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October 18th, 2008, 1:14 AM
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Pokemon: Battle to Become

After Ash and his friends, Misty and Brock, hung their torchs up. The Pokemon world became a great place for any trainers' dreams. The region of Hoenn, now a huge part of the Pokemon world, made major changes to their region. They made their stadiums larger, and built better clinics, for any trainers Pokemon.

Many trainers had moved, or were raised, in the region of Hoenn. Hoenn gives a great opportunity to trainers that are starting their journey. Everything seemed to be going well for the region of Hoenn, but until a horrible even took place, it has changed to layout of the whole region.

The event took place on October 31st, 2017. The event happened on a day like any other. A boy named Leo, whom was sick most of that day, had walked outside to check on his mother, who had a disability. He noticed a huge group of men, dressed in black spendix suits, with an large blue D on the shirt. They were holding signs and flaming torches. Leo didn't think anything about, but was scared of what it may be.

Later that day, after supper for most people, their was a major annoucement on the television sets of all homes in the region. The annoucement was the overthrowing of the Hoenn State Government. The leader of Team Disaster, what was discovered on that day, had taken over the region of Hoenn.

The region of Hoenn was not changed in anyway, but it was harder to become anything that the citizen wanted to be. It was hard to become a great trainer, so to speak, the privledge wasn't taken away, but is was hard to accomplish it. Team Disaster are against such things, they are suppose to be the superiors of the whole region.

All the gym leaders were dismissed and replaced by members of Team Disaster, making it hard for anyone to defeat a gym leader and gain a badge. It was their goal the whole time, to be superior and gain their own glory. Such selfish people, were thoughts of many people.

Now there are trainers who want to make to the type, reach there dream. They want to prove to Team Disaster that they have what it takes to defeat them and regain their village and dreams. It won't be easy, but if you have you dreams in your soul, and have the exact amount of willpower, nothing is impossible. You must battle to become.


Sign Up Sheets
Name: (First name "Nickname" Last name.)
Age: (Can be anything from 12-17.)
Gender: (Male of Female.)
Personality: (A well thought description of your character's traits.)
Bio: (A well thought description of your character's history.)
Pokemon: (Your starter Pokemon, Pokemon will be caught in RPG.)
Preffered type of Pokemon: (What type of Pokemon you character preffers.)
Goal: (A description of your character's goal.)


My sign up sheet
Name: Leono "Leo" Miller.
Age: 16.
Gender: Male.
Personality: Leo is a very sensitive person, though he can be stubborn at times. He is also a very talkative person, he won't ever shut his mouth! He can also ask a lot of questions.
Bio: When Leo was just a kid his father was one of the greatest trainers he had ever known. Leo wanted to be just like him, when he was of age that was his goal. Leo's father wasn't always around his son, but he loved him so much. Leo knew that one day he would have to do the same to complete his goal to become one of the greatest trainers ever.
Pokemon: Torchic.
Preffered type of Pokemon: Fire.
Goal: Leo's goal is to become one of the greatest trainers in the world, just like his father.


I am open to any suggestions, so please do tell. Hope this is what it takes to get this thing validated.

October 19th, 2008, 12:32 PM
Name: Reily Bremochowske
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Reily may be one of the smartest people you will ever meet, but you might go for quite a while without knowing it. Her brain power is pretty unusual, and yet she's not the type to show it, and most signs of her intelligence go unnoticed. Her mother says she's "not applying herself," but she doesn't want others to know because she'll be like a "teacher's pet," if she aces every test and thinks of the teachers as friends. Even though she really does ace every test, she would, for example, run out of class as soon as the bell rang so that no teacher would ever have the time to talk to her about anything. Other than that, she's pretty much a solitary person, not the type to talk a ton, she'd much rather stand back and let others do the talking. She is also unwilling to be on the losing end of things, and despite being somewhat quiet, she will become fierce in order to win (this often applies more to pokemon battles, of which she has had a few, more than anything else.)
Bio: Reily's mother was a co-ordinator, rather well known as well, and her father had been a great pokemon trainer, so Reily grew up around pokemon. Maybe that's what started her love of them. She grew up an only child, though her parents were extremely busy, and it was difficult for them to spend a ton of time with their only daughter, so she spent time on her own, playing basketball and doing gymnastics and spending time with the forest Pokemon. She became attached to an abandoned Cyndaquil, and they became more or less inseperable. The Cyndaquil followed her everywhere, except for school, where pokemon were not allowed, and it became difficult to get her alone for the Cyndaquil was always with her. That particular Cyndaquil was the very reason why she decided to become a pokemon trainer, that and the challenge that presented itself to a pokemon trainer. Personally, if you asked her, she hates how Team Disaster made it nearly impossible to become a great pokemon trainer, but she likely would enjoy the challenge, and for that reason actually is looking forward to challenging the gyms in the region, and to hopefully defeat them.
Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Preffered type of Pokemon: Er....she doesn't really have a type preference, but though her starter is a fire type pokemon, she works very well with water pokemon.
Goal: To defeat all of the gyms despite Team Disaster. Plain and simple.

October 19th, 2008, 2:20 PM
You may reserve a spot. The RPG will start when I decide when we have enough people. The RPG will start with your character at home, then the character will have to choose his starter Pokemon.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 19th, 2008, 3:11 PM
Sign Up Sheets
Name: David Lee Thompson
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Personality: David is the type to look into people, he likes to dissasemble someones psyche and see what makes them, them. David is paranoid most of the time and rushes to conclusions in a very timely manner, always full of false pretenses, David accuses. But save for a few unruly characteristics such as those, he is also a very social person, he likes to talk to people and hang out whenever possible. David is not like most teenagers, by the look in his eyes you can tell that he always just " Knows" something that you don't, and it's something that is very important. David is not violent, he's no pacifist, but he would much rather use his mind then his body to overcome obstacles. So, in conclusion, David is a well mannered, intelligent, social but paranoid boy.

History: David has a long past of Narceleptic episodes, during these times he can not remember anything about an hour before it happening, he hasn't had any recently and his doctor says he probably outgrew them. David has an aspiration to get the regular govermental system back, and give political power back to those who deserve it. David only had his mother growing up, as his father had dissiapeared when David was little, David had no siblings either.

Starter Pokemon: Kadabra
Preffered type of Pokemon: Psychic
Goal: David has no real set goal, except to unravel any conspiracy that may interfere with him.

October 19th, 2008, 4:32 PM
@Fallen Angel Messiah Of Black Roses:: Accepted.
@Slytherfang: Pending.

October 19th, 2008, 5:05 PM
Sign Up Sheets
Name: Kevin Kisaragi
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality: Kevin is a shady fellow, he doesn't share his thoughts to anyone he doesn't trust, and most of the time. He doesn't trust anyone. He has met a few people kind enough to help him, but not often does he come across people nice enough to help, which has made him secretive.
Bio: On his eleventh birthday, Kevin's parents were ruthlessly assasinated. Kevin had so much blood all over him that he was considered the murderer. He was forced to run far into Hoenn, deep into the forest. He had to survive off of any food he could find. At almost the last day of wandering the forest, he found a lone Charmander, which almost all the time means its wild, being attacked by a Lucario. Kevin jumped in the way of a Focus punch that was inevitable for the Charmander trying to avoid. Once the Lucario striked Kevin it gave up, and ran back into the shaded forest. Charmander, grateful for its rescue, accepted Kevin as a friend. Kevin had finally been proved innocent in the case of his parents murder, and is now traveling to the first gym, to battle the gym leader.
Pokemon: Charmander!
Preffered type of Pokemon: Fire
Goal: Kevin's goal is impossible to complete, but his goal is to rid the world of all evil.

October 19th, 2008, 5:10 PM
Can some one tell me if its a real RPG or its some forum thingy :\

October 19th, 2008, 5:19 PM
Umm, I know the way my character gets his Pokemon isn't like how everyone else gets theirs, but can I please get mine the way my bio says?

October 19th, 2008, 5:35 PM
Name: Ami "Brain" Mizuno
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Ami is your Typical book worm who does nothing but keep her nose in the books, Ami is very shy and doesn't have many friends, She is highly Intelligent with an IQ of 500, Ami also doesn't take much of an interest to sports but she enjoys pokemon battles to analyze pokemon's actions and moves. She enjoys going swimming and when she does, she feels at ease and can think more clearly. Ami doesn't have a spot for romance as she thinks that nobody would want to become her boyfriend and that there is more to life then Love.
Bio: Ami was a very timid child who lived with her parents until she was 13, once her dad decided that he would travel all over the world, he left his daughter and his wife alone, Ami's mother was a doctor who would leave early in the morning and wouldn't come back till after midnight. Ami spent most of her time reading books and playing Chess with her mother's Mr.Mime, the Mr. Mime served as Ami's babysitter and took care of her. Ami finally became 15 and saw her neighbours all leaving on thier own pokemon journeys, Ami wished she could go, her mother ecouraged her to go on a journey and she decided to Set off.
Pokemon: Riolu
Preffered type of Pokemon: Water, Psychic, Fighting
Goal: Ami's Goal is to become a Pokemon Nurse, she wants to help pokemon at the pokemon Center and she wants to travel to different regions, Ami also feels that she must get rid of any evil that disturbs the peace.

October 19th, 2008, 5:50 PM
@xXDarkraiXx: Accepted, and you may get your Pokemon a different way.
@Bamchi: Accepted.
@Slytherfang: Accepted. (O.o! Didn't know you finished it..)

@Lucar10: This is a RPG.

I will accept one more person..Then we will start. I'm kind of new here, but would it be okay if I post a OOC Thread? (In the appropriate board.)

October 19th, 2008, 6:03 PM
Yay, I've been accepted! I feel special :D.

October 19th, 2008, 6:21 PM
:) I'm glad someone likes my RPG. Okay this is kind of a layout for Chapter 1: The Legacy Unfolds.

1st Chapter Layout: Every trainer will meet in a Pokemon Lab, with a proffessor..Before that happens everyone will be at their house.
The home part will be just a short time, to say their goodbyes to their parent(s). After that they will talk about their walk to the Lab.
Once they reach the lab their will be Pokeballs and Pokedexs on the table, each one will be handed to a trainer, by the Prof.
Everyone will meet each other, talk about how horrible the Team Disaster even was and how they are going to try and stop it.
Then they will talk about there Pokemon. After this will happen, a attack, from Team Disaster will happen on the lab. We run
like crap and escape, we make it to a hideout, then we decide to come together as a group of trainers to stop this team disaster.

Note: For xXDarkraiXx, you have any idea why your character would be at the lab?

Okay, I will accept one more person, then we can start. After I view another person's sign up sheet, and accept, this will strictly be RPG. That means there will be no OOCs.

October 19th, 2008, 7:03 PM
Name: Cyro Brent Lee
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Brent is somewhat timid and shy. He likes to be alone most of the time, reading his books about Astronomy and Star gazing. He is quite humble and polite in battles, he never likes to show off and boast his intelligence. He is one of the top students in his University.
Bio: Brent is always been pampered by his parents. By the age of 12, he left home for his Pokemon journey. On his way to the lab, he met his very 1st pokemon, an Absol named Drake. He easily befriended him and became best friends since. He decided to tell the professor that he already had a pokemon to start with. The professor accepted this, and let him have his journey.
Pokemon: Absol
Preffered type of Pokemon: Dark, Ground, Ice and Steel types
Goal: Brent's goal is to become a professor, a Pokemon professor and Astronomer. He also like to travel the world, seeking new opportunity and others.

Hope I'm accepted!:):laugh:

October 19th, 2008, 7:17 PM
@~EonDragon: Accepted.

We will start the RPG tomorrow. I have to get off, I have school. I will have the post to start off Chapter 1: The Legacy Unfolds. Someone needs to post after me, so I can post the first part of the RPG, I will have it posted tomorrow.

October 19th, 2008, 8:39 PM
@Torchic #1: I guess my charrie could go to the lab for a Pokedex. That makes sense. :)

October 20th, 2008, 2:15 PM
Pokemon: Battle to Become

Chapter One: The Legacy Unfolds

Hoenn was one of the most advancing regions in the Pokemon world, it was becoming more and more advanced by the day. There was only one problem, Team Disaster was in charge of the government, of the region, of course. Team Disaster was one of the most cruel Pokemon groups the world had to offer. Many changes had came to Hoenn, one of them being that Pokemon trainers were to be the less superior than Team Disaster. It was hard for any trainer to achieve their dreams.

It was any other day, hot outside, and famililes having a quite interesting dinner. But for Leono it was one of the worst days of his life. Leono was about five foot six, and weighted about 135 pounds. Leono was walking from town, after picking several things up for his mother. Leono had to take care of his mother, she had a disability. After doing what he was told he went home and layed the things onto the table and sat down. Leono took care of his mother, then went to bed. When will I become wha I want to...I have to find a way out of this mess... Leono thought to himself as he finally closed his eyes and went to sleeep.

It was the next day, the day of leaving and becoming a trainer. Leono placed his belt onto his bed, wiping off the lint, then he placed the belt onto his pants. "This should do." Leono said smiling, it had to be one of the best days of his life. Leono approached his mother and smiled at her, giving her a hug.

"Amy will be over here soon to take care of you, I am going to go to the lab." Leono said whispering into his mother's ear.

"I will wait for her." Leono's mother replied smiling at her son, "I am so proud of you, if your father could see you, he would be so proud." she said as she kissed him gently on his cheek. "I love you." she added.

"I love you too, one day, after I show that Team Disaster that they can't stop me from becoming what I want, I will be back." Leono said smiling, he kissed his mother back, then ran to door, opening it.

Leono ran as fast as he could, through the bushes and through town. Hardly able to breathe, Leono finally made it to the lab.

"I'm here, I want my Pokemon." Leono said smiling, still out of breathe.

"I'm Prof. Kyto, I am waiting for the other trainers to get here, you will have to wait as well." Prof. Kyto said smiling, "You may take a seat, you sound like you are going to die." he added laughing.

"Okay.." Leono said reluctantly as he walked over to a seat, then sat down, waiting for the other trainers to make thier triumphant coming. "I can't wait until they get here.." Leono said cheerfully.

October 21st, 2008, 3:39 AM
It was a very cold , clear night, and Brent was peering down at his Orion529 reflector telescope. For 5 years he had been interested about the stars and space. He wanted to know the secrets of it and much more. Yet, something's bothering him. Tomorrow he'll leave his home and his family, for his grand adventure.

As a boy of 6 feet and 130 pounds, he is definitely a thin one. He is not really active in sports and exercises. In fact, he is a lazy, timid and nerdy type. He likes reading books a lot. He also had a unkept black glossy hair with a bang dyed with blue. He also wear glasses, his eyesight is somewhat damaged.

"C'mon, Drake. Let's go home..." he said to his best friend, a pokemon called an Absol. He befriended him when he was just 12, on his past pokemon journeys. Actually, his family moved from Sinnoh because of his father's business. He's now living at Lavaridge town, near a volcano. He was lucky because he can now study the stars more accurately because the air is much much clearer than Sinnoh.

He descended down the mountain slowly, to avoid any accidents. Inside his home, signs of activities are evident. Some things were missing, others are rearranged. Before dinner, he had packed his things for his journey.

*Yawn* He yawned. He went upstairs and quickly changed his clothes and lay down to his bed. Drake is now lying near the balcony, staring at the moon. He quickly fell asleep.

*Next morning*

He hastily eat his breakfast and after a long farewell hug from his parents and siblings, he ran along with his Absol, to the cable car. After 3 hours of waiting at the bus, he finally arrived at his destination. It was a peaceful place, much like jis former home. He quickly spotted the lab and ran towards it.

"Ooops, dropped my glasses..." he said. As he reached for his glasses, he felt some shards of glass. "Oh no..." he said with fretfullness. His glasses had been broken. He felt them, he sighed. Luckily the left lens had only been broken. He placidly put them on and said.

"Nothing to worry about Drake, just my glasses"

The pokemon stared at him and nodded as if he can understand him.

As he opened the lab door, he spotted a boy looking nervous. He is too nervous to speak to the boy, but he calmly sat down at the nearest couch and take a rest.

October 21st, 2008, 12:12 PM
Professor Kyto stood up, holding a Pokedex in his hand. He walked over to Brent, "Do you need another pair of glasses?" he asked, he walked back behind the counter, pulling a couple of drawers out. He began to move things, then after giving a large smile, he pulled a pair of glasses out. "There we go." Prof. Kyto said smiling. He walked back over to Brent and handed him the pair of glasses.

"I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Prof. Kyto." he said smiling.

"And, I'm Leono, but you can call me Leo." Leo added as he stood from his seat. "Nice to meet you." Leo said as he reached his arm out to greet his new friend. "So, when can we get our Pokemon?" Leo asked curiously.

"I told you I will let you choose, randomly, after everyone gets here." Prof. Kyto said, he was becoming agrivated. He stood up then walked into the back.

"I becoming impatient. I never see why I have to wait, everyday of my life, you know what I mean?" Leo asked smiling. Leo wouldn't shut up, he felt a sense of loneliness. He had never really had a friend and he was hoping not to mess it up with this new trainer. "I'm sorry, I've never really been able to get out much, only to get things for my mother." Leo said hanging his head.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 21st, 2008, 1:20 PM
David sighed, what would compliment his small stature? Something that looked adult? Or something that looked like he should be wearing? Such hard decisions. He finally decided on a pair of blue denim jeans which were entirely too baggy on his legs, a black leather belt with a belt buckles that had a pokeball logo on it. He slipped on a bright green T-Shirt and a over that, a black jacket.

David walked out of his house, he only stood about Four Foot Five, he looked like he could be seven, even though he was about twelve. He watched his surroundings, making sure that nothing suspicious was going on, nothing seemed to be. David started to break into a jog, trying to get to his destination quicker, thoughts flood his head... like what pokemon he may recieve.

David grinned, he'd been waiting for a pokemon to train, he was hoping for something powerful. Of course, he just hoped he wouldn't have to show his pokemon trainer lisence to prove his age, he wasn't up for a walk back home.

David opened the door to the lab and stepped in, he saw two other boys in there as well, he took a seat next to one of them and stayed silent. Waiting.

October 21st, 2008, 3:01 PM
"Wow, I-I just can't believe that I...I start my journey today." Was all Reily could say as she stood on her front porch. She gazed out at her sleeping town, still drowsy and not quite awake yet, for this reason, it was rather quiet.

If you stood from a distance and looked upon the porch, you would see a slender, and somewhat tall girl standing around 5'5 and weighing about 105 pounds, with straight, black-brown hair reaching to her mid black, with a single thick, copper streak in it. Her skin, an alabaster cream color, giving her a not exactly beautiful, but rather otherworldly appearance.

She wiped her hand quickly on her gray jeans, as she had brushed one of her mother's many plants, and gotten her hand wet from the dew. Adjusting the strap of her bag, she decided she would head after a few moments.

"Reily Bremochowske!" Her mother suddenly shouted, and Reily spun around, startled. She listened patiently as her mother ticked off a bunch of things that she would need to have, and assured her mother that they had gone through this a week before and that she had everything. However, that didn't stop her mother from going through her bag.

When she was finally turned loose, she headed down the steps and stepped out onto her driveway, waving over her shoulder as her house grew smaller and smaller and then disappeared from view altogether.

"Quil!" From behind her came a shrill cry. Of course, how could I have forgotten? Reily asked herself, turning around and opening her arms to welcome a small, mouse-like pokemon into her arms, its eyes, though they appeared to be closed, would have been shining with happiness as its "trainer to be" stood up and carried it down the street towards the well-known pokemon lab.

"I'm so sorry about almost leaving without you!" Reily said apologeticaly to the Cyndaquil, who seemed to say all forgiven, in reply. "I feel really stupid about it, good thing you, at least, remembered. Or else I would have left without you, and that would likely have not been a good thing."

The tall, gray-white laboratory seemed to expand and increase in size as they drew nearer, until they loomed high above her head. A slight breeze brushed her skin, but there was no chill or cold in it, or if there was, she couldn't feel it.

The glass doors opened easily, with a slight, quiet popping sound, and she stepped inside onto polished marble flooring. The sight of the marble floors and the light sound of her footsteps gave her a desire to twirl around constantly, but she resisted the urge. It would be awfully embarrassing, though the area was apparently deserted for a moment, to have a lab assistant, or even the Professor himself, walk in to see her twirling around on the dance floor holding an almost overly happy Cyndaquil.

October 21st, 2008, 3:16 PM
Leo saw yet another trainer walk through the door. "Is he the last one?" Leo asked curiously, while being skeptical. Leo stood up and greeted the newcomer, "I'm Leo, nice to meet you." Leo said extending his hand out, offering a handshake.

"Ah..Another trainer, glad you came, I think we have two more trainers to show up." Prof. Kyto said, he was looking at his clipboard, flipping through the papers, he saw that in fact that there were two more trainers left. "It shouldn't be long until they show up." he added.

"Thank God." Leo said opening the door, then walking outside. Leo crossed his arms, then looked afar in the distance. "I will stop at nothing until I stop Team Disaster." Leo said furiously.

Prof. Kyto walked in the door, noticing Reily dancing around with one of his Cyndaquils. "A-hum...I say you found your Pokemon already." he said smiling, with his smile slightly fading. "You are going to have to wait until one more trainer comes. I will make sure that you get Cyndaquil." Prof. Kyto assured, giving Reily a wink. "Just go out into the waiting room, then wait for the next trainer." he stated after walking out of the room.

"I'm sorry, Mother." Leo said as he was still outside, examining the tree's leaves rocking back in forth, as the wind gently glazed it. "I will stop at nothing!" Leo said reassuring. Leo walked back into the lab, gently opening the door, then stopping to realize that the proffessor was gone. "Where did he go!?" Leo asked confused, he took a seat, then sat and waited for the next trainer to show up.

October 21st, 2008, 3:42 PM
Ami woke up from her sleep still feeling very weary, she took her shower and came downstairs. Ami knew that her and Mr.Mime were the only ones in the house so she peeked into the Guest room to see if Mr. Mime was sleeping, she indeed saw him sleeping but she didn't want to wake him up so she placed some bread in the toaster, and waited, while waiting she thought to herself. If I meet other people there they might still think of me as the book worm who can't socialize, who am I kidding? I'll just go there and read while I wait for my starter, not like I want to be noticed. Ami's toast popped out of the toaster and she went to go and grab it and as she was eating her fresh toast, she wrote a letter for Mr.Mime saying that she'd be gone to go get her starter. She finished Eating her toast then signed her note, she grabbed her backpack and stuffed all her books and notepads in it then she left. Ami was walking slowly still seeming bummed about not being able to Socialize without people thinking shes a freak. Ami noticed a bush nearby rustle and she knew she had nothing to defend herself with so she decided to run to the lab. Ami looked back to see the Bush stop rustling and she decided to walk until she saw right in front of her, that she arrived at the lab. "Well Here I go." Ami walked inside to see some other trainers as well, Oh great, people are probably gonna think of me as the freak again. Ami walked up to the professor and tried to speak in a bit of a louder tone rather than her usual quiet voice. " Um.. Excuse me. I'm Ami Mizuno and I'm here to get my Pokemon."

October 21st, 2008, 7:53 PM
Name: (Nicklas Glider but people call him Nick)
Age: (13)
Gender: (Male)
Personality: (Niklas is a very unpredictable person that usually does not think of what he does. Very hyper but can control the way he acts. Niklas also can be very bright at times, but also difficult to handle. He always wants to be one of the best. Niklas also never gives up. At times Niklas can be shy, he usually needs a friend to go on a journey with him.)
Bio: (Niklas's father was a role model to him. Niklas never usually addresses his father as dad since they never really talk much or see eachother. His father is a very skillful trainer, Niklas always thought as him as a top trainer. Niklas now wants to be a top trainer too, inspired by his father.)
Pokemon: (Squirtle)
Preffered type of Pokemon: (Niklas always prefers water pokemon. He is also quite skillful with electric too.)
Goal: (Wants to be a top trainer like his father. Wants to succeed in his adventure without giving up and to destroy Team Disaster with the help of friends.)

Extra: My first sign-up, that's all.

October 21st, 2008, 8:29 PM
I love RPG so if you're still taking them

Name: (Logan Moss.)
Age: (12.)
Gender: (Male.)
Personality: (Logan is a very shy kid, he loves to play with friends,skateboard, and train his pokemon. he was average in his class and wasn't very outgoing, so he doesn't have tons of friends, but very close ones)
Bio: (He was born in fortree city, and looks up to steven stone (the pokemon champion) His favorite type of pokemon would be ghost or fire. He would do anything for the sake of his pokemon or family/friends. )
Pokemon: (gastly.)
Preffered type of Pokemon: (ghost or fire.)
Goal: (To be a great pokemon trainer.)

October 21st, 2008, 8:33 PM
Name: Leigh Tsu
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality:Leigh is a pacifist. He absolutely thinks that violence is wrong and not the way to go. He thinks that no one should fight, especially now that Team Disaster has struck. Leigh likes to stand out, often making himself look a lot different from everyone else. He is a good boy, always listening to his parents. Leigh also believes that each and everyone should be respected. He says that everyone has a good deep down in their heart,even Team Disaster. He believes,"Although ones intentions and motives may be unholy.. their actions are all part of a greater plan designed by the one and only god.."

Bio: Leigh grew up in a poor family. His family couldn't even afford a house, so they lived with his aunt, in a hostel. His aunt, owned the hostel, but still made them pay. Soon his family could no longer afford the stay so they had to work to keep up. His mom and sister did house keeping, while his dad did desk work. Leigh had a variety of jobs, from getting bags to running events. He always had a knack for those types of things. One day some one came in with a rather ill pokemon, and somehow Leigh knew just what to do. Soon he was taken to the poke center to assist Nurse Joy. People loved to see someone so young interested in helping pokemon.

Joy also noticed how well Leigh did on treating pokemon. She had to think of a gift, she often saw him alone and thought that he would need a pokemon. She thought, but couldn't think of a pokemon to give him. Soon a person brought an egg for the nurse, not knowing what it was she decided it was best for Leigh. Leigh loved the egg, he went everywhere with it. He loved the egg unconditionally, but he still didn't let it interfere with his other duties.

Leigh, went to a pokemon contest one day, and was fascinated by the way they worked. The moves were beautiful,so very beautiful. He asked one the key to such beautiful moves and they said to raise your own pokemon. That is what he decided to do. Leigh went around asking for breeding tips and compiled them all into a sort of book. This is where he first found his interest in writing. Leigh believes that he can change the world with motives, for the better. A couple days later he heard of Team Disaster, and was ever determined to change the world for the better.
Pokemon: Mismagius
Preffered type of Pokemon:Leigh loves all different types of pokemon. He thinks that they are all equal and should be treated as such, and one type not be preferred over the other.
Goal:Leigh's goal is to become the best pokemon breeder/coordinator out there.

October 22nd, 2008, 3:04 AM
As he tried the new glasses given to him by the professor, Brent saw another trainer, a girl holding a Cyndaquil. He sighed. He is quite anxious to get started. Thanks to his pokemon, his spirits were not dampened, even by the notorious looking clouds that creeps slowly over the mountains.

"I think it's gonna rain..." he said calmly.

He sat there for some hours now, inspecting some of the new trainers that came in recently. One is a boy with anxious looking face and one is girl that is somewhat excited and giddy. That reminds him of his past journeys back at Sinnoh. Brent is somewhat the center of attraction, because all(except the prof.) eyes are upon him. Maybe because he's tall, or he's the eldest or maybe because of his mysterious pokemon Drake. Undaunted, he calmly opened his bag and grab his Astronomy book and began to read.

October 22nd, 2008, 4:57 PM
(OOC: I wasn't going to accept another person, but I was going to accept one out of you three, so Lostt is accepted..I hope you read the post that said what your first post will be like. Sorry for the ones that didn't make it.)

Leo became more and more relucant to not walk out of the place and leave. "I thought this was all." Leo said, he began to bite on his nails. "How long?" Leo asked.

"It will not be long, according to this there are three more." Prof. Kyto said as he walked back into his room. "If you are that anxious to get your Pokemon, well everyone that is here come to the back." Prof. Kyto said as he waved toward the group. He pulled a key from his pocket, then placed it into the door, turning the key and pressing a few buttons on the pad that was above it.

"Leo, go ahead, pick your Pokemon." Prof. Kyto said as he unlocked the huge chambers, full of Pokeballs.

"Random? Ah well." Leo said as he grabbed one of the Pokeballs. He wasted no time to throw it onto the ground. There appeared a little bird, small as can be.

"Torchic! Torchic!" Torchic shouted cheerfully, running around and around, happy to be free from the chambers of the Pokeball.

"A Torchic." Leo said happily, he ran over to Torchic and picked him. Without wasting no time, Prof. Kyto, handed Leo his pokedex. "Thanks." Leo said cheerfully, he placed the pokedex in his pocket.

"Your welcome, now who is next?" Prof. Kyto said as he grabbed another pokedex, getting ready to hand it to someone.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 22nd, 2008, 5:36 PM
David walked to the back with the others, everyone was a good head or so taller then him, such a strange site it must have been to see. David saw that the one kid that had been there first got a Torchic, pretty cool. David then heard the professor ask who would go next, waiting for someone else to be bold enough to pick a random Pokemon.

It soon became obvious that no one else would, yet. With a tinge of nervous axiety and a hefty sigh, David stepped up, just a little bit over the professors waist.

" Me. I will." David said calmly and surely.

David didn't wait for the professor to see that he had the appearance of a seven year old, and not looking legal enough to even be a trainer, David grabbed a pokeball, wondering what was inside of it. Without any second thoughts he threw the pokeball to the floor and saw the red light flash.

It was a Kadabra.

" Well..."

David didn't know what to think of the psychic pokemon, he liked it... but was it powerful?

October 22nd, 2008, 6:00 PM
Prof. Kyto smiled and saw that Kadabra had finally been chosen. After all of these years Kadabra was the unfortunate one, he was never chosen. Even though that Pokemon were chosen randomly, he was never chosen.

"I'm glad to see that Kadabra has found him a trainer, take care of him." Prof. Kyto stated as he handed David his pokedex. He smiled and looked at the rest of the group. "Who is next." he said smiling, he seemed that it was the best day of his life. He got to see some nice trainers choose their first Pokemon.

"Torchic and I will show Team Disaster!" Leo shouted confidently.

"Torchic! Torchic!" Torchic shouted, it seemed like he agreed with Leo.

October 22nd, 2008, 6:27 PM
Ami followed Prof. Kyto to the back, she tried to stay behind the group as she did not want everyone looking at her. Ami was very curious as to what starter she'll get, when she saw all the choices of Pokeballs available, she began to think hard. Ohhh, I better choose the right one, If my pokemon can't beat Team Disaster then I'll be useless. Ami looked at all the pokeballs carefully, she decided to think hard on this, she finally walked up to the pokeball in the corner of the room and opened it. Out came a Riolu who looked very surprised. The riolu stared at Ami for a moment and then walked toward her bag that was on the chair.

"Well aren't you an adorable pokemon?"

Ami said as she smiled, it continued to wlak towards Ami's Bag and then he rummaged around in it, and found one of her books.

"No wait, please put it back, thats my roma.." Ami stopped as she saw the other Trainers looking her way but they turned back, Ami started to blush as she did not want people to know that she was carrying around a romance novel. The riolu was curious as to why she was blushing, Riolu walked up to her and pulled on her skirt.

"Oh thats okay Riolu, I have a lot of secrets but as you and I are gonna be partners, you'll learn of them eventually." Said Ami.

The little Riolu smiled and happily jumped onto the chair and looked outside.

"Well are you ready to take on Team Disaster and put them to justice?"

"Riolu!!" Shouted Riolu, who was getting excited.

"Okay! I know we'll become good friends!" Said Ami in a happy voice.

October 23rd, 2008, 4:03 AM
Brent waited until the girl had finished chosen her pokemon, a Riolu. All others seems to be very happy with their new companions. It's like the old days back at Sinnoh.

"Hey, you." said the Prof. pointing at him.

"Me?" Brent said suddenly, switching his head from Drake to the other trainers.

"Yes you tall one. Come on, choose your pokemon" replied the Prof.

"But I already have one..." Brent replied timidly.

"Ah... I see, but the policy says that one must start off with a new companion, to train, to befriend and to love. So choose one, please." said the Prof.

Brent stood up, and strode silently. He became a bit anxious as the other trainers stared at him("Gosh, I hate it when everybody stares at me..."). He casually laid his hand to a pokeball and pushed it's central button. After the white light that issued from it subsides, a creature appeared. It's A brown and white pokemon...

"Eevee, Eevee!!!" cried the pokemon.

It then leaped toward him and Brent caught it. It( Or technically he) slept suddenly in his arms.

"Wow, what a sleepyhead... I think he's still young." commented Brent.

"Right" replied the Prof. "It's because he's the most recently caught, just yesterday."
After a brief period of silence, he nodded and calmly sit down to his sofa. He stroked the Eevee's fur smoothly...

"Drake," he said to his Absol. "I think you now have a new companion, a sleepy one."

October 23rd, 2008, 11:32 AM
"Cydaquil!" The pokemon shouted as it tackled Reily, almost knocking her over. Reily quickly regained her balance, and stood up again.

"Woah, little....guy?" She finished her statement with an uncertain look, as the Cyndaquil shook its head. "Girl?" She guessed again, knowing there was no other option. The Cyndaquil shook its head again. She didn't know what to think, but kept on guessing, "bull, brute, male?" It shook its head to all of them. "Femme, female, lady, miss?" She guessed again, and upon hearing the word, "femme," the Cyndaquil nodded.

"Femme it is then." She agreed cheerfully. "You're such a sweet Pokemon, though I only have known you for a short time. Would you like to come with me on my journey?"

"Quil!" Cynadquil might as well have been told that it would gain a lifetime supply of berries, or whatever it liked to eat, it was ecstatic. Or maybe it always reacted this way to anything that made it the slightest bit happier. Either way, Reily knew that she could take that as a definite "yes" without need of thought or hesitation.

"Well, I'd love to travel with you!" Reily exclaimed in reply. Yes, this was the Pokemon she would begin her journey with, they could definitely be powerful and teach Team Disaster a lesson...or two...or three...

October 26th, 2008, 1:55 PM
(OOC: This is the last out of context message ever. I haven't been on that much because of a couple of issues, but I want to keep this thing alive. I'm going to go ahead with the attack, Lostt, you can make your appearance after the attack of the lab. You will find a pokeball on the ground of the lab, which will be in debris.)

Leo stood up and noticed a ringing bell, could it be? It was Team Disaster all right. The electricity suddenly went off in the lab, the lab was now dark. Leo knew that Team Disaster was here, no clue why, but they were.

Glass busted from the top of the cieling, three men, dressed in black suits, with a large blue d on there shirts. "Down! On the floor!" one of the men shouted as they had slided down a rope.

"Run!" Leo shouted, he knew that they were going to take their new Pokemon. Leo ran, "Follow me!" Leo shouted to the rest of the group.

Leo ran about to the back door, then the front of the building began to collaspe. A huge bulldozer was ramming through the front of the building.

"Get back here!" one of the men shouted as he through a pokeball onto the ground.

"Arbok!" Arbok shouted as he began to chase after the group.

"Come on!" Leo shouted to Torchic, then looked at the group, which were chasing after him. "We need to head out of here. Any ideas?" Leo asked as he knelt behind a huge box, to hid from Team Disaster.

(OOC: This is the last out of context message ever. I haven't been on that much because of a couple of issues, but I want to keep this thing alive. I'm going to go ahead with the attack, Lostt, you can make your appearance after the attack of the lab. You will find a pokeball on the ground of the lab, which will be in debris.)

Leo stood up and noticed a ringing bell, could it be? It was Team Disaster all right. The electricity suddenly went off in the lab, the lab was now dark. Leo knew that Team Disaster was here, no clue why, but they were.

Glass busted from the top of the cieling, three men, dressed in black suits, with a large blue d on there shirts. "Down! On the floor!" one of the men shouted as they had slided down a rope.

"Run!" Leo shouted, he knew that they were going to take their new Pokemon. Leo ran, "Follow me!" Leo shouted to the rest of the group.

Leo ran about to the back door, then the front of the building began to collaspe. A huge bulldozer was ramming through the front of the building.

"Get back here!" one of the men shouted as he through a pokeball onto the ground.

"Arbok!" Arbok shouted as he began to chase after the group.

"Come on!" Leo shouted to Torchic, then looked at the group, which were chasing after him. "We need to head out of here. Any ideas?" Leo asked as he knelt behind a huge box, to hid from Team Disaster.

October 29th, 2008, 5:29 PM
Ami was terrified at the sudden attack of Team Disaster, She was almost petrified with fear as one of the other boys told her to run away. She ran but a she saw an Arbok emerge from its pokeball she knew it was time to toughen up.

"Riolu we have to at least try to slow them down, you ready?" Said Ami sounding confident.

Riolu nodded its head as it stared down the Arbok angrilly.

"Now Riolu, use Quick Attack!"

Riolu quickly sped through and hit Arbok hard enough to temporarily knock it down.

"All right Riolu lets get outta here!" yelled Ami as she quickly waited for Riolu to come to her as they both ran for the exit.

Ami and Riolu both ran until a shot of poison hit Riolu causing him to fall over. Ami gasped at the sight of this as she went to his side.

" Oh no Riolu, where did that attack come from?" Ami said as she began to panic.

Ami picked up Riolu and ran for the exit as she bumped into a burly member of team Disaster.

"Where do you think you're going girly?" Said the burly man. "If you wanna get out of here alive then you'd best hand over that pokemon of yours or you'll both get it." He said as his Ekans slid up to him.

"No I refuse to hand him over." Shouted Ami as she tried to get away.

"Heh, you've got guts, If you don't hand him over then you're gonna have to come with us, and that little pocket computer of yours looks nice too." Said the man chuckling.

"Get away from me! Oh no Riolu you're too weak to battle, oh no what do I do?"

"Heh heh heh, Ekans I think its time. Get her." Said the man pointing to Ami as Ekans obeyed him and lunged at her.

October 30th, 2008, 4:20 AM
As he began to feel sleepy, a clatter of glass and screams woke his senses.

"What the heck....?!" he said.

A huge bulldozer began tearing the building, and the trainers began to panic and hide.

"The team Disaster.... what are they doing here..." he muttered.

An Ekans suddenly lunged itself upon one of the trainers, the one holding Riolu.

"Drake! Ice beam!" Brent ordered his Absol. The pokemon launched a blue colored bolt at the Ekans and froze it. He knew only a matter of time it will defrost. "What?!" as one of the grunts swore. Then another chilling bolt hit the dozer, stopping it's tracks momentarily.

"Get him!" said the grunt, pointing at Brent.

Soon as he heard his name, he called the other trainers. "Hey you guys! Don't just sit there! Run!" he screamed.

November 5th, 2008, 7:43 PM
(Sorry, I've been so sick. I hope that this isn't already dead.)

Leo kept running, holding Torchic. "Let's go!" Leo shouted to everyone, and then lifted a trap door. "Don't ask me how I found it!" Leo shouted, lifting the door up and sliding down the tunnel. Leo fell from the tunnel and found himself lying on the ground. "We're alive!" Leo shouted, and waited for the rest of the group to follow his lead.

Leo thought long and hard and finally came to a conclusion, a hideout! Leo waited a while and hoped that the rest of the group would make it out safely.

"Torchic!" Torchic shouted, as if he was comforting Leo.

"It's alright, they'll be okay. Hopefully." Leo told Torchic, reassuring him that he knew what was going on. I just hope that they make it out safe. Leo thought to himself, as he sat down to wait for the others.

November 11th, 2008, 4:52 PM
Ami saw the trap door and immediatly ran inside.

"We're safe here, for now, are you ok Riolu?" Ami asked Riolu who was slightly injured.

It responded with a weak nod. "Oh you poor thing, I hope I have some medicine in my bag." She said as she looked through but couldn't find a thing.

"Are you guys alright?" She asked looking at everyone. "We can't stay for long you know."

Alter Ego
November 14th, 2008, 3:02 PM
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