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November 2nd, 2008, 6:37 AM
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Everything can change dramatically in a length of time; a person, a place, and especially, the world. Thousands of years have past since the beginning of Kanto, when it was widely popular for young girls and boys to set off on their own journey when they became of age. Everything there was peaceful and happy for almost everybody.
But everything can change so quickly...
There was the day that the whole Kanto region was shook forever, the starting day of the natural disasters. They terrorized the region in the form of tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, everything. Oceans slowly drained, towns shifted and were sometimes destroyed, and new landforms were created. Kanto was changed dramatically in this way, and this happened for many years.
Along with the disasters, Team Rocket found this the perfect oppurtunity to strike. They also began their terror on the world as well, building bases, stealing double the pokemon, and more. Some of ther greatest attacks were the attacks on Cinnibar Island, where they burned the whole city, including the gym and laboratory, to the ground. Then they moved on to Celadon where Team Rocket robbed almost everything from the Department Store and Prize Area for the Game Corner.
Everybody suffered until a few thousand years later when things began to settle back down. Towns were rebuilt, some in different locations. The world was incredibly different, but everyone coped with it and got together. Soon, new gyms were even built and the Pokemon League was started once more. Except for the new league, trainers will practically have to travel the world backwards because of the oceans draining around Cinnibar and the new ones forming around New Saffron City.
You are a new trainer in this whole new world, with the ultimate goal of being one of the first trainers to win the Pokemon League. Your reason why, I cannot decide for you. The same pokemon live in the region, just in different locations. Gym leaders are brand new, but Team Rocket has managed to survive long enough to still stalk the world and cause trouble. With your beginner pokemon recieved by Professor Jacob, the new Professor in Kanto, you will set off into New Kanto. It will be up to you what pokemon you catch, what new moves you teach them, etc. There will be fun times along with the challenging ones. On the road, you will meet friends and your biggest rivals. Just be brave and experience this whole new region of Kanto!

1.) My biggest rule is have fun!! If you're not, that just simply tell me that you wish to drop out of the rp. It will not hurt my feelings, and will open up another slot for another person who may enjoy it more.
2.) No legendaries!! No legendary pokemon will be caught in the rp, but you may get the chance to battle one later.
3.) Be Active!! My new rule that I've set in my rp's is that you must be active at least once a week. If not, then you're kicked out. If you're too busy to make up a post, then tell me and we'll work it out. It can even be the simple message "School has kept me busy." This will show me that you didn't just slapped a sign-up sheet and then abandon the rp.
4.) Keep everything at a PG-13 level or lower. I don't mind romance and such, but keep it in the appropiate level. This also means no sexual scenes. I, along with many other people, are too young to read about this stuff. If you type something around this, not only will I kick you out, but report your post to a moderator. You have been warned.
5.) Do not god-mod or bunny another player. You may do for a brief period of time as long as the other player does not mind it.
6.) Follow the personality that you set for your character!! It doesn't make since to take the time to type out a happy, light personality for your character, but then make them made all the time. This is why you need to make a personality.

The rules seem a little strict, but they're needed to make the rp as enjoyable as possible!

Sign-Up Sheet




Prefered Starter:

Starter Pokemon
There will only be one person per type, per category. Only six people will be Accepted.

Grass Pokemon
Bulbasaur, Oddish, Bellsprout, Exeggcute, Tangela

Fire Pokemon (Taken By rii-chii)
Charmander, Vulpix, Growlithe, Ponyta, Magmar

Water Pokemon (Taken By Clevink)
Squirtle, Psyduck, Poliwag, Tentacool, Seel, Shellder, Krabby, Horsea, Goldeen, Staryu, Magikarp

Normal Pokemon (Taken By Gallade of the sand)
Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Meowth, Ditto, Porygon

Flying Pokemon
Pidgey, Spearow, Zubat, Farfetch'd, Doduo

Bug Pokemon
Caterpie, Weedle, Paras, Venonat, Scyther, Pinsir

Dragon Pokemon (Taken By Lostt)

Electric Pokemon (Taken)
Pikachu, Magnemite, Voltorb, Electabuzz

Fighting Pokemon
Mankey, Machop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan

Ghost Pokemon

Ground Pokemon (Taken By Neiko Star)
Sandshrew, Diglett, Geodude, Onix, Cubone, Rhyhorn

Poison Pokemon
Ekans, Nidoran (Female), Nidoran (Male), Grimer, Koffing

Psychic Pokemon (Taken By Gardevoyeurism)
Abra, Slowpoke, Drowzee, Mr. Mime

Once Again, only six people will be Accepted with one person per type. I just set out a long list of options.

Game Play
When all the slots are taken, we will begin the rp.
Like most rps, I will not be participating in this rp. Instead, I will be the "Game Master", controlling many characters such as Proffesor Jacob, Team Rocket, Wild Pokemon, Gym Leaders, etc.
You will be in charge of your own character and your own pokemon. For your pokemon, you will be in charge of the moves they learn, if you want for them too evolve, etc. You cannot godmod other players' pokemon and actions (like mentioned in the rules). If trying to capture a wild pokemon, I will decide whether you have caught it or not, and what its level is depending on the quality of your post.
This rp will be in "Chapter Form." This means I will post a chapter with information of the area you are in, and what you're allowed to do. There will be no specific order to post in, but you must wait in between each of your posts to wait for me to grade your post. In this grading, I will tell you the level boosts your pokemon have gotten, the moves they are, or trying to, learn, the items you've gotten, etc.
Please refer to the RolePlay rules if you have any more questions, or Pm me.


(Credit goes to PokeUser45 for the list of starter pokemon.)

(If anyone could make a map of the region that would be great! I'll try to send a rough draft if you're interested.)


Accepted Players
1.) Max (Pikachu "Volt")- Pikalover10
2.) Yuna (Dratini "Quonter")- Lostt
3.) Nick (Squirtle)- Clevink
4.) Ai Kushi (Ponyta "Ren")- rii-chii
5.) Dion Darling (Abra "Casey")- Gardevoyeurism
6.) Echo Stainwood (Porygon)- Gallade of the sand
7.) Verali Floryndart (Sandshrew)- Neiko Star

November 3rd, 2008, 6:14 AM
Oooh! I'll sign up!

Name: Max
Gender: Male
Age: 10

Appearence: Max is shorter then most people his age. He stands at about 3 foot 11 and weighs about 85 lbs.

When cold: When its cold outside Max usually wears black with yellow stirpes pants, a red vest with a white long sleeved shirt underneath, his black and yellow hat, black and yellow gloves, black running shoes, and his necklace.

Normally: Max ususally wears his red and white polo shirt, his yellow and black hat, his black and yellow shorts, his red and white running shoes, his necklace, and black fingerless gloves.

Max's hair is always black spiky/messy and his eyes are always crystal blue.

Personality: Max has always been a light hearted fellow. He never usually holds grudges against people and always acts friendly to them. He loves pokemon and never wants to hurt them. On top of being light hearted Max is also very outgoing. He will do anything and everything for his friends and pokemon. He is always the clown of the group what with his jokes, pranks occasionally and back talk.

History: Max grew up in Pallet Town. His mom died giving birth to his little brother, but Max never held it against him, unlike their older brother,Kevin. Kevin always blamed Josh for the death of their mom and never let Josh foreget it. Max protected his little brother because he already lost a little brother from a disease. His dad abandoned them forcing the three of them to live on the streets.

One day when Max was at Proffessor Jacob's lab picking a date for him to get his pokemon Kevin left Josh on his own. Josh was kidnapped by Team Rocket goons and they left a letter to Max saying: If ya want your little brother back then battle our leader and if ya win Josh can come home to you if he wants or...he can stay with us. If our boss wins, though, he stay under Team Rocket! Max figured there was basically no hope of ever getting Josh back because when this happened Max was 6, but Josh was only 2.

Preffered Starter:

nickname: Volt

I'll edit anything if needed!

November 3rd, 2008, 6:21 AM
To Pikalover10: Don't you ever get tired of Pikachu? Anyways, Accepted .

November 3rd, 2008, 7:19 AM
Name:Yunameku Asamo Also called 'Yuna', or 'Yu. '

General Appearance: Yuna, stands at the height of 5'8" not to tall, not to small. Her lithe figure, resembles that of a ninja, thin and well built. On a closer look, you can see that she is very mature, and knows a lot, or most can. Her face shows a hardened look, as if she has been through a lot, that some could not overcome. Her dark brown eyes, show a lot of determination. Her hair, runs down her back, the color is a bluish green much like the ocean.

Average Attire
Yuna's average attire, is a bit dressy to some, but in her family it is not. Her Kimono resembles the moon, so pale, yet so beautiful at the same time. It is edged in a blackish-brown border, that goes around just about every joint. A little more than halfway down her hair, it is tied into a ponytail, with a green band. Then she has two, long 'pig tails' like things that are braided, and at the end held in two purple bands. At the very end of her pig tails are two silver rings. On her feet, are two dress boots if you will. They are the same shade that embroiders he kimono. They aren't tied, nor do they tie, the just slip on.

Personality:Caring,Generous. Those are two big words that can be used to describe Yu. She loves making new friends and seeing old ones. She does also have a cold, neglectful, hateful side, but even that has it's kindness. She is almost always calm, even in the tensest situations. Sometimes she considers others thoughts an ideas, infact a lot of the time. Yu, also likes to keep things neat and in order, it just makes life easier. Back to her hateful side, this rarely will show, and when it does, most can't tell. The reason that they can't tell, is because the amount is so small, and her anger and hate is still expressed through kind words. Yunameku will never yell, scream, or truly hate anyone for life. She feels great sympathy to those lost, mentally lost.

History:Being born in Ecruteak City ,Johto life was rough. Especially when you were born to Mekku Asamo, a powerful crime lord in the area. Yunameku, was born to Mekku Asamo and Yunesta Teiken. Her name came from both her father and mother. Mekku, controlled alot of citizen's by fear, and often was 'given' money. He kept his crime life a secret from Yunameku, and told Yunesta not to tell her. One day, Yunameku, heard from a lot of people that her dad was a criminal. Then when she asked her mother, she was told the truth. Her dad, heard that she was told by her mother, and hit her mother atleast twice, before running. He just ran. Yunameku grew up and then her mother passed away from Polio. Her dad, decided to become reformed, and moved with Yunameku to Kanto.

She moved to Kanto. She then spent two years, growing accostemed to it. She then heard of the local professor, and was soon interested in pokemon. She loved the idea, that she soon would go traveling, and meet lots of new people. She can barley remember the name of the town that she moved to, Pallet Town.

Prefered Starter:Dratini-'Quonter' (Kwon-Ter)

November 3rd, 2008, 7:24 AM
To Lostt: Mankey is reserved for you until tomorrow!

November 3rd, 2008, 7:25 AM
Sorry, I changed it :P sorry.

November 3rd, 2008, 7:26 AM
This looks like a lot of fun! :)

Name: Nick
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Appearance: Nick is a very thin, very tall 14 year old. He has dirty-blond hair, bright baby blue eyes and always has on his leather jacket in the cold. During the winter, he wears grey sweatpants that have a Pokeball on the bottom of the right leg, and a long-sleeve t-shirt that is almost always covered up by his black leather jacket. When it's warm outside, he wears tan shorts and a white shirt that has a Pokeball in the middle of it.

Personality: Nick sometimes comes off to strangers as stuck up, or rude, when in actuality he is just nervous and scared about meeting new people. He's very shy, but if you get to know him, you'll find that he is a very loving guy. However, his shyness melts away when anyone insults or endangers someone he loves, including his Pokemon.

History: Nick has had a semi trying life. When his parents divorced, his mom brought him and his little sister to live in Pallet Town. Before the divorce, Nick was a very outgoing, fun loving guy, but the cause of having to up and leave his life and his father made him the shy guy he is today. The move and the divorce also brought the three of them closer. Before, they used to have the usual family bickerings, but now they all get along and they love each other more than anything in the world. Being a single mother, Nick's mom is having trouble supporting all three of them. Nick is leaving on his Pokemon journey not only to rekindle his outgoing side, but to hopefully become the Pokemon League Champion and help support his family.

Prefered Starter: Squirtle, male if at all possible, but I'll take a female if that's what I should get. :)

If anything should be edited, just tell me!

November 3rd, 2008, 7:35 AM
To Lostt: Ah, we both made our posts at the same time. :P Dratini is reserved for you.

To Clevink: A Male Squirtle is just fine. Accepted!

To Pikalover10: I forgot to mention it, but Professor Oak doesn't exist in the Kanto region anymore. He's looong gone :)

November 3rd, 2008, 3:28 PM
Ok! I edited it and if ya need one here is my trainer card:


November 3rd, 2008, 5:24 PM
To Pikalover: Danke. (Thank you) I'm going to open up an ooc thread shortly.

To Lostt: Have fun with Dratini! Accepted

rii - chii
November 3rd, 2008, 6:42 PM
Wow, this looks like alot of fun, I gotta go so can I reserve a fire spot (Ponyta)? I'll also make a Kanto Map :O

November 3rd, 2008, 6:49 PM
Is Dratini a boy or girl?( I could also try the Kanto Map, cant guarantee it will be pretty, you will most likely be using Rii-Chii's)

November 3rd, 2008, 7:42 PM
Wow, this looks like alot of fun, I gotta go so can I reserve a fire spot (Ponyta)? I'll also make a Kanto Map :O

Ponyta is reserved for you. I'll also make a rough draft of the kanto map and give you the attachment. It's not gonna be pretty since I suck at Paint, but I'll make it readable.

Is Dratini a boy or girl?( I could also try the Kanto Map, cant guarantee it will be pretty, you will most likely be using Rii-Chii's)

You can also try your hand at the map and just compare it with rii-chii's. I was really giving the choice to everyone what gender they wanted. I wasn't going to specify what gender your pokemon was for you unless you just want me to.

November 3rd, 2008, 7:57 PM
Ok, I have to go now, see you later.

November 4th, 2008, 6:53 AM
Umm, may I join? This is my first time in anything above a semi-literate RP, so I might make a few errors every now and then.

Name: Dion Darling
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Appearance: Slightly-built, pale-skinned Dion stands at an unremarkable height of five-foot-six in steel-heeled combat boots.
Jet-black bangs barely cover his thin, black brows which lined the sockets of his azure almond eyes. His button-nose, situated between high cheekbones precedes a dainty cupid's bow above thin pink lips pouted over a dimpled chin. Often seen donning old-style suits and neatly-pressed ties, Dion is the poster boy for the 'Rich Boy' archetype.

Personality: Unlike some who share his socioeconomic status, Dion is surprisingly generous. He is known to donate to charity and assist people in need, almost to the point of sacrificing his own well-being. Dion's concern for others can also cause him to appear to be somewhat nosey, for he has a tendency to throw himself into troubling situations which he really shouldn't have anything to do with. Combined with the dash of arrogance which comes with being rich and good-looking, his borderline-draconic sense of justice can cause him to do more harm than good. Dion is also known to possess quite a temper, usually flaring up when others do not cater to his
finicky tastes. Apparently, Dion aspires to become a gym leader - something he isn't likely to achieve, since he faints at the sight of blood whether it be human or pokemon.

History: Born into an upper-middle-class family just north of Kanto, Dion has lived quite the cushy life of caviar and Persian pay-days. Throughout the years, his father spent a good amount of time with him and his younger sister while his mother had a habit of disappearing for months on end before returning with mysterious wads of money. Nobody ever asked where she got it from, as all that mattered was that they had it at their disposal. Most of this money went into food, parties and school fees with some of the leftover cash being donated to various charities. Life was comfortable and incredibly easy for Dion until one day he decided that life was a little too easy, that it was getting somewhat boring. Only then, whilst petting his father's Persian did he consider becoming a pokemon trainer. At first, his family didn't approve of him running around on his own though after a long chat with Professor Jacob, they reluctantly let go of their son. Unfortunately, not much can be said about their daughter.

Prefered Starter: Female Abra. Dion promises to love her and care for her and call her 'Casey'. =D

November 4th, 2008, 7:05 AM
Umm, may I join? This is my first time in anything above a semi-literate RP, so I might make a few errors every now and then.

Name: Dion Darling
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Appearance: Slightly-built, pale-skinned Dion stands at an unremarkable height of five-foot-six in steel-heeled combat boots.
Jet-black bangs barely cover his thin, black brows which lined the sockets of his azure almond eyes. His button-nose, situated between high cheekbones precedes a dainty cupid's bow above thin pink lips pouted over a dimpled chin. Often seen donning old-style suits and neatly-pressed ties, Dion is the poster boy for the 'Rich Boy' archetype.

Personality: Unlike some who share his socioeconomic status, Dion is surprisingly generous. He is known to donate to charity and assist people in need, almost to the point of sacrificing his own well-being. Dion's concern for others can also cause him to appear to be somewhat nosey, for he has a tendency to throw himself into troubling situations which he really shouldn't have anything to do with. Combined with the dash of arrogance which comes with being rich and good-looking, his borderline-draconic sense of justice can cause him to do more harm than good. Dion is also known to possess quite a temper, usually flaring up when others do not cater to his finicky tastes. Apparently, Dion aspires to become a gym leader - something he isn't likely to achieve, since he faints at the sight of blood whether it be human or pokemon.

History: Born into an upper-middle-class family just north of Kanto, Dion has lived quite the cushy life of caviar and Persian pay-days. Throughout the years, his father spent a good amount of time with him and his younger sister while his mother had a habit of disappearing for months on end before returning with mysterious wads of money. Nobody ever asked where she got it from, as all that mattered was that they had it at their disposal.

Most of this money went into food, parties and school fees with some of the leftover cash being donated to various charities.
Life was comfortable and incredibly easy for Dion until one day he decided that life was a little too easy, that it was getting somewhat boring. Only then, whilst petting his father's Persian did he consider becoming a pokemon trainer. At first, his family didn't approve of him running around on his own though after a long chat with Professor Jacob, they reluctantly let go of their son. Unfortunately, not much can be said about their daughter.

Prefered Starter: Female Abra. Dion promises to love her and care for her and call her 'Casey'. =D
Watch your spacing, it should be like in the quote.

November 4th, 2008, 7:54 AM
To Gardevoyeurism: The sign-up was overall pretty good. Battling with an Abra is going to be hard at first. I can't wait to see what you make out of it. Accepted (Thanks for pointing out errors, Lostt)

rii - chii
November 4th, 2008, 1:01 PM
Name: Ai Kushi
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Appearance: Ai likes to wear an orange minitop with denim jeans. Ai has a set of silver headphones which she listens to music a lot. Ai has long brown hair and is also is 5 ft 1. She likes to carry different shades of sunglasses to wear to look nice. During winter, she simply likes to wear a thin jacket and a scarf to keep warm.

Personality: Ai can be quite pissed whenever agitated. She usually doesn’t really care about many things. The only things that get her crazy are cows and horses. When upset. She tries to keep herself from crying and she starts to get hurt because of that.

History: Originally, she was born in Olivine City in Johto. When she was young, she loved to head off to the Moomoo Farm and play with all the Miltank. She loved berries and she ate them as fresh as they are. But she also loves to feed the cute Miltank the best berries of all.

One day, Ai was being attacked by a stopple of Tauros. Suddenly a Rapidash came out of no where and saved Ai. She was grateful for Rapidash and wanted to be with it forever. Suddenly, the next day she had a heart attack and collapsed on the floor.

She was taken to Goldenrod City for further treatment, and was released from the hospital four years later. She was 8 by the time and wanted to head off to the Moomoo Farm to play, but she had no idea how to get there. Her only way to find out where the Moomoo Farm was was to attend school.

On one school day, an intruder entered the school and the teacher called the police. Everyone was evacuated out of the school and when they found out that Ai had no parents known, she was shipped out to PalletTown to a foster home. Her foster home was really mean to her.

She learned to just ignore anything that bothers her. She seldom sneaks out of the house and gets more medication for her pain because her foster parents won’t let her get anything that she needs. When she became 16, she has finally decided to sneak out and run off for adventure.

Ponyta (Ren)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Ability: Run Away or Flash Fire (You can decide)
Attack: Growl, Tackle

November 4th, 2008, 1:07 PM
To rii-chii: Denied. Now really why would I do that to you. You're Accepted. :) (We can just say that the MooMoo farm survived for thousands of years also ;))

November 4th, 2008, 3:15 PM
Name Echo Stainwood
Character Age: 14
Character Gender: Male
Character Personality: Echo possesses incredible self control of his emotions. He constantly displays an emotionless personality, though at times, he appears to have a slight degree of anger or frustration on his face. He only shows surprise when opponents prove more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he doesn't lose his composure. He does not possess any arrogance, and fully justifies any statements he makes about his power, and even compliments his opponents at times on their abilities.
Character Appearance :height is 5'3 average Chaos's skin is somewhat pale and hair is completely black and in a short ponytail.He wears a long dark cloak with red flames with a chin-high collar.That covers his green shirt with a yin yang symbol in the middle. A bracelet with a black circle is on his left arm. He has the usual pokeball belt around his waist. He may wear a conical straw hat with small spike-like balls hanging down to cover his face.
Character History :As a child Echo developed a love for all pokemon. It didn’t matter if they were strong or weak, their appearance meant nothing to him, he loved them all equally. He would somehow become friends with every pokemon he came across, and his parents knew that he could become a truly great pokemon breeder someday. His parents were both pokemon breeders, people who raise and care for pokemon, so you can imagine their joy when their son showed in interest in pokemon breeding as well. He enjoyed working with Pokemon of all types, but has always loved the many evolved forms of eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, and Glaceon, and, after having his first taste of battling, which was a battle training test with his fathers Dragonite, he decided he wanted to be not only a breeder, but a pokemon trainer as well. As a kid, he was never the most popular person at school, because he didn’t have every attribute that would make him the most popular person at school, but he had a lot of good friends, Despite the fact that he had a lot of friends, he has always thought that no one knew he was there.
Starter Pokemon: Porygon

Neiko Star
November 4th, 2008, 4:28 PM
Ooh, it's been ages since I've RP'ed!

Name: Veralidaine Floryndart -nicknamed Verali for short-

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Appearance: Veralidaine has very long, leg-length, delicate purple hair. She wears it loosely, except for two long, braided bangs that fall on her shoulders. The length of her already unnatural-coloured hair is of great annoyance to her enemies, much to her satisfaction. A velvet red bandanna is tied on her head. She has extremely pale turquoise eyes, which remind the people who stare into them of an icy sea. Yet another thing Verali enjoys using to her advantage. She has a pale, slim figure useful for gymnastics, and stands tall for her age. Verali's favorite and most worn outfit is a plain white blouse with frills at the sleeves, short blue jeans, a black belt orned with gold, and a gray, buttoned cardigan that she wears over her blouse. At her feet are black ballet slippers and at her ears, seemingly made in real gold, two large golden hoops. She oftenly completed with a gold dangle bracelet. This outfit owed her the intimidating appearance of a pirate.

Personality: The best way of describing Veralidaine's personality would be in three words: I don't care. And that's precisely what she thinks. She's arrogant, clever, sneaky, and cunning, four qualities that make bad combinations. Despite the fact that she might skip school, attempt to slap the principal on the face, steal a motorcycle and doodle on the church's walls out of pure boredom, she is not two things that often goes with the rest of these words: selfish and unkind. If a cat were stuck on a tree, she would rescue it, even if she were to cut down the tree later with a chainsaw; she would beat up bullies that stole other kid's lunch money, even if she might steal their money in return. She would help somebody in trouble, even if she completely forgot about the person's existence later on. She often slacks off during classes, skip entire periods of work, breaks into an amusement park without tickets...that was her idea of fun. She does not get angry easily: just annoyed. Rarely does she actually express her actual feelings towards another in public; that's just the way she is.

History: As you would guess from her attire, Veralidaine is descended of pure pirate blood. In fact, she lives near the ocean, in a wooden house (or rather mansion), and to her family, the natural disasters that had been happening all over Kanto were conveniences: more water, more sailing on their pirate boats. Verali's family is actually royal in pirate standards; her actual last name was Crossblade, but it had been deemed too unnatural, so it had been changed.
Her family (mother, brother, twin sisters) had lived in Hoenn until her age of six; they then set sail onto the ocean and drifted to Kanto. Her father had mysteriously disappeared at sea before her birth.
For the past five years, Veralidaine had attended a Pokemon Trainer's School. Once she had learned the basics, she found it very boring and therefore the birth of her skipping habits. She had made few friends: in fact, most of her classmates seemed to dislike or even loathe her. But, as said in the above chapter, she didn't care. To her, as long as there were water, food, her family and the ocean, anything could happen and she couldn't care less.
Living by the ocean, she grew naturally fond of water types. However, for the upcoming choosing of new trainers, she decided to try something else, something new, therefore the choice of her starter.

Preferred Starter: Sandshrew.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yeah, I know it sucks, I'm kinda pressed for time right now. >_<

November 4th, 2008, 5:03 PM
I did post something about the Gallade of the sand's sign-up, but then your appeared, Neiko Star. Seven is just too many people for me, but I guess I can try to make due with it. Gallade of the sand, you had trouble with the Hoenn rp with your posts, so it is just fair warning now that I will kick you out fairly quick if this continues in this rp. I hope that the second of chance will be worth it.

Both of you are Accepted. The first chapter will hopefully be up tomorrow.

Sign-Ups are Closed!!

November 4th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Ok, I can't wait. :} I hope the chapter is up soon.

Neiko Star
November 5th, 2008, 6:07 AM
Won't we need you to tell us the names of the cities, gyms and stuff?

November 5th, 2008, 7:07 AM
Name: Bazzel
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Appearance: A small smart guy. Long blonde hair. Wears mostly shirts, normal shirts and jeans. Nothing special!

Personality: A smart, sarcastic boy. Most of the time joking and helping people.

History: Cant fill in cause i don't know anything about Pokemon cities, maybe i am mysterious?

Prefered Starter: None, all will do.

Just noticed no sign-ups.. Well there goes my hope..

November 5th, 2008, 7:10 AM
Yeah, try again next time Bazzel, also, try explaining more in other sign-ups.

November 5th, 2008, 9:48 AM
Yeah, try again next time Bazzel, also, try explaining more in other sign-ups.

How? I don't know anything about Pokémon?

November 5th, 2008, 11:37 AM
How? I don't know anything about Pokémon?

Then why join a Pokemon forum? At least do a little research. Anyways, sign ups are closed. Good luck to you! :)

November 5th, 2008, 1:07 PM
Then why join a Pokemon forum? At least do a little research. Anyways, sign ups are closed. Good luck to you! :)

Because they said this is not only a Pokemon forum and i'm trying to learn? DUR!

Good luck everyone.. If you need it.

November 5th, 2008, 2:11 PM
To Neiko Star: For future reference, those kind of questions belong in the ooc thread, but to answer it, not really. In the chapters, I will explain everything you need to know for the area you are in.

To Bazzel: Erm, yeah, there's an Other Roleplay section if you want to go check that out. If you do want to learn about pokemon, I suggest buying a game or start watching the show.

Now, here's chapter one!!

Chapter One: Professor Jacob's lab
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Description: Pallet Town has changed much in the past thousand years. Now sitting on the water, Pallet has turned into a major port city which has increased the population of the place by quite a bit. Even with the great population, Pallet has managed to keep its old title of "town." In the northern part of the city sets the ports where young children like to go watch the boats and workers, while Professor Jacob's lab sits at the southern end of town. The professor is constantly turned to for advice which keeps him very busy most of the time.

The Start of the Adventure...
Professor Jacob tapped his foot impatiently as he sat at his desk. They were late! All the trainers failed to come at the 11:00 time. Now, normally the professor wasn’t usually like this, but he had tons of work to do and the trainers had surprised him by being late on the most important day of their life. He didn’t need to know their past to know to know this for being true. Who knows? Maybe they were being careful packing their stuff or something. After all, they needed to be prepared for the upcoming adventure.

“Sir, they’re here!” shouted an assistant’s voice.

Whew, finally, the professor thought. He quickly got up and let in a line of seven trainers. They didn’t look apologetic, nor upset that they had disturbed the professor’s schedule. The professor quickly lined them up and almost tripped from rushing to his spot. Some of the trainers snickered at the clutsy guy and quickly silenced as Professor Jacob turned around with a handful of stuff.

“Whoa, geez, finally I can get back on schedule,” the professor mumbled, tumbling underneath the pile of stuff. Some of the kids looked confused at one another, focusing their attention back on the professor who handed them a device. It was a slim red machine that flipped open horizontally and vertically like a box.

“These are PokeTechs,” the professor explained. “They have the old feature of a PokeDex on them along with other things. If you touch around on the screen, you’ll find a map of New Kanto along with a section with detailed information of pokemon native to this region. A phone is also installed to where you can store numbers of trainers or even your family to keep in touch. It is a very handy tool for all trainers to have.”

Some of the trainers fiddled around with the device as the professor rushed to get a handful of red and white balls. He ran back and dropped five of them in each trainer’s hand. “I’m sure you know what these are. Use these to capture pokemon in the wild. The more types of pokemon you have on your team, the stronger it will become.”

The professor then shoved one more pokeball in each trainer’s hand meeting each one in the eye. He knew some of the trainers from past experience with them in some way.

He first passed some boy who looked to be around the youngest, Max. Wow, did he ever feel sorry for this kid and his family. He hoped that Max could get his little brother back one day. Giving a look of sympathy, Professor Jacob dropped the ball in Max’s hand.

The professor then passed a girl who just stood there completely silent as walked by. “Yunameku?” he asked. The girl nodded as the professor dropped a pokeball in her hand. “Take good care of it,” he said.

The next kid, Nick, reacted the same way. The professor was surprised because this seemed like an outgoing kid by judging his looks. Maybe he was fooling him? “Here, this pokemon is perfect for you,” the professor said, giving him Squirtle’s pokeball.

Wow, did the professor ever have an experience with the next kid. He stood proud and tall and softy took the pokeball with a grin on his face. His parents had needed persuasion to let their son go, and even though the professor was glad to help, it had thrown his whole schedule off for the next three days.

The professor was a little scared with the next girl in line. She stood a little too tall with her head pointed to the side. Her face had the expression like something had gone wrong in her life. “Are you Ai?” the professor asked. The girl nodded and took her pokemon without saying another word.

Then the professor finally came to two kids standing together. The boy, Echo stood there not looking the bit excited, nervous, nothing, while the girl stood there smug on the face. The professor could tell that this girl was trouble.

“Try to be good, okay?” he said. The girl snorted and took the pokeball. The professor let out a breath of air and pointed to the door.

“Okay, you’re finished, so hurry and leave me back to my work. A whole world of adventure awaits you, but you won’t get that standing in here! Hurry!”

The trainers left the lab with their new gear and different hopes for their new adventure.

What you do: Explain your trip to the lab, maybe including saying goodbye to your family, if you have one, or exploring Pallet one last time. Then describe your visit to the lab and receive the PokeTech, pokeballs, and the starter pokemon that you chose. End your post right at the beginning of the first route of your journey. Be creative and make your post unique! Good Luck!

November 5th, 2008, 3:56 PM
Chapter 1: The Start of a Journey

Nick took in a deep breath of the lush green grass of Pallet Town. He stood up, having awoken early after not being able to sleep out of excitement. He hadn’t noticed he had dozed off, still enjoying the air and the atmosphere of his new home. He walked to the front of his house and walked in, seeing his three year old sister being dressed by his mom. His little sister’s face instantly lit up at the sight of Nick, and she tried to run to him, only to be stopped by her and Nick’s mother.

“Come on now, sweety. You can say good bye to your brother after I’m finished doing your hair.” After Nick’s mom was satisfied his little sister’s hair was satisfactory for the day, she let her go, and she ran up and gave Nick a big hug the halfway around his legs she could reach.

“Bye bye, brudder. I miss you!” She said in her broken, three-year old language. Nick gave her a kiss on her head and muttered his ‘I love yous’ and embraced his mom.

“I’ll miss you, honey, but I know this is important to you. Make me proud, son!” She said as she placed a wet kiss on his cheeks.

“I will, Mom!” He said through an almost teary vision and set out his door to begin his Pokémon journey. He looked at his watch and noticed it was ten minutes passed eleven, and he was late. He started sprinting as fast as he could to the lab, while still making sure to drink in the sweet aroma of Pallet Town. He stopped at the pier to say good bye to his long time friend who worked there, Mark Pyland. Mark was the first person who ever made the effort to get to know Nick once he moved to Pallet Town. By that time, Nick had retreated into his shell and closed off to everyone except his family and Mark. He walked over to where Mark worked, near some especially colorful steam ships and attempted to jump out and shock him. It obviously didn’t work because Mark’s visage remained the same even after Nick had jumped in front of him, not showing any sign of shock. Mark looked him over and said,

“Well kid, I knew the time would come. I’ll miss ya.” Referring to Nick’s traveling clothes and backpack that had a few slices of bread and a water bottle in it. Nick wanted to thank Mark for all he had done, but he feared if he did so that he would break down and that was something that he would not do. Nick just shook his hand, and said his thanks, and walked away, knowing he wouldn’t see Mark for a long time.

‘It’ll be okay,’ Nick thought. ‘I have his phone number and everything, so I can just call if I feel lonely.’ And started back into his sprint towards the lab. Even considering he was late, Nick was one of the first of seven people at the laboratory, and stood near the front, hoping to get his new Pokémon first. While the professor went over how to use his new Pokétech, Nick couldn’t help but start to miss his family, even though he still had a long way to go. Nick, still fretting over leaving his family, looked up at Professor Jacob as the professor handed him his new Squirtle. The Professor’s gaze lingered on Nick for a second, as if he was thinking something about him, but didn’t want to voice his concern. He put the Pokéballs into his backpack and walked out of the lab, still holding Squirtle’s Pokéball. He released it into the air, separating himself from the rest of the pack, and Squirtle fell down into his arms with a bright smile on his face.

“Hey, buddy!” Nick said, beaming back at Squirtle. “It looks like we’re going to be partners for our journey! You ready to go kick some Gym leader butt? We need to think of a good name for you…How about…Taylor?” Nick asked. Squirtle just looked at him with a look of disdain. “You’re right, that won’t fit. How about…Adam?” And Nick got the same look as he did when he suggested the name, Taylor. “Yeah, that’s not right either. What about… Rex?”

“Squirtle, Squir!” Squirtle said, still smiling at Nick. He jumped out of Nick’s arms and on to the ground, pointing towards Route 1.

“Alright, Rex it is! Let’s go, Rex!” Nick said with a laugh and started walking, side-by-side, with his new friend. They both stopped at the end of Pallet Town, reading the sign that said, “Now leaving Pallet Town,” and got ready to leap into their wild journey that was about to unfold.

November 5th, 2008, 4:03 PM
Chapter 1: The begining of a great adventure...

Max turned around on his heel and started pacing back and forth. He knew today was the day of his journey begining, but where was Kevin and how could he get there the quickest? He looked down the long dock, for him and his brother lived on the portside of town. People were bustling up and down the port. A boat's horn honked and Max noticed a boat pulling in. It stopped after almost hitting the port itself.

A few minutes later and a man and the driver came out of the boat. The man was yelling at the driver as the driver appologised. Max looked to his right and noticed his brother walking towards him. His black spiky/messy hair was swaying in the wind, his red shirt was flapping in the breeze, and his black pants were hanging past his shoes. He closed one of his ruby red eyes and came up to Max. He was a whole foot taller then Max and often picked on Max for it.

"Hey Max." he said.

"Where have you been Kevin!? I've been wating for nearly an hour and am going to be late because of it!" Max yelled at Kevin.

Kevin smiled and looked inoscent. "I was chasing Bubbles down. He ran away after my walk and I had to chase him down." Kevin said.

"Is that right? Because, Bubble's pokeball is right there and Bubble is inside of it." Max said pointing to something.

Sitting on top of a black gym bag was a small red and white pokeball. Kevin smiled and Max sighed and stomped past him. Max rounded many corners and then jumped from dock to the next dock. It was difficult. He always loved playing this game whiel trying to get somewhere. He would always jump and then have to grab ahold of the next part tightly. He almost fell in three times and some people snickered.

Max was always surprised at how many people knew his name, even though he didn't know a single one of them. But, how could he blame them? After all he was the only person in Pallet Town who had lost two family member's lifes and even maybe a third, maybe even a fourth. He knew his family was a big one, but it would be a more comforting one if he had all of their lifes with him. His dad lived, well, Max didn't really know where his dad lived. And Josh, Max loved Josh and had always protected him. Max had broken his right leg, his left arm, his nose, and his left thumb for what? To lose his little brother? It seemed like everyone was against Max in this big dogy dog world.

Max looked out to sea and saw another boat on the horizon coming in.

"Josh." he muttered.

The first few years after Max had lost his brother he would always come to the docks and watch the boats pull in, just hoping that his brother would step off and run into his arms. Max sighed. Someone stepped by him and shoved him. Max had learned to deal with it. After losing his mom, his littlest brother, his father, Josh, and was forced to live on the streets nobody seemed to notice him. He looked down a street and noticed that he was almost to Professor Jake's lab.

He sighed, now depressed, and walked up to a group of six other kids. Nobody said hello to him but the tallest man in the group, which was probably an assistant walked inside and yelled something. Then he motioned them all to go inside.

Professor Jacob was a tall slender man, his hair was ruffled and brow, he wore a white lab coat and Max couldn't tell what undershirt he wore, and he had light blue eyes. Max was the furthest kid on the left of the row and Jacob stood up. He stumbled from his previous position and went over to his other spot. Max giggled along with some other kids, but then Jacob gave them all a look that seemed to say "Stop that." and everyone stopped laughing.

Jacob took out a red device and held it up. He began telling all the kids about it. Max, having an older brother, knew all about this new device. it was called a pokeTech. You could call people with it, check data on every pokemon in the region, and it even had a map of New Kanto in it. He quickly went by everyone and dropped one in everyone's hands. He grabbed a bunch of red and white balls and told everyone they knew what they were...or should know what they were.

He quickly went back to his desk and grabbed seven more pokeballs. He went by everyone again and stopped at Max. He looked into Max's eyes. Max saw a look of simpathy in the man's eyes then he dropped another pokeball and went onto the next kid. Max looked away from the man and wished everyone would stop treating him differently because of his unlucky life. He looked at the new pokeball he had just got and saw a yellow mouse inside it.

The professor finished giving everybody their first pokeball and dismissed them onto their journey. Max was the last to leave as the professor told him after everyone else left:

"Good luck finding your brother, Max." and then Max left the room.

Max stopped outside of the first route of his journey and took his pokeball with the mouse in it.

"Go, pokeball!" Max said.

A bright white light flashed and then a small yellow mouse, with a yellow tail, black on the tips of its yellow ears, and red cheeks popped out.

"Pikachu." it said.

Max scanned it with his new PokeTech.

Pikachu, the electric mouse pokemon. When a bunch of these pokemon greet eachother, huge thunderstorms can start up.

Max put the new device away and pickd the pokemon up.

"Hello Pikachu. Wait, Pikachu doesn't sound like a good name for you...How about Volt?" Max asked.

The pokemon smiled and licked Max's face. Max laughed and then set the Pikachu on his head.

"Ok then, Volt. Let's make this an awesome adventure, and let's find my brother." Max said.

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November 5th, 2008, 4:53 PM
Yuna rolled over in bed, her eyes, just a little bloodshot, she had gotten like only two hours of sleep. She stepped out of bed, on to the cold,hard wooden floor. "Papa promised he would get carpet in here.." she said to ease herself. She slipped on her shoes, she had slept in her kimono. And then walked down the stairs, to her surprise, her papa wasn't up. She walked into the kitchen, he wasn't there. "Where could he be.." she wondered, he was usually up before this time. She decided to stay in the kitchen and make her food, she walked over to the cupboard, and got out some cereal, then poured it into her bowl, then in went the milk. She sat down, taking small bites with her spoon. Then, smoke appeared everywhere, Yuna's bowl was spilt, and on the ground. She freaked out and began to run upstairs when a familiar voice called.

"Yuna, Yuna, I have a present for you" rang the voice. When the smoke cleared up, there stood a man, in a gray work suit, with a small box, and a bigger 'back pack.' He beckoned Yuna over, then handed her each gift. "In that box, was your mothers ring, it is time you have it like she asked, it is said to bring luck, and that," he said pointing to the travel gear,"that is your travel gear, a nice nift strap that goes across your chest, and holds just about anything you will need on your journey, right now it is empty, you have to fill it up.." he explained. "Oh, good luck on your journey, there is toast in the toaster" he told her so that she would have some food.

"Dad, you scared me half to death" she said, when she was finally able to come to her senses.

"Sorry honey, I was bored.." Meku said.

"Whatever.." she said, grabbing the toast and slipping out the door. "Bye dad" she hollered at him.

"Bye honey! Don't forget to call me!" he yelled, as he watched his only daughter go out on a journey. "Man, I sure will miss her" he sighed, returning to the house, to do his work.

Now, out on the road, Yu decided to stop at the professor's lab. She checked the time, 10:43, she still had time to do a bit more sight seeing, and saying bye. She decided to say bye, to her one and only friend, that she has probably ever made. He, was just faboulous, he would always help Yuna, and tell her about his dad's work as a dock worker. She quickly made her way up the street, and out into the docks. Leigh, and his father, and mother lived out on the docks, in their family boat. When she arrived, she saw his tall figure, beding over the side of a boat, his Buizel swimming in the water below. She slowly approached him,"Hi Leigh" she said in a really soft, and quiet voice. The boy turned around.

"Oh, hey Yuna, how is it going?" he asked her.


"Oh, really, do you wan't to help me fish?"

A sad look grew on Yunameku's face, and then Leigh's lit up.

"Why didn't you tell me that your journey started to day?" he asked her. "I would've got you a going away present!" he shouted, raising his arms in the air.

"I... I didn't wan't you to be upset!" she explained to him. "Bye, Professor Jacob wants to be seeing me now.." she said changing the subject. She quickly left the dock area, but Leigh followed her.

"Look, here is my number, call me if you get into any trouble, I will be there for you, we are best friends!" Leigh said in a fierce voice.

"Forever?" Yu questioned him.

"Forever and day.." he said, his tone more sad. Then, they both moved in and hugged eachother. "Bye, promise me you will call" he reminded her.

"I will... " she said. Then silently walked off, her going towards the lab, Leigh towards his boat. A single tear went down Yuna's face as she walked to the lab. Then, she passed her house again, and took in a deep breath. Then, a big building came into view, Prof. Jacob's lab. She, silently approached it, one trainer in line before her. As she got in line, more people filed in behind her. Then, the assistant let them in. Then, Prof. Jacob began talking, but Yuna ignored it, she was thinking about Leigh. Then he handed her a slim red box. She knew it was Poke'Tech, her father used one. Then he came around, with a ball, red and white.

"Yunameku?" Jacob said.

She wanted to say just call me Yu, or Yuna, but didn't. She just nodded, and took the ball. He told her to take good care of it and then walked to the next in line. With the poke'ball and Poke'Tech in hand, she walked out the door. She continued on until the exit of the town. Then noticed that a kid named Max, had walked up, and began to meet his poke'mon. She sent out her pokemon, a Dratini. She looked into his eyes, the looked caring, and sypmathetic. She pointed her Poke'Tech at it:

The 'Dragon' Pokemon, or has legend has it the 'Mirage' Pokemon
Long considered a mythical Pokémon until recently, when a small colony was found living underwater. The existence of this mythical Pokémon was only recently confirmed by a fisherman who caught one. Even the young are known to exceed 6' 6". It is rare and long considered to exist only in myth. It is born large to start with. It repeatedly sheds its skin as it steadily grows longer. This Pokémon is full of life energy. Dratini continually molts and sloughs off its old skin. It does so because the life energy within its body steadily builds to reach uncontrollable levels. It is called the "Mirage Pokémon" because so few have seen it. Its shed skin has been found.

She quickly type in Quonter at the 'insert nickname here' thing. Then she closed the case. "You, are Quonter, your kind eyes remind me of one my dad's colleagues. "Well, Quonter are you ready to start your journey?" she asked her pokemon, who replied with a happy nod. Then she returned it, and put the pokeball, on her 'sash', and the Poke'Tech, in a special pocket. I hope Leigh, will be alright if I don't ever come back, I just hate this place.. I didn't want him to know that I wasn't ever coming back... why didn't I just tell him that

Neiko Star
November 5th, 2008, 5:51 PM
Chapter One: The Beginning

The air in Pallet Town was calm and quiet. The waves washed gently across the differently-coloured pebbles on the beach shores that surrounded the land, now an island. Most of the houses were square and made of brick, neatly arranged in dozens of straight lines, each with their own front lawn and mailbox. The streets were empty. Occasional shops and stores were scattered here and there. There was one particular building, however, that stood out against all the rest. It was very large, and made of grey stone, and it gave you the feeling of something important. There was a big, red and white circle emblemed on the wall above the entrance, and underneath it, in big bold letters, was written:

Property Of Professor Samuel Oak, Kanto Researcher

Behind it was a thick, dense forest of trees. Everyone knew about it. However, what they did not know, was that beyond that forest, there was a manoir. A wooden mansion, right by the sea, where you could see several large pirate ships. In fact, sticking out of the ground by the mansion, very loop-sided, was an old moss-covered signpost. And imprinted on the front, in large, gold enbolded letters:

Property of the Crossblades

And under it was the image of two blades crossing each other. Suddenly, the curtains over one of the second-story windows were pulled up. A young teenager, with splendid violet hair, and equally beautiful purple eyes, was standing in front of the window, staring at the ground below, as though checking for any unwelcome visitors on Crossblade territory.

Veralidaine then stalked over to her wardrobe, and took out her usual attire. She quickly changed into those familiar clothes and proceeded to brushing her extremely long hair. When she was satisfied with her appearance, she hurried down the hall and rushed down the stairs, her hair flapping wildly behind her. She halted to a stop in front of the kitchen, where she was not surprised to see her eighteen-year-old sister, Karyl, sitting on one of the wooden chairs, busy grooming a Murkrow. Seeing her arrive, Karyl commented, "'Morning, Vera. Sleep well?"

"Same as usual," Veralidaine answered airily, taking a bowl from the counter shelves. "What's with the set-up?" She nudged the brush and the bottle of feather gloss.

"They're having a contest for the most magnificent Pokemon," her sister replied, rubbing some gloss onto the Murkrow's back. "The prize is two hundred and fifty bucks. Thought Nightslash might be useful."

Verali whistled under her breath. "Two hundred and fifty, huh? What would you do with that kind of cash?" She made herself some porridge. "Not exactly regular allowance money, is it?"

"No, I suppose not." She paused, eyeing her young sister. "But enough about me. What about you? It's your big day, isn't it?"

Verali shrugged. "It's all the same to me," she said, swallowing a mouthful of porridge. "I can just come back here with a boat or something. It's not like I'm gonna leave forever."

"Yeah, I suppose so," Karyl resumed the glossing, to Nightslash's disapproval.

Veralidaine finished her bowl of porridge in three big mouthfuls. She put it down on the counter and said, "I'm going now. The meeting's at 11:00. And since it's" She glanced at the old grandfather clock in the corner of the room "already 7:00, and I'm going on foot, it should take me a good two hours walk, plus some extra activities, of course." She winked.

Karyl sighed. "I just don't know why you don't just sail there," she said stubbornly. "The lab's right near the border of the water."

But Veralidaine was already in the front hall. She glanced at the mirror, then looked at the thermometer on the wall. Two degrees. Hesitatingly, she hastily threw on a pale grey shawl, and left the house hurriedly. When she was outside, she immediately walked over to the left side of the forest, where her family had taken a good three years' time to build a wooden bridge leading to the main town. It was the path she took everyday to go to school.

For the next few hours, Veralidaine took her time to walk, occasionally stopping to grab some fruit, wash her hands, look at Pokemon or rest her feet. When she finally reached the lab at the southern corner of the town, it was well past 11:00.

Well, two bad. It's not like I care.

When she went to knock at the door, she saw, when the door flung open, that she was not the only late ones. In fact, it seemed like they had all been late. A nerdy-looking scientist ushered her inside where they were immediately summoned to see Prof. Jacob. When he arrived, he seemed to have a very annoyed look on his face, most likely due to the fact that they were all late.

Whatever. It's his fault for holding the meeting so early.

He briskly gave all of the teenagers that had showed up a red device that he had called a PokeTech, and after explaining how to use them, he hurriedly gave out the Pokemon, held inside Pokeballs. Veralidaine accepted her smugly, knowing this was her first step in becoming a great trainer.

Later, after everybody had their Pokemon, she left the lab (Good riddance) behind and went behind some trees. She would need to be alone to discover her Pokemon. What if it was a very weak one, like Wurmple or Magikarp? She wouldn't want others knowing.
So, she took out the small round ball and clicked the button in the center. There was a faint popping sound as the ball snapped open and a bright orange light escaped from it. The light started to form a figure. Soon, where once stood a blob of light, was, in all its glory, a Sandshrew.

A grin formed on her face. Great, she thought gleefully, a Sandshrew should be great.

She looked at her new Pokemon, and said, after a moment's of thought:

"All right, then, Sandshrew, I'll be calling you Sandstorm, agreed?"

The shrew Pokemon let out a high-pitched squeal in response.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

November 5th, 2008, 7:04 PM
Wow, four posts already? This is looking very promising! :)

To Clevink: Rex...... What a fun name! I never would have thought of it!
To Neiko star: Great first post! It is funny how you made your trip seem so short and sweet, like the professor wanted it to be.
To Pikalover10: No, the post was good. It's interesting how Max finds the sympathy for him disturbing.
To Lostt: Uh oh, friend troubles. I already can't wait to see how this turns out.

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November 6th, 2008, 5:26 AM
Chapter 01: Pallet Town
Beginning Arc

The time was 10:30am in the morning, the smell of the fresh seawater lingered all over the town of Pallet Town. There was one woman who was wide awake at that time. Her name was Ai Kushi, and was sitting on her polka-dotted rustled up bed.

Ai got up from bed and put on a nice clean orange shirt and one set of skinny jeans to wear for the day. She also grabbed a belt which can carry limited supplies. Then Ai walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a pen and a diary and began to write.

“Dear Diary,
It looks like its time to go; I’ve managed to sneak a few letters from the mailbox last week. It seems that this “Professor Jacob” is finally handing out Pokemon to people. I’ve accepted his form without my dumbass foster parents knowing anything at all about this. It’s time to leave home, they won’t care at all… they never did. It’s time to take the chance while they’re still drunk from the party last night. I’ll take you along as well diary.”

Ai suddenly remembered something else that she needs to take with her. “I can’t forget these, now can’t I?” Ai said picking up her medication. She dropped a pill in her mouth and swallowed it down whole.

Her last thing to put in her pouch was a pair of sunglasses, “I love my sunglasses, and I guess I’ll need these.” She also put on a scarf and began to head out the window to her freedom.

Ai began to walk around PalletTown, she stopped by the port and saw all the wonderful boats shipping in. “I’m going to this place…” Ai whimpered.

Ai looked back and peered by to her crummy house, “But not as much as I’ll miss mom and dad…” Ai grumbled.

Ai entered the laboratory in a relaxed way, and was pulled by the assistant to get to Professor Jacob, “Please hurry, you’re already late lady!” the assistant exclaimed as he grasped Ai’s arm.

“Let go of me you creep!” Ai yelled as she tried to fight off the assistant.

Ai got free from the assistant’s grasp and got to where most of the others were. She suddenly spotted the man who owned this laboratory; he was Professor Jacob and greeted Ai as he stumbled a little. “You must be Ai…” Professor Jacob as he handed over a pokeball and the PokeTech for her. Ai simply shrugged as she received the Pokemon.

“Since you have to go, just leave right now, I’m totally busy!” Professor Jacob exclaimed as he gestured to the door. All the trainers left as Ai grunted, “Jerk.”

“Let’s see what Pokemon I received…” Ai chuckled. Ai summoned a Pokemon and the pokeball opened up to reveal something stunning.

Out came a horse Pokemon which gave a cute cry, “Oh my gosh, it’s a Ponyta!” Ai exclaimed as she started to pet Ponyta. Ponyta nayed as it was getting petted.

“Let’s see what Ponyta is all about…” Ai said as she opened her PokeTech.

Ponyta: The Fire Horse Pokemon; about an hour after birth, its fiery mane and tail grow out, giving it an impressive appearance.

“That’s really cool, I guess I’m your new owner Ren,” Ai laughed, “I hope that name is alright!”

Ai got on Ponyta and wanted to go as fast as ever, “Let’s do our best Ren!” Ai cheered. Ren agreed, but Ponyta simply walked towards the first route of Kanto. “I guess this will do!” Ai chuckled. Ren and Ai finally walked off into their exciting adventure and the departure of home.

November 6th, 2008, 5:15 PM
To rii-chii: Wow, I wonder who the real "creep" in the post is. :)

Since mostly everyone is finished with chapter one, it's time to put up the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Route One
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Description: The world has changed a lot. In the past, trainers have started their journey by heading towards Viridian, but now it is opposite. You must start your adventure traveling down the path to Cinnibar Village. It is a rocky path, filled with many assortments of wild pokemon for beginner trainers to capture. A range of mountains is visible the whole road down the route.

Wild Pokemon
Level- 2-5
Type- Normal/Flying
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Sand-Attack (If Level 5)
Ability- Keen Eye
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-5
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack
Ability- Guts/Run Away
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-5
Type- Bug
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, String Shot
Ability- Shield Dust
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-4
Type- Poison
Gender- Random
Attacks- Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting
Ability- Intimidate, Shed Skin
Rarity- Uncommon

Things you can do in a Route:
.You may battle trainers, just use the attacks you pokemon learn (refer to the ooc thread). The better, and more creative, your post is, the more experience your pokemon receives
.You may find items/tms, but you post must be VERY creative, but stay realistic with your findings
. On your travels, you will be able to capture wild pokemon listed on the information for the route. The more rare the pokemon is, the more creative and decent your post must be. While trying to capture a pokemon, after you mention throwing a pokeball at the pokemon, END YOUR POST THERE. I will decide whether you caught the pokemon and how strong it will be. This, once again, depends on the quaility of your post.

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November 6th, 2008, 6:19 PM
(Chapter 2: Route One)
(The start of trouble!)

The breeze felt cool as Yunameku walked along the path. The wind, blowing back her long hair, she walked in silence. There was no one to talk to, nor anyone that she would want to talk to, she was fine alone. She would even be fine without Quonter, but he isn't going anywhere. A rattle rung through her ears, so she looked down, she had stepped on an Ekans, that then lunged out a passing by Rattata enaging it in combat. She pulled out her Poke'Tech and scanned the poke'mon:

'Snake' Pokemon
Ekans curls itself up in a spiral while it rests. Assuming this position allows it to quickly respond to a threat from any direction with a glare from its upraised head. A very common sight in grassland. It flicks its tongue in and out to sense danger in its surroundings. A very common sight in grassland, etc. It flicks its tongue in and out to sense danger in its surroundings. t always hides in grass. When first born, it has no poison, so its bite is painful, but harmless.

'Mouse' Pokemon
Rattata is cautious in the extreme. Even while it is asleep, it constantly listens by moving its ears around. It is not picky about where it lives - it will make its nest anywhere and its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment. Will chew on anything with its fangs. If you see one, it is certain that 40 more live in the area. Scurries around quickly, searching for hard objects to gnaw. It appears to be jittery and unable to remain still. Living wherever there is food available, it ceaselessly scavenges for edibles the entire day.

"Aah, so that is an Ekans, I would sure like one of those, my dad used to have one.." Yuna muttered to herself, watching the Ekans, wrap around the tiny Rattata, it struggling to be free. Guess I save the Rattata and gain a new alli. "Quonter, come on out" she said, pressing the white centre button of the ball, a red streak flashed out, and formed into the Dratini. "Quonter, use Thunder Wave" Yuna commanded.

Quonter's gills sparked a bit, and the energy charged through the air, hitting the Ekans, causing it to unravel its body, setting the Rattata free. The Rattata ran off as soon as it was free, leaving everything behind. "Drati Drati"Don't pick on the weak Quonter grunted. Then, automatically wrapped his rather long body around the large, but still smaller pokemon.

"Ekansssskansss"Back off, I am warning you! he taunted. Then his eyes began to light up, charging a beam. His eyes, looked super fierce as the beam shot, it met up with Quonter's beam, both of them passing through eachother as if the other didn't exist. My body.. it feels.. it feels.. puny.. he whined.

"Quonter, wrap!" said Yuna. I hope I win my first match.. If I don't then.. I guess I have to try harder she though, re assuring herself to do her best. She stood there, as a blob od blue and purple writhed on the ground. "Heh, they used wrap on eachother.." she couldn't help, but laugh, they were gonna get tied in knots. Her laughing smile dissappeared, coming back with a more serious one. "Quonter, use Thunder Wave, get the Ekans to stop moving."

Quonter's gills lit up again, shocking the Ekans, causing it to stop moving, allowing him free himself. He slithered to his owners feet.

"Leer Quonter" Yuna said, assured that she would win. "Then, use wrap.." she finished.

"Dra-eenie" Pfft, already on it.. Quonter remarked, leaving out the t. His eyes, began to grow that eerie charge color, then it hit. It hit the pokemon struggling to move. The Ekans grunted a bit, but pressed on. Quonter then moved in and use wrap, tighting his body around the Ekans, who in turn used wrap, only getting Quonter's tail tip. He flung the Ekans away, the wrap on his tail tip caused him to fly with the Ekans, and then smack against the ground. He got up, a slowly approached the Ekans, then shot a thunder wave, causing it to again stop in it's tracks.

"Quonter good cover" Yu complimented. "Now, will you finish it off so that I can capture it?" she asked, to which Quonter nodded, and then wrapped around the Ekans, one finaly time, draining most of it's life. Then Paralyzing it. "Good Job, and Ekans.. before I capture you, I want you to know that you were a strong foe, and will make a powerful companion, that I am glad to hopefully get you on my team. if this poke'ball doesn't work, keep in mind I have more, and I will try again.." she finished throwing one of the various balls at the pokemon, to which it absorbed, and then gently rocked to and fro. "I hope this is a catch.." said Yunameku.

November 6th, 2008, 6:24 PM
((OOC: I'm having trouble getting pictures to copy over from Word, but I'll get it figured out by next chapter.))

Chapter 2: The First Battle!

Nick had been walking side by side with his new Squirtle, Rex for over an hour, and it was obvious to him that the blue turtle like creature was tired and hungry.

“Squir… Squir.” Rex said with drooping eyes and sloppy, uncoordinated steps.

“You’re right, buddy. Let’s stop and get some food.” Nick and Rex continued walking until they found one of the few trees standing alone of the deserted, mountainous place. They walked under the shade, and let out a long sigh, thankful to be out of the blistering heat. Nick opened his pack and took out a few pieces of bread and a water bottle. Not knowing that there was food that was special for Pokémon, he offered a piece of bread to Rex. Rex gave him an odd look, wondering what his trainer was doing.

“What? You don’t want any food?” Nick asked Rex. Rex slapped his hand on his forehead and went scrounging through Nick backpack, looking for food, but to no avail. He slumped down on the ground, looking sad.

“What is it, Rex? You don’t eat people food? Maybe my new Pokétech will help me out.” Nick said, holding up the device. He opened it, held it up to Rex, and a picture of a Squirtle appeared on the screen. The Pokétech said, in it’s mechanical voice:

“Squirtle: The Shellfish Pokémon. It’s back hardens into a shell at birth, and it also serves as a propeller that lets it swim through water at high speeds. It can shoot powerful sprays from it’s mouth and can from inside it’s shell when it’s neck is retracted. It’s a very adorable Pokémon to many, but evolves and becomes a very formidable opponent to even the most experienced of trainers.”

“Wow. It looks like I made the right choice for a partner! But it didn’t say anything on your eating habits…” Nick said, and fiddled through his Pokétech and through Pokémon basics, and learned that there is food designed specifically for Pokémon that should be fed to them as opposed to human food. “I’m sorry, Rex! I don’t have any Pokémon food for you!” Nick said, feeling bad for Rex. Rex let out a sigh and rubbed his head, feeling his hunger. Just then a nest fell out of the tree, right in front of Rex and Nick. It had Pokémon food in it. Rex’s eyes lit up and he lunged for the food, only to have a Pidgey jump in front of him and tackle him to the ground.

“Woah! What’s that!?” Nick shouted as he pulled out his Pokétech. He held it up to the Pidgey and once again a picture of Pidgey showed up on the screen and the mechanical voice said:

“Pidgey: The Tiny Bird Pokémon. This Pokémon does not like to fight and usually stays hidden in brush and trees. It has an uncanny sense of direction and can return to it’s nest from almost anywhere. It is a good challenge for young Pokémon trainers.” Nick slid his Pokétech into the pocket of his sweats and a fierce glow lit up in his and Rex’s eyes.

“Alright, Rex. Let’s do this!” Nick said, motioning for Rex to face the Pidgey. The Pidgey glared at Rex and Nick, ready to defend it’s nest and it’s food no matter the cost. It flew straight at Rex, intending to tackle him.

“Don’t let it get you like that again, Rex! Jump to the side!” Rex did as he was told, but the Pidgey kept on flying and landed straight in the trunk of the tree with it’s beak stuck. It struggled, and Rex took the opportunity to run forward and regain lost ground. “We can help it get out Rex! Tackle it!” Rex’s head made collision with the side of Pidgey’s body. The force of the hit released Pidgey’s beak and sent it spiraling sideways in the direction of the tackle. Pidgey quickly gained control, and the glare in it’s eyes got even redder and meaner.

“Pi… Pi…” It said, panting. It went straight for Rex again, who dodged it. However, the Pidgey looked like it was anticipating this, and flew upwards, almost out of view. It then came spiraling down towards Rex, and made direct contact. Rex was knocked down, but he got up, obviously hurt, but still able to go on.

“Great job, Rex! It’s tired! Finish it with a tackle!” Nick commanded. Rex lowered his head and hit Pidgey right in the center of it’s chest, and knocked it to the ground. Nick took out a Pokéball, pressed the center button to make it grow to its full size, and threw it at Pidgey. The ball burst open in a flash of red light, and enclosed the Pidgey. It started wiggling.

“C’mon, c’mon…” Nick kept repeating.

November 6th, 2008, 6:53 PM
Chapter 2: A new friend...

Max walked along the route he had just started on. He was so siked about his journey and the adventures that lay ahead of him. He looked at his shoulder which was occupied by Volt. Volt looked at him and smiled.

"Pika!' he said.

Max just had to smile. He looked down the path. It was surronded by mountains and led to Cinnabar Village. Max knew that the first route always went towards Viridian, but appearently it became to dangerous to start that way and they made it to where you had to go to Cinnabar and on that way.

Max heard bushs rustling behind them, and have grown up on the streets...he learned to always react when you think something or someone is following you. He spun around as a purple snake slithered out onto the path and then dashed at them. Max jumped over its head at the perfect timing and took out his Poke'Tech to scan it.

Ekans, the snake pokemon. Ekans is a silent but deadly predator. Its main source of food is Pidgey and Spearow eggs, and it is known to eat them whole, shell and all.

Max looked at Volt who was tensing his every muscels. Then Max nodded and Volt jumped off and landed in between Max and the snake.

"Ekanssss." it hised.

"Pika!" Volt said.

"Ok. Volt use Thundershock." Max said.

Volt nodded and then began to charge up static electricity in his cheeks. It showed with small sparks hissing around his cheeks. Then the snake reacted and shot out needles that were purple. Volt couldn't dodge and took the hit. Then as he skidded to a halt he shot a bolt of electricity at the snake. It hit and the snake hissed in anger at them.

"Volt use Thundershock again." Max said.

Max suddenly felt like this was the greatest thing ever! It felt amazing to be actually battling instead of just watching on the sidelines. Then Volt cried out in pain. Max, coming to his senses, quickly looked at Volt. The Ekans had wrapped itself around Volt and was squeezing harder and harder.

"Come on Volt hit him!" MAx cried out

Volt struggled and Max couldn't blame him, it was his first battle. Then he finally shot electricity out and it hit Ekans and caused the snake to slither off of Volt. Then Volt huffed andpuffed and then looked and smiled at Max. Max sighed with relief and smiled too.

"Ok. Volt, Thundershock!" MAx said.

Volt charged up electricity once again. The snake noticed this and then shot the needles that were purple at Volt. They hit again, but this time did something. Volt then glowed purple and Max knew exactly what that meant. Volt was poisened. Volt struggled and then barely shot electricity out of his cheeks. It hit, but barely felt like a hit to Ekans. The snake dove and wrapped itself around Volt. Volt yelped and Max sood there frozen. Then Volt suddenly had a burst of strength. He bit on the Ekans' body and then sprang out into the air. While in the air he charged up electricity and shot it at Ekans 10 fold. Ekans cried out in pain and then fell to the ground. Volt landed and was gasping for breath as his health widdled down a sixteenth.

"Volt, use Thundershock once more if you can." Max said.

Volt charged electricity up once again. He aimed it for the snake's head and then shot it out as the snake started rising its head. It hit the snake and the snake rolled onto its back defeated. Max smiled and then picked a pokeball off of his belt.

"Go, pokeball!" he yelled.

The snake was engulfed in a bright red light and then disappeared. The pokeball landed on the ground and started rolling back and forth...back and forth...back and forth...until.....

((OOC: Tell me if I need to edit anything and I will!:D))

Neiko Star
November 7th, 2008, 8:00 AM
Chapter Two: First Battle

Veralidaine took out her PokeTech. She pointed towards Sandstorm, who was looking curiously at the red device, and pressed one of the buttons. A cool, female voice rang out:

Sandshrew: Ground
Sandshrew are a a species of mouse-like Pokemon found in several regions of the Pokemon world.
Their primary defense when threatened is to instantly curl up in a ball, leaving only their tough skin exposed. When rolled up like this, Sandshrew have the potiental to withstand many attacks, as well as being dropped from a high place. Sandshrew's natural environment is deep underground in arid,
sandy locations with very little moisture, such as deserts. They choose this habitat to keep their hide as dry and tough as possible, while the sand also provides good camouflage.

Veralidaine paused, then pressed another button. An image of Sandshrew appeared on the screen. Underneath it were the words:

Sandstorm ~ Sandshrew : lvl 5
Female - Ground
Moves: Scratch - Defense Curl

"Scratch and Defense Curl, huh?" Veralidaine repeated, turning the PokeTech off and stowing it away in its case, which she strapped onto her belt with her Pokeballs. "Not too fancy, but I guess it'll do."

Sandstorm cocked its head and let out a soft squeal.

"We better get going, Sandstorm," Veralidaine told it. She hesitated. "Do you want to go back in your Pokeball?"

The Sandshrew shook its head and walked over to its owner's heels and rubbed its head affectionately against her legs.

I'll take that as a no, Veralidaine thought, amused.

"Well then, let's go."

They walked down the path until they reached the sign 'Route 1'. Then, they continued their way downhill to Cinnabar Village. They were halfway there when they heard a rustle in the bushes. Veralidaine looked around her for some sign of wild Pokemon, but found none. Sanstorm, however, was sniffing the air with a look of disdain.

"Something out there, Sandstorm?" Veralidaine murmured.

Sandstorm nodded. It nudged the bushes at their left with a twitch of its head.

"In there, huh?"

The Sandshrew nodded again.

Suddenly, a Pokemon went flying out of the bushes, hitting Sandstorm. The latter winced slightly, having been hit in the one vulnerable spot on its body: its soft belly. The unknown Pokemon was shaking its head, recovering from the attack.

Wait a minute...I recognize that Pokemon! It's one of the birds that always follow the people around the city!

Quickly, Veralidaine took out her PokeTech and pressed the large button and pointed it towards the bird Pokemon. The cool, female voice spoke up again:

Pidgey: Flying/Normal
Pidgey are tiny, bird-like Pokemon exclusively from the Kanto region. Pidgey do not like to fight, and will use their wings to stir up clouds of sand in an attempt to distract their opponent and escape. They also use this technique to bring out their prey bug Pokemon into the open. Pidgey are capable of returning to their nest from any location.

Veralidaine frowned at the device. If what it said was true, that Pidgey didn't like to fight, then why did this one just attack them?

Oh, who cares? Maybe it just got hit in the head or something...the important thing is that this is the first time Sandstorm's gonna be in a battle. And I'll make sure it''ll be a good one! she added. Besides, she thought sneakily, even if Sandstorm doesn't win the fight, well, they don't call my family Crossblade for nothing...

She grinned, thinking about the two long packages strapped on her back. Oh well...I'll have a chance to use them another time...but for now...

"Sandstorm, you okay?"

The shrew Pokemon nodded and crouched down, preparing for battle. The Pidgey, too, had recovered and was eyeing the Sandshrew apprehensively. It seemed to decide that this prey was too large for it, since, just as the PokeTech had said, it stirred up a large cloud of sand with a flap of its wings. Sandshrew, however, was not in the least bit effected, and it jumped onto the bird Pokemon just as it was about to take flight. The Pidgey dropped, surprised, onto the ground.

"Ha!" Veralidaine muttered under her breath. "You'll have to get up earlier than that to beat a desert Pokemon with sand..."

But the Pidgey had recovered from the fall and was on its feet again, similar to Sandstorm.

"Time to put those claws to use," Veralidaine decided, a wicked glint in her eyes. "Sanstorm, Scratch."

Sandstorm obeyed, and rake its sharp claws on the foe's side, causing it to chirp in pain. Several feathers had fallen from it; its side now looked kind of bald. Chattering wildly, it launched itself in another fierce Tackle attack.

"Sanstorm, Defense Curl," Veralidaine ordered almost lazily, knowing what would happen.

Sure enough, when the Pidgey collided with the curled up Sandshrew, the latter did not even budge. The bird Pokemon, however, was sent flying against a rock.

"One more Scratch, Sandstorm," Veralidaine commanded airily.

The rodent-like Pokemon did so, slashing the Pidgey painfully across the shoulder. The bird Pokemon, to no surprise, fainted.

"Well, that wasn't too bad, was it?" Veralidaine commented.

Sandstorm shook its head and bounded back towards its owner, licking Verali's face gently with a tiny, pink tongue. Then it nudged the unconscious Pidgey and cast her a questioning look.

Glancing at the fallen bird Pokemon, Veralidaine grimaced and said, "No way. A thing like that on our team? I'd rather not."

And the pair continued down their path, where no more wild Pokemon disturbed them, probably after seeing the fate of the last one who did.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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You caught a level 3 Male Ekans!
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Sandstorm grew to level 7!
Sandstorm learned Sand-Attack!

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((OOC: Awesomeness! Here is the next part to my story: ))

Chapter 2: Route 1(part 2)

The pokeball clicked and Max jumped in the air excited. Volt ran over and picked the pokeball up between his hands and then ran over to Max with it. Max smiled and then took the sphere from Volt's hands. He put the pokeball onto his belt and then went over to a tree. He sat under it and then took his Poke'Tech out. He wanted to check it out some.

He took out Ekans pokeball and then scanned it. Words popped up on the screen that read:

Ekans Lvl. 5
Poisen~ Male~ Ability: Intimidate
Poisen Sting, Wrap, and Leer.

Max raised his eyebrows and then smiled at the pokeball. "Come on out, Ekans!" he said.

The purple snake popepd out in a white flash. Max stared at it hard trying to think of a name for it.

"How's 'bout... Sid?" Max asked.

The snake stuck its tongue out in comparison, appearently hating it. Max thought about there battle and thought of the perfect name!

"Venom!" he said.

The snake thought for a moment and then shook his head. He then slithered up to Msx'd left shoulder and Volt climbed up to Max's right shoulder. Max smiled and then headed down the road to Cinnabar Island. A few minutes later and a boy walked out into the route in front of them. He stood there for a while until they walked up to the boy.

"Wanna battle?" he asked.

"Um. Sure?" Max said.

They spread out and then chose their pokemon.

"Go, Venom!" Max said.

"Go, Rattatta!" the boy said.

Venom hissed and then slithered down Max and onto the battle field. Out of a blinding white light popped out a purple rat. Max quickly pulled his Poke'Tech out of his pocket and scanned the rat.

Rattatta, the rat pokemon. A very common pokemon. If you find one, there are others nearby.

Max looked up and put his Poke'Tech away.

"Ok. Venom use Wrap!" Max said.

"Tackle." the boy said.

Venom slithered very fast over to the rat. The rat was running over to Venom quickly. The rat dived at Venom, but Venom quickly darted to the left avoiding contact with the rat. It slipped and fell into the dust. Venom turned around and then wrapped itself around the rat. The rat tried desperately to get out but couldn't.

"Poisen Sting!" Max said.

Venom, with the rat still wrapped between him, shot out needles full of poisen. It hit the rat, but didn't poisen him. Then the rat ran towards a tree and then quickly bucked Venom off it. Venom went flying and hit the tree. He slithered down the hard bark and then turned to face the rat. Now Venom was angry.

"Poisen Sting!" Max said.

"Quick Attack." the kid said.

The rat darted at Venom very quickly. Venom waited until the rat was centimeters away from his own face and then shot the needles at it. The needles hit and this time the rat glowed purple. It was poisened now. Ma smirked and then looked at the rat who was still rising.

"Quick Attack." the kid whispered to the rat.

The rat nodded and then darted towards Venom. It appeared behind Venom and hit him. Sending him flying into a tree trunk. Venom hit the tree and then fell back onto his back. He slowly rised and then looked at the rat. Both pokemon were heavly panting and Max could tell one was going to faint soon.

"Poisen Sting!" Max said before the other kid had time to react.

Venom slithered under rocks and got the rat dizzy, and now knowing where he was. Then Venom shot the needles of poisen at the rat from behind it. The rat fell to the ground and glowed purple again, losing one sixteenth of its health, and then it fainted.

"Yes! We won!" Max said excited.

He ran over and scooped up Venom. Venom was smiling and then licked Max's face with his tongue. The boy returned his rat when Max wasn't looking and then looked at Max. Max turned around and stuck his right hand out. The boy took it with a smile.

"Good battle, uh, what was your name again?" Max asked.

"Good battle, and I never told you it. It's Josh." he said.

Then Josh walked away without finding out Max's name. After Josh had said what his name was Max had stood in the exact spot frozen.

"J-Josh." he said.

He shook his head figuring it was a coincidence and then continued down the route. Venom slithered up to his head and Volt was patting Venom's back. Max was still freaked out about the kid's name but decided to leave it alone. A few minutes later he came to a sign that said:

Cinnabar Village up ahead.

Max smiled and then stop under a tree for a quick lunch. He gave Volt half a PB+J sandwhich, he had a PB+J sandwhich, and Venom had an egg Max's mom had packed for him.

November 7th, 2008, 3:44 PM
Chapter 2 Part 2: A New Friend!

“All right, Rex! We caught out first partner!” Nick shouted in excitement as he walked over and scooped up the Pokéball containing his newest partner and friend, Pidgey. “Come on out, Pidgey!” Nick yelled as he threw the Pokéball in the air. Pidgey flew out of the Pokéball in a burst of light and cooed happily as it landed on the ground next to Rex.

“Pidge Pidge Pidgey!” It squawked as it rubbed up against Nick in an affectionate manner. Nick just smiled and led them both back to the shade of their tree and the nest that was on the ground. With Pidgey’s permission, the two of them dug into the very filling meal. Twenty minutes and three full stomachs later, they were all leaning against the trunk with Pidgey on Nick’s shoulder and Rex in Nick’s lap. Nick slapped his forehead with his hand.

“Duh! We need a name for you, Pidgey. What do you think of Talon?” Instead of Pidgey answering, Rex jumped up out of Nick’s lap and shook his head, as if to say, ‘No, that’s a terrible name!’ “Yeah, I agree Rex, that isn’t a very good name. What about Harlon? Not too vicious, but it doesn’t make you sound like a push over, either.” Pidgey cooed happily and jumped up and down on Nick’s shoulder. “Okay, Harlon it is! Now that we’re fed, it’s time to keep truckin’ on to the next town!” Nick said as he, Rex, and Harlon all got up and started walking down the route, with Rex walking beside Nick, and Harlon perched on his shoulder. As they continued on for what seemed like hours in the blistering heat, both Rex and Harlon retreated into their Pokéballs. Nick was walking up a hill and thought he was hallucinating when he saw a girl walking towards him. ‘She’s beautiful!’ Nick silently thought to himself. She had brown hair going down about mid way down her back, and bright, blue eyes. She was thin, but not unhealthily so, and had a step in her walk that made her look intimidating, in a way. She stopped when Nick and she made eye contact, and she shouted from where she was,

“Hey, you! I’ve been looking for a trainer to battle all day! Let’s go!” She took out a Pokéball without another word. Nick, still stunned by her beautiful appearance, uttered a garble that would even have confused his little sister and took out Harlon’s Pokéball. The mysterious female trainer released the Pokéball into the air and out burst an Oddish. It landed on the ground with a slight thud, and almost fell over.

“What’s that?” Nick wondered to himself. He pulled out his Pokétech and pointed it at the Oddish. The Pokétech reacted by saying,

“ http://serebii.net/red_green/pokemon/043.gif Oddish: The Leaf Pokémon. Oddish are nocturnal Pokémon that stay hidden in the grass during the day with only the leaves on top of it’s head sticking out. Oddish appear to be fragile and weak, but they are stronger than they look and can be quite a challenge for beginning trainers.”

“An Oddish, huh? Fine then, I’ll let Harlon teach him a lesson!” Nick said and threw Harlon’s Pokéball. The Pidgey fluttered out with a coo and hovered a few feet above the ground.

“Don’t just stand there, Oddish! Use Absorb!” The girl shouted. Oddish glowed a yellowish-greenish color for a second. The same light that seemed to be on Oddish moved across the few feet separating it from Harlon and engulfed Harlon. Nick could see the diminish in Harlon’s energy, and the increase in Oddish’s as Oddish once again glowed yellow-green. Harlon clenched it’s beak and appeared weaker.

“Let’s not let that happen again, Harlon! Tackle Oddish!” Harlon blinked and sped off toward the green Pokémon. Oddish jumped out of the way, but Harlon used it’s momentum that it had gathered going straight to sling shot back at Oddish and hit it dead on. Oddish let out a squeal as it flew back. It got up after a few seconds, looking very hurt and beat up. It had one eye closed as if it was in constant pain, but it didn’t faint.

“Oddish, recover some of that lost energy with Absorb!” The girl shouted at Oddish. Oddish stood straight up and was trying to gather the energy to attack.

“Don’t let it Harlon! Hit it in it’s legs to make it lose concentration!” Harlon did as he was told and flew towards Oddish’s legs. Harlon made contact, and Oddish was thrown into the air because of the force of the blow. It landed on the ground with a bang, and didn’t get back up.

“You did well, Oddish. Take a good rest.” The opposing trainer said, with a considerably lighter tone and recalled Oddish into it’s Pokéball. She started walking towards Nick as Nick said,

“Great first battle, Harlon! You get some rest, too.” And recalled Harlon.

“Wow, you’re really strong for a beginning trainer! I’m Dana, by the way.” Dana said with a smile and extended a hand.

“It’s nice to meet you! I’m Nick, and thanks. Your Oddish is pretty powerful for such a little thing.” They exchanged pleasantries and then walked their separate ways, each knowing that the next time they meet, they would be considerably stronger. Nick released Rex and Harlon, and they assumed their traveling positions, with Rex walking next to Nick and Harlon perched on his shoulder. They continued walking for a short time until they reached a sign that read:

“Now approaching: Cinnibar Village.”

((OOC: I think I’m going to have Dana come back in future chapters as kind of a rival for Nick, if that’s okay.))

rii - chii
November 7th, 2008, 6:38 PM
Chapter 02: Route 1 (Part 1)
Beginning Arc

Ai and her new companion Ren started to gallop down the first route. Ai suddenly noticed that Ren’s feet were starting to hurt, “Maybe you should take a rest in your pokeball for now.” Ai said as she returned her tired horse.

Ai began to study the area as she saw the rocky path which was up ahead, “This is truly an amazing route…” Ai awed as she looked straight ahead.

Suddenly, Ai had spotted a Pokemon which was straight in the path, it was wiggling and gave a cute squeak, “Pii~”

“Let’s see what Pokemon this is,” Ai said opening the Pokedex application in her PokeTech.

“Caterpie, the Worm Pokemon. Its short feet are tipped with suction pads that enable it to tirelessly climb slopes and walls.”

“This Pokemon looks easy, let’s go Ren!” Ai exclaimed throwing Ren’s pokeball.

Ren came out with a fierce cry only to be scared by the Caterpie. Ren galloped towards Ai for protection.

“Don’t be scared Ren, it’s just a little worm.” Ai sighed.

Ren whimpered as it looked at the Caterpie, but bravely headed out to the path. Ai opened her PokeTech and studied Ponyta’s move set, “Ponyta currently knows the moves; Tackle and Growl.”

“Alright Ren, let’s start out with a Tackle!” Ai commanded.

Ren tried to run towards Caterpie, but Caterpie was too small and evaded the Tackle attack. “How am I going to get towards Caterpie?” Ai wondered.

Caterpie started to use String Shot and wrapped Ren in a huge bind. “Are you alright Ren?” Ai said, Ren nayed and tried to brake free.

“Ren, just do something,” Ai said, “Maybe you should try Growl.”

Ren roared as loud as it could, but the thread muffled up Ren’s cry.

“No more games, little Caterpie use Tackle with all your might Ren, and I mean it!” Ai exclaimed.

Ren rammed and dashed straight out of the thread, Ren never felt more energized than ever.

“Let’s use Growl now!” Ai yelled.

Ren growled as loud as it could and hurt Caterpie just from that. “Let’s run and use Tackle!” Ai exclaimed.

Ren ran as fast as it could, but couldn’t see Caterpie anywhere. Ai then noticed where Caterpie went to.

“Looks like you walked over the poor guy…” Ai sighed, Ren simply nayed with joy that it defeated its first Pokemon.

“Come on Ren, we have no time to relax it’s time to go.” Ai said as she returned Ren back into his pokeball. Ai continued her trip down the road of Route 1.

November 7th, 2008, 7:57 PM
To Clevink: Rivals are awesome! Great battle post!
Harlon grew to level 7!
Harlon learned Sand-Attack!
To rii-chii: Great battle with Caterpie! Galloping to each town is surely easier than walking.
Ren grew to level 7!
Ren learned Tail Whip!

November 8th, 2008, 5:37 AM
((OOC: Ooh darn, a little late, am I? Remember, this is my first time on an RP that isn't written in script format so my posts might be a bit sub-par.))

Chapter 1: Big Yellow Taxi

Mr and Mrs Darling were reduced to tears as they hugged and kissed their eldest child goodbye. Their daughter, however, stood by with her lower lip extended in a pout.

"Why can't I be a pokemon trainer? I already know how to battle real good!" She moaned, stomping her tiny sneakered foot for effect.

The family pet, a Persian, was fast asleep underneath the shade of the sycamore tree alongside the golden-brick paving before the Darling mansion. He didn't quite care where Dion was to end up, for without him he would receive the younger child's undivided attention.
Dion sighed, breaking his parents' embrace whilst his eyes sympathetically gazed upon his younger sibling. The girl did have a point - hadn't it been for her skill with pokemon, their Meowth would have remained so. However, he was late and so hadn't any time to talk his parents into allowing his sister to tag along - besides, she was only nine years old. After exchanging goodbyes, the sobbing pair of adults and screaming female child watched as their beloved family member enter the bright yellow taxi, about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Upon arriving at his destination, Dion took a good long look at his surroundings. Trees glistened with cocooning Caterpie, Jigglypuff played within the berry bushes and there weren't any other humans in sight. Wrongly assuming that he was early, Dion sat and watched the Caterpie frolick among the leaves. Seconds later, a Pidgey had devoured one of the little bug pokemon, then was swallowed whole by an Ekans, who after spotting the human boy slithered off at blinding speed.

Deciding that he didn't want to see any more of this, Dion quickly dashed in through the lab's entrance to find himself staring at a group of six budding trainers - four boys and two girls, who he later joined to hastily form a line while an older man walked into the room. This man later introduced the children to another, somewhat disheveled-looking younger man who later turned out to be the renowned professor Jacob. Some of the group began to snigger at the professor's appearance, whilst Dion merely stood there with a blank expression spead across his pale, cherubic face. Each member of the group was given a red, folding device which Jacob referred to as a 'Poketech'. Instead of fiddling around with the device like some of the others were doing, Dion listened intently as Jacob went over the Poketech's features.
The professor later dashed off into the store-room, returning with a handful of minituarized pokeballs which he hastily dropped five of into each trainer's hands.
When it came to be Dion's turn to receive these, he poured them into his pocket without a word. Following what he saw as the professor unecessarily dilly-dallying along with the children before him, he was at last presented with the ball which contained the first pokemon he would ever own. Although he had been looking forward to this occasion for quite a long time and that his parents had required a lot of convincing to let him go, he took this occurence in stride and with a smile gently plucked the ball from Jacob's hand. The children were later dismissed, upon which they excitedly dashed from the lab to begin their lives as pokemon trainers.

Dion rushed towards a clear patch of grass, with his starter pokemon's pokeball still clutched within his left hand. He could hear his young heart beating as he brought his arm back and prepared to throw the ball - he couldn't wait to find out what kind of pokemon it contained! Dion tossed the pokeball into the air and watched with excitement as the light faded to reveal his very own pokemon.


Well, let's just say he wasn't too pleased with the cute, yet useless critter which he had been given. After pointing his Poketech at his new Abra, he was further convinced that this was some kind of sadistic joke.

Abra, the Psi pokemon:
It sleeps for eighteen hours a day, only awakening to eat and to relieve itself.
It can attack while asleep, though it is much less straining on its brain to merely teleport once it senses danger.

After discovering the feature on the poketech which allowed one to look up the evolutions of certain pokemon, the impact of being issued something which he wouldn't be able to play with at the park was lessened. The still somewhat disappointed Dion closed his poketech, then proceeded to approach his first pokemon.

"Abra, are you awake? Can you hear me?"

Misinterpreting this as a threat against her safety, Abra did what most of her species did when in a similar situation and, well, teleported. It took a good twenty minutes for her new trainer to find her curled up below a signpost pointing towards Cinnibar village. Seeing her in this position, Dion decided that the best thing to do was to awaken her, which he did by gently nudging the little psi pokemon's face with his right hand. Upon regaining her consciousness, Abra licked Dion's hand. She then teleported herself into his arms, causing him to fall backwards.

"Aaaa-braa." She purred, nuzzling her trainer's cheek.

Dion, though in terrible discomfort appeared to enjoy the attention. "Aww, I have a feeling we're going to be the best of friends!"

Abra nodded in agreement, then utilized her psychic power to raise Dion to his feet after which he held her at arm's length, looking her over while he pondered about whatever he was going to name his little friend. "Now what am I going to call you? Abra seems a bit... impersonal. I can't call you something like Abby or Abraham since I don't know whether you're a boy or a girl and, well, I'm not willing to find out since I respect your dignity."

Abra was torn betwen being pleased and absolutely mortified. However, she decided not to act on her latter emotion for she feared that the boy may harm her if she did. Although she was beginning to warm up to the trainer, she still didn't trust him completely. Right out of the blue, Dion at last announced his final decision on what he was to name his new Abra. "How about Clare? I think that's a gender-neutral name."

The furry little golden pokemon gave her trainer an affirmative squeak, to which said trainer responded with a smile. Following this warm moment Dion looked at his watch, then the rocky path before them. "Well Clare, we shall be off. Maybe I might even catch a little friend for you too!"

Timid little Clare didn't seem too fond of the idea, made evident by the violent flicking of her tail. For a moment, Dion considered asking her to instead teleport them to the village, but decided that it wouldn't be fair on the other trainers to do so. Besides, he didn't ask for a psychic-type starter. Instead of taking such a shortcut, he withdrew Clare into her pokeball and proceeded to take the long way to Cinnibar village.


Chapter 2: The Long Way

Whilst walking along the path of Route 1 Dion spotted some of the other trainers, some of which were engaged in battle. Recalling what he had read about Abra in the poketech, he was beginning to reconsider his means of travelling towards town. However, he managed to shrug off his concern and so continued on down the path. All of a sudden, as he strode along a grassy patch, Dion tripped over a rock and fell onto a Ratatta, which bit him before scampering off into the bushes. Just to add insult to injury, a Pidgey in the tree which he happened to be under had, well, thrown him a little 'present' which completely ruined his new, freshly-ironed shirt. Understandably, he wasn't too pleased about this and so he looked up to spot the culprit. Cursing beneath his breath, he rose to his feet, tightly gripping Clare's pokeball in his hand.

"You think you can get away with ruining my new shirt, do you?" Dion hissed, his cold, blue death-glare peneterating the Pidgey's beady eyes. Throwing the red-and-white spherical device into the air, he called out to the pokemon which it contained. "Clare, teach that rude little bird some manners!" Little did Dion know, she couldn't.

"Aaaabrraa!" Clare cried as the light around her petite form faded, her velvety golden coat glistening in the morning sun. She looked simulatenously cute and magnificent, though what she did was an entirely different story. Before Dion could open his mouth to send out another order, Clare's body dematerialized, causing the poor trainer to once again strike his forehead with his palm. Somehow, Dion felt that this was going to be a long day...

November 8th, 2008, 11:21 AM
To Pikalover10: Wow, what coincidence...or is it?
Venom grew to level 6!

To Gardevoyeurism: The second chapter post is a little short. You could've really taken some stuff from the first chapter and put it in the second one. It's okay, don't worry about it. And for the slight effort...
Clare grew to level 6!

Chapter 3: Cinnibar Village
(2 Posts)

Description: A lonely and small village that still suffers from the amazing attack that it took from Team Rocket a long time ago when Blaine was the gym leader. It has built some attractions such as the Cinnibar Museum that holds the remains of the laboratory and gym that once was open in the once prospering town. A statue of the Great Blaine sets in the middle of town to honor the great man who perished in the blazes of his own gym thousands of years ago.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A building you will be visiting often. Not only does the staff heal your pokemon, but you also get free lodging and meals. What a deal!
PokeMart: Stock up on all supplies before heading back out on your adventure. This PokeMart holds: Pokeballs, Potions, Antidotes, Awakening, Paralyze Heal
Museum: Many new trainers love to look around here to check out all the different historical pokemon and fossil remains. If you’re tricky enough, you could even slither out the museum with your own fossil!
Fossil List
Dome Fossil
Helix Fossil
Root Fossil
Claw Fossil

Things to do in a town:
.Go to the Pokemon Center to rest
.Buy items at a PokeMart
.There will be absolutely no battling or capturing pokemon in towns or cities unless of special occasions, including gym battles. In this chapter, you could get a fossil, but not by battling. It will mainly be you stealing one, but you're not limited to only this.

November 10th, 2008, 5:05 PM
Chapter 3: Cinnabar Village:

The Village was war torn, charred looking, and looked very desperate. The people were all happy and cheerful, but the town was pitiful. Max walked around the town a little, seeing a huge statue in the middle of it carved to look like Blaine, their once awesome gym leader who perished in the fire of his own beautiful gym.

Max walked around a little more, the black charred grass crunching under his feet, and noticed the museum. It was big. It appearently by the sign said it held the remains of the lab and the old laboratory. Max walked inside and had to pay an entrance fee to get in. It was 50 poke which wasn't much. Max paid it and walked inside. There was a bunch of marvels inside. There was a huge moral with a picture of Blaine with all his pokemon together in a picture. There was also a bunch of fossils.

One of these awesome fossils was a Root Fossil. Max saw it and stood there motionless. His brother, Josh, had always wanted a root fossil. Which reminded him of that kid, Josh. Was it possible that Josh had grown up and changed appearence that much, and not even recognize his own brother? Or was it just a coincidence and Max would never run into the kid again? Max wondered if he should have asked the kid his last name. To see if it was exactly like his.

Max sighed and then looked at the fossil closer. He heard words but it wasn't from somebody else in the room. It seemed as though the fossil were calling out to him. Max shook his head and stared at the fossil. He walked away and thought out how he could have gotten it. Then after a good 30 minutes of thinking it through he came up with the idea of stealing it.

"Museum closing ni 5 minutes!" someone yeled throughout the museum.

Everybody sighed and then started leaving. Max left and after 20 minutes of waiting on the roof all the employers left. It was dark out now and Max got up ontop of the chimney on the roof. He was thin enough and could fit easily down there. He jumped inside and then slwoly climbed down. His backpakc's strap got caught on something and Max freaked out now knowing it and thought that he had gotten stuck.

He soon realized what happened and he quickly un tangeled the strap. He continued down the chimney and soon fell to the ground of the museum. The moonlight creeped in through the windows and shone on the fossils. It looked marvolous! Max creeped over towards the Root fossil. For some odd reason now the glass case was off of the fossil! Max quickly grabbed and took the fossil off its stand. He unzipped his bag and then shoved the fossil in it.

He looked around for some kind of escape route and all he could find was the chimney, but he wasn't tall enough to reach it. He panicked. Just then somebody else fell through the chimney and saw him.

"If you tell anyone I was here I'll..." the both said simutaneously.

the two boys walked closer up to eachother and then Max recognized who it was.

"Josh!" Max gasped.

Sure enough it was the boy Max had battled earlier.

"Oh. it's you." Josh said.

"yeah. I never told you my name. My name is Maximillion. By the way what's-" Max began.

Josh rushed over and grabbed another Root fossil and then disabled the alarm system quick and quietly. Max's suspisions rose. First his name is Josh and now he steals a root fossil! Is this my little brother? Josh ran out of the building without Max. Max ran out and looked around for Josh but couldn't find him.

Max was really puzzled now. He walked over to the Pokemon Center and entered it.

"Josh. Is that kid really my brother?" Max wondered out loud.

He looked up and saw the police asking Nurse Joy some questions about anybody who had one or two root fossils with them. Max's heart skipped a beat. He knew he had been captured.

((OOC: Next part will be up later!:)))

November 10th, 2008, 6:48 PM
Chapter 3 Part 1: CinnabarMuseum

Nick, Rex, and Harlon saw a very refreshing sight 10 minutes after they saw the sign that said they were approaching CinnabarVillage: The sight of a building. After hours of walking in a mountainous, hot, and most of all, hopeless looking region, the sight was a welcomed one.

“Squirtle Squir Squir!” Rex exclaimed, perking up from Nick’s shoulder he was sitting on. Harlon, who was flying around enjoying the freedom from the trees and not having to worry about wild Ekans, swooped down and cooed happily.

“We’re finally here, guys!” Nick said, holding up a visitor’s map. “What do you want to do first?” Nick asked, pointing to various stores and landmarks. “We can go to the museum, the Pokémart, or the PokémonCenter.” Harlon and Rex instantly pointed (or in Harlon’s case, pecked at) the PokémonCenter. “We shouldn’t go there and check in quite yet, or we’ll have to stay there the night, and I want to see this museum at some point,” Nick said. “There’s supposed to be a really cool fossil exhibit.” Nick said with a slight look of greed in his eyes. Rex and Harlon sighed and reluctantly agreed to go to the museum, but they demanded they be allowed in their Pokéballs to rest. Nick let them, and set off in the direction of the museum. When he got there, he was amazed. There were so many different exhibits, all devoted to Pokémon. He headed straight for the fossil section, wanting to see the Pokémon that were there. When he got there he found the Dome fossil, which was a fossil of the Pokémon Kabuto, the Helix Fossil, which was a fossil of Omanyte, ((OOC: I may have mixed those up.)) the Root Fossil, which was a fossil of Lileep, and the Claw Fossil, which was a fossil of Anorith.

“Wow!” Nick silently exclaimed. He thought the Claw Fossil was especially cool. He was about to turn to go away, but accidentally knocked against the pedestal that was holding the Claw Fossil and didn’t feel it drop into his pocket. As he was walking out and passing the Alakazam that stood guard to make sure nothing was stolen, they made him stop and called for a security guard.

“Do we have a thief, Alakazam?” The big and very intimidating security guard said to the Alakazam.

“Kazam, Ala.” It replied with a nod.

“Well, let’s search ya, little guy.” The security guard said and put his hand in Nick’s pocket, grasping and pulling out the Root Fossil. “Well, it looks like Alakazam was right; we do have a thief here. I think we need to go down to the station.” The security guard said with a twang of disappointment in his voice. He grabbed Nick’s upper arm, despite Nick’s assurances that this was a big mistake. Nick heard a very familiar voice behind him that said,

“Dad, I know this kid. This had to have been a mistake.” The guard turned around, bringing Nick with him, and standing there was Dana.

“I’d like to believe you, sweety, but this kid was caught red-handed.” The guard said to his daughter.

“This was the trainer that beat me! Remember?” She retorted with a hint of annoyance.

“Oh, this is the guy that beat my little girl?” The father said and let go of Nick, crossing his arms and looking down at him with a stern look. “Dana told me all about you, and the bond that you have with your Pokémon. I apologize; this had to have been some sort of mistake. As a personal gift and apology from me to you, just keep the fossil.” The guard said. Nick’s jaw just dropped, he was speechless.

“Wow, thank you so much! This has to be some sort of mistake, I promise. It won’t happen again!” Nick said, wanting to get out of the museum before he got in any more trouble. When he got outside, he waited for Dana to come out. When she did, he stepped in front of her and said,

“Hey, thanks for the save in there. I appreciate it.” Nick said with a smile.

“Not a problem,” She said. “I know goody-two-shoes like you would never steal.” She added as she punched him in the arm. She walked away, and Nick was reminded once again of her beauty. He shook off the feeling and walked into the Pokémon Center for lunch.

((OOC: This is definitely one of my weaker chapters. I couldn’t really figure out a way to transition smoothly, but I hope this works. Tell me if you want anything changed! I think the ‘go ahead and take the fossil’ thing was a little farfetched, but I don’t think my character would ever steal.))

November 11th, 2008, 1:46 PM
To Pikalover10: Ready for Christmas a little too soon, aren't you? No, just a joke. Can't wait to see what happens to Max and Josh next!
You stole a Root Fossil! (For now, I guess)

To Clevink: Really, you thought so? I thought it was very creative, letting it slip into his bag by mistake.
You received a Root Fossil!

November 11th, 2008, 6:15 PM
Chapter 3: Part Two. Captured?

Breathing suddenly became hard for Max. He knew he had been cought and would soon be in jail probably. The police man was now walking over towards him and looked like he had found the thief. Max closed his eyes waiting to feel a firm grip on his left arm, but didn't. Instead the police officer asked: "You okay kid?"

Max looked up at the pale face and slowly nodded. The police officer nodded once and then left the room. Max sighed with relief and walked over to Nurse Joy.

"Excuse me ma'am, but could you please heal my pokemon?" Max asked.

"Oh. A trainer as well as polite. Sure thing just give me your pokemon for a few minutes and then I'll be done." she said.

Max nodded and handed her Venom and Volt's pokeballs. She gradually took them and then put them into little caches in a big mechanical machine. She pressed a button and then a humming sound turned on. The two pokeballs glowed a bright yellow light and then turned back to their regular colors. Nurse Joy took the pokeballs out of the machine and handed them to him. Max took them with a thank you. He was getting ready to walk away but asked: "Ma'am. Is there any way I can get a room here for the night?" he asked.

Nurse Joy looked at him and smiled. "Why of course young man!" she then opened up a drawer in the counter and handed him a key with a card on it. He looked at the card and it read: Room 19 on floor 1. Max nodded and then turned around to leave.

As he walked with his back to Nurse Joy the fossil he had stolen was shifting around adn popped just over the backpack's top revealing a part of the fossil. It was just enough for Nurse Joy to realize it was a Root Fossil. She quickly turned wide-eyed and wondered if the little gentlemen found that fossil or stole it. She shook it off for now and continued to work.


Max was in his room unpacking his stuff. He hung up a towel over a rack in the room, put a book about pokemon on a little desk in the room, and put his set of new clothes on his bed. Volt and Venom were out of their pokeballs and were rumaging through the room. Max had already told them about his adventure stealing the fossil.

He then went through his stuff and finally found his pajamas. His pajamas were a grey shirt with big bold words saying: POKeMON and a pair of dark blue shorts. He grabbed his pajamas and the towel and headed down towards the showers. He locked his room after he stepped out and then walked down.


His shower was nice and hot and he planned on having a nice bowl of hot ramen noodles. He told Volt and Venom he would be right back and then ran down into the dining hall. He ordered a bowl of ramen noodles(chicken flavored), some electric type Poke food,a dn some Poisen type Poke food. The chef said it would be right out and in ten minutes it was done. The poke food was in two seperate bags and Max dashed back up stairs with the food in his hands.

He walked in and gave his pokemon their food and sat on the floor and began devouring his food.

"This has been a great first day huh guys?" Max asked.

"Ekansss." Venom replied.

"Pika!" Volt replied.

Max finished eating his food and so did Venom and Volt. He put the bowl on a desk with a sign on it that read: Please put dirty dishes here. Then he flopped down onto his bed and quickly fell asleep. Venom curled up on the soft rug on the floor and Volt slept by Max.

((OOC: Tell me if I need to edit anything!))

November 12th, 2008, 6:29 AM
Chapter 2: The Long Way(Part 2)

Dashing through the woods which surrounded the rocky path, Dion searched high and low, far and wide for his little lost Abra. He was worried sick about her, for she was still small, weak and unevolved. Remembering what had happened to Persian's littermates, Dion's concern evolved into a panicked, frustrated rage much like Magikarp evolves into Gyarados.

"Clare, where are you?! Abra! Aaaaabbbrrraaaa!"

Gasping for breath, Dion's already pounding heart began to beat faster once he heard grass rustling along with the sound of footsteps coming towards him. At last, he was to be reunited with his sweet little Abra.

...Or maybe not. Once he had discovered the source of the footsteps, his heart sank and his eyes leaked tears of frustration and disappointment, for the cute pokemon which had approached him wasn't his cute pokemon, but a wild Rattata.

"You..." Dion sobbed, inhaling the mucus buildup within his nose with a sickening snort. "You're not Clare, you're Persian food."

He wasn't usually this rude, especially towards pokemon, but in the mood he was in he wasn't quite himself. Dion hadn't yet a chance to grow too attached to his Abra, but he knew that Professor Jacob wouldn't give him another starter pokemon. Besides, if his parents ever found out that he had lost his pokemon on his very first day of being a trainer, they would probably lock him in his room and never allow him to leave until he turns forty. They wouldn't actually do that, of course, though to a fourteen-year-old boy being grounded for a week can feel like a year's imprisonment.
Dion crinkled his nose at Rattata - whose face had over it a rather hurt expression - then later caved in and petted the cute wild pokemon, to which it responded by giving him a swift nip on the fingers before scampering off to who-knows-where.

"Ow!" Dion clutched with his right hand the index and middle fingers of his left, grinding his teeth in agony. Rattata may be small, but it sure can bite.

Dion has had this problem throughout his entire life - cute pokemon, for reasons unknown, appeared to absolutely despise him. Not until his father's Meowth evolved did it even begin to tolerate him, let alone actually enjoy his company. At last, once reason returned Dion lifted his petite form from the ground where he knelt, then with a groan continued on his search for the little runaway psychic.

"Clare, please... I'm worried about you." Dion sighed. It was no use - his efforts were futile for the odds of finding one little Abra in this rocky, grassy stretch of land were even lower than the odds of finding a shiny

Had someone else found her before he did they would have likely tried to catch her, therefore driving her further away, possibly injured. Dion's concern for his pokemon's safety tried its best to persuade him to continue searching for her, though his common sense tried to tell him otherwise. Whilst he wandered along the path, torn between his options he at last stumbled upon the small village of Cinnibar.


Chapter 3: I'll Be Domed(Part 1)

Setting himself down on a large flat-topped boulder, Dion scanned the area with his crystalline eyes, which later fixated on the gym. He felt that he was a failure, for a boy who loses his pokemon wouldn't have a Gastly of a chance of one day becoming a gym leader. At that very moment, he began to consider forgetting about his dream. That is, until he felt something warm and heavy press against his side. Upon turning to investigate, his eyes lit up like sapphire lamps.

"...Clare? Oh, you had me worried sick!" Fearing he may drive her away once more, Dion refrained from constricting the little Abra with his long human arms. However, Clare had no problem with hopping into his lap and giving him an apologetic lick on the end of the nose, after which she teleported herself onto the ground before him. Only then did he notice the dome-shaped structure she clutched between her tiny golden paws.

"What's that you got there?" Dion asked, sliding down from his stone seat to have a closer look at the object his Abra carried.

She held the fossil towards his face, her forelimbs outstretched as if she were offering the item to her trainer as a gift. He gently lifted the stone from his pokemon's paws and turned it in his own hands.

"This is... Oh my goodness." Dion looked at Clare, then the Kabuto fossil, then back at Clare. "Wow... Really? For me?"

Clare nodded. Dion smiled and scooped her up into his arm before giving her a scratch behind the ears.

"Don't run, well, warp off like that - it scares me... Now let's get you to a pokemon center."

The psi pokemon made a sound vaguely reminiscent of a purr. Partially due to the fact that she couldn't as well as the fact that she sensed a degree of morality within her trainer, she decided not to reveal to him as to her means of obtaining the gift which she had given him.
As the pair made their way down to the village, Dion, much to Clare's horror, began to wonder from where she had taken the fossil which now sat snugly within the pocket in his jacket's inner lining.

"...It may be somewhat late to talk about this, but I couldn't help but wonder how you managed to find a dome fossil."

Knowing he was onto her, Clare attempted to escape from the situation by feigning sleep. She wasn't fooling him though since she didn't need to, for within seconds she truly did fall into a deep state of slumber. Fearing that she may teleport once more, Dion tried his best not to wake his Abra and so found himself carrying her all the way to Cinnibar's pokemon center. Upon arriving at his destination, he was admittedly shocked to see a long line of trainers clutching pokeballs waiting to be served. The Nurse Joy on the other side of the counter appeared to be somewhat stressed, as was Dion, though he was also rather frustrated as he wasn't used to having to wait. Naturally, he was put off by the lengthy queue and so gently placed his Abra onto the floor before returning her to her pokeball. He then placed said ball into his jacket's inside pocket and promptly exited the building to have a stroll around town.

Whilst wandering through the village, he began to wonder about the mysterious fossil which he had been given by his pokemon. For an Abra to teleport in the midst of battle wasn't at all unusual, but once it returns to its trainer with a dome fossil, something seems somewhat off about the whole thing. Dion hated to admit it, but he was beginning to suspect that perhaps the fossil had been stolen. To support this theory, his pokemon is a psychic-type - one of the signature moves of a psychic pokemon is Trick, which involves taking the target's held item. Perhaps she had sneakily switched another item for someone else's hard-earned dome fossil? Naturally, the first place Dion went to in an attempt to locate whoever was the original owner of the fossil was the museum. Once he entered, he found himself surrounded by a swarm of security guards, one of which owned an Alakazam whose appearance made him gag. As it turned out, Alakazam was even more repugnant in the flesh than on the poketech. Nevertheless, Dion was too polite to say anything - it wasn't like he hadn't seen worse in the form of pokemon such as Jynx.


((Sorry they're a little short. I had a brain fart in the middle of typing them up. =\))

November 13th, 2008, 6:41 PM
Chapter 3 Part 2: Restocking and Resting Up!

Nick walked away from the museum, happy that he had not gotten into any trouble with the authorities. Rex and Harlon, sensing Nick’s distress, popped out of their Pokéballs and gave Nick a questioning look.

“Nothing happened, guys. Check out what I got!” Nick said as he held up his Root Fossil. Rex and Harlon looked uninterested, and went into their usual traveling positions. Nick walked all over town, going here and there, but made a special trip to the Pokémart. He bought 2 potions, 2 paralyze heals, and 2 antidotes. He walked out of the store with his pockets noticeably lighter and walked into the Pokécenter to get a bite to eat and to get a bed for the night. He walked up to Nurse Joy and her Chansey, a Pokémon that Nick had learned about through the years.

“Hello there, welcome to the Cinnabar Pokécenter. Would you like a room for the night?” Nurse Joy asked with a smile. Nick, returning the smile, said:

“Yeah, that would be great! Thanks a lot!” Chansey led Nick, Harlon, and Rex into their room and shut the door behind him. Nick took off his jacket, and lay down on his bed. Rex curled up beside Nick and retreated into his shell as Harlon perched on the bed post near Nick’s head. Soon all that could be heard coming out of the room were the snores coming from the three of them as they slept away their weariness from the past day.

((OOC: Unexciting post today. I couldn’t think of a creative way to buy items and get a bed for the night without getting into a battle, heheh… Tell me if I need to add anything and I’ll be happy to do so.))

Neiko Star
November 14th, 2008, 6:22 PM
Chapter Two: A New Arrival

Wild Pokemon had attacked them again, though none of them was quite a match for Sandstorm. The latter finished them off rather lazily, as though it was hardly a challenge. To Veralidaine's delight, after checking her Pokedex again, Sandstorm seemed to have learned Sand Attack, which would be useful in the future.

"Continue like this and we'll be the strongest team around in no time," Veralidaine said smugly.

Sandstorm let out a soft squeal. It seemed to like the idea of being the strongest. The two were about to continue their path towards Cinnabar Village, when they heard the bushes rustle behind them. Thinking it was another Pokemon, they turned around, and were surprised to see a young girl standing in the middle of the bush. She had flowing, honey-coloured hair, long, though not quite as long as Veralidaine's(nobody's was), that seemed to gleam in the sunshine. She had bright green eyes, and she was wearing a yellow sundress. The girl glanced up at Veralidaine, and smiled shyly.

"H-Hello," she stammered, bewildered by Veralidaine's appearance, and of course, the length of her hair.

"Hi," Veralidaine replied shortly, though she was curious what a girl like this was doing here, in the middle of Route 1.

"M-My name's Alanna," she said, her voice stronger. "And I was...I was...I was wondering whether you'd mind having a Pokemon battle with me," she finished in a rush.

Veralidaine raised her eyebrows. Her? Battle with somebody that looked like she had never spoken to a stranger before?

"All right," she said carelessly. "But make this quick, I'm kind of in a rush. My name's Veralidaine, by the way," she added, tossing her hair.

A wide smile spread across Alanna's face. "Oh, thank you! I promise I'll try my best."

Whatever, Veralidaine thought.

Alanna took a Pokeball off her necklace and tossed it in the air. The ball snapped open as a red light escaped from it. The light shifted to form a figure.

"Okay," Alanna said nervously. "This is my Sandshrew, Sandstar."

Veralidaine stared. Sure enough, the Pokemon was a Sandshrew. It had a small, round, golden body, a white underbelly, and a short tail. Besides her, Sandstorm let out a cry of surprise.

You can't blame her, Veralidaine thought, still staring at the new Sandshrew. I never thought I'd encounter another Sandshrew, not this soon!

"Um...are...are we going to start the fight now?" Alanna's voice asked uncertainly.

Veralidaine blinked. "Sure," she replied quietly. "Sandstorm, go."

As Alanna looked curiously at the Pokemon Verali had sent out, the latter saw her gasp in surprise. Sandstorm dawdle foward, cocking its head and staring at Sandstar with curious eyes.

"Oh...I never thought..." Alanna said weakly.

Neither did I, Veralidaine thought, though she would never admit it.

"Right...so...I guess we'll start them..." Alanna said, gulping.

This was Veralidaine's cue. "Sandstorm, Scratch!"

Sandstorm suddenly pounced, claws stretched forward.

"Oh, um...Sandstar, use Defense Curl!" Alanna commanded, her voice firmer now.

Sandstar obeyed, and instantly rolled up into a tight ball. Sandstorm's attack bounced right off it.

If you want to play it that way..., Veralidaine thought, gritting her teeth. Time to test that new technique of ours!

"Sandstorm, do it!" she exclaimed.

The Sandshrew nodded, and sprung into the air.

"Oh!" Alanna squeaked. Sandstar uncurled itself and was now looking at the airborn Sandstorm with curiosity.

Sandstorm then began to spin, spinning as it fell downwards, towards Sandstar. It unsheathed it claws, making it a sharp, ripping tornado, headed straight for Sandstar.

But then, Veralidaine realized something. She saw a flaw in her technique: if the hit missed, then it would give the opponent a big advantage. Unfortunately, Alanna saw this too.

"Sandstar, quick, roll away!" she cried, agitating her hands.

Sandstar, seeing the danger, curled up and rolled away, as it was told to. Just as it was nearing the bushes, the tornado came crashing into the ground. It missed Sandstar by barely a few inches, however managing to scrape the latter's side and causing considerable damage.

"Sandstar!" Alanna cried out. "Use Rollout!"

Veralidaine stiffened. If Sandstorm was attacked now, it would be all over.

Oh, get up, Sandstorm, get up...she thought in her mind.

Sandstorm, however, layed motionlessly in a heap in the deep crater caused by the attack. Sandstar, meanwhile, had once again curled into a ball and was now rolling towards Sandstorm at full speed.

Oh, great...

Sandstar collided full force with Sandstorm, sending it flying. It landed with a thud on the hard ground and did not move.

Alanna drew in a breath. "We won," she whispered. "We won!"

Veralidaine, however, was frozen in place, staring at her unconscious Sandshrew. No...she wouldn't accept it...her pride wouldn't accept it...she had lost...


Neiko Star
November 15th, 2008, 11:16 AM
Chapter Three: Pirate's Pride

It had happened all too fast. Before Veralidaine even knew what she was doing, her hand was raised and Alanna's face was bruised. Realizing what she had done, she returned Sandstorm to its Pokeball and ran. She ran and ran...until she finally reached Cinnabar Village. There, she ran into the Pokemon Center and rushed up to the counter. The nurse behind it looked at her, and said kindly, "What may I do for you, Miss?"

"My Pokemon's hurt," Veralidaine croaked, taking out her Pokeball and holding it out to Nurse Joy.

She took it and smiled. "Don't worry. It'll be better in no time. In the meantime, would you like to spend the night?"

Veralidaine merely nodded.

Nurse Joy typed a few things on her computer. "I'll need your name, please."

"Veralidaine," Veralidaine stammered. "Veralidaine Cr-Crossb-blades..."

Nurse Joy raised her eyebrows and said, "All right, then, you're in room forty-five. Here's your key." She took out a small, silver key and gave it to Veralidaine. The latter took it and ran upstairs. As she found room forty-five, she unlocked it with her key and ran inside, plopping herself on the bed. She felt tears come.

"How..." she whispered. "How could I lose?" A tear dropped.

It was against the pirate's legacy to lose a fight and come back without a prize. She had lost, both the match and her family's honor...they would be ashamed of her right now...

Tears were flooding her eyes now. She had dishonored the Crossblades' name, as well as herself...never before had her sister, her parents...how could she have lost like that?

"It's your fault," she whispered. "It's your fault, Sandstorm, for missing..." She hated herself for saying it. She knew the truth...that it had been her own fault, for telling Sandstorm to use a flawed technique, for underestimating her opponent...

A pirate must always be on her guard, no matter where she is...

Her mother's voice rang out in her memory. She had always taught Veralidaine to be proud, to show others what the Crossblades emblem meant...and she had failed.

A distinctive sob came. She fought to draw back her tears, but her confidence was shattered, along with her resolve...she had lost the one thing a pirate must never lose...her pride.

It was painful. Painful to know that she had brought this on herself, to know that this was her own fault. She stayed like that, on the bed, tears running down her cheeks, for what seemed like hours. Then, she thought. She thought of what pirates did when they lost a fight: get revenge. She would have to defeat Alanna, to regain her pride and honor...yes, her confidence was returning to her. Now, she had only one thought in mind: to find Alanna, and to re-challenge her to a battle. And she'd have to win. If she didn't, well...she didn't want to think about that.

As she slowly stood up, wobbling at first, she reached the door and left her room. She left her bed soaking wet, and to her pleasure, her old devilish grin came back as she thought about the one that would have to dry it.

Well, one thing's for sure. I wouldn't like to be the one to clean it.

And she headed back downstairs for dinner, once again ignoring the stares caused by her appearance, something she realized she loved doing.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter Three: Thief's Success

After her dinner, Veralidaine decided to stroll around the village. It was small, and a little too quiet to her taste. Most of the houses were tiny, and she wrinkled her nose as she wondered how people could live in there. She stopped, however, in front of a much larger building made of stone. A sign placed next to the entrance read: Cinnabar Village Museum.

Veralidaine grimaced. She hated museums. They were boring. They just talked about history, and blablabla....boring. However, her eyes slipped onto the banner hanging above the main entrance. On it, written in large, bold letters, was:


Who in their right minds would want to celebrate a museum's birthday? Veralidaine thought in horror. The thought of it made her gag.

She walked closer to the entrance, the idea of spraying pink paint on the museum's front wall sprouting in her head. Her eyes, however, wandered around and landed on a sheet of paper neatly pasted onto the wall. She read it aloud:

The Cinnabar Museum celebrates its fifty-third anniversary this October 15th. Workers have informed that the museum has been an especial success this year-(Veralidaine gagged)-and confirm that their biggest achievement has recently been made: retrieving several rare Pokemon fossils of otherwise extinct races, it is said--

Veralidaine read no further. The idea of a rare, extinct fossil excited her. Her lavender eyes sparkled as she stared hungrily at the door. If she had a rare thing like that under her hand, her path just might become easier for her...

But she had to wait. It was probable that to enter the museum she would have to pay a fee, and money was the least she had. Not to mention, there would be no way the owners would allow her to have one of their precious fossils. A grin spread across Veralidaine's face. Several of her problems were being solved. The first one was Alanna's. There was no way that rat could even compare to her, not with such a valuable artifact in her possession. The second one was money itself. There were many items that would be necessary for her journey. And the last one was a personal one: she had always wanted to be different, to have something others didn't. This was perfect.

She returned to the Pokemon Center, and demanded her Pokemon back. Nurse Joy, though shocked, did as she was asked. Now, with Sandstorm's Pokeball clutched tightly in her hand, Veralidaine made her way back to the museum. She circled around it, until she found what she was looking for: a window. She peered inside, and saw to her dismay that the hall was crowded with people.

Looks like the sneaky approach is out. Then I guess I'll do it the old-fashioned way.

Veralidaine smirked. Pirates were used to stealing; they did it regularly to survive. She clicked open the Pokeball in her hand. With a flash of bright light, Sandstorm appeared, fully healed, in front of her. It squealed in delight at seeing its trainer again, and began to twitch its ears impatiently, waiting for its assignment.

"I'll need you to dig a tunnel," Veralidaine whispered. "Underground. One that'll come up inside the museum. Make sure it's a room with no people."

Sandstorm nodded and began digging right away. It dug and dug, Scratch after Scratch...finally, the tip of its ears disappeared out of view under the earth. Veralidaine waited, for what seemed to her like hours, until, a familiar face poked out of the hole. The Sandshrew let out a soft cry, then escaped back into the ground. Veralidaine followed, laughing as she jumped into the hole. To her slight surprise, the tunnel proved to be much larger, and she had no problem in moving in it...until she reached the part where the path shot upwards. Sandstorm simply scurried up, its claws making the job easy. Veralidaine, however, had neither claws nor wings.

"So how am I supposed to get up there?" she asked, annoyed, at her Pokemon.

The Sandshrew looked at her with curious eyes, then shrugged.

"Thanks a lot," Veralidaine muttered. She felt the cold earth in front of her for bumps. Fortunately, she found many of them, and after a great deal of effort, she was at the top, having climbed up using the bumps as steps.

Filthy and dirty, she glanced up. Right above her head was the opening of the tunnel. She stood up on slightly wobbling knees and looked around. Her gaze landed on a table in the middle of the room, where several polished, glass cases stood. Inside them were what she was sure were...

"Well, what do you know..." she breathed. "Sandstorm, you've dug us directly into the fossil room."

She heard a squeal in response. All sense of tiredness gone, Veralidaine climbed out of the hole and approached the table. She read the tags on each of the cases, and decided on the 'Dome' one. It sounded a lot better than the others. Carefully, she reached for the glass case and slowly removed it. Nothing happened.

They must think nobody can get into this room without passing at the entrance. Ha!

She quickly grabbed the fossil and ran back to the hole. She hopped back into the tunnel and, Sandstorm at her side, returned to the Pokemon Center, where an unsuspecting Nurse Joy fussed about her clothes and insisted on a bath. Veralidaine conceded, but was triumphant, as that night, she had gotten herself a Dome fossil.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

November 23rd, 2008, 2:30 AM
I know im late but could i join anyway?

Name: Blitz (yes, i know its from ruby destiny but its the best i can think of for the character)
gender: male
age: 14
Apearance: uh... make it up i guess?
personality: exacatly like silver's
starter pokemon: i know its not there but a young absol? if not then gastly
other pokemon: eevee
history: Blitz was born in the Orre region, even though the shadow pokemon were gone, and groudon had gone back to sleeping (why did you think it was 85% land?) things were still pretty rough, so he decided to travel to kanto, but what he didnt know was how much it had changed (there were no reports on it on "Orre Now") either way hes set his sights on becoming pokemon champion of kanto by getting the 12 bages (its been 1000 or so years hasnt it?) winning the 50 battle tournament on mt.silver to challenge the elite 4.

that would be my character, if im allowed

Neiko Star
November 23rd, 2008, 6:47 AM
First of all, SU's are to be posted in the OOC thread. Second of all, SU's are closed. And third of all, your SU doesn't even reach the required length.

(Dark_Link, I'll delete this post later.)

November 23rd, 2008, 7:29 AM
ok then, it doesnt matter.