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October 30th, 2008, 3:38 PM
x3 Hey everyone I'm usually seen around the PE2K forums. But lately, Role Play's there have been...Lacking...and there have been a lot of disintrested role players which brought this one down there. They usually sign up for any role play then participate for a while then end. It's sadly not cause my RP is bad, its just the Role Players. I've seen almost all the people who signed up for previous role plays by me sign up for this one and never or stop participating after signing up. Hopefully i'll have better luck here :3

Pokemon world: Knights

Trainers at the age of 10 leave to begin their journey, however. Trainers who decide to leave at the age of 13 are known as knights.

These knights stay training from 10 under a professor. As apprentices these trainers learn deeper into the knowledge of Pokemon under a battle professor. Theses trainers strive to learn more of Pokemon and become professor of their own, or defenders of peace throughout the world. These knights travel in pairs, for each knight there's another who travels with the one.


The world of Pokemon

A world filled with excitement, new friends, and many dangers. Trainers as we all know leave home to begin their journeys, often making knew friends and even traveling with them. Friendships are formed, romances may be made. The same is for knights. As defenders of peace.

But with defenders of peace, there is someone who wishes to break the peace, for their own desires. They're desires may have the right intentions as with Team Galactic. But their methods may endanger hundreds of lives. Others such as team rocket, have bad intentions, as well as methods, with Pokemon.

A small cult of ex-knights began to create their own goals. These knights had good intentions, cleanse the world. But, their ideas are known as "Reckless" and "With out care". With out care of who is in the way of their goal. Their cult slowly grew. To professional knights, this cult known as "Crusade", is seen as a growing threat, potential to entangling the tree known as earth in their vines, sapping the world of its life. They see the world as, "In clean" and "Dangerous". They believe their intentions are good.

As knights we travel the Pokemon world, with the goal to keep "Crusade" under control. As our code goes, "We are allowed to use force if it becomes necessary."


Red/Ash Ketchum(5th class)
Blue/Gary Oak(4th class)
Lance(Ex-Knight, 4th class)
Steven Stone(2nd class)
Cynthia(Ex-Knight, 3rd class)
Dawn(10th class(beginning))
Misty(6th class)
Giovanni(Ex-Knight, 1st Class)
Butch and Cassidy(Ex-Knights, 7th class)
Archie and Maxie(Ex Knights, 4th class)
Hunter J(Ex-Knight 3rd class)
Ritchie(5th class) Paul(Training)
Nando(Ex-Knight, 6th class)
Lt. Surge(Knight, 3rd class)
Koga(2nd class) Janine(Training)
Clair(3rd class) Roxanne(8th class)
Winona(5th class) Candice(9th class)
Byron(9th class)


Sign Up Sheets

Your Character and Partner's Name: This can change if you and another Role Player decide to become partners. Changes must happen in the SU.
Your Character Age:
Your Character Gender:
Your Character Personality: Leave this as a brief outline, I'd like to see your character's personality bud through the story. This is what story writing is about, character development.
Your Character Appearance: Keep this detailed or find a fitting picture to your personality.
Day of leaving Journal: You may leave this as short as 3 sentences. If you'd like to write more go ahead.
Pokemon: 1 for you and 1 for your partner. Total: 2; The evolution limit is 1st stage evolution. No legends. Pokemon begin at level 10. Then you decide how hey level through the story with out saying "OMG i leveled!" Just judge it like it were real life. BUT DO NOT go crazy like that and say, "Omg my pokemon is lvl 100 now!" That takes away fairness.

Trainers leave from an small town called, Hue or its sister city, Spectrum.



Name and Partner: Luke Woods; [Partner: CrimsonReaper] or Stary Chase
Age: 13; [Dracul Redfield 14] or 13
Gender: Male; [Partner Dracul redfield male] or Female
Personality: Has a tendency to be forgetful, hes loud and likes to bring life to situations.
Stary is very complaining to her own needs. She favors grass type pokemon.
Appearance:i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll178/lollipopzrule/anime/animekid.jpg--Luke Woods
i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg266/mikki_21_mikkhaela/anime/1165177432624lr8.jpg--Stary Chase
Pokemon: Ledyba; [Cyndaquil] or Hoppip
September 30th 9:00 PM
Today is one of the most exciting days of my life! I've seen all my friends leave the same day I began training under Professor Sycamore. It was tough working at his lab. But what made it worth it, I guess, was spending time with the Pokemon on the ranch out back. Hearing the sound of their voices, the trees blowing, and the grass beneath my feet. There was a old Sycamore tree (How Ironic) That I loved sleeping under. It got very nice sun light where I slept. My first town of stopping is Viridian. I heard it was a beautiful town at the end of a Forrest. I started my life as a trainer, away from home. It kind of scary and at the same time exciting! I hope I met and catch many pokemon. I also met my partner, I don't 'em that well. But I'm sure we'll grow closer! As with my pokemon!

Stary's journal:
September 30th 9:00 PM
I've left from home on my journey. Boy is it rough! Its hot, the walks are long, and there are a lot of bugs! I dislike bugs, but I wouldn't say hate. I just want them to keep away from me! <(>.<)> I'm with a guy who I've seen around here and there. But I don't know him that well. He's a lil weird if you ask me. I would have liked being with Rick. Sigh...Oh well guess I'm paired with who I'm paired with, Rick left at 10 too. I hope I grow closer to my pokemon, I don't know if I want the same with my partner.




October 30th, 2008, 4:34 PM
Charecter and Partners name: Maximillion and Saphire(made up charecter)
Age: Max- 13 Saphire-13
Gender: Max- Male Saphire- Male
Personality: Max is very sneaky and quiet. He can climb trees very well and can walk across empty field with no trees or anything with nobody seeing him whent here are people around.

Saphire is very strong and very muscular. He loves to do combat and always will. He only likes to use pressure points, though, and nobody knows why.

Appereance: Max- http://a.bebo.com/app-image/6390644690/6390613598/PROFILE/i.idlestudios.com/img/q/u/08/04/07/anime-smart-boy.jpg except he doesn't wear a white shirt and a tie...he wears a blak shirt and black pants.

Spahire- http://a.bebo.com/app-image/6898473398/5411656627/PROFILE/i.yaquiz.com/img/q/u/08/03/30/foxdemon2.jpg oh...and he doesn't wear the jacket.

Pokemon: Max- Stealth...his male sneasel.
Saphire- Rinchu...his male Riolu.


September 30, 10:00 P.M.

Man. This is the best day of my life! Someone by the name of Halt has accepted me a ranger apprentice along with Stealth. I can't wait to start practicing as a ranger and my best buddy, Saphire has just been accepted as a Pressure Point apprentice. I don't really know what he does but if he is happy then he should go for it! My dad is being really tough on me and calling me a baby since I got accepted by a ranger. He thinks that everyone who is a ranger is a baby. I'll prove him wrong though. Mom thinks it's great I became a ranger, but she would have preffered me becoming a cook. Bleh! I can't even imagine me in an apron and slaving behind a stove for five hours a day. Ugh! Anyway everyone my ge in Hue wishs they became rangers, except for Saphire of course. Yeah, me and Saphire got assigned as partners and we both are so very stoked. Well gotta go! Dad calls for bed. See ya!



This is the greatest day of my life! I have been accepted by Jason a pressure point specialist and I am going to start being taught by him in the morning. Oh, and Rinchu is going to learn from that man's Lucario too! I can't wait till morning. My best buddy, Maximillion has been accepted as a ranger and is going to satrt with his buddy Stealth. I can't wait until the morning! My dad doesn't talk to me much anymore. He thinks I depend on people to much and that becoming a Ranger would be best for me. I don't really care what he thinks. Ma hates me for reasons I don't even know. Meggie thinks that I should have become a scribemaster and have written books and important documents and what not. Geez! I wish peopl would lay off me! Yeah, He here is nice, but I can't wait to get away and train to become the ultimate pressure point master! Me and Max got assigned as partners and we are both stoked. Well, anyway. Ma calls for supper and I gotta go then. See ya!

- Saphire.

If I need to edit anything I will!!!

October 30th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Well Pikalover10, I believe your characters could write more into their journals. I'd advise giving them more feeling in their journal and have them in a way talk about what they think so far and what their first impressions on the other person are. But, being their boy's, its not like they'd really want to write much. Plus for a sense of realism, but just write a little more into the journal using methods I just discussed.

Other than that your accepted UNTIL about 5 lines are added to their journals discussing thoughts and feelings on their ideas of the journey and thoughts of their partner. :3 I'll start the RP tomorrow morning in my Computer Tech Class.

Other than that TT__TT wish forums worked like word...I'd make such better looking and eye catching stuff...but oh well...

October 30th, 2008, 5:01 PM
Ok.....better? hope so! Anyway if I need to edit anything I will in the morning because I gotta go right now!

October 30th, 2008, 5:39 PM
Hello can I reserve a spot
Your Character and Partner's Name: Echo Willington and Dei Soundfo
Your Character Age: 14 (Echo) 13 (Dei)
Your Character Gender: Both male
Your Character Personality: Echo and Dei have both unique qualities and many similarities. Quick to anger and annoy (if the right buttons are pushed), Dei is a very hot-headed teenager. Something of a sadistic arsonist, he is not above relishing a good fight, and he often blows up with anger his opponents in a very brutal fashion. On the other hand Echo possesses incredible self control of his emotions. He constantly displays an emotionless personality, though at times, he appears to have a slight degree of anger or frustration on his face. He only shows surprise when opponents prove more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he doesn't lose his composure. He does not possess any arrogance, and fully justifies any statements he makes about his power, and even compliments his opponents at times on their abilities. Echo and Dei both portray conflicting views of art, and they frequently argue about their different views. Dei holds that art is something transient that departs quickly, whereas Echo believes that fine art is something wonderful that is left long into the future. This reflects their individual nature Dei outwardly seems to respect Echo's beliefs, but Echo doesn't respect Dei's.
Your Character Appearance: Echo http://th128.photobucket.com/albums/p190/sasuketorn/anime%20boys/th_345hits.jpg
Dei http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime%20boys/nadesko21/1vb7.jpg?o=336
Day of leaving Journal:
Echo : Today is one of the best days of my live!!! . Someone by the name of Saso came up to me and Topaz and said " You seem very powerful in training battles would you like to become a knight?". I stammered ,what would I say this person was one of the legendary knights what was I suppose to say ?. Eventaully when he said "My Garchomp would be glad to train your Dratini " I agreed and ran to go tell Dei and have him come with me on my journey.

Dei : Well I was working on a paper crane and suddenly Echo came crashing through my door saying " Come hurry we are going to become knights " . When I heard those words I realized that me and Echo together were unstoppable if we trained and became the best trainers in the Knight Society . I grabbed Teri's pokeball and headed out to follow Echo to become a knight.
Pokemon: Echo has a Dratini and Dei has a Eevee.

October 30th, 2008, 6:40 PM
Your Character and Partner's Name: Gayle and Skylar
Your Character Age: Gayle- 13; Skylar- 14
Your Character Gender: Gayle- Female; Skylar- Male
Your Character Personality:
Gayle: Shy and easily unnerved. Not very confident. Gayle is uncomfortable around new people, but once she gets to know them, she is kind and generous. Gayle also tends to be clumsy. She doesn't think much of herself.
Skylar: Gentle, Skylar has a good sense of humor, and likes to joke around. Since he is older than Gayle, he has slightly more experience, and likes teaching her and telling her to learn from her mistakes. He, however, is a bit quick to act, and sometimes needs Gayle to teach him, for a change. Unlike Gayle, he's confident, and always stands up for her.
Your Character Appearance:
Gayle: Gayle is tall, about 5 feet 2 inches, and has a slim build. She has a tall head, also, and long, dark brown hair. Her hair is straight, and goes about as far as her waist. It takes a lot of effort to keep it clean and neat, but Gayle really doesn't mind much. Her eyes are a dark hazel, and shine with curiosity and wonder. She has bright pink lips, and a rounded chin. Her torso is long, and she wears a light pink shirt over it, with a silver feather in the middle of the chest. Her shirt has short sleeves, and Gayle has long arms. She wears black gloves to keep each of her small hands warm in cold weather. Her skin is a light color.
Gayle has short legs, and can't run very fast. She wears light blue sweat pants, with white stripes down the front. They are rather short, even for her legs. Gayle wears white socks and light blue hiking shoes that are also just fine for running.
Skylar: Skylar is shorter than average, about 4 feet 7 inches tall. He has short, fuzzy hair, that is a reddish-brown color. His eyes are large and green, with a gentle twinkle to them. His lips are lightly colored, and his head is small and round.
Skylar wears a long shirt that is colored a dark blue, with long sleeves that go slightly past his elbows. He has short arms, and wears nothing on his hands, even though they often get cold. His shirt has a few patterns of Flying-types on it, etched in light gray. The Flying-types include Taillow, Pidgey and Starly, the three most popular Flying Pokémon.
He wears new, blue jeans with deep pockets, and he tends to like carrying things in his pockets instead of a heavy backpack. Luckily, he doesn't usually carry around a lot of supplies. His socks and shoes are both black. He wears the same kind of shoes as Gayle, his best friend.
Day of leaving Journal:
This is the first day I'll be on my journey. I'm bringing along my pal, Skylar, and a Taillow I just caught. Something tells me this will be a good day. I'll just have to be careful not to mess anything up, or something bad could happen.
I'm apparently a 'knight' now, since I've been training under a battle professor. This is my chance. I'm going to show everyone how I really am! And Skylar will help me with that. Flying is my favorite type, too, which makes it even more fun! But I need to make sure I'm prepared. I have a few Pokeballs, Potions, two Antidotes.... plus $500. Looks like I'm ready. This journal entry is now officially ended.
So, today is when I become a knight. I'm pretty confident that I'll do well, and if I slip up, I'm sure Gayle will help to fix it.
I'm bringing my Starly, Samuel, along too. He seems excited already! I can't believe how much he's chirping and flitting around the room! He sounds like he's eaten a hundred Poffins all at once, without the stomachache!
Oops, there he goes, chatting in my ear again. I have to leave now. I end this entry with a period.
Gayle has a Taillow, as mentioned.
Skylar will bring a Starly, as he said in his journal entry.

October 30th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Alright pikalover10 is now officially accepted. I think with pumpkin's journal it could do with 2 or 3 more lines maybe. and gallade of the funk (Get it? xD) is reserved. :3 i'll open it tomorrow and post a link

October 30th, 2008, 7:47 PM
This seems like fun. I'll try to make my sign-up sheet tomorrow (but I don't know if I'll get on since it is Halloween :\)

I'll get it up as soon as possible, how about about that?

October 30th, 2008, 8:02 PM
Your Character and Partner's Name: Ami Mizuno & Brendan Anderson
Your Character Age: Ami: 13 Brendan: 15
Your Character Gender: Ami: Female Brendan: Male
Your Character Personality:
Ami- Ami is usually very shy and timid, she is usually very quiet and isn't very good at socializing, she is however a total brain making her one of the smartest kids in her town Spectrum. Ami is usually either reading a book or shes looking through her pocket computer, Ami is however will usually start a long conversation about novels that she reads.

Brendan- Brendan is usually very energetic and loves all kinds of sports including martial arts, Tennis, basketball etc. He also loves to read novels as well although Ami is the only one who knows about this so far. He is somewhat clumsy and can sometimes mess up but he gets his mistakes fixed all the time. He is also very competitive and will never back down from a challenge, even if it considers risking something. Brendan is also very protective of his friends and will do almost anything to save them.
Your Character Appearance:
Brendan: http://www.sivph.com/games/trainer1.jpg
Day of leaving Journal:
Ami- I can't believe I'm finally going to become a knight, looks like mother was right, I did have the potential to become a knight If I put my mind to it. My assigned partner isn't who I expected, his name is Brendan although hes very nice, he is so rowdy, I don't know how I'll be able to get any reading done in my spare time with him going to be jumping around everywhere. Oh well he is my friend after all and if he enjoys doing those things then who am I to stop him? He is supposed to take a self defense class as requested by both of our mothers. They think that 1) I'm too innocent and can only protect myself with my pokemon. and 2) they think that its his job to protect a "maiden". I disagree, I can take care of myself! I know one thing for sure, he enjoys that training of his. I hope he doesn't mock any of my belongings. We've been friends for a year now but I he hasn't seen any of my high tech stuff. Well I'm sure things will go out all right since theres two of us. Oh I guess its time for me to rest up. Toodles.

Brendan- This is Awesome! I finally get to become a knight and learn that self defense from AJ. I don't get what mom meant by protecting Ami since she is a "maiden" but I enjoy anything thats sports related. You know Ami is a pretty cool girl and I'm glad we get to be partners, shes a total brain so she can definantly get me out of a pinch. Even though others have called her "the human Encyclopedia" or "the living calculator" I still like her nevertheless. I can't wait to start our adventure tomorrow. In fact I'm so hyped up that I feel like I'm on a sugar rush! not even my Riolu can hold still, he's been training to prepare for this. Well looks like I'm gonna have to relax now, its pretty late so I gotta go. Ciao for now.
Pokemon: Ami- Buizel
Brendan- Riolu

October 31st, 2008, 6:43 AM
Darklink is on reserve and bamachi (or bam) is accepted :3 great SU imma open the official thing now.

Its in the role play lounge.

October 31st, 2008, 9:24 PM
Never mind, thats not where RP's go .-. i guess they go here then... :3 lets get started

OOC: Today the RP is open O:!!! oh snapz. The RP will be changed abit from my original idea and because of past religious issues the group being called originally as "Messiah" is now "Crusade"

We begin as any other journey. Starting in sinnoh though.

IC: A young boy and girl walked up a dirt path to Jubilife City. The boy is named Luke, a beginning night and the girl, Stary, a beginning knight and cooridinator. They both walked up the dirt road talking with each other about various stuff, usually resulting in an argument breaking out.

"I'm telling you! Tyranitars are the hardest pokemon to get!" Luke yelled.
"And I'm telling you that Tyranitars can be easily gotten! If you show your Larvitar and Pupitar love and friendship!" Stary retaliated.

The fight seemed to drag on as they walked up the path. Luke's ledyba and stary's hoppip were both floating in the slight breeze going through the forest. They both chattered happily to each other. They were most likely laughing at Stary and Luke's bickering and saying to each other, "Aren't humans so particular? They can fight over almost every little thing!"

Luke and Stary were coming up upon Jubilife. They were both amazed at the size of the city, "Wow it looks so modern!" Stary said in awe, "Oh my god! They must have a clothing store for trainers and pokemon right?! I should buy hoppip some clothes for contests!"

Hoppips face seemed to freeze with a sort of fear people get when they, have! To go shopping with their parents for clothes. Hoppip began to run but was quickly grabbed and disappeared with Stary into the city.

"Wait!!!" Luke yelled after her, "We gotta check our!" His voice began to die as she flew out of sight, "Budget..." He muttered quietly. Ledyba sat ontop of Luke's head, "Leeedy..!" Ledyba spoke quietly as though saying, "Women."

Luke walked through the city amiring all the large buildings. The side walks were rather crowded but not so much you had to push your way through people. It was more of a busy. There were cars, coming and going, as were people. The city looked so clean and everyone looked friendly. Luke sighed as there didnt appear to be a gym in the city. There was a small clothing shop which Stary was most likely at. Luke continued to walk when something caught his eye. Some people who were diffrent, course all people are diffrent. But, these people just seemed to stick out, giving off a sort of coldness. They wore long black trench coats and various head wear. Beanies, baseball caps, soldier caps, goggles, glasses, etc. There weren't too many of them, just about 6 people like that.

They looked at Luke. Luke shuddered as they looked at him, they're eyes seemed to be pericing him. He quietly walked away to a clothing store on the next corner, where, he could hear hoppip shouting about clothing.

November 1st, 2008, 8:05 AM
Is my signup okay now? I edited the journal entries a bit. :)

November 1st, 2008, 1:11 PM
"Hey Ami." Brendan whispered into her ear as they were walking along a path to Jubilife city.

"Ami, Ami I have something to tell you. Its important." he whispered again. Ami looked up and shut her book close. "What is it Brendan can't you see that I was reading? you should know tha-"

"Ami please. No lectures right now, we're here. We've arrived at Jubilife."

They both stared wide eyed at the modernized city in front of them, looking all around it and looking at the crowds of people, it was much more crowded than an average town, the downside was that there was no gym.

"Whoa! Look at that Ami! Its got everything except a gym! Check out all the resturaunts and stores!!" Said Brendan as if he was a child in a candy store.

They both walked around a bit looking at all the buildings and places. They both decided to get some lunch and sit down by the fountain.

"Hi I'd like to order a large burger, large fries, and a large soda please." Said Brendan eagerly awaiting his order.

"Careful Brendan, you don't want to fill yourself too much otherwise there won't be any room left for the ice cream." Said Ami giggling. "I'll order what he's getting except make it small sized." Said Ami as she was looking at Brendan who started to laugh. Ami and Brendan recieved thier order and went to sit by the fountain. They started to eat and then looked at all the nearby stores.

"Whoa cool, check out that giant sports store!" Shouted Brendan as he finished his lunch.

"Wow and look at the size of that book store. I have to make a stop in there." Said Ami as she drank the last of her soda. They both got up and shouted in unison "LETS GO!!"

Ami went to the bookstore while Brendan went to the sports store beside the book store. Ami was browsing all the books that were there and couldn't decide what to get, she was looking all over and finally found all the books she wanted. Brendan was looking at all the sporting goods, he looked over and found 4 items he really wanted: a soccer ball, a tennis raqcuet, a basketball, and a pair of boxing gloves. He went to the cashier and paid for all of the items and happily left the store going to the bookstore to check on Ami, as he arrived he saw that two men dressed in black trench coats encountered her and they stopped her as she wanted to pass through.

"Little girl quit hiding it, we know about you, smartest girl in your town huh? Well you better give us information on the special hidden energy you know so much about, don't even bother bringing out your pokemon, it isn't just us 2, there are many more of us we can bring over, now tell us the information before we get it out of you by force!" Said the man in the trench coat who seemed as if he was going to get violent.

"I can't trust you, get away from me you weirdos! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!" Shouted Ami as she ran by a nearby clothing store running as fast as she could.

November 1st, 2008, 7:51 PM
Is it too late to sign up?
hey, are the pokemon limited to four moves?

Character and Partner's Name: Me- Zephaniah(Zeph) Partner- Leonex(Leo)
Age: Me- 13 Leonex- 13
Gender: Both Male
Personality: Hyper when around close firends, but quite when around other people
Appearance: Zeph-http://www.absoluteanime.com/please_teacher/kei2.gif (http://www.absoluteanime.com/please_teacher/kei2.gif), just with red hair.
http://www.animegalleries.net/albums/userpics/34644/thumb_anime_males-72.jpg (http://www.animegalleries.net/albums/userpics/34644/thumb_anime_males-72.jpg), Just with white hair and no cross necklass. Thats Leo by the way.
Journal: 10:30 am
Journy started.Found Leonex waiting and town exit. Left after "quick" supply stop sujested by Leo.
Pokemon: Zeph-Charmander, Leo-Snorunt

November 1st, 2008, 11:56 PM
Hi, Hyosuke, since the other one may die, I would like to join this one with the same characters.

November 2nd, 2008, 1:19 PM
OOC: Ok dragonair is accepted, dues ex is accepted, pumpkin is accepted, and lookalikeasomething or another: Your RP sign up is lacking...ALOT review other sign ups to get an idea for your journal. Also personality could use more writen to it.

._o now bam, in a PM explain to me this "Hidden energy" idea, we might be able to use that in the RP

IC: Luke was about to enter the clothing store when him and Stary heard some screaming. Stary was trying to force a hat onto hoppip, "What do you suppose is her problem?" Luke asked himself. Stary looked out the door while hoppip threw off its dorky sailor outfit. The guys wearing trench coats followed after her. Their coats flowing like cloaks as they ran, "Its those creepy guys!" Luke spoke.

"Creepy guys?" Stary asks. Luke didn't hear a word and ran after the girl.
"Ledyba mach punch!" Luke yelled. Several of the men heard Luke's attack order. They turned around while a few more guys ran. One of them was about to throw out a pokemon for defense but was quickly hit by the mach punch and launched into the sky. He disappeared in the sky, with Luke looking on in awe, "Ledyba...I think you over did it on him..."

Stary quickly caught up while 3 pokemon flashed out pokeballs while 2 guys continued to chase the girls, "You wont be able to stop us kids! Go run along and play with your toys!" One of them yelled. Out of their pokeballs emerged a Charmeleon, Jolteon, and Leafeon.

"Hey I'm no kid!" Stary yelled throwing her hands down and shouting as loud as she could, "Hoppip get them! Hit Charmeleon with bullet seed!" She yelled.

"Hold it Stary! That wont--!" Luke started but was cut off. Hoppip breathed in then began shooting seed shaped energy bolts from its mouth. They crashed into Charmeleon making a small explosion. Charmeleon rolled across the ground but jumped back to its feet, virtually unharmed except for a few scratches.

"Stary didn't you study at all?!" Luke yelled.
"I--" She stopped as hoppip was hit by a dragon rage, "Hoppip!" She yelled.

Luke decided to put matters into his own hands for a moment, "Ledyba attack Jolteon and Charmeleon with a comet punch!" Luke yelled. Ledyba flew at the two pokemon quickly striking both of them with several hits before being zapped away by a thunderbolt.

"We need more help.." Luke said in a low growl.

November 2nd, 2008, 4:17 PM
"Come on, let's go, Gayle!"

She woke up to someone shaking her. When she opened her eyes, she saw Skylar standing over her. "It's time already!" He groaned. "You've woken up late..."

"I'm terribly sorry!" Gayle apologized. "I guess I stayed up too late, huh?" She immediately stood up, grabbing a Pokeball from her bedside desk.

She raced out under the morning's glare, letting it soak into her fur. She liked the feeling, and thought Toree would enjoy it, too. So she sent out her Taillow, who flitted about happily in the open space.

Skylar followed close behind, letting Samuel out of his Pokeball to fly around also. The brown bird trilled jubilantly, and soared above Gayle and Skylar's heads. Toree followed suit as their two humans wandered onto the route.

Gayle could not stop wondering what would await them today. It was fascinating, this morning, and she would make the best of it that she could.

November 3rd, 2008, 3:35 PM
OOC: Hidden energy is now a major feature of the RP O: more will be revealed in due time

IC: Stary was retrieving hoppip when she noticed some other trainers watching. They seemed to be hesitant on joining the fight, "Hey get over here and help!" She shouted.

Behind her Ledyba was taking quite a pounding. Ledyba was hit by a slash attack right into jolteon who then used pin missile to launch the Ledyba airborne. When Luke thought it was over Ledyba was launched right into Luke's chest by a quick attack from Leafeon, "N-Nice combo..." Stary muttered in awe. Luke sat back up from his fall. Ledyba wasn't looking to good at all, "L-Ledyba...You alright buddy?" Luke asked. Ledyba didn't answer much more than a weak, "Le...dy..."

Hoppip still looked ready to fight, "C'mon hoppip! Hit again with U-turn!" She shouted. Hoppip ran at the pokemon then hit the middle pokemon, Leafeon, with U-turn. As it was turning into the attack and getting out it shot out stun spore all over the enemy pokemon. Their movement slowed down to stop.

"Damn!" Shouted one of the hooded men.

November 3rd, 2008, 7:19 PM
"AMI!" Brendan shouted as he saw her petrified with fear. He rushed past the other trainers who were still battling the cloaked men. "Are you alright? They didn't hurt you did they?" Said Brendan with a concerned voice. Ami shook her head and watched the other trainers battle the men.

"Hey Ami you think we should pitch in and help? theres more of us now so it should be safe. And that Ledyba looks like it'll need some help." Stated Brendan.

"Okay lets go then. Go Buizel!" Shouted Ami as she released her Buizel from her pokeball.

"Go Riolu!" Shouted Brendan as he released Riolu from it's pokeball. They both ran up to the the cloaked men and thier pokemon.

"Buizel use Water gun on Charmeleon!" Commanded Ami as her Buizel released a jet of Water that greatly hurt the Charmeleon.

"Riolu use Focus Punch on Jolteon!" Commanded Brendan as his Riolu aimed his fist at Jolteon and then launched a powerful punch. "Looks like we arrived just in time, you thugs are going down!" Said Brendan starting to get angry.

"I won't release the information to creeps like you. Now look whos out numbered?" Said Ami as she began trying to analyze the cloaked mens' pokemon.

November 5th, 2008, 1:56 PM
The cloaked men immediately felt cornered, trapped. They were out numbered with paralyzed pokemon, dragging this bout on any longer would just end in defeat and charge for attempted kidnapping. It wasn't looking very good for them, "We won't tell you anything kid." One of the men said. He looked over at the other guys. They nodded as though they knew exactly what needed to be done now, "It's been fun kids, but sadly we must depart...Tata." Said the middle leader. He and his partners threw open their cloaks and began throwing down hundreds of smoke screen balls around the area.

Stary and Luke both covered their eyes and pokemon. The smoke was so thick that not even the shape of a shadow could be made out, to make matters worse. The smoke balls were all spouting off different colors which just masked everything more. There was a sound of pokemon returning then running footsteps. Luke and Stary began coughing a lot through the smoke screen. Luke managed to find Stary's wrist then ran out of the smoke with her. He dropped to the ground coughing with Stary. He turned back around and shouted into the smoke, "Get out of the smoke! Get out of the smoke!"

The smoke slowly began to disappear due to breezes running through the town. The hooded men were gone. Luke looked around for any trace of them, but there was none. They were completely gone. Luke got back up and returned Ledyba to its pokeball so it wouldn't have to be out exposed to more pain. Luke looked at the trainers standing as the smoke cleared. The person he had his main attention on was the girl. He wanted to know why she was being chased by those goons.

Stary returned her pokemon then brushed herself, "That was more of a fight than I want..." She sighed. She also looked around at the trainers. The one who caught her curiosity most was the person dressed up just like a knight. The person appeared rather tall compared to most average people. He was a possible 6'7'' or so by estimate. She walked over to the guy then asked what she felt was a random and stupid question, "Why are you dressed like a knight?" She asked curiously.

Luke decided to let Stary figure out her own question. He marched over to the girl wearing a school uniform. Then rudely got right in her face, as though staring her down, "Why were those guys chasing you?" He asked with a sort of insensitivity to his voice.

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November 6th, 2008, 4:55 PM
Ami didn't know how to answer the boy's question, she backed off a bit saying "I'm sorry, I can't tell anyone, its for me to know and only for me to know." Ami said as she turned her back. "Please don't ask anymore questions. Thank you for helping me though, I do appreciate it greatly." Said Ami walking away almost leaving Brendan behind, she walked seeming to not even want to look back but she didn't realize that she dropped her mini computer.

Brendan got back to his senses and realized that Ami was walking away. He quickly chased after her yelling "Ami! Wait up, where are you going?" He finally caught up to her stopping to catch his breath, he asked "What happened, what were those trainers saying to you?".

"I'd rather not talk about it, although I think I've become a target now." Said Ami looking very worried.

November 7th, 2008, 3:54 PM
Your Character and Partner's Name: Grey and Scarlett Roy [Twins]
Your Character Age: 13
[B]Your Character Gender: Grey Male; Scarlett Female
Your Character Personality: Grey is shy, but opens up only to his Pokemon and his sister; while Scarlett is open about her problems, emotionally and physically. The two are as different as night and day. Their personalities show up in their Pokemon choises.
Your Character Appearance:
Grey has bright red hair, despite his dark and quiet pesonality. He is rather tall for his age, around 5'6". He has multiple frecles dotting his face, and bright green eyes. His hair is neatly combed and has collar-long hair, over his ears and eyebrows. He wears a black shirt along with a white undershirt. He has long, worn out jeans, which cover the tops of his black sneakers.
Scarlett has red bright hair, perfectly descibing her sparky personality. She shortly follows her brother in height, being 5'4". She has frecles, but not nearly as many as her twin brother. Her bright green-yellow eyes reveal the never stopping gears turning in her head. Her hair is waist long, and goes along greatly with her bright orange spagetthi stap shirt. She normally wears jean-shorts, and wouldn't be caught dead wearing long pants. She wears white, spotless sneakers.
Grey - Swinub - Female
Scarlett - Ralts - Male
Day of Leaving Journal:
Today I will start a journey with my sister, Scarlett. I remember three years ago to the day when all of my lifelong friends left to start their Pokemon journey. That day I lost every friend I had, except for Swinub, Chimchar, Torkoal, Grovyle, Ralts, and the other Pokemon staying with the Professor in Hue, my hometown. Professor Raleigh told us (Scarlett and I) that we could choose one of her Pokemon to go on the journey with us. I, of course, chose Swinub. Swinub is very shy, and doesn't mix very well with the other Pokemon. Scarlett can't decide on which Pokemon she will take, but last I've heard she decided on Chimchar. Well, I've got to rest up. I've got a long day in front of me.


I'm sooo excited! I'm going to leave today from my po-dunk hometown of Hue! To bad Grey is going along with me. He's always a damper; always complaining about this or that. But I am the only one that he has opened up to ever since mom died and his friends left. On a brighter note, I think I've finaly settled on which Pokemon I'm going to take along: Ralts! He will soon be a swift Gallade, or a beautiful Gardevoir. I'm going to nickname him Raleigh, after the professor who has taught me so much these last few years. I've got to go now to say goodbye to all of the kids in the village, and to finish packing (Blegh!)


And thats it!!

November 8th, 2008, 10:37 PM
OOC: CHi your accepted! Sorry i havent been around yall i've been horrably sick! ONWARD TO MT MOON

IC: "Hey!" Luke yelled with a some what calmer yet continuously curious tone, "Where are you going!?" He yelled after Ami. He felt a little guilty at how he yelled at her the way he did. Not as much little as it became big. He sighed.

"We're on a quest as knights! Fighting evil, making money, buying cloth--" Stary was soon cut off by Luke shouting, "We don't buy clothes! Unless we need them!" He said in a sort of sing song voice. Stary turned around glaring at Luke. Then turned around, "But yes that's what we're all about, Mr. Knight." She smiled.

Luke turned around to Mio, "So whats your problem going into other peoples business hm?" From that comment Luke realized he just questioned himself as well. When was it his business to go questioning Ami about something he shouldn't know. He saw no way to pull himself out of the question and saving face so he decided to just take defeat and wait for an answer. Hopefully, if she was dumb enough, she wouldn't notice that he just questioned himself and made a, "Look who's talking" situation.

November 8th, 2008, 11:11 PM
"Ami whats wrong please tell me." Said Brendan now sounding more like a concerned boyfriend.

"Okay I'll tell you but its a big secret, you can't tell anyone, okay? ANYONE!" She said as she began to explain.

"They were after me for my knowledge of the hidden energy, you wouldn't understand it. Even if I showed you data in my mini computer right here." She said searching her pocket for her mini computer.

"OH NO!! I think I dropped it near them. I have to get it back before they see it!!" she said as she began sprinting for her mini computer.

November 9th, 2008, 4:34 PM
"We are finally leaving Hue!" Scarlett exclaimed, hugging her new Pokemon, Ralts.
"Yes, I know Scar,"
"Aren't you excited?"
"Yea, but its going to be sad leaving Raleigh and all of the children in Hue."
The two walked on, to the exit of the town.
"Goodbye, Raleigh! I'll miss you and visit you as soon as I get a flying Pokemon."
"I'm sure you will," Raleigh said from a far way off.
"Hey, Grey, lets battle and see who's Pokemon is stronger, your Swinub or my Ralts,"
"Ohh, whatever..." he didn't seem too excited.

November 10th, 2008, 8:08 AM
OOC: Chi try to keep up with us

IC: "Mini computer?" Luke was starting to feel safe from his stupid situation.
"Is it important?" Stary asked.
"If it is we'll help you get it back!" Luke smiled, "But...We don't even know the guy's who were chasing us...Asking around town would help though." He stated.

Stary nodded at the plan, "I'll go start asking around, Luke you can stay here." She immediately ran off before Luke could say anything about that plan. He sighed, "You don't need to mention anything about this hidden energy. From the sound of it, I seriously wouldn't understand it!" He laughed, "I was never good at chemistry and physics..." He nervously smiled.

Stary wasn't having much luck asking around. Probably cause she was asking in all the wrong places. Such as, Fine dining places, clothing stores, department stores. She sat her self down on the sidewalk and began hitting her head lightly, "Why doesn't anyone know about them!?" That's when the thought came to her, "I should check in more shady places!" She got up and began running around again. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't know how to distinguish a shady place.

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November 14th, 2008, 3:10 PM
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