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Jaydin Knight
October 25th, 2008, 4:43 PM
These are the Darkest Days
SIGN-UPS OPEN! 1 Pokemon left, and humans desperately needed!


Something is happening. Something big. Everyone knows it – and every human is powerless to stop it. The minds of Pokemon are the only thing affected, but through them the world. Pokemon who have been friendly all their lives turn on their masters and kill them, feral Pokemon have grown wilder, Legendaries have gone insane, destroying whole cities and regions in their wrath. Pokemon are the enemy. Locals kill every Pokemon they can find out of fear, and many species have gone extinct. The world, it seems, is ending. Without their Pokemon, how can anyone hope to defeat the legendary monsters?
These are the darkest days of history.
Humanity has been reduced to nearly nothing. There is no electricity, no running water.
They may as well be living a thousand years ago. Every day is a battle for survival.
Eleven years pass.
Humans survive, but barely, reduced to 5% of what their population had once been. Most humans live in the ruins of their former homes, but they are barbarians – no thoughts of kindness ever cross their cannibalistic minds. They take what they want when they want – the fighting never ends.
Only one town, once a farming community shunned for their lack of native Pokemon, retains their true humanity. Even they are primitive compared to eleven years ago, but civilization remains. Hope remains. In fact, the people of the town renamed their town from ‘Ashliland’ to ‘Hope’. The Hope people believe (and for the most part, they’re right) that they are the last humans on the face of the planet and consider themselves a country. They share space in two large houses side by side, only leaving their homes to go to the Dining Hall, a large log building across the dirt road or to toil in the fields. Pidgeys are kept with their wings clipped and Magikarp are kept in a man-made pond (and carefully watched to make sure none become strong enough to evolve) for their eggs and meat. The Hope people are lead by their leader, President Michael Rockwell. They do not use money, and raise their children on horror tales about Pokemon.
Children ages 12-17 are just young enough to have been around at ‘the end of the world’, but only a few of the older ones remember the world before. Our own story starts with these very youngsters as they become curious with the world and just why the legendaries went mad and the world ended…


1. Follow all PC rules.
2. Stick to your character’s personality, history, and looks. If you must change something, please change it as early in the roleplay as possible and inform me so that I may approve/disapprove it. If you absolutely MUST change something later, contact me and we’ll work something out.
3. Be active. Try to post at least once or twice every two days. If you are going to be gone longer than that, let me know immediately. If you are gone five days without notice, you will be given a warning. Two days after the warning, if you still have not posted, you will be kicked out. If you are warned three separate times, you will be kicked out. I understand if you have school or other obligations, but you need to tell me.
4. Have fun! If you don’t think you will have fun role playing, you probably shouldn’t join.
5. No god-modding or power-playing.
6. Try to be original. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus.
7. Roleplay is in THIRD-PERSON only, except for thoughts. That is, ‘Jasper gasped and jumped up to greet her’, instead of ‘I gasped and jumped up to greet her’. If your character keeps a diary or something, then you may write in first-person in that ONLY. But the majority of your post should be in third person.

Other Things You May Need to Know

1. It is the year 2017.
2. Pidgey and Magikarp are the ONLY Pokemon most of the children can remember seeing in real life.
3. However, they have seen pictures of Pokemon from old books and papers.
4. They all live in the country and wear hand-made clothing – because of this, they mostly wear pretty much the same thing and there is no ‘emo’, ‘prep’, or any other sort of classification for clothes. They cannot wear makeup either unless they have found something from long ago, but even this is few and far in between.
5. Everyone between the ages of six and up works unless they are crippled or otherwise disabled.
6. This being said, everyone between the ages of six and eighteen also have class for a few hours every day right after lunch. They are all taught by one teacher, a twenty-two year old harried woman named Marcella Cast. Marcella Cast is an NPC and may be controlled by anyone. However, she is very nervous and shy and would never actually discipline anyone – please stick to these characteristics.
7. This role-play will go by in days, as in ‘Day One’, and such forth.
8. Although the people of Hope remember the year, the actual date has been lost and the day is referred to in the seasons spring, summer, fall and winter. There are ninety days in each season.
9. Three people may sign up as Pokemon, but they must be very good sign ups and can be one of the following Pokemon;
· Riolu
· Lucario
· Latias
· Latios
· Arcanine
Once these three spots have been filled, I will PM their roleplayers with information. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis as well as quality of the sign-up. If you want to sign up as a Pokemon, please keep in mind that you will have to wait a few in-roleplay days before you may post in-character. You are allowed to attempt to sign up as both a human and a Pokemon if you think you can handle it.

Sign-Up for Humans

At least two paragraphs are required for appearance and personality each. At least one paragraph for history. More is better. J
Name: (self-explanatory, I hope. )
Age: (12-17, please, although you may control your family, too.)
Gender: (either male or female)
Appearance: (please explain what they normally wear, as well as their physical appearance, and formal clothes. Do they have any disabilities or distinctive looks?)
Personality: (how does your character act, why they act this way, etc.)
History: (where they born in Hope or did their parents come here to escape the Pokemon? Did they have family who died? What made them become who they are today?)
Other: (anything extra)
Role-play Sample: (self explanatory. It doesn’t have to be from a Pokemon roleplay or from a roleplay here at PC)

Sign-Up for Pokemon

The more information included, the better. If you have any questions regarding this sign-up, contact me.
Name: (self-explanatory, I hope. )
Age: (13-103, depending on your species. All Pokemon must remember being mistreated by humans.)
Gender: (either male or female)
Species: (Riolu, Lucario, Latias, Latios, or Arcanine.)
Distinctive Appearance traits: (Do they look any different than the rest of their species? If not, just ignore this bit.)
Personality: (how does your character act, why they act this way, etc.)
History: (where they were born, how they grew up, their experiences with humans, etc. All Pokemon should have some grudge or another against humans.)
Other: (anything extra)
Role-play Sample: (self explanatory. It doesn’t have to be from a Pokemon roleplay or from a roleplay here at PC)

Accepted Sign-Ups

Lusankya as Koron the Latios
Pikataro as Gale the Latias
Jaydin Knight (Me) as Bellicose the Lucario* (*this doesn't count as the third pokemon sign-up)

October 27th, 2008, 3:21 PM
Will give it a shot (probably the first post O.o). I'll see if I can make it as a Pokemon...

Name: Latias (although, if allowed, in human form, she calls herself Gale)
Age: 14 (she's young for her age, but has been through a lot)
Gender: Well, she can be nothing but female O.o
Species: Um... Latios! No, joking XD Latias, of course ^^
Distinctive Appearance traits: She has a scar right over her left eye, man-made, of course
Personality: Latias/Gale is quiet and tactical. In other words, she likes to plan out strategies or ideas before executing them, and can think up ways of getting around problems, no matter how tough they are. To top it off, her quietness is because of the damage done to her by humans, so she has refrained from talking much. Latias/Gale is also very, very smart (she IS a Psychic type, after all), and can communicate with humans through telepathy, or she can turn into a human and talk to them like a regular human would. Although it was painful when she was around humans, there were still some she could trust, and thus she accompanied them as a human to get to know them, and figure out which ones had good hearts and which didn't.

Gale also goes to where the non-laborers are, and change into the same form, but with more science-y attire this time. At this point, she acts completely stuck-up, snooty, you name it, but only to gain the trust of the non-laborers. Once they trust her enough, Gale plans to take them down, one by one, and help the laborers gain control. After all, they didn't exactly do anything wrong...

And finally, Gale is kind towards other Pokemon in either human or Pokemon form. She tries to keep a low-down in Pokemon form so she doesn't get captured like she had been before. When she sees a Pokemon in need, be it a Magikarp or Bidoof, she helps them regardless of the risks. She will also help the good-hearted humans if they are in distress, too, but sometimes she may just ignore them... After all, she still has nightmares of what had happened to her, and they've haunted her for a long time...

These nightmares she's had, they are somewhat similar to what has happened to her, but more morbid. Practically every night it's the same exact nightmare (as the nightmares she has may vary, but all are from the same experience): Dark forms, ghost-like, in fact, surrounding her with weapons of all sorts. Swords, M-16s, Spears, Can Openers, you name it. And the worst part was, Gale could never awaken fro these nightmares when she wanted to. They would terrorize her until the day came...
History: This beautiful beast was born in the Southern Island. She was born alone, without a Latios around to see her created. For a while, the creature watched over the humans in an invisible form. She learned of the hazards they were causing, but sadly believed she couldn't do a thing. She flew around every region, making sure she was invisible, and noticed all the pain and suffering going on. She almost cried seeing this, but knew it was wrong to do so. After all, they were in worse condition than she'd ever be... Born alone or not, this magnificent Pokemon felt like what had happened to her at birth could not compare to the suffering these humans were going through.

Then the fateful day came when some humans discovered her with some sort of item called a "Devon Scope" (from what she had overheard). They captured her with an electric net, and took the time to perform experiments on her. She screeched in pain at these experiments, and one time when they were trying to do an autopsy-like procedure on her (they would do it while she was still living), she squirmed and they accidentally slashed at her eye. Her eye remained fine, but a scar had been there ever since.

After a while, the poor creature found a way to escape these humans. She realized that one of the people guarding her could not stay awake past a certain time, and a new guard would replace him within the next minute of that time frame. So, taking her chances, Gale used that extra minute to blast out of the prison she was kept in, and flew out as an invisible being. She now holds grudges against many of them, but feels sympathy for the poor working ones. After all, they're being forced to do labor by the ones she held a grudge against. She knew she had to do something, so she studied the ways of the humans and could soon turn into one herself...

She uses her human form to not only gain knowledge of what is happening to everyone (laborers and non-laborers), but what everyone's personality is like. Being able to know this vital information could help Gale solve the problems of this world and perhaps bring peace. She also wishes that people and Pokemon could live in harmony, and no one would hold a grudge against anyone ever again. It is but a mere dream, but with enough will, it can be made possible...
Other: I hope the human form is allowed and all, since they had the ability in the manga and the fifth movie. Her human form is average-sized and 5'6", and she has long and straight black hair with ruby red eyes. She wears a black seemingly hand-made t-shirt and a red skort. She walks around barefoot, although it doesn't seem to bother her whatsoever. When she transforms into a non-laborer, the only difference is she wears glasses similar to Ruby's (in my siggy) and has on a white lab coat with a black t-shirt beneath it, blue jeans, and white sneakers. She is able to hide her scar in human form, so no one who knew her as a Latias would recognize her.
Role-play Sample: From Lusankya's ReGenesis: Final Level -

-Level 2: The Black Forest-

Shadows shrouded the startling peaceful land. In the distance, Gale heard the wind, softly making the trees sway back and forth. She turned around. The empty room with the turrets had suddenly vanished. Gale was still alone. She lay down on all fours, and began to ponder why she decided to join.

"I bet, if any other players are around, that they are looking for siblings. Or perhaps they wish to be proven as the best. Or maybe they have some other reason. But why did I join?" She closed her eyes, opening her ears to the scarce sounds around her. The whisper of the wind, the swaying of the trees, and...a flute? Gale listened closely to the flute. It was playing what seemed to be a haunting melody. Gale began weeping softly. The melody reminded her of when she alone in the real world. She stood up and tried to shake the tears off, as if wishing to...forget. Forget what had happened...

Curious about the source of the melody, Gale calmly walked in the direction, opening her ears to the continuous haunting sound. It got louder and louder as she advanced, until finally, she stopped in front of a large tree. It seemed to show its age, and also looked like the tallest tree in the entire forest. The flute, however, was still mysteriously playing. Gale swerved around, trying to see if the sound was coming in the opposite direction. But there was no doubt about it. The source was coming from that old tree. Nervously, Gale called out, "Who's there? Who's playing?" Nothing. The flute continued to play. Gale was beginning to get frightened.

"I'm not kidding! Whoever's there, come on out! You don't scare me!" The flute continued playing. By that time, Gale's entire body was shaking. She felt as if a ghost were about to come out and scare her. She looked up, hoping to find the source. Nobody. Nothing except...berries? Hanging high up in the tree were some berries. Hungry from all the wandering she had done, Gale rammed into the tree with all her might, hoping the berries would drop to the ground for her to eat. The flute still played the legato tune, not even getting messed up as Gale continuously rammed into the tree. After a few more attempts, berries fell from the tree. Gale quietly ate one, and noticed the flute was starting to become quieter and quieter. Quieter and quieter...

Phew. Hope it's qualified enough. If there's anything I need to update, just let me know.

This makes, what? Perhaps the 10th RP? I'll see if I can remain active...

Jaydin Knight
October 27th, 2008, 4:31 PM
Pikataro - pending. As the legendaries/semi-legendaries will be fully intelligent, she can be simply Gale in both forms. Personality needs a lot more and so does history. I wouldn't require that much except these Pokemon are going to be extremely important to the plot. If you don't think you'll be very active, I'm sorry, but please don't apply to be a Pokemon. Since I didn't put that much about the Pokemon aspect, I'll say it now.

After the 'World-End' as humans call it, Pokemon united under some of the more powerful, power-seeking legendaries. These were empires and fully organized as a true society. They are very different from human societies, but the concept is the same. The largest is the Empire of Arceus, but there were some other choices for Pokemon to join. Now most loyalties are set in stone. The Pokemon that can be applied for belong to the selective, 'elite' nation of Lugia.

Also, if Pikataro changes it enough that I accept it, and another person makes a SU for a Latias and it's good enough, it can still be accepted. I would prefer not to have all Latias', but if that's what everyone wants...

October 27th, 2008, 4:37 PM
Hey, can I have an Arcanine spot?

Name: Tai
Age: (?)
Gender: (either male or female)
Species: (Riolu, Lucario, Latias, Latios, or Arcanine.)
Distinctive Appearance traits: (Do they look any different than the rest of their species? If not, just ignore this bit.)
Personality: (how does your character act, why they act this way, etc.)
History: (where they were born, how they grew up, their experiences with humans, etc. All Pokemon should have some grudge or another against humans.)
Other: (anything extra)
Role-play Sample: (self explanatory. It doesn’t have to be from a Pokemon roleplay or from a roleplay here at PC)

Jaydin Knight
October 27th, 2008, 4:47 PM
Lostt- It's not exactly a spot exactly, but uh, yeah. You have until tomorrow night to at least post a skeleton of your SU.

October 27th, 2008, 4:50 PM
CURSES! *insert long stream of swearwords here that would make a drill sergeant blush* Too late...

Ah well, might as well RP as a Latios for once.

Oh, and Pikataro, you can only do autopsies on dead things. ;)

Name: Koron
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Latios
Distinctive Appearance traits: Koron is somewhat small for a Latios, and his head fins flow more gently into his head than jutting out at a sharp angle like most of his species, and his neck is the same diameter throughout instead of being slightly thinner at the base.

Personality: Koron is extremely intelligent, possessing a memory that borders on perfect, and highly logical, and will look at most problems from an objective standpoint and try to figure out how to solve them in the quickest, most efficient way possible. A cynical Pokemon for a reason, Koron has no faith in the inner good of people or Pokemon, and believes that everyone, and by that he means everyone, has an inner darkness ruled by selfishness and greed. He's not very social and has difficulty opening up to anyone, partly due to the fact he's never met another member of his own species, and doesn't have a "true" close bond with anyone, and doesn't have a high opinion of himself either. He's very protective of the friends he does make however, and values them greatly for being a friend to what he considers to be a poor example of a Legendary. Koron's very serious and has trouble loosening up and just having fun, and is almost always reserved and on his guard. One of the few things he does have fun doing are mind games and puzzles, and he particularly likes the human game called "chess", although he can't really find anyone to play it with anymore. He tries to stay objective in his view of humans, thinking that they can't be completely evil, but Koron isn't a robot, and does have emotions, however he might try to suppress them in the cause of objectivity.

History: Koron was born in the heavily forested northern reaches of Hoenn. Hatching from his egg, he found himself completely alone, with no mother, father, or even a sibling in sight. Since birth he had learned to fend for himself, which was slightly simplied by the fact that he was a Legendary, and most Pokemon tended to treat him with respect, although when he was young, there were a few that wanted to bully a young, weak Legendary, and Koron's childhood was far from unmarred by pain or suffering. The emotional pain of seperation from family (as Latios and Latias are very social creatures) and loneliness hit him hard, and is the main reason he withdraws from other people. Given the power to take on the appearance of other objects, including humans, he would often venture into human cities to see up close what their lives were like. His human appearance, due to his size, was quite tall as far as humans go, and he could only shrink down his size so much when transforming. It was during one of these "explorations" that he was attacked in an alley by a group of robbers. Taken by surprise, Koron was knocked unconcious and, unable to keep his appearance in check, transformed back into his true form. The robbers informed the authories, and before long Koron was trapped in an energy cage. His captors attempted to break him through the use of whips, shock collars, and other devices, but he remained resolute. It was part of his plan, however, to pretend to be broken, and when his captors truly believed he would do whatever they told him to do and lessened their guard, he escaped. Despite his trial, he still tries to view humans with an objective eye, but is not always able to do so.

During the turmoil, Koron mostly kept to himself near his birthplace, not venturing out too far to attack the humans, and generally staying apart from the war. But that could only last so long. As a Legendary, the Pokemon empires were demanding that he join one empire or another, or be killed as an enemy to all nations. In the end, Koron chose the empire that he saw would force upon him the least amount of restriction to his preferred way of life.

Other: None
Role-play Sample: Kite wandered through the complex, finally stopping at a location where the dome that would eventually become the courtyard was constructed. Workers swarmed over the structure, moving steel and other materials, while others were bringing in heavy materials into the half-completed dome. The fact that the scientists would have such a thing built was confusing to him. He had always assumed they didn't care for their well-being, as long as they were alive and healthy (and ready for any tests) they were perfectly content to let them live the way they did. But the construction of what was essentially a playground meant that they really cared. That is, if the playground was exactly what it appeared to be. Kite couldn't rule out the possibility of some darker, more sinister purpose to the courtyard. Maybe it was just to help them investigate hybrids in a more natural habitat, in which case it was a completely scientific construction. Or maybe it was to help placate the hybrids and make them less wanting to break out. If they already had their own mini-world, then maybe they wouldn't want the real thing.

Kite debated endlessly with himself about the true nature of the scientists running the project. But he got nowhere, instead just exploring a list of interesting possibilities, but there was no way to know which one was true. He crossed his arms across his chest, the chains clinking against each other. He was taking the leftover chains in his room and trying to forge a kind of three-fingered claw out of them, to attach to the ends of the one he used as weapons. It was hard work; changing the shape of metal was the hardest thing he could do with his magnetic powers. But it might pay off greatly. Even though rumor had it Rowan and Spencer had been remerged with harmless Pokemon due to concerns about their bullying, his gang was still wandering the halls. Even though Kite reckoned he could take them on individually, it wouldn't hurt to have some extra help. He also wondered if he should go and give Rowan some payback, but that idea never got too far. He hadn't seen Rowan since the fight, and although everyone was saying the rumor, he didn't know if it was true or not. Same with the rumor of what was going on in the basement. Remerging hybrids. Strange though. Were the scientists just testing out some newfound power, or were they running out of orphans to kidnap? Kite had heard about half a dozen versions of the same story, some saying that these remerged people were going to be released into the outside world, others saying that they were killed. Most versions just put them as being released back into the complex, although there was supposedly a lot of torture and pain involved. Kite doubted the scientists would torture hybrids for the sake or torturing them, but maybe it was to measure their physical and mental endurance as opposed to humans?

He decided to head to the medical wing to see if Ashley or Maverick were all better yet. There was a third rumor, of Serena, an Altaria hybrid, having escaped the facility. Kite did no know Serena well, she was a bouncy, floaty kind of person, anathema to Kite's own preferences. It was true she had mysteriously vanished. But had she escaped? Kite doubted it. If she had, there was sure to be some kind of retribution from the scientists, and there had been no signs of that. Yes, it was all such a peculiar business.

He walked into the medical wing. There was no sign of Ashley or Maverick, and the only concious person in the room besides himself and some non-hybrids was a girl with a Glaceon-esque tail and a hat looking like the head of a Glaceon. Why anyone would try and look more like a Pokemon was beyond him, but maybe she just liked how Glaceon looked. They were quite beautiful creatures.


Kite glanced around. There was a Loudred hybrid shouting at him.

"YEAH, YOU!!!" the hybrid stalked over.

"Shut up," Kite growled at the Loudred hybrid.

"WHAT? SPEAK UP!!!" The blast of sound made Kite's ears ring, but he made no motion to reveal so.

"I said, SHUT UP!" he yelled at the hybrid, his eyes glaring and his mouth a fierce frown.

The hybrid glared at Kite for a few seconds, then stomped off to annoy some other people.

Kite shook his head and walked further into the building, the chains wrapped around his limbs clinking as he did so. People like that he just wanted to pick up and shake until they figured out what they were doing wrong.

October 27th, 2008, 4:56 PM
Autopsies can only be done on dead things? Well, I'm only in 9th, and I'm in private school, so... I've dissected dead things when I was in public school...

I think I'll be active. In case I forget the links to the RPs I'm in, I have a blog I can access to work on them.

Will edit my info.

Edit: OK, hope it's better...

Jaydin Knight
October 27th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Lusankya-Accepted. You might want to add a little to your history (read my post three posts above yours), and you could have applied as a Latias if you'd wanted to...But, yeah.

Pikataro- I was thinking, and all you need to add is a few more sentences of detail to your history and more personality to your personality bit and you're good. I've seen you roleplay, so...yeah.

Also, to anyone that might be lurking- WE NEED HUMANS! Although the Pokemon will be driving the plot, the roleplay cannot go on with out humans!

October 27th, 2008, 5:15 PM
OK, edited one more time. Hopefully it's enough for you...

October 27th, 2008, 5:16 PM
Alright, I added to my history to say how he joined up with the empire...

Jaydin Knight
October 27th, 2008, 5:18 PM
Pikataro-Accepted. Good job. You clean up nicely. xD

October 27th, 2008, 5:55 PM
Name: Lita "Jupiter" Kino
Age: 15
Gender: female
Appearance: Lita is a 5" girl with long brown hair tied in a ponytail up to her shoulders by a green hairband, she has emerald green eyes and has a star shaped scar on her neck, for normal clothes she wears a light green tank top with a yellow lightning bolt on it with a darker green skirt and wears aqua coloured ankle high socks with dark green shoes. for formal wear she wears a long Emerald coloured dress with 2 straps from her shoulders and she wears emerald earrings in the shape of a rose and has an emerald circle Brooch in the center of her upper dress, she wears green high heels with emeralds on the strap.
Personality: Lita is very aggresive at times when angered but when shes content, shes very sweet and kind and always looks out for her friends and family. She was given the nickname "Jupiter" because of how she always wants to take the lead of everything and can be angered easily.
History: Lita was born in Pallet Town but had to escape from the disaster, As Lita was an only child she went wherever her parents went but before they could safely escape, her parents became trapped in an circle of flames from a pokemon, As Lita was on the other side she didn't know what to do. Lita was then taken by the other people trying to escape and brought her to safety, as Lita was very curious to know if her parents escaped, she found out after a year when she moved to Hope that they were dead. Lita as she moved to Hope without anyone to raise her, she made a living for herself learning how to cook, clean and survive on her own. Because Lita has learned to live alone for 8 years now, she is an amazing cook, and can clean a room in a matter of minutes This lead Lita to be very organized. Lita is usually very violent at times because of her loss of her parents, it is very difficult for her to calm down when shes angry because she isn't able to let it out on anything else and when younger, she'd have the same problems except her parents were there so she was able to talk to them, now she tries to sort it out herself but if she isn't able to calm down, she is to be feared. Lita saw a picture of her parents in a corner of her room one night and has started to think why the legendaries went on a rampage, she thought and thought but she couldn't find the answer, she has decided to go out and seek the answer.
Other: She is usually nicknamed "Jupiter" or sometimes a "Thorny Rose" as she is beautiful but can be dangerous.
Role-play Sample: "Hey Rei, hurry up, this run isn't that bad, we only have to run back to the school" Rei was panting from exhaustion, sweating in the harsh sunlight, she looked ahead to see the school still somewhat far. "Gahh, Gym class is so annoying, especially when you get Mr. Sayers."
"Alright is everyone here?" Rei slowly walked to the crowd of students as she was last, everyone glanced at her. "Whats the matter Ms. Hino? Feeling a little weak? C'mon!! gather up some strength, don't let me see you run that slowly again, understood?" Rei was feeling very angry, she couldn't help but scream but she knew that if she did then she'd be in trouble. "What does that idiot of a teacher know? He has no idea that I was running all over the city yesterday."
"Ms.Hino!" Rei snapped back to her senses. "Yes sir." Rei said seeming a bit embarrased. All the students then left for the changerooms, Rei git into her normal clothes and stuffed her Gym clothes into her locker then slammed it shut. "Hey Rei" a boy said to her. "Brendan!? Hi......." Rei said starting to blush, it was the boy from her gym class that she had a small crush on, " Did you need something Brendan?" the boy smiled. "Nah just wanted to see if you were okay, well then I'll catch ya later" He said winking at her as he left. Rei seemed so flustered but as she looked towards her locker she saw a note. "Great run huh slowpoke? Try taking some vitamins you snail." Rei read the letter getting very angry, she was getting very tense as she read the letter again. "GAHHHHHHH!!!"
Rei ripped the letter in two and threw it into the garbage can. As Rei stormed off she could feel immense heat in her hands, Rei noticed two boys both from one of her classes, it was Jadon and Rei but they're was a dog with them. Rei knowing that it was wrong to have animals on School grounds walked up to them immediatly and confronted them. "Hey guys, you do know animals arean't allowed on school grounds right?" Just then Rei noticed a teacher walking by. "Oh no, if the Teacher cathes you're gonna get in trouble. Quick! Hide the dog." Rei whispered in a harsh voice.

Jaydin Knight
October 27th, 2008, 6:05 PM
Bamachi-Rejected at this point, anyway. Your personality should be a minimum of one paragraph. Also, because they live in the wilderness (pretty much), her clothes should be simple and hand-made. No tanktops. Her formal dress is alright, so as long as it's an heirloom or such. Your history needs to be changed. The people of Hope aren't that many - they all live in two (albeit crowded) houses. They would never allow a five-year old to live and grow up alone. She would have been adopted by some family or another.

Okay, this DOES NOT count as the third Pokemon sign-up, so, yeah. Lostt has until tomorrow night to finish his Sign-Up, but you may apply in the meanwhile, I just cannot accept any until Lostt's done since he made a reservation.

Name: Bellicose
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Lucario
Distinctive Appearance traits: A heart with the initials ‘ZRI’ in the center is tattooed in white just beneath her left eye. Deep scars mark her legs and upper body, lacing their way up to her neck. There are several old burn marks just below her knees.
Personality: If you’re not a Riolu or a Lucario, chances are she doesn’t like you. Bellicose is paranoid and cautious – and a good fighter. Bellicose enjoys fighting and will take up any challenge no matter how weak or how strong. She enjoys teaching and using Aura. Though she is rather power-hungry, Bellicose is incredibly loyal. Make a friend with her and you’ve got a friend for life. A bit young for a Lucario, Bellicose strives to make up for her youth with strength. Though she has learned restraint and stealth, it is still hard for her to keep from attacking when she is startled. Taught that mercy was weak as a young Lucario, Bellicose strives to be merciless. She hates pain and weakness of any kind and her goal in life? To be absolutely perfect.
History: Born in Sinnoh, she had not always been called Bellicose – in fact she had once been known as Halie. Halie had been hatched from an egg into a Riolu by her loving trainer, Rachel. Rachel trained Halie diligently and soon Halie was Rachel’s strongest, though youngest, Pokemon. Halie loved battling – the utter power in her paws was delightful to her, but she was ever loyal to her trainer. Halie grew up under Rachel’s careful eyes, and one day, Halie evolved into a Lucario. It was then when things began to go wrong. She was about ten years old and though Rachel no longer traveled the world and aimed for the Pokemon league, trainers from near and far came to challenge her. Through this, Rachel had become wealthy. One night, a thief stole into the house and proceeded to rob Rachel. Halie hadn’t been in her Pokeball that night, and heard the thief. She arose from her sleeping position at the foot of her master’s bed and silently slipped out the door, preparing to attack him. What Halie didn’t know was that the thief was prepared for her – he had brought his Flareon with him. They torched the place – and Halie – and escaped.
The next thing Halie knew, she was in the hospital listening to Rachel sob. The once arrogant trainer was now penniless and homeless and her arrogance had driven away any friends or family she had once had. With horror, Halie listened in silence as Rachel decided to action off Halie to the highest bidder. Very strong for her age, Halie was expected to sell for a good deal of money. And Rachel was right – Halie gave one mournful cry of ‘Lucario!’ as her owner sold her into what she perceived as slavery. Zaria Raymi Ignam was her new master and it was she who first formed sweet, loving Halie into the merciless Bellicose. Zaria had her new Pokemon branded with Zaria’s initials, a heart surrounding them. Halie was whipped for any mistake she made, and she learned fast. Five years later, Halie was a merciless fighting machine and when the freedom song stirred deep within her, her battered soul took to it immediately. She turned on Zaria and fled to the wilderness.
That might have been the end of Halie the Lucario, but she found another Lucario by the name of Striker and it was he who gave her the name Bellicose. Bellicose found herself as an apprentice under the elder Lucario and learned the sacred arts of Aura. When the countries were formed, Bellicose joined the nation of Lugia with Striker. When he died, she mourned deeply, but continued to teach the arts of Aura to young Riolu and Lucario in the kingdom of Lugia.
Other: Bellicose HATES humans. She absolutely despises humans.
Role-play Sample: …I made this roleplay. xD

October 27th, 2008, 7:26 PM
Hmm I'll join as a human..well semi-human...Lol x3 If its fine wiith you I'll use one of my odler role-plau characters. Because I feel on the dizzy side and don't feel like composign a whole new character.

Name: Konan Ishizu

Nickname: None

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Konan has midnight black hair that she keeps pulled back in two long ponytails, as well as light aqua eyes, and peach colored skin. She stand about 5"0. She wheres black jeans and a pink top that says "Princess" which is wroten in black sequins. Her black jeans have blue colored bulbasaurs extending down the sides.. ( Well this is a character I use alot in 1 on 1 role-plays so I hope this part of the sign-up is good enough) One unusual characteristic about Konan is that she has cat ears and a cat tail which she often keeps hidde from sight..Unless she becomes angry and ends up going into her.."true form." Anyway her cat like features have rarely been seen by any human and color whise they are a deep black.. and the tail has a pink ribbon on it.. (kawaii no? If you don't like this part just tell me to edit it..I've really never used Konan in a forum role-play before xD).. She often wears a cat pendent around her neck..Rumours has it it keeps her "true" form in check..The cat pendent is a light blue with light pink ancient markings (sort of like rayquaza, groudons or kyogres) covering the pendent..it keeps her powers in check when she becomes angry.. Although when she becomes angry the pendent begins to glow with a gold light and seemingly shocks her to stop her anger but causing her pain. (long enough I hope.)

Personality: ..3 words..Multiple Personality Disorder. Konan has 2 seperate personalities..Konan the upbeat bubbly type..Who is often ready to help, or do any type of adventure and to take on any type of challenge. "Konan" is the upbeat side of her many personalities. Konan has always bee willing to help people or even take the downfall for other peoples wrong doings which often gets her in trouble in the long run..because "Konan" is often taken adventage of she does get into alot of trouble..well she takes the blame for it anyway..Konan is so happy-go-lucky..She doesn't even know that she's being taken advantage of! Silly Konan! This side of her personality is also a helpful type..again she is taken-advantage of because then she ends up getting all the other peoples chores in which she spends most of her day doing...Yet again she doesn't know she;s being taken advantage of. She is always caught smiling in this form and is lovable and huggable and can brighten up any room.

And Kohaku her.. "true form".. This is one side of Konan you NEVER EVER want to see. Kohaku is especially violent in this form but luckily she rarely comes out.. Kohaku only comes out when the pendent across her neck is pulled off.. After this Konans eyes turn blood red and her hair turns into a pale silver. She grows more cat-like features and resumes her cat-like form and regains her true powers..Kohaku is the "murderous" side of her personality..Which does exist in most half-animal demonic humans with supernatural powers.. Kohaku isn't afraid of anything in this form..She will kill anything in this form.Reguardless if you know her or not..Unless she's like "in love with you." Kohaku will not acknowledge you..Fortunatly..Kohaku cannot remain "outside" for too long.. Most of the time she after a main battle she goes back "inside" and stays inside till the pendent is pulled off and she is able to come out again..Unfortunetly..Sometimes she does manage to get out when Konan becomes to sad..or angry.. It has happened once and nothing good came of it. Kohaku will come to Konans aid when Konan is crying, or frustrated. The only way Kohaku can get out when Konan is angry..is well..special conditions must be met...Anyway Kohaku is violent..cold and just overall cruel..She will make cruel remarks about how "Your are weak" or that "You are a fool". Not like it means much to anyone unless they truly did care about what she told you.. Kohaku rarely shows up..She is one side of her personality that should never ever be met..

History: Born to a family of neko's (or cat-people) she was loved dearly as being the familys only child. They spoiled her to the max. She was given everything she ever wanted..She learned the art of healing , and illusion which makes her skilled at hiding her cat ears and healing minor wounds, she can't heal fatal or critical wounds..only minor wounds such as deep cuts and what not. Unfortunetly this did not stop the pokemon from attacking her family..it was a rather rainy night when her family was cruelly slaughtered by a back of passing luxray..If it wouldn't have been for her "other" form she would have been killed as well..The night her parents died she was sound asleep and was woken up by the sound of footsteps..and then one loud shriek.. Konan minorly gasped hearing this shriek and ran to her "secret" crawlspace and witnessing her parents being mangled before her very eyes. Her eyes gazed upon the gorey scene and she let out one tiny breathe and at this the luxray sensed herand aimed after her..And she was stuck in hte crawlspace..She began to panic..As the luxray closed in on her she felt trapped and with that..Kohaku came to her rescue..Kohaku her other form skilled in the art of battle quickly scared off the Luxray but Kohaku witnessed the scene..and knew that if Konan ever remebered what had happened that night it would destroy her emotionalyl and mentally..So Kohaku used most of her power to block out Konans memory..Konan no longer remembers anything about her past, only Kohaku knows about the events the events that transpired that night..But with loosing her memory..She is no longer able to use her powers properly..Let alone know that she has them.. She now knows nohing of how to hide her cat ears and tail or how to heal wounds and she knows nothing of Kohaku..But along with not knowing who she is..it blocks out all the pain and hurt..causing her light bubbly personality.

Other: She's addicted to Pepsi (like me in real life x3), and on nights of the full moon Kohaku comes out for the entire night and is unable to return to Konan till dawn.

Role-play Sample: -taken from my own authored role-play-

Tiffany was frightfully scared...She was standing in the presence of a god.. She looked down to see the floor was made of clouds which made Tiffany thing she was going to fall right through the floor.

Arceus looked at the "chosen" ones. His look very stern but gentle. "I have chosen you for this reason..To save the world I have created for you..but unfortunetly..such things come with..condequences.

"Consequences?" Tiffany looked up at Arceus in curiosity.

"Yes, when you save my word...The future shall change... and.. well.. you yourself shall no longer exist..You will disappear." Arceus said in a sad tone.

"What?! Thats not fair!" Tiffany yelled. Arceus merely shook his head. "This cannot be help.. I may have created this earth but this such thing is out of my power.."

Tiffanys eyes welled with tears..She couldn't believe it..If..If she were to disappear what would happen to Hydro and Torrent? "NO YOU LYING!" Tiffany yelled.. Hot tears falling down her face.

"No..i'm not Tiffany..such things cannot be prevented...I cannot prevent change.. Its either save the entire earth..or save yourself.." Arceus sternly said to her. Tiffany hated this now..She thought that because she turned into a pokemon she was meant to become a hero and basque in glory. But..She was..going to disappear?...

"its not fair! I want to live!" Tiffany yelled at Arceus hoping he was getting humour out of a cruel joke.

"SILENCE!" Arceus yelled and Tiffany quieted down. "What I said is the complete truth.. There is nothing that can stop it." Arceus voice was still very stern with every of the pokemon that stood before him, but before Tiffany could say anything more Leon began speaking." Leon you stole the time gear from Azelf didn't you?" Arceus turned to leon and asked him in a rather spiteful tone.

"I took that for the better, it would have been me, Dusknoir, or Darkrai. I needed it to do a trade, but then I changed my mind." Leon spat out at Arceus.

"Leon..I am Arceus god of the world.." Arceus merely said to the chimchar. Leon fell to the ground and looked like he was about to bust a gut laughing.

I am so sorry for my crimes, Arceus, but I had to do what I thought was right. After all God gave me free will. And that's just my style." Leon still laughing said to Arceus..Arceus eyes began to glow white and he picked leon up in a white arurua

"Do not speak to me that way.." Arceus said in a spiteful tone.

"Wait, your voice was the same voice as that eye on my hand. So you were the one giving me power." Leon suddenly burst out..His laughter subsiding and he merely had a blank face.

"I gave you power..but you turned to darkrai's side..corrupting it..You corrupted the power I gave you.. The special abillities granted by me.. They were no longer my powers..They were corrupted by your want for powe and the darkness that came from Darkrai." Arceus yelld furiously at Leon who stil lwas pretty blanked at this moment. "my power comes from the will to protect..and the will to love.. but you corrupted it by your selfish wants." Arceus said lecturing the Chimchar.. Tiffany held her silence but though Leon deserved it after the way he treated Radian , Marc and her. After a short lecture the white aurua forcing Leon up disappeared and Tiffany heard a loud thud hit the ground.

"I took that fair and square, so just deal with it." Leon spat back out at Arceus. Arceus was calm yet angry at the same time..Tiffany couldn't explain it.

"I brought you here...I gave you power..And I can take it away.." Arceus eyes glowed and white power drained from Leon..he no longer had Arceus power..but was still infused with Darkrai's power.. Tiffany hissed.

"WE GAVE YOU A CHANCE LEON!" Tiffany yelled at him.. Hatred for him was beginning to build and stand strong.

"I tried to make everything better by fighting Darkrai. However, if that's how you feel then maybe i should just get lost again." Leon spat out at the other pokemon.

"Yah maybe you should..All you've done is hurt us! You;ve only thought of yourself! Don't give us crap about how you wanted to protect Radian! You hurt her as well!!! You;ve been hurting everyone in your path! So maybe you should get lost!!!! I;m sick and tired of trying to convince you out of joining Darkrai..If you want to die! FINE! I don't care anymore!!!! I tried over and over to help you..but all you did was attack back!" Tiffanys anger was growing torward leon, but as Tiffany yelled she could her a voice echoing in her head.

"Hehehe..Maybe you should join him as well.." Darkrai's vocie cackled in her head.

Tiffany didn't see a teardrop in his eyes bnut only heard him say. "The past is the past."
Konan doesn't get accepted very often due to the fact that she's a cat person but I'm awfully excited to try her in a role-play ._.;

P.S.: I will edit if need be :O

Jaydin Knight
October 29th, 2008, 2:10 PM
GhostPrincess- Rejected. Though it was interesting to read, it has nothing to do with Darkest Days and you must be COMPLETELY human.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 30th, 2008, 1:51 PM
Name: Shiroi or Roi for short

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: Arcanine

Distinctive Appearance traits: Shiroi is white except for the typical black stripes on her body. Her mane has a slightly yellowish tone to it, making it slightly darker than her body. With dark blue eyes as well, she is a very unusual Arcanine. (Like a white tiger, she has a genetic condition that causes her to have a lack of pigmentation in her fur.)

Personality: Shiroi tends to keep to herself, avoiding contact with both Pokemon and humans for the most part. Although she will be polite to another Pokemon if she has to be around them, she completely shuns humans in normal circumstances. She is extremely loyal to the few friends that she does have and will face just about any kind of danger to help them. Due to a secret kindness she has, she can’t stand to see another creature hurt or in danger and even has trouble inflicting harm on humans, though she believes them to be evil creatures. Although she is slow to anger, once she is angry, she'll keep fighting until her opponent is unable to even stand before she stops. Otherwise she prefers not to solve things by fighting. When in a large group, she pretty much stays silent, but if she does speak, you can just about bet that it's about something important. Since she has a very unusual appearance, she's very sensitive to anyone making fun of her or even just staring at her, and it's one of the easiest ways to set her off. She is quite intelligent and observant and can tell how to address situations for the most part.

History: Shiroi was born into a small, wild pack of Growlithe, led by an Arcanine, that lived fairly close to a city. With her highly unusual appearance, she was seen as mostly a curiosity by the rest of the pack, but she was accepted and treated fairly. Generally, the Pokemon lived peacefully near the humans, but when Pokemon in the city began to turn on their trainers, the humans feared that the Arcanine and Growlithe would attack them as well and decided to do something about them.

At first, the people only wanted to drive the pack farther away from the city, but since the minds of the Pokemon were already starting to be affected, things soon escalated into into a full on battle. During the struggle, little Shiroi is noticed and chased by a human, who is especially interested in her white coat. In an attempt to escape, she fell into a river and was swept far down it until she finally made it to the bank, barely alive.

Shiroi was then found by a Mightyena, who took pity on the little Growlithe, and nursed her back to health. When she was well again, the Mightyena gladly took her in as his own, since he too had no idea where his pack was after the confusion of whatever it was that was happening in the world. Throughout the years that followed, he taught her many things about survival and dangers, and she flourished under his watchful eye.

One day, she found a young girl and decided to take revenge on for what people had done to her and her pack, but at the last moment, she realized that she just didn't have it in her to attack another creature that hadn't personally done her harm. Scared away by the Growlithe, the little girl told the people of her village about the Pokemon, and they formed a hunting party to go after her, some to protect the village and others interested in her coat as an unusual trophy or to trade for food. Although Mightyena fought bravely against the humans to protect his young friend, there were too many of them, and he was starting to lose the fight. Seeing the only friend that she had in the world in danger, Shiroi evolved into Arcanine, and together, the two Pokemon managed to drive away the humans, who hadn't been prepared to fight a Pokemon as strong as an Arcanine.

Fearing that living with Mightyena would endanger him too much, Shiroi moved away to the Lugia Empire to live a mostly solitary life but still visits him from time to time.

Other: Shiroi is always on the lookout for anyone from her old pack, but she has yet to find any. Because of her near brush with death as a young Growlithe in a river, she has a paralyzing fear of bodies of water larger than small ponds and streams.

Role-play Sample:
It wasn't long before Calin got to the town the Starly had spoken of, though it was so small that village would've probably been the proper word. As he searched for the lab, humans around him eyed him with a strange interest, and at one point a young boy pointed at him and shouted, "Look, Mom! An Eevee! Don't they evolve into of different types? Can I keep it?" Sighing, the mother answered, "No, son. You can't keep it. You know that wild Eevee's are very rare. It most likely already has a trainer." Although Calin didn't really understand what they were talking about, he was very glad that she said no. Evolves?.... Rare?.... Trainer? Hmm, it seems that I still have much to learn.

A little while later, he came upon a huge building with a wind turbine that he knew must be the laboratory. It certainly does look a lot better than the one back home did. The other one was a dump.... To the right of the front door, Calin saw the open window that Comet had told him about, but it was about four feet above the ground. After a couple of tries and a running start, he finally managed to scramble through it onto a table underneath. Looking around, he realized that he must be in the professor's office since it had a desk and a computer. In the next room, he heard the voice of a middle-aged man and younger voices of a boy and girl but couldn't quite tell what they were saying. With one last look through the window he'd climbed through, he realized that it was almost sunset. Crud! I'd better make this quick. It won't be very easy to find my way back in the dark, and Kalec and Bianca might start getting worried.

Creeping into the next room, he saw an old, scientist-looking man talking to a boy and girl about ten years old. On a table in the center of the room were three Pokemon he'd never seen before. On the left, was a orange, chimp-like creature with a swirl pattern on its belly and a flame where its tail should've been. Next, there was a blue Pokemon that reminded Calin of a penguin chick that looked almost like it was wearing a suit because of two white circles on its front. To the right, a turtle-like Pokemon with a plant growing out of its head was sitting. In front of each Pokemon was a bowl of what looked like cat or dog food, but Calin guessed that it was some kind of special food for Pokemon. Although he tried to resist it, the food smelled awesome to his Eevee self, and it took all the willpower he had to keep hidden. Should've ate some of those berries before I came here.....

"Sorry to come so late, Professor.... We got a little lost on the way. Mark's coming, but he won't be here till tomorrow," the boy said, embarrassed, looking down at his feet.

"Late? Is that what you call it!? We stopped because Luke wanted to look for Pokemon, we got chased by Beedrill, and then we got lost," the girl muttered, obviously irritated with the boy.

"That's ok, kids. It happens sometimes.... What really matters is that it's time to pick your very first Pokemon. So, what'll it be? Chimchar, Piplup, or Turtwig?" Professor Rowan asked, pointing to each Pokemon in turn.

"You pick first, Laura. It's my fault we're late."

Smiling broadly, Laura exclamed, "Then I'll pick Chimchar! It's always been my favorite." She patted the Pokemon on the head as the professor handed her an orb shaped object.

"Well, I pick Piplup, and it's not because it has an advantage over Chimchar. It just happens that I've always preferred it over the other starter," Luke explained, as the girl raised an eyebrow when she heard his choice. He happily excepted the same orb shaped thing that had been given to the girl.

Reaching into his coat pocket, Rowan sighed, "Darn, I forgot to get the pokedexes for you guys. I'll be right back. They're just in my office."

Calin's heart jumped a little when he heard footsteps coming toward him. I don't think he's going to be happy about seeing a wild Pokemon his office! I need to hide! Running in a circle a couple of time, he dived under the desk just as the professor entered. Opening one of the desk's drawers, the professor pulled out two red, rectangle-shaped objects that Calin knew must be pokedexes. Rowan started to walk out of the room but stopped, looking at the open window.

"When am I going to learn to stop leaving this window open," he grumbled as he slammed it shut, not knowing that he'd just trapped a frightened Eevee inside. He walked out of the room without another word. As soon as he saw the window shut, all of the joy Calin had felt after seeing where he could get a pokedex disappeared. Why did that old dude have to shut the window today of all days! When he heard the voices in the next room get even fainter, he decided to try to break the window. Throwing his body against it, he only ended up with a bruised shoulder and a wounded ego. If I wasn't so darn small, this window wouldn't hold me back! After a few more tries, he knew that it was futile and decided to find another way out. Sneaking back to the other room, he saw that the Turtwig was the only one in the room.

"Hi there, " the turtoise Pokemon said, kindly. "You can have some Pokemon food if you want. The new trainers brought there own food for Piplup and Chimchar, so you can have what's left." With his stomach growling loudly and the food smelling so good, Calin found it impossible to refuse the offer. As he walked forward, he noticed a black backpack much too small for a human. "What's that for?" he asked, pointing a paw at it.

"Oh, the professor puts that on a Aipom or a Chimchar, and they climb fruit trees and put the fruit they collect in them. He uses that fruit to feed us Pokemon at this lab. I'm sure the prof. wouldn't mind if you borrow it. We've got lots of them just laying around."

Struck by the Turtwig's kindness, Calin grabbed the bag and jumped onto the table. After a few moments hesitating, he managed to convince himself to try the food. "Wow, this food is great! I'll have to bring some of this back for my friends." He ate his fill and shoveled as much as he could into the backpack that was, thankfully, already open. "Thanks a lot, Turtwig. I've got to go now. My friends are probably starting to worry about me." Grabbing the top of the backpack in his mouth he carried off the table and back into the office. He then pulled the drawer open with his mouth and felt his mouth close around two pokedexes.

Dropping them in his bag, he came face to face with an angry Piplup and Chimchar. "What is that Eevee doing with those pokedexes!?" he heard the professor yell somewhere behind them. Oh, boy.... This is trouble.

(I hope that's good. I hope to have the human SU I promised on here later on today, but I have to clean the house right now or my mom'll be mad.)

Jaydin Knight
October 31st, 2008, 5:02 PM
Namora- Accepted. Good work. I like your reason for her fur. xD