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October 22nd, 2008, 7:55 PM
PG: 13


Welcome to the amazing and diverse land of Pokemon! Filled with mysterious animals called pokemon as well with humans that tame these pokemon known as Pokemon Trainers.

You have decided to become a pokemon trainer to discover the many joys of battling and collecting pokemon. You will choose your first pokemon and that pokemon will become your valued partner. Alongside that valued partner you will have a choice to battle against gyms and collect badges to compete in the Kanto League!

But like every adventure there are bumps in the road. An evil organization lurks in Kanto and won't stop at anything as long as it involves getting money. This organization is known as Team Rocket.

Your goal is to become the greatest trainer that you can be and to become great partners with your pokemon. What happens in this adventure is up to you. Now it is your turn to step into the wonderful world of pokemon. Good luck friends.


1. No goddmodding.
2. No bunnying.
3. Sorry but I will not let you catch legendaries because it takes the fun out of everything.
4. You will only be allowed to catch pokemon every once in a while. For example if there are 6 chapters that each let you catch a pokemon you will at most be able to catch 3 or 4. Preffered though that it be like 1 or 2.
5. Keep the language and romance at PG-13.
6. Obey all rules.
7. Have fun.

Sign Up:

Age: 10-13
Gender: Male or Female
Appearence: What does your charecter look like. Trianer cards are allowed.
Personality: How does your charecter act? Atleast 1 paragraph of 3 or 4 sentences.
History: Atleast 2 paragraphs of 4 or 5 sentences each.
Preffered Starter: Which pokemon do you want as your starter or do you want me to choose out of the available ones for you?
Extra: Anything extra you want to add?

Pokemon to choose from:

Tackle and Growl
Lvl. 5

Charmander- Taken by Alipeewee
Scratch and Leer
Lvl. 5

Squirtle- taken by sprink7
Tackle and Growl
Lvl. 5

Riolu- Taken by Bamachi
Lvl. 5
Quick Attack and Foresight

Misdreveus- Taken by Toxic Moonlight
Lvl. 5
Growl and Psywave

Have fun!

October 24th, 2008, 9:26 AM
Name: scott Musgrove
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearence: http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/trainer/55.png

Personality: Scott is happy pretty much all of the time. He hates confrontation but he doesn't mind it if its a freindly Pokemon battle. He hums all the time and talks to himself alot but he now has a freind to talk to, his pokemon. He is extremly caring for his freinds and is also loyal and trustworthy. He will never betray a freind or be nasty to anyone, stranger of foe.

History: Scott grew up in Sinnoh. His Sister left home at 14 and became a Pokemon Gym Leader, Fanita. His Father is a Pokemon Proffesor and works for the quaint Professor Rowan, so he hardlies ever sees him. Scott had always traveled around the world with his Family. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn. He's been to them all, and has met many Pokemon and People on his trips.

When Scott was 12, he moved to Kanto and made a home there. He didn't really like it, and there was no one there to socialize with, so he asked his Father to catch him a Pokemon and train it up. Of course, Scott still loed this Pokemon, the same as any other.

Preffered Starter: Misdreavus (Wildcard)
Extra: no... not really

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 24th, 2008, 10:05 AM
Name: Jay Jenkins

Age: 14

Appearance: Jay is quite tall for his age, nearly six feet high. However, he is also very thin and wiry, and has a tendency to hunch over when he stands up. Due to this, he never looks very tall. Jay has wavy blonde hair which he thinks makes him look 'hot' but in reality makes him constantly appear as though he has just got out of bed. He has green eyes which he thinks of as a horrible sludge green, though they are really quite brightly coloured. Jay's nose is long and hooked, giving his face a snide, arrogant appearance.

Personality: At first glance, Jay seems to be something of a recluse, as he rarely speaks to anyone and generally keeps himself to himself. However, he is actually a very determined and fiery person on the inside, though this side of his personality is normally only revealed during arguments or battles. Jay is also something of a computer geek - he has his own laptop and frequently spends time on the internet, speaking online with trainers from around the world. Jay has many friends online, more than he does in the real world. Jay also has a very weird sense of humour.

History: When he was seven, Jay moved to Kanto from Hoenn after a traumatising incident involving the local professor and a 'scary' Poochyena. He had a hard time settling in at his new school, as the local kids teased him because of his Hoenn accent, his lanky build and, well, anything they could tease him for. Jay did find a few friends in the first few weeks though and was eventually left alone by all but the most spiteful of his classmates. Thanks to his unpopularity, Jay has always felt very nervous around girls, despite being rather attractive (or so he thinks).

Recently, in the months leading up to his fourteenth birthday, Jay has been looking forwards to his Pokemon journey. As something of a loner, he has been eagerly awaiting a chance to go travelling by himself and enjoy a rest, away from the constraints of civilised society. Had he been given the choice, he would have left at ten, the standard age, but his parent insisted that he wait until he was fourteen, an age they deemed more responsible. Jay gets on well with his parents, but normally enjoys a comfortable silence with them, rather than friendly chatter.

Preferred Starter: Charmander

Other: Jay has chosen a Charmander as he believes it reflects his (inner) fiery personality.

October 24th, 2008, 10:36 AM
Name:Ami Mizuno
Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearence: http://i35.tinypic.com/2guxlll.jpg

Personality: Ami is a very shy but very Brainy girl, she loves to read books and and play games that challenge her smarts such as chess. Ami is usually very quiet and uptight at times but she will occasionally open up to different activities such as going out for ice-cream. Ami doesn't like to be the center of attention and usually tries to avoid attention, she also tends to freeze up when involved in romance.

History: Ami was raised in Sinnoh in Canalave City, As her father soon became a business man who had to travel all over, and her mother became a doctor, she was usually alone, soon her mother found a career in Kanto so they moved there when Ami was 7. Ami didn't like it there because they didn't have a big Library like Canalave did. Since they lived in Pallet Town it ws nice and quiet but she didn't really feel like she could make a lot of friends. Ami would usually just sit down and read books or she'd play Chess with her mother's Mr.Mime who served as Ami's babysitter while her mother was at work.

Ami had a knack for going outside and just sitting on a nearby bench and reading books that kids her age couldn't understand, Kids would usually run past by holding a soccer ball or a basketball and Ami would wish that she could play with them but she didn't feel like she had the courage to ask. Ami did make a new friend in Pallet Town and he was very nice to her and he shared the same interest in books with her. This friendship didn't last long however because her friend had to move away to Johto, Ami became very sad about this and he made a promise to her that if they became pokemon trainers, they might meet each other on the road. Ami finally decided that she'd become a pokemon trainer hoping she would get to meet her friend on the road.

Preffered Starter: Riolu (wild card) Male

Extra: Ami carries Blue Visors with her that serve as a scanner to scan everything about a pokemon that she sees, this was invented by her Father's friend and its activated on her right earring.

October 24th, 2008, 3:37 PM
Toxic Moonlight- Not the best Su you've done but...Accepted! You will be getting the second Wild Card because Bamachi has asked for the wild card that makes the pokemon a male...

Alipeewee- Accepted! Charmander is you'rs!

Bamachi- Accepted! You may have a male Riolu...

Everyone: Ok everyone that is accepted...I will ake the OOC section soon and when it is up I will ask that all of you make a trainer card!:)

October 24th, 2008, 4:17 PM
Name: Forest Tree
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Appearence: wears a green tee with blue jeans and a green back pack white and green sneakers with a green baseball cap. He has black hair and green eyes. He is slim and short but not very short, he wears green gloves similar to the ones ash wore in kanto and johto, he has glasses that he is always losing. He is sorta muscular.
Personality: he is a very talented youngster with alot of brains and knowledge of pokemon. He loves grass types and has a dream of becoming a grass type master. He hates being off schedule, every night since the lead up to his tenth birthday hes made out an exact plan for his journey. He is a very nice person and doesn't get angry easily. He is always willing to help someone in need, and has very strong morals and doesn't stray from them. He is a bit of a coward but will stand up for the little guys, no matter how scared he is.
History: His dad owns a pokemon gym somewhere in a far away region and is a fire type master. His mother is a water type master and has a huge collection of water pokemon at their house. He has a sister he doesnt know much about because she dissapeared one night. He started liking grass types the minute he met a wild bulbasaur it was the coolest pokemon he'd ever seen!! He thought he'd wait a year and become a trainer when he was eleven so he could learn more but, he's decided he's itching for an adventure and can not wait for another whole year to get a move on! His dad influenced him the most to become a pokemon trainer instead of a professor, but to his dad's dismay the love of fire types did not rub off on him neither did his moms love of water types, he has a pet growlithe at home that his dad got him in hopes that would change his mind, but sadly the growlithe dissapeared and made him hate fire types that much more.

When he was 9 his dads gym was attacked by team rocket and it was destroyed his dad held them off but then team rocket took over the whole town and his dad and a few skilled trainers created a rebellion. Forest hates team rocket now and has vowed to do all in his power to stop them when he has become a strong enough trainer. Many people think his sisters dissapearence is linked to team rocket somehow.

He has a dream of one day owning a grass type gym after he has become a good trainer (and stopped team rocket for good). He comes from a family of gym leaders, and wants to continue that tradition. His dad started with a charmander and his mom started with a squirtle the 3rd trainer that started with them no one heard from after he reached pewter..
Preffered Starter: Bulbasaur
Extra: sorry this is my first RP

October 24th, 2008, 4:21 PM
yuki- Ok first of all...that wasn't a sufficient SU......I need you to add a paragraph to the history, more to the appereance, more to the personality, and that will be all. And yes you can nickname your starters...

October 26th, 2008, 8:43 PM
Do you mind if I just join the ride? I will catch a Pokemon later, but for now just take up space. If you're okay with that, the profile is below. If not, then I will take the starter I listed.

Name: Thel Phren
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Appearance: Thel is short for his age, about 4'7". He is skinny and pale, with no muscularity visible on his body. He wears large black rimmed glasses with thickness too obvious for him to have good vision. Behind these glasses are eyes of a deep, dark emerald, that portray the great wisdom that they contain. His hair is a light brown and flips easily with the wind, inviting the touch of others. It is about four inches long in the front, and is very short in the back. It is worn un-greased and loose to flip around.

Thel wears simple clothes, shorts and a t-shirt. His shorts are a dark tan. They go past his knees by about two inches while he is sitting. They have a Lugia on the knee of the left leg. His shirt is a white button down shirt with a leaf pattern. The leaves vary in color across all colors leaves can be, from autumn to spring to summer. They are also varied by type of leaf. There are acorns and walnuts and other nuts spread sporadically through the leaves.

Personality: Thel acts. He doesn't actually have a personality he calls his own. He isn't untrusting, but he isn't trusting either. He is smart, but not a genius. He is never overly happy or sad, except in extreme situations. He doesn't have a strange quirk that makes people remember him. In fact, no one usually remembers him. He just can't seem to get anyone to remember his name. Sometimes his parents even call him someone else or don't realize he's standing in the same room as them. He is very good at pretending to have certain traits, when he wants to portray them, but can just as easily destroy the impressions on those he had acted toward yesterday.

History: Thel grew up with his two parents. They didn't neglect him as a child. He always had enough food, warm clothes, and attention. But eventually his parents found him boring and just spent time together, often worrying about him aloud while he was standing right there, to their chagrine when he quoted their words at the breakfast table. They were shocked at his mostly disinterested nature when it came to Pokemon and school. They both had several Pokemon that were very powerful, indeed, both had been trainers in their day. Now they simply lived their lives on their earnings.

Thel's family never moved. They stayed in [town where we are starting] and never bothered going on trips. They had seen the world already, and Thel didn't take an interest in it. Thel had no friends, since he was very self-absorbed. The only thing he ever did was tinker. He played with assorted devices he had come to own. One such was his Pokedex. It had come with stats on all the Pokemon his parents had seen, which was somewhere around three hundred. In his tinkering he upgraded it in various ways. assuming you don't mind. I haven't come up with how yet. One such change was adding several functions normally on computers, the ability to download recent news, a typing function using voice, a GPS system, and several bonus programs for detecting information about Pokemon.

Preferred Starter: If I have to have one, Squirtle.

Extra: He's a techie. He takes technology and improves it to make it more user-friendly, add functionality, and increase speed. His Pokedex is one of several things he upgraded, another being his PC and an old calculator.

October 27th, 2008, 6:18 AM
yuki: I need you to add more to the hisotry and that will be all.
sprink: Accepted! Squirtle's yours.:D

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November 7th, 2008, 1:48 PM
So I guess this has died then, huh?

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November 8th, 2008, 7:52 AM
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