View Full Version : Golden Mask Wondermail code for PMD2 Explorer Of Time

November 20th, 2008, 6:05 AM
hello everyone.

I Found this Wonder Mail Code that lets u get Golden Mask. heres the code:

@QYP [email protected] N-J% TH6= 4-SK 32CR

1-After the title Screen, go to wondermail
2-choose Recieve Wonder Mail
3-choose Password
4-put the Wonder mail code Above
5-u will recieve a mail thay tells u to Arrest a Pokemon in Beach Cave F2 or BF2 whatever.... and have fun

it worked for Time but i dunno if it will work for darkness.....

if u dont know what is Golden Mask. Golden Mask is an Item that if held by the Team Leader. it will let u Recruit any pokemon Easier.

I Hope this Helped u :)