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November 20th, 2008, 11:34 PM
Hey all ^_^

Never thought I would be making another one of these things, but yo.

About me...hum.I have been on four forums before now, but grown tired of the areas of them, so I came here to nurture my true Pokemon Passion.
Im a regular on Shoddy Battle, and i'm fairly experianced in this Plati-Fail metagame.

-Note-I am not a bot, Lmfao, my old forum had bot troubles-

November 20th, 2008, 11:37 PM
Hey Alex.

I'm sure you'll enjoy our Shoddy Lounge and Strategies & Movesets section, looking forward to seeing you around those parts. And heh, a good portion of players would agree with you about the fail. D: I'm sure you'll be able to exercise that passion for Pocket Monsters here as well.

Welcome to PC.

By the way, awesome theme.

November 21st, 2008, 12:23 AM
Hello and welcome to PC, Alex31! There's many things to do here. You'll never get bored. So read the rules and have a blast!

November 21st, 2008, 7:42 AM
*Punches sub seeding skymin in the face*

Oh hey Alex! Welcome to PC! =P

I'm sure you'll have a great time here. Strategies and Movesets is always a fun place to hang around and talk about how horrible the platinum metagame is...And there's plenty of other sections with some cool topics to post on!

Hopefully you'll have better luck here at The PokeCommunity. Feel free to drop me a PM/VM if you'd like to chat or have a question or two, and I'll definitely be seeing you around. Have fun!

November 21st, 2008, 8:30 AM
Hi and welcome to the PC Alex! Enjoy it around the site and have fun :D

November 21st, 2008, 9:04 AM
welcome to PC! hope u find something useful here!

Rey Lewis 55
November 21st, 2008, 9:41 PM
Hello ther Alex 31, my name is Rey Lewis and welcome to the community. I love playing Shoddy Battle also but I haven't been playing it since last year. Make sure you have fun on there and make a great winning streak because everyone will get sick of you beating them all the time.