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October 30th, 2008, 3:59 PM
I've been thinking about a new zelda game and tell me what you think

This is around the time after MM but before TP. Zelda calls Link to Hyrule Castle. She informs him that Ganon has escaped the Sacred Realm using the triforce of power and having the powers of din. He wanted to directly control faero, din and nayru so he went to Mortaynia. He decided to search for the scrolls of courage, power and wisdom from the Deku Haven, Goron Mountains and Zora Caves respectivly. Link must aquire these scrolls first and call upon faero, din and nayru to defeat ganon once and for all.

This game will have four boss battles (including the final one). The three "temples" will be in Deku Haven, Goron Mountains and Zora Caves. Although the emples will actually be in a mayor's hall, underground cavern and royal palace.

The Deku Haven will be home to the Deku's. There are two tribes in deku haven; decidous and conferious (after the two types of trees). Their water has been poisoned and they are losing life much quicker. The two tribes blame each other and seperate. You befriend the decidous tribe and find out their queen is running for full control over the haven (a role that the late deku tree was previouly given). She has a problem though; no-one is running against her and she can't rule properly if the public believes her to have just taken the position. she asks you to take the place of another candidate and run well. Just lose to her by a fraction so that she can rightfully take the position. You agree. Then you do a whole bunch of election stuff until she wins by a fraction. A strange hooded figure comes up to you and tells you not to trust her. He leads you inside the mayors office and you see how well guared it is. This is the dungeon to go through. you go through the dungeon and finish off with getting the boss key and enter. The queen is there. She reveals herself to be conferious and tells you that she betryed both tribes by poisoning the water. She wanted to take over the whole haven and thanks to you, she has. And now you must die. Than you get in a boss battle. Using a bow and arrows you got from the armoury in the mayor hall, you defeat her and gain the Faeore's scroll. The hooded figure reveals to be a conferious trying to help. You (as mayor) tell both tribes the truth. You than pass your position to the Grand Elder of the decidous. Blah Blah Blah and you beat the first dungeon.

How did you like it? Do you think it's a good idea and what you like or dislike. If you want me to go on, just say so.

C'mon guys, I really wanna get ths thing rated and to see if this is a good idea