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November 2nd, 2008, 7:43 PM
I smell a retake!
A small,boxy package appeared at all the trainer's houses. On the front it read 'IMPORTANT, and HANDLE WITH CARE' How could something so small be so important? This intrigued the trainers, so they opened it,they found a couple of things, a watch, and a Pokéball, a letter, map, and train ticket. Dear (Insert Trainer name here-First Last),
You are probably wondering who would you send you all this stuff correct? Well,(Insert Trainer's first name here) I can not tell you. You will have to follow the map, and then go the train, so the conductor the letter and then he will give you the next set of instructions. Oh, the pokémonball, it contains a pokémonmon. The pokémon inside is (insert pokémon species here) it is a rather (insert pokemon nature here) pokemon. You should spend time raising this pokemon, as well as any others that you come across. Well, I hope to see you later

An ill fate is going to fall the world, it is due to something that happened a while ago, no one in the early age saw this fate coming. The organization just slipped up out of the cracks,slowly beginning their control over the world. It is said that five trainers are said to come destroy the evil, back when it was young and capable of being destroyed. The only method of time travel known is if the legendary pokémon Celebi wants to send you back through time. What if the darkness has already captured Celebi? What if they are planning to turn him into a shadow pokemon, so that it will listen to their every whim? Well, that is what is happening, so the trainers must battle their way to the main headquarters, and take Celebi back. Witch headquarters is the main one? How many hqs are there? Also, there have been sightings of pokémon, alot.
Can the sender of the letter be trusted..? That is all up to if they can be trusted.

Listen Up!
.Follow of the Role play's rules as well as abiding by PokeCommunity's own rules.

This is one of my bigger rules. Originality makes the character unique and fun to role play with. I do not want to see the whole Ask Ketchum's Gotta catch 'em all and never evolve them, but instead catch their evolved form.(Ash:wait, that doesn't fit into a song.. hm.. I;ll just say Gotta catch 'em all)This means create your own goals and such, and your own problems, I can not create all the small tiny problems

Be Literate, this is my biggest rule. It is not that hard to type a couple of paragraphs. If you can not think of anything more than a couple lines, then don't post. Also, take your time with each post (especially if you don''t have a word processor.) Look for obvious grammar and spelling mistakes. I myself do not speak great grammar, and can not spell words. If the words are common like, he,she,like and stuff like that I expect it to be correct. With bigger words such as melancholy, or aggravated, I will let small spelling mistakes slide. Words such as somersault that have tricky spellings I will let slide, as long it pronounces out the same. I want at minimum 2 paragraphs. A paragraph is 5-6 LINES yeah, most people say sentences.. but that doesnot make a big post at all.

Activity is a must in a role play. If you sign-up you had better post at least once every two days, or if I haven't posted up a chapter, then wait patiently. You have to commit to this role play, no you don't have to eat,breathe, and sleep it. I just want you to put a good effort into it. Also, if you are going to be gone for a period longer than a week, contact me, via private message,visitor message, or ooc thread.

You guys know all the rest of the tiny rules I assume, if you wish me to expand this, then contact me.

Sign-Up Sheet
Name: (first,last. Remeber originality...)
Age: (this may very from 12-15)
Gender: (Male of Female, I am sorry but no hermaphrodites)
Appearance: (how does said character look physically? What clothes do they wear? One Paragraph Minimum, 3 Paragraph Maxium)
Personality: (How does John or Jane Doe act? A Paragraph Minimum, Three Paragraph Maximum)
History:(Your life until this point. I do not really want any Mary-sues or any Gothic Mary-sues.Remember, Originality. Oh and a 2 paragraph minimum. A 4 Paragraph Maximum)
Preferred Starter:(out of below choices)
Other:(anything else? Example: John Doe's favorite food is pizza.)
Sample:(A Sample of your role playing abilities, not an intro to this role play, if you are new to this site, contact me via pm and we will work it out..)

Piplup-Taken by ShadowYashi
Attacks:Pound Growl

Chimchar-Taken by Pikalover10
Attacks:Scratch Leer


Turtwig -Taken by Sprink7
Attacks:Tackle Withdraw
Ability: Overgrow

Advanced Sign-Ups:

Misdreavus-open for all
Ability: Levitate

Starly-Taken by CandyChristina
Ability: Keeneye

Ability:Sand Veil

Gameplay Info
I personally hate the four move rule. So, now I am going to allow you to have five. Yes 5 so generous huh? Well I will not go any higher than that. I will tell you what moves are available based on how the pokemon learn them from leveling. This is going to be like a game, you get tutor moves from tutors, Hm and Tm moves Hms and Tms. Your starter pokemon doesn't know egg moves, therefore can no learn them. You can of course decline a move, but only when you have five.

I decide when your pokemon level, and to what level they are. The major thing I look at when I level you is, The Post Length, Is it small? Is it large? Is it Decent? The second thing that I look upon is an exciting battle, I don't want a pattern of hits, Example:You,You,Him,Him,Him,You,You, etc.. that makes a battle boring.Yeah, it can be like that in the beginning but then spice it up, make it look like:You,You,Him,Him,Him,You,You,Him,You,You,Him,You,Him,Him etc... If you include that, the battle will most likely be good. The last thing I look at is detail and is realistic. I don't want someone flying 80 yards back from a pound. You can of course decide if you want to have your pokemon evolve.

Obtaining New Pokemon
Again, I am the final decision on this. I decide if you catch a pokemon. Again, based on post length, how the battle went and all of that. So, don't say that you caught a pokemon before I approve of it, this should usually be one of the last things you do.

One Activity at a Time
I myself have some problems with this. If you want to do a battle, focus it around a battle. If you are going some-where focus it on that. There are some exceptions here is an example:Player walks down the street, turning the corner he runs into a man robbing somone. He quickly sends out his pokemon to battle him. So, If I put the main point of the chapter as a battle, then you can go somewhere and battle. Or you can walk to the place(as long as the part of getting there is not huge) and then battle someone.

The Watches
I have decide to explain them some more. They aren't just normal watches, infact they are the key object. They act as many things,Poke-Dex,Communicator,Normal Watch,Attack Identifier, and later on in the roleplay they wil convert pokeballs to snag balls,but then they will be much more than watches.

Get all of that? If ya don't then Pm me, or contact me via the OOC.(Guess I need to re-make it..)

I hope the people I have recruited are active, If you guys are post below, or contact me somehow. This thread isn't dead I assure you. I will keep on trying until this one gets pushed off the ground, so this one isn't out.

November 3rd, 2008, 5:49 PM
(Ahh This is the IC right, we can Post in here correct? I'm a bit discombobulated that the moment, sorry -.-;; If this is the IC however, I will definitely have my post up soon)

Candy Christina
November 3rd, 2008, 5:56 PM
I was wondering what happened to this RP. xD Do you want us to repost our sign ups?

November 3rd, 2008, 6:05 PM
No, I'll fetch them from the old thread when I make the OOC

No, I revived the thread, the other was getting a bit ugly. We really need a Gible and Misdreavus, ok. Yes, I would really like no more OOC unless, it is someone signing up.

November 3rd, 2008, 9:15 PM
I expanded it a bit, do you think it's ok, now?
Sign-Up Sheet
Name: Andrae Kuiin
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall for her age and very lean, Andrae has never been seen without her maroon split-tailed coat. She always wears grey jeans and a 3/4 sleeve red dress shirt that's striped with silver. She wears a contact only for her right eye as it was injured before so now one is red and the other is hazel. She has elbow-length black hair tied in a ponytail. She also likes to carry around a silver, fang shaped padlock box with a thick chain at her waist, the key around her neck.

Personality: Sarcastic and mildly arrogant, Andrae is proud of her beliefs and abilities. She also doesn't like much attention though and avoids large groups and crowds. When seriously angered, she can sometimes do disrupted things and endanger others. Andrae also keeps a cool head whenever she is battling or etc, never likely to bolt unexpectedly unless you provoke her. Also, considering Andrae can't swim, she is sometimes immensely afraid of Sharpedos, carvanhas, wailmers and Wailords if she encounters them in water and on land. She will often bolt at the sight of them at a distance of 50 metres at the least. One of Andrae's hobbies is sometimes to play tennis.

History: Andrae grew up in a small town in Johto with her mother. She was apparently very talented with pokemon at a young age and her mother often took her to pokemon catching contests nearby. Her mother had owned a persian and so she occasionally used it to battle with her friends. Her friends lent her pokemon sometimes to use for certain jobs or tasks and she helped out a lot at the local community centre. Her eye was also injured in a freak accident with a schoolmate's sandshrew, damaging her retina severly and causing her to lose most of her sight in that eye. She had also wanted a pokemon of her own but her mother did not have the money nor the house to keep one and as time went by, it didn't really matter.

One day, her mother said that her grandfather had just died and left her a house in Blackthorn city and his retirement pension. Her mother had also just gotten a new job and so therefore could not look after her everyday. The house had a large garden at the back that was overgrown with weeds and grass, which she took care to try and return to order. She painfully also dislocated her elbow joint falling down a staircase and her right arm is still not fully healed now. So, Andrae lived in the house alone and sometimes her mother would visit but then, she recieved news that her mother had also just died in an accident at work. Since she was old enough legally to live by herself then, and the police had trouble finding any living relatives that could take her in, Andrae lived alone in solitude for many years, till now...

Other: Andrae can't swim and also, she has an allergy to Dunsparces. She's left handed, too.

Sample: ~
A breeze blew southwestern, ruffling the folds of Angel's coat. Next to her, Husky, her honchkrow, shuffled against the wind. "sense anything, Husky?" she asked. Husky crowed softly, an almost definite yes. She turned her head, "north, south, west, east or central?" Husky pointed his beak towards a giant tower in the distance near the centre of Alto mare. Two dancing figures leap from roof-top to roof-top, swiftly and silently making their way through the city. She stayed as still as possible, never taking her eyes off the figures. The two were heading for a nearby destination, as their pace was certain. She stood up, the wind blew softly on her own roof-top. She held out her arm, "come on, Husky, we better see what they're up to," she whispered. Husky nodded his head in understanding.

Husky was a silent flyer, like most honchkrows, and they flew fast through the night. That was a good thing, the bad thing was, that they had lost the figures long ago but were certain they were around here. "time to land Husky, no use in flying around aimlessly and losing energy" she commanded. "yeep!" cried Husky, Angel knew that sound very well, Husky's wings had just locked up, what's worse? They were right on top of a canal. "go, Tandra!" she called out desperately, throwing the pokeball she thought was Tandra's. Trying to find pokeballs at night were a very big hassle. A red beam shot out from the pokeball and re-formed on the canal, Angel landing on top of it. "Draaa..." tandra cried softly to her, craning it's elegant neck back. Husky fluttered softly above their heads, cooing endlessly. The sound of pounding footsteps upon concrete reached their ears, apparently, the noise they had caused upon landing in the canal had warned others of their presence. A man clad in black reached within the seeing range of their eyes and immediately sent out a rather grotesque looking skuntank. "who are you and what do you want?!" he yelled brutally. Angel stared at him, willing him to know that she didn't want anything to do with him. Unfortunately, only her pokemon seemed to know what she was thinking. He ordered his pokemon to attack.

Preferred Starter:

Ability: Levitate

November 3rd, 2008, 9:22 PM
Dragonqueen:Will you please add more to history, personality, and appearance please, they just wont do.