capture back his breath. The sand stuck easily to his arms and got into his growing hands. His clothes were somewhat messed up from the running and him throwing his body quickly on the sand. He got up in a few short seconds from the curious eyes watching him. They were waiting to see what Bret did.

Brandon walked over with a pokeball in his hand. He stood extremely close to Bret to where his chest was right in his face. Bret had completely forgotten how much taller this teen was more than him.

"Well, are we gonna have a pokemon battle or do I win?" Brandon directly down at Bret. To Bret, it almost sounded like a direct threat, like Brandon with beat him with one of his gigantic hands if Bret said "no." Eyes peered on the two boys as they talked. They were waiting for action, excitement. Never had they seen a pokemon match to decide who won. Everyone was getting ready for a huge show.

Bret grinned and backed up so he didn't have to look straight up at the tall teen. He gave him the usual, childish, "Bret" look. "All I can say is that they should just put my name on that trophy right now. Let's go!"

Bret ran over to put some distance between him and the teen and whipped up his own pokemon and held it up. "Alright, let's go! Torchic, go!"

Bret threw the pokeball high in the air and let it crack down on the ground. His little orange chick appeared and looked forward. Around him, people cheered at the sight of the little chicken.

"This is too easy. Yanma, get me that gold!" Brandon threw his pokeball also and a bug-looking pokemon appeared. People also appluaded, maybe even a bit louder than Bret's pokemon. After all, more people knew Brandon because of his past wins.

"Yanma, quick attack!" Brandon shouted.

"Torchic, use-"

But it was too late. As soon as Bret opened his mouth to issue an attack, the Yanma had also made its. Zipping over the sand, it slammed straight into Torchic too quickly. Torchic landed flat in the sand and stood up with a faceful of it. Everyone watching began to laugh at the little pokemon as it vigoursly tried to shake it off. Bret watched and stood frozen for a second before shaking it off. He pointed his finger high in the air.

"Torchic, c'mon! Let's use scratch!" Bret shouted. Torchic nodded and tried to rush straight for the bug pokemon, but Bret saw what happened even from a distance. As Torchic ran, his feet slowly sank in the sand, until they were deep enough that Torchic managed to fall flat on his face again. Everyone, including Brandon, laughed hysterically.

"Dude, you need to quit before you embarrass yourself anymore," Brandon laughed.

Bret's face grew red, some from embarrassment, but mostly from anger. He had acted like a little goofball the whole battle, but now Brandon had to see the other side of Bret, the intense battling one. Brandon was going to pay for laughing at him.

"Yanma, let's just end this and put that chicken out of its misery," Brandon said in almost a bored voice. "Use tackle attack, and I mean hard!"

The yanma rushed forward and made the attempt to deliver the final blow. Bret watched and pointed as the yanma slowly drew closer and closer to his own pokemon in the sand, more like half in the sand.

"Torchic, slow down Yanma with a growl!" Bret shouted. Torchic opened up his cute little beak and let out a cute noise that traveled over and hit the attacking bug pokemon in the air. The noise was puny, but it slowed down the yanma by quite a bit in speed, making the attack weaker.

Bret smiled out of satisfaction. "Now use scratch! Just leap in the air!" he shouted. Torchic nodded quickly and pushed down on his two feet. Springing them in the air, the little chicken began to fly, soar through the air like the yanma itself. He came into contact with the pokemon, and began to scratch it to death in the middle of the air. The yanma cried out and waved around in attempt to shake Torchic off. It got so desperate that the flying pokemon had to crash itself in the sand and roll off Torchic before managing to get back in the air.

Brandon gave Bret a deathly look. "This ends now," he mumbled. "Go Yanma!" he shouted.

Bret suddenly thought of something. This pokemon was useless if it was in the sand. The whole battle, it had been using its ability to fly as its advantage. So what if Bret took down that ability?

"Torchic, when Yanma comes near you, I want you to kick as much sand at it using your feet, okay?" Bret ordered. Torchic nodded and stood firm on his feet, waiting for the yanma to attack.

"Yanma, end this with quick attack!" Brandon shouted.

"Now!!" Bret shouted.

Torchic leaped in the air slightly and landed in the sand at an angle with all his might. Sand flew in the air and hit the speeding bug pokemon. It cried out and collapsed on the ground. With the speed that it was going, combined with the sand hitting it out of nowhere, the sand was an attack itself almost.

"Torchic, scratch!" Bret shouted. Torchic leaped in the air and landed right onto of the down pokemon. He began to scratch it with all his might and power until the pokemopn finally creid out and collapsed on the ground KO'd. The battle was over and Bret had won.

"Torchic we did it!" Bret shouted. He attempted to run over, but his legs were still a bit wobbly from the run. He let Torchic come to him instead. The little fire pokemon leaped into his arms and they both celebrated just where they were. People appluaded for him all around. "Hey, it's not bad for our first real battle together," Bret mumbled to Torchic.

They were brought over to where the trophys were to be presented. They gave Bret, of course, the gold one, a huge trophy with information about the festival and the word CHAMPION underneath. Bret grinned as he looked at the trophy.

Brandon walked over with the silver trophy in his hand. "Congratulations," he mumbled under his breath. Without another word, he walked away and left Bret alone.

With a little bit of celebration, Bret walked back to town and delivered the trophys, both the Champion one and the Eating Contest one. His parents were going to be thrilled to see his accomplishments. With that, he began his journey on the new route.

November 8th, 2008, 3:33 PM
Dark_Link12: Great post! Bret using the field to his advantage was excellent, although... I do rather like Yanma's, but that bug got what was coming to it!
Torchic grew to Level 8!
Torchic learned Focus Energy!

Chapter 5: Timeless Forest
Number of Posts: 3

A thick forest which most people prefer to avoid, but that means taking the long way round and you trainers are in a hurry... I guess you’re going to have to venture through the forest. Not to worry, Timeless Forest is home to many Pokémon of various types... travelling through it may benefit you.

Wild Pokemon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/2/2e/Spr_4d_273.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_273.png)
Level: 4-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll or Early Bird
Attacks: Bide, Harden, Growth (Lv. 7)
Rarity: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/4/47/Spr_4d_167.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_167.png)
Level: 4-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Swarm or Insomnia
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face (Lv. 5)
Rarity: Common

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/33/Spr_4d_204.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_204.png)
Level: 4-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Protect, Selfdestruct (Lv. 6)
Rarity: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/2/25/Spr_4d_114.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_114.png)
Level: 4-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
Attacks: Ingrain, Constrict, Sleep Powder (Lv. 5)
Rarity: Uncommon

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/4/45/Spr_4d_451.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_451.png)
Level: 5-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison/Bug
Ability: Battle Armour or Sniper
Attacks: Bite, Poison Sting, Leer, Pin Missile (Lv. 6)
Rarity: Rare

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/8/8e/Spr_4d_276.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_276.png)
Level: 5-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy
Rarity: Rare

November 8th, 2008, 3:47 PM
(OK, first off, sorry for the over-the-post-limit. I actually didn't know if it meant 2 posts MINIMUM or two posts TOTAL, so... I'm new to the whole post-limit thing, so once again, sorry... ^^')

-Timeless Forest-

After waiting for that idiot boy-dog-thing to get out of her sight, Gale headed straight into the forest. It was surprisingly calm at first, but nonetheless, Gale knew there were many Pokemon just waiting to surprise her. She noticed a couple of Taillows fly past, but didn't feel like pursuing them. Furi would become a Flying type when he evolved, after all. And so she didn't feel like getting another Flying type.

It was then that she noticed a purple Scorpion-like Pokemon. She took out her Pokedex and looked at its info.

"Skorupi, the Scorpian Pokemon. It lives in arid lands. It buries itself in sand and lies in wait for unsuspecting prey," Gale read aloud. She then noticed a small note beneath it. "When it evolves, it becomes a Poison/Dark type." Seeing how she definitely didn't have any Poison or Dark types on her team yet, Gale thought it would be best to go after one of them. But by the time she turned back to the little scorpion, it had disappeared. But a different Pokemon took its spot. It was acorn-like, and looked kind of bland. Gale didn't bother looking it up; she didn't think it would be a great addition.

A few more acorn-like Pokemon appeared behind it. "Seedot!" they all exclaimed, and at once, they seemed to...grow. Bigger and bigger. Bigger and bigger. They then return to normal size, but Gale knew that that growing technique must've been a way to increase their power. Seeing how nothing else was around, she called out her three Pokemon, and looked at the Seedot with a glow in her eyes.

"Alright, Twi, use Tackle on the Seedot to your left! Chi, take the Seedot to your right with Tackle! And finally, hit the middle Seedot with Leech Life, Furi!" The three made their moves, and the Seedot all fell back. But they seemed to be...immobilized, as if they didn't feel the attacks at all. Annoyed, Gale opened her mouth to say something, but the Seedot then turn a reddish color, and beams of light shot at the three Pokemon, knocking them all back. Could this be...BIDE? Oh, shoot... Gale thought. She ran to her three Pokemon, and picked each one up gently. They seemed to regain their stances, and slowly looked over at the Seedot. Without warning, the three used the same attacks again, this time sending the Seedot off into the woods. Gale sighed.

"You three... You could've been knocked unconscious, but you attacked them anyways... You're all a strange bunch. Especially you, Twi." She turned to her Squirtle. "I'm surprised you went to attack them again. Were you perhaps influenced by Chi and Furi?" Ashamed, Twi nodded her head silently, and Gale then patted it. "It's OK, we're all influenced by others sometime..." she whispered. Twi looked at her with great excitement, and Gale continued along the winding tree path...

November 9th, 2008, 4:20 PM
Pikataro: Good intro post! If your next couple of posts are going to be about finding that Skorupi, it had better be good... because Skorupi is rare. =)

November 18th, 2008, 7:53 PM
Chapter 5 (part 1):

It was a darker forest then most Saphire had traveled through. This forest was rarely traveled through and most trainers went the long way, but Saphire was in a hurry and plus he had heard that there were many advantages for going through the forest. He was walking down a winding path, his hands thrusted into his pockets, Ingo sitting on his head, Shocker walking at his feet followed by his newly caught Buizel, Trident.

He had nicknamed his Buizel Trident because while walkign to get here Trident jumped into a river and swam around in it. The currents she made from up above looked like a trident and that was how she was properly named.

Then, bushs to the left of them started rustling. Saphire quickly turned around to find a Pichu hobble out. The Pichu looked exhausted, and it was followed out by an exhausted looking trainer who looked familiar to Saphire.

"Hey! You're the guy who's Pichu ran into the forest before our battle was over!" Saphire said.

The trainer looked up and smiled. "Hehe. And you're the guy who offered to help me find my Pichu." he said.

Saphire smiled and helped the exhausted trainer up from where he had collasped on the ground.

"So why are you so tired?" Saphire wondered aloud.

"Ah. Me and Pichu where in a really tough battle with some guy by the name of Nicholas who had a Larvitar, but we ended up beating them." he said.

Saphire smiled with delight. "Ya know. I've always been wanting to battle you again since our first encounter. How's 'bout now? We can have a 2 on 2 battle if you have three pokemon so you don't have to use Pichu." Saphire offered.

"Uh. I have 4 pokemon. I guess we could. By the way my name's is Josiah and yours is?" Josiah asked.

"Saphire. Saphire Blazer actually but preffered being called Saphire." Saphire said delighted.

"All right then Saphire. Let's go." Josiah said picking a pokeball from his belt.

Saphire nodded and motioned for Shocker to get oonto the battlefield. Shocker ran onto the battlefield with victory in his eyes.

"Go, Skorupi!" Josiah said.

In a blinding white light a scopion looking pokemon that was purple popped out. Saphire quickly took out his pokedex to scan it.

Skorupi, the scorpion pokemon. It grips prey with its tail claws and injects poison. It tenaciously hangs on until the poison takes.

"Ok then. Shocker use Tackle!" Saphire said.

"Skorupi use Pin Missile!" Josiah said quickly.

Shocker dashed at the scorpion while Skorupi shot needles at Shocker. The needles stabbed Shocker's front legs, but Shocker pushed on and tackled the scorpion to the ground. The scorpion grabbed Shocker with its tail and thrust Shocker to the ground. Shocker was stuck and laid there shocked.

"Tackle Shocker!" Saphire said.

"Use Poisen Sting." Josiah said calmly.

Shocker squirmed to get out of the scorpions grasp. The scorpion let go for a split second and then its tail turned a bright purple and then it stabbed Shocker. Shocker cried out in pain and laid on the cool ground stunned and poisened.

"Use Bite." Josiah said.

"Tackle!" Saphire said dedicated to winning this battle.

Skorupi charged at Shocker calmly ready to win this battle, but SHocker dodged at the last second and then tackled Skorupi to the forest floor. Then, out of the corner of his eye Saphire saw a river near them. He turned around and saw the river and smiled deviously.

"Shocker, push Skorupi into the river!" Saphire said.

"Skorupi use Pin Missile." Josiah said.

Skorupi skittered across the floor sending needles of pain at Shocker. Shocker stealthily dodged them all and kept on pushing Skorupi nearer and nearer to the river. Then finally they were near the edge and Shocker hit Skorupi into the river. Skorupi fell into the river and squirmed to get out of the water.

"Skorupi!" Josiah said.

"Shocker Tackle!" Saphire said.

Shocker ran over on top of a little overhang and jumped down on top of Skorupi. The river was deeper then Max and Shocker thought it was and the two poemon started sinking to the bottom, but were still fighting. Skorupi was desperately trying to trap Shocker with its stinger and Shocker was dodging the lunges. They swam to the top and got out of the water gasping for air.

"Tackle!" Saphire said before Josiah could react.

Shocker ran quickly towards Skorupi, afraid that if he was slower Skorupi would throw him into the water, and then tried to tackle it to the ground. Skorupi reacted quickly and then caught Shocker with its stinger and thrusted him into the river. Shocker flew in the air and landed with a loud splash in the river. Skorupi dashed over to the edge of the water and sent hundreds of needles into the water. A few seconds later Shocker appeared at the surface of the water with tons of needles in his body. He ran at Skorupi with the look in his eyes that Saphire hated. Shocker tackled Skorupi to the ground and furiously started slashing its body with his claws. Then, Shocker bit Skorupis tail and flung it into the water. The Skorupi sank and a few seconds later appeared on the river's surface KO.

"Shocker return." Saphire said.

"Skorupi return." said Josiah.

The two pokemon disappeared into their pokeballs and then Josiah took out another pokeball.

"Go, Tailow." he said.

"Go, Ingo." Saphire said.

Then a small blue bird appeared out of a blinding white light. Ingo slowly walked out to the battlefield ready to win this battle.

((End of my post. Will describe the rest of battle in next one!:)))

November 22nd, 2008, 4:48 PM
Pikalover10: Wow! Shocker and Skorupi sure can take a lot of hits!
Shocker grew to Level 5!
Shocker learned Leer!

November 22nd, 2008, 7:59 PM
((Hehehe. I just wanted the post to be a little bit longer and more descriptive.:)))

The blue bird squaked at Saphire ready to battle. Saphire, unsure of what this pokemon was, scanned it.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/8/8e/Spr_4d_276.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_276.png)
Taillow, the tiny swallow pokemon. Taillow courageously stands its ground against foes, however strong they may be. This gutsy POKéMON will remain defiant even after a loss. On the other hand, it cries loudly if it becomes hungry.

"Ok. Taillow use Peck!" Josaih said unknowingly of what Ingo could do.

"Teleport!" Saphire said.

The bird flew up a few meters into the air and then dived down at Ingo. Ingo stood there and at the last moment vanished into thin air. Taillow couldn't pull up from the ground in time and collided into the ground. Then, Ingo appeared next to his trainer Saphire, who was smiling at Josiah.

"Fly into the air and use Focus Energy and then Peck." Josiah said.

"Wait and teleport." Max said.

The bird flew headlong into the air and had a ring of orange energy surrond it. Ingo disappeared and reappeared behind the bird. Then, he kicked its back sending it diving into the ground again. This time, though, Taillow grabbed Ingo's foot with its talon and then took Ingo along with it. It put Ingo in front of it and drove Ingo into the ground and then Taillow flew away into the air.

Ingo rose slowly to his feet and yawned loudly. Saphire slapped his forehead embarassed that his pokemon was still tired in the middle of a battle. In fact, Ingo actually laid down and dozed off. Taillow, seeing its chance, dived down at full force at Ingo. it hit Ingo dead on target and pushed Ingo a little into the earths crust. Ingo still laid there asleep.

"Ingo wake up!" Saphire pleaded.

Ingo still laid there asleep. Taillow dived in at Ingo once again and Ingo still didn't wake up.

"Use Focus Energy twice more, Taillow." Josiah said.

Taillow glowed orange two times again and then dived in at Ingo again. This time Ingo yelped in pain in his deep slumber, but still laid there sleeping. Taillow, furious and humiliated, flew higher into the air and then dived at Ingo. Ingo was severly injured and dust was kicked up this time. After the dust settled it appeared that Ingo had actually trapped Taillow's talons with his feet. It had been a trick!

Taillow had been hurt from the contact and struggled to get out but couldn't. Ingo grabbed the bird's right wing with his left hand and then threw it into a tree. It hit the tree with a coo of pain and fell to the ground. It struggled, but finally got up and was panting heavily. Ingo stod there staring hypnotically into the bird's eyes.

Then, Ingo and the bird both ran at each other head on. They collided with eachother and dust flew up again. This time, though, when the dust settled Ingo was nowhere in sight. Then, suddenly Ingo appeared behind the bird and he kicked its back. The bird flew into another tree and slid down the bark to the ground KO.

"Ingo! You did it buddy!" Saphire rejoiced.

Josiah returned his Tailow and approached Saphire.

"Congrats dude." he said.

"Thanks Josiah. It was an awesome battle. Ingo and Shocker really appreciate the battle. They've been really bored lately." Saphire said.

"Yeah. And they have ben bored huh? Listen, up ahead on this path there is a kid who thinks he is the best trainer around. I heard him while in the middle of my battle with the dude with the Larvitar and couldn't battle him. When I stumbled upon you and your pokemon I had been looking for that kid. I'd love for you to beat that punk." Josiah said.

"Ok. Oh, and Josiah...Are we friends?" Saphire wondered.

Josiah smiled. "Yeah, rivals too. A friendly rivalry." Josiah said.

"Really?" Saphire said with tears welling up in his eyes. "That means your my first friend....I've never had a friend before. Well Josiah, I guess I'll see ya around right?"

"Course ya will. Dude, even though I might be your first friend, don't cry 'bout it k? Cause, your my first friend too." Josiah said.

And with those words Josiah disappeared into the bushs followed by his Pichu. Saphire smiled finally finding a friend and appearently someone who hadn't had any friends up until this point too.

December 2nd, 2008, 2:30 PM
Pikalover10: Sorry I took so long. *sheepish grin* I sure hope everyone else posts, or else you'll be the only one left and I'll have to close this thread.
Ingo grew to Level 7!

December 2nd, 2008, 3:10 PM
Now that she had an injured Buizel in her posession, Holly felt quite uncertain as to what she should do next, knowing only that it would be wise to transport the Pokemon as soon as possible to the Pokemon Center. Though at first thought it seemed that she should go forward, she silently scolded herself for not having realised the simpler solution before this time. Obviously, it would consume considerably less time and be an altogether better plan to return to the Pokemon Center in Sandgem Town. Holly glanced once at Pikachu, briefly, and saw the Pokemon catch her eye.

"I'm thinking that we should probably return to the Pokemon Center in Sandgem Town." Holly said in a rather hushed voice, knowing that the sooner that they reached the Pokemon Center, the better for the poor Buizel that was currently confined inside one of the red and white capsules on her belt.

"Pika!" Pikachu agreed almost instantaneously, nodding its head vigorously up and down before leading the way. It was not uncommon for Pikachu to take the lead, though there was a slight urgency in its stride that stood out in Holly's eyes. However, it was without hesistation that she followed her Pokemon, taking utmost care not to lose sight of her Pokemon, who was small and swift, and easily lost in the crowds of tourists and residents of the town.

Given their close distance to the town, it was a fairly short time before they reached Ocean Jewel Town, and had soon located the Pokemon Center, though they lacked familiarity with the town, there was no mistaking the bright red P that gave away the location of the Pokemon Center, probably for the convienience of the trainers, many just beginning their journey, like her, that often passed through this town.

"Oh my!" Nurse Joy exclaimed, her eyes and face full of concern and puzzlement upon catching sight of Holly's rushed and rather wild expression. Holly didn't expect any less, seeing as she had just burst into the Pokemon Center, making a rather spectacular entrance with the way her Pikachu had slipped and belly-slid several feet across the polished floor, not only drawing attention to itself, but to its somewhat embarrassed trainer as well.

"I've got a Buizel here I don't know what happened I just found it along Route 2 and it was injured so I decided to bring it here to be treated." Holly said in one breath, taking several gasps of air afterward. Pikachu, by now, was sitting by her feet, looking down at the floor, though Holly didn't blame her Pokemon in the slightest, as it was only a common accident.

"Where is it then?" Nurse Joy asked Holly, who reached for her belt, unhooking a Pokeball with some difficulty and handing it to Nurse Joy, who opened it. A few seconds passed in silence as they stared at nothing. The Pokeball had been empty. Holly could feel her face turning red, causing a burning sensation in her cheeks and down the back of her neck.

"Oh, I'm sorry, some of my Pokeballs are still empty." She tried to say as casually as possible after a rather humiliating incident, and handed Nurse Joy the one that she was sure contained the Buizel. As Nurse Joy opened it, the Pokeball emitted a bright red glow, which took the form of a Pokemon with a forked tail and a long body, before fading. Immediately, Nurse Joy gasped, taking in the extent of the Pokemon's injuries. Buizel looked up, its eyes weary and lifeless, and its tail gave a barely noticable twitch. Immediately, a Chansey, pushing a cot, came up to the front desk, and with the help of another Chansey that was already present, managed to place the Buizel gently on the cot, wheeling it away.

"I think that you'd best be on your way. The Buizel will need to recover for a while, so when its healed I think we'll send it to the Pokemon Center in the next town, where I expect you'll be by then." Nurse Joy said softly, "I'm sorry, but I have to go to the treatment room, I'm sure you know why." With that, she turned and strode through the metal doors, which slid open, and closed with a slight puff of air.

"I suppose there's really nothing more that we can do." Holly told Pikachu, who nodded, and led the way out of the Pokemon Center, moving unusually slowly, and taking care with each step that it made. Holly restrained herself from rolling her eyes, as she was certain that her Pokemon would have found it impolite, and followed Pikachu through the glass sliding doors out of the Pokemon Center. '

Once again, she was faced with the numerous tourists and residents of Ocean Jewel town as she made her way along the beach. Finally, she became somewhat irritated with the sand trickling into her shoes, and walked up the beach, and journeyingthrough the grassy knoll instead. Though her feet carried her without much effort, she and Pikachu remained silent, taking no notice of the excellent weather that was common around these areas, both buried in their own seperate thoughts.

Ooc:// Sorry bout not posting, I wasn't sure if this was still alive or not. But here's my post anyways. I wasn't sure how to end it, so I hope its satisfactory.

December 2nd, 2008, 3:21 PM
As if it were destined, Gale saw a long purple tail stick out from one of the trees. Walking nimbly over towards the tree, Gale peeked around the trunk, and lo! The Skorupi was in sight! The small creature took one look at Gale and scattered off, possibly frightened by Gale's size. Furi began scurrying after the scorpion-like creature, but Gale told him to halt.

"It's afraid of us," Gale told her impatient Nincada. "We need to gain its trust by not scaring it." She knew it was headed towards the heart of the forest. After all, she had bonded with nature long before she had started her journey, and somehow felt one with it. She began walking in the direction the Skorupi had gone, her three Pokemon innocently following her. Sighing, Gale turned around, took out her three PokeBalls, and recalled the three.

"I'm sorry," she muttered, staring at the three red-and-white balls, "but I'm afraid I'll have to keep you in here. After what happened with the Seedot... I don't want you three acting up again." Silently, she placed the balls in her pocket and returned to her Skorupi searching.

A half hour past. Maybe an hour. Gale's sense of time was never too great, and she wasn't big on watches or anything digital (although her Pokedex still came in handy). She could feel herself getting closer and closer to the heart of the forest. I'm almost there, Skorupi. I really don't want to scare you... she thought. But her thoughts were disrupted from a loud cry, right ahead of her. Afraid someone might be in pain, Gale rushed to the site of the cry. As she got closer and closer, she could hear "Taillow!" "Taillow!" in the distance. Finally, she looked up as she ran, and at least two Taillow for flying above. And, to her surprise, one was carrying her Skorupi! The little creature looked traumatized, and the Taillow immediately flew off together. Knowing it was best to pursue the two, Gale ran in the direction they were going, hoping she'd catch up.

The pursuit led a very much exhausted Gale to a nest high up in a tree. She decided to call out Twi; she could help after all.

"Twi, use Tackle on the tree!" Gale shouted. Nodding, the small turtle-like Pokemon rammed into the tree with all her might. Gale could see the nest shaking. "Again!" she commanded, and Twi went into for another attack. This time, the nest flipped over and was at the edge of falling. Two very confused Taillows - the one still holding the Skorupi captive - looked down and saw Gale. Enraged, they flew down after her, Skorupi still being held captive.

"Now, Twi, Bubble!" Gale shouted. The Squirtle began shooting bubbles rapidly at the two Taillow. The two tried to swerve out of the way, but the bubbles eventually hit each of their wings, causing them to divebomb straight into the ground. As they were falling, the Skorupi regained its freedom and scurried off. Gale began to chase after it when the Taillow regained their form and flew straight at her.

"Twi!!!" Gale shouted, and the Squirtle, with a sudden burst of speed, went into her shell and starting spinning rapidly. It didn't seem to be as strong as a Rapid Spin, but rather a combined mix of Withdraw and Tackle. Hitting the two Taillow directly in their weak spot, they fell to the ground, unconscious.

"I'd catch them, but... That Skorupi is more important..." Gale thought out loud, as she went back to chasing after the little critter.

(I hope this is satisfactory. I know you said Taillow were also rare, but they were the only Flying Pokemon in the forest... DX)

December 2nd, 2008, 5:56 PM
YAY, posts!

Slytherfang: That's the first time I've ever seen someone head back to the previous town. Very good post!
Buizel was left at the PC!

Pikataro: I don't mind... I'm just happy you posted. XD
Twi grew to Level 10!
Twi learned Withdraw!

You seem to be the only person who is training their Pokemon.

December 6th, 2008, 10:33 AM
sorry but i really dont get this (the fact that im new doesnt help)

December 6th, 2008, 4:32 PM
aipomguy: This is a Pokemon RP, a story which is written by multiple people... in this case, all the characters are on a Pokemon Journey through my own region of Arkens.

Now, could you please not spam my thread and instead PM me if you have anymore questions.

December 6th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Chapter 5: It's now or never (part 3)

Saphire looked up in the tree tops hanging over him. Before Josiah left he had mentioned that there was an acorn poekmon that would evolve into a really cool pokemon, and Saphire wanted to catch it. He also mentioned how they clung to tree branches and were called Seedot.

Ingo was looking in the bushs for any signs of a Seedot that had fallen out of the trees, Shocker was trying to climb up another tree that Saphire hadn't looked in, and Trident was standing next to Saphire. Then, there was a loud SPLASH! Saphire spun around to see a moving acorn floating down the river.

"Dot!" it yelled.

Without saying anything, Trident dove in to the river to rescue the acorn. The currents were rough and hard to get past. occasionally Trident would get smacked by a tough current and thrown to the river floor. Saphire had no clue what was going on. The acorn had sunk below the river's surface and he couldn't see Trident through the murky river. Trident then jumped out of the river with a frightened acorn in her arms. Saphire scanned the pokemon real quick after popping it out of its case.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/2/2e/Spr_4d_273.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_273.png)
Seedot, the acorn pokemon. It hangs off branches and absorbs nutrients. When it finishes eating, its body becomes so heavy that it drops to the ground with a thump.

The acorn quickly flopped to the ground and its breathing lightened up a bit. Saphire ran up and dropped to his knees in front of the pokemon. It seemed fine. Just a few cuts and bruises and its heart was thumping wildely from being startled. He grabbed a big leaf off of a plant and dipped it into the river. It was damp and he sat it on a flat rock. Then, Saphire grabbed Seedot and placed him on the leaf to rest. The Seedot soon fell asleep and after a little while, Saphire soon fell asleep.

About an hour later Saphire awoke to see Trident, Shocker, Ingo, and the Seedot playing together. They were appearently playing tag and Ingo couldn't be tagged. Ingo kept teleporting to different spots and nobody could tag him. Saphire grinned as Ingo teleported into a tree and turned his back on the others. Shocker was it and secretly tagged Saphire and then Shocker, Trident, and Seedot acted like Shocker was still it. Saphire quietly scaled up the tree and was towering over the unexpecting Ingo.

"Tag! You're it!" Saphire yelled after quickly tagging Ingo and then jumping down from the tree.

Ingo fell to the ground startled and then started chasing the Seedot. After about half an hour everyone got bored with playing tag and the Seedot had warmed up to Saphire and his pokemon. Saphire looked at the Seedot who was eating a few berries alone. Saphire walked over to the Seedot and sat down next to it.

"You know something, Seedot? It would break my team's hearts if you didn't come along on our team with us, and it would break mine too. You would be a great addition to our team. So, wanna join us on our adventure?" Saphire asked.

The Seedot turned around to face Saphire, as he pressed the button of a small pokeball to make it bigger and sat it down in between the two of them. Saphire sat back with a huge smile across his face as Ingo, Trident, and Shocker came up to Saphire and sat down next to him, each with a smile on their faces too. Seedot looked at the pokeball and then it......

((OOC: I know it is a short part especially for a capture post, but I didn't want to battle or anything and if I need to edit to capture the Seedot then tell me and I will:)))

December 6th, 2008, 6:04 PM
Pikalover10: Thats alright, I'm glad someone has decided to catch a Pokemon without battling it.
You caught a Level 4 Male Seedot!