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October 25th, 2008, 5:30 PM
First of all, sorry if I post my thread where it doesn't belong. Well, just to let you know that I've been working on this project for a long time (like 6 months, not THAT long XD) and I want to expand my project, so I will let you, guys, know about it.

Manga Name: ペルソナ AFTER / Persona AFTER
Release Date: 03/26/2008
# of Chapters until date: 6/??
Name: Setsuna Kando
Persona: Amaterasu
Age: 18
Occupation: Seven Sister High School Student
about: Setsuna is the "hero" of the story,a lonely protagonist who only cares about his own self. He doesn't care what happen to others and he doesn't remember much of his past, he is the leader of the crew because of the way he takes decisions without asking others' opinion. He awake his Persona when battling a demon that appear at 7SHS.

Name: Aiko Ito
Persona: Not yet revealed
Age: 15
Occupation: Seven Sister High School Student
about: Aiko is the cheerful person of the group, she always look the way to keep everyone happy, and she is always trying to protect Setsuna, because she feels a powerful link between Setsuna and her. Aiko gives Setsuna the bandana that he is wearing all the time.

Name: Rebecca Nomura
Persona: Not yet revealed
Age: 18
Occupation: Seven Sister High School Student
about: Aiko's best friend, Rebecca has always looked at Aiko as her little sister, she is always taking care of her. Due to his beauty, she looks like the past girlfriend of Takeshi, but she doesn't have any feeling for Takeshi or anyone else. Rebecca is a strong woman who doesn't fear to charge against any enemies.

Name: Takeshi Endo
Persona: Not yet revealed
Age: 18
Occupation: Seven Sister High School Student
about: Takeshi is like the rival of Setsuna, he is always competing against him in secret, both try to prove they're the best, he is always trying to help Setsuna even if Setsuna yells at him for what he is doing. His past girlfriend died in a car accident and the only thing he have in her memory memory is a ring. By a strange reason, Rebecca looks like Takeshi's girlfriend.

Story's Plot:The events on this manga takes place a couple of years AFTER the events of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment. Sumaru City will be devoured by the eternal darkness and Philemon is looking for someone who can help him. The doors of the Makai are opening and demons are passing to the human world. That's when Philemon summon Setsuna (as a random character) and tell him about the whole thing, and he gives Setsuna the ability to summon his inner self. Philemon also contact Aiko, Rebecca and Takeshi and that's when destiny takes his role and make our 4 protagonist cross their path, but it will be destiny or a coincidence? Setsuna will take the role of "hero" but as story progress he will find a new reason to fight, to remember his past and reveal why he is always named "Carrier".

WebSite:Pending until I have enough posts (once I reach 15 post, I'll post the link, for now you can click on the link in my signature :D)
Story and Art: Emilio Morales
Poem Composers: Lilian Cabrera and Nicholas Gordon

The manga can be downloaded via 4 different uploaders, those can be found at my home page "10,000 Punishments for a Sin". Just to let you know, since the beginning, I'm not a professional, so please don't expect a professional or good looking manga. I accept all kind of critics, but please, just don't post things like "that sucks" or "you make waste my time" let's just avoid those kind of critics, or if you want to post that, then explain to me what aspect of the manga didn't like it or what you can do to improve it. Also, English is not my native language, so please excuse me if you find some spelling or grammar errors, it can't be helped. I also accept that the first chapters aren't THAT good, but it's just that I was getting used to the Pen Tablet and all those kind of obstacles, but one thing I can say to you, I'm improving with each chapter, so you can expect something a little better with the upcoming chapter.

The reason I do this manga, is to prove my fanatism to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, in special, Persona series. I just love all this franchise. And the story of this manga, is supposed to explain the lack of some things (like Philemon) in P3, of course something not that important or something that isn't ment to be taken seriously.


Thanks for reading and supporting me. =D

The thread is supposed to have some pictures of the protagonist, but since I don't have 15 post, I cannot add links to the thread. Once I have the necessary post's numbers, I'll add the pics. ;)

October 25th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Well, perhaps you could recreate this thread once you have 15 posts? That way you can post the image. ^^

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