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October 19th, 2008, 4:08 PM
Pokemon: Shadow of the Dusk.

After Team Galactic's attempt to destroy the world was thwarted by Lucas and Dawn, all of the major leaders went off to form the "Solar League" whichis a secret group. It was formed to do good, an escape from prison by team galactic leaders, as a community service act. Meanwhile, Shadow, a trainer fresh from the elite four, was working with the famous professor Oak. Oak eventually showed him a new project he was working on. For many years, the dark ball had been secretly used by team rocket, even after the failure to capture Celebi was thwarted by Ash. Oak was toying with the ball, trying to use its powers to change a tainted pokemon to a loving, caring one. Itching to test its ability, he requested Shadow think of a tainted pokemon, and they could only think of one: Darkrai. Shadow was given the task of assembling an expedition force to try and use an expirimental "Light ball." Shadow, without Oak knowing, used dark balls on his own pokemon and stormed into the team galactic base. Knowing they didn't have a leader, he took over the force, presenting the group to oak. When they set off to find Darkrai, they found not only him, but a new dimension: The Dusk Realm. Poor, unfortunate pokemon caught in the Dusk Portal become tainted, and their very forms have been known to change. The force is thrown through the portal by an earthquake, and Darkrai follows. A malfunction in the portal's energy, caused by a scared Pikachu's thundershock, merges Darkrai and Shadow. The merged creature kills Oak and injures most of the expedition crew. You are Scoep, one of the injured members of the crew, one of the few who can still walk. To avenge your family and friends in team galactic, you decide to set off and destroy the beast, as well as find out what the "Mystic Dew" is, an item Darkrai mentions before killing oak and disappearing.

Engine: Flash (Commonly used for Addicting games, miniclip and newgrounds)
Region: Custom (The Dusk Realm)
Pokemon Set: Custom (Shadow Creatures)
Type: Traditional (RPG)

Positions Needed:
Spriters (For Shadow versions of pokemon. I don't need shadow versions of every pokemon. The Idea for the shadow versions is they are very similar, but have differences in not just color, but shape.)

Tile set mappers/mappers- OK, even though I'm not using a tile set based engine, I still have to built stages in editors like MS Paint. For that, I need tile sets. Dark, shadow cave type stuff.

Name of Job:
Example of Work:
If you've done any other games, give thread links to those.