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November 1st, 2008, 10:57 AM
The Story
100 Years Ago, you were chosen... 100 Years Ago, fate picked you to be a part in the end of the Universe, the end of the Universes. 100 Years Ago, a small Town named Tyruma was destroyed by the doing of an evil Team named Team Dark Sky. There mission is to destroy the Universe and rule the remains, putting all Pokemon into slavery. The cruel Leader, Darkly, is a cold-hearted Flygon which has no pity for Pokemon-Kind. Of course, there has always been a force to stop them. This force is called The Ultimos. This small Team, which isn't very famous or well known, is made up of a group of talented Pokemon with special abilities not even the Gods can summon. The Leader, Trika, is Brave and Heroic, if a little mysterious about his past.

In the Year 2759, there exists a small Planet. It is under massive threat from Team Dark Sky, but no one knows why they want to capture this Planet inparticular. this small Planet, named Paroville-5, was destroyed and taken over by Team Dark Sky. Work was well under way at creating a machine that was half of the size of the Planet. They hollowed the core and worked there way up from there, turning half of the Planet into a big machine, a weapon. No one knew what it was for, until it was switched on. They called it The Reality Bomb, and it's aim was to litterally destroy existence. It would rip apart Atoms, so they would fall apart and turn into nothing. It would spread across the Universe and destroy everything in its path, seeping into other Universes and destroying them to, whilst Team Dark Sky was safe on Paroville-5. The Reality bomb worked, and within a Day, a whole Universe was destroyed...

Where You Come In
You are a Pokemon living on a Planet named Traxo, in the Village of Grail. You notice stars dissapearing at night, and want to find out why. You hear stories that planets are also dissapearing from Solar Systems near you, and that Galaxies simply pop out of the sky. There is also word of strange and mysterious characters moving around Town. You decide to investigate, looking around for any clues or strangers you can find.

It turns out these strangers are Team Dark Sky and Team Ultimos. Apparently, the Reality Bomb is broke, and Team Dark Sky are scavanging for materials and Items that will fix it. of course, Team Ultimos wantt to stop them, but they don't want this innocent Planet to be the battlegrounds of an Inter-Galactic war! It's up to you, A villager of Grail, A Ultimos Hero or Team Dark Sky villain, to make your Mission a success!!!

Sign-Up Sheets
Here we have the most boring part of the RP, but it must be done! Fill in the form correctly otherwise you will not be accepted!

Name: (Try and make it something mystical and mysterious, like Bob :D)
Species: (Legendaries are strictly forbidden!!! If you choose a Pokemon like Rayquaza, Arcues or Magikarp, I shall smite you with my smiting stick!!!)
Age: (It doesn't have to be the same as your Level!)
Level: (It doesn't have to be the same as your Age, just not above 60 :D)

History: (Try and amke it action packed and not boring, but not cliche-ish either! No "Bob grew up in a Volcano full of Lava and his Parents got eatened by giant Man-Eating Seven-Legged Elephantees from Venus!!! And a Paragraph of 4-5 lines please.)

Personality: (Try and make them fit there surrounding and History. Don't have them all happy if they are part of Team Dark Sky or if they grew up in a Volcano full of Lava and there Parents got eatened by giant Man-Eating Seven-Legged Elephantees from Venus. And it must be a paragraph of 4-5 lines!!!)

Appearance: (Not to important, but, yet again, no "Shiny" or "Bob has a scar down his face off when his Parents got eatened by giant Man-Eating Seven-Legged Elephantees from Venus. I'm not bothered about size here, just be detailed ;))

Position: (Find out more below :))

Moveset: (A maximum of 5 moves, with 3 TMs or HMs only, please :D)

Power: (Only available if you are a Team Ultimos or Dark Sky member ;) It can be anything you want, but I'll tell you if you went a tad too extreme!)

In this RP there are three different groups: Civilian, Ultimos and Darko. Each positions have different Traits and you pick which one :D

Civilian One- Taken by Alana
Civilian Two- Taken by Deus Ex Machina
Civilian Three- Taken by TheSilv3rMoon
Civilian Four- Powers Unavailable. Level 50-80 (Thought I'd be kind ;))

Ultimos Leader- Taken By Toxic_Moonlight

Ultimos One (Aura)- Powers Available! Auras are usually by themselves and in the field, specialising in there Powers and only use Special Attacks, not Physical! Level 40-50

Ultimos Two (Aura)- Powers Available! Auras are usually by themselves and in the field, specialising in there Powers and only use Special Attacks, not Physical! Level 30-50

Ultimos Three (Valiants)- Taken by Dragonqueen0210

Ultimos Four (Gadgey)- Powers Available! Gadgies are very clever and tend not to use there Power, unless it involves there inteligence. They create many Gadgets and Weapons and use them instead. Level 20-50

Dark Sky Leader- Taken by Darkly_the_flygon

Darko One (Assasin)- Taken by lostt

Darko Two (Assasin)- Taken by Gallade of the Sand

Darko Three (Mystic)- Taken by Rubii Naruto

Darko Four (Teky)- Powers Unavailable! Tekies are very intelligent and make alot of Gadgets. These Weapons are ussually strong and Tekies don't use there Moves to battle.

Darko Five- (Assasin) Taken by Skii

I will put the positions later ;D

Please Join!!!

November 2nd, 2008, 1:25 AM
Name: Draelia
Species: MAGIKARP!!! lol, not. I'll be an Absol
Age: 16
Level: 65

History: Draelia was born in a desert, strangely. Her mother was an absol, her father a...a...ditto? She didn't like this arrangement and so, left her parents and decided to take life of an adventurer. She spen her time exploring tomes, caves and dungeons. She sold most of the treasures and items that she came across to buy everyday items that she needed. And of course, when you're exploring, you're bound to come across certain things...

Personality: Sarcastic and devious. Draelia is cunning and clever in her own way. She avoids large crowds and groups of people, liking to be alone most of the time. Also, Draelia is very a tricky type of pokemon, if it was a desperate situation, she could steal all the food or items in a house in less than 10 minutes without breaking a sweat. This obviously helps her a bit whenshe's working for Team Ultimos.

Appearance: Like your normal absol. in absolutely every way. Except she has two tails.

Position: Ultimos Three (Valiants)- Powers Available! Valiants are usually undercover and disguise themselves in Towns. They are very good fighters and are also agile. Level 50-70 (Yet again, I'm being kind ^^)

Moveset: dark pulse, thief, bite, night slash and psycho cut

Power: When it's from 1am to 6am, any dark type moves and most items are raised in power. Especially ribbons. In the day, she can hide in the shadows when necessary.

Well, I expanded it a bit. What do you think?

November 2nd, 2008, 3:00 AM
dragonqueen0210- Pending! That is a very good sighn-up ^^ I love the power! It's strong, but not to over the top :D unfortunatley though, you lack in the personality department. Try and expand, and you will be guarenteed a place in the RP ;)

November 2nd, 2008, 6:38 AM
Just a question... can I also control my minions that are not other rpers(glitchy, fat salamence) and what level am I?

November 2nd, 2008, 6:54 AM
Darkly_the_flygon- Yes, you can ^^ and your Level is also 100, just like Trikas ;D

November 2nd, 2008, 9:05 AM
Name: Tyvil
Species: Typhlosion
Age: 14
Level: 55

History: Tyvil grew up in a Volcano full of Lava and his Parents got eatened by giant Man-Eating Seven-Legged Elephantees from Venus!!

As a young little Quilava, Tyvil was abducted by Team Dark Sky but he has little memory of the incident.
Team Dark Sky trained him from the age of five to where he is now and his hatred of the universe grew and grew as they did trained him of this. Training was his life up until a few years ago and as such he hasnt experienced the fun side of life, only a dark side, the side he was never meant to be on. He has led small squads at times to take over small planets which have led to him becoming a natural leader, which has put him in a high place in the team but still not even close to the best ranks. Tyvil knows a few moves outside of what Dark Sky have taught him, which is odd as they have been his only trainers.

Personality: Tyvil sometimes has a short temper and can sometimes attack his own teammates when in a really bad mood. Tyvil is very ambitious and sometimes tries things far above his rank, which dont always end well. Tyvil is also a good leader and many admire him while many look down on him. He also tries to do something different than usual as he is sick of his samey life, Tyvil uses different tactics every time when he is leading a small group.

Appearance: Tyvil has a small gold necklace around his neck with the letter 'L', it looks very expensive and he never seems to take it off, even he doesnt know what it stands for though. He wears a plain red Bandana on his forehead. He is slightly taller than most Typhlosions. He stands on all fours and on only two legs, mainly four legs if he is running or chasing. Tyvil has a red mark on the back of his ears, which appear to be birthmarks but look different.

Position: Dark Sky Assassin

Moveset: Shadow Claw, Toxic, Thunder Punch, Lava Plume, Flamethrower.

Power: Typhlosion can blind any opponent for up to ten seconds with a bursting amount of light. He can use this power every five minutes.

I realise this needs extending, I didnt have time when I posted it so I will revise it.

November 2nd, 2008, 9:11 AM
Name: Seren
Species: Grovyle
Age: 17
Level: 35

History: Seren's past is, most unfortunately, less than extraordinary. She was not actually born in Grail but in one of its neighbors, though she has never specified exactly which. She settled into the village four years previously and was accepted fairly well. Being so young, only 13 when she arrived, naturally made people more inclined to be helpful and caring rather than harsh and suspicious. Why she was alone and where she had come from were quickly forgotten, though she admitted to the ones who took her in that she had run away because she could no longer stand life back home.

Beyond that she worked at the local store owned by her "parents", more precisely the kind Pidgeot and Fearow who were her caretakers for three years, and now lives on her own in a quaint place not far away. When she's not working she takes to the forest and plains that surround Grail to train and meditate. Her goal, until very recently, was simply to reach level 50 before turning 18 and, though she only confided this bit to her adopted parents, to leave Grail when she had succeeded. Now, however, there are slightly more pressing problems at hand.

Personality: Seren is not exactly anti-social, but she's distant. Though perfectly friendly and willing to talk to just about anyone, she is not particularly close with anyone, with the exceptions of Rene the Pidgeot and Carlen the Fearow, her Grail family. Ask anyone and they'll be sure to tell you likewise, though it's very likely that they'll add a line or two about how she seems to be searching for something, or that she's lonely. In truth, the young grass type is simply restless. She longs for a meaning to her too tame life but can't seem to find one. She's also desperate for a shot at adventure and an escape that even leaving her home didn't manage to give her. She is keenly observant and a rather intelligent individual which has been helpful in her success as a merchant, but also a hindrance as she quickly became bored with the work.

Appearance: Her appearance is not strikingly different from any other member of her species. Her coloring is, perhaps, a bit sharper than natural, but most wouldn't give this detail a second glance. The only remarkable thing about her is the red marking extending from her hip down her left leg. It is comprised of stars ranging from small to large and quite an oddity for any Pokemon. Though some believe this mark to be a birth mark of high significance, it is in fact a tattoo Seren got shortly before arriving in Grail. Aside from that, she wears a black choker around her neck with a small silver star attached that falls neatly at the base of her throat.

Position: Civilian One

Moveset: Leaf Blade, Agility, Ariel Ace, Energy Ball, Grasswhistle

Power: Starlight and moonlight boost her attack and defense power, and on a bright, clear night, as on a bright, clear day for a normal grass type, moves like SolarBeam do not need to be powered up. Ironically, the move Sunny Day does not produce the same effect. Her vision is also better at night than at other times.

November 2nd, 2008, 12:39 PM
Name: Jethro

History: Jethro, had a somewhat busy, eventful life as a young Croagunk. His father and mother both Toxicroaks at the time, were always off doing something for an orginization called Team Dark Sky. His parents were called assasins, carrying out dangerous missions. They wanted Jethro to be just like them, and join the team. Jethro, at first did not want to, so he ran away. He found himself, days later, in some cold,frozen wasteland thing. He was hungry,cold, and tired. Then people rescued him, they called themselves, The Ultimos. He stayed with them for a bit, until he heard that his parents were killed by the very group he was in. He ran again.

Jethro when he was alone constantly honed his skills, he didn't want to end up like his parents. He spent years alone, against the untamed wilderness. The training toughned him up, taught him not to cry or panick. He lived most of his life alone, until he met Darkly, who personally recruited Jethro into the team. Since then, he has been a strong member, faithful to his leader. He still has hopes that his father is alive.

Personality: Jethro, is cold,dark and serious. He hates 'rookies' and people who think that they know everything and they don't. He doesn't allow any of his enemies to escape, he takes them down. He doesn't take risks, as they almost -in his case- lead to downfall. When he is assigned a task, he only worries about that task, nothing else.

If Jethro wants something, he will get it, even if he has to take down a whole army. He reports to one Pokemon, and one Pokemon only, Darkly. He is very loyal to his team, and will undoubtedly give his life for them. Or, that is atleast how everyone sees him. When truth comes to it, he is just someone searching for hope, not wanting to die,just wanting to see his father again.

Appearance: Toxicroak is based on the poison dart frog. Its appearance is much more humanoid than Croagunk, though it still maintains the appearance of an oversized bipedal frog. Its main body color is a dark blue or teal. Its head bears a gently-upward curling spike which seems to be a part of the skull, as it is covered in the same color skin as the rest of its body. Toxicroak's eyes are bright yellow, sinister and intimidating, with a small snake-like pupil. Its mouth is not much different from Croagunk's; it still looks as though it is wearing a mouth-guard, with its red upper lip curling upward at the ends in a very intimidating manner. Underneath its chin is a bulbous red vocal sack. Its arms are shaped much like those of Elekid, though not as thick and instead of three claws, Toxicroak has three fingers and one large red claw on the back of each hand. Its forearms have two black rings encircling them. Its legs are muscular and seem to be adapted for speedy attacks. It has three toes on its feet, with the middle toe red on each foot, and a sharp spike jutting out of its heels. Underneath the pelvic area Toxicroak has two white horizontal lines, which have moved down from Croagunk's chest. Toxicroak has thick black lines running down the sides of its body and surrounding its limbs, making them seem as if the limbs are detachable. The black lines go up into its face and surround the eyes before meeting in the middle of its snout, just above the upper lip.

Here is how Jethro is different:The dark blue skin, is a different shade. (Like this) Most, don't notice it on first glance, for a couple of reasons. One, is that it just isn't much of a change. Another reason, is that he wears a cloack, hiding much of his body. His legs, and arms are wrapped in bandages, one is covering up a wound. He also has a small pouch on his side, that holds his special items.

Position:Team Dark Sky,Assasin.

Moveset: Poison Jab,Torment(Tm 41), Double Team(Tm 32),Brick Break(Tm 31), and Poison Sting.

Power: Well, no magical powers. Jethro, is very stealthy and prides himself in it.

November 2nd, 2008, 1:28 PM
Though this is solely my opinion, I would recommend using Solus. Grove is very common and probably overused, though I can't be sure as I haven't actually made a post on this board in, I think, two years. :) Also, Solus has a meaning behind it and is more interesting. It has more personality. The choice is yours, though. Pick whichever you like best and it'll work.

Zeta Sukuna
November 2nd, 2008, 2:49 PM
(ooc: This is the Rei from The old Mystery Dungeon RP that died.)

Name: Rei
Species: Raichu
Age: Physically 20, Chronologically: 2018
Level: 50

History: Rei was born in a fairly cold environment under the chief and chieftess of a rather large tribe of pokemon who followed under Dialga. He grew up and was fairly strong for his age, and when he evolved, he was a powerful warrior for a child, the actual warriors would have defeated him. About four years after evolving into a Pikachu, Rei's parents died, and he had to lead the tribe, but before he could really lead them to victory, an attack from Palkia worshippers spelled disaster for the Dialga worshipper tribe. Rei ended up getting frozen in ice as death was 'too good for him', but the electricity in Rei's body kept him alive, in stasis, until the ice that was holding him melted, around 2000 years in the future. Then Rei wandered the new world, confused... until he met Darkly, who helped him adapt to the new world.

Personality: Rei is an optimist (Believe it or not) who is loyal to Darkly. He is usually not caring, but likes to look on the brighter side. He also takes great pride in the fact that he has only lost thrice in his life, but to be fair, he was still young, with the exception of the last one. Oh, and he hates Palkia, and Houndooms, as they lead up to him being frozen.

Appearance: Rei is 2'7" tall excluding his ears, his cheeck dots are orange, blending in with his fur. His feet are a shade of blue, and his fur isn't really as neat as can be. His tail is really long, and has a black line on the left side of the tip. But the scary part is his eyes. They look like a normal Raichu's eyes, but if you stare into them, you will feel all of Rei's anger and rage. But although he looks like he's a bum, he keeps an ancient feeling about him as well. His ears are shorter then most Raichus, but that's to be expected when he's 2000 years out oh his element. He also has a small burnmark on his left paw.

Position: Team Dark Sky Mystic

Moveset: Thunder, Agility, Double Team, Shockwave, Thunderbolt

Power: short-distance Teleportation

(ooc: If Rei isn't accepted, I have a feeling why he wasn't, but tell me anyway.)

November 3rd, 2008, 11:40 AM
WOW!!! My RPs popular ^^ And it seems that Sceptile Evos are, too x] It seems that trika has his own little minions

Skii-Accepted!!! Excellent Sign-Up!!! When I came onto the page and read it, I wasn't sure if the others could keep up, but...

Alana- Accepted!!! That's very good ;D Also a useful power ;)

Lostt- Accepted!!! That's an excellent Sign-Up! Also a good past, but will Jethro get his revenge?

Deus Ex Machine- Accepted! That's an okay Sign-Up ;D Yet another Grovyle x]

Rubii Naruto- Pending!!!That's an excelent sign-up, but I think I know what you think the problem is ;D TOO MUCH PHYSICAL POWERS!!! Change it, and you're guarenteed a spot in the RP ;D

i'll post info on when we can start RPing tomorrow, but for now, have a good one ;)

November 3rd, 2008, 3:39 PM
Cool, can't wait until the start.

November 4th, 2008, 9:14 AM
Skii- I have re-read your sign-up and noticed that there is no such thing as a Dark Sky Valiant. I would suggest that you change the sign-up as you are now Pending! Just change the power and position area :)

On the other hand, it's time to start the RPing. This RP will be run in Chapters, and areas that can be accesed will be told, along with who is RPing and when the Chapter will end ;) I will not grade your post, so you may continue as soon as someone else has posted, although I will post whenever I am online. Trika will very occasioanly apear, but I control him, and there will be alot of Monolouge and Dialouge for Darkly until the action starts coming in. So... enjoy ;)

Chapter 1- Darco Forest!
Chapter End: 18th November 2008

Players: Toxic_Moonlight (Trika), Darkly_the_flygon (Darkly), Alana (Serren), Deus Ex Machina(Solus), Dragonqueen0210 (Draelia), Lostt (Jethro).

Maps: Darco Forest (http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/8831/darcoforestlu4.png)

Description: Darco Forest is a small, remote area, about 5 miles north of Grail. It is very dense in some places and long grass is common. It is very shaded, although there are some spots where not many trees are found, and the occasional abonded camp can be spotted, to...

Your task is simple. You've come to Darco Forest after hearing that there have been strange lights spotted in the woods. You come to investigate, and find some Pokemon sniffing around. You need to be secritive, as you can risk losing your identity, but many asking one for directions couldn't do any harm...

You land with a flash and a bang. The light fades and you look around to find you are on Traxo, just near the Village of Grail. You decide to explore the area, on the search for any sign of a Darko. As you are walking, you occasionaly spot a Pokemon drfting through the bushes. They don't seem suspicous, but...

You step from behind the bush. After realising you are on the scum filled planet of Traxo, you need to find out why. For some reason, the boss has brought you here, and he has not told you why. You need to find soem one to Trust. Someone to trust, but betray. You need a soul for your plan...

November 4th, 2008, 10:28 AM
Deus Ex Machina- That was an okay first post ^^ Just try and lengthen them more in the future, I can see you could of explained alot on the Journey there, or maybe some dialouge with Friends before you set off, or if you wanted to be really lazy, just a description of the area :D You may continue with your next post if you wish :)

November 4th, 2008, 10:44 AM
I see, I seem to have gotten them mixed up.

I'll edit it now.

November 4th, 2008, 2:27 PM
It was a nice day. That was the most that could be said about the weather conditions that particular afternoon. The streets were busy with pokemon going about their daily business, as they always were. Those who had little to do simply wandered the streets looking for some form of entertainment.

That was how this day found Seren. Having been given the day off by Rene, the young Grovyle had spent the greater part of the morning in a nearby morning meditating. It was a relaxing way to spend the morning, but not interesting enough to take up the entire day. So, now, Seren found herself walking purposefully about the village, allowing her legs to carry her wherever they pleased. They seemed to be fancying the general area of Carnel and Rene, the shop owned by Seren's mother and father and the place where Seren herself worked. However, Seren had no desire to enter the shop, though she had walked past twice already.

"Seren honey!"

The high, sweet chirp came from the store. With a mild smile, the grass type turned and raised a claw in greeting. The Pidgeot stood, shuffling her feet and adjusting her wings in a slightly agitated fashion. "Seren, I have some news that might interest you."

Now, high up in the treetops overlooking the remnants of what might have been a camp, Seren brought her mind back to the present and considered the scene below. The smell of smoke had been the only sign it existed, and it was also what had drawn Seren to this spot. She considered the place, wondering if the pokemon who had camped here had heard the rumors of strange lights in the forest. That was the interesting news Rene had relayed to her.

Still, she had been wandering Darco Forest for a couple of hours at least now and there had been no sign of any unnatural lights. There wasn't very much light at all, as a matter of fact. The forest was dense and the trees blocked most light from reaching the forest floor. Seren was able to see perfectly fine, of course, but it was slightly eerie nonetheless.

Growing bored of the persistently empty camp and the lack of anything unusual, Seren set off through the foliage, leaping easily from branch to branch in an unhurried fashion. The wind rushed around her as she picked up speed, taking longer and longer leaps for the pure exhilaration of her "flight". The mysterious lights were pushed to a corner of her mind for later concern as she allowed herself to enjoy the journey....

...which came to an abrupt and unpleasant hault as she plowed headlong into something in one of the trees. Startled and suddenly on alert, Seren leaped away, sheltering herself in a thick patch of leaves in a tree a few yards away. Having no idea what she had it, or if it was even a living thing, she crouched low and waited for what would happen next.

November 4th, 2008, 4:50 PM
Pokemon Species: Weavile

Age : 19

Level : 42

Name : Takai

Gender : Male

Appearance: He is a normal Weavile with no special features that make him stand out in a crowd,

History: Takai comes from a dead family of many kinds of pokémon. He is the last one of his family and he believes he will die as lonely as he currently is, with no one to talk to and no one to trust. Everyone he knew was killed or kidnapped when a swarm of Scizor came to his village; he was only 5 years old, but he still remembers that day constantly, like if haunted by it, as if he just came out of a house filled with ghosts. He then joined a band of traveling merchants hoping to find someone he could trust.

Takai then was found by a Porygon Z that bore the name of Glitchy he quickly made friends with him and followed him to a place where he met a Flygon named Darkly.........

Personality :Takai is so sarcastic it is hard to tell whiter he is serious or not. Takai is also known for his impatience (he often notes that he does not wish to wait or keep others waiting). He has little empathy for his opponents or regard for life he will not feel anything if his closest friend dies from his attacks. Despite his cruelty, Takai also has possession a very down-to-Earth outlook on life, rarely growing worked up over obstacles that come his way. Almost never does he show extreme emotion, and even these instances are short-lived.

Position: Darko Assasin 2

Moveset: Swords Dance , Ice Punch, Night Slash, Taunt, and Double Team

Power: Not a ability but he is quite more powerful than other Weavile

November 5th, 2008, 12:10 AM
Draelia snorted, "listening to modern day pokemon doing their shopping is just no fun at all" she whined, hopping from underneath the shadow of a house she was using as a hideout and going to the next.
Young pokemon were running around and playing pranks on eachother, oblivious that Draelia was about to rob the next house along of an expensive trinket.
Her stomach growled, "maybe food will be in much better order," she mumbled. She looked around the seemingly crowded marketplace for anything that would help cover her face or at least conceal her identity well.

She spotted a nearby stall filled with elegant shawls in many colours, a blissey was selling them off happily. She crawled over to it sneakily, making sure not to get stepped on. "sorry for the inconvenience," she muttered into the blissey's ear before grabbing a silverish shawl and draping it over half her face and covering her twin tails.
Draelia watched the blissey's eyes widen in shock in discovering her shawl disappearing into thin air. She shook her head before stepping out into the light, heads turned twice a few times but she baited them away, striding confidently back towards the forest, thinking over her sudden arrival...

Draelia crashed straight into a thick bush, disrupting a few shinxs' game of hide and seek. Immediately, she went into stealth mode, slinking past the shinxs into any direction. It would do her no good for someone to find her and discover her identity. She had paused a good distance away from them as they continued their game so she could figure out if she was where she had deciphered she would land. Her instructions were to land on the planet Traxo in Darco forest, 5 miles from the nearest town, Town Grail.

She needed to explore the forest and any nearby civilisation for darkos and find out what they were searching for but she had a vague suspision that the darkos themselves probably didn't know what they were looking for too. She shot a psycho cut at a nearby tree out of frustration, a ticking time bomb was being remade half way across the galaxy and the only thing she could do right then was spy on darkos.

The tree had made a startlingly loud crash and a huge impact on the shinxs nearby and in that very glimpse, draelia spotted a small village in the distance. "bingo," she said, jumping up and bounding off towards it, diving under shadows along the way.

Leaves crunched under her paws, signalling that she had arrived back into the forest and she breathed out a sigh before abrupting stopping and hiding under a shadow of a tree. She took three steps left, so that if the pokemon she had just seen sliding between the bushes had seen her, it'd be aiming for that spot. The wind rustled the grass, she turned her head a full 180 degrees before taking another hesitant step forward and sniffing the air.

Nothing, 'had it been her imagination of the shape she had seen?' she thought numbly. The villagers had been dense and unsuspecting but when she had arrived back intot he forest, a feeling of being watched followed her constantly. Without letting down her guard, she padded deeper into the trees, seeking a nice hollow to rest in for a bit and take watch for a while.

Draelia turned her to look at a mound of high dirt spouting beneath a tree. 'perfect' had been her first thought. She settled into it, resting her head on her claws, what else did this planet have in store for her?

November 5th, 2008, 4:00 PM
" Glitchy!" Yelled Darkly the evil(and bored) flygon "Yes, boss?" the porygon replied " Have you located the machine parts yet? please say yes..." Darkly asked him in a bored voice. "sorry... They have not been found yet... and there is even worse news, I'm afraid..." Glitchy said, also bored. "WHAT! spit it out already!" Darkly yelled in a sudden burst of eneregy. "I'm afraid that trika has been sighted in the area..." Glitchy reported. "Finally! I was expecting him... I'll Destroy him this time! he'll never win in this rp! Gwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!"

November 6th, 2008, 7:35 PM
"You can come out now, I don't have an intent to attack you. I just want to know who you are and why you attacked me?"

The stranger was draped in a long brown cloak that completely hid his, or possibly her (though from the voice it seemed unlikely that the pokemon was female) features. Instantly Seren was suspicious and very much reluctant to reveal herself. Why was this pokemon hiding his identity? What did he have to fear from revealing his self?

Surely the only explanation was that he was on the run from something or someone. Perhaps he was a criminal or was wanted by a gang of some sort. Regardless, he was untrustworthy. Yet, he said he offered no harm, only curiosity. There was no doubt that she owed an explanation for what had happened, though it certainly had not been an attack. At least not an intentional one. It was hard to tell through the cloak, but the stranger seemed merely cautious himself, not threatening, aside from the general "strange pokemon in a cloak" part of the matter.

Reluctantly, and with much hesitation, Seren lifted herself out of her crouch and stepped away from the clump of leaves that had hidden her. She was painfully aware of how visible her features were, now that she could see the cloaked stranger clearly. Was she foolish for showing herself?

"I meant no harm," she said softly, lowering her head in an apologetic gesture, though keeping her eyes locked on the stranger. "I was careless and allowed myself to get carried away. I assure you I did not attack, it was an accident. I hid myself only for protection; certainly you can understand that. There are strange rumors going around about this forest." Her head remained slightly inclined, but her muscles were tense. She had no intention of fighting if it could beavoided, but she would not leave herself unprepared, just in case.

November 7th, 2008, 8:04 PM
Is it to late to join if it isn't then heres my SU.

Name: Wizzy
Species: Poliwag
Age: 7
Level: 5

History: Wizzy grew up in a lake. His parents disappeared one night and Wizzy never had a clue what happened to them. Now his 13 year old brother Tide looks after him. One day Wizzy wanted to find out what happened to them, so he began to pack his belongings and he started his very own adventure!

Personality: Wizzy is a tired all the time. He is very cautious, courageous and can be very annoying at times. Wizzy enjoys playing in ponds, puddles, lakes, rivers, stream etc. Wizzy always thinks about playing around and usually isn't that serious but if a problem arises be will do all that he can to fix it. Wizzy has a problem with his older brother Tide, they always fight. Wizzy is alot braver than his brother Tide and is almost as powerful!

Appearance: Wizzy wears a blue wizard hat and has a small light brown pouch on the right hand side of his body for carrying items such as oran berries. Wizzy also carries a light brown backpack which contains most of his exploring items such as his sky blue tent, his compass & a small map of Traxo.

Position: Civilian 3

Moveset: Bubble, Rain Dance

Power: Wizzys bubble is empowered when it rains.

November 7th, 2008, 11:29 PM
Draelia yawned, looking down curiously from her tree branch. She thought she had seen something interesting but it was only a leaf. She sighed, this planet was a lot less exciting than she had expected it to be. It was no wonder the pokemon living nearby had complete luxury of the place.

Sheesh, a forest was suppose to be mysterious, intriguing and dangerous, not lovey-dovey peaceful! She snorted, a few hours earlier, she had glimpsed two grovyles in the eaves but had decided to leave them alone. She didn't want to rouse the suspision of any other pokemon, especially if they were darkos.

Her shawl was still in one piece, after her rather eventful voyages it was a miracle it hadn't been torn to shreds. "hmm...I wonder if untearable shawls are part of this planet's specialty" she mused. Draelia chuckled, what a strange thought she just had.

A noise rustled in the bushes and she receded into the shadows, watching as a young and unexperienced azurill bounce out into the clearing and stare right at where she was with unblinking eyes.

It slowly ascended the tree carefully, using it's tail as a rope to hang from branch to branch. Leaves hitting it in the face occasionally, she could see it's target now. Slightly above her, a big and ripe-looking oran berry was hanging just above her head.

"rill!!" cried the azurill, suddenly falling off it's perch as the branch it was on snapped. Draelia reached out with a claw, successfully catching it and revealing herself at the same time. It squeaked and hunched itself against her palm. "I won't hurt you, are you aiming for this?" Draelia plucked the oran berry with her free claw holding it infront of the azurill.

It bounced happily with the oran berry as she dropped it onto the ground, preparing to climb back up the tree. She watched it bouncing back into the eavse, heading towards the village. "hmm...yup, i was right, this forest is really peaceful" she said aloud...

November 8th, 2008, 10:08 AM
Sorry I've been away from the Computer, but the RPs going great :) Let's deal with Sign-Ups, first of all...

Gallade of the Sand- Accepted!!! That's a very good sign-up, but you're gonna have to wait to the next Chapter to post ;)

TheSilv3rMoon- Accepted! That was an okay Sign-Up, but once again, you're gonna have to wait 'till the next chapter!

The actual RP is going great aswell. Here's what I think ;D

Deus Ex Machina & Alana- I'm loving your RPing! Excellent descriptions and lengths, along with a good scene with Solus and Serren. Keep it up ;) To Improve: For the first time, I'm stunned...

dragonqueen0210- That's some great RPing. You describe thoroughly and have a good storyline. To Improve: Try a little bit on Grammar. It's okay, but I just think you're typing a bit to fast and forgetting to re-read your Post :)

Some members are still yet to post, (Skii) but hopefully there post will be superb ;) I have a post that will introduce Trika, and could maybe plot a Storyline for some of you :D

The large, gloomy exspanse of Wood swayed in the wind that was slowly picking up. Leaves danced in the gusts and the clouds began to swirl and darken. The Sun was blotted out slightly behind the thick cotton and the sound of Pokemon was drownded out by a low growling noise. Somewhere deep in the Forest, something strange was happening...
Something unnatrual.
Suddenly, a flash of yellow lightining seemed to spark from the ground, not the sky. This fork was followed by another, then another which clapped with a thundering sound that echoed through the Woods. The wind picked up, shifting trees and the sky became darker. With a big flash and deafening bang, a bright ball appeared, suspended in mid-air close to the ground. It grew bigger, shooting out bolts of lightning and sending out rays of mysterious lights. The ball expanded even more, making a strange wuring sound. As the wuring got louder and louder, reaching its maximum pitch and volume, the ball dissapeared in a flash of light, along with the clouds and the wind, leaving a Sceptiel in its wake.

"Arggggh!" Wreched the Sceptile as he placed his hand on his back and bent behind him. He moaned slightly, then tippled to the side releaing a loud cracking noise that settled the shooting pain up his back. "Travel by nuemonic capsule! Now that's a killer." Exclaimed the Pokemon slowly. He lifted up his left wrist, reavealing a watch-like device with a screen. He tapped it as if it was broken, making lights graduely fade onto the screen. "Geez," blurted the Sceptile."That's a whole lotta' Nutrino Energy! There has to be crystals around here somewhere!"

There we are :D You may continue with your next posts ;)

November 8th, 2008, 6:46 PM
OOC: Thanks for the compliment Toxic_Moonlight, I'm flattered. :)

Seren waited in tense silence as the stranger looked her up and down. Though he was mostly hidden by his cloak, he seemed to be displaying a fair amount of curiosity and possibly surprise. At last he spoke, revealing a familiarity with her appearance. It was not overly surprising as markings such as the ones she carried were not seen very often, but it still caught her off guard. She hadn't suspected that this cloaked stranger wandered the village on a regular basis.

The stranger shifted then moved away, leaving a plump, blue berry behind. It was clear that it was meant as a gift for her. Perhaps a token of peace, or just plain kindness. Seren gave a small smile and inclined her head in gratitude, then nodded it in acceptance of the warning. She stepped forward and bent to pick up the Oran berry as the stranger made to leave.

There was a single second of stillness in which instinct told her that something was about to happen, then the sky turned dark and the wind suddenly became fiercer, causing the trees to sway and creak ominously. Seren felt a chill rise up her spine and her muscles tense once more.

An explosion of sound ripped through the forest and a burst of light burned her eyes, blinding her for a moment. Suddenly terrified, Seren leaped backwards, trying to get away from the light, but it was impossible to tell which direction it had come from. More light illuminated the usually dark and dim forest, then cracks and bangs as strikes of lightning split trees and kicked up dirt from the forest floor. Another second passed and the young Grovyle regained sight, though her eyes stung and her heart raced. A strange noise was approaching; a great whirring that increased steadily in volume until it was deafening. Then, with a final flash, there was silence.

Seren raised a claw to touch the star charm at her throat. Everything had happened so fast she wasn't entirely sure it had happened at all. Spots were still dancing in front of her eyes from the blinding light, but she could see the Oran berry, lying exactly where it had been lying before the strange event. With the same claw, Seren reached out and picked it up, then raised her eyes to see if the stranger was still visible. At the same time she said, in a voice that was slightly higher than usual, "If that was the 'strange light' Rene told me about, she left out a few crucial details."

November 9th, 2008, 3:46 AM
Alana- Yet another excellent post! once again, you have stunned me ;)

Deus Ex Machina- You to are very good with descriptive posts. Keep it up everyone!

The Sceptile lowered his wrist down to his side and scanned the area. At first, it seemed completley deserted. Nothing but the occasional tweet could be heard, but then he spotted a Grovyle up in the tree.

It was perched curiously on a branch, gazing down with a small look of fear in its eyes. Then, to the left, he noticed another Grovyle. This one has red stars trailing down from its neck all the way to its legs. it was in a heap on the ground, only more fear was visible on its face. Trika simply stared from one to another. He didn't wish to elert them, yet he knew if they traveled with him or associated theselves just for a second they would surely be in trouble...

An idea struck Trikas head. He charged up an Energy Ball and shot at one of the trees next to both of the Grovyles. It exploded on impact, causing a glittery cloud of thick dust to rise from the tree and propelling the two Pokemon meters away from where they once where. Then, Trika jumped out of sight and ran from the scene, hoping that the two innocent Pokemon wouldn't find him...

November 9th, 2008, 5:09 AM
Am I accepted?

I changed to rank a few days ago so it is right.

November 9th, 2008, 5:11 AM
Skii- sorry, you are accepted ;) Please do your first post ASAP :D

November 9th, 2008, 7:39 PM
"Hmmmm....... so, my minions are searching for the parts, but I don't really care right now!" Darkly said to glitchy "because now, I have the ultimate trika destroying weapon! The Darkly Destroyer M.K. III! that trika won't stand a chance against this robot!" "But will you still look for the parts?" Glitchy asked "Well duh! I'm not stupid! I'm the most evil guy in the universe! Darkly replied "Sure you are..." Glitchy said "What about bowser?" "WHAT!?! I'm more evil than him! Glitchy! just for that! I'm sending you to look for the parts! Gwahahahahaha!!!!!!"

November 11th, 2008, 9:11 AM
Deus Ex Machina- Very good post. i like the storyline you chose ;) To Improve: Try and describe more :D

Darkly_the_flygon- That was also a good post. I wonder if anyone will encounter Glitchy, though...

Attention All Darkos!!!
Sending Message to all Darkos from Sector 2.34 AKA Darkly...

Listen up you little nit-twits. As you all know, I have sent you to the Planet Traxo. All who aren't there are being exectuted 'round about... Now. The reason I have sent you here is because tghe Reality Bomb had broke down. Do not worry, matter hasn't restored, it's just not dissapearing. I need Two Nutrion Crystals by next week, and if you don't get them I'll destroy Traxo, with you on it!!! I also need you to keep an eye out for any Ultimos. Terminate on sight and your main target is that blasted Trika! over and Out!!!


Trika was running quickly. He was dteremined they hadn't found him. "I'm afraid you have no means of escaping me." Began a voice drifting from behind him. Trika looked to the side. "Please stop so that we may talk." He tripped on a rock and fell flat on the ground, his mouth full of Earth. he looked up to see a Grovyle walking towards him. Trika got up slowly and looked at him. "Thanks for that." Moaned Trika. "Anyway, what do you wa-" Trika was interupted by6 sudden beeping. He lifted up his wrist to inspect the watch there. "Someones teleporting here," He Exclaimed. "And I don't think it's an Ultimos..."

November 11th, 2008, 2:42 PM
"I hate this..." Glitchy said as he trudged through the forest.He looked to his side "hey! that's trika! Darkly!" he yelled through a walkie talkie "I spotted trika!" "YES!!" Darkly yelled from the other side of the walkie talkie. "Deploy the robot Darkly clone! Gwahahahahahahaha!!!" "Whatever..." Glitchy said "Deploy the robot..." He pressed a button on his walkie talkie and it transformed into a robot clone of Darkly. "Now get that trika!" Glitchy yelled at it.

BOSS: (Trika only)
Robot Darkly Clone

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 12th, 2008, 4:36 AM
Time For Somthing New.

Name: Zephyr (Definition - A Strong Gust Of Wind)
Species: Pidgeot
Age: 18
Level: 49

History: Zephyr Was Born In A Large Tree. His Mother Was A Fearow And His Father Was A Noctowl. Zephyr Never Saw His Father,Due To Him Being Kiled By A Angry Flygon. His Mother,Fearow,Was Killed When Zephyr Was Only A Pidgey. Zephyr Still Has No Idea Why His Mother Was Killed,Or Who Did It. Zephyr Trained As Hard As He Could Until He Was A Pidgeot. When He Did Evolve Into A Pidgeot,He Was More Timid Then Most,And Got Laughed At By All The Others. He Promised Himself That He Would Figure Out Why His Mother Was Killed.

Personality: Zephyr Is Very Timid,Despite His Fierce Appearence. He Can Be Friendly Once You Get To Know Him,But He Has His Down Sides,Too. When He Is Mad,He Doesnt Calm Down Easily. He Will Attack When Anybody Asks About His History,And Sometimes He Will Actually Start A Battle. He Only Reveals This To Whoever He Thinks Is A Trusting Person. He Gets Sad When He Sees A Fearow. Zephyr Hates Anybody Who Is A Flygon.

Zephyr Has A Mix Of Bright Yellow Feathers And Dark Brown Feathers. His Eyes Are Piercing,Yet They Look Like They Have No Color. His Wings Are Larger Then Most,In Addition To His Coloring.

Position: Ultimos Two

Double Team
Quick Attack
Drill Peck

Power: Zephyr Can Allow Himself To Turn Invisible For A Short Time.

I Only Write Like This When Im Not In An RPG.

Marine Pokemon
November 12th, 2008, 6:01 AM
Name: Silver-Dragonhead-LucarioDragoon
Species: Charizard
Age: 8
Level: 50


Personality: i'm not sure

Appearance: a shiny charizard

Position: Ultimos One

Moveset: Dragon Claw,dragon rage,lava plume,flare blitz and fire spin

Power: Can stun enemies for 1 hour + by asking them to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious make lava shoot at the enemy

November 13th, 2008, 2:53 PM
Seren had always been taught that taking the time to observe and learn would make things easier to understand. Using that philosophy, the young Grovyle decided to stay away from the Sceptile who had attacked her and simply observe him for a while. Then, when she was convinced the situation was safe, she might choose to reveal herself again. Of course, this was before the stranger, who, surprisingly enough was a fellow Grovyle (Well aren't we just one big happy family, she thought ryly to herself), decided to give chase in a slightly more obvious fashion.

Uncertain of what she should do if the Sceptile became violet, Seren kept herself hidden in the thick undergrowth of the forest and listened intently to what was happening. Not much made sense. She had never heard of "an Ultimos" before and had no idea exactly who or what it might be. It seemed, however, that there wasn't going to be a fight. That, at least, was a relief.

Or it was until a strange Pokemon made an appearance. It was a Flygon, normal in appearance, but it had a strange deadness about it that was unnerving to Seren. She couldn't ever remember seeing a Pokemon with such a cold look about it. There was no way it could be real, yet it obviously was. Unless the bump on the head she had received from being thrown backwards had made her crazy, which was entirely possible. The other Grovyle moved into an offensive position and the Sceptile seemed to be preparing himself too. At least one thing was certain; this strange Flygon was a threat. Now the only thing Seren had to decide was whether or not it was worth getting mixed up in the upcoming fight.

November 14th, 2008, 2:15 PM
OOC: yeah! take on the Darkly clone! and by the way, Darkly is colored black and grey instead of the normal colors

Alter Ego
November 14th, 2008, 2:48 PM
So this is how it's going to be, is it? ~~

Darkly_the_flygon, not a single one of your posts is within acceptable minimum. Everybody else here is managing that; I see no reason why you shouldn't. Once again, the minimum acceptable length for a post is this:

Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

No monitor quibbling, no lines nonsense; that paragraph, however it may look on your screen, is the bare minimum for what an IC post should be length-wise. STICK TO IT.

As for the rest of you...I'm disappointed that none of you even tried to stop such a clear violation of rules. Alana, you at the very least should know these things; you were here before me for crying out loud. D: Report button for the win, ladies and gentlemen, and if that feels like snitching then at least tell your fellow RPers when they're breaking the rules and correct them accordingly. This is the RP master's responsibility first and foremost, but if they refuse to do their job (as seems to be the case here) then someone has to, because when I walk into a thread and see completely ignored repeat offenses like this, I only have one verdict to give really. :\

Thread Warning 1

Posting below the paragraph minimum.

Way to be guys, way to be. Shape it up or there will be consequences.

November 14th, 2008, 3:15 PM
Name: Sparky

Species: Pichu

Age: 13

Level: 15

History: (Yay for the eatened<by giant Man-Eating Seven-Legged Elephantees that are from Venus but i think ill go for something abit different anyway, thanks.)

Sparky was born in a sacred place known as Briar lake, aside of the lake was a village which was home to many Pokémon of his species, they all lived happily and he had an older brother who took care of him, his name was Jolt and he was a Raichu with a strange pattern which spread around his body.

Jolt was an exceptional member of the village, most of the village looked upto him but didn't think Sparky could ever be as great as him. Sparky was weak and clumsy, usually jumping head first to conclusions and getting into fights often with other members of the village he was not as well spoke of as his brother.

The village was old, Sparky lived aside Briar lake in a shack which was slightly run down, however soon the simple lifestyle of the village could not be supported. The night of Sparkys thirteenth birthday the village was attacked by a group of Gyarados which had emblems that said "Darkos" attached to their blue scale underlay, breathing scarlet flames of fire and burning all in their path as they grazed the mountains and the small village which they lived in peacefully.

The village was unable to stop the Gyarados, it was vicious towards anyone who even tried to reason with it. It destroyed everything, including the crops. Grazing the hills, blowing up mountains. This was the end of the old and nordic village that Sparky lived in.

Sparky tried to escape with Jolt but a Gyarados caught sight of them and cornered them against the lake, he then snarled and began to slither towards Jolt who was holding Sparky. "It's time you get going, ill hold him off for you." said Jolt as he looked down on Pichu.

"No! You dont stand a chance against that... that thing!" roared Sparky as he looked upto Jolt with tears in his eyes.

Jolt looked down at Sparky and roared, "Im sorry but i want you to live! "which just upset Sparky even more. Jolt threw Sparky into the lake and as he floated down stream all he could see was thick smoke clouds and the Gyarados closing in on his brother.

"Brother! Brother!" yelled Sparky as the current took him down stream, he watched as his life was torn from him and as his lungs began to fill up with water. Sparky found himself on a beach, a pleasent breeze blowing in his face. Even this couldnt satisfy him, his village was gone and he was alone in an unknown area.

He woke up with a crowd of Pokémon huddled around him, a dense undergrowth of trees was swaying in the air as his vision blured and he fell back to sleep, exhausted.


Sparky was a very happy yet clumsy Pokémon before his village was attacked by a Horde of Gyarados, however since the attack on his village he doesn't really care much about others and he is usually quite timid and quiet, keeping away from others.


Sparky has a black pattern around his ears, like most Pichu. His pattern is layed out in very sharp spikes and ends at the top of his skull, his fur is short and typical.

He has sharp yellow eyes and a coat of bright yellow fur which dulls as it goes down to the paw-pads of his feet and he wears a pair of goggles that were given to him by his brother Jolt before the attack for his birthday.


Position: Resident.

Moveset: Thundershock, Charm, Quick Attack, Volt Tackle.

Power: None.

OOC Note:

Yeah, elephantee's from venus are ftw. But seriously, i perfer the whole emo-Pichu sc33n. Also, i am not in any village of sorts yet so i am not a member of any organisation of such and if Volt Tackle isnt an allowed move, that is fine too and i can replace it with Thunderpunch or something. ^^

November 14th, 2008, 3:59 PM
I admit I was bad not to report it, but I figured the thread master would handle it and I wanted to leave it up to him. Shame on me for that one. But, in my defense, this is my first activity in a year or two and I didn't want to come back as a bossy know-it-all. Shame on me again. Lesse, I can maybe help though.

Darkly, when typing a post, change paragraphs each time you change speakers. Not only will this increase your post to acceptable length, it'll also ease the headaches and twitches of those reading it. Also, try adding maybe a little description and a bit more variety in your posts.


"I hate this..." Glitchy said as he trudged through the forest.He looked to his side "hey! that's trika! Darkly!" he yelled through a walkie talkie "I spotted trika!" "YES!!" Darkly yelled from the other side of the walkie talkie. "Deploy the robot Darkly clone! Gwahahahahahahaha!!!" "Whatever..." Glitchy said "Deploy the robot..." He pressed a button on his walkie talkie and it transformed into a robot clone of Darkly. "Now get that trika!" Glitchy yelled at it.

Take this vs. this

"I hate this..." said Glitchy as he trudged dismally through the painfully quiet forest. There was absolutely nothing going on and it was driving him crazy. If only he could find someone from Ultimos. That, at least, would be slightly interesting. Glancing to his left, he said the very thing he'd been hoping for. "Hey, that's Trika! Darkly, I spotted Trike!" he yelled, the walkie-talkie in his hand trembling from excitement.

"YES!!" Darkly's voice on the other end was so load, Glitchy almost dropped the device in his claw. "Deploy the robot Darkly clone! Gwahahahahahahaha!!!"

"Whatever..." Glitchy said, rolling his eyes. "Deploy the robot..." He pressed a button on his walkie talkie and it transformed into an exact replica of Darkly. "Now get Trika!" Glitchy yelled, gesturing wildly at the robot.

Grammar fixed, length added, and everyone's happy. If you're not very good with basic grammar then run the post through Word before posting it. That should take care of most mistakes. M'kay, I'm done.

November 14th, 2008, 7:21 PM
OOC: I don't have word... I would do that, but I can't...

November 15th, 2008, 6:38 AM
Thankyou Alter Ego. I admit that I have not been a very good RP Master and I should have been much more vigalante. In the future, I will observe posts more and report if bad. I think I might of been a little bit soft on Darkly as he is a friend of mine. I encourage good posts with superb grammar and decriptions, Alana being an excellent example of excellent Role Playing. In the future, I would like much more descriptive and gramatically correct posts from all members, along with meeting IC rules. Thankyou.

Now, Bossy me over. Let's get on with the RPing. O.~ Sign-Ups first...

The Silent Pidgeot- Accepted! A very good Sign-Up. You may join ;)

Marine Pokemon- Declined!!! Sorry, but I'm not even gonna comment O.O

Kozoi- Accepted!!! That was a superb Sign-Up, slong with a little RP sample. Just try and improve grammar slightly ^^

There we go :D You will al have to wait until the next Chapter to post, and Kozoi, I have changed your Position to Resident as "none" isn't allowed :S

Alana- Yet again, some excellent RPing. To Improve: Not a biggy but try and have more connectives...

Deus Ex Machina- Very good posts, too. They are quiet decriptive but... To Improve: Describe just a little bit more :D

Darkly_the_flygon- Good Posts, but I strongly agree with Alana. try and decribe posts more and improve on grammar. I don't want this RP closed, and I'm sure you don't either :)

I will IC later on because, frankly, I can't be bothered ^^

Marine Pokemon
November 15th, 2008, 7:19 AM
just kidding and i have edited the post

November 15th, 2008, 7:32 AM
Marine Pokemon- Um... Declined

November 15th, 2008, 9:59 AM
Scene 1:

Sparky awoke to many Pokémon gathering around him, he was in a building which seemed safe. The curtains were a pearl white colour and there were many candles lighting up the room as the Pokémon surrounded him.

"Hes waking up..." said one of the Pokémon as Sparkys vision began to widen, allowing him to see that it was a Poochyena who was tending to his wounds.

"Yeah, the only one who made it out of Briar Lake..." said another voice which was also stood over him, it was a Vulpix with dazzling red fur and bright maroon eyes.

Sparky jumped up and mumbled, "Brother..." as the Poochyena and Vulpix stood next to him. He was in a hospital bed, the familiar smell of vomit and air-fresheners was all around the room as it gathered up Sparkys nostrils.

"... Where am I?" said Sparky as he looked over to the Vulpix who was looking down at his small body which was bandaged up from the swift rocks in the river.

"Your in the village of Grail, your safe here" said the Vulpix as she looked down at him.

"Is my brother here?" shouted Sparky before looking back in his mind to the accident where he was sepperated from his brother.

"Your brother? You we're the only one who got out alive kid. Lucky that we found you floating down stream too." said a mysterious voice from behind the Poochyena. It was a Mightyena with sharp fangs which overlapped his jaw, his fur was as black as the night sky as he looked down upon the Pichu who was looking confused.

"I've got to go find him... he cant be--" said Sparky before he was interupted by another voice.

The Poochyena interupted him, "You must face it. You were the only one who got out of there, the rest of your village was taken in and locked up by them or killed" said the Poochyena in a tough voice.

"Poochyena!" yelled Vulpix before Mightyena looked over to her and shook his head, pointing out that it was for the best that he faced that fact.

"My brother... can't be gone. He wouldnt give up!" said Sparky before jumping out of the bed and ripping off his bandages. He tightened the goggles around his head and looked around the hospital as the Mightyena sighed.

"You must face it... even if your brother survived he would still be a slave who they will just use." said the Mightyena as the younger Poochyena looked upto him.

"No! I won't accept something like that! My brother Jolt would not lose to the likes of them!" said Sparky before jumping off the bed and pushing past the Vulpix. Sparky ran out of the hospital, holding his small ribcage which seemed to be beating extremely fast.

"Maybe you went a little too far, Mightyena" said the Vulpix as she sighed and dragged herself back up to her feet after the Pichu ran out of the hospital.

"No, I didnt. And Jolt... that name is too familiar to me" said Mightyena as he grinned and walked out of the hospital.

He was in a large village, many Pokémon we're walking past as Sparky ran over into a dense undergrowth of tree's at the side of the village in a cluster of sadness and rage.

Sparky thought to himself about all the good things that his brother had done for him, he looked out for him and took care of him and he couldnt face that he was gone... ever since his mother had died his brother did everything he could to protect him.

Sparky then heard footsteps in the distance, a mysterious voice called out to him. "So... there you are. I'll be taking it..." said the mysterious voice as footsteps began to trail from behind him.

OOC Note:

All of my roleplay is placed into italic text to add a nice touch to it, and i am glad to leave this hanging on a very interesting cliff-hanger for now. ^^

Until later then guys. :D

November 15th, 2008, 10:13 AM
Kozoi- That was an excellent post, but, unfortuantly, you are not in this Chapter. If you read my last post clearly it said you have to wait. But, I'm gonna be kind and let you in this Chapter anyway, considering your RP skills are very good ^^

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 15th, 2008, 10:14 AM
When Is The Next Chapter Gonna Be? Also I Wont Be Able To Post Until Tuesday. >.<

November 15th, 2008, 10:15 AM
The Silent Pidgeot- Don't worry, it starts on Thursday ^^ So be prepared and don't let me down :D

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November 15th, 2008, 10:20 AM
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November 15th, 2008, 12:49 PM
OOC - Okay. I'm not in any chapter as of yet. I'm just setting my scene if thats okay with you. ^_^

Also thanks for the compliment and can i keep setting this scene up? :3 I wont go too far such as spoiling the entire plot.

November 15th, 2008, 1:33 PM
Kozoi- Of course you can ^^ I'd like to see what happens :D

November 15th, 2008, 2:26 PM
Scene 2:

"It... what could he mean?" thought Sparky to himself as he turned around slowly towards whoever it was who was talking to him.

"You will give me the treasure of Briar Village, boy" said the voice as he walked over to Sparky slowly. It was a Gengar which let off an evil grin as it looked towards Sparky.

"Treasure? Like i'd know anything about that!" said Sparky in an angry voice towards the Gengar which seemed to be making threats.

"Kekekeh, is that so? Lets just see if i can make you change your mind up about that" said the Gengar as he launched a punch which flew at Sparky with incredible speeds, knocking him to the floor on impact.

"Ugh... i don't know... about any treasure." said Sparky as he pulled himself up from the floor.

"You know what i want, boy. The light orb." said the Gengar as he looked down at the Pichu, letting off an evil grin.

Sparky knew about the light orb, it was passed down through the leaders of the village. His brother was next in line for the light orb. "Well, why are you asking me about it? I know what it is but the only person who would know anything about that would be my brother!" said Sparky.

"Yeah, i know about your brother. I watched the entire scene in the hospital as i hid in the shadows. Now... tell me your brothers name and where he is, boy." said the Gengar as he grinned maniacily at the distressed Pichu.

"... I... don't know. Jolt was attacked by a Gyarados during the attack on our village" said Sparky, hoping for Gengar to stop pummelling him and leave him alone.

"... Jolt? You mean... him?" said the Gengar as his grin slowly turned into a frown and his rage began to build.

"Yeah... do you... know him?" said Sparky, looking up at the Gengar who seemed to know his brother as his grin turned into a certain frown.

"...Know him? He completely obliterated half of the Darkos Gyarados special forces with his electrical attacks before we lost sight of him." said the Gengar as he began to kackle.

"So... my brothers alive..." said Sparky who was grinning at the fact he might be able to see his brother again. He was also suprised about the name 'Darkos' which Gengar talked about a moment ago.

"I would'nt be so sure of that. When i capture him i will find where the light orb is and we will use it to power up our machine. I'll surely get a promotion. Kekekeh." said the Gengar.

"... You won't catch him!" shouted Sparky before Gengar launched a barrage of yellow spherical rings at Sparky which lumed him into a deep sleep. The Gengar disappeared, leaving Sparky alone in the forest as he was of no further use to him.

Sparky woke upto a familiar voice, it was Mightyena who was awakening him from his sleep. "What happened?" said the Mightyena as Sparky began to wake up.

Sparky explained everything to him about how his brother is still alive and about the Gengar who was after the treasure of his village. "Hmm, that sure is interesting" said the Mightyena.

"Yeah, i knew my brother wouldnt give up!" said Sparky who was glad that his brother was still alive and well.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't get your hopes up yet. They could still capture him. We have to find him before they can, don't we?" said the Mightyena.

"Yeah!" said Sparky who was glad that his big brother was alive, he didn't know what he would do without his brother.

Behind a tree lay Vulpix who was also glad, she was more soft than Mightyena and she was more concerned about Sparky than anyone. She grinned as Mightyena and Sparky began to get along for the first time. "Who knows, maybe his brother will be fine" thought Vulpix as she walked off.

OOC - Yeah, im aware this was rushed but i hope its quality enough. ^^

November 16th, 2008, 3:39 AM
Kozoi- Tghat was a great scene. I love your story line, but you're right, it was a bit rushed ^^ Maybe you will run into your brother again :D

Predict- What was all that about O~O

November 16th, 2008, 4:34 AM
Scene 3:

Sparky stood with Mightyena, trying to formulate a plan on how they could find and save his big brother Jolt from Team Darkos before it was too late. They didn't know if they had caught him and seized the light orb as of yet.

"Well..." said Mightyena as he pulled out a map of the surrounding area. "They would'nt of gotten past this area" said Mightyena as he pointed to a shade of trees north of Briar Village.

"I'll go and see if hes okay, you stay her--" said Mightyena before he was interupted by Sparky who was loosening the electricity from his small cheeks.

"No, i'm coming too. Hes my brother!" said Sparky who wasn't going to let him go alone.

"You know it will be dangerous, kid?" said Mightyena as he began to grin. Sparky nodded, he knew it would be dangerous with all the Gyarados he encountered earlier. "Well lets get going, then." said Mightyena as he grinned towards the Pichu who was ready for battle.

They began to walk along the forest path which was lit up by light from the sun bouncing off Briar lake which lead to the Village ruins. "Look!" yelled Sparky as he pointed over towards the ruins of his village.

There was a small group of Gyarados surrounding a small group of Pichu and Pikachu, which were in cages. The Gyarados sat there and looked around the area, like they were on guard.

"Well... looks like theres atleast half a dozen of them" said Mightyena as he began to grin. "Sure you can battle...?" he said as his fangs began to clamp against eachother.

"I'm sure!" said Sparky as he pointed towards the cage which was old and rusted. Suddenly a group of two Gyarados walked out of the woods with a Raichu held in shackles, unable to move in any way.

"Well... Jolt. So we meet again." said a mysterious voice which was all too familiar to Sparky. It was Gengar who was grinning evily towards him. "Now boy, your going to tell me where the orb is." said the Gengar.

"Or what?" said Jolt. "You've already took everything away from me." said Jolt, who didn't care what happened to him as long as the light orb remained safe.

Gengar grinned evily, "Or what..." said the Gengar as he looked towards the bush that Sparky was sat in. "Come out, Sparky..." said the Gengar as the group of Gyarados began to surround the area.

Sparky shouted over, "Brother!" as he looked for somewhere to escape. However, there was nowhere to escape as he was enclosed by the half a dozen Gyarados.

"No! Let him go!" yelled Jolt as he began to attempt to squirm out of the shackles. "You Coward!" yelled Jolt as he tried to perform a Thunderbolt which was absorbed instantly by the shackles. The shackles released the electricity and sent it right back at Jolt, sending him to his knees from his own attack.

"Kekekekeh, now your going to tell me where you've hidden it" said the Gengar as he grinned evily towards Jolt who was bent over on one knee from his own Thunderbolt.

OOC Note:

Well heres Scene 3. Yeah, lets see whats going to happen next time. ^^

November 16th, 2008, 4:54 AM
Kozoi- That was also a very good post. To Improve; Try and be a bit more descriptive. If you were, that would be fantastic ^^


A small sound of sparks entered Trikas ears as he stared at the Grovyle that had reavealed its identity. "What was that?" Mumbled Trika as he looked towards were the sound came from. He heard voices and evil laughter. "That must be-" Hesitated Trika. "That's Gengar. He's back!" Trika sprang into action, completely out of view from the Grovyle. The Grovyle attmepted to stop him, but Trika shook his arm from his grip. The voices were getting louder. Trika could hear the wind rushing past his ears, then there was something he missed: The loud flapping of wings. He stopped to a halt. Infront of him was a giant replica of A Flygon. Not just any Flygon, though: Darkly the Flygon.

"I take it you're here for a part of the reality Bomb." exclaimed Trika slowly. "I've noticed that the stars aren't dissapearing any more... Why?"
"It is in-complete!" Replied a cold, metallic voice. "What do you mean in-complete? It's already destroyed two universes so it must be complete!"
"It is in-complete." Replied the Robot once more. "What does that mean, though?"
"It is in-complete." And at the ned of that cold sentence, the Darkly released a Hyper Beam from its mouth. it twindled towards Trika extremly quickly, but he dodged it with ease, hitting the foliage behind him and making a loud explosion.

November 16th, 2008, 10:05 AM
"It is in-complete." And at the ned of that cold sentence


that's kind of strange...

Marine Pokemon
November 17th, 2008, 12:37 AM
about the ???? part i don't know what to write

November 21st, 2008, 5:53 AM
Name: Witcher
Species: Dusknoir
Age: 10
Level: 49

History: Born on a Cementary,Witcher was the "Killer of those who came to the cementary" for years. He just enjoyed killing. But one day,Someone from team ultimos,came for him,and grabbed him. He joined then,team ultimos. He was there,but he still enjoyed killing,and harming things. So,he's still really dangerous.

Personality: Full of Anger an killing spree. He enjoys killing an k-o'ing other pokemon.
He is really dangerous for others,but really hm,"Friendly" for friends.
Dont wants to be happy,and does'nt ever was. He just knowed that "he was chosen to be a killer,an avenger,making fun of killing others"...................................

Appearance: Looks like a normal Dusknoir,but has a scar within his eye. The scar is red of blood,but he does not feel pain.

Position: Ultimos one.

Moveset: Bite,Psycho cut,Drain,Thief,Psycho dash.

Power:Can Shapeshift.

November 21st, 2008, 7:22 AM
Glitchy grabbed his walkie talkie and spoke into it "Darkly! guess what? Trika is fighting the robot Darkly clone! and he's losing!"

"Gwahahahahahha!!!! Great! now the world will be mine! there's nothing that can stand in my way!" He grabbed a remote in his claws and pressed the power button, turning on a giant tv screen.
"Now I can watch the battle from here!... but perhaps I should make sure Glitchy doesn't fail me... SLICER! get over here, you useless scyther! I want you to go to Glitchy's location and cut that Trika in half!"

"Sure boss, I have nothing better to do..." Slicer said just before he sprung upwards toward the exit

"Now Trika's fate is sealed! Gwahahahahaha!!!!!"

November 21st, 2008, 2:07 PM
I'm accepted?
Or not?
Am i????

November 28th, 2008, 4:52 PM

toxic has given me this rp. and my first act is to say:

WitcherKozacki (http://www.pokecommunity.com/member.php?u=116664) http://www.pokecommunity.com/images/templates/topseekreht/seedsofplatinum_20080617/statusicon/user_offline.gif- Declined. you need to be more descriptive. and besides, the ultimos are supposed to be good guys. they wouldn't kidnap an innocent pokemon

Geez... I never expected this to die!

December 4th, 2008, 4:07 PM
I wish someone would post...

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December 4th, 2008, 4:52 PM
OOC- Whens the next Chap.? Just cuz i wanna post somewhere. >.<

December 4th, 2008, 5:21 PM
err.... let's start now...

Chapter 2: The Dark Star

okay... let's start!

wait, wrong font... okay... I'll redo that....

Okay! let's start!

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December 4th, 2008, 7:01 PM
OOC- Ok! I'll Start It Off I Guess...


Zephyr sat on a tree,waiting for something to happen. Even though he didnt blend in that well,he still had the ability to turn Invisable. Zephyr had heard rumors abour a dark Flygon with the DNA of a Giratina and his team. Something finally happened,and Zephyr was ready. Apparently,it was only an angry Fearow,but it was still a fight. Zephyr flew down from the tree and reappeared,right in front of it. it was holding a bag in its clutch. "Whats in the bag?" Zephyr asked sternly. "None of your buisiness!" the Fearow replied,obviously hiding something. "I was hoping I didnt have to do this..." Zephyr said. With that,Zephyr used Double Team and then a quick Gust attack. The Fearow was forced to drop the bag. Zephyr turned invisable and grabbed the bag quickly and landed in a well-hidded tree. He carefully opened the bag,revealing a diamond. Zephyr flew into a different tree far away from there and watched for anything else after hiding the diamond.


long post. O.O

December 5th, 2008, 2:15 PM
"Gwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!" Darkly said as he sat in his chair and watched the world through his giant tv screen."Soon the world will be mine! and all it's cake! everyone will surrender to me once I unveil my space station! The Dark Star! capable of destroying entire planets with it's laser!unfortunatley it needs a diamond to operate..."

he turned his head and yelled at the top of his lungs "GLITCHY! FAT SALAMENCE! GET OVER HERE!!!!"

"yes boss?" they said as they walked up

"that fearow still hasn't returned.." he said as he slowly walked toward them "I want you to go find out what happened to him..."

"yes sir!" they said as they warped to the loacation "hey!" Glitchy yelled at a nearby pidgeot "what are you looking at!"

there was no reply...

"okay buddy, you asked for it! Salamence! lets take this loser down!" Glitchy said as they flew at top speed toward Zephyr

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 5th, 2008, 2:31 PM
Zephyr used Agility and then turned invisable.

After getting behind Glitchy and the apparently stupid fat salamence,he talked.

"So,your Glitchy and Salamence..." Zephyr said. "Seems this'll be easier then expected..." He added. "Ok,heres a deal,if I beat you,you bring me to Darkly so i can pound on him for a while. If you win,I'll give back the diamond and leave you guys alone until we see each other again." Zephyr said,obviously having an idea for a plan.

"So,how about it?" Zephyr said afterwards.

Zeta Sukuna
December 5th, 2008, 5:06 PM
(ooc: I am in this RP, but I wasn't in the first chapter)

Rei ran into the room... panting. "Lord Darkly, I am here for you.... oh, wait... this is the wrong room." It was the rec room he had ran into. "Sigh... well... this is a new space station... so I guess I got lost... again. 'Modern' technology is so weird."

The Raichu then started running around again, but ended up into the laser operating system room. "Umm... this is starting to get annoying." And with that Rei started running again... somehow appearing on the bottom of the ship. "Aww... come on!!! This is so stupid! I hate technology!!!"

"Umm... are you looking for something milord?" Asked a random servant, Rei's face lit up, and he grabbed the servant.

"Where is Darkly's hall?!" Asked Rei. The minion trembled as he gave Rei the map. "That's a smart Rattata." Rei then looked at the map before running up once more... avoiding any and all traps he put up in the area, and ran into Darkly's chamber. "Lord Darkly... I am here... sorry I'm late... got a little lost."

December 6th, 2008, 7:11 AM
"Gwahahahaha!!! don't worry, I'm not going to punish you, I'm busy watching glitchy and fat salamence on the tv screen. I'm lucky to have at least one competent minion, and that's you rei... now, I have an assignment for you... if that diamond stealing pidgeot manages to beat my best mechanic, and that retarded salamence, I want you to show it who's boss...."

Darkly pressed a button and his giant tv screen started to show 3-D holograms of the battle

"okay, fine... you win..." Glitchy said to the pidgeot as he pretended to be sad "NOT! Hahahahahaha!!! Now! prepare to be dazzled by the latest Dark Sky invention! The Darkly Destroyer M.K III" He pulled out a button "now, when I press this button, YOU WILL DIE!!" he slammed his fist on the button. Just then, a giant Darkly robot appeared out of nowhere.

"This is going to be fun..." Darkly said as he sat in his chair and stared at the holograms "Gwahahahahaha!!!"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 7:27 AM
"Easy as a loose screw..." Zephyr said. He used Agilits to get close to its head. He then used Drill Peck to loosen the screws on its head. He then used Gust,causing the head to fall off the robot. "Well,scince thats done,back to the fight?" Zephyr said,turning straight towards the two Dark Sky minions and dashing at them with a full-power Drill Peck. Intstead of actually hitting the two,he turned around as soon as he got to them and flew in a circle quickly,causing a small twister to appear.

He isnt as dumb as he sounds. He just took the head off your robot Darkly...

Dont underestimate a Pidgeot named Zephyr.

Zephyr is Greek for a strong gust of wind. =3


Also,Darkly knows this New Characters Sister,Blazer. You probably know Blazer too if you were in the many RPGs we were in together.


Name: Blitz

Species: Ninetales

Age: 1492 (He's related to a living legend,in human years,he's only 18. >.<)

Level: 60

History: Blitz's History Is Currently Uknown. (Will add to history as the RP goes along)

Personality: Blitz Is Like His Sister,Brave And Loyal To Friends. He Thinks ZHe4 Can Win Anything,Again Like His Sister,Blazer. Seeing As He Is Related To A Legend(Blazer),He Acts Like One Himself,In Hoped Of Following His Sisters Footsteps.

Appearance: http://www.dragonflycave.com/images/greenblackninetales.png (Credit To Dragonfree)

Position: None (On The Good Side,But Didnt Actually Join It Due To His "Legendary" Sister)

Fox Fire (A Family Move,He Coats Himself With Blue Fire And Transforms Into A Giant Flaming Wolf With Nine Fox-Like Tails)
Flare Blitz
Shadow Ball (A Family Trait,Father Was An Absol)

Power: None

December 6th, 2008, 8:55 AM
"fine... I'll just have to use this!" Glitchy grabbed a small laser gun and shot it at Zephyr "The Zap-o matic pocket capture edition! It shoots a laser net that captures pokemon!" he pulled out another device "this one is the Darkifier! It creates Dark copies of anyone it scans!" he scanned zephyr

"uh.... shouldn't we ask the boss before doing this?" Fat salamence asked

"why? we're just going to test the Darkifier on this crappy pidgeot!" Glitchy said.

he whistled and a pitch black copy of zephyr rose out of the ground. "now, we must be going..." glitchy said as he warped away

"hey! what about me? salamence said as he flew away

BOSS: Dark Zephyr

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 1:00 PM
OOC- I'll take no answer as its accepted for Blitz. >.<

Zephyr used Drill Peck on the net. "How the heck to I beat myself!?!?!?" Zephyr questioned himself. "Ok,scince he is me,maybe he has the same fears and weaknesses..." Zephyr said quietly,just dodging the attacks Dark Zephyr threw at him. Zephyr whistled,causing a bright light to appear in a tree. Dark Zephyr looked back,saw a flame,and dodged it. "You called?" said a calm voice. The figure jumped out of the tree,revealing Blitz. "Yeah,help me take myself out." said Zephyr. Blitz nodded and looked at the dark version of Zephyr. "You know how im...umm...afraid of strong flames?" Zephyr said. "Yeah,let me guess... you want me to see if Dark Zephyr has the same fear. Right?" Blitz said,guessing the idea. "Yeah..." Zephyr replied. "Ok... here goes a Fox Fire." Blitz said,glowing blue. Suddenly,the Ninetales was engulfed in blue flames,and started to look like a giant flaming wolf. He howled and blew flames at Dark Zephyr.


Long post again. >.<

December 29th, 2008, 11:00 PM
" Well I'm getting bored so I'm gonna see how are little friends are doing eh Glitchy" the Porygon-Z quickly replied "you know you can battle this dumb birdie" . Then suddenly Takai vanished and suddenly appeared behind Zephr with his claw glowing a bright white sort of color and quickly slashed him with the claw . " What can I say " said Takai in a cruel way " You didn't keep your eye on the birdie", while suddenly turning into many identical copies of himself and laughed very cruelly at the fallen Pidgeot " You know what boss I think fighting himself isn't working I think I'll eliminate him myself!!!".

BOSS : Takai the Weavile

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 30th, 2008, 9:08 AM
Blitz saw a Weavile attack Zephyr. Zephyr got up slowly and used Gust on the Weavile. The Gust was slow, due to Zephyr becoming weaker from the attack. Blitz stopped using Fox Fire and jumped on the Weavile, pinning it to the ground. "Who are y-" Blitz said, cut off by a memory. "Takai!" Blitz growled. "So, its you..." Blitz growled again. "Come on! Answer! I always knew you were just a weasle!" Blitz insulted, preparing to use a Flamethrower on Takai. Just then, Zephyr tried to get up. He casted a quick glare at Takai and fainted soon afterwards.


A little rushed. Im just hungry. XD

December 30th, 2008, 10:02 AM
Takai laughed and than said very cruelly " Well my dear Blitz you seem to remember me however I am far stronger than you will ever be as I will show you right now!!" . Right at that moment Takai's claw glowed a shadowy black cover in dark purple aura after the attack finished charging Takai slashed at the Ninetales blowing him off of his body. " You should of learned maggot that you can never even come close to my level" Takai whispered in Blitz's ear than threw him towards a nearby tree.