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October 25th, 2008, 5:35 PM
'A NON-Pokémon game On a Pokémon Forum!?'

--About Me and the Game.
A Few years ago, I was bored and thought "Hey, Wouldn't it be cool if Tripod starred in his own game?"
One day I stumbled upon Game Maker. (Thus begins the saga. =p)
Stuff happened and I lost it, but then I found an old backup cd that had the game on it, so I decided "Why the hell not?"
And here I am.

--Important Info You Should probably know.
Made With: Game Maker (Probably 7.0 Registered)
Genre: Adventure/Platforming

--The Plotline.
You play as a zany teenage kitsune named Tripod...
Your sister, Emily, is the guardian of a VERY VERY VERY Important Portal... The gate to Heaven and Hell... The H&H Portal.
But even guardians need a break... so she tells you to guard it for a day while she goes of somewhere for a while
You doze off... Just for a moment.
Apparently, somebody just used the negitave energy of the control gem to summon demons and stuff... and then shattered the control gem, sending the pieces across the world...
Your mission: Find all the Control Gem Shards, and stop the demons from blowing everything up! All before Emily comes back!
Only with your help can he accomplish this feat...

--Screenshots, Videos and more!
Currently, Nothing.

--How much have we done? What's left?
Currently, I needs all the sprites... If anyone wants to sprite the random demons and other baddies, let me know. =p
If you didn't figure it out, I really don't need much help... but suggestions are always welcomed!


Har Har Har. I think I'm beginning to go crazy from being up for 25 hours straight... o.0 (A Sonic-based Game? On a Pokemon forum? Am I insane? Why am I talking to myself? What's this........?

*End Communication*

October 25th, 2008, 9:18 PM
good luck on your adventure to make this game. story sounds like a good game but doing all that before "emily" comes back...? so your saying you have to find all the "gem shards" in what, a days timeframe ? anyway this could be expanded greatly, Good luck again.

Maria Santos
October 27th, 2008, 9:41 AM
ooga booga rawr lol

So far it looks good to me! But a question. What kind of demons are you trying to put in the game?