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October 27th, 2008, 7:35 PM
Well where to get started well... I live in Indiana. Trust me never move there it's boring. D: The only cool thing to do here is go to those hay mazes or a civil war reenactment which happens sometimes in the summer. And, of course you can do that in any other state. x/ Well anyways I help my mom in the dog business. Like breeding dogs and stuff. We are trying to get out of it. Since to be truthful it's to much work and we rather spend time with are pets. Well now the golden question.. my hobbies! Well I like to read sorta(yah..), draw even though I suck, and well I'm not good with listing that stuff. My favorite animal is the Hawkfish which is where my username derive. Trust me their cute. :)
My favourite Pokemon is Gardevoir. Although I love the whole Ralts line. :) Also I like Mewtwo as well. Meh I bet this isn't the place to waste on since I know every Pokemon forums has "What's your Favorite Pokemon" thread.
Most forums I go to are kinda deadish so I decided to join a larger community because of that. Lame reason I know. xD I won't waste any of your time.
*gives cookies to anyone who actually read the whole thing*

October 27th, 2008, 7:45 PM
Welcome to PC, Hawkfish! (or should I indeed call you "Fishy"? XD)

I do believe one of my fellow welcomers, Hiidoran, also lives in Indiana! Perhaps you two will have something to talk about! I know there are never-ending cornfields there, or so I've heard. (He'll show up eventually =P)

In any case, I hope you enjoy yourself here! You sound like a very interesting person...I think you'll fit in quite well at The PokeCommunity! I will take your word for the cuteness of hawkfishes XD

Seeing as this is your welcome, nothing you say here will be a waste! Although your intro is already quite excellent in my opinion, so use it how you wish I suppose! (You only get one =P)

Yes, we are a pretty large community. It certainly is not a lame reason! There shall be no lameness involve when anyone joins PC! *nods*

Have fun, and I'll see you around! *Politely takes a cookie* =P

Ayouki Emerald
October 27th, 2008, 7:46 PM
*receives cookie* I read the whole thing!
Welcome to the Pokemon Community Hawkfish! I see you like Psychic types and I hope you'll share some of your drawing here! See you soon!


October 27th, 2008, 8:15 PM
Ignore the other two welcomes, Hawkfish! I should have been here first to welcome a fellow Hoosier!
(...But I had to walk the dogs, and then I got sidetracked. xD)

Welcome to the Pokecommunity, my friend!
*Passes down an ear of corn in the likeness of a Pikachu*

Oh, so you like to draw, eh?
Well, I do believe you will just love it over in the Art Gallery! It's just full of all kinds of graphical projects running the gambit from sprite comics to photography. You should have a wonderful time there.
(Don't worry if you don't think your artwork is good enough, part of being in an online community is bettering yourself!)

I bet you're going to have a blast around here, Hawkfish. It's a pretty great place to beat the cold if I do say so myself!
(And it is getting cold here, isn't it? :o)

Take care, my friend!

(He'll show up eventually =P)
What kind of welcomer do you think I am, Aura? I should have welcomed Hawkfish long ago! ;.;

October 27th, 2008, 9:43 PM
wow such good welcomes...lol
all i can say since everything was said is welcome to PC

October 27th, 2008, 9:44 PM
LOL thats avery big intro!
Anyways, thnx for your life story, it was 'Very Naace!'

ANyway, good luck with everything, and I assure you that PC is far from deadish

October 28th, 2008, 2:13 AM
Welcome to PC, I'm just glad I get a cookie xD
Normally I wouldn't but right now I'm bored and actually willing to read :o Cookies rule, although I can't remember the last time mum baked some :(
Dogs>Other animals What sort of dogs do you breed but don't want to breed no more?

October 28th, 2008, 11:26 AM
Hawkfish, I read your whole intro. :D

The ralts line is also one of my favorite, and I also enjoy reading and drawing. I don't really think my art is very good either though and have refrained from posting it. I was also impressed by the size of the community here, since you like to read and draw will you be spending most of your time in the Pokémon Fan Fiction & Poetry and Other Writing or the Art Gallery?

I have not been on the community long and while I have skimmed over the majority of the sections I have spent most of my time in the Pokémon RP Lounge myself. :3