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November 2nd, 2008, 12:04 PM
Hullo thur.
I was bored so I felt like making an RP.

After a savage and bloody war, many humans have been obliterated from the galaxy.
The few surviving pockets of humanity are now waiting for the other to attack. For the moment it seems peace has reaked over the dawn.
Sekhmet Historian, March 6th, 2657 AD

"This is Scouter Squadron 2927 of the Federation of Zibelar. We are currently patroling the outskirt planets of our Federation. HEY, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING OVER THERE?! GET TO WOR-." Squad Sergeant of 2927, December 1st, 2657

"Sir what is that?" Squad Private of 2927, December 1st, 2657

"Dear god, thats a fleet of Shandra Zoid Carriers, complete with 2 Medium Escorts a piece. Goldberg i hope you gotta' bible on you cuz' the only thing we can do now is pray.." Squad Sergeant of 2927, December 1st, 2657

That was the last transmission ever recieved from Scouter Squad 2927 before they became MIA.
The Federation of Zibelar kept this a secret until Shandra fleets started taking the outskirt planets of the Zibelar.
These are the two biggest factions in the universe, and they are about to lock horns for dominance of the universe!

Your Role!

You are a free-lance Zoid pilot,
the option is your to choose one of the two warring factions to align with.
OPTIONS (factions)
-The Zibelar Federation
The Zibelar are a proud faction founded by the Duke Darius. They boast high speed and agile Zoids. They're bottom-tier Zoids are unparrelel to all other factions.

-The Shandra Empire
The Shandra are a coagulation of several different factions that are the scourge of the universe. They're Zoids are high damage output, they're built to destroy. In terms of armor, and power, they can not be beat.

-The Sekhmet Republic
The Sekhmet are an ancient faction who have been alive since the beggining of time. They are a neutral faction and have no aligance. However, they're Zoids are battle ready. Although they don't usually attack unless provoked, they're Zoids are monolithic and huge. The tactic is the use overwhelming firepower to swamp the enemy no matter what size or shape.

Now whats a pilot without his Zoid? Time to gear up and pick the prefect match for you!

*Offnote: I'll give a list of Zoids that I've found over the internet. Please feel free to use a custom Zoid you thought of if you like, the only limitation is your creativity!

There is also 3 different types of Zoid classifacations and Zoid Specialties, they are as follow:
Light Class [10-30 tons]
Medium/Semi Heavy Class [40-100 tons]
Monolithic Class [110+]

Melee [Prefers close-range combat as opposed to ranged]
Ranged [Vice-Versa of Melee]
Hybrid [Prefers to use both Specials]
Aquadon (OER, Z2 - Aquazoid) - Frog Type
Armorhide - Pangolin Type
Arosaurer (TZ - Strikezilla; Z2 - Raptor) - Allosaurus Type
Arosaurer PKB
Altersaurus - Brachiosaurus Type

Bamburian - Panda Type
Barigator (OER - Kroc, RS - Chompz, TZ - Armoured Gator) - Crocodile Type
Battle Cougar (TZ - Storm Tiger) - Griffin Type
Battle Lizard - Skink Type
Battlerover (Zevle - Landgallop) - Ornitholestes Type
Bear Fighter (OER - Zear, Z2 - Cruncher) - Bear Type
Bear Fighter Mk II
Beeshooter - Hornet Type
Berserk Fury (NAR - Berserk Fury) - Tyrannosaurus Type
Beserk Fury
Sturm Fury
Bigasaur (OAR, OER - Giant Zrk) - Diplodocus Type
Bio Kentro - Kentrosaurus Type
Bio Megaraptor - Megaraptor Type
Bio Megaraptor Glearmd (CMD)
Bio Ptera - Pteranodon Type
Bio Raptor - Velociraptor Type
Bio Raptor Commander Type
Bio Raptor Glearmd
Bio Raptor Gui- Microraptor Type
Bio Tricera - Triceratops Type
Bio Tyranno - Tyrannosaurus Type
Bio Volcano - Velociraptor Type
Black Horn - Styracosaurus Type
Black Rhimos (OER - Black Rhinos, Z2 - Redhorn) - Rhinoceros Type
Black Rhimos Mk II
Hebby (Heavy) Rhimos
Metal Rhimos
Blade Hawk - Hawk Type
Blade Liger - Liger Type
Blade Liger Black Impact (BI)
Blade Liger Mirage
Blade Liger Mirage Infinity
Blade Liger Forest and Night Fight Version
Blade Liger Leon
Blade Liger (NAR)
Blade Liger (NER)
HMM Blade Liger
Blitz Haken - Velociraptor Type
Blitz Hornet - Hornet Type
Blitz Sworder - Stag Beetle Type
Brastle Tiger - Tiger Type
Boldguard - Panoplosaurus Type
Brachiorakete - Brachiosaurus
Brachios (OER - Dramadon, TZ - Small Battlesaurus (Unreleased), NAR - Brachiosaur) - Brachiosaurus Type
Brachios Mk II
Brachiozilla - Brachiosaurus/Tyrannosaurus Type
Brachio Rex
Brachio Tortoise
Brave Jaguar - Jaguar Type
Brave Jaguar Set
Buster Eagle - Eagle Type
Byte Griffon - Griffin Type

Cannon Diver - Sea Turtle Type
Cannon Diver Deep Sea Version
Cannon Spider - Spider Type
Cannon Tortoise (OER - Kannon) - Tortoise Type
Buster Tortoise
Cannonfort - Buffalo Type
Chimera Dragon - Dragon Type
Clawtoe - Raptor Type
Command Wolf (OER - Zarwolf) - Wolf Type
Command Wolf Mk II
Command Wolf AC
Command Wolf Irvine Custom
Command Wolf LC
Command Striker
Connectes - Centipede Type
Crabraster - Crab Type
Crown Saurer - Dilophosaurus Type
Crystal Horn - Styracosaurus Type
Cross Winger - Dragonfly Type
Cyclops - Monoclonius Type

D.A. Lizards - Fuzor Zoid Type
Shadow Arm Lizards
Dambuster - Bat Type
Dark Horn - Styracosaurus Type
Dark Spiner - Spinosaurus Type
Killer Spiner
Deadborder (NAR - Battle Rex (Unreleased)) - Tarbosaurus Type
Deadbuster - Ladybird Type
Deadly Kong - Gorilla Type
Deantler - Chimera Type
Death Raser - Therizinosaurus Type
Dekalt Dragon
Decalto Dragon
Death Saurer - Tyrannosaurus Type
Bloody Deathsaurer
Crystal Deathsaurer
Death Stinger - Sea Scorpion Type
Death Stinger ZS
Deathpion (Zevle - Zagram) - Scorpion Type
Decalto Dragon - Dragon Type
Demantis - Mantis Type
Demonshead - Chimera Type
Descat - Panther Type
Diablo Tiger - Tiger Type
Diablo Tiger Beta
Dibison - Bison Type
Diloforce - Dilophosaurus Type
Dimetrodon (OER, Z2 - Spineback)-Dimetrodon Type
Dimetroptera - Dimetrodon/Pterosaur Type
Diploguns - Chimera Type
Dispellow - Buffalo Type
Dontress (Zevle - Gigiima) - Mantis Type
Double Sworder - Beetle Type
Dragoon Nest - Lobster Type

Elephantus (OER - Protozoid) - Elephant Type
Elephander - Elephant Type
Energy Liger - Lion Type
Energy Liger (NJR)
Energy Falcon (Energy Liger with Jet Falcon)
Energy Ray (Energy Liger with Gorilla Tron)
Energy Storm Ligers (Energy Liger with Scissor Storm or Laser Storm )
Evo Flyer - Microraptor Type

Fire Phoenix - Phoenix Type
Flyscissors - Chimera Type
Furolesios (OER - Hydrazoid) - Plesiosaur Type

G2 Rex - Tyrannosaurus Type
Gairyuki - Tyrannosaurus Type
Gairyuki Shin
Gairyuki Red
Gargantulus (OER - Spiderzoid/Tarantulon; RS - Legz; Z2 - Tarantulon) - Spider Type
Garius (OER - Tyrannozoid) - Tyrannosaurus Type
Garninaru - Grub Type
Gator (OER - Spineback; RS - Reptex; NAR - Gatordus) - Dimetrodon Type
Gekkou - Horseshoe Crab Type Blox Zoid
Geno Breaker - Tyrannosaurus Type
Geno Breaker Jet
Geno Saurer - Tyrannosaurus Type
Geruder (OER - Zaton; RS - Batlar) - Triceratops Type
Gilvader - Wyvern Type
Girafsworder - Stag Beetle Type
Glaive Quama - Longisquama Type
Godkaiser (NAR - Cannon Caesar (Unreleased)) - Tyrannosaurus Type
Godos (OER - Trooperzoid; RS - Spartak) - Tyrannosaurus Type
Gojulas (OER, TZ, Z2 - Zoidzilla; RS - Terox) - Tyrannosaurus Type
Gojulas Mk II
Gojulas Mk II Limited
Gojulas Mariner
Gojulas the Ogre
LB Gojulas
LB Gojulas Mk II
Gojulas Giga - Gigantosaurus Type
Gojulas Giga PKB
Proto Gojulas Giga
Gorem (Zelve - Golgola) - Gorilla Type
Gordos (OER - Great Gorgon; RS - Gordox; NAR - Gordosaur) - Stegosaurus Type
Cannoneer Gordos
Gorgodos (OER - Stegozoid) - Stegosaurus Type
Gorgolauncher - Gorgosaurus Type
Gorhecks (OER - Cyberdon; Z2 - Stego; NAR - Gol Hex (Unreleased)) - Stegosaurus Type
Gorhecks PKB
Goriate - Snail Type
Gorilla Tron - Gorilla Type
Ray Kong
Grand Molar - Mole Typer
Grappler - Beetle Type
Gravity Ptera - Pterodactyl Type
Gravity Saix - Cheetah Type
Gravity Saurer - Suchomimus Type
Gravity Wolf - Wolf Type
Green Horn - Styracosaurus Type
Grounchar - Echidna Type
Gul Tiger - Tiger Type
Gunbeetle - Beetle Type
Crystal Gunbeetle
Gungyarados - Dragon Type
Gun Sniper - Velociraptor Type
Gunsniper Naomi Edition (Red)
Gunsniper black orpheus Sniper Style (boss)
Gunsniper black orpheus assault style (boas)
Gunsniper Leena Edition (gatling guns, missile pods, and radar)
Gun Tiger - Tiger Type
Gunbluster (NAR - Gunblaster) - Ankylosaurus Type
Gustav (OER - Red Scavenger) - Insect Type
Gustav Moonbay Custom (NAR - Gustav)
Guysak (OER - Scorpozoid; RS - Stang; TZ - Evil Scorpion; NAR - Gusak) - Scorpion Type
Guysting - Scorpion Type

Hammer Dome - Pachycephalosaurus Type
Hammer Rock (OER - Zore) - Gorilla Type
Hammer Head (NAR - Sledge Head) - Hammerhead Shark Type
Hardbear - Bear Type
Harpers - Spider Type
Hayate Liger - Liger Type
Hayate Liger Special Edition (Clear colors)
Heldigunner (TZ, Z2 - Demon Lizard) - Iguana Type
Helcat (NAR - Atak Kat) - Panther Type
Helcat Noir
Helldiver - Great White Shark Type
Hidocker (OER - Brotozoid) -
Hien - Swallow Type Blox Zoid
Horn Crest - Styracosaurus Type
Horn Taur - Carnotaurus Type
Houndsoldier - Shepard Dog Type
Hover Cargo - Snail Type
Hurricane Hawk - Hawk Type
Hypershiinaz -

Ice Blazer - Doberman Type
Iguan (OER - Zillon, NAR - Iguanasaur) - Iguanodon Type
Iron Kong (OER - Gore, RS - Badox) - Gorilla Type
Iron Kong Mk II
Iron Kong Mk II Limited
Iron Kong PK
Iron Kong Yeti
LB Iron Kong

Jet Falcon - Falcon Type

Killer Bee - Paper Wasp Type
Killerdome - Crab Type
King Baron - Lion Type
King Gojulas - Tyrannosaurus Type
King Liger - Lion Type
König Wolf - Wolf Type
König Wolf Mk II
Heavy Arms König Wolf
Kyanossa -

Lanstag - Moose Type
Lancetag Break
Lancetag Mass Production Type
Laserstorm - Chimera Type
Leoblaze - Lion Type
Genius Wolf
Infinity Leo
Leogator - Lion/Alligator Type
Leostriker - Lion Type
Lidier -
Liger Zero - Liger Type
Liger Zero Jager
Liger Zero Panzer
Liger Zero Schneider
Liger Zero EM
Liger Zero X
Liger Zero Phoenix
Liger Zero Phoenix (NJR)
Liger Zero Falcon
Liger Zero Falcon (NAR)
Liger Zero Falcon (NJR)
Liger Zero Holotech (Unreleased)
Liger Zero Blue Souga
Liger Zero Red Hiou
Lightning Saix - Cheetah Type
Lord Gale - Gargoyle Type
Saint Gale

Maccurtis - Crawfish Type
Madthunder (TZ - Thunder Tri-tops (Unreleased)) - Triceratops Type
Matrix Dragon - Fuzor Zoid Type
Malder (OER - Slime, RS - Slithor) - Snail Type
Mammoth - Mammoth Type
Marder (OER, Z2 - Hellrunner; RS - Runna) - Ornithomimus Type
Megatopros - Triceratops Type
Megeleon (NAR - Chameleor)
Metalhopper - Cricket Type
Missile Tortoise
Molga (OER - Slitherzoid; RS - Kreep; Z2 - Slither) - Caterpillar Type
Cannonry Molga
Rorarku Molga
Crystal Molga
Mosasledge - Mosasaurus Type
Mugen Liger - Liger Type
Holotech Mugen liger
Murasame Liger - Liger Type
LB Murasame Liger
Murasame Liger Knight (Custom)
Murasame Liger Shinobi (Custom)

Neptune (Zelve - Bolodie) - Alligator Type
Nightwise - Owl Type

Orudios (TZ - Evil Pegasus) - Pegasus Type

Parablade - Parasaurolophus Type
Pegasuros (OER - Cozmozoid) - Bird Type
Ptera Rayse - Pterosaur Type
Pteras (OER - Zark; RS - Rado; NAR - Ptera Striker) - Pterosaur Type

Raiden - Warthog Type Blox Zoid
Rainbow Jerk - Peacock Type
Rainbow Jerk Wind
Raptojaguar - Velociraptor Type
Raptojaguar Set
Raynos - Pteranodon Type
Holotech Raynos
Raysaurer - Tyrannosaurus Type
Rayse Tiger - Tiger Type
Soul Tiger
Red Horn (RS - Brutox) - Styracosaurus Type
LB Redhorn
Redler (OJR - Reddra; OER - Zolkon; TZ - Dragonfly, Z2 - Redwing) - Dragon Type
Black Redler
Rev Rapter (NAR - Rev Raptor) - Velociraptor Type
Raven Raptor
Rev Rapter Night Patrol
Rez Tiger - Tiger Type
Roadskipper (Zelve - Zeeva0) - Ostrich Type

Saberlion - Lion Type
Sabre Tiger (OER, TZ, Z2 - Zaber; NAR - Zaber Fang) - Tiger Type
Holotech Zaber Fang
Saicurtis (OER - Scarab) - Beetle Type
Salamander (OER - Krark; RS - Radox; NAR, NER - Pteramander) - Pterosaur Type
Salamander F2
Salamander Bombvern
Saradin - Armadillo Type
Sauro Knight - Dinosaur Type
Savinga - Flying Squirrel Type
Scissor Storm - Chimera Type
Sea Panther - Hermit Crab type
Seismosaurus - Seismosaurus Type
Ultimate Seismo
Serpent - Snake Type
Shadow Fox - Fox Type
Fire Fox
Sharp Back - Razorback Type
Shellkarn - Chimera Type
Shield Liger (OER - Shield Tiger; TZ, RS - Claw) - Lion Type
Shield Liger Mk II
Shield Liger DCS-J
Shield Liger Commander SP
Shield Liger Claw
HMM Shield Liger
HMM Shield Liger Desert Type
Holotech Shield Liger
Desert Shield Liger
Shotgaroo - Kangaroo Type
Shotwalker - Spider Type
Shot Eagle - Eagle Type
Sinker (OER - Z-Ray; RS - Stunra; NAR - Sea Striker) - Ray Type
Silver Kong - Gorilla Type
Snipe Master - Velociraptor Type
Snipe Master Blue Unicorn
Soul Tiger - Tiger Type
Spearwing - Moth Type
Spike Cephalus - Euoplacephalus
Spiker - Mantis Type
Spino Sapper (NAR - Spino Snapper) - Spinosaurus Type
Holotech Spino Sapper
Stealthcutter - Dragonfly Type
Stealth Viper (OJR - Snakes, OER - Znakes, TZ - Venom Snake (unreleased), NAR - Venomous Viper) - Viper Type
Stegoganzer - Stegosaurus Type
Storch - Archeaopteryx Type
Storm Sworder - Pteranodon Type
Storm Sworder Jet
Styluarmour - Chimera Type

Thunder Cannon - Rhinoceros Type
Transhawk - Hawk Type
Turbo Leopard - Leopard Type
Twinhorn - Mammoth Type
Twinspike - Stegosaurus Type

Ultimate Seismo - Seismosaurus Type
Ultrasaurus (TZ - Battlesaurus) - Ultrasaurus Type
Unenlagia - Unenlagia Type

Valkyrie Caesar - Lion Type
Valkyrie Griffon - Griffin Type
Viper Neck - Tanystropheus Type

Warshark (NAR - Warshark) - Coelacanth Type
Holotech Warshark
Water Spider
Whale King - Whale Type
Whitz Tiger Imitate
Rez Tiger
Whitz Wolf - Wolf Type
Whitz Tiger
Sword Wolf
Wyzoon - Baboon Type

Zabat - Bat Type
Zatton (OER - Zunder; RS - Brox) - Dinosaur Type
Zeekdober (TZ - Doberman (unreleased)) - Doberman Type

Great! Now that you've picked your Zoid, time to tell the world what you look like!

Appearence: Please at least a paragraph!
Zoid: Must contain Zoid name [description if custom] Classification, and Specialty!


*Offnote: You don't gotta read all the Zoid names!!!
If you create a Custom Zoid you must give a detailed description!

Ok since I'm the creator, i gotta have a Zoid, right?

Name: Kile Ironmancer
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearence: Kile is an average weighing person. His eyes are hazel, he has a fairly muscular complexion. His legs are long and not stocky, but they are also muscular. He has big feet and big thumbs. His nose is regular, a little bigger granted you paid attention. His hair was curly all the time, no matter how short or long. He had a scar that ran along his cheek that made it seem like he always wore a grin.

Personality: Kile is conserved. He doesn't usually like making new friends but if you try hard to get to know him he'll open up to you. To the people he knows, he is a funny, well rounded gentleman. When in the heat of battle he sometimes gets adrenaline rushes that cause him to start destroying everything in his path.

History: Kile was born in a small village on the planet Arrakis which was a free-lancing planet in his time. It was invaded by the Zibelar and destroyed. Kile survived by a thread on an offworld shuttle his parents kept. It was for one person so his parents threw him in and launched it off. He spent 3 years in cryo-stasis until he was found by a Sekhmet shuttle. From then he was trained in the ways of the Sekhmet.

Alliance: Sekhmet
Zoid: Elephander, Monolithic, Ranged
Other: N/A