View Full Version : What is your favourite US Pokémon Theme Song?

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 7th, 2003, 3:33 AM
What is your favourite US Pokémon Theme Song?
Choose from:
Pokémon World
Pokémon Johto
Pokémon Johto League Champions
Pokémon Master Quest

September 7th, 2003, 3:44 AM
I like "Pokemon Johto" the most! I have this song in my computer ^_^

Later I like "pokemon Master Quest".

September 7th, 2003, 3:48 AM
I like the OI and MQ opening.

September 7th, 2003, 6:06 AM

I guess Pokémon Johto.

The Japanese ones are much higher quailty however.

September 7th, 2003, 10:21 AM
I like Pokemon Master Quest the best

September 7th, 2003, 2:56 PM
Pokemon World is my favorite

September 7th, 2003, 3:37 PM
umm... i suppose it goes like this

Pokemon Jhoto Championship
Pokemon Master Quest
Pokemon World
Pokemon Jhoto/Pokemon

well don't really like any of them actually... it's all about the japanese ones ^^

Professor Oak
September 7th, 2003, 3:54 PM
Choosing a single one is difficult, but I would have to say the original Pokemon Theme from the first season.

September 7th, 2003, 6:52 PM
I admire the season one song for its classicness (if that's a word >.<)

but for the overall song and style, I chose the season 2 song. I also like certain parts of season 3 and 4 songs

September 8th, 2003, 5:48 AM
I voted for the Pokemon and Pokemon World.

My list is like

Pokemon World
Master Quest
Johto League Champions.

My fav Jap. opening song would be "Ready GO!"

September 8th, 2003, 6:16 AM
I've never heard any... x_X;;;

September 8th, 2003, 3:16 PM
speaking of the ja panese songs, where did that post go anyway?

Ready Go is such a good song ^^

Fallen Angel
September 8th, 2003, 4:14 PM
Not voting, I love the all, out of the japanese themes I like AGs first opening.

September 9th, 2003, 2:58 AM
Pokémon Johto! I don't like the other ones...
And I like the Swedish and German version of this song the most.

(But I prefer the japanese songs. X3~)

September 9th, 2003, 11:24 AM
I like all the songs, although I prefer the versions in the movie much better.

I voted for the original Pokemon and Pokemon World. It was hard to choose though. Eh, of the Japanese songs I heard, they weren't that great. They don;t compare to other great anime OPs like Cruel Angel's Thesis and Give a Reason.

September 9th, 2003, 8:30 PM
the japanese MQ theme is reeeeealy cool.
By the way what's "Ready, Go" ?

September 9th, 2003, 8:33 PM
"Ready Go" is the japanese equivalent to Pokemon Master Quest theme song. It's a great song (my favorite intro ^^)

September 10th, 2003, 6:59 AM
It has to be the Pokémon US original theme song.. it's still the best one IMO.

September 23rd, 2003, 2:48 AM
I like the Pokémon Johto theme the best! ^_^ Second would probably be the original theme to the first season.

Hiroshi Sotomura
September 23rd, 2003, 3:21 AM
I like the Japanese themes much more, but if I never listened to any, I'd say Pokémon Johto was the best.