View Full Version : Just a couple of my poems

November 21st, 2008, 3:47 PM
I'm not very good at poetry but I like to spill out my feelings in them.

The Way

Give me your hand, to show me the way.
Buy me a Calender to cross out the days.
I won't feel whole until the time comes,
when I find you again.

^ that is about this guy I'm inlove with...who has temporarily fallen out of love with me...heh...it is complicated, that is the easiest way of putting it. But I still love him and hopefully one day he will feel the same way again.

That was just a very short poem

The Mask
This Mask.
I thought it would be here forever.
To protect me and to hide me.
From all of you.

This Mask.
It was opaque.
But you knew there was something there.
Something I wanted kept secret.

This Mask.
There was only one who could see.
See beneath, but now he's taken it and,
You all know who I am.

This was about how my best friend just made me more open and can really see me for who I am. He is an awesome best friend =) It shows my frustrating that I don't feel so hidden anymore.