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November 12th, 2008, 11:57 AM
I'm making a rom hack where i am replacing pokemon with video game characters or internet characters. It started out as mindless hacking but now i have a goal to make enough to make a full rom hack. But heres the problem...
I can not make 100 pokemans (i think 100-150 is a good number to make)

So i ask of people to help me complete my list. I am going to write a list of pokemon in my game, and i reccomend choosing a job if you know what that character is. You may also suggest characters. List will expand as more are planned.

Making a sprite will get you credit, of course :D
also rep for a job well done

1: Needs to fit in a 64x64 picture, but its okay if you put both in a single bigger one.
2: I need a front AND back one. This is going in a game.
3: a "-" means this evolves into...

Ball Marx-Marx-Marx Soul (Kirby)
Dark Matter (with brown thingys around edges)-Dark Matter: Warrior form (Kirby)
Kracko JR.-Kracko (Kirby)
Koopa-Paratroopa (Mario)
Waddle Dee-Waddle Doo (Kirby)
Doopliss (Mario) (Paper Mario 2 Version)
Axe Knight (Kirby)
Sword Knight (Kirby)
Mace Knight (Kirby)
Trident Knight (Kirby)
Buzzy Beetle (Mario)
Demento (Mario)
Dark Nebula (Kirby)
Drawcia-Drawcia Soul (Kirby)
Hunter-Strider (Half-Life)
Antlion Worker-Antlion-Antlion Gaurd (Half-Life)

Please help, i cant do it alone
Tell me if you want to do one/a couple and i'll mark them off

November 12th, 2008, 6:53 PM
No. Sprite requests aren't permitted.